God as Spirit

What I now see, my brothers, is the tight garment for this universe.
That is God as ‘Spirit’, because the life aura got a form.
So this garment, soon seen in the golden light of the All-Source, is God as Spirit!
But also as Light.
The breath of life has now condensed itself.
And that became this garment, which we see and can experience, but behind which the All-Source is already present as life and drives on.
Is that clear, Master Zelanus?”
“Yes, my Master, I can see this condensing, I can follow that.
Truly, this is God as Spirit.
This garment is also becoming conscious and is now also the ‘Spiritual Organism for God’!
And that will also divide itself again soon, will give birth and create.
This body now, seen as a tight luminous garment, is spirit of the All-Spirit!
We now get to know God as a luminous world and also as a luminous personality, but is above all ... ‘Father’ and ‘Mother’!
If this universe now divides itself, my Master, then we will get to know the Divine Spark.
And that spark will also divide itself and split, by means of which all those known millions of organisms will originate, by means of which we as human beings got our independence, didn’t we, as a spark of God!
As a spark of God, my brothers, we represent the All-Source.
So this garment also received what the All-source possesses and is the further stage for the Divine Revelations.”
“My life thanks you, Master Zelanus, also this word is Divinely conscious.
And means, my brother André?”
“That we are coming closer to the human plan, Master.
God as Spirit now takes us to God as Light!
God as Spirit got becoming both conscious and growth, by means of which the garment became visible.
God as Spirit is the further condensing for God as Soul and that attunes us to God as Light.
And these phenomena take us to that new and next evolution.”
+ +