It is now 1944.
Europe is on fire, the human being is living in cold and misery, amidst destruction, is lacking in everything.
Cities are razed to the ground, millions of people are tortured and finally gassed and God is silent!
Is Christ leaving His children alone?
André, the instrument of the Masters, is also living under these circumstances, but he has Universal contact, he is in connection with the messengers of God, who is now also still a Father of ‘Love’!
Millions of people can no longer accept that, they ask: how can God approve of this?
It is André who says that the people must not despair, that God has nothing to do with all of this and that God will never intervene either, but that this is the fault of the human being, that the human being does not want any different, looks for the wrong and loves the complete destruction.
But his words are not understood either, are they? For God everything is possible, God is omnipotent, Christ is also omnipotent. But why does God leave us, why does Christ leave us alone now?
Can the Masters, the angels not help us?
André already knew in 1935 that this horrific war would come.
He experienced and wrote a book in which the Masters put declare that Adolf Hitler is an insane person, and that if he begins with a war, it will irrevocably be his downfall.
The Masters say: “The human being who looks for the wrong, will meet his own misfortune!
Do not worry, André, God is watching!”
Now that half of the Netherlands has been closed off by the Nazis and the Allied forces, now that millions of people no longer have a faith, but walk round like material wretches, are starved, and the laws for good are tramped on, evil triumphs over good, there is no longer any hope of peace and calm and everything threatens to collapse, his Master comes to him and says:
“Can you see me, André?”
“Yes, Master.
I can hear you and I can see you.”
“Will you record the following, which I will dictate to you.”
André takes a pencil and paper and hears the following:
“The Cosmology for this Mankind
The All-Source ...
God as Mother
God as Father
God as Soul
God as Life
God as Spirit
God as a Personality
God as Harmonic Laws
God as Material Laws
God as Spiritual Laws
God as the Growing Universe
God as Love
The Divine Spark ...
This is everything for the time being, André.
Within a short time, along with Master Zelanus, we will begin with the Cosmology for this Mankind.
By means of our journeys for the ‘(Origin of the) Universe’ we experienced the first spiritual and material laws for the ‘Cosmology’.
Now we are going deeper back to the All-Source and it is for the University of Christ!
You are that far, André.
Think about all of this.
The messengers of God are now coming to the earth in order to convince the human being of a Father of Love.
We want to explain why this came about.
The Heavens will now speak.
Prepare yourself, André.
See you soon.
God is and will remain Love!”
At that moment Master Alcar broke the contact with André.
How can it be, he thinks, what will I experience now.
It is a revelation. He feels that now this mankind will be able to know.
After a few days his Master comes back to him and asks:
“Are you ready, André?”
“Yes, Master.”
“Well, tonight you will disembody and you will receive Divine wisdom with Master Alcar and me.
Under the orders of the highest Masters in the Divine spaces, we must analyse all the Divine Revelations.
By means of this we are laying the first foundations for the University of Christ.
See you soon, André.”
André is sitting there in the darkness, there is no wood for the stove, the peace and the warmth in bed is the only thing which the human being still has.
And every human being in Europe has to accept this misery, because satan triumphs.
The warmth in bed is good for the blood flow, he thinks, it gives the decayed body some support and the nerves calm down.
There is no more than that and it is not necessary either; then he surrenders completely and begins with his meditation.
There are people who do not have even a bed.
In this way he takes care of himself for the next day, which is worse again, more miserable than the previous one, it is going downhill.
Is this evolution?
The people do not understand that.
Is all of this necessary?
No one accepts that!
And that cannot be accepted by the masses either.
But everything on earth could happen so differently, but the people do not understand the life, nothing, victims even fall for the faith.
He is lying there and is thinking. It is the being ready for his Master.
But, he understands that now, he is standing before a mountain. It is a mountain of wisdom.
What will he experience now?
By means of his obtained consciousness he must now show what he can do.
He knows that it is for this mankind, for every human being, child, and life of God.
The human being must know and accept that there is no death and no damnation!
The masses still cannot believe that.
But because of this there is spiritual poverty on earth.
The human being does not know himself!
The clergyman is unconscious!
That man talks about a God of hatred and revenge. And that is not possible!
The human soul is living for the first time on earth, according to the academics, and that is also nonsense!
But then what?
He will now experience that, he feels. The Masters will explain the laws.
The psychologists still do not know the Divine laws.
Reincarnation is still not accepted. That wonderful happening is nonsense for those academics, and moreover for millions of people. But they are the actual laws of God, by means of which the human being can experience his evolution.
Have those dogmatic masses never heard of this?
André knows the laws for insanity. Master Alcar also explained to him those laws and possibilities for the human soul, by means of which he got to know the astral personality.
But the academic is faced with his patients and does not know those lives, because he does not want to accept any astral consciousness beyond the coffin.
But because of that he gets to experience his space and his answer. There is nothing else!
This is it!
Then Master Alcar brought him to the Universe.
They were also wonders for his life and personality, for which he received three books.
He can explain those laws to the academic, because he has seen them since he possesses the gift for disembodying.
Who are you beyond the coffin?
You are like you are on earth there. You go to a world which has attunement to your inner consciousness and you continue to live there.
The human being who has read his books, he knows, is now strong in life and that human being cannot be destroyed.
During those years of being one with his Master Alcar he became thousands of years older.
Then Master Alcar brought him back to Ancient Egypt and he got to know himself there as a priest.
That was in the Temple of Isis.
Now he possesses the Great Wings, by means of which he can experience all these wonders, as Ramakrishna also could.
We wrote the book ‘Between Life and Death’ then ... a wonderful spiritual gift from the Masters for your life, if you are open to that!
No, Dante, what André will now experience, you did not receive, could not experience that in your life and we will therefore prove that to you!
Yes indeed, André thinks, the mountain which he sees is the Divine mountain!
It is God himself!
Now I will get to know God according to the laws of the Cosmos!
Master Alcar goes back to the All-Source, because it began there.
He has to smile when he hears the people speaking about God now.
Can the people not think then?
When he hears the cursers of God talking, they are unconscious children who do not know themselves and do not accept anything of the Divine creations, or they were brought to a spatial maze because of the bible.
Thousands of people are stranded now, he hears every day, because of damnation.
Can God, if He is a Father of Love, also still damn the human being now?
Is the misery of now and that of before, wars and misery, of the earth, still not enough for the human being, as a child of God and the church?
Must we accept that God is a Father of Love, now that we hear that He still also lets us burn, and that for eternity?
That cannot be true, can it?
No, it is nonsense, people.
But then what?
Read my books and you will know it!
But you do not want to read. You still do not want to accept me, because your church, your minister tells it differently.
But you reach real thinking and feeling through me. You will soon ask questions, won’t you?
You can no longer believe it, that God damns His children, so kills them, and places them before a last Judgement.
What does the life of a human being still mean?
Nothing, absolutely nothing more if God damns, if He is like the bible says.
Did God speak to Moses, other people ask.
No, they were the Masters.
Read the book ‘The Revelations to the Peoples of the Earth’ and you will get an answer to thousands of questions!
You must now listen to a minister sometime, Jeus.
That man kicks his followers from dry land into the ditch. He no longer knows what to do.
Is it any wonder then that the human being asks himself whether God damns?
Can He approve that the human being is slaughtered?
The people ask thousands of questions and no clergyman can answer them!
There is not one amongst all those academics who takes care of the human being and supports him. The minister is still not that far.
André feels: the masses are still in need of help spiritually.
The consciousness of the masses is pathetic.
What are you, dear minister, if you know nothing else but a God who hates and lets His life burn, and damns it? He continues.
Who are you as a psychologist when you come from the university and you do not know the soul and the spirit?
What did you learn there?
Yes indeed, you know something about the nervous system. But you do not know the human being, and yet you have become a doctor?
André now calls his personality to the spatial order.
He follows his own ‘self’!
Precisely now he needs all of himself in order to be able to act soon, if he wants to be able to deal with what he experienced, upon his return to earth.
He knows himself, he knows that four different personalities are now living in him and they are: Jeus ... Jozef, Dectar and himself.
Both Jeus and Jozef must represent him on earth in society.
He is the Master with Dectar, the personality from the Temple of Isis.
A while later he utters:
“You see, Buddha, you did not know and did not learn this.
You had a very different life to represent.
Is it not true?
You experienced a wonderful contact in your life, but not this one.
Your task was wonderful, you became a prophet; but for your own time and becoming conscious.”
And then he sees Ramakrishna and he speaks to that life.
That beautiful initiate also lives and can reveal himself to his life.
“Did you experience this depth where we are now going during your life as Ramakrishna?
No, you do not have that!
I know your consciousness. Also from Madame Blavatsky, from everyone, who got a task for God and for this becoming conscious and devoted himself to that.
Soon I will see you. I know it.
But somewhere in the universe, where we will all have to show our colours for Christ.
Isn’t that true?”
He reaches great inspiration and says: “Theosophists, I will now go deeper than your Blavatsky!
And we will soon prove that to you too.”
A while later he is talking to Jeus again.
He is talking to the unconscious part of his personality, which is still called Jeus.
Which, along with him, was able to experience wonders since childhood, but which he is the Master of.
“Can you hear me, Jeus?
Now you will experience Divine wisdom.
I am calling to you, now look from your eyes.
We will experience wonderful journeys, Jeus, and Jozef will, along with you, have to bear all of this in this terrible society.
Of course I will help you, obviously, but you will have to represent me here.
Have you understood this, Jeus?
The Masters no longer have any sympathy for us.
Playfulness will no longer be tolerated now.
We are beginning with the Cosmology and that demands everything from our life.
Now you will get to know the Grim Reaper, Jeus, as you have never seen him before.
You will be able to experience a ‘whizz’ on the edge of Saturn, because that is also possible.
You will laugh, Jeus, but I will show you that.
You will only understand later that it is wonderful and then you will also get to know yourself.”
He continues like this. It is only eight o’clock in the evening. The Masters will come soon, so he can now have a nice think about everything and make comparisons at the same time.
Jeus hears from André:
“Do you know who God is?
You will now see and experience that.
Now and again you will probably be able to ask me a question, Jeus.
No, that will not be allowed, because I must attune myself to the laws.
Did you hear what Master Alcar said to me?
Look into my consciousness and you will know it.
You will also know then that we must now materialise and analyse the spiritual revelations of God; it is for the whole of this mankind, Jeus.
Yes, my boy, now we are going to Socrates.
Do you know who that was?
He was just like I am now. He also sought and tried to get to know his Father, but he was then killed by the people of this world.
That always happened like that, because what the human being does not know and does not understand is blasphemy to him. When he knows that he has been violated, the regret comes.
Thousands of people were killed in this way, Christ too!
I can see behind the veils which closed off the Divine Revelations, and which only a few people believe in because they do not possess this spatial contact.
And you now see God in that as ‘Mother’!
You can always feel and experience God as ‘Mother’, because God placed those laws in our hands – the human being.
And now a minister says: ‘God created the human being in His image’, but he does not know what God meant by that and what this means, or that mess, that nonsense would not be there, which we now know on earth and became the faith.
Can you feel what I mean, Jeus?
My clairvoyance is cosmic!
Because of this I can see beyond life and only a few people can do that.
The Egyptians were able to do it, but so far!
They did not see everything, or they would not have made a Deity from a piece of stone, and they did that there.
And then everything was a Deity there, Jeus, by means of which those priests thought that the night and the day, rain and wind were Gods.
Now we come to tell this mankind that that is also nonsense.
Yes indeed, you must now think carefully, Jeus. If you feel this, you will understand, however, that all those people were close to the truth, but that they did not see the actual creation.
It is true, they are all little parts of God, but still not a Deity!
And we will now experience that! We must now disembody for that purpose and pass it on to this mankind, so that the human being of the earth will get to know himself and his God.
Isn’t that wonderful, Jeus?
So follow me on this journey. You will get a very different personality because of this.
We will show the theosophists and the Rosicrucians something else.
Those people think that they possess the Divine truth, but that is not true either.
Some theosophists says: we were first nature and then we became animal and then ‘human being’!
But that is not possible.
That is an untruth, Jeus!
I saw that the theosophists search and still do not know the core of all life.
Blavatsky said that, I think.
But now we will show Blavatsky that she saw it wrong. Darwin too, that is the man, my Jeus, who thinks that we people descend from the apes.
Don’t you think it is ridiculous?
You can have a good laugh about all these things when you know that is not true.
Do you know, Jeus, why I have such fun then?
Because those people are so learned, and yet possess nothing of all the Divine truths.
We rise above those great heads and you will also get to know that on these journeys.
We, my Jeus, are now going deeper. So deep, where no one has yet been before us.
Master Zelanus told me that.
And you can accept that.
Soon you will be able to convince yourself. I am certainly not making up any stores.
And you can just rap my fingers, if you feel the need for it.
But woe betide if I see that you fragment this sacred mercy in a Gelderland way, then you will not be done with me yet.
I already told you: no more fooling around. The dialect has no meaning now, although I still think about it. Do you not know what this has cost me? We are now standing before the Divine seriousness!
Will you not forget that again, Jeus? We two will speak some more about this later.
But can you feel, Jeus, that that Madame Blavatsky informed her people wrongly? And that is extremely dangerous.
When you come beyond the coffin soon and you have kicked the people of this world from dry land into the ditch, you will not be released from that misery. You must first get all those people out of that ditch again, or you cannot go a step further.
Now go into what those wretched ministers tell and what the Catholic Church fools the people with, then you will feel how awful it is.
And all of that prevents human evolution!
I tell you: you will not believe it, but soon we will be showered with wisdom.
And all the people from this world will have to master that wisdom. They cannot avoid that.
You will now see and experience that all that praying does not help you.
Isn’t it true, did you not hear the people praying a while ago?
Then they prayed that Mussolini would not leave for Abyssinia, but that crazy man went anyway!
And millions of people prayed, but all that praying did not help at all, it was not heard because it had to happen!
That had to happen, Jeus, because those Abyssinians need consciousness too, like we do. Several peoples do not make it under their own power, but that is still not understood by this world.
So you must ask yourself when you must pray and for what you can pray, or everything will be for nothing.
And millions of people on earth still have to learn that.
The Masters said that to all of us, and according to the Divine Revelations.
Can you feel what I mean, Jeus?
But now I must watch out. I can feel that Master Alcar is coming, so see you soon.”
By thinking about all these matters, André feels, he is being released from the earth and his material thinking and feeling.
Now he is ready and he can devote all of himself.
And by means of this he receives and experiences the Cosmology for Mother Earth and all her children.
He still says to Jeus:
“I can feel that Master Alcar is coming to me now.
We will now quickly leave this miserable world and will then enter Divine happiness, peace and calm, for a short time, by means of which we will experience the Divine laws.
I am now already starting to feel that in my feet, Jeus, my blood circulation is changing and I myself am sinking back to the subconscious, but a moment before that this great wonder of disembodying happens, which is a great happening for me again and again.
I will disembody now, Jeus.
Follow me.
We are now already getting to know all the Divine laws and are therefore getting an answer to millions of questions.
Is that not worthwhile?
Who would not want that?
That we may experience this Divine mercy, Jeus, is because I prepared myself as Dectar during our life in Egypt.
We already wanted then to get to know the God of all life, which now lives in me as feeling.
Can you feel it?
Do you understand it?
Jeus, our first journey for the ‘Cosmology’ has begun.
A moment later he sinks away and falls into a deep sleep. Master Alcar can free him from the material organism in this and André floats, by means of the possession of his Great Wings, in the life of the spirit.
And he is also conscious in this now!
People of the earth, follow us, so that you will also awaken! You will also begin with your own building up!