God as Spiritual Personality

This garment is a part of the Divine Personality, but that life will also divide itself and will have to evolve, by means of which we get to know the material God.
And then we immediately stand before the material universe, in which we live and where we will behold Sun and Moon, the stars and the planets, but also all the traits of God.
And they are little parts of His Revelations, but to which we also belong.
And then we see animal, plant, flower, wind, water, clouds, as living laws of God and as little parts of His material personality, but by means of which we and all that life experience Him as soul and spirit.
As soul and spirit, can you hear this?
Because we will continually discard the material, since that material gave us the own evolution, which we have to master.
You will see it, my brothers, everything lives in this.
And all of that is what we were able to receive as human beings.
So where we live is a part of God as spiritual personality.
But this will soon evolve and we will follow it.
It will now certainly be clear to you that we see Him changing millions of times.
After all, we know the material universe and world.
We already live in the astral world for the human being, but that is therefore a world of God as Spirit, of which we as human beings represent the spiritual-human grade of life, seen as a becoming conscious.
It is this which gives the child of the earth the knowing!
And then we ultimately see, my brothers, that God has never been a ‘Human Being’.
Because God is space, is human being, of course, but we are that, by means of which we represent Him.
What is now already left of the Bible?
If this is clear to you, I will continue and then what will we stand before, my brother André?”
+ +