The Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Cosmic Grade of Life

We, my brothers, are now open to the highest grades of life which the human being has conquered”, Master Alcar continues.
“The Masters from the Divine all give us their consciousness.
They ask, go further, but I feel that we must free ourselves from the Fourth Cosmic Grade and that is not so simple.
But, for what purpose did we go on a journey?
Why are we able to experience these wonderful universes?
It is the University of Christ for which we serve.
The Masters followed us, they want us to behold their Divine attunement.
Christ is now speaking to your life!
Christ is there with His loved ones.
Now attune yourself to that higher love, and we will leave this universe.
Can you hear it?
My brothers, the voice is coming from the Divine All to our life.
That is Christ!”
The silence of this wonderful consciousness enters our life.
We are ready to free ourselves from this life and go further.
The Divine conscious Child is expecting us!
This universe is imploring us to go further.
And we feel that the consciousness is entering us, we feel carried by those laws of life.
We do not need to beg for power and wisdom of life, we have become power and the wisdom as human being calls us to now approach the Divine All.
That is the House of God, the worlds which we experienced, is one House!
For human being, animal and Mother Nature.
We dissolve for the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life, but the light of the Fifth Grade already shines towards us.
That light gives us power and love in order to continue our journey.
We are macrocosmically inspired.
Or we would no longer be able to think, we would succumb here.
We can hear singing.
The human timbres have grown a million-fold.
That sends us onwards, carried on these wings we move away from the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life.
Can you hear this, child of Mother Earth?
Try to feel this and your Deity will also awaken.
This is overwhelming for our life, our thinking and feeling, but we feel elevated, we are one and it is this oneness by means of which we can think here as human beings.
We feel like the Divine conscious Prophets.
Every law is singing at us, and that timbre is love!
That is life, soul and spirit, and possesses this personality.
The life of feeling of the Fifth Cosmic Grade of Life enters us.
We feel like Divine revelations; and what will we be like when we enter the Divine All?
Yes, my brothers, we are the Paul for the twentieth century, because we serve for the Kingdom of God!
The firmament, we see, is changing colour.
This universe is like the spiritual life of light of the fifth sphere in our life.
The Divine ’sELF’ of this universe is speaking to us, what we hear is joy of life and awakening.
Material no longer has any meaning now, all of this is soul and spirit, and also light!
“Oh, my God!
Father of Love!
We are coming!
Yes”, we send towards the universe, “we are coming!”
We are going further consciously!
We float onwards, my sister and brother of the earth.
Go with us and accept!
Now you have to accept!
We feel like Divine wings and yet we are also human beings!
The living heart of this universe speaks, feels us, and we are accepted!
Tears fall from happiness and spatial feeling and thinking.
And we are not ashamed, because this is awe-inspiring.
We are experiencing Divine revelations!
“And yet”, there comes to us, “just go back in thoughts from where you came from.”
And now we experience all our journeys from this universe; we see ourselves back on the Moon; and deeper, also the moment that the All-Mother began to give birth and to materialise herself. In only a few seconds we experience millions of laws of life and universes of life for the human being, ourselves, also for the animal and the life of Mother Nature.
We enter the Third Cosmic Grade of Life and follow the Spheres of Light, then we pass over to the Mental Areas, and experience that reincarnation.
We know now, we are people, but have become a Divine independence for everything, for all the life of this universe and soon for the All-Consciousness.
And then there comes to our life:
“You have now entered our life!
Now go further consciously!”
And then we hear it being said:
“This is the Fifth Cosmic Grade of Life.
We have become light!
We are light for every law of life!
We have become light for our fatherhood and motherhood!
This is our planetary system and you see, the planets and suns are no longer changing now.
We created light, life and love!
We are now it!
We created evolution and took ourselves back to the Divine All!
We once lived on Earth!
We also had to experience all your laws!
No law of life was given to us!
We had to accept all the animal grades of life!
And now?
Descend into our consciousness!
Every law of life is now a spiritual revelation for your consciousness!
Every law of life is for the child of Mother Earth!
Those are the laws of life for the human organism!
We returned to God by means of the seven grades of life!
And ‘HIS’ consciousness lies open to your life!
You see now, by means of the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life we created the Fifth.
You who have come from the Earth in order to materialise the laws of God for the University of Christ, are now one with our life!
You know now that we keep the Third Cosmic Grade going!
Can you feel this?
We are as human beings life, soul, spirit and material, power, condensing!
By means of this we represent our Divine attunement!
We now already represent the Omniscience!
In everything, for every grade of life we experience the omniscience!
You see now, every law of life spiritualised itself for the Divine stage.
Because the life returns to God, we got to see and to represent those worlds.
And that pure Divine love speaks to our consciousness.
We are twin souls for God and are now capable of carrying this Divine.
We are ‘G O D S’!
You can see our organism, but the defining, that is no longer possible, but we sent you back to the first stage for that purpose.
Now you can sense us and you know the depth of our organism, our thinking and feeling.
What is pureness now?
What is driving force?
We are everything!
As human being, as father and mother, together we represent all those universes!
The All-Mother wanted it like that!
What is soul?
What is spirit?
What is the human personality?
The human being possesses that Divine awakening.
By means of fatherhood and motherhood we went further.
We have already been living for billions of ages and are going to the eternal life.
We are also serving!
We continue to serve!
Because that is our life and our light!
The Divine Being is expecting you!
Go further now, go straight to the Conscious Divine All.”
We go further and can go further, the power of all the life says it.
And that is the God Being!
The God Mother!”
As people of the Earth!
We must accept that!
In this way the law of life becomes ‘Human Being’!
We are not alone in this, because all the life drives us onwards.
We are ‘light’!
We are both father and mother!
Born from material, but now as the Divine independence.
We look up and feel the Divine ’sELF’ from this universe entering us.
And now we hear:
“I gave You life, My life!
I gave You soul, My soul!
I gave You fatherhood and motherhood, but My All-Maternal life of feeling!
I gave You giving birth and creation, but You will return by means of Me!
So go further, children of this eternity.”
And we go higher and deeper, but we feel, the closer we approach to the Divine All, Golgotha also speaks to our life.
We understand that, because we are approaching Christ.
We are reaching Divine oneness with Christ!
We are approaching the Divine Omniscience!
We are entering the Divine All-Existence, the Divine eternal!
We are approaching the All-Light!
We are approaching the All-Life!
We are approaching the All-Soul!
We are approaching the All-Spirit!
We are approaching the All-Fatherhood and All-Motherhood!
We are approaching Christ!
We are approaching the Human Being of Mother Earth.
We are approaching the moment when the human being is like ‘GOD’ is!
We are approaching that as human beings and André as a child of Mother Earth.
And we know it.
It belongs to us.
At least those who represent this world as a universe.
We are starting to feel like an Omniscient!
We are starting to feel how deep the All-Love is.
The All-Omnipotence to create and to give birth.
That consciousness now lives in our heart, André-Dectar also has to experience and to accept this.
And then there comes to our life:
“Bible, what do you possess of these laws?
Bible, what do you have of this soul?
Bible, what do you possess of this life?
Bible, what do you possess of this consciousness?
Bible, what do you possess of this fatherhood and motherhood, this light, this life and this Divine love?
Bible, do you want to change your laws?
Bible, will you represent this truth?
Bible, what did you give the human being of Mother Earth?
Bible, do you represent the Divine reality?”
And then we go further.
We must go further!
Nothing will stop us, because the Divine All wants us to enter that consciousness.
But we send to the All-conscious child:
“We are approaching Your love!
We are approaching Your Personality!
We are approaching Your space!
We are approaching Your light!
Your soul and Your spirit!
And we want to serve!
We will continue to serve!
We understand Your reality.
We understand Your laws of life.
There were people on Earth who wanted to get to know Your life, but we are experiencing You!
We know it, we have almost reached Your All-Life.
The analysis of all the Divine systems now enters us and we accept.
We are experiencing Your Divine Wayti!
And that is Your Divine truth.
It is love, life and happiness!
We are approaching the Divine Kingdom.
And then we enter the conscious Divine All, the Seventh Cosmic Grade of Life.
We now go further hand in hand.
The Golden Light of this universe shines upon our life.
This is the Divine All.
This is the All-Being!
This is the All-Life, as soul and spirit.
We have reached the Divine All, we are standing before this life, this world, where the human being is like God is!
All the life of God of all the worlds which originated is Divinely conscious here.
We stand here and look, we meditate, we love.
The All-Mother was like that, when ’she’ began with her life.
But when ’she’ spiritualised herself, ’she’ was like we are now, power, life, soul and spirit.
We represent ‘H E R’!
What we followed from the begin stage, we now see that life at a Divine attunement.
We do not need to make comparisons, we will do that later.
André-Dectar can also experience that on Earth.
We are entering the All-Consciousness.
Hand in hand, but we do not see any people and any animals, but we feel that is and means the passing over.
Truly, now that we are going further, we can see the Divine Being.
This is the end of and for all the life.
Human being and animal, Mother Nature have reached the Divine All.
This is the Divine All, the Kingdom for the human being, the life of Mother Earth, and represents the All-Source.
We experience millions of laws of life.
We are kneeling and thank God for this mercy.
And then we hear it being said to our life:
“My brothers, stand up.
Stand up, my children.
It is I.
Did you, I ask you, meet one human being with these signs?
You see, I am alive!
You see it, I am life!
Look at Me and you will recognise Me!
We greet all of You!
Look back at the Earth, look back at Golgotha.
I am Christ.
We knew that you would come.
Look at me, child of Mother Earth.
I am Your Christ!
Can you accept My life?
This is the end of your journey to My life, My consciousness.
You can see Your Brothers and Sisters.
The human being of Mother Earth has reached the Divine!
Do you recognise me, André-Dectar?”
“Yes, Master.”
“Do you recognise me, Master Alcar?”
“Yes, Master!”
“Do you recognise me, Master Zelanus?”
“Yes, Master!”
“Then return to Mother Earth and explain all My laws to her!
Tell her children that I and all of us who represent the God of all life here in the Divine All have lived on Earth.
Explain to her children that you have seen My life truths, that you were able to behold My light, My soul and My spirit!
I am the Life!
I am the Light!
I have become Visible Material.
I am all the powers of life and laws of life!
I am Father and Mother!
As a mother the Earth and her children will get to know Me!
I am Truth!
I am Omniscience!
I am Everything!
Millions of children have conquered the Divine All along with me.
Go back to the Earth, My children.
Awaken in Me, and all the laws of God will belong to you.
I will show you that I am it.
Can you see My lives?
Can you see My truth?
Now see My wounds.
Experience Me!
Accept Me!
I will be with You when you materialise these laws.
Know now, I will give You power, as Wisdom!
Millions of children from the Earth are living here in the Divine All.
From here I returned to Mother Earth!
I was born in the way you received the life.
For Me no other laws of life were created.
When we arrived here, we knew that only Mother Earth possesses unconsciousness, must experience conscious good and evil.
I returned to Mother Earth for that purpose!
I am the Son of God, but you are also it!
Feel My life and you will know that we are carrying You.
Feel our life and you will know that we represent God!
Descend into My life and you will know Me!
Return to our life later.
Get to know the soul as Human Being and as God.
Represent My University!
You and We will live and evolve for that purpose!
You know it, there is no death.
When you come back to My life, we will explain our Divine All to You.
Tell the child of Mother Earth that I am alive.
You know now how the human being must conquer the Divine universes.
We spiritualised and materialised the Divine All and MY university will be born on Earth.
Take the child of Mother Earth to the Divine awakening!
Descend into Me, my brothers.
Who am I?”
“Go back to the Earth and explain the laws for the soul and lay foundations for My Kingdom.”
The Masters from the Divine All dissolved and we can return to the Earth.
What we see, André-Dectar must experience that on earth, now he sinks into a sleep.
Master Alcar takes him in his arms and takes André to Golgotha.
There he will prepare himself in order to begin with the material life again.
On the way he opens his eyes and looks into those of his Master.
“Good heavens”, he utters, “how will I deal with all of this there?
But I will keep going, my Master.”
And now back to the organism.
André is thinking, we are also meditating.
My God, how can it be.
We have soon reached the organism, he immediately descends and awakens.
“My Master?”
“Master Zelanus, do you want to begin soon?”
“Today, my brother.”
Then he falls asleep, but from his life there arises:
“My Christ.”
My God, how can I thank You.
Everything is truth, happiness, life and love.
I will serve!
I will devote myself!
Go further, my Master.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my Christ.
If the human being can accept this, there will be peace and calm on earth.
When the human being wants to accept this, he will possess the Divine ‘Omniscience’!
If the soul as human being wants to experience love, she will be open to this Divine providence, to the light of all the universes, and she will conquer her life!
It is Wayti!”
From his soul there rises up:
“I was in the Divine All.
I have seen God!
I have seen Christ!
And HE was a ‘Human Being’!
I am thinking.”
End of Part Four