The Conscious and Unconscious Grades of Life in the Universe

In order to enter the next stage, we first experience again what we followed, after which we are ready to go further.
And then master Alcar says:
“Which stars and planets are now consciously ready for fatherhood and motherhood?
Which task does this life have to experience for the universe and how did those laws evolve, spiritualise and materialise for the universe?
We must also follow those laws of life as grades of life, because we will soon see all these phenomena again on earth.
The human being also had to accept them.
And those laws can also be experienced here.
If you know your own laws, my brothers, the past and the present, then your future will moreover be revealed for your life, but by means of which all this life got to experience the own reincarnation.
That is the future existence for the universe, you also have to accept these laws as a human being.
The question which comes into me is: why did God not instantly finish the life?
Those questions are asked on earth, by means of which the human being comes to stand before his problems, but which will now dissolve for our life and consciousness.
After all, God is Omnipotent; people ask on earth: why did ‘HE’ not grant the life His universe and give that Omnipotence?
Was that not instantly possibly?
Why must the human being go through the darkness to the light?
Why must the life of God go upwards and return to Him by means of all those grades of life?
Thousands of questions are asked on earth, no one is capable of answering them.
You, my brother André, heard how people on earth beg God to answer, but He does not say anything.
Which questions are asked there?”
André is ready and says:
“What people ask on earth, my master, and do not understand, not by millions of people, is, why does God tolerate so much misery.
Why did God create so much misery?
Which laws are they which the human gets to experience by means of God?
In the first place there is: why is a human being sick?
Is God sick?
By what means were those diseases created?
By what means did those diseases come to earth?
By what means did so much suffering originated?
No one understands it!
Not one academic can give an answer to all these questions, my master.
Did God, did the All-Mother, who is Love, create crazy people and fools?
Why is that?
Millions of people ask that.
We also see conscious and unconscious laws of life on earth.
By what means were insane people born?
The academics wonder what God meant, creating crazy people, bringing psychopathy to earth.
Yes, my master, universe, God, All-Mother ... people on earth wonder that.
I know the laws, my master, I am therefore prepared to answer you.
The universe wants us to follow these laws.
It is only then that the child of Mother (Earth) will get an answer to all these questions.”
“Indeed, my brother”, master Alcar goes further, “derangement lives on earth.
Natural and spiritual derangement.
Sickly and healthy insanity.
The universe must give us an answer to all these questions.
And that is possible; the laws will show us those grades of life, it is only then that we can go further.
But now first follow the laws of the universe and then we can make material comparisons.
If we want to experience those grades of life, then we enter the Divine laws of revelation again, created for all the life by God.
After all, we stand before conscious and unconscious laws of life.
We now follow the laws for the human soul, which, however, received the own life through the universe.
And the soul also experiences fatherhood and motherhood in that.
The Cosmology of your life now takes us in that direction.
Which stars are now conscious, conscious for fatherhood and motherhood?
Conscious for both soul and spirit?
It now comes into me, those radiate lights as sun have reached this consciousness.
It is the highest becoming conscious for a star as a luminous organism.
Venus ... and other bodies, all receive their power by means of the paternal authority in this universe.
So from the central point ... administered purely creatively.
However, other stars are more conscious and serve the Sun, they are completely one with the creating power for the universe, this organism.
They represent fatherhood.
Yet others are dying.
They have already completed their task.
But if you attune yourself to the present stage for the universe then you will experience all of this, and we oversee the past and the present of the universe and then see what all this life belongs to.
The future image for that already takes me to a higher becoming conscious, the spiritual stage of this star seen as a source of light.
And those are grades!
Conscious and unconscious grades of life are also to found on earth.
They are not only material, but above all spiritual.
And because we must experience them as people, they can be beheld furthermore, because the macro cosmos and the micro cosmos remained one.
By means of this we will answer all those questions, my brother André, and that can be followed.
We return to the Earth.
The human being in the jungle does not possess the stage of consciousness as the human being who has reached the white race (see
The human being from the jungle can be found in the first stage, experiences the first grade of life for the human existence on earth.
And that also for his soul and spirit and the human personality.
The white race (see now, my brother André, is to be found in the highest stage, so the seventh grade of life for these laws as a human being, for soul, spirit and material.
But for the universe everything is now different.
Now they are stars and planets.
And they are also conscious and unconscious grades of life, and these grades of life have attunement and connection again to the human being of the earth, because the human being also has to experience them and master them.
And is it now not wonderful that we can analyze and receive that from the universe, this universe, humanly again?
The All-Source meant that.
And wanted for everything.
There were therefore no disharmonic laws created for the human being, no misery, no destruction, the God of all life did not want that.
That was not the intention of the All-Mother.
On the contrary, her life is and will remain Love!
By means of the grades of life here in the universe we have to accept those laws.
Not one human thought, which is experienced or sent out, represents a grade of life, but now for the human becoming conscious, isn’t it true, tell us what you are thinking about and we will know your consciousness.
And that is the human conscious or the human unconscious for the laws of God.
We got to know those laws in our life and we had to master the spiritual consciousness.
Or, we would never have reached the Spheres of Light, but we are that far.
These laws are also for the stars and planets, those bodies also had to follow grades of life and the life of the universe is also conscious and unconscious in that!
This life of the universe also had to master those Divine laws, and it is only then that this life can go further.
It is only now that the life stands before the spiritual becoming conscious.
And that is clear!
But that grade of consciousness now establishes to which grade of life a planet and star belongs.
The academic of the earth knows the types of stars, but those types represent the grades of life in the universe, and they are also for human being, animal, flower and plant, for all the life of God.
We now see the seven conscious and the seven unconscious grades of life again, by means of which we are then capable of answering all the human questions on earth.
The Divine All therefore wants us to follow these grades of life.
People on earth do not know that these bodies are both conscious and unconscious, people there do not know anything about fatherhood and motherhood either, by means of which, however, these grades of life got the own existence and the independence.
However, now that the universe lives in the conscious stage, has reached that grade of becoming conscious, that can be experienced and analysed for us.
Now look, one life is starving, the other is still fully conscious and people also experience that on earth.
And because the universe also possesses seven grades of life, from which we derive, experience and see the own becoming conscious, we come further.
The laws now, which we got to know as spiritual people, my brothers, so from our astral life, have attunement to the laws for this star and planet life.
What is now the twin state for us, that became a secondary planet for the universe, because by means of the first organism the following was born, and we see that again as one attunement.
Thus, two lives to one attunement, created by one life, because the first life split itself as a mother.
Is that clear?
In this way we therefore see twin stars, because the next life was born from the first and was wanted by the God of all this life, but which is only possible by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
That means, that God placed that splitting in our own hands and that we and all that life also have to follow those laws.
And then we stand, moreover, before the rejecting and attracting of these bodies and means, signifies, that every spark of God also wants to experience the own obtained independence, and then goes further in order to evolve.
And it is only then, when the seventh grade of life has been reached, that the life stands before the spiritual or the highest material grade of life and it is father or mother.
Or it has to fulfil another task for this organism, which we spoke about.
Isn’t it true, now we stand before the organs of this macrocosmic organism.
The star which now weakens, will soon be part of the following world again as a space, as a universe.
That is then the spiritual birth.
We as human beings also know those laws and the animal, the life of Mother Nature has to accept them!
That life will now help that new world to condense, or possesses a task for that new organism.
One body now serves as sun, as radiating fluid, the other motherhood, or for the universe as the garment, or as hazes and sparks, which are all part of the spatial organism.
Now for the first time, when a star has reached the seven grades of life, that is becoming conscious for this life and of course spiritual awakening; and we see again for the human being on earth, these laws have not changed in any way in that either!
And the life now also stands before the going further.
When she has reached the highest on earth, so the white race (see, the seventh grade for the material organism, the soul as human being (stands) before her karmic laws, her cause and effect, she now stands before her making amends.
And now, my brothers, we immediately stand before all those human questions.
We were able to see that God did not create any disharmony.
We established by means of the spatial laws that the All-Mother is only Love and that also the human being and all the other life got and carries in it that law for love.
That now means, that the human being created disharmony and that God therefore has nothing to do with all that misery there on earth.
Nothing ... never had, but that the human being created demonic consciousness from Divine pure laws.
The universe was not able to do that and we now get to know that.
What are karmic laws now?
What is cause and effect?
The human being murders, hates, destroys on earth what God experienced in love, because the human being there is unconscious of his Deity!
His Divine attunement.
So the human being violated the Universe-Grades!
That the human being must experience suffering and sorrow because of this is his own fault, he passed over into that by means of his own ‘will’.
God had to accept seven subsequent grades of life in order to condense himself, also all the life which got the own life by means of His laws.
By means of this the human being became a Divine independence, and in harmony with the infinite.
If he was to experience these laws according to what we see here; and the human being was not able to do that.
So all that misery on earth means, the human being goes through both the material and spiritual laws to the Divine evolution.
No, suddenly the All-Mother was not able to finish the life, ages were needed for that.
And the human being also has to absorb that.
These are the laws of evolution and the seven grades of life for the conscious and unconscious life, the fatherhood and motherhood of which the soul as human being got hold of, went further!
And now further.
The universe is growing.
So there is progress and evolution.
The universe has still not reached the Divine stage.
The weak stars evolve, as the human being evolves.
Can you hear this?
Can you follow the Divine truth?
The unconscious grades of life as stars and planets receive their powers from the conscious planets, which take care of the condensing of the universe.
Jupiter, Saturn and many other planets, which received an own task for fatherhood and motherhood, are now therefore half-conscious planets for fatherhood and motherhood.
Those bodies received a task for the organism and not for motherhood and fatherhood!
So they serve the systems.
They serve for this gigantic universe as one organism.
God gave them this possibility.
And nothing else and nothing more!
A star now absorbs that aura, and only then passes on the experienced and processed to the other bodies and parts of the organism, by means of which these Cosmic harmonic laws were born.
What we experience here as macrocosmic laws, we therefore later see for the human existence and in the human organism again.
The divine core as soul, life and spirit also lives in there, and is the material being!
However, the macro cosmos created all these laws for the soul as human being.
If those laws could not have been experienced here, then we would never have known them either as a human being.
They are the spiritual laws, born from the All-Mother, which, however, brought about the material grades of condensing, and lasted millions of ages.
But the universe condensed them and we were able to follow that.
But before the Moon was that far condensed as Mother and her life awakened, this universe had mastered the first grades of life, so for this condensing.
Star and Mother planet followed these laws, but obtained by means of fatherhood, the Sun.
And they became these material revelations.
Because the paternal authority, the Sun, received this task, this life could begin with the own and Divine evolution.
Then the stars and planets could begin to condense and take themselves to the spiritual awakening, which all this life is still busy with.
Because the Sun has direct attunement to the Central ‘SELF’ of the universe, that was possible, by means of which the God of all this life lived through His creations.
And that now means for the human being on earth, that the human being, wherever he is to be found and whatever his situation may be, represents God!
I now give myself to your life, master Zelanus, because I see that you have received the Divine connection.
So go further.”
And I am ready and can say:
“My experiencing, my brothers, follows what you were able to perceive.
Those are Divine truths!
This is All-Consciousness ... by means of which I see and may experience, and receive the word as wisdom.
What I experience, my master, are the stars and planets which got a place closest around the Sun, the paternal authority.
However, my consciousness immediately attunes itself to the Earth.
What I must and was able to experience here in the universe as Divine truth, the child of Mother Earth also possesses that.
And I see that there as the child which has reached the white race (see, the highest organism for the earth, to which the coloured child belongs.
So those are human comparisons.
A grade of life of planets and stars which together represent fatherhood and motherhood is the highest consciousness for the universe!
For the human being of the earth a conscious law and in addition a grade of life for the human consciousness with regard to soul, life and spirit and the personality.
Of course for the human love!
The human being also developed himself that far.
Can you follow this, my brothers?
What the human being was able to master in the millions of years, that is also the possession of the universe.
And what lives here and got consciousness, is the possession of the human being again.
So what is unconscious on earth, is also unconscious here and what got consciousness on earth, also has to experience and represent consciousness in the universe, which is only possible by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
And what are laws for the stars and planets, are also Divine laws for the human being!
And what is evolution here, is in addition Divine evolution for the human being!
Can you now feel how clear it is becoming?
What are laws for this Universal evolution for the stars and planets, are laws for the soul as human being, for spirit and personality.
The human being must master the spatial laws and grades of life.
But the universe created them for the human being!
The Sun radiates light, the human being also radiates light, because he experiences the laws of God in love!
As a result of this, the Spheres of Light originated.
So if the human being wants to give love and wants to serve in love, he assures himself of Divine light!
And we see that light again in the life beyond the coffin and the life serves for the spirit!
That is then his astral personality.
In the spheres, so in our life, our inner light, in which we and by means of which we got hold of our spiritual life and the personality, we experience these laws.
Those are now the seven spiritual conscious and unconscious grades of life.
Our life of feeling, my brothers, therefore has attunement to a sphere and that is also a space, which we were able to condense and build by means of the laws of fatherhood and motherhood, so by means of which we represent a spiritual, but still human world for God.
The stars and planets also created this for themselves.
These bodies now, which live the closest to the Sun, it is they who create the conscious powers for the universe and the own existence.
Moreover, it is they who represent the highest consciousness.
People on earth do not know the unconscious grades of life, an academic still has to master this study, and there are yet other planets and stars which people do not see from the earth.
Those binoculars still have to be born too.
Science is still not that far, that the human being looks behind these veils and understands the life of the universe.
So it is the truth, my master, what we see here in the universe, we also experience on earth as human beings.
Because the universe has created every law of Mother Earth.
The human being on earth is not further than the universe possesses in consciousness and that is likewise the other way round for the human being.
The firmament seen from the Earth as becoming conscious, is now the life of feeling in the human being.
So the universe possesses the same becoming conscious as the soul, as a human being who represents the highest on earth and achieved there, that is the organism which was able to enter the seventh and highest grade of life.
The human being on earth was able to master the life becoming conscious for the planetary system, because Mother Earth got hold of those laws.
Is that not abundantly clear, my brothers?
Because the All-Source as love gave life light to, created both worlds, that process could go further, but always and eternally by means of ‘Fatherhood and Motherhood’.
The world as a planet is therefore conquered by the soul as a human being, and it is only then that she will go further, after having made amends for what she did wrong there in her life as a soul of God during the material existence.
Those are then the Karmic laws!
Which were not created by the All-Mother, but by the human being!
The human being violated the other life of God, also a Divine attunement!
Isn’t it true, he raped, deformed and sullied, hung and tortured that life, but that is nowhere to be beheld in the universe.
This life was born in Divine Harmony.
And that is the creation of God, that is both Love and Harmony for all the created stages.
What the human being made of it is destruction, bestialization, lust and violence.
Just go on.
But the human being will also free himself from that and it is only then that he will begin with his spiritual development.
On the other side we got to know the Divine-Spiritual creation.
Now luminous stars mean for our life and consciousness, characteristics, characteristics for our Universal personality.
So a character trait, my brothers, has to develop itself, as we see that in the universe, and stars and planets have to accept.
So also the human being!
So for the human being one characteristic is also a world and a universe, or we, as the personality, could never reach, represent the God of all the life.
So these characteristics get a Divine attunement.
They are part of our world, the sphere to which we belong.
They are the sparks of our existence, and light, little parts of our soul and our life, little parts for us as fatherhood and motherhood.
Those are the systems and the characteristics for the human being.
I will also return to your life, but my brother André will now go further.”
And André is also ready and gets to experience the Divine attunement, so that he can say:
“I must now make comparisons for myself and for the earth.
I can now see how we were connected.
My own consciousness dissolves completely.
Also that of you, my master.
If I attune myself to the grades of life, then the reaching being one will follow afterwards and that is always the Divine Revelation for my consciousness again.
By means of this I understand every law.
People on earth must know that.
And people will get it there, because God wants it.
I see myself on earth again and can say: yes, I represent there the God of all life and the All-Mother!
That is wonderful.
Now the life of God can also speak.
And it can tell about the own evolution, by means of which the human life is opened.
I know the unconscious and conscious grades of life of Mother Earth, I live under them.
Yes, indeed, I know how the human being forgot himself and how he wants to experience the life of God.
What does Adolph Hitler do now?
But what do all those children want?
The laws of this universe still reach the own becoming conscious, and those from the Earth cannot be touched, the human being will have to correct his own mistakes.
It is certain, I know that, I followed that there, there are mothers there who still do not possess the ‘maternal consciousness’.
That is half-waking consciousness for one grade of life.
Those mothers do not experience anything, but will have to undergo the law as motherhood as the universe was able to do it, as the Moon as Mother received them.
That is what I must follow and the laws of which I see before me.
However, we now experience that the universe also knows and has had to accept these unconscious and conscious grades of life.
We must experience and follow the Universal unity.
This is reality!
And that spiritual science will awaken on earth, it is only then that the human being will get to know himself and his All-Father and All-Mother.
So the human being is, we see that, from Divine origin.
But the macro cosmos and the micro cosmos are one.
The human being lives in universes, but he will have to master the laws for them.
And those are the conscious and unconscious grades of life for soul, spirit, motherhood and fatherhood.
We do not need to doubt anything anymore, my brothers, everything is determined by laws!
And furthermore justly conscious!
I understood you, my master, and also master Zelanus.
My comparisons determine that the soul as human being conquers all these universes.
Because she had to conquer herself, but walks a Divine path by means of that.
She returns to the All-Source by means of that.
So it must be clear to you the further we move away from the Sun, the weaker the stars will be.
Is that not true?
That says that the life around the Sun and Motherhood represents the highest grades of life for the universe, and that says to the human being of Mother Earth, that the human being who gives love and wants to serve by means of love will also be the highest experiencing for God there.
Is that not clear?
Is this not essential?
Not everything?
Yes, my master, that is correct!
And it is only then that the Divine attunement and core will reach the pure awakening, also becoming conscious, for which the Spheres of Light were created.
What does not seem possible for the human being on earth, my master, that nevertheless lives in his hands, that is the Divine possession of the human being.
The soul as human being was created by God in order to fill and to populate, and afterwards to represent, the universes of God.
As the spiritual consciousness awakens for our life, this universe had to experience this furthermore.
I now experience those seven grades of life for the universe.
What for us as human beings of the earth are seven subsequent grades of life, which we experience both physically and spiritually, and the universe of which we must master, are furthermore the occurring laws of life for the universe, which the stars and the planets have to follow and to experience, if they want to become conscious and reach the highest for God.
Now one star feeds the other.
They are involved with each other, the human being also feeds the other, own life, created by the mother.
And that is for all the life of God, but here we get to know the laws of life.
Those possibilities were created here.
And those grades of life are connected to each other again.
That can also be experienced on earth.
So weak stars experience one of the seven grades of life before such a body can enter and represent the highest.
That means to me, and is Divine truth, seven subsequent grades of life were created for this growing universe, which have to represent full consciousness and have not yet reached that height, but by means of which this life could go further, as the human being of the earth also got to experience.
After all you spoke, and I was able to get to know those laws, about the jungle stage and the white race (see
So a star experiences adult consciousness as a planet, and it is only then that the life of the universe is ready to experience fatherhood or motherhood.
And not one law can be destroyed, nothing will stop this going further and that evolution, because this life reached the birth by means of the All-Mother.
And by means of that possesses the Divine attunement!
We also see these grades of life for the human being again as both material and spiritual worlds of human and unconscious life.
People know those laws on earth, but people only do not know for what purpose God created them.
So people there, millions of children of God, have also not yet reached the highest consciousness.
And then I see, my master, that being conscious or living unconsciously means nothing, because all those grades of life represent one world anyway and possess the possibility of going further.
The universe must also go forward in order to spiritualise this life.
By means of this the life reached growth and blossom for the Fourth Cosmic Grade!
So we experience that all these stars and planets belong to the conscious and unconscious fatherhood and motherhood, but will soon experience the highest for the universe.
Indeed, my brothers, this is reality.
That bodies dissolve here, experience the dying process, is the going further for God, is evolution, is new life and being born, which we as human beings also received, if we want to return to God.
The conscious and unconscious grades of life for the universe finally connect us with the world to which we belong.
But every law of life is Divinely driven forward by the soul as human being, the animal kingdom and the life of Mother Nature.
And what happens now on earth?
On earth we experience these laws as human beings, from the unconscious to the conscious feeling and thinking and working, and that is for fatherhood and motherhood, but moreover for arts and sciences.
Until we have reached the highest and then go further.
For the human being that is the entering of the astral-spiritual world.
All of this is Divine truth.
But that means, that one day the Earth will be unpopulated and that the universe will have completed the own task.
I now get to experience that Divine truth.
We see every grade of life, every law of condensing again, my master, for the human being on earth.
Which will soon be fatherhood and motherhood, but also a characteristic, which master Zelanus spoke about.
And then as a karmic law, so as cause and effect.
They are for life and death.
We then come to stand before the mastering of that law of life, the going further and higher in the spirit and the representing of our astral, spiritual world.
You were already able to experience that, I will also enter those worlds after my material end and then go further.
If I start to experience disharmonic laws, I will stand still in my Divine development, and that is also the truth, because God did not want it.
So on earth the life is not inspired differently.
We also get to know all the unconscious and conscious laws there.
I can see the spatial laws again in thousands of phases of life.
Once we have reached the border for our life, then the highest experiencing follows, of course, and that is the spiritual attunement.
And it is only then that the soul as a human being can say, I have completed my ‘cycle of the earth’.
The life of this universe will also complete that cycle and then go further for the Fourth Cosmic Grade.
So this universe created seven Cosmic Grades of Life for the human being.
And we as human beings master those laws in order to return to God and to represent Him in the Divine All.
When a human being dies on earth now, which is not dying, that is the obtained evolution, but is for the universe the dissolving of a star, a haze or another body.
With the soul as a human being this spatial life also goes further and higher.
Because there are no disturbances in this.
And that is exactly the same for the soul as a human being, because one day she will begin with a higher and spiritual life anyway, the spark in the soul, the Divine core drives her further and brings her to the spatial consciousness.
Is that not simple now?
I now surrender myself to your life, my master, and will follow you.”
Master Alcar then immediately also goes further and gives us:
“Indeed, we can keep on calling out: it is true.
This belongs to the Cosmology and is for all the life of God, it is the wisdom from the Divine All experienced and received for the child of Mother Earth, they are the first books for the New Bible!
The human being experiences seven grades of life for the organism, before he passes on from the earth.
The life of the universe also got hold of these laws.
We therefore recognise the own and obtained becoming conscious from the light of a grade of life, those are the same laws for fatherhood and motherhood.
When a star here leaves the universe that is the end.
For us as human beings that is the seventh sphere in the life beyond the coffin.
And then we stand before the Mental Areas, which now connect us with the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life.
You now see that both universes are one, I mean, that the human being gets to experience no other laws than we see and have to accept in the universe.
A disturbance cannot be determined anywhere.
There is no difference.
All this life is one!
There is not an injustice to be seen anywhere.
And all the life of God got to experience the same rights by means of this, and became the becoming conscious for fatherhood and motherhood.
That became serving!
The mother planets now, my brothers, possess the same laws as the mother as a human being on earth, and the planet Earth as mother put them into the hands of the human being, her child.
And fatherhood has not changed in any way.
However, the unconscious grades of life, took us to the human psychopathy.
The natural and unnatural laws of which we know, the diseased and the healthy, and means that Mother Earth gave the soul as human being these grades of life to experience, by means of which the soul as human being goes to the perfect motherhood.
The other one means, the human being broke those natural laws and sought hatred, destruction, by means of which those unnatural ones emerged, and the child has now lost the social harmonic.
After all, we also know those laws.
And they are material, so both physical and spiritual, so we know material and spiritual insanity.
The human being in the jungle now experiences the natural conscious laws, it is only then, when the human being comes to stand before the higher life, he does wrong and creates disharmony, but will have to conquer them for every law of life anyway, it is only then that the going further will come.
Does the life feel this on earth?
No, but we will convince the child of the earth of this.
And again we have to establish that everything created by God is one.
Psychopathic grades of life were therefore created and called to life by the human being.
And now it will be clear to you that the planet Mars cannot create any conscious life as a human being, and the highest of all for this universe.
That was placed in the hands of Mother Earth, given, gifted to her.
So the Universal grade of life for the universe was created by the Sun as the paternal authority and placed in the hands of the maternal body, and that is also the possession of man and woman on earth.
The man creates and places his possession in the hands of the mother, the universe does not experience any differently.
And the mother in the universe passed on her life, and we see how we as human beings received our life.
One serves the other, but by means of fatherhood and motherhood these laws got growth and consciousness.
All of that is harmony, and harmony brought us to the Divine love.
What is now the giving birth of and for the mother of the earth?
Is that not experiencing love?
So if the human being follows the harmonic laws for the giving birth and creating, the soul as human being already experiences the Divine harmonic plan, the All-Source as Mother, but by means of that got hold of all the characteristics of God and the All-Mother.
By giving birth and creating we will also represent the God of all life for everything.
Anyone who scorns motherhood, stands still!
Anyone who does not want to be a father stands still and cannot go further for this Universal development at a Divine attunement.
Because that is the intention of God and we got to experience that as human beings.
When we later follow and analyse the conscious and unconscious grades of life on earth for the human organism, we also get to know all these laws there.
We then have to accept that all the life in the universe passes on the obtained grades of life to the embryonic life, that the macro cosmos is one with the micro cosmos, or there would be no going higher possible.
In addition, we will then experience that by means of our thinking and feeling, the experiencing of lust and violence, we have begun with the fragmentation of the personality.
However, the physical laws take us to the Universal unity and grade of life.
So what we now see is that the Moon as the first Cosmic Grade of Life created new life, by means of which the second and third were born, by means of which we see that the Mars consciousness finds attunement to the human organism, which begins for the Earth in the jungle.
We will also establish this Universal unit in that.
If we now compare this evolution to the human material one for the Earth, and thereby the spiritual awakening, we must accept that no gulfs need to be bridged in this, because the inner life is continually one with the material organism.
That means that the soul Earth as planet is ready to receive the life of the Second Cosmic Grade and that the human existence can also begin there.
As human beings we therefore get to experience all these grades of life.
And then we can accept that the spatial laws are human laws.
As all this life here in the universe is one, we experience that as human beings on earth.
Because Mother Earth created them for the soul as human beings.
There is not any difference to be experienced in anything.
There is no question of disruption in anything, nor of injustice.
A star which is dying, is extinguished, then bursts, is torn apart by the more powerful organisms of the universe, so that the bits and pieces reach the Earth, go further and higher and remains a spark of God, continues to have life, but goes to the new life, for which she lived.
It is the reincarnation for the universe!
That is ‘the coffin’ for this life, but the human organism does not experience anything different, that spark also dissolves.
For the larger planets the dying process is different.
The Moon is now dying.
She is calmly dissolving and that will take millions of years.
But she experiences this being put in the coffin of her body, which happens according to the macrocosmic laws, but no academic of the earth knows and understands that, because he does not want to understand life and death for the universe.
But soon the Moon will serve for new life, even if we know that this already took place.
And that therefore means, that the Moon has already created her Fourth Cosmic Grade for the present stage.
Stars and planets, my brothers, therefore experience the seven grades of life created by the All-Mother and she gave us this life as human beings.
They are also for the animal and plant life, for every spark of God.
They were spiritual for the universe and became material, they condensed and grew, they are father and mother, soul and spirit, life and light, but harmonic and loving!
So what is the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life for the universe, that first became the spiritual astral world for us, where we get to experience these seven conscious and unconscious grades of life again, and those are the hells and the heavens, the dark and luminous spheres, it is happiness and harmony, peace and calm, justice and understanding, the experiencing of the Divine laws created by the All-Mother.
By means of this the All-Mother placed the laws in our hands and we can go further, in order to represent her as Mother in the conscious human Divine All as Gods!
I say: ‘as Mother’, because she is mother for everything, of course we possess fatherhood in that.
What we now call hells, is nothing else but an unconscious grade of life.
No one knows who invented that word, but the church is to blame for everything.
There are no hells, even if we speak about them, because the child of Mother Earth does not know any better now, these are the seven unconscious grades of life which the human being and all the life of God has to conquer.
You now see what the universe has to give us.
These seven grades of life take us to the beginning and the end of a grade of life; and that is the beginning of a star, a planet, we see soul and spirit and material and were able to follow all of that by means of the first revelations.
The conscious grades of life in the universe represent fatherhood and motherhood, that is now light and darkness for the human being, but as a Divine spark we will master the universe of a grade of life, by means of which we conquer the universe of this ‘law’.
Can it be any simpler?
Where do all those human questions remain now, why God did not instantly finish the creation and all those other thousands?
They lie in the hands of the human being, but it is he, in order to bring them to evolution.
I see everything even more clearly when my life undergoes these laws.
Isn’t it true, God worked, the All-Mother had to accept these grades of condensing; and the human being as part of that Divine life has something else to do?
Is life on earth not wonderful?
What does the human being do with his Divine gifts?
They are still not understood, one lives it up by means of the other life, people look for the disharmonic there, by means of which all that misery was created.
Yes, my brother André, now we can answer.
Now the child of Mother Earth gets to experience the wisdom of Christ, and we serve for that purpose.
You can now already see and establish for which age you serve.
I tell you, no child of Mother Earth was allowed and able to experience this for your life.
But we come across those laws and we keep analysing the human with regard to the universe, after which the own possession as human being will occur, so that the human being there on earth will begin with a new life.
Because Christ came to the earth as the Messiah for that purpose.
We will analyse millions of laws for the child of the earth, so that it awakens for God and the All-Mother.
It is only then that peace and calm will come.
The universe can be analysed by the human being, we now see, we reach the spatial unity because of the higher consciousness.
We see every human thought spatially spiritualised and materialised.
Every law of condensing as a spiritual and material grade of life is a revelation for the human being.
The power of the Sun as the creating power for this macrocosmic body is also the light for us as human beings, but that becomes the wisdom, the knowledge, the consciousness on earth and for the spiritual, astral world.
The light of the Sun has become a grade of consciousness, and will be: the blood circulation for the human being, by means of which the human heart got to represent the tick of this universe.
The All-Mother was not only able to make that calculation, but ‘SHE’ experienced, spiritualised and materialised the laws for that.
Wherever we find ourselves, my brothers, we will see these seven conscious and unconscious grades of life again there.
Every sphere knows them in our life.
In all the worlds created by God, they received the colour spectrum of God.
And why not we people?
We master these laws.
Every footstep, each breath, every word, each thought, all material, art, talent, possess seven grades for development.
By means of this, master Zelanus, you were able to write the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’, and you see that these books have attunement to the spatial laws.
In the Spheres of Light life is not any different.
The universe awakened by means of that, the life got becoming conscious and could begin with the own designated task.
Should people on earth still despair then?
Should people ask there, why does God not intervene?
Can people say there, that God is not a Father of Love?
We can now already answer every question. And then what, when we enter the human, the seven grades of life for the soul and spirit as human being?
It is only then that the life on earth will lie open to the human being.
The universe awakened, the universe got becoming conscious because of it, also all the other life of God.
Are you now convinced that you are Gods?
When a star has now reached the highest for the universe, she has created new life, that therefore means, that she has also experienced a spiritual becoming conscious.
And it is only after her disappearing that she undergoes the reincarnation and is the Fourth Cosmic Grade for her consciousness.
When we now do a deed on earth as human beings, that must possess spiritual attunement, and that attunement takes the personality to harmony and then to love.
If the human being has made amends for his mistakes, then because of that he represents a spiritual attunement in the life beyond the coffin, and is now possession, and (is) so far in order to prepare himself for the Fourth Cosmic Grade.
Isn’t that true?
We had to master those laws and worlds, those conscious grades of life and could not avoid that.
The laws forces us to do that.
All these grades of life, or whatever we follow for the universe, are therefore Divine laws.
The life of the universe had to follow these laws and also we as human beings, the animal and the life of Mother Nature.
Isn’t it amazing, my brothers, that we see the conscious and unconscious grades of life everywhere on earth again?
In the waters and on the land, in the luminous and dark spheres, in the air, bird and other species of animal have to experience these grades, or they will not come any further.
From the domestic cat we now come to the tiger in the jungle, from the jungle inhabitant to the white race (see, from Sun, Moon and stars to the Spheres of Light and finally to the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life ... a following space to Cosmic attunement.
The present stage takes you to the future existence for all the life.
By means of this the light of the universe will change, but also for the spiritual being.
Also for the life in nature.
And that means again, that the life expands, that the life of God evolves, that the life of God has to represent the ‘All-Mother’.
And that says: life is eternal!
Because there are now human Gods living in the Divine All, we can accept that the universe in which we live created seven higher grades.
And those seven grades were spiritualised and materialised.
That all seems supernatural, but there is no supernatural law of life to be experienced and seen, because everything becomes human again anyway!
And is experienced humanly, got human form, is brought humanly to that becoming conscious.
Is the becoming conscious for a star now different than that of the human being on earth?
Is that becoming conscious in the spheres of soul and spirit different?
Is that becoming conscious for a jungle inhabitant different than the universe gives us to experience?
The human being gets to experience every law of the universe and that becomes becoming conscious, is evolution, is fatherhood and sacred motherhood, is light, peace, calm, perfection, being one with the All-Mother!
This is the wonderful image, which we as people have to experience for the universe, it is the image for the child of Mother Earth, the future, the Kingdom of God for the earth and the Spheres of Light.
For the University of Christ!
We see the All-Mother materialised by means of thousands of possibilities.
We keep coming to stand before that and will then have to experience the analyses, according to the grades of life we look behind the All-Maternal wonder.
We now see what the planet Earth and her children got to experience, by means of fatherhood and motherhood the human thought grows and the inner life gets becoming conscious.
Can it be experienced differently?
The soul as human being stands before millions of laws and will master them.
And in the Divine human All we see our unity!
So this takes us to life and death.
If there is no dying present, there would be no going further.
But the Moon and other bodies were that far!
I ask your consciousness, my brothers.
Is the child of the earth capable of carrying all of this?
Then I can tell you: yes, because as human beings we were born for that purpose.
But people think on earth that there are planets living in the universe with higher consciousness.
You now see that this is not possible.
We observe that Mother Earth has to represent the highest consciousness for the universe.
Also the size of the planet now has meaning and we will also establish those laws soon, if that appears to be necessary.
It is only on the Fourth Cosmic Grade that we will reach Divine comparisons with regard to this universe.
And those are the laws again for every spark of God, for the hour and the second, for fatherhood and motherhood, for light, soul, spirit and love.
There is continuing evolution for the life of God, the universe is serving!
The universe is Love!
And that will soon be clear to you.
If we enter a law, then we stand before Christ.
The continuing evolution brings us back to Golgotha and to the Divine All, where Christ now represents the All-Mother!
We will then soon enter, as human beings of the earth, the Spheres of Light or one of the other worlds, brought by the soul as human being to the spiritual becoming conscious.
These are now the seven conscious and unconscious grades of life for every spark of God.
The most meaningless little spark is assured of these grades of life.
The smallest insect experiences them and gets spatial viability by means of this if that life belongs to the creation, because we also know the post-creations, which means, there is no life which does not get to experience a conscious sphere because this life possesses the worm consciousness.
And we will also follow that later, if we want to give every spark of God that higher becoming conscious.
The paternal and maternal authority drives the life further.
The whole of this universe was created by means of that, the life went further, from law to law, from condensing to the next grade of life.
So one spark of life is as deep as the All-Mother also possesses in depth.
That can be followed and established by means of the laws for the spatial evolution.
Every atom possesses these grades of life, conscious and unconscious laws, by means of which the atom got the own independence.
Therefore every spark is again soul, life and spirit and a part of the ‘All-Mother’!
This is why every spark of God is a spiritualised and material law, birth and reincarnation. Divinely deep in truth and justice, there is no disharmony, nor lies and deception to be experienced for the All-Mother, every spark has light, life and spirit, and will become love.
So every spark, my brothers, we keep having to repeat and establish that again, is deep and conscious, is one with God, by means of which it will live and evolve!
Because God has revealed himself as a law by means of the material life, those are both the material and the spiritual pieces of proof for our life as a human being.
Those are the grades of life!
By means of which we represent God, for whatever stage, as human beings!
Was there still a difference made for this Divine event?
No and a thousand times no!
Every spark of God got the same rights by means of this, and we can call to the Earth and her children: there is no damnation!
There are no burning hells to be experienced either and there is no last judgement, those are human creations and they mean nothing for the universe!
What do we learn now by means of the spatial laws?
You get to know your Deity.
You see your Deity taking a form.
You now see, that you are one with the All-Mother, even if you are a human being of the earth.
And wherever you live, you will go further, the jungle will soon live in your society, you created your consciousness for that life and that grade of life.
After all, you will leave everything behind, everything is borrowed goods, but your life represents everything, every grade of life says it to your personality.
Accept all of this, it is Divine truth!
All these laws belong to you.
They live under your human heart.
But you have to master them.
And that becomes your consciousness.
That becomes your fatherhood and motherhood.
That becomes the sphere in which you will live!
We as human beings master the life of feeling of the All-Mother!
And that is everything!
There is no more to it, the laws of which now convince us.
Is the All-Mother feeling?
Yes, but that life of feeling was spiritualised and materialised.
That was possible by means of the seven conscious and unconscious grades of life.
And now the human being gets to know his Divine attunement.
I ask you, master Zelanus, why did Mother Earth get her place with the Sun now?
Why was the Moon born for our life, and do we feel and see her as Mother?”
“I am ready, my master, and will answer you.
They are the laws of condensing and the human consciousness, by means of which we as human beings got hold of that spatial unity.
They are the grades of life, which could give Mother Earth the place she takes up.
The Moon gave them to Mother Earth, because the Earth is the child of Sun and Moon.
Mother Earth received the highest experiencing by means of that and was now capable of finishing her organism, which was worked on by the other grades of life as maternal inspiration.
Mother Earth is that higher becoming conscious, my master, because she got her life by means of the previous existence.
And we see that again on earth, we experience that as human beings, so that we can enter the Spheres of Light.
That is then the Hereafter!
Because the grades of life could materialise by means of the Sun and Moon the next sparks of God got to see that becoming conscious, and it is the returning to the All-Source!”
“That is the truth, my brothers, the planets Moon and the Earth, seen as Mother and child, gave becoming conscious to this evolution.
Mother and child are completely one, but Mars and Earth are also that, because for the human feeling and thinking we see that first transition before us, which is the jungle stage.
The planets, mother and child carried out this work for the universe and placed it in our hands.
So Moon and Earth created one life, one becoming conscious, one body, to which the inner life was open and therefore got to accept those laws.
Even if the planet Mars got to accept an own task, the Moon as Mother is one with her child!
They experience one aim, have one task and are both Mother!
Mother for the own life and that is the human being, the animal and the life of Mother Nature.
Can it be any simpler?
It therefore wants to explain, that the Moon had to leave our life, her creations, free, she sent her consciousness into the universe because the life would return to God, to the All-Source.
The Divine attunement in every spark drove itself further and higher and has now become the Divine evolution.
Now look at your own past and you will know your creations as a human being!
That means, that we both could and were able to spiritualise and materialise the conscious grade of life from the unconscious, and then represented the conscious thinking and feeling, and in addition to that became father and mother at a Divine attunement, by means of which we also evolved.
Now the Moon is dying, my brothers, and we will soon follow that too.
She has completed her task, because she created all these seven conscious and unconscious grades of life.
She will return to the All-Source, but we will see her astral life spiritualised on the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life.
She will be the Mother planet again there, but then we will see her again enlarged, with eternal cordiality as a core, also the enlarged love and as concepts of justice her reproduction and spiritualised becoming conscious.
She has to die here for that purpose.
I now ask you, master André-Dectar.
What does this dying still mean for the Moon?”
“I am also ready, my master, because the All-Consciousness speaks through me and to my life.
That no longer means anything, and nor does it for the universe, because this is like the human garment which undergoes a rotting, and we will soon see that explained according to the laws.
Of course, this also has meaning for the harmonic laws, for that matter, if the Moon was to suddenly dissolve as an organ, this universe would collapse.”
“And that means, master Zelanus?”
“That the human being gets to experience these same laws.”
“And takes us, master André-Dectar?”
“Back to cremation, my master, about which we now determine how wrong that is, how destructively and unspiritually calculated that event hastens the human harmonic dissolving and mutilates it by those means.”
“I thank you for these answers, my brothers, and you will now see what consequences we come to stand before.
But, what we will soon follow, for the process of dying here the death of the Moon no longer means anything, because she created a new organism for the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life, for which she got to represent the highest.
We will first experience Divine, but spiritual wonders there, which we will see materialised again for this universe.
So the death for the human organism on earth is one event as a ‘law’, but because a planet got to experience spatial becoming conscious, she dissolves according to the Universal law and we must accept that.
But the dying and the returning is one law, one event.
We will also see that the Moon as body and Mother will also absorb these powers for her going further, and we establish spatially that cremation as an invented technical help is spatial destruction for the following laws which the organism gets hold of by means of reincarnation, and it is only then it will experience and undergo that.
This is why, my brother André, we already analysed cremation in our first book and it is urgently necessary for the soul as a human being, because she now moves away from the harmonic laws for the material dying.
I was allowed to explain a lot of laws to you for the first books, but what we now get to experience borders on the incredible and yet it is the truth.
By means of the conscious grades of life we come that far.
We make these journeys for that purpose, the Divine All wants mankind on Earth to awaken.
What we experience is our birth from God.
And we cannot pass by one law of life, every spark of God now wants to be experienced, by means of which the life on earth also speaks to your becoming conscious.
That is no longer strange, and the event will then answer naturally conscious.
Mother Earth receives this Divine wisdom, because she also represents the highest for this universe.
She has Divine meaning for us as human beings, because she received that task.
We will also get to know her awakening by means of that.
We will accept her sacred motherhood and then master her laws.
It is only then that we will experience the Divine Love as human beings, which was condensed by the Moon.
Mankind must awaken, because Christ came to Mother Earth for that purpose.
Science will evolve and soon accept all these laws, by means of which an academic will get cosmic consciousness.
And then churches and ministers will no longer mean anything.
Then the church can bow its own head and a cardinal will have to listen to us and he can also accept the laws.
He can then begin with fatherhood and motherhood.
But how many laws are smothered by the church now?
Thousands of laws are made inhumanly and unspatially by the church.
Christ did not come to the earth for that purpose.
Science will soon show that the bible begins with untruth, by means of Sun and Moon they will get to experience and get that wisdom in their hands.
And then mankind will stand before the Kingdom of God!
Before a new consciousness, before eternal rest and calm.
You must now accept that we people got the highest consciousness created by God and the All-Mother.
The Moon gave her life, her soul and spirit for our development and the other planets followed her laws and grades of life, by means of which this unity and harmonic consciousness were born.
We as human beings got to experience the Divine thinking and feeling, by means of which we will therefore be capable of following ‘HIM’ for all His grades.
By means of the Universal revelations the phenomena got new life and becoming conscious.
Also we as human beings!
Why does each planet now trace an own orbit?
Because this is the consciousness for that macrocosmic organism.
And that consciousness places motherhood in our hands again, and has become our life.
So that also has maternal and creating meaning, but will become the providence, justice and soon our obtained possession, our pure love!
All life awakened by means of this!
If you can accept this, people of the earth, I would like to tell you, then enter your own space.
As soul of His soul you have to represent your own Deity and (you) will conquer all the laws spiritually!
It is also your Cosmic walk for the universe.
And all of that lies within your reach, because you create and give birth!
Because you give your life to the mother as a man, she gives birth, she creates new life for your life, by means of this you go further together!
And back to your Deity!
So go, begin now that you are still on earth.
So we now know the conscious grades of life from the radiating life force.
Motherhood giving birth, by giving the own life, the serving.
And then the own form comes forward, the personality of which we can follow and feel, so that the consciousness will and can speak.
Know now, all these suns and planets serve us as human beings.
All these suns and planets give their own life force for the human being, so that the human being can return to God.
There is no more to it, but this is everything!
The universe gave us the physical being one, man and woman of the earth do not experience anything different, and that is the Divine reproduction – and that has nothing to do with the human social laws – the growth of spirit, because this must represent the inner, so spiritual process of evolution.
So we see every body part in the universe again; by what means we got our senses and how they reached becoming conscious, we will experience that when we follow and will be able to analyse the organic consciousness for every spark which is a part of the human organism.
It is only then that you will get to know the human wonders.
Then we will see how the human eye originated, and the laws will tell us why the human being has two eyes and not one.
Those laws will also tell us about the own becoming conscious, and it is only then that we will see how wonderful the becoming conscious for the All-Mother and All-Father was, which has nevertheless become our life.
The All-Seeing eye will then speak to our life, because the human being also possesses that All-Core, or we would not have received the light.
But the human being sees, he got eyes in order to admire himself and his creations, however, he does not understand how those laws spiritualised and materialised, but that can also be experienced by means of the universe.
If we round off this analysis, then we can say, my brothers, the conscious and unconscious grades of life represent everything of the earth.
God did not create injustices in anything!
Not in anything!
When we soon see before us the growing universe as grades for this becoming conscious, and we then follow them, we will also get to know those laws, and we will understand that the paternal authority pushes the maternal away from him, by means of which the ‘centrifugal forces’ originated and the harmonic working occurred.
And by means of that Mother Earth got, and her Mother, all the planets and stars got to trace an own orbit.
So that is not ‘accepting just like that’, but duty, those are laws for the spiritual and material condensing, for the own becoming conscious.
And that, my brothers, is one of the greatest wonders called to life and materialisation by the All-Mother, and we will soon also establish that.
That is the greatest wonder for the universe, it is only then that we will see this Universal, but Divine unity for the stars and planets, for fatherhood and motherhood, but above everything for ‘Mother and Child’.
Now already attune yourself to that, because you will sit your Cosmic exam by means of that.
These laws are also presented to me.
However, one of us will experience them.
I already know now which laws these are and I also know, it is the purest and most wonderful for the universe.
So the paternal authority of the universe says, come into me and I will serve you.
And we also see that on earth again, but now through the mother.
She will also say there, come into me and I will serve, because she gives the life and the becoming conscious to the spark of God.
The mother can say on earth: get to know me, paternal authority, and I will give you the omniscience for our universe, our being one as man and woman, as father and mother, as giving birth and creating power, priest, that you smother, deform, because you think you know it better than your God for all life!