Material Revelations

When André woke up in the morning, he thought he would succumb.
The wonderful problems which he was able to experience are awe-inspiring and cannot really be dealt with by a human being of the earth.
But he knows, he is being carried.
He will prove what he can do and devote all of himself.
After all, it is for his life and consciousness.
He is now beginning to deal with all of this in his organism.
How God revealed himself by means of the laws, that now lives under his heart and has already become the possession of his life and personality.
He feels it, he came back as another personality.
He still feels one with the laws, with the All-Source, he is one from soul and feeling and can begin consciously with the going over the experience.
Because by means of that he masters these laws, and every human being has to accept this.
But it is difficult!
He thinks: how will I get through this?
How do I wish to experience the universe of God on earth?
And yet it must be done!
How must I prepare myself again for the Masters?
He already feels what is necessary for that.
André is now beginning to think, to meditate!
What kind of people live on earth anyway?
Satan rules over everything.
But I am connected to the All-Love, he utters, and the satan of this world can tell me another one.
You will not attack me again!
He feels extremely strong now that he was able to experience all of this.
There is calm in him!
It is sacred peace!
Also harmony and full surrender, I feel one with God!
The feeling lives in me that I have become thousands of centuries older in one night.
This journey was wonderful and the most beautiful which I was able to experience with my Master.
That I was able to see such depth as a child of the earth is incredible.
It is a wonderful mercy!
The connection with the all, which is God, and which I was able to follow humanly, is now a profuse happiness.
Millions of people yearn for this, I know that most certainly and I have my Master to thank.
Yes, he thinks, no one will take this away from me again!
He is awake and is now thinking consciously about the Divine Revelations.
But at the same time a V2 flies over, but that thing means nothing to him.
Victims fall again, but a human being cannot be destroyed.
This one is probably going to England again, will create death and decay there, will murder what was given birth to, created by God in love.
Adolph, what do you want anyway?
Hitler and his terrible flock now rule on earth.
Adolph and his flock are open to misery, to bestialization.
But this mankind does not want anything else.
And yet Adolph is also soul of His Soul, life of His life, spirit of His Spirit, he and his kind are Divine sparks and material revelations, but still do not know the laws.
They want to rule and live it up, they create misery and sorrow.
But why do they do that?
Because the people do not want any different.
You should have called a halt to Adolph and his kind, and that would have been possible, world.
That was possible, but you followed him, and those were millions of people.
Now you will learn how it must not be done.
And yet, André feels, what Adolph is doing is not nearly as bad as what the Church does and the people proclaim.
The Church damns the people, the life of God. And that is impossible!
But that is very bad, because now the children of God get a wrong image of their All-Father!
For the ecclesiastic life of feeling a human being is lost for eternity and that is ridiculous.
That is destructive, it is more terrible than what Adolph Hitler does, even worse than the pathetic haughtiness of the Church, the feeling that wants to damn the human being for ever.
That breaks everything after all!
Because of this not one human being has the strength to continue to live.
This is so harsh and improbable, that a right-thinking human being can no longer accept it; and yet ... you hear it.
They also used to make him afraid by means of these images, you feel powerless and, precisely now, you think: what does life matter to me, you go to hell for eternity anyway.
But what kind of God is that who wants to damn his life, the people ask.
Do you believe any longer in that wretched Human Being?
I am not capable of hitting a child of mine and God, who is a Father of love, kicks you into a hell, takes everything away from you, you no longer get the chance to be able to make amends for your wrong deeds.
I want nothing more to do with that God!
You hear that left and right, and even more which the church is to blame for and is now destructive, as Adolph could not even do.
“Yes, church, can you hear me, you have that on your conscience!
But that will come to an end now, if you want to hear it.
You used to beat me, also my Crisje and other people, but we no longer need you now, because I got to know God.
And I will pass that on to the people, so that your horrible power will be broken!
There is one thing, church, you are preparing the people for the teachings of the Masters.
But who wants to think, will run from your life sometime.
A decent human being can no longer accept you.
What you are teaching the people is inhuman.
Do you not know that yourself?
Adolph Hitler knows it, he creates misery, but he still gets to experience the chances from God to make amends for all of this.
I will prove that to you convincingly!
He will get new bodies for God.
He will also return to the earth.
But you do not believe in reincarnation.
For both the All-Source and God Adolph must be able to recover, because he is also a material revelation and a spark of His life.
He and his kind will also have to represent God one day.
But you, Catholic Church, see everything differently.
We will now teach you how it should be done!
How you should think.
How you should feel and how you will love what God created, we can explain that to you by means of the material revelations.
We will explain to you how the laws of God were created and which your own academics know nothing about, possess nothing.
Understand nothing, or they would no longer talk about damnation.
Adolph Hitler is not even capable of that.
God cannot damn!
Adolph also remains a child of His life!
A child of the Divine All!
But we will see each other again soon, dear church of my youth.
And then you will get to know me!
The Masters and God, everything, we are now fighting for the University of Christ!
You can have your Lectures with us!
We have now had enough of all your ecclesiastical frills.”
Ding ... another V2.
Can you hear that, little woman?
No, he sees, she does not even hear it anymore, she sleeps on through that screeching.
The things a person gets used to.
“But it is bad, Adolph!
I will also have to get used to it.
I must conquer everything through you. Adolph, we are fighting against each other, do you not know that?
I came to the earth for the good, and you?
We are actually doing the same work.
Fair is fair, I do not think you are that bad, because the people do not want any different.
You should have tackled it differently, Adolph.
I know who you are, but people on earth do not know that.
The people will not believe that yet.
The book ‘The Revelations to the Peoples of the Earth’ gave me a glimpse into your life and your past.
What you are doing, Adolph, is dangerous.
And yet, you there, and the peoples of the earth, must get through that. But people still do not wish to accept that either.
You bring mankind to other thinking and feeling by means of your terrible beating, and it is not so strange either that you precisely have such hatred of the church.
I understand you, but no other human being in this world and you will certainly feel that.
I will also see you soon, Adolph, we will fight it out with each other!”
I must see to get through this, he thinks, that Adolph really gives you a fright.
It is a science in itself.
“Can you hear me, Jeus?
I need you and Jozef now.
What was it like, Jeus?
Were you able to follow everything?
I had to give myself completely there, so nothing became of talking to you.
But wasn’t it wonderful?
Andrè continues, he is talking to “Jeus”.
Jeus, if you want the laws of the universe to crush you, then you must just behave like all those cry-babies whom you meet on the street now.
Then you must just let your head hang and experience your fear. I will not take part with you.
I no longer like that shabbiness.
Yes, Jeus, they were revelations. Isn’t it true?
Did you hear the voice from the Divine All?
Wasn’t that wonderful?
Did you understand what it is about now?
That voice, Jeus, was from a Divinely conscious being.
That is the human being who has reached the Divine All.
That is a God-“Human Being”!
It is incredible, but you see it, everything is truth.
Who in this world will understand this great wonder, Jeus?
And yet, you will see it, we will reach many people later.
Because the church no longer knows how to enthral the people, still does not throw that damnation overboard, the people will come to us.
The human being is beginning to yearn, Jeus.
But you must also reach the divine awakening.
If you yearn intensely, then you will make it of your own accord.
I also had to get through it.
What do you want, Jeus?
After this journey others will follow.
But this journey connected us to the actual Divine happening of before Creation.
We received wisdom.
Goodbye, Jeus.
Now think about this, or you will no longer be able to follow me later.”
André goes further and says to Mother Earth: “Mother, I am back.
The Masters will soon go back to the moment that you still had to be born.
Can you feel me, Mother?
I love you.
I will no longer disturb your peace.
I was there where the first foundations were laid for your life, Mother.
But my dear Mother Earth, how you must have suffered during all those millions of ages that you already lived and completed.
I am starting to understand you. I am starting to know how you reached condensing and how old you are now.
I now know, Mother Earth, that you never experienced disharmony, and you cannot damn your children, even if they let rip so much, can you, that is not possible, is it?
But what does that church want, Mother?
Does that wretched church think that it knows better than you?
By what means did the human being create a church?
Who is older?
You, of course!
And did you think, Mother, that the church looked at your life and consciousness?
I will help you now, my dear Mother!
And I promise you, I will devote all of myself, everything.
What do you think about Adolph?
Now I am living again amongst all this misery, between destruction and sorrow, and where I was, dear Mother Earth, is only happiness!
You can experience your pure love there.
But what do your children want, Mother?
Wait a moment, I must answer that minister.
See you soon, Mother.”
“Minister, what do you hope to achieve now?
You are also a wretch!
You still talk now about a Father who damns?
Will you never stop then?
Do you not think that is ridiculous?
Can you not think then?
Do you also still send the people to the eternal hells now?
Has the child of God not been beaten enough?
Will you still not stop with your spiritual stories?
You are a pathetic carry-on.
Can a human being still accept you any longer?
You should hear yourself talk. Casket, what do you want anyway?
I love, minister.
I build.
You destroy!
What you built up yesterday, you destroy again today by means of your terrible damnation.
I am now challenging you!
Soon we will see whether you can now still lie to and deceive Christ.
You lay your wretched hands on the sacrifice of Christ, and then your sins are forgiven?
Don’t make me laugh.
We will soon place you before the Divine Laws, wretch, we will beat you by placing you before a God of Love and will deny you Golgotha!
Good heavens, man, the wrong you are doing.
How can it be, do you believe yourself that God can destroy His lives?
Do you not have any eyes in your head then in order to establish that the bible writers did not know themselves?
That God could never have spoken to Moses as a human being?
Does that not get through to you?
Your ecclesiastical wisdom means nothing for the Divine universe.
You raped Christ!
You put lies in Christ’s mouth!
You let Christ tell things which He never said and I will prove that to you soon!
Pile of misery!
Yes, you are that!
I now see everything differently.
I can now make comparisons and they are Divinely conscious.
I see through all your bible stories as sharply as a razor.
It is true”, he suddenly races to another problem, “no one bothers about the Ten Commandments.
And anyone who does bother about them, those people sell both God and Christ.
They drink His blood and squander heavens.
It is a devilish pathetic clique, all those clergymen are inhumanly miserable, but they do not know that!
What remains of the human civilization?
The human spiritual evolution?
It is busy taking itself to the awakening and people needed Adolph for that, minister!
Not you!
You squander the God of all life because you let Him damn!
Whopping apes, you are that.
You clergymen are a seedy carry-on!
Your human feeling suffers from leprosy inside!
You walk forwards backwards in order to search for and love God; but ‘HE’ does not see you and does not want to hear anything of your moaning.
Your inhuman feeling false singing no longer gets through to His heavens, minister, the heavens are closed to you and your kind!
Did you know that?
We will soon prove that to you, pin-striped trousers, black carry-on!
Just come.
If only you could destroy me, but you cannot do that.
You are slaughterers of people, because you approve that the human being of Mother Earth drinks His blood.
But I spoke to Mother Earth and she is standing next to me, she knows that I am fighting for her life and love!
But you cannot do that.
I now know!
Not you, you search further and will never find it!
I will just rap your fingers, incense, top hat with a black band.
You are just behaving as if God asked for that.
Why are your teachings so melancholic, so oppressive?
I have never seen that in the universe.
Did you not know that, minister?
Good heavens, man, why did you buy those beautiful garments?
Why all that adornment?
Did God mean and want that?
I did not see it anywhere!
What do you know, poor of spirit, about the Divine creations?
Why do you ignore fatherhood and motherhood?
You are standing still!
Good heavens, all the things which you will have to throw overboard!
Almost everything!
But that will also come soon, it is only then that we will speak to each other again!”
What do people know at the moment about God?
Nothing, good heavens, nothing!
Absolutely nothing!
All those lies must go.
The All-Source lives behind the material and all the life of this universe, and I was in there.
But what time is it?
Oh, I still have enough time to think, he determines for himself and continues.
“World ... academics, listen for a moment?
Now listen, hear, then I will tell you something.
Behind this material now, in which we people live, the All-Source still lives in there ... the All-Love ... everything.
Everything of God, astronomer, which now got both spiritual and material independence.
Can you not feel that yet?
Then I will say it again.
I saw that.
I was in there last night.
With the Masters, and I was able to listen to the Divine ‘Voice’. Yes, that voice entered me and I was also able to pass on the word.
Is that something for your life?
You can also get Lectures soon.
Yes, astronomer, because you do not know anything about these laws either.
Everything which got both spiritual and material independence, they are natural material revelations and that now lives on Mother Earth, but also on other planetary systems.
Yes, they are there, astronomer.
You will also get to know that.
I have already seen them.
And where does the human halt lie and now live?
There is no human and animal-like and natural halt!
Do you not believe this, world?
One day you will have to accept me anyway, but then I will probably not be there anymore, but then we will speak to each other again from the astral, conscious spiritual world!
That is also possible!
Now you will get a beating, and how, from Christ and the Masters.
The minister keeps pushing a crown of thorns onto Christ’s head!
But those times will soon be over.
I am not talking to the good people of Mother Earth”, André continues, “but to the destroyers.
What do they hope to achieve?
Say it.
Clergymen, what do you want?
What is now a grade of life?
I am one of them. It is also my soul and my spirit.
And a law is one human being!
And then there are other grades of life for the human being of this world, but we get to know them later.
Those grades will condense evolving; amongst which the people of good and evil will live, the good ones of which will not want anything more to do with all this murder. And that is understandable.
But they are the children of Christ, minister, and they do not send any child of God into a war in order to murder.
You are still doing it. That is allowed according to your teachings and wisdom.
The laws will teach you something else!
I experience material, social, spiritual, Christian and Divine comparisons.
They are also the grades of life for the human consciousness.
Is that clear?
On earth, I know, there are thousands of different kinds of people and all those people represent an own grade of life, for the human becoming conscious, for society, faith, God, Christ, fatherhood and motherhood, for destruction and violence and for the human evolution, the development of this mankind and Mother Earth.
And these are the material revelations created by God.
A child can actually understand them.
But if that child talks about damnation, it will never make it. After all, now you no longer see a God of Love, you now stand before a maze, and you will never get out of that again if you walk into it.
And the church, all those Dutch Reformed, liberal Protestants  – but where is this going? – live in there and they have consciously smothered their God, who is eternal love!
You must just listen carefully to your minister.
What he trumpets together is not even jungle music, the wild ones there have another God and he is better than the western head for all the life from which people made a God.
Another blesses canons, yes, he blesses them and thinks that he is doing good and loves his God!
The world will also understand that ‘ugh’!
God is infinite!
The Divine wisdom is immensely deep!
And yet everything from God lives so close to me myself.
Wherever you are and live, there is God. But the human being of Mother Earth does not see Him!
If you really put out your hands to Him, you will touch God.
But did you not see those little human hands?
They were just like claws, which God is afraid of, He did not create such a thing, for that matter.
Do you know it now?
The human being grasps at everything, but is that possible?
What do people on earth understand about these Divine truths?
What do they understand about the Divine conscious laws, which are Life, Soul, Spirit, Light, Father and Mother?
They are also grades of life, minister, astrologer, psychologist, you academics do not feel what concerns us and here on earth.
However, by means of that origin, I got to see the law for all life and that is Divine consciousness.
Is that right?
Then you must also have patience, it will come!
It is the Divine heartbeat, the Divine, but Maternal Heart for the child of the earth.
Can it happen any easier, by means of which God manifested himself?
Did you not see that death?
He is already no longer here, because the Grim Reaper is not alive!
Even if you kill millions of people, not one of them dies.
Is that scandalous?
Is that something, minister?
Dying is evolution!
Is rebirth!
Is development!
That is the Divine comfort for this time.
The child of God must go further.
If it has not murdered, it can make progress, or, because of that murder it kicks itself out of the Divine harmony.
Can you not feel that, minister?
Read the books by Master Zelanus, read his ‘Cycle of the Soul’, and your life will be opened.
He also warns you against suicide; you must not do that, because you also kick the laws of God now.
You put your development at a standstill.”
“Master Zelanus warns you against murdering, soldier mother.
Just do not consider that murdering of your child good, he will have to make amends for every murder.
Medals of him are spiritual poison, little mother.
Or may he murder the child of another little mother for God?
Yes, your minister says, but the laws of God say: no!
No! No!
Is that enough?
We will soon show you that, mother.
Your little soldier’s mother’s heart must also be broken, it is only then that you will no longer approve of it, because it concerns the life of Christ!
What is love without Christ, soldier mother?
Do you want to let your child fight for Christ, mother?
By murdering the life of God?
And you pin medals to your child for that?
Don’t make me laugh.
Your child shot down seventy Japanese during the war and the Masters got your boy out of the mud again in order to give him life, you told me, but do you believe that yourself?
Will Masters murder one child and also still protect the other in the murdering?
That is a demonic carry-on!
That contact of yours is demonic, mother, soldier love?
You approve that your child kisses your life and love covered in blood?
Did you think that God loves that?
Was God not loving for your life, that He protected your child?
Is that possible?
Is that the truth?
Can God protect your child because your child kills His life?
We will prove that to you now, soldier mother!
Because that is not possible now and was never possible!”
But what are you thinking about, André wonders.
What are all the things charging at my life?
And all those people following me?
They are the laws for good and evil, he knows.
And they want to be experienced spatially, but by means of the human being, as father and as mother.
My God, how grateful I am to You.
I am living on earth again and will do my best.
I know how I must see You.
I know how I must love You.
I will take care of Your children and say what You are like!
Now that he thinks of all those possibilities, he hears his Master say, but from his heaven and consciousness:
“Is it going well, André?”
“Yes, my Master, it is going great, it is going amazingly well.
I am busy following the life of this world.
They are all horrible matters, but amongst all of this I can see the state of purity of God.
And I do not have a feeling of hunger, Master Alcar.
God has fed me.”
“Thank you, Master André.
We all thank you.
Follow the laws, André.
Meditate calmly and remain conscious. Prepare yourself for the next journey.
The most wonderful happiness for our life and for all of this mankind.
We will be able to experience that.
Then you will possess the Cosmology, but also the love!
Of course, we are satisfied.
I now bring you the greetings and the pure love from millions of sparks of God, fathers and mothers from the Spheres of Light, who follow and help to carry you.
I am happy because we will soon receive the next revelations.
Know now, André, God’s blessing rests on our work.
It is the happiness and the consciousness for the ‘Age of Christ’!”
He prepares himself and goes into nature.
A radiant blue sky looks at him.
It is God, he knows, a little part of His Personality, but the people on earth find that perfectly ordinary.
That is the universe.
One of the millions of universes which were created by God.
All kinds of things live in that universe, but that is too far away from the material life.
The people do not want anything to do with that. And yet?
What does an astronomer do?
Was that not me myself in my previous life?
Yes, but this is something completely different.
How many millions of ages passed before this universe was condensed materially?
Before this blue became visible?
Before the stars and the planets became visible and got an independence?
You see, human being, they are material revelations.
Have a think about this and you will reach other thoughts.
That little sky here above our head needed millions of ages in order to condense itself, and the life could go further.
Then we were already millions of years on the way.
Does it not mean anything to you?
But you will have to begin with it some day.
You will have to think about it, it belongs to your own world.
Yes, that sounds crazy, doesn’t it, but it is true!
We will soon have to prove that to you too.
Our planet is floating in this universe and you cannot feel that, of course, even if the academic can tell you that.
I can, I go with her, because she tells me about her life.
I know Mother Earth.
That there is the ‘Macro’, we are ‘Micro’.
And we people get that wonderful life in our hands.
The Masters also want to explain that to you, and it is also true!
I can now already say, this belongs to me.
It is a wonderful revelation.
Those clouds over there are exactly like I saw them before the Divine Revelation.
Later those clouds condensed and they became material.
And then millions of ages later, it was a tight garment there.
The Divine plasma ripped apart and now new life came.
God divided himself, and we are that, and all the life which you see.
Isn’t it simple?
Can you now still believe in damnation?
André is like that.
He feels one with the universe of God, where he now lives is universe and it does not know any narrow-mindedness.
The life speaks to him.
The little spark and the spark of God, even if it is a planet or an insect, they talk about a Father of Love.
And then he utters: “Human being, how old do you actually feel on earth?
Child-like and patheticallypoor?
That is probably the case.
Oh, needy person, can you not hear me?
Do you only live once on earth?
Do you then enter the coffin and do you stand before the last Judgment?
Do you also go and look for your own head in millions of years’ time when the angels begin to trumpet?
Don’t make me laugh.
Oh boy, is that possible?
Do you just die once?
Is there just one dying created for your evolution?
Then you will be able to tell God about your sins. But do you believe that any longer now that the laws of God speak to our life and consciousness?
Poor psychologist?
What do you actually live for?
What do you know about soul, life and spirit?
Do you not also follow your new life?
You do not know yourselves.
And what do you learn in one life?
Was your life conscious?
Do you want to return to the All-Source by means of one life?
Did you think that you could keep your bones in the ground for millions of years?
Christ laughs right in your face.
Give me a little doctor like that in order to chase him away.
Soul is nothing, after all, isn’t it?
How long did you study before you became a doctor?
When you come to earth, as a child then, you are there and here for the first time.
He says that, but the laws tells us something entirely different.
Is there no more to it?
Yes, it is almost winter, people, and you have nothing more to burn as fuel.
However, by means of that condensing, people, you can see how God manifested himself, because it began like that.
Is that so difficult to understand now?
Cold condensed, but so did heat.
And we will also get to know those laws, but then for soul and spirit!
Life also had to condense itself.
Give your mother the seed and it will evolve in her life.
Yes indeed, this journey gave me a great deal.
Now all those clouds, here above my head, the separation of them, which is now your rain, farmer, is an image of the reality when God began with His creations.
Nothing has changed.
You can still experience those laws like that.
Does that make sense?”
I will think about it, Master Alcar.
Now look at those people, they are like wrecks.
I am also a human wreck, but that does not matter a jot to me.
What does it mean, mother?
I do not feel any hunger, because I have seen, spoken to and experienced God.
Do you not believe me?
Andre meditates more and his day-consciousness takes over his thinking and feeling, which is now a part of his personality.
It is difficult, he feels, but worthwhile.
I know, he says, he sends into the universe, I know!
It is wonderful.
I could already think so deeply as a child and I now know why!
As a child of five I already knew why father elevated my mother into him.
It made Crisje pale.
My thoughts were so sharp.
Hendrik, my father, had to laugh about it.
Didn’t he, Crisje?
Were we not in the Forecourt of Our Lord then?
Were we not one with the stars and the life of God?
And now?
I was one with the angels there.
And now, Crisje?
Could you have thought that before?
Could you have believed this, if people had told us that I would experience the Divine All?
But how are you, dear Crisje?
I can see you and I can hear you talking.
I am busy serving and everything is fine.
But I will not see you again, here then, but always in the spheres.
When the people in the street look at him, he does not know what they see, but they can feel something.
He looks back and carries on.
Yet they can see and feel something and that is remarkable.
But what is it?
What does that soul radiate?
But what do those people want?
Do they feel like eating human flesh?
Is it already that far?
Are we going back to the jungle, Adolph?
Someone keeps him standing up and asks:
“And, do you still write books?”
“Yes, sir.”
“What is it about now?”
“About a God of Love, sir.”
“Do you still believe in that?
Who can still believe that now?
These are fine times indeed.
Stop it, man.”
“Yes, life, and yet there is a Father of Love.”
“Do you still wish to describe that rottenness in which we live?
Do you wish to write about a God of Love, who does not exist?
I was a good Catholic and went to confession, I went to communion, but I became stuck because of damnation.
Who still has a faith now?
How can God approve of this?
Are we children of God?
Man, don’t make me laugh.
Write sexual novels, then you will earn money, the people now throw everything overboard, because we are being led to the slaughter.
It is idiotic.”
The man, who knows him, continues.
He follows that life and thinks.
That man is dead; and he radiates light.
The man is attracted to his light.
It is crazy, but that life feels something and does not know anymore what it says.
He lives in the state of purity.
My God, the human being must get to know You, it is only then that everything will be different.
He thinks about his youth, about the playing on the clouds, he now feels: that was already the experiencing for André.
Then his Master laid the first foundations for this time, or he would succumb.
He sees himself back with his little friends on the heath, where they played.
Suddenly he knew something better.
Then the children also disembodied and left with him for the clouds.
It is only now that he can understand everything.
Now he has a grasp of those scenes, he can return to that beautiful, quiet life there, that he experienced as Jeus, but the space of which he got as André.
As a child he already knew more than all these adults, and now?
He must laugh to himself about so much poverty.
Write sexual novels?
Then what, if you read such a rotten book?
Then go to the reality.
Then experience those laws of nature until you have enough of them and then continue.
But it was Master Alcar, who connected him with these laws, such as now for the All-Source!
Everything is wonderful.
He frees himself from his youth and goes further in the present.
Just see the ‘Realm of colours of God’.
He experienced the origin of it.
And that was the truth.
From the earth the universe appears blue, but that is no longer like that if you disappear from the earth.
It is the haze of condensing and radiance, which you see from the earth, everything becomes different when you get to know the laws.
But the life of God talks to his life and being.
There comes to him from the universe:
“All the life of God wants to talk to your consciousness and that life will help you to bear it.”
And it is like that, he knows it.
He learned all of that.
When the people write to him, to ask whether he knows something for their illnesses, the letters tell him themselves what is the matter, so that the illness itself talks to his consciousness and he only just has to tell about it and record it.
That is very interesting, he feels, and then you are one from feeling to feeling with your patients.
The pure diagnoses walk of their own accord into his feeling and thinking, but that is the being one with everything, a human being becomes so sensitive.
The answer for something nestles itself under your heart.
Did you not know that, human being of this world?
He then experiences the illnesseses during his walk on the street.
And then the illness says:
“Just pass it on, André, because I do not want to be sick any longer, you can help the life to which I belong.”
You would cry from emotion because of that, but he does not do that.
And what does the human being now have to tell his being?
Now speak about love and happiness?
About fatherhood and motherhood?
What is love, Socrates?
The pure love tells how the laws must be experienced, if you want to experience the state of purity as a human being, and it is only then that you go to the love.
How does a kiss like that from your soul taste?
This morning he experiences the unity with the universe, and that just like that on earth.
The universe wants to tell him how all those condensings came about.
Can you feel it, Socrates, Ramakrishna, that I am now getting to know all the laws?
The life wants to elevate me.
What I experienced and could not deal with during ‘The Origin of the Universe’, now speaks consciously to my personality.
And you wanted that and could not experience that, because you took those possibilities in hand yourself.
But I am one with Masters!
You see, my brother Socrates, your philosophical systems get these laws, but Ramakrishna experienced the astral world of that.
Where are you at the moment, Ramay?
I can see your face.
Are you laughing?
Will you continue to follow me?
I know it already, I am doing your work, when you passed on I was born.
Exactly as Galilei wanted it and Newton came after him.
Isn’t it true?
This whole day passes in meditation.
Meanwhile we have recorded the first pages for the ‘Introduction’.
And that relaxes him, he can breathe more freely again.
If there was someone who could take this away from him, we could go further immediately.
He will talk about all of this with his friends and followers when he is that far inwardly, and will then mean the spiritual release.
Now André needs ten followers to whom he can give the wisdom, so that he can go further.
Oh, Ramakrishna, he sighs, you experienced that, but were your followers loving for you?
I know that Vivekananda wanted to do everything for you.
But here in the West that is not so simple now, the people have no core, I must work with too little yearning, too little feeling around me, do you understand it?
And that is his pity, reader, his carrying; if he has good pupils then they take away the gravity of the Cosmos, at least, when that yearning is present.
Master Alcar therefore connected him to those people, only because people can help him to bear it when people absorb his wisdom.
There is no more needed than that.
And all the great ones experienced that, André needs this transferring of feelings.
When the evening falls, the human being may no longer go out in the street, he sits at the back of the house on the little balcony looking at the universe.
At the stars, at the wonderful night, the life of God in that speaks to his life.
He flies through the universe and returns to his organism and carries on thinking.
Just look at this wonderful panorama.
He can get hold of the stars.
What all happened during those millions of years?
Because the divisions came about, this universe began, because it is true.
When God manifested himself, the material creation began.
And they are all material revelations.
Is that not true?
He knows these laws and sees how all this life condensed itself.
Now that he is sitting so still thinking, there comes from the universe to his life:
“Just come to us, André.
It is sacred here, still and overwhelmingly just, harmonic too.
Can you not hear me?
Can you see us, André?
Can you feel our existence, our process of evolution?
Can you feel the purpose and the reason we condensed our life?
Can you see my sisters?
Can you see that crazy Milky Way?
Who gave us those crazy names, André?
You know that we possess our own attunement and that a name is human, don’t you?
Just go into my life, André.
Prince of this Universe, will you come to me?
Come, my dear, just come, do not let me beg so long.
Who wants to understand you there, André?
I am now one with you.
Will you come and talk to me?”
He runs into the kitchen.
The blood flows fiercely and beats under his heart.
Isn’t that something?
A star begins to talk, my Masters, do you know it?
And yet, it was wonderful.
Good heavens, how nice that was, Master.
Can you hear me?
Yes, you can hear me and you can always do that, isn’t it true?
What does the universe want from my life?
I believe that I will no longer succumb.
Those are the thoughts for Master Alcar.
We follow him and know, it is going great like this, this is becoming Divine being one.
And André must get through this, or we will not be able to go further.
Otherwise, that must be clear to you, disharmony comes between the body and spirit, and all the great ones have to accept and to experience that, or they would languish away from the earth.
The skill for André is now to keep going on earth.
If he does not make it through this, then he cannot experience the next stage either.
Then he will fall to the ground sooner or later and the blood will flow over his lips, that will soon be clear to all of you when he possesses the spatial being one with all the life of God.
And that talking takes place inwardly.
If he was to materialise one word, this experiencing would take him to the mental institution and we would have lost him.
What will now happen to him is wonderful.
Because by means of this he will experience the laws of God and the life will tell his consciousness how it was born, he will get to hear everything now, and he can accept it because it is the Divine truth.
The great people of the earth longed for this.
Egypt did everything in order to experience this Divine unity and people also came that far.
A priest, you know that for sure, was a Deity there!
People still did not have the depth there which André now experiences, this being one, and you can experience it by means of the book ‘Between Life and Death’!
That his blood beats is because his consciousness has already divided now.
The life from the universe, so this universe, elevates him.
Also now that he is sitting in the little kitchen, he can hear talking and he can say: it is true, I heard a star talk, she was talking about the Milky Way.
And that star is over there.
And he gets to hear again:
“André, just listen to me.”
Is the universe begging him to listen?
He as a meaningless child of the earth?
And when he thinks about Mother Earth, there comes:
“Yes, my child, just go, you will serve for me, after all.”
He talks to himself.
I am an individual, he feels.
I can listen to the life of God.
And that life is different to here on earth.
That life is loving, just, and Mother Earth is now a child of that.
Yes, that is true.
And then there comes again to his soul and consciousness:
“In our life there is never night, André.
But millions of people do not even know that and they have to learn that, it is only then that they will come further.
We already experience the eternal light, even if there will come a time when my space will die out, isn’t it true, André?
Then the life of the earth will have gone further.
Do you not know Mother ?”
Can you feel, reader, that this influences the weighing scales harmonically?
That this must become the experiencing in the universe, so beyond the coffin, and also the experiencing on earth, if he wants to be able to keep going?
By means of this you get an earthly and a spatial image, a human and a spiritual explanation of the Divine laws, so that you can also follow everything.
He now knows: no mortal of the earth may hear him speak, or people will certify him insane.
But the universe continues to speak.
Good heavens, he asks himself, for what purpose must I serve.
Why me as the child of mother Crisje?
But who am I?
He sits down outside on the little balcony again and attunes himself to the spatial life.
And less than a second later he hears again:
“Will you come now, André?”
He does not go into it, he looks at the Moon.
She also radiates light, but that is obtained possession from the Sun.
One star is more illuminated than the other, but the Moon is laughing, feels glad and happy.
And then there falls from the universe to his life:
“Were the bible writers wrong, André?”
It is the Moon which says that, and goes further as he hears:
“I must now be a light for the night.
But you know now that I receive my light from my Man.
Can you see my darling, André?
They have made a she out of him, therefore Mother, but he is Father!
Oh, my Sun, my life, soon we will be one again.
Even if I am dying, André, I can still talk to him.
Can you hear it?
Must I be a light for the night?
But what nonsense those people told.”
And now the star goes further and says:
“Can you hear my Little Mother, André?
Can you not see my aunt, André?
Have you still not talked to her?
Probably, I thought I heard it.
Just ask my Mother it and you will get an answer.
How insensitive the people are there, André.
What a beating that Adolph will get soon.
And yet he will create another evolution, you know that, don’t you?
You will certainly feel, now we are one from feeling to feeling.
Isn’t that wonderful, André?
Can the people give you this happiness?
I am like you yourself are, life of Him!
I am also Father and Mother.
Do you know my life and consciousness, André?
But come, then you will get my love.
Can you hear what Mother is saying?
She is saying: “I am the mother of all this life”, André, “I who am called Moon.
I do not think it is a nice name. What is it actually?
I am the First Cosmic Grade of Life.” André, that’s it, what Mother says.
Can you understand her, André?
Are you still not coming?”
Now he becomes free from his organism and flies into the universe.
His organism is sitting there on the little balcony and is experiencing the sleep.
It is calm in nature, even if there are people flying in this space, there are people going to Germany in order to destroy the life there, he remains one with that life and goes away from the earth.
But he is thinking of his body, if it is suddenly necessary, he must still be able to control his organism from the universe, or accidents will happen and he will experience an inner shock and it is possible that he will lose those systems instantly.
However, we have come that far that a V2 can no longer mean anything to him, even if he lives outside of his organism.
If his wife were to call him, he can still give an answer from the universe and they are usually short answers, because speaking is now not necessary and would disturb him.
In this way people in the Temples of Ra, Ré and Isis received the wisdom, but André has come a thousand times further, he has conquered the physical trance, he now no longer needs to lie down in order to disembody, that can happen at any moment.
But Master Alcar lives and acts behind everything.
He now has to take all of this into account.
If he is asked something, then he must give a loving and gentle answer.
Or he will attract other laws and forces to him and that must not happen now.
In this state you can hear him say:
“Oh, my God, why did You not give me a place in the East?
The Western child of yours still does not understand this.
Could I not have reached the life on earth from there?
Why must I live in this society?
But it is fine, or I would have been there.
Everything which You do is good and finished.”
Because of that he knows that the Eastern Initiates had an easier time than he did.
They could close themselves off to everything and that is not possible in the city.
Those lives were watched over, he is not watched over, he must do that himself.
The Eastern Initiate was and is worshipped, he is not!
He can bow to everything!
At the moment he leaves so much percent behind for his body and nothing can happen.
If people ask him as the personality something, that feeling can answer.
“I am going now”, he calls to the life of the universe, “I am already free from my body.
I am coming!”
He now looks back at the earth.
He sees himself sitting there and he is consciously free.
It is an incredible happiness, because you feel as a human being, that you will conquer the spaces of God.
André reaches for the eternal light and he gets it.
And then the talking to his life follows.
“I know it”, he now utters, he sends into the universe, straight to the Moon, “you are not a light for the night, Mother, you gave personality to all this life.
Thank you for everything!”
And he says to the star:
“I know by what means you have so much light and your sister cannot possess it, because I can see the answer.”
And to Mother Earth:
“I know, my Mother, why you must trace this orbit, I was already able to get to know those laws.’
And then he asks himself: where is my Master now?
Does my Master know that I am outside of my organism, that I am in harmony with the spatial consciousness?
Because my Master knows everything!
I therefore feel that I must deal with all of this under my own powers, or we will not come any further.
André feels conscious in this.
He has no fear.
He now knows that he can return to the Earth, and that it is he who influences his systems and can make them work.
He experiences the macro cosmos as human being of the earth, but he has disembodied consciously, he can now also experience and feel his heart beat, however much consciousness also still lives in there.
If he now tunes his ‘will’ in, then he can let his body act.
It is fine like this, he feels, and goes away from the Earth.
The feeling, as language, which was spoken to him a moment ago, was charmingly gentle.
The feeling is childishly pure and that makes him happy.
Which task did a star receive from God?
What is a star?
What consciousness does a star possess?
Now he already begins to ask questions and the answers will have to be given to him if he approaches the life of God in pure love, wants to experience this being one, or it will not be possible and there will be a halt!
He now knows that he has protected himself from material disaster, and André can do that, because he now possesses that becoming conscious.
He now goes a bit further into himself.
And this is necessary, if he wants to be able to go further.
But then the star speaks and says:
“Come now, Prince of the Universe.
Come now, I am longing.
Did you see the condensings a moment ago?
I also condensed myself like that.
My body, soul and spirit, wants to thank, greet and kiss you, André.
Can you accept me?
As you condensed yourself, I also got to experience my laws.
Yes indeed, André, my body also possesses soul and spirit and I have my own personality, by means of which I will represent ‘HIM’.
Is that not clear now?
Can you feel my space and depth?
Could I be different than He created me?
And did you think that all of us had no meaning?
That we belong to life just like that?
Every insect there on earth possesses spatial and Divine attunement, you know that, after all, don’t you?
Now come closer to me, my Prince, I love you.
I am flesh of His flesh, blood of His blood, soul of His soul, spirit of His spirit, but I and all my sisters represent an own becoming conscious, consciousness, we serve the human being.
Or no existence for the life as human being would have come.
Do you know that now, André-Dectar?
Are you not getting a fright, because I am telling you Divine truths?
No, not you, you serve, you are now a great Master.
Give yourself a bit more feeling, André; can you feel what I mean?
A bit more consciousness, then we will also be closer to each other and we will experience my unity.”
When he thinks of the earth and elevates himself, he immediately gets to hear:
“Nothing will happen like that, André.
Now just go further.
If something happens there, you will fly back as fast as lightening.
And believe me, I can also serve, help you with that.
Do you believe it?
Is the being free from the material not wonderful, André?
You are divided there, it is the half-waking splitting which you experience, I can also do that.
All life can do that, André.
But the human being must still master these possibilities.
Isn’t it wonderful?
Can you not feel spatially happy now?
You now live in the Dimensional, André, and namely in the Fourth Grade.
That is the life beyond the coffin.
That is experiencing the laws of growth for your spirit and soul.
It is a wonderful event.
These thoughts are from me, André.
Will you come to my life quickly now?
I have so much to tell you.
Seven dimensional worlds were created, André.
Where you live is the fourth, but we possess all those grades in our life and will materialise and spiritualise them, as our Father and Mother were able to.
Is that not true?
You will give everything to the academics of the earth, my aunt.
Mother says it!
Those learned men there must still awaken for his life.
Can you feel me, André?”
And now he can reply: ‘Yes, dear, I can feel you in me.”
“That is great, now we can talk, André.
I will give you an answer to every question.
Do you know that I possess that ability?”
“I know it, dear.”
“How kind of you, to call me dear.
I have understood from your feeling how you give that.
It is wonderful.
Love of my life?
Can you feel me, André?
You are the love of my life.
I will give you all my love, André.
Even more than you will receive there.
Do you know that?”
“Yes, my angel, I know it.”
“That is also a nice answer, André, from which I feel your love.”
“I am still not at full power, dear, can you feel that?”
“Yes, I know it, but just go further, come now, then we will be completely one.
Can you feel my heart beating, my Prince?”
“Yes, I can feel you, my life.”
“Now free yourself, André.
Go on, go faster, do you not know then what it means for us, that the human being talks to us and loves us?
We are longing so much to be able to give love.
Can you now feel me more clearly?”
“Yes, dear, I will come to you soon.
But I must make earthly comparisons, my Master said.”
“That is true, André, but I will help you to think.
Can you feel that I am already helping you to carry it now?”
“Yes, my life, you can be felt very clearly.’
“Do you know, André, that we know how many times you succumbed there, before we could speak to your consciousness?”
“Do you know that too, dear?”
“All the life in the universe knows it.
Now you are beginning to carry us, André.
Is that not perhaps true?”
“I know it, my child, I understand it too.”
“You will certainly feel, André, that we do not know any lies, or deception?”
“That is also true, dear, and that makes me so happy.”
“What people are like, André, God knows that.
The people are not loving.
What do you want to call me, André?”
“That is wonderful.
Always call me that.
It is also makes me so happy.
Will you always call me that, André?”
“Yes, dear.”
“Did I not tell you a moment ago, André, that we are love?
I have still not made one mistake.
We still possess our harmony, our being one with God.
You know that, for that matter, don’t you?”
“Yes, my child, I know it, but it is different there with us.
Do you also know Adolph?”
“Who would not know him, André.
The whole of this universe knows him.”
“And do you also know for what purpose he is there and lets rip so much?”
“Yes, of course, we know that too.
We look through all the lives.
But you are doing that now too, aren’t you?
Of course we know for what purpose he is busy there like that.”
“What do you think of him, dear?”
“I will tell you that later, André.
I can tell you, that I know for what purpose his ‘cock’ had to crow.”
“You make me smile, dear.” 
“Is that not true then, André?”
“I know what you mean, yes, that is true too.”
“Before, André, I also floated in this space and I could also have spoken to your life then, because I am millions of years old.
Do you know that?”
“Yes, dear, I can see it.
That is true.
When I still lived in my mother, I already let her fly.
Do you know that too?”
“I know it, André, because I can see it.
And that is obvious.
Then you already got this awakening.”
“Do you also know the Master, dear?”
“Yes, I know him.
He knows me too.
We experienced HIS love together.”
“And Master Zelanus?”
“Of course, André, I know all the Masters.
My Father can connect me with the highest and then I feel that sacred love entering me.
Can you already feel that you now experience the night as love and you get my love?
But will you come closer to me, André?
Just lay down in my arms.
May Ikiss you soon, André?
Can you already feel my kiss?
Am I sweet?”
“You are, angel, oh, you make me so happy.”
“Is this love different to that of the people there, André?”
“Yes, very different, and yet ...”
“The same love, you can feel my kiss, you can feel my heart beating, my soul and spirit entering you, and then?
Will you give me a kiss, André?”
“How was it, dear?”
“My God, oh my Father. André, Prince, my Master, will you do it again?
I can feel you, I am kissing you back.
Oh my God, I am one.
It is wonderful, I am so grateful to You.
André, will you look into my eyes now?”
“I can see you, dear.”
“Can you feel now, Prince, that I can help you to carry?
That I must love you now?
That my love is more than that from there?
But I also know that that love conquers, conquers me, because it is you as a human being for whom we live and serve.
Oh, you make me so happy now, André.
Are you forgetting all those miseries from there now?”
“Yes, my angel, I am completely free, I am also happy.”
“Yes, dear, what is it?”
“Can you see Mother?”
“I can see her.”
“Do you know that she is sleeping?”
“I know.”
“It was a long time ago, André, I must tell you that, I get sent to me that I must concentrate on the laws ... that we began with our own life.
I am already millions of years old and I still possess the life.
But I will soon go further.
Can you see that, André?”
“I thought I already felt it a moment ago.”
“Now look back, André, and you will see my aunt as a half organ, but you know what this means.
Isn’t she wonderful?
I have almost completed my task and then I will go to the next grade of life.
We are all watching over Mother, we got our independence through her, the Masters also connected you with that.
Can you feel, André, that her life is supreme for this space?
It is great now, I can feel you close to me.
But I will go further.
Can you feel for what purpose she became Mother?
We remain one with her up to her last hour and in the next world we will be one again.
Can you now feel the unity of Father and Mother?
Mother created me and Father gave me the strength and the power to continue the life.
I am now gradually taking you to my death, which is no death, André.
We are going upwards and are evolving, we are preparing the world in order to be able to receive you soon.
You know that, after all.
We live, because we serve you.
We work and serve in order to be able to embrace you beyond this life, or you would not possess a world in order to go further.
Can you feel, André, that I will die here in this space in order to be able to serve again yonder?
If the people know that, love and happiness will come. Because I am part of the universe.
Can you feel that I must connect you with the laws?
You must listen, André.
I said a moment ago, it was a long time ago that I and my sisters came to the life.
From that moment we knew that we had to serve the highest life and being, and you are that as a human being.
But one day, we saw, and that is now already happening to us, isn’t it, we will come together again and we will be one in everything!
And God did not mean that, but those are the laws of life, André, which the human being must master.
Did you talk to all the life on earth?
What did Mother Water say?
What does a tree say to you, a flower, a bird?
You can hear, I know all the grades of life.
And will you tell me later, when you experience all of that, how they feel now on earth?
There is a lot which I must know.
I already know it, but this being one makes you feel supreme.
Are you listening carefully, André?”
“Yes, dear, just continue.
I am absorbing every word and will soon know it there too and carry it around in me.”
“It is precisely that, André, or we will no longer get any being one.”
“And what did you do, dear, when you knew all of this for yourself?”
“We are part of the garment of Mother, but also got to experience our own space because of that.
Now I am love in everything which you see from me, for Mother and God.
My life is love, André.
Mother gave everything of herself, as you saw that in the All-Source ... our ‘Mother’, so ‘SHE’, by means of which all of us got the life again, and we must master those traits, for which I therefore got the life.
And those are Revelations from Him, my André.
I am a material Revelation.
Also you, it is all the life!
But for as far as you can feel me now, I am dying, like Mother, because we all go higher.”
“What did you just say, dear?”
“Did you not hear me then?”
“Yes, but I saw something else at the same time.”
“I know what you saw, André.”
“What was it then, dear?”
“You saw your Master.”
“Precisely and he smiled sweetly at me.
So we may go further.”
“Do you now know that I am dying?”
“I know, I believe it too, because I can see it.”
“However much light I have, André, I am going from this light.
Are you now coming even closer to me?
You see, it is better like this.
Just sit down, André, lay down in my arms.
It is good like this.
Now I will explain everything to you.
If I say that my Mother will also return to God, you will know that we have to accept Life and Death, of which Death must represent the evolution.
It is a pity that the people invented this word, André.
We also know that if the human being had not got a faith, there would not have been any religious maniacs born.
That is terribly unfortunate, isn’t it, André?
From the earth you can experience and see our going further.
Mother says, we will then be torn apart, and that is the going further.
But my soul and spirit absorbed that other and higher becoming conscious, and I can therefore go further.
That is the dying process for our life, if I may call it that, and we enter a new grade, a new and higher universe.
Did you not see us dying yet, André?”
“Yes indeed, dear, I saw that many times.”
“You think there, of course, that this will happen in a few seconds, but that will take centuries.
The visible event means nothing.
And then the inner separates from the material, as you must also experience that for yourself, (in this way) there are also the same laws for our existence.
Look there, André, one of my sisters is leaving, I will follow her soon.”
“Do you also know that beforehand?”
“Yes, André, because I can feel myself dissolving.
I now already have contact with the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life and that means that I am busy creating that birth for myself.
And all the life of God experiences that and it is the Evolution Process.
We see that our life dissolves, André.
We feel ourselves growing weak.
But can you see how we condensed ourselves?
And that is also wonderful.”
“Are you not afraid of going further, dear?”
“No, but I am experiencing the same laws as you.
You can just accept that we do not know any fears.
Can you feel my soul, André?”
“I can feel you and I can see your soul.”
“What can you feel, André?”
“I can see your face.
You are beautiful, dear.
Even more beautiful than I am and that is because you have always remained pure.
Isn’t it true?”
“When my mother hears this, André, she will know that I am vain.
Do you know that we call you ‘Prince of our Universe’?
The people must know and learn that we were born in order to serve.
By means of us the people reach the spatial going higher.
Isn’t that true?
What are you thinking about, André?”
“I can feel that you are so sweet.”
“And I know how you now deal with everything.
Was it not wonderful in there, André?
And soon, then you will go higher and higher.
You will soon know what I am like there and I will also serve you then.
We are going back to ‘Father’ and ‘Mother’.
Yes, André, I know it, that is the All-Father and the All-Mother!
Precisely, I am love.
Life of mine?
I will help you, André.
I have actually already completed my task, this is why I understand you.
God has already blessed my life.
I know myself.
I know everything about myself.
There is nothing more in this space, which I do not know.
After all, you know how old I am.”
“Yes, dear.”
“But what is being old, André?
That is nothing.
When you were able to experience your first revelations tonight and were able to see the hour of the awakening, you were able to listen to the Divine Voice, I knew that we would meet each other.”
“By what means did you know that, love?”
“Can you say that again, André?”
What do you want?”
“It is good like that.
And do all the people there experience that?
And this feeling will now always be conscious in you, André.
Do you still carry that in your heart?
You are a Prince of this universe, André.
What is now being a king there?
This being one, André, is everything!
It becomes creating and giving birth.
But you understand me.
I wanted to tell you that I was not able to experience this before in all those millions of years.
But it must come for all people, it is only then that we will be one!
And that will become ‘love’, all of which you gave me a moment ago.
Isn’t that true?
When God divided himself, André, we got our life in our hands.
And then He saw that it was good.
And it is still good now!
Do you already know His whole Personality, André?”
“No, dear, but that will also come.
My dear Master is taking me back to God.
I have already got to know a lot about Him.”
“Are you not blissfully happy, André, now that you may experience and receive all this wisdom?
And can you feel how happy the universe is now, that we are one?
Can you feel that the human being must get to know and must absorb all of this?
And can you now feel me at this moment, André?”
“Yes, dear, I can feel you and I can see you.
But ...!”
“What ... but, André?”
“Can you not see that then, love?”
“Yes, now I can see it.
That is becoming different, André.
That is all becoming different there.
You will experience that.
You want to make all the people happy and they still do not want to see it.
My mother says: I can only be happy too, when my child is happy, knows everything about God.
And all the people have to lay those foundations, they must open themselves.
They must take themselves to this unity and bow to all the life.
Oh, I know you so well.
I know what you feel there where you live.
I know what you would like to give in order to change that.
But all those mothers still have to awaken.
And yet, they cannot avoid it, one day they will reach spatial unity and they will experience this.
And then the children of God will enter His universe.
And it is only then that He will be happy.
Did He not give us everything, André?”
“Yes, dear, everything!”
“That will become the growth of the human personality.
If the inner life grows and opens itself to all the life, the human being will start to feel like the All-Mother and it is only then that the life there will get this love.
Then the soul as a human being can leave the earth.
Isn’t it true, André?”
“Yes, dear, it will happen like that.”
“I am so happy, André.
I am happy because I have completed my task.
The next existence is waiting for me.
If you can feel my happiness, you will experience my love in your heart, and that is immensely deep.
After all, you know that I also carry the Omnipotence in me, don’t you?
It is growth, André.
And you will see the worlds of that.”
“That is true, dear, my Master already spoke about that.”
“Can you see that we can follow you?
Oh, I love you so much, André.
And my love is eternal.
Are you pleased that I am not a human being?”
“Yes, I am also pleased about that.”
“But then what, André, if you meet this Princess as a human being?”
“Then I will succumb, dear.”
“I will dissolve completely into that love.”
“And then will you give birth and create spatially, André?”
“Yes, it is only then that it will happen.”
“Will you kiss her from me then?”
“I promise you.”
“My dear André, can you feel that you are my brother?”
“I know.”
“You see, André, that is now my happiness.
Now that you know everything about me and I may give all of me, we feel His love!
This must grow and radiate and then you will conquer all this life.
Now you can already fly into my life and you are strong enough to deal with this now.
Am I really helping you to carry now, André?”
“Yes, my love, I can feel it, I will not succumb.”
“You see, that is now what we want.
You are blissful.
You always go further, don’t you?”
“I live for that purpose.”
“Tell me about yourself now, André.
Let me see all of your life there, also the other one, after all, you will feel what I want to know.
And do you now want to call me Wayti?
Is this a beautiful name?”
“That is everything, dear.
It is wonderful and I know what it means.
Yes, I will always call you Wayti!”
“Will you say it again?”
“How sweet of you to say it again for me.
Would you also like to whisper it in my ears, André?”
“Yes, gladly.
Can you hear it?
Can you feel it?
Can you understand it now?
Is it this for eternity?”
“Yes, André, this is it.
Now you can always feel me.
Now you will never be alone again.
Is the other one gone now?”
“Yes, Wayti, it has gone, now I will always be able to carry you.
You are it.”
“Then it is good, then I can always see you.
Wherever you are, André, you will now be able to hear me.
And I am stronger than the people.
I do not have one wrong, unconscious thought in me.
I therefore go straight to your heart, and deeper, and we are one in there.
When you write you will feel me, André.
When you talk, when you explain the laws, I will help you.
Now you have reached the spatial inspiration.
And every grade will also help me.
Each grade will kiss you, give love, if you just want to accept and try to understand us.”
“I saw all of your life just now.”
“So, André, is that so?
But I am pleased, oh so happy, now I can die.
I was able to experience my unity.
If we are able to experience that, André, it is everything, and it is only then that we go further.
You touched me.
You kissed me.
You closed me into your heart and I you.
I am from this space, my love, and now I can help you to carry.
Will you not show me there?
After all, that will not be understood, André.”
“No, Wayti, I will never do that.
But there is no one there.”
“But now I am here.
Where you are, I will now also be there.
Even if I go further soon.
We together, André, are omniscient.
And that is for the people on earth, as father and mother, they are omniscient in this unity.
Can you feel how she will give birth as a mother now?
What her kiss is like?
Her love radiates?”
“Yes, my Wayti, I can feel it.”
“Can you feel my child, André?
Did you feel my love for my child?
I was able to give birth.
I was able to create.
I got love.
I kiss Him and He accepts my kiss.
Could my heart be sad, now that I possess your love?
I will tell the waters it, André.
Mother Water will now be allowed to know it.
Will you tell it to her?
Will you tell how we love each other?
That we carry each other and serve for each other?
Will you whisper it to her?
What will your life be like there tomorrow, André?”
“Different, my love, and better, more beautiful. Adolph will not touch me.
I will receive love from him, he will bring the life to awakening.
But will they understand that as human beings?”
“No, André, that is not possible, but that will come.
Now you will see and experience the Wayti in everything.
Life of mine?
Heart of my heart?
Crown of my crown?
My love is smiling at you.
And I will never disappoint you, never ever!
But look now, André, you must leave.
There is something there.
You cannot continue to sit there any longer.
Will you come back to me soon?
Will you now never forget your Wayti again?”
“I promise you, dear, never!”
“Now go from my arms.
Go back, André.
You can feel my kiss.
Goodbye, my Prince, do not forget your Wayti.”
And he immediately hears it said: ‘But what kind of human being are you.
You are sitting there and you are letting yourself be soaked by the rain.
Come in.”
He wakes up with a fright.
Where am I?
Oh yes, I was with Wayti.
And he sends it into the universe.
The word passes his lips and is heard, then she says:
“What is that?
Who is Wayti?”
“What is the matter, child?
Did I say Wayti?”
“Yes, who else then?
What does that mean?
Come in.”
Now what, he thinks.
I was one with the universe and got to hear, to experience the word Wayti and I kissed that life.
And that was, is love.
How should he explain the universe to her?
If she hears this he will be crazy, and that must not happen.
But it is true.
How does he wish to explain spatial cob webs, built up by spatial hieroglyphics?
What is that?
A star immediately falls, Wayti is already calling, a sister of hers is going higher and higher.
Yes, it is true, there is no death!
And then the kitchen door closes behind him, he is back on earth again and he can begin with going over the experiences for this being one.
What is human love?
When do we people really love?
And how deep is the human love?
That Wayti.
And then there also comes to his life:
“You are a wonder, André, and as true as we are.”
A moment later he is lying in bed and goes to sleep, the organism now gets the natural rest, but we connected him with all the life of God.
Yes, André-Dectar, you are a Prince of the universe and you experienced the love of a grade of life.
Now experience all those other millions of grades as lives, and we will go further and higher!
But did you feel the kiss of this life?
In this way we kiss all the life of God and then experience the giving birth and creating for that life, the wisdom of which we master.
In this way we also evolve and now get the life of God in our hands!
Go further like that, André, the life is telling you the Divine truth.
In the morning he awakens fresh and enthusiastic.
He can carry the life, because Wayti lives in his heart.
Wayti has strengthened his personality.
And he immediately begins to think about everything which belongs to the material process of revelation.
When he stands before his friends, they look into his eyes, they can feel something.
What is it?
Which depth lives in his being today?
And then the first question comes, when he hears:
“What did you experience, Jozef?”
“Yes, will you tell?”
“Oh, what should I say.
Did you ever see falling stars die?
Did you ever talk to the stars?
Have you already been floating in the universe?
Can you imagine how God began with His spiritual and material revelations?
Were you never able to feel the love of the stars and the planets?
They are also children of God.
They also have love and can help you to carry.
It isWayti.”
“What did you just say?”
“I said that it is Wayti.”
“What is Wayti, Jozef?”
“Wayti is Life, Light, Fatherhood, Motherhood, Soul, Spirit and wants to be: Love!”
“That is only for you, Jozef.
You can do that.
What are we?”
“You are Waytis.”
“Everything, if you want to love you will be everything and especially Wayti.
People of the earth ...” , falls from his lips, but he recovers and goes further. “Wayti is wisdom, is being one with everything!
I still cannot tell you that, but it will come.”
But when he thinks about the universe, Wayti comes back to him and then wants to be experienced.
Again he hears it said:
“André, can you now feel what they know about it?
It is me!
I understood you, a human being is still not capable of that.
Precisely, it is me!
Your real and own Wayti!”
A moment later he can say: “Yes, I was of course ... there.
It was yesterday.
Then I was able to experience and see the All-Source.
I now know that the life of God will understand me, only not yet the people.
I was able to experience revelations.
And those revelations are for the people.
Wayti is God!
Wayti is Life, Light, but especially Love!
I am giving to this mankind what I was able to experience.
These are my revelations.
I want to make all the life happy and I am capable of that.
People could also have called God Wayti.
“What is that, does that go so far, Jozef?”
“I already told you, it is Love.
By means of Wayti you experience the spiritual and material revelations of the Masters and the life now wants to talk and tell about its own life and the awakening.
Yes, I lived in God.
I was one with God and His creations.
I saw Him, as I have not seen God before.
And then I experienced His Light, Soul and Spirit. His Fatherhood and Motherhood, also the laws of condensings and how the life grew.
I saw that spiritual and material happening.
Oh, my God, I also called yesterday, how do I wish to experience all of this, but then the Wayti entered my life, and I can carry everything.
I received Divine wisdom and now my Masters go deeper.
I now know it, I received a wonderful task.
I must receive the wisdom for the University of Christ!
The Masters began a few days ago.
The University will explain everything!
All the life can now be followed and analysed.
And I am starting to experience that.
See you tomorrow.”
He runs up the street, he knows that the bible begins with untruth and those problems follow him.
The life will tell him it.
Because God remained eternal love.
“Really”, he utters, now that he is strolling along the waterfront, is looking at the life in nature, “God is Love!”
A moment later it begins.
He looks through a tree and immediately feels the soul and the spirit of this life, the water also begins to talk.
A bird touches him in his head and heart, the little animal lets him feel that he is one, the universal of which he can experience.
Did the God of all life want this, he thinks?
The tree says and claims the word:
“Is it so improbable, André, that you can hear me talking?”
He listens, he reaches the natural unity inwardly.
But he does not want to send out any feelings, afraid that he is fooling himself.
But then there comes again:
You do not believe me, do you?”
A doubting, gentle “no” comes.
And then this life goes further and says:
“I can understand that.
But if I tell you, André, that I was born from you and all that other life, what will you have to say then?”
He concentrates, he attunes himself, because he knows now, truth will come.
And now the talking back and forth will begin and he asks:
“Where did you get this wisdom from?”
“I will tell you that, André.
I know myself.
The human being does not.
The human being has fragmented himself, he has beaten himself away from the creations.
After all, you know what is going on now, don’t you?
Do you call that living in peace and calm?
If I tell you that I got my life on the Moon and that she is my mother, will you then still think that I am talking nonsense?”
“That is true, I know those laws.”
“If that is true, then you must also accept me, André.
You spoke with Wayti, but all of us are Wayti.
I am also it!
I was born later on Mother than you were.
I heard you talking with Wayti.”
“That is not possible, because we whispered it.”
“Now you are letting me know that you still do not know me and all the life.
If you feel and materialise the truth, then all the life hears you talking and feeling.
This is our being one with Him, André.”
“You are right, but what did Wayti say to me?”
“That she is the child of her Mother.”
“Don’t make me laugh.”
“Wait a moment, I am not finished yet.
She is also a child of the Moon.
She let you know that.
The Earth is your Mother, my Mother, but all of us are children of the All-Mother, which is the Moon.
Do you now trust that I can give you the truth?”
“I believe you.”
“Precisely, André, I know what you are thinking about.
This is my life and space.
But when I die, then I will go directly to the Spheres of Light.
Can you feel my world?
Can you hear Mother Water talking?
She told me recently: “Fool, just do not get any ideas, because I gave you the life.”
And that is true, André.
But what must the learned people think of this?
I will let you see a vision, and you will know it.
Can you see it?
Did you see my beginning?
Am I spatial or am I not?
We travelled the same path.
As long as you know that I know my own laws.
Walk a bit further, because the people are already looking.
They think that you are doing something, you are also doing something, but what they are thinking is not nice any more.
The human being only thinks badly now ... the human being does not know any natural thoughts, André.
Everything has been poisoned.
Can you still hear me?
You see, you can go wherever you want, you can listen to and experience me as Wayti, there is no end to our feeling and thinking.
That will become the being one with everything!
Are you not going to say anything else?”
“I am thinking.”
“Well, André, then I will go with you.
Is that allowed?”
“That is up to you.”
“In a few days’ time I will no longer be here.
The people will saw me to pieces.
They need heat and I now serve for that.
It is my end here, but I will go further.
Can you see me now?
I am floating in this space, but I have my independence and can think and feel, humanly and Divinely, because I am not divided in anything.
And I know exactly where you live.
You go up the stairs here.
Will I greet you now?
Do you not want an ‘arm’ from me?
Will I make sure that you get something of my life?”
“Can you do that then?”
“Do you wish to believe my prediction?
Then I will take care of it, André.
I can do that.
The people who want to have my life, are not worthy of me.
Today or tomorrow I will send you something from my life.
Bye now, you will surely write, won’t you?
Will you pass on everything I say now to the Master, André?”
“I will do it, soul.”
“How much happiness you give me now.
I am alive again because of you, André.
Or do you not wish to believe this?
When you are soon like God, then you will feed all the life, after all.
I am alive because of you, because the life juices come to me.
I will keep my word, André, I will send you something.
Goodbye, André, child of the Masters.”
“Goodbye, soul.
I thank you.”
Tree gone.
My God, he thinks, what am I doing.
Now I must watch out, or I will go completely crazy.
And yet, did you not see that life?
Is Divine being one so improbable?
Was Ramakrishna not able to do that too?
That tree was telling the truth.
A while later I take him over and go further.
He will soon feel that every word is recorded by me which he experiences with and by means of the life of God.
But we have still not made it.
This is a beginning, the spatial remainder will follow.
When he is returning home from his patients in the evening, has a rest on the bridge of the canal, looks at the water and sees the life in there, he gets contact with Mother Water.
Suddenly that life also starts to speak, and he must follow.
He hears:
“What are you doing dawdling there, André.”
He gets a fright. Who spoke to him?
And again there comes:
“It is me, Mother Water.
Yes, I am Mother, André.
I heard you talking with that crazy tree.
Will you listen to me for a moment?
Can you see the life in me?
I created that life.
Is that not true?
I am Mother, André.
It is lovely in me.
Come to me.
Do it as you experienced Wayti.”
And now there is danger.
If he does not concentrate now ... forgets his material unity, he will jump into the water.
Millions of people have felt the power of attraction of the water and jumped into it unconsciously, and drowned, of course.
There are people who, if the Moon is in the sky, no longer have any resistance outside and walk into the water of their own accord.
That is because we people were born in the waters.
What André now experiences is dangerous, but the Masters are following him.
He feels that he will jump now and the water is talking, and in what a way.
He hears:
“Are you not coming yet?
Just come into my arms, André.
What are you still doing there?
You will be nice and warm here.
I will take care of you.
We will experience spatial unity.
Can you feel me?
I love you.
I am kissing you.”
And he feels that kiss.
You can feel the spatial kiss, because you now, dear reader ... undergo that unity.
All the life is Mother.
You can just accept that Mother Nature undergoes and will experience that love and that motherhood at a hundred per cent.
Nature is Mother completely, and that kiss enters your life because you as a human being possess the highest consciousness created by God.
That this is a wonderful world for you on earth, is very natural and ordinary for us, because we mastered that unity.
We will not come any further if we do not experience this unity, and that has become our Cosmic Consciousness.
We have to master those laws and must possess that unity, or we will never come back to God.
It is only in the fourth sphere on the other side, so in our life, that we are that far.
When we enter the third sphere, we lay those foundations, in the fourth sphere we get possession of those foundations and can say: for this space, the universe in which you live, we are conscious!
And now the life speaks to our human consciousness, but André undergoes that during his material existence, which has still not been reached by any human being.
No one was able to reach this depth, when we have come so far, that this unity was conquered.
And that happens inwardly, one material word sent over his lips can mean the division of material and spirit.
But he must get through this, or we will have to stop.
We therefore do not intend to drive him insane.
Many priests and initiates experienced this contact.
But when they heard that the life started to speak, they became afraid and closed themselves off to that voice.
Every life possesses an own voice and timbre.
If those initiates had had the courage and the powers, the consciousness, of course, the wisdom of that would already have been on earth for a long time, but all of them succumb to that, which they lived for.
One walked into the water, the other thought that he could fly and jumped from a height.
When the animal consciousness starts to speak, therefore a bird, and that life comes under your heart, you immediately think that you can fly yourself.
It is now the question where you are at this moment.
If you are standing on a height, then you spread your wings and want to fly, with the familiar consequences, that you have forgotten yourself, and you fall in pieces.
These laws are experienced in the Temples of British India, Tibet, Ra, Ré, Isis.
The follower must master a great deal if he wants to possess the mastership.
People did not reach our height in that, and that is not possible either because those priests want to experience themselves.
An initiate there usually came there under his own power, but he now has to accept his grade of feeling and does not come above that, which we explain to you by means of the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’.
The skill is now to keep going, or you will perish.
And André now has to learn and to master that.
Because ... this is both material and spiritual experiencing.
He is now still on earth.
But when we go away from the earth again soon, he will have lost his material grasp.
I already told you, we must keep the spiritual-consciousness scales in balance for both worlds.
But the Masters are concerned with the wisdom, because they want to found the University of Christ on earth.
So they give you, by means of the life of André, both Cosmic and Divine wisdom!
And André is serving for that purpose!
I will come back to you from time to time.
So follow him and try to understand what the life wants from him, and you too will get spiritual being one.
You have to follow it, do not try to begin with it, or you will become hazy, and you will stand before insanity.
That is not the intention of the Masters ... on the contrary, they want to expand your life so that you will soon get your Universal consciousness in your hands beyond the coffin.
You are ahead of the rest of this world by hundreds of years!
You will follow everything, absorb it into your life, you will know that it is possible, it is only then that you will experience the actual law of this in our life!
And then we will begin with your life, we will then also go back to the Primal Source with you, and you will open your life to all the life of God.
It is only then that you will go further in order to serve, as André is now already doing!
The animal life will speak like that, Mother Nature too, but then what if you as a human being will experience this Divine unity?
That is Love!
It must also be clear to you that every law created by God now wants to manifest itself.
You can now already feel that the religions are standing naked before your consciousness and that we will meet every untruth, likewise.
André now hears the water say:
“After all, I am telling you, André, that I can warm up your life.
And my life as space is from Him.
My life is open to all the life of the earth and knows it too.
But I am still not understood.”
André listens, he lets Mother Water talk, but he analyses every word.
He thinks and immediately feels, because he has seen the beginning foundations for all the life of God and they were the journeys for ‘The Origin of the Universe.’
But this Mother is becoming more conscious and more insistent.
She says to him again:
“I am open to all the life, André.
I am never angry either.
But why do the unconscious beings come to me?
Why do the people want to drown now?”
Can you hear it, reader, the water knows him.
By means of this being one you hear your own name being spoken and that life feels where you live, that life sucks you completely empty and that happens by means of the spatial, Divine Telepathy, which is from God, is this being one!
That is very simple, very natural, there is no other consciousness, is there?
And Mother Water cannot say anything else.
So she takes over his consciousness, because we are talking from feeling to feeling.
And then she says again:
“Can those people not wait, André, until there is peace again?
Why are they afraid of Adolph?”
Yes, reader, nature knows what you are called and which name you have.
Mother Water knows who Adolph Hitler is better than one of your academics.
Nature represents God in everything and (in) pure unity.
André gets:
“Yes, André, they want to leave here.
But that is destroying life.
That is avoiding life.
And that is not possible.
After all, you know the laws of suicide.
Did you also think for just one second, André, that I can talk to your life?
Do you know that you were born through me?
Yes indeed, all of us have one Mother.
Look, you can already see her.
She is laughing, she can hear me.
Can you feel her strong timbre?”
That is also correct, reader.
The Moon possesses the Universal timbre for this space, she can do everything.
She can heal you and give you love.
If you feel and undergo those powers and you are not conscious, you will succumb.
Just think about ‘Ebb’ and ‘Flow’!
That is also because of Mother Moon, the Mother of this universe!
In Ancient Egypt we already healed the serious diseases by means of the powers of the Moon, we could give you thousands of books about that, but unfortunately, we still do not have time for that.
Mother Water goes further and says:
“Even if you just stroll past me, I will still follow you, André.
After all, I know that you can hear me.
Do you know what that means for my life?
Did Wayti not tell you that?
Did the tree not say that and did you think you could doubt any longer?
The people are not aware that I am following them, but I know all those grades of life for human thinking and feeling, André.
They do not know that I am still their Mother.
Yes indeed, I am not going too far.
I can feel what you are thinking about.
You are thinking about the great seas, aren’t you?
I am just a quagmire, but I am part of that organism.
Even if the people have separated me from my body, I am and will continue to keep my independence.
After all, you want to know whether I have a soul and a spirit, don’t you?
And I am soul and spirit!
My soul, André, is a part of His Soul, by means of the separations we reached the own independence.
You will get to know all of that, won’t you?
And then we will also speak to each other again!
It is only then that you will see how true I am, but you must not remain standing still with me now as I am now, but you must get to know my origin, and it is only then that we will reach deep conversations and spatial unity!”
André hears Mother Water saying that, reader.
And there is not a word wrong about that.
But he feels, he will not go into that yet and that is necessary and Master Alcar wants that.
He must first listen and soon he can give an answer and even joke, but then he will have taken everything in his hands and they will not be able to do anything to him, all these grades of life, which he can now experience as material revelations; he will have conquered them one by one then.
And that can already happen tomorrow, because, isn’t it true, the Voice from the Divine universe, the conscious Divine All said that, all the life is helping him to bear it and this is bearing!
Mother Water says:
“Usually the people are now aware that I heard them, because they forgot this unity.
They do not know and do not believe, André, that they possess a Divine attunement.
Isn’t it true, they feel like human beings and take part in damnation.
And if you believe in damnation, you will never be open to our being one and you will not come any further either!
Is that not true, André?
Am I not saying human things?
Does this not touch your life?
But are you still not coming to me?
Why are you continuing to stand on that bridge, André?
Just come to me and I will give you all my love.
You did not used to think that this is possible, but you can see it now.
You can feel and hear it now!
I kept this sensitivity, the people did not, because they went from the harmonic laws of God and followed the destructive.
Do you know my life?
I am older than your friends on earth and in this space, all of them are ...”
André is sharp here and already hits her.
He waits, but Mother Water is thinking, she went a bit too far, she must now recover.
And this is a Divine happening.
After all, he cannot make any mistakes because of the life and will have to recover and that is returning to the Divine harmonic laws.
And André already knows that, after which she says:
“Yes, I had to have a think, André.
I said, I am older than this life.
But I went a bit too far.
I had to go back a bit, André.
After all, I came to the life after the moment when our Mother gave me the life.
Can you feel this?”
And when the life speaks about ‘our Mother’, reader, then that is still the Moon.
You can see it now, she only got the life after that.
So when the Moon divided itself, the separations began, after the haze process, she got to see and to experience herself.
She recovered, and it was following and waiting for André.
But she goes further:
“Do you now know my life?
And are you still not coming to me?
I am therefore older than all your sisters and brothers here on earth and in the universe.
Because you were born from me.
Of course, you were first in life, but I gave birth to you – didn’t I!
And I want to give that to the people, André, but they still cannot hear me.
Oh, how happy you make me now, you want to listen and you open your life.
Will you still not come to me now?
Just come, André, what are you standing looking for.
Someone is coming to you, the man has something to ask you and I already know what he is thinking.
Of course, hunger again.
Can you hear it?”
And the man, who comes up to André, says: “There are no fish here, sir.
Did you think that there were fish here?
None, you know, there is not a single bit of fish and I would love a fish, I am starving.
You probably too?
But what kind of times are we living in, sir?
Did you hear that the Germans are now getting a terrible beating?
Now it cannot last much longer.
But you could do them an injury.
Were you fishing here?
Just carry on, I am certainly not from the police.
I do not begrudge you a fish like that, but there are no fish in this muddy ditch and we are not allowed to come over there.
What fish we will catch after the war.
Good heavens, they will be herring as big as cod.
Don’t you think so?
I will carry on a bit.
Or are you perhaps looking at the sunset?
Yes, they cannot take that away from us, or that would also go.
I wish you all the best.”
And Mother Water heard it and says: “What kind of little mite is that, André.
Didn’t you think so?
He is starving.
But all the people are like that.
They are now only thinking about food and drink.
It is time to open your soul and spirit, but they do not think of that.
You will not make it anyway!
But come, André, I do not want to miss you anymore.
Just let your powers of reason go and jump.
What are you doing standing there?
Everything is in me, I will give you all my love.
Can you still not feel my kiss?
Do I want to give you a lovely bed?
Just come into my arms, André.
You will sleep peacefully and then go further.
Come now, one jump and you will be in me.
Come now, André!!
What are you still doing there?
What do you hope to achieve with that gang?
Do you not believe me?
Will you come quickly now?
Just come, my son.
Is my life not more peaceful than you are experiencing here?
You will not get any nightmares from me.
I will let you dream evolutions.
Do you still not want to come to me, André?
You have time enough for the stars.
Give me everything too, André, come now!
Can you see my realm of colours?
I got them from the Divine Revelations.
Isn’t it wonderful?
Did you see that bird there?
I feel everything, all life gets food from me.
I give birth and create.
I condensed everything.
I gave millions of grades of life an existence and do you not want to get to know that in me now?
They are grades of life, André, also post-creations, you know that too.
What does a water snail like that hope to achieve?
That is a post-creation, André, such as the land animal must also experience, and you will get to know.
But you hear it, I know it too!
Do you still not want to come to me, André?
Do you know my growth and evolution process?
You see, you will come to me, won’t you?
You want to come to me, after all, don’t you?
I do not like those other people, I do not get any feeling from those unconscious beings.
But you?
We talk to each other and those other people are the living dead.
Yesterday a human being threw himself into my arms again.
It was a Jew.
Yes, those people are in a bad way.
But because of what, why?
Are you still not coming?
Do you still not have the longing to come to me?
Do you know, André, that you got many gifts because of me?
You started to feel, think, because of me, began with your life and then further.
What did Wayti say?
You see it, you hear it, I know her.
Also a life from me once more.
Wayti is sweet, but I have more consciousness, even if I am different, even if she got her spatial independence.
But she knows that.
Are you not coming yet?
According to the revelations my life went through the condensings, but an academic cannot gauge that.
He must first experience eternity.
He must first know and accept reincarnation, André.
But as a child of God I know those laws.
But how long it is taking for you to come.
Are you coming now?
Can you still not see me completely?
Can you not see that I can press you against my heart?
Can you not feel my emotion?
I am moved, André.
Because I can talk to you that came into me.
Can you now feel the powers and forces which were placed in my hands?
Just come, André.
What are you doing?
Make your decision and come!
No, you are not coming, I am starting to feel that.
You are too conscious.
I almost had you.
Almost, but then that crazy guy came to you.
Then my life broke this contact.
It was that man with his fish.
Or I would have been able to absorb you into my life.
Now I must wait again, of course.
I am now bowing my head too, André.
Thank you, but I will keep trying, the conscious of spirit give Love to me and all life ... that is what we all yearn for.”
Truly, reader, he was able to keep going, he got through it, or he would have thrown himself into that life.
André continued to think materially consciously and instantly that life turns and has to follow him.
The water was conquered, now all the other life too.
And that is felt by that grade of life.
He would have drowned absolutely, but that will not happen now and it is thanks to him, for our life and our task, we can now go further.
“My God”, there comes to him, “just forgive me for it.”
“But what do you want, André”, there comes a while later.
“If a Mother gets her child back after ages, millions of ages, may you not yearn then?
Can you feel my maternal love more sharply now?
I do not mind that you stay there, if you talk to me now and again.
Will you not leave me alone again now, André?
I have been alone for so long.
Wait a moment, I have something else to tell you.
It was last week, André, that a little mother came to me.
I saw and felt what she wanted.
I called to her: “Do not do that, my life is no use to you anyway, I cannot tell you about the laws anyway.
You must first try to become conscious there.
And, you must go back anyway, you cannot end your life yet.”
But she wanted to jump, André.
Fortunately it was stormy and I let her feel that cold, she was trembling and shaking from fear and went further.
You see, André, I do not want to call everyone to me.
That life is no use to me.
All the life which is conscious can experience my love, and you can do that.
What do you say to that?
She had wanted to murder for Adolph and she said: “I can no longer bear life.”
By means of which they must learn, they do not want it.
I sent after her: “I am from God, came to your life through God and I do not want to see you here again.”
And then she began to pray.
From fear, because she understood: that was close!
And it was too, she had almost come to my life, and then?
Then she would have experienced a rotting.
Then she would have experienced something else, even worse than there, you do know those laws, after all.
I had to experience a great many of those tiny tots, André.
But I do not want to see them, I told you anyway, you cannot reach them.
Are you not coming anymore now?
Are you not going to jump?”
And now he can say: “No, not me, Mother, but I thank you for all your wisdom.
I am going now.”
“You must promise me one thing, André.
When you go higher, then look at what I am like there.
You will soon go further, after all.
And we will see each other again over there.
Goodbye, Prince.”
“Goodbye, Mother.”
“Thank you, André.
Oh, you make me so happy.
Will you also write?
No, I can see it already, that is over for today.
Is it going well?
Will you tell about this too?”
“Master Zelanus will do that.”
“I know it.
Give him my greetings, he has already known me for so long.”
“I know it, mother.”
“Isn’t this being one now wonderful?
Did you really feel my love and my kisses?
The people must know that.
But they will have to begin with it, because they are the ones who represent us.
True or not, André?”
“You are right, Mother.”
“Are you bored?”
“No, I am thinking.
But I am going now.”
“Something else, André.
When that tree, another life of mine, had airs, because he thought that he was more than me, I flung at him: “I am like the living God!”
And that ape also wanted to write poetry.
I also said:
“You have probably forgotten that you are a child of mine.
You were first slime ... if you want to know, and when you were able to experience the laws of hardening and condensings, you got ground under your feet.
Or have you forgotten that?”
And then I also called a while later: “Will we write poetry now?”
And there came:
“Yes, please, Mother.”
You see, André, then I had called that child back to the harness.
And then he let me hear:
“God lives high above me, but it is also me.”
I asked: “Do you have any more of those jokes?” And there came:
“He lives high above me.
She lives under me.
But who is Father and Mother now?
Who is my Mother?”
I called back:
“He, of course.
I got fatherhood and motherhood in order to give birth to you, whippersnapper?”
And I also said to him: “Who are you yourself now?
And what will you become now and will you be over there, so higher up?”
And then there came:
“I am worrying about that now.”
“And he had airs about you over there, didn’t he, André?
Did he not go with you?”
“Yes, Mother.”
“And what else did he say?”
“That he would make sure of an ‘arm.”
“That is great, André, and he can do that.
You will see it.
Thank God, he is starting to think about something higher.
You are never too old to learn.
It is true, he is also father and mother, we are all it.”
“I am going now, Mother, I must make sure that I am home before the curfew, otherwise they will get me.”
“I know it, André.
Do not forget my state of purity.
I could talk for ages, André.
Could analyse the whole of this universe of mine and your own life.
But the Masters will do that.
Was I able to help you anyway?
Am I not sweet?
Will the Master say everything, André?
The world must know it.
Did you not see Socrates?
I know him, I know all of them!
But that mad Darwin.
If you not possess the feeling yourself, André, that you are a human being, you will come to the apes of your own accord.”
“Do you also know that, Mother?”
“But you can hear it.
I know that life.
I will tell you more soon when you come back from the Divine All, it is only then that we will be able to talk.
Of course, you will know more then than I know.
But I know everything from here.
Mother tells us it again.
Yesterday she says, so Mother Earth: “There is another one who is clinging to that ape carry-on.”
But that Darwin!
Will you see those laws soon, André?”
“Yes, Mother.”
“Oh, my child, how happy you must be.
As if God has not thought of anything else.
How you will enjoy yourself, André, if all those lives will reveal themselves.
When they speak to you and you see those cells, the embryo of the life, and that independence.
Greetings to the Masters.
Before you go I would like to ask you something, do not forget Wayti again.
Did you also feel my Wayti now?
Now nothing else can happen to you, André, I am the most difficult thing to experience.
Flowers and plants, even if that life is wonderful, do not have my consciousness.
You will also listen to those squeaky voices.
But they are charming.
But you will also hear that.
Let the state of purity of every grade of life speak.
Tear off our masks, André, open us, so that the human being will know how inspiringly deep life is.
Look at the birds, your cat and dog, because all these animals represent an own grade of life.
Hear the voice speaking to you, you will hear the timbre according to the consciousness.
Did you know this?
Are you still child-like for you, half-crazy?”
“No, Mother, I thank you.”
“I want to be the state of purity for you, André.
Goodbye, my son?”
“Goodbye, Mother.”
Isn’t that something, he asks himself, how can it be.
I heard that voice and what was said is both Cosmically deep and also human.
He changes, comes to the open, the life feels his soul and spirit.
We and you, reader, wanted that in Ancient Egypt.
Or did you think that you had not experienced one life in all your lives in which you sought and wanted to know God?
We will also follow prehistoric times.
Mother earth is millions of years old and the Divine All is inhabited, the human being has gone back to God; human being, animal and Mother Nature go one way.
André keeps himself in hand.
This is going great, it cannot be better and soon he will get to know the Divine laws.
Meanwhile he makes comparisons with the Divine Revelations, goes further and masters everything.
His sleep is good and he remains enthusiastic, even if there is no longer any food, his spirit and consciousness are growing.
The following day, when he visits his few patients, has a rest in nature, looks at the life of God on his bench there, the life speaks to his being.
Now they are the flowers which have to tell something about themselves, that wonderful life which belongs to the Divine realm of colours.
Now that he is sitting here he feels himself changing, the human day-consciousness falls away, the Divine unity approaches and he says at the same time:
“Did you not see my Mother?
Is it known to you, that I am father and mother, André?”
What is there now?
Who is talking to me?
But what things are approaching him?
All life has something to say.
By means of this he hears the Cosmic word and he says to himself: I must be careful now, or I will go too far away and it will become dangerous.
I may not do any stupid things.
“Yes.”, the flowers say, “we were born in the waters.
We also travelled a Cosmic path.” And at the same time he feels that this life is following him, is touching him as it were, is listening to him in order to feel whether he will react inwardly, receive that life. And then André hears:
“Truly, we are felt.
It is a human being who hears us.
We reach unity.
Good heavens, that’s it.
Finally then.”
And the conversation immediately goes further and the life has something to say.
“I am one with the Moon”, he hears. And a moment later: “I love the Sun more, because he creates.
I also create and can give birth.
I am also father and mother.
Do you not know that, human being?
André, do you know that?”
He does not give an answer, he continues to think, but he sinks far away from the day-consciousness, does not feel that people come and sit next to him, does not see anything, does not notice anything, he stares into the universe there and feels, thinks and experiences something.
And that is also dangerous once again, at least like that, that the human being on earth does not understand him, and it may not happen.
People must not be able to say: “That man is ‘round the bend’!”
Or everything will no longer have any meaning.
And then there comes to his life:
“Can you see me, André?
Look into my little heart.
But you will see the All-Source inside me.
Do you know how I reached the conscious realm of colours?
Do you accept that I am father and mother?
Can you see my calyx?
Can you feel my heart?
Can you see that I give birth?
But do not forget the other life!
Do you know who impregnates me?
And do you know my depth, André?
Do you know that I can represent seven grades and that I created my family myself?
Yes, that is very simple humanly, of course, but I mean the spatial grades.
And that is something else entirely.
Can you hear me?
My soul and spirit can explain to you why it is like that.
We are also soul, spirit and personality.
Just like the human being, but that worm there at your feet will remain here on earth, that life is afterbirth.
And you see that in the waters and on land, wherever you are, you will come across this life.
Did Mother Water not tell you that?
Are you not answering yet, André?
Do you not believe me and us?
That woman next to you is behaving strangely, André.
The man thinks that you will go crazy from hunger.
Can you feel now that we know in what state you are living there?”
He does not react.
But he hears everything.
And then there comes:
“You must call him Jeus, I think.”
And then the other life says again:
“He cannot hear you, he is the Master.
And then there comes to André from afar: “J E U SSS?
Can you not hear us?”
He gets a fright.
Are they not talking about his life and Jeus there?
It is a gentle melancholic sound, it vibrates in his life of feeling, it is happiness and space, it is as if people are carrying him.
Yes, it does him good, it gives him something else, but then he begins to think for himself.
The human being has a soul and spirit, and is a personality.
A flower is soul and spirit, and the personality of a flower is both the stem and the flower, and that is also the space.
A dog has a soul and a cat too, a bird too.
They all have a personality and they are grades of life for nature, the animal world and for the human being, and that can be distinguished from each other here.
But also for the world.
That all came from the waters.
“Yes, I am that far, I heard you a moment ago, my sweet ones?
Do you know”, he gives to the life, “that all of you were born from me?
From the human being.
Also the water, even if I know that I appeared in that world by means of the separations.
Now just tell me what is on your mind, little dears?
I will listen now.”
And now he waits a moment and then there comes:
“Now the big moment has come that we experience the being one.
Now the moment has come that we are understood and the human being knows for what purpose we live and God created us.
We became light tonight.
And then, because of Father, we got colour.
There are large and small species, you surely know that, because there are stars and planets, there is also a Milky Way, André.
And that was born, because there are also worms.
Is that not crazy?”
“No, that is not crazy, just go a bit further.
Explain that to me, dear?”
He now gets: “You are open to it, André.
After all, the Milky Way which people talk about there, are meaningless suns together.
They are millions of suns and are post-creation, they are crumbs of the whole universe.
Is that not true?
Post-creation means, to belong to something of which the actual grade of life has died out, has accepted the world of existence.
And then the ape came, André, and the worm.
But the worm in the ground does not have an existing world and does not return to God, the ape does.
Can you feel now what I mean?
So the Milky Way is the remaining life of the universe.
When everything for fatherhood and motherhood got the own task in their hands, can you still hear me, there was life left.
Is that not clear now?”
“I understand it, children, you make me happy.”
“Will you say it again, André?”
“I am happy, because I have understood you.
I believe that it is true.”
“But this is the truth, André.
I am just a meaningless little flower.
I can hardly be seen.
But you have species and they are the grades of life for our world.
Do you not know that we stem from the Orchid?
But then we still lived in the jungle.
So when that first life began the own existence, some life remained and by means of that we got the life and the own existence.
And that is a sun too, so the Milky Way means nothing for this universe.
But you will soon get to know that and then you will give us all your love, because you will feel that we have told the truth.
Are you happy now?”
“I am, dears.
So you know the Divine process?”
“Can you not hear that then?
Is this nonsense?
We are Wayti!”
“I know it, yes you are.”
“Well, then you can also follow everything.
But the people disturb you, don’t they?”
“What did you say?”
“That there are people sitting next to you.
They are disturbing you.”
“My dear child, I cannot see any people.”
“Then just look, André, a man and a woman are sitting next to you.
You are still there.
But do you know how happy you make us?”
“I know it.
What are you called?”
“I am called child of God.”
“That sounds great.
Child of God is beautiful.
Of course, it is beautiful.”
And he utters these words.
But he hears it being said to his spirit and soul through everything of the earth:
“Do not let yourself be disturbed by those people.
I want to be one with you, André.”
“Yes, child of God, it will come, but the people still do not know it.”
And then the little woman sitting next to him asks why he is suddenly standing on both feet, the day-consciousness immediately answers:
“Is there something the matter, sir?”
“No, there is nothing, madam.
I did not even see you.”
“I noticed that, sir, you were staring into space like that and you were talking to yourself.
You are a happy being, sir, you are beaming, you are so far away, sir.”
“Yes, madam, I am happy.”
“In these times, sir?
Not everyone can say that.”
“It is true, madam, but there is nothing the matter with me.”
“I thought that you were sad.
And it is as if you were no longer here.
Do you know that you have stared in front of you for almost an hour?”
“Then it is time, madam, that I moved on.”
“These are difficult times, sir.
Every human being has to experience misery.
Our child is in Germany and we do not hear anything from him.
Isn’t it terrible?
Isn’t it awful what will happen every day?
And then those cursed things, those V2s?
Will this war never come to an end?
We people experience nothing but misery.
How can God approve of that now?
Is there a God?”
He looks and does not say anything.
The mother waits for an answer.
Her husband also looks past her and right in his face.
Friendliness comes to him.
They are good people, these old ones.
He still cannot tear himself from the flower life, those little ones there are still talking.
Both worlds want to talk, but this mother is ahead of the life of Mother Nature and says:
“All of this must depress you too, sir.”
“Not so bad, mother, lady, because I know that it is not God who created all of this.
It is we people.”
“If you see it like that?
I wish I could see it like that, sir, but that is not so simple.
Are there still people who can believe in God?
My husband and I can no longer do it.
Why are we people tortured so much?
Can God not intervene then?
How can He approve of this?
We are starving.
And soon when the winter begins?
I cannot bear to think about it.”
“And yet it is not God, madam.
It is we people!”
“Are you kidding us that we wanted war?”
“That is something else again, madam.
But do you know the being far away and staying close by?”
“What did you say?”
“Whether you felt that there is no death.”
“Death is death, sir.
Don’t make us laugh.
Did one human being ever come back from another world?
Where are all those people who died then?
Whom people put in the ground?
Are they still alive?
I cannot bear to think about it.”
“But there is no death, madam.
The human being has no faith in God, who is still a God of Love.
The human life of feeling has become rigid.
But there is a God of Love!
It will take too long, this journey, otherwise I would want to explain it to you.
We do not have that much time anymore now.
But your life is suitable for it.
The being close and the staying far away, madam, means that our thoughts can reach Him.
And that is God!
God can receive our thoughts, but then you must see Him as a Father of Love.
And that is the truth!
It is only then that your thoughts will go higher and higher.
That can be experienced, madam.
If a little seed separates itself somewhere and the wind lifts up the little life, then the wind carries this life to other peoples and other countries, so where the new life then begins.
And now it is being far away close by.
That becomes unity, madam.
That becomes one life.
And that life also has soul and spirit and attunement with God.
In this way you suddenly stand before strange and curious flowers.
Mother Nature can give you an answer.”
“Sir is surely an academic?”
“After all, you speak about nature and you understand it, don’t you?”
“Me, no, madam, I am not an academic.
Not me.”
“And why do you think so far away from life then?”
“Because life wants to speak to me, madam.”
“Is that possible?
Which life, sir?
I cannot hear anything.”
“Here, madam, all life can talk to you ...!
And all life has something to say.
Isn’t it true, little one?”
“What did you say?”
“Little one, but that is not you, madam.
That is the child of God.”
“What did you say just now?
The child of God?
Are there children of God on earth?”
“Can you not see them laughing, madam?
Can you not hear those delicate little voices?
Oh, they are so happy.”
The woman does not know what to do anymore.
The lady’s eyes nearly popped out of her head.
The man lets slip:
“Suitable for Rosenburg.”
And André now reacts as fast as lightening and says:
‘Is that not the mental institution, sir?
That building is on the Loosduinseweg, I think.”
“Precisely, it is something like that’, is the short answer. And he asks:
“Why do you want to have me there, sir?
Do I look like an insane person?
Why are you snapping that in my face?
Is life so strange for you?
All the life of God are children, sir.
You have a universe to experience, but you do not see the life.”
“So you are an academic after all, sir?”
“No, madam, I am not that, at least not for the world.
But I know exactly what I am saying, madam, and I am not crazy either.
If a human being can talk with the life in nature, is that behaving crazily then?
If you see and feel more than another human being, is that an insane carry-on?
The life wants to talk, madam.”
Sir says: “Never heard of it.
Probably has nothing to do with history?”
“Everything, sir, more than that.
Can you not see the realm of colours of Our Lord?”
“You are probably a theologist?
Aren’t you?”
“No, madam, fortunately I am not.
No, I am not an ecclesiastical priest.”
“Oh, but then I know, you are a poet.”
“It is a bit like that, madam.
It touches Rosenburg and also the mental institution.
It has something of both.
Have you never seen the red and the yellow of the Moon, but then at the same time, and absorbed it into your life, madam?
Have you never talked to the Moon in and during the last quarter?
Then the Sun is bad, really angry, do you see?
And then you can listen to a wonderful conversation.
Sometimes it is like a drama.
But everything actually lives in there which we people are looking for.”
Wrong, André.
The people look at him and do not know what to do anymore!
It is just like a shock.
Good heavens, what have I started, he thinks.
Now make the most of a bad job, they think that I am crazy.
And immediately he gives the answer when there comes:
“But now without joking, madam, did you really think, madam, dear people, that I am an academic?”
“Going by the nonsense you told’, sir answers, ‘you would say ‘yes’.
But what do you actually do?”
“I was thinking, sir.
Yes, I was thinking far from home.
As a child I spoke to the life in nature and now it is coming back to me.”
“That is because of the hunger oedema, of course.
Yes, I know that meditating.
Last week I thought that we were sitting at the table before a great dinner.
There was the finest wine.
Man, how I feasted.
I am starting to understand you, sir.
You are a victim like us, it is the hunger.
It is strange too.
One person dreams of good food, you seek it in nature.
Others dream about peace again.
And that is because of our empty stomachs.
We went for a walk now in order to conquer our hunger.
Didn’t we, wife?
But I must honestly say, you are far away from home.
Just watch out, it has already gone to your head.
Do you know that you can go insane because of hunger?
There have already been enough taken away, it is only hunger!
And in addition to that, sir, it is now perilous on the street.
They lift you and put you behind bars because you are crazy.
But come on, wife, we will carry on.
You are surely going home, aren’t you?”
“I want to dream on for a bit, sir.
I greet you.
Thanks for all your kindness.”
“Be careful, young man.”
“Yes, mother, I will take care of myself.”
These lives shuffle off, chuckling.
They do not know it.
But I am a big ass, he gives himself a beating now, a dope, I should have restrained myself.
He looks at the sign  ‘No Jews’... and now knows that he is on earth again.
A moment later he hears his Master say:
“And, André, were the little ones kind to you?”
“Yes, Master, it was wonderful.”
“But you made mistakes.”
“I know it, my Master.
I had to divide both worlds and I had to remain myself.
But that will not happen again.”
“What was this unity like?”
“It is an overwhelming feeling, Master.”
“Can you feel, André, that you have learned a great deal today?”
“Yes, Master, I am so grateful to you.
I will do my best.”
“You can experience this unity, but always hold onto the earthly life by means of concentration, or you will sink away from this life.”
“Yes, Master I know it now.
I should have answered these people and at the same time experienced the other life.
I have learned it, my Master.”
“See you soon, André, go further, I will continue to watch.
We will soon be that far.”
He descends into that world for a moment, hears the talking again and tears himself away.
He goes back consciously, this happening was wonderful.
He would not want to miss it for the world, it is such happiness.
And then he can ask questions for himself.
He now knows how it should be done and that gives him growth and wisdom of life.
The ‘Introduction’ is finished, we can now go further, he has laid the first foundations for the Cosmology.
This is actually everything for his life.
But Master Alcar connects him for a moment to the universe and Wayti talks back, takes him in her arms, gives to his life what she experienced, by means of which he becomes rarefied, spiritualises.
He gets two days in order to deal with the writing.
He must be free from this feeling, because we will now experience the universe.
It is evening again, when he hears the voice of Wayti.
“Can you hear me, André?”
“Is it you, Wayti?”
“Yes, it is me, my Prince, I have something to tell you.
Will you come to me?
You are now learning something else, André.”
“What is it?”
“When you think of me, I will elevate you into my life.
You can now protect yourself.
You have learned that, I see.
Come now, the Masters will be coming soon.”
Evening falls, he is sitting there on the little balcony and attunes himself to the universe.
He still does not know that the disembodiment has began, but that will soon be clear to him.
He flies away from the earth at a fast speed, but remains consciously one with his organism.
If people ask him questions there, he can answer, no one can see that his life has been divided.
The ancient Egyptians were also able to do this.
The Great Winged ones in the Temple of Ra, Ré and Isis were Gods then.
They served, André also serves, but for a different age.
This time demands everything from his personality.
They lived there in peace and calm, had their own environment, were carried, cherished, he must deal with everything alone and has nothing, no help from the earth.
But he goes further than those people ever could and it will soon be clear to you by means of the wisdom which he receives.
Now he consciously enjoys this splitting of personality.
From the universe he looks at the earth and sees himself sitting there. He knows what will happen there and how miserable life is.
André now also feels his heart beating.
He will soon lie down there, carry out the material actions in order to go to sleep, by means of which he will have conquered both himself and the organism.
This is the highest which a human being can experience on earth.
This is now the Prince of the universe!
The Great Winged one!
Wayti pulls him into her life.
The human being conquers this universe, because it is the human being who must represent that God!
Also the other life, but we had to accept that from all the life, it serves the human being!
Because it was born from the human being.
That sounds improbable, but he now gets to experience those laws.
“Come close to me, André”, Wayti says.
“Yes, dear, I am already here.
Just looking at the earth.
That is another revelation for me.”
“I heard you talking there, André.
I followed you.
For that matter, all the life followed you.
Were those little ones not really nice to you?”
“Do you know it?”
“Of course, I was there, after all.
The All-Presence, my Prince, gives us that satisfaction and the people still have to master that.
It is only then that happiness will come to earth and the human being will feel Divine and the human being will be able to accept Him.
You will soonleave here.
You will not go back again now, André.”
“Is that possible?”
“You are now that far.
You will lie down and go to sleep.”
“It is wonderful, Wayti, if only I can give that to the people.
You told me, and I know that, that you are millions of years old.
When Dante left the earth, did you also feel him and speak to him?”
“No, not that.
That man did not see me.
That man could not have experienced this, André.
Or he would have made something entirely different of it.
He was not in Isis.
Nor in Ra, nor in Ré, or he would have written something entirely different.
Do you believe me?”
“I know, because he should have said something about it.”
“The little ones were talking about the Milky Way, weren’t they?
It is a strange name.
But that is true, André.
They are the little crumbs, not post-creation, but precisely that by means of which God created himself and is now part of His garment.
You will now experience that, I know it.
Oh, André, where are you going now?
Tell me, what am I like in the Divine All?
Will you come back to me?
You must now experience the Divine All, it is only then that you will know all the laws.
Have a rest, give your spirit a rest, I will watch out.”
He lies down in the universe and goes to sleep.
But he sees that he is acting on earth.
He is talking there and is giving a human answer.
They are short answers, but conscious in every thought.
He gets undressed, waits a moment until the woman dozes off, now draws all that other consciousness to himself and feels that he is free from all the systems.
“How can it be”, he utters, “I have also achieved that.”
“Wayti, I am free, did you see it?”
“This is why I wanted you to go and rest, André.
You could not do two things at the same time in this.
Is that not wonderful?
Now you can remain awake.
Look for yourself, you are sleeping there and you are awake here.
That is the conquering of the material life.
Every human being will get that; one day all those children will have to begin with that.
But can you feel my love, André?”
“Yes, Wayti, all of you.”
“You can now enjoy this splitting, André.
You look from the universe at the earth and the staying far away is the being close by.
After all, you are there and here at the same time, aren’t you?
Those people did not understand that.
But it is this.
The earth also has to accomplish her task.
She is not sleeping, but the bible writers made a terrible mistake.
God did not create any light for the night, because it is never night here.
We always live by means of the light and that is my Father.
It is the Sun!
And my Mother gets the light from Father ... Why did those people not understand that?
Why did those people create so much misery?
Now religious maniacs have come, only because of that nonsense, André.
And you will now remove that from the earth.
Isn’t it true?”
“Yes, Wayti.”
“The life of the human being will become overwhelming if he understands this.
And then he will start to feel that he is like God.
That is possible now for the first time, André, they still used to be animals.
Animals like human beings, and they lived in the waters.
You know that, for that matter, don’t you?”
“I know it, dear.”
“Look there, André, my sister is disappearing from this universe.
That is always a revelation again.
It is different for the human being and animal.
But she is dying now, if you wish to call it dying.
The academics think that she will get a place again somewhere in the universe.
But we are evaporating.
We have completed our task.
We are going further and higher.
Can you see her flying?”
“I can see the wonder, Wayti.”
“You can experience that here every second.
You can call that life and death, the Masters will also tell you about that and connect you with the next stage.
The life will continue in this way, one day this universe will be empty again, but then we will all have completed our task.
And that emptiness will come!”
“That is understandable, Wayti, and we people will be on the next grades of life.”
“Can you already feel the Masters, André?”
“Yes, dear, I will go further soon.
I must attune myself to Master Alcar.
He is elevating me to his life and consciousness.
I will be here for another moment.”
“Yes, then you will go further, but you will come back to me.
Can you hear those beautiful voices?
Can you see all those people, André?”
“Yes, dear, I know where they are going.”
“Millions of people go through the universe in order to learn the laws of God.
You see, they are talking to me.
But this being one if you are still on earth is wonderful.
Those here are discovering grade after grade and are preparing themselves for the Divine study.
Can you see those beautiful garments?”
“I can see everything, Wayti, it is wonderful.”
“Get ready, you will be leaving soon, André.
Can you feel it?”
“Yes, the Masters are thinking about me.
Master Alcar is coming here.
I can already see Master Zelanus.
And I will think about you when I am there.”
“Oh, you make me so happy, André.”
“But I will not forget you.
I will also think about my Crisje.”
“I know Crisje.”
“I know that, because you know all the people.”
“I know about every human drama, André.”
“That cannot be any different, because you are conscious, spatially one with all the life.”
“Do you know why the Jews are beaten like that, André?”
“Yes, dear, after all, I received the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’.
They must accept Christ and everything will be different.”
“Just look into my eyes and then go, André.”
“I will do it, Wayti, gladly.”
“Can you still feel my living heart?”
“I also want to experience that.”
“The Masters are there, André.”
“Yes, my dear, I will go now.
My Wayti?”
“My God?”
“My eternal happiness?”
“I will never forget you, Wayti.”
“I know, we are and will remain one.”
“Wonderful happiness, my life wants to greet you.
But I will come back.
I am going now, the Masters are there.”
“Goodbye, Prince.”
“Goodbye, my everything.”
This life is free from the universe.
We have followed all of this, we elevate him to the spatial laws and go further.
Yes, André, we are there, our journey can begin.
On earth there is struggling and misery, in the universe eternal happiness.
All this sacredness lives for the human being!
And the God of all life wanted that.
We have made it through, we have conquered those laws, we were able to lay hundreds of foundations.
Happiness, André, millions of people from our life followed you, all of them know what is waiting for you now.
Now we are laying the Divine foundations for the new bible.
“Goodbye, my Master.”
“André, we are one again.
Attune yourself to the next stage.
We are also ready.”
And now further!
The God of all life wants us to go further.
And the Divine Conscious being is expecting us!
How will the laws manifest themselves?
From the light which comes to us we can now see that those foundations were also laid.
The universe is speaking to us.