Tuesday evening 14 february 1950

Good evening, my sisters and brothers.
(Hall): ‘Good evening, master Zelanus.’
Recently I wanted to sell the books from this place, but this evening I have a spiritual gift from one of my followers for the person who cannot buy them.
So, if you want to have the book ‘Jeus III’, or another book, and you were not able to buy it, then you can take a book for yourself from the table.
A present, a gift from the masters.
We have probably earned it.
If you can build it up, can take it yourself, then do not violate the possession of the other human being.
If you have the means, keep those orchids in your own hands.
You understand what I mean.
Which of you has the first question now?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Master Zelanus, I wanted to ask you: Is the time that the soul is born determined in a particular mother?
And if that mother does not want that, does that soul attract itself to another mother ...?’
Did you think about that on your journey?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
You want to know: the mother who attracts a child and does not want that child?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Does such a thing exist in the universe?
Is there a science on earth which can explain this to you?
Is theosophy already that far?
Are there theosophists among you?
Is theosophy that far?
(It remains quiet.)
I ask you again: if you as a human being are capable of flinging the life of God back in His face, what would happen then?
Then creation would stand still.
But those laws cannot be wiped out, even if you murder that much; even if you have war after war, those laws cannot be wiped out.
And why not?
The human being does not have those laws in his hands.
It is you, and you will have to experience your creation anyway.
That is the divine in the human being, that is the universal unity with the human being with regard to God.
So that lives in the human being and you cannot get that in your hands.
I explained to you one evening: the human being possesses the three divine gifts.
That is God.
And that is: fatherhood, motherhood and reincarnation.
They are three divine laws.
This is why everything lives.
By means of this God can reveal himself.
But what happens now with the mother who is capable of destroying that life?
That is exactly the same thing as when the human being commits a murder, isn’t it?
Now you live ...
And now you will say: yes, that life is closed off.
When you have read ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, ‘Between Life and Death’, ‘The Origin of the Universe’, then you will know all that.
But is the human being now capable of bringing a divine law to destruction – you know that, by means of himself?
Do you know that ...?
What happens now?
This is why I say: how deep is this?
You cannot destroy the soul – you know that – you are not capable of that.
But you could take the material evolution process away from that life.
But that soul which is born, does not come to you.
And if it is possible, when that mother gets contact irrevocably, gets unity with that life then the birth and the passing over are already determined; that takes you along, that possesses that life.
So the mother who has a miscarriage, that life does not come in the mother for any longer than three, four months.
And that happens every day, doesn’t it?
These are the psychopathic states; that means, the human being who has broken the laws and gets contact with the mother.
Because now that life must begin again.
And that cannot continue, because that embryo, is irrevocably destroyed.
The human being who has lived disharmonically ...
You all have that, we are all that.
There is not one human being who comes to the earth who is free from disharmony, because we come from the jungle, we have experienced those organisms.
We now begin for the first time, we now learn to think spiritually for the first time.
And then you would be able to accept and be able to imagine that that soul is really completely divinely clean and pure, wouldn’t you, when that little soul descends into the mother.
For science it still applies: the human being is on earth for the first time.
And that is not true.
Different psychologists, physicians, doctors are that far that they have already got to know those laws, and the future will reveal it.
But the psychopathic thinking – that means: the human being, the soul, the life of feeling which lives in disharmony, by means of murder, by means of arson, by means of destruction of the lives – comes, must go back into the mother, and has no harmonic thinking.
So something rips, those tissues, that contact is so rarefied that it flows away; and the soul returns.
Now you can destroy that – I will therefore give you an idea which at that moment, all of this is still divinely responsible according to the nature – and then you cannot destroy that.
In other words: that soul returns of its own accord because that life is not in harmony with the mother, with the birth.
But if you do not want giving birth and creation – you know that too, you read that through the books – then you close yourself off to that reincarnation, that rebirth, that evolution.
And that takes a while.
You must begin with it again and you will also get a new body again, even if it is in thousands of years’ time.
The mother, the other mother now gives birth for you – I also explained that to you – and this is why you now have that one mother must give birth to five, ten and twelve children, gives life to those children; and the other mother, the unconscious animal-like or pre-animal-like motherhood refuses to give birth and to create.
And do you want to know even more about that?
(Gentleman in the hall says something.)
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘You once said that millions of souls are waiting for an organism ...(inaudible). Is there a question of this if the correct time is determined?’
I explained to you that all of you – and recently too – are millions of years too long on earth.
There is not a human being, there is not one human being living on earth, or he is too long in this sphere.
This is why – that is not a chaos in the universe – this is why the life of feeling, the human being is in disharmony with the earthly sphere.
Mother Earth is not to blame for that, but the human being who got his organism and began with land consciousness, built up society, that human being has kicked, taken himself from that divine harmony.
And now you therefore have millions of people too many on earth at the moment.
A human being who consciously looks for death, the material passing over – there is no death – and still possesses thirty, forty years as aura in order to live.
You will just do something strange this evening and you will walk out of your organism of your own accord, and you must still live thirty, forty years on earth, then you will feel, you must still experience that time: you must come into harmony with the earth, with your feeling, with the life of feeling, space .
And millions of people experienced that.
How many people passed over too soon today as a result of carelessness, or doing something about which people irrevocably know: that is death or life?
And then you get the dealing with divine laws by people who are not responsible, and those people all pass over too soon.
Those people still have lived for so many years in this sphere and have chased themselves from this life by means of their life of feeling, as it were.
And that happens every day in your society.
Therefore you now get that you have too many people on the earth at that and that time.
That did not used to be like that, but it is in this age, it will become much worse – if society does not know that, we can give you the explanation immediately – because there are thousands, hundreds of thousands of souls, therefore people, waiting to be born, and they have no organism, do not get an organism.
Not only because the mother has killed the organism spiritually.
A mother is examined by a physician, a doctor, the doctor says; ‘You are normal’, but she does not get any children, is not capable of giving birth to a child, of attracting a soul, the feeling; you have mothers like that.
They are states by means of which the life of feeling, therefore the human being himself, has taken himself out of the harmony, the cosmic, harmonic birth.
By means of what?
By means of destruction, devastation.
If you remember this well this evening and you now all start to think, then we will remain in the picture and you will get a universal thinking and feeling with regard to yourself, your birth, your hereafter, your cosmic being on earth.
And you can learn from that.
How many murders are not committed today?
How many youngsters and people are not destroyed by a train or aeroplane?
They are transitions, both on time, and too soon.
But the conscious suicide ...
People are still fighting on the earth, every day people shoot the people down: too soon, too soon, too soon.
And that has already been for millions of ages.
And that was not able to manifest itself.
Why not?
Why not?
Why could that not manifest itself?
Why now precisely for your time?
Have a think.
Why do you notice that?
Why do people speak precisely yesterday and last week about: there are too many people coming to the earth?
The earth is becoming overpopulated.
‘That is your own fault’, we say.
No, we are all to blame that there are too many people living on earth.
But why now?
Why does the academic get the feeling: we are getting too many people.
And you see it.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Because there are just a few people ...’
No, it is now on earth.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘That has nothing to do with murders?’
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ...to do with murder ...’
No, I will let you have a think now.
(Lady in the hall): ‘After the war.’
After the war.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘A new becoming conscious.’
Not all at the same time.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I mean that the people who pass over differently ...’
Yes, but it is not that.
It is not that.
It is much more simple.
(Lady in the hall says something.)
Yes, that is nature, the nature restores itself.
But I mean this: why does your society speak at this moment about how we have too many people, that there are too many people?
How is that divine clockwork made up?
(Lady in the hall): ‘At the beginning of this century ...’
Yes, it is also that.
Look ...
(Lady in the hall): ‘Because about feeling they ...’
(Lady in the hall says something.)
Not all at the same time, otherwise it will become a fairground attraction.
(Lady in the hall): ' ...the elevated feeling comes ...'
People, now just remain human, and think ...
(To someone in the hall): What is it?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ....are born here on earth ... from the earth, life goes on, but the life of the previous existence also comes ...’
Yes, that is all ... that comes together again.
Because you have been living at the moment for twenty, thirty years in a society for the first time.
The people used to be spread over the earth, did not see anyone, did not feel anyone.
So now the laws reach consciousness for the first time which have already been busy for millions, millions of years building up, destroying.
That all manifests itself at this moment because you live in the age of spiritual becoming conscious.
It is this.
You can talk now, and search and search, from feeling, and cosmos, and God; no, it is this.
There is just one word and that means ...
Now the human being gets the feeling: hey, there are too many people.
It is therefore noticeable that from the world of the unconscious, the world for the reincarnation, it is insisted: birth, birth, birth, birth.
But those births no longer come when motherhood and fatherhood are in harmony.
You have too many mothers on earth.
Do you know that?
But you know that, don’t you?
So motherhood and fatherhood, that the planet earth possesses, her spirit, her soul, her feeling, her personality now makes sure that the harmony returns.
This is why I explained this one evening.
Why were so many boys born after the war?
Because, if mankind continues to wipe out the man, the divine creation will stand still.
So you now get phenomena ...
Now there can, now for the first time ...
For example this again: you have too many people, even far more people come, because the human being has messed up and fragmented the number of ‘humans’ on earth.
The divine number has been lost because the human being has messed up and fragmented that, because there in the astral world, the world for that reincarnation, there are now hundreds of thousands of souls – men, women – living in order to get a body.
The Catholic Church does not have so much blame during those years either.
But since, after Christ, the nuns who were born and follow the Catholic Church and want to accept Christ ...
It is wonderful, it is spiritual building up for the life of feeling.
But how do those little children, those lives, come back to earth if they were not attracted?
Become, I told you, all become chaste and holy.
Then what?
Then what?
In the cosmos, for God, there is no human sacredness.
The sacredness is ...
You are really sacred if you experience the divine laws for giving birth and creating, then you are God himself in a human state.
Can you still get over that?
Can you experience the divine being born, reincarnation, evolution even more sacred than that you give birth to a child, for yourself?
What is the divine image for fatherhood and motherhood?
What is the purpose actually for the human being?
Does the human being realize, does society realize that?
We have said ... Then the Catholic Church is right again, we must agree with the Catholic Church about that, because that is truth, but let the priests and the pope and the cardinals begin with that themselves.
How do they wish to continue their evolution?
They refuse to give birth and to create.
But now the mother must give birth, give birth, give birth, give birth, the more souls the better.
They are close by and they are right, this is the truth ...
But now: ‘How do you come back?’
And if there were no mothers now with ten, twelve children, then those divine saints would never come back to the earth, because they have beaten and removed themselves from all the laws of God by means of themselves.
Because there is nothing else.
If they were also to accept a task, you should hear what comes now because this is awe-inspiringly deep ...
If you want to improve yourself and you continue with that one image, you become a priest, then you are also only just a priest.
You can improve yourself.
But if you miss the divine reality as a priest, then you are one of the living dead.
Is that true?
You become one of the living dead if you want to experience only this and you disengage yourself for the divine reincarnation.
Then you also just have such a small circle in order to think because you are only just a saint, you think immaculate and pure; you forget everything, you are nothing more.
But if you still do something for society, then society can also give you an organism.
If you do art, you think for art, you think about growth, everything which the life now touches as feeling, personality, society, can also give you a new body.
And that takes precedence over you, that takes precedence, because you still have contact with the earth and her development.
Is that not clear?
So you are a saint, you pray and pray and pray and pray and pray, but you are also just praying, no more than that.
We followed that.
You are attracted thousands of times sooner to the earth, by parents if you still think physically, socially, earthly.
They no longer are.
Can you feel this?
So that Catholic child, that little nun, thousands of thoughts as human being, feeling, go before that little soul, who get contact with the earth sooner than she does, because they – because they are sacred, because they are pure – have removed themselves completely from the harmony, Mother Nature.
And now you get thousands and thousands of images by means of which the human being disengages himself.
If you just live it up, destroy a child and destroy everything, you will feel: the person who is still in harmony with nature now, takes precedence over you.
So it is in your own hands when you will be attracted.
And that happened down to the second.
That is the divine time.
You cannot pray for it and you cannot think for it, your life of feeling, that karma, that birth is a cosmic law and you have that in your hands and no one can take that away from you.
And now you get ... from that time ...
So I said: the Catholic Church is not so much to blame for that, it is only 2000 years since the mother gave herself as a priestess – it is a priestess, isn’t it? – and disengaged for the laws of nature for God.
That is millions, millions of years old and that manifests itself now in your time.
For the first time between 1950, 1950 and 2000 the human being experiences awe-inspiring phenomena, so bad, that no academic and no people know how they must take care of that?
Did you see those phenomena before?
And then you can consider your history, and you can go back millions of years, then the psychologist does not know, the theologian does not know where all those people come from.
Can you feel this?
But now the conscious motherhood, the love makes sure ...
As society builds up, the human being gets more love, by means of thousands of character traits the human being gets more feeling, and gives birth and creates.
And now you can follow all of that.
You will soon get a time that society no longer knows where it must go with the human being?
Hundreds of thousands are waiting for one organism.
Millions of years ago, how many murders, how many millions of people ...
You all died too soon, you all had to leave your lives too soon.
So there is disharmony between the world of the unconscious, reincarnation, and the human being, Mother Earth.
It is not possible, and cannot be seen in the cosmos, wherever you look, that the human being has to give birth to ten, twenty and twelve and four children.
We have followed that in the cosmology, master Alcar, André and I followed that, and master Alcar says:
‘Can you see where the first disharmony originated?’
There is only one answer.
Now I am looking back millions of ages.
We were also millions of ages back, we followed the human being from the moon, followed the planets, and suddenly we saw the first phenomenon for this disharmony.
That therefore lies millions of ages ago.
Where did it happen?
Was it the phenomenon that there was something wrong with the divine creation, God, All-Mother, All-Soul, All-Life?
Can you feel this?
What do you feel now?
(Lady in the hall): ‘ ... a mother and she had three children.’
You probably read that somewhere.
‘That was mother’, master Alcar says, you heard that ...
‘Look ...’
You read that.
You may not gab from the cosmology.
Now they know it all, do you see?
André got things which he was not even allowed to get, but you see it.
There was a phenomenon which we say.
‘Look there’, master Alcar says, ‘a mother with three children.’
Finally one more.
Because human beings give birth only for themselves.
The man and the mother have two children, two children, for her and for him; and then you can no longer attract any life.
We saw it on the fourth cosmic grade: you can attract no more than you need for the creation.
Isn’t that simple?
And that is your earthly life.
And now people get fourteen, fifteen children.
Cause and effect.
On the fourth cosmic grade, that is a universe after this, builds, creates, gives every cell new life, new lives.
It goes without saying that every planet, sun and star, the universe must create a new space as body, because this is still not divine consciousness.
And then you can determine, then you can see, that father and mother, for themselves, therefore for the next life – and then you should see: what is growth? – for the next life give birth to two lives in order to soon again, by means of themselves, they are that, have therefore laid the foundations in order to be able to return to the material, because the material life of these two children, these two cells, lives on earth.
They are your universal foundations.
And now you become so holy that you do not want that creation.
Do you see?
This psychology is cosmically deep, now you get cosmology.
This study, this is the divine thinking for the human being.
This is the divine law.
So you will get a divine answer here this evening.
Who is conscious of being able to give that?
You must see those laws, then you can go back millions of years.
You can, if you are on the other side and you have your spiritual astral consciousness, then you can descend into all those millions of ages, because you just follow yourself, you take that divine thread – as it says in Jeus, which Jeus experienced, didn’t he? – you hold onto it, and your divine spark brings you telepathically, by means of this unity, that lives in you, the divine spark brings you back from grade to grade, until you suddenly come before the invisible creation, and you have returned into the All-Soul, which you are a part of.
And that happens of its own accord, if you possess feeling.
So now you get to see ....
You should see, experience, follow the chaos on earth, which mankind now has to experience.
And that thinks wrongly, and that talks wrongly, and that gives birth wrongly; that is human and not divine.
And in this way disharmonic laws originated, which are cosmically deep, are destroyed so deeply, that hundreds of thousands of people, I tell you, it could be a million, are now already waiting for one body.
And which one of you, and which one of those people now gets the first chance to return to the earth.
Who is attracted?
So many people live in this world, between the earth and the world of the unconscious.
And now people already call for your society: we are getting too many people.
But then what if that number, mankind is in harmony again with creation?
Do you see?
(To the hall): Did you have something else?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, may I ask you something?
Have the women gradually changed, because we have ovaries with great possibilities of giving birth to even more children ...’
You can, every mother can give birth to ten million children.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.
Did that not used to be like that ...’
It was always there ...
(Lady in the hall): ‘ ... when those women just had two children?’
Then the mother was, the man, creation; then giving birth and creating were still in harmony with God.
Then I said: ‘A mother with three children’, that already means that because of those murders – murders had already originated and that already happened on other planets – because of those murders a mother reached the giving birth to three lives, it began there; and that was already disharmony.
‘And where does that disharmony live?’ master Alcar said.
I say: ‘Master Alcar, the human being began with murder yonder.’
But every mother is capable – you do not have the time for that, of course, but you should know that – every organism is cosmically deep, divinely deep, you have a fertilization of ten million cells in one life.
Do you know that?
The mother ...
The creating power of the man is million-fold.
And you can also give birth to millions of children, in a manner of speaking, if you have the time.
But it comes ...
If the organism starts to go to sleep for giving birth, that is also a time, then that stops on its own, then that giving birth closes itself and then the maternal organism goes from the grade of life for which purpose it came to the earth.
But the organs possess the million-fold.
You should know, every doctor knows that.
(Lady in the hall): ‘ ... in Tibet there are people living who are waiting for the moment when they can be one, can attract.
The soul which must be attracted at a certain moment, at that moment, they can be one.
How is it possible that people in Tibet can do this and know this, whilst ...(inaudible) on the fourth cosmic grade?’
You see, in Tibet people already have spiritual feeling and thinking.
And when that priest says: ‘And now we will make ourselves one ...’
You can already read it to a certain extent in ‘Between Life and Death’.
In Ancient Egypt ...
The great-winged one knew: that is a life of feeling, and that would ...
Because the priests thought – yes, it happened there, also crazy thinking and feeling – because they thought: if we are just together, because we build and think for the temple, and that happened, I can explain that to you, then we get a great-winged one from the goddess.
And really, the child which was born, was gifted.
Then you will soon get an answer about Tibet.
Why this?
You have read ‘Between Life and Death’.
We did not go into that so deeply.
There is still next week and that is called ‘The Great Winged One.’
And there the high priest was, the being of feeling, the sensitive spirit got the order to one evening ...
And then the priests were together, the dignitaries, and the pharaoh and everyone was involved in that, and had something to say, and that was a sacred being one, because one priest was chosen from their hundreds, and then the light would reveal itself.
So they came there ... There were materializations and phenomena, and if a special sign was seen – we could write a really wonderful book about that – then he got ... then that sign would appear on the head of the one who would impregnate the priestess in order to give the great-winged one to her life.
And the priests there ...
First you got chairmanships, there were twenty-one of them.
Priests kept dropping out, and they had to leave, and they sat outside the magic circle.
And gradually there were seven of them, and then five, then three, and one remained; and the light was there.
So the goddess, you must listen carefully, the goddess of Isis, and later of Luxor, but that happened more times in Isis, the goddess of Isis ensured a new winged one.
But was she that?
The light was seen, because they were only in semidarkness.
There was a faint light, moon in the sky, mysticism, everything ready, and then ... went ...
And if that one priest, a youth, twenty, twenty-five years old, thirty years old, was touched by the goddess, by this sign of light – and that happened, that happened, and everyone saw – then he went ...
The last seven – when you come to the last word, I will tell you something else – were all blind-folded, they all got something over their heads.
And the high priests saw the light.
Then, when the human being was already seen ...
They said ... The light was therefore not even seen by the human being, by the priest.
And then the priest went, then the priestess was also touched again by the goddess.
And in this way Egypt built on the great winged one.
When we started to experience these laws on the other side, when we had completed that study, we wanted to know all the things which happened in that Ancient Egypt – you will all do that soon and you can do that too – and then we say that the masters were the goddess.
And that they carried out that materialization in order to build up that mysticism, that sacredness, because people wanted, you probably know that, people wanted to make it clear to the human being that there was no death.
And that is already millions of years old.
But because of China, Japan, Tibet, Ancient Egypt, that personality got consciousness, feeling and form.
And then someone was attracted who was precisely ready for that birth.
The way in which André came to the earth, already conscious on the other side, was still not there, was still not there; this is the highest which you have.
Then a life of feeling entered that priestess which had attunement to that, a sensitivity which was physical and yet already possessed the disembodiment.
And go, and look.
And now you have ‘Between Life and Death’, by means of that we were absolutely able to determine which height the life of feeling had reached for Ancient Egypt.
And we materialized that life of feeling, that highest sensitive life of feeling, by means of ‘Between Life and Death’.
Because if master Alcar had remained under that, and it is higher consciousness, you would no longer have understood all of that.
And of course, what shows itself is materialized.
In this way people in Ancient Egypt therefore ensured great winged ones.
Those priests did not know that, but they were – and that book tells you that – in contact with masters.
Because Venry has his astral masters for Ancient Egypt; as André possesses master Alcar.
And what did Tibet do now?
Those Tibetans followed that same path.
Can you feel this?
So the feeling knew purely, and that is wonderful ...
But because we now know creation and because we know that you cannot attract what is outside your own karma and your evolution ...
I said a moment ago, you must now connect that again, I said a moment ago: what do you attract?
Can you feel this?
Then you can see how that connects itself again.
I said: if you do something social, you also go before the sacred priest, because you are in contact with the earth, you do something for the earth and her consciousness.
But if you close yourself off completely, like now ... and you become a Catholic or you become a Protestant ...
The Protestant Child, thank God, still gives birth, the minister and his little mother, and that is the real sacred harmonic for God.
But the Tibetans and other Orientals wanted to attune themselves to the sacredness of the macrocosmos by means of their thinking.
And then they said: we will sit down and think, and we will attract a soul who will teach us something.
Yes, indeed, because before that and that time nothing but high conscious beings were sent back to the earth.
So from the other side there really came ... also from the world of the unconscious.
But then it was your karma, then it was the being born human, for yourself.
But then mysticism came, progress came, spiritual evolution also came, before that – the Tibetans started to implore and to pray – it was therefore possible, because there are millions of souls, masters, living, in order to come back.
One out of millions was probably attracting and says: ‘You are ready.’
You must want that yourself, now the spirit itself must want that, the personality, like André did that, everyone; then you can go back to the earth, because there are people busy there who want to give themselves, who want to think for progress, for mankind.
And now you are cosmically connected, you are connected with God, connected with Christ.
Even if those Tibetans did not know that, even if they did not accept any Christ.
But you are connected to the spiritual becoming conscious for mankind, and in that aura you now attract.
That is possible.
But those people thought, those Tibetans, those priests think: we will sit down – and that is a sacred being one – and now we will ...
And then another priest and priestess were also assigned, they reached the sacred cosmic being one, in harmony; a wonderful event, you will certainly feel that, so awe-inspiringly wonderful and immaculate and pure.
They were open to that and gave themselves, and they attracted down to the second, to the minute, they attracted a life of feeling in order to give their temple consciousness.
They thought: now we will get the master.
And truly, consciousness came.
And every temple experienced that.
Every temple attracted consciousness for itself, they were already the masters.
And that lasted thousands of years, and it was possible because ....
And now I will present you with a question which you all ... and then I will hear how you read the books of ours.
That was possible until something happened and then it was suddenly gone and then it was no longer possible, because then not another winged one could be born.
Do you know that?
(Lady in the hall): ‘ ... deteriorated ....’
Then ...
(To the lady): That is wonderful.
Then Egypt began with the destruction.
The priests got megalomania, they lived it up; every little mother was raped ten and twenty times by their lives.
And then there was no longer a question of spiritual being one and pure thinking.
But it was possible for the Tibetan, and still, people still live like that there.
It was possible to truly attract your attunement.
And because the masters worked and live for the consciousness of mankind, and you will soon all live for ...
You must finally begin to learn to think spiritually spatially, then you can experience those laws.
And then the mother gets real feeling in her for mankind, for a task, in order to experience that as a mother, and the soul which comes to earth really has your sensitivity.
Anything else?
(Lady in the hall): ‘But, master Zelanus, you said that the astral beings wait to be attracted, that that takes a very long time ...
But during that time can they evolve spiritually, or not?’
What can they do spiritually?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Evolve.’
How do you imagine, when you soon come ‘beyond the coffin’, what will happen to you?
‘Beyond the coffin’ you must ...
There is no ‘coffin’, you now already live in eternity, but soon you will leave this life, the being material, you have read books, you have all experienced those lectures, how do you imagine what will happen to you?
(Lady in the hall): ‘I will be a wretch because ...’
There is no being wretches there in that world.
(Lady in the hall says something.)
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘ ... of unconsciousness.’
Yes, but where is that land of unconsciousness?
(Lady in the hall): ‘In sleep.’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘What the attunement is like.’
In ...?
(Lady in the hall): ‘It has to do with the cycle.’
Yes, that has to do with the cycle.
But where is that world of unconsciousness, the reincarnation?
(People talk at the same time.)
You live here in this space and you do not come out of it.
You live in the sphere of the earth and you do not come out of it.
Is that true?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘You said so.’
(People talk at the same time again.)
You live, you belong to the earth, don’t you?
So you must be born on earth.
Where do you want to go?
How deep is that world of unconsciousness, for the world?
(Lady in the hall): ‘It depends on your karma and your cycle ...’
That is true, we are not talking about that.
It concerns: what happens if you have to go back to the earth with your spiritual personality?
(Lady in the hall): ‘It goes back ...(inaudible) again.’
Yes, that ...
A pre-animal-like being, a child from the jungle, experiences exactly the same thing.
You experience ...
There is no life of feeling which can experience something outside of these laws.
What happens now?
You have ...
(Lady in the hall): ‘You go to sleep.’
You go to sleep in the first place.
But how deep is the sphere now?
You must be born on earth, can you feel that?
It concerns the depth of that sphere, in order to let you feel this.
(Gentleman in the hall says something.)
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘You go back to the stage of before the creation.’
See, you have the word there.
So that world of the reincarnation is as deep as all the planets which you have experienced, and solar systems which originated for this universe.
You go back, that world is so deep that you go back to the very first moment. If you come there in that moment of your very first embryonic life on the moon, if you come even further there, still become rarefied, you go back.
Into what?
(Lady in the hall): ‘The Divine All.’
Into the All-Consciousness, the All-Feeling.
The world for the reincarnation is now so deep for the human being.
And now you fall asleep, because you become free, and your consciousness immediately sinks away, because the birth attracts you.
So you become birth.
Your day-conscious ...
There is also day-conscious thinking.
You never lose your day-conscious thinking, my sisters and brothers.
Your day-conscious thinking and feeling is eternal.
You can never – only spiritually – sleep, as a human being, for a second in all your millions of ages.
Because the life of feeling, therefore the spirit, never sleeps.
Otherwise this evening, if you go to sleep, you would really pass away, then the heart would stand still and then you would be out of that.
Therefore the spirit, and the life, the feeling, must continually work in that and that grade, they are the grades of sleep and of trance.
Now you gradually sink back, you gradually come back into the sleep and thank God now that the reincarnation dominates you as feeling.
So now as a personality, as a human being, you have nothing to say and to contribute, the feeling of birth dominates your organism, your being.
That law now determines what will happen.
What would happen if you remained awake?
You have committed murders, you have lived it up, you have tensions in you which are cosmically deep and terrible, and yet you go to sleep.
And you can no longer say that if you live on the other side, if you therefore now enter the astral conscious world.
And that world lies behind that and it lives in here.
And we have ...
Remember that, then I will explain to you how many millions of cells live spiritually between heaven and earth, in this space – and we keep them separate – then you will get to see our consciousness.
And then you will have to admit that cannot be felt, cannot be seen by Jozef Rulof.
The masters are for that purpose.
You must live ‘beyond the coffin’ for that purpose, and otherwise you can no longer follow, no longer feel, no longer deal with that.
But the human being who now goes, dissolves, sinks back to the reincarnation and now forces you as feeling and personality, the embryo as spark, as spirit, therefore as soul, to accept because you still return to the earth.
If your hatred, your lust, your violence ...
Now it will come, this is the divine answer, the masters will ask you that soon, and then we will say: now what?
If your hatred, your lust, your violence, your feelings to be born – which is macrocosmic, so divine – could dominate, then you would never get away from your hatred, your lust, your destruction, your murders.
The divine love and the divine justice say: just go, soon you will come to that paying, soon you will have to settle those accounts anyway.
Now you get a new body, you must also be born.
And this will now begin for the first time for the human being from the jungle to the white race (see rulof.org/there-are-no-races), that means, the highest organism: that is Mother Earth, they are the pure laws of nature.
Can you feel this?
When the human being – you will read that in ‘The Origin of the Universe’ – has experienced those laws, you will get to experience your karma, your cause, your murders.
And God will still say: ‘Go, in My world you will have peace.’
And now the wonderful thing which we experienced and by means of which André could return to the earth in order to say: ‘I am a deity.’
And every human being is that.
You come back to before creation.
So when the universe divides itself, Mother Moon began with her own awakening and evolution ...
You return, so deeply, as an embryo, as you got the first life on the moon, by means of her.
And now you are a human being.
So you become so small and insignificant embryonically, that you are actually no longer there, can no longer be seen.
So now you get the birth.
Is that birth at that and that law, therefore for the birth, you must listen ...
So you always come before the birth, Mother Earth has that in hand.
But if you come back after that for hatred, murder, destruction, lust, lying and cheating, then you must wait thousands of ages for a new organism.
You have removed yourself so far, so deeply from the divine harmonic birth.
And now this: the human being lives, millions of souls live in this world for the reincarnation, and that is only for Mother Earth – other planets, also other worlds live in your atmosphere – but the conscious thinking, we will now stick with the earth, millions of souls live in this world.
That is very little.
The number for the earth for mankind, for souls, is awe-inspiringly little in this macrocosmos.
Those little souls, those millions of souls, if you were to lay them on your hands, then they would cover the surface of your palm, it is not more than that.
That is just a little pile, such an amount, you would have to look at them with a magnifying glass, with a telescope, the human soul is so trivial.
And then you have one cell, one such ball, perhaps a drop (daub) such as you have that, the whole of mankind is hidden in there.
Millions of souls live in that macrocosmos.
But what are millions of souls for billions, billions, billions, billions ...
You can continue to talk about souls for billions of years, then you will still not have translated or materialized the macrocosmos.
Is that clear?
But millions of worlds for the animal kingdom live here.
Millions of worlds for Mother Nature, as souls, souls, souls, souls, cells, cells, cells.
Does the fish and do those different organisms – now it will come, in order to place you before those laws, now you must know it – do those different organisms, every organism, do all those grades have an own astral world?
(It remains quiet.)
The animal, dog, tigers, lions, the animal world, the millions of types of organisms for the animal world, do they all have an own astral world?
(Gentleman in the hall says something.)
We will accept it.
But it is not true.
So those millions of worlds, for the human being, for the dog, the cat, the tiger, the lion, the life in the waters and the life in space, the life in the earth and on the earth, wherever you look, they are worlds for the soul, for the spirit, for the personality, as independence.
That means, a chair gets life, and possesses life, steel, iron.
We keep those worlds apart and can analyze them because every law of life infallibly takes us to that grade of life.
And that can now be found in a needle in haystack.
Were we not talking about that?
It is the experiencing of a law, so it is the divine contact of a life, an organism, the life of feeling.
But the soul takes you to that world, and then you experience that divine being one, it is the being one with the life of God.
Your dog now, a dog, cat, do those animals have an astral world?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Do the fish and all the animal species on earth have an own astral spiritual world?
That must be the case, because now you get the independence as space, the independence, earthly, spiritual, spatial and divine.
And now all the divine attunements have a world for reincarnation.
(Lady in the hall says something.)
... have all the divine ...
So the life which belongs to the existing divine creations – you also have post-creation – all the divine attunements have, and must possess, represent a world for the reincarnation.
Is that not clear?
All of them.
And now you can, if you know all of that, you can immediately see from the life what belongs to the divine core and what is post-creation.
They are all spaces, grades of feeling, personalities; developed and brought to evolution by means of fatherhood, motherhood.
This is why fatherhood and motherhood are divine gifts, divine character traits; and they are unfortunately – there is no unfortunately in the universe – but they have been fragmented.
You cannot even say sullied.
Is the human being who now serves technology and flings himself too soon from this life because he wants to be quicker than the other human being, and knows beforehand: yes, it is not certain ...
If you are not certain, why are you walking there in that background?
Is that a sullying?
That is unconsciousness.
It is evolution.
Any more questions?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Master Zelanus, you have just explained to us that by means of disharmony ...
That the world of the unconscious and the life on earth ... that so many people are born so that we will not know what to do with the people between 1950 and 2000.
But now I would like to know from you: that disharmony, if these people now starve to death due to a lack of food, so then they pass over too soon again, then this disharmony will never stop, will it?’
That disharmony will dissolve for the first time, will still take ... let’s say a ...
How many years do you think are needed in order to dissolve this disharmony between life and death?
A thousand years?
Not a hundred million years, but ages.
At the end of the earth, so deep, you can immediately lay that on the divine weighing scales, if you therefore  ... the depth ...
Do you want to know how deep, but how simple this actually is?
I already explained it a moment ago.
If you think about it you can determine it for yourself.
You can calculate it infallibly.
If we say: it takes millions of ages before harmony comes again between life and death, reincarnation, then that can be proved, then that can be determined, then that can be seen cosmically.
And by means of what?
I already told it this evening.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Because there are so many of them, millions of people wait millions of years before they can be attracted.’
It is not that.
No, it is not that.
But I told it this evening.
You see, you do not think, you still cannot think now.
(Lady in the hall says something.)
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall says something.)
(Lady in the hall): ‘By means of the spiritual consciousness of the human being.’
You can see how that all grows, how that reaches growth.
We now have to answer the question: how long could it take before that harmony dissolves?
People there say thousands of years.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘When the man and woman have two children.’
Yes, yes, but we are now going absolutely, infallibly to the moment when that materialization was built up.
I say: it takes millions of years.
I must be able to prove that, and I can prove it because I have already said it.
(Lady in the hall): ‘When no more murders are committed.’
No, it is not that.
(People talk at the same time.)
Yes, that is true, but we were not talking about that.
I say: it takes millions of ages, not thousands of years.
But it cannot dissolve any sooner, that still takes millions of years, it is only then that harmony comes between life and death.
And during that time people already know for a long time what happened, but they cannot change anymore about it.
How far must we go back in order to determine that the human being began with disharmony?
Did I not say that?
In the universe we met, but then we must leave the earth, we met a mother with three children, and that was on another planet in the universe, it was not from the earth.
Therefore so long.
That is already millions of ages.
And it now begins there.
And if that lives here in your society, soon, in your Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, then you will get a life of paradise, then the life will be perfect.
Because the life will be awe-inspiringly beautiful, the human being will be spiritually rich.
Then there will no longer be misery on earth, but still there will, we are still ...
The authors, the conscious being, they will soon know that. And you will not need to write any more books soon, you will not need to do any more art, because the divine art will be materialized here on earth and they are the instruments which you will get.
And then people wrote on earth: we know it.
And then a mother comes who says: ‘Yes, I must still give birth to four, five children.’
And you do not even get one child.
And then mankind is still left with mothers who must give birth to four, five children because that guilt still exists, can you feel, mankind continues to advance with that.
And we worked on that.
We made amends for that, we had to make amends up to the last wrong thought.
So you cannot avoid it either and no one can avoid it, that must restore itself between heaven and earth for and by the human being.
Is that not just?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Master Zelanus, this is why they still think about war.’
That is still unconsciousness.
You will feel, when we ...
People speak, you speak about the Russians and Bolsheviks, and all the things you talk about.
But what does it mean if you know that the jungle is still more deeply unconscious than Stalin?
That is the evolution for mankind.
Mankind ...
Just read ‘The Peoples of the Earth.’
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, but it is not only Stalin ...
Korea also continues, doesn’t it?’
Oh, what does Korea say now with regard to creation and mankind?
Tomorrow if you just got – now we will talk like that, if mankind talks and thinks about war – if you just got one like 1940-1945, that would cure you.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Cure?’
That will cure you irrevocably.
If you get another one like that, about which we can predict that there will be nothing left in the world ...
And this is why it is not possible.
But we gave those predictions to André, that the people became terrified when he said in 1940, already in 1939, the proof has been recorded: ‘A time will come ...
A war, a terrible war.
And there will be a time, when we will have no wood in order to bury our corpses.’
Then the people walked away from him and said: ‘Man, stop it.’
His friends could no longer listen to him.
And yet André said, also to his wife: ‘Remember, I will say it again, and you will deal with it.
There will come a time, because this will be for me soon; when that is over, they are the laws and the words of the masters, we will have no more wood in order to bury the corpses.
They will fall down before your eyes from hunger and misery.’
It all happened.
Now people say: ‘Yes, yes, yes.’
But they were afraid then.
Ask everyone about it.
And when the atomic bomb came now ...
Mankind builds, must insure itself against destruction, that is as old as the world.
And now you still live in a time in which material and spiritual foundations are laid.
You talk: ‘Let that war be over.’
And: ‘Let no more war come.’
But what does the human being in the jungle know, millions of people, what do they know about us, about your thinking and feeling?
You first begin to think on earth, mankind now lays the first little foundations for the first time in order to learn to think in a Christian way – spatially is not possible.
People do not even think as the Christ taught the human being.
People spoiled the Catholic church, Protestantism, the bible.
Because how can God damn the human being?
You should hear what the Christ sometimes says.
The prophets hit on that, hate.
That God, that God only looks at his favourites.
You will feel: what is that father, that mother like?
You live during that time, you must not start to think about war, because the war lives in the human being himself.
And if you already ... you here ...
You represent here hundreds of millions of people in total.
Accept it.
We accept and only get one human being out of the hundred thousand, out of much more people.
Out of two hundred thousand souls on earth we attract one conscious being, the masses are so poor.
Stupid, unconscious?
No, that evolution still has to bring those masses to spiritualization and materialization.
Isn’t it simple?
You have just started with spiritual thinking and feeling.
Be ...
We would no longer speak.
But it is worthwhile to bring one human being to growth, one human being, two people.
Because if we take fatherhood and motherhood to the spiritual growth, development, that is my hold, my foundation for my astral life.
I am talking to you, but I always do it for myself.
If André did not know that, he would stop.
Not because you are here.
You represent ...
We have in The Hague, so many people come there; if those people were to come, there would be ten, twenty thousand.
We are pleased that they did not come now, because they would tear us apart.
Now we will just continue, André has checked it.
If we did not know you would not be able to experience, not be able to stand this life, this thinking through of the masses, because you would go to pieces.
Christ knew that too.
The divine Messiahs only had a few children.
Fourteen, twelve of them remained who said: ‘It is he!’
Because the whole divine masses there, those unconscious masses denied him, and said: ‘It is not Him.’
‘It is a rabbi.’
‘It is a crazy person.’
Even Peter and others who were close to Him, who could experience wonders with Him, renounced the Christ.
And did you think now, if you just succumb tomorrow, that the Masters would think: there goes another follower of mine?
If you really feel and think, and possess the longing in you – I see my old followers – then I can only wish you well for later because you are now busy awakening.
You still do not know and you do not even realize how wonderfully deep you all already are, great.
But just do not get any ideas.
We must say: one human being out of hundreds of thousands.
Go into your society: people flatly refuse it, people do not want any awakening.
By what means are you so far?
It is a divine mercy.
You can go to the church, you can think and feel lower, and then you attract hundreds of thousands of peoples, but not any cosmic life, you see.
There was once a priest, an initiate in the East ...
Someone said: ‘Look, that man there, that priest’, because a lot happened in British India, Tibet, Egypt, ‘he attracts thousands and thousands of people and you say that you know it, and you only have four, five children next to you.’
And then a word fell.
And then the initiate said: ‘Go to that, because what you are now saying, you do not belong to me!’
And that was also, the Christ spoke like this: ‘Now you say it yourself, you must not follow Me.’
You say at the moment to the priest: ‘Say, crazy man, why does he have so many people there?’
If you see that and if you know that, then you will have made it, or you will not have made it, and then I can ...
I would like to give you more, be able to give more, but you remain a human being.
Today it is yearning, feeling in your life.
You say: ‘Yes, I will probably still live a few years, I want to improve myself now', isn't it true, and that is the feeling.
But do you know what it costs, how many lives you need in order to awaken this longing as will and feeling for your personality, your spiritual astral self?
You are all blessed already.
But I will add: do not get any ideas, because you still live here.
But you prove what you want, and if there are no murders in you now, we can all take care of you.
And then the person will stand beside you precisely whom you have known by means of your many lives.
What you possess today is probably borrowed goods.
You now say as man: ‘That is my wife.’ You now say as woman: ‘That is my husband.’
I do not want to bring you into those laws or you will become unsure, but it is possible.
Someone comes and say: ‘Look at my beauty.’
And there was a dwarf, a hunchback wailing next to him, and he was also an initiate. He says: ‘Soon she will be my twin soul.
I am now teaching her in this life because I beat things to bits and pieces.’
Then the prince says: ‘Burn that child at the stake.’
And he went.
But ‘beyond the coffin’ you are God.
You are from the life which began the first life with you, and they are divine laws.
And be grateful.
If you are not understood today and the human being does not want to understand you, and you have goodness, love, truth, justice in you, the human being closes himself off irrevocably – accept this, it will probably be lighter for you in this life – but that human being now already closes himself off irrevocably to spiritual continuing.
Is that not fair?
Yes, because you do not want.
Do you want to experience divine thinking?
You are woman and man – we had to accept those laws – you want to grow, you yearn, you are thirsty, yes, indeed, and she cannot do it ...
Now you will think: yes, I have it and she must have it too.
You can represent twenty and thirty, and more lives, by means of your cause and effect, your karmic laws, so that feeling is already there.
But if you want to work irrevocably on yourself and with the other one on spiritual consciousness for your eternal thinking and feeling, your hereafter, and the other one absolutely refuses, then – and it does not matter whether that life belongs to your grade of feeling, so was born with you on the moon, you should hear what now comes – then we must accept, so if you both have to do with each other for God, then you obstruct the development, because you do not want to think, of the other life.
You put your life of feeling as love absolutely in a prison, in a small space because you do not want, do not long, do not want to serve, you feel wrongly, you think wrongly, you are hatred, you restrain, you hit, you kick; and then you kick, you hit, you destroy your own life.
And the human being who now wants and already possesses the feeling, must now continue to live in that circle; you will never come out of it.
So one person would – the human being would like that, we were all able to follow that – one person would be able to obstruct the development of the other human being, and that is a divine injustice.
But we did not meet those laws anywhere, thank God.
We saw that you, the human being who is beaten, is kicked, is not understood ...
The human being who does not want, cannot obstruct the other life which wants to enrich itself in the spirit, even if you were to belong together for the macrocosmos.
Because if you soon – you should hear – if you soon come to the other side, in that world of consciousness, then millions of sisters and brothers will be standing next to you, you will not even be noticed, you will not even be missed there, in a manner of speaking, those who do not want.
Because along with millions we represent that grade of feeling and we also continue with those millions.
And when you soon ...
And then the human being sees, we have those scenes, those grades of consciousness, the ripping apart of people, we were able to follow all of that.
And then we see that the human being, if the human being remains good, that is therefore for the human being who is beaten and kicked ...
You are beaten by your husband, he by the wife, by the mother, you experience that, she does not want, there it is he who does not want, those people darken themselves, and not you if you do not hit back, hate back; or you will destroy your whole self, your benevolent life, and you will lose yourself.
What did the Christ learn now?
If people hit you here ...
You see, the Christ became divinely responsible.
And that’s the way it is.
When the Christ stood there, the Christ could have darkened the whole of mankind by one look.
But if the Christ had violated the human being, then He would have lost His divine consciousness and darkened Himself.
That therefore becomes disharmony, and by materializing disharmony ...
Now just bite back, just hit and kick back; you hit and kick yourself.
Continue to love.
And before you are that far, nothing has happened.
If you can do that and have achieved that, you are already busy building spiritual foundations.
And they are the geniuses amongst mankind, they are the spiritually sensitive beings.
Those people can never be reached by evil.
They are exceedingly strong and conscious.
They cannot be destroyed, because they know: I am busy – for the earth – I am busy making amends.
Truly, children, if you are beaten and in this life you are ...
You cannot be beaten if justice lives under your heart and in you.
We had to accept that.
‘I have been attacked’, someone said who made a journey from the Land of Twilight, just before the first sphere, and came back, ‘I have been broken and sullied.’
And then the masters said: ‘And how did you act?’
‘Yes, what would you do?’
And the human being got angry, because he was attacked from behind, from in front and from above, left and right.
And he just did that; and then they had completely overpowered him and the personality was raped again.
(To the sound technician): I saw you.
So what did the Messiah say when He was sitting there?
‘Just hit Me, you will not touch Me anyway.
My spirit cannot be touched.
My life of feeling cannot be sullied, deformed.
I do not hate.
I love everything which lives, I want to learn to think harmonically.’
And if you begin with that, my sisters and brothers, if you begin for society, for yourself, for your friends, as André says that, doesn’t he: ‘Let love emanate from you and tell the people by means of your cordiality who you are inside; and they worship you’ ...
That is the greatest power which the Christ represented and builds up those temples in only a few seconds, because when that passes your lips, the human being is capable of receiving you and kneeling at your feet and saying: ‘Look, I now see the spiritual being.’
And people love you.
Don’t they?
If you say to us: ‘They do not love me’, then we know that you are unconscious.
If you come to a master and say: ‘What do those people want from me?’
That can be seen immediately on the other side.
‘What do those people want?’
And that can already be experienced in society.
If one other being is in your midst who does not like you ...
It cannot be immediately materialized for your society, because you feel, you are involved with unconscious beings and psychopaths and crazy people.
But if you live in your own sphere, in your own little circle, and there is one there who can say: ‘I do not like that, that is harsh’, you murder your own consciousness.
Because if you are truly love, the human being will say: ‘Look, I want to be involved with that human being, because that radiates life, cordiality, benevolence, love.’
Isn’t it true?
And do people not say that to you?
If you meet a few people on earth, whom you will never ever see again, place your feeling, your thinking, in that life, because that human being will carry it on, and are flowers for your spiritual dwelling, your life garden on the other side.
You take it with you yourself of course.
You say on the other side, they are flowers, orchids; but that deed, that cordiality, that love lives in our face, in your light in your eyes, in your personality.
But do not search for the other side, because the other side lives in you.
Under your heart?
No, it is your life of feeling, it is your personality.
Do people love you here?
Do people really love you?
Is there no affectation involved?
Decide that for yourself.
I thank you for your lovely feelings.
See you in a fortnight.
(Hall): ‘Thank you.
Thank you, master Zelanus.’