The cold January morning hits the starving organism of the city one when André walks through the polluted streets of The Hague in order to visit his pupils.
But what a difference, he must agree, this life and the wonderful life after death, after dying, if you possess light, love and happiness, which the human being of this world has in his hands after all.
“The difference is awe-inspiring, the gap between this feeling and thinking and that of the spiritual being.
I and many people tremble and shake from this world, the human being of this time, we tremble and shake, my Jeus, because of that lust, that destruction, which these people create themselves and we are now involved with.
It is their own destruction, we were able to experience that now, the ruin for this and the next life.
But they do not want any different.
And yet?
Change will come!
Was Crisje not tremendously beautiful?
What did we experience since yesterday evening?
Worlds of happiness!
Worlds of love and wisdom, my Jeus.
It is a real paradise!
Yes, my Jeus, three times hooray for Crisje!
And also for father and Miets, for all of them who received her there, for all of them who have completed their cycle of the earth.
Gerrit also lives there, but he is having a difficult time, he can now begin with himself.
When he still lived on Earth, he could not be reached, you know, we were open to him but he did not like us.
And now?
Now little Gerrit can bow his head.
Father has taken him to task.
When he manifested himself to me at home, Jeus, I did not even look at him.
A pity?
Is that not allowed?
From then on I started to think differently.
I had to accept my mastership.
I suffered a great deal because of little Gerrit; and then he was standing there, he did not cross the threshold of my room.”
“Why not?”
“That is rather smooth, Jeus, he could not reach me.
And I am a brother of his, of course, but beyond the coffin that ‘own blood’ means nothing anymore, you must love all the life of God there, you have seen that now, or you will not come a single step further.
Did you feel how Crisje had to accept me?
That happened when we became free from the Earth.
Then I had to make a short journey through the universe with Crisje, in order to let her feel that I was also André.
Crisje did not know me, even if she felt that you as Jeus remained her child, but on the other side you stand before both the universal personality and the Divine spark, that is a human being and an animal, also the life of Mother Nature.
And now the ‘own blood’ falls away, which has so much meaning here on Earth anyway and by means of which family battle fields emerged.
True or not?”
“Yes, that is the truth.”
“When little Gerrit came to me, do you know what I said to him then, Jeus?”
“No, tell me?”
“First I looked into his eyes.
When I saw what he looked like there, I said to him: “Do you wish to come and tell me now that you are alive, Gerrit?
Do you wish to tell me that you are happy?
I can see that from your life and your radiance.
Where you now live, Gerrit, I already conquered that ten thousand years ago.
You did not like me here on Earth.
There was always something in you which set you against me.
That was like that since your childhood.
Can you feel now that I loved you anyway?
That I still love you just as much, Gerrit?””
“And what did he say then?”
“Nothing, Jeus, nothing, he stood there crying at the threshold of my room.”
“Was that not harsh then?”
“There are no harshnesses to be experienced on the other side, and God did not create them either.
My Master let me feel that I was not allowed to accept the ‘own blood’ now.
And then, Jeus, at that moment I realised for the first time who I actually was and what I had been able to achieve in this life.
At that moment I just showed him he let me experience his farewell.
When Gerrit went to America, Jeus, he broke the paintings which I had given him into bits and pieces, flung them at the door and ran away.
That was his farewell.
I do not know what I did to him.
And suddenly, years later, he comes back to me, but now from the astral world.
Master Alcar let me feel how I should receive him.
And then little Gerrit was standing before his Master.
You should have seen him, Jeus.
I gave him all my love, but I am no longer an earthly brother of his, I am the spatial one, and little Gerrit has to bow to that personality.”
“And then?”
“Then nothing, Jeus.
Father had brought him to me and took him along.
Because he saw me he began to work on himself.
“Is that Jeus”, I heard him mumbling.
“Is that Jeus?
The one who is writing there is Jeus?”
“Yes, that was your brother for the earth, but he is now your Master!”
That struck little Gerrit and then he also began with another life.”
“Could we not have seen him now then?”
“No, Jeus.
You can see now that he is lacking.
If Crisje does not descend to his life, he will not even see her.
And then to think that all of them live in one world?
But little Gerrit is almost still attached to the Land of Hatred.
I will give you the wonderful example, then you will see how far that is from Crisje, father and Miets, and what he must do for that in order to come there.
Do you get it?”
“Yes, isn’t that something?
That will be a while before he is there, won’t it?”
“That is not so simple.
You have to conquer yourself for thousands of worlds, Jeus.
Gerrit could hate and that is terrible.
I know what he has to experience, but I am helping him from the earth, he keeps feeling my driving force, my inspiration, since he came to me I have been in his life.”
“And he feels that?”
“Not always and when he feels me, he thinks that it is him and he is thinking about me.
But I know that feeling.
I have always known that Crisje was sending me her love.
I did not imagine that I was thinking about her, she thought about me and by means of that I experienced her love and inspiration.
Anyone who possesses true love now can inspire the human being.
Anyone who has love as Crisje had can do something for that love, you always remain one and connected.
I am now sending mother my thoughts, I am telling her that we are not cold, are not hungry, but did you think that she did not know how we are doing?
I do not need to deceive her with it.
And she cannot change anything about our life, we possess our own laws, we have become an independence.
And that is our life.
Gerrit will also have to accept his life in this way.
If I had thrown my arms around his neck, then I would have achieved nothing.
On the contrary, he would not have understood all my love for him yet again and we do not throw any love before swine for the other side, that is no longer possible for that world.
And that is for all the people, Jeus.
Sooner or later the human being will have to begin with the spiritual life anyway.
You can say now, what does that matter to me, but if you start to think differently and you do things differently, because sooner or later you will come to stand alone, because no one will want anything more to do with you.
And Gerrit has to master that.
In the land where he now lives, it is certainly not so pleasant.
It is cold and miserable there.
And who want to live in misery continually if you know that is better somewhere else?
You see, now you begin to think and to give light to your life, now you have to accept your truth, or you will sink away even deeper into that poverty.”
André is thinking.
Crisje is already getting to experience his thinking and feeling now, and she accepts that as his mother.
That is now a tremendous support for André for his being one with all the life, so that Crisje can help him to carry once more.
“How wonderful that was, Crisje.
Both of us like that floating through this universe, it was awe-inspiring.
Incredible and yet so real, every human being can experience that.
No, not this, not this for the earth, but on the other side, floating together like that through the universe, that is possible and that is also incredible.
How you will enjoy yourself with father and Miets, what a lot you will learn now, mother.
I showed you my life, mother, and you wanted to accept me.
Yes, Christ gave us people the Divine example.
When HE entered the temple, the Pharisees and scribes proved that it was HE, then people should already have accepted HIM.
But they were not able to do that, Crisje.
They should have bowed their heads to HIS wisdom, but they laughed at HIM behind his back.
You will have to learn all of that, mother.
And now?
We are not experiencing anything else in this age.
The masses have to bow to me?
It is not that, Crisje, only to the wisdom.
We have just learned that now.
There was so much messed up, Crisje, that I have to clear up all that mess and because of that I am powerless.
They do not believe me.
But I will make it.
You see, Crisje, I could not send you all these feelings here on Earth, because you did not understand me.
Now that is over, from time to time I will send you my thoughts and you will receive them.
Can you feel my universal kiss now, Crisje?
And this kiss means something.
It is different than here on Earth.
Can you feel it?
I also send Gerrit my feelings like this and all your children have to bow their heads.
If they do not want that, then I will leave them be and I will not want anything to do with our ‘own blood’.
Is that also clear to you, Crisje?
I will not disturb you any longer now; and I for my part must now lay my foundations for André-Dectar as the instrument of the Masters.
Goodbye, my dear!”
He now feels that it does good that Crisje is living on the other side.
“Good heavens, what a difference it is.
I am now starting to think about myself.
Another day’s hard work and we will go further.
I will let my pupils feel who I actually am and then their souls will rise along with me, above this world, where you can experience rest, love and happiness.
Is that not true, Jeus?”
“I have seen that now, I will fight for that.”
“You see, that’s it!
You cannot avoid it anyway.
What we as human beings learn in this world means nothing.
However big and great you are here and your own nobility precedes you, that means nothing for the life there, that remains behind here.
If only the Jews had been able to accept the Messiah, then they would not have known this misery now.
Then there would no longer be any Jews.
Do you understand this, Jeus?”
“I understand it.”
“You see, now we can talk to each other.
And that is necessary.
All the people should do that, then they would get to know each other.
If the Jews had accepted the Messiah, they would not have had to walk round with a star like that, but they did not want it any different.
Caiphas has that on his conscience and he is now living on Earth and puts the books of Christ next to the Church here, is raising hell and is grabbing the Jews by the throat in his way.
Now the Jews are gassed and only that from Jerusalem must disappear from the earth. Christ elevated Judaism into His life and the Jews do not want Him.
Can you feel how stupid those Jews are, Jeus?”
“Yes, and that is a pity.”
“A pity, yes, but there were no pities created for God.
Christ came for all the races (see of the earth, also for Judaism, and now the Jews are waiting for the Messiah who will not come.
He will not let himself be nailed to a cross for the second time.
That is not possible now either, but you see it, they would gas Him now, first almost torture to death and then into the oven.
But what a lot we, and those Jews, have learned in two thousand years.
And now just cry and collapse, weep and shout; but that one will remain and that is the Christ.
Can you understand now, Jeus, that I am fighting for Christ and that we have to truly complete a task for the universe?”
“Of course, I have seen it anyway.”
“It is fine that we are now also completely rid of the dialect.
We have nothing more to do with our childhood now and will go consciously further.
As long as you know that we will go over Golgotha by means of this work and that it will not do us any harm.
We must devote all of ourselves, but that will become our own possession, our universe.
You should see those people.
They are half-frozen skeletons.
And we laugh, we do not feel any hunger, we are hungry for wisdom and that’s it!
Those people may tell us more.
What used to happen to Jozef is over now, Jeus.
He will no longer get up to that, because I feel now that I am André-Dectar, and namely for a hundred percent!
It is not strange, but he is giving me becoming conscious every second now.
How much I gave to Crisje, I mean powers from myself.
Now that she is there, I can feel that.
My personality is becoming stronger, I think that we will finish these five to six books.
I know now that everything is fine.
I can also feel that Crisje is helping me now, her love is now as loving and visibly sweet as honey.
That does not make sense, but I understand it, my Jeus.
No one will recognise me in this world.
But I am starting to see and to feel, Jeus, now listen carefully to what I am saying, that we are getting the highest consciousness from Mother Earth.
Even if the East possesses conscious souls, they do not have this contact there.
They cannot experience that, because they want to rule themselves there, but those millions of souls also stand before Golgotha.
It is cold, Jeus, but it does not mean anything to us.
As long as you have warmth inside, your soul is open to love, this cold cannot reach you.
Our knees are also giving way, but is that not wonderful?
You can feel now for what purpose you are alive.
I am now thrashing myself.
I am getting all those thoughts under control and every thought must listen now.
If I cannot do that, I will not make it.
And I want to make it!
I will make it!
I ‘want’ to!
I am bowing.
I have nothing else to do, I am no longer acting like an ostrich.
Because that will cost me my neck, Jeus.
And all of that has meaning now.
Are you shocked by me?”
“Then I am happy, my Jeus.
Look, what are those people searching for in these polluted streets?
They are all walking with their heads looking at the ground, it is just as if they are thinking that it must now come from the ground.
They are not searching for it in the universe, but under the ground.
Is that something nice?
They are now eating from the hand of Our Lord, at least those who have the feeling, the rest cure Him.
Do you not feel you have got older since yesterday, Jeus?”
“Yes, of course.
I am thinking.”
“Wonderful, that’s it, Jeus!
What is the material human being searching for?
The children are having a rotten time, that is bad, even if there are no children living in the universe, the soul as human being is millions of ages old, but now they are children.
That is bad!
Of course, but those children used to work on this misery.
How the human being would change, if the inner life was conscious.
Look, those poor trees, Jeus.
Yesterday still on Earth and part of life, today only a stump.
And that life is serving now.
But Mother Nature complains bitterly.
That is also understandable.
The people are mad dogs.
Mad dogs know where they are running, the human being does not!
And that is sad?
It will definitely change, even if it takes a while.
We have begun with that now.
Are you searching for treasures, human being?
You should see that woman there.
I know that life, Jeus.
They used to have everything, she and her husband then.
Now they have nothing, not a potato left.
You should see her now, completely neglected, but we keep our clothes tidy.
True or not, now you can buy the human being for five cents.
People of the earth are killing each other.
It is a nice but terrible game.
And they throw away the gold of the earth for that.
All for destruction.
I wanted to have it, but then I would do good with it.
But they do not give me anything.
Because they still do not know me, I do not get a cent and I could do such good with it.
I would like to build the ‘Temple of Christ’ ... the ‘University for ‘HIS’ life’.
Is that bad?
Isn’t that something?
And want to experience spiritual art in there.
Spatial lectures, my Jeus, and that through the Masters.
Isn’t that something?
I see that as André-Dectar!
Our people do not know themselves.
Bet you that they soon kill those wretched members of the NSB nationalist socialist movement?
And you will see and experience it, Jeus, the actual thieves will remain alive and outside of the destruction, the prisons and so, those poor unconscious people will perish from it.
Oh, we will experience even more soon and those books are also interesting.
I think that the Masters will follow our life to our last breath here, and that has significance, no one is capable of writing these novels, we are doing that ourselves.
Christ himself is doing that!
In order to show mankind in the Kingdom of God what it was like now and what we lived for.
And when this is over again, Jeus, they will buy canons again for bread and fat, because our masses, our people still do not have a God of love either.
It has become a strange misery.
They do not let God take care of their lives, they always do that themselves.
And yet our queen says that she was put on her throne by God.
Is that possible, Jeus, now that you already know all of this?”
“No, that is not possible.”
“Why not then?”
“Because this is human work.”
“Very good, yes, that’s it.
Rulers always got to experience for the universe the biggest beating for beyond the coffin.
I saw that and so can devote my head to that.
They achieved something, but how do those people act?
I never a king!
Ugh, Master Zelanus says, you will create misery!
That honour means nothing for the other side, or you must represent God, but that is not possible, because the whole of this world is waging war.
And a spirit of the light does not want anything to do with those miseries.”
Yes, universe, that’s it.
I am busy preparing myself for later.
“The human being is falling down dead on the street from hunger.
Isn’t that nice, Jeus?
And now just cry.
How harsh we have become for those people.
Is this really so harsh, so inhuman?
We are laughing, we are having fun, all the people are walking ahead of their coffin and are weighed down with worries.
But are these worries?
Is this misery?
What is misery?
If you have to enter your evolution because of hunger?
Is that misery?
Do you know what misery is, Jeus?
That women and men get so angry at Adolph the executioner, they kill and consciously murder everything of his kind.
Men and women act for the resistance.
They still do not realise that they will not be given another look soon and that the wrong people will receive the medals.
Those men and women shoot what they meet as the enemy.
We no longer have any enemies, they may kill us, we will still not say anything!
And they will erect triumphal arches for all that evil.
There is still nothing else, that is everything which our people possess too, people do not think about stopping these things!
It is stopping serving evil, for which we live, we work.
I will not give my life for the empty remainder of our people.
For no queen, for no one, because all those people just represent evil anyway.
And yet the misery of this world lives under my heart, my Jeus.”
“I know it!”
“If you do not trust me in everything soon, we will not make it.
And I will prove to you that I love you.
My pupils have to accept that.
Anyone who has own thoughts for this work and those thoughts serve the personality, is no good for this.
The human being will just get richer and richer, it is always about the money.
But I do not want anything to do with that money.
Do not get me wrong, we need money to publish the books.
But you will feel what I mean.
First and foremost the work and then us!
And I taught the girl from Vienna that.
And my pupils will also learn it, if they do not want that, Jeus, we will not have one left.”
“That will happen.”
“I think so too.
Because who has this ‘will’ in order to serve?
Not any of them.
All my talk is now still terrific, but later?
When they see the lion’s den, they will run away, and we will just throw ourselves to the lions, for Christ then, if it is necessary.
Do you wish to believe, Jeus, that I wanted to, that I was able now, for this time, to prove how I love Christ?
They may burn me at the stake!
I will laugh right in their faces until I cannot laugh anymore, because I want to prove to them by means of this that they cannot destroy me.
I will do everything for Christ!
But I will not lift a hand to save a human being who is open to murder and arson.
Is that crazy?
I do not have a fatherland.
My fatherland is the universe!
It is God!
It is Christ!
It is the love!
It is goodness!
Is that so crazy, now that we know that Christ is everything?
But the ministers still do not know that.
Those little mites go along with the soldiers in order to take care of them on the battlefields, as if that is helping.
Those who murdered must return to the Earth.
Good heavens, but what a mess it is here!
I do not want anyone who does not want to fight soon.
And I do not have any commendations!
Smart talk does not help us at all.
This representing, and thinking: nice, I will be well off now, does not exist and no Master can tolerate that.
Rudolf Steiner should have done it in an entirely different way.
They will not get me, I know my followers, I see through my pupils, even if they do not think that, I know them one for one.
I have already lost a few because they got a catholic job.
Now they have already renounced Christ!
And that kind is bad, that kind also nailed Christ to the cross.
That kind destroys you.
That André in front and André behind does not mean anything to me.
I know that nonsense, Jeus.
I know them, believe it, I am going far, but I cannot be deceived.
You will find me annoying tomorrow, but I was able to experience a world last night.
It is not only Crisje who has to accept something, but me too!
And you will see that.
I will begin!
I will destroy the Old Testament.
Anyone who wants to sully Christ, that is their business, I will fight for HIM! And properly too, according to the laws!
And I will prove that to my followers, Jeus.
If the theosophists and the Rosicrucians do not want to reach oneness, they must decide that for themselves, I can tell them that they are stopping the human evolution.
They do not want to get off their high horses, but that will also come.
You will see, Jeus, our word will soon be law!
And that must mean something.
I am the teacher of this mankind, Jeus.
It is not Krishnamurti, it is me!
But we will not have such an easy time, we will have to fight for it.
I do not have any help, from anyone, I have to do it myself.
Even if it takes years before I am that far, what I will lay in foundations, my Jeus, that will remain!
The newspapers will hush me up, but that is up to them.
I will not get any help from the papers, you will see that, because they feel that they must bow their heads, they will not do that.
But if the theosophists let me talk in their temples, then they will be able to know.
But you will experience it soon, they will not want to lose their white shrouds.
Those women and men want to act the boss themselves and will not accept me.
And we will stand before the high priests again.
That keeps on happening.
Who wants to see a Master in a driver like that?
Who can say: just get in, Master, we know that it is you?
Don’t make me laugh, my Jeus, those men and women cannot do that.
Of course, plenty of deception, but we are no longer deception, we represent the universal truth!
They do not believe that there is now also a Paul living on earth.
But it is me!
I must accept that, Jeus, or I will smother myself and that is not the intention anyway.
I feel that the Masters want me to accept the mastership inwardly and irrevocably, or I will stand still and they will not be able to achieve anything with me.
We are thinking for that now!
If you sense this properly, you will be able to understand it.
If I was to say like the city one, he does not do that anymore now, so before: what does that matter to me, there is no inspiration in me.
I do not show that, Jeus, as long as I know that it is me.
It is only now that Master Alcar can achieve everything through me.
And then, my Jeus, we will not become a world teacher, we came in silence and we will leave in silence.
We will soon be known to thousands of people, of course, but the Earth is still not that.
And I can feel that.
Even if I was able to inspire the whole of this mankind, I will not get hold of that, because there is too much deception on Earth.
The laws of God have been sullied and this mankind is ‘completely’ mad!
‘Completely’ poor!
‘Completely’ harsh!
‘Completely’ mean!
‘Completely’ rotten!
‘Completely’ unconscious!
This mankind is ‘completely’ full of the diseases and miseries.
Am I off the mark perhaps?
I can go further, Jeus, because it is me!
And because it is me, we will go further in peace, we do not need that advertising.
The only thing I would want, I already told you it, is to build the ‘Temple of the University of Christ’ on Earth, here in The Hague, under the nose of the material universities.
Yes, Jeus, we can give lectures soon, but the human being of this time is not open to that!
Is that a pity?
No, because this wretched mankind still has to awaken!
And yet, my Jeus, millions of people are expecting their world teacher.
That will take a while.
Then those masses will fling themselves into life and they will no longer need that man.
Because life will go further, life will be beautiful now, there will be all kinds of things for sale, there will be enjoyment and now God, and Christ, can drop dead again!
The academics and the illiterate can come to us.
We represent everything, but people in Europe do not understand all of that from God and Christ.
What does it taste like?
Look, we are here again.
I will not be much use to them this morning, because I cannot talk.
I am in Crisje, I am on the other side, and from that world I am thinking and feeling for mankind.”
“If you want to be inspired now, followers, you have to follow me, or you will never make it!”
“I am bringing wisdom, Jeus, and not common deception!”
When we come upstairs, we first enter the material world and he feels that he is not of this world.
He looks at the people, only children have meaning, adults laugh at nonsense.
Did you see that?
“You will see”, he continues saying to Jeus, “here people no longer know you.
You have died now, Jeus.
And that in one night.
What these people take their whole lives to do, we do in only a few hours.
But that is because we think, and also want to act according to that.
They do not do that, they only talk about love and happiness and still do not do anything for that.
Yes, indeed, they are following us, they want to be involved with us, don’t they, is that not everything?
But you saw that from those other people.
Those men are gone!”
“No”, he utters, “you will not see Jeus again.
Jeus has disappeared.
Jeus has become invisible.
Jeus is there and he is no longer there!
Jeus is alive and he has died!
Jeus is talking and he is not talking!
Jeus is standing in front of you and it is not him!
Jeus is love and he is light!
Jeus has suddenly lost his dialect!
Jeus is not crazy and yet far away from your life!
You can no longer reach little Jeus!
Little Jeus has started to think divinely!
Jeus is now living in the universe and is talking to the stars and planets!
Jeus is getting colour and form and that in one night!
Jeus is talking to Mother Water and is no longer laughing!
Jeus will no longer knock himself against a tree, that is over!
Jeus has become a Master!
Jeus loves everything which lives and knows that Crisje is dead.”
“What did you say, Jozef?”
“Crisje is dead.”
“Your mother?”
“Yes, we buried her last night and we were able to experience her ascension.”
There is thinking.
The human being is thinking!
Friends are thinking.
People are thinking about life and death.
“Is Crisje dead?”
“Crisje is living in the third sphere!”
“Isn’t that something?”
“Yes, that is really something!”
“How is it possible?”
“That is possible, because the human being must go further!”
“Crisje is dead, little Jeus?”
“Little Jeus too, only André-Dectar is still there.
The city one too, he also had to change his life.”
The human being is thinking.
Isn’t that something?
Yes, that is something!
This is it!
“When, little Jeus?”
“A few days ago!”
“Suddenly just like that?”
“No, not that, we already knew about it a year ago, but we had something else to do.”
“Crisje dead?”
“No, I tell you.
Crisje is alive!”
“Come, Jeus, there is nothing else here for us today.
I am sick and tired of that ‘little Jeus’.
It is me, but they do not know that.
I am André-Dectar.
Little Jeus, do you wish to accept me?”
“But I did not say anything.”
“Thank you.”
“Good day, mother.”
“My André.
What was it like?”
“Wonderful, mother.”
“Crisje will help you to carry, André.”
“Yes, mother, we are reaching oneness now.”
“You have changed, André.”
“It is true.
I have almost made it, mother.
This journey demands everything.”
“I know it and you will not succumb.”
“I do not know that, mother.
If I am there and have to go back?”
“Make yourself conscious, André, then you will also go further.
I will not talk for too long.
You will write, you will finish that journey, I see.”
“Yes, mother, and then we will experience the development of Mother Earth.
Your mother too.”
“Isn’t it true?
My mother, my soul and life, all that goodness is calling you to the awakening.
What did they say there about Crisje?”
“Nothing, mother, as all the people think, as all the people experience such a thing, also entered me, and it is no longer that now.”
“I know.
And then?”
“Nothing, mother, they still do not know that Jeus is dead.”
“Was that not even felt?”
“No, because they do not know what the spiritual dying is.
Jeus has died, but they did not see, they did not feel that.
I believe that it passed my lips.”
“And no reaction?”
“No, because they still do not know what that is, that dying of yourself is so far from this city, mother.”
“I understand, of course, it is far away and yet?
Is that not what you have to give those lives?”
“They do not want that, mother.
Paul knew it, and Peter later too, but then he was hanging on his ladder like a slaughtered pig and bleeding to death.”
“I know it and the children of this world have to learn that.”
“The Jews too, mother.”
“Yes, André, the Jews too and that boy too.
Can you hear him?”
“I have already been able to hear him for such a long time, but I am not reacting.
He said ‘drop dead’ to the life.
I could drop dead.
Now he is dropping dead.
Now he can scream.
Soon he will go into the coffin anyway, mother, and then I will see him again later, I know now, I have known it since this morning.
Can you feel how Jeus is listening and talking to your life?”
“I can hear Jeus, now everything is one, André-Dectar.”
“And this is why I was with Crisje, mother.
We experience all that sanctity for that alone.
Now that Crisje has gone and is living there, Jeus has also died.
Now we are one, of course, now I can go further.
I am ready, mother.”
“See you soon, André.
It will be a short time now.
A little while and we will have made it.”
“It is true, but Crisje is experiencing this end there.”
“Was she happy with her beautiful house and all those wonderful flowers?”
“She experienced it from inside, mother.
Yes, I can see her.
Look for yourself.
Isn’t she wonderful, mother?”
“You can go further now, André, I have now become your neighbour.
Isn’t it true?”
“That is the truth, you are it now.
And for always, mother.
I will see you again in the Divine All.
I still have to think of so many things.
But I think that everything is fine, even if I made earthly comparisons for myself.
Goodbye, mother.”
“Go further, André!
You will come back to me soon.”
“Yes, mother.”
“As long as you know that I understand you.”
“I know it, mother, talking is annoying and gloomy now.”
“Precisely, but now wonders are taking place, my son.”
“Goodbye, mother.”
“Now you are a Master, André.”
“Thank you, mother.
Truly, thank you for everything.”
“Goodbye, my son!”
“Isn’t that something, Jeus?
Mother Water is like that now.
She knows everything about us, everything!
And that is something to be grateful for.
Now we can go further and quickly, because we want to finish that part today.
Master Zelanus is bursting with inspiration, I feel.
And that is for man and woman of this world, Jeus.
For both man and mother, if those two are one for the universe, they will have everything, everything, now their kiss will be love!
You cannot secure spiritual gain now by means of gossip, that must be fought for, you must want to live for that.
That dying happens of its own accord, but to preserve the life, that’s it.”
A while later I am busy, the part will be finished today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow we will be able to leave.
The follower comes and reads and cannot do any more.
That life has nothing more to give, that life is empty.
But, André is ready.
We can go further.
The reading of the Cosmology alone will already destroy the human being.
We do not need to tell any more, those lives are full, those lives cannot go further, because those lives do not want to let their personalities die.
It is the truth!
Only truth!
And every human being has to accept that, André knows now, the childhood and the city must die in the human being.
It is only then that the human being will free himself from the city and the material thinking.
Anyone who does not want to lose that, will stand still.
“Hooray, Master Alcar, we have made it.
When will we go further?”
André gets another two days to get ready.
The organism is breaking, but that does not matter, as long as we do not break!
Do not succumb!
Do not fall!
Do not be empty in order to give love!
Do not wither!
Do not be uninspired!
Do not become hazy for the spiritual!
Do not weaken in order to thirst, and do not be too lazy to listen to the life!
Do not snap, do not gossip!
Do not think wrongly!
Do not be afraid to shoulder something of God, everything is going well and we can go further!
Do not laugh at deadly seriousness, we will go further, or we will stand before mantraps and clamps!
Do not sully!
Do not be harsh, because the life is love and we will go further!
Do not succumb?
Oh, we will most certainly collapse once more, but we will also stand up immediately again and will go further consciously.
We must go further and can go further, because Jeus has died now.
We are dissolving, we are no longer of this world now, we are spirits.
Goodbye, body.
What do you want?
Are you hungry?
No, you aren’t, are you, if I am not hungry, you will not be either!
But people still do not understand that.
The people also still have to learn that.
“Is there anything else, Jeus, which we must also experience before we enter the Divine All?
No, there is nothing, and yet?
There is so much to be experienced, to think of, but we will do that later, when we have been there.
I will say something to the universe.”
I am calling!
I am calling once more!
Are you listening now?
We are ready!”
“I have made it!
I had already made it for such a long time, but it is only now that I have completely made it!
I ... André-Dectar!
I know that I am ready.
Where we are going no human being has been before, have they?
We know that and this is why we are ready now!
I did everything for that, my Master.
Crisje knows it now too!”
“I think”, he can say to Jeus, “that we have made it.”
They experience the day afterwards in the street.
The life on the street is tremendous.
You learn all kinds of things.
You do not need any philosophical systems for that.
If you are strong now and you do not pay any attention to anything, you will experience a system and Schopenhauer knows nothing about that!
No Jung either!
They know nothing!
Nothing, because hunger does not exist!
Isn’t it true, dying is life, but Jung does not know that!
He knows nothing about that, nothing!
I do, death is life!
Dying is life!
Starving can mean awakening!”
“And now have a good sleep, André.
The city one requires it and tomorrow we will go further.
Under Master Alcar’s orders.
Can you hear our Master?”
“Yes, I can hear him.
I have made it, Master!
I have made it through!
I have made it through for always, Master!
I am ready for the Divine All, my Master!
Isn’t it true?
Now we can go further, Crisje knows it!
Followers have no meaning, I must do it myself.
But I know now why Ramakrishna needed followers.
I understand now why Christ tolerated apostles.
Good heavens, how my soul hurts.
If only a follower like that could understand something now, I would have made it.
But that is not there now, and this is why little Jeus had to die!”
“Little Jeus?
You are dead and you are alive.
You are taking the place of all my followers!
Look, Jeus, the dog tails and the cat legs are lying on the streets.
Why does the human being not want to die?
That is the greatest happiness which the human being can experience, but Europe does not understand it.
This whole world does not, only a few million souls know it, the rest stand before damnation!
Followers are not any different, what do these perfectly ordinary people hope to achieve now?
Did you think that I was sad?
Do not take me like that, Jeus.
No, that’s not it, but I must accept that they will also succumb soon and then?
Then we will have lost our dear souls again, my Jeus, and I can already feel and see that now.
A pity?
Yes, that is a pity, for the universe it is good.
No pities exist there!
But I have understood enough by means of that.
That is the halt, my Jeus.
It is a real human halt.
You cannot rise out above your life of feeling.
Did you think that that man, this life, understood what it read?
And that wants to help me to carry?
Don’t make me weep.
I know it now.
I must go further alone, no one can help me.
And because Crisje was a human being here, she had to pass over now.
Is that right?
Now she can help me.
Of course, we are alone here, but that is understandable.
Have you made it now?
Yes, we have made it!
What are followers?
They are people who experience something from the Master and help him carry by means of that.
This is why Ramakrishna was so mad about Vivekananda, his pupil, and Christ about his apostles, they took away something from His life.
That’s it; and this love is so wonderful, so incredibly beautiful, which the human being as a follower feels nothing of anyway.
Why not?
Because that follower must master the laws.
That’s it and that will take a while now!”
It is the evening.
In a few hours he will be in our life.
The cold winter evening does him good, but the ribs are shaking.
The organism is like a skeleton.
And the soul hurts, the soul is healthy, the soul is bleeding away?
“No, they would like that, but we are not that crazy”, Jeus gets to hear.
“Did you see the new dog tails, Jeus?
Now a rat costs fifteen guilders.
Are you not hungry?
I believe that the city one gave fifteen guilders for a bowl of soup from Crisje, from the girl from Vienna, like we used to get.
Oh, no, not for himself, but for the organism.”
The back has given out.
The arms are tired.
The nerves need something.
The muscles will refuse soon!
The nerves and the hands are tired, father!
Mother Crisje!
Not the brains!
The legs are giving out, Crisje!
But that back!
That spinal marrow too!
But our personality forces us to go further.
Yes, we will go further, when we cannot do it any longer soon, the Divine All will help us.
But, the organism is rattling!
The organism can barely carry on!
The organism must rest seven times in order to climb the stairs and what is that?
Nothing, it used to be nothing, now that is suddenly not possible now!
But I have made it!
I am lying at the feet of my Master!
Crisje, I bow to everything!
I have made it!
Yes, I am now André-Dectar!
And ready!
Completely ready!
Goodbye, my Mother Earth!