God as Father and Mother

“For God as Father and Mother, my Master, because we were able to experience the process of giving birth.”
“Exactly correct, my brother.
You see it, Master Zelanus, we cannot make any more mistakes, the Divine All forces us to experience and to follow every law for God.
Because it is truth, through all of this we see God as Father and Mother.
Because we experienced processes of evolution.
Later we see that God is Father and Mother materially, for here God is Father and Mother spiritually.
That will divide again and it is only then that we will see that every spark received the Divine Spirit through God, by means of which the material life was inspired.
And what else can be established, Master Zelanus?”
“What I experienced, my Master, is that this passed over from the All-Mother to fatherhood for the next stage.
So I must accept that God became Father and Mother as Spirit and I could perceive that from these phenomena.
Because these maternal powers changed as condensed light and means: fatherhood and motherhood!
The material laws will teach us how that change will be soon.”
“I thank you, my brothers, it is wonderful, this is Divine truth.
This is God as Mother and as Father.
When the first powers from the All-Source drove the life into this space, was that giving birth and creating and did God get that in his own hands.
That became a Divine phenomenon as the Divine Revelation!
Because it is that!
And nothing else!
In the first grade of life that source was inspired maternally, but in the next stage that life was paternally conscious, by means of which we get to know fatherhood and motherhood for God.
Can people on earth now speak about a God as Father, André?
By what means do people on earth see God better and more clearly? And when do people experience God?
If that is clear to you, your life can say: as Mother, and we experience that above all God wants to be Mother, because we undergo His process of evolution as a result of this, the law of Life of which we master, however, because giving birth and creation are laws.
And it is only then that we stand before the next form, as becoming conscious and as a personality, the light of life of which we will now behold, and we see God as the ‘Realm of Colours’!
+ +