Cosmic Harmony

André now receives the inspiration and the contact and says:
“Cosmology for fatherhood and motherhood, my master, takes us to the Divine harmonic laws.
During the first revelations from God, we were able to experience the spiritual harmonic laws.
But now the material ones, because God condensed himself.
I now feel how those laws originated.
I must go over my experiences, my master, and will answer you by means of this.
These laws now speak to my life.
I see that I can go back to the first process of revelation for the universe.
Those laws can likewise be followed where I now live, because one life created the other, fatherhood condensed motherhood.
Everything which I see is wonderful.
In addition, I see how simply those laws condensed themselves.
But what I see is the soul and the spirit of the universe, and by means of that the next division was born and we, the animal and Mother Nature got our independence.
Because the universe underwent the All-Mother first as soul and then as spirit, this process continued and they became the harmonic laws for the universe and all the life would condense itself.
The universe says to me:
“I was first soul and then I became spirit, then I also got to experience my material laws, but this process took millions of years.
As a human being you will experience and get hold of our harmonic laws, because we got life for that purpose.
Is that clear?
They are the essential laws as fatherhood and motherhood, by means of which the possibilities of growth became visible as material phenomena, and the life could begin.
The Moon and the Sun represent me for the universe and pass on those laws to your life by means of the splitting of the obtained personality.
They were also born by means of the All-Mother!
And the subsequent grades of life give you the Cosmic image of that, so there is no question of disharmony.
Because of that you have to accept that the macrocosmos created the microcosmos.
The Sun passed them onto the motherhood for the universe ... the Moon as the First Cosmic Grade of Life, by means of which the life grew, and the human and animal-like motherhood awoke.
So in my space you will experience harmony, it means awakened consciousness.
But growth for everything.
The Sun inspired the Moon, in order to serve the life of God and to send it back to the All-Source.
What does Cosmic Harmony mean now for your life?
You can establish and follow those laws, it is only then that you will understand how harmonically everything happened and you see on earth what the human being made of it.
You then establish that the laws of God cannot be sullied, because we, this life of the universe, still continue to keep Divine Harmony.
Sun and Moon is man and wife, is everything, because God did not want it any differently, and are the laws for all the life of the universe.
It is the Cosmology for your life on earth.
By means of the harmonic laws the grades of life condensed themselves, and now show how the obtained consciousness became with regard to all life.
Follow this and you will awaken for God.”
“What I now see, my master, is that the planets and suns therefore possess that Divine attunement.
Nothing was lost during those millions of ages, on the contrary, the life reached growth harmonically and followed the laws of God, there were no disturbances.
The Divine but spiritual revelations condensed themselves and the realm of colours is also present.
A flower of the earth now possesses those laws and is a materialisation in an embryonic state.
But a flower also represents the spatial harmonic law, or the life for that would not have received that growth.
I can now make those comparisons because I possess the life on earth.
I can establish the Divine principle from the harmonic laws and can follow that again.
It must be clear to you that we experience the Divine Revelations materially, and see and then enter every law, which is the being one with the universe.
That is the Divine happening, my master.
The grade of life as material part of God now takes us to the next stage.
And then we enter the harmonic fatherhood and motherhood.
And precisely in that, my master, the human being created disharmony.
How was fatherhood and motherhood experienced on earth?
What did the people do?
In the universe fatherhood and motherhood got new life because of the harmony, the life went further in peace, and that became the next birth.
On earth, as a human being, the Divine soul forgot itself in that and murdered the life.
She broke this Cosmic harmonic law, the cause and effect of which we will see and experience later, but by means of which all the misery for the human being was born.
Is God now to blame for that?
What I must see here, my master, what I must follow, that is for the human being on earth.
Everything is harmony here, no law was disturbed, all this wonderful life reached the final grade of life in peace and calm and continued.
So every grade of life got to experience that Divine sanctification here in the universe, the life came that far by means of Sun and Moon.
That is the entering of the next stage, the Universal birth, after which the soul went further as both spirit and material being.
I follow the life of the universe, then I come to stand before those laws.
I now see that one life is further than the other, that can also be experienced on earth.
By means of the radiating light of the suns the life grew, and the seven subsequent ages gave that evolution to the life.
They are now the seven times of revelation, experienced by God, and was received by all the life.
So what brought about the first spiritual revelations, (and) happened from the All-Mother, we now see materialised again.
And we do not need to doubt the originality, the laws as material and as fatherhood and motherhood speak.
And human being, animal, flower and plant are the embryonic phenomena of that.
All the life now for the planet Earth possesses the harmonic laws, because by means of this the life reached growth and blossom.
The Cosmic harmonic laws can be followed and experienced, because we received our own life.
But what the universe is concerned with is what the human being did with these laws.
I said that one life is further than the other, and we have to accept that, but we also see those harmonic laws materialised in that.
Because of the harmonic laws the life went further.
And from her own condensing the soul sees what her obtained consciousness is like.
But is, so at this moment, the human being harmonic in that?
Is all the life of Mother Nature on earth harmonically attuned to the Divine Revelations?
I see, and I know now, that only the human being created disharmony, the life of Mother Nature was not capable of that.
Because all the life was now inspired from this universe by means of God, the harmonicDivine laws visibly materialised the creation, we recognise from that the laws of condensing for Sun, Moon and planets and stars, by means of which the independence occurred as a form.
Now that form could continue the own obtained consciousness, and then experienced the new and next birth.
I see all this life, as these harmonic laws and possibilities, every spark was inspired by that and possesses the Divine attunement.
It goes without saying that every spark possesses that final phase of life, or there would not be any going further, any higher awakening.
But that awakening can be seen, because the universe condensed itself.
The Cosmic Harmony was given to the life by God, but the stars and planets and suns now represent that law and closed themselves off, by means of which the atmosphere was born.
You will certainly feel, by means of this all these bodies trace an own orbit.
But the All-Source drove on, now there will be no end to that inspiration and you will soon see that.
However, because of that fatherhood and motherhood dominated, the mother withdrew, the Moon had to accept that with all her created life.
After all, this will represent the distance for fatherhood, and establishes that all this life determines the obtained space of life according to the own consciousness, and the planet Earth will also get to experience this later.
So the harmonic laws created growth for the planetary system, or the life would have experienced disturbances, as the Sun condensed itself the Moon moved away from fatherhood, and that applies to all the life of the universe.
Every spark, as the materialisation made progress, removed itself from fatherhood, and the life continued.
So every spark had to accept and experience the paternal authority for the universe.
But because the soul underwent the materialisation as spirit, the harmonic laws occurred and this wonderful universe originated.
It goes without saying that now the colour spectrum occurs, because the Sun condensed itself.
Every spark of God, born because of His splitting, now represents an own space and world, and is soul, spirit and material.
Then we see the obtained personality.
And now the own ‘will’ immediately follows ... given by the God of all this life to His creation.
Those laws can also be followed and analysed on earth.
Because of the Universe grades the soul of God got meaning and an own existence.
And got hold of itself, in order to represent Him in all the spaces which will be born.
Will the human being now enter His All later because of the harmonic laws of God?
I can now see that this is possible, because this evolution possesses attunement to the All-Experiencing, by means of which that certainty comes.
And you know that it is true, because we were able to experience the ‘Voice’ from the Divine All.
After all, Christ came back to the Earth from there!”
And the universe now says:
“The Cosmic Grades of Life for this Universe created these worlds by means of fatherhood and motherhood for the human being, the animal and flower life, in order to return to God and to represent Him eternally in the conscious Divine All.”
“I must agree, my master, it is true!
Even the distances for the universe experience the harmony.
If Jupiter had taken the place of the Earth, this would have brought a Cosmic disturbance, but that was not possible now because the laws of condensing represented and got hold of the harmony.
If Mercury had taken the place of the Moon, the life of the Moon as mother would have been disturbed and frozen a while later, and there would have been no question of Cosmic harmonic laws.
But the harmonic laws ensured development and evolution, the spatial love and peace, the Universal being one for every spark!
That attunes us to the giving birth and creating, by means of which every spark got to represent both an own attunement and world.
The Cosmic harmonic laws therefore represent God by means of the justice as phenomena in a material state, as life, soul and spirit, as fatherhood and motherhood, light, and means: Love!
You will soon establish that for the universe and the human life.
During the Divine phenomena in an astral, therefore spiritual state, I got to know nothing else.
But now those phenomena are materialised!
I go further, my master, and see that every planet must radiate this law and that is the obtained consciousness, every spark possesses that energy of life and creates new life by means of that for this universe and the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life.
Is that clear to you?
The reincarnation for all the life forces the personality to go further and that is therefore serving!
That is the representation of the Divine ‘will’!
And these are now the seven subsequent grades of life, which God also had to accept, and means, ages were needed in order to reach that development.
The life was not that far in a few hours and not ready!
That immediately places me before the bible, and we see everything different, but which you already spoke about.
There were therefore seven grades created for fatherhood and motherhood.
And that means again and is: the life must follow seven subsequent ages, before it is true mother and father.
Those transitions, my master, therefore took us to the final core by means of the process of growth and blossom, which now wants to be motherhood and fatherhood for the first time; before we are busy reaching that final stage, and development is needed for that.
The All-Mother also followed these laws.
Isn’t it true, we kept seeing her change, but that is the Divine development.
Because of this changing the life as soul and spirit entered a heightened stage, and can also still be experienced now on earth, because these laws have not changed.
Also death and life experience their laws of evolution as harmonic grades of life.
Now that the Moon is dying, she experiences her harmonic law in order to return to the All-Source.
That is her going further!
Isn’t it simple now?
I can see those wonderful laws before me and can also follow the grades of life.
Soon the embryonic life of that must convince me again, because we then see the seven subsequent grades of life again for the harmonic progress, because every spark must experience those laws as a cell.
And they are later for the Planet Earth and all her own life.
Then I immediately stand before my own development and I can convince myself there of the Divine truth, because those harmonic laws were also given to me.
And a meteor does not experience anything different.
When this life explodes, is torn apart because the dying process is approaching, that life also experiences the harmonic laws for the universe, the life experiences the going forward, and is also evolution for that consciousness.
That life will soon help the life of the Fourth Cosmic Grade to condense.
And we now know that all of this already happened, but is the following phase of life for a star and meteor.
All the other life has to follow these harmonic laws.
You see it, my master, even the stars experience their death and going further at a harmonic attunement.
Dying also possesses those possibilities and is necessary, or disturbances would occur, and they cannot be experienced in here either.
Even if the bits and pieces fly through the universe and to the earth, this life still experiences the harmonic laws.
The human being also possesses that Divine sacredness and gets to experience his own evolution by means of this.
Death for the earth is therefore the going further in the spirit according to the harmonic laws, it is preparing ourselves for the next stage.
And now I see for the universe, that every obtained energy returns again to the All-Source, so nothing is lost.
The All-Mother wanted it like this!
When the next stage is entered, the foundations for that have already been laid in this universe.
Isn’t it true, we already lay the spiritual foundations on Earth for our spiritual existence in the life on the other side.
So by means of this I can make my comparisons and they are Cosmically responsible!
And that new world also possesses the Divine harmonic laws.
After all, if I am not in harmony with my own infinity the law for Love calls me to a halt and forces me to master that harmonic love, or I will not come a step further.
But those laws were created here in the universe, my master!
So we will have to conquer all these characteristics, or we will not be capable of representing God according to His harmonic laws.
That is then the rebellion, isn’t it, Christ gave us the Divine example.
And the universe gave us that growth, these seven grades for harmony, before we can say: I am harmonic and one with God and His laws, for soul, life and spirit, the material body and fatherhood and motherhood, then for love!
Can you feel that it is true?
But I have not made it yet, my master, I must follow and experience more, the spatial inspiration also drives me forward.
The wonderful thing which I now undergo is, that an unconscious spark of God still follows those harmonic laws.
And that tells me, now I see myself on earth again, wherever the human being is to be found, however the human being wants to live, whatever he does, he will never be capable of destroying the Divine Harmonic Plan; and we will get to know it on earth, the Divine creation works further.
The soul of the universe passed these laws onto the spirit, and the spirit was able to materialise them.
And that is for the whole of nature on earth, animals and human being!
No spark of God can avoid it.
And then I see again, that Cosmic Harmony means, the being one with God.
It is possessing and experiencing attunement to His Revelations, it is experiencing and following His grades of life in order to take those to evolution, which is possible by means of fatherhood and motherhood!
As human beings we are therefore like God is!
We as human beings received everything from the ‘All-Source’.
Harmony is now for eternity ... the experiencing of a law by means of love!
I was able to receive and to experience through your consciousness that we as human beings created darkness.
I see that a spiritual sphere represents a harmonic law materialised by the universe and the soul as human being on earth will have to accept that.
God did not create darkness, my master, conscious darkness, as the human being got to experience that on earth.
By experiencing the life of God harmonically, the soul as human being gives itself eternal peace and calm and she gets to see and gets hold of her Divine evolution.
The human being ponders, but God decides!
However, it are the harmonic laws which force the soul as human being to follow her life, and to accept those maternal and paternal laws.
But what does a clergyman of the Catholic Church do now?
What do millions of mothers on earth do?
They destroy the creation, they smother the new life, wars and deformation brought disharmony, the human being disturbed this harmony.
How can the human being curse God, because he does not want to accept His new life.
But the soul on earth keeps receiving a new life, by means of which I must now experience that God still keeps hold of the laws!
And we have to master that as human beings.
Why did the mother planets close themselves off?
That is the harmony for the own life, for fatherhood and motherhood.
Those processes of evolution were created for light, life and love.
They are not any different for the human being on earth.
So what were human phenomena on earth, were here, and are for the universe, laws!
Because by means of this the life awakens for the own obtained grade of life, and that means evolution, back to God!
By means of this we conquer this universe, my master!
Anyone who follows these laws on earth now as a human being, has assured himself of Divine harmony.
Nothing can happen to that life, that life will not experience any karmic laws, but is there one human being who will and can escape that?
What were we like in the prehistoric ages and now on earth?
What does the human being want to experience now on earth?
Hatred, lust and violence.
Did God want that, were we able to experience those laws, that hatred, that deforming of a life in the universe?
No, the All-Mother did not create those laws, they do not exist!
But a human organism is like a planet, it possesses those laws, the universe does not know destruction, on earth life became a chaos because the human being forgot himself, violated the laws.
What does Adolph Hitler do now?
What do the peoples of the earth want?
What does the human being as an individual want to experience?
We also got to know those systems, my master, but the universe does not possess them!
The human being ponders, but the harmonic laws decide about all the life created by the All-Mother.
Anyone as a spark of God who does not follow the laws, experiences the misery for that and of that and will have to make amends for that.
I feel and see this unity, the Moon created them for the secondary planets, the Sun for both the stars and suns.
They were born by means of the spatial harmony and by means of life and death, by means of reincarnation.
The planets Mars and the Earth also have to accept those laws.
All these maternal bodies therefore represent that harmony.
Because they originated because of that.
They got to experience that space, because the All-Mother manifested herself by means of that; and there was no change in that.
It can be established indisputably that the first phenomena of the Divine Revelations also followed their path harmonically.
This whole solar system lives by means of it.
And this now seen from the Earth, my master, is one world, one body, is one law, the law for Divine evolution.
And we got hold of this as human beings.
The human being of the earth is therefore Universally deep.
We will and must conquer these three Cosmic Grades of Life.
This universe is growing, we too as human beings, because we came to the Earth and we went from the jungle to the white race (see
Isn’t it true? Those are the seven physical laws by means of which the inner life evolves and will conquer.
Millions of bodies now form one whole.
And is that not the same thing for the organic systems of the human being?
Millions of particles form the organism, are part of this wonderful body and is now also universally deep.
This universe is harmony, as the human body also possesses that harmony, but which the people on earth still do not know about.
You see it, master, what we now experience is the origin of every atom.
God gave the inspiration for that to the life by means of His materialisation. He had to split himself for that purpose.
And what does the human being on earth experience?
The animal and the life of Mother Nature?
I see how infallibly all of this happened.
I experience myself, go back to the Earth and then stand before all those unprecedented wonders, which I can still experience as a human being.
But I cannot walk past myself there, feel any deeper than my grade of life is and I was able to achieve as becoming conscious; and means, that the kidneys cannot experience the function which the human heat will experience, and I see that in the universe again.
After all, what the Sun did for fatherhood, the Moon would receive and continue as Mother and a star was not capable of acting like a planet.
By means of this I can see that one life is not any further than the other either, but serves and works for the whole universe, which is the condensing for the universe, and for the human being life on earth, because fatherhood and motherhood gave us that unity.
That is the awakening for the universe; and (is) for the life of Mother Earth, the human being, animal world and plant an own evolution.
It is the human awakening for the going higher, about which we know that it is the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life.
What is life for us as human being, will soon become the serving, the being one with all the laws of God.
The universe gave those laws to us.
If I soon leave the life on earth, my master, then I will enter a higher grade of life.
And then my consciousness will get attunement to the Spheres of Light, or to the worlds which were created in disharmony by me, which will then call me to a Divine halt.
The human being has to accept that after the material life.
Christ now gives the Divine laws to the life on earth.
I am starting to understand his Divine consciousness, because He was able to say: “I and my Father are one.”
And: “If you want to lose yourself as a human being, you will receive Me”, and that is the universe!
That is the Divine All!
And does the human being on earth think that he can live it up?
Does he think that he can kill the life of God, which was created and born by means of the harmonic laws?
Adolph and his kind will make amends, restore what they deformed, by means of which they will give birth and create.
They will experience both organisms for that purpose!
In the universe I now see that the life itself will give birth and create.
And those Divine wonders lie in the hands of the human being.
Here in harmony; on earth, for the human obtained consciousness is disharmony, and the All-Mother ... God did not want, never meant that!
I experience the universe on earth, my master.
When I follow the love and the harmony the Spheres of Light are open to me and nothing stops my development.
Nothing is capable of killing me if I want to experience the harmonic laws.
Because that is not possible.
I cannot pray for that either, I have to experience the law as father and mother!
But that is justice.
God experiences these laws by means of the spatial justice, because harmony takes us to that unit of soul, spirit, life and material.
And that is giving the own life to the other, precisely that which belongs to our own grade of life for the human becoming conscious, or we create disharmony again.
The creating and bearing is now, experiencing the harmonic law for fatherhood and motherhood, but that will be reincarnation.
And that is now the entering of the final becoming conscious, and the new life can begin.
So I can call out to the earth: God did not create any disharmony.
What you get to experience there as a human being, those are your own created laws.
If you experience disharmony, illnesses and misery there, that misery came to your life because of yourself!
The All-Mother did not take them to the materialisation, and God is a Father of Love!
What do you want, human being of the earth?
Get to know yourself by means of this!
This Universal harmony will continue to exist until all the life has left the earth; and that means, that the life of this universe has completed the designated task, as we saw from the Moon.
So no macrocosmic disturbance can occur, as the Jehovah child of the earth wants to experience and by means of which it says that this universe will collapse because of the evil on earth.
That is not possible, those are human thoughts and have no possibility of existing, that is in conflict with the harmonic laws of this universe.
In this way I could now already analyze every law of the earth, because the Divine harmonic laws give me the possibility for that.
Every sect, religion, a faith can be analysed by means of the Divine harmonic laws, and I will soon experience that on earth.
If the human being as a spiritual personality wants to enter the Spheres of Light, that is only possible by accepting the life and experiencing it by means of the harmonic laws of love.
But the macro cosmos serves the micro cosmos, and means: as human beings we become Divinely conscious.
We already experienced that this is possible by means of the different grades of life and you received the seven spheres on the other side.
Those are seven natural worlds for the conscious going further, and therefore an independence again for all the characteristics of God, and we experience His soul, Life and Spirit, the laws of condensing and growth, by means of fatherhood and motherhood, and that becomes the love in and around our consciousness!
By means of that our own life will radiate, my master.
So cosmic harmony, my brothers, means: preparing yourself for the life of God.
And that is the serving, but is also representing the obtained possession and going higher, it is the returning to the All-Source!
Cosmic harmony means, that God gave us everything of His life and He now has nothing more to give.
But what does the life on earth do now as a human being?
Praying and begging for happiness, for everything which makes the life happy, but is that possible?
Now that we know that we got everything from the All-Mother?
God and the All-Source have nothing more to give now.
By means of the obtained life we received everything as human beings!
We are Gods!
And now that we establish that, I can say: what does a God himself still have to give?
Can you now feel, human being of the earth, how wretched your prayers are?
That you cannot pray for your happiness?
You have it in your own hands!
Because you are life, you represent everything for your God.
Everything, no misery was created!
The human being does not need to pray in order to bless the life, that life is Divinely blessed, is harmonically finished and now possesses everything!
I am going to look behind millions of laws of life for the earth, my master.
I am now already starting to feel and to see that I sully my Divine attunement by means of only one wrong thought.
I can now follow and experience all that disharmony on earth, I am now capable of putting all those laws right, which were beaten crooked by millions of children of the earth.
I see through every grade of life and now look behind the truth, but now I stand before the Divine Harmony!
By what means were diseases born, did they originate on earth?
Why is life in society a chaos?
Did God create that?
Did the All-Source bring that misery to earth?
What does the human being hope to achieve?
Where does the human being of the earth wish to bring this Divine harmony?
Did the child of God understand the own Divine life attunement?
What do we do with our life as human beings on earth?
I can go further, my master.
By what means did hunger and lack come?
Why does one life murder the other?
Why do the clergymen of the earth still not understand God?
Because no spatial harmony is experienced!
And that becomes even worse because of the bible.
After all, that is God’s word for millions of children of the earth.
Can you hear, my brother, my master Alcar, what the universe is saying to my life?
That I am now starting to experience the first books for the ‘New Bible’!
The human being must first know the universe, and that is only possible by means of the spiritual sciences for the soul as human being and for her spiritual life, after which the Universal will speak.
And those are the harmonic laws!
The human being of Mother Earth will get to know all of this and then master the harmonic laws.
All that groaning on earth no longer has any meaning now.
God cannot ensure harmony there, the human being has that in his own hands.
God gave the human being those possibilities.
What is now starting to happen there, my master, was born by the ‘will’ of the human being and not by God.
What did we make of our own creations?
What do we want as man and wife?
What do the people there want, now that they create and give birth to disharmony.
But still living in peace and calm?
No one on earth can answer the human being.
I am now capable of giving the Cosmology to every child of God!
I can analyze every law, and I will give myself completely for that, because it is my own creation!
Can you hear this, my master?
I will say it again: this is my own life and my creation, but what did the people make of that?
When I live on earth again soon, then I will live in my own world and that world belongs to me, even if the peoples of the earth have closed off the own obtained space for me.
The whole of the earth belongs to me, because I experience her laws and will conquer her life.
The earth gave herself for that purpose.
She lives for me and my soul, as man and woman we represent her and the All-Mother ... ‘God’!
Is that not wonderful?
Is that not enough to devote everything for the good, the harmonic laws of God?
By means of that every character trait grows, for soul and spirit and the personality.
That changes my world, my thinking and feeling, my love, which I undergo by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
And now I get to see and to experience those grades of life and that will become my spiritual and later my conscious Divine Universe stage.
Now hear the clergymen on earth speaking about God, and you will walk away from these holy people.
They now take the life of God from dry land into the muddy ditch and cannot put out a hand to support the life of God, because they did not create, could not experience any law according to the harmony, because they represent a God who damns.
But by means of the Cosmology all these disharmonic thoughts dissolve, I will represent this Divine harmony on earth and that is the University of Christ!
Can it be any different?
Was the life created differently?
No, but the human being on earth is still not that far!
The masters are only beginning now, Christ is beginning to elevate the life of the earth, before that was still not possible, because the human being does not know himself.
I will bring light to earth, my master, and the darkness will disappear there!
I now surrender myself to your life, the universe says: you will go further.”
And master Alcar is ready to say:
“My life, master André, thanks you for receiving this.
Everything is Divine truth.
Truly, the human being is now to blame for his own misfortune.
God did not create that misery, nor did the All-Source.
The harmonic laws will soon convince the human being of a Father of Love.
That will then be the state of purity of all the life of God.
Then the universe will awaken for the first time in the life of the human being.
It is only then that the child of the earth will stand before Divine Providence, no law of which is now truly experienced.
Does Adolph Hitler want to experience and to proclaim Divine Providence by means of hatred and destruction?
What is providence?
The experiencing of Divine Harmony.
It is only then that providence will occur.
So the human being has to experience Divine Providence there, because that will mean love, and anyone who wants and gives love, has become providence.
Hear the demonic talk now and compare it by means of the Divine harmonic laws and you will know the life on earth, but you will know moreover how untrue a clergyman is and has to represent the church.
We now experience Divine being one.
It is the Divine heartbeat which awakens in our existence.
And the All-Mother wanted that.
But that places us before these laws, the space and the independence of which we must master.
Is there anything else to be experienced?
No, this is everything, and it is only then that the human being has become providence.
And this providence will take you to the spatial consciousness.
It is the love life for the soul and by means of that the Moon and the Sun got the own form.
The human being still does not know the laws, and it is understandable, but now the masters are speaking.
It is Christ!
So all these planets and stars, my brothers, represent Divine Providence by means of the harmonic laws.
And the child of the earth has to master that.
That will become the spiritual becoming conscious and will bring the peoples of the earth to each other.
But no bible is capable of that, only the life of Christ, but as we were able to get to know Christ, not as on earth.
He forgives the human being for everything, but the human being must master the harmonic laws, or he will not come any further.
And what does that mean, master Zelanus?”
“I am ready, master, and can answer you.
It means, that one life has to shake the other one awake.
That one life has to take the other to the Divine evolution and that is possible by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
We now see that in the universe.
Even if it takes millions of years, this life will return to God.
The astral world was able to materialise itself.
And deifying will follow.
And then we enter the Divine All as human beings and represent Him eternally.
We know it, the All-Condensing has already taken place, but we people must still begin with that.
It was by means of that, that we had to accept the planets.
By means of that we went further and higher.
And the harmonic laws ensured the next providence.
That is then the resurrection, my master, but after this the reincarnation, and we will go further again.
We go to those laws, the universe calls to me, and you can accept that, and I, and all the life on earth.
It will support the present mankind in order to be able to receive this Divine word.
This word represents the Divine reality.
The masters speak to our life, the Divine authority for all the worlds of God.
And we experience this spatial harmony with that, and can bow our heads.
We will have to devote our obtained personality for this, and for which we and all the life of Mother Earth will live and die.
We are now ready for that, we will now go further in love.
I am ready, my master, in order to experience the laws of God in harmony, I now experience the Spheres of Light by means of that.
I devote myself to my own Kingdom, because the universe belongs to me and was created for my life.
Is that not the intention of the All-Mother?
Did God not get to experience His materialisation for our existence and that for His life?
Did we not reach unity?
Does that unity not live in the Spheres of Light?
What does a sphere mean?
Love, harmony, well, my brothers, what does the child of Mother Earth want to begin and receive?
What it will now experience there, my brother André, it created that for itself.
The source of all life speaks to me, and I, and you, and all the life in this universe will spiritualise and materialise the word, so that the child of Mother Earth will awaken!
Mankind will support and bless this word as wisdom.
But a God who damns is not capable of that!
That will not mean anything anymore either, that will be forgotten and is urgently necessary!
Does God want it differently?
Did Christ not serve for that purpose?
Did He not give His life then for this happiness, this prosperity?
But what does the human being want?
What does the child of Mother Earth do and what did it do?
How did it live in the thousands of ages which passed by?
Is that life and consciousness in harmony with the universe, with the laws of the universe?
With God?
With the All-Source as father and mother?
With the All-Love?
The child of the earth still has to master that.
Is this not the truth?
What is now a clergyman?
A psychologist?
Nothing, those people still have to awaken, my brother André.
The harmonic laws finally take us to the peace and calm for all the life of God and for Mother Earth of course.
And it is that peace, which gave the planets the development, and the Universal existence could go further.
All the planets experienced that, the large and the smaller cells of God, but received the Cosmic unity and for that purpose Mother Earth was given her task and she could also begin with her life for God.
But go a bit further, my master, and we will see what the harmonic laws achieved.
If the human being intervenes, (then) the human being is capable of obscuring these sacred laws on earth, the life stands still and there is no more question of growth.
If we see this Cosmically, then we must see that harmony again, but then that determines that the Earth and all the other planets received precisely that from God for which purpose they were created.
And that immediately takes us to the distance systems for the universe and André has and you have already spoken about that.
That means that Mars does not have and should not experience the place of the Earth.
The life was still not that far, but Mars created new life and represented a new and next existence, which would become the planet Earth.
In this way we see how this Divine unity was able and could condense itself.
And that also says, that God gave the happiness of this space to all His life as a spark and that happiness went further, means becoming consciousness and love.
The planets would fulfil a human task.
And we became father and mother, we got to experience the Divine creation for that purpose.
The planets condensed themselves for the universe, the human being on earth went further, entered the Spheres of Light, went further again and higher and reached the seventh sphere, released himself again and passed on to the Fourth Cosmic Grade.
This universe experiences the same laws and that event created us, created everything; but for soul and spirit, for animal and human being, for plant and flower, an independence was created.
And that is the next life, the next becoming conscious, the next grade of life, but for everything our love for the All-Mother!
That is our light, our personality, our being a father and a mother, unity, experiencing one, as two flowers of one colour, twin souls, because God also became Father and Mother.
Sun and Moon are completely one, have become twin souls, work and serve, create and give away birth, give light and space, soul and life, spirit and becoming consciousness to the own child, which has now conquered this universe and was able to enter the Divine All.
Those are the ‘Commandments’ for the human being of Mother Earth, for which purpose the Messiah returned to the earth and gave all of His life, in order to elevate that life to the God of all life.
Stars and hazes do nothing else.
The smallest insect has to experience this harmony, or the little animal will suffocate and close itself off to the following and going further.
By means of the harmonic laws the life evolves, by means of disharmony, my master, the life creates darkness and destruction, hatred and violence, precisely that which this mankind is now burdened under by.
If the child of the earth follows the laws of God, then peace and happiness will come, prosperous development and the finite will become infinite, the child of Mother Earth will never be able to lose the happiness.
So the life in this universe goes further in order to finish the own task.
All this life will enter higher stages and also represent the God of Love again.
We have become conscious, also the planets and suns, stars and hazes, the unconscious grades of which we can see and will soon follow.
God knows that this is good, but we will also get to know those laws.
It is only then that we will see behind every thought of God, every law sent by the All-Mother to that condensing.
And can those natural laws be seen on earth?
What is conscious and unconscious there?
Who as a human being can say, I am conscious in everything?
Also the planets and stars, hazes and suns have to accept those laws.
That is the obtained evolution.
The conscious maternal and paternal, but the unconscious serving brought them to the true creation, for life and death, soul and spirit, universe and spiritual, astral world.
It is certain that the life here must go further, because there are still people living on earth.
Because the universe will also spiritualise itself.
This life is still material, my brothers, but then what, when the universe has also reached the spiritual grade of life?
We can now gauge the love from the light of the Sun, from the green of a flower and plant on earth we experience the obtained becoming conscious.
And that power will establish whether the smallest atom of all has certainty in order to return to God, but these laws and possibilities were given to us by the Moon and Sun.
That certainty is there!
I am now surrendering my life to you.”
Master Alcar now says:
“Indeed, my brothers, the planets and stars created Universal condensings by means of harmony ...
By means of the grades of life God places His love in our hands.
It is now possible for us to analyse a law and to look over the life on earth.
Because we are Gods, we reach unity
It is now the state of purity which speaks, and we are capable of following the course of life of all this life.
Yes, my brother André, you will represent Divine wisdom and we are bringing this happiness to earth.
So what is a maternal Sun on earth for an academic; is the paternal authority for the life as soul and as the astral personality.
And the academic has to master that.
What are powerful light illuminating forces from the earth for him, is love and harmony for the universe, by means of which the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life was born.
It is the farewell for all the life of the universe and the conscious going further.
And is that different for human being and animal, flower and plant?
The human being possesses everything by means of his material life.
He possesses the same laws and will awaken for this purpose.
Soon we will also experience and follow those revelations.
It is only then that you will see, how wonderfully one God’s universes are.
This came about by means of the Divine harmonic laws, accept it!
We were asked to represent this, to experience the universe, because the life of the human being on earth and on the other side is so deep.
So have sacred respect for this process of revelation.
Have love for yourself and the grade of life which was given to you, never complain, because you will be a Deity as a human being!
Anyone who does not want to accept, stands still, but must go further anyway.
All the life of God will go higher and will return to the Divine All!
See and sense this state of purity, my brothers.
Be a sincere father and mother, I call to the child of Mother Earth, it is only then that you will open your own providence, you cannot expect any Divine Harmony from demons.
Nor from your bibles, if you want to experience a God of hatred and revenge, which will take you to destruction and misery, to religious mania!
Does it not mean everything?
We are going further and thank God for all this wisdom.
We will expand our life by means of love!