God as Harmonic Laws

“That means, that every phenomenon is a law.
Here everything reached life in peace and calm, therefore harmonically, but if we enter the human world, everything becomes different.
But that means, if we experience and accept the Divine laws of revelation for fatherhood and motherhood, we will continually live in peace and calm, so that we now undergo that harmonic working and love comes forward.
Is that clear, Master Zelanus?”
“Yes, Master, I have understood you.
The All-Source too is harmony.
Is peace and wants to be: love.
Nothing could stop this process, because this came to life by means of harmonic feeling and thinking.
If we people soon live according to these laws, we will never see disturbances.
Because we and all life were born by means of these harmonic laws.
This creating and giving birth continued infallibly, but how did the human being on earth experience these laws?
We know that, Master Alcar, and André now lives in and under them.”
+ +