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Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘Venry’.
Based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
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The youngest supreme priest

In the book ‘Between Life and Death’, Venry tells that already from a young age he was ready to bring new spiritual knowledge to the temple of Isis.
He could not do this under the own power, but with the aid of his spiritual leader who had mastered this spiritual knowledge in the life after death:
Soon I had reached the age of nineteen and I was already prepared and powerful, but this power lived between life and death and did not belong to me.
Between Life and Death, 1940
When the pharaoh of Egypt received this new knowledge from Venry, he gave Venry his favourite pets.
In this way, a priest was elevated to supreme priest at the royal court.
The teacher of Venry, priest Dectar, could be satisfied, because in the temple of Isis what the pupil achieved was attributed to the teacher:
To me and to all those present the pharaoh said: “I present this priest of Isis, who is worthy of possessing the very greatest wings, with my favourite animals, and all of you know what this means.”
There was joy all around me.
Dectar came to me.
This present actually meant that the honour of being a supreme priest of Isis had been bestowed on me.
Between Life and Death, 1940
Not everyone was pleased with this worship.
The previous supreme priest and his high priests who possessed the power over the temple up to that moment did not like the youth taking over their authority.
In addition, they had the task to ensure that the new priest was examined, in order to establish whether the necessary past lives as priest were present in his subconscious, because otherwise, in their opinion, he would not be able to bring any new knowledge.
When they examined him, Venry felt a warmth entering him, as a result of which he knew that his spiritual leader was protecting him against their examination.
He could follow how the high priests examined his subconscious, but could not find the lives searched for:
Together with this warmth, I got a different view and I understood what I had to do now.
What I experienced was a revelation to me.
The deeper they descended into me the stronger the warmth in and around me became.
This remarkable power gave me rest.
Subsequently I followed the masters and I experienced space.
At this moment we lived in the universe, we went from world to world, from sphere to sphere in which the soul had lived; there were the grades of life in which I had been.
They searched for many lives, because all of them were clairvoyant to a high degree, and they now tried to see those various lives by using me as a contact.
That enabled them to determine my present condition.
The supreme priest became lost in deep thought after he had seen through me, the others, however, were not yet ready.
There was a feeling within me as if I did not live on earth anymore.
I received stimulating feelings to follow them.
Apparently, something frustrated them, which prevented them from feeling in the depths of my inner life; they looked at each other and they were obviously faced with a great problem.
Between Life and Death, 1940
By means of the warmth that he felt, Venry knew that it was his leader who counteracted them, but he was not allowed to think of that consciously, because the high priests could follow every formed thought:
I was quite aware of it but dared not think nor evoke it, for they could follow me at once.
Another power called them to a halt, a power in which I lived, felt and remained myself.
Their gifts as well as their perception and feeling and even their mastership no longer existed.
They were obstructed in their perception and feeling.
To them the human soul was like nature, not one of them could fathom the actual depth of my inner life.
Between Life and Death, 1940
His spiritual leader helped him, because he had a task to fulfil together with Venry:
You do my work.
You will receive the keys of this Temple and you will get to know all the secrets.
Between Life and Death, 1940
When his leader had shown himself for the first time, he had already explained why he knew the situation of Venry so well.
In a past life on earth, his leader had lived as a priest in the cell of the temple, in which Venry was now located.
He was then also put to the test which Venry now faces.
Then a priest is brought into darkness for seven days and tested what spiritual powers he could summon in order to withstand all kinds of difficult spiritual tests.
However, if the priest is still not ready for that at that moment, he can succumb under the fatal influences which are applied to him.
That happened to his spiritual leader in that life.
In his youthful overconfidence, he thought he could withstand the tests, but that cost him his life.
This is why he now comes to Venry, in order to protect him against this overconfidence.
Venry tells how he was able to perceive his leader for the first time:
They were in my immediate vicinity and the face to which they belonged even began to take shape, but it remained translucent.
I saw the set face full of vitality and the very fine features before me when I heard the voice say: “Do not be afraid, priest of Isis,
I took my precautions, nothing can happen to you.
Know now that I am your friend, I have been with you before.
You have felt my powers.
Once, long ago, I lived in this cell.
At an early age, I was to receive darkness as you will experience.
I prepared myself too, dear friend, and completely submitted.
How my soul was tortured.
It appears to me that you are ready to listen to me, otherwise I would not tell you anything about this, for I do not want to frighten you.
There are a great many people who do not want to know the truth, and that is why they do not make any progress.
This truth may strengthen you.
I was brought back to the light like a dead man.
You no doubt feel that I was not prepared.
My greed, as well as my energy, vanity, and youthful enthusiasm destroyed my own life.
I was wounded until bleeding.
I collapsed.
And have you not been as I was?
That is why I understand and know your aim and can help you now.
Oh, my friend, do not be afraid, for did I not tell you that I have taken precautions?
Between Life and Death, 1940
Now that his leader has reached the spheres of light, his inner light dominates the powers of the present high priests of the temple:
Besides, I know the laws, and in addition I belong to this world, and live in the light.
Between Life and Death, 1940
He speaks about the gods, because in Ancient Egypt people believed in many gods:
The Gods want me to be your leader.
Between Life and Death, 1940
Venry and his spiritual leader have one task:
My work is your work, so we both have to accomplish the same task.
Consequently, you must accept me, dear friend, and know now that I have been waiting for you for a long time.
I have been with you from your youth on.
Later, when you are ready, we shall make Isis great.
Between Life and Death, 1940
Their task is to purify the temple of Isis of the dark powers which were built up by the high priests.
They will achieve this by passing on a great deal of new knowledge, as a result of which the power of the high priests will be broken:
At Isis they do not serve
and that is why they promote darkness.
This has been going on for centuries, but now light penetrates their darkness, though in a different way than they can imagine.
Consequently they receive a great deal, but as a result, they will perish.
Between Life and Death, 1940

New knowledge about the reincarnations of the soul

In order to be able to give new knowledge to the temple, Venry goes into a trance and he leaves his body.
A dignitary of the pharaoh attends the sessions:
At the fixed time all entered.
A dignitary was present and was seated next to Dectar and my material organism.
I lay down and was in trance in a short while.
Now I lived in space again and adjusted myself to all of them.
Between Life and Death, 1940
With a few questions, people check whether the priest who has left his body is still conscious of the material world:
“How was your meal today?”
“It consisted of dates and fruit juice, however, the laws of Isis require that no food be taken before these sessions.”
Between Life and Death, 1940
Next, the people present attune themselves to the world in which the priest who has left his body lives:
“Where do you live at this moment, priest of Isis?”
“I live between ‘life and death’ and see darkness.”
Between Life and Death, 1940
Venry is located first in the dark worlds which were built up by means of destructive feelings.
He can pass on the new knowledge to the high priests, that these dark spheres in the hereafter will one day dissolve in light, when all of us have began with a loving life:
“Is the darkness of this world like that on your side?”
“No, this darkness does not vary, it is always there, but it will eventually change into light and dissolve.”
“Quite clear;
you say that this darkness will dissolve. Can you tell us more about that and explain, if possible?”
“Are these laws known to you?”, I asked.
“No, I mean the dissolution of the darkness, that is completely new to all of us.”
“This darkness will only dissolve if all human beings co-operate, and they are prepared to start a great and loving life.
The Gods tell me that this darkness has been built by all of us and we shall have to break it down again.
It is not until then that light will come.”
Between Life and Death, 1940
Then the high priests bring the research to reincarnation and the relation between soul and material body:
“In what way are you conscious of your material body?”
“This question has not been clearly posed either, but I will answer you. Here one does not speak of ‘way’, for the wonder can only be felt.
What is asleep there is for me only the means, so that I myself can live on earth as ‘soul’.
When my organism dies there, I go ‘in’, I who now live here, but I will have to accept that world which matches with my inner life and which my soul, that is I myself, possesses in terms of light or darkness.
I feel very clearly that I still live on earth, although I am now in space.
My material organism is only an instrument, Masters of Isis.”
“We have been able to follow you and think it very natural.
We thank you.
Have you got the feeling or can you see that you will go on forever?”
“In the world where I am now living, I myself am everlasting.
If the feeling and the consciousness of all these worlds are in me, we must irrevocably accept that I cannot die, but that I must proceed further and higher.
I must, however, acquire all these worlds.”
“We thank you for your clear explanation of your perception.
We are ready and ask: What will happen, Master of Isis, when you die here and are born again?”
“You connect the darkness and the light as one world and that is not possible, but I will answer you and adjust myself to that.”
My leader connected me with this wonder and I said to him: “Your aim is that I will feel when I must experience a new birth?”
Between Life and Death, 1940
Venry gets to see a reality, which is still not known in the temple of Isis.
He sees the very first stage of our universe.
He perceives this as darkness and silence, then there was still nothing born that radiated light or produced sound:
At the time there was darkness, for I see miraculous emptiness wherein it is very still, so very quiet indeed.
In those days, space was still empty.
Masters of Isis, do sense what this means.
There were no human beings, animals, stars or suns yet, nothing, there was still nothing.
Everything living on earth and in space had yet to be born.
The Gods now show me the next stage.
Between Life and Death, 1940
From this first darkness, all the following darknesses and luminous worlds were born:
Out of this darkness all others were born and being born commenced.”
Between Life and Death, 1940
That also applies to the world of the unconscious into which the soul descends in order to be born again on earth:
“In the world where I live also resides the world into which I must descend if I want to be born again.
Between Life and Death, 1940
The high priests want to know more about how that reincarnation takes place exactly:
“You say that you can feel and see there and that the new birth is ‘in’ you, but how do these wonders happen?”
Between Life and Death, 1940
Venry explains that the descending of the soul into the egg cell cannot be seen, even if people are clairvoyant to a high extent, incarnating can only be experienced:
If I want to return to the earth as a soul, Masters of Isis, that is only possible by means of two material beings.
You know them as ‘man’ and ‘woman’.
It is they who give the soul a new organism and they are one with these laws.
These laws come into force because both possess this power and strength; these laws cannot be seen, however, they can only be experienced.
Between Life and Death, 1940
When the soul descends into the world of the unconscious, it returns to the first darkness:
When the soul descends into that world it returns to the very first stage and then waits in that world to be attracted.”
Between Life and Death, 1940
Between that very first stage and the present stage lies a long evolution.
At the time of the origin of our soul its first body could not even be perceived, so rarefied and small was the first cell that it inspired:
But the Gods say: We came into being when the God of all life split Himself up, at the time we were tiny particles, which were imperceptible.
That is the very first stage.
Now, however, the soul is on earth as a mature human being.
If the soul wants to return to the earth, the inner life returns to this very first stage and is born.
In the mother, Masters of Isis, this wonder we all experienced takes place.
Then follows the growth process, the condensation of material life.
The next stage is already the birth; that is known in the Temple of Isis.”
“That is mighty, Priest of Isis, your explanation is quite natural and very clear.
We are ready and ask: Can you feel or see whether you yourself inspire that which lives in the mother?”
“The Gods tell me that I, who is now connected, is the inspiration for the material garment that grows in her and will be born, if the God of all life wants it to happen.”
Between Life and Death, 1940
The knowledge that Venry communicates about the reincarnations of the soul in a male and female body is new to Isis.
The supreme priest who asks the questions assumed that he did not need to incarnate in a female body in order to understand the whole of creation.
In his vanity he believed that he could see and feel all the laws of life as a man.
Venry explains to him that the soul only experiences the laws of life through the mother organism, because it as a mother feels the new life growing and being born.
The leader of Venry lets him feel that all the life was born from the mother organism:
He ignored all this and asked: “Can you see, Priest of Isis, whether the law of ‘man’ and ‘woman’ resides in it?”
“The God of all Gods wanted us souls to be ‘man’ and ‘woman’, for that is the only way to learn to know the laws.”
“You mean that I am not capable of seeing and feeling the laws?”
“Father of Isis, you possess the creating organism, but in that other body, which is the ‘mother organism’, you can experience the laws.”
Now he considered this seriously and for a long time and said: “We thank you, all these wonders are new to Isis and we follow you attentively.
We ask: Is it a law of His that we must know both organisms?”
“If you want to be like the God of all life and all Gods, you must experience that activity, otherwise, you will remain as you now feel.
If you want to get to know that law and experience it, you will witness how stars, planets, suns and other bodies were born.
However, that is only possible ‘in’ and ‘through’ the mother organism.
Locked up in that body is what has happened here in space, which gave light and ‘life’ to stars, planets, suns and other organisms. It gave feeling to the animals and consciousness to us human beings, which is present in you and all of us, but which requires thousands of organisms to reach the level at which the Gods live.”
Between Life and Death, 1940
The supreme priest is not pleased to hear this, because as a priest he does not give any soul the possibility of beginning a new life:
“Your state of mind is quite natural and we are all most grateful to you.
We are ready and ask: Are you sure that we can experience the laws in the mother body?”
“You are very careful asking questions, but once again the answer is ready. Is it possible that something can grow ‘in’ you that gave reincarnation to the new and young life, which is the child?
No, supreme priest of Isis, for you are ‘creator’, if you want to, but you rather avoid all this, you follow a path that leads nowhere, but by doing so you will not learn to know the laws.”
Between Life and Death, 1940
The supreme priest wants nothing to do with this, because this unsettles all the laws of Isis.
After all, the temple laws determine that the priests and priestesses may not marry, and that they may not attune themselves to the life as father and mother, in order to not have any division of attention, so that they can focus completely on the developing of their priesthood.
Venry passes on that these new explanations are for Isis, and for the future, in which people can feel and accept the spiritual height of these new laws:
What he sent me that moment was terrible and his answer was: “Your answers now conflict with the laws of Isis.
Will you bear in mind, Priest of Isis, that we live on holy ground and are together here to make Isis great?
At this moment we are one with the Gods.”
Is he not a hypocrite, I thought,
he keeps going on creating disharmony.
My answer was: “My explanation and my answers are for Isis and for those who come after us.
Between Life and Death, 1940
Some time later the power of the hypocrite had broken, and another high priest asked the questions to Venry in order to obtain higher knowledge.
The leader of Venry then communicated that they would be better to focus on one God of love, instead of on the many Gods that Ancient Egypt was now abundant with:
I saw him like a broken man, and he ordered Master Sma to ask questions in his place.
This master, the only one who had some feeling left, asked his first question:
“Tell us, winged one, who is that God you are talking about, for there are many Gods we have learned to know, who taught you too.”
“Priests of Isis, listen.
The wonders you have been able to follow were mighty and were given to us by the Gods.
Other priests lived in the space where I am now, but none of them possessed those gifts, which I received from the Gods.
But there is only one God.”
“We have heard your answers and we thank you.
Are there rich and poor people?”
“Is a poor human being not a child of God?
Can a God of Love make a distinction?
He, the only God of all life, who created us human beings, and all other life, He is known here as the only God who decides on life and death.
He is the God of stars, planets and suns, and will remain so eternally.
Do you not look into previous lives when all of you are at the ‘meadow’?
Then there will be consciousness in you, and you will know Him, the God of all of us.
Those who live here also know and accept Him, the only God, the God of Love.
This wisdom, priests of Isis, is thousands of moons ahead of all human beings.”
Between Life and Death, 1940

Father Taiti

The spiritual leader of Venry takes him in an out-of-body state to Ancient China:
I was bound for China.
On my way, I consciously returned into my previous life, which I had already felt with Dectar.
The life in which I was Venry sank back into me and made way for that of father Taiti.
I left my own country at full speed.
I went back year after year now and approached my previous life.
The closer I approached the country where I had once lived, the clearer this consciousness became, for I could feel and think as I used to.
I could already speak the language I had learned in that country, everything belonging to this consciousness returned to me.
“Yes, Dectar, father Taiti has returned and now has to perform a task completely different from the former one.”
Between Life and Death, 1940
In one of his past lives in Ancient China, he had a tremendous power as supreme priest:
Again, I wore the robe of a supreme priest.
I soon reached the surroundings I knew so well.
On a high mountain, I saw my Temple.
I was in a beautiful region surrounded by mountains.
As father Taiti, I was the leader of this temple and my power was very great.
Now, however, I was the pupil of Isis, but I lived in both lives, of which this life dominated.
Between Life and Death, 1940
Taiti then had a hostile high priest burnt at the stake:
Immediately upon arrival I descended into the subterranean vaults and corridors and visited the places where punishment, torture and hanging are executed, and where I had destroyed my enemy at the stake.
Again, I saw all those events before me, and the places where those who perished had cursed their lives and priesthood.
All this occurred by my order.
I again experienced all these terrible events, and I saw the priests and priestesses of former days.
They had all died here and were now somewhere on earth, or on this side in order to return to the earth and make good what they had done wrong.
My enemy was a high priest and he wanted to possess my power.
His very last deed brought him to the stake.
He stole my love and tried to achieve this by murder, but as a result of my gifts and knowledge of the magic laws, I remained his master.
Between Life and Death, 1940
From the wrong the higher is born anyway:
I had also returned, but with me all my hatred and the assassin in a spiritual dress, the expert on the magic laws.
In me, true consciousness lived, but those were feelings of lust, power and animal-like experience.
In this consciousness, I had driven him to his death, but as a result, my soul awakened.
The serving love awoke from that inhuman process, a love that is eternal, and will never lose its power, but will only grow and become stronger.
I experienced that every wrong deed still contains the higher feeling and consequently leads the soul to the higher.
Between Life and Death, 1940
Taiti lost the being together with his twin soul Lyra as a result of the murdering:
Then I went on, I went to my own room.
I wanted to look back into my own life and once again feel Lyra’s love and experience our end on earth.
Having entered my room, I saw Lyra and myself.
My inner life was consumed by love and I was the slave of my yearnings; I thought that miraculous.
I knelt before her and spoke to her.
I now listened to my own past and heard myself say: “Youth and old age are in me, Lyra, and you know how this is possible.
We are both awake and conscious and have got to know true love.
Out of all this evil our pure love was born, even though we are still living in our own darkness.
You know that we will part, but shall meet again on earth, because we are twin souls.
Between Life and Death, 1940
Taiti then already felt that his twin soul would also belong to other people in earthly lives in order to make amends to them:
Now we are one, Lyra, in other lives others will belong to you, though I live in you, however, you have to make up to them.
Between Life and Death, 1940

Purification of the temple of Isis

The sincere regret is the driving force for the purifying of Isis:
What we did here was terrible, we experienced murder after murder and nobody may kill.
We killed, Lyra, killed on behalf of our love and we experienced the dance of destruction.
To satisfy our desires others perished.
The masters tell me that you are my twin soul, so that you belong to me, but we shall have to make up for everything.
The time will come that you are with me forever.
However, now you go your own way and I go mine.
Yet, we shall meet again.
The higher consciousness, which is now within me, will be my task in that other life.
Right now, dear Lyra, I pass on into these laws and we shall both experience that.
You will return to earth together with me and in that life we shall be allowed to meet.
Our souls are one and connected with the laws.
I will live and overcome my hatred, dear Lyra, by the remorse I feel.
This sorrow is real, very natural and sincere.
There is sorrow in me, and sincere repentance, for what I have done.
Between Life and Death, 1940
In his life as Venry, he also has much support from his mother, who knew the difficult priest life from own experience:
My heart breaks; but my Mother will help me, I feel her prayer, she wants me to live on in it, and it is also our bond for the next life.
Between Life and Death, 1940
By means of the masters of the light, he is given the opportunity to purify the temples, in which the light darkened.
By means of his extensive knowledge of the magical laws, he will be capable of that:
We must serve, Lyra.
I was given the task to destroy all Temples in which the light is darkened.
I will meet my enemy again, because he causes new sorrow and pain and breaks hearts with his gifts.
Right now, I bless the moment of my becoming conscious.
Can you feel that there is deadly seriousness in me?
That I will try to remain conscious?
That we were created as one soul?
Your soul is one with my life, Lyra; we are one in everything.
The masters want me to follow them.
In the next life, my task will be great like my love for you.
Between Life and Death, 1940

Making amends

After his life as Venry, many lives also followed:
I saw many lives in which I experienced the law of ‘cause and effect’.
I experienced starvation and want, terrible pains, sicknesses and terrors, which can be experienced on earth when that life brings us slavery.
I saw myself as a slave, was killed by others, yet to die again on earth after having reached my age and return to it.
Again and again, I was attracted towards the earth by two souls, until there were no more souls on earth, which I had to make up to.
And so I stood before my very last life on earth.
I had made up for a mountain of misery, sorrow and grief, which I had caused to others.
Between Life and Death, 1940
In all those lives he sought the true love, which lived deep in his soul as a memory of the being together with his twin soul Lyra:
In each life I searched for that ‘love’ which would understand me, but I did not find it.
I lived in my own ‘cause and effect’, which meant sorrow and grief and awakening.
However, I kept on yearning for that love, kept asking ‘why’ and ‘what for’.
There was sensitivity in me, a great deal of feeling and I was prepared to make up, but the means were beyond me.
I travelled round the earth, poor, and then again sometimes rich.
All peoples attracted my soul.
Between Life and Death, 1940
In this way, he reached his very last life on earth, with only the love and the asking ‘why and for what purpose’ conscious within him:
One thing in me dominated in all those lives, the feeling of understanding and love.
How I yearned for it, but wherever I lived I did not find my own love.
With the unsatisfactory feeling and the ‘why’ and ‘what for’ conscious in me as well as the immense yearning for that one love, I was ready again for my very last life, to return to the earth and finish my earthly lives.
Between Life and Death, 1940