God as Soul

André now feels that his life and consciousness is opened to the Divine Revelations.
He can now accept that he can see behind the life and by means of which the law speaks to his consciousness as life.
We also experience those same laws and revelations.
We now undergo different Divine traits.
And by means of that we will soon enter a part of the Divine Personality, by means of which God therefore manifested himself and could begin with the Divine Plan.
It is André who receives the Divine conscious word and says to us:
“So by means of the power which is now sent out, my Master, this world got life and an own character.
That is now the consciousness for the universe, which is Divine and has accepted a form of existence.
All the life was now brought to the Divine attunement by means of the All-Soul.
We now get to know God as ‘Soul’.
Because this is Soul and as visible world ... His ‘Spirit’ ... and is then a part of His Personality.
So this life therefore has as a Divine foundation direct attunement to the Primal Source!
The Omnipotence in order to give birth and to create.
What we see, my Master, in this space is soul and spirit, breath of life and aura of life, life blood, by means of which God as Soul gets form.
Can you follow and experience this?
So this life possesses everything which we were able to see giving birth from the All-Source.
And by means of the harmonic laws the life space condenses itself for God, in which we will live.
I am starting to feel what this means.
This life will also soon divide itself, also giving birth and creating again, which is an own evolution process for every spark of God, but especially the obtained independence, or we would never have become human beings.
By means of this I now understand for what purpose I live and I became a human being.
Because I was born from all of this, I represent God in everything which we were able to behold up until now.
How we must and will act later with regard to the All-Source, my Master, we get to know that, but that can be seen on earth, but it is not understood.
If this life now divides itself, a new existence will come and that will become the human being, animal, flower and plant.
The universe will give us it, and they are the planets and the suns, that is possible as fatherhood an motherhood!
“Is that correct, Master Zelanus?”
“Yes, Master.
Moreover, I saw happening what André saw, separate from each other; and I saw and experienced God as Soul!”
“It is true, we experience God as ‘Soul’ and soon as ‘Spirit’.
At the moment, my brothers, the All-Source is creating God as Soul, because we were able to behold the hazes as condensed.
And further, André?”
“My life, Master Alcar, has become soul, spirit and material on earth, or I would not be able to live.
On earth people now still ask: what is soul, what is spirit?
I now see what soul and spirit is and how God gave birth to himself, because I was able to get to know these laws.
It is the protoplasm ... which reached this unity from the All-Life, so as visible material, and that is God as Soul.
If I start to make a material comparison, which I can now follow, because the Sun has become the creating power for the material space, I also experience that truth and I have to accept that the Sun is ‘Father’ for our universe!
And the Moon ‘Mother’!
But by means of which we as human beings can master the powers and laws.
And that is our independence.
And that core now lives in me and has attunement to this event, by means of which God manifested himself.
Now creation could commence.
I am therefore as a human being, soul of His Soul!
I am life of His Life and light of His Light ... and I got to experience fatherhood and motherhood and got them in my own hands.
Because I became both father and mother!
And that is my and your Divine evolution!”
“I thank you, André, we truly have Divine attunement, the Divine creation lives in our hands, because we will represent Him in everything.
By means of this we can also accept the Divine conscious!
What now speaks to us is therefore, the All-Soul divided itself and that little part became the Divine Soul!
This protoplasm became ‘Soul’ for God.
And that aura is the life blood of the All-Mother!
Brought to working, driven on by the All-Will!
And that is giving birth and creating!
It is also the being one with the All-Source ... which is Omnipotence.
We are therefore omnipotent as human beings when we have mastered that Divine stage and consciousness.
That is the first sign and the phenomenon now, that all takes all the life to the conscious Divine Awakening.
Can you hear this, my brothers?
By creating and giving birth we take ourselves, and along with us all the life, to the Divine-animal-like awakening.
That is our evolution process!
And that then becomes becoming conscious of the obtained grade of life for the own existence.
So, before we go any further, we have to establish that the All-Source, as All-Soul, gave God those powers of life, living becoming conscious, by means of which God could begin with His creations.
It was only then that God manifested himself as Soul, and they were the phenomena which we were able to behold.
You can now follow how the Divine Spirit was born and it is our next stage.
+ +