Fatherhood and Motherhood for the Universe

Master Alcar continues and says: “If we follow this natural being born, my brothers, then we experience God’s infinity, the materialisation of His life and being.
And all of that is Love!
Every grade of life represents Him as Father and Mother, because it is He.
And then we see the process of blossom and growth, the growing and condensing, the splitting and every independence awakens.
Which comparisons must we make, if we want to experience the universe, Master Zelanus?”
“What comes into me, master, is, to follow by what means the material universe created itself, and then, what all of this means as one whole.
And then fatherhood separates itself from motherhood.
So Sun and Moon, but by means of which new life came.”
“That is what we have to follow.
This whole universe now, my brothers, is actually only two laws.
You can look over this awe-inspiring universe, if you follow and want to accept fatherhood and motherhood.
There is no more to it!
It is these laws which determined our life.
They takes us back to God.
Because the universe was able to condense itself, the life of God could go further.
So bodies live in here which represent the creating and giving birth principle and yet other bodies, which belong to this whole, but got another task because they originated again from the first one.
Is that clear?
Can you feel what I mean, André?”
“Yes, master, I understand what this means.
After all, there are planets which have never known motherhood or fatherhood.”
“That’s it.
This is it, to which we go and which we have to follow.
And those planets are, Master Zelanus?”
“For example, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Venus, my master, and many other bodies which we can perceive.”
“Indeed, the masters take us there.
So we have to determine how this whole lives and by what means this universe got that independence, and then, what the essential laws are for the universe and our human existence.
And that is fatherhood and motherhood.
What I must experience is that God was attuned to those laws during the first hours before His creations.
So the giving birth from the Primal Source created new fatherhood and motherhood.
The Sun condensed itself.
But the universe ripped apart.
And that ripping apart happened for these laws, for fatherhood and motherhood as the very highest possibilities for the existence, after which we then follow the growing and condensing.
But because those first foundations were laid, six following stages occurred, after all, the universe condensed itself subsequently.
That could not happen at once.
But fatherhood and motherhood were absorbed and materially condensed by Sun and Moon. Then the life for the macro cosmos could begin.
Now look into the present stage, to which we and André belong, and all the life in the universe.
Attune yourself to that life and that consciousness and we will follow that development.
Now that means, that God condensed himself by means of the firmament.
And further?
We determine the own evolution from the position of the planets.
Now we stand before the: why does the Earth live there and the Moon over there and did Mars get that space?
By means of the radiating powers of the Sun the life condensed itself.
It is and is now therefore becoming clear to us that the place of a planet has Divine meaning and that can soon be seen and experienced, by means of which we, now the answer will follow, experience and then can also accept the harmonic laws.
So if we ask for the Earth and her children: why did God create a universe, the Divine answer is:
“God split himself by means of Fatherhood and Motherhood.”
Those are laws. But the stars and planets and the suns would possess those laws and continue the life of God by means of that.
That is now our own process of evolution, also for animal and Mother Nature.
And not one little spark will be able to avoid this.
The soul now as a spark of God is for the universe a planet, or a sun, a star and haze.
There is no more to it.
But every spark must develop itself, must return to the All-Source.
Those are the pure and sacred laws of God, and mean Love!
By experiencing the harmony, we, and all the life, enter His will in order give birth and to create.
And then we see that one life serves, gives itself for that life, gives birth and creates.
Now all this life has to accomplish an own task.
And now you cannot ask: why did I not become a planet and sun?
Why do I belong to the animal world or to nature?
Those are laws and the life will tell you to which conscious or unconscious law of life you belong and will represent.
If you want to follow that we must experience the Moon.
But that will come soon, we will first follow the origin of the universe as far as the Divine All, it is only then that we will begin with our own existence.
What meaning does the universe get now, André?”
“That we will get hold of all of this, master.
The universe is represented by millions of sparks of God, but they must serve us as human beings, they were condensed for our life.
So I as a human being get hold of the pater(nal) and maternal laws.”
“And then there follows, Master Zelanus?”
“Birth and reincarnation, my master.”
“That is also revealed to us in this.
By means of reincarnation we go higher and further.
But this going higher, you will see that, is entering the next stage.
By means of this our life and consciousness grow, which we see and can follow by means of the Sun, her condensing and growth is likewise an awakening for all the life in the universe and can be seen on earth.
Every little part here is now also a spark of His personality, the materialised representation of His Life, Soul and Spirit, Fatherhood and Motherhood and wants to be: Love!
Is that clear to you?
I see these laws and they can also be followed for your life.
In order to determine this now, my brothers, we make a journey through the universe and we see fatherhood and motherhood materialised again.
Because the Divine All wants that.
Nothing is capable of leading us astray.
And that is the analysis for all the life of God and the child of Mother Earth.
The own grade of life now tells us whether we stand before fatherhood and motherhood, or before a grade of life which has nothing to do with these essential laws.
What will we experience now, André?”
“The Divine Personality, my master.”
“You see, that is the intention, by means of this we get to know God as a universe.
And it follows, that we see that every spark is a little part of His Divine All, but was taught to us by the All-Source.
So souls of His Soul, Spirit, Light, Life, Fatherhood and Motherhood, but as materialised laws, as grades of life and independences.
Is that correct, master Zelanus?”
“Yes, my master, I can see it.”
“Even if we soon enter the human existence, you will still see that every spark, even if that life belongs to the universe, is embryonic, because the All-Source possesses the infinite, the immense; and means, Master Zelanus?”
“That an end to this universe, however immense, can be experienced.”
“I thank you, because that is correct.
That cannot be seen from the earth, but we experience an end; and means, André?”
“That we then enter the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life, my master.”
“That answer is also correct.
Indeed, we can go millions of years further and still experience an end; and is then, André?”
“The higher becoming conscious for a grade of life.”
“And we see, master Zelanus?”
“A new sun, star, planet, master, and a new space, because all this life will both evolve and create.”
“So these are the foundations on which we build further.
And we can determine that from the universe.
We do not need to go to a star and planet, that will happen soon, but then we will experience that actual core, for ourselves, the animal and Mother Nature.
It is true, André the star with which you experienced the spatial oneness, is a child of the Moon and the Sun, and therefore says that we and all the life will give birth and create.
Because now that Sun and Moon are finite in this universe, the life will also have to accept those laws, but goes further and higher.
By means of this the life must go back to God, the conscious Divine All, but by means of which it emerges: the human being is Divine, it is all the life of God!
Because the‘Age of Christ’ has started, this Divine wisdom comes to earth, it was not possible before.
So, because of the Divine creations, as fatherhood and motherhood, God speaks to His created life and that life will have to represent Him.
Can an academic now accept from the earth that all of this is Love?
That the universe only wants to be fatherhood and motherhood?
People look from the earth at this wonderful process, but do not understand it.
How simple everything is again, how close to our life, after all, are we not father and mother?
How profoundly are we connected to God when we are father and mother?
We got hold of that gift by means of the universe.
So if people know these laws, the life on earth will change and the human being will get to know His Creator.
Now this wonderful life as a being lies open to the life on earth.
Now look at the stars, suns and planets and absorb all this being born.
Sense that the Sun has remained creating, but that the Moon became Mother and still is, even if she has completed her task for the present stage.
And it is only then that the paternal and maternal authority of this universe lives under your human heart.
What we now see is that millions of sparks of God represent and possess fatherhood and motherhood at a macrocosmic attunement.
The life lives on by means of those millions of sparks, one has to do with the other and finds attunement to the previous one, by means of which we see the grades of condensing.
And then we stand before the dominating bodies and are still always: fatherhood and motherhood!
God placed these powers and forces in our hands.
You can now say: I know for what purpose I live!
Mother Earth lives over there.
We know her life and consciousness.
You see her as a sickle, in the East it is day, the West experiences night.
And Mother Earth herself has that in her hands.
She traces her orbit of life for night and light. or the life would burn, she makes night, if she wants to continue her life.
We will soon get to know those wonderful laws, but now it already means to you that it is her higher becoming conscious by means of which she must experience these laws, which the Moon as mother did not know.
But why not, Master Zelanus?”
“Because the life of the Moon would then cool down, and we and all the other life would be frozen.”
“That is correct, but science does not know that yet.
People there, so on earth, still have to determine those possibilities.
We can follow those revelations and take them to analysis according to the truth.
And that means, André?”
“The macro cosmos has created the micro cosmos.”
“Indeed, it is true!
It is a wonderful experiencing, but originated by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
What now speaks to me is, that we will see these three macrocosmic grades of life again on the Fourth Cosmic Grade, but then as one world.
Isn’t it true, everything evolves, this is the beginning, the origin of the life, but other laws of becoming conscious will work further and finish this life and take it back to God.
What we will admire on the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life will be wonderful, because that universe must already represent the actual Divine Plan!
So what lies spread out in this universe, and is divided up as three grades of life, forms one world for the Fourth Cosmic Grade, and we will see that there.
By means of this we experience how the All-Source wanted it.
What must be clear to us is that this universe gave the material foundations to the life of God.
But that this universe still cannot represent the Divine All, because that perfection as a Divine attunement is still not there!
Is that clear to you, Master Zelanus?”
“Yes, master, and that can be followed from our astral life.”
“That is also true, my brothers, because we could continue our human life.
We also get to know those worlds.
So for this whole universe three grades of life speak to our consciousness.
By means of this we get contact with the higher grade.
So we went from planet to planet and reached the Earth, in order to conquer her universe again and to go further. But now to the astral world!
In order to prepare ourselves again there for the Fourth Cosmic Grade.
We still see now that there is night, that a planet needs night in order to protect itself and the life.
Do you think, master Zelanus, that this is also needed for the All-Existence, must be necessary?”
“No, master, that is not possible.”
“Why not?”
“Because we know that God is working eternally.
So we go to the eternal being awake, giving birth and creating consciousness.”
“So what does that mean?”
“That the Earth and this universe still have to awaken for the Divine.”
“I thank you for this answer.
Indeed, we go higher and higher, awaken and materialise our life, but by means of that we, and all the life in the universes, become more and more rarefied, because we return to the Divine stage.
That means that this universe only represents a beginning stage!
And we have to accept that.
Even if you are a human being, then you still have not reached the Divine.
Even if you are in the waters, you live in there, all that life evolves.
And means, André?”
“That we will soon see the life of the waters on the land again.”
“Your answer is also pure, because we will experience those laws.
Not only now for us as human beings, but also for the universe and in addition for Sun and Moon.
In this way we reach one whole.
Until we have analysed this universe, and we may go further.
Even if we look up to the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, all those lives must go further and will evolve.
So that life is temporary.
Even if the life of the Moon takes millions of ages, an end has come to this.
And now means to us as human beings that the Moon has already completed her task for this universe, because she is dying.
A falling star now, seen from the Earth is, we will see that soon, we will follow that for a moment, death for the universe, but it will become going further.
It is a following and new evolution!
These three macrocosmic grades of life now work on the human, animal and plant life.
We will later follow how that happened when we follow the human being born, and it is only then that we will get to know the animal-like, human independence, in which everything from God is present.
What concerns the masters is this, that we must bring precisely these first three grades of life for the next stage to the Divine analysis.
Because by means of this we experience the next stage.
What this universe now does as a whole is, as I already told you a moment ago, and you were able to follow, lay the foundations in order to be able to go higher as a human being.
So this universe was created for the human being; natural and following our life, the animal kingdom and Mother Nature.
All life now which the Earth possesses had to follow a Cosmic path and went further from planet to planet, but by means of fatherhood and motherhood; and got to experience and got hold of that raised world as an organ.
So laws of life and grades of life were born for this universe which would serve us as human beings.
We lived in the waters on the Moon, Mars already gave us the land consciousness, and Mother Earth the perfect one for this universe, because she got hold of that task by means of Sun and Moon.
Did God foresee this?
That is the All-Source!
But every law points us in that direction.
By means of the material revelations we see those next phenomena originate.
And that means, that Divine becoming conscious was given to all the life.
But this materialised life emerged from the invisible.
The soul as human being and as planet has to accept those laws!
What do these three Cosmic Grades of Life mean to us now, André?”
“That we got new life by means of the Moon.
And new life is growth, growth is becoming conscious, is life, light and love!”
“That is the truth!
We must accept this, because the laws of this universe tell us it and will give us it.
By means of this we conquer this universe.
And will one day experience, we also know that, the end on earth in order to then prepare ourselves for the Fourth Cosmic Grade!
And that will send us further and higher again after millions of ages, then we will enter the eternal and is the Divine conscious All!
Can God punish now?
Can He damn his own life?
To destroy one spark, if that was possible, would mean that all of this wonderful whole would collapse.
Even if that life is embryonic, it would not be possible for the universe, because now gaps would originate, holes and pits, and that is not possible, because every cell must represent God!
We perceive changes and they represent the Divine evolution.
That means, dying on earth becomes evolution!
And that evolution will become and is becoming conscious.
A death cannot be experienced anywhere, there is no death!
What is dying for the material eye, is for the universe and for all the life the going further for God, the returning to the Divine stage to which we and all the life belong.
So we must accept with certainty that the Fourth Cosmic Grade is one world.
We also experience that here, but this universe is subdivided by three grades, for the materialising and the spiritualising, for every spark of God!
Do you now feel how wonderful everything is?
And that we must go further for God, that all these macrocosmic sparks will give birth and create again?
That they create and give birth here for the Fourth Cosmic Grade?
Because that’s it!
By means of that we can go higher and we see that the universe changes, all the life has to accept those laws, and is only possible by means of fatherhood and motherhood!
We now determine for the human being of Mother Earth: the universe in which you live, was created by God in order to take us to His evolution.
The soul as a human being got the universe in its hands by means of this.
That is only possible by means of fatherhood and motherhood!
The planets and suns created those possibilities for us human beings and means, the macro cosmos created the micro cosmos.
Planets and suns live for that.
The first three Cosmic Grades of life have no other meaning!
They want to advance this evolution, but those were the first foundations in order to go further.
And then there follows:
The highest Masters from the Divine All now want the child of the earth to awaken.
That God had to create and give birth to a beginning for all His life, after which the life in this universe could begin.
There is no death!
What the bible says about the beginning of the Divine creation is in conflict with reality!
God did not take a rib from one life in order to create the other, that originated by means of motherhood!
This universe does not want to be, or mean, anything else, but this universe laid the foundations in order to go higher and further.
All of this is therefore: birth and reincarnation!
And not one cell or spark of God can avoid this.
If you cannot accept this on earth both your human and Divine development will stand still.
That means, your human becoming conscious.
And what do you wish to pass onto the life on earth, André?”
“I would like to say to the life on earth, my master, that I already feel spatially conscious now.
And means that I will conquer this universe, which is so wonderful anyway.”
“Wonderful, and you, master Zelanus?”
“By means of fatherhood and motherhood, my master, I and all the life went further.
By means of the laws of this universe I got to know myself, and I can accept because I belong to the astral world.
I have already conquered this universe!”
“That is the truth, we live in the spiritual world and have completed our cycle of the earth.
So what the bible gives is in conflict with the laws of God.
When the bible writers began the creation was already millions of ages old, and we were able to determine that.
According to the Divine Revelations we must accept both the evolution process for both the macro cosmos and the micro cosmos.
These laws of God show us the possibilities of growth by means of fatherhood and motherhood, after which the following becoming conscious for all the life emerges!
Can science already accept that, master Zelanus?”
“No, people are not yet that far on earth, master.”
“Is the academic therefore capable of getting to know the Moon from the Earth, André?”
“If fatherhood and motherhood are accepted, yes, my master.”
“Really, it is true.
Only fatherhood and motherhood take the academic to the Divine essential laws, to both the spatial and human evolution.
If these laws are accepted, mankind can, the university on earth can move forward.
Only the University of Christ can answer every question!
And now further.
Millions of bodies got an independence.
The universe is filled by the protoplasm, the own core now as the central source, that is the Sun as father.
By means of this we experience that new life came from the central source of the universe.
But that central source therefore represents the All-Source as Father and Mother.
Is that clear to you?
That central source worked for motherhood, thus Sun and Moon.
But we now know that all the life possesses those same laws, those same powers.
What do we see now, master Zelanus?”
“That every spark in the universe possesses either motherhood or fatherhood.”
“That is the word and then there follows?”
“That we can see that from the life, master.”
“That is also the truth and must explain the laws to us, a law now as a body.
That now tells us what a star is and what a planet means and why that life received that independence.
Life originated around us.
If there was no light, no Sun, there would also be no evolution.
But, this wonderful firmament divided itself, myriad lives originated.
My question is now, and this universe wants that, the masters want that: for what purpose does all this serve?
And the following question also comes, which connects me directly with the conscious life of Mother Earth: what do all these organs mean for the universe?
How must we see the space as a universe?
So what did God mean?
I am connected with that, my brothers.
If we return to the Earth and we follow the human organism for a moment, we see the universe again in that.
The universe can even be experienced in the waters.
These are essential foundations for all the material life.
By means of that we will later determine that the human being represents the universe by means of his senses.
That means, that the light in the human eye was materialised and that the human ‘EYE’ was condensed spatially, but by means of the core in us, which are the Divine giving birth and creating powers, the All-Source in us, the attunement which we possess and became an organ by means of that.
Can you feel this?
That means that every part of the human organism was also spatially condensed and that the human organism originated by means of this universe as powers and laws and as possibilities of growth.
And now we immediately stand before millions of laws of life.
Both material and spiritual!
They are for soul, spirit and the material!
For the independence as part of the whole, for which stars, suns and planets serve here.
The human eye got light and radiance by means of the universe.
And that means that we must master the universe as life.
We see every law of the universe again in the human being on earth.
By means of this God gave himself to the human being, to the life, and that this is possible proves the existing creation to us, so the Earth, the universe, in short all the life of God.
What is light for the universe, the human eye radiates.
What is strength here, we got in the human organism again and became the muscle power for the human being, the power of the nervous system and the blood circulation, with all the additional systems, which work for the universe and have an own task to fulfil.
What are now the brains for the universe?
Why did the human being get a crown of the skull?
Why ears and a mouth?
A heart with a blood circulation?
Why two legs in order to be able to walk?
I experience those phenomena here, my brothers.
I see them here in the universe, if we feel and experience that development, but by mean of which the reproduction got a form.
And if I go back a bit further, then I stand before the power of the human being and the animal.
You see it, these are organs, the Sun is now an organ for the creation plan.
The Moon is also that.
The human being possesses organs in order to create and to give birth.
What now happened here and came about Universally, we see again in the human and animal life.
After all, the Divine spark as cell will speak and will possess everything which God also possesses, by means of which the spark as cell creates and gives birth!
Is this not wonderful now?
We must all experience that.
But it is only then, when we undergo those journeys and have come so far.
Then we will experience the embryonic existence, and the maternal planet tells us that.
The Sun creates!
The Moon gives birth!
The mother gives birth and the man on earth will create, but now the light of the universe has condensed as hardened or half-waking material.
Soft material, but in which everything is present.
I will experience these laws, because we will soon stand before the phenomena.
Now look at all this life and you will understand it.
We see conscious fatherhood and motherhood now for the first time.
That means, giving birth or creating, but millions of bodies never knew this.
Is that wrong, Master Zelanus?
Is that in conflict with the Divine justice?”
“No, master, injustice does not exist.”
“But from what do you establish that?”
“Because there is fatherhood and motherhood.
All those other bodies also have a different task to fulfil.
Did you not say a moment ago, did you not ask me, why does the human being have legs, arms?
Well, can an arm experience the task of the human eye?
That is not possible, but that means, we experience an organ for the own existence, the own independence.
And that tells us, and you on earth, that before everything fatherhood and motherhood got a form, and what underwent the birth after this is part of the whole and only has to fulfil that task.
By means of this I stand before the human essential on earth and I can say, call to the human being of the earth: fatherhood and motherhood are everything, are the most sacred created by God.
Experience it, or you will not come any further!”
“I thank you, Master Zelanus, that is indeed everything!
Now look at the Catholic Church.
What does a clergyman do now?
That man ignores fatherhood and motherhood and that is in conflict with the Divine creation.
What does a nun of the church do now?
She ignores motherhood!
And those lives would place themselves outside of the Divine creation, if God did not watch out.
After all, by means of giving birth and creating the soul receives new life and new life means, experiencing reincarnation and going further.
The church must revise that because it is wrong, it is destruction!
Follow these laws for a moment and we will come to the new becoming conscious.
After all, the Moon emitted life.
That is living radiance.
But the Moon created the life for this universe.
We will later establish that the Moon could only condense herself, for the human being, the animal and flower and plant.
So that means that the Moon as the mother for this universe, created the soul life.
We will get to know what Mars experienced.
Likewise what the Earth accomplished, when we follow the beginning of every body in an embryonic state.
So I will remain connected to the universe, even if we sometimes make human comparisons.
The Moon now, my brothers, emitted conscious radiance.
As the Sun condensed, the radiance for motherhood became stronger.
Can you also feel this?
That means, transition planets came around the Moon.
And they lie spread out in the universe.
But those bodies got condensing when the human soul began with her life.
We will also follow those laws later.
That life now, which was inspired by the Moon, got to experience motherhood and which was radiated by the Sun, and so got to deal with an own task from that life source for motherhood, followed the creating power, by means of which the stars and planets, meteors were born.
I will go a bit further again, because fatherhood and motherhood force me to follow this, it is only then that we will understand this complete whole.
I now ask you, master Zelanus:
Does it matter which body is mother and father in the universe?
When we know that every organ, so Sun and Moon, stars and planets are one organism?
Can you feel what I mean?
Then it will be clear to you what I wish to know and want to analyse.
Isn’t it true, my brothers, all of this is one organism.
That the human being called this universe is only so that the child would have a name.
But we know that the academic does not know God.
And now it emerges that all those material names have no meaning, but that we must see the universe as one body.
Of which Sun and Moon represent fatherhood and motherhood and all those millions of stars and planets are only parts of these systems, are particles of this body and fulfil a task for that.
The Sun now created new life, because all those sparks could condense themselves by means of the central source as the condensed fatherhood.
Those are the stars.
The Moon emitted her living power, the more she began her own development, became other parts of the universe and forced this body to working, but by means of which secondary planets originated.
By means of which we will later see that every body in here is either father, or mother.
But those are not Saturn and Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, they never got to know motherhood or fatherhood and that also means something for this macrocosmic organism.
And that can also be followed!
Can we go further again, my brother André?”
“Yes, master, I have understood everything.
Can you give me an explanation?
Do you wish to follow these laws?
I see that the universe will speak to your life.”
And truly, André is ready and says:
“What you are speaking about, my master, takes me to the atmosphere for Moon and Sun.
In the first place the Moon received, every body received an own closing off.
What now lives outside this closing off, is inspired.
The Sun elevated this universe into her as a task, the Moon as next life and began her evolution.
Life came about her.
Evolution began in her.
Also for fatherhood.
It is by means of this, my master, that stars and planets were born.
But that also half-waking consciousness originated, represented by Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Uranus, but that means: half-waking consciousness!
And those bodies got an own task.
I can now feel something wonderful.
I can see that these bodies are the ‘respiratory organs’ for the universe as an organism.
So, neither fatherhood, nor motherhood.
These planets as gas spheres, my master, got the own consciousness because fatherhood and motherhood had already begun.
Those bodies have nothing to do with their names.
Those are the respiratory organs for the universe.
They make sure that the atmosphere remains pure and is what I was now able to experience.”
“That is a Divine word, my brothers.
Master André-Dectar, you are becoming Cosmically conscious!
Indeed, it is true!
And that must now emerge, if we want to know by what means all this life was born.
So we see, my brothers, and we establish this for the child of the earth, the University of Christ says: all the planets which do not possess any fatherhood, or motherhood, now represent an own imposed task for fatherhood and motherhood and is the lung system for the universe.
That is the respiratory system for the universe, but every spark will possess those respiratory organs, we already know that too ...
It now therefore speaks to your consciousness.
That all this life in the universe serves fatherhood and motherhood!
And that not one spark or cell can be seen which did not get a task, because that is not possible and therefore has nothing to do with injustice.
The University of Christ therefore says: all those other planets on which there is no life present, because that is not possible, serve for the respiratory organs for this universe.
Or all this life would suffocate!
Would have suffocated in the beginning of creation and for now, the present stage.
Like the plant for the waters, those organisms perform a service.
Like the lungs for the human being!
What are now the brains, where does the brain power for the universe live?
Can you feel this, Master Zelanus?”
“Yes, master.”
“Where does that power live now, Master André?”
“That is the All-Mother, my master.”
“Very correct, the brain power for the universe goes further, in order to inspire this life and that is eternal, by means of the All-Source.
Until this universe dissolves and has completed the own task.
But that source has also materialised.
And that means, that the universe enjoys an own protection.
What do the brains do for the human being?
Which task do these organs carry out for the human organism?
Which of you gets the answer?
I can see this answer for me, at least for the universe, we know for what purpose the human being got brains on earth.
People think that they are in order to think.
Is that true, Master Zelanus?”
“No, master, that is not true.”
“Can you hear this, André?”
“Yes, master, I am starting to feel and see it.
It is wonderful.”
“Those organs can be analysed, my brothers.
Here in the universe we see for what purpose the brain organs were created.
From there it can be followed and established for what purpose the human being got brains, everything can be followed from the universe because it are the planets which placed those laws in our hands.
They originated by means of the creating power and they created themselves.
Do you already know it, André?”
“Yes, master, the answer is coming into me, that part wants to speak to my life.
I will soon answer.”
“You see it, how necessary it was that you attuned yourself on earth to the life.
Because the life speaks, we get sent that wisdom as the highest consciousness.
We are capable of that because of this being one from feeling to feeling.”
We followed the universe for a moment and André then says:
“I know it, master.
That consciousness tells me, our brains are for to see and to experience our life by means of our radiatingpowers.
That is the atmosphere, the own closing off, or one life would tear the other apart.
Those powers, my master, force a body to follow the own orbit.
However, the brains for the human being take care of the life of feeling, or the human feelings in the human being would not experience any constraint, would not get to experience an own orbit, that can be followed ... by means of which the human voice speaks through the other organs.”
“Do you know, my brothers, that this is a Cosmic analysis for human being, animal and plant?
Really, it is true, the human brains only take care of the life of feeling, they have no other task to carry out, because the life of feeling, as the personality, speaks.
And that is now the power of attraction for the universe, by means of which that own protection occurs, but is regulated from fatherhood and motherhood.
For the universe the giving birth is growth, the mother gives birth through the rays of the Sun as the creating power, by means of which all these laws originated.
Soon, when we analyse the human organism, we will come across these possibilities and will then be able to follow every human organ according to the laws of the universe, then we will get to know the life on earth for human being and animal.
The academic of the earth still does not know how the human machine works as an organism, for which purpose all those millions of tissues were born.
But those wonderful, materialised organs can also be followed.
And then we stand of our own accord before the soul, the life and the spirit, then before the personality as human being and establish his consciousness from that.
I will go into this for a moment because it is necessary, the laws force me to follow the spatial foundation, if we later want to understand by what means the human being got arms and legs, the human eye in order to see, a mouth in order to speak, but above all, the organs in order to give birth and to create.
And what does this mean again, André?”
“That the universe was created for us as human beings.
So that we will evolve.
The soul as a human being was therefore made capable of spiritualising and condensing itself.
The planets and suns work for that purpose, because the All-Source divided itself.
The highest Masters in the Divine All, my master, want us as human beings to understand for what purpose all of this was created and that the human being has to represent God in everything.
There now comes to me: who gave the human being the word on earth?
Who called the First Cosmic Grade of Life ‘Moon’?
Who gave the stars and planets a name? That is for everything.
What will remain of that when we come to stand before the laws of God?
You talk about the human brains, but why did the academic of the earth call the maternal organ ‘womb’?
In order to give birth and to be a mother.
That is clear.
But we must try to separate the word which got meaning on earth from the Divine law, or we will never look behind the birth, the actual core for the being born.
After all, untruths originated because of that, untruths were built up.
I see: the Sun is father, on earth people call her mother.
Now the academic is on the wrong track.
You never get to experience the true image of God, because the Divine core cannot represent the word.
Of course, my master, people on earth created the word which also really depicts the core for the life.
Because the word womb says everything.
The human eye says everything.
Universe, light, darkness, those words say everything by means of which God manifested himself.
But now all that other, by means of which the brains also get to represent the true working.
It is only then, my master, when the academics know the purpose, the task for the body part, that the wisdom will change, but the astronomer enters the Divine study and people know there what the human being is like as organic life, for which every part serves.
And then, my master, I see, there comes to my life and consciousness, that the human kidneys originated because the universe also possesses those organs, and accepted the purification for the human organism, as the plant also got for the waters and are represented here by the half-conscious planets.
Those are then Saturn, Jupiter and the other one organs, which you will soon follow, if we want to see and experience those laws.”
“Well, Master Zelanus, a Divine answer, received by André and given to our consciousness.
We have to analyse all of those laws, my brothers, and you will feel what we stand before and the University of Christ can do!
There is nothing on earth, or the University of Christ will take it back to God and analyse according to the laws of the universe.
But mankind is still not that far.
The child of Mother Earth still has to awaken for all these spiritual sciences.
Now we will bring this wisdom to earth.
We will truly serve for the University of Christ ... and for a new becoming conscious.
Now mankind will receive wisdom!
And know it, my brother André, the whole of this universe, yes, every cell wants to help you to carry and is capable of that.
You will conquer all your difficulties there.
Here you can convince yourself of every law created by God, brought to consciousness by the All-Source, because every organ speaks to your personality and is also a part of yourself!
We will also get to know that.
And it is only then that the child of Mother Earth will say, I know myself!
Know now: your life is serving.
Wisdom serves in order to open the child of the earth to the Kingdom of God.
Many children of God have served for this purpose.
Science on earth is therefore spiritualised, and means, through both the soul and the spirit to the materialisation.
All the spiritual and scientific great ones of the earth worked for that.
The masters elevated temples for that purpose and Ancient Egypt was born.
We are continuing their work and task.
Every spiritual sect was now inspired by the masters, until the human being sought himself and they could stop.
You also got those possibilities by means of the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’ and you can accept them.
Know it now, no pupil can help you to carry, only a flower, an animal can do that, Mother Nature can do it, a star, a planet, Moon and Sun are capable of that, no one, because the human being has nothing to give you.
The human being is still unconscious.
All those natural children, you already experienced it, speak to your life and that is carrying, that is spatial being one!
What is the consciousness of a psychologist like now?
What does a minister, a theologian know about the laws?
How do they wish to enrich themselves if they cannot accept reincarnation?
Will we come any further like that?
The human being must awaken through the masters.
People on earth must understand that God was able to condense himself by means of the spatial fatherhood and motherhood, but by means of which we learn to understand His life.
What is life and death?
For what purpose did all those bodies serve?
Listen to what the Moon as Mother has to say to your life.”
We now hear:
“I am still floating in this space and yet have already completed my task.
I have my own protection, or I would burst, but that is not possible now.
Do you know what people on earth say about me?
That I am a part of the earth.
We collided with each other.
I am a piece of another body.
Can that be?
Is that possible?
How did the harmonic laws originate?
You will also get to know them.
I am still tracing my own life orbit.
I die calmly, my first atmosphere has now dissolved, but I have seven of them.
By means of this I return to the Primal Source, the All-Mother.
Is that not simple?
My dying is returning to that source, and that is for all the life.
The human being will represent God in the Divine All, but we are also present there.
We will also serve you as human beings then.
Come to my motherhood, and you will know me.
I represent the All-Mother for this universe, but soon for the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life.
Is that perhaps improbable, now that we know that we return to Him?
I split myself for that purpose.
You and all the life in the universe got from me: the soul!
And the spirit. Then you began with your life.
See this motherhood and you will know us, and me, what we serve for!
The question now: what are all these bodies needed for, you can follow that.
I sent out my own powers and they were absorbed and dealt with by the same source by means of which I got my life.
I created reproduction, evolution for all my children.
Because God split himself, we could begin with our own life.
Go further and come to me, I will answer you.
You can experience me.
I will explain my laws to you.
You will see by what means and why I let myself be seen on one side for the earth.
You can also experience those laws.
And then you will stand before simple laws, the beginning of all life, but by means of which I became Mother.
Can you hear me?
I am the ... the ‘Mother’ of this space.
Do you not want to experience my beginning?
See now, I am giving you that image to see.
Should I and could I have acted differently?
Could I have revolved around my own axle?
What would have become of my life then?
Why was my child, Mother Earth, able to do that?
Because she would represent the further stage, but, which was created by me and the Sun.
That was possible then for the first time.
Is this improbable?
Here there is nothing improbable to be experienced and that will soon be clear to you.
Attune yourself to all the life and it will speak.
Do you not wish to experience the infinite?
I am harmony.
I am still it!
I have always been it.
Where do I get my light from?
Is it any use to you to know this?
I have no light for the night, because night for the earth is something different.
You can follow through me and her that there the night was attuned by my child.
What did God mean with all of this?
You will get to know that.
But do you wish to accept that I already completed my task?
Do you wish to believe that I am dying and will return to the All-Source?
Do you wish to accept that I am now speaking to your life?
You know the life on earth.
I was able to give birth to what is the animal and Mother Nature for the human being.
Listen to me, I know everything, because I gave life to everything.
The All-Source placed that in my hands and you can accept that.
What are half-conscious planets?
What is conscious motherhood and fatherhood?
Yes, indeed, the half-conscious planets and suns provide the universe, this organism, with breathe of life.
It is they who provide this universe with atmosphere, they serve the macrocosmos and give life energy to every spark.
They serve this whole as driving force, this Divine home as an organism.
They are the laws of life for the universe in a material state.
Does it not tell you everything?
And one life serves the other, but all this life is one, and is father or mother, or possesses a different task.
There is no more to be experienced, you must see and experience me and the universe as an organism in this way.
God did not want it like that?
God created himself by means of these laws!
These are therefore the material and the spiritual revelations.
And all of this is harmony, we never experienced disturbances.
You will see by this that every spark has an own closing off.
Yes, indeed, my children, those are our brains, in order to think and to make sure that the Primal Source in us does not exceed those laws, because that’s it!
And if you follow that, you will experience those laws.
See you soon, my children.”
We absorbed these words and now attune ourselves to the universe as a garment, because that life also wants to speak to us.
And now the universe speaks a human language.
We hear:
“Can you see me?
Can you feel my life?
Did you see the golden garment?
But I was already there for that.
I am therefore taking you back to the All-Soul.
But go further immediately and back to this existence, so that you will get to know me.
I ask you: were you able to feel and experience my satisfaction?
My satisfaction, my task for my life within me?
Did you already sense me according to the laws?
I am now the materialised garment for God.
All these planets and suns, all these myriad lives now live within me.
So I am actually the universe; what you see materialised, those are my organs, to which Sun and Moon belong.
The spiritual universe therefore condensed itself.
And I have now become that.
I also created new life.
You will soon see me again as the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life.
That is my next stage.
I also take care of myself in order to go further, and you will get to know those laws.
Is that so strange now?
Now that you see how I materialised myself, is this not understandable?
When you see the Fourth Cosmic Grade you will think differently about this.
You will then stand before the truth, because everything evolves!
All the life will go back to the ultimate !
I therefore ensured this total closing off.
You also got that as a human being and as a spirit, didn’t you, you became material and spirit.
I ensured this closing off, but my children helped me, of course, because they also began with the life.
And that gave me this closing off, a new garment.
The laws of growth gave me that possibility.
My garment also became just like you got your material condensing on earth.
You call it God’s house, but it is not that.
It is the universe for my body, there is no other meaning!
My garment and my children became just as you were able to experience your condensing on earth.
They are part of my personality.
Is this a wonder?
You experience me and of course you will see the life again in an embryonic state.
And it is only then that you will experience that every spark was inspired All-Consciously anyway and has to represent that attunement.
Yes, indeed, that is the truth, the Sun is ... Father!
What you received on earth as a human being in order to create, those organs originated from this light as the creating power.
Can you follow and examine that?
Go further and you will come that far!
Many stars and planets completed their imposed task and you will also experience that.
Can you now see that it is true?
They return to the All-Source?
They pursued their path, they also evolve and created another and new garment for themselves.
We will also have to accept reincarnation, or we will not come any further.
Why do you act like a saint on earth?
Can you now feel that you are obstructing your progress by means of this?
You will accept these laws!
If we had completed, had wanted to follow such a holy life, had wanted to do it better than God ... the All-Source, then would you have received your life, would the universe have been able to condense itself?
Can you feel your contradiction there, your standing still, your wrong thinking and feeling?
We will convince you that it is not good, because we followed the Divine harmonic laws!
You are doing wrong, we are not!
So you will also see me again on the Fourth Cosmic Grade?
No, I am that!
I am that myself!
I am that raised universe there, in which all this life is present again, even if the spatial laws have changed, of course.
After all, you followed the Three Cosmic Grades of Life for my life?
By means of this you will understand what I mean!
So I will gradually dissolve here and still finish my task.
I will serve here and I will be there.
And when you enter the Divine All, you will also see me there again and all of us will have reached our end stage.
Is it not becoming simple?
Can this not be understood by the child of the earth?
So you see me again in God, there, where we will continue the conscious Divine All eternally.
You as a human being therefore live in me!
Also the animal, Mother Nature, but she first got to see and to experience her space when I was completely ready, and my organs could begin with the own imposed task.
Can you feel this?
Do you understand this simple happening?
So I pursue my path for God, but especially for your personality as a human being.
It is true, all of us go further and higher.
Can you feel the depth and the Divine core of our being one?
Can you understand how Consciously divine my word is?
That I cannot make any mistakes?
Can you therefore feel the experiencing of every evolution process?
That even the most meaningless insect has to experience these laws?
You see, that is the wonder of growth, I also grew, until my consciousness began to serve and to work on that raised world as space, and that therefore became my new organism.
So I created the own closing off for all the life, or the little organism would be ripped out by the stronger one.
Is that not wonderful?
And did you think that this did not mean anything?
Those are laws, my children.
I am also creating a new life, but that will happen because I will give birth.
My radiance reached the condensing by means of the giving birth, and means to you that when I have experienced the seven grades for that condensing, the ultimate, but raised grade of life is created.
By myself, of course.
By means of this you will see that all the life will give birth and create!
And if that was not the case the life would not have known any evolution.
Then you would already have suffocated with the first embryonic life.
That would then have been the standstill and those manifestations would not have taken place.
Is that clear?
Because I am a mother, I got to experience those creating powers by giving birth and that is for all the life of God.
And you also have that as a human being.
You know that you are soul and spirit.
Or I would not even open my life, you would not understand me.
All the life must now tell about itself, must explain to your consciousness by what means it got the own independence.
All the life must speak to your consciousness, because this is your check and the Conscious Child of God in the All-Existence wants that!
And that is Christ!
Must I also tell you that?
You are now elevated to and into my life, because Christ wants the child of Mother Nature to awaken!
You are elevated into me in order to experience my immensity and to be able to establish my reproduction, or you will not come any further.
All the life of God has been told that you are coming!
So we are expecting you.
So know and accept now, I created my form in order to serve you!
And you got your form and your life because you will represent everything for the All-Mother!
Is that not true?
See you later, my children, we will see each other again in the Divine All, but then first by means of the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life and then even further and higher in order to see that ultimate.
I am expecting you there, and you will see my golden radiance again.
Can you still feel that this cannot be my golden Divine garment?
The firmament, therefore this universe, spoke to your lives.”
We go back to our consciousness, also André.
The word is wonderful and loving, fatherhood and motherhood for the universe have spoken.
Until the soul as a human being, because it is that, has conquered this universe, all this life will survive.
It is only then that this universe will dissolve!
But all these bodies will serve, until the human being has mastered these laws.
That will then be the ultimate for the human being of the earth.
Psychologist, what do you know about all of this?
Minister, do you know your God, your bible?
You are now asked those questions.
Dante, Darwin, what did you know about all of this?
“No”, master Alcar continues, “improbable phenomena and laws cannot be experienced in the universe.
That is not possible.
Fatherhood and motherhood take us to the independence for every law.
And it is only then that we see the next stage.
And we will analyse those laws for our human existence according to our obtained consciousness.
Isn’t it true, we also became father and mother.
We also experience fatherhood and motherhood as human beings, or we would not come any further!
We also create a garment.
We also possess Sun and Moon in our lives, because this is giving birth and creating!
And has to represent it of course!
We experience as human beings what happened here in the universe.
As a human being you will now be seeing on earth.
You will also be conscious and unconscious of the Divine laws, but the All-Soul, the All-Knowledge will take you there to the Divine awakening.
What I see, my brothers, is the Universal continued existence.
What I now feel is, and means, that we became visible because of the fatherhood and motherhood of the universe.
We are parts of this organism, by means of the harmonic laws we go further and will take them to the human and spatial condensing.
What is now Universal existence?
Nothing can stop this development, because it says that we will continue to live eternally.
By means of this the God of all life will awaken in us!”
And then the fatherhood of the universe speaks to our life and we get to hear and to experience:
“Can you also hear me?
I am the Sun as Father!
I represent the creating power as inspiration for God.
I am one with the Divine realm of colours, by means of which I gave colour to all the life.
God created the realm of colours through me.
You live through me.
You got growth and blossom through me.
You know your sun flower on earth, don’t you?
That is my personality.
The stem is the All-Source, the core my inner body, the leaves represent my radiating power, as light, life and consciousness.
What do you think of my golden light?
Did I create anything abnormal?
Is that not my image?
The seed is my reproduction, is giving birth and creating.
Why did you call and understand me so clearly there?
Why did you not interpret my fatherhood now, and we would have been closer to each other.
Now my life and consciousness speak to your personality.
To your space and existence.
And what is ‘gold’?
My light as condensed material!
Were you not able to see and experience me everywhere in the universe?
However, now you experience my life as an embryonic consciousness, even if you are a human being.
We condensed ourselves for you.
God gave us the inspiration in order to serve for your life.
Follow my golden radiance and compare my happiness with the astral event, after all, you followed that revelation, didn’t you?
Is this the Divine realm of colours?
I created millions of suns, because they must serve me, even if I represent the Central Divine Source.
I got hold of the life for that purpose and was therefore able to impregnate the life.
Can you now follow my creating?
Do you love my life there and where you will live?
My Universal driving force brought the Earth to working and serving.
So I let you feel what awaits you.
What you know on earth originated because of me.
You will see me again in all the life.
If your consciousness wants to open itself.
If you know how to distinguish the creating consciousness from the giving birth, that will be possible.
It is only then that you will experience the Omnipotence in order to create and to give birth.
Which planets now serve as a mother for me?
Why did I create half-waking motherhood and fatherhood?
What is a star and a meteor?
Half-waking and unconscious fatherhood.
Because it does not possess any conscious fatherhood, it will serve for my organism.
So they are my systems!
You can determine that from the life, it can be seen and experienced.
The planets for motherhood are conscious mother, I condensed those organs by means of my light.
My light will give form to every material organ, which serves for the whole.
Can you feel this?
It is certain that all those organs serve me, they now take care of my breath of life.
And you will master that light, from myself, by serving and loving the life of God.
Are we now coming closer to each other, now that I am explaining these laws?
By what means did I give you the light in your eyes?
You will soon get to know how you mastered that, you now stand before the human senses.
By giving birth and creating they also got consciousness and appearance and materialisation.
Is that not true?
By means of this you got viability as a human being.
Growth, becoming conscious!
I also created new life for the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life.
You will also get to know me there.
Those seven grades were also created for me, or God would have condensed this universe as the ultimate, but that is not true; we go further.
The higher you now come, the more beautiful my golden light becomes.
That means that every grade of life has to create and give birth to, take care of the going further and higher.
So they are the spiritual and the material laws by means of which you as a human being will experience the Divine fatherhood and motherhood.
Now you will know immediately that I am also only a spark of His existence, no more than that!
But I possess everything, I got all His characteristics.
Goodbye, my children, go further now, we will follow you.”
Master Alcar says and asks:
“Did you hear this, Master Zelanus?”
“I can answer, my master.
It is clear to me.
I understood everything, it is a revelation for my consciousness.”
“Can you now sense where the Fourth Cosmic Grade lives?”
“In here and behind here, my master.
In and around our consciousness.”
“And means?”
“Left and right and above and under me, but invisible for the life which still does not posses that conscious grade.
I can make a comparison by means of the Spheres of Light, our astral world.”
“Is it possible then that the Fourth Cosmic Grade dominated the Third?”
“No, that is not possible.”
“Why not, André?”
“Because we still have to condense that source of life.
We have still not reached that becoming conscious, Master Alcar.”
“And that means?”
“That we must ultimately possess that grade of life, if we want to represent that law as human beings.
And the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life lies and lives above our consciousness.
We must spiritualise and materialise that world for our life.”
“It is true, my brothers.
This universe will dissolve completely one day.
And that is also simple, because we have conquered this universe.
But that is possible by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
But the afterwards now becomes the staying close by, André.
The All-Source is also present there where we live, but by means of the evolution process we get hold of those laws, or we will not come any further.
What the Sun says as creating power, reveals itself for our life as human being and animal, as flower and plant likewise.
So we have to experience an end here and that is necessary, or we would not come back to God.
God manifested himself by means of the All-Source; by means of the seven transitions, those are seven worlds, spaces, the Seventh is the Divine conscious All!
So fatherhood and motherhood work evolving.
So it is clear that the human being of the earth must disappear.
If we bring all of this to earth, that death will dissolve there.
There is also a death here and we will soon follow that, but everything is evolution!
How poor in feeling is the life on earth now?
People still stand before a true dying there.
There it is loss, but it becomes destruction, when people see a loved one leaving and then mourn, because there is death.
Is that not terrible, my brothers, now that we see how God gave the life His universe?
Millions of people on earth know only death, and dying is going further, is awakening, is reincarnation, which will soon become clear to us, when we also follow those laws.
It is true, God created inspiration.
He created worlds for the human being as His child.
And we experience His worlds by materialising and spiritualising ourselves.
As unconscious life we created disharmony, we violated His harmony, His spark of light, life and love and created murder after murder.
Or is that not true?
What did we do with our lives?
You can now accept that we will also get to know those laws, I mean the harmonic Divine laws for every material and spiritual grade of life.
Sense that the light of the universe is becoming more rarefied.
Is that not for all the life?
We as human beings become more rarefied, spiritualise and expand our life and consciousness.
By means of fatherhood and motherhood, you see it, we experience all the laws, also the Divine realm of colours.
The life on earth will also change.
The human garment will become more beautiful, because seven grades were created for this evolution, or it would not be possible.
What possesses the coarse-material grade of life on earth becomes more rarefied and goes further.
When we experience those laws there, André, we naturally come to stand before Socrates and we learn that even every thought is and must become universally deep, if the spiritual personality wishes to free itself from the material world.
And that is the future stage for all the life.
The man as creator must awaken for motherhood, the mother for the creating powers of life, both fulfil one task and are one for all the worlds of God.
So we determine, before we go further, that not one planet was able to condense itself by means of own powers.
Fatherhood created motherhood.
And those are the essential laws for all the life.
The universe also had to accept them.
And then there follows that the human and animal grades will also prove that to us!
By means of that the God of all this life was able to manifest himself.
The micro cosmos will conquer the macro cosmos, the life of this universe gave us those laws in our hands and explained them to us.
We go eternally further, by means of fatherhood and motherhood God gave us that possibility.
The end of one life is the entering of the next one.
The child of the earth must know that.
Do not be afraid of death anymore, love it as a ‘law’; you will go further!
Why did God create us?
With what purpose?
That was now given to you!
You and all the life no longer need to doubt that sanctity.
Grade after grade will show us it.
Now prepare yourself in order to go further.”
Dear reader, now we come to the comparing with the earth, we master these laws because we think, and only after all of this, this Divine wisdom will be our possession.
The own grade of life and consciousness will tell you how far you are.
It is up to you to prepare yourself for the next laws.
The silence, the harmony for the universe, now enters us.
Because what is harmony?
How did harmony originate and when can the universe and the life of God say: I am in harmony with the infinite?
The laws will explain that to you.
What is a law of life?
“What is harmony?” comes to our life.
I can now already see that André will receive the word.
Which of you has it?
Who feels what we must experience and will now receive?
We open our consciousness for that purpose.
And the God of all the life knows that we want to follow the true.
Both thanks and the bowing of the human personality live in us!
Give us everything, we want to serve!