God as Grades of Life

Now we follow everything.
We reach meditating, experiencing all these worlds, by means of which we see every independence before us.
That can be followed, dear reader, because we experience this unity, and is also and means a law for your life on earth!
André now gets to experience the inspiration and says:
“My Master, I am getting the word from the Divine All.
All of this, which we were able to follow, are grades of life for the Divine evolution.
These are grades of becoming conscious.
Grades for the development for the soul and the spirit, for fatherhood and motherhood.
Stages in order to give birth and to create.
If I go back to the earth, then I see an earthly age as one grade of life.
And now I immediately stand before the human existence, before the animal kingdom and Mother Nature, before this space as material.
We will see and experience millions of grades of life.
Those are the seven stages of transition, which we were able to behold for the Divine Revealing.
The universe changed by means of this.
And all the life of God will get that in its hands.
A human being is therefore a grade of life, it is also a space.
But that space for us as human beings must change, until we enter the Divine conscious stage.
That is still spiritual here, but soon material.
I mean, when we go further soon.”
“My thanks, André, it is true!
This is the Divine truth.
Nothing can mislead us.
Every change can be seen and that is a grade of life in order to enter the final, as human being, animal, flower, space, sphere, soul and spirit, for fatherhood and motherhood.
Everything has to accept this.
And that is, Master Zelanus?”
+ +