The Sixth and Seventh Cosmic Grade of Life

Now  open your life to the Sixth Cosmic Grade of Life but ask for strength and inspiration”, Master Alcar continued, “or we will not be able to move another foot.
What do you feel now, my brothers?
New life has entered me.
So we may go higher and further.
You will certainly already see, the light of this space is changing, the Fifth Cosmic Grade is forcing us to accept this going further and higher, and means that our wanting to serve has been accepted.
As a result of fatherhood and motherhood we come that far.
What you will also see now, those are the living sparks for the Sixth Grade and you can orientate yourself again.
And that world is also more rarefied of spirit again, and yet materially true.
But the laws are the same, the life which reaches the Divine harmony lives in there.
So we also see and experience every law of life for that world, the Divine All also possesses the same grades of life.
By means of your own and obtained life of light you will accept the wonders.
The child of Mother Earth cannot avoid it either.
The Divine consciousness of the human being wants us to enter the Divine All, because we must get to know that grade of life for Mother Earth and her children.
And yet we feel that we are children of Him, even if we almost reached that consciousness.
If that is clear to you, my brothers, then we will enter world after world.
Or we would lack the feeling for this oneness.
But we experience it. The Divine conscious being calls to us: go further!
We also see now, my brothers, that the Fifth Grade dissolves into the Sixth, as we were able to see that for each world.
The solar system is the same, even if the laws of life, the consciousness and the love are growing, by means of which the life can represent the God of all these universes.
You can now only experience and accept, open your life to your Divine attunement.
But now you see that every spark of God got His space.
These human laws tell you that that spark is now light, life, soul and spirit, materialised fatherhood and motherhood growing.
This is now becoming conscious for the Divine All.
The Sixth Cosmic Grade takes us to the Divine adulthood, to the Divine sensitivity, if the human being wishes to represent Him in everything.
We come closer to that love, His kingdom, His heaven.
Man and woman of the earth have mastered this.
That is the going in and the entering of His life.
What I am now starting to feel, my brothers, that takes me back to the very first grade of life for the human existence on earth.
And in addition to this I see myself back on the Moon, there where we began with our life.
Regard this Divine image, now, at present, now that we were able to enter this space, and you will see your Divine image.
That is now God!
This is His image.
What do ‘clay’ and ‘some breath of life’ still mean now?
Did you feel your own life growth now?
What does an academic of the earth know?
What are you if you are a psychologist, minister?
You are something there and nothing here!
The university will have to master these laws.
Yes, my brothers, this is God’s image!
All these universes together.
I am starting to feel that I am the inspiration for all the life of the earth and the universes which we were now able to get to know.
I am blood for all those bodies, and also the soul and the spirit!
I am the intellect, you will soon have to accept when we see the Divine stage before us, because that is the truth.
Yes, we are the inspiring life for Mother Nature, the light in the eyes of the animal and the human being!
And that is Divine consciousness!
What is consciousness on earth?
What does this Divine wisdom wish to teach and to give the child of the earth?
Divine love, the peace and the calm for every spark of the All-Mother!
Yes, my brothers, the All-Mother wanted that!
The human being in the Divine All and of the Sixth Cosmic Grade did not forget to give the light of life to one human being, or that life could not go further!
That is the own disharmonic or harmonic for all the existence, but by means of the harmonic, the laws condensed themselves and the soul as human being could go higher.
That will be the Divine Kingdom, my brothers.
God wanted that, but was created for us.
He gave His life becoming conscious, inspiration in order to go further and to return to His Divine All.
We will also give every spark of His existence the obtained inspiration, which is only possible by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
Our life aura will serve!
That is the will of the All-Mother!
We are Divinely inspired in everything and that attunement sends us back to His personality.”
“By means of that, my brothers”, André continues, “God filled His universes.”
“By means of this”, I can pass onto my master and to the child of the earth, “God was able to grow through fatherhood and motherhood.
God wanted us to represent His universes and we created new life, we remained father and mother in everything, for every universe and spark of life.”
And then we hear coming into our life: “All these worlds are worlds of His Spirit, His Soul, Light, as life and material, as father and mother, as laws of condensing and growth, worlds of justice, devotion to duty, of being one and experiencing sacredly.
Truly, the worlds created by God are still one.
The Third experienced the Fourth Cosmic Grade and that reincarnation created the Fifth, but by means of that love and harmony you entered the Sixth, then the Seventh Cosmic Grade gets a form and is the conscious Divine All!
But you see it, the laws of life have not changed in any way, we continued to keep that oneness.
Now life is immense, as feeling and as light of life, for all the traits of God.
That is Supreme Power!
That takes you to His Supreme being and that is the human being!
And that oneness as man and woman, fatherhood and motherhood, cannot be destroyed.
So God placed stone upon stone and built a universe for all His sparks.
Now the Universe consciousness is waiting for you!
Then also go further!
Come back to the Divine All and give that happiness to the child of Mother Earth.”
Master Alcar gives André: “You, my brother André, Dectar, you were able to see the Spheres of Light and can now make comparisons for the earth for the first time.
Are my powers of feeling coming to your life?”
And then André can send back to his master: ‘Yes, my master, I thank you for everything, I will pass on this consciousness to Mother Earth.
I am following you.
I am truly capable of making comparisons with regard to Mother Earth and all her laws of life.
Where I look, I recognise the laws from the Third Cosmic Grade, and can therefore follow and experience them on earth.
I see now, the Divine consciousness is shining upon my life.
I will go hand in hand further with you, my master, I will surrender completely to the laws.”
Yes, dear reader, this world is and all the laws of life are sacredly divine.
Deep and true for your human consciousness, your life of love, your happiness, peace and calm.
Christ meant it like this.
We bow our heads.
We bow to everything which the All-Mother gave us.
Now we know the pathetic stories of the earth, by means of which the human being received a faith.
Soon we will enter the Divine consciousness.
The human being in the Divine All is expecting us, in order to give the child of the earth this conscious.
The Divine conscious beings are elevating us.
And then we hear again under and in our hearts:
“The soul of the earth is coming!
The soul as love of Mother Earth is coming!
The soul of Mother Earth is coming in order to experience the Divine Kingdom.
The soul as human being of the earth will receive oneness with the conscious Divine fatherhood and motherhood!
The soul of God as consciousness will speak for the child of the earth.
Because that is possible now!
Life is love.
Soul and spirit are one body!
Master that and you can go higher and further.
That is your living God!
Trust your Divine attunement!
Live for Him and you will enter!
Have the feeling that the All-Laws will expand your life, that the Divine laws will prepare your being one with your fatherhood and motherhood!
Go to Christ!
And you will be certain of your Divine awakening!
Experience His becoming conscious and you will receive spatial motherhood and fatherhood!
So go further!
Come to us and see that you will experience and enter your Deity.
You children of the Third Cosmic Grade of Life, the Divine conscious All is expecting you.
The Divine conscious All wants to receive you.
Experience the Sixth Cosmic Grade of Life, that universe will take you to the Life of Love in the All-Existence.
Experience every phenomenon and you can go further.
Now also become father and mother, souls of one world and universe.
That is also possible.
Are you experiencing His revelations?
Are you conscious?
We elevated you into our consciousness.
All of this belongs to you.
We awakened by means of this.
But the God of all this life lives behind all of this.
You will also get to know those laws later.
Now experience His Divine laws of condensing.
Recognise them for your own existence.
We are speaking to your personality.
The revelations will proclaim it to your life, and you can experience His love.
His life is love.
Did that feeling also come to and into you?
That is our consciousness.
We were able to master that.
Through His laws back to Him!
So that we and you and all the life remain conscious.
Through His working and His breath of life, to the Divine trinity, which is father, mother and child.
Did that feeling also come to your life?
Then go further!
Another few moments and you will enter the Divine All-Consciousness.
That is your and our paradise.
The light which you see is silvery, shone upon by a golden glow, you know it from the sixth sphere, from your spiritual attunement, but this is still materialised substance.
You must never forget that.
This light was inspired by our Divine feeling of love and carries your life.
That is possible by means of the love of Christ, because we represent His life, love, light, fatherhood and motherhood.
He is the Mentor for every spark.
By means of His life our world was and all the universes were blessed.
The stars and planets represent His laws, His Divine power, which people on earth did not feel any respect for and still do not know His laws, but that is now becoming different.
Everything is incredibly beautiful and you can now accept that.
Accept now, His consciousness is taking you back to the Divine All!
By means of that the God of all the life will awaken in you!
We represent this life and yet are in contact with the Earth, we now live for all the worlds.
For every spark of life!
You can accept that now, because you were able to get to know these laws.
By means of this the child of Mother Earth will get love for all the life of Christ!
It will now be able to know that it will never be alone again.
The child of Mother Earth must know that the Divine attunement is present in the human being!
You saw that growth, after all.
You will soon be elevated into the Central Divine.
That is the heart for this Universe stage, and you will feel His blood circulation.
It is only then that you will reach Divine being one!
Do you wish to experience this depth?
See, children of the All-Father and All-Mother ... you are entering your own deity.
What do people on earth know about this?
For what purpose does the spark of God live?
Can you now feel better and more sharply for what purpose God created all these universes?
You can accept it, the conscious Divine All feels happy that the child of the earth has reached this becoming conscious.
You, André-Dectar, will experience that Divine love.
Christ will soon receive you, the next life journey will bring you that far!
That will be your spatial Initiation.
You must open yourself for that and the life of God will tell you it.
No, just accept it, no human being of the earth was able to experience this mercy, it is only now that the consciousness of the earth is coming that far and it is the consecration for mankind!
Now attune to the laws of the All-Existence and it is they which will carry you to the world of Christ.
Go to your master and then back to your worlds and do not forget Golgotha.
You can go further!”
We now know that we can only represent the Divine life by means of love, that we can go further through Golgotha, and we hear it said again in our hearts:
“Christ acted as the All-Mother wanted it.”
Strike down what has struck you down, and you will lose your Deity.
“Christ experienced His Divine All on earth!
Do you understand this?
Now you live in this Divine Trinity, by means of which we people and all the life was created, or we could not have moved a foot.
We experienced Golgotha, or we would not have reached the Divine All!
Did we come to your life?
Is the Divine feeling and thinking eloquently conscious?
By means of fatherhood and motherhood we conquered the worlds.
His universes!
You will soon live in HIM.
Now you can sense how HE felt when he stood before Pilate.
You will master those feelings.
You will feel and experience how the child of Mother Earth mocked Him.
But especially how Christ had to attune himself, if He wanted to finish His Divine task and represent the All-Mother.
But He gave His Divine love there!
He came there for the unconscious of spirit, for the life, for the spark of God!
How did He feel when people brought Him before Caiphas?
We were with Him on earth.
He accepted His crucifixion there.
And are you capable of that?
He devoted his life to all the created, to the peace and the calm on Earth.
How did the child of Mother Earth act?
By means of Golgotha you will enter the Divine All, or it will not be possible!
Christ, who returned from this world to the Earth, let himself be captured by an animal-like grade of life, a human being, and He surrendered, because He represented the All-Mother by means of His love.
And could we have acted any differently in order to enter the Divine All?
He as a Divine Conscious Being loves all the life!
He returned to the conscious Divine All uncontaminated.
Is it not as if you still live on Earth?
We know the laws of Mother Earth, because we had to master those universes.
And yet you reached oneness with the Divine All.
This is why you will get to know His life.
We also went from grade to grade.
We are also feeling of His feeling,
Life of His life, and light of His light, love of His love!
Law after law was able to reveal itself to our life.
We did not determine one disharmonic disturbance.
Know now, the ‘Age of Christ’ has begun.
The University of Christ is opening her gates.
The teachings of the All-Source are now coming to earth.
And you, and we, will serve for that purpose.
Experience this rarefied material, my brothers, and explain the laws for the child of Mother Earth.
Experience every grade of life for the soul and spirit.
The laws will convince you of the All-Mother.
And it is only then that the child of Mother Earth will enter the University ofChrist!
Now the child of Mother Earth experiences how unfathomable every grade of life is, but which will strengthen the obtained personality, then our Universal oneness will be obtained.
Every grade of life is Love;
Is space, is happiness, is art and wisdom.
We reached the Divine infinite, and you will come to us.
Experience this solar system at a Divine attunement and enter the All-Motherhood!
The All-Mother wants us to return to the first revelations at a spiritual attunement.
You now see that all this life was present there.
You now look back to your origin, we are also following these laws of revelation.
That is now possible by means of the pure attunement of our life.
All those revelations condensed themselves Divinely.
Now we have become wind, power, working, inspiration, but by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
All the grades of life are inspired by our consciousness.
Can you feel now how we represent God and the All-Source?
We have now become light!
We are the power of all the solar systems.
For all the universes which you were able to experience.
We now serve, because the life got the existence through us.
The grades of life and laws of life of all these universes will convince you of that.
We have become eternal light, our personality is Divinely conscious, but we once lived on Earth.
Can you feel what this means?
And we reached that by means of His love, by representing His worlds in harmonic being one.
Take yourself back to the first revelations and you will see these laws.
We and every spark originated by means of this.
How many worlds did you experience during the moment that the All-Mother manifested herself?
That has become our possession and lies in the hands of the child of Mother Earth.
It is Christ’s will!
We had to travel that long way in order to enter the Divine All.
But you see that it is possible.
All these worlds and love, that lives as feeling in the human being, the animal, and the life of Mother Nature.
You must now accept that we have followed you on your journeys.
Every conscious spark created by God will inspire your life.
Give the truth your pure inspiration, your fatherhood and motherhood.
Christ wants to give Mother Earth that evolution.
So it is the truth what you were able to behold in all these worlds, that belongs to the Divine reality.
The whole of this universe is following you.
God is Soul
God is Spirit
God is Material
God is Life, but wants to be Love!
As a Divine part of His life you will take yourself to this revelation.
Experience His spirit, and you will receive His form.
Experience His material, and you will be one with all the laws of life for fatherhood and motherhood.
Experience His love, and you will be mother!
By means of motherhood you will conquer all these worlds!
Experience His evolution!
Experience the Divine-spiritual and Divine-material revelations and you will be one with His Kingdom!
Experience His Being by means of the laws of life, and every world will live under your heart.
These laws were given to your life, because you are soul of His Soul!
Go further!
Our consciousness is pulling you upwards.
You will see the light for all the worlds.
Come to Christ!
You will enter the Divine All for your personality in His name, but you will experience that for the child of Mother Earth.
Know it, you are His children.
But be assured of His love.”
We received that.
And now higher and further.
The All-Mother as God laid all of that in the hands of His life.
God is human and pre-animal conscious, but every spark possesses the All-Maternal life attunement.
André can now make material comparisons for the Earth and he will have to represent this Divine wisdom there.
How will he be able to carry the Divine All now?
The universes as light and love will help him to carry, all the life of God is ready for it!
Now we can prepare ourselves in order to enter the Divine All.
“Yes”, we send back and to the conscious Divine All:
“We want to love.
We want to serve!
We want to follow Golgotha!
May we serve You?
Elevate us to the conscious Divine All, and we will serve the life of Mother Earth.
We want Your children to awaken.
We now know that we will stay in here for millions of ages, we know that there will be no end to this life.
Yes, we want being one with Christ!
It is not for ourselves that we want to serve, but for Your life!
Give us the Divine consciousness.
Place it in our human heart!
In our eternal ‘self’!
Yes, we are coming!”
“Human being of the earth”, we send to the Third Cosmic Grade of Life, “do you wish to accept and experience this?
Then bow to the laws of life and love, for every spark of God and you will entered harmony with all the happiness created by Him.
We can now accept that God is love!
We now accept that He created these universes for us as human beings and for the life of Mother Nature.
Human being of the earth, you are Divine!
Human being of the earth, you are soul of His soul and spirit of His Spirit.
Human being of the earth, you are material of His material, but you will return to the All-Mother!”
We are now standing before the Divine dimensional existence.
But furthermore as light, fatherhood and motherhood.
We are standing before the All-Consciousness and must master the powers in order to be able to go further.
Christ wants it!
An awe-inspiring silence enters us, it is Divine peace!
And yet we feel ourselves working conscious, serving by means of love, giving by means of light, which will now shine upon us.
We feel this Divine fatherhood and motherhood entering us.
Will the life of Mother Nature now want to understand this, we wonder.
And yet that moment will come, because the ‘Age of Christ’ has begun.
We now go hand in hand further.
We feel our children of the universe, light of this light, love of this love, and peace of this silence, we feel that we are reaching Divine oneness.
And it is only now that we know that the Divine Realm of Colours will elevate us.
I must describe all of this, but how do I wish to find those words, I now wonder, in order to give the child of the earth the true Divine consciousness?
This Divine paradise cannot be interpreted, however, I will be capable of analysing the laws of life and passing them onto the child of Mother Earth, so that fatherhood and motherhood are understood.
Because by means of that the child of God reaches the All-Consciousness!
“Follow the life and love it!
By means of that, you can now know it”, is what I send to the Earth, “you will reach this consciousness.
We must accept these Divine laws.
It is only then that every spark of God will open itself.
And that is now the foundation in order to go further.”
We go further and see that all the universes dissolve, because we enter the conscious Divine.
We are now standing before God as Father and Mother!
What we see is awe-inspiring.
God as Father and Mother is expecting us, as children of the Third Cosmic Grade of Life!
We now live in the spiritual and material revelations which have reached the All-Consciousness.
A universe of love!
A universe of light, soul and spirit, of harmony and knowledge!
This is the Absolute!
This is the world of the Omniscience!
The world for the All-Dominating life of love!
The all-embracing happiness!
And we have trouble remaining conscious, but feel that our concentration has strengthened.
Is now Divine feeling!
This is the Divine Form and the Divine Personality.
All the laws and powers live in here which a human being can receive, but to which the human being and all the other life has attunement.
The place in which we live, that is the visible Living God!
What we see is the golden Divine light by means of which the Third Cosmic Grade of Life divided itself.
And then these creations began.
The life aura as Primal Plasma got a Divine personality.
All those laws visibly opened themselves.
We live in the environment of Divine conscious people and we know that they lived on Earth.
What do we want?
We feel one and are happy, because we belong to this Divine life.
We are conscious of that.
This is the Divine All!
We live in the All-Love!
We now know, there will never be an end to human happiness.
We feel like luminous worlds!
Yes, we know it now, Christ lives in here.
We understand that.
We experience that.
That lives under our heart!
Now we know why He was able to say: “I and My Father are one!”
That lives in our blood!
Our souls absorb that Divine truth into them.
And we must go even further.
The conscious Divine All has entered our life.
Now the Divine says to us that we are oneness !
It is Christ!
We are the life of God.
His children!
Christ gave us the Earth.
The Divine All is consciously visible.
People who possess the Divine organism live in there.
And they are Father and Mother!
We know it already, on our next journey we will experience and see the Divine Child.
The human being who lives here has become Father and Mother over all the life.
That is the Divine task, placed by the All-Mother in the hands of her life.
Every cell has to accept that!
We can see that light and we now know that the life from this world feeds and carries all the other life.
Which continuously drives this conscious Divine soul life onwards!
This life has become Energy.
The protoplasm has reached the conscious Divine All.
We are elevated to the very highest.
We are initiated for the conscious Divine All!
And that is for the child of Mother Earth.
We go hand in hand further.
We have already been touched and reached oneness.
Planets and Divine Suns as light smile at us.
And that is Love!
And we experience that love.
We have reached oneness with the All-Capacity as the Omniscience!
And by means of that we understand and feel how all those worlds were able to condense, spiritualise and materialise themselves.
Those are the revelations for the All-Mother!
We now see that the Mother planet lives in the middle of this universe and also fulfils her task in here.
That is the All-Source as material, but Divine consciousness.
The motherhood of the Divine All says it to our life, feeling and thinking; and we have to accept that.
Now we know from where Christ came to the earth.
And we also know how He suffered.
What He has to give to the earth and her children has now entered us.
We are able to behold this wonderful panorama because Christ wants it!
HE had all of this to give to Mother Earth.
The universe is like luminous plasma.
It shines upon itself by means of a golden glow, this conscious life of God.
And that only because of fatherhood and motherhood.
The human being, we experience that, has to conquer millions of worlds before he has reached the conscious Divine All.
“Christ now lives in this universe!” I call to the Earth.
We can give thanks for everything which we were able to receive.
We live in the proximity of Christ.
We are sparks of His soul and consciousness.
And we know that He is also still a human being now!
This is the Divine image, created by the All-Mother ... as human being, animal, flower and plant; we see all the life of the Third Cosmic Grade in here again.
Yes, Mother Water, André-Dectar will pass it onto your life.
We kneel down, we bow our heads in the All-Existence and surrender to the Divine personality.
We now know, the child of Mother Earth reached the end here.
This is the Divine-human end.
How many worlds must we still bring to the Divine awakening for our life?
We know that now!
We send to the All-Mother ...
“Inspire us ... Experience us ... Make light of our life ... love and harmonic life, and we will open our eyes in order to behold You.”
And we look at this Divine love and do not forget now that we belong to the Third Cosmic Grade of Life.
André-Dectar also still knows now that he lives on Earth.
Christ descends into us, so that we feel consciously.
Christ watches over our life and consciousness, or we would succumb here.
We see Golgotha here.
“Yes”, we call out, “the ‘Age of Christ’ has begun!”
It is His will that we are here.
We will serve!
We behold all the life given birth to and feel that the Divine conscious All is speaking to us.
We now know the Divine Form and Personality.
And then we hear:
“What is My Life like now?
What is My Form like?
What is My Soul like?
What is My Spirit like?
What is My Light like?
What is My Fatherhood and Motherhood like?
The All-Soul, the All-Spirit, the All-Mother as Love lives beyond that, by means of which we received the life.
The God of all this life lives beyond this.
The All-Capacity in order to give birth and to create.
That is your blood circulation!
Your oneness with the All-Source.
The Sun of My life wants to convince you of that.
We represent the All-Mother for all the worlds.
Give this to the child of Mother Earth and you will draw yourself back to the All-Mother, by means of which the laws will speak.
Accept this!
It is your blessing, your happiness!
Behold this Divine wonder.
There is no damnation!
There are no burning hells!
Your life is ready to receive the Divine Gospel.
It is this which Christ wanted to bring to Earth.
This is the ‘Cosmology’ for mankind of the earth.
Give the ‘Cosmology’ to the child of Mother Earth and say:
“You will return to the All-Mother.
You will love God as Mother.
You will experience God as Father.
You will represent God as Soul.
You will take God as the Life to the revelations.
You will give God as Spirit a form.
You will serve God as a Personality.
You will experience God as the Laws of Growth.
You will expand God as the Laws of Life.
You will represent God as Growing consciousness for all the worlds.
You will conquer God by means of His Love, by means of which all the universes will open themselves, but as a spark of God you are blessed as a human being.”
We will bless your life!
You will be apostles of Christ for eternity!”
André now thinks about Mother Water on earth, about all the life of God, about the Divine Wayti for all those laws of love.
He is completely conscious and thinks about the lives of Mother Earth whom he knows.
Truly, he can now accept, I am the Instrument of the Masters.
And then we hear:
“We bless you in the Name of Christ!
Return to the Earth.
Pursue your path, go back to the Moon in order to follow and to analyse the human organism and open up the University of Christ!
Then return to us, Christ will then receive you!
The Divine Consciousness is expecting the whole of mankind!”
We know it now, the good will triumph on Earth.
Mankind is standing before revelations.
The wisdom of Christ is coming to the Earth.
The human being and all the life will awaken and love.
We received the powers in order to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth, for which we serve and will live.
We are inspired by the conscious Divine All.
We are now capable of connecting the life of God with the Father and Mother of love.
We bring the Earth and her children happiness, peace and calm.
The human being will open himself to the Spheres of Light, to the pure love.
The Divine All will represent the University of Christ.
And we know now what this means.
This is the Divine Temple!
“Yes”, we send to Christ, “we want to serve.
Our feeling will reach You.
Our love will tell you it.
We are ready to help You to carry.
Christ, You are it!
Christ, You are alive!
Christ, You are Love!
Christ, You are everything!
Bless the earth and her children and we will bring Your message to the child of God.”
And then we become free from the Divine All.
André cannot do it anymore.
We must also devote everything in order to remain conscious, but we feel that it is the All-Love by means of which we keep the own consciousness.
Now we must meditate and go over all our experiences.
The next journey will take us back to the embryonic life, we will then follow the human organism into this Divine conscious All-Existence for the human being as a conscious Deity!
It is not possible to free ourselves now and yet it must happen.
But from the Divine All we follow all the laws and grades of life again which we were able to see and to analyse by means of these journeys.
We follow and experience grade after grade, sun after sun, and planet after planet, in order to overlook every law of life from this consciousness.
We make comparisons inwardly, whereby we are supported.
My God, we then call out, if mankind soon possesses this, what will life on earth be like then?
We see every religion and now look beyond that.
There is no science on earth, the depth of which we do not know.
There is no worm on earth, that we do not see now, André too, where that life was born.
We are living consciousness, we have now created all that life, it was born from our life, because we possess the Divine consciousness.
We now know the life of all the waters on earth and see through those laws of condensing and grades of life, we know every fish, flower and plant, every organism for universe and human existence.
We experience the light of life for all the sparks of God and know the fatherhood and motherhood of every cell of life.
That belongs to the Divine consciousness!
We now know that André-Dectar must represent the highest consciousness for the Earth and the Third Cosmic Grade of Life.
André, as Jeus of Mother Crisje, was able to experience and achieved that!
He mastered the Divine mercy.
When we have come that far we can accept the becoming free from the Divine All and return to the sphere of the earth.
Oh, my God, help André-Dectar to carry!
But we know, all the life of God will support him.
It is the Wayti!
Now he can no longer carry on either.
He closes his eyes and sinks back into the depth of his subconscious.
Master Alcar takes the child of the Masters in his arms.
A moment later André returns to himself, but then we have left the Divine All.
We already find ourselves in the Third Cosmic Grade of Life.
André attunes himself to his life and consciousness and can say:
“My master, I will know how to keep going there.”
That is everything and sufficient, we know it, he will keep going and master his obtained consciousness.
Mother Earth rests and lives yonder.
Does she know what she will receive from us?
Yes, she knows it!
We return consciously to her life.
My God, You live in everything.
The staying far away is truly the being one with Your life and love.
Now we go through the Spheres of Light for a moment.
Soon, we already know that, André will return here.
Master Alcar already warned Jongchi, by painting a bit the masters will help André to carry.
But then we will begin to record these journeys.
We are doing everything so that he will deal with this.
He is one of billions of children of God who have seen the Divine All.
A spirit of life from the seventh sphere cannot even experience that, because the life must possess a task for the All-Source, or it will not be possible.
And André-Dectar knows that.
He will and we will devote everything for that purpose.
And a moment later we are with his organism.
André descends into that.
He can say:
“I am ready, my master.”
“Goodbye, Master André-Dectar.”
“Goodbye, Master Zelanus.”
“Goodbye, André, soon we will be one again.”
“I already know it.”
“Oh, my All-Mother ... I will serve.
The God of all this life will awaken in my human heart!”
A moment later he is in a deep sleep.
We break our being one with this life, but remain awake.
We are preparing ourselves for the next journey.
End ... first part of ‘Cosmology’.