The Seven Organic Grades of Life for the Human Being

We, dear reader, have now left the prehistoric age, and are now entering the present stage for you as a human being, the animal and Mother Nature.
The seven grades of life for your organism are still present.
Mother Earth went millions of years further and finished this organism, because the light of the universe evolved.
We see the first grade of life again in the jungle.
Human being and animal have developed and live spread over the Earth.
The first grades as human organisms live deep in the jungles.
We just need to follow those people in order to determine the grades for the organic consciousness.
These are people, and children of God, the animal kingdom also developed itself.
Millions of animals were born there, Mother Nature did not remain behind either.
This is the present stage to which André belongs.
And then Master Alcar can say:
“How did the human organism condense itself?
Which space did we receive as human beings?
What is our becoming conscious like?
That is our existence, my brothers, and we have to accept that.
Seven subsequent grades of life were born, the first stage of which we experienced on the Moon for the First Cosmic Grade, but now we experience the Third!
The seventh represents the white race (see, society.
So what the planet got to experience, we would also experience as human beings, also the animal and Mother Nature.
These people live in the jungle and can still not experience the white race (see
However, the soul as human being goes further, by means of fatherhood and motherhood she will conquer the jungle, the first grades and this development cannot be stopped in anything.
We, my brother André, followed these grades for the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’, you now know these grades of life.
It is here where the human being had to begin the first life for the earth as a land consciousness.
But you will certainly feel, thousands of ages ago all the grades lived in the jungle, because the human being still had to begin with the building up of society.
As the grades developed and evolved, the following grades of life freed themselves from the jungle, the highest grade of life, the seventh, got findings from the human being who had completed his cycle of the earth.
By means of this, inner awakening came, the growth of spirit, and we can follow that later when we analyse the soul as human being, as the personality.
We see now, what the universe condensed, we got hold of as human beings, the animal and Mother Nature.
God manifested himself by means of these seven transitions, and we also determined that by means of the ages.
The human creation is now beginning here on Earth.
The Earth would finish these seven human grades of life.
The pre-animal grades of life of the other and previous planets were conquered by the human being.
Even if this organism still possesses the animal attunement, the seventh grade of life takes us to the human one, both the development and the awakening of which we see before us in the cities.
This stage, and that from the prehistoric age, has changed, but the laws remained the same.
The organisms conquered that development, the human being discarded the prehistoric, those animal species also got other organisms.
We see, all these grades of life are evolving, by means of the universe we are getting that becoming conscious, by means of which the Earth is taking her organisms to the highest grade.
And that means growth of spirit, the awakening of the inner life and science has to accept that.
You see, these people still feel animal conscious.
But that does not mean anything for the own grade of life, the following, the second grade for the human organism, gives the soul more growth, higher becoming conscious.
The first three grades of life here as races.
Every grade ensures separation.
People do not even know the first three grades of life, that grade of life lives so deep in the jungle, but soon, when the academic continues his research, they will also emerge.
It is only during the last few years, my brother André, that the academic has been open to the many types of races (see on Earth, I mean, that people are doing everything in order to get to know these people.
It goes without saying that these first three grades of life only now, for the present stage, are shown an interest, so that the jungle child is also evolving.
Therefore not only physically, but also spiritually.
A hundred years ago the white race was killed and eaten, it still also happens now if he falls into the hands of the first grade of life, but the present consciousness for all these jungle stages is progressing, all the grades of life of Mother Nature are getting contact and will serve each other.
What is now possible, you know that, the academics are trying to support the jungle child, was not possible only a hundred years ago, because the white race (see was killed.
From the development we see that the child of the jungle is awakening, but by means of the higher grades of life.
The many types of people which we now see, therefore all find themselves in this growth and awakening.
The grades are experiencing fatherhood and motherhood and are developing themselves, but the soul as human being finds attunement to the organism.
So that means that soul and spirit are also one now.
That also means, and we also dealt with those laws for our books, that the life from the white race (see cannot attract the first grades for reincarnation, but that every grade of life attracts the soul, as the inner life.
That oneness has not changed in any way either.
The first grade of life, we will experience that later, attracts the soul which belongs to that organism.
Those are spatial laws!
No one can change anything about that.
The white race and the coloured people represent the sixth and the seventh grade of life.
And the soul life finds spatial attunement to that, that means that the soul received her physical laws of life by means of the universe and cannot experience any higher grade of life, if the soul still does not possess that attunement.
Indeed, the Earth is going further and is finishing her life.
And that also means that later all these grades of life will dissolve into the seventh, so that the soul as human being will also have conquered the jungle stage one day.
And that can be seen, my brothers, because we saw all those grades present here centuries ago.
The fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh grade have already freed themselves from the jungle stage, those grades are getting more consciousness.
Then the white race (see awakened and the human being began to build on his society, as it now is for the present stage.
Can that be determined, André?”
“Yes, my Master.
What I see is that we experienced those laws for the prehistoric age.
There were still no cities then, nothing of all the things which the human being created for himself and belong to my society.
I see now that human being and animal have reached that development.
And Mother Nature went with us, she did not remain behind.
By means of reincarnation, we came that far, my Master.”
“That is the truth, my brothers.
But we see, the white race (see will also reach the spiritual grade of life for the human organism.
And that is possible.
We have covered millions of years, as human beings worked on our organism, but got hold of those laws of life by means of the Earth.
We can therefore say: the human being from the present stage has still not reached the very highest either!
The future picture for the human being must represent one higher becoming conscious, so the human being is becoming more beautiful, more perfect, and that is possible!
Because the universe has still not reached that stage either.
But the Sun as the paternal inspiration, is evolving for himself and it will be for the good of us and all the life.
Because that is the intention of the All-Source!
We have determined that the prehistoric age was already capable of completing the cycle of the earth, and we also have to accept that for the white race (see
So this cosmic development cannot be stopped, we are experiencing those wonders, and along with us, animal and nature.
We are going higher and further and again and again there is an organism finished, so that we are evolving physically.
So Mother Earth is taking care of our organism.
And the soul as human being has to experience and to accept her laws, she cannot avoid that!
That takes us to the spiritual world for the first time and then to the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life!
For the University of Christ we determine:
The Earth is still evolving!
Her life is being fed by the spatial consciousness!
The first grades of life are still to be found in the jungle!
The sixth and seventh grade is represented by the white race (see!
All the life of Mother Earth began in the jungle!
The human being, who now represents the white race (see, will soon have completed his cycle of the earth and will now enter the spiritual astral world, in order to prepare himself there for the Fourth Cosmic Grade!
The first three grades of life for the human organism live in the jungle!
The fourth grade of life for the human organism already lives outside the jungle and gets connection and attunement to the fifth grade of life!
That means that the soul as human being will conquer the Earth!
All the life of God has to experience these seven grades of life!
And these laws are for the human being, the animal and Mother Nature!
The prehistoric ages dissolved, but they are now to be found in the jungle!
There are no types of races to be experienced on Earth, only these seven grades of life for the human being!
Black, brown and white have no meaning, it is these seven grades of life!
And we got hold of these laws of life by means of the universe, by means of spatial fatherhood and motherhood!
The ‘Cosmology’ of Christ says that!
All the life of Mother Earth has to accept these laws!
The higher the human being comes, the more consciousness he possesses!
Every grade of life therefore possesses the obtained consciousness!
Those are the laws of the All-Source, but by means of which the soul as human being will conquer her planet!
By means of this growth and material awakening will come!
We, my brothers, must show that the universe was created for the human being and we received what was materialised in there.
Those are the seven grades of life, by means of which the human being evolves.
The human being is going further!
The human organism will embellish itself and the soul will awaken.
The present stage can therefore be examined now.
If we go further, we will enter the fourth grade and that already lives outside of the jungle.
So the organism gives the soul more feeling and by means of that feeling the human being dares to move and to explore the Earth as a body.
The fourth grade of life takes us to the fifth, the Eskimos (see and the Mongolian races (see
The fifth and sixth grades of life are represented by the Eastern peoples, then we enter the coloured and the white race (see
Those grades of life lie spread out over the earth.
It can clearly be determined how the soul give itself growth.
The British-Indian peoples belong, like all those Eastern grades of life, to the sixth and seventh grades of life.
What the academic sees as race types, we experience for the human organism.
The primitive people represent the highest grades of life, of which the white race (see possesses the seventh grade of life.
You also know that the coloured people, as the darker races, have also reached the seventh grade for the human organism and that those coloured people are no longer jungle inhabitants.
Negros have attunement to the sixth and seventh grade of life.
You can determine the heightened consciousness, the jungle inhabitant still has to reach that stage.
Those are the blood attunements for the Negros (see and means nothing more for the seven grades of life.
By means of that those people are now to be found for the present stage amongst the white race (see
That consciousness is capable of representing the present society, although the white race (see has built up the spiritual development.
It now also goes without saying that the sixth can almost no longer be distinguished from the seventh grade of life, but that can be seen because now the consciousness is speaking.
Every people now therefore represents an own grade of life.
The types of race (see represent an organic attunement for the grade of life.
And that is the human organism.
The grades of life for the material awakening are sharply outlined, with regard to the first four grades.
Chinese and Japanese represent the sixth and seventh grades of life.
But we now see in addition that every grade of life possesses the seven transitions.
So what Mother Earth got to experience for herself, she places that in our hands.
That means that one grade of life for the organism also has to experience seven transitions before the final stage has been reached.
Now it is becoming clear to us that one grade of life possesses different grades of consciousness, which are people, which are part of the grade.
What were now the ages for the earth, my brothers, we see again for the human organism, and means that the human being who belongs to the white race (see has to experience seven transitions before that final grade has been reached!
And that can also be determined, but purely and naturally, when we enter the white race (see
The human being from this society has now awakened.
This human being has created a world for himself, it does not matter what that world is like.
This human being lives in the cities and in the country.
They are now therefore millions of people who represent the seventh grade of life.
And those are also peoples, so races, who closed themselves off through the ages as a grade of life and gave themselves a name as a people.
That development also lasted thousands of ages, by means of which all those nationalities originated.
What we therefore have to follow is that André can experience seven transitions for his own stage, as the universe also knew and can still be experienced, because those transitions were represented by the secondary planets.
Those are the spatial transitions, but the human being also has to follow and master them.
We saw those laws of life again in the jungle, the other grades also represent these grades of life.
It is by means of that, that the white race (see possesses those stages of transition, and the human being has to accept that.
For the soul as a human being these transitions are necessary, because she cannot suddenly make the leap from the sixth to the seventh grade of life.
Now we see that the human being in the city or in the country, experiences those transitions.
By means of this we reach the perfect organism, but also the destruction, the returning, by means of which we see those organisms before us.
And that means that one human being is more beautiful than the other.
So that has nothing to do with the laws of justice, the soul as human being gets to experience these laws for the perfecting of the organism.
But that also means that one human being possesses for the white race (see, more consciousness, as the life of feeling, than the other human being.
The human being from the first transition for the seventh stage, can therefore not possess the consciousness of the human being who possesses and has to represent the final as organism.
And that, my brothers, can be seen from the organism.
So the body already gives the soul consciousness, but by means of the attunement of the life of feeling.
When we will later follow all these laws for the soul as the personality, we will enter other wonders again, but they can also be analysed, because then we stand before the karmic laws and cause and effect.
By means of this the soul as human being gets to experience all these transitions in order to make amends!
But Mother Earth forces the soul to finish her grades of life first, it is only then that we will begin as human beings with our cause and effect!
But where do we see the seven stages of transition the clearest, Master Zelanus?”
“With the animals, my Master.”
“That is the truth.
Precisely, the animal species now show us a very clear picture of one grade of life and these stages of transition.
You will see a tiger again as a domestic animal, but now that life will be a ‘cat’.
The ‘dog’ will take you back to the wolf, and for thousands of organisms for the animal world we see these stages of transition again and also have to accept them.
The peoples in Europe possess these stages of transition, also your own people, my brother André.
The highest, the seventh grade of that can be seen and experienced.
If you want to analyse every people now, then we will come to stand before these stages of transition.
Your people now, André-Dectar, possess seven grades of life for the human organism.
And every grade of life is represented by thousands of people and possesses an own consciousness, which is now both physical and spiritual.
That can be seen even more by means of the inner life, then by means of the organism, after all, the soul as the personality now proves what her attunement of feeling is like for arts and sciences.
Now we are getting to know the human being.
But the inner life as the soul and the personality, tell us what all those transitions are like.
The soul as the personality now masters wisdom of life and does arts and sciences, the laws of which you explained, Master Zelanus, by means of the books ’spiritual Gifts’.
However, that means that one human being possesses more feeling than the other, and those are grades of life for the inner life and also for the organism.
What one human being achieves, the other one is not capable of!
The grades of life now infallibly tell us what the own consciousness is like with regard to Mother Earth and her laws of life, for religions and arts and sciences.
We will have to first follow and analyse fatherhood and motherhood soon, but then we will experience the human personality.
We now know, my brothers, that the peoples of the earth represent the seven organic grades of life for:
Life and death.
Christ ... and the Divine All!
We know that all those peoples sometimes possess an own religion.
We will also analyse what those religions mean, but then for the University of Christ.
By means of this it will also emerge which peoples belong to Israel, and other peoples who have to represent an own religion.
We know in addition to this which peoples are now fighting for Israel and which peoples will still come to Israel.
We also know what will happen after this war, because every people will get an own independence.
The more consciousness a people possesses now, the more spacious the material life becomes, but it can be seen from the organism.
The highest grade of life now possesses the arts and sciences!
What the seventh grade of life is able to do and can achieve, the jungle stage is not capable of experiencing.
Those are therefore organic laws!
No Eskimo (see is capable of representing your Rembrandt, nor Beethoven, Bach, Titiaan, your arts and sciences, Master André-Dectar, because those organisms represent the own inner life and attunement for the earth.
Only the seventh grade of life is capable of that, with the soul as the personality!
Europe possesses that attunement, also East and South, West and North, but we also experience the seven transitions now.
Now every people has to experience those transitions for the own and obtained attunement.
North and South, West and East, that goes without saying, are divided for the seven transitions.
Under every people we see these seven transitions again, and they have spread themselves over the Earth.
Despite that, a people have remained together as a mass, but the highest grades of which are to be found again amongst all the peoples, so that you are capable of elevating the children of East and West, North and South to your own lives, because those people represent the seventh grade of life.
Isn’t it true, English, French, Americans, Germans, Austrians, Greeks, Turks and Spanish, Poles and Russians live amongst your people, children of other peoples, but who all represent the seventh grade of life for the human organism.
You have the Eastern attunements amongst you, the British India, all those Eastern peoples represent the sixth and the seventh grade of life for the human organism!
Despite this infallibility, you have to accept anyway that all those peoples possess an own attunement.
And now it emerges, my brothers, that Israel (The House of Israel) possesses the highest becoming conscious.
And why is that now, André-Dectar?”
“Because we have received Christ, my Master.”
“That is very correct!
When we later analyse the inner personality with regard to ‘God’ and also Christ, we will determine that the peoples of Israel have received the highest for the earth; because Christ came to the Earth for those peoples, Master Zelanus?”
“No, my Master, but because Christ spoke to the very highest organism and brought HIS Divine Gospel for that.”
“Indeed, that is the answer.
We, the peoples of Israel received Christ and that is the highest consciousness for the earth, for the whole of mankind, even if the Church as an organ made mistakes.
Of course we now stand before the human culture and the spiritual possession of the human being.
What do the Eastern people now have to represent, Master Zelanus?”
“Egypt, China and Tibet, my Master, to which British Indian belongs, they brought wisdom of life to the own grade of life, for the East.
And Egypt experienced the highest of this age for that.”
“That is also the truth!
So Egypt belongs to the seventh grade of life as a people, but does not represent a Catholic Church now, but attunes itself to this wisdom, the Metaphysical Laws, for which the Masters laid foundations by means of Ancient Egypt.
You see it, we infallibly come to stand before all these laws of life, but which emerged by means of the seven organic grades and were given to us by Mother Earth.
Indeed, Europe represents Christ.
Those are no longer ‘ten tribes of Israel’, André-Dectar, but soon the whole of this mankind will come to Israel and it means, the whole of mankind will get to accept and to experience Christ, but for which we now lay the laws, and analyse them for the University of Christ!
Europe now represents the core of this becoming conscious.
Germany, are the dominating peoples for this consciousness and we have to accept that.
Greece, in addition to Egypt, have attunement to the conscious and leading peoples of Europe, but to which the Eastern peoples now attune themselves, but was not possible centuries ago.
After all, Spain, England, especially your own people, Master André-Dectar, and the other attuned peoples, got arts and sciences, prepared themselves to explore the Earth, which neither a jungle inhabitant, nor an Eskimo (see were capable of.
Which peoples now possess the highest consciousness?
That can be analysed and determined infallibly for the University of Christ.
If we enter another stage, then we see immediately that the highest consciousness has now also absorbed the lowest into itself.
Whether that also happened then for your own people, for the own possession, does not matter, the highest consciousness will serve the lowest, so that the peoples of Europe conquered the seas and absorbed those lower grades of life into them, which you can still experience now.
But now that those peoples want to experience and possess an own independence, the human being still does not understand himself, wars came, misery came and it cannot be prevented, because this, like all the other, is evolution!
It is certain that we will see the seven grades of life again as a result of this, which conquered the planet stage from the jungle, so Mother Earth and all her created laws of life.
The other, smaller peoples, whom I have not mentioned for the earth, to whom
Costa Rica.
Siam and other small and larger peoples belong ... those peoples, my brothers, got an own independence and also represent the sixth and seventh grade of life for the human organism.
They became the peoples of the earth and became the laws of life for all the life of Mother Earth, for the organic existence and for the soul, the spirit and the personality.
In this way the peoples of the earth condensed, materialised and spiritualized themselves, the astral world of which we will soon admire.
That development took millions of years and it will also take millions of years before both Mother Earth and her life are finished, before all her grades have reached the seventh grade of life.
It must therefore be clear to you, my brothers, that the human being has now conquered the universe.
The soul, as a spiritual personality, will go further!
This evolution came about by means of the planets and the Sun as Paternal authority.
We and all the life still possess that oneness!
Cosmic disturbances did not emerge.
But we will experience spiritual disturbances when we follow the soul in her society and also then analyze her laws for the universe and her life as astral personality.
The Earth is finishing her grades of life.
Nothing can stop this evolution.
After ages, you have to accept this, the jungle will live in the white race (see and there will be no more first grade of life to be experienced, all these grades will dissolve in the seventh grade of life for the human organism.
The life will develop both physically and spiritually.
The dark organisms will dissolve.
Soon the Earth will only still possess white and brown organisms.
The animals will also get other organisms, the still prehistoric organisms as both types and grades of life, will disappear from the earth.
Every independence is evolving.
The universe as light, summer, autumn, winter and spring are also changing!
There is still evolution for everything, because we were able to experience that Mother Earth has just passed her puberty years.
She still has to begin with the higher grades of life and with that consciousness, and it is possible.
What does the Bible still have to say now?
Does the human being still believe in some clay and breath of life?
The universities will reach spiritual consciousness, human being and society will reach awakening.
Even if we experience war after war, the ‘Age of Christ’ has begun.
The Masters are working on that!
All the life of God is serving and lives for the spiritual awakening!
Just look back at the Moon as Mother of the universe and then sense what all of this means.
Go back to every grade of life for the universe and descend to the core of your life, your Divine attunement, and you will be able to bow your head to these laws.
The human being is the highest being created by the All-Source.
The human being is a Deity, even if he is now also still standing before the animal grades of life.
That is our life!
It is our consciousness!
It is our light!
It was given to us by means of fatherhood and motherhood, the seven grades of life of which we experienced.
Come now, my brothers, we will go further.
We will go through the Spheres of Light to the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life and from there to the conscious Divine All.