The Fourth Cosmic grade of Life for the Human Being

Now we are leaving Mother Earth and attuning ourselves to the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life.
The material universe is dissolving for our consciousness.
We are entering the life on the other side, but we are going further.
The following journey will connect us to the astral world; it is only then that we will be that far to analyse those laws for the soul as human being and to enter her spiritual personality.
André sees that Master Alcar has left the material universe and is now capable of elevating Jeus into him and letting him experience all those wonders.
We go through the dark spheres to the Spheres of Light and he knows their laws.
The books which he received and experienced are to be found on Earth, the three parts of ‘A View into the Hereafter’ give you, dear reader, that spiritual awakening, but soon when we come to stand before the soul life, we will descend into those worlds again in order to follow that spiritual personality, so that you will learn to understand your heaven beyond the coffin or one of the seven dark spheres.
Jeus, André feels, is now thinking differently.
Jeus sees the hells and André lets him feel that these worlds were not created by God, but by the human being who wanted the wrong.
The human being who has ripped himself apart from the harmonic laws and now has to accept that beyond the coffin.
Jeus asks: “Can we still see mother?
Or Miets, or Father?”
“No, Jeus, that will not happen now, because we are now experiencing laws.
We are in the service of the Masters.
I can reach Crisje if I want that, we do not need to see her, Jeus, that is possible at a distance.
Look for yourself and you will see her.
Where is Crisje now, Jeus?”
“How can it be.
How wonderful that is.
I had not thought that.
Isn’t that something?
We have flown past mother.”
“Precisely, that’s it, Jeus.
Father is on an outing with mother.
They are making wonderful journeys, they are going to the Earth first, in order to experience one and another there, and when mother knows everything about that, which will nevertheless take years, father will return with her to the Moon, where they will also begin with their creation, and they will follow what we now had to follow for the University of Christ.
And that is for everyone, for man and wife, at least, if you possess light and love, or you will descend into those dark spheres and that is terrible.”
“What will Gerrit do?”
“Gerrit can descend into those dark spheres and begin with himself.
Our little Gerrit must learn to bow his head, but Miets will support him.
I know now that he is very busy making something else of himself.
Do you want to see where Gerrit lives now, Jeus?”
“Yes, please.”
“Then just look.
Can you see him rummaging about there?
He is in the Land of Hatred.”
“What is he doing there?”
“In the first place in order to learn how it should not be done.
He will learn there by what means he hated, by what means he could not experience any love, and when he knows that and has mastered love, his Master can give him a task, by means of which he will awaken, will work on himself, which is the intention.”
“And can you see him when you want to?”
“Yes, Jeus, we can do that now.
If you have light there is no longer any darkness, then you are one with all the life of God.
And wherever the human being is to be found, that human being will see you and that human being will feel that you are only thinking about him.”
“Does Gerrit know now where we are going?”
“Yes, I gave him that, Jeus.
I let him feel that we will also visit him later and I wished him strength and happiness.”
“That is wonderful.”
“It is true, Jeus, and you must feel that for all the life of God.
We will experience that we wil soon be one with all the life.
Are you enjoying yourself, Jeus?”
“Oh yes.
That remains food for thought.” 
“I know that.
Did you understand all those laws, Jeus?”
“Yes, and I am doing everything in order to serve you.
I want to go along and go forwards.”
“We are now that far, my Jeus, and nothing will knock us apart again.
But soon you will see wonders, great wonders as people, and now you will understand what you as a human being can achieve and what you actually are as a human being.
How incredibly beautiful everything is.
And we are getting that in our own hands.
Yes, Jeus, I know your happiness, your universe too, but what we will now see borders on the incredible, what we will now get to see and experience is so wonderful.
Look, we are in the Spheres of Light and I feel that we will get the opportunity to talk to each other.
The luminous spheres, the worlds of happiness and love are to be found under us.
Millions of people, men and women also live here together.
Can you see those wonderful Temples?”
“Yes, I can see them.
And did you already see them?”
“I know the spheres, Jeus.
I was in all the spheres with Master Alcar and we were in all the Temples.
I know every thought of all those millions of people, also the power and the depth of their love, and those millions cannot think of anything of the universe, or they touch my life, so ours.
That is the Cosmic being one with the life of God and is now our consciousness.”
“And I also have that now?”
“We have that together, Jeus.
It is me who thinks, feels, deals with the laws, and you and Jozef give me that strength for that.
It is me, Jeus, who will talk if something has to be said, but you are now my vocal cords, my being, but I am the soul and the spirit.
Can you feel that?”
“I understand everything.
If I am already allowed to be that, I will already be satisfied.”
“You are that, Jeus, but later you will start to talk and to think yourself, then we will be on the other side for the first time, now we will have brought this day conscious thinking and feeling to the Spheres of Light and will have become ’spirit’.
All the people have to experience that, Jeus.”
“You have already seen the Divine All?”
“Yes, we were there on the first journey.
You must see that for yourself, to tell everything about it is not possible anyway.
You must be able to experience that Divine All, Jeus.”
“And is that possible?”
“No, that is not possible, but when you are there, you will feel the Divine ’sELF’ entering you and that means everything.”
“And all these spiritual people experience that?”
“No, Jeus, not one of these millions.”
“What are you telling me?”
“That is very simple, Jeus.
We serve on Earth for the Other Side.
And once you are here, you cannot miss out any pieces, you will not become separate from your own sphere now, or it would also become a pandemonium here.
The human being of the earth can experience everything of God, at least, when he is open to serving and if you are then in the hands of Masters, you will also get to experience everything.
That is no longer possible here.
Here you have to represent your sphere and you do not become separate from that consciousness just like that.
Do you understand it?”
“Yes, I can feel what you mean.
That is clear, or all these people would live above their intellect and feeling.
If you surrender yourself on Earth, can the Masters go where they like?”
“That’s it, Jeus.
You can see it for yourself.
Christ himself said that, for that matter.
And we are serving on Earth and are now going higher than all these happy people have achieved.
They cannot come any higher than they possess in feeling.
Now those people stand before their own personality.
Not us, we are given all of this.
We are experiencing this incredibility, because the Masters are working for the University of Christ, or we would not have been able to experience this.
So you see, anyone on Earth who is ready for that, can experience something of the spiritual laws, but now for something else.
If you live on Earth for yourself, you will not rise out above your own life of feeling, after all.
But if you devote all of your life, you attract higher consciousness and now everything becomes different.”
“Are you allowed to talk to me?”
“A while longer, Jeus, then I will have to prepare myself for the Fourth Cosmic Grade.
But if you follow the laws and come to me from feeling to feeling now and again, I will give you back my own seeing and feeling and you will know it too.”
“That is the most beautiful thing there is.”
“It is true, because now we will be completely one.”
“I understand it and will follow you in everything.”
“That will then become consciousness, my Jeus, but in addition thinking and feeling, also spatial bliss.
When we talk about the spiritual life, Master Alcar approves of it.
So we must follow the place in which we live, or we will not come any further.
That is difficult to conquer for the human being of the earth and we have to master that anyway.
The people rush into thousands of matters there and do not finish anything, which is no longer possible for this world.
But can you see there beneath us, all those people and those wonderful Temples?
That is the third sphere, Jeus, we saw and met Crisje there.
Your own mother from this life lives there, but I was able to see and experience thousands of mothers there.
Because we have been on Earth for millions of years, after all.”
“I can understand that immediately.
Where will we live soon?”
“Would you like to know that?”
“Yes, would you not then?”
“I no longer need to know that, Jeus, I am already in there.”
“Where then?”
“Look at yourself and you will see it.”
“Good heavens, but how simple everything is.
I can see it now.”
“And do you know now where you will live when you die there?”
“Yes, I know that now.”
“And would you have thought that?”
“No, of course not, but now that I can see and am allowed to experience you, I most certainly know it.”
“It is true, Jeus.
All those people are now living in the true paradise.
They have come that far.
They have also finished all those lives on Earth and conquered this universe.
If we had not been here, you would still not be able to believe it, but that is the truth.
Now we are also human beings, but different.
And yet exactly the same as we were on Earth before we disembodied.
True or not?
Now we have reached the spiritual world.
And if the people on Earth know that and the Churches have to accept that, the human being on Earth will be happy, because spiritual space is both awakening and happiness.
Then you would want to go back to the Earth, Jeus, the material life for man and wife and for their love will be so wonderful then.
Now life will be wonderful.
Now life will mean something, Jeus.
And we will bring those laws and that happiness to Earth.
And it is by means of that, that we are able to make this journey, or we would not be here.”
“I can see all those people.”
“Are they not great, not wonderful, Jeus?”
“Yes, I can feel what you see.
They are mothers and fathers?”
“Those are laws of life, Jeus.
Of course, as fathers and mothers, but also laws of life and we have now got to know them.
You should see a mother like that.
Soon we will see the mother at a Divine attunement, my Jeus, and then you will no longer know it.
We are choosing such a Divine Queen for ourselves.
Yes, you think, is that possible?
But did you think that we would not receive any Universal love?
We are doing this work for that purpose, Jeus.
We get exactly that life to which our own life belongs.
And that will then be our spiritual and spatial Goddess.
Good heavens, Jeus, can you feel what I can see?
Did you see that?
Can you feel that?
Yes, just say good day to her.
You can call to her: see you later!
And you can call to her: we will do everything to earn you!
Can you already feel her kiss, Jeus?”
“Yes, isn’t that something?
But will you be able to stand that?”
“Yes, Jeus, I have to, or we will not make it.
We will pile up happiness after happiness for our Goddess, so that we will at least be able to receive her soon.
We will build a Temple for ourselves.
And if the people on Earth do not want that, then that is up to them, we will continue to build and we know what we are living and serving for.
True or not?”
“It is wonderful, I can already feel it.”
“I have lived in there since I was a child, Jeus.
I always knew that it was there, but now I can see the happiness, our love too and you can ‘kiss’ that happiness!
Did you see that?
Can you feel that?
Do you know it now?
Yes, we know it!
If you feel that kiss, Jeus, you will think that God is kissing you, it is so wonderful when you can experience this spatial happiness.
By means of the mother!
Oh, if you want to serve and love, it will enter your heart of its own accord, and now you will have something to give your love.
But I must think about something else, Jeus.
That will come, as long as you know.
And if you see it, nothing else can happen and your earthly love can be stolen.
And yet, we are laying the first foundations for this life and that wonderful love there.
What does the human being live for now?
You will know that now.
For this love, my Jeus, and for nothing and nothing else, but by means of which we spiritualise our Deity.
Now you may kiss, and a kiss like that, Jeus, has consciousness.
Nothing can stop you now, all the laws lie open to your life and speak to you, they carry you, yourself and her, she, that Goddess of your life.
And then you feel maternal love.
Can you also see those beautiful birds, Jeus?”
“Yes, I can see them.”
“Then your eyes will nearly pop out of your head soon.
You should see the animal world of the Fourth Cosmic Grade.
Then you will not know what to do anymore.
They have an intellect like no human being of the Earth possesses.
And then the nature there, those incredibly beautiful flowers, and the waters are clearer than crystal can be.
How happy Mother Water will be when we will be able to tell her that soon.
I assure you that you will get the opportunity to talk to her and you may tell her what you experienced.
You can then tell all the life of Mother Nature on Earth what it will be like on the Fourth Cosmic grade and also of course about the All-Stage.”
“May I do that?”
“Yes, Jeus, you will get to experience that soon.
And then the life will kiss you, give you love, so that you will not be able to deal with that love, you will then get so much happiness to experience.”
“I could already weep from happiness now.”
“Thank you.”
“Where are we now?”
“We are just going through the fourth sphere.
Master Alcar can do that in a few seconds, but I already told you, we will get the opportunity to prepare ourselves by experiencing the spheres.”
“Can those people also see us?”
“Yes, they know exactly who we are, Jeus.
They know that we are on our way to the conscious Divine All.
That is known in the Spheres of Light.
All the life of God knows it, I saw and had to accept that, because all that life has something to tell me now.
I can feel their happiness, Jeus, also their love for us, and their happiness that the Masters have now begun with the ‘Cosmology’.
They live and serve for that.
We are also completely one in that.
And all those millions of people will help us to carry.
They know, Jeus, that we are gifted people.
And that lies in the hands of Master Alcar.
He earned this and we are serving him, but all the life of God.
Believe me, millions of people, men and women would want to experience this and do everything for that, if that was possible.
But it is we, we are that far.
I also already showed you that possibility.
This is the fourth sphere, Jeus, and the Fourth Cosmic Grade is like this sphere, but now a material universe again.
So if you feel this sphere, you will also understand the Fourth Cosmic Grade.”
“But how simple all of that actually is.”
“It is true, Jeus, only when you have seen and have absorbed the Divine foundations, all the life lies open to you and you look into those laws, which are now people and animals, who live in this sacred nature.
And there is nothing else to be experienced, but the grades of life of which we must master.”
“I am starting to understand all of that.”
“Good, Jeus.
But can you see that the light has changed again?
We are now in the fifth sphere, in the sphere of Master Alcar.
And we will soon enter the sixth sphere and then the seventh sphere, also seven worlds again, but now for the soul as the spiritual personality, in which she prepares herself for the following Cosmic world, which is the Fourth Cosmic Grade.
And then we dissolve again completely and then enter the embryonic life, as we had to accept in our universe, those laws have not changed in any way there either.
God did not create any other laws and that is understandable now.
I have already been there a few times.
We were also there for the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’.
And then I saw the people, Jeus.”
“They were probably like this universe is.”
“Yes, they are people as no one on Earth lives.
What is earthly beauty now?
Nothing, compared to those grades of life, and yet, the earthly human being is also becoming more beautiful than he now already is.
The higher we come now, the more beautiful all the life of God becomes.
If the human being gets to know those laws, he will understand how wonderful a human being is.
The human being on Earth is still stupid and pathetic.
Money and many possessions now no longer have any meaning.
Of course, if you do not possess anything on earth, you are nothing, but you must not lose yourself through all that money and possessions, they are only borrowed possessions, everything remains behind anyway.
Only yourself is everything, and will have Divine meaning for eternity.
And the people do not know that, at least millions do not, the rest is already open to spiritual love and this happiness from the Spheres of Light.
And the people have to learn that, Jeus.
When the first grades of life have been conquered, in attunement to the Spheres of Light, you will just go further and you will keep on coming to stand before new awakenings.
I learned and saw that, how did we not change?
You will now feel that no gulfs exist any longer.
If you want, you can look from the Earth into the Divine All.”
“I understand it.”
“So you see, Jeus, those laws live in us.
On Earth the people think that they will make it through praying, but they would like that.
It is not as easy as that for that matter.
A lot still has to change there.
They are now asking for misery.
The Spheres of Light did not want that.
No God approved that the people are killing each other.
And you can see that from the Spheres of Light.
Are these not spiritual wonders?”
“I understand it.
Where are we now?”
“We are now in the seventh sphere, my Jeus, and we are already preparing ourselves, in order to attune ourselves to the embryonic life.
Now the soul goes further from the seventh sphere.
She now also just dissolves and begins with the first planet.
When we are there soon, you will see material wonders.
Now all the seven cosmic grades have reached oneness.
We do not see one Sun there, but many other ones and the planets have also reached that height.
Can you see the Highest Masters, Jeus?”
“Yes, who are they?”
“They are Ubronus.
Dr. Frans!
The half Moon, that Master there calls himself, the Master wearing that gold garment.
And then I see Master Cesarino; Masters from the seventh sphere, Jeus, who brought everything to earth, who represent the arts and sciences and now drag Israel through this war.
Those are the ’seven’ highest Masters on the other side.
Master Alcar is one with the Masters and we feel what they have to give us.
Do you know, Jeus, that this Master Cesarino discovered us on Earth?
That it was he who came to the Earth and during a séance spoke to the people and said that we were the instrument for the Spheres and for the University of Christ?
You were able to experience that with me, but then you were still not that far.
As André I was able to experience that wonder.
And then they found us, a day before that those people still did not know that we lived.
But then Master Alcar actually began for the first time.
The Masters want to give us their blessing, Jeus.
I can feel that and I can see that.
And that means something anyway.
You can now still just look back to the Spheres of Light, but that will soon no longer be possible.
You see, we are already outside of the seventh sphere, we will soon dissolve completely and then enter the embryonic life for the Fourth Cosmic Grade, the world of the unconscious, which is now no longer unconscious, because the human being has conquered those worlds.”
“Did you ever experience that before?”
“Yes, Jeus, Master Alcar also explained those laws to me.
And then you see that this universe created a new one.
Even more beautiful and more rarefied than the sphere in which we still live.
And then material, but material of a spiritual substance.
Isn’t that something?
That means, Jeus, that the human being no longer possesses any unconsciousness, and the world to which the human being belongs has also reached that consciousness.”
“I am starting to understand, it is wonderful.”
“Look now, we have already left the seventh sphere.
This one, our universe has created a new one, I said a moment ago, and you can see that now.
The Fourth Cosmic Grade also creates new life, until we will have reached the Divine All as the Seventh Cosmic Grade of Life.
And we will continue to live there eternally and we will represent everything, all the universes of God, we will be Gods there and at the same time Human Beings!
And now that we know where we came from, we can only still bow and also be happy for everything; that the human being on earth still has to learn.
Sun and Moon therefore created new lives, but the universe also had to do that and was also able to do that.
But I feel now that we must follow the Masters.
Open your eyes, Jeus.
On earth we will talk to each other and we will enjoy our wonderful being one.
Can you see that we are returning to the embryonic life, Jeus?”
“I can see it!”
“Then it is good and we will go further.
But can you also feel that we are now keeping our own consciousness?”
“Yes, because I can still think.”
“That’s it, Jeus, and we will never lose that again.
See you on Earth, my Jeus, part of myself, see you there and we will know the God of all this life.
It is up to us, to our life to be open to that.”
When we have come that far, Master Alcar says:
“My brothers, the highest Masters have welcomed us and they gave us all their love, so that we can go further.
You see now, we have already freed ourselves from the seventh sphere, taken our leave of the Third Cosmic Grade of Life, but we will soon enter the Fourth.
We will also experience fatherhood and motherhood there, or we would not be able to go further.
God placed this universal fatherhood and motherhood in our hands.
And those are the universes for the human being, the animal and Mother Nature.
We are children of God, and Gods!
We now see that this world is more rarefied than the previous one.
We know, my brother André, that the embryonic life is now also present.
The wisdom and the consciousness of the Fourth Cosmic Grade is coming to me.
The Spheres of Light, you see it, are dissolving for our consciousness and it means: the human being is going further and higher and that is also possible for all the life.
We are now experiencing that the embryonic life is expecting us.
The Masters want us to follow those laws of life, even if the laws have not changed in any way, we want to determine that the human being will conquer them.
Fatherhood and motherhood also divided themselves for the beginning of this universe.
So what we have seen for the Third Cosmic Grade of Life was also spiritualised and materialised in this universe, but now at a higher attunement, because the human being will return to the conscious Divine All.
Listen, my brothers, a Master from the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life is speaking to our life.
Surrender to that.”
And we now hear:
“You, children of the Earth, children of God, we welcome you.
You are no longer searching.
You are going further consciously.
You are conscious for the Third Cosmic Grade of Life and will now get to know our life, so that the child of Mother Earth will awaken!
“Christ wants the child of Mother Earth to get the spiritual consciousness, the laws of which we got to know and mastered!
Accept my life!
I came to your life in order to convince you of our life!
We are also father and mother!
The Masters from our life sent me to you!
You will see me soon!
Know, I am coming to you in the name of Christ!
I must explain a few laws to you.
We are one in pure love.
I am father and mother, your sister and your brother and give you my oneness with all the life of God.
We know, my brothers, what you are serving for, we are also serving you, Mother Earth will awaken with her children.
We are preparing ourselves for the Fifth Cosmic Grade of Life and you can now accept that.
What is my organism like?
You will see me.
And soon you will experience that we as human beings were able to conquer all the laws of gravity.
See now, I am a human being.
I once lived on Earth!
I could explain all the laws to you, but you were able to experience those worlds.
We conquered the Third Cosmic Grade of Life.
Do you understand this wonder?”
We see this Divine human child appearing before us.
It is a wonderful personality, the human organism is wondrously beautiful.
These eyes radiate the light of all the universes which we experienced, and we see this again in this human garment.
Where do we actually live?
And then to think that we are on the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life for the first time?
Those are our feelings.
We can see those human hands, this wonderful form and bow our heads.
This life as a human being is pure and conscious.
My God, what are You like?
What will we still get to experience?
We surrender to this wonderful personality.
The Master says:
“You have absorbed my personality into your life.
And now we will follow comparisons together for Mother Earth and her laws, so that you will also accept our life.
Know now, I am speaking for the University of Christ.
We too, you can see that, had to follow and condensed the laws for fatherhood and motherhood for this universe.
We also had to accept the embryonic life and those laws have not changed.
When we took leave of the seventh sphere, we entered, you were now able to follow that, the Mental Areas.
It was only then that we could begin with our material life.
And you know now, we are in harmony with God, so were not able to experience any disharmony.
We came that far in the Spheres of Light!
You see now, this universe is more rarefied and more conscious.
This world, to which we belong, has a wonderful colour and love and consciousness; all the material from the Third Cosmic Grade of Life grew and spiritualised itself, by means of which the life entered a following awakening.
By means of this we are now capable of levitating all the life; because we were able to conquer those laws, we are capable of that and it will soon be clear to you.
We also conquer these universes by means of fatherhood and motherhood!
We kept on returning to the material world, but we are now eternally conscious.
Because we now experience those harmonic laws consciously, there is no longer any question of falling asleep.
And the returning to the material world takes place immediately after the completing of that existence, we no longer experience any disturbances in that either.
However, my brothers, are you following what this means to your consciousness and life?
The soul as human being now has the consciousness of all her previous lives.
We therefore also had to accept the fish stage here.
We also had to accept every grade of life as a law of Mother Moon for this world.
It will therefore be clear to you, we also experienced the waters.
And then we entered the first transition, the first planet, our land and heavenly existence as father and mother.
Day and hour for our life can now no longer be compared to the laws of Mother Earth, because we no longer possess any night.
It is already by means of that, that we made the eternal experiencing clear for our life.
You know, by means of our love for all the life of God we came that far and got to experience this cosmic consciousness.
We therefore do not possess any spiritual, or material disharmony.
We have already taken diseases and all the miseries of Mother Earth to our past in the Spheres of Light, so that we do not know those disturbances anymore either.
We are therefore free from sins and mistakes!
By means of that our wonderful organism awakened and our form got to see that universe, it was only then that we understood how awe-inspiring the human being is and has to live for God!
You will see again what I now want to explain to you by means of my being and personality.
You will see now that our life condensed itself according to the harmonic laws of God and we now also possess that consciousness.
You can sense the rarity of all the systems and those systems possess spiritual attunement.
You will understand that, we did not know any animal-like grades of life for our awakening here.
Those grades of life belong to the Third Cosmic Grade and we have experienced them.
You will also experience the seven grades of life here, but now from the spiritual life attunement, which takes us immediately to the spatial, the laws of which we got hold of.
We conquered that growth, my brothers, by means of the Spheres of Light and you can accept that for Mother Earth!
That now means to you that our Mother Nature and the life in the universe also possess that spiritual attunement.
You know the life from the fourth sphere.
So that is the attunement to our consciousness, but we find ourselves again in a material grade of life.
It is clear, we are returning to the Divine All!
The planets for our life now lie distributed around the Mother body.
That is the Mother planet.
Our universe has now become one life, one organism for our life; however what we were able to conquer in the Third Cosmic Grade of Life, for which three grades of life were created, is completely one here and possesses that attunement and personality.
By means of this our human organism got that meaning.
Mother Nature gave us the laws and we mastered those grades of life.
Our organism is now like our inner life is, radiatingly conscious.
You know the spiritual organism from the seventh sphere, we are in nothing else as material beings, because that world finds attunement again to our life and consciousness for the laws, but the consciousness of the fourth sphere as attunement for our universe, and you will be able to understand that.
And you will also know that we represent the universe by means of our organism.
Our nature is therefore spiritual-material, as also all the life.
When you see the flower and plant life, can behold the purity and the heartbeat, you will know that now the life of God will continue to keep eternal consciousness and that the winter and the autumn had to make room for the eternal being awake for God and HIS universes, but for which we had to master the laws.
Now a material garment got spatial meaning and is transparently conscious and in attunement for this wonderful love, which awakened by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
Human being and animal and the life of Mother Nature, my brothers, are of unprecedented beauty.
Behold our life and consciousness and know now, God placed all of this in our hands!
We are therefore material light.
Have become life and love!
But by means of fatherhood and motherhood we also had to condense our worlds.
We do not know the darker races (see of the earth, we already experienced those laws on Earth and it will be clear to you.
We do not possess jungle stages, even if we lived in the waters, the life as human being and the animal represent spiritual and material consciousness and there was no darkness to be seen either.
When we arrived here, the universe was ready for our life, Sun and Moon created new life and we have to accept that.
The Third Cosmic Grade of Life will finish the own task and we also got those laws in our own hands, by means of which we as human beings, and animal and Mother Nature, received the independence for the Fourth Cosmic Grade and also now represent Him for all His laws.
You see it, my brothers, our light of life is absorbing you and has accepted your consciousness.
All the laws of our universe are now speaking to your life and consciousness and you have to accept that.
On your previous journey you already saw our life space, you absorbed our planets into your life and then you got to experience the laws.
All the life will tell you how the planets and solar systems also experience the own task here, if you wish to attune yourself to that, you will receive this Divine oneness!
You now also live and you see by means of the powers of the highest Masters, and it will be clear to you.
You will also understand that we possess contact with the Masters from the seventh sphere; and you experienced that this is possible.
Now you will get to know the human organism, for which the All-Mother gave her life, as light, aura, soul and spirit.
Because we no longer experience any disharmony, our life awakens in harmony with our universe, because we took our fatherhood and motherhood spiritually to that awakening.
The consciousness of our universe shines upon your life.
Because we no longer possess any night we as human beings and animals, also Mother Nature, got eternal love, because we conquered all our laws and grades of life.
What we experience for our universe is only a short twilight, but then we experience the eternal light again, which was inspired abundantly by our universe, at an attunement for the All-Mother, for which we also live.
That means to you that we no longer possess any sleep and are approaching the eternal being awake.
Can you understand this wonder?
We are happiness and love!
And that also goes without saying, because we are returning to the All-Source!
We represent the God of all this life and have mastered ‘HIS’ laws.
That is the growing of our life and consciousness.
Our organs have therefore become spiritually more rarefied and you can accept that, because the Spheres of Light already taught you that.
As soul and personality we dominate the laws of our universe, it is only now that we are one with that attunement.
What did God mean?
You can now determine that.
The human being would conquer the universe.
And we possess those wonders, my brothers, we are going where we want.
What the human being in the Spheres of Light possesses as consciousness for the spiritual life, we possess for the material life.
The human being lives here and is the same as God is, but at an attunement to the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life.
Soon you will get to know the human being, as free as a bird, incredible in power and becoming conscious, in love and happiness.
That is the human being of this attunement, this universe!
The human organism will become more rarefied, as the planets are conquered.
The human being will levitate himself according to the consciousness, as souls of one grade of life both will go further, higher, and take possession of this universe.
Our life will become infinite, my brothers, the laws of which you will get to know in order to give them to the child of Mother Earth.
Look into my eyes and you will look into Divine light.
Feel my consciousness and you will stand before a Divine being at a cosmic attunement.
Feel my love and you will know that I am a part of the All-Source, as life, soul and spirit!
Feel my fatherhood and motherhood and you will stand before your Deity, of which we possess this attunement.
And then go back with me to the Earth and her laws, and you will be Gods!
Our condensings also took millions of years before we could begin with the spatial development.
Can you feel, can you see, that because the universe placed those laws in our hands, we now possess joy of life?
Is this not the life on Earth?
We are open to arts and sciences, but the Spatial consciousness gives us everything!
We no longer need to paint and make music, the Divine timbres have now spiritualised and materialised themselves in our life.
You can accept that, because we live in everything and possess the consciousness for that.
Our being one gives us those wonders of power, light, life and happiness, after which the love reveals itself.
Now descend with me to our first planet.
You know all the previous stages and have the consciousness how we came to this stage.
The first planet possesses attunement to the seventh sphere on the other side.
In order to conquer that first attunement, we experience millions of lives, as father and mother.
This psychology came to a Divine attunement, the laws of which we possess.
And now you stand before our inner life as human being, as love, happiness and consciousness.
The reincarnation now has attunement for fatherhood and motherhood, but that means, within a few hours we possess the new and following stage.
You will later get to know what our consciousness is like for fatherhood and motherhood, but now you stand before the soul life as the personality.
You can now accept, sovereigns of love live here!
It is Christ!
In the name of Christ I call to you, go further!
Follow the human organism and bring this Divine happiness to Earth.
Go into our pure mother love, my brothers, the laws will explain our life to you!
Determine that we:
No longer possess any sleep!
That we have become life, light and love!
That our fatherhood and motherhood are in harmony with the infinite.
That we, as human beings, represent God in harmony!
We, as human beings, no longer know any diseases.
Nor lies and deception!
We have conquered the laws of Mother Earth for the good!
We live in harmony and possess this universe!
We are making journeys through this universe under our own power!
We are now going further hand in hand as material people and represent God in love.
We, as man and wife, love Cosmically!
We, as man and wife, begin immediately with our conscious life, from the moment that we are attracted as souls by the father and mother.
That is now possible by means of our obtained consciousness!
We, as human beings, possess the universal oneness, we visit the following planets as grades of life and are received there.
We, as people, possess the Divine laws, so that we make journeys through the universe, our hearts beat by means of this being one!
Can you follow what all of this means?
We, as human beings, possess permanent consciousness, so that the mother is capable of speaking to the child within her.
Can you feel this wonder?
The mother speaks to her child which lives in her and the child tells her where she will meet the twin soul.
We also conquered that oneness!
So we no longer know any diseases!
No miseries of Mother Earth!
No unkindness!
All the names of your dictionary will dissolve, because we got to know the laws.
Our cosmic mother lives here as the First Cosmic Grade of Life!
Those are the mothers of this universe!
Sun and Moon represent the Universal fatherhood and motherhood here, the laws of which we master and could conquer that universe.
I can now explain our laws to you, but they belong to your soul life.
Later, when you will also experience that journey, you will stand before our life and consciousness and you will get to know our cosmic love!
So go further and you will see our awakening!
Our life and consciousness has accepted your life.
I will withdraw and you will go further!”
We, dear reader, will now descend to the first cosmic planet for the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life.
We will follow the human being who lives here.
You can accept that André will now get to experience wonders, and those laws teach us that we have to bow our heads to God and ‘HIS’ revelations.
All of this is Divine truth, we see, because we as human beings have to represent God for everything, because we as human beings have to conquer His universes.
We are going back to the conscious Divine All.
And now we will make earthly comparisons.
Universal comparisons with regard to the earthly laws, so that we and you will understand that life.
We cannot experience one disharmonic law, the Third Cosmic Grade of Life did not know that either.
That will become the Divine human being!
We see that the human being has conquered the laws of gravity, he is levitating himself, he is flying through this universe.
He now represents, as man and wife, as twin souls, Divine worlds as universes.
We are following the human being of the Fourth Cosmic Grade.
This is a spiritual-material organism, my reader, my sister and brother, and you can accept that.
We see man and wife together.
They are walking in this Divine nature and know the laws of life.
We see flowers and nature, birds, so wonderful and beautiful, as we do not possess in the Spheres of Light.
We understand, this cannot be analysed, but we are determining these truths!
We can see truth!
Divine truth for the human being, as man and wife.
What is this wonderful, spatial being one like for fatherhood and motherhood?
You must be able to sense that and it is only now that we will experience these laws as man and wife.
I must determine the following laws of life and spatial truths for the University of Christ, but I am speaking to your life and personality.
We determine:
In this universe all the life is spiritually and materially perfect!
For what purpose did we as human beings of God, the All-Mother, get life?
Now we can experience for what purpose we began our life on the Moon!
The universes spiritualised themselves!
The human being, animal and Mother Nature!
That can also already be experienced on Earth!
Now the human is a spatial Temple!
Wonderful in beauty!
Wonderful for fatherhood and motherhood!
Wonderful as light, life and love, for spirit and soul!
The human organism grew and got colour and universal oneness!
“My God”, André-Dectar signs, and we, “if the human being, the child of Mother Earth knows this?”
The life of Mother Earth is reflecting itself under our heart!
By means of this we as human beings reached this Universal love!
We can see the human being of the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life!
Flowers and animals got Divine becoming conscious!
The life of the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life is Cosmically conscious!
We represent Divine truth!
Yes, my reader, sister and brother of Mother Earth, it is now possible to make earthly comparisons, so that you will understand this life.
It is now possible to experience Divine love and you will get to know yourself, and what awaits you.
It is possible to make comparisons with regard to the Third Cosmic Grade of Life, as human being, as father and mother, as woman and man!
As giving birth and creating life of feeling!
And we experience this human being, as father and mother.
The light of this universe, my sister and brother, is of awe-inspiring beauty.
A golden light shines on all this life.
A love, which you cannot experience on Earth is smiling at us.
Every life cell is talking about that universal love.
And that is the consciousness for all the life.
“Oh”, we call to this life, “come into our heart.
Give us your love.
Give us your bliss, so that the child of Mother Earth will know what your grade of life has to represent.”
We experience this human being, as father and mother.
We see man and wife together, millions of people.
How was this Temple built?
The human being is like a Divine Temple.
Human being of the earth, do you dare to call yourself a human being?
Can you say: “I am beautiful”, now that we behold this great wonder?
We are walking in this pure nature.
The human being can see us.
The human beings gives us space and wants to approach us in love!
The human beings here, as man and wife, are asking for oneness, are asking us, descend into our life and you will evolve.
We know the Spheres of Light.
The human being on the other side is wonderful.
The human being on the other side, as man and wife, as twin souls, possess happiness, love and universal beauty, possess everything!
But this life?
This happiness?
This beauty as a human being, as man and wife together, as one world, being able to experience one space, makes me weep.
Weep from happiness!
From Love, by means of this Divine truth!
Yes, indeed, we know the Spheres of Light, we live in the Spheres of Light, but these lives?
Is this still human becoming conscious?
This is Divine truth.
And yet, we can make both material and spiritual comparisons, the life, the soul and the spirit of which we will experience.
André looks at the human being and bows.
My God, this mother is like You are.
This mother is universally deep, she is radiating, she is awe-inspiringly beautiful!
See these eyes!
See this organism!
See these arms and form!
See this soul!
See this spirit!
See this motherhood and fatherhood as human being!
We can hardly go any further and we are only on the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life!
This is the ‘H U M A N B E I N G’, as the All-Mother will be in the conscious Divine All?
We now already know that we will soon not be able to make any more comparisons.
And that will not be necessary either, because we are getting to know the Cosmic Human Being at a Divine attunement for the Fourth Grade!
See this human wonder!
Feel this human garment!
“See this human motherhood and descend into this life!”
We are being sent that!
And we must descend into this soul, this personality.
“See this human organism, sense it and experience it!”
And we experience this great wonder of God as a human being!
We see both giving birth and creation going hand in hand.
We see the Temples, we see the mothers and fathers and children.
Yes, child of Mother Earth, this is incredible!
But the truth!
The Human Being here wears a spiritual-material garment condensed from life aura.
What you know on Earth, is no longer here.
What the Spheres of Light possess and the human being wears there as life aura, the human being possesses here on the Fourth Cosmic Grade.
These garments are sparkling.
See this hair style!
Which colours do you possess on earth?
Brown, black, blond, grey, we have almost made it.
But you will not believe this wonder!
This human being as mother, as father, possesses all the colours of the universes of God.
Which comparisons can I still believe now?
What the human being on earth falsified is reality here.
The hair style was created by Mother Nature.
We see blond and brown again, but radiated by God’s realm of colours!
The garment was elevated by the soul as the personality, she never has to discard one garment, this will be her obtained possession eternally, her life aura creates and gives birth around her life.
We received that in the Spheres of Light, that possession is here from the spiritual-material human being.
The following can do that:
The soul!
The spirit!
Fatherhood and motherhood!
But above all, the perfect harmony!
And that is the Human Being here on the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life!
His blood circulation has spatial, but spiritual attunement, by means of the blood circulation the human being created his garment, by means of the spiritual radiation he condensed his outer attunement.
And that garment possesses all the colours of God.
“We do not only”, there comes to our life, “wear our garment for the love, but for all our laws.
The human being here possesses a garment, as Mother Nature created it for herself.
For arts and sciences?
Those garments were conquered, the human being is art, and he knows!
The mother wears her garment by means of her spiritual consciousness, also the father.
Human being of the earth, can you feel this?
Or do you still think that the human being can experience earthly laws in God?
That he must dress himself here for the material?
That he must dress himself here in order to go out?
In order to walk, to experience the universe?
Those laws were conquered!
The soul as the personality creates and gives birth to her inner and her outer life, as Mother Nature was also able to do that.
See these garments!
We see every law represented in this human garment, which was worn by the Romans.
That is a creation which was brought to Earth by the Spheres of Light and was worn by Christ.
That garment, you know the image, is worn by the human being of the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life and will and can change, will possess universal depth, but this is attunement!
Look at the old Masters on earth, at the Greeks and the Romans, and you will know the human garment of the Spheres of Light, and also of the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life!
But now with this becoming conscious, this love of power, light, soul and spirit for the human being, as father and mother.
Human being of the earth, we have conquered universes, we also have to accept that for this universe.
This organism does not need any more food.
The breath of life now feeds the systems.
This human being is already eternally awake and conscious, because the life of God returns to the eternal being awake.
We have to accept that.
If we have to represent God for all His laws, we must remain awake.
In the Divine All we will see what we have to do there.
“The soul as the spiritual personality”, there enters us, “possesses everything, she has both materialised and spiritualised the laws of God in a representative way.
As the life of God got a garment for Mother Nature and the universes, the human being now also possesses!”
And that is clear!
We are now also wearing a beautiful garment.
André-Dectar too, but André’s garment, we see that, still has attunement to the Third Cosmic Grade of Life, that can be seen and experienced from the radiance.
The spiritual personality radiates this life and forms the garment.
At the birth the human being is already conscious.
That consciousness is also present while the mother is carrying her child.
She is speaking to her life.
Death dissolves in only a few minutes according to the earthly calculation.
These bodies have conquered the rotting processes, there is no longer any rotting here, that stage only lives in the Third Cosmic Grade of Life.
André treated a patient who could no longer eat for years, but who remained alive.
There are millions of people living here at that attunement, so that he can accept that his patient does not have to experience any wonders, but a physical law, her systems received that attunement.
Man and wife experience the going further together, they know beforehand when they will evolve, they will dissolve, in order to experience the new birth seven hours later, according to earthly time.
Because the human being on Earth experienced the laws of God disharmonically and he banished himself from that harmony by means of that – kills the human being, destroys the life of God – he lost the Divine harmonic laws for the evolution process and the reincarnation, and it is understandable!
Because the human being does not have any diseases to experience, this life is perfect.
Man and wife make journeys through this universe and visit the following grades of life.
Man and wife float through this universe and can say: we have conquered every law of gravity.
There are no longer any sciences to be found here, they are no longer necessary!
Because the human being is conscious, has become ’science’!
The material music also had to make room for the Divine, which the human being here undergoes because he is one with all the life, with every Timbre for each grade of life.
Their concentration is Divinely conscious at this attunement.
We determine that the life gets a tremendous height.
On the first grade of life (of the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life) the human being becomes hundreds of years old.
On the Mother planet thousands of years in one life.
It takes millions of years before man and wife have conquered this universe, in order to prepare themselves for the Fifth Cosmic Grade of Life.
It is only in the conscious Divine All that the eternal has been reached and the human being is like God is!
There comes to us: “Can you feel what all of this means?”
The life itself says that!
As André can speak to all the life on Earth, the human being has to accept here.
“Now the Divine spark for fatherhood and motherhood trembles in the heart of man and wife and they experience their universe, their arts and sciences.
The human being here no longer possesses technical wonders, as the earth knows them!
And that is acceptable!
We will give every thought Divine consciousness one day.
The human being here is ‘light’, he no longer needs artificial light!
What lama priests can do for the earth and they achieved by means of the occult laws, is our possession here for all the universes.
So we can go where we want!
See how man and wife, as Spatial twin souls, levitate themselves, and you will know our life!
The human being here lives for his happiness and his love!
We have nothing else to experience!
The human being here on the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life is one with every law of life, which you also experienced on earth, but here for this universe and at a Divine attunement!
The universe has reached the attunement of the fourth sphere on the other side, so that you can accept that we no longer possess the climatological laws of Mother Nature, by means of which summer and winter, autumn and spring got one becoming conscious.
We experience the incredibly beautiful climate of the fourth sphere here, nothing can make our life here unpleasant, we live in happiness, peace and calm, in sacred love with all the life of God.
That is the human being, but just follow the animal and the life of Mother Nature?
We did not know the earthly prehistoric grades of life here.
The after-births dissolved, we only see the existing grades of life.
The animal and the life of Mother Nature also spiritualised the seven grades of life and you can behold this.
You see, only the highest animal species received the journey to the conscious Divine All.
The wild animal instinct does not live here!
Those animal species already dissolved for the Third Cosmic Grade of Life.
Because the animal and the life of Mother Nature reached that attunement, the natural spiritual could go further.
The animal possesses for our world the human consciousness of Mother Earth for the very highest stage, the white race (see, and serves our being and life.
The animal was able to master that spiritual consciousness, and you have to and we have to accept that!
See our flower life, and you will have respect for this beauty.
Every law of life produced new life.
What the human being on Earth possesses is imitation in comparison to this life.
The magnitude of a law of life as form and flower represents this universe.
Here they represent their law of life, their spirit and soul, but the inner life is eloquent.
You will now see what these colours are like, every tissue possesses that becoming conscious as colour, as soul, life and spirit, like our own life aura is.
That life no longer possesses any material garment, but is of spiritual substance, is life aura, so that you can admire yourself, because this life was born from our life!
The millions of sorts for this life are also laws of life.
You now see again for Mother Nature what the waters created and gave birth to for the own independence, but by means of the organs of our organism.
What you stand before is ‘Heart flower’!
You clearly see again the living heart of the human being in this wonderful organ, as a child of God.
The flower as soul is loving, sweet, but now you stand before the All-Mother, her life is also interpreted by Mother Nature.
Look there and you will see the flower for motherhood, she possesses all the organs for the giving birth.
Is your earthly orchid any different?
You call that flower there an orchid, but that is the womb of the mother in a material state and as material tissue and law of life!
Every organic body part created an own life wonder.
Those are the laws for Mother Nature, and we have to accept that.
What you see there is the living ‘Eye’ of the All-Mother, both materialised and spiritualised as a child of Mother Nature.
Can you see that this life can see you?
Can you see her face?
Her lips and her wonderful form?
This is a child of Mother Nature.
Speak to her life and you will now get an answer!
Can you see that her eyes possess the human becoming conscious?
Do you understand now what the All-Mother meant?
They are children of God and got their cosmic life for our world and universe, and of course our consciousness as an organ, as material and also as life!
As soul and spirit!
That is the personality for this life of Mother Nature.
And that personality as a part of this universe represents The Human Being!
The human being as fatherhood and motherhood, as soul, life and spirit, but for all our thinking and feeling, for every law of life.
Every flower here therefore represents your own life, your thoughts, your character traits, so that millions of flowers interpret your life here.
They live by means of the human being!
If the human being was to withdraw, this life would dissolve.
If the human being was to withdraw, this life and light would darken.
Can you see that?
You see every spatial law again, as light, life, soul and spirit, also for fatherhood and motherhood, in our life as a flower of life.
And not only for the universe, but every law of life as an obtained independence, gave birth to a flower of life, so that we possess millions of kinds of flowers, the human kinds of which dominate as laws of life.
Can you feel this wonder?
So that means that every law of life was represented by Mother Nature, for all the stages, for every becoming conscious, and that for soul, life, spirit and personality, for the universe and the solar system.
That living symphony speaks to your life.
Look at our life and you will feel that you must return to the conscious Divine ‘ALL’, but know, you are only on the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life.
What is life like now on the Fifth, the Sixth and the Seventh Cosmic Grade, the Divine All?
Prepare yourself for that, my brothers, we will give you the strength for that!
Therefore if we as human beings were to withdraw, this universe would dissolve, because we carry and represent the light of the universe in our life.
And all the life follows and serves us.
That is serving, but we had to master the laws for this spatial existence!
Every law of life therefore created and gave birth to a flower and it was only possible because all this life was born from us.
Tell on earth that the human being represents God!
That the human being is God!
The life on this planet will convince you of that.
What you get to experience as land consciousness is also represented by the waters.
That life also possesses an own independence here, but the edible animal species and all those other, lower species, dissolved.
The human being and the animal are completely one, nothing can disturb this peace and love, because we have become love!
Look to the flower for the giving birth and you will see that this Temple has to represent your life as mother completely.
And now the ages for the reincarnation?
You see now that every flower has to experience and represent an age for the reincarnation.
So that means that the inner life spiritualised itself and got an outward form, by means of which you can experience and follow your own birth through a child of Mother Nature.
Every flower, you see, is a law of life, so that you can accept that millions of laws of life condensed themselves for our consciousness, as children of Mother Nature, lives of God.
You can live for millions of years in here, it is only then that you will know yourself, but now by means of the life of Mother Nature.
The human being as material, soul and spirit, sees itself again by means of the life of Mother Nature, and we have to accept that here.
These are therefore no longer flowers as you know on Earth, but laws of life!
This life represents systems, for soul, spirit and God, as an independence and as a life space, for which this life got the Divine attunement.
The whole of this universe is our Temple, in which we live, think and feel, and represent God.
We therefore no longer need your buildings, because we are always open and conscious, there is no longer any question of closing off.
This space is our house, our dwelling, we do not know any different!
Because we possess eternal light, we are always one, because the human sleep, which is unconsciousness, denies you that becoming conscious.
We, you will see it, have conquered all of that!
We live for that!
There is no day!
A week and year dissolved!
We are going to the eternal existence, the conscious Divine All, the prestiges of which we already experience here and can master.
And yet we are resting, but then by making ourselves one with Mother Nature, so that we absorb her becoming conscious and we experience the music of her personality, the laws of life of which speak to us!
We are now one in everything and will remain it!
Can you feel that we were able to conquer the Third Cosmic Grade of Life completely?
That there can be no death, but that we are Gods?
There is nothing else to be experienced, these are our laws!
Now imagine how natural everything is and how simple.
Sense that the human being, however wonderful the human being feels in the present stage, still only has to represent apparent laws.
Your aeroplanes there, we know all of that, we possess them as thinking power, by means of our ‘WILL’!
So what is the purpose of God for the human being?
What did the All-Mother want, when ’sHE’ both spiritualised and materialised herself?
That the human being was born from her, and that the human being will be as ’sHE’ is.
And that is the conquering of material thinking and feeling, my brothers.
Believe us, all those technical wonders of Mother Earth will dissolve!
We no longer need those wonders, which are not wonders.
In thousands of years’ time, you also know that, the child of Mother Earth will have reached attunement with our life, our thinking and feeling, but we will no longer need those material phenomena.
But you can see it, this is one state, it is one thinking and feeling, with that difference, that we carry all those laws of life in us and now reach that revelation.
It goes without saying that we are spatially one, every human thought on Earth gets Universal becoming conscious and means, all the life, all the peoples on Earth reach that spiritual oneness!
Isn’t it true, that is the Kingdom of God on Earth!
And all the life of Mother Earth will soon accept the University of Christ, for which we live!
Believe it, we are also serving the University of Christ!
Where we are walking there is no longer any earth, but spiritual materialised life aura.
Can you feel this?
Do you understand this wonder?
Of course, because you also possess these laws of life in the Spheres of Light.
But now try making comparisons with the material life, the material consciousness of Mother Earth?
Is this not true?
What the Earth will receive in technical wonders is awe-inspiring, but can you feel that we move and show ourselves where we want to?
Is that not your television?
We speak to each other, wherever we are and the other life is to be found; should we not possess those laws?
You can see it, you can make earthly comparisons, however, we possess the spiritual becoming conscious for all the material wonders of Mother Earth, and you can accept that!
Our consciousness is like that, my brothers.
The life of this universe spoke to your personality.
Now go further, go to the Divine All and bring these laws to Earth.”
André is speechless, we too.
He is open to this life and can accept these spiritual wonders, like we can.
This life is open to us and we experienced this oneness!
Then we attune ourselves to the universe, the seven planets and suns spiritualised this life, but that consciousness got that independence through the Third Cosmic Grade.
What we feel is love!
We see that God represented himself.
And we are that, the animal life is and Mother Nature is that, all of that is ‘God’ for our own existence.
All this life is open to us.
The Divine, but human heart is speaking.
We are now longing to be able to approach the conscious Divine All.
We are doing everything to remain conscious, but we know already, we will go further and higher by means of the Masters!
Ah, oh my God, All-Mother, give us this wisdom for the child of Mother Earth!
We still look at these people, but then Master Alcar is ready and we are ready to go further.
Master Alcar can say:
“You see it, my brothers, we are ready, we may go further.
We will continue to serve and devote everything, in order to materialise this wisdom.
I have understood this life, because the voice of every spark has spoken to my personality.
And that life does everything in order to inspire the child of Mother Earth and to bring it to this awakening.
The Masters from the Divine All want us to go further.
Truly, this life is love!
The soul as human being is awe-inspiring, her organism has become awe-inspiring for this universe.
Keep going, my brothers, we must go further.
Christ is expecting us!
Christ is calling to us: come now!
Christ as human being, but as soul, life and spirit!”