God as Light

“That word is also truth, my brothers.
What I now see is God as Light.
Therefore, which we perceive is Divine light, but we now know how it evolved in order to reach this stage.
We will later experience how we as human beings can and must represent God by means of His Light.
But then we will stand before the Philosophical Systems, before every character trait which is part of our personality for our life.
And we will keep on awakening by means of ... fatherhood and motherhood!
So will the All-Source soon live behind all of this, even if we experience the material worlds, Master Zelanus?”
“Yes, Master, we will experience that later.
The All-Source will drive on, until all the life has reached the conscious Divine All.”
“And means, André?”
“That we people as the highest life created by the All-Source, will also continue to serve and represent that All-Source.”
“Also correct, Master Zelanus, and what did Christ want now?”
“That Christ wanted to bring this All-Consciousness to earth, my Master, comes to me from the All-Source and I have to accept that.
But people did not give Christ any opportunity for that, so people murdered the All-Source, the All-Love on earth!”
“That is reality, my brothers, and we now see it happening that we are getting to know God as a Spiritual Personality.
+ +