God as The Material Growing Universe

What is nu expansion, growth becoming conscious, awakening, for the universe?
That can”, master Alcar continues, ‘now be experienced and you can open your life and consciousness to that.
It is up to you, Master Zelanus, to be one with that.”
And I am ready and can say, because I see the laws before me: “Because of the oneness of Moon and Sun we now experience other wonders, by means of which we follow and experience the growing material universe.
It becomes clear to us for the first time now, my master, that every atom, and the spark of life, had to follow an awe-inspiring development, before the material and highest grade of condensing was reached.
The astral universe split itself for that purpose, and that became the material cosmos.
In addition we saw that this would happen according to the laws of life and death, reincarnation.
Nothing could disturb this Divine process.
The All-Source watched over all this life.
However, when the material revelations became visible the universe began with the own condensing, the own evolution; and it was certain that we as human beings would receive those laws, if we wanted to return to God.
Every spark experienced this Divine wonder as a law of condensing, by means of the embryonic beginning we began with the own existence.
The Moon took care of the soul life and the first physical being born for the soul, then the secondary planets followed and by means of which we could experience Mars in order to be able to continue our material and inner life.
But why, I now ask, did Moon and the Earth have to represent the human being?
Why did they get that task in their hands for the maternal authority?
My life must accept that these planets represent an own world and would speed up that evolution with regard to the soul as human being.
I can see these laws and soon we will get to know them, because this takes us straight to the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life.
It is only then that we experience the laws of growth for our life and the universe.
And in addition I also have to accept that every macrocosmic law or grade of life experienced by the human being and the laws of which he masters as reincarnation and we have to materialise and spiritualise those laws, as the universe had to experience them.
By means of this it was also certain that our human existence would grow and got growth and awakening according to the laws of the universe.
That became our obtained consciousness!”
“Is that correct, André?”
“Yes, master, I got to know all of that.”
“Is your life one with these laws?
So, then go further.”
“André is ready and says:
“The planet Mars was also not a second too far removed from fatherhood, the Sun.
The development for our human existence, my master, will convince us of that.
That depth can be experienced and gauged.
Because we as human beings got hold of the macrocosmic laws of life and enter those grades of consciousness, that is the process of growth.
By means of this we reached oneness with the universe from soul to soul and from feeling to feeling.
Then we came to stand before the mastering.
That kept us from material disturbances, and we went further.
However, God placed in every spark of His life this harmony and the power to grow, to evolve, to later represent Him in the Divine All.
What I now perceive, my master, that is the embryonic stage.
If we follow those laws and grades of life, then your personality will experience the growing universe.
But as a spiritual and material happening.
The Moon created the embryonic life for the soul, but the planet itself followed her life and growth, and all the other life did not remain behind.
For the Moon the highest stage was the fish consciousness, experienced by the soul as human being and the other life.
On the planet Mars the soul as human being established itself and still reaches the animal-like, but human, which is growth, became growth for all the life.
You can see it, every planet is growing, also the universe.
The life got that growth by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
We saw that condensed and as a phenomenon; by means of ‘death’!
And that soul as human being masters that growth by means of reincarnation ...
So that means that reincarnation is a Divine law.
Wants to be an overpowering law for the growing, the returning to God.
Because if we did not experience any growth, there would be no question of returning.
The square metre in the beginning of creation grew to a world.
The cell grew to the human and planet existence.
But the inner life also grew and that became the obtained human consciousness for all the universes created by God.
By means of this the soul as human being, and the other life, sees itself expanding and therefore growing.
That is a law which tells her that she must conquer this wonderful universe triumphantly.
That this universe was created for the soul as human being.
The Omnipotence was created for her!
God placed this in our human hands.
So the space, as a universe in which we live, received these laws and passed them onto our life.
The macro cosmos is growing, expanding, blossoming and condensing itself, Sun and stars and planets are growing for the own consciousness.
Seen macrocosmically and microcosmically every spark of God was born in order to get a spatial becoming conscious, because God also possesses that depth.
So what got to accept the embryonic life, my master, is immediately the Divine attunement.
We experienced our first grade of life as an embryonic existence on the Moon.
It took millions of years before we could enter the fish stage, but that moment came, and we went further again.
That is growth!
It is also spiritual awakening and material development, it is everything, because this is the returning to God.
We needed millions of years in order to experience the Moon as Mother, but we mastered that spatial and macrocosmic depth.
Meanwhile our thinking and feeling changed, our personality, by means of which we got hold of the growing.
This evolving is not any different for the universe, however, all these macrocosmic sparks experience the same laws.
For the soul as human being these become the characteristics by means of which the human personality emerges.
For us they became characteristics, for the planets laws of condensing.
Can you follow that?
Because of fatherhood and motherhood we experienced those laws of condensing, but got feeling by means of that and that expanded our inner life.
I will go further.
The universe grew.
The material grades of life reach visible material giving birth and creating.
Where there is life to be found, the universe and the life change.
We see the realm of colours originate, and especially, that that independence possesses an own representation for God.
And we as human beings conquer all those powers and forces, all these universes, because God created them for the highest being.
The planets which were created for the mother process now get given consciousness.
Power and radiance by the Sun, and the growing can begin.
Every life devotes those powers and continues this process, because every cell is growing!
And all of that is for the good of us as human beings and the animal, like flower and plant.
The human being and animal develop by means of that, but it is the material universal which gives us those possibilities and means.
It is a wonderful plan, it grows and gets to experience evolution at a macrocosmic attunement.
Now it can be determined for the first time, my master, how the universe guarded itself from disturbances and the laws of growth revealed themselves.
It is the Sun which forces Moon, Mars, Earth to trace their orbits.
It is the Sun which keeps these wonderful lives at a distance, but he inspires, drives and lets them feel the paternal authority, so that the life around him got to experience and to deal with both his personality and becoming conscious as a radiating power and energy.
The Sun expands itself, grows, brought to that consciousness by means of the ignition chambers as spiritualised, and yet material plasma.
Now the paternal authority of the universe has reached oneness with motherhood and will later be condensed humanly, by means of which the human being as a man will create.
But the spark of God gets volume, joy of life and consciousness, which is material and spiritual.
This wonder reached that development while growing, it is the plan of the All-Mother and God as Father!
God as the God of all life spiritualised and materialised himself for this purpose!
What now appears to be space in this, is for us as human beings spiritual and physical becoming conscious.
It will soon be the image for the earth and then we find ourselves amongst all the peoples, because we conquer the Earth as planet and becoming conscious by means of this.
Not only spiritual once more, but also physical by means of the material lives.
It is a great wonder, my brothers, with which I am connected and the clarity is so dazzlingly luminous like crystal ... like the sunlight for the day I see these laws spiritualised and materialised, going further while growing.
I now surrender to your life.”
Master Alcar goes further again and says: “Indeed, my brothers, this is Divine ‘will’, this firmament shows us a spiritual and material end, because André also let us get to know that.
Not only that the stars and planets and all the life in the universe develops and grows in the universe, but in addition the garment.
The firmament is growing!
Because that is already Divine infinity, even if we know that we will leave this universe one day.
As the macro cosmos develops, fatherhood and motherhood also become growth, awakening and more conscious for soul and material, also as colour, because all this life is awakening.
We see the years of youth for this universe.
If we enter the present stage, those childhood years are already over, but if we want to make human calculations, then it can be established how old the universe is at this moment, because that can be seen from all the life.
But we will come to these laws later and then descend into them.
We now know that the universe also has a garment and that this garment creates and gives birth, that it is growing for this life as plasma.
André says and saw that this universe shows a material and spiritual end, and that is true.
Because every star and sun, planet will reach the adult stage one day and will then go further.
Like we people also experience it, and the animal, flower and plant, these laws were calculated and created for every cell of God.
What do people on earth feel about all of this?
The academic knows that the growing universe will take him to an immensity.
However, we look behind this, because we know the grades of life, have followed the condensings and, for everything, fatherhood and motherhood.
That is also possible for the astral personality as a human being, and the human being gets to know himself.
We now experience grade after grade, world after world for the laws of growth, we see how the central source created all of this, but law after law underwent those condensings, and we stand before both a spiritual and a material revelation.
What we then experience is the awakening for all the life.
And the academic gentleman can determine that, because he see the materialisation before him on earth.
But now that he cannot accept the soul as the astral personality, he is powerless and he goes to pieces!
God gave us the returning to the Divine All by means of His growing life space!
And we and all the life have to accept that.
By means of the laws of growth the inner life gets to experience this evolution and the soul can master the wisdom.
By means of this we get our ultimate purpose in our hands.
And that speaks for all the life of God.
It wants to be, that we represent Him!
We continue His giving birth and creating and grow!
That has become the human life of feeling.
Mother Earth gave us the organism, we have to experience her laws.
She gave us her material and spiritual revelations.
And we also get to know those laws.
However, if I descend into the life of a star and I wonder how she was created, she will give me the answer herself.
She will inspire me and explain how she underwent the laws of condensing for the growing.
And that is possible for all the life, because we serve for God and the University of Christ!
That is Divine truth, my brothers, and Universal oneness, love and happiness.
We were able to determine these laws for our life and consciousness in the Spheres of Light.
They belong to us and we now live in an awe-inspiring universe.
As human beings we went from planet to planet, consciously higher and further, but fatherhood and motherhood connected us to the next step, the new life.
That became the life space for the soul as human being.
So the growing universe can be felt and followed and then analysed.
If the soul as human being of Mother Earth yearns for spiritual harmony and growth, wants to enrich herself, wants to experience according to the universe the Divine laws for all the grades of life, and especially for fatherhood and motherhood, she will see herself awakening!
And that is the possession for her personality ...!
Now she can determine her obtained consciousness according to her space and she sees her own immensity.
But in addition her human, both spiritual and material becoming conscious, her happiness and her wonderful love!
There is no question of insurmountable obstacles, they do not exist!
She stands before her immensity for love.
That is inexhaustible and deep, like she possesses in feeling and willpower and personality with regard to the creation.
Motherhood gives her the possibilities in order to spiritualise and materialise that depth.
By means of her ‘will’ and love, she undergoes this spatial oneness.
That was placed in the hands of man and woman!
Follow the material life on earth, my brother André, the process of growth and blossom, the giving birth and creating for all the life, and you will stand before the growing universe.
The life of God will now lie open to you.
See then how the soul condensed itself for all the life.
Follow that development, follow the child of God, but also the inner life, and you will then recognise that Universal personality.
It is only then that you will know that this wonder was Divinely responsible.
And the ultimate for all material can be seen and experienced.
It is for this reason that the soul as spirit will leave the material life and continue her astral consciousness.
In order to also evolve there and to prepare herself for the Fourth Cosmic Grade.
So the process of growth has attunement again to other laws and those revelations take us to the Divine All, but through life and death, fatherhood and motherhood.
It must now be clear to you that the laws of growth take the life to the very highest consciousness and that the materialisation takes place by means of that.
And the seven grades of life which originated by means of God tell us that.
A spark therefore carries and represents these seven stages of transition, or disturbances would occur, and they are not there now.
The whole of nature was inspired by that.
However, it is the Divine attunement which forces the soul to go and to follow these grades of life.
It is obvious that the macro cosmos created and condensed these laws for the human life.
By means of the process of growth the soul was made capable of experiencing and mastering these laws of life.
That is driving and inspiring.
However, that wants to be, harmony and love, as we followed a moment ago.
The material growing universe gives to our life the eternal life and the Cosmic fertility.
Immortality, knowledge, happiness, certainty for eternity.
Really, my brothers, all this life speaks about the materialising of the astral garment as a spark existence, as soul, spirit, for the grades of life and fatherhood and motherhood.
Macro cosmos and micro cosmos received one task in order to deify the life, but by means of that the own independence for the soul as human being and the other life emerges.
Now that the Divine All is inhabited, we can go further.
The academic of the earth experiences his awakening in this, because the stars and planets, the universe, the grades of life, gave fatherhood and motherhood that growth.
He will have to ask himself what meaning the universe has for his life and consciousness, it is only then that the inner life will awaken.
His growing universe!
The laws of growth, my brothers, made the human soul immense.
The paternal authority grows and passed it on to motherhood, that Divine and spatial oneness can also be experienced in this, there is no improbability to be seen in anything.
What does the growing universe teach us now?
We see ourselves placed before the conscious and unconscious grades of life of this universe, the laws of growth of which force every grade of life to evolve.
These laws can be experienced by means of God, for the human being and all the life of God.
Even if a flower is unconscious for our consciousness, she grows and returns to God.
Spatial or human thinking reaches oneness, it represents one world.
By means of the universe we as human beings reached becoming conscious and will go further, after having experienced this universe.
That is the personality, she also grows and has to accept all of this.
What does God have to give the human being?
Is God a Father who wants to destroy the life?
These laws can be experienced on earth, the human being destroys Divine harmony, fatherhood and motherhood, what was created in pure love, was consciously killed.
All the life is growing!
Follow that on earth and you will experience Universal laws.
Look at the grades of life and experience fatherhood and motherhood.
Look at the soul, her life, everything is growing.
Every thought becomes universally deep.
The human being will conquer this.
But the human being has to accept these laws, universe and human being are one.
We see the growing universe in the most meaningless insect.
The grade of life will determine both which material and spiritual becoming conscious you stand before, you find (yourself), the life itself will tell you it.
What is faith?
What is wisdom?
What did the great ones on earth want?
What did Socrates live for?
Pythagoras and the many others who gave themselves in order to reach growth?
That will become the University of Christ.
We live and die for that purpose.
We therefore see on earth again every grade of life originated by means of the universe.
If you want to follow these laws for the animal, then follow that life and you will see it, conscious or unconscious, but it is growing.
The life goes further and must return to God.
From the origin this life had to accept the laws of growing.
From the embryonic stage the grades of life got consciousness.
The human life and the animal existence had to follow and to accept these laws, because this is the returning to God.
All the life on earth is growing, I told you a moment ago, we went from the waters to the land consciousness.
Does that not mean anything then for the earth?
Not yet, because people still do not know the beginning stage, but that will soon come and it is only then that the child of Mother Earth will get to know itself.
The soul as human being is growing, because she has to represent God?
Because she is the All-Source!
The All-Source as Mother created the universes for that purpose.
See how the waters condensed themselves.
Follow the little seed in the ground.
Look at light and darkness.
At flower and plant, follow these material and spiritual laws and you will get to know yourself.
Work out what belongs to your life and your becoming conscious, and you will stand before your soul, your spirit and your spatial personality.
The child by the mother awakens, it grows and pushes itself to the human space, but the adult stage comes and death, the reincarnation of which people do not understand.
Moon, Sun and stars got those laws of growth, why not we people then?
The highest Masters, my brother André, want the soul as human being on earth to feel Divine, to understand that the life was created for her.
That she has attunement to God and that she has to conquer all the created spaces.
Wherever she is to be found, she will remain Divine!
Even if she is unconscious, she will awaken, she will receive her next lives for this purpose.
She is Universally connected to her laws for the All-Mother!
And then what can be said then when we come to stand before the character traits?
They also evolve, they also have seven grades to experience before the spiritual grade of life, the spiritual is reached.
It is only then that the human being will understand what love is.
She will be open for the first time as a human being, the soul will therefore have to expand her harmonic life and the laws of growth are for that purpose!
Come, we are leaving, we will connect ourselves again to the universe and ask questions for the child of the earth.
Free yourself from every influence, look at these possibilities and you will have your answer ready.
This life was produced in order to die and to live.
The soul as the spiritual personality will go further.
The universe remained pure and uncontaminated from human thinking and feeling.
What the human being on earth has done can now be seen.
By what means did the life create diseases?
Can God as a Father of Love create diseases, now that we have got to know the laws of growth?
Can God, can the All-Mother take us to that destruction?
Why does the human being ask all these questions?
Because this life still does not know itself and the Divine laws.
But the masters take care of that and Christ came to the earth for that!
These laws can also be experienced on earth, as you know, the smallest insect possesses them.
All the life goes further by means of reincarnation and experiences the Divine harmony as laws of growth for soul, spirit, life and material.
And all of that for the existing creation; but then what, when we stand before the vermin?
The laws of growth even revealed themselves to that life.
You will see all those grades of life, it is only then that it will get through to your life how wonderful life is.
And what can be said about the human ‘will’?
Or did the human being not get a will, now that we stand before this love?
Did God, did the All-Source not also lay down those laws on the own life?
We will follow millions of grades of life, it is only then that we will come to stand before the Divine-Human All and be able to bow our heads.
What did the All-Mother give the human being as the own life?
The infinity of her living consciousness.
‘SHE’ gave the growing universe to her life!
She laid that at our feet by means of fatherhood and motherhood, the seven grades of life.
Does that not say everything?
However, the conscious and unconscious grades of life are for those revelations and we have to master the space of them.
It means for the human being of the earth that he will experience the infinite in every grade.
Suffering and sorrow will dissolve.
The human being created that himself!
Likewise war and destruction.
Diseases and other misery will dissolve when the human being understands himself, because all that destruction was not created by the spatial laws.
By means of this the life of God will awaken, because it will know one day, that all these laws were created for the human personality.
And what do we see then, my brother André?”
“Further and higher by means of reincarnation, my master.”
“And further, Master Zelanus?”
“To fatherhood and motherhood at a spiritual attunement and there will be no sorrows, or bestialised states to be experienced on earth, now life on earth will be harmonically conscious.
The human being will create and give birth and that is also for the Catholic Church.
That life will also experience the laws.”
“Indeed, we could now already ask thousands of questions, but that will come later, we will now follow the possibilities of growth for the universe, human being, animal, flower and plant, for light and darkness, for soul and spirit, for every character trait, social consciousness, for arts and sciences.
Now life on earth, and in the Spheres of Light, will be wonderfully conscious for the first time, by means of which the human love for all the life of God awakens.
Does all of this mean something?
We now see that everything has meaning, but behind which we live, in order to establish the Divine truth and the eternal for our own existence.
What is now the most necessary of all on earth for the human being, André?”
“Fatherhood and motherhood, my master.”
“That’s it, by means of that we go and all the life will go further.
Yes, Church, your life has to accept fatherhood and motherhood.
By means of religions the life of God creates disharmony!
The life was born in order to give birth and to create, you too; as man and woman we follow the laws of growth by means of that and only then conquer the cycle of the earth.
It is the evolution process for every spark of God.
But what do we see?
Do we experience?
That Moon, Sun and Earth gave those macrocosmic possibilities of life to every spark of God, that it was the material development for everything, by means of which we could enter the next and new life.
This is Universal certainty!
That is becoming conscious, it means, taking the universe of God under the human heart to the Universal awakening.
The growing universe analyses the ecclesiastical nonsense.
The laws of growth explain the creation for bible and human being!
The laws of growth bring our life back to Christ!
The laws of growth created the Spheres of Light.
It is they who gave the human being space for society. Gave universal truth for fatherhood and motherhood, so that human being and animal could go further.
The laws of growth of the universe gave inspiration to the spark of God, the grades of life for the awakening, Divine justice, because all the life possesses those laws.
There is not a seed but that life grows and got Divine meaning because of that.
These laws, my brothers, bring our life and consciousness to the macrocosmic grades.
And that means that we now get to know the seven Cosmic Grades of Growth.
They are light, soul, spirit and material for here and they will also possess that Divine attunement for the next grades as worlds.
How could this universe condense itself?
We were able to behold that, but it must be clear to you that all the life of this universe is progressively attuned to that higher becoming conscious.
What do we now see?
Which laws did that becoming conscious get to experience?
When we experienced the All-Source, we saw those seven transitions reaching consciousness for our life and thinking.
When the All-Mother emitted her life aura, we saw that, my brothers, millions of ages were necessary before that aura became visible.
That life started to change, that aura had to keep accepting a new existence and those were the laws of condensing which we now see materialised before us.
And that process continued, we saw the space changing, until the golden light emerged.
But what is now golden light?
What does that light have to tell?
Follow that development for a moment and we can follow the seven material grades of life by means of that, as light and plasma, as working and as birth, condensing and hardening, by means of which we will later see that every piece of stone got and had to follow those laws.
But there is a great deal to be experienced, if you follow and want to experience this process for the life on earth.
For the universe it takes you to the Fourth Cosmic Grade, then you go further again, in order to enter the Seventh, and it is only then that you can say: I represent the All-Mother!
Light is now consciousness!
They were seven transitions, had to follow this plasma, before this life became light.
But then the life had got consciousness and consciousness means again that the spark of God mastered that law as both life and becoming conscious.
The All-Maternal source of life therefore condensed herself by means of those grades for the consciousness and then the life as the material part could go further in order to bring itself back to that source.
Those have now become the Seven Cosmic Grades of Life.
On this journey, my brother André, we will no longer come to the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life, we will soon have to return to the Earth and your organism, the time which was given to us by the nocturnal hours has been experienced.
We will now also determine the Seven Laws of Growth for the cosmos and will then return, but the following journey will place us before those laws; and we will go further, because we will experience the Divine All by means of these laws of growth.
Now determine that the All-Mother needs seven ages in order to give birth to herself.
That has become the ‘God’ of all the life.
Then the universe ripped apart.
Darkness comes again, because billions of sparks had to accept the darkness by means of the creation.
In this universe, there was darkness again, but it originated by means of the creation.
That can be compared to the little seed which people on earth put in the ground.
It is visible and disappears, but it divides itself again, and look, there is new life born.
So that means that because of this division new life would emerge, because the All-Mother lives behind all of this.
The Earth now, as material, is the All-Source for all the life, as a mother she drives and inspires her life, but we now also see seven ages again before this little seed has materialised itself.
Those laws are experienced by the human being, the animal, flower and plant, water and breath of life, but all those grades of life got the own consciousness by means of the universe.
By means of this it must be clear to you, the masters want that and the process of growth wants to show you that, that God as this spatial personality became light by means of the Sun, but that this radiating light remained Divine plasma in a half-waking state.
Light is consciousness.
Because the Moon could begin with the own life as motherhood, we got to experience, our embryonic stage began, but seen by the planets, by the seven laws of growth as grades of life.
So every spark possesses seven depths before the life got the independence as both soul and spirit.
I must now show you that we get to experience animal-like, material, spatial and Divine laws of growth, and you will soon behold them, the pre-animal-like embryonic stage of which we already followed.
But what is now animal-like and pre-animal-like?
If we talk about animal-like grades, then we see the life for the animal kingdom.
However, a human animal-like grade of life is unconsciousness and that consciousness has attunement to the life of the animal, so that we can also speak of human becoming conscious, because we experience those laws of life on earth.
So the animal represents, like us, seven grades of life, for which that life was created.
We will only see later how the animal was born, however know now and accept this, the laws for that world will later prove to you that the animal and all the life of Mother Nature got the own birth, the own existence from our consciousness.
The macro cosmos now possesses seven transitions, seven grades for the own consciousness, before this garment was condensed.
Can you feel what this means?
We now speak about spatial, human and also animal-like laws of growth.
And in all those lives we see those seven ages again, if the life for the obtained becoming consciousness wishes to experience the highest.
And that life also has consciousness.
We now stand before animal-like consciousness, as feeling and as light, for the universe it is light, for the life by means of this existence, it is feeling.
But every thought will radiate light for the human being one day and will only then represent the universe as a law of life.
So it becomes clear that these seven laws of growth as grades of life elevated the human being and the animal to the spatial consciousness and that we must go further, if we want to get to know the cosmic grades.
We were also able to see that the First Cosmic Grade is represented by the Moon as Mother.
Then we determined that the planets are connected to each other, lie far apart and yet have kept that spatial oneness.
The higher we now come, the more perfect the life becomes with regard to the All-Source.
The being far away now becomes the staying close by, my brother André.
And we will also get to know those laws as stages of growth on the next journey.
Where it now concerns the universe is that we separate the spatial grades of growth from the human and the animal-like.
But that we get to know the animal-like grades of consciousness by means of the First Cosmic Grade of Life; and if we come further and higher, we see both the human and behind that the spiritual awakening.
By means of this, we followed that, we determined that, for the soul as spiritual personality, seven dark and seven luminous spheres as worlds were born.
Those are now for our life the seven unconscious and the seven conscious worlds for the human personality.
So when the All-Mother began with her giving birth, she did not experience anything different.
Those were also seven conscious and seven unconscious grades of life for the process of growth, then the ultimate was experienced.
That was the universe seen in a spiritual state, as the golden light for the universe, but then the Divine division came and a new stage began immediately, both the human and the animal-like, for flower and plant life.
That was then the beginning of the first cosmic grade of life, but as Mother, and the Moon got to experience that.
Those Seven Cosmic Grades of Life cannot be experienced now for this universe, because this space only represents three grades.
But these three together created the Fourth Cosmic Grade and that can be followed from everything we see and experienced, so that we have to accept this.
We will soon come that far.
This universe therefore sends us consciously further.
The growing universe has to experience and got to accept an end.
The spiritual grade of life is still not there, but the spiritual and yet material universe got the own independence by means of these three grades of life for this process of growing and that became the Fourth Cosmic Grade.
What is now a grade?
A law of life?
An independence?
We know what fatherhood and motherhood are.
What does it mean to you, André?”
“I am a law of life, my master, and a grade of life.
My grade of life determines for me to which type of race (see rulof.org/there-are-no-races) I belong.
That is a grade for the human consciousness.
But that is also a world, a sphere and will ultimately be ... love, harmony.
Because I can experience my life, my grade of life changes, my world changes, my sphere, my thinking and feeling, understanding, truth, light, life and love, fatherhood and motherhood and finally my ‘will’, my art, my everything.”
“It is true, and the child of the earth has to learn and now master that for the own Divine stage.
Those are the possibilities of growth, we determined a moment ago, for every thought.
So the human being can do what he likes, he cannot think himself free from the Divine grades of life.
The grade of life tells him that he belongs to the life, he cannot live outside the laws of growth and the grades of life, he has become life and becoming conscious, because he has to represent the All-Source.
Those are the foundations which we have to lay for this journey and for the laws of growth, so that we can go further evolving.
However the human being thinks, however he wants to live for himself, he will undergo the laws of growth anyway and they will send him back to God, the conscious Divine All.
And that means that we people, however much we yearn, whatever we want to do, even if we pray day and night, even if we are still so pure and chaste, the grades of life of growth force us to accept fatherhood and motherhood; it also says that no religion can give us the Divine All, because we have to accept these laws and to master them!
Can you now feel what this means?
That the human being learned to pray is wonderful, because by means of that he bows his human head for creation, the All-Mother and God as a Father of Love.
But we now know that no prayer can help us to reach those grades of life, we have to master the creating laws of growth by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
And it means in addition that the prehistoric people reached the Divine All, outside of religion, without prayer either.
And you will also get to know those wonders!
What people now gave the earth, art, wisdom, the religions and the prayers, all of that stands next to the Divine creation.
That is wonderful, but that is not the essential; only the grades of life and laws of life are capable of reaching spatial oneness with the God of all this life and that is always fatherhood and motherhood!
You can do what you like on earth, if you despise creation the inner life will stand still.
One day you will have to begin with that anyway, and that will also happen, because the Divine attunement in the human being forces the life to return to the All-Source.
You must see and experience the Divine creation plan for the human existence like this.
God did not lead us astray, the religions did that and the bible is to blame for that.
God created visible laws of life and we can follow and experience them.
That is what the child of Mother Earth has to learn.
This is the orienting capacity for the soul as human being and her spiritual life.
The whole of this creation calls it to you and you can accept and listen to it.
Now immediately sense that God loves you as His spark!
Sense by means of this that He is and will always remain that.
It is only then that you will get to know your own Divine attunement.
Those laws of growth takes us to the Divine harmony, the grades of life to all those Divine characteristics, of which Love is the highest.
All these Cosmic Grades of Life were born by means of that.
They were materialised by means of that and grew by means of that.
By means of the laws for fatherhood and motherhood we see the worlds for soul and spirit lying behind that.
And that is the independence for the human being, so that means, the human being can say: I am a space and a sphere, but I have become love and father and mother, by means of which I will represent all of this.
We can say: now come into my spiritual Kingdom.
We can receive the people, but those millions of children can also receive us and will love us, because we now possess the spatial, the Universal love.
The laws of growth as grades of life placed that in our hands!
You have to see the Divine wonder like that.
And in this way you will get joy of life as a Divine spark by means of which God created himself and grew.
All the material universes were materialised and spiritualised by means of that.
Truly, my brothers, we will return to the Divine existence.
So this universe possesses seven stages of transition, by means of which the next life could begin and that has become the Fourth Cosmic Grade.
Now see this firmament.
Also follow the human and spiritual grades and compare them to your own immensity, your attunement to God.
It is only now that you bow your head, because you now know that you are a Deity!
We will soon see changed again what we see and experience here, but the laws of life have remained the same, because these Divine laws also kept the obtained independence in the Divine All.
The laws of growth, my brothers, connect us again with the reincarnation for the universe.
And we will soon follow those laws, so by means of the reincarnation we then go to the Fourth Cosmic Grade.
Then you will also experience wonders again.
The reincarnation for the universe will expand your life naturally and consciously, bring it to the Divine awakening.
You now see, the Moon created new life for this universe, but she also created going higher for herself.
And we also see that again on earth, but in the hands of the human being and all the life of God.
A planet produced life for the own evolution and when that life was ready, that soul as a macrocosmic life saw the own continuing, the possibilities of growth in order to go further itself.
The Sun created life for this universe, but grew, so that a higher attunement originated, and that became this life for the Fourth Cosmic Grade.
In this way stars and planets had to follow the Divine materialising and this universe created another as a garment; all of that belongs to the growing universe.
Because the Moon divided itself as the First Cosmic Grade, she created a new life.
What does the All-Mother experience now?
What does God experience?
Both the All-Mother and God experience themselves!
So we have to completely disengage the human existence and the animal-like one.
And that means that God did not create any people, or animals, or flower and plant life, but himself!
Can you also feel this?
That is then the very last thing which we have to follow for now and have to experienced.
This is for this Divine journey, my brother André, and you can accept that.
The human being on earth will still not be able to understand this?
If he wants to think things through, then he will come that far.
And it is simple again, because we were always able to see that we, and all the life, must represent God.
And that now means that we are Divine grades of life.
Human being and animal, flower or plant, light or darkness, fatherhood or motherhood, soul, spirit and all those thousands of phenomena only remain phenomena, because the ‘Life’ possesses and has to represent the Divine attunement.
You do not fuss as a human being, but it is your life!
You can destroy a human being, the life cannot be destroyed!
That now wants to tell your consciousness that we are the ‘Life’ and our life is Divinely conscious, but now, in a human grade of life and says that we are busy bringing our Deity back to the All-Source.
God created people and other lives, but ‘HE’ is that eternal ‘Self’!
We can now already say and call out: we are Gods!
Is this clear?
What the human being on earth possesses, what he brings about for the own life, he does that for himself!
He does that for the representation of his Deity.
And we see that later again in the Divine All; we first get to know that at a Divine attunement, when we follow the human being as an organism and then we will make journeys for the soul laws, so that our Deity emerges.
The laws of growth tell us that, my brothers.
And I got these feelings from the highest Masters, the Divine All gives us that we are Gods.
That every spark of God will soon have to represent the All-Stage.
When the human being now speaks about: how can God approve of that?
Then we can answer with: you are that yourself!
We can answer by: if you are sick, that is your own fault.
When you wage war, that is your own will!
The All-Source did not force that upon you.
The All-Love did not place that in you and did not want that.
You are that yourself!
Every human being represents the Divine attunement and the human being is therefore a Deity.
The All-Source, the All-God, the All-Life, the All-Love lives behind every spiritualised and materialised law of revelation, and means that we are not people, but Gods and that we do not have the right to complain, or to possess, because by means of every thought and deed of creation we as human beings deceive or lie to the God in us, squander or deform ‘HIM’, yes, slander and hang ‘HIM, kill and curse, because God placed that in those hands and the All-Love knew that, because we ultimately possess again that love, that Omniscience, but now as a conscious and visible Deity.
Do you understand this, my brothers?
We will determine all these laws.
There are no people and animals living on earth, no flowers and plants, that is all Divine Life.
Deceive a human being and you deceive God!
Deceive yourself and you deceive your Deity!
Follow the darkness and you darken your luminous Deity, give hatred and you suffocate your Divine love.
What do you hope to achieve now, human being of the earth?
If you have even more questions to ask, then we will answer your questions by means of the Cosmology of your Deity!
And the laws can now tell you that we are capable of that, every spark can convince you of that.
It is up to you, dear reader, to think about this!
We tell you, you cannot avoid it.
We will go further, the following journey will take us and you to the All-Stage and All-Consciousness, you will then have returned to your Deity.
Understand now, now that you are on earth, which love you want to experience and then want to receive.
Open yourself as mother to the creating powers and you will be twin souls, you will be father and mother for the first time then, for which you will live and die.
As a human being you experience the human attunement of your All-Maternal Consciousness on earth.
As a human being you experience fatherhood, but that is materially-humanly conscious there, of which millions of people now still represent the animal-like grade of consciousness.
What did the All-Source want now in order to give you the life?
You can know that now!
But we tell you as instruments of the and for the University of Christ ... that you as human beings will be God in your own state.
That the animal was born from your life, the laws will soon tell you that and convince you of that.
Now imagine, you are ‘G O D’!
And now all your suffering falls away, also your suffering and every misery, you have forgotten, darkened, deformed yourself as a human a being by means of the millions of lives which lie behind you; your Divine attunement which lives in you never wanted that!
We will end here, my brothers, this is the end of this journey for the awakening of mankind!
You, master Zelanus, will analyse the laws and materialise them for the earth through your brother André.
André, follow and experience every law of life on earth, analyse the life, for the soul, spirit, fatherhood and motherhood, for the Love.
Be open to all the life of your Deity and let it speak to your consciousness, it is only then that you will bring the God of all your life to awakening by means of your being a human being.
The human being lives for that purpose!
By means of this the life awakens and it returns to the All-Source!
My life and consciousness now close themselves, the Divine All has spoken.
Now we are returning to the earth.”
André looks around him.
He will return to the earth different, he will feel thousands of ages older.
More conscious, more loving, because he now knows that he is a Deity!
This is spatial being one, dear reader, master these laws.
Which love gives you your creating soul, your man or woman?
Are you complaining?
Are you deforming the life?
Are you taking part in destruction?
Are you learning how you have to experience the laws?
Did you think that you could take your Deity to the spatial development by means of hatred and violence?
Who do you want to serve?
The darkness or the light, hatred or love, harmony or disharmony, trust or misconception?
Golgotha or Satan in the human being?
You have to decide that for yourself.
However, that lives in your hands!
Follow us, you are following yourself!
By means of the laws for our life we will reach the spatial awakening!
Meanwhile we reached the Earth.
André descends into his life.
Now that he opens his material eyes, he can call to us:
My Divine-human thanks for everything!
I will not die for this wisdom, but I will continue to ‘live’ for it!
Another V2 now already tells him which way he must go and has to follow; that of Adolph Hitler will take him to the darkness, that of Christ back to the All-Source!
“Goodbye, my master.”
“My André?”
“Master Zelanus, I will be ready soon.”
“I know it, André, I will be there soon.”
And the God of all life knows, also the human being, that heaven and earth are eternally one for and by means of everything.
Well, the daily life can begin again.
And now thinking, going over experiences!
My God, I no longer need to thank You, when I follow the laws according to Your spatial grades of growth, I will be like You are there!
And I will now master all of that!