The Laws of Life and Death for the Universe

Becoming conscious, my brothers”,... Master Alcar continues... “is motherly and fatherly life, but wants to be love.
Consciousness or unconsciousness are still one world, because one was born from the other and because all the life will return to God.
That means: the universe is evolving, but because of life and death.
“Pass over into that and also get to know that”, there comes to my own consciousness, “and we will follow you.”
That is the Voice from the conscious Divine All, which speaks to us and still follows us.
And this is Divine love for you and me and all the life of God.
We sometimes touched upon death and life, because we had to elucidate that law for another law of life, but now we stand before death and life of this universe.
We reach the unity now for the first time.
All this created goes further and higher because of both the death and the new life, but evolving to the grades of consciousness, and human being and animal, flower and plant enter the next existence, however, by means of which we get to know the Divine laws of justice, because if there was no death, no Divine justice would exist either, because now the life would be denied those rights.
Can you hear it now, my brothers?
The dying for the universe is a law of justice, so also for human being, animal and flower, for all the life.
If you want to attune yourself to this then we will go further.
I also surrender to your feeling and thinking, because the universe wants to inspire your life.”
And it is André who gets connection with the laws of life and death, and can answer:
“Where I live in now and has come into me, my master, is for me the being one with the stars and planets, which exchange the material life with the spiritual continuing.
For us as human being this is the process of dying on earth.
But it wants to be and is for God the entering of the life, after the ending of the own cycle, the astral world.
So the entering as the inner life, the spirit, the life beyond the coffin.
That is the going further in the spirit!
These laws were also created for the universe, and we got hold of and got to experience them through the spatial laws, by means of which we could go further.
But how does the child of Mother Earth look at these laws?
How are these grades of life experienced?
How does the child of Mother Earth see death?
That is loss, destruction, that child cries until his tears run dry, because it does not know, does not see death as own evolution, so that all that misery was created by means of this.
Now millions of people perish on earth, but still not one human being has died, what dies there is necessary, but that is material, the soul as spirit now goes further and higher, she pursues her evolution!
No, my master, the child of Mother Earth has still not understood that.
What does life and death mean for the universe, give to our life?
I must follow that for a moment.
Millions of people already accept there that there is no death.
Millions of others only see death, which hits not only them, but also every law of this universe; and there is no more hope for anything, no more life, nothing but misery remains behind and for the human being.
But the spatial laws for our life explain the life for soul and spirit differently to us, so that we can now go further in order to also analyse these grades of justice.
“There is no death, the soul enters other worlds by means of this”, this universe calls to me, and I give back to the child of the earth, so that it will also awaken for life and death.
For the life on earth you explained all these laws to me, my master, and you wrote the books ‘A View into the Hereafter’.
Now I am experiencing the spatial laws for life and death.
By means of numerous phenomena it can be established by me whether there is life and death here.
Certainly, we know it, but now I descend into those laws, I get to experience spatial oneness, so that those laws will reveal themselves.
The Moon and, along with her, other planets and stars are dying.
That is the going further for the life of God, these laws were also created for the human being of the earth.
That is the entering of new worlds.
Dying is ‘Evolution’.
God examined this beforehand, these laws were not any different for the All-Mother, because by means of this the life got the possibility of going further.
The life would first finish the grade of life, but by means of that, therefore by means of ‘death’, the other and following grade of life was ready to receive the soul of God.
And then the life as the spark of God got to experience the phenomenon which is still ‘dying’ for the child of the earth.
I am now one with stars and planets for the process of life and death!
And what I now see is a wonderful spectacle for me.
I pass over to the material laws for dying, I now float through the universe and undergo this oneness.
All this life must die, or it will not go any further, the Earth will also dissolve one day, but then she will have completed her task, like the Moon.
That is then the dying for the planet and also her reincarnation for the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life.
All these stars and planets must die for the universe, or there would be no evolution.
What does the human being of the earth now hope to achieve?
What does that life still have to ask?
I see that more and more new life enters the universe, and that means that people will keep seeing that from the earth, and people will discover a new star there.
But the previous one has disappeared, she went further, but that now tells me that the life in the space, this universe, is still growing, is still busy condensing itself and is creating new life for the future existence, will now experience fatherhood or motherhood for the first time.
Do you see it differently?
No, that is not possible, because these are the laws for life and death.
Mother Earth is floating over there.
We know her life.
All that life must go further, through death.
Another law was not created by God and that is understandable now that we may behold these wonders.
All this life goes towards the astral and cannot be seen any differently for the human being as life, because the human being has to follow these laws.
The human dying does not differ in anything, that is one event, it is the tearing apart of a star here, the dissolving of a planet, the disappearing of the human organism for the earth, that is the same process for animal and flower.
That is wonderful, because it connects us with the Divine laws for reincarnation.
And so not with misery or any destruction.
In order to experience that the soul as human being must surrender itself.
Those are the laws of the universe and thank God that the people do not get them in their own hands, or they would restrict themselves and would not go any further, they would now create disharmony for God and all these revelations.
Isn’t it true, child of the earth?
If the human being got hold of these laws, he would experience them, because the Divine evolution forces the life to go further, the human being as the personality would create injustice, unwillingness, unbeing and unexperiencing, because of that the Divine evolution of the human being on earth would stand still and the human being would destroy the own creation; which is not possible now.
But death must be understood, and it is only then that there will be joy in the human being.
Mother Earth now lets her children weep, after all, she knows, soon her life will reach that spiritual science, and it is only then that the life on earth will be experienced according to the spatial laws.
And that is the happiness for every spark of God.
‘Death’ now, my master, takes all the life to this unprecedented happiness, inside the new life, which is the astral world for the soul as human being, after the experienced material cycle.
Mother Earth, the Moon lives, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn live, millions of sparks of God live there, and all those lives will die here and yet live on, because dying is called and wants to be: evolution, reincarnation!
Is that not wonderful now to be able to know?
Now there is no more loss, now it becomes eternal being one!
All this life of the universe will only prepare itself for the process of dying, when the spark has also experienced that evolution, it is only then that the going further will be possible.
That therefore means for the earth – even if the mother loses her child, that is not a loss – that the life must go higher, back to God.
She as a mother also has to accept these laws and we see them here in the universe, because the Moon is dying and other life along with her.
This life of the universe goes back to the Fourth Cosmic Grade, but also we as human beings and all the other life along with us.
What else does the universe have to tell us for death and life?
That that Great Bear, the Lyra, the Swan, Castro, Pollux, and many other stars and planets, as people call them on earth and have no spatial meaning, will soon disappear from this universe, because there is a death!
Even if that still takes ages, millions of years for many bodies, they will ‘disappear’, die ... so dissolve; and that is the going further.
They prepare themselves for the Fourth Cosmic Grade.
They have then completed their task for this universe.
These lives will gradually dissolve, and it is the dying process at a macrocosmic attunement.
The North and South, West and East will then be empty for this universe, but then the human being will have reached the Spiritual Hereafter.
Nothing more is necessary now.
That is everything, but the stars and planets go further and higher along with us.
That is God’s intention for all the life.
Mother Earth still has a wonderful task to fulfil amongst all this life.
Her life dominates every star and each planet.
What do astrologers wish to draw and calculate from the universe, now that we stand before the earth as the highest consciousness of the universe?
I see this for a moment and go further, my master, it is only later that we will also follow and analyse these laws, and then experience and determine the petty carry-on of that.
Can an unconscious planet inspire the human being?
Is Jupiter capable of that, now that we know that Mother Earth got the highest?
The enormous embodiment of Mars also means nothing for the highest becoming conscious of the Earth, and the life of Mother Earth as human being will soon have to accept that.
That enormous embodiment does not surpass the Earth and has meaning for death and life, because the Universal being one lives behind that anyway.
That now means that Mars and Moon will die sooner than the Earth, that must happen according to the subsequent grades of life for this consciousness; and the life on earth will get to see one day from the Earth.
That will then be the own death and the going further for Mars.
And what can be said now about the powerful Jupiter?
And then about Saturn with her ring condensed as an orbit of life?
Can you hear this, my master?
I can now see how she got and condensed her ring, the laws of which we will later experience.
But how does the learned child of the Earth think about this?
That child still cannot understand this wonder, which is a natural law for the laws of growth and condensing, because this learned being does not know creation!
But see upwards and far away from your life, you will still follow this being one and then receive and experience the Divine word, like I.
That enormous speed means nothing more to us now that we were able to get to know the soul, the spirit of the organism of planets, nor the distance of the Sun for the Earth, seen as light years, we are now concerned with fatherhood and motherhood, with death and life, the material authority of the universe for human being and animal, will only then speak by means of that.
For the life of Mother Earth
Look upwards and you will see these planets and stars, and look down, left and right, wherever we are, we will see ‘life and death’.
I have now become ‘centrifugal power’, my master, by means of which I am now capable of analysing all of this life, but of which I now see ‘life and death’ before me.
And we know every law of that, so that we are capable of representing the Divine, spiritual science for the University of Christ.
Now I see, moreover I experience, that it is precisely the powerful planets which do not possess any fatherhood or motherhood, because they must keep this spatial organism alive, until the last consciousness as human being and animal has conquered this universe.
And those are the stars and planets which first began with this condensing, because they are part of the ‘lung system’, therefore cores of consciousness for the Universal organism.
Everything dies here, even the garment for the universe will die.
It is precisely these bodies which began for the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life here in order to create that world, for which they gave their own aura of life and is only possible by means of the process of dying.
What the macro cosmos now gives us to experience as micro consciousness, so for death and life, is the possession of the human soul.
After all, by means of this she returns to her God.
My experiencing, master Alcar, therefore takes me through ‘death’ back to reincarnation.
That is of vital importance for every spark and that will remain so.
You see, the universe also undergoes dying while evolving.
Because as a result of this other solar systems were born, also for this universe.
Because the material life dies, the Fourth, the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Cosmic Grades of Life originate.
You will soon get to know those laws.
And those are worlds which people cannot see from the Earth, or can experience, because they were created for the spiritual awakening.
That means (that) if the human being there on earth dies, he receives the raised happiness, or the human being from the earthly jungle would never get to experience anything else.
If the astronomer now wants to see those worlds, then he must create binoculars which see spiritual worlds, but that is not possible, although the human being, who will still live on earth in millions of years’ time, will have materialised his science spatially, and he will be capable of flying through and experiencing the universe from the Earth, because he will then be able to levitate spiritually and materially.
If the astronomer wishes to see the Fourth Cosmic Grade, then he will have to spiritualise his instruments, and if the atom expert wishes to experience that splitting, then he will also stand before these same laws.
That will then become spatial becoming conscious for all the life of God and can only be received by dying!
Can you feel this great wonder, my master, brother and sister of the earth?
These are Divine laws.
And the soul as human being masters these laws by means of death, because dying is experiencing new consciousness, is going further, is also and moreover spatial awakening.
Yearn to be able to keep the life on Earth and you will stand still and will not be able to go further now.
Because God loves you and the All-Mother wanted it like that, you will have to die there, because it is your spatial and Divine becoming conscious.
By means of both death and the continuing alive beyond that, the soul gets to see her next evolution.
And it is only then that you will be able to see how deep your life is, also God; now you can go further consciously.
And if you love your death, there will be no misery, or poverty or loss to be seen, this is and will remain happiness!
Can the human being of the earth now say: I know myself?
No, but that has now become possible, we now learn how we were born.
And what the universe means for our day conscious thinking and feeling, for fatherhood and motherhood.
And it is only then that the soul as human being looks behind her love and she understands herself as mother and father.
Now she can serve!
Now she can receive her spiritual kiss and that is Universally deep.
Dying is being born for the universe!
Death is a Divine blessing for the soul as human being and created for all the life of God.
By means of that I as a human being will receive my eternal happiness, or it would not be possible.
The laws of growth got hold of death.
If there was no death, my master, then there would be no progress, then no subsequent grades of life would be born either.
Because death sent us to the next law of life and that became the new birth, for soul, life, spirit and material, then the human personality.
Do not kill now on earth, because you will beat the spark of God from that life!
If you leave life there too soon, that is creating a disharmonic law and that produces suffering and sorrow, that creates hatred and destruction and bestialization, yes, all that horrible darkness.
I am happy now, my master, that I will no longer kill.
And that means, I will now go further harmonically, my own death will say it there for the organism, and I as the astral-spiritual personality want to accept that, because that Grim Reaper love me triumphantly!
Death brought us to the growing universe, to the Universal grades and laws of life, this is why the spatial death became a human blessing.
And finally, my master, the unconscious grades of life will become conscious and enjoy consciousness by means of death.
Well, Grim Reaper, the universe loves you and will continue to love you eternally.
I will do everything to take the child of Mother Earth to your awakening.
And that is the going further for every spark of the All-Mother!... Your and my God!
By means of death, my brothers, the life gets to experience new incarnations.
So nothing is lost, because by means of death the experienced life returns to the All-Source, of which the soul as spirit has to represent a raised consciousness.
That is for us the life beyond the coffin.
The astral world, those are the Spheres of Light.
So we see, one has to do with the previous one and those lives are one and remain one.
The laws of the spatial evolution therefore force the stars and the planets to accept death, because the new and next life lives beyond that.
Is that not wonderful now?
Is this not something to want to give everything for?
So the organism withdraws of its own accord and gives the soul her Universal freedom.
In this way the soul can finish her task for God and His universes as a human being.
The laws of life and death force every insect to give itself, because this is growth.
And as the last seeing and experiencing I now also get: it is necessary for the human being as a child of God, because this is and means the real returning to the All-Source!
I now surrender myself again to your life, my inspiration is now ending.”
And it is Master Alcar who gives me the contact and I can also go further consciously.
“How simple everything is, my brothers.
How simple it is becoming.
I can see the grades of life again and I can orientate myself by means of the grades of life.
And then I immediately enter the life on earth, I go further, because those laws speak prevalently.
The material discards the soul, the spirit and the obtained consciousness when death comes.
The material organism likewise returns to the All-Source, by means of which we see that no spark is lost.
Happy or unhappy, the soul as human being goes further and now enters the spiritual world.
We can follow and sense the consciousness of the universe from our life, but that placed death in our hands.
By means of death we can say, this belongs to me, because it is death which brought us to the own independence.
The Universal process of dying is now conquering the temporary.
The gigantic happening for this universe became Divine being one.
Because by means of that the laws emerged.
And now Sun and Moon, also Mother Earth, got hold of life and death, and is justice for all the life of God.
So death serves, loves us and brings us to all the grades of life.
When we soon experience the material laws for the soul as a human being, we first determine this mercy for the soul spatially, and she sees that death was a blessing for her being and personality.
And it is only then that a sigh of relief rises up from that human paternal and maternal heart, and she has conquered herself for death.
Then the life of feeling can reveal itself, but now black no longer becomes white, but sky-blue, we then see the seven times of condensing again for both the Divine and human realm of colours.
And they now grow and condense themselves by means of the conscious fatherhood and motherhood, because the spatial love for the soul as a human being has awakened.
If there was no death, my brothers, then we would never get to experience our spiritual twin soul and that is our Divine being one anyway!
That is our Wayti, my brother André, for the life beyond the coffin.
Who does not want to experience that love?
Who wants to say that the material love is Divine for the human being.
By means of death we got that Wayti under our hearts and the mother has to give her creator, the father has to give the mother, the ‘great’ death put it in our hands!
We got love by experiencing death and nothing else!
My brothers, I am preparing myself for my love; wonderful death, give me even more to experience and I will take her to the Divine awakening.”
Master Alcar goes further and gives our life:
“Indeed, my brothers, the wonder was born in this way!
I am grateful to God for everything, especially for this wisdom.
I also live in my love because of death.
I also got love because of death ...!
And the universe says that, this universe, to all the life of God!
Fatherhood and motherhood takes us to life and death, but the personality masters those laws, and is becoming conscious!
When we are that far you will also experience that mercy at a Divine attunement, but then we will enter the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life.
By means of the Cosmic consciousness death manifested itself and all the life got hold of and got to experience the independence, the new form.
But by means of this we conquer this universe.
World or planet, star or haze, all this life goes further and evolves by means of death!
That really says that this universe is dissolving.
Other organisms reach condensing and will accept a task.
Every star, each planet, flower and plant life, water and breathe of life, are evolving, but by means of death, because dying is nothing else but evolution.
It is experiencing the end of a grade of life.
The universe is ready, fatherhood and motherhood go further, what can still be born here is a star and some haze, no more than that, because the planets condensed themselves.
That is the Cosmology for all the life of God, but the Moon as Mother created the soul as human being and we will also get to know that wonder.
Whether there are millions of light years needed before the life of a star or sun reaches the Earth, does not matter, that will soon be the universe and the depth of the human personality.
People on earth already know whether Venus can be experienced, but people still have to learn the actual task for that organism.
The Sun is half-waking conscious, but the All-Source also drives further now, the own life force towards fatherhood and motherhood ... until this life has reached the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life and this universe can die.
So dying is accepting a new life ... That is the consciousness for the universe and the child of the earth has to accept this law.
But millions of children of God see death as the loss of everything and weep until their tears run dry, know nothing about Universal oneness, only possess a faith, and that damns, is a God of revenge and destruction.
However, the universe gives us the laws in our hands for the reincarnation for all the life of God.
God gave us His life, His personality, He gave the going further, the conscious knowledge and the ultimate being one in the Divine All!
Mankind has to master these laws.
That will become the University of Christ.
We have to experience these laws if we want to bring the All-Source to consciousness for our own existence.
And that is for all the life, every spark, each soul has to pursue her path back to God.
The human being will get to know God by means of death, receive His wisdom by means of death, but by means of the laws of fatherhood and motherhood.
In the universe we see the origin for life and death again, and soon on earth for the human life of feeling.
Is an academic on earth that far?
No, he cannot experience reincarnation by means of his death.
He is still not capable of seeing, experiencing the all-embracing reality in himself, he still has to awaken for all these laws.
He still does not know the organism of universe.
He still does not know how all of this was created.
The theosophist too, the teachings of the Rosicrucians, my brother André, have still not reached this depth.
But everything is simple, however, they see everything differently, because they still do not know the God of all this life.
But what Mars and the secondary planets experience, the human being and the animal, macrocosmic or microcosmic life, remains the same, large and small has no meaning, however what does have meaning, and for everything, are fatherhood and motherhood, life and death!
Soon we will see life and death on the Moon and then you can determine what her dying was like.
Come now, we will make ourselves one with her dying.”
Now we fly to the Moon, in a short time we will have reached her universe, because we move under the power of the conscious human will.
If this seems improbable to the child of the earth, dear reader, the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life will convince you of greater wonders.
After all, if a priest from Tibet is already capable of levitating himself, of completing hundreds of daily journeys in a short time in only three days, what will the life of the spiritual personality in the astral world be like then?
We go from planet to planet.
André got to know all these great wonders and you will experience them when you get to experience the life beyond your coffin.
The human being will conquer this universe and can then say: I mastered this immensity.
I conquered the laws of the All-Mother, I am one with this universe, because death gave me the new birth.
In a few seconds we are there, we are one with the Moon as Mother and we can experience her death.
“See now”, master Alcar says, “experience her death, it is only then that you will be capable of accepting the laws of God.
See all these craters.
Sense what they have to tell your consciousness, and you will know life and death for the universe.”
What we see are all the craters which people perceive from the earth.
What the academic sees from the earth is nothing else but her death.
The Moon, we see that, never knew the condensing of the Earth and other planets.
That was not possible.
I can therefore answer when my master asks me:
“Which laws of condensing did the Moon experience for death, Master Zelanus?
Did that come to your life?”
“Yes, my master, I am connected to these laws for life and death.
It is clear, the Moon as the First Cosmic Grade of Life did not know those laws of hardening and possibilities of condensing of the Earth and Mars and other planets.
The Moon created the soul, and of course for her stage also an organism, but the soul as human being and all the other life did not know any land consciousness.
Just look, my brothers, I reached oneness with that stage.
Is that not simple now?
The Moon condensed her life, which she got from the All-Mother.
That process took millions of years.
And when her last spark had reached the ultimate stage she could begin with her process of dying.
And what do I see now?
The material as each one condenses further, but we see that mud, that material in the waters, the inner organs for the Moon, and can now determine how that condensing took place.
The craters originated by means of her last breath, my master.
The soul as spirit for this great body, as conscious working power, dissolved, but had created new life for the Fourth Cosmic Grade during those ages.
It is the first grade of life for the atmosphere which dissolved, my master.
Like all the life, the Moon possesses seven grades of condensing for her closing off and I also get to know that now.
It are these craters, which have to represent her death.
Like the dying human being, this happened here for her consciousness.
The last phenomena of breathing created these craters.
And then the material hardened as a mass, and is the image for the present stage.”
“It is indeed true, my brothers.
You now see it, the Moon is the only planet life which is dying in the universe.
The secondary planets followed her.
The secondary planets which have attunement to her consciousness and completed their task for the universe, also had to accept death.
Mars is preparing itself to die and what does that mean, André?”
“That the life of Mars condensed itself and that the soul as human being reached both the Earth and the other created worlds as universe.
After all, the Divine All is inhabited.
Then we can determine the age of the universe, my master.”
“That is also possible, yes, indeed, we see the phenomena from the materialisation.
But you see it, the Moon is dying, she has completed her task for the universe and had to accept the death for the All-Source, but by means of that she created new life for herself and the All-Mother.
The Fourth Cosmic Grade will show us how she began there with her life.
The human being will get to know these laws and then understand for the first time how simple life is again.
The human being of the earth sees the Moon from one side, but you see it, there is nothing else to be experienced, her body is one phenomenon.
If the human being as an academic wants to reach the Moon then he can accept his own death here.
Even if he takes measures and equips himself with breathing, so oxygens, he will still not know the laws of the universe, and will not reach the Moon either because he will be flung from his harness by means of numerous spatial forces, will be attracted and will only then get to accept the vacuous.
The vacuous spaces between every spark of God for the universe, you will sense, if you attune your life to the atmosphere.
The process of dying for the Moon was made possible because the first, therefore conscious, atmosphere dissolved.
The other six grades for her breathing now make sure that she is not pulled from her balance, or cosmic disturbances would originate and that is not possible now.
However, by means of that she can die.
It will still take millions of years before she has dissolved completely.
From the earth people see her becoming smaller.
The human being from those ages will experience that.
Other macrocosmic bodies will follow.
Stars and planets will disappear, death and life will dissolve, because the human being got the life because of the universe and goes further.
Then this life will no longer be needed, the laws will have been experienced and the soul as a spark of God will have mastered this universe.
I ask you again, is the academic of the earth capable of determining all of this for his science?
Can he experience this all-comprising consciousness there?
Does he know the depth of this life and consciousness?
No, but that will come, but the University of Christ gives him these possibilities.
It is remarkable, now that we know that the Moon took care of the soul life, that she has already completed her task.
Why is Mars and are the other planets still not that far?
Why has the Earth still not reached that height and depth, her process of dying?
Because the Earth received a different task and she is the child of Sun and Moon, she will still possess life for millions of years and will finish her task, as the Moon was able to do.
But, the Earth will not show any craters, because that is not possible.
She will experience her death, that is certain, but we know her organism, her other laws of condensing and can see from that, that she possesses a raised consciousness for human being, animal and the life of Mother Nature.
I give the academics something to think about, I place them before thousands of laws, from which they can follow the condensing for the Moon.
The human being will not find any gold, or emeralds and diamonds here, that is not possible, because the Moon never knew this condensing.
Those are material phenomena, but Mother Earth was able to condense herself differently and that was only possible by means of ... my brother André?”
“By means of the development of fatherhood, my master.”
“That’s it!
That is the Divine truth.
The Sun as the creating power for the universe brought that about.
But where is it taking us, Master Zelanus?”
“To the realm of colours, my master.
That means, that we do not only see the realm of colours again by means of Mother Nature, the flower life, but also as condensed material, the precious stones give us the answer.”
“That is also the truth!
Those are the phenomena and the laws by means of which the Earth would finish the life of Mars and Moon, the earth would embellish the human organism.
André already experienced that by means of the journeys for ‘The Origin of the Universe’ and we have to accept that.
Mars and the Earth will not experience this process of dying.
The inner eruptions of the Earth therefore mean nothing else: that she condensed herself by means of her attunement.
Her inner system is attuned to that.
We could write thousands of books about all of this, but we are not following any biology, but living consciousness for the soul as human being, as spirit and as the child of God and the All-Mother, for which purpose we have to make these journeys.
The eruptions of the Earth are numerous, by means of which we see, that she condensed her life by means of the inner structure and is still busy taking care of her body and taking it to the spiritual grade of life.
But now attune yourself to the great wonder which we will soon get to experience and which we already spoke about.
We are now in that environment and have to determine this wonder for the universe and the All-Mother, but by means of which you get hold of your own examination.
I will go a bit further in order to follow a few other laws and to give that human space.
I will go further in order to finish our comparisons, it is only then that the next grade of life will speak to your life and the child of Mother Earth and we will get to know Love Laws for the universe for everything!
But these are the phenomena for life and death.
People must accept this on Earth.
This will become the wisdom for all of mankind.
By means of this the soul as a human being will get to see her space.
By means of this she will get Cosmic meaning.
Because she has materialised herself by means of life and death.
She got hold of and got to experience her balance by means of this and then stands before her own laws of relativity, her conscious and unconscious life of thought, her death, which drives her forward.
Those are laws of justice for God, oneness for soul and spirit, progress, evolution!
The Earth created the life and the consciousness for the human organism, in addition to this for the soul, but the Moon created the soul!
The soul, which was born here, went further by means of the life and got to experience millions of lives.
Those are the Universal laws for life and death!
On earth people must see and accept this in this way, or the sciences will not come any further.
Naturally the soul as a human being will awaken and get to know itself by means of this.
What does a star mean now?
She brought light for the universe.
That is the half-waking consciousness.
That is fatherhood.
But this motherhood and fatherhood, you see it now, you can accept this, are only represented by two macrocosmic bodies.
All those other lives are children of Sun and Moon.
Could it be any different, that everything is becoming very simple again anyway?
God is Father and Mother and His life would receive and experience fatherhood and motherhood.
What is now the possession of the human being as a child of God?
The human being has become father and mother!
The human being therefore represents everything by means of fatherhood and motherhood!
That all originated and was obtained from the All-Source and becomes the possession of the human being for all the created worlds.
Isn’t it wonderful?
But extremely simple and the human being of this age will awaken by means of that.
Now also ask sometime, who and what is God?
Must we speak about the God of the mercury?
Speak about a God who is called metal?
Speak about the God of all the precious stones?
We follow the God of all the life, for soul and spirit, for the human, but Divine personality as a little part of the All-Source.
Do you already know the God of the radium, uranium, of the plutonium in your own age, André?
Or the God of phosphor and the neoplasm, the source which made it possible that all this life could condense itself?
The Divine spark got soul, life and spirit, fatherhood and motherhood from the God who created millions of forces, grades of life for the electron consciousness, or the next stage: the God of the grades of life for the electrostatics, the ions and atoms, fire and water, soul and spirit, which you will get to know if you see life and death as one life!
Or it will not be possible and you will call the spatial halt for your own consciousness.
However, know, in every spark, whatever that spark is like as a material phenomenon, originated by means of the condensings, possesses soul of her soul, life of her life, and spirit of her spirit, for which the Moon as the Mother received her task for the universe.
By following every grade of life as a material phenomenon, you get to know the depth of your own life and you will understand that God as All-Source cannot ... damn!
If one cell from there was damned, however meaningless, then this would already undermine the Divine plan and disturbances would occur.
So the source of all the life lives in every spark, and that is God!
The life of a star takes you in that direction, but every insect of the earth likewise.
God is present in that little life by means of his characteristics and material condensings.
As grades of life for fatherhood and motherhood, as soul and spirit.
It is He, who placed all of that in our hands.
Which made us become Gods.
The Moon represents Him by means of all her material and spiritual phenomena, but especially by means of her ‘Death’!
Or there would be no going further possible!
When the Sun began with the own life, had received the feeding inspiration and the own condensing as the ‘central system’, and the Moon began with her life and new life came around her motherhood, and began to condense itself as she was able to do that, and the human ‘embryonic life’ began, the universe for this stage experienced a great wonder.
That became evolution!
It became the evolution for your own existence, and it was death and life.
Because the Moon emitted her rays as conscious power, so called to the life and the birth by means of fatherhood, all those stars and hazes also got to experience the own becoming conscious and this gigantic process could begin.
However, that took billions of ages.
But the All-Consciousness, we experienced that, gave the own plasma to this life, which is no longer necessary now, even if the All-Mother is still driving, preparing, giving, serving her life, with careful vitality, as the mother on earth will take care of her child, when that life must enter the obtained independence.
Now that all this life is ready and adult, it goes further under its own power and consciousness, of course, and becomes father or mother, or represents the inner life for this organism at a macrocosmic attunement.
It is clear that by means of that millions of bodies got a place as part of this organism.
Before I conclude ‘life and death’ now, because I feel that the ‘death’ for the universe is saying to me: go further, I ask you again, because that is necessary, to attune yourself to all those other wonders.
However, know, for the present stage the Divine creation has been completed!
The cell as a spark of God has received the Kingdom of God!
See all of this and awaken by means of it!
Now to the love for this organism, and we have to bow our human heads.
I will go further soon.