The Astral and Material Cosmos

André is consciously attuned again to the life of the universe, conscious in order to think for the Cosmology and for his spatial contact with us.
He looks into the eyes of master Alcar and his concentration is perfect now, the weeks which passed, took him to the life of God and opened him to a lot.
Now we may go further and deeper, the human being himself wants to serve!
Master Alcar now says:
“You can see it, my brothers, we may go further.
You, André, are giving us that opportunity.
You tuned your life there into the material revelations and all the life of God helped you.
Because you wanted to open your life, that unity was possible and every human being of the earth has to master that.
You cannot experience any improbability in this.
All the life can speak and possess an own timbre, it can serve us as human being, God therefore created it for this purpose.
And that is possible on earth, many initiates experienced something similar.
You were one from soul and feeling, André, you have now conquered all the material disorders.
Did you feel how wonderful it is?”
“Yes, master.
I am very grateful to you.
I thank God for this sacredness.”
“You can now also explain the happening for yourself?”
“That is also possible for me, master.
I was connected to the Divine core for all life.
And then the wonder happened.
At that moment I felt my own consciousness dissolve, but I also felt that I was not allowed to lose myself.
And then the consciousness of the universe entered my life and called itself Wayti!
And I myself became completely one, elevated to another grade of life.
It is the material law of life created by God, but since I possess the highest consciousness as a human being , that material got, I saw and experienced that, master, the experiencing for that.
I made some mistakes, that was at that moment when those people came to me and Wayti and all the life also told me about that.
But my consciousness brought me further, through that law of life, and I got new thinking and feeling.
I found it strange only for a moment, because the wonderful part of it took me by surprise.
And then those voices, my master.
That spatial Wayti.”
“Precisely, my brother, it is the Divine Wayti!
But can you feel the power of this word?”
“I felt it, master.
It is supernatural.
It is life and light, it is knowledge!
It is love!
It is fatherhood and motherhood!
When all my life has been filled by this Wayti?
What will I feel like then?
Wayti ... I want to bless myself by means of the spatial Wayti, my master.
I want to be like a star, a tree, like the water, like a flower, like all the life of God.
I know it, master Alcar, I now feel what you and master Zelanus possess, I also want to be Cosmically conscious!”
“And that is possible now, my brother André.
But come, we are leaving.
It is now my goal to bring your life to spatial unity.
We will experience the Divine Revelations for the astral and the material cosmos.
By means of this you will receive the Cosmic consciousness.
If you can lay these foundations, however your life is spoken to later on earth, you will be able to attune yourself to a law, and it is only then that that law of life will speak for your being and personality and you will be one with everything!
Then you will no longer have to search for the laws of God, at the same moment, if you attune yourself to something, that life will speak and will then tell you about the own evolution!
We have to master that and everyone in the Spheres of Light possesses that, only the fourth sphere will place it in your hands.
And for that purpose you as a human being will have to love all the life of God.
That is the Wayti!
Wayti is therefore experiencing everything. Wayti gives you the contact with all the life created by God.
By means of this we experience the creations.
Every soul created by God, enters His University by means of this.
And people can only reach that on earth and on this side by means of Golgotha.
Therefore love everything which lives and you will go further.
Love and you will never be alone.
Love and the life will touch yours and will show you the way in order to go further.
Because your Divine attunement watches over soul, spirit and material, over fatherhood and motherhood, your reincarnation.
Could it be any different?
No, because we followed the reality.
And this is why your experiencing on earth was wonderful, you received spiritual gold.
Do you now want to follow me?
We now live in the astral cosmos.
Then we will connect with the Moon, in order to establish how she began with her life.”
“We are ready, master” I gave as answer and André was also that far.
And then master Alcar says:
“Well, my brothers, millions of spiritual and material worlds originated.
The material was born from the astral cosmos.
Do you wish to attune yourself to that?
Our journey has now commenced.
And do you wish to see, master Zelanus, what happened in the meanwhile?”
I am ready, dear reader, because I know the laws and I know what my master means.
I can say:
“I will surrender to the laws, master.
I will explain to you what now speaks to my life.
In the way in which André experienced that on earth, I now receive the Divine truth, by means of which André will experience what he was able to receive there, and then he also sees this Divine truth.
I am still attuned at the moment to the material universe.
So I must go back for a moment, the universe forces me to do that.
What I now see, my brothers, is the sparkling universe in which we and Mother Earth live.
We are part of this universe.
The highest Masters are following me.
They have now elevated me to their consciousness, so the Divine supervision has now been tuned in, so that I cannot make any mistakes.
The Divine word is given to me.
That word comes under my heart, master.
I can feel the space beating under my heart, my blood circulation is speeding up, but I continue to control everything.
It is the inspiration which I receive and by means of which I am starting to follow and experience the Divine creations.
I have now become fertile, I will give birth and create.
These wonders take place because of my being one.
My life is growing, I now feel like God, as father and mother.
By means of my life of feeling, I represent the laws of growth and the grades of life for that.
Then I will enter that next independence and I can see the life awakening before me and becoming conscious.
I can now see that the astral cosmos has created the material.
And that happening represents God as ‘Mother’!
The life went from Motherhood to the creating capacity, and it was only then that one condensing followed the other, by means of which the life in the universe was given shape to.
It is amazing what I can see. And can you follow me?”
“Go further, we are experiencing everything.”
“I said a moment ago, my brothers, that the material cosmos was born from the astral and that applies to all the life which we will get to know.
However, if I descend to the laws for this birth and reincarnation, then I will experience millions of revelations and the reincarnation of every cell; and it gives me growth, both spiritual and material awakening.
Then I will immediately stand before the laws of life and death, which is the going further for the material space and the life speaks the language of becoming conscious which was obtained.
God gave himself to all life and we people got that in our hands.
This now takes me to the seven times of revelation.
They are therefore the seven transitions before the actual law occurred.
We will now follow how wonderful this is.
God split himself into myriad particles, but for the universe, after this the embryonic life was born, because every cell got to experience these laws.
Now those life cells as suns and planets got to experience the own existence.
God goes further!
Every cell gets to experience Universe.
Every world is one cell, however deep and wonderful that life is.
Sun and Moon are only cells of God and so get an own existence.
However, they serve fatherhood and motherhood, which occurred because of the planets.
But the macrocosmos occurred from this process of millions.
All the life must follow what God brought about in the infinite for the universe .
Now they must represent His will in order to return to the All.
The universe would condense this life, but every spark, every part of God possesses His attunement.
If you feel this, my brothers, it must be clear to you that God filled His universe by means of this.
In the millions of ages which passed the life was able to condense itself, but by means of the Divine harmonic laws.
The Sun got to accept the creating power for the universe.
The Sun as Father served the principle of giving birth, motherhood.
The task imposed upon this life was the materialization of all these sparks for the universe.
So the organs radiating light, my master, take care of reproduction.
And we see that dominating power as laws again as grades of life, and we are capable of establishing the own independence and depth of that.
God created three following grades of life for this space.
As main planets these are: Moon, Mars and the Earth.
They were connected to each other and accepted this Cosmic unity.
Then the secondary planets were born.
These three planets would continue the life of God.
God placed that in the hands of these bodies, they would divide themselves and then we see the life for human being, animal and plant.
We will follow what that development was like.
We have to accept, that the material universe was born for this.
The image, my master, which I therefore see is that this life got life from the PrimalSource.
You can now see, I am connected to that, that the Sun is already becoming stronger.
Because of this motherhood reaches awakening, and that is the Moon.
Because now that the universe is directly attuned to the human life, we must be able to see, and be able to establish according to the grades of life, by what means God was able to attune His powers to this process of condensing and was able to speed up this process of being born.
Because of this, my brothers, we see that the universe will create and give birth to new life, and that means, that more universes will originate, and so this universe still cannot be the Divine All.
This life is still not that far!
But soon we will see those worlds.
They will then be the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and the Seventh Cosmic Grades of Life, the Seventh of which represents the Divine All.
You will also receive the answer for this.
So it is clear, that I must now receive and experience that, that this universe has created following grades of life as laws and worlds.
And then we will stand before the Growing Universe.
What you must now experience is, how the Sun gave her powers to Motherhood, by means of which life originated, and we will soon establish that when we see the material cell as a grade of life for us.
It is only then that we will be capable of following the material being born.
So the ‘knowledge’ of the universe enters my life.
This Divine Revelation lives in me.
I can see and feel that this life centre has received the conscious serving by means of the Sun.
And is also still fed now, so for the present stage.
If you feel this, it will tell you how the first grade gave the next grade life and created it.
The cell will possess everything and therefore has Divine attunement, but seeing and admiring besides ... how those systems got the own independence, for God as harmony, and the laws of life.
I now surrender myself to your life, if you want, we can make comparisons.”
Master Alcar immediately asks us, first André:
“I understood everything. How can these laws be established, André, if we want to see that humanly, for the animal and naturally?”
“I can see these laws, my master, if I follow myself.
Also the animal on earth and for Mother Nature.
I now see again on earth what master Zelanus saw and experienced.
After all, all the life became father and mother.”
“Indeed, my brothers, this can be followed.
God first placed his laws in the hands of Sun and Moon.
By means of these bodies we got His laws and revelations in our hands as humanbeings.
There is no difference for animal and human being, but we as human beings got the highest consciousness.
And that means, master Zelanus?”
“That the universe has still remained Father and Mother.
We must accept that Sun and Moon materialized those laws, and we could begin with our lives.”
“Precisely, it is true.
Soon Sun and Moon will give us those convincing truths.
There is no existence outside of fatherhood and motherhood; and are therefore the essential laws for the universe, and later when the life as spark of God begins with the own existence.
But people on earth think that the Sun is Mother.
Because of this we can establish that the astronomer never gets to know the Divine plan.
We already stand here before the mistakes.
That is the struggle with the reality.
The planets will give birth and the suns will create.
They are the very highest laws which got condensing by means of God and by which means He was able to reveal himself.
If we now enter the following stage, then we will see that the Sun began with the own condensing.
This weak light gets Divine meaning for this universe, in which we now are.
It becomes the paternal and maternal awakening to a macrocosmic attunement and means that the universe begins with that independence.
What I see, my brothers, is that the universe has divided itself.
Every cell now, goes further and has to accept an own task.
Every cell follows these Divine laws.
And is only motherhood and fatherhood.
By means of this the Divine creation got to experience the evolution.
Wherever we will be, we will experience these laws as fatherhood and motherhood there.
And fatherhood and motherhood will take us directly to the next grade of life.
That will become our Divine contact, my brothers!
But millions of grades of life were born and al those worlds, however great and small, represent God and only have one purpose, in order to spiritualise and materialise themselves, which is the returning to God!
My question is now, master André, how many grades of life were born as universes?
You already saw that, so you must know it.”
And André is ready when he says:
“Seven subsequent grades of life were born master.”
“By what means did those seven grades of life get the own existence?”
“By means of the first revelations from the All-Source.”
“That is correct, my brothers.
So we see those worlds again.
We can now already see those worlds as material grades of life for the universe, because they condensed themselves.
It is the Divine process of revelation by means of which these grades of life became visible as transitions.
So that happened!
They are seven subsequent stages of condensing and we were able to behold them on our last journey.
They will later be of tremendous meaning.
We will then see that God also had to accept pre-stages and means: the life was not suddenly finished, that took millions of years.
What does this mean for the human being on earth, master Zelanus?”
“That God did not create any world in one day, master.
And that the bible begins with untruth!”
“It is true and that can now already be established.
Indeed, the bible writers gave the human being an image which is in conflict to the Divine reality.
But we will come back to that several times.
What we must do now is follow and analyse fatherhood and motherhood for the universe.
It is only then that we will stand before Sun and Moon, before fatherhood and motherhood.”