God as both Spiritual and Material laws of condensing

“All truth, my brothers.
This life”, Master Alcar continues in this way, “which emerged from the All-Source, seen as different phenomena, now means laws of condensing, because we were able to follow that.
Every change is a law, for fatherhood and motherhood, life and death.
Is there a death?
No, that is going further in order to evolve.
Every colour has become an independence.
It is becoming clear to us how simple everything actually is again.
And that will soon manifest itself through the material revelations.
So the light is a law of condensing; the life, the soul, the spirit, a flower, is a material and spiritual law of condensing, after which the planets and stars follow, and then we see the material universe.
There is no more to it, but, my brothers, now we enter the actual grade of life for every spark of God.
And that is a space, that is development.”
+ +