Mother Earth as the Third Cosmic Grade of Life

The peoples of the earth, as tribes from Israel, are waging against the heathen peoples, to which Germany belongs, we wrote in the book: ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, but Adolph Hitler will lose this war.
Before 1940 we had this wonderful book finished.
André gave hundreds of people his prophesies, and now, now that we are living in the month of February, and the peoples of Israel are advancing and they are standing before the borders of Germany, these prophesies are coming true!
Adolph is losing it, but no one believed that in 1940. When André said: “Do not fear”, people laughed behind his back, because Germany could not be destroyed.
And now that he says that they can see and experience for themselves anyway that Berlin will fall before Scheveningen and he already predicted that long ago, that is true; but then what?
Has the human life changed because of that?
No, prophesies have no meaning, only food and drink!
And that is not there.
Wisdom has no meaning and the masses still do not want anything to do with the Other Side.
“Thank you.
Nothing else?”
“Not there is not anything else and your ’spirits’ have nothing to say here.
Once someone is lying in the coffin, he has lost his rights.”
“That is the truth!
Of course, but the human being lives on.”
“Don’t make me laugh, sir, is there still not enough misery?
As long as Hitler loses, that is what we are waiting for, nothing else has any meaning anymore.”
“And Adolph will lose!
Adolph made wrong calculations, his Providence sent him from dry land into the ditch.”
“And do you have the truth then?
Are you trying to kid us that what you have now is the only true one again?
Probably, but we want peace and calm, they should kill all of those Germans!
That is filthy trash, those people must disappear from the Earth, you cannot experience any peace with those people, nothing, they can always do it better.”
“Yes, that is the truth, they represent the European intellectuality.”
“Is that possible?”
“Yes, that is possible, look for yourself!
What we wrote, that the whole of mankind wil soon help Germany again, not a single mortal believes that!
And yet?
André says: you will see and experience it!”
And then he gets to hear:
“Are you trying to kid us that we should also help that cursed people?
Help Germans?
They should throw you in prison.
If I was you, I would keep quiet, you are talking about dangerous matters.”
“So, is that so?
And yet, you will see and experience it!”
And that will also come true, time will tell, because all the peoples of the earth will soon experience their independence and Germany is also part of that.
Those are the laws for life, for people and society, those are spatial laws and are part of the Kingdom of God on Earth.
We gave André those laws and he was able to experience them, he vouches for the truth.
But the rest?
No one wants that, that the soul lives beyond the coffin and she has to represent God there is still insanity for the peoples of Israel.
And yet?
We also recorded those predictions and mankind will soon get to accept that.
He thinks about that, sitting in the kitchen by the burner, waiting for news from the resistance and a moment later it is there.
Thank you, cobbler.
That is the only thing you are interested in, it is going well!
It is going great. My God, what a beating those Germans will get.
Millions of people are living there in caves and underground, people must wipe that German people out completely.
There you are, that has been said, that is the possession of the Catholic and the Biblical child of God.
There is no more to be experienced now. Fine, that people are now at their last gasp.
It is wonderful!
Enough to drive you crazy with happiness.
Well done, cobbler, wonderful, people from my neighbourhood, it is wonderful, isn’t it?
That people must be wiped out!
They are churchgoers, religious people, those people also have a God, there are also Catholics and Protestants living in Germany, but they are devils, they are demons and have to be destroyed!
It is enough to make you weep to death if you hear such religious people talking, André-Dectar feels, but those children of God will also get to see their own lives.
He feels now, he is 10,000 years ahead of this mankind!
But he knows these people.
They live to the left and right of him and call names, hate, are destroyers, every one of them, they are people who would be able to drink the German blood, these people have become so hazy and far from their God, but ministers and priests think the same as them about it, and André feels, we are standing before the hatred of these masses.
It does not mean anything to them that there are German soldiers who read his books and say: “I have still not killed one human being”, they belong to that heathen people and have to be destroyed.
You see, that is the child of the Netherlands.
That child also has a God, but which one?
That of the Old Testament.
You should hear these animal-like grades of life talking.
They are talking about the Bible and hate, destroy, they drown the German people in cold blood, as if everything there accepted Hitler, does not have a God.
That is the Dutch people as a mass, backward and unconscious, stupid, poor, lifeless, awkwardly pathetic where it concerns God and Love, that is also the Dutch people. That means: we are serving God!
“Good heavens, but what a lot you can learn during these times”, the girl from Vienna gets to hear.
Yes, what a good experience we are getting, you can now experience precisely how it should not be done!
I will not forget these precious hours for the whole of my life.
But poor Mother Earth, all the work you did during those millions of years, and now?
But I will now get to know that and I assure you, my Mother Earth, that I will not succumb again.
As a thank you for all my lives I will take your children to the spiritual awakening!
Gone human being!
Gone good experience!
Gone all these good things, because the human being hates and has never made any mistakes himself.
Listen to how these megalomaniacs are talking.
And they are both religious people and clergymen.
It is awful!
It is sad.
You could give them what for!
The girl from Vienna hears me mumbling and asks:
“What is it?
What could you give them?”
Nothing, my child, nothing.”
“And I hear you saying: you could give them what for.”
“Oh, you heard that.
I was talking to all those unconscious people, I was talking to those haters of our people, those so good religious people.
They can burn the Germans alive.
If many of them do wrong, that is the whole people in their eyes.
But try looking here?
The Catholic gets food and drink from the Catholic.
The clergymen get everything first.
If you go to a Protestant baker, the children from his own Church get everything first, the rest of our society can drop dead, starve.
They are now children of God?
But we know it, my child, God takes care of all of us.
I know all those people here in our neighbourhood, not one of them thinks universally.
You should just hear them talking.
And that follows a God of love?
How those people enjoy themselves, when some fifty thousand Germans are made mincemeat of.
They enjoy that.
They are blood drinkers, every one of them!
And that is now our spirituality.
They are the ministers in the churches.
They do not know it.
Luther is now penniless.
The Catholic Church penniless.
Why does that Church have to take part in politics like that?
Is that the purpose, is that the intention of God?
The Churches got a terrible beating from Adolph, and it is still not enough, because this beating is not understood.
They could burn Adolph alive.
When I said that they could not murder Adolph, I was laughed at.
And Adolph is still alive!
Those laws are not understood either, and yet?
Is it not wonderful that they cannot murder Adolph?
Those are laws, and despite everything these laws for this age are taking us to a higher thinking and feeling.
You see, if there was no damnation now, all those people could not be punished.
Long live damnation!
And that is the possession of our people!
Yes, that is everything which we possess, everything.
There is no more than that!
Millions of children of our people love that damnation, so that the Germans are not only killed here on Earth; God also takes care of that!”
“You cannot change them.”
“But that will come, my dear!
I could give the whole of this mankind happiness, but it is still not that far.
But I know it!
One day this mankind will have to accept me.
Ugh, I am going to think about something different.
But that poor Mother Earth!”
Half an hour later the organism is asleep and he looks into the eyes of Master Alcar.
“Master Alcar, may I thank you for the care given to my Crisje?”
“Thanks from us for wanting to serve, André-Dectar, in the name of the Masters.
And do not forget, that also belongs to the Cosmology.
But come, we are leaving, prepare yourself to experience Mother Earth now as the Third Cosmic Grade of Life.
So we will connect ourselves with the origin of the Earth and then follow the seven human grades of life for the organism.
We have followed the laws for her origin, however, we will analyse the misery of her present existence later.
But we know that the macro cosmos is still one with the micro cosmos.
We will not experience any disturbances now either.
Sun and Moon are creating a new organism for themselves and that will become the Earth now.”
We will not free ourselves from the earthly atmosphere, dear reader, but we will leave the present existence.
And meanwhile we will return to the begin stage for the Earth and we will see what the universe is like for this moment.
We know that it is only now that the Earth can begin with her task.
However, the human being got to experience the universe, the highest consciousness of which the Earth will receive, which we now have to follow for the Cosmology.
Nothing can stop this evolution.
The tossing about of the present stage now dissolves before us.
We no longer feel that atmosphere.
On Earth misery reigns, but André receives revelations for the whole of mankind.
When Master Alcar asks why the secondary planets do not lie within the sphere of the earth, we can answer him, because that is not possible.
We now see that the present stage is dissolving.
And that also tells us that Master Alcar has attuned himself to the being born of the Earth.
What we now see is a wonderful spectacle, reader, and you can now experience that along with us.
What we see, is a weak light for the universe.
That is the Sun!
The Sun as Father!
So the Sun has still not reached the present condensing, that will still take millions of years.
If the Sun now already possessed that becoming conscious as luminous power, then, believe it, disturbances would have emerged and the life in the universe would have burned.
But this evolution went further and possesses harmonic oneness.
So the Sun is not further than the life in this universe is.
From the consciousness of the light, we already spoke about that before, didn’t we, we will soon also determine the consciousness of the human soul.
And is that not wonderful now?
If you feel this, my reader, sister or brother, then it must also be clear to you that soon there will be no laws of gravitation, or gravitation for the universe, and that everything is feeling as material.
This will be of tremendous significance for later when the academics begin with these laws, but we are now already assessing those laws, we see those laws as light, life and love, as harmonic
Laws of Growth!
Laws of Condensing!
As grades of life for the life!
As fatherhood and motherhood!
And there is nothing else to be experienced!
By means of that, however awe-inspiring this Universal life is for the universe, everything remains simple, and we can experience these laws as human beings.
It is a wonderful spectacle, I said a moment ago, and that is understandable.
It is only after millions of ages that the Sun as Father will possess your present power as a luminous organism, but then the Earth will be that far.
And we must now follow that development, if we later want to experience the present stage once more, but then we will enter the spiritual-conscious astral world for the soul as human being!
Is that not also a great wonder?
So separate from Church and Bible we will experience the God of all this life and we will convince you of that.
We experience this wonderful spectacle, and so know that we must go back millions of years in order to see our being one with that moment.
You can accept that the human being still does not know this Divine plan.
The human being does not know himself because of this.
But by means of Sun and Moon, as the father and mother of this universe, we as human beings, the animal and the life of Mother Nature got these laws in our own hands.
It must also now be clear to you that the Earth is still spiritually astral now.
But she got consciousness.
And she got that consciousness by means of Sun and Moon.
Isn’t it true, this universe has meanwhile condensed itself and the spiritual Earth absorbed those powers into herself.
And that consciousness is not higher, or more conscious than we possess in feeling.
So the consciousness of the Moon, as a living organism, receives the spiritual Earth, and we are also that far.
So that is the spatial becoming conscious, the universe is not ahead of us in anything, because that is not possible, that would mean an disturbance and we have still not been able to experience that anywhere.
It therefore means that we as embryonic life will soon absorb the Earth into us, and we will also possess the consciousness of Sun and Moon.
We have to accept that the Earth now therefore possesses spiritual becoming conscious, because the transmitted life aura of Moon and Sun influenced her life.
And we have mastered that consciousness by means of our walk through the universe.
Even if we still experience pre-animal-like grades of life. So that means, we still have to experience the human stage for your time, but that will come!
Because you have already reached the human stage, to which André belongs!
All your misery there no longer means anything now, because we are Gods.
If you want to live well, there will be no misery!
It therefore means that we as embryonic life possess the inspiration, becoming conscious as Sun and Moon, as
Spirit mastered themselves and nothing more, but also nothing less, we are completely one!
And all of that is love!
You know for yourself how that love is understood on Earth; and what did you now master of that for yourself?
It goes without saying that this now takes us to the Cosmic Harmonic laws and that the Earth as the Third Cosmic Grade of Life must soon take us to the Fourth, because she will also give birth and create, and, because we will then enter our conscious spiritual astral life as human beings.
The feeling which now comes to us says that we must follow these laws, because the highest Masters will soon, afterwards, immediately want to experience the first stage for Mother Earth, and we will be ready!
What we are now experiencing is wonderful.
And yet everything is harmonically condensed, harmonic and simple, now that we have got to know the origin of this universe.
There are depths, of course, but grade after grade shows us what we are like and which consciousness we possess.
Mother Earth can begin with her task, she and all the other life is ready for that.
But, remember this, reader, the Earth is now still spiritually astral and that must be clear to you.
If we had to accept that the Earth had been able to begin with that task outside of us and without us as life, she would not possess any human giving birth.
Can you sense this?
That means that there are other planets which cannot experience any giving birth, or human, so animal creation, because we as the ‘core’ for that inspiration did not have any connection with that.
We experienced those planets, to which
The Moon,
Earth, belong as life-giving organisms but are part of by means of
Venus and other planets, organisms of and for fatherhood and motherhood, and represent the hazes and luminous organs, the stars.
We already know how these bodies received the own place for this organism and also what they have to do.
Those last organisms did not experience us, and it is that, my reader, by means of which a planet became mother.
We already placed you before these laws and will therefore go further.
Because of that the Earth did not have to wait, but she would prepare herself and that has also happened now.
That she is now still spiritual is therefore necessary, or she would already have reached the own condensing.
Now all the other planets, which were therefore not able to experience any motherhood, are still half conscious, and that means, for the present stage, that also took millions of years, they have condensed themselves.
But now they have still not reached that becoming conscious.
The Moon and Mars and the secondary planets as transition stages have come that far, but have still not reached the own materialising and there is now still no question of hardening.
Now that we were able to determine this for our own life, Master Alcar says, after receiving the answer from us:
“Exactly correct, my brothers.
Because the human being would experience the spatial laws, the Earth as a spiritual organism is not further than the human being.
So this is also cosmic oneness.
So we are standing before this growth of the human organism and the laws will soon explain that to us once more.
We will experience that by means of the grades of life and the growth of the human organism, for the life on Earth.
They will soon take us to the present stage, but we got hold of that by means of Sun and Moon.
By means of this we can now accept that Sun and Moon will create the Earth, and we will go further.
What now means growth for the universe is for the human being becoming conscious, material and spiritual consciousness.
And that for soul, life, spirit and material, my brother André?”
“No, my Master, the soul is the Divine spark, and means that we as spirit and material will spiritualise and materialise our Divine spark, as divine attunement.”
“Indeed, that is the answer and are the laws which we will experience.
It is the going higher for the soul as human being and for the animal, also of course for Mother Nature, for all the life of God.
And that will be the perfection of the human organism, for which Mars and the secondary planets served.
The Earth will now finish and embellish this organism for the Third Cosmic Grade of Life, this universe!
Mars, we saw that, served the soul and the spirit as human being, gets hold of the Earth in order to serve the organism, and will soon show us her laws.
But what was therefore condensed and evolved in the universe, the Earth absorbs that, by means of which she also possesses and gets to experience that heightened evolution.
Is that true, Master Zelanus?”
“Yes, my Master!
I can see that oneness.
My being one with the universe is still harmonic, and will remain this until I begin with the destroying and disharmonic life.
And we have to accept these laws.
If I attune myself to that stage I see that Mother Earth had to receive this place, or she would never have been capable of representing her heightened consciousness, but I was also able to follow those laws a moment ago.
Sun and Moon are that far, my Master, and they passed on their becoming conscious to their child.
There is nothing else to be experienced, these are the cosmic laws for fatherhood and motherhood.
Sun and Moon therefore gave all the life of the universe their obtained feeling as consciousness, as life aura, and all the life went further.
This power now which we are getting to know by means of all the grades of life determines that every grade of life now also got to represent an own personality for the universe.
And we must experience that personality as human beings, and we also have to accept that!
The climate of the Moon is now therefore also her conscious personality.
Other planets possess the own personality, but that means that one body serves fatherhood or motherhood, and the other an organic part for the universe.
By means of this the Earth as the Third Grade represents a milder climate and you can accept that, that is clear and understandable, because the Earth takes us to that higher becoming conscious, and she got to represent that.
Now that we know that we as human beings also experienced that becoming conscious, we can go further.
By means of that the Earth gets her place between Sun and Moon, and means awakening, a higher evolution.
There is therefore no question of coincidence, my Master.
However, this will become the human evolution.
What I see tells me that the forestages therefore possess one purpose and one task.
Because the soul as human being must return to God, the conscious Divine All!
Higher grades of life will be born.
And the All-Mother attached all of this to her life.
This oneness came about by means of the universe.
Nothing can stop this Divine being one, not one spark of the universe is too far developed, or more conscious than the other life with regard to fatherhood and motherhood, we can follow that!
That can be established, and we may now experience that.
Mother Earth is waiting for the human soul!
Mother Earth must accept these laws, whether she likes it or not, and it is the great wonder which we experience and follow.
Her personality is ready that far, and her attunement conscious as a spiritual, macrocosmic organism.
By means of this we experience the Omnipotence in order to give birth and to create, my Master, and we have to accept that.”
“Indeed, my brothers, all of this is Universal truth!
But you now see that the Earth is still invisible, but is part of God, and gets to represent all ‘HIS’ characteristics.
Soon she will begin with her task, because the soul as human being experienced the last transition and is now attracted by the Earth.
The Earth as an astral sphere, astral life, is situated between Sun and Moon, between fatherhood and motherhood, but the soul as human being comes to her aid, is also so far developed and the following grade of life can begin.
But we see then that the three Cosmic Grades of life are one, and that is the intention of the All-Source!
These three grades of life therefore have one task to accomplish.
They represent one organism!
One consciousness!
One soul and one spirit, this is the Universal oneness at a macrocosmic attunement.
And we have got to know the laws for this, we know how they originated and that this universe will create other universes, the
Sixth and Seventh Grade of which we saw, and know that we will see the ‘Human Being’ there again as God.
Of course, soon these three cosmic grades will have reached oneness and the soul as human being can also go further again.
These three grades were created by the All-Mother in order to finish the human organism.
What do people on Earth know about these laws?
The academic still has to begin with his study.
But we can now already see the first spiritual hours of condensing, my brothers.
These were hours of condensing for the mother as a planet, given to her life by Sun and Moon.
These are laws of evolution.
It therefore goes without saying, if the secondary planets had lived close by Mother Earth, that becoming conscious would already go too fast, that power for those organs would not have been becoming conscious, but a grasping and feeling too high for the macrocosmic organism, but we have not yet got to know those laws either.
Now there would have been no question of gradual evolution and we have to accept that.
And that is clear, because we as human beings could not have made that leap.
So we experience foundation after foundation, grade after grade, consciousness after consciousness, for fatherhood and motherhood.
There is nothing else to be experienced, this is the Divine creation.
The secondary planets got to experience an own sphere and that was necessary.
By means of this every stage got to experience the own evolution at an attunement for Sun and Moon, for which the secondary planets now lie spread out in the universe.
Purely cosmically, all the organs for the macrocosmic body therefore got to fulfil a task, and we see that, so that we can go further.
We know now what an existing grade of life is.
The Earth will soon have become an existing grade and a law of life, she will come that far by means of the laws of condensing.
So an existing grade means for the human being in the present stage that it belongs to the seven stages of transition and is human or animal.
That also means that we have to accept the human being as an existing grade of life, and later, or in addition to this, also the animal and Mother Nature.
Sun and Moon and their children now represent existing laws of life for fatherhood and motherhood and you can accept that for your own life and consciousness.
Soon we will learn that the human fatherhood and motherhood will also get hold of those existing laws of life, but then we will moreover enter both the maternal and the paternal independence.
We were able to experience all these laws, but also determine them for the Earth and go further.
The Earth will now finish her existing grade of life, for which she has to condense herself.
And we will conquer her by means of that.
Now a grade of life is therefore an organism, human, and also animal, for Mother Nature they are no different in any material stage.
And by means of that, my brothers, we get to experience this universe, and that must be clear to you.
We as human beings would therefore not be able to go further now if the Earth was not ready as a spiritual organism.
And both organisms, macrocosmic and microcosmic, are still one, you saw that and all the life of God gets to accept that.
Moon, Sun and Mars are now the existing grades of life for the universe, but to which the Earth as child of Sun and Moon now belongs.
Is that clear to you? Then we will go further.
The more light the Sun has to give to the universe, the grades of life, the more sensitive all this life becomes and that takes us to this becoming conscious.
What Mars masters, as maternal body, the Earth was also sent, of course, because she is the further stage.
And by means of the awakening of Sun and Moon, the secondary planets also got to experience that core, so that it was all these organisms who determined the place of Mother Earth, and we can see and experience that.
The still invisible Earth absorbed all that life fluid into herself, so that the Earth will soon be capable of embellishing and finishing the human organism for the universe, the Fourth Cosmic Grade of which we will enter.
Compare all of this to the Bible now.
What did the Bible tell about this Divine event?
So that we have to determine for the University of Christ:
When the Bible begins, creation is already billions of years old!
What did the Bible writers write about this being born?
Not one word!
They did not know these laws!
And that means?
That the Bible begins with untruth!
And God did not make any people from some ‘clay and breathe of life’!
That nonsense is still accepted in the twentieth century!
Christ wants this to come to an end!
The Divine All wants the human being of the earth to awaken!
That spiritual poverty must disappear from the earth!
What now still is and means a spiritual faculty is human nonsense for the universe!
A minister is a spatial unconscious being!
A minister now creates misery with regard to the life of God!
A minister creates spiritual poverty if he speaks about damnation!
Those doctrines are damning themselves!
The University of Christ will now answer all those millions of life questions and the child of Mother Earth has to accept that for the present stage.
You see it, my brothers, we can go further.
God and ‘HIS’ wonderful creations cannot be destroyed.
You see, what the Bible says about it, is awe-inspiringly sad, pathetic, is nothing!
You know now that we are experiencing the reality for the new ‘Bible’.
And nothing more will remain of this incredibly wonderful being one if the human being on Earth continues to accept the Bible, because we were able to see that still not one spark of God was damned.
Nothing can remain behind, all the life is still completely one.
You see it:
The harrowing doctrines on Earth for the present stage do not possess any spiritual or spatial consciousness.
The harrowing poverty for Church and State is inhuman with regard to the Divine laws of justice, also for fatherhood and motherhood, for which we were able to observe the times of condensing.
God is love and will remain that and the human being of Mother Earth has to accept that.
Truly, my brothers, the human being on Earth does not know these laws.
Those spiritual unconscious beings who obtain professorship do not know themselves.
And now the Divine Theology for which we make these journeys?
Those wretches clad in black stop this evolution, but change is now coming about in that, the life on Earth is awakening.
The whole of this universe is calling it to the human being on Earth.
The whole of this universe is calling for higher consciousness, but the Bible still does not feel and know anything about that, because God did not speak through the Bible writers and because mankind had still not reached that becoming conscious.
But we will go further again now.
Now that we are able to go into these laws more deeply, we also come to stand before the human grades of life, but you can see it, we must first determine universal truths, it is only then that we will experience the origin of our embryonic existence for the earth.
And that is understandable, because we bring along, possess this universal awakening, so that we legally convince the child of Mother Earth.
And then we experience the human harmony for our existence, the human growing as organic life.
We got that by means of Sun, Moon and planets.
Mother Earth, you can begin with your task, we are here!
We were able to follow the times of condensing for the universe and also experienced the seven grades of life of them, so that we now also understand the development for the earth.
No other laws originated, fatherhood and motherhood also dominate now and are the essential laws for all the life.
Now attune yourself to the moment that the soul as human being is attracted by the spiritual Earth.
That development can now be followed.
The human being is ready, we have to experience the embryonic stage once more.
Those laws cannot change, we also see them again for the present stage.
The soul still begins as a human being, and that is for all the life, as embryonic life in the mother.
In the mother, I say. My brothers, can you feel this?
What the mother on Earth soon gives birth to in herself, is no different for a planet.
We are attracted by the Earth, but we get to experience our development in her life.
This is wonderful and natural, because we do not know any other laws.
We also know how Mother Earth will develop herself, because we can now connect ourselves to the present stage.
We are now also standing before great wonders, my brothers.
And those wonders got to experience the growth of spirit and material.
It goes without saying that the earthly atmosphere possesses a higher consciousness than Mars and the Moon experienced.
And that will be for the good of the human organism.
Mother Moon was able to protect her created life, and the Earth also has that possession, she will make night and close herself off from the Sun by means of this, so that her life will evolve.
What the Sun was therefore able to master as luminous power is for us as human beings becoming conscious, is evolution.
That now means that we were able to control our own consciousness and life of feeling from the Earth by means of the consciousness of the Sun.
And we see now that the light, the Sun, has become stronger, so that the Earth can begin with her task.
The universe is evolving, we too!
And all the life along with us!
We must follow these revelations, my brothers.
Which revelations are coming to your life, Master Zelanus?”
“I am connected to the begin stage of Mother Earth, my Master.
I am now experiencing the awakening of the human being, the human being who has reached a higher stage by means of the universe.
I feel myself animal-like conscious, but by means of the Earth I will receive human consciousness.
I am following myself, Master Alcar, and I know the laws.
My life on Earth is beginning.
I am absorbing the life aura into me for myself by means of which the Earth was able to condense itself in the millions of years which passed.
This condensing is still spiritual, so of astral substance, but we know our future, the material world will also come about.
I therefore feel, and we have to record that for the University of Christ:
The Human Being brought Mother Earth to the human development!
The Human Being as soul creates giving birth for the Earth!
It is the Human Being who gave the conscious life to the Earth as the Third Cosmic Grade of Life!
The Human Being gets to experience his consciousness, so that we must accept that the macro cosmos and the micro cosmos are one!
The Human Being as soul and spirit is in harmony with the spiritual Earth!
And the Earth is spark of the All-Soul... The
All-Spirit ... but will soon materialise itself, as all the other planets experienced that.
Everything is clear to me, my Master!
The life of the All-Mother goes further.
That life returns to the Divine stage.
I absorb the life aura of the Earth into me and can now experience the laws for fatherhood and motherhood, as I received them on the Moon.
No other possibilities were created for my evolution.
So I will soon come to the giving birth and the creating once more, I will divide myself and the reincarnation will give me that spatial evolution.
The human being gives birth to the Earth.
We have to accept this and it means that the All-Mother gave herself for the universe and that is the Moon as mother!”
“I thank you, my brother, these are the laws which we have to experience.
Working has already come, the Earth is beginning with her task, but through us!
We also experienced what you gave us.
We must agree that the Earth will condense her giving birth and creating, herself, by means of the laws which already got materialising.
It is the human soul which therefore got hold of everything through God.
We see the first hazes and every planet had to accept this stage, it is the beginning for all the life.
The human cell is animal-like conscious, also the astral-spiritual Earth, but we know that the Earth receives higher consciousness.
She now represents the Third Cosmic Grade of Life, but also the whole of this universe!
We also experience the harmonic laws for the All-Mother here, so there are no disturbances to be experienced.
We will go further in harmony and will also conquer the Earth.
So here too, my brothers, we enter the embryonic life, but now we will soon enter the conscious astral world, which will then mean the end for our life; and we will have completed the cycle of the earth.
Follow your being one with the Earth; go through the first ‘death’, the becoming free from the first life here, then the entering of the world for the unconscious, the reincarnation, and then the attracting of our life, back for the Earth, and we can go further again.”
Dear reader, we are experiencing these laws.
We are once again an embryonic stage, but now for the human being of the earth.
The life on Earth began in this way.
Now we see this and feel this being one, we remain connected to that stage, I take a look at the universe.
The highest Masters from the Divine All want us to make these comparisons.
By means of this I see that the universe is one with my consciousness and I can feel that, because I am soul, spirit and also life of that life, through which I got hold of my existence.
Master Alcar and André-Dectar are also following those laws.
There is therefore life present in the universe, but we as human being were never able to observe that light, the begin stage of the universe, materially consciously.
That is possible when you have completed your life on Earth, just as we are now capable of following our life, and you will return along with your twin soul to your being born for God to the first moment for the Earth.
Mother Earth now already possesses her own, but spiritual atmosphere.
And in that atmosphere we will continue and materialise our life, for which the Earth will condense herself.
We will experience stage after stage and that is possible, because we possess the seven grades of life for fatherhood and motherhood.
By means of this we will soon manifest ourselves and conquer the planet Earth as a universe of life.
Is that not simple now?
The God of all life wanted it like this; and was placed in the hands of the human being by the All-Mother as soul and spirit!
Do you feel Divine now already?
We are going further and will return to the conscious Divine All!
We are one with all these wonders.
And we understand our own life, because we are capable of connecting ourselves to those laws.
In this way we enter our first life on Earth in an embryonic state.
And we see that we now also divide ourselves, by means of which new life is therefore born.
We already know that we will experience conscious laws of life for the earth, because then we will be thinking about our present stage to which André belongs, but we, Master Alcar and I and millions of fathers and mothers of the earth have already overcome long ago.
Isn’t it true, the Spheres of Light have originated, the darks spheres too, but in addition the:
Sixth! and the Seventh Cosmic Grade, the conscious Divine All, where the human being of the earth now lives and has reached his Divine stage!
Of course, we can now control the laws of God for our own existence for the earth, we are not capable of making mistakes, because we possess our life and it is visible by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
We are creating new garments, new organisms for fatherhood and motherhood, we possess higher consciousness, because planets were born for that and we were also able to conquer them.
That is our Universal consciousness!
The Earth began in this way!
And in this way we as human beings and animal, also Mother Nature, reached this heightened life of feeling.
So it goes without saying, reader, we get everything of God in our own hands!
We are therefore capable of dealing with the consciousness of the universe.
The light of the Sun is now our consciousness.
We received that growth, but it is the evolving of the macrocosmic fatherhood.
Spatial and human fatherhood and motherhood are still one and will keep that oneness.
It is wonderful how simply everything comes together again and goes further.
And that now attunes us to our own personality.
Our personality, we experience, is now already earthly conscious.
But what does earthly consciousness mean, now that we are standing before the embryonic life?
We feel that; and understand the happening, because we are conquering the universe of the planet.
And that universe is now: More feeling!
More consciousness!
More awakening!
More consciousness for soul and spirit and also material!
We do not have anything else to experience, those are the laws which we stand before and have to accept.
Our personality is growing.
And we see that personality again for the present stage.
The universe also mastered that personality.
What is the consciousness of this personality like now?
We were able to follow that.
And that is now ‘GOD’!
The Masters called all this life ‘GOD’!
But they could also have given the universe another name.
What did the Bible do now for the life on Earth?
Made the creation of God hazy!
The human being does not know it, the human being does not know himself and the creation!
And that will change now, because André-Dectar is the prophet for this mankind!
Anyhow, we will keep coming back to this and then we will be able to ask those questions.
But then we will stand before the human personality.
And then the All-Mother will ask the following questions:
What do you have of My soul as a human being?
What do you have of My spirit as a human being?
What did you master of My life as a human being?
What did you experience of My harmonic laws as a human being?
What do you have of My fatherhood and motherhood as a human being?
What do you have of My love as a human being?
And who are you now, now that you can experience My Earth?
What do arts and sciences mean for your life and My life?
And then we will answer and you as a human being can answer:
If we do not possess any love, that will soon be clear to us, we will be nothing!
And we must also follow and analyse those laws for arts and sciences for the human consciousness, so for your personality, so that you will get to know yourself!
All of this is psychology, spatial psychology, and therefore ‘Cosmology’ for the human being, the animal and Mother Nature!
But we as human beings have to represent that!
It will now be clear to you that we will have to write at least 1000 books, if we want to finish the ‘Bible’ for the University of Christ.
And you will also understand that we are not capable of that now that André is on Earth, but we will consciously continue our work and this Divine task in our life, because the direct voice equipment will soon be ready for the earth.
That is the task for André-Dectar and me, because it is we who got hold of this task from the Masters, the Divine All!
From Christ!”
When I make my comparisons, Master Alcar takes over and says:
“The planet Earth will therefore get to experience higher consciousness.
I am getting my inspiration from the conscious Divine All, so that we will have to go further.
All of this is knowledge!
We no longer need to doubt this.
The highest Masters are following us and we have to accept these laws, they are for all the life of Mother Earth.
We see now, my brothers, grade after grade is going further.
We also experience the Divine laws here by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
See these lives and recognise yourself.
The human being still does not know anything about God.
We still do not possess any human consciousness here, we do not even know that we exist, that personality still has to awaken.
No human being of the earth knows these laws, was able to see them, that is only possible now.
But we will now experience the white race (see, that consciousness will get the universe, because the Sun as Father is evolving.
Higher atmosphere is therefore higher feeling and thinking.
We know that Jupiter does not possess this consciousness and we also know that she cannot give us those laws.
But that is the life of feeling for the universe, and the personality for a planet, but moreover the consciousness for fatherhood and motherhood.
What we are experiencing is wonderful.
And yet, you see it, humanly simply, because the grades of life take us to that higher stage.
Yes, indeed, my brothers, for soul, life, spirit and material!
We are one with the embryonic stage, but we can go further and follow the higher grades of life.
And then we come to stand before the ages of Mother Earth.
Follow all of that and you will see your new consciousness.
We are truly ready to evolve, to give birth and to create, to be father and mother, nothing will stop us.
The All-Mother wanted it like this.
Neither light nor darkness are capable of stopping us, because we are harmony, we are the All-Source, we possess everything from that source and represent the All-Life by means of that.”
Dear reader, we will follow different grades of life again and by means of that we will experience the human comparisons for your life and consciousness.
We can leave the embryonic life.
A step like that now, which we now experience, was for the earthly, so material development, millions of years.
We experience millions of ages by going one step further, those condensings have to receive that life span.
But we do not need to stand still any longer, we can go further, because we know all these laws.
We now see the Earth for her first moments.
We see the clouds condensing.
Not your clouds for the present stage, but this spiritual substance will condense itself, by means of which we experienced and received the first embryonic life.
And we went further in that.
First our first embryonic life and then the following, so second existence, as cells of one grade of life.
We are still together.
The first separation on the Moon gave us this being one.
Still, I tell you, we are one, even if we have already committed material and inner mistakes in our millions of lives, we as human beings could rectify those mistakes, because we still do not possess any conscious thinking and feeling.
So it must be clear to you that we still do not possess the consciousness to murder consciously.
And those murders take you as a conscious being of the earth to the disharmonic laws, and separately.
Now the soul as human being is attracted by those grades of life.
We will explain those laws to you when we experience that stage for the earth and that will happen on the following journey, when we follow and analyse the soul as a personality.
Here, in this stage, we still do not know those disharmonic laws.
By means of this we go further unconsciously, experience the seven grades of life for the organic life by means of fatherhood and motherhood and are not conscious of anything, because we still have to master that consciousness.
In this way we now enter all these stages, go further and higher and see that that cloud mass has now already condensed itself as Divine life.
The waters for the earth come into being and we, dear reader, live in those waters.
That is our home?
That is our body, at least the body of this cosmic mother, which you called Earth.
We experience our own giving birth, but in this mother, which are the waters.
If you can feel this, if you understand me, then we will go further.
We now therefore experience the ages for Mother Earth and those for our own existence.
We experience ourselves as we also experienced and finally conquered the other planets.
Mother Earth also condenses herself by means of the rotting processes, there is nothing else to be experienced.
But by means of these rotting processes we, and other life, get a new existence.
So that rotting process is nothing else but experiencing fatherhood and motherhood!
Also for you as a human being of and for your own time, these laws have not changed either.
The academics have to, you have to accept that!
The Earth is condensing itself, but for us as human beings, the animal and Mother Nature.
Is it not simple, my reader?
My soul?
You are soul of my soul, we can now say.
So we are speaking to your fatherhood or your motherhood!
Come, just accept the kiss of our life and we will go further together.
Can you feel our love?
Can you feel what André-Dectar possesses in love?
Master that and you will experience your Deity, but by means of fatherhood and motherhood!
My dears?
We must just call the Bible to our life again and ask:
What did you tell about these laws?
What did you feel from these laws?
What do you possess of these laws?
What do you still want to give your children for this century?
You have nothing to give.
But understand well, we will not touch your human thinking and feeling, we must only lay the Divine foundations for your life, and that of the child of Mother Earth, we do not have anything more or anything else to do either.
Dear reader, we see, the Earth is already revolving around her axle, she is closing herself off to the power of the universe and if this had not been possible, we would have suffocated in this stage and already have been burnt alive, we would not have been able to deal with that conscious fatherhood.
We can already see that shadow coming to us and understand: this will soon be the night for the Earth.
Where does that leave that story now about some clay and breath of life?
André is now thinking for your life and the earthly consciousness, it is he who receives the Divine inspiration for the earthly and the present stage.
He can also see his present ages for the earth.
He can also see that the Earth is condensing herself, but that it is he who is taking this condensing to his evolution.
So we see, and establish, that the Earth is condensing herself, yes, indeed, but that we are getting our consciousness by means of that.
Our further life is a new birth and a new birth gives us more feeling.
More consciousness!
More life!
More growth for spirit and organism!
André can see that, we can see and have to accept that.
Because the Earth has to bring her life to that condensing, in between Sun and her Mother, we understand that the organic life also possesses more consciousness.
After all, Mother Moon condensed her life almost in darkness, at least for the first moments and our embryonic life.
Later, after thousands of years, so according to your own time, the Sun had condensed herself and that is consciousness, that is life and feeling, so that you can accept that the Earth, because she is the child of Sun and Moon, also condensed those grades of life and has higher consciousness to offer.
Everything is so natural, and we experience that as human beings, animal and flower, for all the life of God.
Then what, what will we be like then when we as human beings enter the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life?
And then in the conscious Divine All?
What will our organisms be like then?
We have to follow, to experience that, dear reader, but Mother Earth is taking us to that stage.
And now we can already say: yes, when we as human beings have conquered the Earth as the Third Cosmic Grade of Life, then we will enter into a conscious spiritual world, and it will be the life beyond the coffin.
So the Earth does not only create physical consciousness, but she also gives birth to the world for soul and spirit, and we will also get to know those wonders.
After all, Master Alcar and I, and millions of your fathers and mothers, are already to be found in the life on the other side.
Isn’t it wonderful?
Now compare this to your faith, your Bible and you will get to know yourself!
Make comparisons for yourself and you will not be afraid of your death, on the contrary, death will now speak to your spiritual consciousness.
And then you can say to each other, when the Grim Reaper stands before your life and your personality:
“See you later, my soul, my life, we will see each other again there!
See you soon, my dear, I will come too and then we will go further together.”
Or with someone else as a human being, because where does our twin soul live now?
We will also get to know those laws later and will then come to the human analysis.
Mother Earth, we see, is already revolving around her own life, she is closing herself off to the fatherhood of the universe.
And that is her conservation!
God reviewed all of this?
Well, reader, it is the laws, when the first phenomena for the All-Mother became visible, these laws were already spiritualised and all the life got to accept and to experience these laws later.
This evolution cannot be experienced in any other way!
The Moon and Sun drive the Earth to higher consciousness.
All the life of this macrocosmic organism is one, so that all the life helps the Earth to give fatherhood and motherhood human consciousness.
This macrocosmic organism is one, a wonderful oneness, that lives for the Earth, because Mother Earth is a child of Sun and Moon!
By means of this the material life of the earth gets consciousness, more feeling, the universe of which we experience by means of the human thinking and feeling.
By means of the human thinking and feeling, reader, can you hear this?
That is the growth of spirit, and for the human personality.
So if you as a human being say to yourself: what does all of that matter to me, you will be at a standstill for this growth, because we know that we had to master this wisdom and by means of which we conquer the Spheres of Light; we must also follow those laws later and analyse them for our own existence.
Isn’t it becoming simple?
And yet?
Difficult perhaps?
Dry perhaps?
How can you think like that, we ask the unconscious child of Mother Earth, but we know it, we also experienced those stages.
There is therefore, we see, only going higher.
There is nothing else to be experienced, an age like that gives us becoming conscious, awakening, more feeling and thinking, and will soon be for the universe more light, more power, more inspiration for all the life of God.
We know it, dear reader, we are receiving the Divine Omniscience!
Every new stage is therefore a new birth.
And that only by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
We have already shown the Catholic Church the own halt for her followers many times, but we are now also standing before these laws again.
Marry, wed, priest, and you can now do what you want, but you will no longer neglect your universe, your reincarnation:
Your evolution.
Your astral world, and you will create and give birth as we also had to accept and all the life of the universe!
Is that dangerous now?
It is disharmony, destruction, the laws of which we will analyse and experience fundamentally for the ‘Cosmology’.
We are observing all of this, André can see and experience himself, and you on earth.
We are still ‘love’.
Even if we get hold of our conscious life soon, for the begin stage of Mother Earth we have experienced nothing else but pure harmonic laws.
André gets the inspiration and says:
“Now that I am following myself, my Master, see the Earth and undergo my life for the present stage, there is nothing more now which still comes to me unclearly.
My life is evolving, I am going further.
Soon I will see the white race (see
I will undergo the prehistoric ages for that, continually higher, for which I will see the seven grades of life which were given to the organic life.
By means of the seven grades of life we will soon see our own existence.
I will see my luminous life for this society, with the completion of the planet as the ultimate grade of life, then I will enter the spiritual spheres.
I am starting to see, my Master, that we will soon stand before the types of race (see of Mother Earth.
And we will then also experience human stages of transition for the organism, soul and spirit.
What lives in you, I can see that and (I) can make comparisons for my life on Earth.
All of this lives in me.
Spatial consciousness is awakening for the soul as human being.
The Earth will also get to experience this independence, but gives me her universe and her consciousness.
By means of that I will go further and higher!
It is the returning to the Divine All.”
“That is”, Master Alcar goes further, “our evolution.
Of course, after the first birth the reincarnation on Earth followed.
By means of this we got awakening and growth.
We will experience millions of lives, only to already conquer the embryonic existence.
We now know where we are going.
The Spheres of Light are expecting us.
So what the universe had to experience in condensing, we have to follow, we will come that far by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
So we cannot determine any mistakes, nothing will darken this life, God as Father and Mother wanted it like this.
It is He himself!
What Moon and Mars did not know, we achieved by means of the Earth.
We will awaken here spiritually and humanly.
Because the universe got consciousness, we went to that consciousness, we will now master it.
We are one light, one harmony, one life, one spirit.
Anyone who does not want to accept this will stand still.
They are wonderful revelations, for human being, animal and Mother Nature.
And now further!
You see, my brothers, the waters have become visible.
Human being and animal do not possess any other world, this is the origin for all the life.
We got to know our waters on the Moon.
The laws have not changed, but we possess more feeling, more consciousness.
Soon we will crawl from the waters and experience the land life.
We also got to know those grades of life on the secondary planets and Mars.
Nothing can stop this process.
The waters have been filled, but differently than the Bible tells it.
Now follow me to the end of this water consciousness.
Because Mother Earth can experience her giving birth between Sun and Moon, the organism gets more space, more consciousness.
Of course we then see the prehistoric ages.
Look there, my brothers, the human being is crawling from the waters and has reached the passable planet.
However, the planet has to accept the hardening times and that also took millions of years, before we enter the present stage.
But you see it, there is only life, fatherhood and motherhood, and reincarnation to be experienced, nothing else.
There is no more to it and by means of this the soul as human being will conquer her planet as a universe.
The Earth also possesses the seven grades of life for the organisms.
But now the Earth along with her life enters the highest which this universe has to give her as one organism.
The life of the waters must go further and that is possible.
However, that means that the human being and the land animal will evolve, but that the waters will also soon create an own life.
Isn’t it true, all the life of God gets to experience the own independence.
What now emerges for the animal world is tremendous, millions of grades of life will originate, for the animal world alone.
And we will soon also experience and analyse those grades of life.
We now see that every grade of life represents an own world and will give birth and create.
We have still not reached the prehistoric age, because that is not possible, but that will come.
We must go further for a few ages for this, which the planet Earth will need millions of years for, if she wants to reach that stage for herself and her life.
How old is Mother Earth now for the present stage?
How old is the Moon as mother and the Sun as father for the human being?
That can be seen and be calculated, my brothers, but science is still not that far.
Years have no meaning for the universe.
Only the consciousness as light, because that is the life of feeling, the personality, but by means of which we now establish the consciousness for every spark.
You see, the planet is condensing itself.
The life in the waters is getting animal and land life of feeling, and it is only possible because the organism is changing, is growing, is evolving!
If we go a few thousand years further now, then we will see that the life has left the waters and has to represent the land consciousness.
The people live in the woods like wild animals.
The human being still does not have any human consciousness, but this animal being has raised itself up, has taken possession of the passable planet.
This, my brothers, took millions of years, millions of years for the Earth alone.
And we have still not reached the prehistoric age.
Go into this evolution.
Sense what all of this means and you will understand that we also have to experience millions of lives as fatherhood and motherhood before we will have conquered the planet.
That is still not possible now either, because the soul as human being must experience seven grades of life and Mother Earth is working on every grade of life.
That means that she has still not finished the human organism.
That also means that the soul as human being and all the other life must return to her, must return so long, until the human being has conquered this universe as light and life.
And it is only then that we as human beings will enter the spiritual astral world.
If you attune yourself to that, you will see that the astral world is still not ready for reincarnation.
But is that true?
No, that world was already on the Moon.
But we as human beings and the animal are still not that far.
When we have reached that height soon, that astral, so conscious world, will also be there!
And we will experience that when we take leave of Mother Earth.
We can therefore now already determine, my brothers, that we must irrevocably experience the planet.
Before then we will not become free from her universe.
That means that we have to accept all her laws of life and those are now the seven grades of life for the human organism.
The seven grades of life for our organism take us to the final stage for the earth.
But can you feel that our organism still does not possess the spatial consciousness?
What does this mean, André-Dectar?”
“That means, my Master, that Mother Earth must finish the highest organism first.”
“Indeed, that is the answer and we see that again for the present stage.
That means that the human being must return in order to experience the highest organism for the earth, it is only then that the soul will be able to release itself from this mother.
And, you will certainly understand it, that is in the hands of Mother Earth.
The human being does not become free from this mother before he has experienced her life of feeling.
And the human organism possesses that life of feeling.
By means of that we can now already accept that the soul now, in this stage, has still not reached that height.
Mother Earth is still not that far.
That means that the soul as human being still has to experience ages before the planet has come that far.
So we can establish clearly and according to the spatial consciousness when that moment will come.
And these are the laws which I must experience for the present stage and the process of condensing of Mother Earth and all her life!
No, we are still not that far, but we can already see that moment approaching.
The first people now, who experience these ages, had to experience those laws, but have these laws not changed for the present stage, Master Zelanus?
I mean, is there not a question of injustice now, if we want to experience the present stage?”
“I can see what you mean, my Master, and I can answer you.
When the human being has experienced the present stage, has completed the cycle of the earth, then the soul enters her astral life.
You mean, whether or not the prehistoric being was treated unjustly with regard to the present, but higher consciousness which the human being gets to experience for this century.
And then I can say: no, my Master, because there is no injustice.
The soul as human being also gets to experience the planet in here.
Of course, we are experiencing a society for the present stage, but material-human matters have no meaning for the Divine creation.
Only life has meaning.
The soul as human being for this stage experiences her body, her grades of life for fatherhood and motherhood, the human being goes further and conquers this universe.
There is no difference, my Master; even if this life does not know about God, or Christ, it will enter the spiritual world and go higher.”
“That is correct, but is there anything else, André?”
“I know, my Master, of course, that the present stage is different.
We already possess a society and this human being never knew that.
But does the possession of society not remain behind?
Can the soul as human being take along something from society to the other side?
No, because we see, only life has meaning, and also of course the human consciousness.
That takes me back to the present stage.
The human being only has to experience the grades of life, but what he achieved for the present one means nothing for the inner life.”
“Indeed, my brothers, I wanted to know that from your life.
We see now that everything which the human being has achieved for the present stage, remains behind on Earth anyway.
Only the consciousness, but obtained by means of fatherhood and motherhood, has meaning for the universe.
So there is no question of injustice!
The human being for this age experiences exactly the same laws as the life of the twentieth century.
Only the organism will embellish itself. Mother Earth is working on that.
How should the human being feel in the year 100,000?
Will there be a question of injustice once more?
No, because it concerns this evolution, fatherhood and motherhood, and those laws have not changed!
That the human being will soon possess mountains, so hardened land life, means nothing for this attunement, the laws of which we are now getting to know.
That the Earth is condensing and hardening is clear, and likewise that the Sun will later take all that life to the spiritual-material grade of life, but the soul will go further and higher and will get to experience fatherhood and motherhood, and will conquer the universe.
And we now also see seven grades for this growth, but now at a cosmic attunement, and it means, Master Zelanus?”
“That we will experience seven stages for this development, of which the seventh grade of life for Mother Earth is the Spiritual-Material grade of consciousness.
I am one with those grades of life, my Master, and can also answer you now.
That therefore means that the Earth gets to experience seven different ages for the universe and as part of this macrocosmic organism.
Seven different ages for her life.
When the first grade of life now, to which we as human beings and the animal and Mother Nature belong, have reached the final one, that will be the moment that we have conquered her as life and as a cycle and it is only now that we will enter our spiritual world.”
“I thank you truly for your answer, Master Zelanus, because that’s it!
The Earth will experience seven ages.
Now not as a grade of life, of which we know the ice age and the cooling down age, but for the development of her own life.
That means, that now the human being, to which millions of grades belong, has reached the organic consciousness for that first grade of life.
The Earth will create and give birth to seven ages for this human and animal development.
And that means, Master André-Dectar?”
“That the prehistoric age has to represent that first grade of life, my Master, but that all that life will evolve in order to finally reach the spiritual material grade of life.”
“Very correct, my brothers, we have to accept that, and now there will no longer be a question of injustice.
The Earth will only reach that stage in billions of years’ time, and also tells us, Master Zelanus?”
“That greenery and plant, human being and animal are evolving towards the spiritual attunement.”
“And has the universe already reached that height, that consciousness, André?”
“No, my Master.
We still have to experience the first grade.”
“And that means, Master Zelanus?”
“That we must go further in order to enter that stage.”
“Very correct, my brothers, those are the laws for Mother Earth.
So the Earth as mother possesses not only those seven grades of life for herself, but also for human being, animal and plant.
And can you, André-Dectar, determine to which stage you as a human being belong for your own time?”
“Yes, Master, I know those laws.
You explained them to me, for that matter.
The Earth is only fourteen years old, we were able to determine, she experienced her puberty years a moment ago.
We are only to be found between both the Third and the Fourth Grade of Life because of that.
Before the Earth and all her life has reached the seventh grade of life, millions of years will pass once more, and it is only then that human being and animal will be able to say: we have reached the spiritual-material grade of life.”
“Truly, those are Divine answers, my brothers.
And what do we see then, Master Zelanus?”
“That all the life of Mother Nature possesses that spiritual grade of life.”
“Precisely. And that tells us, André?”
“That now the life has become rarefied, that the life as child of Mother Nature possesses more consciousness.
That means that it becomes transparent green, that the waters will become crystal clear, that the atmosphere for the universe will become rarefied, possess more consciousness, in short, my Master, all the life will evolve for that highest grade of life, and it is understandable.
That also means that all those first types of life must dissolve, must evolve, that we will get to experience other and higher animal species, but that the first grade of life will dissolve for the second grade.
The human being will become more beautiful, life will be nicer, because the Earth and the universe will evolve.
And we will also be able to determine those laws soon, my Master, that can still be seen for the present stage.”
“Indeed, my brothers, that is the truth, because we will also see these seven grades of life again for the Earth.
And it is because of this that the first stage therefore gets to experience the same laws anyway as the seventh grade of life for that evolution, the prehistoric age of which we will soon see before us.
Both the human being and the animal will later be, in millions of years’ time, like we possess for our life, Master Zelanus, the material will get spiritual consciousness, but the Earth has still not reached that height and that consciousness for the present stage either, to which André-Dectar belongs.
But Mother Earth will come that far!
Because she also possesses these seven stages, and got to experience her parents by means of Sun and Moon.
Is this not also wonderful again and yet simple again?
We are therefore going to the prehistoric age and that is the first grade of life for the Earth and all her life, the present stage of which will soon enter the fourth.
The human being from the jungle will get to experience the white race (see, but the white race will likewise go higher and will experience the spiritual-material grade for Mother Earth.
And all of that can be seen and calculated, if you want.
How old is the Moon now?
How old did she become before she could experience her death?
Can that be calculated?
Yes, we can do that and a cosmically conscious being can do that, because we also determine our spiritual consciousness from our spiritual life.
And now that is possible for the universe and for both every human and animal grade of life.
The Moon for herself, and her life, is already millions of years old.
Millions of years, but a secondary planet also needed millions of years in order to condense itself.
And so on, until we enter the Earth.
So for the planets we experience millions of years before a planet could reach her final stage, she could say: I now possess the seventh grade of life for my evolution process at a cosmic attunement.
And that is now the First, Second and Third Cosmic Grade of Life.
Every age, my brothers, so every grade of life for the universe, and so for a planet, required millions of years of development.
In this way it can be seen and experienced that the Earth already needs 700,000,000 years in order to take both herself and her prehistoric life to the first grade of life.
Every age requires approximately 700,000,000 years in order to reach this heightened consciousness as feeling and material development.
Our life is therefore now already billions of years old.
As human beings we are that old and the universe did not remain behind either.
We are still completely one!
If you feel this, then you will understand something of the Universal experiencing for fatherhood and motherhood and our obtained spiritual and material development.
There are academics who came close to this old age for the Earth, and that is understandable.
But they did not know anything, had nothing to say about how old the universe is.
How old the Moon is.
How old Mars, Venus and Jupiter are, also the other planets and solar systems of the universe, that still cannot be calculated by them.
Yet we can do that and that is namely possible down to the last second, because we can follow and analyse the consciousness for all the life.
The Earth remained invisible for millions of years, but was already working on her spiritualised organism before she could begin with the material condensing.
Her first age for which she is now serving and creating, giving birth, requires millions of years.
However, every age demands higher becoming conscious and more time for itself.
For the universe we have nothing to do with time, but that calculation can be followed for the Earth.
So that means that the life of the third and fourth grade of life, the age to which André belongs, now needs seven times seven million years in order to materialise that spiritual stage; and it is clear when we follow our own life as a spiritual personality.
The higher we come the more difficult our life becomes?
No, in order to experience the oneness with the universe, so that means that we must master the laws as working and power and as consciousness, requires time, a life span.
The higher the life of Mother Earth comes, the stronger the consciousness becomes for the harmony of this life and that is Love!
Because of this it means that we as human beings must master the Divine working as harmonic laws for love.
We must possess lives for that and we get that from Mother Earth.
And not only material, also spiritual, but then we enter the conscious astral world, in order to prepare ourselves in there for the Fourth Cosmic Grade as a new and higher universe.
We have to experience that, my brothers, and it is still not known on Earth.
Mother Earth therefore needs millions of years for her first age, as one of these seven grades of life for her complete development.
A million years means nothing, but the grade of life as an age does.
And one age therefore now represents: more consciousness, more space.
More awakening!
More personality!
More light!
More conscious life!
More conscious feeling and thinking!
More conscious for material and spirit!...
New and higher consciousness for the Earth and all her life which she will give birth to!
An age possesses building up for the human organism, for animal and plant; after all, for the present stage Mother Earth has already conquered her first grades of life!
That the academic speaks about ice ages, heating up and cooling down ages is clear, but we will get to know those times as grades of life for this development.
That Mother Earth had to experience those heating up ages is clear, but then the cooling down ages came and then the hardening ages, which gave her this evolution.
Whether the Earth flies through the spatial consciousness at a speed of 30 kilometres per second means nothing for her consciousness, because as she got consciousness, she speeded up her movement, her life travels and life course.
The human being on Earth also possesses that for the present stage.
Because, my brothers, who can run so fast there?
That is the spirit and not the organism.
So that means that the Earth increased her travels through the universe around fatherhood, the Sun, by means of her obtained consciousness.
The Moon and the previous planets did not know her speed, so that we are able to experience the obtained consciousness for the earth by means of that, but that means that consciousness is awakening!
Both spiritual and material awakening, but that we get to experience those laws as human beings, animal and plant.
Because the human being has consciousness, he can spiritualise and materialise himself, but he can also take part in sciences and art.
And anyone who now possesses feeling and consciousness, can represent an art.
By means of this we will soon determine the life of feeling of an artist on Earth.
Then we will be able to say: that life of feeling and that personality is to be found in that and that grade of life for the soul as human being and the personality, also for the arts and sciences, but we received those laws of life as human beings of Mother Earth!
That there are now still also earthquakes to be experienced tells us that, and is the awakening for Mother Earth, her going further, her striving for higher consciousness.
That is not destruction, but inner evolution!
Mother Earth is still evolving!
And we have to accept that!
But the grades of life for this age also still prove that, before we enter the prehistoric age.
And now something else.
That we as human beings, and the animal, have conquered the ice ages and all those heating up ages and cooling down years is still not wisdom of life now for the academic of Mother Earth.
The academic now still says that a Second Creation was probably born.
A second creation, which means that we as human beings did not experience those first stages and it was not possible either, because not one human being, or animal was able to experience those ages.
But look for yourself, my brothers.
What does the human being and the animal do?
We see now that animal and human being are moving.
East and South, North and West are now already building on the own becoming conscious.
When the Earth begins here with heating up and the first life had to accept those ages, the life went further, calmly further, nothing could disturb this life, because not all of this planet was on fire.
Because of that North, West, South and East are starting to condense themselves and it means, the seasons are now already reaching becoming conscious and we have to, we had to, and all the other life, to experience and to accept that.
We therefore went away from this environment, we felt that we could leave, because the whole of this universe belongs to our life and consciousness!
Why does the Earth not possess her volcanoes in every country?
That is understandable.
They are her respiratory organs which take the inner working to the materialising from time to time, but by means of which we observe her inner working.
The human being, and the animal, went further, nothing could destroy the human being.
No, we must accept that human being and animal walked round the Earth a thousand times, left, for that heat and that cooling down, in order to be able to continue our material life.
So no second creation was born, academic, because that is not possible!
And the Earth also experienced her seven ages for that.
Every cooling down, each cell has to experience those seven transitions, also for the cooling down and heating up ages and later for the condensing and hardening hours, which Mother Earth and we ourselves got to experience.
In the East there was heating up to be experienced, which means growth and blossom, but we moved, and along with us all the land life, to the West, the North, irrevocably, in order to protect ourselves, because we would complete our material life.
So not only that the Earth possesses her own grades for the universe, all her life got to accept those seven transition times.
And when the heating up, heat and growth processes were over, the seven transitions for the cooling down emerged, and those were also ages for this material organism, which would mean consciousness and awakening.
But both the human being and the animal were never wiped out, because then God would have destroyed His own creation!
And, I ask you, can you begin a new life if there is no longer a human being on Earth?
We know in what and by what means the academics reached this thinking and feeling.
And that moment places us before the ‘Clay and some Breathe of Life.’
Isn’t it true: God created the human being by means of some clay and breathe of life and it does not mean that we were born in the waters.
That is still the gulf for the academic of this age!
He still sees that ‘clay’ and in addition that breath of life, but forgets the waters.
In this way we see that we can spiritualise every thought materialised by the human being of Mother Earth and can lay the Divine foundation for the University of Christ under that!
No, biologist, because the human being was born in the waters!
The Human Being did not experience any second creation!
The Human Being was not destroyed!
The Human Being experienced all those ages and nothing could disturb him from pursuing his Divine path!
You will soon have to accept these laws!
The Earth, my brothers, therefore created seven different ages, of which she is just past the third one for the present stage, and it means that the human being on Earth has still not reached the highest-natural organism and that both the human being and the animal are evolving for that highest grade of life!
When we soon enter the present stage, we will see those laws and will therefore be able to follow them.
That is for the human being. But what did the animal experience now during all those millions of years?
The animal in the waters also got the own independence and went further with us.
The land animal is also that far.
Now we can experience millions of grades of life, but as organisms and not only for the human being, but for the animal and the plant life, every grade of life of which possesses and has to represent an own universe, an own independence.
And try keeping that separate?
We can do that, because we know the grades of life for fatherhood and motherhood.
And not only those laws, but we also know the existing and the post creations, for the life, the spirit and the obtained personality, my Darwin ... of which we see the ‘ape consciousness’ before us.
It goes without saying that the animal did not know any heating up disturbances during the waters, the cooling down ages did not mean anything either.
And if that is true for the academic, we ask him: do you not know your summer and winter then?
What is autumn and what is spring for the earth and her life, for the present stage?
The academic still does not know that and he still does not feel that autumn and fall connect summer and winter; yes, indeed, he knows that, of course, but he does not know that these are still the cooling down and heating up ages from this stage for Mother Earth and all her life!
Autumn takes the present stage to that cooling down and what is cooling down for God and the universe, academic?
Tell me?
Well, the preparing for Mother Earth of her own giving birth.
The preparing for Mother Earth in order to begin with a new age soon, which is the summer!
And what does spring mean to your conscious personality?
You will certainly already feel it.
Is it not clear and simple, academic?
Spring, my brothers, is for Mother Earth the transition for her giving birth, autumn for the cooling down and the dying process for all her land life and is nothing else, because we now have to accept these laws.
Isn’t it true, the human being says summer, autumn, winter and also spring, names which the human being gave to the phenomena, but is and means both giving birth and creating for the creation, and nothing else!
The heating up ages were for human being and animal, flower and plant, giving birth, creating, condensing and hardening, but above all ‘Life’ and ‘Death’, however, after death we enter reincarnation!
Academic, those are the laws of Mother Earth!
It is therefore clear, my brothers, that the Earth possesses the highest life order and consciousness for this universe and that she has to give her life space to all her life.
And she is capable of that.
So what we see and experience, is for animal and human being the first transition, the first age, but we are going further and higher in order to experience the following age.
But this first age is for the human being the completion, the ultimate; and then Mother Earth had finished the organism, the colossal white race (see and the soul as human being entered the spiritually conscious astral world.
These laws are for human being and animal and for Mother Nature.
However, by means of them we can review all these stages.
But by means of this all those sparks of God got to experience the own independence for the earth.
We see both land and water life.
What is an octopus for the present stage?
What does the ape man mean for the ‘human being’?
We already spoke about that and André followed those organisms on Earth.
We now see human-shadow-consciousness for the waters and for the land life again.
After all Darwin’s ‘ape’ possesses human consciousness, but a sea lion feels like the human being and can, like the human being, as the academic is willing to agree, think and feel.
We say, and the grades of life have proven that, they prove to us that: the ape is the shadow of the human being, because the ape was born from the human being.
Our water organism also created that consciousness and is the image of the human being during the waters.
So during the waters we both knew and represented that consciousness – but, as human beings.
Also for the land, but that animal is called Darwin!
An octopus is post-creation, academic.
The human being can eat some of that, but not everything.
But anyone who feels like eating that possesses animal attunement.
The highest organism searches for it elsewhere and eats turbot, eats another living animal, which got an independence during the waters by means of our life and the life could continue, but in order to serve the human being!
We are probably becoming annoying by continually placing Darwin before these laws, but the Divine All is calling us to open his life and consciousness.
Now it is Universal wisdom!
We keep placing the human being before his mistakes again and again, because we must represent their work and their task and the University of Christ wants that!
Mother Water therefore also created those highest grades of life for her own obtained independence and that is understandable, because every independence as an organ would give birth and create.
And Mother Water is an own organism!
Did you not know that?
That’s it!
But now we stand before the inbreeding for creation and the post-creations are already beginning.
So also here, my brothers, we can already experience post-creations for this stage, but we do not do that, because we have to follow seven grades of life for the human organism.
That will come later!
But no other laws were created for the animal world, but the animal received them from us!
Are we people descended from the apes?
No, the ape is descended from the human being, is what the University of Christ keeps on determining again and again!
And now what for the Bible writers?
What do those children want to say, for heaven’s sake?
Of course, the human history had to begin some day.
And people began in this way.
But how contradictory all of that is to this reality.
We can say:
Darwin, the ‘ape’ was born from the ‘human being’!
The animal world got an own independence!
That originated from the first material rotting process on the Moon!
Every planet produced the ‘ape instinct’!
And now that ape is still on Earth!
And the ages have proven that!
And there are still people who believe that the ape is human!
But it is by means of this that the ape possesses human feeling and thinking, but, as we have to accept by means of creation, is the shadow of the human being!
The ape will follow us, but in millions of years’ time it will be in your cage and will sing, that animal life will also experience wings and space and will evolve!
The ape will therefore remain animal, but will experience higher organisms!
That is inbreeding, my Darwin!
The ape experienced seven transitions and it was only then that new life came from that cell and are now all those millions of species of animal which the earth possesses!
Do you see, Darwin, that we do not possess any ape attunement?
Whichever academic who clings to this is unconscious!
Darwin, the ape now also possesses seven species for itself.
Seven transition stages, which the human being also possesses.
Isn’t it true, we will soon go from the jungle to the white race (see!
Does it still not mean anything to you!
The ape got to experience its organic life by means of our human skin.
There is nothing else, Darwin!
My brothers, is all of this not wonderful?
That we are capable of being able to follow all these millions of laws of life, the Divine being from the conscious Divine All gives us that!
It is Christ!
Did the ape once have the intellect to do art?
Can one spark return for the creation when that life has received that form and that body?
Blavatsky thought that too, but we were not first nature, and then animal and after that human being, all that life was born from us.
The human being gave that life material and soul, life and spirit by means of the discarded skin, academics of the earth, people as fathers and mothers, we also had to accept those laws.
They are our gifts for the animal world and they remain animal.
But those animal grades of life will change, so evolve, for which we know the winged animal species.
My brothers, now look at the human being for this age.
And then see the ape consciousness, but then make your comparisons with regard to the Divine attunement for the human being.
Is the animal life now behind us?
No, the grades of life say, that is not possible.
But, an animal remains an animal!
And the human being is the very highest created by God!
There is nothing else to be experienced and we cannot determine that either.
Of course that is also the truth, the animal gives birth and creates and possesses the same organs as we people possess.
Born for the animal world from our source, that can be seen and experienced universally.
The animal also got eyes, because we created them for the animal.
Because we divided ourselves, the animal has to give birth and to create.
The animal possesses soul, spirit and life and a physical consciousness, the inner life also has to accept and got to experience these laws.
So there is no difference, but we have to accept and must agree to that, that the animal comes behind us, is never ahead of us, because the creation proves that.
And, the animal was born after us, reached fatherhood and motherhood after us and left the Moon after us!
The animal entered the astral world after us, but then Darwin’s ‘ape’ chirped in the Spheres of Light and the own obtained and experienced creation sang for us.
The song for Love!
The song for growth!
The song for awakening!
The song for soul!
The song of the spirit!
The song for the obtained personality!
And that is the paradise consciousness, also for the animal, Darwin, all the millions of laws of which you got to know!
The animal is now singing the song for fatherhood and motherhood!
And now for the Other Side.
Because the little animal has nothing else to do now but sing, so serve us, make our life happy, it goes further and higher and the animal also prepares itself for the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life.
Is that some good news, Darwin?
Of course, now you know what I mean, all the Laws of God reached Spiritual Awakening .
“Yes, my son”, your Master in the Spheres said, “of course, all that life goes further, the laws will now convince you of that.”
The deeper we descend into the life of Mother Nature now, my brothers, the more conscious our own existence becomes and we also see that by means of the growth, the awakening for our organic and inner life.
And that then becomes the end of the life in the waters.
We will now enter that stage.
We see now that both the human being and the animal left the waters.
The planet is that far and can receive her life.
The animal and Mother Nature will also evolve, but all of this still has to reach the prehistoric age and can be clearly determined.
But the Sun is getting more power and consciousness, so that the life is evolving.
You see that the waters also reached that consciousness, that independence will also give birth and create, by means of which a fish is born and later the post-creations.
The Bible did not say a word about all of this.
The Bible begins with the stories and puts in God’s mouth that people will now be born, that God wants to make people and that by means of some clay and breath of life!
But the soul as human being and the animal, and also Mother Nature, have already travelled a cosmic path.
The soul for all the life is now already billions of years old.
But people still do not know one law of this Divine plan, because science still has to begin with those foundations.
These are not pities, my brothers, but it tells us what the present stage is like now, this is the consciousness for the present stage.
Mankind is awakening!
We will see how long all of this took and will have to accept it.
In the waters and on the land we now see the earthly evolution.
If we go thousands of ages further now, then we will immediately stand before the highest organism created by the Earth.
And those are now the seven grades of life for both the human and animal life.
Those are also seven depths seen as organisms.
They are moreover seven different worlds, because every cell has to represent an own becoming conscious, consciousness as physical laws.
And then we see species by species, both a grade of life and grades of life, which are represented by millions of cells, but now as human organisms.
So not only human, also animal!
And moreover for Mother Nature!
When we soon analyse these laws for the spiritual personality, my brothers, we will come to stand before ‘love’ and of course before human fatherhood and motherhood.
The human being got his independence, also the animal.
Universe and human being, animal and nature, are still one!
And this life will go further and will evolve.
The Earth finishes this organism.
The highest, the seventh grade of life will now soon represent the white race (see and that is the moment for the human being that he has conquered the planet and has completed his cycle of the earth.
It is what we are following and analysing.
That therefore means that the ‘ape’ also has to represent an own world, but also all the animal life which the Earth creates.
Of course, we will soon see our tiger and lion again, but those species still cannot be seen for this stage.
The animal is evolving and crawling out of the waters, but gets to experience other bodies.
And those other bodies have different forms, are of a different attunement, but with one purpose, so that every age, you must accept that, gives birth to and creates the own species.
By means of this we therefore see the animal species changing.
The human being is also changing, but the human being keeps this one attunement, which is the highest, only we see that the human organism is embellishing itself, is getting consciousness, so material awakening, which is for the good of the soul as the inner life and it is the intention!
That is the Divine evolution process, my brothers.
The waters have now already reached the own independence, the animal and the human being and Mother Nature also make sure of food and drink.
All of this is one, nothing is ahead of the one life, because that is not possible.
And you can see and experience that.
Mother Earth will go further, nothing will stop her development, nothing, she will experience her ages and finish them spiritually-materially.
Every organism will get to experience that opportunity, so that we have to accept that the soul as human being will soon have completed her earthly cycle.
How clearly all these laws speak to our life can now be experienced and determined.
Nothing has changed for the present stage, the human being on Earth now also still has to experience those ages, but the climatological attunements have evolved, the winters have become more material, autumn lighter and more rarefied, so that the ‘dying processes’ and the reincarnations possess that evolution for both human being and animal.
The life here is still ‘pre-animal’, but will obtain the material grade of life and that grade of life is to be found on Earth.
André represents that grade of life as Universal attunement, because we are also observing that evolution for the universe and possesses and is the present stage!
Now the three Cosmic Grades of Life are one!
The All-Consciousness can say ‘I’ am now that far, ‘I’ have spiritualised and materialised myself, in a few million years the human being and the animal will be that far and human society can begin, ‘MY’ life will be able to support itself and get to know the laws, by means of which arts and sciences will be born.
The human being will make light, because that is possible!
The human being will get everything from ‘ME’, if the human being obeys ‘My’ harmonic laws of life.
Or misery will come, which, however, was not created by ‘ME’, as the All-Love.
My life will also get to know those laws!
All of this, my brothers, is for the planet Earth the representation of and for her All-Mother!
The All-Life!
The All-Soul!
The All-Spirit!
The All-Light!
The All-Personality!
The All-Fatherhood and All-Motherhood! By means of which the Earth got to experience itself, but is always and will remain legally determined that the All-Mother spiritualised and materialised herself, so that we must see our grades of life as a source of this life and all of this, as the representation for the All-Existence, for which we will serve, live and die in order to return to the Conscious Divine All.
Of course we also experience the laws of condensing and the hardening ages and we see that happening, because the Earth already got to represent these Divine characteristics.
That is the task for Mother Earth, as child of Sun and Moon.
So we determine:
The Divine laws have not changed!
All the life of God accepts these laws!
The place which the Earth got to represent is not coincidental!
The Earth would create and give birth to higher consciousness!
By means of this the Three Cosmic Grades of Life came into being!
These grades of life worked on the human Organism!
By means of this the human being, and the life of God, gets higher consciousness!
The Earth also created seven stages of transition!
The Human Being was not born from the ‘ape’, but the ‘ape’ from the Human Being!
The Human Being will represent God as father and mother!
Motherhood and fatherhood are the very highest laws created by God!
The Human Being gets to experience his reincarnation by means of that!
The Human Being is a Deity!
The Human Being will return to the All-Consciousness!
The Old Testament speaks untruth!
What the Bible says is contradictory to the reality!
The soul as Human Being represents all these laws, and that is the size of the planet, her task for the universe!
My brothers, observe the prehistoric age, but know, we are going further and will soon enter life after death, the conscious astral world.
God is and will remain Love!
And the Earth possesses this universal truth and we and all the life have to accept that!
Sun and Moon served for that and are still serving!
Until every spark of God has conquered this universe and this universe also dissolves, but we will see the human being and all this life again on the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life!
It is clear to us, the Earth is getting to experience the perfect stage.
Mother Earth is driving her life to higher feeling and thinking, to the spiritual awakening.
That is only possible by means of fatherhood and motherhood, and also reincarnation.
What did the All-Mother want?
That can be seen and experienced and we are part of those laws, we have become ‘law’!
If the astronomers get to know all of this, the human consciousness will reach the spiritual grade of life for that personality.
It is therefore clear, all the life of the universe is serving the human being!
All the life of the universe would give birth and create, but for the Human Being as the highest life created by the All-Mother!
This is why Mother Earth got to experience these laws.
This is her evolution and her task for the All-Source!
We followed three Cosmic Grades of Life and can now prepare ourselves in order to enter the present stage.
Then we will see these laws again, but as the human being is, for which he had to go through millions of ages.
And we have seen, all this life is evolving, it is becoming free from this stage, is getting more and higher consciousness, awakening, by means of that.
Is there anything else, my brothers, which he must know?
The universe and the highest Masters will give you the answer.
My life is one with these laws.
We now see that the human being is preparing himself in order to enter the spiritual-conscious astral world.
The human being has reached the white race (see and now that is the end for the soul, she will go further!
That is the purpose of God, of creation.
Now look at this passing over, ‘death’ has still not changed in any way.
Now the soul will continue her life beyond the material as a spiritual personality.
Mother Earth brought it that far.
Nothing can stop this going further.
Those are the spiritual laws which now emerge and we will soon have to accept.
What comes to me, now, now that we are entering this stage is:
The Human Being here did not know God nor commandment and still went further!
The Human Being got to experience his spiritual personality, when there was still no Bible.
The Human Being therefore goes further by means of fatherhood and motherhood, because both fatherhood and motherhood are the highest created by the All-Mother!
Those are the foundations for the University of Christ!
We will record these laws again later, my brothers, so that the Human Being will know for the present stage that the Church is only a means and does not possess ‘everything’, that every religion only has to represent a faith.
However, this is ‘knowledge’!
They are Metaphysical Laws for all the life of God!
This is Spiritual Science of the University of Christ!
Prepare yourself for the present stage.
We are going further!