The Writing of the Cosmology

“Yes, my Mother Earth, I am back.
I am so happy.
I am experiencing universes and I am capable of dealing with everything and passing it onto your children, my ‘Mother’, for which you gave me the lives; I will finish!”
André now withdraws, it is Jozef who has to answer the questions which are asked.
“Good morning.”
“Good morning to you too, my child.”
“Are you hungry?”
“No, not me. You?”
“I feel so sickly, so horrible, I’m in a bad way inside.”
“I will quickly make a coffee substitute, my child”
“Did you hear that V2?”
“Of course, everything is shaking and trembling.”
“Did you sleep well?”
“Yes, child, very well and it is the only thing which we still have and they cannot take away from us, at least, as far as we can see it.
Despite everything we will just drink our substitute coffee; do we have anything to complain about?”
André sends his thoughts to Golgotha.
But Jozef longs for his little smoke, but that is now also a luxury.
“Did you smoke, Ramakrishna?”
He waits and again, but now consciously on earth, he connects himself to Ramakrishna, he picks up the conversation again for that life, because it is Ramakrishna who stands the closest in and to him, of all those initiates from the East.
“No, you did not smoke.
But you wore a white shroud, I didn’t.
I am walking round here in my ready-to-wear suit, I need a shave, cannot even let my beard grow, because this is just loud, boastful for many people, and – now that I am taking part in these matters – seems Paul-like, and I want nothing to do with that.
Can you feel it, Rama?
Jozef feels like having his little cigarette and I can understand that, he says: it is the relaxation for me.
See you later!”
I am just a perfectly ordinary child of this world, he knows, and says it to the universe.
But he returns to Ramakrishna and also says to him:
“You were a holy man, Ram, not I!
You left your home, not I, I have to take everything into account, the people may never see me as a boastful human being, never as all-talk, but in addition not as a holy man, because I am not that!
Then you should just experience my Jeus sometime, then you will get to know me for the first time.
Also Jozef, but Jeus is the joker, the soul who still has to master these laws, he will now have to represent me, and he is now drinking his substitute coffee.”
“Truly, my child, the tea is also good.
It is a great wonder, how grateful we people must still be.”
That is everything which they have to say to each other this morning.
She, the Viennese woman, cannot experience anything from André-Dectar, or she would just succumb in this and her own life.
The way it is, is good!
They have not talked in the mornings for years, that happened of its own accord, they think then, and it is the most beautiful thing there is.
If she had been able to experience André, yes, then he could now have told her about his Divine journey, but that is not possible, her personality still does not possess that sensitivity, and she must also master that.
It is André who sends his greetings and his love to Madame Blavatsky, also to the others whom he saw.
Now he feels powerful and conscious, because they did not know this.
Madame Blavatsky saw his foundations, he saw hers and then a stone broke through the middle of her foundation laid for the University of Christ.
He saw her and experienced her, she did not tremble, she does not know that this must happen, his stones will come for stones laid for her!
But those of Darwin were already decayed; yes, those stones will dissolve, just as wood must experience that.
Many stones of the Catholic Church lie spread everywhere in Jerusalem and the people there use them in order to pave streets, a desert path, which goes straight through the Jordan, but, as the final piece of path, (which) the sober West walks, straight into the Catholic Church and also out again, in order to return to where it came from, all that life.
Socrates possesses real stone, he has already elevated a building – he goes further – and Jozef has nothing more to think about.
Socrates built on a true Temple, it is his foundations on which ‘I’ must build the University of Christ, and is also possible.
Many others built too, but the Masters for painting and sculpting will decorate the Temple, to which all the work of Master Alcar belongs.
“Yes, my Socrates, I know now how you suffered.
But now feel me ... and you will know it.”
It is already a great wonder in itself that he is standing on his own two feet.
It is art!
But, he goes further, which of all of you are the pillars for the University of Christ?
What are you now, Rama, for the University?
And you, Darwin?
Divine foundations?
Theologian of here, what are you for the Temple?
Minister, and you?
And you, priest?
Now try knocking Jeus from the bench if you dare?
But chaplain, your hands are contaminated.
But we have not forgotten it yet.
Meanwhile Jozef can prepare himself for society.
He talks and thinks.
Your deeds are weighed on the Divine weighing scales, people of Mother Earth.
All the people of the earth are building on and doing something – that will come soon – for the Temple of Christ.
Many people destroy what other people built up.
It is the dominant majority on earth who destroy!
Who deform, set fire to what is built up by other children; and Rudolf Steiner and Pythagoras had to accept that.
Is that perhaps not true?
These Divine weighing scales refuse to accept you, to weigh yourself if you possess a dark radiance, now you are not building, but are busy destroying the first foundation of other people.
Just look at the executioner of this mankind, are you perhaps following him?
Did you think that he has something good to bring?
By means of the wrong, the evil, the destruction, you can do nothing for the Temple of Christ, people do not need you now.
Why did He let himself be mocked, beaten and whipped and crucified a while later?
Because He did not want to lift a hand to that evil, because you can only work on the Temple by means of your acts of love.
And now there are no heavens for sale, Church, you must earn them yourself by devoting your life blood!
Good heavens, how you make me laugh.
Amongst all this misery I am still happy, but not you, nor that anaemic herd of your universe, that dark place, which really makes you spiritually blind!
Yes, Protestant, you also belong to that!
You still accept food and drink from a Catholic, at least if you can get it, but soon, when everything is over again, that child can drop dead again!
You will experience it, I know you.
Now you share cigarettes, you give each other the latest news, but what will remain of this oneness?
You are herd animals!
You are not so happy to repair the shoe soles of a Catholic, cobbler opposite my house, but do you realise what you are doing, what your intellect is like?
Who are you actually serving, only your reformed God?
Crusts of bread, crumbs from Our Lord?
On the Divine weighing scales your unconscious life of feeling is weighed.
And you can no longer get away from that, because you now stand before the All-Mother, and it is She who sends you back to the earth in order to learn to love everything.
You go back so far until you no longer possess any Church and can accept her infinity.
Isn’t that something?
Can you not hear me thinking, I am sitting precisely on the other side of the street grumbling about your poor lives, as long as you want to accept that I will not harm you, I will not violate your life, I want to shake you awake for the Temple of Christ.
There is no more to it!
Am I not a heretic, cobbler?
Neighbour, member of the Dutch Reformed Church?
“How dopey you are this morning”, there comes from the room to his life and it is not only for Jozef, but also for him, to which he asks:
“What did you say?
Am I dopey?
Am I a dope?”
There is something not right now.
He must act himself and can already do it, however, these first moments were necessary in order to enter into harmony again with the material life.
Yes, there is something wrong, I am giving too little consciousness to the personality, and he cannot act.
He has learned again and he must keep it in mind.
Jozef lacked the power of his personality and was nothing now.
And he himself is over there, was divided by thousands of feelings.
“You are standing there dawdling, just hurry up, it is so cold.”
“You are right, child, I will hurry up.”
Suddenly he now experiences the full hundred percent for the material consciousness and is now an ordinary human child of Mother Earth for the first time, but thinks further, further, but from his own world.
By means of a few words his wonderful journey lies at the bottom of his life, but that is the source in which he lives, it is not a subconscious, but the living clockwork for which he is now on earth, the sacred and calm absolute, everything which possesses truth lives in there and must now represent his personality, he is that!
By means of only a few words he is standing more firmly on his own two feet and he feels the earth under his feet, which was still not possible a moment ago, he felt so far away from his organism and Mother Earth.
Both the wisdom and the feeling are now closed off.
He tries to reach oneness with Jeus, because then people do not know him so clearly and the human being on earth can reach and experience him.
Five minutes later he is standing in the street, he also goes and treats a few patients, the rest are starving, these ones, they are two old mothers, are open to his spiritual aura of life and he keeps them going by means of that, he cannot reach the other twenty-four now, they are now too insensitive, too empty, too material.
And he will also analyse those laws for the University of Christ, so that the human being will get to know when he can be helped if he is sick!
Can heal!
The people also already got that in their own hands, you can help one, not the other!
That is the truth, healer, or do you still not know that?
You cannot help every human being!
You cannot heal every human being, by means of magnetism or something else, these are laws!
The people on the street now go weak at the knees, he sees.
Not he, because his spirit is walking, is strolling through the streets of this city, he is going through the life on a healing aura of life.
You could do that too, Ramakrishna!
Buddha too, but when he went too far with his hunger strike, he quickly consumed some food, or he would have had to accept that he was still not that far, still did not possess that sensitivity as consciousness, and then that piece of bread and those drops of water were already enough to keep him alive.
Isn’t it true, perhaps?
But now everything is different here.
These are material starving people, they do not know and feel any better.
But Ramakrishna, can you see all these skeletons walking around?
They eat, so as a human being, dogs and cats, rats too.
Whatever they find, they eat.
But oh my God, how I must laugh!
What fun I am having.
How happy I am now, now that I see that they are so hungry.
These human jackals did not deserve any different.
They will awaken by means of that, Our Lord, and it is only then that they will know what they destroyed from You.
Adolph, go further and finish your task.
That going weak at the knees is already old, that began in November properly for the first time, now we are going downhill completely, many people call out, and that is the truth, because you must now learn by means of that, my dear sisters and brothers.
No, this has nothing to do with the chasing out for the paradise, nothing, you now have yourself to thank for that, you do not wish to learn to think.
But it is the truth that millions of people have now already begun with their last judgement, this is it!
All that hunger, this beating, this misery, the sorrow under your hearts take you to the ‘little judgement’ for you and of your own personality.
I am not hungry!
Even if I am starving, look for yourself, I am not being beaten anyway.
People greet him left and right.
What does he know?
Will peace come to earth soon now?
You will have it there.
It is exactly the same every morning. “How are you now?”
“What is it, madam?”
“It is going well, do you know it too?”
“Yes, madam, it is going great, it is going really well.”
“Here, a cigarette, got it yesterday evening.
Something for you too.”
“Thank you, madam, really, thanks.”
“They come from behind the front.”
“I can see it, madam, thank you.”
Jozef lights his smoke and draws so that his lungs almost burst, which he likes.
If Mother Water sees this, he thinks, she will not think so, but what does she want?
A bit further there is a lady standing looking at something, they are bones.
A dog rolls through the delicious knucklebones, flounders as it were like a fish out of the water, which the lady does not understand.
When he approaches her, she asks:
“Is that not strange now, sir?
The dog is shuffling through this package of bones and does not even eat them.
Isn’t that crazy?
That animal is starved and yet it does not eat the bones?
It is a mystery.”
“Do you find that so strange, mother?”
“Yes, is this understandable then?”
“Well, mother, this dog is smelling and feels his grandmother.
He does not eat any meat from his own family, he does not want to be a ‘dog Papuan’, the animal can smell his own tribe, his origin, madam.
And own blood, also the own bones, mother, are tingling.
If you eat them then you will electrified and now he rolls through them, or is it a girl?”
“Bah, ugh, it is dirty.”
The dog continues to roll, but the animal shuffles through this process of dying, he sees, does not even cry at this own dead one, but gives the own grade of life the ‘own’... honour.
There is no more necessary, but people are still not that far!
People eat everything; animals are still not unfeeling, people are, animals are not; animals cannot be found for the renouncing of the All-Grade, people can; animals cannot!
A lion does not eat any lion, a tiger not a tiger, it is only the vultures who can do that, but people are as wild as vultures, also as awful, have also sunk so deep, so that they have forgotten their own attunement, because what does a church rat like that cost?
How much are you asking for your best dog?
Does the dog sausage taste nice?
Can a cat be eaten?
People say that cats taste delicious. Is that true?
Is that really a fact?
I do not mean the sickly felon, but the concept ‘cat’...!
Can that cat be eaten now?
Then I will kill mine this very day and we will have cat hash tomorrow. Good heavens, human being, are you coming too?
Just come, come on, why will you not come?
Then I will not only have deceived myself, then we will not only have forgotten ourselves, then you will be there too and now that poverty can be carried, you know now that you do not stand alone in this.
No, I will not come!
Then you can drop dead. Then just die, greet Him if you still believe in that, we will eat our dog!
But what a rotten dog, the animal continues to roll through the bones, they have been gnawed off properly; but it stinks here.
He goes further, his followers are expecting him.
And after helping the two sensitive ones, he marches back, straight to Mother Water, she will tell him something completely different this morning.
But the universe gets his thanks for the spiritual contact, the feeling that he was able to experience that dog world and that dog feeling, now it is wisdom of life.
Thanks, Gods!
Thanks, mothers and fathers from there.
And there is already an utter of:
“Will I get a kiss from you, André?”
“Good day, mother.
Yes, but this one is more conscious.
This one possesses spatial love, mother.
Here, I am already lying in your arms.
Now just kiss me, my mother, my own love, I am that far.”
“Oh, my André, how are you now?
Here is my kiss, you will not get this one from the people, because all those little mothers still have to awaken.”
“I know it, mother.”
“Can I help you to carry?”
“Yes, mother, you have already begun with it.”
“Then it is good, André.
Deal with everything, but distribute your energy.
And come back to me soon.
I know that you still cannot talk, so I will not take you by surprise, but I will see you again.”
“I thank you, mother, I thank you, because you have understood me.
Of course, I will come back to your life, but your kiss was love.”
Then he pulls the bell, he is inside.
First greet the little Dayar and Loea, he has not see them for centuries, but it is one night for the human being, a few hours, he feels so old this morning.
The child’s shouting does him good, that is the only real thing still on earth which he can experience.
Jeus has pulled the bell, he felt, it was not him.
And Jozef says good morning, but he is listening to the child’s shouting.
So I have made it, he thinks and must go further now, the two others are no use to them today.
“Good day, Loea.”
“Good day, Jeus .”
“How is Dayar?”
“Great, Jeus, I am so happy.”
“I can understand that.”
He can feel that, because Loea got her baby by means of him.
Crazy perhaps?
No, it is perfectly simple.
The husband did not want any children, did not want to give Loea a child, and they came, he rattled out of his body again by flying fast over bumpy boulders, with Loea on the back of the motorcycle.
Loea said that to him and wept until her tears ran dry, because she would not have any children and she was not equal to that consciousness.
And then André took that husband in his hands.
He said to him:
“Just listen to me.
I am capable of everything, if you want to know.
You will give your Loea a baby.
If you do not do that, then I will risk it myself and I will murder you.
I will put a razor sharp knife between your ribs.
I will put an end to your life if you wish to know, but Loea must have a baby.”
The man gets a fright and thinks: that is serious.
Loea gets her baby.”But, Jeus, would you really have done that?
Would you have murdered him?
Would you have given him that beating?”
“You have your baby, Loea, for the rest you are laughing, now you have made amends for a great deal.”
“But then what, if he had not done that, Jeus?”
“Then you would not have got a baby, Loea, or you would have had to look for another husband.”
“So anyway?”
“Yes, Loea, now you would have been allowed to divorce, now he is breaking the laws, now you may leave him, because he is suffocating your going further, and God does not approve of that.
Isn’t that something?
Yes, you may not walk away from your husband just like that, because all of us have to experience, make amends for karmic laws, Loea.
But if the husband does not want to give the mother a child, you have the right to go and to break this bond, you are not creating any new karma now.”
“How simple everything actually is again”, there comes. But it is not so simple, he knows, but Loea got her baby, her happiness and that happiness is now called Dayar, the name of Dectar from Ancient Egypt.
Will she never forget this?
Will Loea be that strong?
Does she feel that he as Dectar was once her child?
Then Loea was simple and he went to the Temple of Isis.
Loea is simple in that life, and died from sorrow, but went further, through new lives, in order to meet him who is now and became her husband again.
They have to make amends to each other.
However, he is their Master, and also Jeus, the child of mother Crisje.
Well, mayor of The Hague, do you also know these laws?
He climbs up, above Loea his followers are to be found, other friends, man, wife and child also live there.
And he immediately hears:
“Where were you, you look so fragile, so immaterial?”
He waits a moment, but then he utters:
“I was there, where the ‘goats’ love the people, where a kiss from a goat gives you love, which you cannot experience on earth.
And then I saw and experienced Socrates.”
“Are you serious, Jozef?”
“Socrates spoke to his ‘goat’ when he lived here, I speak to my dog, but then we were kissed.
Then Socrates thought up and felt his philosophical systems, but he experienced the oneness with the life, the grades of development for all the systems.”
The follower now knows it, the one who is talking there is no longer Jozef, but André.
When that life asks:
“Was it wonderful”, there comes from the life of André, from which he feels himself that people are inspiring him:
“Can you sense the difference between human consciousness and that of a worm?
Because a worm, my friend, possesses discarded consciousness, and it means, that life originated by means of rottings.
It is actually the final stage for all the creations, of which the perfectly ordinary chicken can experience both fatherhood and motherhood, and yet is seen by the academic as a great wonder.”
He waits a moment, in order to determine how that life reacts and now goes further.
“No, I am not talking nonsense, it is deadly serious to me.
Yes, indeed, a worm, also a beautiful little butterfly like that, all those vermin got human and animal consciousness anyway, despite everything.
After all, a louse like that lives and knows exactly where it can condense itself and where the food lives.
And that also by means of the human aura of life.
It is wonderful, because it takes you through all these wonders and you can admire your own grade of life.
Take a walk through the gardens of Our Lord and you will see all kinds of things.
Did you not know that a bird, a dove, a sparrow, other species, possess land and spatial consciousness, and what that means for the creations?
I was able to experience that now.
I know now that Max Heindel was sometimes terribly mistaken, nevertheless it is he who opened the mystical door of the Temple, for the West then, which was closed in Ancient Egypt, because people began there with the destruction.
You can read that in the book ‘Between Life and Death’, which you know everything about, for that matter.
Freud and Jung were also completely off the mark.
A friendly acquaintance of mine wanted to fool me a while ago that horse riding is the same passion as riding a bicycle.
That Jung of his said that.
That that Freud got beatings is the truth, but the source tells you that he was close by, but still did not have those eyes in order to look into that, as Darwin also experienced, both were blind for the creation or their spiritual eyes were still shut tight.
But can you feel the difference between a worm and human consciousness?
Then you immediately see the wonderful possession of our chicken, then you know that Max Heindel thought that the human being was once able to fertilize himself.
But then that is only for California, only for the Rosicrucians and not for us, because this is nonsense.
I think that Max Heindel met snails in California of which he saw the laws of life, and gave them human consciousness. But on the Moon, where they must be born anyway, they do not live!
If you follow the life of a caterpillar, then you will see the reincarnation for that little animal, a while later that same caterpillar flies past you and possesses the universe.
But by what means was that caterpillar born?
Go back a bit and you will see that rotting, that discarded consciousness of the other life, and you will also get to know that creation.
You now stand not only before fatherhood and motherhood for the insect life, but in addition for the space, the universe of that little animal and namely at a divine attunement.
Worthwhile, isn’t it?
It is true.
But Freud will be proved right anyway.
Now it will come, because by means of fatherhood and motherhood, which he makes lust out of, we got to experience the universe.
I now know that it is not our eyes which look, but the spirit, and behind this the personality.
Now the human organs have a great deal to say for the male and maternal life of feeling, because it is those organs, now it will come, which connect us to all the laws of life and grades of life.
If you enter there, then lust means nothing more, but the human personality does.
And now we are not sexually crazy, but maternally and paternally confused, so in conflict with those laws, which experience domination by means of fatherhood and motherhood and are urges for Freud, mean nonsense for Jung, but is nothing else in depth than the becoming free from fatherhood or motherhood.”
“Did you read about Freud, Jozef?”
“No, you know that, for that matter, I was never able to get hold of a book like that, but I know all these people.
When the human being, as mother and as father lets go of both the maternal and paternal grade of life by means of the laws of God, that means that man and woman must experience both organisms, then they enter improbable grades and they are now unconscious for fatherhood and motherhood, but now we enter homosexuality by means of Freud and Jung.
And those academics know everything about that, according to the teachings of ‘Bartje’ then.
For the divine truth they are completely wrong, because they now, which it therefore concerns, start to see the personality and it is that, according to these academics, which is sick, sexually sick, and that spiritually and physically.
But can you feel the great wonder?
The human being, by means of Freud, destroys himself.
He says, they are sexually disharmonic, so also physically, that is for him the human being himself.
I now determine that it are the spatial laws for fatherhood and motherhood by means of which the soul as human being becomes free from the male creating, so by means of reincarnation, will experience a new birth for fatherhood and motherhood.
By means of this the soul is neither maternal nor paternal, so she has stepped out of that natural becoming conscious, however, by means of which she must experience that disharmony, and for Freud it is nothing else but sexual carry-on, the destruction of a human soul.
So Freud was close-by, but he does not know reincarnation, he does not think that it is the human reincarnation which is to blame for those phenomena, but which the human being as man and woman must experience, and is not lust, but the becoming free from fatherhood and motherhood.
So that means, my friend, that we can now give Freud lectures by means of these laws and along with him all the others who think they feel something for psychoanalysis, but the spatial foundation of which they do not want to accept.
That now means that the soul as human being has to experience millions of lives before she is conscious for all the laws of life of this universe, and then she remains conscious for fatherhood and motherhood, so that we can experience: she will also conquer those laws as the personality one day and also remain herself, so possess normal paternal and maternal feeling.
It is not the human lust which flings, pushes, chases the soul as man and woman from the natural balance, but the laws for fatherhood and motherhood.
Of course there is also the human yearning, the wanting to experience the creation, the wanting to be one, but it is still these laws by means of which the human being has lost his natural male and maternal balance, which returns after all when she experiences the conscious creating and giving birth again as man and woman.”
“But good heavens, where is this going?”
“To the University of Christ, my friend, which takes all these academics to the universal awakening.”
“It is worthwhile, Jozef.”
“I understand that and I was able to experience last night for the universe, for human being and for animal, for Mother Nature furthermore.
So that insanity of Freud touches the life of feeling of Jung; when a learned human being like that has to cling to a human bicycle, we can speak of ‘Bartje’, a wisdom, which takes you back-to-front back to God, but by means of which you get lost in this natural maze.
And they are already searching for this exit, but will never find it, because they do not know the soul as human being, or her birth.
They are only capable of seeing her as she was created by God by means of reincarnation.”
“But what did you mean with that worm and that chicken, Jozef?”
“That is simple too, my friend.
The worm got consciousness by means of animal rotting, didn’t it, a louse by means of pollution.
The louse now possesses human characteristics, the worm material earthly ones.
That little animal was born by means of earthly rotting and therefore got consciousness, but the louse originated by means of, now it will come, our consumed life of aura.
Can you feel this?”
“Consumed life of aura, did you say?”
“Yes, after all, we breath in and out, by means of which the physical systems are fed, but is only in order to give those organs the drive in order to be able to work.”
“I do not understand that.”
“Then I will explain it to you in a different way.
A magnetiser heals by means of his aura of life and not by means of breath of life.
Do you understand that?
Because the breath of life, which we breath in, is something entirely different to the aura which our spirit radiates, and so by means of which the organs are fed, and is life for an academic.
But what is life now?
What is spirit and soul?
I got to know all of that last night.
The aura of life is apparently the life of the human being, but that life got physical and spiritual consciousness.
If an organ has now consumed those life juices, now nervous system and blood circulation, heart and brains, liver and gall, and so on, all those organs send out the consumed power of life, but now it will come, by means of which the louse feeds itself, so those powers by means of pollution, which is a rotting process, materially condenses itself, so that we must accept that the louse also has human consciousness.
And now you know immediately by what means that louse wants to experience us precisely, but that is also exactly the same thing again for animal and human being, because a dog also received those little animals, a pig, a horse, at least very different again, but all the living organisms have to do with that and created that grade of life.”
“But where is this going?”
“It is going even deeper, my friend.
By means of that you see that the louse possesses human airs, the worm earthly ones.
But if you want to know, that the human aura of life also radiates all our diseases, then you will start to understand that the human characteristics also live in there and are sometimes smelled by the people, so that you sometimes hear: “You can smell who that man is, you can smell the character”, and it is not so strange, because we consciously radiate our character.
And then we immediately stand before all these creations.
I saw that every cell has to create new life.
By means of our discarded self now, the ape was born in the first place, and of course his own species, but then that creation also went further and all the animal species which we now know and possess, emerged.
Now listen carefully.
Now that we know that every cell must give birth to and create new life, we have to accept that the organs were also able to do that, so the physical systems.
And the life seas filled themselves from those systems now, my friend, however, we get to know our cow, the pig, organisms which were born by means of us, so by means of the organic life.
That explains why all the animals, so the mammals, secrete a same power of life, which is the mother milk for the child, but which now explains by means of which we got those life juices, by means of which fish, cows and other animal life which the feed the human being were born.”
“It is driving me crazy.”
“Not me, I am walking through these creations and recognise them, because they could begin with an own life by means of myself.
So I created my own food, which we, so the Masters, can explain by means of the University of Christ, because they were able to and could follow those grades of life condensed.”
“It is supernatural, Jozef.”
“You say that, but all the life in this universe evolved and when we began with our own life, new grades of life originated, not only for the soul as human being, but in addition by means of our own organism.”
“It is tremendous what you are saying there.
A pity that we did not write that down.”
“That is not necessary, my friend, Master Zelanus is already writing, it is he, along with Master Alcar, who now begins with the Divine lectures for the earth, this afternoon all these laws will be written down, no, these, I think, belong to the third part of the ‘Cosmology’, because we will record the second part first.
By means of that now, my friend, the chicken is on our side and it means, her eggs are necessary for our life.
But that life got organic life by means of us, because the organs had to create and give birth, that organism, to which all those other organisms which feed us belong.
A fish, a cow, a chicken belong to us, because we were born in the waters, Mother Earth also created life for our organism and that life possesses the attunement for our organism, but originated from our self, the discarded skin.”
“Will all of that be described, Jozef?”
“I understand now that the Masters have already begun and you can count on it that every question, each answer from yourself will soon get a place in that part, because everything has meaning for the ‘Cosmology’.
But Freud should have known this.
All the psychologists, but those academics still cannot accept any reincarnation and those laws explain everything.
The wonderful thing now for a chicken is that she possesses fatherhood and motherhood: after all, she gives birth and creates at the same time.”
“But the cock then?”
“The cock, you ask?
It fertilises the life, but the mother as the chicken possess both characteristics, possesses Sun and Moon.
Or do you believe that your wife is capable of laying her children?
Can you feel what I mean?
No, she cannot do that, but a chicken possesses these gifts or laws, also the dove and all the winged animal species and sometimes also the species, seen as post-creations, to which the caterpillar belongs.
So the chicken possesses a wonderful creation.
After all, the new life emerges from her, which is the egg.
That is both giving birth and creating through one organic life, by means of which Max Heindel started to think, and wrote in his Cosmology that the people once fertilised themselves, but is now nonsense, because we would receive as the first stage fatherhood and motherhood as an independence.”
“And what does that mean?”
“That we as human beings became father and mother independently, but by means of the Moon and namely during our embryonic existence.”
“These are truly lectures, Jozef.”
“I understand that.
It tells us that we are in good and namely masterly hands, but everything belongs to the University of Christ.
Max Heindel proves by means of this that he never experienced one conscious disembodiment, or he could never have recorded these mistakes in his Cosmology.
Because he wants to explain these matters in this way, I know both his consciousness and his contact.
And that now means something, my friend, because there are hundreds of thousands of people who accepted him.
For the theosophists that is the same mistake.
Madame Blavatsky thought and says: first nature was born, then the animal and afterwards the human being came.
The theosophists says that, my friend, but that is wrong!
We people were born first and from our discarded self the animal, and only many millions of years later Mother Nature.”
“And did you also see that now, Jozef?”
“No, not that, I already experienced those laws for the books of ‘The Origin of the Universe’, so already before the war, but now the Masters are going deeper, and are laying foundations for the University of Christ.
So all our body parts had to create and give birth.
Those organisms were also born in the waters and we see those post-creations again.
A snake does not possess any spiritual astral going further, neither does an octopus.
Those are now post-creations, which were born by means of lower systems.
So every organ must, during these first hours for our embryonic existence, create and give birth, until the seven grades of life for human and animal have experienced the final, and those rotting processes emerged; by means of which all that life now got an own existence, and we still see, not only on the land, but it can also be experienced and recognised in the waters.
All the life, my friend, comes from the waters, but evolved both for land and water, so got both land and water consciousness, but in addition spatial, which are the winged animal species.
But what time is it?”
“Twelve o’clock, Jozef.”
“Then I must leave, because Master Zelanus will begin.
I greet you, my friends.”
André saunters onwards, back along the water, that life also has something to say again.
But he does not give all those lives any breath, he is still not capable of that, because we want him to attune himself to these laws both materially and to these laws at the same time and to only later give himself to all the life of God.
He now feels that we inspire him, it happened of its own accord, he feels, but meanwhile he received and materialised the laws of life of God, of the All-Source, but now in his organism, as a child of Mother Earth.
But, there comes from his inner self, but how easy it was for the initiates.
Ramakrishna could give himself completely to his followers, he had nothing else to do and could think up and experience the laws, but he never came that deep.
But now do not do any more crazy things.
And that is for Jeus, also for Jozef, they must represent him here.
The human being does not know him, they never know when he is like a Master, but that can be established by means of the wisdom.
I must not search for my hat, he lets himself know, if I am wearing that thing, that is good for pathetic academics.
Even if I am still so far from home, I must and will be normal, or everything will no longer have any meaning.
Now there is no danger, now the people will not be able to say that I am crazy and everything will get the spatial authority, the people will say to themselves and to others, that it is not that crazy after all.
That now means, reader, that he is busy restraining himself, is giving himself a place in society for those who want to follow him, who want to accept him now and later.
But they will then also get to know Jeus and Jozef, but then they will stand before other personalities and they will no longer know what to do.
Later, only much later, André will have to agree that it was them who protected him as André-Dectar for the material life.
Jozef is the city one, Jeus the child from the country, as Dectar he is now the Master.
Jeus mucks around, Jozef already got to deal with his tremendous beating.
The personality Jeus is still sleeping and having a good time, is the fun lover for this character, Jozef is married and must deal with and experience the marriage, which he has nothing to do with as André-Dectar, nothing belongs to him, because he is the instrument of the Masters.
And yet, André can follow the life of Jeus and talk to that life, that happens sometimes, but it wants to be the elevating for all those character traits to the conscious personality, André-Dectar!
Every human being actually has to experience that.
Do art and you will be it!
How many character traits does the human being not possess?
And they got an own life and an own personality here, and also an own independence by means of which you can get to know yourself.
Every human being possesses the child-like, which never dies, but which will get the adult consciousness one day, or you will still be at a standstill.
And it is also wonderful, anyone who has now lost that child-like, therefore feels adult in everything, lacks that beautiful, that pure life of feeling, by means of which the human being is lovely, remains the child of Christ.
Did Christ not speak about that?
“Let the children come to Me, because the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them”, is now Jeus for André, but that child also stands before the Cosmology and has to master the laws for that.
Now that he sinks away, Jeus and Jozef can talk, they do that too.
Jozef must eat, drink and take care of the everyday life.
André too, but now by means of the Masters.
But you will certainly already feel, the instrument of this life is an own independence anyway.
Jeus is not even listening to what André has to tell, and that is now still not possible either, or that youth would not be cosmically conscious and that is not possible.
The spiritual personality, so André-Dectar, is cosmically conscious, and Jeus and Jozef still have to master that.
Put more clearly, we experience the split personality here, and you are also that, reader, every human being is that!
That Jeus will get to experience that sooner or later, that is coming now, the days are coming, that hour has already struck and then we experience wonderful hours.
“But”, André keeps calling and Jeus does not do that, “mother, dear Crisje, if I had not had you, if you had not helped me, what would have become of me then?”
That is also the sacred truth, by means of this bond he now deals with the Cosmology.
In a few hours the life has become different once more, consciousness has now come for the earth and that happened of its own accord.
But can you imagine, dear reader, all of this just like that for yourself sometime?
You will not get to the bottom of it.
You cannot do it, so that André also gets to experience that it is the Masters who give him all of this to experience, but now on earth.
André does not know and feel hunger, Jozef and Jeus do. Jozef must now eat rubbish, if he wants to keep the organism alive, but is sometimes not accepted by Jeus.
When Jozef stands before the sugar beets, it is André who throws that food out, because that pulls him back to an animal-like grade of life and must not happen, that creates miseries for him, but what does André hope to achieve now?
Jozef gets to hear from Jeus:
“That is pig feed, how can you eat that now?”
And when Jozef reacts, Jeus also utters:
“The pigs where we are do not eat that.”
And now these two got into an argument about the food.
André will also be involved, I too, when we begin to write soon, because then that food will dominate me, also him, and that is disharmony.
Jozef says:
“Shut your mouth, it is better than nothing.”
“Are you trying to kid me”, there also comes from Jeus, “that you like that?
Did we have to eat that at home with mother?”
Jeus now goes into the cellar, Jozef takes the consciousness in his hands.
And what does that mean now, dear reader?
I am giving you all these subtle nuances, so that you will also get to know yourself and because it belongs to the Cosmology.
It means that Jozef also becomes unwell from all this pig feed, but which he never ate during his youth, after which he must experience this comparison.
Jeus disappears into the cellar for this purpose, now descends to the subconscious and has to accept this.
Now the personality forces the character traits to listen by means of the own ‘will’ and they therefore have nothing more to say.
Jeus is putting on too many airs, the natural is rebelling against the unnatural.
And then we come home.
I tell André to prepare himself for the writing.
It is too cold in the front room, then we will just begin in the kitchen with the ‘Cosmology’, there is still some heat to be experienced there, old meaningless books are now burnt, the manuscripts of ours now go into the stove, balls are also made from them in order to cook those sugar beets, which Jozef loves so much.
If it is too cold now, then that will restrict me and I cannot keep the physical systems under control.
If Jozef eats too much, then that will destroy me; now the physical systems react too much, and we have to take that into account.
It happened more than once that André could not eat any more during the writing, he was so far away from the material world, but then Master Alcar also had to take care of that and eat now, so for André, because André would otherwise lose his organic powers.
If we now live between both heat and cold, the writing will happen of its own accord.
To be on the safe side he wraps himself in blankets.
By heating the feet well, the systems get food, so that heat itself.
Trembling, or anything else from heat or cold, disturbs, that takes André out of the trance, there may not be any material disturbances.
But within five minutes we have begun, we have laid the first contact, Master Alcar and I, André can see us.
He says cheerfully:
“So, my friend?
What do you hope to achieve in this cold?
To write about Cosmology, here in the kitchen?
Do you wish to look for a needle in this ocean of life?
Do you wish, please let me finish speaking, to fight Adolph Hitler and his gang, his terrible kind?
Do you wish to give the rottenness of this pure mankind a better light for a moment?
To knock down everything of the spiritual faculties?
I will surrender to your life despite everything.”
And he is instantly in our hands now, I can begin!
André now sees that the spiritual clockwork is instantly set and means that we calculate the powers of life which we will use today for the writing.
He hears the ticking of it and can calculate for himself how far we will go today.
But there is a disturbance and a terrible one, the sugar beet soup is working.
I let slip, by means of which you can know that we experience everything:
“How can you eat such food now, now that you know that we must write?”
But now I get to hear from Jozef:
“Is there anything else to eat, inhabitant of heaven?”
That hits the mark, Master Alcar laughs heartily, I forgot for a moment that Jozef must eat, but now we must vomit first, experience something else, before we can go further.
Before we began to write, Jozef ate, it could not be avoided anyway, the Viennese woman has nothing else and she wants Jozef to eat, or he will no longer be able to do this work.
But now what?
Master Alcar does something, the Master descends into the organism and pushes those phenomena to the human coffin, to the process, where it must go, but must now experience an acceleration.
A Master can do that.
A moment later that pressure on the stomach has disappeared and we can go further.
But no more sugar beet soup, then just nothing, we can no longer stand it.
Anyone who sees him writing like that will think that he is busy himself.
But one sheet of paper after the other flies out of the typewriter and Jeus, nor Jozef can do that, only André can do that and he gets the writing for nothing.
André can now follow me, can experience everything, if he wants that, we have now developed that far.
I have now got hold of seventy-five percent of his life of feeling for the writing.
By means of the own twenty-five percent, so by means of which he feeds the organism, he can follow me.
When I have finished some pages, he looks at me for a moment and says:
“That is always still a great wonder for me, Master Zelanus.”
I give him an answer while writing, I send him my own feelings while writing, I can do that and still do not make any mistakes, do not hit any wrong keys, which is also a wonder for him once more, but for us as spiritual personalities is nothing more than consciousness.
André will now experience yet other wonders, but he hears from me:
“That’s it, André.”
I go further, he waits a moment, and then there comes to me again:
“It is worthwhile.
I would also like that.
I would also like to write.”
“But you are doing that, aren’t you?”
“I am not doing that.
I cannot do what you are doing there, I have never learned that.
And what would Jeus and Jozef hope to achieve now?”
“They cannot do it, they have not had any school, or education for that, André-Dectar.”
He waits again, I go further.
The typewriter rattles and the sugar beet soup is also going down, we are no longer bothered by it now.
The Viennese woman hears the rattling, now and again I must also give her an answer, because she does not pay any attention to this writing and is, and has remained perfectly normal during all those years.
It is actually her who has never let go of this perfectly normal, has never taken André into account, for her he has remained Jozef or Jopie.
And Master Alcar wanted that, and we also take that into account.
And then there comes from André:
“I saw, Master Zelanus, that my follower was upset by what I told him this morning.”
“Probably”, I say back to him, they are short answers, but by means of which André feels that we can also experience this oneness.
That was not possible before, but now we have developed that far that this is also possible.
Now there is uttered: “Good day, dear.
But why are you working so hard?
You will go through your chair from hunger.
Why must you work so hard now with a body like that?”
That is the Viennese woman, dear reader.
Is she wrong?
But we are working and have to give her an answer.
Sometimes Master Alcar does that, now I must answer her and give her my grumble, something which says: yes, but what do you want?
She just takes hold of me, I get to experience a material kiss.
André winks at me, he knows it, he feels what this says.
It is wonderful, because she is a child, a simple child, I would not have wanted to accept this kiss from another personality.
I give her my kiss on the hands back, to which she says:
“My crazy darling?”
This love is immaculate and humanly pure.
I feel happy, but go further.
André smiles, but does not say anything, he lets me feel his feelings.
Yes, that word disturbed me for a moment, I can still hear it, it falls on the piece of paper, I throw that page out and can begin again.
Idiot does not sound bad. Idiot?
Idiot, it still resounds, but then that word must be killed, or I will be attached to it and then will not be able to go further.
André thinks, but where does Master Zelanus get that consciousness from, he does not let himself be disturbed by anything.
The Viennese woman goes further, potters around us, and we too, we continue what André experienced.
Everything is recorded, also his thinking and feeling, which makes the Cosmology attractive and by means of which the human being will also get to know himself on earth.
When I have written five pages, we get to hear from the Viennese woman:
“But what a world it is.
No, I do not mean that, I mean, but what kind of people live there.
My mother always said, the earth is the paradise, but the people are the devils.”
When no answer comes, she asks:
“Are you not saying anything?”
And then I must answer again and say to her: “Your mother was pure, it is true.
The earth is sweet, the earth is beautiful, but the people are the devils and the demons.”
I go further!
André winks at me and at Master Alcar again, it is sweet.
And a moment later there comes:
“I do not wish to return to the earth again.
Not as a woman either, I have just had enough of all that stumbling along.
If I have to return, then I will do it differently.
I will go then, well, what would I go and do then?”
We work on, when she does not give any concrete thoughts, we do not give her an answer either, she understands and feels that.
And a moment later again there comes:
“That rotten stove.
How can that thing burn now, when you do not have anything to burn?
How difficult life is now.”
And I go further, André sees, in between this talk we are writing about cosmic systems, I have written the first pages for the second part of the Cosmology.
When she says something about these times, I say back to her:
“That is true, love, but these times must not destroy your personality.” To which she says to me:
“How polite you are to me?
The polite form of address?
Don’t make me laugh.”
Sometimes she hears that Jozef is no longer there, but then she gets to experience that polite form, but then it is us.
She has a lot to say today and that is because we cannot write in the front room.
We are now sitting too close to her surroundings.
“It is terrible, horrible, but now just keep calm.”
“You will just have to try that, dear, won’t you?” she gets back, then I get to experience her kiss again.
André thinks, he follows me, but he has to smile for a moment, there is now nothing more to be experienced from Jozef and Jeus.
But the typewriter is haunting, we are now haunting by means of the writing, those are also wonders for André-Dectar.
“You used to play with Jeus”, André sends to me, “but it was me.
Now you are writing by means of me, and we are playing again.
Is that not a real wonder?
What do the academics know about this now?
But it is a great wonder!
I can see that you are haunting now, Master, Lantos Dumonché?
It is wonderful.
What was the kiss from the Viennese woman like?
Is she not sweet?
Not a little child.
And that is also wonderful.
It is a pity that she cannot experience anything of all these wonderful things.
But who would be able to experience it here as wife of the earth?
I do not believe anyone would.
And if that was the case, I now see, we would immediately be at a standstill too, because you cannot take that life into this.”
And it is true, as it now is, it is well-finished!
The Masters also took care of that.
André follows the writing, so we are connected together with these laws, but I am writing!
André reads on page 6:
‘Is this still nonsense for your life?
Or is it beginning to dawn inside, is a life sun rising for your conscious little self and do you want to understand something?
Do you understand that God is light for the day and made one for the night?
It is Mother Earth!’
And a moment later, between the talking of the Viennese woman, he reads:
‘Did a bit more light enter you?
Can you now accept me for a few minutes?
Is all of this not wonderful then?
I have seen God!
I have spoken to God!
I was able to experience God!
I got His love!
I got to know God as Father and especially as Mother!
I now know the Divine laws!
I now know the grades of life for your soul and your spirit!
I know all the worlds of God, for us people and the animal and the life of Mother Nature.’
I go further, he can experience this and follow me, and it is a wonder for his personality.
We are on page seven, he just looks over my shoulders and reads:
‘I have the food and drink for the whole of this mankind!
I have the love for this mankind!
I have the ‘knowledge’ for this mankind!
I have received the way, the truth and the life for this mankind.
Can you now open yourself a bit, dear human child of this so beautiful world, beautiful earth?’
I go further, André now sees that our ‘Cosmology’ gets Divine meaning.
How far can we go today?
But when a V2 passes over, there comes:
“You are not sure of your life for a single second.
There goes another dirty thing, such a horrible monster and then no food, nothing more, only misery.”
I have reached page eight, another while and then we can say for today, enough, but I want to write ten of them.
Every day ten, those are twenty pages of reading, that is the book finished in thirty days, in twenty days.
We want, if it is possible, to break a record, André and I, so that Master Alcar can soon begin the following journey.
And then there comes again:
“Will you be writing for long today?
Have you still not done enough?
Husband, just do not work so hard.
For this terrible world?
Should you slave like that for all those dreadful people?”
“A while longer, child, and I will have made it”, I say back to her and then we only hear the typewriter rattling, but we write and work for this so poor mankind, so that damnation will disappear!
So that the human being will know that it is he himself who has made bits and pieces.
But systems are experienced here, Socrates, psychologist of the earth, here we experience Divine reality!
Kiss me again, I wanted to ask her, but I go further, but we send all her love to Golgotha!
She will also experience her wonderful place in the Cosmology, Crisje too, Jeus and Jozef too and all of them have to do with André.
The typewriter rattles, it is a wonderful sound.
André, I see, is going for a walk through the house.
He can do that, nothing is stopping him.
Through the hallway to the front room.
What time is it there?
Almost five o’clock.
Another moment and then the clock will strike.
He waits, I feel, I can see too, and then the clock strikes five o’clock.
That is also a wonder for him, again and again, but as a child he was already able to experience that.
Now he is cosmically aware of it.
From his world he hears the ticking of the clock.
Freud, academics, if you experience this, then you will have made it instantly.
But you cannot be reached.
Those feelings will also get a place in the ‘Cosmology’, because these are facts.
It is wonderful listening to the ticking of the typewriter, he thinks, and I receive that from his life.
Master Alcar has gone, I will also go soon and will then be ready for the earth.
Then André will return to me.
In this way we go further!
I am almost there.
André will soon feel how many powers I have used.
That poor organism must go further, even if he is skin and bone, we will write, despite everything, mankind will help us to carry anyway, by means of this poverty André can deal with the laws.
If there was human happiness on earth, then it would be more difficult for us, because the ‘Cosmology’ is so wonderful.
But the human suffering will help us, this pressure, that heaviness has to do with our life and has attunement to all these laws.
Another while and I must stop.
Now André can take over the organism again and if he wants, force Jozef to represent the personality, that remains in his hands.
This afternoon we wrote twenty pages and it happened of its own accord, there are no disturbances, or any V2s.
Even if the rockets fly over our life, they will no longer disturb us, we will continue to write, we are completely closed off by the Masters, but this development has taken fifteen years!
We ploughed and sowed a small meaningless piece of the All-Maternal today.
Anyone who is open to this later, will grasp it, we know, one day the whole of mankind will read our experiencing, the books of André-Dectar!
And then we are that far.
André returns and asks:
“Where are we going now, Master Zelanus?
“To the Moon, André.
My pupils are waiting there.
I have already been there for a hundred years and I will remain there for the time being in order to open the people on the other side to all the laws of life.
That is my task, outside of this, which we experience together for mankind.
We, you know that, no longer need to rest.”
“A pity, we could also have written another dozen pages.”
“No, André, order from Master Alcar, it is enough for today.
We have to take that into account, it is your body.”
“Give Mother Moon my kiss, Master Zelanus.”
“I will not forget that, but she has already felt your kiss.”
“And the greetings to my Wayti.”
“That has also already happened, André, and she will feel you.
But now think about the sugar beets.
See you tomorrow, André-Dectar.”
“See you tomorrow, I will be ready.”
“We know that.
And now, see you tomorrow.”
I am gone, the contact has been broken.
I fly through the universe and go back to Mother Moon, where all my followers are.
André can follow me.
Freud and other people are also there, the academics of this world will get a lecture from the University of Christ.
André now reads what I have written.
A few pupils are also allowed to read it, they take away that cosmic pressure from him, and he will be ready tomorrow again.
He can now think, for the Cosmology and for himself.
And he is already beginning.
It is a big mess!
Academics ridicule themselves for the universe!
Poverty trump card !
But they will have to accept me one day!
We do not write in the mornings, or it will be too much, he needs fresh air first.
And outside he can talk to all the life and he gets to experience the material, but now cosmic oneness, by means of which Master Alcar opens him.
By means of this we can go further and continually deeper.
So what he must experience on the other side is also for the earth, because all these laws live there.
And those are people and animals, flowers and plants.
Now he does not need to disembody, now he will sleep naturally this evening, but we have begun.
Good heavens, the body looks awful, he determines in the evening and looks at himself.
As long as I can deal with, stand that.
But what Master Zelanus has written is wonderful.
I am no longer a human being.
Men and woman are on the decline, they too, but not spiritually.
These people rise above everything of the earth, what they experience is love and pure happiness, and by means of that they will keep going.
But he knows, I am experiencing pure spiritual silence.
And we know what he can do, this André-Dectar, and we have, all the Masters, women and men in our life have sacred respect for that, sacred respect!
Christ too!
We know what it costs him, what he has to deal with, but he has also become the Prince of the Universe for that purpose!
And that means everything!
From our life we send him our thoughts, he cannot release himself from that; it is the Masters who force him to think in this direction.
And every thought is laid down. What he thinks about and what he meets on earth, speaks to his personality.
You will get to know that these thoughts and feelings come to him infallibly by what he now does, thoughts which I pass on from the universe to his life and personality and according to which he will act.
I now force him to go outside for a moment, into the street in order to draw breath, but we are doing something, I am doing it!
And suddenly he is standing in a florists buying some flowers.
“Who is trying that on with me”, he wonders.
“People used to send me into the butchers in order to buy meat for sick people, and now flowers?
Now that he has come so far, he hears me say:
“For the Viennese woman, André.
I wanted to thank her for her sweet thoughts, her pure kiss.
Is it possible?
Just lend me those material cents, I will make amends for everything on this side.”
He sends me:
“Kind soul.”
But his heart is open to warm-hearted deeds and love.
How can it be?
A Master from the other side is sending the Viennese woman flowers.
Flowers from the Spheres of Light, they are coming straight from the Moon.
But there is not much out of the ordinary for sale now, he takes what he can get, he determines for himself that they look more like nettles than Universal Roses.
And then he returns to the Viennese woman.
“What have you got there?”
“Flowers for you, flowers from Master Zelanus.
Well, I could not get any other ones, but do not forget, love means more to you than these nettles.”
“My crazy darling?”
“Why am I a crazy thing now?”
“Who buys flowers now during these times, after all, there is nothing out of the ordinary to be got.”
“That is true, but these will remain healthy, they will not die.
These have actually already died, because they come from the Moon.
Can you see this kiss?
Can you feel this kiss?
Just look, just feel, it is a divine kiss.
Can you not see the card?
When Ardaty gave warnings to the priests in the Temple of Isis, exactly the same thing happened as this now, you can read the spiritual card, can’t you?
And it says there: from Master Zelanus, for your kiss.
You know ‘Between Life and Death’; but this is also love.”
“I am getting flowers from Master Zelanus?”
“Yes, child, because you talked to him so wonderfully.”
“To him?”
“Yes, during the writing, I heard exactly what you chatted about, it was wonderful.
And now Master Zelanus has bought these flowers for you.
Worthwhile, you can think about it.”
And now thinking.
He speeds up, dissolves for the earth, but continues to feel oneness with the human society.
Both thousands of thoughts and problems charge at his life.
It is natural, now that we are not there, that our being one with his life continues to keep the universal contact, he must analyse the thought of the human being, or we will not come any further.
And that must now happen on the street, or wherever he is to be found, he must think about all the life, about Socrates, Jung and Adler, the theosophy, he must make comparisons for the Cosmology and it is his task for now when we have broken the contact.
That gives you, dear reader, that once you are that far, you can also continually experience the spiritual contact, this being one with your loved ones, if you wish to think as André-Dectar does, or you will not get to experience any being one, it will not be possible now!
The time now, which will come, the days that we are not writing, or the hours when he is free from the Other Side, are true lectures for your life and personality.
The Prince of the Universe lives there in that little kitchen at a cosmic attunement.
And then it begins, there is no one in the street, there is calm here, but they are sitting there in front of their little light; some oil and a piece of shoe lace, as millions in Europe have to accept.
However, this life stands opposite Adolph Hitler and his devils and represents the good!
Christ is watching!
God is still Love!
The messengers of God are watching!
But in a way in which people cannot imagine, so differently to how the Protestant and the Catholic child can imagine it.
The Divine systems are analysed here.
How deep is love?
Well, how deep is love?
As deep as the human being possesses and has to give in feeling.
If I now experience a kiss and some love, then I have to do with that personality.
And if that personality knows about these laws, I will get to experience a spiritual kiss, spiritual love, which everyone searches for, which means the happiness for this world.
And all the people search for that, but all those people have nothing to spare for that, a Protestant and a Catholic also want to experience that, but now those children do not become free from their damnation and they stand before a dead kiss, which does not touch soul or spirit.
It is true!
A woman is the most sacred thing which lives on earth, by means of her you can experience happiness as a man, without her the life on earth would have no meaning.
But how deep is a woman?
What does she have to give the life of feeling of ‘man’?
Will people, all those perfectly ordinary people, who do not want to know anything about these cosmic treasures be able to give that love?
Why do so many people get divorced?
Do those people think that they have already experienced each others’ life and consciousness?
People who do not want to experience anything of these laws, do not experience any spiritual love.
That life is shallow, the kiss shallow, that kiss and that love were given and experienced materially.
Give me a kiss, dear?
Wayti, can you feel my kiss?
Are my soul and my life of feeling not attached to that?
What is the kiss of a theosophist like?
What is the kiss of a Rosicrucian like?
What is the kiss of an initiate like?
What is the kiss of a Reformed child of Mother Earth like?
Do not make me cry.
It is yuck, now come with me to this cosmic oneness?
Mothers, I possess love!
How did Annie Besant kiss?
How does Krishnamurti kiss?
How did Ramakrishna kiss?
Van Dyck?
The human being gives his love according to his consciousness.
And now the human kiss is deep, that is love, surrendering and experiencing the own grade of life.
But I did not think, he thinks, that nettles could smell like that.
It is spiritual perfume, you can smell spiritual consciousness, it is as wonderful as spatial phosphorus, it is pure breath of life.
They go to sleep, it is half past seven, it is better in bed than in the cold kitchen and then he can think.
V2s again.
The people tremble in bed.
The remaining cups roll over the ground and break.
But those cursed krauts; no, those dreadful Nazis.
You can destroy yourself spiritually by means of curses.
It is painful.
But he thinks about the German soldiers who came to collect his books.
The neighbours thought that he was working for the Germans.
What do you want with that man, cobbler?
That man is coming to collect my books and is not a murderer, not every German is a Nazi.
How the people hate the life of God.
Those Germans want nothing to do with Adolph, even if those boys are here in our country, cobbler?
If you think like that, then you are like Caiphas, little mites.
Poor believers?
And that is ecclesiastical?
That is religious?
That wants to enter a heaven?
Is that love?
Is that your kiss for the God of all this life?
Can you see now how pathetic your life kiss is for the life of God?
And do you want God to grow flowers from your train of thought?
Other lives killed because of your thinking?
You see, you are so poor, cobbler, and all those who live around me.
Then it is better to have no faith, like here downstairs, but those people do not mock now, do not destroy, do not destroy the life of God by means of their life of feeling, even if I want nothing to do with that type.
They are false!
Poor Erich Kohlen.
You are in Russia, but I am thinking of you.
Did you see me a moment ago standing next to you, there in that barren ice-cold plain?
I am there and I received your thoughts.
The student is also sending out again, but I still do not react, that man means nothing to me, he can still get angry and that must not happen; now you will never get to experience this contact.
If you are having a hard time of it there, Erich, then think about me.
The books of the Masters will support you in that.
It must be gruesome to experience that hell there, but you will come back to your wife and children pure and will stand miles higher than all these cruel Dutch people, who possess a God but hate with a vengeance.
And they call themselves Christians!
They are plague spreaders at a spiritual attunement.
You must first know the mentality of our spiritual anaemic people, if you want to experience this mentality, but then you will stand before this naked personality.
And then you see what these masses do and have learned by means of the religion, there is now no question of spiritual love.
But Golgotha will heal them!
Can you see me, Erich?
Can you feel that we are one?
Our people needs this slap , but those masses do not want that, bowing their heads will come later, but then for ten seconds, tomorrow they will hate again.
Because you do not have a God, no God was born for this wretched love.
You must be destroyed!
Oh well, can you disagree with them?
It is Adolph!
They did not want a war here.
But you do not hate, Erich, you will not be able to hate and yet you are a German, there are also Russians who do not want to hate.
But I can feel your cold, it is terrible, how well off we still are.
My material systems absorb themselves full by means of the heat of the little bed.
I enjoy myself, even if the organism is rattling, I myself am happy. And what am I like now?
Now the Masters are working on my organism, they are following the blood circulation, my heart, which got a slap twice in 1939 and I myself fell on the floor, because that angina lived it up.
The tension, ‘The Origin of the Universe’ did that, those books were therefore written by my blood, Erich, so that you can accept that I also had to deal with my slaps.
I feel that there is something between my lungs, but Master Alcar will get that out again.
You will believe it of course, dying is the most wonderful bliss which there is for me.
It is crazy, sometimes I want to leave for good, but then I see all those miserable people before me and I begin again.
It is that cursed powerlessness which finishes you.
I can make this whole world happy and the people do not want that happiness.
That hits you, Erich, and that was the worst thing for Christ!
Not the crucifixion, but His powerlessness as a Divine conscious being beat Him so much.
I can understand that now, because I have got to know the Divine laws.
The Fuehrer sends his character traits to the English people and wants to murder Israel (this refers to the House of Israel, the house to which everyone belongs who believes in one God and loves everything which lives).
But what was possible for ten thousand years, cannot happen now either. Israel cannot be destroyed, Adolph!
Did you not know that?
I already told you it ten times; you will be destroyed, I already told you in 1935, but you did not want to listen.
Now you stand before your material end and you can murder yourself, no more will remain for you.
Poor dog!
And along with you all the others who followed you.
Goodbye, my Erich, I am going to sleep.
Tomorrow I must write and we need many powers for that.
I will see you again!
I know now that you will not perish, you will come back to wife and children!
It is fine like this, universe, I feel myself light.
Yesterday I thought that the universe was pressing on my human shoulders, but now I am different.
Thank you, my Master Alcar!
The following V2s keep him awake, but the sleep comes, and also the dreaming, while he is asleep he crawls over the earth, he goes through coffins and undergoes one rotting after another, experiences the ‘worm’, the human corpse, until he wakes up in the morning.
He jumps out of bed for the natural urge, dashes back into bed and sleeps now, without dreams, free from all those worlds, but feels that he has been on his way for thousands of years.
Under the ground he experienced worlds, he underwent post-creations and is conscious of every grade of life.
People let him experience dreams, so that he can think today.
When he wakes up, he can begin.
You would become afraid of it, but you are not and it is not gruesome either.
All that life has meaning, it is cosmology!
But a snake is a monster.
A crocodile too, not apes, they originated from us people.
But that Darwin.
The University of Christ has been opened now.
I can feel it and I must think for that.
“You see, Rama, it is going good like this, but you were not able to do that.
Nor Blavatsky.
You never heard V2s during your life, because they would have knocked you from your spiritual balance.
Not me!
You were not open to food and drink, you did not care about that, nor do I.
But this society rarefied you, me too, but I still stand on my own two feet.
Is that not worthwhile, Rama?
You can recognise the animals now, Rama, which belong to creation.
You see those species and every species created again, gave birth too, by means of which yet other grades originated and the inbreeding began.
And now I saw, Rama, that the first grade of life emerged from the waters, but would multiply, also embellish itself, and that happened by means of Mother Earth; after all, the prehistoric animals dissolved, but they have now reached the higher stage for our age, they are now the horses, the cows, they are dogs and cats.
So from the jungle back to the city, just as we people experienced that, it is so clear!
Did you see me crawling under the earth, Rama?
When I was there last night, I thought about you.
But those animals.
How many ranks and grades did they not create for themselves.
There are seven grades and that means, seven times into the lowness, and every grade created new life.
Do you already know how many animals were born from all those grades of life, for the inbreeding and the existing creation?
And those species are to be found under the actual species, which I see as the primal source for a grade of life, it is the material-physical foundation.
Nice, Rama?
It is too!
I then saw myself when I still lived in the jungle.
I was also sitting there under the ground and lived in a tree, but I had many wives around me, by means of which I lived it up and created little children.
Sometimes I ran from one grade to the other, also created little children there. And then, Rama?
Then I fragmented my own grade of life, I messed up my primal attunement, because I was one with the third, the second and also the fifth grade for my organic life, by means of which I sullied my own creation.
Can you feel it?
And now the people in society wonder why the human being no longer possesses any resistance.
By means of this, Rama, we people discarded, lost our natural resistance, and then we could no longer stand heat, or cold.
And now the diseases came.
I saw and experienced that during my nocturnal journey.
However, I saw, when those seven grades of life had lived it up for the creation, that rotting continued, and those now became those post-creations from which all these vermin were born, but which could never experience spiritual consciousness beyond this death.
Can you also feel this, Rama?
The human being is the highest image of creation for God.
But this animal-like being wages war.
That animal kills, is blood-thirsty.
That animal is now called Adolph Hitler and his kind!
But every animal as human being is to blame for this misery, but this animal no longer wants to know that.
Undress a general like that and you will only see his little grade of life.
I have no respect for fashionable people.
I have no respect for queens, or kings, emperors, and so on, who sully the life of God, I undress them and I see their little poverties outstanding and can no longer feel any respect.
You should look at a human being like that, Rama, with all those ribbons and metal nonsense on the jacket.
That makes you sick, if you know these grades of life.
Can you hear how they rant on, that they are angry at me?
Rama, the Church takes part in the last judgement.
I saw there that the human bones were rotten, how do all those millions now wish to find their own skeleton again when the heavens begin to trumpet?
I saw that moment.
And then I saw, if that would really happen one day, that the woman was walking round with two right arms, put on a male head, because the human being ploughed up the churchyards during the centuries which had passed, so that a big argument came about, about the skeletons, Rama, how those people argued about the bones.
And that will happen, if the Church is right, if the Church gets what she gives the people to enjoy and proclaims as Divine truth.
Millions of people no longer had a skeleton, those bones were burnt by the cremation and yet they must arise from the graves, appear before God.
Can you feel the poverty and did you, when you were still here, think about all those possibilities?
That is the Catholic Church, Rama!
The possession of that body which says that it is the only-sanctifying Church.
Count me out, I shiver from all those benevolences.
I know one other God, and this one is Love, that one of Mine gives me millions of lives to experience and says: you will get a new existence, that of the Catholic Church will walk itself to death!
You could laugh yourself silly, if it was not so sad, my Ramakrishna.
A human corpse therefore means nothing more.
But how stupid the Egyptians were, now that they put all that gold and silver with the corpse, which people could certainly have used for something much better.
And they also still had to learn that.
In this way I am now capable of giving the cosmic word to all those sects, I could be the Master for all these sects and then they would get cosmic consciousness, they would be well-off with me.
I got the word for all the religions on earth, Rama, you know that, for that matter.
You should see, Rama, how infallibly the human louse gave itself consciousness, that is also a wonder.
Even our used aura of life created a new life, so the post-creations are that deep.
Is that something?
But did you know that I have many Catholic readers?
If you think how the Catholic Church burnt people at the stake, you will be frightened.
And yet the priest says: there were only ten of them.
There were just ten people who were eliminated by the Church, to which our ‘Galilei’ belongs, even if he was not burnt at the stake, but his life was eliminated – a pope could do that – because the Church thought that they were practising witchcraft, haunting, and feared for the other worshippers.
But such a pathetic Catholic Church, and people call that holy mother.
I cannot understand that the millions of people from that Church do not begin to think.
And yet, I know it, that herd animal still has to awaken.
But try telling it to that kind?
The people of Galilei banged his fists on the table, Rama, because he did not want the Earth to revolve around the Sun and then Galilei went into the can.
But the Catholic Church has forgotten that.
Those lies were no longer there, nor those stakes.
And yet, we know it, that power will soon collapse.
It will happen in one night!
And then it will be: gone holy father, gone cardinals.
Gone priests, nuns, you must give birth and create!
I know it, Rama, then the Masters will speak!
Then it will be our turn!
Then we will speak!
We, the Masters of the University of Christ!
How those people will stink, Rama, so when the last judgement begins for the Church, when they appear before their God.
Would you think that God will tolerate that corpse smell in ‘HIS’ world?
I thought just like that for the Church.
But that poor Galilei.
If they could get me, I would perish, Rama.
But we now live in the twentieth century, that power is over and the rest will come soon.
But they have just closed off the progress for this mankind in their own dungeon.
And yet?
The Church does not make any mistakes!
And those millions of little animals believe everything!
When I was living under the ground last night, Rama, I thought about this last judgement and still had to laugh out loud.
The stars and planets followed me and Galilei called to me: “Now let her have it, André-Dectar, she has earned it!”
I avenge Galilei and Socrates by means of this wisdom, by means of the laws of life, Rama, you know that.
But what nonsense all those priests and cardinals talked, also those holy fathers during these two thousand years.
They made a divine apparition out of Peter, and he ran away fast precisely when Christ needed him.
But I would like to see that woman sometime with her ribs from another grade of life, when she has to appear before God, good heavens, what fun we will have then.
And then all those people from the prehistoric age, Rama, what do they hope to achieve now?
That is the dance of death for the Catholic Church with a careful swoon, because that is certain that all those children of the Church will succumb, but from shock, because they can no longer find any bones.
And it is only then that a nun will get to know herself, it is only now that she will see that she has suffocated her creations, all those children will not awaken before that anyway.
How, my dear Rama, will they cuddle each other now?
By means of the rattling of the bones, heads, arms and mouths?
Ask Beethoven or Bach sometime, whether they cannot find one human being on earth who wants to experience their composition, and then passes it onto the Church, then the Church can experience the last judgement at a cosmic attunement.
Good heavens, Rama, what music we will hear now.
Because that is music!”
When he hears that Jeus lets rip from his cellar, and a while later says:
“If I came home past the church, I would no longer take off my cap, because that woman has still never said good day to me”, he can agree with him, because it is true.
And then he dissolves for a moment into Jeus and he gets to hear: “Do you remember, Jeus, that we sometimes stood in front of the church for hours in order to wait whether that holy mother did not have anything to say to us ?”
“I remember”, there comes upwards, “I have still not forgotten that.”
“Do you remember, Jeus, that I bit on Our Lord along with Theet Schuurman and Jan Kuper and then I thought that the church would collapse?”
“No, I know nothing about that.”
“So you see now, Jeus, that all those things were for me and cannot be from you.
Do you remember that I spoke to father when he had already been buried?”
“You cannot know that either, because those were my experiences and not those of Jeus, of you, I experienced all those wonderful hours.”
“But, my Rama”, Jeus has to go again, “little butterflies are also post-creations, even if those animals are gifted with the Divine realm of colours, they still belong to the post-creation.
Did you already know that on earth?”
“Master, can you hear me?”
“That is that student, Rama, he is sending out, but I will not go into him yet.
But what kind of German are we hearing in the spiritual ether.
Butterflies, my Rama, were born by means of the thousands of inbreeding processes.
And yet, those post-creations also possess fatherhood and motherhood, yes, they have more than that, they even possess the Divine realm of colours!
Is that not supernatural?
It is wonderful!
And yet so simple, if you know the creation.
The caterpillar now possesses both crawling and elevating life of feeling and it means, the animal elevates itself to the spatial life of feeling, which is a leap which took millions of ages for other species.
Can you also feel this, Ramakrishna?
It is exactly the same thing as the wonder ‘chicken’, that little animal gives birth and creates, Rama, but also experiences at that moment the elemental condensing and hardening laws for the universe, which also took millions of ages before the life possessed that hardening.
But our perfectly ordinary chicken possesses those laws of life and does not even know it.
And the human being who looks at it, does not know either that a cosmic event is taking place there, that does not even get through to him.
But can you feel the great wonder?
During those millions of ages all the life of God got that independence and we see, Rama, that the post-creations also possess everything of the Primal Source.
But why did you want to throw yourself in the water, when you had experienced the Mother, had you already lost your conscious feeling and thinking then?
You see now what I must deal with and it happens of its own accord, but, I also stood before the waters, also wanted to go in, in order to disappear from here, the Mother had got me so much.
I now know it for sure, I will no longer succumb, I will keep going.
Because your succumbing, the forgetting that you still lived in the material, is now my foundation, by means of that we are now so cosmically one!
Butterflies are wonderful little animals, Rama, because from a caterpillar like that you see the Primal Source again.
Mother Moon did not experience it any differently.
Schließlich (after all) we come from the waters.
Can you hear it?
There are also Germans who think about that!”
And now out of bed.
The day has begun.
Soon Master Zelanus will come and we will go further.
I am now a bit lighter for the Cosmology and can bear everything, I have made it through, space, ‘Wayti’... I have already made it!
“I know it, André, go on like that!”
Now first make a cross for Christ.
A cross of both gratitude and happiness, a flower from myself.
That is how I want to see it!
“Out of gratitude for everything, from Ramakrishna and me.
A flower from us for Your life, Christ ...
Would you wish to accept our thanks?
We do not want any kiss sacrifice, we are going through our own corpse to Your life and space!”
That is his prayer this morning.
And while he is getting dressed he begins again and the universe gets to hear:
“When the soul as human being, Annie Besant, began with her own building up and became father and mother, that fatherhood and motherhood were present in the universe anyway.
And then God placed in our hands what He had got for himself by means of the All-Mother.
So that word God means nothing for the Church, but the laws are much worse.
You must get to know them as a human being and master the universes of them.
God is just a word!
The human being on earth feels and sees a human being now, because God spoke to Moses.
But that was not God, that was a Master from the seventh sphere, Rama.
Did you know that too?
Were you able to experience all these divine matters in your own life on earth?
No, you could not do that, you experienced everything differently, for your own people, but this is for the whole of mankind.
Freud, for you these were sexual urges.
But try looking behind that?
There, where you are now, everything is different.
Now you can see that fatherhood and motherhood must be experienced by the soul and that she does not possess any conscious fatherhood or motherhood on earth as a man and as a woman.
You saw that in the personality, but it is that Primal Source, by means of which the personality was influenced.
Can you feel this, Rama?
Can you feel that Freud was completely mistaken and he was not able to lay any scientific foundations?
This is why other people outstrip him again, because he did not feel the true foundation.
These are Divine laws of justice, my Rama!
And they are for fatherhood and motherhood.
I will explain all the homosexuals of the earth to them, and now they are no longer homosexuals, but half-conscious beings for fatherhood and motherhood.
It is wonderful and I have made it!
There are diseases, spiritual diseases on earth, of course, but what is sick now?
We say, those are half-conscious beings, there is no question of being truly sick, even if you are sitting behind the walls of a mental institution.
And we will also prove those laws to you, those foundations are also laid for the Temple of Christ now.
Seelisch leben, mein Freud, hat UniverseleTiefe.2)
Or would you say it differently?
The soul does not take itself to the sexual, but to fatherhood and motherhood, the conscious natural fatherhood and motherhood, in which men and woman live, but the rest of this mankind still does not possess.
That means, my Rama and my Freud, that we as people, as men and women still do not possess any creating, or giving birth life of feeling, because we discarded that previous grade for fatherhood and motherhood.
Do you not feel that, Dr Freud?
That means that we must keep on letting go of that achieved grade of consciousness for fatherhood and motherhood.
Can you still not feel that?
Then something else.
Do you accept that we as people lived in the jungle?
Yes, well, those people also experience fatherhood and motherhood.
But the people who now live in The Hague or elsewhere, somewhere else, do too.
And those are now the grades of life for the human organism, seen and experienced as grades, but they are in addition also father and mother.
And now that we come to stand before the spiritual, so philosophical systems, before the psychology of the human being, we experience these organic laws, which must now represent the All-Source as giving birth and creating powers and forces, by means of which the All-Mother also manifested herself.
Is that clear?
But wait a moment, I must just bring the Viennese woman her coffee substitute, then I will go on immediately.
So, I am here, Rama, is Freud still there?
You studied, Freud, but I was a taxi driver, will you never forget that?
My University lives in the universe.
Freud attacks my life, because of those sexual urges of his I am no longer a normal human being, but I will now prove that to him.
No, Freud, all mothers are not wickednesses, not hysterics, I will also prove that to you.
Socrates, can you hear it, we have begun!
Galilei, will you also come along?
Rudolf, will you also come to have a look?
Come into my aura of life, dears, and we will chop all these systems into bits and pieces.
Blavatsky, now you can learn something.
Annie, will you come too?
I now want, as André-Dectar, that you are both next to and in me, it is now becoming deadly seriousness.
Your pages are also being written now, also those of Caiphas, of Pythagoras too, of Van Dyck as my Master, of Rembrandt and for all the arts and sciences, every religion and psychology.
And now further.
When the soul as human being began with her own building up, so for her personality, and she stood before her world of feeling as man and woman, that was the fatherhood and motherhood.
She went under in her social life, also in the jungle already, but we are not talking about that now.
How is that human organism actually put together?
Do the doctors know this machine?
No, because they do not know the soul, not the spirit and still not the life.
And it is these three wonderful dominating characteristics which manifest themselves by means of the organism, but which get form and personality when fatherhood and motherhood emerge.
And now we have seen that man and woman must live in both organisms.
The man still has to carry motherhood, also the mother the male part for her mother-organism.
So the soul sends her organs this consciousness and now determines whether she will become father or mother.
Is that crazy?
That is now my study!
By means of this we show that the soul as mother is not sick, but that she does not possess any consciousness for fatherhood or motherhood.
We come to stand before the homosexuality, dear Freud, which is not homosexuality, as you already received from me.
Those are the unconscious grades for fatherhood and motherhood, so for man and woman.
And those laws stand outside the personality, that is now the primal source for the soul as human being, by means of which she got hold of and got to experience her personality.
And that personality does not know what to do now with the body?
No, Freud, fatherhood and motherhood now divide themselves and pass on that division to the personality.
You called those sexual urges, but it is not that, it is the division for fatherhood and motherhood.
After all, we know half and conscious homosexuals.
Those men and woman live in this society.
We know men who feel like mothers.
We know women who feel like men.
But we also know men and women who possess neither maternal nor paternal genitalia, these people have still not reached the conscious fatherhood or motherhood.
Do you not know those men and women?
Then I will give you an example.
Before the soul as human being starts to experience the conscious fatherhood or motherhood, she follows seven transitions, so before she is conscious father or mother.
We had to accept those grades of life on the Moon, so they were born there.
And now we see that that first transition to fatherhood and motherhood is still not conscious and the soul as the life of feeling creates half fatherhood and motherhood, so half-conscious, and she possesses as a woman neither the genitalia for motherhood, nor the paternal, the creating part, which are now both half-conscious.
Those women live in our society, but the academic has still not been able to analyse the laws for that, nor you, dear Freud, because you lost yourself by means of that.
Those are now the laws for half-waking and waking conscious fatherhood and motherhood, dear Freud, so that we must accept:
Homosexuality does not exist!
That which people on earth call homosexuality is:
Half-conscious fatherhood and motherhood!
The University of Christ now says that psychology must still begin with laying these foundations.
The woman feels like a male, dear Freud.
The man feels maternal, and it means that the soul as human being has just left the maternal or paternal, the giving birth or creating organism, so by means of her previous life, and still feels like a mother now.
Is that some good news, Dr. Freud?3)
But where does this English come from?
That now means to me that we will soon be free and that Adolph will be conquered by Israel!
And then the character traits come.
The human being now also stands before love and faith, because what is that personality like now, dear Freud?
It is obvious that man and woman now stand before the own weak character traits, before good and evil, before the spiritual life, before diseases and miseries, and now the psychologists may search for the Divine state of purity in that, if they want to make a pure diagnosis, which they studied for anyway.
Now they make radical mistakes and if you were, and all those other people were, dear Freud, completely off the mark!
Completely ... you have now lost yourselves in those characters, which, however, experienced the spatial laws, which nothing can be changed about, if the human being surrenders to that.
And what do we see now?
The human ‘will’ emerges.
And yet you are not so sure whether the human being does have and possess an own will.
And by means of that ‘will’ the human being can now act and protect himself from all those phenomena.
Or he experiences miseries, his lusts, his animal-like or his natural love, which everything revolves around and gives the life a form.
Now add the art to that which the human being possesses, the thousands of matters and things which he has mastered and you will stand before the personality as a human being, with the additional complexes, the conscious and unconscious being able for our society and you will see the human being of the twentieth century.
But through everything we still see fatherhood and motherhood dominating, which continue to dominate all the characteristics, which represent the Primal Source, and both are and will continue to be creating and giving birth.
When man and woman want to experience the evolution process, dear Freud, how much lust is there now, now that we know that we live on earth in order to conquer this universe by means of fatherhood and motherhood?
So the human being possesses at least:
one percent lust, if he undergoes the Divine being one for his evolution, but all of that becomes lust when the personality speaks and sullies the divine state of purity.
Freud, we are standing before the state of purity for fatherhood and motherhood, before character urges and both the unconscious and conscious grades of feeling for the giving birth and the creating.
Those are the different worlds for the soul as human being for her life on earth.
Of course we now also see the human being perishing by means of his character traits and it can be followed.
And those are now the different worlds for the soul as human being, in which she lives, the society which she is a part of.
Her longings come to the foreground.
Who is this soul as woman and man?
Do you know her, doctor?
It can immediately be established whether she wants to experience lust or pure love.
And look now, fatherhood and motherhood now lie in the depth of her personality, but by means of which she wants to experience her longings.
You doctors too.
You do not know the soul.
You know nothing about her infinite life.
You continue to stand before the ‘coffin’ and do not look over it.
But she now lives there as a spiritual personality.
As if God did not create anything else but such a little material being.
The soul acts according to her personality.
But both the human ‘will’ and the personality are one, is one life, but is also feeling.
And that wonderful machine, Dr Freud, Jung, Kant, Schopenhauer, you were never able to analyse, you do not know this clockwork.
Can you hear this, Rama?
You got to know yourself, you also went outside of your clockwork and you went to the spiritual astral universe, but no law of which Buddha experienced.
Pythagoras did, he was also disembodied now and again, because he experienced Temples in order to get to know the occult laws, a wonderful study, which remained meaningless for the Western academics, because they thought they could do it by means of their science.
But the ultimate point is: powerlessness!
And people must know this wonderful machine, if people want to experience the soul as human being.
The Western academics, Rama, are not spiritual watchmakers now.
They do not know what to do with this clockwork, know nothing about all those little wheels, which still force the material clockwork to work and is infallibly put together.
The philosophers and the psychologists, Rama, are now powerless.
But there is much more in order to show that you will never make it if you do not want to accept reincarnation.
Why do the woman and the man possess the best and most beautiful voice for the highest organism?
Why can the people not experience that timbre in the jungles?
I do not mean the Negroes (see, Herr Jung, but the jungle inhabitants.
Those organisms still have to evolve.
But now try listening to that jungle timbre?
The sound has still not awakened, Mr Jung, Mr Kant.
The soul still has to experience thousands of lives for that, before she has reached the white race (see
And the highest race (see also possesses the sonorous timbre, of which we know the alto, soprano and the mezzo, the baritone, bass and tenor, but which those people still do not possess, which means, and are laws, that those organisms still have to evolve, but get to experience by means of the soul as human being for the planet Earth.
Those are your races (see, aren’t they, but for the universe grades of life for the material, human organism.
Isn’t it simple now?
And now further.
Something else again, my academics.
We can just finish this, before the Viennese woman comes and I have to go.
Why does the mother experience deeper sorrow than the man?
The man can never experience that sorrow.
What does that mean, Herr Freud?
Herr Jung?
Because the man walks next to creation and he cannot experience her giving birth-maternal life of feeling and because the maternal life of feeling has to represent ‘everything’.
So the man is free from that deep universal feeling, the cosmic oneness and cannot experience that sorrow either, which is felt by the mother anyway.
The man does not experience any oneness with God.
The man cannot experience that oneness.
That is only possible by means of motherhood, because motherhood possesses the Divine creation!
This is why mother tears are deeper than those of the man!
When the mother weeps, her attunement weeps, the universe weeps, which the man cannot experience anything of, because he does not experience any universal contact, is free because of his creating organism.
But it is also because of that, Herr Jung, Mr Kant, Schopenhauer, that the world will never get to know a female Rembrandt, or Beethoven, or Titiaan, because that cannot happen now, or be experienced by her, because the mother undergoes the deepest by means of her motherhood, and she will never rise above that.
It is because of this that the man can create, because he possesses those foundations, is free for the giving birth and can give himself completely now.
The mother is therefore restricted by her life of feeling, but that is the highest which the soul as human being can experience, for God and the All-Mother.
Is this not natural, gentlemen?
When the mother sometimes touches that mastership, we usually enter the division of her motherhood, and it means that she has left the giving birth life of feeling as soul and now enters one of these seven grades for fatherhood and motherhood.
Can you feel, gentlemen, the depth of the soul as human being here?
What does the sexual nonsense of Freud still mean?
Those feelings of the human being in our society just become a side issue, gentlemen, mean nothing for her universal life.
The mother is therefore connected with the universe by means of her organic life!
Not the man!
He is now walking next to creation.
The man can only give something, but the mother gives birth, brings that life to evolution and is the highest which the soul as human being can experience.
By means of this, we show, gentlemen, that all arts and sciences for the human being of this world are only a side issue, fun for her amusement and material life, but that fatherhood and motherhood dominate everything and are therefore essential laws, received by man and woman, by means of which they represent the God of all life, but are now ignored by the Church.
Were you perhaps also a Catholic, Herr Jung, Schopenhauer?
Why did you not become a priest?
Why did you not experience a chaste life, Herr Freud, then you would be holy, but what can you experience now?
This is why the psychologists of the Catholic Church have become more foolish!
They do not know what to do anymore and will never make it, because they sully these laws by remaining chaste and materially pure, but that is their standstill!
How all those academics, my Rama, made a monster of the mother now.
The man who makes a bicycle from a horse, is pathetic.
Did that consciousness never look into the eyes of a horse?
Did Jung never feel, experience the heart of the horse?
I already saw, when I was still a child, that the aura of the corpse creates and gives birth.
When I stood beside the corpse of my father as a child of eleven years old and still spoke to him, because he was alive, also possessed a personality beyond the coffin and had not changed in any way, I already experienced those laws, even if I still did not understand them then.
Father got spots on his face.
And those yellow, dark brown spots had something to tell me.
They began to live, because that was a rotting process, gentlemen, a new life emerged by means of that.
Yes, you know that, but that image now lets us see how the post-creations originated.
When I was one with those spots, I saw millions of meaningless little insects, and all of them had a personality, had got conscious life, but now by means of rotting!
Those little lives now, Herr Jung, Freud, Adler, Kant and Schopenhauer, possess unconscious-consciousness.
Isn’t it true, they came and were born from the ‘dead’ corpse.
That is rotting consciousness, dead life of feeling, but fiercely conscious, because that life knows exactly how it was born.
By means of that Master Alcar was able to explain the actual Divine laws to me later and then I stood before the seven grades of feeling for every material and spiritual attunement, as man and woman, but they are moreover for the spirit and the personality, for both the material and the spiritual world.
And yet you say that it cannot be proved whether a conscious continued existence is present?
If a worm like that now already gets life by means of the dying process, was that not created now for the conscious life, the human being, as spirit and material?
But how poor your thinking and feeling is!
Something else again, gentlemen.
How many kilos of feeling did we master during our life, with regard to God for His harmonic laws of life, for fatherhood and motherhood?
You do not understand that?
Then we will go further.
I mean, how much Divine feeling one character trait possesses for the Divine creation, the laws of which we must master anyway.
God is feeling, gentlemen.
And by attuning our life of feeling to Him, we master His universes of feeling.
How much feeling have we already mastered now?
That looks terrible, gentlemen.
Which character trait, gentlemen, is now spiritually conscious, possesses spiritual, spatial and also Divine attunement?
That love?
That harmony?
This benevolence?
Harmonic oneness with everything, with society, fatherhood and motherhood?
Which one?
But you made such a fuss about that, didn’t you, Kant, Schopenhauer?
Now we know how many characteristics the human being possesses, we ask, gentlemen: how much spiritual feeling and consciousness do all those characteristics possess for God and His universes, which we must conquer anyway, because we must return to the conscious Divine All.
How much conscious feeling has the human being now mastered as man and woman, now that they both live on earth and have elevated a society?
What the human being has now still mastered is one millionth gram of feeling of all that Divine feeling for his spiritual life and consciousness.
It is only then, when the soul as man and woman possesses that love, this harmony, that her kiss is spiritual, gentlemen, and we are open to that as creators, yes, every human being searches for that, but now ends up with another grade of life, for this spiritual consciousness and now gets to experience and to accept that unconscious life of feeling, but now stands before unconscious love!
What do you think of that, Rama?
Blavatsky, and Annie, is this not wonderfully natural?
And also something else, gentlemen.
All of this now with regard to Golgotha.
The clock is always at one o’clock there.
That is the midday hour for soul and spirit, for the whole of creation.
But that is also the sign of the cross for all the life of God, or do you not set great store by this?
And it is moreover there, where you never see worn-out springs.
That clockwork cannot be sullied, that also determines when you are buried, your time comes that you have to take your leave of this wild earth, which is so beautiful.
Why are you beginning to tremble and shake, gentlemen?
Now you can see at what time the human being lives.
I saw there, when all the Masters were there, that this mankind still lives in the darkness.
For mankind it is five o’clock in the morning there, so there is still no good visible light to be seen, or to be experienced.
Mankind still lives in a thick mist, if you wish to know.
What does mankind know about a beautiful summer’s day for the Divine consciousness, gentlemen?
What do you know about yourself?
I tell you, all of you still live before the sun’s awakening, you have still not been able to experience any light, because you do not know that clockwork.
You do not know how the Divine clockwork was put together; and I am now doing that for the University of Christ!
Yes, gentlemen, on Golgotha the Divine clock is always at one o’clock.
Or did you think that Christ had come to the earth with darkness for Jerusalem, Judaism, for all the children of God on earth?
Was Christ perhaps a night being?
Did Christ perhaps not know about this, His clockwork?
Did you think that Christ had come to the earth with rotting leaven, rotting or unconscious spiritual food for the human being?
That the Jews did not understand HIM, is because Caiphas did not want to bow his head, did not want to give up his place for Christ, but then we experience the theosophy for this age.
Did you think, Annie, that your followers would accept me as the Master?
I was on Golgotha and saw there that the Divine clockwork is at one o’clock, has begun to tick, and is still ticking, but can only represent the light of the universe, nevertheless for every thought, for both soul and spirit, for fatherhood and motherhood.
What do you know about this, gentlemen?
I see that the Viennese woman is coming, but I can answer her and you, so we will just finish this for the University of Christ.
“Are you not cold?”
“No, child, I feel great.”
“Not hungry?”
“No, because I am eating.”
“What did you say?”
“Nothing, my child, nothing.”
“And you were talking to me.”
“Then you probably dreamt that, I really did not say anything.”
“And you were talking about food, you were eating, you said.”
“Yes, I am doing that, because I now live from the pure, by means of the pure breath of life.
Good Lord, how you can live from that.”
Gentlemen, she is going to get dressed, we will go further.
I have another ten minutes and then I will go to Loea and my own followers; Rama, will you go with me in order to see and to experience that?
Then you can see how I do it.
Yes, gentlemen, on Golgotha the clock is always at one o’clock for all thoughts.
The human being, born from that clockwork, has now messed about with his clockwork.
The human being wanted to take that Divine thing apart in order to see all the things inside it, and whoever soul life and spirit is, isn’t it true, Kant, Schopenhauer, Jung and Adler, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, but did not have a screwdriver to loosen those delicate little screws.
Kant ...
Schopenhauer ...
Jung ...
Adler ...
Nietzsche  ... you are now looking from outside at that thing and have now made calculations which are neither here nor there after all and by means of which Adolph Hitler was now taken in, so badly, that he must lose this war.
We will still not say anything now about his astrologers, but that will also come and we will know immediately whether astrology will become science for the human being.
My dear Galilei, can you feel that they can no longer keep their feet firmly on the ground now that the systems are explained by the Masters?
Yes, academics, philosophers, you looked inside from outside, but you did not have that view, so were not clairvoyant, you cannot believe in that either, those are also own thoughts of the human being, that is not possible, but now you remained a night being, you did not get to see that Divine Sun, and is perfectly natural, real, they are still standing before the coffin!
When, philosophers, psychologists, will you call from the coffin:
“See you soon”, or “see you in a thousand years’ time”, if you know that the human being has still not completed the own cycle of the earth for fatherhood and motherhood?
You still cannot experience that now, you do not have any intellect for that, or feeling, all your thoughts still have to awaken for that grade of life, for this spatial consciousness of Golgotha, those thoughts and feelings must evolve.
For many of you the mother is both an angel and a sexual cat.
But we no longer accept that.
However, you made your psychoanalysis here, and as final analysis lustful driven nature, there was no more and nothing else to be experienced in the human being as mother for you.
Der Eintritt in die Psychologie, Herr Freud.
But I tell you: die Seele hat das Grüne vom Land und Stad nog nicht anschauend ge­macht.4)
But what kind of German still lives in the universe.
But can you feel it?
That means that the soul as human being has still not reached the natural adult stage, it is only then that it will shine and she can experience the laws of Mother Nature and she will also be visible.
“Anshauend  gemacht” (made visible), gentlemen, which goes further eternally because she will return to the Divine All.
Good heavens, how I must think this morning, André wonders.
I can thank God, Master Alcar, because it is as if it is happening of its own accord.
Adolph Hitler should have said “Get out of my way, satan”, gentlemen, and that to all his dark characteristics, and we would still live in peace and sacred calm, but he also experienced a wrong, dark providence, which is sending him from dry land into the ditch, we already know that, but my dears, by means of which the wonderful German people, for whom you have done so much, is perishing!
Isn’t it perhaps true?
It is the Divine truth in our life which is continually searching for the Universe source.
But then you must first get to know the soul and her attunement to God anyway, or you will not make it.
And can you already feel now that you do not need to pray for this and that you, we as human beings, will not make it by praying alone?
Yes, my people, Adolf Hitler, he is Caïphas (this sentence was written in English) ...
I can accept again, gentlemen, that the Allies will soon come, because English also wants to be experienced and this universe is charged with it.
I can feel and see that in the spiritual ether English philosophers also want to experience the word, also Italians, French and Egyptians, of which this latter group messed up Ancient Egypt and do not need to experience any philosophical systems now, because we are now doing that for both the West and mankind.
Is that some good news for your spiritual life?
That English again, I am learning a vast amount today, and that is because I had the courage to crawl through the earth and under the earth, do not have any fear for the coffin, or for the corpse, by means of which you awaken and now all the life of God is speaking to my personality.
Also this, gentlemen, about Adolph, when he invaded Poland, his astrologers had told him it.
And they told him, the best in the world, that he had to fulfil a Divine task and that he was now in his last quarter and could begin.
And where is that heading now, Hanussen?
After all, you, along with many others, were the astrologer of the Fuehrer, weren’t you?
It was Hanussen, gentlemen, who did astrology and let the Fuehrer experience the night for the universe with his providence, because Adolph will perish!
Whilst I could have told him that already in 1935, when I was already in connection with Adolph, but that life did not want to accept me?
That life still did not know me then.
Is this just as wonderful as all the other things for Adolph?
But now there follows, and you will not believe that now either:
Adolph Hitler is Caiphas, and now read the ‘Peoples of the Earth’ soon and you will know your own attunement, for God and yourself, human being of this so beautiful and good earth.
Do the Masters get that honour from your life?
So, gentlemen, the past of Caiphas lives in Adolph, but you do not believe in reincarnation.
That is the fragmenting of your personality, isn’t it?
Ridiculous, the human being lives millions of times on earth, really, ridiculous, how surprisingly naive millions of Orientals are.
Can you accept that as a Westerner?
Where does that leave our University, if we have to swallow such a charlatan from the East?
Ramakrishna, can you hear this?
All your friends say that now?
No, Kant, Schopenhauer and all those unconscious beings said that when they still lived here.
But what do you have to tell them now?
My dear Socrates, can you already feel that they are starting to experience your misery and that they have to undergo your pains?
We are avenging you!
It is time, gentlemen, we will also see each other again in the universe, I am going into the street.
Bye  now, I will see you later.
That is the searching of an English lord, who perhaps, because he is bored to death, does psychology, Rama, Socrates ... but we will see him again.
It is wonderful in nature.
What is there to do over there?
He sees police and Germans together and also men and women, citizens.
What do they have to talk to each other about, Our Lord?
Are you not there too?
What is it, people?
They took away, destroyed 2,000 guilders worth of firewood again, and the owner is also standing there.
The man is crying.
The human being destroys houses in order to experience some heat.
“No”, the mother says, who also has her little bag, “I am only doing that for my four month old child.”
“But that is my house, I gave my life for that in India, officer, German!
And now I must see that the people destroy my villa for the stove.
Isn’t it a disgrace?”
But someone says: “Because you beat and stole from all those black people.”
And another says to the owner: “We are getting our interest back!”
It is a crazy world, officer?
No, the people are rotten!
Yes, German, just hit out, but have respect for that mother with her little child.
The man is weeping!
They get to hear the story, it is also staring André in the face, that his wife has just died from hunger oedema.
Is that all terrible?
Is that really so worthwhile, that your wife has died from hunger oedema, India man?
Just look into the human eyes, India man, and you will know it, it does not mean a thing to them!
A bit further on women and men are sawing branches from trees, and will go to the ‘can’.
Because that is not allowed.
Men and women now experience their punishment cell, because they are hurting the trees.
But one day is centuries for all these unconscious of spirit.
And if that is still not enough, the Jehovah child runs up and is talking about:
“Get ready, damned ones, the world is perishing.
There is still time, you can still return to God, but you only have a few seconds.”
Thank God, André-Dectar thinks, that soul is laughed at right in his face, that life no longer has any meaning, all the people are not so stupid anymore.
But it makes you sick, I will go further.
“So, André, are you finally there?”
“Yes, mother.”
“What did you have to experience over there?”
“If you already know it, mother, why are you asking for the truth then?”
“Thank you, my son, I will remember it.
Can you already talk?”
“I had to think an awful lot this morning, mother.”
“Why are you beginning with those doctors then, André?”
“Because those souls come to my life.
Should I perhaps banish Socrates, Galilei, Ramakrishna?”
“And did you learn from them?”
“Yes, mother, I did, I experienced Divine systems, precisely because I wanted to accept them.”
“And are you still not hungry, André?”
“No, I have lost that feeling since the Masters began and it will never come back again.”
“Should you not look at my life for a moment?”
“Your life, you say, mother?”
“Yes, or did you think that you know and are acquainted with everything about me?”
“Is there something new to be experienced, mother?”
“Can you not see then that my body is alive and is trembling?”
“But you do not mean that small fry which I can see now?
But now something else, mother, you give me something to think about again.
Where does all the vermin in your life come from?”
“Ah ah, my son, now you are interested?
You are talking about fleas and lice, but what would you think about my crabs, my worms and insect life.
Do they not need an analysis?
Do they not require to be experienced by your University?”
“That is true, mother, but I am getting my thoughts, I must first follow and experience the human grades of life now.
And I was full to the brim, a moment ago.”
“And now?”
“Did you touch me, mother?”
“That’s it, André, will we now have look into my world?
But you know that there is not one human being living on earth with whom we can talk.”
“I am not that far yet, mother, I cannot forget that poor woman with her little child and that crazy Adolph is keeping me on my toes.
Also that academic with his bicycle and horse is still not free from my life, and yet, it must happen, or we will lose our being one.”
“Tell me honestly, are you already a bit brighter?”
“Yes, I have already made it, mother.”
And that, he thinks for a moment as a human being of society, is called the Suez Canal for this city (Suez Quay in The Hague), but that is talking like a deity.
Academics, did you experience that in your life?
Ramakrishna could do it.
He experienced it at a human attunement, so not spatially, but I now do Divinely and now stand before the Omniscience.
“Isn’t it true, mother?”
“Yes, André, that is the Divine truth.”
A moment’s peace and silence, then he asks: “Where are you now, mother?”
“Here, in your life and consciousness and yet I have kept my own independence.
Can you see and feel my universal love now?”
“Now just listen, mother.
There is a fish living in your life.
And that fish is not worth much, those are only the shreds from the ‘everything’, your sister or father of your grade of life.
They call that oceans here.
Can you now tell me, where did all those whales come from?
Do not forget, I already made those journeys with Master Alcar and can point out nonsense to you, if you are off the mark you will get to hear that, mother.”
“So you want to test me, André?”
“Are you afraid of that, mother?”
“Not me, I can explain the laws to you.”
“I know now, mother, how a big fish like that, or mammal then, kills itself.
Then that life suffocates itself and now comes under high pressure, up to a higher grade of life for the waters, that is then for the animal, as we people experienced that when we came from the waters, the continuing.
You know that, mother?”
“Yes, I know those laws.”
“I was one with an animal like that along with Master Alcar and then experienced that continuing, that closing off of the own lived out stage, because it is true.
And then I knew why those animals wanted to elevate higher.
I even saw the astral, so spiritual world for the animal from the waters.
Did you think now, you could fool me with something, mother?”
“So you know that we just possess one world?
That the spiritual world lives in the material world?”
“I know that, mother, I got to know those laws then on those journeys.”
“Then you are close-by, André.
But just walk further, now and again you may stand still, or the people will come and ask you what you are up to.
For many people you will then be a spy and that must not happen, that will disturb us.
Am I right?”
“Yes, mother.”
“You know now that I am thinking about your life and if it is necessary, can moreover protect you.
Or have you already forgotten my stories about the people, André?”
“No, truly not.”
“Now listen.
A whale like that represents my universe, the universe for my consciousness.”
“Because that animal is so big?”
“Precisely, so my universe, depth, however you wish to call it, created lives, and that animal also got to represent that universe.
So that animal possesses my feeling as mother, or as father.
And now you also experience both fatherhood and motherhood, moreover as organs and as universe.”
“I understand that, mother, the people from prehistoric ages also experienced those grades of development.”
“That is the truth, André.
So that fish is an existing species, but not an octopus, it was born by means of rotting.
We also see those giants in there as animals, as grades of life.
My organism as water now, therefore created, like all the life of God, living organisms, born by means of my own independence as a body, because every independence gives birth and creates, even your louse can do that.”
“I understand it, mother, so go further.”
“Thank you, you can think surprisingly well, André.
That there is now vermin present in my life is because I also had to accept the seven existing grades, and it was only then that those rotting processes came about.
Do you not find my life deep now?”
“Yes, mother, but I see these grades and laws for all the life again.”
“That must also happen, or you will not be able to experience any ultimate grades of life.”
“I can feel it, mother, and then?”
“Can you now also feel what water actually is, what my body was able to and allowed to condense for God and my life?”
“Let me think, mother.”
“Yes, but that will take too long, André, you could have and should have seen it immediately.”
“I have already worked it out, mother.”
“And what are you now for my life?”
“Condensed breath of life.”
“Good heavens, André, that is the Divine answer, it is wonderful, because that is the truth.
After all, when we began with our life on our Mother, the Moon, the water became breath of life for all the life.
And it is still that now.
All my animals will represent me now, until we dissolve and go further, but I also already created that going further for myself.
Or did you not see any water of life on the Fourth Cosmic Grade?
You see, André, those are my own laws, but I got to experience them by means of my Mother, so I, and you, were born as a soul on the Moon, also as spirit.”
“I also got to know those laws there.
And further, mother?”
“You feel that water also, so I created those Divine divisions, don’t you?
My prehistoric organism dissolved.
However those animal species evolved.”
“That is also the truth, mother, and we not only see that again for your life, but moreover on the land.”
“That’s it, André, now further.
Can you feel that an octopus like that now means nothing.
But that this animal, this species feeds itself by means of the rotting processes?
So if am older, if I evolve, because I have not yet reached my highest stage either, because then I will be transparent, perhaps you can already experience that, my life will also have developed and these species will not die out, but will dissolve for the higher grades of life, until Mother Earth has finished her task and all of us, myself and my life, will disappear for the earth.
All those prehistoric species of my life therefore dissolved and evolved to the species which we now still represent.
If you ask me why I do not possess those species here, I can answer you, but you will already feel what will come, that I do not possess any large life, because the human being freed me from my source of life.
Clear, André?”
“Yes, mother, I understand you completely.”
“But we also had to give birth and to create.
And those are the fishes, they are thousands of species.
After you as a human being left our Mother the Moon, we began, so I began with my own development.
And that became by means of my giving birth and creating, the fish, but if you feel everything, you will also know that we were born from the first grade of life and you are as a human being!”
“That is also the truth, mother.
I got to know those laws on my last journey.”
“So you see now that I cannot tell you any nonsense.
So this primal source, André, has not changed in any way, for my life and my grade of life, during all those millions of years.
In that shark nonsense which still lives in me, you also recognise the prehistoric age.
True or not?
And that species, and all those mammals, evolutions from the human ego, will also dissolve, when I start to experience my spiritual attunement.
For my life my body is therefore now the universe for my life, and moreover the spiritual world.
We do not fly, after all, do we?
Even if we produced lives with wings, that means for my life one of the highest stages, the rest has to accept my universe for material and spirit and does not possess anything else.
But still, André, did you not see my life, us, on the other side?”
“Yes, mother.”
“Well, so also the same universe there, my life also lives there in and through me, and that is our spiritual evolution, we will also return to the Divine All.
Is it not just, André?”
“Yes, mother, everything is justice.”
“So for me you will also see seven grades of life for the organism.
The mammals now, you know that too, don’t you, come from those rotting processes, from the human ego, because every organ would both give birth and create.
A sea lion like that, as the academics call them, or a seal, are the material animals born from the living human cell, but as post-creations, not as vermin, André, but as both water life of feeling and land life of feeling, so representing both grades of life, as more species were born.
Can you feel this?”
“That means, those animals have the land continuance, but belong to the waters.”
“That’s it, André, so both land and water consciousness of feeling, and yet not free from my life and universe, because this animal belongs to my creations.”
“It is wonderful, mother.”
“Yet simple, if you know these grades of life, and it is only now that my consciousness is open to you.
Rotting processes created the destruction, André, a shark like that now represents the harsh violence, the lowest grade of life and searches for destruction.
The deeper the hatred is, the destruction, the more that removes the life from the spiritual consciousness.
And is that not the same thing for the human being of God?”
“Yes, mother, I have understood you, you are wonderfully pure.”
“And what can an octopus like that give you now?
That stinking thing, which possesses the snake consciousness as your own rotting processes?
Do you wish to take along a dirty snake like that to the Spheres of Light?”
“Just do not let Jongchi hear that, mother.”
“Oh, you mean your spiritual painter, that Master?”
“Yes, he is the painter of all my spiritual pieces.”
“And he loves a snake like that, doesn’t he?”
“Yes, for him that animal is sacred.”
“That is, André, because he sees that animal as wisdom, but for me and all the other life and consciousness of God, that animal was also born from the rotting and is poisonous-mean, so that grade of life cannot enjoy or experience any spiritual universe.
Does a butterfly not remain on earth?
What does an animal like that hope to achieve on the Fourth Cosmic Grade?
And then in the conscious Divine All?, I ask you!”
“You are right, mother, you are a kind soul.”
“I know that of and for myself.
I could give you the material for thousands of books, André.”
“I know that too, mother.”
“I can explain every grade of life to you, as far as my most insignificant water flea.
But not the one which lives above water, but in my mud, my intestinal systems for growth and blossom, for fatherhood and motherhood.”
“It is a revelation, mother.”
“It is true, my son.
It is because of this that all my life got the light for the eyes, they also got the senses.
So everything was able to condense itself by means of ‘HIS’ grades of life, André, and that life goes further.
My life also possesses fatherhood and motherhood.
Now just look at the mother of life?
Did the mother on earth get different organs?
I mean, has that creating and giving birth changed?
Precisely because of that we reach oneness, André.”
“It is tremendous, mother.
But I must kiss you for your mother.”
“Thank you, my son, it is wonderful, fine, that you have not forgotten that.
She is well-off, André, now that she has begun with her dying process.”
“Yes, mother, she is very well-off.”
“You see, André, we come from there now, all of us, all of us got both soul and spirit from her, and then went further.
Do I have a soul?
Now try asking those academics that?
What am I, doctor?”
“You are mother, my dear.”
“That is the most beautiful thing which you can give me, André.
Yes, I am mother!
But I am condensed breath of life for all my grades of life.
I have become the maternal universe for my organisms.
And I also both created and gave birth.
Now do you know my birth, André?”
“Yes, but your grades of life will explain all the other things later.”
“And then the theosophists will jump out of their skin, won’t they?”
“Have you something against those people?”
“Not that, but I do not like those unconscious beings, those frill bearers of Our Lord.”
“That is really female what you are saying now, mother?”
“That is possible, but is it not the truth?
Had Mary Baker something to say when you were there, André?”
“She is weeping, mother.”
“Probably, because she is attached to her broken arms and legs, which she wants to give healing to by praying about the accident, but you already spoke about that.”
“Precisely, mother, a difficult thing for her now, which she will never get away from, just like that cursed damnation of the Church.”
“Was Jehovah there too?”
“That man is searching for his first birth, mother.
Good heavens, the things the Bible writers have on their conscience.”
“That is the truth, André.
But what did Annie Besant say to Madame Blavatsky, now that they may know there?”
“They go further with a stoop.
Both will serve, this morning they were in my vicinity and must listen now, they must also represent the University of Christ.”
“And then they had to agree that it is you, didn’t they?”
“It will become that, mother.
And they have nothing more to lie about there, that is over there.
Mother, I have worked it out, I am freeing myself, see you soon.”
“Give my regards to Loea and your followers, my son.”
“I will not forget it, mother.
Bye now!”8)
“Did they come so close to us, André?”
“Yes, mother, another few months and we will be free again, but I am ready to begin.
Didn’t you think so?”
“Yes, you will have made it then.
Go further like that and you will possess the kingdom of heavens.”
“That’s it, mother.”
“Was Christ not comforting?”
“Yes, HE was and HE still is!”
“And improbable in nothing.”
“Precisely, my mother, never, always open and Divinely conscious.
But I am going now, the door is open for me.”
“Good morning, Loea.
How is Dayar?”
“Fine, Jeus, it is wonderful.”
“Is the boss already gone, Loea?”
“No, Jeus, he is performing tricks, is experiencing his yogi.”
“Then just leave him be, he will be there in ten thousand years.
Do you not have to laugh?”
With Jeus in his consciousness, he climbs up the stairs.
Jeus can live it up for a moment, he is now resting.
It was quite enough this morning.
He sits down at the stove, looks at the young life, listens to that cooing and still continues to think, but gives Jeus the chance to experience his day-conscious self, so that all that heavy material can relieve his brains and nervous system.
Jozef sometimes also get that order, but that city one has to accept the social consciousness again and that does not bring any relaxation again.
In his way he can let off steam and that happens because Jeus gets to experience the whole personality.
The Masters taught him that and is a revelation in itself.
Or can you not accept this, dear reader?
What are your husbands like when they surrender completely to their child-like feelings sometimes?
Is that not the relaxation for everyone?
But when that happens here, they will know immediately that André-Dectar is not there and they will see a whole different personality.
Now they can ask questions, but then they get to experience fun and that is from Jeus himself!
André makes comparisons, he follows what he experienced this morning.
Imagine, he thinks, if Beethoven and Bach, Wagner had now been able to interpret the life, had been able to make a composition about the human birth, the reincarnation?
Would people have understood that?
And yet, he was already able to experience that in the spheres, so it is possible.
About the birth of a child, with all the contractions, until the child is in the world.
Yes, Beethoven, Wagner, I have understood you, I can gauge you, especially Wagner, he already experienced the first feelings for the spatial art.
Beethoven too, Bach not so much, he was attached to the faith and to the Biblical story, that made the human being of this world sad and yet was not wanted by Christ.
Can you hear the horn blowers, Wayti?
Can you hear the violins?
Those harps?
Can you already hear the crying of the child?
It is wonderful!
If you ask the follower all the things he meant by that ‘chicken’ from yesterday, that life gets to hear:
“I don’t feel like chicken today”, and he knows who is speaking now, who will experience the day consciousness.
That is Jeus, because Jeus talks in dialect and cannot speak any Dutch, or does not want to, but by means of that André-Dectar sinks back to that stage and begins this natural relaxation.
When the follower perseveres, there comes:
“Just ask your son it, can you not hear that cooing, can you not hear what your child has to tell you?”
And then there is also an utter of:
“A chicken can cackle about the all-consciousness, if you want to know, but Our Lord wants nothing to do with that.”
There is only the cooing of a young life, and that is quite enough, true or not, dear?
Is that not true?
The soul of the follower lays the child in the cradle, in five minutes the life is sleeping and is ready for this bliss.
There is someone sitting there making notes for later.
Loea comes up and begins to paint, but he thinks, he returns to Ra, Ré and Isis, to Golgotha, where has he not been?
He searches for the life there for a moment, but lets Jeus talk, and they have fun with that.
What is that?
Can you hear that?
I think that we must leave.
And yes, there is a man hunt.
The follower dashes into his underground hole, shelter, he takes off as quickly as he can and makes sure that they do get him.
That Adolph too, it is still not enough.
Why are we not even allowed to work anymore?
“I will see you again.
If there is anything, then send me your thoughts.
Watch out for your chest, young man, think about your kidneys there under the ground, but know, if you give yourself inspiration, nothing will happen.”
Truly, there is a man hunt.
“Why again, Adolph?
You are making the human being really learn to hate you.
Why are you tearing the last men from here?
But Caiphas?
Adolph Hitler, why are you doing that?”
We are at home, I go upstairs next to him, when we come home the Viennese woman has gone to get food, she is standing in the queue for the soup kitchen.
We will begin immediately.
When she comes back, we have already written three folio sheets.
“Thank God you are home, there is a man hunt”, she lets us know. And then there comes:
“We are having soup today.
Not so bad.
You should taste it.”
I have to taste the soup from the soup kitchen.
Master Alcar winks at me, the heavens know it, the angels are looking at me, but the Viennese woman lets me taste it.
I have to laugh.
“Why are you laughing?”
I smile at her, give her my Universal smile, then I must taste it again and must tell her what the soup of the earth tastes like for Jozef, because she does not act, think differently.
“Truly, a good soup.”
And then she is satisfied, but a moment later she puts a piece of raw carrot in André’s mouth, I have to chew.
“But you like that so much”, there comes, by means of which it will become clear to you, dear reader, how childishly sweet the Viennese woman keeps herself on earth, how purely he will experience our life and that she cannot take any account of Masters, because the Masters brought her up like that.
Yes, in the beginning, when André came to be under the control of Master Alcar we began with the writing, this would have caused him to cough up blood, if we had not been able to take care of all those disturbances.
For André it was sometimes going off the deep end, but when he saw, Master Alcar told him that he had to take that into account too, he surrendered, but then it was certain that the Viennese woman got to experience her own life, and she did not want any different.
Because what could André have given her?
He would have elevated her to his consciousness, but then she would have had to deal with worlds and she could not do that.
Now it is fine, she her world, we ours, but I must eat her carrot and taste the soup and still keep all the systems under control.
André sees what will happen and laughs, has fun with me, because he does not like that soup.
However, that means and that creates, that we experience cordialities by means of this connection, and that makes life a bit easier, it is only now that André is starting to understand that he was able to give himself completely by means of this.
And then we must eat.
But I take off quickly, Jozef can sort that out.
Does your soup taste nice, André sends to that personality.
If you eat too much you will have me to reckon with.
Let me taste it.
Well, not too bad.
You will not eat more than that, because we have to write.
And Jozef can no longer eat, that is now also under control!
When the Viennese woman wants to chat after the meal, I ask her whether she will leave me alone, but now I pretend that I am André, because we cannot do four things at the same time, I must write.
And then we hear nothing else but the typewriter.
An hour later we get to drink her coffee substitute and I get to experience my kiss, her cordialities.
She does not think about how she got beautiful thistles from me, for her she got those flowers from Jozef, her husband, and from no one else.
André has to laugh sometimes, because she refuses to see that Master Zelanus is writing.
That is he and no one else, because can she not talk to Jozef?
She does not let go of that life!
But we get to hear:
“I still have to press your trousers.”
“Thank you”, I say to her.
“But do not forget my sandals either.”
“What did you just say?”
“Nothing”, I said, “I am writing.
I probably spoke in my thoughts and passed it onto your life.”
“What’s this with the polite form?”
“Nothing, that is also part of it.”
We go further in this way.
The writing of the ‘Cosmology is divine work, for me at least, because I am no longer on earth.
Or do you wish to accept that André, Jozef or Jeus are capable of that?
Jozef should just try that sometime.
For me it is a divine mercy, because I am allowed to taste the soup from the soup kitchen as a spiritual personality, which we do not possess in our heavens anyway, because I am so inwardly on earth again.
I take over everything from André, also his light from the material eyes, I already told you, if you see us writing, you would think that it is Jozef Rulof anyway, it is so simple, so natural.
But Master Alcar built that up, he wanted these souls as people to keep the natural, or they too, especially André-Dectar, would become an unnatural being.
I am working hard, I am flying over the pages, but I am laying down the foundations first.
If you were to read this, then you would think that a child of seven years wrote it, also with the mistakes.
I am now only laying down the laws, giving those laws our story, the journey, let Master Alcar say what he experienced, also mine, but these are foundations for the actual ‘Cosmology’, and it means that I will soon be able to begin the analyses with André and if possible, we will then prepare the book for the first time for the printer.
That means that we must write one books three times and it is sometimes necessary, because now the material systems are reacting.
So I have to calculate the depth of the wonder and Master Alcar takes care of that.
I am not thinking about style now, nor the writing of mistakes, we are recording!
We are bringing to earth what we experienced, no more than that, but nothing less either, and will soon go further, when the peace is back, in order to write the ‘Cosmology’ for the University of Christ.
I experience worlds and am truly on earth again by means of André.
If this is not a wonder, what do you wish to experience then, we can call to the parapsychologists, but those little mites are not open to Universal wonders, because then they can go for lectures to André, and they do not want that!
I am enjoying these hours, because I am experiencing the life of the earth as a spiritual personality and am serving for Christ!
But what were my flowers like?
Girl from Vienna, how were the flowers sent to your life from the Moon?
We stop close to half past five, we have written ten folio sheets, that is twenty pages for our readers.
Quite enough for today, André, you cannot go outside for the time being, so see you tomorrow.
Rest now and digest this, now just discuss the material-self-life of Mother Earth or give Jozef this space.
Bye now!8)
I greet you, my brother.
First also my kiss for the Viennese woman.
Will you give her my love, André?
And do not forget that of Master Alcar in particular.”
We are free!
Now he can think.
Jeus comes up and can now talk to André.
We give him peace for a while.
What he got to experience today for the University of Christ was quite enough!
And now normal sleeping and not dreaming!
We had got him, and all the men, for four days.
Four days beginning early and writing, experiencing and absorbing, so that we could get the seventy-fifth page from the typewriter.
And then the Nazis had calmed down again, the men were in danger for the umpteenth time.
First the mother wants to talk to him.
Mother Water knows about it, and the laws will explain to him how that is possible now, when the human being is one with all the life of God, that life knows exactly everything about your personality and can begin the asking questions for God and his universes.
“Were you cold, André?”
It is the first question which the mother asks him, to which he answers:
“Not me, but my follower would not have been so comfortable there under the ground, and he cannot take that.
But who can take that?”
“That is the human being’s own fault, André, then he just should not have begun with the inbreeding.”
He cannot ask a question or it will already be analysed, Mother Water can let him know that the human being also fragmented those powers.
“It is easy for you to talk, mother, of course, but that body of my follower cannot take it.”
“Were you able to work really well?”
“Yes, that is true, we broke a record for these days.
If Master Zelanus goes on like that, Master Alcar will soon be able to leave.”
“Is there anything else, André?”
“No, mother, I will come back later, I have something to discuss with Jeus.
Goodbye, mother.”
“I will follow you.”
Jeus has started to talk the last few days.
He is talking about the old days, he wants to know what is his and what belongs to André.
Jeus starts to feel the pressure from his life and when André experienced Golgotha, that awakened what he experienced in his youth.
Also for him, André, the image of Golgotha does not let go of him, he sees all those lives, he has to experience them and that was the dominating thing for his personality the last few days.
The student calls, but he lets that life call, he knows what he will get to hear if he was to react, the people do not believe themselves.
“Yes, Jeus, now we must just have a talk.
You have begun with worrying, the thinking.
But can you not feel then, that I experienced Golgotha that Good Friday and not you?
Even if Master Zelanus wrote those books about you, it was me who experienced these wonders and not you.
I will ask you again: who was it who spoke to father when father was buried?
Which of us looked beyond the coffin and made journeys in the universe?
Which of us was it who kept talking to the Tall One, now my Master Alcar?
That was me, Jeus, however, by means of that we got this personality.
You can go with me again soon if you want, but I must experience the laws.”
“But I got you”, Jeus lets him hear.
“Me too, Jeus, and it does me good that you want to begin with this spiritual thinking and feeling.”
André now sees himself back in his youth.
By means of this he can relax, the Masters give him peace for a while, but this also belongs to the University of Christ, because every human being has to experience these laws and also has to elevate both (the) youth and (the) being adult to the spiritual grade of life for the feeling and thinking.
Those youth feelings must become conscious!
And it is only then that the whole personality will be universally deep and she will get attunement to the spatial grades of life.
“Yes, Jeus, father was harsh, but did we not learn through him how it must be done?
What did father not give us through his personality?
I spoke to mother about it when we were at home, you know that, you were able to experience yourself then, because mother does not know me.
Is it clear to you now”
“I understand it, yes, I can understand it now.”
“But father still has to tell me now what he wants.”
“Can father not do that then?”
“What does father know about all these laws, Jeus?
Indeed, during those thirty years that he has been on the other side, he has mastered a lot.
But I am still centuries ahead of him.”
“Does mother know that?”
“How can mother know that now?
Father did not want to understand us, Jeus.
But father was good, father was strict, but took care of everything.
Father had a temperament, could work, but he did not want to know anything about these things, for father the life on earth was everything.
And there are millions of people on earth living like that.”
“And we will begin with that?”
“I will devote my life to that, Jeus.
Come on, we will go for a lovely walk this morning, we have not been able to talk to each other for a long time.
I will just tell you these things now.
When we were with mother recently, I could not reach her from my life.
And that is simple, but mother will also have to accept me soon, as father had to do that when he saw beyond the coffin in which world I was living and had looked into during all that time.
When we live on the other side, Jeus, then we are people, but for everything we represent a grade of life there, as a spark of God.”
“And that is the human being, is me?”
“You are that and I am and Jozef is and Dectar, of whom Dectar is the Master.
And we have thousands of mothers and fathers there.
We lived under all the clouds, Jeus.
We had to travel a long way before had reached this organism.
Now you must be able to understand, after all, that we do not have one father and mother, but that we have been father and mother ourselves.”
“I can understand that.”
“Mother talked to you at home, and not to me, but I was also there and yet she did not know me.
But I, Jeus, have her contact, I am one with her heart and her life and mother sends me her great love, by means of which I keep going.
When I experienced Golgotha, you had nothing to do with that, you did not experience any of that, because it was me.
Do you remember that we played on the clouds, Jeus?”
“No, I don’t remember.”
“You see now, that was me and I am still that personality, but you must also go with me.
I felt that, when we were speaking the dialect, the people were shrugging their shoulders behind our backs.
We think that we are nice, that we are having fun, but the city people feel that differently and do not want anything to do with it.”
“That is understandable.”
“So that means that, when we are amongst the people, we have to take all those things and matters into account, or we will not be accepted as an instrument, they do not want anything to do with peasants.
Even Jozef fools about too much.
And that is becoming dangerous, Jeus, the seriousness of our life is calling our character traits to a halt.
Nevertheless, it helps us to carry, but then we must do that in such a way that the people do not see any of it.
What would have become of the apostles of Christ if they had also talked nonsense?”
“It is fine that you want to feel and understand this.
The Masters will be happy because of this.
I can feel, Jeus, what Master Alcar wants from me.
That we talk about these things, believe it, comes straight from Golgotha.
I must take the mastership in my hands, but then I will be so far away from my friends, and then they will no longer know me.
Can you feel this?”
“Yes, of course.”
“Master Alcar, I can feel that, wants me to prepare myself for later, because then the Masters will want to speak through me.
And if you and Jozef were not to feel that seriousness, I would be blamed for it, the people would not accept me, because then it would be ridiculous.
A few days ago I was relaxing by acting like Jeus with you, but that is becoming different, it is becoming deadly seriousness!
Which of us can play football so well, Jeus?
That was me!
But we will not make it with playing football, we have something entirely different to do.
Are you starting to understand now what we will experience?”
“I am starting to understand it.”
André is starting to feel what Master Alcar wants.
And that is the truth.
The Masters are preparing him for later, when we will speak.
But can you feel, dear reader, how this character is being taken to task?
That every thought, every character trait must evolve for the personality?
André is standing before the universal development, as people on earth can only experience a little, but because he is in the hands of Masters, he will also reach that development, the laws of which we know and will analyse.
If this is clear to you, you must understand that by means of this we will analyse the philosophical systems and finally from the Temple of Christ, so take both the spiritual and the spatial development for every thought to that development, by means of which the human being on earth will get to know himself.
The plan was to let a follower write these books.
These are thirty wonderful books, for which André will then receive the analysis and pass that onto the follower.
The aim is that the followers will represent the novels, but moreover the philosophical books.
And those men exist.
We know whether they will see it through or whether they are capable of serving for mankind, but they still do not know that about themselves and if they have to prove that, that will come, they will stand before this own succumbing and André will come to stand alone again.
André both experiences and writes the spiritual and cosmic books, the followers the material, spiritual novels and also the philosophical books.
That is the Temple of Christ!
You will feel how wonderfully everything was put together, when those children truly want to fight the unconsciousness for this life to the end.
But are they talking to themselves?
Are they searching and are you searching your character in order to see what is the matter with it?
Who is doing that?
Who is capable of that?
And yet, if you want to awaken, you will have to begin with that anyway; you will have to give every character trait spiritual becoming conscious, as André is now already starting to experience that, or you will stand beyond the coffin before your material, still unconscious personality, you will stand in your life before all those unfinished personalities, because in our life one character trait is also a personality.
So this is becoming a wonderful development.
By thinking he comes that far.
By following every thought and bringing it into harmony with the infinite, by means of which Jeus and Jozef are awakening, because it is they who represent the physical.
And you too, I repeat, will stand before all these laws and cannot avoid them, one day you will have to begin with that anyway.
I can therefore explain to you that the followers have succumbed.
Now that we are preparing the books for the Cosmology, André is alone, the followers have succumbed!
He will find the philosophical books again by means of the analysis which I am giving you now.
Because we are now following André in his thinking and feeling, we enter the philosophical systems, but others would have done, would have been able to do that, if they had been able to bow to their Master in everything.
Then we, Master Alcar and I, could have followed the Universe analysis immediately. Despite that, we admit that the ‘Cosmology’ is now more attractive, because you as reader are experiencing the laws on earth again from the universe, and now by means of André-Dectar.
But then, dear reader, André would have had it a bit easier, then those children could have helped him, now he is standing alone before everything.
You can accept that we have sacred respect for his ‘will’ in order to serve, that the heavens are following him and will support him and that all of this pushes his personality forward, that by means of this he is building a ‘palace’ for himself beyond the coffin!
He will soon stand alone and we are standing alone now, in 1950, now that we are preparing the books for the printer.
A pity, that the followers have succumbed?
We do not know any pities, you have that and they have that in their own hands!
You can now still experience André, because we are speaking, but through the ‘Cosmology’ you will understand by what means we were able to materialise our worlds through his life and personality.
You can accept that he really represents the highest mystical school on earth, because this school, which is the University of Christ, is inspired by the very highest!
And now further, now and again I will come back to your life and we will speak to each other.
André now therefore already elevates Jeus and Jozef into him, and it means that he is taking his own character to task.
He has begun the fight with ...
We are also getting to know the Viennese woman, but moreover yourself!
She is also standing before these laws.
We accept this soul.
The books ‘The Origin of the Universe’ will explain to you why André met her and she became his wife.
André has to make amends to this life and he is doing it!
In a previous life he caused this life suffering and sorrow, without him wanting this, so not consciously, but it is because of that that they now met each other again and it also applies to every human being on earth.
It is her right that the Viennese woman wants to remain with both feet firmly on the ground, it is her own ‘will’ and it is up to her; however, we know, she is still not ready for the life of André, she is like a child, a pure, but human child, with a great devotion to duty, already characteristics which touch the life of André and already have attunement to that.
In love André defeats her, also for this serving, his task, all of that is for his life and personality and not for hers, by means of which you now see that both have their own independence for the personality, have and will represent the character.
If she had wanted to follow André in everything and had wanted and could give herself for everything as a follower, then André could have made a cosmic life from this soul life, but she is not following him, she takes care of everything, she is ready for her task as a mother and a wife for a hundred percent, but is not open to his contact, to his task as an instrument, even if she takes care of everything, there is nothing wrong with her work and care, but she lacks this one feeling, for which millions of people would want to die, the huge yearning for this wisdom, the wanting to be one with the Great Wings, the wanting to experience this soul, André-Dectar, which would also have been possible for her.
Master Alcar brought it this far, placed her before this development, and began this elevating and the awakening of her personality, until she could not go any further, did not possess any more feeling; at that moment she was empty for the universe and she had devoted all of herself.
But, André had to go further and went further, experienced thousands of journeys beyond the coffin and returned in one night, as a Great Winged one, he had therefore become a thousand years older in one night.
And from that moment his battle began and not the battle for the Viennese woman, for him there was now: how do I remain in harmony with this soul life?
How can I take care of her despite everything and how can I serve her, so that we can experience this wonderful life together.
When we are no longer there and André is also in our life, or when our girl from Vienna, whom we love, is ready to speak, then you will hear from her that André truly served her.
But that she could have experienced a human God, did not get through to her consciousness, and yet, that would have been possible too!
Of course, even if you are already experiencing some of that now, we will later come to stand before the Seven Grades of Life of the marriage and it is only then that you will experience, mother or father, husband or wife, that you are both still not ready for each other!
A marriage does not need to fail, if the human being knows both creations and lives!
And by means of the Masters you will get to know each other as husband and wife!
You see, the philosophical follower could have experienced that.
That soul as follower could have received that for the philosophical books, but that child was still not ready either!
André can carry the Viennese woman, and he does that too, he may not make any mistakes, or he will not be ready for us and he will stumble over both his own thoughts and life of feeling, he will break his precious neck by means of his own character.
This being an instrument, you will certainly feel it now, costs him everything and has nothing, but absolutely nothing to do with your dead spiritualism, even if he also had to accept those laws, his development has awakened by means of that.
Every thought of his goes on the weighing scales of God.
On Golgotha you will see who had the right to speak, the Viennese woman will see how she and how you, dear reader, lived, acted for all those thousands of thoughts, which, however, will have to experience spiritual space one day, if you want to inspire yourself for your Deity in an evolving way, take yourself back to the light!
For each other, as husband and wife, you will have to settle your accounts in this life!
You will pay back what you consciously stole or just took away from another in your previous lives.
And that also applies to love!
What you possess today, will be from another beyond the coffin!
André goes further and talks to Jeus, he will get Jozef later.
Which characteristics does Jeus represent?
We will get to know them, also those of Jozef, and then we will stand before this marriage, before this being one and before this Divine task.
Because this task is Divine!
Not spiritual, but ‘Divine’!
André is becoming a Divine conscious being, is not fragmenting this, he is becoming humanly-divine, because he will see, will enter the Divine All.
We were already there!
But we will come back there for both the human organism and for the soul as human being, and then we will stand before Christ!
It is by means of this that he can say to Jeus: “What does father still want to say to me now as my father?”
Tall Hendrik, his father, can now experience lectures with André.
And that is the truth!
Read the books of ‘Jeus of mother Crisje’ and you will know it, you will also bow your human head to that.
“Yes, Jeus, I understand now, why the Masters already connected me to Golgotha during that time”, he goes further, “because now I can deal with a cosmic rough treatment.
That was for now, I am also starting to understand that seriousness.
Golgotha is the most difficult thing which the human being can experience and one day every human being will stand before Golgotha in order to help Christ to carry.
This is why mother is sacred to us, Jeus.
Did you not see her missal?
I took it along and bought her another one, but she turned it into shreds by praying for all of us, for all her children.
If you see the radiance, the power which emanates from this little book, if you feel that, then you can heal thousands of people by means of that.
Know it, Jeus, our mother is a saint!
You, Jeus, will now get something on your shoulders in order to help me to carry.
But you want to experience all this beauty now, don’t you?
Or do you want to remain a peasant?
I am no longer a peasant, I have conquered that life and Jozef has also discarded it for himself.
You will certainly understand, the Masters are rapping my fingers.
Here in the city life is harsh and mean.
The men and women only think of themselves and want to have everything for nothing, behave hypocritically, want to experience you, but later, a while later, if they are capable of it, they suck you and me completely empty and then kick you into the street.
But I will not let myself be sucked empty, or kicked, Jeus, that is over!
If you can feel me, you will understand that I am starting to arm myself!
And I am doing that in order to elevate you to my life.
We will sharpen the character, we want to have nice character traits, we will make something else of ourselves, so that the Masters can go further.
And all the people will have to begin with that one day.
Can you feel me, Jeus?”
“Of course, but that is not easy, is it?”
“It is true, you get nothing for free.
But if you want, you will come that far and experience along with me all this wonderful, this sacred from the Masters.
And in this way we will grow up to one great and wonderful personality, and the people who still do not want that can tell us another one, we will go further!
Do not talk dialect any more, Jeus, the people are laughing inwardly about it and that is not happiness.
Earn flowers and give them to mother, she has also carried us her whole life.”
“But when the people get to know me soon through the books, then what?”
“Then those will be the flowers from you for Crisje.
But you will see that the people will come to me with those flowers anyway, because the people in the city do not want to think that deeply.
Now you must become like me and it is only then that we will have become one life, one feeling, one personality.
They have enough clowns in the city, Jeus, that is very nice, but we have something else to do.
So if you talk nonsense, the people blame me for that and that must not happen anymore soon, or we will make fools of ourselves.
We must do it in such a way that we decide for ourselves that we are in harmony with everything and can also relax, or it will be too difficult for us as well.
And that is the skill now.
I do not intend to put a white shroud on us, Jeus, but we have to accept the apostleship!
You should just see soon how real life beyond the coffin is, when we are there I will wear a garment, and that will envelop me, but will be because we want to experience the reality and have already achieved something for ourselves.
You should see the spiritual garment of mother, Jeus, that is wonderful and you see her love and kindness again in that.
And yet it has nothing to do with the church and it means that the human being can experience God without the church.
And we will tell the people that, Jeus, that fear for damnation must go!
God does not damn us!”
“Do you want to destroy the church then?”
“God help me, Jeus, never that, but the church does not represent God, only that destruction must go.
What are people without a faith?
The human being without a faith remains poor, if he seeks the wrong.
But the church, so our one, did a lot for the human being.
But that last judgment and that eternal damnation, Jeus, that is terrible for this century, those untruths must go and a priest and nun must get married.”
“How complete we actually are, aren’t we?”
“We are precisely not that, the problems created by the Church make life complicated for the human being, our one open and conscious, our life is becoming beautiful now for the first time, it is becoming lovely, because we are getting to know ourselves.
That dreadful fear of death is dissolving and man and woman are getting to experience the eternal reunion.
And is that not everything?”
“I am starting to understand you.”
“We are not complicated, Jeus.
Every human being can master these laws.
But they do not want to.
That is too difficult, they say.
And is it now so difficult, if you know that you must let go of the wrong?
Why do the people hate?
Why do they steal, do they curse the fellow human beings and why do they make war?
Why do they experience all those low urges, does it give them happiness?
Is that so difficult?
Is it so difficult if you want to go through this life decently?
You can now say, I will see about that later, but you will already be here with that later.
And then you will stand there and you can bow your head to the laws of the universe and your God.
The people want to experience love, don’t they?
But do they have to devote themselves for that?
If you had not been so loving for the Viennese woman, what would we get back from her then?
She would soon say: the ‘droodles’, I am going back to Vienna.
But she is good, she does everything, at home we are almost breaking our neck about her beauty and you must bow your head to that.
That is a thousand times better than dirt.
Would you be able to live under dirt and mess?
The human being in the city still does not know himself, Jeus, he wants to possess everything for nothing and has nothing to spare for it.
You should look at those girls.
They want to be women.
They are too lazy to be beautiful, Jeus.
And when you wish to begin now with the building up of your character, if you drown yourself in the material muck?
Those are the characters and they are schmutzig10)!
Do you have to laugh?
Me too, but this is the truth.
No, we have no complaints with the Viennese woman.
Simplicity, devotion to duty, she is perfectly honest, takes care of herself and can bow when she has to bow, stands far above many people of the city, above millions of women, Jeus, because what she has and has mastered, all those doves must still begin with.
How does she cook for you?
Is that good food, Jeus?
What are her soups like?
That she still makes something of that is because she is a mother, has devotion to duty and wants to go through this life honestly.
Go and compare all of that to other mothers?
What use is such a dolled-up soul to you, who is godless?
What use are those acrobats to you who do not know what to do with a bowl of porridge?
What use are those countesses to you, if you see that they neglect the first foundations for the human character?
Well, then you are neither involved with art, nor with a woman, but with such an unconscious being, a living corpse is nothing in comparison.
And the man himself has that in his hands.
If they want, both of them, life will really be like a paradise, now you enjoy every character trait, every hour, yes, for soul, life and spirit, and for the universe in which we live.
Can you feel, Jeus, where marriage can bring you?”
“I would like to kiss that life.”
“I understand that, I too, but where do those saints live?”
Our mother, Jeus, she was a mother!
When the people soon get to know mother, then you will hear it.
They all want to be like that, but why are they not doing it then?
Why do the women not begin with that?
Because they find it difficult to be good and kind.
But I do not want a kiss like that, Jeus, I cannot kiss the woman who does not possess any love.
I cannot kiss any snarling, any cackling, I will not let myself be buried under those shoddy characters, I am not open to that.
I know now what it means, what you feel when you get a kiss from mother, as a husband of hers, as father was able to experience it, then you experience the universe, it becomes like Our Lord.
And now life is like paradise.
What does the kiss of a runner like that taste like?
What about the kiss from an acrobat like that?
What about the kiss from an office fool like that?
What about the kiss from a women with male airs?
That is all very nice, sport is wonderful, but the woman must never forget that she is on earth in order to become a mother.
And now you experience different grades for love.”
“Do you not want to kiss then?”
“I kiss the universe, Jeus.
I kiss myself, but moreover life.
I do not kiss any woman on the mouth if she is from another, or she will be mine.
That snarling and snapping, that harsh and ugly, kisses too.
The woman kissed by means of her soul and personality, it is why the Masters ask: what was the kiss from Beethoven and from Socrates like?
Which of you two gives you the spiritual kiss, mother?
That can only be Socrates!
That licking means nothing, after all, Jeus.
That is licking, the men and the women still have no understanding of kissing, I did not know it either, at least not then, now I know how I must kiss.
But when you develop your character traits, that becomes your pure and spiritual and also the spatial kiss for your wife, for your children, because wisdom makes the kiss deep and true.
So crazy perhaps what we are talking about now?”
“I will be careful with kissing, I am starting to understand.”
“It is true, Jeus.
A kiss like that from a woman means nothing to you, if her soul is not conscious.
And now we are sailing towards love.
When do we people experience true love?
Our mother showed us that grade of life and that love from mother, my Jeus, is Universally deep.
Father was not able to experience even ten grams of her thousand kilos of love as feeling from her personality, because father kept himself on earth.
Mother was and is tremendously deep in love and I want to go there, if you wish to know.
I also understood mother.
I already fought for her, for her love as a child, Jeus, which you have no understanding of.
I fought for her love, which no man could have done, mother is so deep, so kind in her giving and serving.
And we have to devote ourselves to that as men.
But what would mother have been like if she had been a runner?
A boxer?
The true soul only wants to be mother and is quite enough for this life, those frills for some social noise and boasting do not mean a jot to me if the soul must be a mother, because she now divides herself for all their characteristics for the love.
And anyone who says that this is not true should just come, this is the restraint for the universal love as mother.
But, Jeus, if you are harsh and you neglect the things at home as a mother you are even further away from this love.
One hard blow like that, given to you by the character, beats the mother to smithereens for her love.
Now it no longer becomes cat and dog love anymore, because those animals do not even do that and the human being as man and woman is completely destroyed, there is no longer any question of love.”
“Where did you get all of this from?”
“I am thinking, Jeus, and I want to make something of myself.
I am not open to a beautiful woman, but to the soul, however stocky the organism is.
But the man searches for material, physical beauty, which means nothing, because in a fortnight they will see nothing else but a cat or a bit of a human being like a pig cannot be.
Then that wonderful beauty has already been experienced and you go into the dustbin.
So it most certainly comes down to what the mother yearns for and the man can devote to both their happiness, but all that earthly carry-on does not give him any development, at least not that for soul and spirit, which it concerns after all.
And our mother had everything, Jeus, she was not only a conscious soul, but moreover had made her life more conscious by means of Our Lord.
And now you can say, you either have it or you don’t, that feeling then, you can already begin with that now, if you want to experience love, search for love, searching cannot bring you any love, because you yourself are in the way and calls you to a halt, because that woman or man sees through your spoiled character and does not like you now!
If you take part in art, then you go to higher love, but do not forget, and now you must listen carefully, Jeus, that even a dairymaid can give you infinite love, because she is open to Mother Nature and all the life created by God.”
“So you mean that a dairymaid like that can kiss?”
“Yes, of course she can do that, Jeus, but you do not feel what I mean.
I want to explain to you now that that is also art and namely that of Mother Nature, you now come into contact with the life.
And if you now both, man and woman, love that life, so a couple of farmers, you can experience love, therefore deeper than the city being, even if he does arts and sciences.
Because by doing arts and sciences you still do not get to experience any love.
And if that farmer and that farmer’s wife now only just want to drink milk from their cows and do not experience anything of all those births, then they still stand straight and stiff looking at the life of God and they do not experience anything, at least not the ‘life’, which can open them to the natural grade of life anyway.
But where do that man and woman live?
There is one man in thousands to be experienced who undergoes the creations as a farmer, and also his wife, the rest is the living dead in that and sees all those wonderful creations as a business, the work and nothing else.”
“My God, what an intellect you got.”
“It is not intellect, Jeus, but feeling for the life of God.
My friend Arie is a tulip farmer, but you should hear him talking about his cows, his Emma, Mientje and his horse?
Then you stand looking as if you are hearing God himself, but Arie has read my books.
Arie is a spiritual soul, he is open to pure love and got and developed that grade of life through his ‘cattle’ ... his being open to the life.
But he is no longer a farmer now, but a spiritual conscious being, the human being who loves both Mother Nature and the life of God.
But his wife, who could not bear all that nonsense, left him, she said that she could not stand a dry old stick like that.
Arie a dry old stick?
If you want to be good and spiritual, Jeus, the human being calls you a dry old stick.
Remember it!
Arie said: “When you hear a cow mother like that groaning, the tears run down your cheeks.
And when you talk to her soul and I learned that by means of your books”, Arie said to me, “it happens of its own accord, she feels that she is not alone in her giving birth.”
Arie remained day and night with his cows, in order to assist her, as mother, and devoted his life to that.
“But then I started to think”, he says.
“And when my wife got her baby”, Arie also said, “I almost walked away, she was such a wretch for the giving birth to her own child.” So that I just say: where do the people wish to go?”
“Do you still see that Arie sometimes?”
“Now and again Arie comes to see me, and we talk to each other.
I discussed the seven grades of and for a tulip with him, Jeus, so the reincarnation for a flower.
And Arie said: “You, André, know nothing about tulip growing development, but Lisse and Sassenheim can get a lecture here.”
And it is true, Jeus, I know the reincarnation for all the life on earth.
But I can feel why you want to see Arie, I know you, your old love for the animal is awakening.
But it was me, Jeus, that was also from my character, who was open to the animal life and not you, you still also have to master these feelings.
Yes, this is how it goes now.
The first wife of Arie left this wonderful life, which talked about giving birth and creating day and night, but meant nothing else to that woman than nonsense in which she suffocated.
Arie let her go, he could not change anything about it anyway.
But how would Arie and how would that mother have felt if they were one becoming conscious, one feeling for the life of God?
When Arie talked about Emma and she had to give birth, Jeus, the tears ran down his cheeks. “Because”, Arie said, “I was then able to experience motherhood.
My God, I could have kissed the animal and I also kissed her.
What love I felt then.”
And that now, Jeus, by means of the human being as mother, by means of the soul as woman, then you are at your last gasp as a man and you can’t get enough, that love is so wonderful, when the soul as human being is ‘Mother’.
But where do you find those conscious mothers, now that the whole of this Holland has made the mysticism for the giving birth and creating church-like, has given it damnation?
Do you want to experience universal love now?
Do you want to experience a spatial love, give a spatial kiss to her who is your wife, when she continues to stand before the coffin?
So when ‘death’ is and will remain death for her?
Arie said: “Your heart turns around when you feel that motherhood.
I ran away after the birth and had a few jars, because I was shaking on my feet.
I was no longer here, the drink gave me back that certainty.
And when I came to Emma, I did not come to her, but she came to me and licked my hand.
Then I did not know what to do anymore and fell to my knees.
When I told my wife that, I got: “Husband, stop your nonsense and make sure that the calf has a drink, you do not need to do any more than that.”
But, my Jeus, who was that calf now?
The calf got a drink from Arie, but she got the ‘breast’ from the universe from Arie and she could also have fed herself.
But that was not felt, or seen, that was consciously humanly suffocated!
When that also happened a few times she left him, then Arie was no good!
And many people certified Arie crazy, but which of these two souls is proved right for Golgotha?
It is Arie!
This is why Arie is also laying spiritual foundations, the soul which ran away destroys and is still not a human being, that woman still has to master the animal maternal love first, she has no understanding of maternal giving birth, she does not possess the feeling for that, and now everything becomes wretched and inhumanly awkward!
What is a mother like that like during her giving birth now, Jeus, who can run away if she can fence and box?
Are they also such stars for and in the life?
Are they really conscious of spirit for all the grades of feeling?
If so, lucky for the man who possesses such a grade of feeling.
But I know it, you know it too, those people usually eat burnt porridge with potatoes every day!
And the children walk round the whole day with wet dirty trousers, the bed is still not ready in the evening, the dust and mess fly around your ears, because mother can run, boxes, cycles, plays cards, studies too, but what do you hope to achieve for this love with a Master in law like that, Jeus?
What do you think of all of this?”
“But I already said, where did you get that from.”
“Where does happiness live and what is happiness now?
They can do an apprenticeship with us, Jeus.
This is why you should look at the women sometime.
You can learn from them how it should not happen, or you will learn from her how you must love.
But most of them are concerned with something tasty, with the bones, Jeus, but when they are chewed away, there is nothing else left, because they do not have any understanding of soul and spirit, do not want to experience them, it takes you so far away from this life.
And now the Church is standing amongst all those people.
And what do you hope to achieve now with a herd animal like that?
Now just kiss that instinct and you will experience the ‘droedels’.
I have my Wayti, Jeus.
Who is that?
You will know that soon enough.
A star of the universe, but that is also a human being, my own thinking and feeling lives in there.
And now I am father and mother at the same time!”
“Good grief, how beautiful all of that is, I should have known that before.”
“You are certainly not a second too late, Jeus, as long as you want to accept that.
Today you are beginning with this development and it is only then that you can kiss.
If you receive a kiss of this depth in this life, that is more meaningful than a thousand other ones which mean nothing.
This single one can give you the Great Wings and you know for what purpose you lived.
The man or the woman who needs ten women or men for that, will never make it.
It is that single one!
For one kiss like that, Jeus, you want to both die and remain alive, dying is the simplest.
A wife leaves her young puppies.
The husband says to me: “You can take an example from Letty when you also have children yourself later.”
But that is not understood by her and he is blamed again with: “What?
You want to compare me to a dog?”
Then he was a rotter, a useless man, and much more, which he was not, but she was, she possessed and represented, because she, Jeus, threw her own visiting card in his face.
Are they mothers and fathers who think and want and can accept?
May the husband not say anything for her development?
Not she?
That keeps becoming an argument.
Because of this the divorces came, Jeus.
One does not want to bow to the other who speaks the truth and then these souls will stand opposite each other eternally until this bowing comes, but it is the halt for soul and spirit.
If you are wrong, then you have to bow and if you cannot do that, you have to learn it, but I know that, Arie’s cow and that other lady’s dog can do it, can do it just like that, a human being, Jeus, cannot do that and yet is the highest being created by God!
What should Arie’s wife have done?
She should have put her Sunday best; if possible, I would have done that, as a lady from the older generation, as the ladies went dressed to the Garden of Gerhard the Tenth; wonderful in silk, wearing silver sandals.
And that for a cow, Jeus, also for a dog, also for a dove, and for all those mothers who give birth; and then a glass of lovely fine champagne for the two of us, in order to get God’s Son and the powers of the heavens there too, because you can also take that tickling to the happiness of life, but we are one in everything and have respect for the wonderful motherhood.
She at my feet, on a beautiful cushion, Jeus, and I will tell her then about this creation and this wonderful giving birth, for animal and human being, and it is only then that she will get her universal kiss from me!
I want to make that of it – and you do not find that in the city ... well, it is possible, of course – but then with both of us back to the universe, to the stars and the planets, to Mother Moon, it is only then that you will learn how to kiss!
And I will carry that woman as soul, I work and serve for that, I devote my life for her, my blood, she may hit me by means of her love, I am now ready for her rich life and now give her my spatial ‘massage’, as we were able to do that in Ancient Egypt.
Do you now wish to tell me, Jeus, that the men and women in the city know how they must love?”
“You are certainly completely happy, aren’t you?”
“Are you not, Jeus?”
“I do not know what that is.”
“I know it.
I know what happiness is, Jeus, but this one of the earth, means nothing to me.
I do not mean of Mother Earth, because the Earth as planet and as mother, gives you a love, which you will only get to know after this life and then you will also kiss her ground, her body, you will thank her for everything which you got by means of her.
I am certainly not crazy, Jeus, I know exactly what I want and what I have to give.
But both material and spiritual love is the difference with infinite worlds, is the difference of day and night.
So you are infinite or you are not, a kiss is living-dead or that kiss is inspired, has depth, warmth and happiness, or those lips can be like a living corpse, dirty and horrible!”
“So you cannot buy love?”
“You have understood that well, Jeus.
No, you keep on buying a pig in a poke, because you must earn love!
And even if you have plenty of money in order to buy love, sooner or later you will see that you have the wrong one again anyway, because you keep on seeing yourself, after all.
Yes, Jeus, yourself in that woman, you are that yourself, and you cannot avoid yourself!
And I can call to anyone who says that it is not true, anyone who says that he or she got happiness anyway by searching for it, Jeus, that is possible, of course, but also for beyond the coffin?
Did you murder hearts in order to get it?
Soon you will stand before your universal settlement and we will speak to each other further and again.
No, Jeus, you cannot escape this and if that was the case, then just live it up, but, we have still not seen those disharmonic laws and possibilities either on our journeys!
Come on, we will gradually return and to Loea, to Elly and her love.
There is also something beautiful to be experienced there.
“Truth is expensive, isn’t it?”
“The truth, Jeus?
Yes, that costs you blood, if you love and can give truth, that costs everything of your personality as effort.
For all the arts and sciences the truth is inspiring, the truth is waning, the truth changes into untruth, then everything falls, everything breaks, you have nothing left of yourself and a spiritualist stands before nonsense and the Church before damnation, but at that moment, ages ago stools and tables started to dance in Ancient Egypt, but white magic had become as black as pitch, from our brush factory, Jeus, and this life means nothing anymore.”
“You know just about everything about the world, if I hear you talk like that?”
“I know the world, Jeus.
We will no longer knock, or bump ourselves.
Dectar had to pay for his life and personality by means of life blood and I have now begun with that.
If you meet the spiritualists in this city, then make sure that you get away, because they sullied, raped and deformed every truth, by means of all their séances, their begging for some love, which they not only sullied for themselves, also from their fathers and mothers, their children who passed on.
Those people do not want to stand on their own feet and hold séances now, which is possible, but looks like a dog’s collar, Master Zelanus says in the books ’spiritual Gifts’, and the human being beyond the coffin feels nothing for, because that human being stands there before his universal love.
But now you should just follow those people, Jeus, you should be open to that spiritual love; soon you will see, you will experience, that those men and women do not possess any spiritual truth either, because they were not true themselves.
Because they do not want to experience any spiritual truth themselves and they still want to give the spirit in our life that poor love.”
“Who is that Dectar, can you also tell me something about him?”
“That is possible, Jeus.
Dectar lived in Ancient Egypt, in the Temple of Isis.”
“You are him now, aren’t you?”
“No, I am not him, he is another personality, Jeus.
I am André, who was developed through Master Alcar.
Dectar already went to the Temple of Isis as a boy, because the priests had discovered him.
He could call back a bird and then that animal had to listen to him.”
“What was that then?”
“He called the animal to him, Jeus, he did not do more than that.”
“Could the animals understand him then?”
“Not that, it is something entirely different.
He became like that bird, as it were, he called that animal and also became it, he elevated that animal to him by means of love, feeling, by means of the occult laws.”
“And can you also do that?”
“Not I, Dectar is not capable of that either.
Then we did that, he then, by means of magic skills, so not by means of pure love, because that is something entirely different.
I experienced the same thing with Fanny the dog.
Fanny had human feeling.
Fanny listened to me like to Our Lord, because I became Fanny.
I lived in Fanny.
Fanny was in no position to make demands then, but by means of kindness and love you come that far, or sooner or later the animal will refuse to listen.
In this way you can tame wild animals.
Never by means of coarseness or harshness, you only get that oneness with all the life by means of love, because now one life speaks to the other about love and all the life of God has sacred respect for that.”
“Good heavens, it would make me cry.”
“You should do it, Jeus, not as I see it.
I can already feel your kiss and I am grateful to you for that.
And now that same kiss from a girl?
That same power and will for your love, Jeus?
What will you get back then, if your wife loves you and she wants to make something of herself?
If my wife knows me, she will certainly no longer come near me, Jeus, or she will say: I am love and I am not afraid of that being, on the contrary, I am open to that.”
“My God, how beautiful life is now, isn’t it?”
“It is true, Jeus, and we will do our best for that.”
“The people should try doing something to you when I am there.”
“Fine, Jeus, you are starting to understand me.
I only want the good.
If we lose people soon, if my adepts leave me, it will never be my fault, Jeus, as long as you know, it will never be me who sends the life of God away, no one will experience that.
But if they violate my personality, want to see me as they themselves are and want, then all those souls will go to pieces and they will lose me.
This is why it is Dectar now who now makes demands, because he is the Master, he suffered and strived and probably died a hundred times for this.
Do you still think about Deut Messing (see ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje’ part 1), Jeus?”
“Yes, of course.”
“Do you know now that I got those feelings from the Master and that you could not experience them?
If Master Alcar had not come to me I would also have been a perfectly ordinary human being.
But by means of Deut and all those other wonderful matters I got another consciousness and the contact with the spiritual world.”
“But do you still wish to have a relationship?”
“You make me laugh, Jeus.
What is a relationship now?
Did you see those people laughing a moment ago?
They heard me, but they think that we got fits of laughter from hunger, and that is not true anyway.
You and Jozef have a relationship, I have a relationship with Sun, Moon and stars, with universes of God, with animal and human being, with everything which was created by God, Jeus.”
“But do you never want to have anything to do with our Anna?”
“Did you never hear then, never feel, Jeus, that I intervene if you spoil things for yourself, do not understand her?
Then I come, now I put things right and go further, I take you to the lanes in order to learn to kiss, but I watch, I watch out, because I want to work, I must work, I do not want to be disturbed by your cackling, I have something entirely different to do.
Of course now and again she gets to experience my kiss.
But then, Jeus, and she therefore has that in her own hands, she follows me and she rises out above you two, you are at your last gasp and we are completely one.
But then, Jeus, we just go out, to the cinema and experience a good film, which you do not have any understanding of anyway.
If the Viennese woman wants to experience that, I take her away from you, but sometimes, yes, indeed, sometimes she is capable of that, now and again, from the age of fifteen, my good Jeus, I have already been gone and ‘disappeared’, I have been living between heaven and earth, with Sun and Moon, the stars and planets, but am still open to your lives, only I do not want to be kissed, if you do not understand me, then I will withdraw into my own universe and spread my Great Wings in there.
I am the Prince of this Universe, my Jeus, and am a human being, I love, but I cannot say the same thing a hundred times now from the old days, I am going further, I am different again every second, because the life forces me to go to that evolution.”
“Good gracious me, how beautiful that is.”
“Do not get a fright, Jeus, that is not swearing.
That is the sacred truth.
Yes, it is beautiful.
It is wonderful.
It is incredible and yet so close to the human being and in the human being, it lives under every heart.
I want to serve.
And I will serve and love when the mother is love, or I cannot lift a hand.
Believe me, Jeus, I am bursting with love!
But who will understand this love?
When I see a good, human film, Jeus, my blood already flows away.
Something hearty, and I stand bleeding.
Give me your universal love and I will carry you, love so much that you cannot cope with it, that you do not know what to do with your happiness and you will not lose that happiness, that happiness is eternal.
But if you now start to demand?
Do not put anything in place of that and you will already have lost it.
So you must first know who you are and understand your own task, it is only then that you must come and talk about love, but now both man and woman know what is required from both of them!
And that has to do with God, with the stars and the planets, you can now talk to all the life of God.
Whether I want to experience your love, Jeus?
Give me this love and I will bring you as far as God for that and will that still not be enough?”
André strolls through the streets of The Hague, also follows everything which interests him, nothing escapes him, through twenty eyes he looks at society and life, the things of the day, the personality of mankind, which is needy.
Jeus asks:
“What do you have against that office fool?”
“Nothing, Jeus, nothing!
I only mean, that the woman will soon fulfil a very different task.
I can see another world, the future of mankind.
We are going to the Kingdom of God on earth.
It does not look like we will soon reach that stage, but it will come!
The peoples of the earth will reach oneness, Jeus.
Now take a girl like that, a woman like that, who acts the soldier, who dresses like a dragoon, salutes like a soldier, as a man can do that, but which makes me shiver, gives me goose pimples, because she spoils, sullies, deforms the maternal, and there is nothing else left of that maternal.
It seems prehistoric.
Then just give me a nurse like that, she serves, what those other women do is no longer serving, that is following destruction.
And what does a kiss like that mean to you now, Jeus?
What does a soldier mother’s kiss like that taste like?
Those frills just make you sick.
Which love do those mothers give?
What do you hope to achieve with a universe like that, which only has feeling for destruction and devastation?
Which talks about nothing but ranks and grades, the human being who lives it up by means of the poverty of millions of souls?
Yes, what do we hope to achieve, Jeus, Europe must defend itself, but you can see it, when will those masses begin to think spatially?
The man looks at decorations and eternal noise, but receives emptiness, poverty; I do not want a kiss from a heroine like that who has blood on her hands and yet is decorated by those unconscious masses.
Such a heroine, Jeus, experiences the darkness anyway.
Woe betide, if that child soon comes beyond the coffin; but she does not even see that world, because she already has to make amends for that destruction now, and has to return to the earth.
The human being does not see his spiritual danger, the woman interferes with everything, but is also open to murder and general destruction.”
For a while there are no questions to be asked, but then there comes from Jeus:
“Can you just tell something about that Dectar?”
“That is possible, Jeus.
When Dayar was born, his mother was a simple soul, a bit like Deut Messing.
Dayar’s mother, then just seven years old, lived with her father and mother on the edge of a wood.
That was in Egypt.
The father was a hunter and that man hunted everywhere, did not have a second’s peace for wife and child, so a wild duck like that.
He was a real brute.
One morning he gets it into his head to leave.
The ox-cart is harnessed and there they go, towards another hunting ground.
But in the evening they are attacked by wild animals.”
“Probably all dead.”
“No, not that, the girl, who lay under the blankets, remains alive.
Also the oxen, however improbable, are not attacked by the animals, but man and wife are mauled by the animals.”
“Good heavens, what a horrible mess that is.
And then?”
“The cart, the oxen then, with little Loea, trundles on.
Another hunter meets the little group and understands that the owners have been killed.
That man takes care of Loea, but when Loea turned sixteen, she had to have a child from that man.
And then that crazy Loea started to think.
She did not know of course where those thoughts came from just like that, but that girl could suddenly think properly and clearly for herself.
But if you look behind this now, Jeus, then you will see her mother, who inspires her child from the astral world in order to pass on as soon as possible.
One evening, when that hunter comes home, Loea has disappeared with the oxen and some sheep.
The man thinks of thieves.”
“And then?”
“Loea has the feeling that she must begin with a life of her own far away from this neighbourhood.”
“That crazy child?”
“After all, I said that Loea could suddenly think, even if she remained apathetic.”
“Deut could do that too, couldn’t he?”
“But Deut was a bit different, Jeus.”
“And then?”
“I will tell you something.
If you always ask ‘and then’, we will never make it and you must learn not to do that, Jeus.”
“I understand you.”
“Loea journeyed on for days and found a spot on the edge of a wood, in the vicinity of other people.
She had the intellect to do something, but she got that feeling from her mother from the astral world.
So she experienced the same laws as we are now experiencing.”
“And then that mother was her guardian angel.”
“It is true.
It is also in this vicinity that there are temples, and the priests from those temples went to visit the people now and again.
These men would then look round to see whether there were any boys with feeling, the feeling in order to be educated as a priest.
When one of those priests saw Loea, he said that he would return in order to help her.
However, what that man saw and felt was supernatural.
He was hinting at something.
And the priest returned exactly on time, Dayar was born and he assured her that she had brought a child into the world with gifts, so spiritual feeling, and would truly accomplish a task for his Temple, the Temple of Isis.
Loea thought that was wonderful, but when she later understood what it was about, she cried out from sorrow and if she had known that beforehand, they would not have seen her again.
Dayar possessed gifts, he was already clairvoyant as a child, could heal and sometimes speak like an old person.
The priests thought that they had to do with a Great Winged one.”
“What is that?”
“That is a person like I am.
So a person who can make journeys in the spiritual world and (is able to) pass on the wisdom from that world, by means of which the Temple got a name and therefore got a good deal of prestige.
Loea lost her child, there were celebrations for Dayar, Egypt was almost in an uproar, but when that was over for Loea and she did not get to see her boy again, her life collapsed.
Loea threw herself down at the gates of the Temple and wanted to have her child back, but the priests removed her, even the king was involved in that.
Dayar remained in the Temple of Isis and Loea died from sorrow and misery.”
“But what kind of godforsaken men they were.
That should not happen to me.
And then?”
“Then nothing more, Jeus.
If you want to know more about Dayar, what happened to him in the Temple of Isis, then just read the book ‘Between Life and Death’ and you will know him.”
“Does that book exist then?”
“Yes, I wrote that book.
And now we have got to know our own life from Ancient Egypt.”
“And I know nothing about that?”
“That is because you did not want anything to do with my life.
Now and again something got through to you, but I had to experience and deal with all of that.”
“How wonderful that is.
And Dectar is now teaching you?”
“Dectar is, along with me, the boss, we are the instrument of the Masters.
And Dectar does not let himself be made fun of, you will certainly feel that.
And that same Dectar now wants you to change your life too, or we will not make it.
But the most beautiful thing of all now is that Loea is on earth again.”
“What are you telling me now?”
“Yes, Jeus, the mother from Dayar from that time of Ancient Egypt, is living here in The Hague and we will go to her soon.”
“Here in this city?”
“Yes, she has returned to earth.
She has experienced a few lives with the Catholic Church, has been a nun, has been gloriously raped in there, has given birth to children by the priests and cardinals, but is here now.”
“And still crazy?”
“Not that, but if you look beyond her personality, you will feel that she is still not completely free from her apathetic life of feeling after all.
Now I have met her, because her husband came to me in order to heal her.
Loea was complaining for years about her stomach and no doctor could help her.
One operation after another, but nothing helped.
Then her husband came to me.”
“And were you able to help her?”
“I was able to free her from all those pains, Jeus, she now feels gloriously healthy.
Yes, that was a wonderful diagnosis which was made by Master Alcar.”
“What was it?
Am I allowed to know that?”
“Of course, you must just listen.
I angrily grabbed that yogi by the scruff of his neck.
That man did not want to give her a child.”
“Why not, if I may ask that.”
“Yes, Jeus, those are now the crazy human problems and thoughts.
It is a long story, but I will make it short.
That husband of hers is really just a big brute.
And Loea is like our Crisje, too good for this world and especially for her husband, who dances with her personality.
He is a real tramp and yet also a child, but therefore a child with dirty male lousy tricks.
In the first place, money like water.
And because of that cursed possession that whole character is spoiled.
Scraped together by means of the blood and the sweat of others.
I liked him, at the end of the day we all have faults and there is no one in this world who does not have a fault, we are also still bursting with spiritual faults.
But I quickly determined that I had to do with a big brute.
A man like a child, but with dirty thoughts, calculated in everything and always for his own benefit.
Sir was playing with our good Loea.
He let her play all kinds of crazy tricks and that good Loea did it.”
“What was that, am I allowed to know that?”
“Oh, Jeus, what good is that to you.
Loea is plump and he loves that plumpness.
He was such a crazy person; when sir was sitting at the table eating, he ordered Loea, she told me that herself and asked me later whether that was normal, to show her ‘cheeks’.”
What are cheeks?”
“That is the bottom, Jeus, the buttocks of a woman.
And then she had to walk back and forth, because sir saw art, it was art, he said, real art, which he could never get enough of.”
“And Loea did that?”
“He was her husband after all and she loved her darling a great deal.
But she began to doubt and asked me later whether that was okay.
Anyhow, I treated her and then the diagnosis came.
Master Alcar said that she could be healed, but only by means of a child.
She had to become a mother; and her husband did not want any children.
Loea could already have had five or six children, but he drove all those children to bits and pieces along with her on his motorbike.
So they were all miscarriages, Jeus.
And because of that her stomach was not how it should be, of course.
When I saw all of that, and she had to agree with me, Loea got sacred respect for my seeing.
I told her that he had to give her a child, which was still possible.”
“And she got that child?”
“Yes, I took him to task then.”
“Badly, probably?”
“Well, Jeus, I told him that I would stab his ribs with a knife if he refused to give her a child.”
“And did you mean that?”
“I do not know, Jeus, what I would have done, but I think, I was capable of anything for that man.
Of course, if I had not assaulted his life, then we would have added another murder to that and it is not the intention.
But I told him anyway that he had to give her a child, and that she would get better then.
Good heavens, how I had to laugh at that nasty piece of work.
He curled up from fear and I told him it in such a way that he truly thought I would murder him.
In this way Loea got her child, if I had not come there, Jeus, then those people would not have got to know my kingdom and Loea would never have got her Dayar either.
And you will see that child soon.
Loea is mad about her Dayar, she named the child after Dectar, of course.
And yet, that man has such good qualities, but he is a child.
There are more people like that.
They first have to be filthy rich, if they want to have children, if they want to chance raising a child like that.
But for him everything was different.
He had the nice things and not the wailing of the child.
But when Loea got her child he was mad about it, he thanked me a hundred times, but did not dare to look me in the eye.
And now, Jeus, the pains had disappeared.
The All-Source in Loea continued to ask for a child and those were the pains, which the doctor, well, the professors thought was the appendix.”
“The All-Source, you say?
What is that?”
“That is the womb and those are the ovaries, Jeus, in the mother, the noblest organs.
And those organs got a dirty blow, of course, because of all those miscarriages from sir; but then those pains had disappeared instantly.
Could all those doctors have made a diagnosis like that?
They opened her organs in order to see what they looked like.
Even though the prof knew that Loea had experienced her miscarriages, this did not occur to him, for which Loea’s husband had great respect.
And when she immediately refused to play those tricks any longer, sir no longer got his way and the grumbling, the moaning, the searching began; the child had lost something.
But Loea said: “He can tell me more now, now that I know all of this and the books show me a different world: no more cheeks!”
“And he did not want to accept that?”
“He had to, but in order to elevate himself higher, sir still did not feel like it much, the playing with people, the playing with the human heart, the playing with the personality as mother, did not want to lose that simple soul, and then walked round with a long face.”
“You changed that, of course.”
“No, Jeus, I did not interfere in that, but I did get on to him, I explained the laws to him, but that did not help anyway, sir had lost his ’spielzeug’11), but he could now get the ‘droodles’ from Loea.
Loea spoilt him day and night; I tell you, Loea is like Crisje, so good, so kind, Loea is exhaustible in love.
But she got her Dayar back.
When I entered her, Master Alcar showed me who she was.
And I stood before her life and looked into Ancient Egypt.
I got mother back as Dectar, and she, from her God, her child from before, which she had sacrificed for God.”
“That is enough to make you weep.”
“You could cry about it too, Jeus, everything is so beautiful.
We see by means of that that we get everything back anyway, if happiness is ever taken away from us.
But then I saw all her recent lives.
I saw her as a nun, and that she was raped by the priests.
She was also brought up as a Catholic now.
And she knew the husband of hers, so this one, in Tibet.
She has to make amends to him, by means of which they also met each other in this life.
I saw her novel, and would be able to begin immediately, by means of Master Zelanus, but then of my own accord and from Ancient Egypt, through many lives.
This novel got a beautiful name, title, Jeus.”
“What is it, am I allowed to know that?”
“Yes, that is possible.
The novel is called ‘Maria-Francisca’ and begins, which I told you about, when they, he and his wife, were attacked by the animals. Loea’s end and misery in that life, but then to the following life on earth, where she became a nun, in order to describe how she was raped there by those chaste priests.
Master Alcar showed me all those lives and I saw how one child after the other went into the ground, given birth to by those little nuns, but which no one was allowed to know.
I do not know whether the Masters have the time to pass on that material, but then I will receive the material for my follower and he can finish the book then, which are the spiritual novels for the University of Christ!”
“That man, where you always go?”
“Yes, Jeus, he will represent the spiritual novels.
And did you also see that other one, when we still had the séances?
That man with such a handsome face?”
“Oh, I know it.
And what does he have to do then?”
“He will get to write the philosophical books and I myself mine, so that we will finish some fifty books.
But then, Jeus, as long as those men have enough energy for later, because it will only begin then.
Come on, we are going to Loea now.
Would you like to have a kiss from her sweet face and heart?”
“Is that possible then?”
“She always flings her arms around me.
You have had more kisses from her than you know.”
“Yes, because she always calls me Jeus, but I have never been able to elevate you into my life, because you as a child from the country do not know what to do with Loea anyway, what do you want to give her?
Your dialect?
But then you must also possess something else and you do not have that yet.
You must first earn those flowers yourself, Jeus.
I am now giving you my day consciousness and you may see the little one, kiss it too and then you will steal Loea’s heart.”
They climb up the stairs.
Loea opened the door.
“Good day, Jeus.
It is nice that you are here.
Here, smack, from your old mother.”
Jeus now receives the kiss and his teeth are chattering.
“Isn’t that something?
Good heavens, what a good person she is.”
“Yes, Jeus, Loea is an angel.
Look, little Dayar is lying there.”
Jeus looks at the child, but gets the full percent from André.
But now the dialect is spoken.
Loea laughs, she knows Jeus, André and Dectar.
She also knows the city one, he is very different again.
They have a wonderful contact for a moment, but then they go higher, where the other friends live.
There it is the Master who is expected.
Or not?
Yes, it is he, it is not Jeus who comes in. It is André.
“What was it like under the ground?”
“Horribly cold, but I was able to write, we were both there, a boy from next door was with me.
And you?”
“I worked hard, Master Zelanus threw out a great deal of pages, if we go on like this the second part will soon be finished.
Yes, all the things which will happen, what will we have to do when the war is over soon?
Then we will begin in public, you will also speak.
Then it will be deadly seriousness for all of us.”
Jeus can no longer be seen now, that consciousness has instantly disappeared.
André releases himself and now the words fly over his lips, the future is shown to him.
“Oh’, the follower says, “what does everything matter to me.
This war is of great significance for me.
All the things we learned, Jozef.
Believe me, we will help you to carry.”
“That is wonderful.
But we will see, wait and see.
I know what is required of me.
You already know that we will stand alone, you can see it.
We will not have many left of those stilt-walkers, those ounces of feeling in order to do something for this poor mankind, will soon be used up.
And then they will scold, kill us, put a crown on themselves by means of the destruction of our life and work, is what I feel and human history has taught us.
Followers do and can do everything in this area.
Pythagoras’ temple, also that of Rudolf Steiner, was set fire to.
They will call me everything which is demonic, believe me, we will be talked about.
We are a dirty carry-on, ringleaders, scoundrels, rotters and even much more, when we come to stand before the esteemed public.”
“Did I do something wrong, Jozef?”
“What makes you think that.
No, no one has done something wrong, but I can see my future, the work for later.
I cannot help it, cannot do anything about it, but I look through those other runners.
They want to change mankind?
You must want to give yourself, to destroy yourself completely, or the Masters will not be able to achieve anything with your life and personality.
We must bow our heads, want to give our blood for that.”
“Did I not do anything anyway, Jozef?”
“No, I tell you, nothing, but I am talking about later, later when we have to talk.
But I tell you, you can still go back now, later not anymore, or you will lose your blood and rip out our hearts, which is not necessary anyway!”
“But you know, after all, Jozef, that I want to devote all of myself?”
“I know that, of course, but it is becoming difficult.”
“I want to break my neck for this work, Jozef.”
“I know that too, for Christ you must want to devote everything, but we are standing before deadly seriousness.
You will see and experience it, the others will succumb.
How does that man wish to serve beneath the Masters?
A few of those stirrers have already betrayed ‘HIM’ for a job with the Catholics.
I know them, I know what those personalities are like.
Yesterday I sent my feelings to Ramakrishna.
I asked him whether his followers had also experienced this and whether he had had to fulfil his task under such circumstances.
And this morning he was walking next to me on the street, and along with him Blavatsky, Rudolf Steiner, Socrates and others who are interested in us because we are doing their work, continuing their task.
Is that so strange?
And then I took Jeus to task, you know what this means, and that Jozef also has to accept the deadly seriousness.”
“But you are doing your best, aren’t you, Jozef?”
“That is true, but if I want to be ready in order to give lectures for the world by means of the Masters, my whole character must experience that oneness, or we will succumb.
I am talking to myself and returning to my youth.
I am ascertaining what my life has been like up to now, by means of which I am getting to know myself, but moreover the faults are emerging.
I can now see how every personality experienced his own life and things, by means of which André and Dectar work and are involved with it.
It is very interesting to follow this.
And the Masters are working on that.
I also know, this society wants nothing to do with a white shroud around your neck, I will never do that!
That is not the intention!
But you can see it on our followers, today I am the Master, the genius, tomorrow, when I have something to tell them, they do not accept that and you are powerless.
They do not want you to rap their fingers, to release them from their earthly thinking and feeling, which must happen anyway, or we will not come any further.
I have seen the Masters and know what I can achieve by means of all of them.
Pythagoras’ temple was set fire to by his best pupil and those of Rudolf Steiner were not any different.
Should I take love, wife and children into account?
Of course, but the wanting to serve goes before everything, and you know that I am fighting for all of you; I am capable of making something beautiful of your life, but for which you have to give everything, everything, that is also required of me.
Today I am their prophet, tomorrow not anymore, if Christ calls them, they will not be there, they are afraid of being burnt at the stake.
But I will show you that I am not a crazy person.
And this war is for that, we can now learn how it should not be done.
However, I tell you, the André-Dectar has awakened, Ancient Egypt now lives consciously in me.
We have something to give this so beaten mankind.
How right Jackson Davis, an American medium, was, whom I already met in the Spheres of Light in 1936.
He told me that I would experience the Cosmology and had to bring it to earth, but then Master Alcar had still not told me anything, which only happened later.
Of course, Davis could only tell me that under the orders of the Masters, but with the foundation for which he had also worked; he also served for the University of Christ!
But we will speak to each other again, before it is that far, we will come back to this.”
Jeus is allowed to play with their child for a while, romp around for a moment and then we leave.
We have to write and to experience the Cosmology, for which we received our task.
“Yes, Jeus”, there also comes, if he wants to know something,
“that was little André.
The mothers name the children after me, after Dayar and André, Jozef too, and if you also want to earn that, then you must be very good, or those mothers will not do that.
I don’t mind at all that the mothers do that, and I will certainly not disappoint them, if they also keep on understanding or wanting to accept me!
As long as you know, I love people, the whole of this mankind, but we will speak to each other again later, my Jeus.
Because what I see is also human, and has to do with people.”
On the way Jeus wants to know more about ‘Maria-Francisca’, and when he ticks off the priests, he does not understand that those men and women are also people, he hears from André:
“Oh, Jeus, that is simple too.
You must just ask Jozef whether he wants to tell our story, then you will immediately know everything about it.
I am now closing myself off, I am going to Master Zelanus, we must begin soon.”
Jeus climbs into the personality of Jozef and already asks:
“Tell me?
Am I allowed to know that?”
“Of course, you must just listen to me.
It is a wonderful drama.
When I was still a driver, or, both of us then..., because André was more of a driver and better than I was, he has given me the driving, I will also tell you that now, because by means of this you get to know yourself and I get to know myself, we experienced such a priestly drama.
André almost had a fit from it, and now he can no longer stand that ‘reverend’ this and ‘reverend’ that.”
“Is that about a priest?”
“Yes, Jeus, we had to do with a priest.”
“Tell me quickly.”
“I was standing at the railway waiting for a fare.
But when I realised that I would not get a fare, there were so many drivers in front of me, I drove off in order to pick up that priest.
It was just the day and the hour that I would see that man, and all the drivers knew that.
They also called to me: “Are you going to bring Gerrit for his visit?”
I called: “Yes, I am taking sir, I will not get anything here anyway.”
I go.
At the corner of a street, so exactly on time, you could always pick up the priest there.
We were then just tinkering with the car, sir saw you of course and asked whether you were free.
“Yes, sir, that concerns you, I have just taken my people home.”
And then we had to go with the priest, who thought that no one knew him, to the girls.
I was gone.
Where sir went there were five chicks and he visited every week.
Sir asked me whether I would collect him.
I went for a drive and three quarters of an hour later he got in again.
Back to the neighbourhood, of course not in the street of the church, but around the corner.
The man always gave a quarter, by means of which the drivers considered him an extra fare if there was nothing else to be earned.
But the priest did not know that.
Now that he wanted to settle with me, André suddenly comes up, he wanted to do that.
Suddenly I had nothing more to say.
André puts up his hand, the priest puts the money in his hand, the quarter comes too and at that moment André says:
“But, reverend, is that all I am getting?”
“Reverend, did you say?
“Yes, father, did you get a shock?
Three hundred drivers know you.
The whole of The Hague knows that you go to the girls and I only came here for you, because I did not have another fare.
Is that so strange?”
“Good gracious, isn’t that something.
And then?”
“Then, Jeus?
The man went red and green from the shock.
But André just let him leave.
And then he went into the church.
And what did we see there?
The priest was saying holy mass, he was drinking the blood of Christ and that made us sick.
This is why André can no longer hear that word ‘reverend’.
Of course our story was passed round all the taxi ranks, but we did not see anything again of the priest and the ladies had lost their client.
A driver, whose wife could not miss the church, read in the parochial newsletter that the priest got to fulfil another, greater task, he had now really started to work for Our Lord.
But when that man told his wife everything, she had had it up to here with her church.
A pity?
“Is that so terrible now?” André said.
He sent to the priest:
“Just get married, man, and do not deceive HIM any longer.
Do not sully HIM any longer!
Do not deceive yourself any longer!
Take off that horrible frock and become a real father!”
“What a tramp, wasn’t he?”
“Oh, Jeus, that is not that bad.
Have you still not read the books by Marie Corelli?”
“I have never had a book in my hands.”
“If there is time, then you should just begin with that.
I have read that book and Marie Corelli can tell a lot about it, the cardinals are sent into the street naked in that book.
Whether that is true?
That woman told that.
And if you know the life of all those nuns, there is not much left of her sanctity.
And yet?
What does everything mean?
They are nothing more than perfectly ordinary yearnings of these people.
Are they not people, André says.
But the Church attacks us, we may not say anything, we are devils for the Church.
But this?
We experienced this ourselves.
Just like that from the whores to Our Lord.
We do not do that!
We have still not done that and we will never do that either, because we are married normally and we do not act the saint.
But what do you think of it?
It is worthwhile.
The Catholic Church must first wash itself clean and then that wonderful body may talk.
You should talk to André about it later, then you will hear something entirely different, because he has spoken to priests and chaplains, bishops and cardinals between life and death, all of them understood how wrong it is to deny those men and women the giving birth and creating.
We as taxi drivers, Jeus, knew a lot.
If André had had to write that book, a great deal of those great ones would look really blank.
They say goodbye to wife and children, have to go to their meetings for the home, it is sometimes staring you in the face and you hear what they say, but a bit further on you get another address and then it goes to those places, of which every driver knows his share, because all those men just do not have anything else to do than gossip.
They know exactly what they earn, they know the people, they are psychologists, Jeus.
I must tell you, Master Alcar could not have taught André anything better than to be a driver, now we became human beings.
When we left mother we were peasants, nothing more, nothing else, but our eyes opened on the street.
And now André has become a prophet, we write books and we paint, just like that of our own accord, but we know by what means he got all of that and brought it to consciousness.”
“What did you still have to tell me about that driving?”
“That I would never have become a driver, if André had not give me the knowledge.
It was he, and not me, who learned to drive on a chair (see ‘Jeus of mother Crisje’ part III).
And that by means of Master Alcar.
Master Alcar will have the books (the trilogy ‘Jeus of mother Crisje’) written, Master Zelanus will do that soon, and you will know, the follower has already got the material.”
“The men would have been in fits of laughter about that priest, wouldn’t they?”
“Yes, all of us laughed, but we laughed every day.
Do not ask a driver if he does not know anything, he knows everything about the human being who moves his legs every day in the city and wants to experience a diversion now and again.
I could tell you the most crazy stories, Jeus, some of which cost many people their crown, which make you tremble and shake, but by means of which we saw the rotten hypocrisy of all those men and women.
You do not know what kind of people they are, but I saw them eating a thousand guilder note, and saw them do all those crazy tricks, where the girls were also involved.
They are poor dogs, Jeus!
I do not think that we will write that novel, because André has other things to do.”
“But he can do all kinds of things, can’t he?”
“André, yes, he can do all kinds, he has the feeling for everything.
One evening I wanted to go to the cinema with the Viennese woman.
I really thought I was going for myself, but during the film he comes to me and says:
“You see, Jozef, I would have done that differently.
Now they are not getting out of it what is there.
I do not understand those people.
The people are laughing, while they should be crying.”
And he was right, Jeus.
He said: “This psychology sucks.
The directors do not know the life, do not know the character of the woman, I wanted us to experience that sometime, you would see then how we would make a film.”
And he is capable of that, of course, because he knows the human being, unravels the character and it is also the intention, or it is always stuff and nonsense.
And if that was to happen one day, Jeus, how we would show the farmers in ’s-Heerenberg what has become of us.
Then we would be the notables, prove to those brothers that they still mean nothing for this life.
After all, you know how we are seen there, we as boys from a perfectly ordinary labourer, don’t you?
You can no longer talk to those farmers and they no longer know us, there they are still standing before the Church and before their coffin.
And yet, I will never forget the dialect either, only, André no longer wants to hear about it.”
“But he talks in dialect to me, doesn’t he?”
“He will have to.”
“He was talking recently about that dame, that water, what is that?”
“Do you wish to call his Mother a dame?
Man, be careful, or you will go into the cellar, not that one of father, this one is much worse, you will no longer experience anything in here, Jeus, you know that, for that matter.”
“Will we also be filming?”
“I wanted that to be possible for him.
Good heavens, how would he act and that under inspirations of the Masters?
André and Master Zelanus are completely one in everything.
And if they want you to cry, then you will also weep.
They attune themselves to something, and they are already it.
Yes, André can do everything!
He has become a great spiritual artist and yet he remains simple, perfectly ordinary, you can see that from everything, after all.
You should hear him, when a good film comes he analyses that thing like a great man.
You should have done that like that and that, you then hear from inside and good heavens, what a pity, now that whole drama is no longer worth a jot.
He got everything out of it and would make you cry so that you no longer know what to do with yourself, which the human being wants, especially during these times and to which we are open.
As long as you know that you can learn everything from him, Jeus, he can make from your life the most beautiful thing which exists, he gives you space and happiness, the oneness with all the life.”
“Will you tell something else about the driving?”
“That is already no longer possible, we are here, I see, we are going up the stairs and have nothing more to say now.”
“And it is true, Jozef, we are now speaking, you have nothing more to say, it is me now!”
And a while later we are sitting at the typewriter again and go further.
The weather is a bit milder, we can write in the front room and are free from every disturbance, now and again the Viennese woman comes to have a look.
Jozef and Jeus cannot even follow this, because they still do not possess this personality and do not experience André’s space of course.
What they thought up this morning belongs to the third part and has been laid down, that life film will also be run, not a word of it has gone, so that we can also record that.
After the writing we send André out into the street for while in order to get some fresh air and Jozef and Jeus can represent the day consciousness, they can talk and experience their own affairs.
André is already strolling back to Mother Water, but he is not talking to her.
He is thinking and meditating.
Jeus asks Jozef:
“Is that a woman now?”
“That is a Goddess”, André says.
He sees her as a Goddess, as a great and deep motherhood and he can say to her life.
“If she kisses you”, he says, “it is as if the universe of God wants to embrace you and you must devote all of yourself in order to be able to keep going, her kiss and her love are so awe-inspiring.”
“But that is enough to drive you crazy.”
“Not him, he will not go crazy, but we will, because we still do not know the least thing about the life.
With regard to him the people are just dopes, and you will get to see that for yourself, Jeus, I already know it.”
“Would she also like to kiss me?”
“Just try it?
I think that you will drown yourself.”
Will I drown myself then?”
“If you get involved with her life, Jeus, then you lose all your own thinking and feeling, and you must still remain conscious, or you will not hear and you will not feel anything of her life and love.”
“I can understand that.
And she is everything?”
“She is everything, she has been mother for all the life, and still is.
If you kiss those lips, André says, and you want to give the own love, then you will walk round between life and death and searching for yourself, because then there is no longer a question of material conscious feeling and thinking.
But, if you start to experience oneness with that life, you will feel for the first time what you are as a human being and you will immediately know that you as a human being possess a Divine attunement.
It is incredible what you now get to experience and he can experience that.
I once tried it, Jeus, but then I was standing up to my neck in the water and I would have drowned of course if he had not been there.
“So”, he said, “did you also once try to talk to Mother and drown me?””
“And you would have drowned him?”
“Yes, we would have done away with him, we, Jeus, because we still have to master those laws and powers.
“Poets talk about the life”, he says, “but do those simple souls know about the actual life?”
The academics talk about philosophical systems, but when do they know themselves?
He got to know those philosophical systems, Jeus, he is one with all the life of God and now all those great people can do an apprenticeship with him.
“If you want to experience her kiss”, André says, “then you must be able to distance yourself, but who can do that?
When you know”, he says, “that when you are fast asleep and you no longer know anything about yourself, you are still thinking, still remain alive?
Outside of yourself, outside of this day consciousness”, he says, “in which we live, ‘will’ and personality must be able to act as if they are awake, so conscious”, but you are that when you no longer want to experience her kiss.
Now just kiss her, Jeus?
Just try to experience her life?
Just talk to the Mother?”
“And that is the truth?”
“He tries: “When you feel her touch, then you stand shaking on your legs, it is so wonderful.
You think that your blood is flowing away and that you will get heart failure instantly, but now you come into connection with her life and laws.”
“How nice that is, I would like that too.”
“André says: “You must want to bow to this, or you will not make it.””
“Bow, bow, you say?”
“Yes, to everything, even if you get a terrible beating from the people, you have to bow and you must love everything, or you cannot experience this contact, you will not feel her kiss and her love.”
“And then he knows your wife better than you know her?”
“You’ve got it now, Jeus.
That is true, of course, he knows my wife better than I know her.
And my Anna cannot see him, she only sees me, because I am married to her and not André.
She understands very well that André lives in me and through you; but can she step into that life and consciousness, now that you know that she is married to a driver, did not know any other personality?”
“I can understand that too, that is obvious.”
“So André cannot be reached for her, and yet, if she, if we have to do that, wants to follow and accept him in everything and so gives her whole thinking and feeling for that and also wants to be a follower now, she will get to experience him, or it will not be possible.
But now and again she gets to experience wonderful things from him and then I have lost her, but now he flies through his universes with her, through the Spheres of Light, he shows her the Temples there, explains the laws to her, he does everything then in order to open her.”
“And your Annie really wants that?”
“Now and again, yes, but when she stands before her own life, cleans stoves, thousands of matters mean more than all those treasures from beyond the coffin and then he can see that he leaves again.”
“That becomes difficult, doesn’t it?”
“It is not that, Jeus.
Yes, of course, you must have something to spare for that. “You do not get anything for nothing, after all”, he says, and her task in the home and for us is also urgently necessary, but this is everything.
Do you know, Jeus, what he says?”
“Well, tell me?”
“And he is right about that once more and I cannot say anything about it, because he says: “She”, so Anna, “must give to the laws half of the feeling which all those things of her personality get, then she would rise out above this material life in a short time”, but she does not do that now.”
“And that is a pity?”
“What are pities”, he says, “if you know that the human being received everything from God and the human being must decide for himself what he must do with his own life?”
Is that a pity?
He thinks perfectly simply about it, but it is possible.
My Anna is too much of a housewife, he says, and once more I cannot say anything about it, because that is true, she does not want anything else.”
“But that would be possible, wouldn’t it?”
“Of course that would be possible.
For example, now a piece of furniture like that gets all her feeling and more than that, she gives herself for a hundred percent to her possession and her task.
But, and André means that, if you do that work well now and you are therefore beautiful, normally beautiful and not abnormal, all those things and matters get to experience the correct feeling and things are therefore beautiful, but now she is lived by means of her beauty and possessions and he is right about that, it is true!”
“What a clever idea that was, wasn’t it”
“He thinks like that about everything, he gives everything the full hundred percent, but he does not give everything to one thing and neglect the other which is urgently necessary.
“And that”, he says, “is the very first thing which the human being must do, because it has to do with soul, life and spirit, space and sphere happiness, which you stand before beyond this life.
Of course”, he says, “that Anna of yours will be happy soon and she will experience her sphere happiness and light, but she could already enjoy that.”
And you see it yourself, that was for me, Jeus, I am doing everything to give you that too, but she does not want it any different, for that matter.
And we now have to swallow that.
Sometimes, I tell you, then she is open and she wants to know something, but asking him a question about all those millions of laws, she does not do that and it is also the most crazy thing of all.”
“That is crazy, yes, all the things I would like to ask then.”
“Yes, Jeus, she does not do that.
André says, if you want to describe her properly and clearly, then be careful, because you will lose yourself by means of her personality.”
“And is that true?”
“Yes, if I am not careful, she will be the boss over me in everything and I will have nothing more to say.
But not as you feel that now, Jeus.
You see, you are also completely off the mark, you do not know her.”
“But is that so difficult then?”
“Yes, that is difficult, Jeus, and that is very strange for many people who do not know her.
She never asks him anything.
And yet she absorbs everything, until nothing more can be added, of course, and she has the feeling for it.
You should just follow her sometime, and it is the best thing, because by means of that you will also get to him.
She, my Anna, does that for herself, she stands with her feet firmly on the ground, does not descend into his life for a second, she does not do that and she cannot do that either, takes care of everything, and in what a way, you know that yourself, but stands before him and his life as a powerful personality, and yet is out of it, gets nothing from him because she sees and feels the earthly life as number one.
And every thought of hers is pure, she does not lie, does not want anything to do with badness, possesses a thousand percent devotion to duty, loves honestly, is also a companion, and yet does not have the feeling to want to experience journeys with him, to ask questions day and night, which would expand her life anyway.
She does that in her way, and he cannot, I cannot change anything about it.
And beautiful as I seldom see, she is so beautiful in everything.
And yet, now it will come, Jeus, she does not yearn for that life in which he lives and is everything.
Yearning for spiritual awakening, being really hungry for that life, which she does not possess and does not have, cannot experience, to which we have to bow our heads.”
“And that is rotten for you?”
“Not for me, of course not, but, he would have liked it.
After all, how many people do not want him to talk to those lives?
That real thirsting is not there now, and she still has to master that too, he says, the human being must earn that himself and I am powerless before it.”
“How honest that all is.”
“Honestly divided, you mean.
Yes, Jeus, we do not have any complaints, all get exactly what we yearn for, nothing more and nothing less.
For years he has hammered at her personality, but when he saw and got to accept that she could not go any further, could not feel any deeper, the Master said that this was her height, her depth and he had to accept that, and I got to set that right.
From that moment André went further, serves for the Masters and gives her an answer as she lets herself be seen, be heard, right or wrong, because when she is wrong she also gets the analysis and she and I can be content with it.
Even if there are people with us and they want to be right when the wrong is quite obvious, he says it, he gives her and me hell, then we should just have kept our mouths shut or should have bowed, we were not asked anything, after all, were we?
So, Jeus, we get to experience lectures anyway, we can do that every hour if we want that, and is once more a mercy in itself, because he is never too lazy for it and never places himself above us either, you always get the good and spatial, if you can deal with it, get to listen to the Divine answer.”
“You must both be grateful, for your whole life.”
“We are that too, Jeus, but you are not always capable of accepting a beating and then we dodge for a while, we go to the cinema and we leave him be.
And now I must say, honestly, that I can no longer do that either, because then he crawls into the day consciousness and I am ‘completely’ blind and see nothing anymore.
But Anna, my Anna is always at the cinema, so she can experience the film herself, not me and you, or he must really want it for us.
If I must honestly confess everything and I cannot avoid it anyway, Jeus, then we dodged too much, we took the life as it was.
We do not have that yearning of his, we are still not hungry.
Change has come about in that the last few years.
I have now begun too, I now want to experience everything and that makes him happy, now he can let me do something.
Good heavens, Jeus, how I used to joke about.
I had everything to say, he nothing.
I was always crazy, not he.
I was like a clown in the street, not he.
I felt like a beer, not he!
I thought that everyone was as crazy as me, not he!
I trusted everything, not he!
I got beatings, not he!
I thought that I knew it, but only later, it was he, I still did not know anything.
I thought that I could kiss, and not he, but I learned that.
I thought that I was the driver, but it was he!
And when I thought, Jeus, that I truly loved, it was he!
When I thought that I was a big man, it was he!
When I thought that I could paint, it was he!
And when I started to think that I could also heal the people, I got to hear: will you keep your hands off that?
Will you stay away from matters which have nothing to do with your life?
Then I got hell, Jeus, and in what a way, and I had to accept it, because all those wonderful things belonged to him and we, my Anna and I just had to look.
We were allowed to go with him, he would explain those laws to us, if we yearned, were hungry.”
“And then?”
“Then, my Jeus, he laughed right in our faces and he did not joke about anymore, we did not dare to play any jokes then either if it concerned his matters, from that moment we had to beg, really beg, yearn, really yearn for a word, because he did not let himself be taken for a ride by us any longer.”
“And then it became serious, didn’t it?”
“And then I was nothing anymore and he, also my Anna, got to know everything and we had to accept that.
When we half come to him now and make a half-hearted attempt, he cannot be reached and does not go into anything.
And when I realised that, I got the feeling that he did not want anything to do with us, if we were standing before his task, I began, my Anna began to yearn and we got him back completely, well, we had not even actually seen him during all those years, we two were so stupid, so poor.”
“Good gracious, how honest that is.
And now?”
“Now we have changed our life, of course.
And this is why he is also taking you to task.
But good heavens, Jeus, all the things we messed up during all those years.
We had to do with him day and night, but we thought: too far removed from us, that life is too heavy for us, we will do it, my Anna and I, a bit easier.
We got a rude awakening, I can tell you that.”
“And now, how is now your Anna?”
“Are you saying something now about and of him?”
“Then she will get angry, won’t she?”
“Then she will not get angry, but you will get hell.”
“Did she get mad at him then?”
“She would not want to miss him for all the gold on the earth.”
“Did you never become afraid that you would lose him?”
“You are saying something there, Jeus.
No, not me, but my Anna did.
Yes, you are touching something, worthwhile too.”
Can you not tell me that then?”
“That is possible, Jeus, but I first have to think about a few things.”
“About his running away?”
“God save me, no, he never had that.
Do you know, when we, my Anna and I, were talking about that once, what he said then?”
“Well, tell me?”
“You are offending me.
I am not from this world.
I do not need anyone else, I would rather die.
Did you think that I could put all my gold in the hands of another human being?
My spiritual treasures, in the hands of a woman just like that?
In order to then have me beaten?
In order to have to accept that they are not thirsting?
You cannot chase me away for one wrong thought and not for millions, I will finish my task.”
“And then you knew it?”
“Yes, then we knew enough.
But then, we were just perfectly ordinary people.
He does not want anything different, even if he has his own people whom he lives in and we can never come in there; we have that too, don’t we, every human being has his own thoughts and his choice, his feeling for something else, he too, and it belongs to his personality.
No, Jeus, you will not get him out of your life with any club, if you do not beat him out yourself.
And you may do that, you can try that a thousand times, consciously too, before he comes to a decision, and when that has come, then he is not the one who hurts you, then it is you yourself.
I thought that he was hitting me, Jeus, but I was hitting myself!
I thought, now I have got him and I will tear out his leg, but I tore out my own leg!
I thought, I will now break his heart, but I got to experience that my own blood flowed away!
And what does that mean?”
“I don’t know.”
“That you cannot even hit him.
Call him names, you call yourself names.
Pitch into him, you pitch into yourself.
Become angry, not he!
He is never angry.
He does nothing wrong to anyone and this is why we hit ourselves.
Just call him a rotter, which the world does, but that world is calling itself names; you cannot touch, cannot hurt this life, my Jeus, this life devotes all of itself and it is only now that you are capable of experiencing the kiss of his ‘Mother’ and seeing him as an instrument of the Masters.
But there is still so much which you must get to know about him, then you will know with whom you are involved.”
“And that can be learned?”
“Yes, I also began with that.
It can be learned.
I have already been able to experience a great deal for myself.
I tell you, if you think that you have got him, you rip out your leg.
If you think that you can laugh at him, you stand before yourself and you see how stupid your thinking and feeling still is.
If you think that you can make and break what you want and want to pester him, because you think the ‘droodles’, he will show you sooner or later that those ‘droodles’ were from yourself.”
“I would like to know all about that now.”
“That is possible, Jeus, you can now learn every day and you do it for yourself.
He says, if you think you can deceive God, sooner or later you will learn that it is not possible anyway, you are still always deceiving yourself.
The victory is for Golgotha!
For Christ!
You will certainly feel that.
I can tell you so much, wonderful things, by means of which I learned how it should not be done!
By means of this I got to see how beautiful life is.
We were sitting in the theatre recently.
He says to me: “Do you see that Mientje there, the leading lady?
If she was really as she is acting, then you could respect her, but try looking at her from inside?
Now her life is like a wild cat.
You see, Jozef, she is split, every human being is, but this woman must not play a mother role, she lacks the pure feeling for that.
So the more feeling and also honesty, that gives motherhood space and we stand before the inspiring talent.
Is it a wonder that she does not have any success now?
The people do not let themselves be deceived, they feel that this woman does not possess any depth.
The very greatest”, he went further, “who have something to give mankind, they were fathers and mothers, they gave their blood for their art and every soul has to master that, or everyone would buy the feeling lacking in order to do art.
But that is not for sale, by means of which I will tell the psychologists that the soul must master every thought, and that the soul as human being has to experience thousands of lives for that.
Art also possesses the seven grades of life, before which every human being stands, man and woman.”
And he taught me that and I could understand and accept.”
They walk onwards, Jozef is laughing.
Jeus sees it and asks:
“What are you laughing at?”
“About something else, Jeus.”
“Tell me?”
“Let’s see if we still have time for that.”
Yes, he thinks and analyses problems, so it is possible.
“You must listen, Jeus.
I am standing at the Square, here in the city, in order to pick up a fare.
The three of us are standing there, drivers, I am standing in the middle and we have been loading up since one o’clock.
The whole afternoon already and it is dinnertime.
So I have not earned a cent, that on top of everything else and I cannot just go home, the boss would kick me into the street, because I will be doing too many empty kilometres then.”
“I understand.
And then?”
“At about quarter past six, it was already half past six, he suddenly comes up and asks me:
“Will it be long before you leave here?”
“Yes”, I say, “it is horrible, I have not earned a cent today and it is dinnertime.
Always that uncertainty about eating, it is enough to drive the Viennese woman mad.
Putting the pot on the stove and off again; can you not hear her then?”
He says:
“Yes, it is, but what do you want to change about that now?
What were we, when we went to The Hague?
Absolutely nothing and now?
You are married, have food, only that uncertainty is always there, but what do you want?
But I can understand that.
I will see whether I can see a fare for you.
I will warn you soon.””
“And that happened?”
“Yes, Jeus.
A moment later he says: “Yes, I already have a fare for you.
In Sauer (restaurant in The Hague) I can see a gentleman and two ladies sitting.
The man is paying his bill and he has to go to Rijswijk, to Kuys-Witsenburgh”, near home, isn’t that something?”
“It’s true, isn’t it?”
“Yes, Jeus, it is the sacred truth, he saw those people there.
”But”, he says, “you are standing in the middle, that is not so nice, if you drive out from between them, they will call you everything under the sun and we will not do that either.”
“Then what?” I ask.
“Look”, he says, “you must think of something for this now.
You must buy it, as it were.”
“How do you wish to do that now?”... I ask, and a moment later he says:
“Listen, Jozef, then I will tell you.
You will know immediately that you still cannot think.
If you were to place a bet with those drivers, you bet that you will have a fare within three minutes, which they will not believe, of course, and will devote their lives to that if it is necessary, because these men do not think further, or deeper than the end of their nose, then you will also earn money and you can get out between them.
But you must do that as I see and feel that, or you will make nothing of it.”
“What should I do?
Tell me?”
“If you now bet that you will have a fare within three minutes, for a guilder, for example, they will laugh right in your face.
But then just let those little mites laugh.
Meanwhile the people will come, and we must hurry up, or they will already come, I can see that they have already left the restaurant.
Put them with their backs to the people in front of you, so that they will not see that there are people coming for a taxi.”
“And then?”
“Well, Jeus, I say to the drivers: “Bet you that I have a fare within three minutes?”
First they began to laugh, then bet a guilder and I got them on my side.
André looks at the corner of De Witte (De Witte Sociëteit in the Square in The Hague) and yes, the people are already coming there.
I also talk some nonsense, but when the gentlemen and ladies were close enough, I put my hand in the air, we call that tipping the people, and yes, the man sees it.
“Now just go to the side”, I said, “my people are already here.
I do not want your guilder, but I am going.” And the people are standing there, they hear where they want to go, to Kuys-Witsenburgh, just next to my house, in order to eat, it could not be better.
The people get in.
The man and the ladies look at me flabbergasted.
Both drivers fall to the ground, but I am gone, and thank them for this fare.
That man begun to talk in Rijswijk.
He says:
“Driver, who are you really?
You have such wonderful gifts, man, and you are suitable for something entirely different than a taxi driver.
Who are you?
Man, leave that mess, you can earn money like water.””
“What did you say then?”
“I had nothing to say, Jeus, André answered him.”
“And what did he say?”
“He said: “That is possible, sir. Of course, my thinking and feeling is suitable for something else.
And that will happen too, but it is not yet that far.”
And then there came: “Enjoy your dinner.
Here, something else for you, I find it worthwhile.”
The man put a good tip in my hands, which I bowed to, thanked him for ten times, so much probably that that man said:
“He is not a driver, Mary, he is an intellectual.”
But I did not even know what that meant, Jeus, but André did.
We were gone, and then dinner.”
“Did you tell your wife that?”
“Yes, that too.”
“Did she not think it was strange?”
“That too, Jeus, but also perfectly normal, she is not any different, after all, is she?”
“And then?”
“Then nothing else, I was then a crazy person for the drivers, a person with crazy thoughts, and that was talked about at all the taxi ranks, of course.
At the end of the day I was as sharp as an axe and they kept an eye on me so that I would not slip out again.
They had already forgotten that we had bet honestly about it.”
“But you could of earned money like water because of that?”
“Yes, that appears so, but did you think that he was crazy?
Did you think, Jeus, that the Masters were crazy and they kept on attuning themselves to society?
When I spoke with André about it, I got to hear something entirely different.
“Now and then”, he said, “we will experience something, but that will not become a daily possession.”
Although André awakened by means of that.
And we experienced hundreds of those spiritual contacts.
But that was seeing, that was looking, and was not nonsense, but he also got that from the Masters again.
And if you want to think for a moment, Jeus, then you will feel what we possess of that.
Nothing, and we will not get hold of that, nor André, or we must master both that wisdom and the feeling in order to see clairvoyantly.
But does that not all fit exactly?
His Master had a look round in this city, saw people eating there, descended into those people, and gave it to André, and he to me again.
Can the people believe this?
“They will have to, but they do not accept”, André says, “that the soul as human being possesses consciousness beyond the coffin and is a personality there, because now sacred little houses fall down.”
André also says: “That is the spiritual sputtering, by means of which mankind must awaken.””
“Can I tell you something?”
“What do you have to say, Jeus?”
“I will not sit for a moment longer in the cellar.
I want to experience everything now.”
“And that is possible, Jeus, good heavens, what good times we will have.
Yes, there is so much.
Sometimes he buys flowers for my Anna, I keep on having to accept that he thinks up nice things, and you can bow your head to that.”
“Tell me something about those poor people.”
“Soon, when we have time, I see, we are near Loea.
André also said: “Then you should see all the things those crazy spiritualists see.
But they are not seers, you are told the biggest nonsense and the people accept that, because they do not have any understanding of all these gifts and they still do not know how the human being works who possesses such gifts.
But now the books will come soon and then you will hear the spiritualists calling names.
The spiritualists do not even want to accept reincarnation.
And yet ministers, doctors, speak through those men and women, who heal the people by means of them, they give trance speeches, but about reincarnation, no, not that”, André says, “their spirits do not have any understanding about those laws either.””
“Is that possible then?”
“Of course not, at least if I can feel what you mean.
“If you”, André says, “have contact, then you must be able to ask your Master what you want, if it concerns these unconscious masses.
And now those mediums ask their leaders all kinds.
But when there comes: is there reincarnation, then it is: no. That is just an exception, or they hear an excuse like that, about which you feel that those ladies and gentlemen are talking themselves and so are not experiencing any spiritual contact.”
“Then they are probably those from Manus Reuzels, aren’t they?”
“Manus, at home with us, Jeus, possessed the gift in order to help people, to take away the toothache, you know that yourself.
You once let yourself be magnetised by him.
True or not?”
“Good heavens, yes, how we laughed then, Bernard and I.”
“But those kind of people also live here.
There are at least a thousand living here in the city.
André says, he learned and received that through the Masters, that every dog and cat has feeling, a human being too, of course.
But that men and women talk such nonsense is bad, is terrible, because now those little mites prevent this evolution.
So what it concerns, Jeus,you are it or you are not quite it.
“You have contact or you talk yourself”, André says.
And all those people talk themselves, because all the life of God must experience the reincarnation, or we will not come any further.
The books ’spiritual Gifts’ are already there and they will open all those people’s eyes and they will know exactly what they are.
Just nothing, just like we two, we are dangling completely off the mark; it is he!
Why do those ladies and gentlemen mediums not get now what he gets and has to experience?
If you possess gifts, the Masters speak, those Masters, those ministers know nothing about the life in which they now are.
You see, Jeus, André says: “There you have their own nonsense!”
They do not possess any contact, or they should accept him.
But they do not do that now, because they do not possess any more gifts and now just call names, shout. He is crazy and not they.
Watch now, Jeus, those man and woman there approach us.
If you follow everything, you can hear them thinking that I write the books.
“Good day, Mr Rulof.”
“Good day, madam, sir.”
“Are you still writing books?”
“Yes, madam.”
“What are you talking about?”
“I received wonderful books, madam.
Now we have begun with the Cosmology.”
“So we will also get a great deal to read?”
“Yes, madam, when there is peace again you will hear that.”
“Will this misery last long?”
“No, madam, everything will be over in the spring.
Then people will have conquered Adolph.”
“So he will lose anyway?”
“I also have that book in my hands, madam.”
“You are doing well, so far, we will just say.”
So you see, Jeus, they regard me as André.
But I must represent work for society.
I have to bow to everything, but it is he.”
“I understand everything now.
And I want to learn now, I do not want to miss anything else, as long as you know.”
“That is possible now, we are that far, because André wants his whole character to reach oneness.
Did you not hear then what his followers got to hear and to experience?”
“Yes, but I had still not understood it then.
I find that of Dectar sacred.”
“Everything from Dectar and André, Jeus, is tremendously beautiful.
Dectar says: “God has not forgotten that people took me away from my simple mother.
Now I have got her back in the West”, and that also means something, after all.
And this unconscious mankind still does not know these sacred matters from God, for which Dectar and André are now fighting and give their lives for.
You will certainly understand that Loea is crazy about André, but she now calls him Jeus and that is you.”
“Isn’t that something?
And I knew nothing about it.”
“So you see that we must now reach consciousness, and André is working on that.”
“I have learned a great deal this morning, I can tell you that and I am grateful to you for that.”
“You are welcome, Jeus, welcome, it is André anyway.
But we are here now.
Do want to ring the bell?”
Jeus rings the bell, they go up the stairs, they get a maternal kiss from Loea.
André moves further and goes higher, within five minutes the conversation has already begun and the other two can listen.
The Master, they now hear, is talking about the laws of life and death, about the future, he is following that time and says to his follower all the things we will do.
The pupil gets to see Jerusalem, to experience Ancient Egypt, the origin of the first mystical thought through a yogi, the first ones, of which ’spiritual Gifts’ give the analysis, but are now revelations for Jeus!
It is working and thinking, writing and experiencing, the Masters want that from his personality.
When we come home I can immediately begin again.
We made use of the days which pass, the end of the book is approaching and the second part is finished.
I think that it will take me eighteen days, because it is going fast, we are flying forwards, before we experience the end of this war, we must also be finished with these journeys.
Jeus cannot ask questions for days, he does not get the opportunity for it, André is busy himself.
But when that is possible, he already asks Jozef:
“Tell me something about those poor people.
But you said those poor people got them, that they talked to them?”
They are on their way again and outside when Jeus asks that, André spoke to Mother Water a moment ago and is thinking.
Jozef now tells him:
“Yes, that was in 1942.
It was in the spring, or rather the middle of winter, February, when we experienced such a thing again.
At six o’clock, one morning, we are awake and are thinking.
Suddenly André gets to experience a vision and asks me:
“Did you see that?”
I said: “Yes, what does that mean?”
“That is a vision from the Masters.
Make sure that we are there by nine o’clock.”
“And what did you see then?”
“I saw that he really got a vision.
A woman and man were lying in the woods, they had lain there for the night, in this cold, so no roof over their heads.
But that woman had called for help, had prayed for help and that was heard by the Master, then André got his vision.
Now you must help me remember, that I will tell you something about that praying soon, because that is still the nicest thing of all.
Because André says: “You cannot pray for everything, you must know exactly what you can pray for.
And”, he said to me later, “one person gets something, so is heard, another person prays himself silly and gets nothing, also dies.
And that is now the crazy thing for many people.””
“I will remember it.”
So I made sure that we were there by nine o’clock.
It is time, I get out of bed.
We put some money in our pocket, because that is necessary and that is part of the vision.
You must also remember this soon, Jeus, because I learned by means of that, and you will learn what André is like.
At nine o’clock we are there, and yes, in the distance we see that man and woman coming, so the vision is the truth.
We receive that just like that, still under the blankets, André then, but the people come staggering along there.
Suddenly André takes over the day-conscious thinking.
“Here”, he says to the woman, “this is for your calling, your real prayer.
Do something with it, you will know what?”
He says to me: “And now run, we must see that we get away.””
“Why was that?”
“André did not want to be thanked.”
“How can it be.
And then?”
We run away, but see an acquaintance, a random person, who has nothing to do with André, I mean, who does not know him, but he knew me from the taxi.
André asks that man: “Will you listen to what that woman has to say?”
We were waiting in another street.
A moment later that man came back to us and says: “They are crazy people, if you ask me.
That woman says that God answered her, but if you ask me, they are a pair of jailbirds, a couple who have boozed away from front and behind, because they are coming from the woods, after all.
The woman shouted to her husband: “Do you see, wretch, that there is still a God?”
Count me out, sir.
But then, a human being experiences all kinds of things nowadays.”
We knew enough and went home.
That man thought he had to do with religious mania.
Not we, because the Masters were watching over these souls.
They then went to eat and drink, but they also had money for something else.
That was over for us, we had been able to experience our vision and it all fitted exactly.”
“But now that other thing, about that praying?”
The Masters now, Jeus, taught André that you cannot pray for millions of matters.
If a human being must die, which is not dying, then do not pray, because it will not help you anyway.
You cannot pray a human being into heaven either, that is not possible either, you must earn that yourself!
The Church does that, he says, but that is conscious deception!
You cannot pray for food and drink either, because millions of people have already done that, but got to accept that God did not even hear those souls.
So they died from hunger and poverty.
And yet, there the praying, the calling of the human being has now proved that prayers can be answered and heard.
And this poor woman had earned that now.
“It was she”, André says, “whose prayers were answered and so not the husband.
But there was a great deal more too”, Jeus, “by means of which the Master”, André says, “heard that life.”
The Master said: “I know that soul from my previous lives where she was once a mother of mine.
And now I can do something for her life.”
Can you feel, how happy André was, that he was able to receive this vision?
“Those are now the possibilities which it concerns”, the Masters also said to André, “by means of which the human being is capable of doing something from this life for the child of Mother Earth.”
If that woman had been a bad person now, the astral personality would also be powerless and people cannot be helped.
They can now pray as hard and as much as they like, those souls cannot be helped, they must first learn to make amends for the past.”
“And also that other thing, what was that?”
“Oh yes, Jeus, that is also very unusual.
André now says to me: “Did you understand everything?
See now, Jozef.
If you or I were mean, then we would not have wanted to receive this vision because it cost us twenty-five guilders.
But if you want to serve for the Masters and you want to devote everything, then they do not ask whether you have the money, they know it and now we must be able to distance ourselves from everything.”
Master Alcar knows that, of course, but precisely because of that we experience our wonderful things.
There are more people who gladly, oh so gladly, want to experience something from the Masters, but do not have a cent to spare for it.
If you want that, believe me, then the Masters will certainly know where you can serve, where people live who need something, but the human being cannot be reached now!
The human being, man and woman would rather have the money.
That is now the most beautiful thing, Jeus, which I got out of it and André let me experience.
God can inspire the human being, but is the human being of this world open to that?
André listens and does everything, he will do what the Masters yearn from him, even if it costs his life blood.”
“Good heavens, how beautiful that is.”
“And that is still not everything about these people, there is something else.”
“Am I also allowed to know that?”
“Yes, that is possible, we can also go a bit further.
But first something else, because this is exactly the same thing, as it were.
Another morning we get a vision.
André sees an old woman, precisely at the corner of the street and that life also needs help.
She has also called and begged God, and, as we later heard, God had told her that she would be helped today.
We were at the corner of our street by seven minutes to ten.
She would come at exactly seven minutes to ten.
We were there.
And now the worst thing of all.
You must ask me later, Jeus, about the money, then I will also have something to tell you.
We walk past her, but suddenly André returns to her and says: “Here is the money!”
The old woman begins to weep.
She tells us that she already knew that it was us and that God had told her it.
André also talks to her for a moment.
You will not believe what this woman said to him, Jeus.”
“What did she say?”
“That God had said that He would send His apostle.
But His real apostle, and that fell from the lips of this eighty-year-old mother from Schevening, which were flowers from Our Lord for André.”
“Good heavens, how beautiful this is too.
And then, you also still have to tell me about that money?”
“Precisely, that is also nice.
Can you not feel then, Jeus, that we are doing something, that André did something which the Viennese woman did not know anything about?”
“Did your Anna not know then that you gave money away?”
“No, because housewives always need a lot for themselves.
That could not quite be missed, and yet it worked.”
“How did it work then?”
“That is also another story, Jeus, but I really wanted to tell you that.
When André paints, who is painting then?
I, or is he the instrument?”
“He, of course.”
“Precisely, it is true.
But when he sold paintings, I got hold of the money in order to give it to the Viennese woman.”
“I can understand, of course, that was your work.”
“Well, André then said to me: “Now first something from me for my poor people.
When the Masters need me and I do not have any money, I cannot do anything.
That is for the Viennese woman and this is for myself, my poor people or my patients get that.”
“And because of that you had the money, he had it.”
“It is true, Jeus, and when he had something, we never have a cent in our pockets anymore, we also lose it immediately.
He cannot stand money in his pocket, because when he meets a human being, who has really earned something, he loses it too.”
“And did that always go well?”
“You are already learning Dutch, I hear.
Yes, but they also got him often.
Now that he sees through the human being, they will not get him again.
Good heavens, how I also had to laugh recently.
We also sometimes meet that man in the street.
We are half an hour away from home.
We meet a beggar in the street, but he has seen that man at our door before.
I have to go to the patients, he then, but suddenly he turns back.
I ask: “What are you going to do now?”
He says: “I want to know whether I am seeing right.
That man there is toddling towards the Viennese woman.
And now I do not want the Viennese woman to give that man five cents or a ten cent piece, but a twenty-five cent piece.
She must also say, just come back in a fortnight.
That man is not allowed to have any more and not a cent less.”
Yes, he had seen right, it went straight to our house.
“Yes”, says the Viennese woman, “when you earn enough, I will give you twenty-five cent pieces, but that will not work now?””
“And then he got his twenty-five cent piece?”
“Yes, because he had counted on us, André said, and the man had been walking for an hour for that.
“But worthwhile to help a life like that”, he also said, and it was true too.
He looks at another poor person and says: “No!
No, you will not get a cent.”
But that used to beat him in the beginning.
You see, he mastered that and we still have to learn that.
“But when you”, he says, “want to accept those first blows, you will learn it too!”
And it is only then that the Masters can go further, the astral world can do something for your life and the most crazy thing is again, you will always have that possibility too, that means, the money, in order to be able to give something to another life.
A great deal of people received their blows and gave up, they were no longer open to that doing good; he says: “If you persevere, that life of feeling reaches consciousness and gives you a sensitive personality.
All those thousands of things”, he says, “are part of it, if you want your personality to be open to everything, if you want the other life to speak to you.”
But now also that other thing, Jeus.
Two months later, we are heading home, it was over there on the bridge, André suddenly stands still.
I ask: “Do you want to buy flowers?”
He says: “Yes, because this is the cart from that man and woman.
Master Alcar let the woman know while she was praying that she should begin with flowers.
And they did that now.
I want to buy flowers for Master Alcar.””
“And what happened then?”
“A while later the woman comes and the man from the coffee stall.
I have to pull my hat over my eyes, they must not know me.
André did not buy any flowers, he throws ten guilders on the cart, gets some and runs away.
We fooled the Viennese woman that we had got those flowers from a rich lady.
The Masters work in this way, but in this way André is in the hands of those angels, Jeus, and we can take our hats off to him.
He is full of good thoughts.
Once more in the street, also in the middle of winter, we are standing before a miracle.
He is selling a painting.
At the moment that he is selling it, he sees a spiritual personality and he asks him whether he may have that money.
“Yes”, André says, “of course.”
He knows that the Masters will not bring a thief to him.
“Good”, the spiritual personality says, “may I ask you to go then?
We will be meeting my child in the street.”
And we go into the street.
The painting yielded three hundred guilders.
“To the left”, he hears.
“Walk to the end of the street, please.
Now to the right.
See, my child is coming there.
A child in a pram and one who still has to be born.
Her husband is in Germany!”
We stand before the woman and see that she is expecting her child within a short time.
“Here”, André says, “for yourself and for the children.
Money from your father!”
The woman almost succumbed from happiness, she wept as I have not seen for a long time, also shouts that “there are still true apostles”, but we take to our heels.
Three hundred guilders gone, but we experience a heaven, we experience God, Christ, and also Golgotha, my Jeus, and you devote your own life to that.
But André can do all of that!
In this way we were able to experience wonderful contacts by means of the Masters, but André is open to it.”
“How beautiful that all is, isn’t it?
I want to become that too.”
“Then you will have a great deal to do, Jeus, but it is possible, I have also begun with it.
I see, we are here again, now we can listen, because the follower will get to hear something from the Master.
Can you hear it, Jeus?”
Truly, it is the Master who is speaking, the thinking and passing on of the problems has begun.
It is André who entered, he sits down and thinks, he is open to everything.
And that life comes from the countryside, the follower thinks, came to the city in order to bring the masses something, as it apparently must always happen, the human being who lives in the city cannot be reached.
It is strange, it is always the simple ones who possess such tasks and were attracted by the Masters.
When those thoughts are experienced, it is André who says:
“No, we will not have it so easy.
Krishnamurti experienced the advertising from Annie Besant, the wonderful theosophy stands beyond that life, I must do it alone.
Annie made a terrible mistake, she thought that Christ was living again in Krishnamurti.
How poor those thoughts are.
If only they had come to me then I could have warned her against a lot of misery, because I know that Christ will not come back, at least not in this way.
Did you hear that drama here in Ommen?
Then Krishnamurti had had quite enough of that.
I consider him a wonderful person!
But how they dragged that life through the mud.
I will also perish from it, but am not afraid of it.
That actually became the fall of Annie Besant. She never got over it!
Now the laws for life and death get meaning, because I look beyond that and this mankind will have to accept that one day.
Reading books and just talking does not help us.
Anyone who does not feel, does not want to experience this sacred seriousness, will succumb.
Life will become beautiful, it will become really easy, it does not need to be difficult, because we get the analysis for all the characteristics, for soul, spirit and also the personality.
I saw and spoke to HIM.
“Anyone who wants to lose his life will receive Mine”, I was able to experience that.
I wanted to devote my life to man, wife and child, but Christ did not even want that.
The man sick and had to die; Christ did not want, me sick and he my health!
But the fight lasted a year and five months and my Masters had nothing more to say, I went straight to Christ and saw HIM, also spoke to HIM, then it was HE who explained the laws to me.
Nonsense perhaps?
Then I got to hear:
“I will give you power by means of wisdom...”, well, I received that wisdom and we are going continually deeper.
“Do you want to serve Me?”
“Yes”, I called back, “I want to serve!”
But when I heard that I was only six years old.
Later I saw Him again when I wanted to experience the fight with death for that man, but about which I had to accept that it was not possible and Christ had meant something different.
Yes, I surpassed Master Alcar, he could no longer reach me, but later?
Millions of souls were attuned to me in the Spheres of Light.
The stars and planets said to each other:
“There is someone on earth who has devoted the fight against Christ.”
Masters followed me, all of them knew that this concerned HIM and that He would answer me, if I did not succumb.
I did not succumb and He came to the earth in order to explain those laws to me.
But that was Christ!
Not the Christ of all the religions, but the only Divine one!
And you can talk to Him at any moment when you want to experience His life and no damnation passes your lips.
You cannot reach Him if you want to represent lies and deception.
When my fellow workers succumb, then that is weakness for me.
I alone am strong, not by means of followers, because Rudolf Steiner and Pythagoras had to accept it.
How they suffered.
On Golgotha they could bow their heads, there you stand before His life and Spirit and His Personality at a Divine attunement.
When He appeared to my life, I was destroyed by it, but the human being of this world thinks differently about it.
That happens of its own accord?
That makes you happy?
Yes, indeed, but what do you want now?
Did you think that you would experience the contact with Him materially?
I suffered terribly under it, because then I understood what was expected from me.
I buried that sacredness in myself, no one will see it, but when we are there, I will know that HE is the true one.
And we will return to the All, because we are following the human being, how the human being reached the conscious All.
And from that moment I spoke to all the life of God.
Then Mother Water came to my life and consciousness.
A tree now tells me where that life as soul and spirit came from.
All that life can now tell you that, because Christ opened, truly elevated me, because I want to earn!
I make friends, yes, indeed, but the art is in order to keep them.
I will never chase someone away from my life, but they do not see it through.
Why am I telling you all of this?
Because you will soon experience it, it is only then that you can prove what you want.
I will have to do everything myself.
You will experience it that they are not writing about me, because they feel that I possess the truth.
But the foundations which I have to lay, are from HIM; and no one can destroy them.
Annie Besant was not in the hands of Masters, nor Krishnamurti, or he would have got hold of the world.
He did not have any understanding of Cosmology.
Neither did Blavatsky, she had to prove that to me, we were one on Golgotha.
You see by means of this what the great ones on earth were able to do, but moreover that they were busy themselves, because Masters know Christ.
That tells me that Annie Besant did not know this contact, and we can accept that too.
But did you think that her followers would accept me?
They do not want to get off their white horses, but I am it now!
Christ said:
“My Life is a Temple.”
And that is the University of Christ.
My friend, this is becoming the battle for life and death.
You can do it, the rest of all those men will succumb.
But your blood will flow!
My time here is precious, but I know what I want and I will be ready.
No one will surpass me again, because I possess the highest contact.
I was in the Divine All and as a child those foundations were already laid.
I experienced Golgotha at the age of five!
Was that just like that?
Was Krishnamurti, was Annie Besant able to experience that?
Those are Divine foundations.
All the things those mystics were able to do, I can do!
What all of them were not able to experience, I experience!
Christ once said:
“After me people will come who are greater.”
What does that mean?
Because He knew that the human being would destroy Him.
Now it is the Masters who bring the wisdom to earth, but I am their instrument and I will prove that to mankind!
I am capable of that!
I gave Jozef the task to tell Jeus everything about my life, but by means of that the people will experience their own splitting and it is urgently necessary.
Those characters now see that it is me, but that I am nothing if the Masters do not come to me.
This is why everything is good and true.
But where do those great ones come from whom Christ spoke about?
From the Spheres of Light, they are the Masters of HIS University!
By means of that University all the arts and sciences were brought to earth.
Is it so strange now that they go further?
But it is me!
I must represent them.
There is nothing more to it, but nothing less either!
What will slander mean soon?
What will sullying mean?
What will dirty talk about my life mean?
Nothing, but you must be able to take it.
And that costs your life blood, you must devote everything to that.
That we were unravelled during our séances was development.
But how did the others deal with that?
All the best, my friend, it is time, the Masters will finish the work!”
A while later they are outside, André is talking to Mother Water, but Jeus asks Jozef whether he has understood everything.
And then the city one asks:
“Did you understand that then?”
“No, not really, what do you want from me?
Could you immediately come to his office then?”
Jozef laughs, that is true, not such a crazy idea, and he cannot yet require that from Jeus, but it will come.
When Mother Water sends to André:
“Go, my son, go to HIM”, they also reach cosmic listening and can bow their own heads, because Jeus feels the kiss from Mother Water and it hits him inside.
The wonder is experienced, the human being is awakening, character traits are reaching consciousness, it is the human ‘will’ which gives form to the personality.
And then Jeus asks:
“What was that from that wife and husband and that child?”
“Did you hear that, Jeus?”
“Yes, I am not crazy after all, am I.
A cat can understand that.”
“What did you understand of that then, Jeus?”
“That he really wanted to give himself for those people.
How was that?”
“That was true.
One afternoon a gentleman comes to us, who asked whether he wanted to treat a patient.
He said instantly: “That man is dying, nothing can be done about it.
That man has another year and a half to live.
But I will go there.”
That gentleman laughed at him.
That man did not believe that you could know instantly whether a human being has to die.
But André was proved right again.
We went there.
It is there that he squeezes himself into those hearts and spoils those lives.
He reads to that sick man from his books, he spoils that life with fruit and flowers, gives the wife money to buy all kinds of things, but puts up a fight of life and death.
He wanted to know now whether the words of Christ contained truth, when Christ said:
“Anyone who wants to receive My life must lose his.”
And André wanted to lose his for that man.
He gave himself completely, by means of the treatment he got the man into the street for a moment, which the other one thought about, you see, he is off the mark, the patient is getting better.
A doctor was attending to that patient and that was a friend of the man who had come to us.
The diagnosis goes back and forth, but André insists that the man has to die.
Even if the patient is walking on the street for a while, he has to die, André knows that, Master Alcar told him that.
But now he wants to fight against Christ.
Good heavens, it was terrible!
He prays day and night for this man.
But he lets me feel that this praying and his doing good do not help a bit, by means of which he lets me feel that he will now learn what you can actually pray for and not for thousands of things.
That is actually what he stood before then.
And Master Alcar lets him fight, worthwhile, a fight like that against the very highest.
And then the man becomes sick again.
André prays so much that his chest creaks, he experiences suffering, sorrow, incredible depth, for the feeling and thinking and the experiencing of these laws.
But he heals his patients, but for this case Master Alcar cannot reach him anymore.
And no one saw what went on inside him.”
“Tell me more?”
“I had to have a think, Jeus, swallow, because when I think about that I get the creeps .
He sends to Christ day and night:
“He will live and I will die here!
My patient gets my health and I his death!
Then You should just not have said: anyone Who wants to receive My life, will have to lose the own life.
I want to give myself completely and You have to accept that!
I will not give You any alms!
You will no longer have any peace here in the Divine All if you neglect this.””
“Did he dare to pray like that?”
“Yes, Jeus, even worse.
He sent to the Divine All: “Are you no longer interested in Jerusalem, no longer a Jew?””
“Was that man a Jew then?”
“No, not that, but everything happened in Jerusalem.
“If you want to experience Christ, then you must not go to His heaven”, he said to me, “but to Golgotha.”
And Christ did not come to the earth for millions of people alone, also for the individual!
But the more he fought, gave his powers, prayed and shouted in order to destroy that disease, the stronger he became.
It was so bad that he wept day and night about that man, so not that that man must die, but about the actual problem, the words of Christ!
And that fight was terrible now!”
“And that man died?”
“Yes, Jeus, three days before the year and a half was over the man was lying in his coffin.
The mother and the wife and the child devoured him, of course.
The brother, who was afraid of his dead brother and could not look at him, experienced the wonder which we experienced when father spoke to André in the coffin.
Gerrit was still alive and looked his brother right in his face from his coffin, so that he experienced a wonder and changed instantly.
When the man was buried, the fight for him actually began for the first time, the fight for the truth.
And three weeks later Christ came to him.
He is kneeling in the room and is calling Christ.
The Viennese woman was not there.
Suddenly I saw the great wonder happening.
From the statue of Christ which was on the cupboard, and a sculptor has made for him, because he also removed a tumour instantly from that wife, the Christ suddenly appeared and spoke to André.
Then Christ said to him that he did not understand these words but could feel them, but that the Church had materialised those thoughts.
He means: when the human being wants to give himself for His life and His personality, then that is not intended for death, but for every thought, and it is only then that I can be experienced.
After all, death is evolution, isn’t it?
Did André not know that?
“Did you”, Christ spoke, “not get to know those laws?
I come to you, because you want to experience Me.
I come to you, because you want to carry My life!
I come to you, because you want to devote your life for My child!
I come to you, in order to teach you for what you can pray!
I come to you, because you will learn that you are truly the Instrument for MY University!
I come to you, because you will conquer life and death!
I come to you, because I know that you will represent Me according to the laws of life and you want to experience the truth, for all the laws of MY and your Father!
I come to you, because you will see Me again in the Divine All!””
“And then?”
“Then Jeus?
Then I saw that He dissolved, that He was really there, and André knew for what the human being can pray and to what the human being has to bow his head.”
“Isn’t that something?”
“Yes, this is something, but the heavens experienced it with him, millions of fathers and mothers of the earth, Master Alcar later said, followed this fight, because they had also experienced on earth that they had devoted their lives for nothing.
And amongst them were people who had died for Christ, had given their lives, but those people should have kept their lives.
How many people do not devote their lives to Christ for nothing?
They think that they gave everything for Christ, but now they get to accept that they had committed nothing else but ’suicide’.
And because André must now represent His University, Christ himself came; and that now also proves that he is truly the instrument of both the Masters and Christ!
Or André would also have destroyed himself and sacrificed himself for nothing.”
“Good God, what a lot I am learning.
Isn’t that something?”
“Yes, Jeus, this is something, this is everything!
And from that moment he never prayed again.”
“Is that not dangerous?”
“No, not for him and for no one, if you, he says, if you can and want to make prayers from your deeds!”
“That is true, mother did that too.”
“It is true, Jeus, and it is for every human being.
How many people do not pray for their affairs?
But are all those prayers answered?
André learned that and it is for mankind.
“You cannot pray for a human being, cannot pray for your child”, André says, “if that child or your father must evolve!
Passing away is not dying, but that is evolution.”
And you must learn what you can pray for.
It is by means of this that that Mary Baker Eddy – you have probably still not heard him talking about that, but that will also come, you will get to know all those people - got such a terrible beating when she entered the spheres.
That woman said that you can receive and experience everything, every misery, if you go to God.
But André says: “You cannot pray for a broken arm to get better, you first need a doctor for that”, and the mistakes were in those teachings.”
“That is true and I can understand it.”
“So you see, Jeus, he experiences every law created by God.
That is for the University of Christ!
If he had not known any contact, so these were all own thoughts, he would not have seen any Christ either; and after all, if we had not even been there, then we would still been in ’s-Heerenberg and not in The Hague and God knows what we would have done.
But we would not have become a writer, a painter or a healer, we would have been able to pick potatoes for the farmers on the land and nothing else.
But what became of us?
Does all of this just breeze in?
But why do millions of people not have this?
What André possesses, Jeus, is rare and I tell you, he is the only human being in this whole wide world, there is just one of him!”
“And we have to do with that.
We are sitting in his house, as it were.”
“That is true and you will now get to know that.
I have already seen the laws of that, everything is wonderful.
You should just follow how his eyes shine, his life of feeling radiates when he undergoes that universal oneness.
And we must master those feelings.
And soon, Jeus, we will go with him.
It is better that you do it than me, because I must watch over the organism, but I will also go along anyway, because now we are that far.
And then you and I must keep our eyes open and not fall asleep when the Masters analyse the laws, we will not even be worth all that happiness then.
And by means of that, Jeus, he already knows the people, also those from beyond the coffin.
He talks with all those great ones as if they are nothing.
And when I asked him whether that was always possible, he says:
“Yes, Jozef, because I am it now!
I must represent all those lives, but I began with that in Ancient Egypt and that is Dectar!”
And now, Jeus?
“They were not great ones, they were children of God and nothing else”, he says and we can also accept that, because André has also remained a child.
He also said:
“Is it not wonderful how all of this is sorted by the University of Christ?”
When Galilei had to leave the life on earth, he called to God: “Must my wonderful truth be destroyed, my Father?
Are those unconscious beings allowed to suffocate my work?
Can the Catholic Church keep that power?
Was my life for nothing?”
And then there came from the universe to Galilei: “No, my son, I am sending my child Newton to the earth and that life will continue your work.”
And he also says:
“When Ramakrishna went further, so had to accept death, I came, so that we do one work!
But I am serving for the ‘Age of Christ’!
And Ramakrishna had to accept that!”
Is it not perfectly ordinary, Jeus?
The human being cannot destroy any Divine work.
This is why he can say: “Deceive God, you will just be deceiving yourself!
Ridicule me, soon it will be you yourself!
Gossip about me and sully me, beyond the coffin you will stand before your own sullying, the deformation of your personality.
Isn’t it perhaps true?
Give me your love and you will get everything back from ME”, André says, “we have to master that and it is for the returning to the Divine All!”
We have made it, Jeus, now you can experience the writing.”
And Jeus sees it happening.
He now experiences that I finish the work, but he thinks, how can a human head like that deal with all of that.
No, he does not disturb me, now and again I also elevate him to my consciousness and he can enjoy himself.
When he suddenly opens a door of this Temple, he stands before Master Alcar.
What does Jeus have to say?
Nothing, absolutely nothing, he grovels.
And he does that for his own character and it is the victory for his personality, the part of André-Dectar.
Everything is laid down, he sees, and it is just like a knot of sagathy, only I, Jeus says to himself, am still just a piece of fluff.
And that piece of fluff is just as much as the universe possesses in feeling, this universe, if you want to get to know the God of all life, for whom we do this work and devote ourselves.
Jeus now also hears that the student of André is shouting, that there are millions of people living on earth who will come to God and want to bow to His laws, who want to begin with a new and higher life by means of their beating received.
But that student can still wait, Jeus, that life can be reached today and will be stone-dead tomorrow and we do not make any progress with that.
But he sees how the problems are analysed as sharply as a knife.
The organism is almost succumbing, but we go further, Jozef is skin and bone, but they live by means of Divine inspiration.
Now further, the book must be finished today and Master Alcar can decide.
By five o’clock I am that far.
André feels happy, we wrote this part again in eighteen days, we did not lose a second.
The Cosmology is becoming wonderful, André can now say: “I have become a thousand years older during those weeks.”
All the things he experienced during those days.
And that is also necessary, the very smallest things and feelings have meaning for the Cosmology of every human being, as a child of God.
We have now shown him the laws, the analysing will come later!
He has just touched the laws, the experiencing of these laws will come later, but then we will be ready in order to take care of those wretched masses.
The last moments of our being one are always the most difficult.
Then we rip apart again and he gets his independence back.
I then free myself from his life, but we were completely one, all that time one, of soul and spirit, also in the material.
We go away for a moment in order to buy flowers or something else for the Viennese woman for all the things I was able to receive during the hours in her kitchen.
She does not see that we are nearly there, that does not get through to her, because we will be writing eternally, it is our task, it is perfectly ordinary, which is also felt by her.
Yes, it happens of its own accord, but what did this cost?
And now, when we experience the end, Master Alcar is with us.
André stands opposite the life, which got hold of everything from us.
His Master Alcar and my Master, for whom we serve and will give everything.
“Prepare yourself, André-Dectar, in a few days we will leave for the following journey.”
“I will be ready, my Master.”
“The heavens are open to our life!”
We leave!
André sits down in order to think.
He will sleep well tonight.
V2s will no longer disturb him.
But he knows, Adolph will lose it!
“Jeus, Jozef, André and Dectar now reach oneness!”
And that is for every human being, man and woman, every character trait must awaken for the life on the Other Side!
“Ramakrishna, I am going away again, but now for the third part of the ‘Cosmology’!
I will be ready!”
And we do not need to doubt this either!
It was a blessed time for all of us!
My God, oh my God, but what a mercy to be able to awaken!
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