The Fifth Cosmic Grade of Life

Master Alcar goes further and says: “Now that we are going further and higher, my brothers, the light of life of this universe will change, because the life centre is growing.
And that wonder will connect us again with the next stage, the next becoming conscious.
We will go back to God!
And the seven grades of life gave us that possibility.
But see how wonderful, awe-inspiringly beautiful this universe is.
Now see the Divine realm of colours for every law, and you will get to know yourself.
It is only now that you can determine that the Divine life radiance has materialised and spiritualised itself, and that we have almost reached the Divine love.
All the life, we can declare, will return to the Divine All.
All the life of God will have to bow to these laws, have to bow to His justice, His harmony and His love!
The All-Concept created this oneness and will finish it for the conscious Divine stage.
And we are on our way for that, my brothers, that was placed in our hands, it is for the child of Mother Earth.
I weep tears of happiness, because we may go further.
I weep from gratitude, because it gives me the power to go higher, in order to return to God.
But I will still remain myself, if I want to be able to experience everything.
See now, in a short time we went from the Fourth Grade and now enter the Fifth.
By our wanting to serve that can now be experienced, or it would not be possible.
And we are expected in this immenseness.
Can you feel this wonder, my brothers?
The Divine All knows that we are coming.
The Divine All knows that we are serving!
The All-Consciousness knows that we want to love purely.
The Divine All knows that we will convince the child of Mother Earth and that we are serving Christ!
Going further under our own power is therefore not possible!
Then we would sink back to the Third Cosmic Grade of Life, but we go higher and further, back to God!
There are souls living in this immense universe who are expecting us.
Did that wonder come to your life?
It is Christ!
He wants us to come to His universe!
He knows the spiritual poverty of the child of Mother Earth.
He came to the earth for that purpose.
He devoted His life for that purpose!
Yes, it is Christ!
“We are coming!
Do You want to accept us?
Do You want to elevate us into Your consciousness?
Do you want to give us that joy of life?
If you want to give us that becoming conscious, we will serve!
We want to serve You!
We devote our life to Your love!
Do You now want to open the gates of Your Divine Kingdom to our life and the child of Mother Earth?
We are souls of Your Soul, spirit of Your Spirit!
Give us this mercy, so that the life of Mother Earth will awaken.
Give us the strength in order to be able to go further.
Want to expect us, Christ.
Elevate our life to Your consciousness, Christ.
We love, Christ.
Do You want to bless us by means of Your Divine trinity?
Give us as Divine conscious beings this mercy.
We want to ‘rise’!
We want to give our life for Your love, for your Omniscience!
Give us Your All-Clairvoyance!
Give us Your reincarnation!
Give us Your fatherhood and motherhood!
Does the God of all life want us to come?”
“We will go further, my brothers, you will also receive and experience this answer.
The Fifth Cosmic Grade of Life is expecting us.
The firmament is already changing and that is your going further.
We have already left that universe now.
But that happiness and that love lives in you.
By means of this a raised happiness manifests itself, the love of the Fifth Grade, and you will be addressed by those laws.
It tells you that we created being one with all the worlds by means of the All-Consciousness.
Now meditate, make your life one and we will go higher, resolutely to the Divine All!
We will see and experience, my brothers, that that becoming conscious speaks to your life.
What is this Divine image like now?
Divine people live in here.
Attune yourself to this becoming conscious and the moment of Divine truth and being one will come under your heart.
What we now see are the first phenomena of the Fifth Cosmic Grade of Life.
This light as power of love shines upon your being and personality.
It belongs to your Divine origin.
Nothing will stop you again, the Divine All will receive us with blessings .
And that is God!
It is Christ!
The silence of this universe now enters me and my life surrenders completely.
The love of this universe will speak to your and my consciousness.
I will now return to God as a spiritual personality.
I will be able to see the God of all life as an astral personality.
But it is Christ!
I no longer doubt my All-Existence, I can see it!
My life and consciousness surrender completely.
Christ is blessing us!
And the All-Seeing feeling of life enters my heart.
There comes to me: “Go further!
Pursue your path!
Just go on, we are expecting your life.
We have accepted your lives.
You also belong to the conscious Divine All!
Absorb this life into you, mankind of Mother Earth must awaken.
God blessed all His life of love!”
“We are coming”, Master Alcar sends to the conscious Divine All.
And then we hear and experience the Divine voice.
This Divine consciousness is expecting us, we know.
The All-Consciousness is expecting us and we will enter Temple after Temple, universe after universe and experience the laws.
Light and love enter us, the pure oneness of the Fifth Cosmic Grade.
We are being initiated!
André too!
He is also experiencing this Divine truth.
The power which speaks to your life is Divine wisdom.
And Divine oneness takes us to that life of love.
Now we can still feel alone, speaking is no longer possible.
We are one from feeling to feeling!
And that wonder also gives us the going further and higher.
Now we will feel what we could never have experienced before.
God was life fluid and materialised and spiritualised himself.
The material has now been Divinely spiritualised.
That life aura flows towards us.
And we absorb those powers as love into our life.
And that is happiness, peace and calm, knowledge, wisdom; it is everything!
Having once entered there, we can also go further.
“Yes, oh my God, we want to experience You.”
We send that feeling higher and higher.
We are one with this wonderful realm of colours.
Now we understand what our life was like.
Now we can determine material and spiritual faults for the child of the earth.
We follow a Divine path.
And then we stand before the Fifth Cosmic Grade of Life and see that universe.
We also experience the same laws in here, only the light of life has become more rarefied and all the life more conscious.
We live, and know: this is Divine truth.
The mother planets and fatherhood are one.
This light is infinitely beautiful, we are no longer capable of making comparisons.
And people, animals and flowers live in here.
Another one of the millions of worlds, created by God, which possesses viability.
But the justice of which shines towards us.
This is one of the millions of laws which the human being has to bow to.
And a law like that is immensely deep, and when we feel this, this reincarnation also lives in our heart.
And then our life grows and we experience every phenomenon, by means of which we experience the consciousness.
We are touched by the Fifth Cosmic Grade of Life, that consciousness has absorbed us.
André also gets to deal with and to accept this.
Are we truly one with God?
And then there comes to us:
“It is you!”
And we ask back: “Is it us?”
“As a child of Mother Earth you are connected to all the life of God”, and is for André-Dectar his being one with God!
It is God’s will!
We are one!
Our life is ready!
Yes, we want to be ready in order to see and to experience the Divine All.
Now our life can be opened.
We live in God.
We will awaken in His consciousness.
We no longer wonder whether we have really come that far; we know it!
André sends into the universe:
“May I go further?
Do You want to open my life?
I am coming to You!
I am a child of the earth, but I want to serve.”
We experience Divine blisses as conscious worlds.
The universe received the task in order to serve the life of God.
The seven grades of life also represent God as Father and as Mother in here.
Our life has become infinite.
The light of this world possesses the attunement from the spiritual fifth sphere of our life.
And we understand this wonder, it is one world, only the consciousness is more Divine.
This rarity has already got Divine certainty.
And we can feel our Divine evolution!
We can now accept.
Because we are approaching the Divine Fatherhood and Motherhood!
The All-Universe is expecting us, we experience and feel that consciously.
And that expands our thinking.
By means of this we can go further.
This is God as the Fifth Cosmic Grade of Life and we undergo this being one!
A day of the earth has become eternal oneness.
A life of the earth now means eternal love, is light, peace and calm.
It is eternal fatherhood and motherhood.
And then this universe says to our life:
“We are that far!
And you, and the child of the earth, will achieve this.
You now experience Divine laws and you find yourself in a Kingdom.
The life reveals itself to your consciousness.
You can feel omniscient in here.
And you will never lose that again.
Can you feel this silence?
That is the fatherhood and motherhood of this universe.
Truly, this light is like from the fifth sphere of your spiritual world, but it is material in here; and means that the material deifies itself.
And this world also possesses fatherhood and motherhood, reincarnation.
Experience our Kingdom, and you will feel your Deity.
Experience this universe, and you will experience your Divine Temple!
This is one House of your Father.
Bring the consciousness of this to earth.
We are living!
We represent all these laws of life.
We now live eternally in God and will soon possess His consciousness.
Can you also feel this?
And we as people possess His Life blood, His Spirit, His everything!
And we are now that for all the worlds created by God, but we were able to conquer this.
We, believe it, are the light for your eyes, are the power for your systems, are the life for the material, for every spark of God, because we mastered those worlds.
We were inspired by that!
This wisdom comes to you from the Divine consciousness.
We have now received what we still could not reach by means of the Third Cosmic Grade of Life.
Mother Earth lives by means of that.
Can you feel and experience all these grades of life in you?
The waters were filled by our life of feeling.
All the life which originated by means of our splitting, follows us and has already reached this becoming conscious.
You can see that from the phenomena and accept that.
What was created by the God of all life therefore now lives in our hands, because we will represent Him in everything.
You now find yourself in that reality.
We are one with all the life from feeling to feeling.
But that core was born by means of our possession!
You will soon have to agree that you are light of our Light, life of our Life, by means of which you will experience your love.
Now we can say:
You are life of my Life, light of my Light, but father from my Motherhood!
Now you stand before this Divine oneness.
We are now driving and inspiring, giving and growing in love, by means of which we can say: the Third Cosmic Grade of Life and all that life was born through us.
We are Gods!
Has it now already come to and into your that you are Gods?
The Sixth Cosmic Grade of Life will convince you of that.
This is the Divine image for you and the child of Mother Earth.
The human feeling and thinking of the earth has made way for Divine consciousness.
And every mother planet gives us that growth, also the Omniscience, by means of which the human sleep dissolved.
So we became conscious through God, but He gave us His life; so that we would conquer, the universes created themselves.
That is now our obtained possession.
It will show you that we will reach the Divine conscious All as a child of the earth.
Sense our substance and you will see Him!
More rarefied than you can now see.
And that rarity can be sensed by you, because you have reached your spiritual attunement.
You will no longer be able to grasp our consciousness, it is unfathomable for your consciousness.
But you will get to know the laws of that.
On your next journey we will elevate you to our consciousness and life of feeling.
Then the highest consciousness, Christ, will receive you!
Know this, this is for the University of Christ!
By means of the harmonic laws of God, we were able to conquer His grades of life.
Now we are one with all the created, and it is for Mother Earth.
We gave to mother nature the means by which she originated, the laws of which you will get to know on the Moon.
Then you will stand before a human God, whom Christ has proved to be.
But now you will see Him differently.
So man and woman have become Divine oneness.
Man and woman are light, love and life here.
Man and woman represent the Divine All.
Man and woman are in all the worlds created by God, space, they mastered that omniscience.
Man and woman are feeling, are soul and spirit, they reached that becoming conscious by means of the seven grades of life.
You will get to know those laws by means of your next journeys.
Know now that the Fifth Cosmic Grade of Life will connect you to the Sixth, and it is only then that you will stand before the conscious Divine Universe Stage and you will feel your Deity!
The Fifth Grade now dissolves into the Sixth, you can experience and see that transition from the more rarefied light.
We, as people, therefore went further, but we conquered all the worlds of the Moon.
We no longer need to explain the laws to each other, she experiences every spark consciously and has now become inspiration for the lower worlds.
So that means that all the worlds stay alive and conscious because of us, or they would dissolve before your eyes.
That has become the conscious Divine serving!
Can you feel this?
That tells the child of Mother Earth that we as human beings must truly represent God in everything.
And it is only then that you will have reverence for this awakening life of feeling.
You are now conscious working, you live for fatherhood and motherhood, by means of which the laws of growth come to you.
Know now, child of Mother Earth, you will enter the eternal!
Can you already feel how our life has become?
Every material and spiritual particle of God got consciousness by means of our life, because we could give these laws reincarnation by means of our fatherhood and motherhood.
However, His fluid gave us this being one.
We were travelling for billions of years in order to enter the Divine All.
But we reached our conscious Divine All and it is also the happiness for the life of the earth.
We are still connected to your life and consciousness, by means of which the human being is capable of receiving Divine wisdom.
Is that clear now?
We are taking you to that becoming conscious and Christ wants it!
We are kneeling at His feet!
But do you know these laws on earth?
The astral spiritual world will give them to your consciousness.
And it is only then that you will go further and higher.
It must now be clear to you that, because we people could inspire the planetary system, our own life was able to grow.
And you were able to determine those laws for the Third Cosmic Grade of Life.
It is the all-embracing life of feeling, which was able to spiritualise and materialise the life and the grades triumphantly, by means of which we conquered all these universes.
And now that millions stage lies in our hands.
We went further only because we got love for the life.
Who on earth would not want to possess this?
Explain the Divine laws to mankind and open the University of Christ!
I am only passing on fundamental laws for the earth to you, because you still cannot grasp our consciousness either, but by means of this you get hold of and get to experience Divine justice.
That is the future of the child of Mother Earth.
How could I explain the depth of the Mother Planet to you?
But that is possible, because your being one made this possible.
Experience her and you will know her consciousness and love.
You now see again what the All-Mother gave consciousness for itself by means of all these worlds and laws of life, but it has become your and our possession.
Determine for the earth that she gave these seven laws of life condensing and that you can now behold them too.
After all, you asked these questions.
Ask them again and you will enter your own Deity.
It is only now that the child of Mother Earth knows for what purpose it lives and where it finds the God of all life!
Say there, that the human heart has to represent God in everything, because the human being is a spark of His life!
And behind all of this, believe it now, the All-Mother still lives!
The child of the earth can now bow its head to this omniscience, and will awaken the Divine life of feeling!
And that Divine wonder occurs to your life, your soul and your eternal personality.
Is that not everything?
So by means of the mother planets we as human beings were able to bridge the impassable.
It has now become our living possession for eternity.
The child of the earth must master these laws and it goes further consciously and expands the human consciousness.
Now life is a blessing.
Now understand the Divine Love of Christ!
Do you now understand what your Divine image is like?
Only the Universal laws of life can convince you of that.
That will always and eternally be your Christ!
That is the luminous example of Christ, but it connects you with all the worlds created by God.
Can you now feel who God is?
We are conscious Gods, but you see God as the life and as the All-Mother beyond these spiritualised and materialised worlds.
But by means of the laws of life we were able to get to know Him, then we could master His personality.
Is that still not enough consciousness?
When you enter the Divine All that will be clear to you.
Can you sense that we are taking you to Him?
Did you understand that we followed you?
Soon you will be one with your Deity!
And it is only now that you will be unreachable for every disharmony on earth.
The flowers and planets and the waters will give you that becoming conscious.
Our pure meditation, it is our wanting to serve, gives Divine All-Presence to the life for man and woman, as one soul, one body.
Can you also feel this?
That connects you with God!
And by means of this we conquered all His worlds, the gravities of which also belong to us.
By means of that we levitate every grade of life and you will feel by what means all the planets had to trace an own orbit, because we have become Divine mother and father.
By means of that we conquered every life space!
The being one with your life has now been broken.
But go further!”
And then there also comes to our life:
“I spoke to your consciousness in the name of billions of Divine people.
Finish your task!
The God in your life will bless you.”
We will go further, dear reader.
We no longer know how we must think, we surrender completely to the life of feeling which passes over to us.
And then we hear it said in our hearts:
“Drink from our blood and you can go further.
Quench your consciousness with ours!
Do you yearn for Divine truth?
Then go further!
You will no longer experience any standstill now.
Go upwards to your Deity!
You will get to know all of this for fatherhood and motherhood of Mother Earth.
Awaken for Christ!”
We feel free from the Fifth Cosmic Grade.
The All-Clairvoyance has already entered our life and the Omniscience spoke to our consciousness.
We will undergo the All-Life of Feeling.
And yet we are capable of thinking humanly-earthly, André could now also still make comparisons if he wanted that.
We know how the child of Mother Earth is suffering!
And we do everything for that, surrender completely, because it belongs to our own becoming conscious.
“I am a human being, but also a Deity”, we send to the conscious Divine all and will be heard.
“Yes, we are grateful”, goes from our life to God a moment later.
And then Master Alcar can say:
“My life is grateful, my brothers, that we may receive and experience this for the earthly mankind.
We will go further.
The Gods from the conscious Divine All want us to open ourselves.
But my own consciousness understood and absorbed this word.
I will now be inspired eternally.
It is awe-inspiring!
And yet within our reach.
Yes, we are Gods!
The fifth sphere in which I live is a heaven, a wonderful space, but I am spirit and this is material and immensely deep in consciousness and happiness.
Can you feel what this means?
I was able to sense these laws, you were also able to convince yourself.
Do we understand this attunement?
Yes, we can understand that, because the grades of life opened us so far and so deeply.
What awaits the child of Mother Earth?
What can people on earth already reach?
A Kingdom!
But only then, when the human being wants to accept the laws in love.
This is already Divine thinking and feeling.
It is wonderful to be able to feel this possession as fatherhood and motherhood.
Beautiful is no longer a word to materialise all of this, Master Zelanus, but you will experience the words in order to express all of this.
The Divine ‘SELF’ will give you that mercy.
How meaningless the Earth is now and everything from the Third Cosmic Grade of Life now that we come to stand before the Divine All.
The Earth is just one meaningless little spark, a sphere as embryonic life.
No more than that and yet already so wonderful.
See all this life, my brothers, these bodies are speaking.
That is reincarnation!
The following grades of life will also grow and send us to the Divine All.
Now attune yourself to that universe.
You will be capable of carrying, experiencing and sensing the life of those universes.
Now you will see Divine transparency.
Nevertheless, remain yourself!
Every little material represents Divine independence.
Every little material is a Divine Kingdom.
And now billions of these worlds together are the consciousness of the human being!
At a Divine attunement!
I now say: God places all of this in the hands of His life and we are that as human beings.
He now lives through us!
Love the human being and all His life and you will have Him!
When the human being lives according to His laws, the human being lives in and through Him!
Because God is Love!
We as human beings will be love!
Because He is just, we must master His justice.
It is only then that we as human beings will become immense.
Nothing can stop us now.
Yes, we are coming!
We are coming now!
We are going further consciously!
We will enter and absorb Your consciousness into us in the Divine All.
Christ wants it!
We are coming for Christ!
Yes, we only want to serve Him!
Give us that mercy too!”