The Divine Laws of Love for the Universe

My brothers, if you want to penetrate to the Cosmology of your life and for the universe and see every grade of life for the Divine justice and the life of love, then you must accept the Divine being one, as the first laws for every cell, each spark, but by means of which the harmonic grades of love emerge.
In order to descend to that love, we will be connected by the highest masters, then this Universal being one will come to your consciousness.
By means of that we will convince the child of Mother Earth and we will reach oneness from soul to soul, from feeling to feeling, then the personality as the spiritual becoming conscious will speak to us.
Divine wonders are to be found around us.
But the human being is the greatest wonder created by God.
When the child of the earth speaks about: God created the ‘Human Being’ in His image, then the human being is immensely deep and not as petty as the minister sees that life, but then we stand before the universes which the soul as a human being got to experience and will conquer one day!
So the child of the earth still does not know these wonders, even if the academic is capable of telling something about the stars and planets, he has still not come that deep.
The depth which we experience, my brothers, as love, is a great mystery for him on earth, and yet, all this wonderful life wants to mean Love!
It is not any different!
If the human being could connect himself, then he would not only feel the Divine love, but (he) would experience them by means of the harmonic laws and would now look behind his own obtained consciousness.
That is possible every second of and for the hour.
But the human being and the academics are searching and continue to search.
He is searching for the moment of his Cosmic birth, he is standing on top of it but he cannot see it, because he does not know those Divine first foundations.
However, I tell you, the human being and his learned feelings are capable of seeing those foundations and then bringing them to the spatial analysis, by means of which death and life for the material world are conquered!
The human being lives by means of them and reacts because of them, but has become hazy by means of the bible!
The human being still cannot believe that he is a creator at a macrocosmic attunement, he stands looking at all these wonders like a helpless child.
And that, my brothers, is Cosmic Love now!
By means of the harmonic laws, we know that now, God manifested himself as Love.
He gave us His love as laws and grades of life, but by means of fatherhood and motherhood, and we got connection with the other, subsequent universes.
Because the earthly academic now looks and searches in the existing, he does not see his past, even if people try to penetrate to that stage.
The present stage can show him wonders, but that foundation also lives in the past and the Moon as mother materialised it.
Those wonders are still present and can be experienced, but people must follow the grades of life for them and the hour of the material becoming conscious for every stage, it is only then that the Divine wonders manifest themselves as material worlds, but then we immediately stand before the All-Love!
The harmonic laws now created ‘love’ and mean: if we, and all the life, follow the laws for this Divine harmony, we also touch and master His source of love.
And that means, my brothers, that we must conquer His life and personality by means of this!
When we follow the material and human life soon, then we will enter the disharmonic laws of the human being and will then see what was created by God and what the human being messed up, spoiled, darkened and deformed by means of his own ‘will’.
These are the all-representing ‘laws’ for life and death, for fatherhood and motherhood, for soul, life and spirit, for sphere happiness and material perfecting, because these laws connect us to the God of all life!
What we will now follow, therefore takes us to the millions of questions and the thousands whys of the human being, then we can answer every question according to the Divine wonders, seen as revelations!
By means of this we irrevocably determine that God is a ‘Father of Love’!
That is now our Divine being one!
If the human being cannot accept this, then he will go to pieces with regard to God!
He will go to pieces with his unconsciousness and disbelief, but the revelations of God give us that oneness.
So we can go further.
Now it is irrevocably certain that God is Love!
The laws showed us those revelations, but by means of life and death.
That is the harmonic following of the laws for all the life.
Then that become the Universal growth for the first time.
After all, the life of God experienced the laws harmonically.
But we know the life on earth and know that this did not happen.
This is why Christ wants the child of the earth to get to know himself and the soul to see this harmonic oneness.
If the child of the earth had received the life of Christ harmonically, which Christ wanted, He, as the Divine consciousness, would have given the child of the earth other wonders, these wonders.
But because the life on earth did not understand His love, the Divine consciousness was not capable of connecting the human being of the earth with the Divine laws of love.
God created revelations in a material and spiritual state.
If we follow the life on earth and in the universe, then we come to stand before those conscious and unconscious feelings; but for which the universe experienced the consciousness and never knew disharmony.
That can only be experienced and seen on earth.
But the life now tells us how those laws were experienced.
The question is now, how to gauge that depth in order to get to know the actual life for that, then we come to stand before those harmonic laws and now see the pure Divine love for the first time.
Those are now the laws of reality, and mean that the soul got hold of the Divine love by means of the materialisation of that.
Of course we now come to stand before the Universe grades as love and as a harmonic law.
The Universal systems as macrocosmic bodies for the growing universe, which is conquered by the soul as a human being, when these laws are experienced harmonically-lovingly, as God could do that.
Because we can connect our consciousness with the other life and experience this unity, that harmonic law can be felt as love.
And that is also possible for the child on earth, and we experience that because of fatherhood and motherhood the law of love is not only experienced, but then accepted the own existence materialised as new life.
And that is the child of the mother!
If the human being was in harmony now with his life of thought and feeling, then no disharmonic states would arise on earth, but we know how the soul as human being experienced her laws and her life.
If we reach that oneness, my brothers, then the human heart will reveal itself and is now both the going further and in addition the possession of the soul as the astral personality beyond the coffin.
If the human being can experience these laws according to the harmony, there will no longer be a question of fear and trembling and God will not be a father of hatred, but a Father of Love!
And now for the first time the soul as human being will experience all these Divine wonders.
The harmonic laws are to be found where we now live, which we were able to see as Divine-Spiritual wonders.
That is the Life of Love for the All-Mother, and she passed on her love as a materialised condensing.
Those wonders live here, my brothers.
If you now wish to experience them, if you wish to see them, then attune yourself to this consciousness and you will get to see God as a Father of Love.
I know that this is possible.
But sense what Sun and Moon experienced for those foundations and they were able to give birth to and create for themselves, but by means of which we determine that every condensing or grade of life is in addition a law of love.
You can see how the love was born now, and that this is the being one from soul to soul, spirit and life, you already know that, but also from material to material.
Here in this environment, by means of the Moon-maternal life of feeling, you can experience the all-embracing law for harmony and love, but in addition the going further, in short, all the materialised wonders for the human being and the life as animal, flower and plant.
And that tells you, what the highest masters want to connect us to and want to give the earthly child.
If the greatest wonder had not materialised by means of the Moon as a Divine foundation, if the maternal here had not got any independence, if the Source of all the life here had not spoken to the universe and if God had not looked over His creation here and above all, if the All-Mother had not known any thinking and feeling for reincarnation, then I can already tell you now, the creation would have collapsed like a house of cards!
But that did not happen; and yet it would have been possible if there had not been any harmony and also Love, or we would not have known any life.
The masters want to connect us with that.
No, André, on earth people still do not know these laws.
Attune yourself, attune yourself to this wonder, so that it will speak to your life, is the question which comes to me and I have to pass onto your life, if you also want to examine this great wonder.
Approach this harmonic law by means of your love, go further step by step, prove what you have now learned.
This wonder will also reveal itself in your life and under your heart!
However, I know that you will know what I mean, my brothers, but this wonder is all-embracing for your life and consciousness and the great event for the Moon as life of love.
What she could do here has become the devotion to duty for the whole of creation, for every cell, the one and only possibility, by means of which the Divine motherhood began with the own materialising, but by means of which the life of love emerged.
Those are then the laws for Sun and Moon, is the love for these two macrocosmic bodies and they placed it in the hands of the human being, the animal and Mother Nature.
These revelations can be experienced and beheld here.
Meanwhile you can attune yourself to the wonder and raise questions, but by means of which reincarnation will speak and all those other living wonders which we were able to analyse and to experience up to this moment.
You, Master Zelanus, know the laws of the universe, you got hold of your Cosmic consciousness, but that is not so simple for André, it is more difficult for him to experience these laws now, because he still lives on earth and left feeling behind for that, and needs the organism.
I will go back to the Earth for a moment in order to take possession of his organism, so that he can attune himself completely into the spiritual experiencing for this universe, love.
If you understand this, my brothers, then that is for André as an earthly personality, the mercy of the masters.
So I will go, you will experience and determine these laws for your own consciousness, but under your own power.
I will come back soon, I will be on Earth in only a few seconds.”
Master Alcar left us alone.
I got the word and could say and explain to André:
“The wonder, André, which Master Alcar is speaking about, must awaken in your life.
I cannot help you with that.
But the Moon created Mother Earth.
The Moon produced life.
The Moon laid down those foundations for the birth and the love for all the life as first foundation.
We must follow that.
It comes to me, the Moon brought the wonder by means of the Sun, as fatherhood and motherhood, to the materialised Deity.
The paternal authority of the universe, the Sun, met the greatest wonder; and became conscious motherhood.
That became, it comes to me and I can see the wonder, the resurrection for all the life.
It brought about oneness, but by means of this oneness we enter the spatial love as a law.
It also brought oneness between the planets and the stars, the hazes also got to experience those laws, so that fatherhood and motherhood would not undergo any obstruction in order to materialise that Divine love.
I will surrender myself to your life, André, and it is only then the wonder will tell you everything about that.”
André now gets the highest consciousness which we can experience in the universe, and is the contact with the Moon as Mother.
He immediately goes further and says, but he feels that he can now think at full power because Master Alcar frees his organic life:
“The revelation which I am connected with, my brother Zelanus, belongs to the incredible laws given by God to the Moon as All-Mother for the universe.
It attunes my life to the birth for the Moon as Mother.
And that at a macrocosmic attunement.
Yes, indeed, this wonder is all-embracing.
It means that it connects me with the created laws of life for all the life of God!
God looked over all of this.
So I am going closer to the wonder.
If this had not happened, then the life of God would have perished.
It would have suffocated here!
It would have been the halt for all the life!
But I must go further.
God places us here before His Harmony as Love!
He places us before a Cosmic mystery, experienced as love.
But wonderful for everything as a law of reality.
I feel that the Moon as Mother is speaking to my life and that is awe-inspiring.
I also feel that you are going with me in order to experience this wonder and that Master Alcar is following us, also the highest Masters.
But what is the wonder, where does it live?
What will it be?
I can now feel Mother Earth, she also has to do with it.
I follow Mother Earth with regard to these laws of revelation and can now feel the ‘will’ of the All-Source, which lets itself be felt and experienced, manifesting but maternally.
That revelation was now dominant for the beginning of all this life.
And that wonder can be experienced.
We can now undergo that oneness.
That can also be seen from the Earth.
That also became possible, because the Earth got to experience the next stage.
And the academics of the earth have still not worked it out, because they do not know these laws.
But the phenomenon condensed itself harmonically for the love.
It is creating and giving birth.
And yet everything is simple.
I will soon see that.
But I am going further!
I can now see that the life, therefore the Moon, connected itself with the Earth by means of this.
I now descend into her life and get to see death and life.
The wonder was born here, but Mother Earth got to experience the wonder as a harmonic Divine law, and the life went further, or we would also have suffocated there and that would have been our halt, but it was not there, because the Moon gave new life, the prospect of giving birth and creating.
Is that not wonderful?
No, the astronomers cannot work out this wonder, because they do not want to get to know themselves.
They suffocate this consciousness.
They still do not know the Divine Astral Creation.
They do not know the soul as a human being, the psychologist is still unconscious, and it is he who opens that source of life and becoming conscious by means of his study.
Light years have no meaning in this, have nothing to say, because this wants to be fatherhood and motherhood.
This is a University in itself, my brother, I will go further.
Yes, I will reach this revelation and under my own power, but I am inspired by the Moon as Mother.
Indeed, I now understand why Master Alcar went to my organism, or I could not have experienced this depth.
It is the gift from his life for my consciousness.
Meanwhile I will admire these craters and can know that the whole of the Moon is one phenomenon, where we are, we experience those craters as death.
I am now standing on the wonder and will experience it.
I live myself by means of it, or I would not have got any viability by means of this wonder.
I live and see and feel, and that is my birth.
Oh, my God, now I am reaching oneness.
It is real resurrection.
It is of unprecedented depth and yet simple, but it exceeds everything, because by means of this the spatial life could begin.
It has attunement to God and to all the laws created by Him.
For the returning to God, the wonder speaks for every grade of life as a macrocosmic consciousness, for human being and animal.
It is incredible and yet so close to me.
I can now see the embryonic life for the Moon as Mother.
It lives in here, Master Zelanus.
I can also see fatherhood.
The Sun as Father drives out the obtained plasma from the central life centre and it is received by the Moon as Mother.
If the Moon had now, at this moment, rotated around her ‘axle’, then the life, the embryonic beginning, would have suffocated, cooled down, and we would have suffocated at that moment as human beings.
But if Mother Earth had not turned herself, then we would have burned alive, and is the wonder for the love and the Universal process of giving birth, is the wonder of revelation for the spatial laws, for the harmony and the life of love.
So I had to experience by what means God manifested himself.
I determined, my master – Master Alcar has returned – that this is the very highest wonder for creation, for all the planets and suns, for fatherhood and motherhood and reincarnation.
I thank you, my master, that I was able to experience this wonderful mercy.
The Moon just shows itself on one side seen (from) the earth and that has attunement to her motherhood, for the birth of all the life and has not changed in any way.
If she had revolved around her axle, which the earth had to experience, as her child had to follow that, we and all the life would have suffocated.
Sun and Moon were able to condense themselves for the first time with the origin of the creation and motherhood continued to accept that warmed plasma, but by means of this the life condensed itself in an embryonic state.
The Sun as the paternal authority emitted that power and the Mother as the First Cosmic Grade of Life absorbed that sacred working into herself.
And because the Sun still did not possess those powers for the present stage, they experienced this Divine and spatial oneness.
By means of that Sun and Moon are one life, they are twin souls.”
“Indeed, my brothers, that is the wonder.
Why, we asked ourselves in the beginning of this journey, is there night on earth?
That is necessary for the cooling down.
Or the life would burn.
But what does the bible want now?
What did the bible tell about this?
Nothing, not a word, because the bible writers were still not that far.
So it is the truth, by means of this Mother Earth protected herself again.
But again by means of Sun and Moon, by means of the centrifugal forces, the attracting and rejecting, the care of fatherhood and motherhood.
Why does Mars lie so far away from the Sun now?
Because she would give birth to animal-like life and had to take care of the processes of growth and blossom, which were finished by the Earth.
So distances only have meaning for fatherhood and motherhood.
The consciousness of the planet created that itself.
And are now the harmonic laws for the life of love of God.
So it is also clear that the Earth can never experience this wonder of condensing of the Moon, because the Earth experienced a different condensing.
Mother Earth will never let this crater-like process of dying be seen, because that is not possible.
The Moon condensed itself for the soul as a dominating law, the Earth for the organism!
Well, my brothers, that is therefore life and death!
But by means of this we see and we as human beings got hold of our life.
By means of this no spatial disturbances occurred.
This is why this is the all-embracing law for the ‘harmonic grades of love’, experienced as fatherhood and motherhood.
If there was no night to be experienced, the life would also still die now.
And if there was no Sun, we would already have suffocated in a short time, so that we can determine, that the harmonic laws for the life of love brought progress.
And if the human being follows them, there will no longer be any question of darkness and peace and calm will come to earth!
This process lasted millions of years for the Moon.
Meanwhile other bodies, fed by her becoming conscious, reached growth and condensing and the life of the Moon could go further.
First the secondary planets got consciousness and later the actual law of life as Second Cosmic Grade and for the next and higher consciousness the Fourth Cosmic Grade.
However, nothing was capable of wrenching the Moon as Mother for this universe from her orbit and space.
When the Moon began her process of condensing, so would condense her astral Divine attunement, Mars and the Earth lived in this space, but would only later reach condensing.
When the soul as a human being now, and the animal life, had got that becoming conscious, had reached the ultimate for the Moon, the human being could go further, because the next grade of life had been taken care of by the Moon as Mother.
By means of this we experience the spatial harmonic laws, but now see how lovingly the first life took care of the next, the ‘child’.
So later the three Cosmic Grades were born, but by means of Sun and Moon as the Father and the Mother for the universe, by means of which ‘life and death’ got meaning for all the life.
You can now accept that it is Mother Earth who will finish her task for God and all the experienced laws.
It is clear that she got a longer life span because of that.
The stronger the Sun became, the more spacious and conscious the life became and were the condensings.
But also the oneness for fatherhood and motherhood, as harmonic laws, experienced by the oneness as love.
You now see that God is supreme, but that we people get that power in our hands; and we determine that we will and will have to represent Him in everything.
This is why fatherhood and motherhood are always dominantly conscious and that applies to every grade of life, for animal and human being, for Mother Nature.
The paternal authority for the life will continue to influence the maternal authority until the end of the universe, because by means of this the life goes further.
We can analyse these wonders by means of thousands of material and spiritual phenomena, but we will come back here in order to follow the embryonic life for us as human beings; and we will come back to this.
After all, take the chicken egg on earth away from the mother, keep taking it out from under the natural or technical mother, and we see destruction, cooling down and finally deformation and death.
But now no new life, because disturbances therefore occurred here – and that of Universal harmony here for the Moon.
That took the power and the strength away from the mother in order to complete her process of giving birth and to finish her life of love for God.
But God as the All-Mother provided for and looked over this!
And now the life went further!
The Moon, Mars, every motherhood has to create new life in darkness.
Everything which lives on the surface, has consciousness and that consciousness got a creating foundation by means of motherhood.
So we do not see disturbances in anything.
We did not get to know climatological circumstances, at least not in this stage, that means, the spiritual grade of life took care of the material breathing, and this process of condensing and wonder of growth could develop itself further.
When we follow all these laws for the embryonic life soon, we will come across this harmonic life of love again and then go further.
The life grows because the Moon as Mother split herself.
Now attune yourself to that and we will also experience those wonders.”