God as Spark

“That is clear, my brothers.
But what does this mean, André?”
“That we, what I now feel and see, must experience that as the Divine spark, and means that every spark possesses everything anyway which we were able to see by means of these revelations.”
“Also true, and means that all the life as spark of God still possesses Divine attunement, but that this came about by means of the Divine division.
And then, Master Zelanus?”
“Then this space ripped apart and God divided himself into myriad particles, at that moment every spark of God got the own independence.
I can see that wonder before me, my Master.
God divided himself, as that also happened by means of the All-Source.
We now see that the universe has to darken because of this.
So other worlds originated from this golden light, which are sparks of God, but which is the Divine spark.
With all the character traits of God, because the All-Source also gave itself.
And we got to know that Mother.”
“It would happen like that, my brothers.
We now see that stage.
This is therefore the macrocosmos, and that wonderful space divided itself because the life has to evolve.
This is God, seen as sparks.
You cannot be mistaken now either, because we will soon see those sparks again as material bodies, and the material macrocosmic and microcosmic existence begins.
Is that not clear?
And then you will get to know yourself as a human being, but also the animal, and only then, Blavatsky, Mother Nature!
You can tell the theosophists that, my brother André, because we experience and see that reality!
The macrocosmos will also divide itself then.
But then we will go further!”
The life commenced, nothing can prevent this Divine happening, and Creation will infallibly come into our human hands.
We will soon see how all this life grows, my brothers, when we enter the present stage.
André, my brother, you must deal with this on earth.
Make your comparisons there, prepare yourself in order to be able to experience the next evolution, and Master Zelanus will record the ‘Introduction’ on which we will build the ‘Cosmology’.
It must be clear to you that we see all the foundations here by means of which we get to know God.
They were born here!
And that is a Father of Love, of Light and is Mother in everything!
We must follow and analyse the laws from grade to grade.
And Christ wants that!
This will become the ‘Cosmology’ for all the life on earth.
We now know, every law of God is a spark of His life and every spark possesses all His traits, but especially His depth.
Do you still have questions to ask about the first phenomena?
Then that is still possible now.
We will experience our next journey for the material revelations.”
No, we have nothing more to ask and the laws for this space give us the feeling that we may go further.
We got to know God as the Light.
But André also lets us hear:
“What still comes to me, Master, is that all of this is Love.
If the life which now emerges from all of this follows the harmonic building up, no disharmony can come.
But that did not happen.
And yet, the people on earth wonder, why was so much disharmony created?
I know it, we people did that.
And I now feel that we are following those faults in us, and it is only then that the human being on earth will get to know himself.”
“That is correct, my brother.
We will follow all those possibilities.
We will see that every spark created new life.
You will certainly already know now that these will be wonderful journeys.
Devote everything to this, André, you will experience that the God of all life will awaken in your heart.
Truly, my brothers, we are now receiving Divine wisdom!”
Nevertheless, we follow all these laws again, we return to the first process of giving birth, we follow God as ‘Father’ and especially as ‘Mother’, by means of which every grade of life opens itself – as a condensed world – after which we are able to experience the next stage.
Dear reader.
Sense what all of this means.
This is our and your foundation for your cosmology.
Work out how one thing emerged from another.
Accept irrevocably that God is ‘Mother’ for everything.
It is the All-Mother by means of which all life got her independence.
We are now building further.
Follow us, go along with us, but place this ‘Introduction’ in and under your heart, this is the key for both every material and spiritual law which we will soon see again on earth and for your life.
We will now analyse everything for your life!
But take ‘The Origin of the Universe’ in your hands, so that you are prepared.
We will come to the hells and the heavens of course.
When we come to the analysis of the human laws we will follow of course what the bible told you and us, and you will determine all those untruths for your life as soul and spirit, because you get to know your God!”
Master Alcar went back to the earth.
André descended into his body and can already say:
“Oh, my God. You do not damn!
My ‘Mother’!
I will do my best.
I will pass everything onto this mankind!”