André’s Great Wings

He uses the following days to release himself from Mother Earth.
Anyone who sees him does not feel that he is no longer living on earth.
And yet, he can say: I am no longer here, I have reached oneness with the universe and all the life of God, I am walking round here in a skeleton, I can talk and the people can do that to me; my spirit and my personality got growth, and I have to accept that now, but it has become the possession for me and for this mankind.
His soul and spirit fly, free themselves from the material systems, by means of which he sees through, senses the life and can speak to every personality.
He feels grateful for everything, grateful for the misery, this war is supernatural for him, incredible, by means of all of this he got awakening.
When he sees the impoverishment of the people, he could weep, but he does not do it.
The only thing which I can do for those masses, he feels, is to prepare myself for the Masters.
“My God, I am so grateful.”
And God can accept that, this human being is grateful for everything, this soul does not complain, does not beg and does not want to receive any alms from God.
In the street they meet the beggar, the man is almost dead now.
Jeus also gets to see that life.
Jozef says to him:
“Look there, Jeus, André’s friend.
Good heavens, he is a living corpse.
“He will not make the journey”, André says, “he will just be out of it when we are free.”
Is that not a poor man?
Do not pity him, because André says that this life has still not forgotten his baron airs. “This tramp is a born aristocrat, a human being with love, full of love”, André says, which he has sacred respect for.
“You may not pity a human being”, he says, “who possesses love, because they are the rich for this universe!”
Look, he is already running to André.”
“If I did not have you, I would be dead, sir.”
“Thank God, Jeus, that we have some money in our pocket, he would never be able to forgive me for that.
Listen for yourself and you will know everything.”
“Here are twenty guilders to buy yourself a roll and some soup.”
“Can you see him running, Jeus?
André is enjoying that.
Did you see that face light up?
He is enjoying that.
Good heavens, something is occurring to me.”
“What is it?”
“I am thinking back to the garage.
There is someone who is always talking about tasty food and drink.
But there is also a tramp like that, a boy whom we picked up from the street and who no longer had any parents and earned something from us.
One of the bosses is talking about tasty chicken soup, which makes the boy’s mouth water.
Suddenly André says:
“What does a chicken like that cost, but I mean, the soup from your chickens, if your wife would like to do that?
I think that your wife is a good cook.
Not mine and now I would like to eat tasty soup.”
That dope falls for it.
The next day the soup is on the table.
He says to the boy:
“Here, have a tasty bite to eat, I will see whether it tastes good.
I want to really enjoy it now.
Come on, eat.”
And to the other one: “Here is your money.
When you have had a nice bite to eat, then think about the tramps, they also got a stomach and an appetite for tasty soup.””
“Isn’t that something?”
“Yes, Jeus, he enjoys that.
Now too, you should see that man running, but he says: he will not make it.
He can soon rest up with Our Lord, this society is horrible for that life and it is not possible, you will see it yourself, to work for it.
And that man is willing to walk for an hour for ten cents?
In order to visit me for ten cents?
Yes, he can do that and I have respect for that.
But another human being, Jeus, kicks that life away from the door!
Yes, he is a living corpse now!
But we now experience all kinds of things.
Now you can experience something beautiful on earth, he says, if you want to see and can understand that beauty.
But God is talking to all His children now.
You see, Jeus, no one is looking at that skeleton.
But that is true, we ourselves do not have a string of meat left and is that not wonderful now?
Now float, we have almost conquered gravity.
Follow him now, he is beginning to think.
What does a rat cost?
How much is a dog?
Cats are tastier than dogs.
Cat meat is sweet, the people say, but is that true?
Are mice tasty?
There are people who make ’sausages’ from them and they find them delicious.
But did you see all those cats’ tails on the street?
Yes, I saw them, they stick their tails out from under that mess.
I saw the grey, the black and black and white tail of a cat.
Dead, were they?
“The human being killed them, madam, people say: they are tasty.
It is true, madam, a cat gets tasty things to eat and to drink and the people understood that, it is just borrowed now, do you see?
And you must freeze a cat for one night, it is only then that that cat is tasty.
The people make ’stew’ from that. No, madam, not ’sstew’, but ’stew’, leaving the ’s’ at the back of your throat. You can certainly not make a wienerschitzel from that, which my wife Anna is so crazy about, that is not possible now.”
“Can he also still make fun?” Jeus asks.
“Yes, he can make fun, Jeus, fun which you can sell for kings and emperors, because he also has something to say then.”
“But he was pulling that lady’s leg, wasn’t he?”
“No, not that, but he is mocking those lives, those cats, of course.
If you come to him and say: they have murdered my brother, then you must not think that he will collapse from sorrow, because that is not possible.
He would tell you: “So, is that so, but then it is okay, isn’t it?”
The people do not want to experience that now.
But he says: “Are we not all going there?”
“But it is murder, sir.”
“That is fine, then that life will have done something.
Did God not say:
“Not a hair on your head will be harmed, if you are without sin?””
And then they already run away.”
Just throw stones at him, you will be hitting yourself anyway.
Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed!
And if you eat a cat or a dog now, then you are a cat and a dog yourself, there is no longer any question of a ‘human being’ now.
What does that rat, human rat taste like?
What does that dog of yours, taste like, neighbour, human dog?
What were the mice like, cobbler?
What did the cats taste like, minister?
What do the steaks taste like, priest?
Has your Catholic butcher still not been to see you?
How much did you pay for that stinking ham?
Dog sausage tastes absolutely delicious!
What do you do if you are hungry?
Then you eat what you can get, but an animal does not do it!
And in this way the people now eat from the ‘hands’ of Our Lord, you can catch all those loudmouths under your cap.
But what a time it is, Our Lord does not need to make them afraid, it is this war and it is doing it!
But that good old Adolph?
He would like that, he is and will remain the executioner of mankind!
And yet, by means of Adolph the human being has began to think.
No, it is still not that, he has started to ask questions and namely, why can God approve of all of that?
Is there a God?
No, there is not a God, there is something seen and felt as love, as strength.
And they call that God here!
Isn’t that something?
No appetite for a piece of rat, Rama?
Annie, no appetite for a little rat?
Buddha, would you not like a mouse?
Rudolf, how those people threw food and drink about before this happened.
No, I do not like those things, I now live from the wind and the state of purity.
Is that some good news?
I can hear these words coming closer by, so it will not last much longer, madam!
Dogs who are now walking on the street are asking to be killed.
Say, my dear, where do you get the courage from to still walk in the street?
Can you not say hello to me?
Are you not paternally afraid?
Good heavens, what a sight you are.
Does your owner not have anything for you?
What did you say?
Does your owner want to cook you?
And does the wife not approve of that?
“Look now, Rama, now you can learn how it should not be done.
I will go ahead of you, will you follow me?
That is worthwhile, Rama.”
“It is true!”
“Thank you!
I tell you, dogs who now walk on the street are skinned.
But the animal-human being is worse, is poorer.
People say that the human being has eaten the human being, cooked first and then smoked.
The people try all kinds of things in order to remain alive.
And we have still not made it, the worst still has to begin, Rama?”
Annie, are you there too now?
Now there is something to be experienced on earth.
When you were still there, this was not there, you did not know such feelings.
And, how you can learn by means of this.
You change every second by means of these wisdoms.
I laid ten foundations by means of them and they are good too.
Human being?
Do not violate the life of an animal!
That a cow gives you milk and that you can eat that animal , so what, but then you still do not need to cook your dog, do you?
The animal is going forward, the human being is falling back!
And you see that happening now!
Of course, madam, not every human being likes dog sausage, that goes without saying, but people eat mice.
Is it not crazy, madam, that a dog like that does not get hunger oedema?
Isn’t it true?
Look, the animal smells his own father or mother and does not want those bones.
But the human being eats the human being and is not dirty from those knucklebones, the human being is ashamed of nothing!
That means, nothing, madam!
And that word is now hanging above this city, which we are a part of.
What is hunger oedema, Rama?
Annie, do you know it?
Buddha, do you know something about it?
And Pythagoras and Rudolph Steiner?
I am pleased that I am alive now, now you learn all kinds of things.
Do you not know it?
Then I will ask little Puk about it, he will most certainly know it.
Come here, Puk.
Tell me, what is hunger oedema?
And why do you not have that disease?
They know it up there, but you must tell me it, because you know it, you have attunement to that reality.
Why would I ask the Masters it then?
I still keep myself on earth by means of this, because my Wings are growing.
Can you see it, Puk?
“Hunger oedema is rotting, through impoverishment to the rotting, following the way which takes you to cancer.
Isn’t that something?
Because of that poverty the material tissues die off and now that rotting comes!
It is the destruction of your healthy blood, your blood which also already rots, does not rot away so directly, but which no longer possesses any life anyway.
By means of the oxygens the blood absorbs new breath of life and you get that healthy red colour.
Isn’t that something?
Now that healthy blood starts to stink, it is a sweet odour, which you can smell, but that is now the living corpse odour for the hunger oedema.
I say: living, but then the real corpse odour comes and that is stone-dead.
For the human being then, not for the spiritual laws, because the corpse also possesses life.
Anything else?
Because there is still life present in the organism now, that odour is so sweet.
Not peculiar?
And yet, smell for yourself and you will know it!
If you have hunger oedema, that means that you are walking on the street with your grave behind you.
Isn’t that something?
Can you feel that the real corpse odour smells and will be different?
So this is the half-conscious ‘death’, the conscious one chases your body into the grave, now you are a walking grave with the brains belonging to that for later, and it is they which force you to learn to think.
So also for beyond the coffin!
It is the dying off of the tissues, and now, how can it be, we return to the first stage of creation.
Those tissues, that meat from the organism rots and undergoes a condensing.
If you look carefully, you will see that slimy mass and it is the rotting away of the tissues.
Can you see that man there with his swollen head?
It is a strange thing, but you see the laws of condensing for destruction again.
You can smell that sweet stench.
Isn’t that strange?
You now stand precisely before complete destruction; when the human being dies, the soul leaves as a spiritual personality, you stand before the real corpse odour, which is half-conscious now.
Can you feel it, André?
I am it, your Wayti!”
“Good day, dear.
I have not heard you for a long time.”
“As long as you know that I am following you in everything.”
“I know it and now my kiss.”
“Thank you.”
“You are kind.”
“You too, Prince of the Universe.”
“Hunger oedema”, he continues, “is rotting, of course, this misery manifests itself by means of destruction.
But it appears that a dog or cat is not bothered by it; those animals become thin, the human being becomes fatter and grows, but now towards destruction.”
“Good day, horse.
Good heavens, what a sight you are.
No, I do not have a sugar lump for you, but I can see that you have a good owner.”
“Good day, greengrocer.”
“Good day, sir.
Yes, my darling looks awful and it is the worst thing there is.
I am doing everything in order to pull my friend through, but it is not easy, sir.”
“Can you see, sir, greengrocer, that your horse is crying?”
“I have seen that for some time now, sir.
But the people do not see it.
One or two people realise it.
You would want to give your heart to the animal.
But believe me, sir, if there is a question of dying, I will go first.
My darling will eat, or I will no longer have a life either.
I can see the animals crying, I can hear them and I cannot do anything about it, even if I am laughed at, I can hear them crying.”
André is enjoying himself, there are still people on earth who possess feeling for another life.
This man deserves paradise!
And this is an owner who is good to the animal, but the horse is one amongst the millions, a species which wants to die the grave of the owner, who will no longer have a life when the owner is sick.
How can it be, but what a lot you can learn, precisely now!
Horse tears look like pearls from the human sea of life.
But my black one, I gave a thousand guilders for a kilo of oats.
Believe me, the heavens know what you think about that.
And that is walking in front of a vegetable cart.
Now further, this morning you can experience all kinds of things in the street.
What can be experienced there?
A boy of twelve is lying in front of an empty tobacconists, the people are saying: the child is dying.
Hunger oedema?
A head bigger than a giant’s, really watery.
But whose eyes are still sparkling.
No, that boy is not dying, that boy is putting on an act.
“No, madam, he is not dying yet.”
“But I can see it, can’t I?”
“That is possible, madam, but this soul is not dying.”
“Are you a doctor?”
“Not that, madam, but I can see that this life is not dying yet.
Just look into his eyes and you will know it, madam.
These eyes still do not want to know anything about dying.
Look for yourself, madam, just look, your dying boy is running away, it was about a crust of bread for him and he will make the journey.”
Truly, the boy runs away, André after him.
Three streets further the same play-acting, the boy is dying.
You should hear those adults.
But how stupid those adults are.
Good heavens, how adults can cry, but they are crying about nothing.
The boy eats and drinks, he gobbles everything and the strangest thing is, the people come out with all kinds of things.
What would you say to a hard sugar lump?
“I will give you five guilders for that sugar lump, madam, but then it will be for my horse.”
“This age, madam, has something to tell the human being.
Did you not know that yet?”
And the Jehovah children of God are now accepted, those children do not need to do any other advertising, because the human being is standing above his own coffin, even if he is walking the streets of The Hague.
Did you see that too, Our Lord?
A boy of twelve is too fly for death!
A boy of twelve thinks: Grim Reaper, count me out.
You can tell me more.
But this boy could not disguise his dying in his eyes, but adults do not see that.
But what a cheat!
Would you not do that boy an injury?
“Murder him, madam, and you will have meat from a human child.
Make a delicious soup from him, madam!
It is a novel, madam!”
“So, my son, are you coming to me?”
“Yes, mother, I am back.”
“André, I saw your horse and that boy.”
“I knew it, I felt you, mother.”
“Are you almost there?”
“Yes, mother, we have finished the second part, I will go soon.”
“Is there still wood for tomorrow?”
“I think so, do you have something for the Viennese woman?”
“Tomorrow, André.”
“My thanks, mother.
I know that you can also do that.”
“How much are you still here?”
“Five percent, I think, mother.
My Wings are growing.”
“Do you see, André, what I had to experience last night?
A Jewess and a Christian plunged themselves into my life.
The woman put stones in a bag and crawled in there herself.
What do you have to say?”
“Nothing, mother, I cannot help those souls.
But these poor people will grow rigid with fear when they open their eyes as spirit and now have to experience the rotting process.
After all, you know the ‘Cycle of the Soul’, don’t you, mother?”
“Yes, I can explain the laws of that to you.
Are you going to your follower?”
“Yes, mother, I am needed there.
I greet you, my dear.”
“Jeus”, there comes from Loea, “Dayar is sick.”
“Yes, the Masters are no longer healing, Loea, but I will help you.
Just give me the child.”
And Loea places her child in his arms.
He will just do what doctors cannot do.
It is stifling in the stomach of the child, he feels.
“No bowel movement in three days?
That is bad, Loea, but now it will come in twenty minutes’ time and your Dayar will be better again.
Through God you can do everything, as long as you can feel what is not allowed.
Do you wish to experience a wonder like that?
Living energy comes from my hands, but that is not allowed, the state does not want that.
Yes, Loea, the state, the university does not want that.”
So, little man, do you not feel well?
Does your father still drink full tins of milk, which you need so much?
And is your mother still not capable of calling that life to the spatial halt?
Drinking ten tins of milk, the water of life of a child?
And did that life think, that father of yours, that no one sees it?
But what a magician!
Afraid for his bones?
Soon, my dear, you will be better.
And that will not cost you a cent.
And I know exactly what it is, Dayar, you are telling me it?
No, your bowels are now talking to my life.
If you are open to the life then you do not need to ask anything else.
Now all the life of God wants to pray for you, that life is watching over you.
Is that not strange now?
I will get wood for the stove tomorrow from Mother Water.
Yes, Dayar, that is the truth.
The life of God can do what people cannot.
And Mother Water has her helpers.
Of course they are people.
But she can talk to those people now.
“I bet you, Dayar, that it will happen?
Can you hear that, Loea?”
“Yes, Jeus, I know, you will get everything.”
“There you are, Loea, your child is better.
The fruits will come in half an hour.
I am going upstairs again.
Can you not take all those tins of milk off him, Loea?”
“I think that he will murder me, Jeus.”
“It is true, Loea, and he thinks he can do something for Masters?”
There is no talking upstairs now, he is no longer there, his spirit lingers in spaces, the farewell of Mother Earth is already there.
And yet now there is let slip:
“You must listen for a moment.
We have one University here.
The theologian gets to experience his study, but also the biologist and geologist, the astronomer, of course.
Now you would think that those doctrines go together.
But that is not true.
The biologist is now that far that he can tell the minister that the human being was born in the waters.
Can you still not feel it?
That means, if the theologist must accept that, the beginning of the Bible will fall away and another Adam and Eve must come.
That also means that the university, which creates evolution anyway, is preventing the awakening on earth.
Because now the creation is already millions of years old before the Bible was written.
The supreme council for the faculties says: no, even if we can prove to you that the Bible begins with an untruth. It is still too soon, the human being may not know everything yet.
And now we can fight against this quay, because it is not only the Church which keeps the human being in ignorance, the sciences also obscure that Divine truth!”
That is true, there is let slip!
How is it possible?
Everything is still possible, my friend.
But I will tell it to ‘God’ in the Divine All, how the academics mess about.
“There are magnetisers”, he continues, “who take the insulin away from the patients, and that by means of the Other Side, by means of a doctor or another who have to do their dirty work, and by means of which those men and women heal.
But the man who experienced that had to do without both his legs.
That flesh went black and then it was just too late and it is worse than waging war.”
“I saw a woman, so before the war, who gave healing evenings.
Christ is standing behind her.
She sucks herself full, she does some hocus-pocus and heals the people who are sitting there.
The medicines were also taken away from the people there, and that through Christ.
Can you feel the dreadful danger because of all those healers, that destruction because they appropriate gifts?”
“When you place your lips on the hunger oedema, you will feel that you are tasting sweetness, but then a bitter taste comes.
And that bitter taste is then from the Grim Reaper, the sweetness of the disease, because now the ‘life’ is waging a battle against ‘death’, this rotting process and is a world of condensings in itself.
I was able to follow that process a moment ago in the street.”
“When I am there, I will ask Christ to give me the power, so that I can tell all our universities the truth.
And I will get that power as wisdom, so that we will have to give this mankind new and higher consciousness, in the name of Christ!”
“I am going downstairs for a while, because Dayar is calling me and has been healed.”
A while later ... “Yes, it has happened once more.”
“A woman or man, who think that they can make themselves disappear from this life by drowning themselves, stand before suicide anyway and now rot in the water.
And the spirit, so the personality is completely conscious in there.
And that personality now, that woman, experiences the life of Mother Water and only then becomes free from her life, when the time has passed that she should still have lived on earth.
Is that not true?”
“But what do the people know about this?
What did Rudolf Steiner know about this?
What did Blavatsky know?
Of course, she also knew it, but isn’t this sad?”
“People should burn a man at the stake who guzzles down ten tins of condensed milk from the child.”
“And the father of Dayar can do that?
Yes, he is still that far!”
“But Loea’s heart is hurting, you can see that, after all, can’t you?
Would you not drown a Western Arab like that?”
“God said: let us make a light for the day and one for the night, and so it was.
But the astronomer says: so it was not!
The Earth makes night and in the universe there is never night.
Did God not know His creation?
Is that of the Bible writers nonsense now, yes or no?
You see, it is because of that that the universities do not want evolution here.
The Earth makes night and so there was no light needed for the night, it is the Sun which shines upon the Moon.”
“Did God not speak to Moses as a human being?
No, but where does all that nonsense come from?
We received that book and both the Church and the Bible cannot do anything about that.”
“I must not forget this either, when I am there in the Divine All!”
“And I will see the man with the insulin there, at least on the other side, because he has light.
I spoke to his daughter.”
“I will go now, peace and happiness be with you all.”
And all of that already in 1945?
How can it be.
Will those unconscious masses and all that deception come to an end?
It is necessary, it is only then that a people will understand life on earth.
Give away the gold of Mother Earth for development, for spiritual evolution and not in order to kill!
I wish you the best of luck, world!
If only it was that far.
A while longer, he thinks, and I will no longer be here.
But men and women have become religion maniacs.
Can you hear that Jehovah child shouting now?
How many of those people are now walking along the streets?
And that is God’s will, children?
Should the earth be destroyed then?
Can you not think differently?
Do you accept everything blindly?
You are herd animals and along with you the minsters, priests and everyone who make night of the day.
It is half past six.
There is something coming.
There is something laid at the door.
Let’s have a look.
“Good heavens, mother, now already?
Thank you, I will tell about it there.”
And now we will go to sleep.
“Good night, my child, do not talk to me, because I am going to have a think.”
“What is it?”
“You take care of the talking if it is ever necessary.
I will let you experience everything which I see and may experience there.
Certainly, I will not forget you, but Jeus must go with me.
Is that okay?”
The relaxation begins.
I am going alone, this time, away from the earth, mother.
Yes, I am now that far, the Masters say.
They have already freed me from the systems.
But how exceptionally beautiful it is.
Just a while and I will be free from this world.
Goodbye, my good Mother Earth.
I am going back to the Masters.
I will make journeys in order to take your children to the spatial awakening.
Did you think that the academics will call me Prince of the Universe?
Ramakrishna, I am going again!
Blavatsky, could you also do that?
Not you!
You thought that you disembodied but that was not true.
You remained in the organism and from there you made journeys in thought, but I am really going!
It is me myself who is going!
If you had been able to experience this, you would not have made any mistakes and they were made; for that matter, you have seen that now.
Will you go with me, Rama?
Wayti, I am going again, I will come and visit you.
I do not know whether I will have time to talk to you.
But I will feel and experience your love.
Can I get your kiss?
Stop, Adolph, you will not touch me anyway, but I would be able to follow your V2s now.
I possess the Great Wings!
That stupid providence of yours is like the preaching of the minister about damnation!
So, let’s see.
The Viennese woman is already sleeping, but Jozef is awake inside me and is watching out.
Goodbye, my little brother.
Will you be careful?
If something happens, which is not possible, but we are now talking materially, then you will begin to think for the systems and I will send you the rest then, wherever I am, by means of which we will take care of this life again.
After all, you know that this is possible.
Let’s have a look at the neighbour’s house.
Also at the cobbler’s.
That man does not like me, I am a heretic to him.
I am writing about the heavens and am saying that there is no damnation, but he does not want to do without that damnation.
The neighbours are not asleep yet.
We cannot see that man and woman, but I can see them, I can smell them too, they do not have light, they are material and spiritual egoists.
Now to the cobbler’s.
Is that your little bed?
Didn’t even earn enough money to buy a good bed.
There are bibles everywhere here.
Do you know the Bible well?
Cobbler, I am your boss in this life, all the best.
I am going to the Masters, to the God of all this life.
Goodbye, old ones.
I love you!
Now let’s have a look below me.
The man and woman are sitting beside their little flame.
Hunger oedema?
That man is stealing from the life.
I can see!
Now I can see that!
Yesterday not yet, now I can see everything!
Because I possess the All-Seeing for the human life, I can see through walls, also through the organisms.
That other woman has something on her stomach.
I now understand by what means the Masters can make such infallible diagnoses.
If the human being is capable of hearing their spiritual voice, the diagnosis will also infallibly come to earth!
Can you hear this, doctor?
It is not so strange when I tell you, human being of the earth, that I can see how you love.
One by one you are going to both the Land of Hatred and to the Land of Twilight, because you do not possess any love!
You radiate that love as light, but I cannot see any light.
How would you be able to experience a heaven now, cobbler, if you actually do not like a Catholic anyway?
All of you have something of Adolph.
Goodbye, girl from Vienna, I am going now.
I as André-Dectar!
I am going to collect some new blood for the earth and her children.
If I had not been there, Mother Earth and her life would perish, but I am there!
I am living!
I am living for mankind!
I am the good for this mankind and Adolph the evil!
But I will win from Adolph!
Is it not strange that Adolph is still alive, clairvoyants?
Will I be proved right again?
So you see, that clairvoyance of yours means nothing, because Adolph will finish his task.
But it is awful, people have already tried to destroy him three times, but it is not possible.
Those are also laws!
And those laws belong to this killing and the people created it.
I am already three hundred million miles away from the Earth, because I am going past Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, my Wayti too, because I now want to experience my own obtained Wings.
I am now like I am lying there in the coffin, people, can you accept this?
Not yet now, but then what when you will have to agree with me soon?
Cobbler, then you can bow!
Mother Earth now lives yonder.
I will just call Mother Water.
“Good day, dear.”
“André, I can see you.
How nice that you are thinking about me.”
“Thanks for the firewood, mother.”
“You’re welcome.”
“Yes, what is it?”
“I can see a man coming towards us with oil and chocolate milk, with all kinds of things, and that that man will put that parcel at our door tomorrow and run away.
Is that not wonderful?”
“You have earned it, my son.
That is also possible, you know it.”
“Goodbye, dear.”
“Give my regards to ‘Mother’!”
“I will not forget it.”
This belongs to me, human being of Mother Earth, and if you love, you there too.
I can see people, men and women, together, they are twin souls.
When I am back, I will go and see who already possesses that on earth.
If you possess that on earth, will you know then, human being of Mother Earth, what the mother has to give the man and the man the mother?
Can you feel this kiss, Wayti?”
“Yes, dear.”
“Thank you.”
These men and women, Jehovah child, do not die and have nothing to do with a last judgement either.
That is now for themselves!
This is the Kingdom which Christ spoke about.
It is spatial happiness!
These men and women are going to the Moon, are already visiting the planets and are getting to know themselves and the life of God.
Of God?
To know the life of God?
The own life, because these are now already spiritual Gods!
In this way man and woman, both have completed their cycle of the earth!
Something entirely different, isn’t it, than the ministers know about it.
Theologian, what are you now?
Minister, what do you have to represent there?
I am living in the reality!
And that reality is this, this truth, there is no death!
The man, my man, that beggar will not make the journey, I can see now.
Well done, you are better off here!
Because you have been a good man.
Can you hear me?
Do you know who I am, beggar?
To me you are a king.
Kings of the earth no longer have any respect for a twenty-five cent piece, you do and this is why you are so great.
Follower, can you see me?
Can you hear me?
No, you do not have that, but I can see you from here, distance for my life of feeling was not created!
As long as you want to love!
My little Dayar?
Little André?
I greet you from the universe.
I used to make my journeys in this way and we were able to see the Forecourt of Our Lord.
Now I am in that Forecourt again, Crisje?
But it is the universe!
That Forecourt is immensely deep.
Good day, Rama.
Rudolf, I can see you.
Socrates, I can feel you.
Galilei, I am fighting for you.
Yes, my sisters and brothers, I am the Prince of this Universe!
I am not imagining anything, but I am proud of that, because I was able to earn it by my wanting.
True or not, Rama?
But Crisje, how beautiful you are.
In a few months’ time I will go and we will not see each other again there, but you know that yourself too.
We have said goodbye to each other, haven’t we, Crisje?
But I will be bothered by Jeus, he will not know it and I cannot tell him it, Crisje, or he will disturb me and we must prevent that precisely.
Can you feel it, Crisje, dear mother of ours?
Crisje, I am wearing a beautiful garment and I did not ask for this anyway.
Can you see it?
I can also see what your garment will be like too when you live here.
I can see father, Miets, my child too.
All of them greet me, they know now where I am going and that I will no longer succumb.
Truly, Crisje, all of them are helping me to carry.
I can also see Hendrik and Teun in America, dear Crisje.
Gerrit is on the other side, but he cannot reach me, Miets says. So he has left the earthly life.
I do not have any attunement to that life, because this life and consciousness did not like me.
A pity?
We have always known that, Crisje.
Father says it too and he will teach him how he will go further.
Miets can give him everything, also my child Gommel!
Life after death is ingenious, psychologist?
Ingenious, because the soul as the spiritual personality, spins itself a garment, which hangs like an own space around your human shoulders.
Isn’t it amazing?
And yet, the truth!
Mine is a bluish purple, with silver in it.
And that of Master Alcar possesses a golden haze with these colours, that of Master Zelanus is deep blue, it is wonderful to be able to experience this and to be able to call it your property.
I know now who Sixtus is, follower, the spirit who wants to let our philosophical man write books.
I now already know that nothing will come of it.
A pity?
I can see that Sixtus once committed plagiarism and is now making amends by inspiring our man.
Isn’t that nice?
But I must receive the material, he is not capable of that himself.
And I do that gladly, but they will not continue to persevere, you will also experience that.
What I can now see of yourself?
I do not want to see any of that, follower, but it speaks to my life and consciousness.
Meanwhile I have made a flying trip through the universe and I will soon see the Masters.
I am now going straight to Mother Moon.
But my Wayti, how happy you make me.
Are we one for a moment?
On the spot, human being of the earth, where we recently experienced the ultimate, I can see the Masters there.
Millions of men and women are going with me to the Moon.
They know that the title Prince of the Universe can only be received by the human being of the earth, because this life as human being on earth experiences these laws!
Once you are on the other side, that will no longer be possible, because now you will be in the spiritual astral world and this title, this consciousness belongs to the earth, but it is the title of the University of Christ!
And I got that and after me not one human being will come that far, that deep again, no one will go over my consciousness, I can see and experience that now!
“Isn’t it true, Wayti?”
“Yes, André-Dectar!
The truth!”
The human being whom I perceive has mastered this consciousness.
There are really cardinals there too, also priests, but they have released themselves from the Church, they know!
They know everything!
They are now eternally one!
Now the cardinal is married, but after that life he returned there in order to become a mother for a while.
Or he would not have got any existence in this universe.
“Isn’t that true, Wayti?”
“The truth, André-Dectar!”
All these women and men are now spiritually conscious.
They also used to belong to the animal-like grades of life and they know it, they went from the jungle to the white race (see
So they had to accept the seven grades of life for the human organism.
They know all these laws!
But as twin souls they represent their Deity!
And now they can carry all this life, they have become ‘life’!
If this not what man and woman on earth yearn for?
Immediately after the material dying the souls as the astral personality goes further.
To the light or to the darkness, but these have the light, they carry it and those are the Great Wings for me!
But did you already see such a couple of people on earth?
Then you have seen ‘God’ as a human being, as human love, as man and wife, as life, light and love.
The All-Mother created that for your life, Catholic Church, and not damnation!
Why do you wish to damn the people any longer?
Why do you not wish to accept this beautiful thing?
But it is bad enough what the human being has to make amends for, on earth we cannot get away from our own ‘cause and effect’, we stand there before our laws.
The soul as human being must make amends for every thought which was experienced wrongly, Church.
Is that still not enough?
You will soon read my ‘Peoples of the Earth’ and it is only then that you will know it.
Those will then be my ‘Revelations for this mankind’!
Can you see now that there is no night in the universe?
I have now come above the Earth, I can see the Earth as a small insignificant dot, she is half dark, just like you see the Moon from the Earth.
Bible, why did you not tell this?
You still did not know this universe, because that’s it, that is the sacred truth, you were unconscious!
If the Bible writers had known this, would they still have been able to tell so much nonsense then?
Is it so strange then that the Masters will write the following ‘Bible’ in the name of Christ?
The truth, my dear Wayti!
Annie you also know it now?
Is your Krishnamurti truly the Christ?
I can imagine that you are sad, but I will take that weight off your shoulders, I will tell it to everyone who wants to listen, but the human being can be mistaken!
Not God!
This is why all those stories from the Bible were naively!
Unconsciously and inhumanly materialised, but I am bringing both the spiritual grade of life and the consciousness to the Church and the Bible.
Do you know your Bible, human being on earth?
No, you know nothing, nothing!
And people still take their hats off to a human being like that?
I can see those pin-striped trousers from here; I will never put on trousers like that again!
Skins from God, just waken up!
Poor ‘egos’?
What are the Great Wings now?
Every thought gets Wings, spiritual consciousness, the love of the personality and by means of this the human being as man and woman rises out above all the material!
Now hit a human being and you will prevent that development.
Now deceive a human being and you deceive God; yes, indeed, but your Wings are weak.
Dectar had to accept that during his life in the Temple of Isis.
He was still not that far, but that not being that far is that he possessed character traits which still did not know any spiritual consciousness and by means of this he did not rise out above the material.
Now deceive the human being by means of love and you will be loveless!
But then you will not have any Great Wings, now you will be invisible, you will represent darkness, priest, psychologist, minister, academic.
Slander a human being and you slander yourself, because you go from this harmony.
Talk about damnation, believe it, and you prevent your own development, there is now no question of Great Wings.
Represent Jehovah and you close yourself off to all these worlds!
“Is that clear, Wayti?”
“Yes, my André-Dectar.”
Crisje, my mother, she possesses the Great Wings!
Every love which you have to give as a human being, as man and woman, is one part of this consciousness, by means of which you make journeys and get to know the life of God.
Is this not wonderful and natural?
However that means, Roman Catholic Church, that the Bible damns, restricts itself, disengages itself for this development, darkens itself and it can never happen by means of a God of love, or God will restrict himself.
I know it now, there are already people in the universes of God who possess the Divine Wings and they have reached the conscious Divine All!
The animal crawls out of the waters and will possess wings.
That is space!
And not we people?
What the animal now possesses as material wings, we people possess as man and woman for our life of feeling, and that is the consciousness, it is the personality, the love which we possess for all the life created by the All-Source.
Is this not simpler now, human being of the earth, academics, ecclesiastical academics?
Can you feel what will soon go by the board?
Can you feel, university of the earth, that you are sending the academics from dry land into the ditch?
Can you feel now which psychology the human being carries in himself, and that the soul as human being gets to represent everything?
Worlds for spirit and personality, as human, yet Divine independences!
And I was able to experience the embryonic origin of that on my previous journey.
Yes, Master, I am coming.
I will not get lost, my Master!
I am going straight to the Moon, I will see you soon, even though I could speak to your life now.
May I thank you for this mercy?
“It is Christ!”
I am laying the foundations for the University of Christ!
Come and stand before this love sometime, human being of the earth; and if you do not bow, then you will fall back, people will not want to experience you in this.
If you want to experience love as a human being on earth by means of the mother, you there as a creator, you will only see her by means of this love, or it will not be possible.
How poor a woman of the earth is now, if she does not possess any love.
How corpse-like that organism is and that soul is.
You can smell both the poor spirit and the personality from here.
I do not want to experience a kiss from her.
No, Wayti, isn’t that terrible?
Because all these people, here in the universe, spiritualise their love, they possess the Great Wings!
Oh, my Wayti, is a mother just as wonderful now?
Because they gave their characteristics Wings, they possess this love and of course this bliss.
Does that not matter to you?
Yet you will also have to begin with it one day.
Can you feel their depth, minister?
Now just experience their kiss, minister?
Do you not stand prattling away now from your pulpit on Sundays?
I can hear the father praying, minister, you too, and all that praying does not mean a jot if you do not begin with this life.
Holy Father, give us Your radiant inspiration and deliver us from evil.
Eternal mercy, we are sparks of your great love and we bow to Your council, you will never leave us alone.
But Holy Father ... Minister, stop!
If you and your father cannot make anything else of it, God must not ask God it, you are it yourself!
Now the human being prays to God.
But that spark is Divine.
How should that spark now forgive itself?
How can that spark damn the divine part?
Can you still not feel that you are blind, deaf, insensitive?
Praying will not help you if you continue to love that cursed damnation.
If you are Divine, I ask you, minister, father, how do you wish to leave this universe?
Can you feel the nastiness of your prayers?
Can you feel that you will suffocate in your own prayers sooner or later?
That those prayers do not come any higher than the crown of that skull of the universe in which you live?
Poor people, awaken!
Christ came to the earth for these sciences and not for your faith.
Christ knows exactly how you live and think there, minister, but he did not give himself for your sins.
You would like that.
But I see, I know it, everything is both different and better, a thousand times better!
In this universe there are no longer any religions.
What does a Jew hope to achieve in this universe of God?
Discard your being a Jew and you will immediately lose your star!
You see, Adolph wants that, your Caiphas also thought up nice things for your bowing.
Even if you do not want it yet, it will come and it is only then that you will get Great Wings!
Do you still not want it?
Then you must accept all this misery.
Does the Catholic find it so crazy and so strange that Adolph washes her organism?
Gives a bath?
That should already have happened centuries ago.
You see now, I do not see Luther.
He still does not have this consciousness.
That strange man started to wage war, because he thought that he knew it even better.
And he is also still standing above damnation.
Can you feel the poverty of Luther?
Did he make such a fuss for that?
All that misery did not have to happen, because he fought for the same hateful God, for nothing and nothing else!
Why I do not see Luther is because he is now living in the world of the unconscious in order to return to the earth.
That is just as good for this life.
That comes to me from the Divine All and you can accept that.
“Luther, can you hear me?
Will you wake up?
Do you know now that you made a tree from a tree?
You told the human being that the human being is a human being.
Nothing and nothing else, my Luther, and you were able to see that for a moment after your passing over, just as Judas saw that he could not hang himself, you experienced your own poverty!
So, now just go to sleep again!”
“Mother Water, can you hear and feel, my dear, that I possess power?
I can call every human being of the earth to my life.
And now I want to know where pope Clemens is living who destroyed Galilei.
Where are you, pope Clemens, or did you have a different name?
The pope commanded Galilei, by means of the dreadful ‘inquisition’, he was commanded to say nothing, to learn nothing about what he had received from the Masters as knowledge, nothing of any of this, because night would remain on earth!
Are they saints?
Are they saints, who smother the Divine development?
Luther, why did you make such a fuss about nothing?
I am avenging Socrates and Galilei!
Pythagoras and Rudolf Steiner, their temples were set fire to, all those unconscious beings have to bow.
This space, this universe, is singing to me.
Millions of men and women are now singing the song of love, they have completed their cycle of the earth.
Freud, where are you?
If I want, all those who laid foundations will come to me.
I know, dear Crisje, that this is possible.
I am now spatially Omniscient!
We will now convince every spiritual faculty.
I had to travel a long way, but for the soul as human being there is no longer any distance, she now experiences the spatial oneness.
What do we as human beings live for on earth?
Why did God manifest himself?
The Masters are now replying to millions of questions for the child of Mother Earth.
Mother Moon is smiling at me, academics.
She is calling, she is sending me her kiss, yes, I am happy!
I know how she experienced her last breath, but we are going further now, we are returning to the earth and then also further in order to enter the Divine All.
Kingship and emperorship of the earth no longer have any meaning now, in here we as human beings are one!
“Goodbye, my mother.”
“My son, I can feel you.”
“I will bring along flowers from all your children on earth, mother.”
“Thank you, I am happy.”
André descends to the Moon, to the place where we experienced the laws.
He travelled his path alone and under his own powers.
That is the proof that he has mastered the spatial awakening.
Human consciousness as Universal feeling and thinking, it will become the possession for all the life of Mother Earth.
He bows to his Master Alcar.
And then he sees that the Masters, the great ones of the earth are also present in order to greet him.
No, they were not able to experience that during their life there.
The Prince of the Universe has awakened, the instrument of the highest Masters is ready to now also experience the ‘Cosmology’.
And people have sacred respect for that!
The respect, from millions of children of God, for this consciousness of Mother Earth.
Men and women continue on their path, they are not alone, all of them possess their twin soul with whom they will represent the creations by means of the Moon, as the All-Mother for this universe.
And then Master Alcar can say:
“Truly, my brother André-Dectar, you possess the Great Wings!
My thanks for the experiencing of the laws.
And now we will go further!”
– 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 –
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