Through Reincarnation to the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life

Immediately after André awakened, he begins to think.
This journey was incredibly beautiful and the wisdom awe-inspiring, the laws are deep and sacred and very natural and even understandable, but people on earth will still not accept that.
What does the human being want?
What does this world want?
The human being is a Deity, the human being will conquer all those universes; if he seriously wants, life on earth will be like a paradise.
But the hours here are becoming more and more difficult, the life heavier and the fear greater.
How must I deal with this now, he thinks.
And yet it must be done, all the life will help me to carry.
But he remains in contact with the universe, the grades of life already want to speak to (his) personality and when he just attunes to the Moon for a moment, there already comes:
“Just surrender to me, André.
I will help you carry.
I am supreme for your life, but I gave you everything after all, didn’t I?
I will soon free you from your organic systems.
Now go further and master this wisdom for the earth, André, all my children will support you.
Prepare yourself for the next journey, my child.”
“Yes, mother, I will remember it.
Thank you for everything.
I almost know you.
How nice it is to be able to know all of this.
How did you take care of the life?
How wonderful your condensing was.”
“And that is still nothing, André.
When you get to know me soon, when I divided myself, when the human being could begin with his embryonic existence, when the first human love was born and the human being got his “senses”, that is something wonderful, my son, which you have no words for.
And then all those other millions of laws of life.”
“Will I be able to deal with that, mother?”
“Of course, as long as you first know the laws, then you absorb all of my life of your own accord.
The grades of life bring you to the next step.
And now follow yourself, that is the most wonderful thing there is, André.”
“I know it, mother.
And then I will also get to know the soul for all the life, won’t I?”
“You will get to know the soul for all the life, for every grade of life and independence, for human being and animal, also the soul of all my children who gave my life to Mother Nature.
And that is a great deal, André.”
“I understand that, mother.
The water will now ask me questions and then I can answer.”
“She knows everything, André.
Her consciousness is Cosmic, do not forget, not all my life has fragmented.”
“I understand that.
And I will do my best.”
“Very good, André, that’s it.
It must be done like that.
You will no longer wonder why we can now talk to your life, you know it!
You will no longer wonder where all this life was born, you have seen the spatially laid foundations.
And by means of that you can now go further.
I know everything about my children, we are one every second.
That can always happen, André.
When you know the laws, you are one with all the life.
The lower grades of life also open themselves to your consciousness.
Conscious or unconscious no longer has any meaning in order to undergo this being one, the most meaningless insect can tell you everything about the own life.”
“Can you hear that V2 ... mother?”
“Of course I can hear that.
All the life can hear the screeching on earth.”
“What must God now think about this?”
“God does not think anything, He laid it in the hands of His life.
Did you feel this properly?”
“Yes, mother, the human being is God, it is His life which now raises hell here and that life will stop one day.”
“And that will come, my son, it will definitely come.
These unconscious masses will now learn how it should not be done and what must be done in order to bring peace and calm to earth.
When the child of God know how the own laws originated, that life will change.”
“I understand it, mother.”
“Pass on your laws, André, and you will take your own life back to the All-Consciousness, to which many grades of life are open.
Think about everything and if you want to experience me, send your thoughts to me and I will come to you.”
“That is very kind, mother, I will do it.”
But that Mother Moon, he thinks.
But he heard every word, it goes from feeling to feeling and then these feelings materialise themselves.
Then you know what the life has to say.
Did you have this too, Ramakrishna?
Pythagoras, did you also experience this?
Ancient Egyptians, were you already that far?
Did the Temples of Ra, Ré and Isis gave you this sacred oneness?
No, that was still not possible then, you were still not that far.
You could not have made a journey like that.
Good heavens, it is wonderful, because I will get to know all the laws of God.
I can master everything in this life and I will soon go further in the astral world.
Isn’t that a prospect?
Isn’t this happiness, peace and quiet, and blessed love?
Wouldn’t you want to experience a kiss like that?
I got a spatial kiss from Mother Moon a moment ago.
That was a pressure from her life happiness, her living heart for myself.
World, what do you want anyway?
People, what do you want anyway?
To serve for satan?
To give yourself for that trouble and misery?
Did you think you would get the consciousness for the universe by means of that?
In order to give yourself for hatred, evil, destructions?
The Moon is right, he thinks.
I must know how to carry this wonderful work on earth.
The child of the universe will help me.
The human being cannot do that, because the human being still does not know those laws.
The human being cannot feel this universe and then you have nothing to give, your inner life refuses.
Consciousness is feeling and that is the love for the human being again.
If you have feeling, you can elevate the maternal heart and then you reach this spatial and natural oneness.
And is that not the yearning of the human being?
Does he not live for the love?
Is the life on earth not everything when you have and can experience love?
What does the woman as mother want to give if she does not possess any love, any feeling?
Then it is dead piece of furniture, unconscious and she has to master that other and raised grade of feeling.
I am starting to understand that every thought suffocates your love and world of feeling as a space when you do not wish to give that gentleness.
Good heavens, Crisje, what a wisdom I am starting to see, how deep I am going into the life now, how wonderful this is.
The life must master the feeling, and the personality does that.
That personality also possesses seven grades, in order to experience the highest for the human love, it is only then that you can say: I am a mother.
I really love now.
Hey, Socrates?
Can you hear it?
When am I love?
What is it, did you wonder during your life, whether I feel happy?
What is feeling?
I can now tell you that.
I now know where the feeling for the human being was born.
Where we people got this feeling from.
But you did not know that during your life, you did not see those laws and worlds.
Is that not true?
I was able to see and to experience the All-Mother and then the spiritualised and materialised grades of life for the universe.
Soon we will go to the conscious human Divine All.
And then?
You did not see or feel that.
But the thinking is going well, Socrates, it is going really well, I notice, I will now master everything from the All-Mother.
And it is only then that I will be ready for the mother of the earth in order to give her my love.
Can you feel this spatial kiss, Socrates?
Did you not want to experience this?
Now those lips bring you back to the state of purity, to the All-Mother and the mother of the earth is a Divine wonder, which you can love with heart and soul, because you got to know the laws for soul and spirit.
What is the man like for the mother and what is the woman like for her creator?
You can see that here.
You can experience that.
An animal possesses more love than the human being, and the human being is the very highest created by the All-Mother.
The human being still does not know love, but the man does not know himself!
They do not know here for what purpose they live, this couple of grades of life, these two souls.
When are they of one colour and one thought?
He prepares himself and runs up the street a moment later.
In one night he has become millions of ages older.
As he thought and felt yesterday belongs to the past.
The life smiles at him, even if the human being and the animal are exhausted, that life is beaten and kicked, the life is wonderful, nice, incredibly beautiful.
What do food and drink mean?
A moment later Mother Water is already talking to his life and consciousness.
“Good day, André.”
“Good day, mother.”
“Was it great?”
“You bet.”
“Did you get to know the grades of life, for the universe and mine, André?”
“Yes, mother, I got to know hundreds and thousands of laws.”
“Is it not enough to make you weep until your tears run dry from happiness, André?”
“Yes, mother, it is wonderful.”
“You are going to Loea?” (It will be clear later in this chapter who Loea is.)
“Yes, I will paint there soon.
We are making journeys now and experiencing a lot, and in order to break that ...”
“You will not paint, André, you will soon materialise the laws.
Master Zelanus will begin.”
“You are right, mother.
I thought in the past and that must not happen.
I already experienced that.
But everything is fine.
I will, I can feel that now, attune myself to the spatial experiencing.
I must experience that first.
No, we will not paint now, I have enough art.
Jongchi now lives somewhere else.
But he will come immediately when we need him”
“I know it, André.
What wonderful thoughts you now have in you, André.
Did you see all of that consciously?”
“Yes, mother, every grade of life can tell you it.
It is like we now experience it.
What do you want from me, my dear?”
“How was Mother?”
“Fine, she is coming back calmly.”
“Yes, isn’t she, no one can change anything about that.
Mother smiled at me yesterday.
You were already there.
I saw you there with the masters.
The human being saw her here as the last quarter.
Isn’t it funny, André?
“It is, mother.”
“When you are one with her soon will you tell her then that I will kiss her life every second?”
“But she knows that.”
“But I want to give her my flowers, André.
How kind and good she was for us.
You now surely know already how I, and along with me all those other grades of life, got the life light?”
“We will soon follow that, mother.”
“I understand it, then you will see how you came to the life yourself.
And that is worthwhile.
Isn’t it?”
“It is, mother.”
“Did you see how my friend tree has almost lost its arms?
That other one there, which you spoke to, told me: “I will make sure that André gets an arm from me today or tomorrow.
He himself, he says, does not want to experience that sawing. I can feel that and I can understand that, but now I will take care of it myself.”
And can you feel, André, how he will do that?”
“No, but I think I can feel it.”
“Well, you will see it.
It will be that far tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.
Then his little arm will be at your door, he needs people for that and he has already met them.
You will get wood from his life and we now want to take care of that.
Do you know and do you believe that we can do that?”
“Yes, mother, I know now, you can do everything.”
“That is fine, André, trust is being one.
If you do not have any of that, those laws will not reach working either.
Isn’t it natural?
We can do everything, if you want to experience this harmony.
Talk to the life, surrender yourself completely and the ‘Life’, about which the people think that it is God, will always takes care of you.
Do you still have other yearnings, André?”
“No, mother.”
“No hunger?”
“Not that either, mother.”
“Are you hungry for my life?
Do you want to see that I possess life?
Do you want a little fish, André?”
“No, mother, I could not eat your life now”
“Just look there.
There, close to you.
Can you not see that fatness?
You could catch it just like that.
The life of me is coming to meet you.
Isn’t it wonderful, André?
And yet so simple.
I want them to come to you.
Isn’t that sweet now?
Yes, I, André, as the mother of all this life, can connect you with this.
If I want them to come to the people, they will eat from your hand.
They lie down, you can put your hand out and you will have food again.
Other life as a human being does not get that.
When they see and feel the life aura, they fly away, they dive under, they do not want to serve for unconsciousness, however wonderful dying is for them.
After all, they immediately reach the laws of life for going further.
Can you see that too, André”
“I can see them, mother.
Yes, I can see the universe for your life.
Isn’t that wonderful?
The soul as water.
I am starting to experience and see in you the spirit as water, my mother, the universe too and the many grades of life as materialised worlds.”
”You see, André, that is now being one.
And my children can feel that.
This is why they are coming to you.
Do you want to see that I have lovely fat ones?”
“Yes, please. Is that possible now?”
“Look for yourself ... they are already coming there.
I am sending them to your consciousness.”
“Really, mother, I can see them.
It is incredible, but I can see them.
Did you really send them to me now?”
“Of course, my André.
Do you not know then what Christ did?”
“Oh, you mean that with those fishermen?”
“That with His apostles, I mean.”
“I can feel that.”
“Well, how did you think that Christ did that, André?”
“After all, he saw there were fish living over there, and then the apostles could cast their nets.”
“And then they hauled nets full of fish out of the water.
Didn’t they?
But He spoke to this, my life.
He first asked my life whether I would be kind enough to send my life to Him.”
“And you did that then, mother?”
“Yes, we did and were able to do that.”
“Why we?”
“Because these are parts of my Primal Source, and have become living consciousness, independences, materialised from one grade of life, we speak about ‘we’!
For that matter, all the life does that.
But you also speak about people and animals, flowers and plants and universes, don’t you?”
“You are right, mother.
And then your life listened?”
“We were happy that the Messiah asked us to give Him that wonder.
Then we were allowed to serve for the Highest Consciousness, André.”
“I understand that, mother.”
“The apostles hauled cartfuls from our life.
But they did not know how that happened.
They did not understand any of that and they laughed at Him behind His back.
That was too much for the Divine ‘Self’!
But you can surely feel that, can’t you?
Isn’t it true, did they not have to prove later what they knew and had experienced?
And then?
Then a cock crowed, André!
Another walked away from Him.
And yet others no longer thought of Divine consciousness.
Yes, indeed, Johannes was no slouch.
He had more feeling in him.
He was the only one who underwent and sensed everything from the life source by means of which he had got the own life.
But we will also talk about that sometime.
In any case, you can now see that I possess the power to send my own life to you.
And my children do that gladly.
Just look, they do not want to go.
But wait and see if other people come?
One sign and they will disappear.
But I am that, André.
I watch over my life and send them to the human being when it is that far.
It is only then that you may catch and eat my life.
Did you not think that the spatial order is to be seen and to be experienced in everything?”
“But usually I send my afterbirth to the people.
That is the small fry, André, the life which belongs to my post-creations.
They may catch that because this life wants to dissolve for itself.
But I watch over my own grades of life, and I must watch over them, or my laws of life as grades will be in danger, die out, which you will immediately believe, but of which those unconscious masses do not know any law.
You understand me, don’t you?”
“Yes, mother, I understand you.
You mean the post-creations.
I do not know those laws of life yet, but I can follow them, because I was able to get to know my own existence.
I know what you mean, but we still have to analyse the animal world.
That will come soon.”
“It is true.
And it is only then that you will know what I mean.
But I will give you an example, then you will know it now and if it is the wisdom for your day-conscious self, then it will not disturb you.
Can you see it now?”
“Yes, mother, I can see it.
That is also wonderful.”
“It is true, my son.
You see, André, those are post-creations.
Or would the academics think that a worm like that got to experience a heaven?
What are butterflies?
What are caterpillars.
Flies and all those grades of life for the post-creations, which the little ones spoke about?
Those are post-creations.
And I possess different grades of that.
Those things want to live, of course, but they originated from the last rotting process.
My other grades, you still do not know that, but you will also get to know that, got the own consciousness from your human life cell.
It reached consciousness from the Primal Source as a physical law and it is only then that you will know which fish you can eat.
Is that not simple now?
By what means did a cow get the life and existence?
You will get to know those laws, but I know them!
By what means did the animal world originate, André?
From yourself!
By what means my life?
From our All-Mother!
But mother and being a mother is a big difference.
After all you already know that, don’t you?
We could carry on talking like this, couldn’t we?
But I can see, you want to go, you must go and I have to accept that.
Will you think about me, dear?”
“Of course, mother.”
“And did you already say good morning to Wayti?”
“Not yet, but I will do that this evening, mother.”
“Will you not forget it?”
“No, never that, I will not forget you again either.”
“Then you are a part of my heart, André, and you will remain so.”
“I know, mother”
“So no little fish, André?”
“No, mother, but I thank you for everything.
I could not eat your life now.”
“I understand.
And now see you soon.
Have a good journey, André.
Do not forget to think about me when you are in the Divine All.
Look at my life when you stand before me and behold my Divine consciousness and my attunement.
I will be like crystal there.
And on the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life?
André, do you feel happy now?”
“I am beside myself, mother.”
“I understand that.”
“Goodbye now, my dear.”
“Goodbye, André-Dectar.”
“Goodbye ...”
“Yes, I can already no longer hear you.
Our contact has been broken ...!”
Am I just crazy, he murmers, and yet?
Oh, that mother.
Mother water, I am so happy.
I saw that fish.
I felt her fish and I could have taken that life out of the water just like that.
“Was this not reality now?
Did you see those fat ones?”
“Yes, I saw them.”
Why did you not put your hands out, you are starving, aren’t you?
Not I, tree, I am not hungry.
But you saw them, didn’t you?
Yes, I saw them.
“Then everything is okay.”
“What is okay now?”
“I would tell Mother Water if you cannot believe this.”
“But I saw her life, after all.”
“Then it is fine, then I have nothing more to ask.”
“What does this mean, tree?”
“That the people must no longer make a fool of us.
That is what we ourselves watch out for now.”
“So you want to protect Mother Water?”
“Yes, we want that and she protects me, us then.
I only want to know whether you saw that she sent her life to you.
There is no more to it.”
“But I said that I saw her life.”
“And I said then that it was fine.
Then everything is okay.
Then we understand each other.
And you are not hungry?”
“No, not me, I would not be able to eat her life.”
“That is understandable, but you must not look for it too far away.
Where must all that life remain now?
What was it born for?”
“In order to be eaten by the human being?”
“No, my friend, it is not that.
In order to serve the organs for which purpose they got the life.”
“Isn’t that something?”
“Yes, that’s it.”
“And you know exactly what we spoke about?”
“Am I a step child then?
Did I not get my life from her?
Is she not my mother?
And can a child not talk to its own mother?
Just think about your kidneys and you will have worked it out already.”
“Good heavens, yes, tree, you are right.”
“You see, André, that’s it.
But you will also get to know that.
Thanks now.
I am pleased that you did not walk past me just like that.
Truly, I thank you.
I will not forget you either.”
“I know, but I must go further.”
“Then just go ...!”
“Good man that you are.”
“Good human being, you make me happy.”
“Then we are both doing something good.”
“For today, yes, but also tomorrow.”
“I understand, I will make sure of it.”
“Then everything is fine.”
“Goodbye now.”
“Faith, hope and love are wonderful, André, but ‘knowledge’ is the inspiration for faith, and then hope no longer means anything.
What you are now left with is ‘love’.
Will you give me a kiss?”
“Can you feel my kiss?”
“Yes, of course.
My God, it is a human kiss.”
“You make me laugh, friend.”
“You say that, but you do not do that.
How does that unconscious child wish to kiss me?”
“I understand it.
Happy now?”
“Yes and very.
Will you come back to my life soon?”
“I promise you.”
“Then ... until the blissful being one.”
“I wish you happiness, prosperity and strength.”
“I wish you all of this for yourself and you will make it!”
“Thank you kindly.”
A while later he also runs up the stairs to his friends.
However, when he stands before the people, he feels indigent and does an about turn, which will not be understood, of course.
But that is a mistake, he thinks, I must conquer that.
I must be able to talk to nature and a moment later to the people, or I will not make the journey.
But I cannot eat, mother, friend tree, that is pandemonium.
Back into nature, he thinks.
The people are the living dead.
The people look into your eyes and then you are stung .
How different the life of Mother Nature is.
Mother water, I can no longer stand it amongst the people.
Do you have anything else to say?
And then there comes to his consciousness:
“Are you already back with me, André?”
“Yes, mother.
I felt stung there.”
“I can understand that.
It is becoming difficult.
But that is not allowed.
What will the masters say about this, André?”
“I already know it, mother, it is wrong.
I will also have to change that, or I will not be able to stand it any longer.
Thanks for your lesson, mother.
I should have absorbed those lives into myself.
Now they will think about crazy things, of course; and did I do something crazy now?”
“But they do not understand that anyway, do they, André?”
“No, they do not understand that.
I will just go back.”
“That is also wrong.
You must not do that now.
Pretend you have to go somewhere.
Just make up an excuse for those lives.
They will not understand anyway.
You must conquer it anyway, André.
You should have told me that the first time we experienced this contact.
Then I would have drawn you to my life and your life there would be completely over.
Now I will protect you.
Can you hear that?”
“Yes, mother, I thank you.”
“Well, I will tell you something else.
You will now receive my thoughts a bit differently.
Then you will experience my different grades, André.
Can you already feel it?”
“Yes, mother.”
“Isn’t it wonderful?
And yet so simple.
But the people cannot do that.
And yet they feel that they are not open to each other.
Did Loea sting you there?”
“No, not her, but that gust of wind.
It is that poor little person of hers.
It is everything, that whole environment pulls out your life.
I cannot have that now.”
“And yet it must happen.
Once you have that in you, everything happens of its own accord, André.
And then the answer lives under your heart.
Like the good Earth was born, you get the answer and those feelings in you.
And then the human being stands before both the soul and the life.
Now for the first time they take over thoughts, they reach this oneness.
But to feel and to experience that as a human being is something entirely different again.
I got to know the human being as soul.
I experienced that soul, André.
And the people did not experience me.
They still have to learn that.
Would you think that they can believe this?
I know for certain that they cannot.
You are laughed at.
But will you go a bit further now?
Go back to my mother.
What will they say now?
Now you are no longer a human being.
Now you are stung from left and right.
And they call that their love!
That now wants to be feeling.
They have to give each other that.
You must not doubt it, they still do not have this.
But, it exists!
You will pass it on to the Earth and her children.
They are divine beings in a human state, from which the grades of life enjoy pre-animal-like, animal-like and material consciousness.
But this takes us to the spiritual grade of life, André.”
“I know it, mother.”
“Did you get a bit of a fright because of that?”
“No, not that, but I still cannot forgive myself for it.”
“That is your gain, André.
You must experience everything in this way, then you will lay new foundations for yourself.
I could be sick from all those grades as human beings.
You should see those greedy eyes.
Look for yourself, that man is longing for some food.
But a fish does not come for him.
He would like that, but what does he have to spare for it?
I do not achieve anything with that.
Our consciousness and life are not for that.
If they know this, we will give our consciousness in love.
And then they will get back what they have given us and we got through the life, my children then.
And yet, André, if they come themselves, those melancholy people, then I take them in my arms.
How many people now go from life because of suicide?
I will give you the Cosmology.
If the people knew, André, that the Moon as All-Mother – for this universe then – created me, then they would get that wisdom as food to eat and to drink.
What did Christ tell them during that time?
And what do they do now?
Eat and drink from My flesh and blood.
We can also do that, but that is meant as wisdom of life!
But then they will get to know ‘HIM’.
They will love Him differently.
And it is only then that they will not end their lives too soon.
They then have no concept of how it is then.
Do you know now that the life of Mother Nature was born in me and through me?
On the Moon all the life got a soul.
And then it went further.
Going higher and further by means of the material physical revelations.
And you now know where I will go soon.
However incredible, I will go further.
When I die here, André.
I will dissolve.
I will serve here for millions of years more.
Yes, my life lasts so long, because I possess spatial consciousness.
I have already created my Fourth Cosmic Grade.
Is this voice a bit more gentle, André?”
“Yes, mother.”
“This one possesses the Cosmic attunement.
Because I free myself from these laws, my spatial consciousness speaks to you.
Nothing will stop me, André, nothing, that is also for all the other life.
This is why it is so stupid that the academics only see me as water.
I went through thousands of worlds, and had to master those laws.
Why do those learned souls not think further and a bit deeper?
You think: they still cannot do that.
No, Socrates could not do it either.
But it is only then that they will stand before the spatial freshness.
For my process of growth and blossom.
Green as on the Fourth Cosmic Grade and consciousness as from Him.
Is that not a pity now?
You will certainly feel now that I am like a child.
Do you really find me so sweet?”
“Yes, mother.
I would like to say girl now.”
“You could do that, André.
And it is not that wrong, because I am that, after all.”
“I can see it, mother.”
“You know now that we will see each other again on the Fourth Cosmic Grade.
Now imagine, André, what our life will be like there.
I will first create as rarefied material.
I will go to the laws of the universe, meanwhile prepare myself for the going higher and will be one with all my sisters and brothers.
I will also take care of all my condensings, and before everything (for) my being a mother.
Yes, André, I will remain here until there are no more people living.
But you will see that I also already created my organs for there.
That is soul of my soul and life of my feeling there.
Did you see it differently?”
“No, mother, it is true.”
“You should listen, André.
Yesterday I heard a few people talking to each other.
I tell you, they are not learning anything!
Believe me, when this war is over soon, you will determine what they learned.
Now they are subdued.
But when they have everything, they will forget Him again.
And they have that in their hands anyway.
Why do they not refuse to kill?
Do those people not feel what they are doing now?
Is that refusing so difficult?
The animal-like life of feeling, André, that kills, that is open to everything and does not know any love.
And yet they say, those people then, that they love.
You surely know the talk of those ministers.
That life really sends people to war.
That is now his wisdom for God.
That is allowed, that wretched child says.
But that is just not allowed!
What would you think of such a human insect?
Can you feel that consciousness, André?”
“Yes, mother, it is poverty.”
“Tell them, André, how God must be seen and experienced.”
“But I am doing that, mother.”
“Tell them especially that God never approves that His other life is destroyed!
We feel sick when we hear that a clergyman approves that the soul of God murders!
We are sick because of all that ge-siegheil, André.
We also have an understanding of that.
They will suffocate in it!
But did you think that there is one of those millions who thinks about the own rotting?
And that is because those thoughts are ‘rotting’ with regard to the Divine creation.
Also those of both the ministers and the church!
Yes, they too, that mother is terrifying poor.
I called to those people: “Big misery that you are, get out of my life.
Go away from here, because your consciousness is no use to me anyway.
I even want to protect you.
Can you not hear me?”
But they did not hear me, André.
And they went overboard over there, suddenly, they ended it screaming, and are now lying rotting in my arms.
They are attached to that starved skeleton, they will live all that time in me until the actual hour of dying comes, and they enter their laws of continuance.
You know that, don’t you?
You got ‘The Cycle of the Soul’ from Master Zelanus.
But I, André, have to take care of those unconscious people and cannot begin anything, because they still cannot listen to me, they do not experience this oneness.
That is the only thing which different people can do, kill themselves.
But then what, soon, when they no longer possess anything?
Then you will see something, André.
When I called: “Big misery, go away from me”, I even drew them to my life ... Something touched them, and that was, André, because they, as I already explained to you, got the own life in me.
And now it is becoming dangerous.
I called: “Your mother says, do not do it!”
They found hanging dreadful.
And that is true, André.
Now they remain hanging next to that garment, on that wooden beam, until the lawful end comes and they go further.
I find hanging something dirty, then drowning is better.
Isn’t it?”
“You are right, mother, but everything is bad.”
“That world does not want to know that, my love.
Those people still do not want to understand that.
They go away left and right.
One jumps from the window and another searches for it by means of his gas, his rough violence, but every suicide is a crazy carry-on.
If they learn that, André, then you will have given them something Divine.
They will get to wear a garment from me.
I will not send them away naked.
And that garment will then be in order to go further, it has no more meaning than that.
They must now make sure of another one themselves and they will get that back when they come to stand before their karmic laws.
You know that, after all.
Then they can experience their misery.
But then they will not know from where that misery comes to them, but just look back?
Can you see a few lives again, André?
You are done with them now.
You also killed yourself several times, until you felt the knowledge consciously in you and it is now the fear, fear, because of the misery which you once experienced; they know that science, they also feel that, some of them then, or the whole of this mankind would end it.
Isn’t it true?”
“Yes, mother, it is true.
That is the truth.
There are people who cannot do it.
But they also say: “I do not know why, but I am so afraid.
I do not have the courage to do it.”
And that has remained from previous lives.”
“Yes, you are right, mother.”
“That is the feeling for now, but they once experienced that feeling and that beat a hole in their souls.
And now they will no longer come to that horrible suicide.”
“Isn’t it wonderful, André, that we are able to experience and to discuss these tremendous laws?”
“Yes, mother, it is our knowledge.”
“Listen, André, I also said to those poor of spirit: “You will experience every little material minute, because that is your actual law.”
But I did not get that sent to the life of feeling either.
The day consciousness flatly refused, I could not go any further.
I also said that every material tissue works and serves in order to go further.
And does that not mean that the soul must first experience the organic life and that space?
It is only then that she can go further.
And those people end it and must now begin from the very beginning.
They will not experience any laws, André, these souls want to miss out pieces and that is not possible.
And then the silence follows, the silence of the world of the unconscious ... the being ready for the new life, but thousands are ahead of them, because they went further harmonically.
Have you had a think about the human harmonic laws, André?”
“Yes, mother, but I still have to begin with this universe.”
“Do it, André, and you will get the Cosmic Consciousness for all the grades of life of God.”
“Yes, mother, I will do it.”
“And then we will stand before the characteristics of a soul like that as human being.
Are these now conscious characteristics?
This is a pathetic carry-on.
That day consciousness is still not human, but inhuman-animal-like, and then you must remember and accept that an animal does not even do such a thing.
The animal does not search for suicide.
The animal cannot do that, a human being can.
And that is now the highest being?
The human characteristics, André, also possess the seven grades for the process of awakening.
Is that not a Divine oneness now?
You have everything from Him!
And then there are also people, André, who want to end it because of every trifle.
Mother Earth calls to them: “Say, wait a moment.
You want to end it already because of that little thing?”
And yet others throw their children away from them.
Put in sacks, they throw them to my life.
Is that not enough to drive you crazy?
They want the fun, but not the life and that also affects the laws of balance, the laws for harmonic going further, which fulfil a task for space and sphere happiness.
Mother Earth is tired of all that misery.
She has almost had enough of it.
When the little Jew came to me, I called:
“Do you wish to deny your origin?”
The man gave me a dirty look and I had meant it well with him.
Were we not all Jews?
And truly, André, he heard my voice and asked:
“Who can tell me, what I may not and want to do?
You perhaps?”
This life was actually right, but what do you think of such a Jewish history?
I called back to him:
“Just split yourself, fool.
Split your life and accept Christ!
Accept the Messiah, and you will never be bothered by nazi miseries.
Connect yourself with a Christian.
Discard your being Jewish and you will have Him.
Multiply with that other life of God, after all you just represent a worn religion, don’t you?
Did you not know that, little Jew?
Then I will tell you it today.
You are already a blessed one”, I called to him, André, “to be allowed and able to listen to this.”
And then I also asked: “Are you bleeding your origin?”
Then I got to hear: “Get lost, bitch ...”
And yet I was not angry, André, because I felt and experienced that this human existence felt me.
And that made up for everything, it let me feel love.
Just a touch like that, isn’t it true, and you feel the spatial kiss in you and coming to you.
And you are open to that and you do everything, you give everything, it is tremendous what you get to experience at such a moment.
This is why I am asking you again, André, will you never forget me again?
Will you continue to love me eternally now?”
“I will do it, mother, it is for eternity.”
“I can feel it, André, it is everything.
And then that little Jew also said to himself: “What on earth  should I do now?”
And I answered him:
“Do you also wish to talk in the name of ‘Peace and Justice’ now that you want to kill yourself (the Dutch word for peace was contained in the words said by that little Jew)?
Ugh, go on the run and disappear from here.
And then I heard again: “Get lost, bitch...” and that sounded different now, it was harsh, but did you think, André, that he understood what I meant?
I flew into his heart and placed in it: “Have you forgotten that you nailed the ‘Peace and the Justice’, the ‘Peace and His Name’ to the cross?”
You should have seen him now, André.
This life became poisonous.
But I got a taste for it now precisely and then said:
“Is that perhaps not true?
You, as children of Caiphas, see your resurrection again in Adolph Hitler.
Because of Adolph you now stand before your ‘ Film de la Jerusalem’ ... Adolph beats you, but he is Caiphas!”
When he ran away from me, I gave him as a human being the last thing, my kiss.
And then, André, he wiped his nose, looked at his star and then flung back at me:
“You are right after all.
Whoever you are who has spoken to me, you are right.
I thank you.
Is it you, mother?
Or is it you, father?
Is it Nathan perhaps?
Is Isack still alive?
Or were you all gassed?
I thank you, my dear mother, but I will no longer take my life.
I now accept everything.
It was you, wasn’t it, mother?”
You see, André, he thought that I was his mother.
This was last year, actually just before we came to each other.
He thought that his own mother spoke to his life, but it was me!
Adolph dragged away that mother of this child.
His father and little sister too, his brother too.
And he understood that he could not deny ‘Jerusalem’.
And I can understand that they come that far.
But you see how much power I still possess in order to help people.
That is one out of millions.
Will the others watch their creation?
You will certainly feel it, he reacted wonderfully.
Yes, André, my powers are conscious, I can do that!
Less than an hour later that same day I stood before a new event.
Now it is a beautiful woman.
She does not know what to do anymore and wants to throw herself into my arms.
What did you think that I said to her?
I said: “Do your duty.
Receive the Christian child.
Become a mother and let Adolph get on with it, after all, you do not understand anything about this cause and effect, do you?
Create a new heart, my child.
Just do it!
The wind is chilly, isn’t it?
It is even chillier in me!”
And truly, she can hear me.
Now it is the strangest thing of all, all those people think – suddenly it will come, so I mean the most sensitive ones – that it is He who is talking.
They hear God talking, but it is me!
This child left me.
She suddenly knew it and would become a mother.
By means of this I saved her life.
Both mother and mother touch each other quickly, André.
She wept with happiness, I think, no, I know that.
Other people first say: get lost.
But a moment later they lie at your feet.
I followed her then and I saw that she opened herself completely to motherhood.
Which I brought to awakening in her.
Do you know how lovely it is if you come to me naked and you want to swim?
Then you feel my space, André, and many people already know that.
Yes, that is real being one.
But we are now experiencing that from soul to soul, aren’t we?”
“Yes, mother.
I found that about the little Jew very sweet of you and about this mother too.”
“I thought so, you can learn something from it.
I gave her, that beautiful child, a necklace.
You will certainly already feel it.
She will not want to be without that thing again and it is better if you get one from me than from that Grim Reaper ... he does not exist.
But now something different, this evening you will get your ‘arm’, André.
I am getting that sign now.”
“I will come and tell you, mother.”
“But we are now experiencing wonderful events.
Also sad scenes.
If the Jew can leave that looking at clouds, he will enter the new becoming conscious.
Isn’t it true, he now thinks that Christ will appear on the clouds, but a Catholic thinks that too, those poor ministers also risk an eye for it now and again, which they have nothing to do with anyway, but they are so sure of themselves now that they cling to everything.
What does that Jewish stack of straw mean now for a Christian?
But you must follow those lives sometime.
The process of torture which they now experience cannot be compared with what they impose upon themselves when they end it.
When another Jew came to me I made it shorter and called to that life:
“Go away from me, traitor of Christ?”
You should have seen him running, André.
Also a man. I have another contact with the mother, but those Jewish men are deafer and wilder.
They want to possess everything, because they know their bible.
The mother was brought up differently.
“I mean it”, I called after him, “you betrayed Christ and now you will never get peace again.
Just do not think that the world will sympathise with you soon.
You thought that, but the times have changed.
That was possible before, but not anymore now.
That was possible in Jerusalem, but this is no longer Jerusalem, even if you experience the same goodness, the same foundations.
Only the consciousness is different, had changed a bit.”
Then he ran away even faster from my life and he thought: now I am going to the offertory-box, they want to skin and kill me.
But say it yourself now, André, is that something for this age?
He thought about offerings, on his neck, but blood from his blood is old life and no longer feeds the life of the universe.
What he still called to me was:
“I will tell my own race (see that.”
And I also called: “Do that, then at least you will be sure of those thirty pieces of silver ... you will get your own life, the coin, back; blood revenge?”
And that time will come now, André.
God cannot approve that they destroyed Christ.
Now you can call the Catholic Church names, at least she defended the life of Christ, and you must admit it, even if the rest of her life is darkness.
I called to another, and I was also able to save and warn that life: “Do not violate another life of God, you will then stand before your own perishing.”
And he called me a: “Rotter ...” And that is now God, he saw God as a man.
Do you want such an ape love, André?
It is now really a time for that old Darwin.
He with his ape carry-on.
It is just something for his life.
This is worse.
I also said to that man: “Did you think that only you were beaten?”
And is it not true?
Are the Christians not beaten and kicked?
You should just look now, André.
For that matter, you know these laws, you already got the ‘Peoples of the Earth’ in your hands.
The man or the woman who possesses the most and deepest karma is now beaten like as a people.
Because of this the Jewish child gets such a terrible beating.
The child of the Jewish race (see can be angry now, but this is the sacred truth.
It was Christ whom people nailed to the cross and can God approve of that?
By what means did Adolph get his hatred against the Judaism?
Did you think that a human being could hate like that out of himself?
That is not possible.
You get nothing in your consciousness which is not beaten into it.
It is by means of that, that Adolph is chasing his own race (see, but that is not understood.
Another little Jew wanted to know more.
He asked me why his race (see is beaten so much.
And I could answer that.
Then I said that Christ had also lived on earth for him and that now his race (see needed a beating in order to make amends, he told me that this was no longer beating, this was killing.
And then I could agree with him.
A moment later, the man also sensed me, but he said to me:
“Dirty bitch, dirty man, how you can gossip.”
Then I suddenly also knew it.
Just what I actually thought.
If you think that you have them, you have also lost them.
If you think that you are involved with honest people, they sell your possessions.
And yet I followed him and wanted to risk everything in order to get through to that life.
I said that this was the ‘Age of Christ’.
You should have heard him laugh.
“Age of Christ?
You mean”, he called to me, “that Rabbi from Jerusalem?
He was a charlatan, a fanatic, if you want to know.”
What should you say now, André?
I also said to him: “Then just live it up.
Then there will be no more life for your own race (see
But you will soon have to accept that charlatan.”
He also shouted to me that I must not interfere with a ‘legend’, and should breast feed my children and whether I did not even hear that crying.
Then I had to admit, André, that this life was pretty much one with me.
Of course, for his own problem.
In any case, I achieved that he took to his heels when he heard my voice.
Even if the Jewish child thinks that all of this is not for him, you will still see what Adolph brings off.
Those are deep wounds, André, those are hundreds of thousands more deaths.
I also said: “Free yourself from your own symbolism”, but that was no longer understood.
The life came home panting and sat down behind the burnt out stove in order to think.
That man also thought that his brother had got him.
Something strange, when they stand before the truths they start to experience occult laws.
At least I thought that.
That a man like that immediately calls you a bitch is pathetic.
But it is these times, André.
Anyone who is sensitive can learn a lot.
Anyone who wants will get everything, because now the universe is speaking.
Another person was more sensitive.
Can you still hear me, dear?”
“Yes, mother, go further, I am following you in everything.”
“Oh, you were so far away from me for a moment, do you see?”
“That is right, mother, because I was making my own comparisons.”
“And am I right?”
“In everything!”
“That other life asked me, André, so I will go further, if you also have the time, if perhaps Caiphas was on earth now.
I said yes!
And then there immediately came: “Then it is Adolph Hitler.
You see, then I felt it well.
Our race (see sullied itself”, that man called to me.
And then I knew that everything is fine, despite everything.
Mankind is awakening.
This core will grow, André.
Do you not believe that either?”
“Yes, mother, it is true.
That man will make sure that the masses will accept him.”
“You know, if I did not know where Judas lived, I would have thought, it is he!
Because that becoming conscious is awake, that man will lay the first foundations.
And because of that nothing has been lost.
And that man also said: “If we can accept this, then we will already live in a paradise tomorrow.”
Was that a good answer, André?
There are so many who come to me.
I cannot reach all of them, they lack that sensitivity.
But how was Loea, André, you don’t have any trouble with her, do you?”
“No, mother, I never get troubles with her, after all, she is my mother.”
“I know it, do you recognise her from Ancient Egypt?
I know her life, her soul, André.
Will I show you what I know and that I know her?”
“Will you do it?”
André now gets to see a vision of Loea.
Loea was the mother of Dectar, before Dectar went to the Temple of Isis and was discovered by the high priests.
The book ‘Between Life and Death’ tells about Dectar.
It is the life of André in the Temple of Isis, but nothing is told about his mother.
Loea’s father was a hunter and this child was simple.
On a trip, the father decided to look for new territory, they were attacked by lions; father and mother dead. Loea was found by another hunter, who took care of her.
At the age of sixteen Loea had already been raped.
However, in this simple life becoming conscious comes by means of motherhood.
The inner life reaches a decision and disappears, alone, taking her own cattle with her.
After travelling for days Loea decides to set her tent at the edge of a wood.
The mother inspires the child, from beyond the coffin.
Her child grows in her and then she is discovered by the priests, who will help her with the birth.
Then Dayar is born.
At the age of six the priests see that this life is gifted.
Dayar leaves for the Temple of Isis, Loea is taken care of, but she has lost her child.
Where did she live and from which peoples of the earth was she able to receive new lives?
Loea goes further, Dayar too.
Now Loea lives on earth.
Master Alcar connects him with this soul, he heals her.
That was a wonderful moment for André and Dectar, he immediately recognises her when his master gave him this vision, which Mother Water now shows him again.
And then this mother asks:
“And, André, did I see well?”
“Yes, mother, it is a wonder.
Everything is the truth.
But how can you do that?”
“Because I can follow every soul as human being, who is loving.
But you now have your mother back.
Is she loving for you and can she understand everything?”
“She is loving, she is love in everything and she believes it. But can she feel the depth of this wonderful problem, mother?”
“No, because then she would have to look at her own past and she cannot do that, André.
Which human being would be able to do that in these times?
You can do it, but you know how difficult it is.”
“I understand it, mother.
But Loea is loving, I can still see her shyness from before.
I saw her many lives, mother.
It was terrible.
How long it takes before the human being becomes conscious.”
“It is true, ages are needed for it, many lives, but then the human being is a Divine child.
I now hear it said, it comes from the universe to my life: “Become a Christian child, but by means of the laws.
Not by means of the church, because she will damn you again.
If you can experience the universe, and then life, then your eyes will shine, then your human heart will live, and your soul will shine the same way that the Spheres of Light have that.
There is only one race on earth and that is the human being.
And you will never be alone again, never again.
And it is only then that you will live for ‘HIM’ and the All-Mother!”
Is this not it, André?”
“Yes, mother.
I thank you for everything.
I am going now.
I will prepare myself for the next journey.
Tonight I will see the Divine All, mother.”
“I know it, my son.
I will help you to carry.”
“Thanks, my mother.”
“Goodbye, my child, the blessing from my life.”
“My kiss back, mother.”
“It is delightful!”
“Let it make you stronger then.”
“For eternity, you must know that.
I will send Loea my thoughts, she is worth it.”
“Thank you, Kingdom of heaven?”
“As long as you know, André, that I will bow my head to your consciousness.”
“I know it and now ... see you soon.”
“Do not forget your friends.”
“I will conquer that, mother.
I think it is a pity, but I could not have missed this.”
“Then everything is fine, André.
And now ... go, prepare yourself.”
From afar he still hears her talking.
Isn’t that something?
How can it be.
Am I crazy or is she?
But good heavens, but how wonderful it is, that voice is so clear.
It is being one with the universe and the life.
And then he goes into his house.
Now ‘Jozef’ can answer, but he continues to inspire the day consciousness anyway, because he must give a spatial answer now and again.
And then there comes:
“Where were you?
Were you with Loea?
What is it like there?”
“Great, my child, very good, Loea feels great.
If it goes on like this she will have her child in three weeks, she says.”
“What did you do?”
“Nothing, I had a short walk, I absorbed some strength by means of nature.
And that does a person good in these times.”
What should he say?
Can he tell her that he has talked to Mother Water?
That Mother Water knows everything about Loea and that wood will come from his friend tree?
That is going too far.
That is still not for people, and yet?
Good heavens, if she could also experience this sometime, and then go for a walk like that together, enjoy this being one?
That is the paradise, mother.
Were you able to follow me?
And immediately there is already:
“After all, I got that love.
Ask all the life it and it will tell you that it has received every kiss.
If you speak to one grade, André, then all those other millions of grades listen to the event and then accept your love.
‘HE’ and our ‘Mother’ meant that, after all, didn’t they?”
“You are right, dear.
“What is it, André?”
“I am getting ready.”
“I know it.
Will you think about me in the Divine All?”
“I will not forget it, my Wayti.”
“Then I am happy.
My Prince?”
“My Angel?
I must think now, can you hear it?”
“I already know it, see you later, my life.”
“See you soon, my dear.”
“Listen”, there now comes, “this morning in the queue it was told that the Germans tied five boys behind a car and dragged them along until they died, just like that.
So tied behind a car, until they died.
Is that not terrible now?
The human being does that at the moment, you would be afraid to live.”
“Yes, child, that is bad.
But what did the boys do?”
“They wanted to get food from somewhere and went on the run when those Germans wanted to get them.
Nothing else happened, the people say.
Is that not demonic?”
“It is, but, those boys should have done that differently ...”
“No one knows anymore where this is going.”
“To a higher becoming conscious, my child.”
“It is dreadful.”
“The human being must now make sure that he stays out of the hands of demons.
That is everything, there is no more to it.
And if you can do that, you will make it through, otherwise you will not.
The human being must now think about himself.
Thousands of people are killed, which is not necessary anyway.
Many people look for their sorrows and misery themselves.
What does the life of God hope to achieve now?
What does the human being want?
Join up with this gang and you will be serving satan.
But did you not know that?
And that snarling by those Germans means nothing.
The human being has to learn, and he does not want that.
He must show his colours, and he does not want that.
He will have to begin with that anyway.
That is these times, God does not want it, has nothing to do with it either, this is human work.”
The afternoon passes by meditating.
It is evening.
He sits on the roof.
The doorbell goes, someone runs down the stairs.
What is that?
There is a bag of wood at the door.
The compliments from your friend tree.
“Just drag that inside, have some heat. Did I keep my word, André?”
He reads and hears that, it comes from this life into his heart.
He could weep from emotion, but he does not do it.
“A reader of our books probably did it”, there comes from the kitchen.
But this is a wonder.
This is God himself!
How is it possible, my tree, you can think.
You know how to perform wonders.
My life will thank you.
I send you my kiss, my best kiss.
It is almost time.
V2s pass over, three, four, all aimed at London.
Adolph shoots his personality into the universe and does not know what he is doing.
But that will also come!
He will learn that it should not be done like that.
He is going downhill!
He is losing it.
He is stabbing himself.
It is that from the humble tree!
There is nothing else to be experienced.
That is what God wants.
To experience your being one with all the grades of life, and it is only then that the life can serve you.
Then food and drink and fat will come, you will see and experience it, child, as surely as you yourself still are.
This is it!
This will also be it!
And then the life will be like it is experienced in paradise and the God of all his life meant it!
Is there anything else to be experienced and thought about?
No, then we will rest.
And he immediately hears Wayti saying:
“Are you coming, André?
The masters are already waiting for you.
Yes, it is me.”
“I will come soon, my dear.”
We are going further for the Cosmology.
Deeper and deeper, and then Master Zelanus can also record these journeys.
He is already resting.
There is still talking, but that will stop soon, the masters are taking care of that.
He does not intend to disturb his disembodiment.
But the masters do that, that is part of it, she will also have a lovely sleep, but he will go to the Divine All.
How will I feel tomorrow, he thinks.
Different, spatial and Divine, probably.
It cannot be any different.
But he also still utters:
“Yes, my child, it is awful.
But anyone who now has to experience suffering and sorrow, stands before his own cause and effect.
Of course, we must be careful.
That food from yesterday was not food anymore, you are right.
I cannot take it anymore, I think that water is already enough for me.
Yes, I know it, I saw those cats and dogs tails lying under the mud in the street, the people are eating their animals.
That is a pity?
People say that a cat tastes better than a rabbit; probably. But you see it, every word from the masters is now sacred truth for us.
Adolph seems to be in a hurry, there goes another one.”
There is also silence next door, the people lie down, it is best in bed.
Mother Moon is already calling.
His life is open, he already feels the first phenomena for the disembodiment in his feet.
But he still thinks materially, earthly, but then his inner life gets wings and he feels free from the systems, his blood circulation slows down.
It is now the Moon which frees him from the Earth, and he surrenders.
Where are the masters?
It comes to him:
“Attune yourself to reincarnation.
We are ready, André.”
Beyond the coffin he stands before the masters.
He sees the Earth disappearing under his feet again, the misery has dissolved for him.
We float again in the universe of God’s infinity.
Master Alcar thinks, we are also meditating.
We reach oneness with the Cosmic systems, we are flying.
That is still always a revelation for our life.
André can agree with this.
It becomes lighter in the universe, we come out above the atmosphere of the Earth.
And we know what all of this means.
That means that we have left the sphere of the earth.
How wonderful the human being is.
This is our and your possession.
We are truly Gods.
What we now feel and experience is the reincarnation for this universe and (we) will now follow those laws which must connect us with the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life and the Divine All stage.
We descend deeper and deeper into those laws, by means of which we discard the earthly, therefore material and spiritual-human consciousness.
We do that consciously!
Because we know!
And then we have reached the attunement for reincarnation and Master Alcar speaks:
“We were here, my brothers, when we had to return to the earth.
In this state, between stars and planets, the moment that the universe would change, become more and more rarefied and we got connection with the next stage, reincarnation.
I feel one now with this wonder of God.
Blessed happiness comes to my life.
This atmosphere, you can see it, is becoming more rarefied.
We descend to this Divine wonder and now experience the higher grades of life for the macro cosmos.
Are you ready, André?”
“Yes, master.”
“It is up to you to connect us with the following grade of life.”
And André-Dectar is ready and can say:
“This universe, and atmosphere, was born, my brothers, because every star and each planet, the whole of this universe created new life.
By means of reincarnation all the life had to give birth and create and had to make sure of the progress, for which purpose the laws of revelation were created.
Because every spark would receive the Divine independence.
Also this universe!
We enter the spiritual fatherhood and motherhood in a material state and with the obtained raised consciousness, the becoming conscious for the universe.
I can see now, this universe received a different garment.
That is the reincarnation for the universe.
All this life therefore follows one path.
As the Divine Revelations showed us.
God wanted that, but the All-Mother inspired this life, we represent her life.
So, through reincarnation to the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life!
Through fatherhood and motherhood higher and deeper, back to the Divine All!
Those grades of life are expecting us, my master, because we as human beings will take possession of those universes.
This universe created another one.
The Third Cosmic Grade of Life gave birth to the Fourth!
You can see it!
You now see that it becomes dark again, because this means the transition in order to enter the Fourth Grade of Life, from the Third.
And yet both worlds are one.
The Divine energy lives between light and darkness, as you know that in the Spheres of Light.
These worlds are one, because they originated by means of each other, the Third Cosmic Grade of Life lived for the Fourth, because this life got to experience death and life.
We got to know those laws.
And this is the reincarnation for this universe.
So we will soon see the life of this universe spiritualised again.
When the human soul had reached the seventh sphere in the life beyond the coffin, the Fourth Cosmic Grade was ready.
And then the life went further.
That now means that all the life of God had to accept the spatial grades of life.
Moon and Sun and all those other body parts sent those powers into the universe.
When that task was completed, my master, the Fourth Cosmic Grade originated because of that.
The Divine process of condensing revealed itself again.
The laws of growth took care of that, then the laws of condensing followed.
We now experience that the life of the universe created human rights to live.
And we will experience and receive them, that is our universe.
That is a new and following universe for our going further.
I do not see and experience anything else.
So that new universe originated because all the life of God could create and give birth to new life.
And that is our evolution!
When the Third Cosmic Grade emitted those life forces, this incarnation started.
In this way the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life was able to condense itself.
But the soul as human being went further and entered that universe, which will soon be clear to you.”
“We thank you, André-Dectar, for this answer.
This is true, they are the laws of life which we will now follow, they will connect us to the Fourth Cosmic Grade, and we will experience that being one.
So we go further and deeper and are also ready for that.
You will now see the laws of life changing for this universe.
As we experience that in the Spheres of Light, more and more light will come to our life, and it is only then that we will have reached that raised becoming conscious.
But can you feel now how wonderful life on earth will be if the human being wants to understand all of this?
Can you feel how awe-inspiring the life of Mother Earth is becoming?
Soon, of course, that will take a while, but it will come, the soul as human being will experience the paradise existence on earth.
That becoming conscious means love!
This oneness now enters my life.
All the life speaks to my consciousness, and we now get to know that.
The next stage will draw us to that becoming conscious.
You see it, we are leaving the Third Cosmic Grade of Life.
This universe is infinite, and yet, we experience the end of this life and return to God.
Soon new light will come to our thinking and feeling, the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life will manifest itself as the dawn for the earth.
And that light is consciousness, is spiritual feeling and thinking and wants to be: ‘love’!
We will go further, my brothers.
We will now soon reach the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life.
This material is becoming more rarefied.
You can see it from the radiance which is coming to us.
The bluish haze of the Third Cosmic Grade has made way for the violet-like consciousness, but outshined by a golden light as a silvery green, by means of which we see the realm of colours represented.
Every grade of life now possesses raised consciousness, new life and feeling, the firmament evolved.
That is the sign and the phenomenon, that we have left the Third Cosmic Grade, my brothers.
The Mother planet will receive us and give the connection which she possesses with the secondary planets.
The light which we see was born by means of the raised life of love.
You can now already see the paternal authority of the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life coming to you.
It is a Sun of unprecedented beauty, which cheerfully serves the mother consciousness.
And we as people will be able to behold that.
This life is radiant and happy, mild and soft, completely one in love.
Attuned to giving birth and creating.
Only the highest masters from the seventh sphere experienced the Fourth Cosmic Grade.
Can you feel, my brothers, what this says and means for us?
We experience a Divine mercy, but by means of that represent the University of Christ!
From the radiating light you will determine the raised becoming conscious and will be able to orientate yourself, if you want to consciously absorb the going further into your life.
Now you can already make comparisons with the Third Cosmic Grade of Life and you reach the oneness with this world as a universe.”
We can now feel, dear reader, that this universe is entering us.
How can it be, we think, but we are standing before this truth and are experiencing the Divine wonder.
The Third Cosmic Grade created new consciousness.
We are experiencing the paternal powers of this universe, we are open to motherhood again.
There is the Fourth Cosmic Grade!
We look!
We experience the wonder!
We are not capable of materialising or spiritualising one word, it is so wonderful, what we now see.
The planets lay spread around the Sun.
We count seven planets, of which the mother body possesses the conscious and highest feeling.
All those organisms accepted their task again and serve the human being!
This gigantic oneness speaks to our life, the clarity of this consciousness is smiling at us.
We are one again, and then Master Alcar says:
“You see it, my brothers, what the Third Cosmic Grade of Life has created for itself by means of reincarnation.
Around the Sun, as the paternal consciousness, we also see six other Suns, so that fatherhood and motherhood are now one, which was born by means of the laws of growth.
All the planets now also trace their own orbit, but this attunement is spatially conscious, and means that the life has taken that spatial oneness to one world.
We saw different worlds for the solar system in the Third Cosmic Grade of Life, here everything is one.
So I mean that now the life serves one becoming conscious, possesses one love, one light, which we could not experience for the Third Cosmic Grade of Life, because the first foundations were laid in there.
You will soon experience and see those laws.
And do you think, Master Zelanus, that the Mother planet also just lets herself be admired here from one side?
Is it possible that we can see the laws of the Third Cosmic Grade of Life again here?
Or will we experience other harmonic births?
Will we receive changes?”
“What I can see, my master, is for this space of Divine purpose and I will soon accept that.
Do you want to connect us with those laws?
Or will we also receive the Divine vision now?”
Master Alcar receives that oneness.
And we see that that sacred inspiration comes to him.
The highest Masters follow us, we can see that from the radiance which Master Alcar receives.
And then the Master says:
“We must attune ourselves to different Cosmic changes, my brothers.
That is now coming to my life.
Not only for the planetary system, also for human being and animal, flower and plant, for life, light and love, for every grade of life.
The spark of God grew and now experiences the spiritual-material attunement for the returning to the All-Source!
So that means that all this life has become more rarefied.
The age of the human being and all the other life is growing.
After all, we are going to the Divine infinity.
That means that we come to stand before awe-inspiring phenomena as laws of life and births.
That began on the Moon, further like that and to the Earth, then we as souls were able to conquer the universe.
All the life has to accept and got to experience these laws.
You see that the planets live closer to the Sun and, like the Earth had to accept.
They lie spread around the creating life of feeling.
By these means that harmonic oneness.
The planets created that distance for the life and experience that connection.
The material evolves, Mother Earth will also experience her spiritualised becoming conscious one day, even if that still takes millions of years.
Because all that life becomes rarefied, must experience reincarnation, the Fourth Cosmic Grade was born.
The planets lie spread before the Third Grade, they possess that oneness here.
Is that correct, Master Zelanus?”
“Yes, Master, I have understood you.”
“That is indeed correct and can be determined by the phenomena.
The soul as human being is also that far, she has reached the highest spheres and is ready to go further.
Is that harmony not wonderful?
The laws for the condensing, the cooling down are different, because the planets lie closer to the paternal authority.
You can make that comparison by experiencing the earth and then going further spiritually.
The Earth experiences the highest consciousness, but this material is rarefied, like we experience in the fourth sphere.
And yet material!
The secondary planets possess the grade of existence in this universe, so ‘six’ transitional stages as grades, as conscious planets and laws of life, are to be found here, and that means, André-Dectar?”
“That the oneness of the Third Cosmic Grade here, as we were able to determine, is represented by one grade of life.
The transitional stages for the Third Cosmic Grade are to be found here in one organism and those are the six conscious planets, which now represent that one world and space by means of the seven Cosmic Grades and of which the Mother planet possesses the highest grade.
That is therefore also the Mother here for the space as a universe.”
“That is also the truth, my brothers.
We therefore also experience the seven grades of life in here – but as one large body – for this space.
By means of this fatherhood condensed itself, fatherhood also received those seven transitions as grades of life here.
And that immediately tells us that night is no longer experienced, because that is no longer possible now and not necessary, because this life possesses that resistance.
The life of this universe lies and therefore lives around fatherhood, but all these grades for the evolution got that becoming conscious by means of the Third Cosmic Grade.
And that is understandable.
So the secondary planets represent here, as first becoming conscious, also the first planet, then the others follow around the Mother body, and not spread out, but connected by direct contact with each other.
So the first planet is also the first conscious grade of life here, but conscious, because the human being has conquered his Third Cosmic Grade.
So everything is different, but that other one takes us back to the Divine All and can be experienced.
This is now Cosmic order and harmony, for which purpose this life got the own existence, and we people have to conquer.
So since the soul as human being had reached the seventh sphere, also entered the world of the unconscious for this space, the world for reincarnation, harmony came again between universe and the micro cosmos.
It is the first grade of life which is ready for the soul as a human being.
And that is now also the motherhood for this space.
But space and human being are now completely one, the life of the universe is not further, not more conscious, than the consciousness of the soul, the human being, the animal and Mother Nature.
All this life possesses one attunement, is one from feeling to feeling and because the Divine laws have not changed in anything, the life can also begin here.
This world now seen as a body, takes us back to the Spheres of Light.
We possess that attunement in the fourth sphere and know that we possess seven grades in order to reach the highest.
Such a grade of life has therefore now become a planet, by means of which the human being can also reach the highest for this world.
However by means of this we get to know that the Third Cosmic Grade of Life no longer is, no longer wants to be and can be, than a world which has laid these foundations for the evolution process as a human being, and other life.
The Third Cosmic Grade did not need to create anything else.
The Third Grade is an awakening space for the life of God, my brothers, and this Fourth Cosmic Grade has awakened spatially consciously!
Can you feel how simple everything becomes again anyway now that we know the grades of life?
The life itself possesses that attunement and calmly goes further and higher, this Divine Evolution Process cannot be stopped either, because the life as ‘GOD’ will return to His conscious stage.
So because the soul, there comes to me, was ready as a human being and had reached the Spheres of Light, the Fourth Cosmic Grade had also condensed itself, and the life could begin here.
The Mother planet for this space was interpreted here by the first grade of life, but by the seventh.
So that means, my brothers, that the Moon as Mother had already fulfilled her All-Task here.
She was able to master this motherhood by means of the Third Cosmic Grade.
She also condensed those maternal feelings here, but now by means of the human being, because it is we who would conquer her again, but it is she who gave her life in order to enter and to receive that giving birth.
By means of this the Maternal Life of Feeling is the very highest, of course, which we will also experience for this and the next spaces, but where we will see no more change.
The Divine All also possesses this attunement, this oneness!
So when the life in this universe began, all this life was forced only by fatherhood and motherhood to accept the life.
And look, the Sun as the creating and central becoming conscious is ready, because the All-Source also takes care of this life.
We have to accept this and you see the reality before you.
The human being now experiences seven spatial grades of life in order to experience the highest here, and it is only then that the soul as human being, and all the other life along with her, enters the Fifth Cosmic Grade.
The seven grades of life in order to experience the Divine evolution are therefore finished as conscious planets for fatherhood and motherhood.
You can already form an image now of what the Divine All is like.
You will only see the light changed, every law of life is there as we know for the Third and these Fourth Cosmic Grades of Life.
But the life grows and returns to the Divine attunement!
It is only in the Divine All, the Seventh Cosmic Grade of Life that the human being is Divinely conscious.
So we see every spark of the Third Cosmic Grade of Life again here and it is part of this macrocosmic organism.
As Mother Earth serves for the Third Grade, the highest here is the Mother planet!
And you will experience there that the human being has to experience thousands of ages before he can say: this will end, now I am going further, nothing will stop me.
And that also means that the human being is evolving towards the eternal being awake.
He will experience thousands of ages here by means of one life, it is only then that the material end will come, as we know on earth by means of ‘death’ and is also and means evolution there.
Can you feel this, my brothers?
You see over there the largest planet, and the other bodies, which together represent the Fourth Cosmic Grade for this universe.
Around the Sun, the paternal powers, I told you a moment ago, the creating powers also have to represent and occupied an own place and task, in order to receive the awakened human and animal-like life of the Cosmic Third Grade.
These bodies all revolve around the own ‘axis’ ... but because of the seven conscious grades for the creating harmony, expressed and represented by seven solar systems, no night can be experienced here.
You will soon behold this great wonder.
You will most probably follow and want to experience that this is possible, but the laws of this universe want to convince you.
So this universe created the seven transitional stages, but is in connection with the spiritual astral world of the seventh sphere on the other side, the mental areas, as we call the universe for this reincarnation.
And that must be clear to us now.
The higher we came on the other side, so in our own spiritual world, the more conscious our thinking and feeling became for fatherhood and motherhood and the laws of condensing and growth.
So we can say and accept that the seventh sphere cannot be more conscious for our life than the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life possesses in becoming conscious.
But with that difference, my brothers, that we enter a material space here again.
So for life the spheres are spiritually conscious, for this space materially conscious, so that we may conquer a Divine world again by means of reincarnation and master this infinity by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
If the soul as a human being has therefore reached the seventh sphere on the other side, then she prepares herself in order to enter the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life and (she) accepts the embryonic existence again.
We follow on the next journeys how this personality as a human being will now experience these laws.
It is only then that we will get to know the consciousness of the human being on these planets.
Now and again you can make comparisons for yourself and the Third Cosmic Grade, so that you will understand this.
But the consciousness of the human being has reached this rarity and is in harmony with every tissue of this universe, so both human being and universe entered harmony again?
No, both worlds were in harmony!
There were never any material or spiritual disturbances.
We see that the seven grades of life lie spread around the creating power.
Every planet now possesses a conscious grade of life.
Also the Sun.
By means of this the material life and organic feeling and thinking was also able to materialise this harmony.
Of course, the creating powers as suns are milder than those of the Third Cosmic Grade of Life, but more conscious because of that!
By means of which all the life entered a higher becoming conscious.
The material life got a spiritualised character here.
And that is understandable.
The life is more inspired, and the Divine realm of colours will outshine everything of the earth for this universe.
The human being, and the other life of God, are going to the perfect Divine.
The human being now, my brothers, it comes to me, who has reached the seventh sphere, so from our astral spiritual life, enters the mental areas, sinks back to the embryonic existence and is also attracted for this universe by fatherhood and motherhood.
And then the life for the Fourth Cosmic Grade will begin.
It is only after millions of ages that the human being will have conquered this universe, but those billions of lives will now be experienced in peace and calm, by means of the spiritual-macrocosmic love.
The human being will no longer know any disturbances in this, the life will now be Divinely harmonic, but for the consciousness of the Fourth Cosmic Grade.
So the stars and suns possess more consciousness and power and softer light here than on the Third Cosmic Grade of Life.
By means of this all the life has become more radiant, the material more transparent.
Because of the rarity of this material substance the light and the life in this universe were supernaturally spiritualised, were experienced more inspiringly than ever before.
So what we possess in the Spheres of Light and were able to master, my brothers, has become material consciousness for this world.
This world is one attunement, one feeling, one knowledge, one love, divided as seven grades of life and spaces, by means of which we see the highest consciousness for this world materialised.
Isn’t it true, the Third Cosmic Grade is represented by three subsequent spaces as planets and one consciously working solar system.
We see the seven grades of life reaching oneness here and therefore wants to be one organism here, possess one life and (is) represented by fatherhood and motherhood as one space, one body.
The Third Cosmic Grade of Life was only able to experience three first grades of life for the universe and as a universe.
The spark of God possesses the seven grades of life, of course, but we see those grades of life experiencing macrocosmic oneness here, so that this universe can also experience that raised becoming conscious.
It is obvious now that the life of God as human being, and the other life, can master that growth, but that for our universe, and so for the earth, was not possible, by means of which we can accept that the Third Cosmic Grade of Life, as I already told you, laid the foundations for this world.
This world as universe therefore gives us a very different image than the Third Grade possesses.
In the Third Cosmic Grade all the planets lie spread throughout the universe, for this world they have reached and mastered those spatial laws of growth.
Here they all received a direct place in the vicinity of the solar system, by means of which this higher evolution was born, but the life itself got that resistance by means of the Third Grade.
The Central Source drives all this life to the highest stage, which is the All-Maternal consciousness for this universe.
So all these grades of life mastered what Mother Earth experiences, but now for the spiritual-material becoming conscious.
However incredible for the academic on earth, but the Third Cosmic Grade of Life created this universe!
The wonderful thing is now that the solar system got hold of the seven grades of life for this own evolution, and that the seven transitional stages in this universe can experience that independence.
Every grade of life for fatherhood and motherhood therefore freed itself from that connection, that oneness, which we were able to experience in the Third Grade.
So we now see that every spark as a macrocosmic whole got to fulfil an own task, because the life would evolve.
By means of this evolution every independence as planets and suns got to represent a grade for both the spatial and human consciousness.
If a planet now closes itself off to the universe, which the earth does and then night falls, the life is received here by one of the suns, so that all of us here experience a shadow, which is the night for Mother Earth.
That cooling down is no longer necessary here, because the life is spiritually-materially conscious, there is no longer any question of burning and cooling down.
The life has reached a higher becoming conscious here.
And this universe drives the life higher and further, back to the Divine All.
So we are going to the eternal being awake!
The Moon did not know any other laws, those laws of growth and condensing have grown here, because all the life is growing.
Those laws were now reborn for this universe, so that this evolution emerged.
And all of this just means: Divine Awakening!
But the human being, the animal and the life of Mother Nature, so of the Earth, has reached the Fourth Cosmic Grade.
So this universe is completely in harmony with the human soul.
The human being has prepared himself, he no longer creates any disturbances for himself, there are no diseases to be experienced in here, both grade and grade for the material laws, fatherhood and motherhood, remained pure.
So that means that the human being now experiences his own grade of life and that it is no longer possible here that the fourth give birth and creates with the seven grade of life for the human organism, the first grade serves the first and nothing else!
After all, you know that we people deformed the grades of life during our jungle existence, don’t you?
Because of that so many diseases originated on earth.
That is now no longer possible here, because the human being got to know the laws.
He lives in this universe in complete harmony, just like the planets and stars also show it to our consciousness.
Is this not wonderful now?
And yet simple, because we were able to get to know our universe, the Third Cosmic Grade of Life.
Here the human being no longer needs to wait for the new birth, he can no longer experience those disturbances either for this universe.
There is no murder, or sullying to be experienced here, all the earth possesses Universal harmony.
Go back in thoughts to the earth and you can make comparisons for yourself, but later we will follow these laws for the development as human beings.
Here the soul as human being returns immediately after her passing over.
In seven hours, according to the earthly calculation, she gets a new life.
Her life as human being has now become so harmonic.
By means of this she conquers this universe.
So she is also father and mother for the universe, those laws of God did not change in any way.
Isn’t it true, the soul comes from the seventh sphere to this world and is now a sovereign of love!
She possesses that spatial love and is one with all the life of God.
The human being in this universe only lives for his own Divine becoming conscious and has nothing else to experience.
Those grades of life will later convince us of these Divine truths.
If we now enter, my brothers, the lifespan of the human being and the life of God, then we stand before incredible sanctities, which were created by the All-Mother, but by means of which we were able to experience the first revelations for the Third Cosmic Grade.
Then it must be clear to you that the human being can already experience the ultimate here and that he feels that he awakens the eternal existence in and under his heart, by means of which he is made capable of accepting and representing his Divine consciousness.
That will become the Divine life plan for the human being as ‘GOD’!
The human being in this universe starts to feel that he is truly a Deity and that all this life was created for him.
He now stands before his Deity at this attunement and therefore has to accept that.
The life span for the human being, and all the life of God, therefore already gets Divine meaning here, gets ‘All-Conscious’ thinking and feeling here.
And that remains fatherhood and motherhood, however, that is the Love by means of which the human being must represent all this created consciousness, because he as a human being has become a Deity as life and space.
That is something entirely different than the human being on earth makes of it and feels for his life.
You can now experience and follow this wonderful difference of consciousness, which the earth, however, still understands nothing about, because the human being must first awaken there for the human-Divine, then, that is also clear to you, the spiritual becoming conscious follows and gets a form.
This human being, my brothers, who lived on the Moon and got to know those millions of laws of life as spaces, now possesses a consciousness which has no more comparison to the Earth, but which can now say: I was able to master this!
This universe created the human being.
That has become his possession, and yet, he must go further and higher.
This is the spatial becoming conscious for the soul as human being, and with her all the other life which we know on earth and was condensed by the All-Mother.
What we now experience, my brothers, is wonderful for the child of Mother Earth.
And yet understandable, after all, we go back to our Divine attunement.
The human being will also have to conquer these planets here.
What the planets were able to receive for the Third Grade can no longer be experienced here.
That rough and hard atmosphere rarefied and spiritualised itself.
At the end for Mother Earth, so in millions of ages’ time, Mother Earth will also possess this attunement.
Because our universe also goes further evolving.
Is it now clear to you that the secondary planets of the Third Cosmic Grade have become conscious grades of life here?
Then you will also feel that the life has materialised and expanded the laws of growth.
But always because the Third Grade laid the foundations.
And then, my brothers, we see that our universe here – now listen carefully and follow all of this – got to represent the First Grade of Life.
All the life now from our universe, that consciousness, created the ‘First Mother planet’, and it was only then that the ‘Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and the Seventh’ grade originated for this development, of which the Seventh has to represent the ‘All-Maternal’.
But, you see it now, there was no question here either of missing out pieces.
The becoming conscious of the Third Grade, our universe, created the very first stage and the Second Grade began from that life, like for the Moon now the secondary planet, but here a conscious and next law of life, with the own existence, then the following grades received the light of life.
You can also accept now that we will no longer see any dark races (see here, because that is not possible.
The consciousness of the human and animal tissue mastered that universe.
So the body is now of a raised, spiritual-material substance, the becoming conscious of our universe has been conquered, because Mother Earth already experienced that possibility.
The first planet now drives the life to the next grade, which is the Second Grade of Life and is only experienced by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
But in all the laws of life the soul as human being is conscious, also the life of Mother Nature.
A bird possesses spatial consciousness here, and that life will speak to the human being as the highest consciousness, which André and we already experience.
But now for him in the sphere of the earth.
If the soul experiences, there comes to me, her First Grade of Life, then she also enters the rights of her independence, which also possess Divine justice for this universe; and means that all this life belongs to her, and she has brought to awakening.
The highest experiencing here is now the conscious being one with God!
And now, my brothers, I see that the soul as human being must now determine her own lifespan by means of her consciousness.
What we now experienced on earth, what the universe wanted to show for our life, we now have to accept as Divine laws of reality, which mean that we determine the length of our life according to our consciousness, but that this is a Divine justice!
On earth the (the soul as a) human being flung herself out of that life harmony, by means of devastation and conscious and unconscious destruction of her life, all those early transitions originated, as the deathbeds are for her.
That is over here, by means of which she can now experience her spatial lifespan as a human being.
Here, on the First Grade of Life, she already experiences hundreds of years for one life, so that she will experience thousands of years on the Seventh Grade before she can end that life.
It is obvious that her lifespan must grow, because she evolves to the eternal.
Soon, when we follow these laws for the soul as human being, you will get to know all these creations.
Old age does not exist here in this universe, only consciousness.
And that is feeling, life and for everything, love!
Because she experiences the laws of life in love, she calmly goes further and higher.
She will finally experience her day as an eternal truth, but then she will have reached the All-Consciousness.
In this universe she no longer needs to plod away, she enjoys her life and possesses everything as a human being.
That is the human soul as a spatial personality, but all the other life lives in her heart and now feels carried by the human being.
That is the human serving and loving.
Rest and sleep for the human being of the earth are now therefore weakness, are unconsciousness.
Every thought become Divinely conscious, every phenomenon; the soul as human being has brought itself so far for this universe, she possesses the spatial conscious thinking and feeling in everything, the planets and suns also materialised and spiritualised that evolution.
That oneness can be experienced in everything.
You will certainly feel, my brothers, that the night is unconsciousness for the earth.
In this way we see every law of life reaching consciousness, because we go to the Divine, eternal truth for giving birth and creating as a human being, we will also serve and take care of our created life there in the conscious Divine All.
This universe also seems immense, but the life experiences an end.
We know why.
The life of the Third Cosmic Grade disappears before your eyes here, because every grade of life got a Cosmic growth.
All this life grows, the lifespan, the thought, every trait, experienced by the human being, is spatially deep and possesses Universal attunement.
What do people on earth know about all these Divine matters?
And in this way we see all the life expanded and more conscious again.
Every spark of life is now ‘love’!
Every law, giving birth and creating, light, soul and spirit, but materialised breath of life for the human being, animal, flower and plant.
And this is the Fourth Cosmic Grade for the first time; what is the life like now in the conscious Divine-Human All?
You will also see that world, my brothers.”
Master Alcar went back to his own consciousness.
Now we could give our feelings space and experience and absorb all of this into us.
We felt that the consciousness was speaking to our life, that this universe wanted to reveal itself to our consciousness, but by means of the voice of a human being who belongs to this universe.
We consider all these laws and we see the Divine truth in this universe.
And now there comes to our life again:
“Were you able to follow all of this?
Your life is also one with these laws.
And you see it, this life is truth, this life is soul of Sun and Moon and soul of His soul.
This is human becoming conscious.
We have completed our cycle of the earth, we lived during the prehistoric times of Mother Earth, yet went further and got Universal oneness.
Truly, we represent His path, His truth and also the Life!
You see it, when the human being wants to follow His life, all the laws of life of God reveal themselves, grow and spiritualise themselves.
Because you got to know the laws of life for the Third Cosmic Grade of Life, you can now follow the next harmony.
You will see them as grades of life.
It is very correct that you understood that you underwent the revelations as father and mother in a material way, by means of your universe, and for which you would live and die there, we also got to accept those same laws here.
The human intuition on earth will become conscious knowledge one day, the Fourth Cosmic Grade gave us that knowledge!
That is eternal becoming conscious here!
By means of which the universe condensed itself!
You can analyse the spiritual attunement of the material according to your own grades of life and your becoming conscious in the Spheres of Light and follow it for the earth, comparing.
That means, that every spark must grow macrocosmically and will then spiritualise the own independence.
If you feel and can accept this, you create human becoming conscious for yourself, for the life, fatherhood and motherhood and love.
It is only then that you can go further.
God gave us His life, but we now know that we have to represent Him by means of the universes and our consciousness.
We have now come that far.
The Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life is already to be found in the Divine pure, spiritual and also material state of purity.
That is consciousness, harmony, the laws of which the waters will explain to you.
We went triumphantly from the seventh sphere to our life and our conscious fatherhood and motherhood convinced us of that, because the Third Grade created and condensed this world, we entered this spatial harmony.
And that was the moment that the human soul was attracted by this world and we saw our embryonic existence again, but we now experienced those hours consciously.
Can you feel what this means?
We continued to follow and to experience our birth consciously, conscious in everything, one with our mother, from the very first second.
Can that be accepted on earth?
But mankind will soon get to know all these laws.
The future image for our own consciousness now already speaks in our heart, by means of which we experience our raised going further, and our being one with the Fifth Cosmic Grade.
It belongs to our spatial awakening.
So the further we come, the more eloquent the God of all life is for our personality.
For fatherhood and motherhood.
For our life, light and our love!
We will see His macrocosmic form; because we represent His creations, we got His oneness.
His realm of colours also tells us about the own revelation and all the other life of Mother Nature is following us.
It means that what you were able to see during the first revelations, mastered the seven spatial grades of life.
Do you recognise my voice, my brothers?
It was me who spoke to your life then.
You can now see that we followed you and that all of this is for the University of Christ!
When you experienced the All-Mother, that was your Divine oneness, which has not changed now either in any way.
This universe is also Maternally conscious.
All the life of this world is Divine-Holiness  and wants to be Eternal inspiration.
That takes you to the living reality and to your personal, but Divine possession, for which purpose you became man and woman, father and mother.
By means of this you belong to His universe and you have to represent Him by means of your love.
After all, you know your twin soul.
You will no longer behold the jungle stage of Mother Earth in this universe, or spring and autumn, this nature has also conquered and was able to master that oneness.
North, South, West and East reached oneness.
The process of dying grew according to the spiritual revelations, so that the phenomenon, seen from the Earth, belongs to the past, because planets and stars and the human organism undergo reincarnation according to this becoming conscious.
You will also get to know those laws.
You can determine from this consciousness that this universe already conquered the jungle stage.
You saw that the paternal consciousness received the seven grades of life for this universe; and you can check according to your own grades of life that this is necessary and natural according to the laws of condensing.
Because we as human beings could enter that height in the astral world, this going higher and further became our possession.
By means of this it is possible to reach the Divine All.
Because the life got spatial becoming conscious, the night, which represents that unconsciousness, was conquered.
Then the first spatial oneness emerged and we were also able to behold this wonder.
So if the Third Cosmic Grade of Life had not got any growth, this becoming conscious, the laws of growth were not experienced by the All-Mother, then higher worlds would never have been born.
Now day and night are oneness, they grew into each other as one life, so that that personality was also able to experience that eloquence.
And that means that we as human beings mastered those laws.
For the Divine All there is no longer any darkness!
You see again that this universe possesses seven grades of life for creating in your human state on earth, and on the other side, by means of which the becoming conscious had to accept the obtained human and spiritual form, by means of which reincarnation elevated the soul as human being, and along with her all the other life, to the universe of growth, and she went further.
As soul and as human being, as father and mother; the human being masters every grade of life as a law.
By means of that she deifies her personality.
Is that clear?
The growth which you have to experience here, connects you with your own love as human being and as twin souls.
That tells you that every planet now received her own sun.
Here in this world the life of the universe has reached that oneness, but those laws condensed themselves by means of the seven grades of life.
But can you feel what we possess here?
Can you feel that the Sun is the only one for the Third Cosmic Grade of Life for all those three grades?
Every people here possesses that happiness and that expanded development, and is fatherhood and motherhood at a macrocosmic attunement, for which we live, and we also mastered.
Every planet is one with the paternal authority of this universe, and that is the happiness of and for the human twin soul, but by means of which we will represent the Divine All.
And yet every planet was connected again and one with the consciousness of the universe, because she is part of this universe.
In this way you can see that we now already receive these seven grades of life as grades of consciousness and by means of this we as human beings feel our spatial oneness, which the child of Mother Earth cannot experience, because it has not yet reached that becoming conscious.
You know that the night is still necessary for the Earth, but we conquered that by means of our obtained consciousness and (we) experienced the oneness with all the seven grades of life by means of this.
We do not know night in anything, we are conscious in everything, life and death have been conquered, there is only still consciousness left for our life of feeling and that is our love.
By means of this we have come into connection with all the laws of life for God, and it means that we can also experience that eternal contact, it is the awakening for the next grade of life.
It is the experiencing of our personality, our life, spirit, light and love.
That we had to accept the pre-animal-like grades of life for the earth, then conquered the Spheres of Light, has now become our Universal possession.
We also therefore sullied the Divine harmonic laws, we also had to accept the Moon, the Third Cosmic Grade, in order to return to the Divine All.
So we are convinced of your feeling and thinking, but now one with your consciousness.
We know that Mother Earth is the only planet for the Third Cosmic Grade of Life which possesses conscious good and evil.
We know her laws and her becoming conscious.
However, the universe to which she belongs will awaken.
Now we represent the Divine eternal, the fatherhood and motherhood of which you will experience, and because the God of all life wants you to experience these material revelations consciously.
What you will see is Divine energy, those are the laws of relativity, by means of which you will conquer your own worlds.
You will experience on the next journeys what our wonderful life is like.
You will behold while growing how we were able to enter the Divine, both spiritualised and materialised by the grades of life and fatherhood and motherhood, and it is only then that you will understand that you are Gods.
Now you will experience that every law is love, and means that we as human beings receive His Divine All.
If you feel the Fourth Cosmic Grade, this universe will awaken under your human heart, by means of which you will experience your connection with your All-Existence.”
We know when we will experience fatherhood or motherhood and attune ourselves to that sanctity, and is now the experiencing of our Universal being one.
Can you feel this wonder?
So that means that we possess consciousness during the returning for the birth and now receive fatherhood and motherhood by means of this Universal oneness.
Our love is like that!
You will now surely understand how awe-inspiring our consciousness is.
Every law now gives us Divine cheerfulness, love, life and happiness, for which purpose we expand our personality and became possible by means of the laws of life.
Is all of this already conceivable on the Earth?
Along with us the animal life, also flower and plant, go further and the waters are lit up like pure light.
All the life of these grades of life has become transparent and now possesses a Universal form.
You will soon sense and understand that we do not possess any wild animal species on the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life, the animal life also received this becoming conscious.
A sun and planet, my brothers, represent macrocosmic love, they also became twin souls.
And the universe places that in the hands of the human being.
It is our Universal oneness for man and woman, father and mother!
And our life of love takes the being to the Fifth Cosmic Grade of Life.
And that world is again more rarefied, more spiritual; what is the All-Conscious life like then?
You will get to know that.
What you will now behold is legislative power, your independence as father and mother.
Now all the life lies open for your consciousness and you are creator, you are living conscious Gods because of your fatherhood and motherhood!
Now you have reached your Deity.
Your Deity, by means of which the universe remains alive!
Can you feel this?
You are now capable of making material comparisons.
Give this wisdom to the child of Mother Earth.
It is only then that you will know that people on Earth still do not know love.
Go further, we are following you.”
Master Alcar immediately cuts in and says:
“We see, my brothers, that we as human beings go further and will also conquer this universe.
We become one from soul to soul, by means of which we can follow all this life.
The human being has conquered the technical wonders here.
These people will levitate themselves and conquer the universe naturally, which we will experience on the next journeys.
But which laws do we now get to know, Master Zelanus?
Did you understand this wonderful thing?
Is it clear to you that we have to accept this unity?”
“Yes, my master, I understand everything, the life here is both materially and spiritually conscious.
The Three Grades of Life of this universe reached the ultimate stage.
Now life does not become more difficult, but simpler, because there are no more disturbances for the human being, he has conquered every law.”
“Indeed, it is true, the harmonic laws now speak for all the life about the pure love, by means of which this life awakened.
God willing, we may go further, it is only then that we will experience our Divine consciousness.
How do you feel, Master Zelanus?”
“I feel infinite, my master.
I was able to experience this being one and I felt the depth of every law.
I experienced how I will soon reveal myself here and what my love will be like which I will receive along with my twin soul.
I now know that I belong to these universes along with her, and we will receive, but I am starting to understand for everything for what purpose God, or the All-Mother manifested herself.
All of that, my master, got a form and are these suns and planets together, which serve me, but for which we as people live.”
“And you, André-Dectar?”
“In my life I experience a macrocosmic revelation.
I felt how wonderful fatherhood and motherhood are here.
I underwent this Universal being one, my master.
I experienced the laws of condensing of this space and how the laws reached giving birth and creating, but then from the seventh sphere.
The light of life, my master, can no longer be compared to that of the Third Grade of Life, our universe.
This is wonderful consciousness.
I now understand that the universe in which we live is still unconscious for the true spiritual attunement.
The light of life of this space is the sphere image of unprecedented beauty.
The incomprehensible has become conscious, and I am now able to behold that.
And this mercy will change my personality.
I understand, my brothers, that we no longer experience any spheres here, they have been conquered for this universe.
The human being has come into harmony with the universe.
The cycle for all the life now becomes harmonic and experienced according to the laws of love of the All-Mother.
And that changed this universe, the human and animal existence.”
“I thank you, my brothers, I was also able to experience these laws and absorbed this wonderful love into me.
Truly, here the soul as human being no longer needs any spheres in order to prepare itself for the going further, material and spiritual existence have become one personality, are one love!
Yes, my brothers, we now find ourselves on the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life.
A world which was created by the Third Grade.
These are material and spiritual revelations for the human being.
This life lost the Third Cosmic Grade of Life and went further.
The human being conquered universes and he entered the Divine All!
By means of Divine oneness a space gave birth to a new universe.
Can you feel this wonderful happening under your heart?
All these stars and planets created a higher becoming conscious, Mother Nature also spiritualised and materialised her laws of life, but by means of which we are able to receive the God of all life.
Now no lie, or deception lives here, all those disharmonic thoughts were discarded.
The human being is now a material and spiritual wonder.
Because the soul as human being experiences thousands of years of life in one year, her consciousness grows.
And that takes her back to God, but meanwhile she gets hold of the universe, and that becomes her independence, her life and her love.
We now know, heavens are not for sale, my brothers, you will have to conquer them.
What does the human being know about all this Divine sanctity?
What is the child of Mother Earth like now?
What does the child of Mother Earth still have to learn?
That will be clear to you now.
What is the life of feeling like here, now that we know that the human being is one for all the grades of life?
Darknesses and luminous spheres were conquered by man and woman.
This is Cosmic oneness for all the life of God.
This is living reality, my brothers.
There is nothing more which can disturb the life of God, nothing!
And all of that is for the child of Mother Earth.
The higher we come now, my brothers, the more rarefied the universe becomes;
And the soul as human being more conscious, more spiritual and more Divine.
The laws no longer change now, these are Divine truths.
Now one grade of life is unlimited.
And you can accept that now, you see it.
That is God, as a Being and a Personality.
That is His Life and His Soul.
And He placed that in our hands.
It is only in the Divine All that we stand before our Divine Love and being one!
Now, my brothers, we do not need to ask each other any more questions, we must now receive and accept.
But I ask you to attune your inner life to all these Divine powers and forces, if you want to be able to go further soon.
My brothers, we are going to the sphere in which Christ lives.
We are going to the All-Presence.
To the All-Source, the All-Life and the All-Love!
God will send His messengers in order to go further, because Christ wants it.
We will go further in His name.
And my life is prepared to surrender to that wonderful love.
There is no longer any fear in me, I am one with God and with all His love, to which I belong.
I also see these feelings in your life.
But from this firmament I can see His resurrection, it is the going further for all the life.
Now you can see, my brothers, that these material and spiritualised grades of life serve you.
You will soon represent the Universal ‘SELF’ of this world.
You will take that ‘SELF’ to the giving birth and creating.
The laws are infallible, they bring you back to the Divine All of your life!
And we are able to pass on that certainty to the child of Mother Earth.
Look at this wonderful light, which will shine from the Divine universe on all the life.
Sense what this means and you will experience this sacred love.
This is Divine oneness!
Compare your life of feeling with regard to these conscious and spiritualised spaces, for your fatherhood and motherhood, your light, soul and spirit, for the Divine realm of colours and you will know your Deity.
Now descend into this space and you will see your Divine personality.
Of course, this world is also growing and because of that we can go further.
Feel these Cosmic Grades of Life and they will tell you how the life underwent the obtained resurrection.
And that is peace, calm and love!
Faith and hope had to make way for the spatial becoming conscious!
And that tells us everything now and is also All-Expressive for the child of Mother Earth!
“Now go in, my brothers”, there comes to my life, “you are ready to go further.”
These are Divine truths and revelations!
The Fifth Cosmic Grade of Life is now speaking to your life of feeling.
And, my brothers, I surrender to that universe.
Come ... we will go further and towards the Divine All.
We have now received that certainty.”