God, as the Growing Universe

When we are ready with ourselves and for our life, Master Alcar asks me:
“Did you understand the Divine word, Master Zelanus?”
“Yes, my Master, everything is clear to me.”
“And you, André?”
“Everything is also open and conscious for me, Master.”
“Then tell me and the child of the earth what you saw and felt and make material comparisons.”
André is ready and says, but the Divine universe is now listening:
“What I feel and saw, my Master, is living consciousness for my life and thinking and feeling.
I mean, that the All-Source knew what would occur evolving as motherhood and that the life would possess those laws and forces, powers and motherhood.
In order to, as I saw further, to return to the All-Consciousness and to represent the All-Source in there.
What I see here, is the Growing Universe, I now live in there!
After all, the life is starting to spiritualise and to materialise itself.
The All-Source fills this space by means of own plasma, the life blood of the All-Mother!
And we, as human beings on earth, received those wonders, after all, we also possess fatherhood and motherhood there, but are moreover ‘Soul’ and ‘Spirit’!
What you want to know from me, my Master, is ... that this empty space is still All-Maternal, or there would be no phenomena to be seen and visible life would never have been born.
By means of this God came forward, and we got to know the life of God!
And we will behold the laws of that, and we will soon enter the conscious material space.”
“I thank you for your answer, Master André-Dectar!
Your word and feeling was accepted by the All-Consciousness, or you would receive and experience the word.
Know now, my brothers, for every law which we get to experience, there is only one answer!
And you will experience and feel that answer, and then see the phenomenon as law, as fatherhood and motherhood, light, life and love!
Is that clear?”
“Yes, Master, I understand you completely.”
“Truly, my brothers”, Master Alcar continues, “all of this is giving birth.
There is nothing else to be experienced.
It is obvious now that motherhood is the most sacred which we will have and have to experience, but by means of which life gets form and awakens.
So change enters this world.
This aura of life will condense itself.
This universe will therefore be filled by Divine plasma.
And how will people experience this on earth, André?”
“By means of these Divine laws of evolution, Master.
I mean, fatherhood and motherhood on earth now represent the All-Mother.
But what do people know about these laws?
What do the theosophists and the Rosicrucians know about these sacred laws?
What does the church know?
Where can this Divine wisdom be experienced?
In and through the mother; but do people on earth know what this means?
Is the human being conscious of the Divine happening when the mother of the earth gives birth?
The human being on earth, my Master, does not know these laws and experiences them as physical causes and effects, but now loses the All-Event ... by means of which the All-Source gave the life anyway.
I can now feel, my Master, the child of Mother Earth must know these laws, and now God manifests himself in every life!!”
“Is that correct, Master Zelanus?”
“Yes, Master, I was able to master what André experienced and underwent, by means of millions of lives.”
“That is the truth, my brothers.
God is space in this world, but by means of the Growing Universe we get to know Him as Soul and Spirit.
We would therefore be able to go millions of ages further in order to experience Him as Soul and Spirit, to see the end, because that is possible.
However, from the material phenomena we learn to see how deep God is as Material, Soul and Spirit.
These hazes now, which we perceive, will condense themselves.
And that will later be the visible material.
That becomes the Universe!
The universe in which we live, and the stars and suns and planets got an own independence.
So, my brothers, this universe is now still empty, with the first phenomenon as haze, plasma, aura of life, which will fill this space.
There is still no more to be seen, but the next stage will come soon.
And what does the bible say now?
The bible begins by saying that God created the human being from some clay and breathe of life.
But the bible does not say how God called himself to the life, and what He is like and what He actually is.
That God later spoke to Moses is an untruth, they were the Masters, like they now also speak to our life.
The bible writers therefore begin with an untruth and soon we will, when the human life begins, keep seeing and establishing that again.
The bible speaks from the conscious human stage and does not tell anything about the Divine happening in which we now live.
Because that was not possible for the bible writers, they did not know themselves!
For this reason, my brother André, you received the book ‘The Revelations to the Peoples of the Earth’.
And all of this, which we now experience, are the very first chapters for the new bible, which are placed in your hands by the Divine All and which represent the University of Christ.
So what we now experience, belongs to the ‘Age of Christ’, and which we experience for Mother Earth and her children.
This is becoming worldly possession!
This is becoming the word of God, my brothers!
It is urgently necessary that the child of Mother Earth gets to know God!
It is only then that another consciousness will come, after which peace and calm will follow.
No, my brother André, the theosophists were not able to experience any law of this, we are the first conscious people who have been made capable of receiving and experiencing the Divine Revelations, we serve for the University of Christ, and it is now possible for the first time!
However, what we must now determine is that (in) this age, in which we are now, still no human beings, there is no animal, plant nor flower to be seen, because that will only come later.
The human evolution still has to begin and we will also get to see and to experience those worlds.
The bible writers only represented an age for God, and that age is materially conscious, we bring and represent the spiritual age, which will take us to the Thousand year old Kingdom and is destined for Mother Earth and her children.
We now receive this wisdom for that purpose ... comes into and to my life and I will immediately accept it!
However, what concerns us now is, we must follow this revealing, by means of which we see that the Divine Personality will condense itself, and then we stand before the next stage.”
We now see that this space will fill itself by means of these hazes.
This is aura of life, maternal inspiration and power, which is sent out consciously.
When we see this, Master Alcar says again:
“You see, my brothers, the hazes are now starting to condense themselves.
We now keep seeing a following stage and we return to the darkness.
What is now light and darkness?
Can you attune to that, Master Zelanus?”
“I feel ready, my Master, but the word which comes to me is Divinely consciously inspired.
What is darkness here?
And what is light?
Giving birth and creating, because a change occurs because of that, and which we see that happening.
Because the hazes become visible, that means here, so for God, a new evolution.
Besides, we will soon be able to admire these laws spiritually and materially, still for God, but then, humanly, and in an animal way, also for Mother Nature on earth.”
“It is true, Master Zelanus, we now get to experience those wonders and we will see them again later as a materialised world.
However, we experience the Divine foundation here.
And that is the Divine attunement for all life in the universe, for every spark of God originated by means of His life.
And what does it mean, André?”
“That we people possess Divine working, Master, and that we create new life by evolving ourselves, which is, however, still Divinely invisible here.”
“Your answer, my brother, also touches reality and we must accept it, because these Divine Revelations give us that proof and that reality.
So what is this space, Master Zelanus?”
“You ask me what this space is for God.
What I see and experience, connects me to God as Soul, we will soon get to know Him as Spirit.”
“That now, my brothers, is the next stage and your life is already connected to that, Master Zelanus; it means, go further now!
The All-Consciousness is driving us further, or you would not have received this word.
And that is the truth.
After all, this space is now still only Life, but originated from the All-Source as Mother.
And that life must follow an evolution.
God can now already be recognised as working, as power, as aura; which is now still Divine plasma, but will then become Light.
If that is clear, then we will also get to see the next stage and we may also go further.”
+ +