God as the Realm of Colours

“What will follow now, Master Zelanus?”
“I can also see those laws, my Master.
Because we saw these spaces changing, after all.
I saw light coming to me.
I calmly followed this process of revelation, by means of which I can establish that we were able to behold these laws according to the Divine Process of Revelation.
And we also see by means of this, my Master, that we cannot make any mistakes.”
“It is true, that is our Divine assurance, which the conscious Divine All spoke about.
We were able to behold the Divine Realm of Colours, because we saw this life changing.
We saw seven transitions as colours, also as laws, so that we will soon see them again on earth.
Is that true, André?”
“Yes, Master, these colours will materialise.
Fatherhood and motherhood take them to the own evolution.
And the seed of that is mother, we also know these laws on earth, and follows this Divine happening.
After all, the laws for the material universe take us to fatherhood and motherhood, by means of which the realm of colours originated.
The golden light was born from this first blue, after which those transitions reached own evolution and that is now the condensing of the Divine Realm of Colours.”
“That is also true, my brothers, the laws for the material life naturally take us to the Divine reality.
Those laws can now be experienced and followed and mean subsequent revelations.
What we now follow is of general meaning for the earth,
Yes, for all the life of Mother Earth, because we experience those laws as colour, and the wisdom of which we must master.
And then we enter something else, because law after law is both livingly inspired and harmonic.”
+ +