The All-Source

Master Alcar, who releases André from his organism, receives him beyond the coffin. It is the life for the soul as human being, where he lives as an astral personality.
Master Alcar says:
“My André.
Now the time has come that I can receive you for the ‘Cosmology’.
God gave us this mighty mercy.
But they are the highest Masters, under the inspiring Love of Christ, through whom we received that task.
Know it now, it is Christ who gave all life the possibility of serving for the Spheres of Light.
Because the Divine All wants mankind to awaken.”
André bows to his Master.
And then the time has come that we reach spatial unity.
André sees us as young men of twenty-five years, he sees our consciousness for the Spheres of Light and that we no longer possess physical old age, because we live in the eternal, youthful, and are conscious.
He now knows that Master Alcar is a Cosmic being, and that he will experience the truth. We serve! We are now love!
As Master Zelanus I am the first follower of Master Alcar in our world, André for the earth.
In this way Master Alcar built up his contact, and created this unity, by means of which the Master works through the life of André, and it is incredibly beautiful.
Now André will experience the All-laws, as God manifested himself. And we bring those laws to earth.
Master Alcar says:
“Come now, my brothers, we will leave the sphere of the earth.
Attune to the All-Source and make both material and spiritual comparisons for yourself, so that the child of the earth will understand you.
Follow everything, for which we experience these journeys; do not forget either, you are experiencing this for millions of children of the earth and ultimately for the ‘Age of Christ’!
Can you feel what this means?”
André gives an answer and says:
“Yes, Master, I am ready.”
Master Alcar continues and says:
“It is wonderful, my brothers, what we will now experience.
We will be connected with the Divine All.
The Divine word of the Masters there, so from the All-Consciousness, now comes to our life.
If you can understand this, then you will feel that Christ died on earth for this.
Mankind then got His Divine Gospel.
And Christ interpreted and bore that Gospel by means of His Love, but people murdered Him there!
But people there still do not understand what Christ actually came to earth for, but, of which the Cosmology will explain the laws to us and the child of the earth, so that new awakening will come, spiritual evolution!
Our former being one, André, in the Spheres of Light, now belongs to the past.
The journeys which we must now make are more conscious and happen under the authority of higher feeling and thinking.
They are the Masters.
The source of all life, by means of which we people, the animal world and Mother Nature originated, wants that.
By means of this we continue.”
André now feels that the earth is disappearing under his feet.
He knows, he is now a spiritual personality.
Nothing can disturb us, we experience this because Christ wants it!
Or it would not be possible.
And Master Alcar gives us again:
“The child of Mother Earth must now get to know himself.
The child of the earth is still unconscious.
For this purpose we will soon get to know God as Mother.
Also as condensed material and as elemental laws, also as Harmony, and especially as Light, Life and Love.
Only after then as Father!
And then we will be connected with the macrocosmos and every law will speak to our life.
Every spiritual and material law is then a revelation of God, but we then learn how God manifested himself and where and when those Creations began.
Can you feel what this means, my brothers?
Then it will be clear to you that we may no longer think for ourselves. We will now receive other thoughts, but by means of them we will enter the Divine systems.
Every law of life, you will hear that, will call to you: experience me too.
The purpose of the highest Masters is now to connect the West with the East.
Peace and calm must come to earth, it is only then that life will be bearable, and it is only possible if the human being knows God!
You know it, not one child of the church knows God.
Because people, even now, want to accept damnation, people smother this Divine wisdom.”
Master Alcar continues: “Understand well, my brothers, what we now live in, God can be felt and seen in there as ‘Spirit’.
But we will go deeper, and then you will see that the material and the spiritual spaces will dissolve.
And that means, we will go back to the beginning of all the Divine Revelations.
We leave one grade of life after another, which we see as a conscious world. You know these worlds, in order to enter the beginning of Creation. Because it begun in there and God gave all life His form, His independence.
Can you feel this, my brothers?” One of us, André or I, must now answer.
I will answer master Alcar, I feel ready when I say:
“I can see it, my Master. The worlds in which we now live are already getting dark, the life of light of the astral-spiritual world is now dissolving before us, and means that we have left the material world, this universe.
My brother André also experienced these laws.”
“It is true, my brothers, and that is now our certainty.
However, if the human being on earth wants to understand this, which is possible, he must first read the books: ‘The Origin of the Universe’, mustn’t he, and now we can be followed.
If we go deeper now, then we enter the world in which the All-Source lives and is present, and we will soon have to accept as All-Mother.
But which laws of life will we behold then, Master Zelanus?”
I feel ready to answer my Master and can say:
“I will descend into that, my Master.
It is the soul for all life.
It is God as both Soul and Life!
But there is much more which now speaks to my consciousness.
If we, my Master, want to get to know these laws, we experience the All-Source as an eternity, and it is only then that the different grades of life come forward.
That is then the All-Soul, also the All-Life and then the All-Fatherhood and All-Motherhood, by means of which God manifested himself as Love.”
“That is the truth, my brother. Everything which is now God, lived before Creation in a world of silence and peace, invisible, because there was still no conscious material life to be seen. But from that we came to life as human beings, also the animal kingdom and Mother Nature.
Life in the spaces of God, so the material world still had to awaken.
Can you feel that this is clear?
So there was a beginning and we will now see and experience that beginning.
All the material would later reach the condensing, and it was only then that both the human and the animal evolution began.
We must now follow that!
Descend into this silence and prepare yourself.”
What André sees is an empty space.
Darkness reigns.
We have just left both the conscious spiritual and material worlds.
We have now discarded those worlds.
We have returned to the beginning of Creation, my sisters and brothers.
I hope now that you can follow us.
I will keep speaking to your life, in order to make comparisons together, so that your life will also awaken and you will understand where we are going now.
You heard that Master Alcar said a moment ago: Read the ‘Origin of the Universe’ ... and later, you will also experience that, the books: ‘A View into the Hereafter’ (The book ‘A View into the Hereafter’ was initially published in three separate parts) ... because we come there and you will experience why you possess an astral world.
If you do that, we will give you a Divine consciousness, through the highest Masters. And that is possible, because you now experience these journeys with us!
I told you a moment ago, André sees darkness, so we look behind this universe of Sun, Moon and stars and go even deeper.
Now we experience, therefore behind the material universe, the spiritual world, our world, in which we who have left the material life are, and go further.
Here, so where we now live, everything is invisible, that means, there were still no people then.
We still have to be born.
That is the All-Source!
And because of this All-Source God got an own independence.
It now comes into us and into André. Now something wonderful happened. Listen.
“People of the earth and the Spheres of Light, follow us!
Attune to these laws. You are now faced with the first revelations.
Now you will get to know God.
God ... but who is God?
And where does God live?
You will ask these questions, and soon we will answer them or the life itself wants you to follow and undergo the laws.
However, this word gives you the assurance that the very highest follows you and has elevated you into that life.”
Master Alcar now says:
“You heard it, my brothers, the conscious Divine All is following us.
This is now the All-Source.
What we live in now, this is the All-Mother, by means of which all life got an existence.
But we will later see how that happened.
So the All-Soul, the All-Life, lives in that, and wants to be: the All-Love!
But what we now still see is darkness.
Yet light, power and working originated, and we must follow and absorb that into our life.
But by what means were the spiritual worlds for God and the human being and the animal born now?
Attune to those first revelations and you will experience by what means God was able to and could manifest himself.”
Silence enters our life again. Master Alcar is silent and we deal with everything.
André is fighting to deal with all of this and I see that he is making earthly comparisons, by means of which he gives to your life:
“People of the earth, think about this.
Sense the moment when there was still no life.
It is the moment, when God still had to begin with His spiritualisation and materialisation.
But I can feel and I can see, it entered me, it lives under my heart.
What are now revelations, my dear mother?
My dear mother Crisje?
My sisters and brothers there?
What did the Catholic Church teach me?
Do the people want to accept that any longer?
By which means God had to reveal himself, that lives here, and is Light, Life and Love!
In the world in which I am with the Masters now, everything of God is present, but still invisible, that working and driving force will come soon, and then the Divine Fatherhood and Motherhood will come forward.
Do you understand this? Dear Crisje, my mother, I am becoming a prophet!”
You hear it, André is also speaking to your life.
Master Alcar will also do that, you will keep on getting to hear another answer from one of us outside of the Divine explanation, but by means of which everything will become clear for your consciousness, and the meaning is from the highest Masters.
Master Alcar speaks now and says:
“My brothers, we are now descending to the All-Event, the moment for the first Divine phenomena, which we will feel as ‘working’, and will soon be visible.
We now experience the All-Soul, the All-Life and the All-Love!
And that is the process of giving birth for the All-Source!
So it will now have to be clear to you that the All-Source ... is ‘Mother’!
Or there would be no giving birth possible; but that is there!
What we live in now is therefore the ‘Everything’!
What we see and feel of that, has been only ‘Life’ up until now!
It is only later that we will enter the Divine characteristics.
The laws will explain to us and show us how deep this life is.
Since we are one from soul to soul, from feeling to feeling, we come further and it is the Divine task which you have now received.
What I passed onto André on earth, is present here; and that life manifested itself as a Divine independence, didn’t it, the material spaces originated.
In this way we come into connection with the God of all life.
But you will feel it, this universe is All-Inspired ... everything lives in here by means of which we were born as human beings for the universe, with all the other life, by means of the Creations, for animal and Mother Nature, as the Growing Universe, André and the Divine realm of colours.”
We deal with all of this from Master Alcar and then there comes again from the universe to our life:
“Can you hear us?
We, who have reached the Divine All, now come to you in order to take your lives to the Divine awakening.
We, who represent the Divine conscious All, once lived on Earth. We completed a spatial cycle and are still Human Beings and we now represent God in everything.
We live in the proximity of Christ.
You will also take that long path and then enter the conscious Divine All, because we want to bring the University of Christ to earth, for which we, and you, will serve!
The All-source is in here, where you now live!
The All-Love also lives in here.
God also manifested himself from this immensity, and so all life originated because of this, in order to reach the ultimate, in which we now live.
My brothers, Christ lives in our midst!
Christ, who came back to the Divine All after His crucifixion on Golgotha, ordered us to bring His consciousness to earth, to build up His university on Earth.
We ask you, follow this evolution.
Follow and experience the beginning of the first revelations and then go further.
You know now, we are following you.
So that the child of Mother Earth will awaken!
If you want to experience the All-Source, it will manifest itself in your life as ‘Mother’. And it is only then that you will follow seven ages for her evolution.
So where you now live is the Temple of the All-Mother, her All-Soul and All-Spirit!
That will soon become the Divine Father’s house, in which we live.
And then you will receive the Omniscience, but then you will enter the conscious Divine All!
I speak from there to your life! I will continue.
Where you now live is also the Omnipresence of the All-Mother!
She will spiritualise and materialise herself and it is only then that God will be the ‘M O T H E R’!
Soon you will see that spiritual awakening, and those laws take you to the next stage
Moreover, that will be your Divine assurance.
You will then see the Divine Soul growing to Spirit and then to Material. By following and experiencing grade of life after grade of life, there will be no getting lost possible and this means that you will see the creations.
There is now therefore no longer any question of sensing and experiencing wrongly.
Christ is following you! Now you will experience the wonder!
You see, my brothers, that the All-Source as Mother opens itself and begins with creation.
This is the very first working, which we also followed and by means of which the Creation began.
What you now see is therefore the life fluid of the All-Mother, and that means giving birth!
After this the spiritual evolution comes and that becomes the material world as a space.
It is the universe in which you live.
This All-Aura will therefore fill this space and that is then the All-Maternal-Body.
But by means of fatherhood and motherhood this life will condense while growing.
So, the All-Source is ‘Mother’!
By means of this the Divine Plan gets a form, but you will see that changing continually, because this life is evolving and must return to the conscious Divine All! So you experience a Divine cycle.
And they are now becoming laws of condensing and harmonic-evolving grades of life, which you will see as ages, because before you will enter that stage, according to the earth, millions of ages passed, and you can understand that, because you also know the present stage. Is that not true?
So what you see and will experience, my brothers, is living becoming conscious, because all this life gets an own consciousness.
And the maternal powers now represent ... Light, life, but will be Love.
So the All-Source breathes out this aura.
By means of the breath of life from the All-Mother the life got an independence and remains attuned as Divine plasma, therefore in which Soul, Life and Spirit are present and will now master that conscious representation.
Can you feel this?
Where we now live, we experience the representation for God, but now as the own God-human possession, because all that life now belongs to us!
We have become Gods! We already live in the Divine All.
Who is God now?
Where is God?
All the life which reached condensing, is one part of His life, His light, His Harmony, His Spirit and His Love.
Both the laws and the spaces of which we had to master and we would fill his spaces. But then consciously as Human Beings!
So God gave us His own life and spaces in our hands.
Since the All-Source manifested itself, we reached visible working and can now say: “We are Gods”!
All the life which is visible, my brothers, is therefore ‘Father’ and ‘Mother’!
If it is not father, nor mother, it has moreover no possibility of existence, because these laws represent the life, and then created reincarnation.
Can you understand this?
Now go further. We are following you and are waiting for you in the Divine All!
You will see Christ!
What you meet and will experience is Divine truth!”
The voice from the Divine All has spoken and we are now following the first phenomena, by means of which we experience the God of all life.
Master Alcar asks us and you:
“What does the word God mean now?
That is the ‘Life’!
Every little part is a spark of His existence, His Light, Spirit, Fatherhood and Motherhood, and becomes Love.
We will have to experience Him, or we will not come any further.
What that means, the material and spiritual laws now teach us that, because we people, the animal and all the other life which got those possibilities of growth in our hands.
What moved me is, my brothers, if we do not take part in the evolution process, we restrict our creation and now we bring disharmony (into) what was born by means of harmonic evolution!
What do people know about this on earth?
What does the Catholic Church do now?
What does the life of a clergy have to say, to mean?
How does the soul experience her God for the All-Source?
By what means do we create evolution and do we go further?
By means of fatherhood and motherhood.
They are the most sacred laws created by the All-Source and mean for the earth: become a mother and you will evolve.
If you do not want that, you will stand still and your life will not reveal itself!”
André sees that Master Alcar was speaking the truth. We can perceive those laws, but they were created by means of the All-Mother!
Now we attune ourselves to the next event in order to also get to know the laws for that. And then we experience ...
+ +