The University of Christ

We, dear reader, now take our leave of the Moon as Cosmic Mother.
And experienced millions of laws of life and were able to master Divine wisdom.
If you absorb all of this into your life soon, then, now that André-Dectar still belongs to your life, you will be able to bow your head to a Master of unprecedented depth for mankind and Mother Earth.
And yet, we will have begun with this Divine analysis for the first time.
But can you feel the enormous meaning of this masterly instrument, this child of Mother Earth, this Jeus of mother Crisje?
Give him all your pure love and help him to carry now, try to stand in and next to him, give him your maternal and paternal love, so that you will also be part of the University of Christ!
And ... is your life not enriched now?
Now that these wonderful works are in your possession, can you now feel your Divine attunement, your maternal life of feeling, your soul, your spiritual attunement for life and death?
Thank God for this wonderful happiness, that you are capable of bowing your head to these laws and that you will now devote your life to the awakening of mankind!
But awaken!
Become a mother!
Motherhood possesses everything, everything, because you materialise and spiritualise your own life by means of that.
Yes, become love!
What is your kiss like now?
Do you still dare to sully the life of André-Dectar?
How will you approach him now?
And what is he like, how does he feel now that you stand before his life as mother and as father and you have to give your pure-maternal radiance?
How will you approach him when you will enter the Divine-conscious All along with us?
You will also experience that by means of the highest Master, by means of Christ and it is now the Divine mercy for your life, your fatherhood and motherhood.
To there, my love?
To there and then we will speak to each other again for the first time.
André calls to the Cosmic mother:
“My mother Moon, how I love you.
I am your child, I know it now and I also know by what means Mother Water can speak to my consciousness.
You will continue to love me and support me, so that I will not succumb.
I will never decorate myself with a white shroud, mother.
I will never do that, you can know it!”
And then there comes to his life from Mother Moon:
“André-Dectar, give my regards to my child.”
“Yes, my mother, I will not forget it.
How happy she will feel, now that she knows, can experience, that the human being of the earth has got to know her life.
Yes, I will greet Mother Water and continue to love her eternally.”
“Can you feel, my son, that we are now one?”
“Yes, mother, I am experiencing it.”
“Now go and come back to me.
I will prepare myself in order to receive you.
Know now, you will never become free from my life again.
Now give your love the Cosmic Kiss, also from my life and consciousness.”
“Yes, my mother, I will do it.”
“Go now, Great Winged one, go back to the earth, my child, and give all her life my love, my being born, my ‘kiss’!”
“I will do it, mother!”
“I know it, my son!”
“Goodbye, my mother.”
“Goodbye, my dear.
Another kiss?”
“Gladly, please, but my deep soul, oh, my God, an All-Maternal kiss for my life?”
And then André also gets from her life:
“My son, know now, you are the only child on earth, who consciously receives my love.
You are open!
Go now, I thank the Masters.”
Master Alcar attunes his cosmic wings, we take our leave of the Moon, but we return to her consciousness.
“How can it be”, I hear André saying, “my God, but what do those theologians of the earth hope to achieve?”
And then we got contact with the universe, now become free from her sphere and motherhood, but we think, meditate now, until we have reached the Earth, which lives for us yonder and where unconsciousness is:
deep suffering, terrible misery, where the human being does not know his God, or the life of Mother Earth would no longer do all those terrible things.
André also hears coming to him:
“Remember, my son, if you want to enter Golgotha, only in pure love, purify your feet before you enter HIS temple.”
And he can say and send back to her life:
“Yes, mother, I understand you, I will do that.”
And the stars and planets call to us: “Go to HIM, the highest consciousness for all the worlds created by God, enter HIS consciousness and HIS love!”
Master Alcar follows his path, a spatial path, but which is lit up by his possession of the cosmic wings.
We have contact with the material cosmos and his spirits of light, because we ‘know’!
André experiences his youth, he returns to Jeus of mother Crisje, to his other personality which has to represent him on earth and is Jozef.
He will soon elevate all those personalities to his consciousness.
Meanwhile we become free from the First Cosmic Grade of Life, the Moon, and attune ourselves to the new event, which has great meaning for André.
He will meet all the lives on Golgotha, which laid their own foundations for the University of Christ.
It is only now that he knows for what he has to serve.
“My Ramakrishna, I can see you, I can experience all your lives”, is what André undergoes and comes to him from afar.
“Yes”, he calls back, “I love you.
I will crown your life spiritually.”
Socrates comes to his life, he tells André how he lived on earth and André now sees what his poisoned cup served for.
That is now avenged!
Children of God, of one consciousness, experience each other.
It is the spatial ‘kiss’ for André and for Socrates.
But the many others will also give him their ‘kiss’, also Annie Bessant, also Blavatsky, in addition Mary Baker Eddy, the human being, as father and mother, who served for the University of Christ.
Socrates tells him that he has spoken to all the life, that he was able to experience many laws during his life on earth.
By means of that he built on the philosophical systems.
The human concepts, Socrates says, now get to experience Universal depth and the foundations are now laid for this.
Can it be any different, that André-Dectar can experience the spatial being one with all these great ones of Mother Earth?
Socrates can elevate him to the stage into which he has now come, but André-Dectar is his Master.
The universe knows who we are, every star, each grade of life helps us to carry and wants to be experienced by us.
The millions of souls who have reached their spiritual-astral world know that, all the life of God knows that, because the ‘Age of Christ’ has now begun.
The seven spiritual spheres which the soul as human being gets to experience and to conquer beyond the material death, where millions of children of Mother Earth live, they know that it is we who have to represent the University of Christ, that it is we who are bringing this Divine awakening to earth.
All that life will help him, André-Dectar, to carry.
The Earth is now going towards a higher becoming conscious, the life of her is now getting to experience Divine truth.
Then we enter Golgotha.
Socrates is the first one who greets André.
These lives are one and immediately they are kneeled at the feet of the highest consciousness for all the universe: Christ!
We too, Master Alcar and I, are kneeling and thank God for this mercy, for this life and the millions of others which we were able to receive.
André now experiences that his grade of life laid foundations for the University of Christ, but for which they all served.
We all look at Jerusalem; it happened there.
We stand here before the spiritual cross and understand.
He lived there, long ago.
Meanwhile all the others came, all the men and women who worked for God and Christ on the consciousness of Mother Earth and her children.
We all look at Jerusalem and experience this wonder of being one.
Now the others come to André-Dectar and will greet him.
Rudolf Steiner?
Mohammed? They, who created those doctrines, but those who received wisdom for Ancient Egypt are also represented here.
The Great Winged one from Ancient Egypt manifested himself, André can speak to their lives and absorb the obtained universes into himself.
They laid foundations for the University of Christ, for both material and spiritual becoming conscious.
We see and experience the sign of the cross, all of them wear it, their heads are shining, they wear their garments according to their foundations laid and the consciousness which they reached during the earthly life.
André sees that Annie Bessant and Mary Baker Eddy did not lose their lives and he knows now, what they also did and achieved for Christ.
He walks on Golgotha with all these people great in spirit, he discusses the spatial laws with Ramakrishna, they assure him that if he needs help he can receive their being one.
That is now the Universal contact, but that means that when André comes to stand before the child of Mother Earth soon, he will no longer need to wait for the answer, he has now got cosmic being one with all these lives.
They must now help him to carry, because it is he who has to represent their work for the spatial laws and the consciousness on Earth.
The Masters of the earth, great and small, are now open to his consciousness and have to accept André-Dectar as the highest consciousness.
All of them stand before a Prince of this universe and they know it, the ALL speaks through this life, the conscious devine ALL manifests itself by means of the life of André-Dectar, which all of them did not know a single law of during their earthly life.
This happens on Golgotha!
They know that we will analyse all the laws of life of God.
They know our contact and experience it for themselves, for their grade of life to which they now belong.
It is clear, the ‘Age of Christ’ possesses a cosmic Master like that and that instrument is in the hands of Master Alcar, in the hands of the conscious ALL.
All of them bow to André-Dectar!
And he can deal with that, because now his mastership reveals itself to his earthly and spiritual personality.
This is a gift from the highest Masters for André, for Jeus of mother Crisje.
“Mohammed, I will bring your people to the spiritual awakening.”
“Madame Blavatsky?”
“I will open your theosophists, if they want to bow their heads.”
“Mary Baker Eddy?”
“I will pass on your message, my sister.
Believe me, I will serve!”
Where, Catholic Church, did the first Adam and Eve live now?
All these great ones of the earth will now convince you, but by means of the instrument of the Masters.
“Goodbye, my Schopenhauer.”
“Immanuel Kant, you now have to bow to Master André-Dectar.”
Look there, Darwin, Galilei!
“Darwin ... I will finish your work!”
“I know it, whereby I will support your life.”
All of them gave form to their foundations laid for the University of Christ, for which they served, even if they laid foundations which will be provided by us with the Divine stamp, the Universe grade of life for which we now live and will die.
André-Dectar stands before great reincarnations, before the Amenhoteps from Ancient Egypt, which now manifest themselves as:
Rudolf Steiner and as
Madame Blavatsky ..., who manifest themselves as Galilei, Socrates,... Plato,... as Ramakrishna,... as Mary Baker Eddy,... all of them continued their lives from Ancient Egypt, they brought, during their last life on earth:
Art and sciences,... to which Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Rembrandt and Master Alcar as Anthony van Dyck belong.
Children of the University of Christ, for which they lived and died.
They are alive!
Not one of these souls was able to determine the eternal damnation for their Divine life, all of them call to you as human beings of Mother Earth:
“God is love, it is not damnation!”
The great ones from Ancient Egypt now live on Golgotha, all of them had to accept fatherhood and motherhood, but experienced their reincarnations for this universe.
‘The Age of Christ’ is awakening!
The apostles of Christ, Paul and the others, the prophets, all of them represent the University of Christ, all of them now know that the Bible begins with untruths!
All of them now stand opposite André-Dectar, they have to bow to Christ, they stand here, experience their last life and kneel under the cross, the spiritual one, which can never disappear, as long as people live on Earth, because that image is the Divine inspiration for the life of this universe.
“Paul, what was your consciousness like during your life on earth?”
And then André can look into that life.
Now he knows that he is the Paul of the twentieth century.
All those souls of God must accept and experience him, because they did not know this depth in their own time, did not experience the disembodiments, could not have dealt with this contact.
“Was your life conscious for the universes of God?”
No, they were not able to experience those laws, André-Dectar represents the ‘Age of Christ’ and the Millennium for mankind!
Daniel, Jehovah, it is others who have to manifest themselves, or are already on Earth again in order to finish their task there, their cycle of the earth, to experience their good and evil.
Which of them brought that cursed damnation to earth?
No Rudolf Steiner, no Ramakrishna, it was others.
And they will also make amends for their mistakes, will continue their own lives in order to return to the All-Source.
Now the prophecies get Divine meaning, now foundations are laid and André can accept.
Paul brought happiness, others too, but what was their consciousness like?
Many damned themselves, they brought unconsciousness to the many spiritually conscious beings, but served, already opened themselves then to the awakening of mankind.
André is walking on Golgotha with Ramakrishna and Socrates!
The East was represented by many initiates, all of them have to lay their flowers of life at the feet of Christ.
The human life gets to experience beauty and colour, the consciousness of this universe, fatherhood and motherhood at a cosmic attunement, for which André-Dectar now has to serve.
People are no longer meditating here, all of them know!
Yes, indeed, they are reflecting on laws of life, are penetrating the first and last stage and then go further, all of them now experience their cosmic consciousness, their Universal journey of life, are going back to the Moon as Mother and have to accept her and themselves.
André sees Ramakrishna experiencing this oneness with his adept, Vivekananda follows his Master, they are still one.
He now knows who is continuing to follow him on earth, who is mastering these laws. Anyone who gives love to the life of God, will get spiritual awakening, they will enter the Spheres of Light in the life on the other side.
André gets to experience which mistakes were made, he now looks through all the sciences, which represent the spiritual faculties for the earth.
East and West are reaching oneness!
He received the books for that purpose.
The child of Mother Earth can begin with:
‘A View into the Hereafter’.
‘Those who Returned from the Dead’,
‘The Cycle of the Soul’,
‘Diseases of the Soul as seen from the Other Side’,
‘The Origin of the Universe’(parts) I-II-III,
‘Between Life and Death’, the life of Dectar,
‘The Peoples of the Earth’,
‘Spiritual Gifts’(parts) I-II,
‘Through the Grebbe line to Eternal Life’,
‘Masks and Men’, I-II-III.
And of course the books about his youth, where Master Alcar was able to lay his first foundations for his life as an instrument, books for the University of Christ, which serve as first foundations in order to receive the life of Mother Earth.
All these souls of Mother Earth wrote their books, knew their adepts, raised their followers, however, they now know that the teachings of the Masters, of André-Dectar for the earth, exceed all their thinking and feeling and they have to bow to that.
Now we are working on their ‘Cosmology’ and that of Mother Earth, the Divine Cosmology for the whole of mankind!
It is the gift for Mother Earth from Christ!
All these souls as human beings are links of the Divine chain and have finished their own task materially or spiritually and go further now.
André now experiences that people will soon have to accept him for the earth and for which he will give himself completely.
The teachings of the Masters will be worshipped by millions of children of God on earth.
He knows it now, he must fight against the unconscious child of Mother Earth, but especially against the Catholic Church and against damnation.
He experiences all these souls, great and small, conscious and unconscious for human being and society, here on Golgotha he knows all the grades of life for the child of Mother Earth, a human being is no longer a depth for him now, but an open book, naked nature!
Come to him soon and you will stand naked before him, now you have nothing more to hide, this cosmic consciousness looks through your life and consciousness.
André is now getting to know his Master and me for the first time, our lives are also opening to his personality for the first time now.
It is here where he can give himself, where he bows to his Master Alcar!
“Yes”, he can say to Mary Baker Eddy, “first a doctor and then set the broken arm, then prayers can be said!”
For all the other diseases the human being can cure himself, if the consciousness is capable of that and possesses that concentration.
Were they not her mistakes?
Now those for that child are also put right, Blavatsky also knows it now: first the human being, then the animal and afterwards Mother Nature began!
To what does the University of Christ give an answer?
In the first place we experienced the origins of the first revelations for the All-Mother.
We determined by means of that, that Fatherhood and Motherhood are the essential laws for all the worlds created by the All-Source.
And then it follows that the word God is also just a word, like Allah ... Amon-Ré.
Ra and Ré for Ancient Egypt, all the peoples of the earth have invented one word for the All-Mother, the All-Life, All-Light, the ..
... All-Soul, ...
... All-Spirit, the All-Personality, but above all the All-Love, by means of which all this can be grasped.
.We already determined and have to accept according to these revelations, that this universe in which you live was born from there and that the micro cosmos was born (from) this universe as fatherhood and motherhood, by means of Sun and Moon.
We made this journey for that purpose.
The following one will connect us with the obtained independence of the divine spark, the soul as human being, but then we will experience where both the human character traits and the human senses originated.
We must then follow the human being from the Moon again as far as the All-Conscious life, where the human being now lives as a Deity.
We must also follow the soul and the created grades of life as laws for the human organism and that is possible, because we are capable of that.
When we have experienced those journeys for:
the University of Christ, that now occurs to André, we must follow the origin of the seven grades of life for the animal, for which we will experience many journeys, and only then for Mother Nature.
But the University of Christ gives the child of Mother Earth more to experience, especially when we have to experience both the own personality and the spiritual world for every grade of life.
After all, by what means did insanity come?
Human possession?
By what means did so many diseases originate?
Did the All-Source want all of that?
For everything, we were already able to do that, damnation must disappear from all the Churches!
God does not damn!
What is art?
What are the spiritual sciences?
What is animation?
What is inspiration?
Why can everyone not act like Rembrandt, Titiaan, van Dyck, Mozart, Bach, Wagner, Michelangelo, why does one life as human being get more gifts than the other?
What is the purpose for the animal and the human life on earth?
Can the Earth perish?
Does astrology have meaning for the human being?
When can the human being experience Divine wisdom?
For what purpose did Christ actually come to the earth?
Did he not know that people on earth would kill HIM?
Why did He not come to West and did he come to the East?
Does an animal possess a soul?
Does the animal possess a spirit?
Where did the prehistoric animal species get to?
Does all that life have a spiritual, conscious astral world?
By what means did the Earth and her children get to experience art, and where did that art come from?
From the human being?
What is the human subconscious, what does that subconscious mean for man and woman?
What is the purpose of God for mankind?
Why do people still live in the jungle?
Do they not have any Divine attunement?
What are diamonds, emeralds, all those precious stones?
The human being, at least Mother Earth, knew her prehistoric ages, but what will her future be like?
What will human society be like in ten thousand years, a hundred thousand centuries?
There will also be people on earth then, because before that Mother Earth will not be ready.
If she wants to finish her task, she must still live for millions of years, if she wants to give all her life her highest consciousness.
What will happen to the Catholic Church?
What will happen to Protestantism?
What will happen to Buddhism and Mohammedanism?
What will happen to all those other thousands of sects on earth?
Do they have Divine meaning for the soul as human being?
Do they have eternal possibilities of existence?
I repeat, for what purpose does the human being actually live?
Did God create the human being from some clay and breath of life?
Where did the human being experience the true paradise?
Was there a beginning for the human being as soul, spirit and material?
Did the animal species get Divine attunement?
Which animal species belong to the post-creations?
What is water?
Condensed breath of life for all those lives!
An answer from the University of Christ!
But what do the academics know about it?
Nothing, still nothing about all of this!
And the University of Christ will analyse that for your life!
The books have already been written for a great deal and André-Dectar has already experienced his spiritual journeys.
We gave those books a place before the ‘Cosmology’ of your life.
You will begin with:
‘A View into the Hereafter’, (parts) I, II and III!
Of course you will read the fundamental books:
‘Jeus of mother Crisje’, (parts)
I, II and III.
The Masters first initiated you by means of 20 books, before you can begin with the ‘Cosmology’.
But, the University of Christ gives an answer to all these questions and explains the grades of life and laws of life for the human being, the animal and Mother Nature.
That is now the task for André and is the gift of Christ for mankind, for His age, which has started at this moment... 1950 (the ‘Cosmology’ was received and experienced by Jozef Rulof in the period from November 1944 to March 1945) ... but for which the first foundations were already laid in 1935; yes, Master Alcar got to see his very first foundations when the soul Jeus was attracted by Crisje and her tall Hendrik!
All these souls as human beings, who now greet André-Dectar on Golgotha, have laid their own foundations for the University of Christ!
If you still cannot accept now that André-Dectar is receiving the highest consciousness for the earth, then have some patience and we will convince you by means of the wisdom.
However, then you will have to accept him.
André-Dectar will soon represent all the spiritual faculties of Mother Earth.
Anyone now on Earth who gives mankind consciousness for the good, for harmony and awakening, so for the inner life, that human being serves for the University of Christ.
After all, the twenty books which you read before the ‘Cosmology’ only gave you the initiation to your Divine attunement and you as a human being, as man and woman, can accept that.
They taught you that there is no death, that the soul as spirit possesses an astral world and she returns to God!
We told something about insanity, something, but have still not explained all those thousands of laws, because we must write those books yet.
And it goes without saying that we cannot write all these thousands of books during the life of André-Dectar, but we will go further; when he has also taken his leave of Mother Earth.
We will come back from this, the Spiritual-astral world, but now by means of technical wonders and namely the direct voice equipment, which is likewise given to Mother Earth by means of the Masters and now the Masters will speak!
There is no Master on the other side who can take this task away from André-Dectar!
On the contrary, all of them are happy that it is he, because he is now serving for Mother Earth and the University of Christ!
André is receiving all of this on Golgotha, amidst all these souls, Masters, initiates, both spiritually and cosmically conscious beings.
It must be clear to you, anyone on earth who did not work for the good will not possess light on the other side and will be an unconscious being!
However, all of them experienced, destroyed bestialisation during their unconscious lives on earth, hated, committed arson and murdered, however, all of them went further, not one of these hundreds and thousands of people as man and woman, was damned!
One day they reached the spiritual awakening and from that moment they also began with their building up.
They lived amongst all the peoples of the earth, also Christ, when HE started on the building up of mankind with his grade of life.
And this is why we are standing so close to and in Christ!
It is because of this that we can speak to His Personality, His love, Light and Life, we can now experience HIM every moment, because all of us are busy experiencing and building HIS university.
It must therefore be clear to you that André-Dectar is not standing alone, but that all of us here will inspire him and will carry him, because he has to represent our life, our wanting to serve!
You cannot experience Christ by laying your hands down on His sacrifice!
He has nothing to forgive you for, He cannot forgive you for anything, because you possess His Divine attunement!
You will have to make good the sins committed by you anyway!
And you as man and woman will experience reincarnation for that purpose, it is by means of this that you will and can achieve your cycle of the earth one day as you yourself feel, is your attunement, but now begin the life beyond the human coffin as a conscious personality, where you will get to experience your darkness or your Spheres of Light.
So destroy, and you will enter the darkness.
Do good, remain in harmony with all the life of God, and you will enter the Spheres of Light, your spiritual bliss!
You have that in your own hands as a human being and Christ cannot give you that, and we have to, you have to accept that for all your lives!
André now sees, this Jerusalem means nothing more.
The people who live there in 1950, are people like you are and another child of God, and means:
The Jewish race (see must also accept Christ!
He came to the Earth for that purpose.
This Jerusalem is emptiness, is poverty.
We can call out from here, all of us do that:
“Oh, Caiphas, Oh, Caiphas, you murdered Christ and your people will have to make amends for that.”
And where is Caiphas now?
Adolph Hitler is Caiphas!
This is why we wrote the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, and connected you to the Divine laws for Christ.
Now see what Judaism has to experience and then look at your own Church, it is not strange, not so unnatural that all of you are being attacked now, that it is Adolph Hitler who is shaking you awake for the laws of God in his way, his knowledge and life of feeling!
But we will come across these laws again, André will experience and follow them when he lives in his organism again.
He now sees that the Masters dissolve before his eyes, they go to the spheres, continue their path, make cosmic journeys, or are on earth in order to inspire the life of God, all of them work and now also have to receive their own task.
We can also prepare ourselves now in order to return to the Earth, that means, to the organism of André-Dectar and when this wonderful journey is also over, I will soon be able to begin with the writing.
The Moon as Mother sends him her love, the stars and planets speak to this personality, who can experience the oneness with all the life of God.
Master Alcar is ready.
We too, but it is difficult for André to free himself from Golgotha, but it must happen.
He knows it now, he will bleed dry for this wisdom, but he has to devote that, and can do it!
We will bleed dry for Christ, you too, one day you would wish to give your life, if you want to die for Christ, everything, devote the best of yourself to this wisdom, for the child of Mother Earth, but especially for your Divine attunement.
Yes, André-Dectar bleeds dry completely for this wisdom, because he has accepted the fight, a fight against suns and planets, stars and heavenly bodies, against hazes and grades of life, the Divine consciousness for the human being.
He will experience a pain which is no longer human, because wisdom of life tortures and beats the soul, the truth of which everyone here got to know and it is understandable.
If you cannot accept this, then ask your great artists about it, ask them what they felt by means of their inspiring life, and you will know it.
And now the ‘Cosmology’?
André will experience the love which is spatial, by means of which he thinks he will burst; he will sense how Christ felt when He had to accept HIS powerlessness with regard to the unconscious mankind.
But the being one with all the life of God on earth, so because he is starting to experience that universe, absorbs it completely consciously, that is the pain which he as soul has to accept and every initiate from the East can prove that to you convincingly.
But we will see and experience how he will soon experience his material life, every thought of which – I got hold of that – we will describe, so that by means of that you will also experience how you can keep yourself going for your society, spiritual and material married life, for everything, which is part of your obtained personality.
We descend, leave Golgotha, we walk as spiritual people through Jerusalem, but follow one purpose, one path, that of Christ, as the laws of the All-Mother now taught us.
But his first flowers for Christ are lying on Golgotha.
All his books are for Christ the flowers of both his heart and his life.
And the Messiah will accept them, also yours!
What do you have to devote now for the University of Christ?
“Flowers, originated by means of suffering and sorrow, never wilt and Christ will accept them!”
Now that we have left Jerusalem, André comes into contact again with the suffering and sorrow on earth, by means of which we know that he has already attuned himself materially-humanly.
However, all this sacredness lives under his heart.
He can now already begin with asking questions and he will also do it, he is already following Adolph Hitler and can call to him:
“Caiphas, Adolph, who will recognise you there?
And yet you are Caiphas, because who else but you killed the Christ as the Messiah?
Who can make amends for this?
Only you, Caiphas, and this is why you will have to return to the earth, you must dissolve all that misery and will have to take your own race (see to the Messiah, if that people of Israel wants to awaken!
In Jerusalem the people still curse and murder, they do not know for what purpose they belong to that race (see
We float onwards, André can see the material Earth, we go from Jerusalem to the sober West, straight to Holland, which this child of God belongs to.
The countries and peoples are to be found under us, we think and meditate, but André is preparing himself in order to take his leave of his Master soon, to open himself to the writing of the ‘Cosmology’.
And then he asks me:
“Can we begin soon, Master Zelanus?”
I give him: “Yes, I am ready, my brother.”
“Then I know it, Master Zelanus.
I will also be ready, not weak, not sad, not pitiful, I will carry all of this consciously.
I want to be strong and grateful.
I will prove that I possess love.”
Meanwhile we have reached the place where his organism lives, and the farewell comes.
André reads in the eyes of Master Alcar what that personality feels for his life, they are completely one for a moment.
We too, André and I are one, but then the descending into the organism follows, the being one with all the systems, the taking of his personality from the heart, nervous system and the other organs, and the falling asleep for Mother Earth comes and her human-physical laws, the irrevocable taking possession of this wonderful garment, by means of which the soul can experience all the Divine laws.
He wakes up for a moment, he sees us and then utters:
“My Master, how should I thank you?
But I will prove that to you.
Master Zelanus can already begin today.
I am ready and I know what I was able to experience and was able to receive for mankind on this journey.
Oh, my God, the whole of mankind must know this.”
And then he falls into the normal, physical sleep.
He can sleep for a few more hours, but then he must wake up and he can also begin with meditating, preparing himself for writing this book, the Second Part of the ‘Cosmology’ for this mankind.
The task of all of us!
He now sees that we are leaving, but we will continue to keep our cosmic oneness.
André wakes up, we now see from our life and he begins to think.
What is he thinking about?
Where was it, Jeus and Jozef, where we were tonight?
Did you feel me?
How remarkable, the physical systems are working beautifully, my blood circulation is perfect, even if the bones are rattling, my body looks like skin and bone, I am living as I have never been able to live, been able to think before, I feel excellent, wonderful, it is incredible.
Yes, my Ramakrishna, you did not experience that.
I know, my Rama, that your blood flowed over your lips, when you returned to the material organism after a disembodiment and you began to think, but I do not want to experience that, I must keep going, or everything from the All-Mother in me will succumb.
I will prevent that, Rama, but you were not able to do that.
I must write the books myself, you were not able to do that!
I must do everything myself, but you had your twelve followers, I cannot let those children do anything, the few who follow me, oh, do you think that I am crazy, will succumb, sooner or later I will also see that happening and then I will stand alone again.
You were carried during your life, they do not carry me, they do not know who I am.
You, my Ramakrishna, wept day and night when you returned from the universe to the material life, but I am not allowed to do that, or I will weep until my tears run dry, I had to experience so much now.
You were moved, my Rama, I too and in what a way, but that does not concern any human being, no one needs to know, no one must know what pains I feel, I will deal with that myself.
You wept until your tears ran dry, but by means of that you let your followers carry, I do everything alone!
Oh, when I receive some love from my followers one day, Rama, then I will no longer be able to do it either, but I will be careful, I know, people will take away from me again tomorrow what is given to me today, and then, my dear Rama, the follower will kick me, I will be beaten, and I want to prevent that.
You, my dear, walked into your holy Ganges, because you knew that she is Mother, but if Vivekananda had not taken care of you, you would have drowned consciously and I do not want to experience that, that may not happen, I must remain conscious in everything, but you also had to accept that weakness.
And what do you have to say now, Ramakrishna?
He waits a moment and then there comes:
“It is you, André-Dectar!”
“Then I thank you for all your love.
However, I will prove to you that it is me.
I must now experience this rotten society, you experienced the silence of the East.
Can you feel, Ramakrishna, what the Masters yearn from me?
What I must do, here, in this wretched world, which is so tremendously beautiful?
What do I have to do here in this city, amongst all these millions of unconscious beings?
Now that I can make these comparisons with regard to your life and your personality, I will come back to earth and I am grateful to you, you are already helping me to carry now.
But before it is daytime, I must be free from the universe, or my blood will also flow over my lips.
I must conquer those tremendous powers and forces anyway, Ramakrishna, or I will succumb.
But, I know now how deep you came with regard to the All-Mother.
You already thought then that you experienced the All-Mother, but that is not true, you only experienced the Spheres of Light.
Master Zelanus secured your life to mine and described those journeys of your life, you never came out above your own consciousness, Rama, because you did not want to accept any Masters for yourself.
We know each other from Ancient Egypt, Ramakrishna, we already knew each other in the Temple of Isis.
Isn’t it wonderful?
I now close myself off to your life, but I thank you, my life on earth has now begun.”
It is still dark, but the Sun is rising.
People on earth call that the rising of the Sun, but it is something entirely different and the laws taught me that.
Mother Earth made night, she protected her life by means of that.
Yes, academic, everything is now becoming different!
Ding ... a V2 passes over his head, suddenly he is standing on both feet and on earth, everything in the house trembles, shakes and that because of Adolph, the Caiphas from Jerusalem.
The hellish atmosphere on earth takes his breath away, but that must also be conquered for the organism and that happens by means of his concentration.
My God, but what a difference with there in your sacred silence.
It is destruction!
The executioner of mankind has something to tell me.
“Yes, Adolph, you are the executioner of this mankind!
Do you admit that?”
And then there comes from the sphere of the earth to his life:
“I know it, I am that, but I am not to blame for everything!”
“Do you also know all those other things, Adolph?”
“Yes, ich weiss (Yes, I know it)!”
“Then you can go on for the moment.
I am following you, but we are standing opposite each other as ‘good and evil’!”
“Ich weiss!”
“Then it is still possible to talk to you and people who can bow their heads, even if they are devils, can go further, go further, they will never stand still, because there is no damnation.”
“Ich verstehe (I understand it)” ...!
“But you are stupid anyway, Adolph.”
“Yes, I should have carried on fighting immediately in France and then I would have conquered England.
But my Providence kicked me from dry land into a ditch.”
“And you were destroyed by that, Adolph, executioner of mankind.”
“Häng dich auf (Hang yourself).”
“Thank you, I know now that I must continue to be careful, or you will still get me too.
But, I thank you.
And now you must disappear from my life.
I am so strong now, Adolph, which you know no laws about.
Unconscious being.”
A moment later he jumps out of his bed, but thinks, meditates for soul, life and spirit, for this whole wretched mankind.
Life on earth has begun!
And now further!
End of Part Two