Crisje-Jeus-Jozef and André.

It is Adolph Hitler again who shakes him awake; his awful V2s give him a demonic reception and force him to immediately begin with re-experiencing the laws.
Jozef must now act, it is he who creates order for his personality.
Adolph has something from Mars ... and a great deal from Jupiter and Saturn, but if the astrologers think that it is those planets which inspire that Adolph, then they are completely off the mark!
They would like to experience that, of course, but that is not possible, Adolph, you would suffocate in that spatial inspiration, burst apart because of those powers and forces, you can thank the universe that it is not possible, or something completely different would happen and the astrologers have no knowledge of that!
The beginning is like that.
Waiting a moment and then further!
“No, my Adolph, you are not capable of that.
I find that Hanussen (occultist and astrologer during the time of the Weimar republic and beginning of Nazi Germany) of yours an unconscious being, your professors still do not know the laws either, or they would have told you something different.
The ‘human being’, Adolph, cannot be inspired by the universe!
The human being, Adolph, got everything from God, everything!
The human being, my Adolph, possesses an independence.
And it is that independence, by means of which he must experience the laws of God.
The human being, my Adolph, cannot be inspired by the planets and stars, because those planets are unconscious-human.
Can you hear this?
Unconsciously human, that is something entirely different than people on Earth think.
The human being, of course that is true, is humanly conscious, Adolph; and Mars and those other planets are unconscious material, so earth, but can you feel this?
Would you not like to experience a kiss from Saturn, Adolph?
I experienced that kiss.
But different to you think.
I know it now!
I now know those laws and you do not need to fool me with anything else.
The soul as human being possesses everything!
Yes, if the animal life of Mars and Jupiter could inspire you, everything would be different, but can the jungle calculate your battle fields?
You are losing it, you already know that, for that matter, and should you doubt that, Adolph, then wait a moment and you will see it happen.
I say to the people:
“Berlin will fall before Scheveningen.”
You do not understand that?
That means that we will not experience that misery here in our neighbourhood.
You will fall, Berlin too, but if you were capable of crushing The Hague, you would do it, but that did not quite happen now!!
The wild life of Mars is quite similar to your thinking and feeling, every V2 is a character trait of Mars, but those people there do not even know whether they possess a soul, a spirit, and can those people inspire you?
You do not understand that, I know it, but this mankind will soon understand that, because the ‘Age of Christ’ is beginning!”
‘Good morning, child.
Yes, I am awake’, it is Jozef who answers.
‘It is really taking a bit too long, but today we will get something from Our Lord.”
“What did you say?”
“I said that we will get something from Our Lord.”
“What is it?”
And now Jozef gets to experience the inspiration from André and he can say: “Oil.
And you will not believe it, three real hen’s eggs.”
“That is not possible!”
“And yet, child, wonders still exist and happen.
Believe me, we will get something to eat today from the Masters.
I can see a great deal, it is a large package and that package will be put at the door just like that.
Good heavens, I can even see some pepper, you can make tasty soup again.”
“It is incredible.”
“And yet, you will experience it today, we will get something, a gift from the Masters.
Yes, it is taking too long, you are right.”
“Did you sleep well?”
“Great, my child, I was not awake for a second.”
“Did you not hear all those V2s then?”
“No, not a single one, Adolph can tell me more, I do not want anything to do with him.
I want to sleep!”
“What is it, general?
Did you think that no wars end in the spring?
Then you will experience that now, this battle will end in the spring.”
Jozef has been pushed back again, he himself is thinking, the systems need his inspiration.
“We can experience the end in April.”
“We are heading there, another two months and we will be that far, child, and then we will begin again, but the healing has ended, we will then speak for the people.”
“I said a moment ago, general, that this war will end in the spring.
Just tell it to Adolph and tell him immediately that he must see that he leaves there, or people will murder him, and he will not approve of that, will he?
Bet you, general, that not a shot will fall in The Hague?
I know what you are saying, but I do not mean that.
I mean that we will not experience any street fights here!
That you smash up things here and there is something entirely different.
I repeat:
Berlin will fall before Scheveningen!
And that means that the allied forces will hold Berlin before Adolph holds our neighbourhood, The Hague and surrounding areas, we are so close to the end.”
“Yes, Jeus, the truth, I am already coming.
I can hear you asking questions.
Yes, that was some journey, wasn’t it?
Jozef has already mastered a great deal, I feel, and we have not forgotten him.”
“And, Jeus?
What was it like?”
“I must have a think about it.
I cannot say a word.”
“I understand that.
But now you must listen carefully, Jeus.
That dialect of yours must disappear.
I even said that in the universe.
Now you must learn to think in a city way, or we will not come any further.
Just ask Jozef it, he can teach you that and you yourself must listen to what the people have to say to you.
What would become of the Cosmology if I started to think in a ’s-Heerenberg way?
Nothing, then everything would have no value.
When you break yourself over your dialect, I listen, of course, but you will have to forget it, Jeus, or we will not come any further.”
“I will do my best.”
“You see, it is already beginning, that was Dutch.
And I understand that you still cannot think, I could not do that in the beginning either, because I did not know where to start, there was so much I had to master.
But you see, I have already begun with thinking.
I already told Adolph the truth and his astrologers no longer have their feet on the ground, because the Divine laws tell us something else and we people have to accept that.
But wasn’t it great, Jeus?”
“I could cry.”
“Me too, Jeus, but I will not do it.
Then we fall out with the city one.
He no longer has any flesh on his bones; and do you know, if you have a great deal of sorrow, so you have to cry, that you can weep away your own flesh?
Did you not know that, Jeus?”
“No, I did not know that.”
“And yet it is the truth.
Our human flesh, Jeus, is just water.
If you have a lot to weep about, you weep all that material away from your organism.
A human being who has had a lot of sorrow, who feels real sorrow, because sorrow and real sorrow are two different things, Jeus, suddenly loses some ten and twenty pounds in weight because of the human tears.
If your spirit, your deep soul weeps, Jeus, nothing more is capable of giving you some flesh, you can now eat what you like, it will not help you, because your soul refuses to accept anything else, the personality, and you are that yourself, now suffocates the normal development, because tears are energy, and that energy runs out of your eyes, over your cheeks, you can weep yourself to death, my Jeus!”
“I never knew that!”
“You will experience it now, Jeus, I also got to know those laws!
And can you feel, my Jeus, that nothing from all my thinking and feeling has gone?
That I can think and feel like there?”
“It is enough to drive you mad.”
“Yes, that appears so, but you will not go mad from wisdom.
You will go mad from nonsense and gossip, not from wisdom.
Why are there so many religion maniacs, Jeus?
No, you do not know that.
But because they teach those people nonsense, they go mad.
When you give the human being wisdom, the human being cannot go mad, because true wisdom takes you out above the material and now you are conscious.
That of those ecclesiastical people is unconsciousness and because of that they go mad.
They will not drive me mad, Jeus, because I am allowed to experience truth.
But wasn’t it great now, Jeus?”
“But I already said, I still cannot think.”
“So, is that so?
Can you still not think?
Did you hear, Jeus, how the astrologers are lain into?”
“I still have not understood that.”
“Then I will give you the advice to discuss all these laws with the city one, because that is urgently necessary.
I think, Jeus, if those people hear how the Masters, how Mother Moon thinks about it, the planets too, that they will want to hang me.”
“Are you not afraid then that they will hang you?”
“No, Jeus, not me.
They used to be able to do that, but that is over now.
And if they were to have pleasure in that, well, I would put my head through their noose just like that, if it is for Christ, I will do everything.
I am not afraid of death like that, as long as you want to accept that.”
“I will have to think about that first.”
“I can imagine that, Jeus.
You still cannot suddenly devote your life, you must first know what I have to give you, but when that has happened, I will ask everything of your best ’self’!
Yesterday you spoke differently, you felt differently.
But today look at it differently, I also know that, but now you are beginning to think universally, aren’t you?”
“Yes, I have begun with that.
But are you not afraid of the Church then?”
“The Church, did you say?
What does that Church hope to achieve now?
Now remember, we live in a different time.
The Church has finally done away with burning at the stake and she was advised to do that too, because then there would be no one left in that little church.
Before, yes, before, I already told you that, they burnt me at the stake, but today we live in a different age.”
“Would you think that you will become pope?”
“What are you saying to me now, Jeus?
Whether I will become a pope?
Where did you get that from?”
“But you were talking about the pope, yonder?”
“That is true, Jeus, but whether I want to be pope?
Don’t make me laugh.
And yet, imagine that I became that one day, Jeus.
Good heavens, I would begin immediately by giving all those treasures to the poor.
And you would get a nice church jacket like that from me to put on in the morning.
And Jozef a nice smoking jacket like that which he would look at for years, but which the girl from Vienna has no money for.
I would also immediately give you a nice three-cornered hat, you know, which those cardinals dress themselves up with.”
“And then I will let myself be laughed at by the people, won’t I?”
“That could be said, yes, because the normal human being, the good child of Christ laughs at all those St. Nicholas’, those tall beanpoles with frills, those sandals which they have still not earned, at all that boasting, of course, but then you are something for this world, after all, aren’t you?”
“I do not want a coat like that.”
“That is just as well, Jeus, or you would be out of favour with me and that must not happen now.”
“But they can sing, can’t they?”
“Yes, Jeus, they have learned to sing.
Do you remember that father was a choir singer?”
“I remember.”
“Well, that singing does not mean anything either.
Did you think that the angels, and where we were now, want to listen to that meowing any longer?
Did you think that you could experience the heavens by means of bell sounds?
Indeed, my Jeus, that is all well and good, of course that is, if those people knew what they were singing for, but they do not know that.
Now that is perfectly ordinary whining; the heavens have already had enough of that for a long time, the doors are closed tight, they do not want to hear any moaning there, because that tense crying gets on your nerves.
In the heavens they say: just take care of your poor first.
Praying in order to help those hungry masses?
Just sell your gold and precious stones.
Me a pope, Jeus, and let myself perish?
No, never that, and yet?
Just imagine that we were in Rome.
I would like to live there for that radio alone, because then we would tell the whole world what we were able to receive again last night.
Yes, I want to serve mankind only for that, but all that other carry-on is fatal.
The theosophists are no different.
If you see them, you would laugh right in their faces.
You should see those ladies and gentlemen, the ladies especially wear beautiful garments and it must now come from those beautiful garments, just like from the Catholic Church.
They are frills, Jeus.
What was Our Lord like when He lived on Earth?
The Catholics have forgotten that.
No, we will never be Catholics again, never again!”
“They are ticked off now, aren’t they?”
“You should say, ticked off, Jeus, then the people will understand you (Jeus talked dialect in the previous sentence and is tackled about this).
But that is not true.
The Masters do not tick off, they only give the pieces of proof.
Can you not feel then that all those cardinals will come to stand naked before God?
And what will they have then?”
“A pope like that too?”
“There is no difference, Jeus.
That man will have nothing to say there.
I learned and saw that the Church represents herself and not the All-Source.
They do not know anything about the actual God!
That pope can declare himself a saint, but then I will be one and you will be one too.
And a dog and cat too!
Even a rat will then be a holy animal.”
“Now you are surely making fun.”
“Not at all, Jeus, I am not mocking these matters, but a pope like that does not possess anything, nothing more and nothing less than the love which lives in him.
And can a rat like that not love now?
Did you never see young rats and mice up in the attic?”
“Yes, I did.”
“Well, did you not absorb that love from a little mother like that?
Then you could weep, Jeus.
And that little animal is worth just as much for God as a pope like that for this world.
All that fuss about nothing in order to serve God, that’s not it, after all.
Of course, I also got to know that, the human being needed a faith.
But what did they make of it?
I have had quite enough of that ‘reverend’ in front and behind, I know all those customers.
Have you forgotten the story of Josef?
Has that already gone now?”
“It is just like that was last year, when he said that.”
“I can understand, Jeus, I also came back thousands of centuries older.
But truth is truth.
I am not saying that all those people, those men go to the girls in order to play father and mother, and yet?
Is that committing a sin?
No, my Jeus, that is perfectly ordinary, but they must not bring God into it.
They must not put on a nice shirt in order to mean something, as a human being they possess everything.
And they do not give all of that any fertilization now, those men fragment that.
If I become that, Jeus, let me marry them immediately and I will bless them and in what a way!
They will get a Stetson (type of hat) from me now, like the city one has, and I will make them run, cycle and jump, also peel potatoes, because they have lost all that normal human part because of their being holy.
Can you feel now what those people did?”
Jeus sinks back, he got himself on his feet for a moment, and now further.
But that poor Jeus, he thinks, but I will get him now.
The life has begun again, even if the city one no longer has any flesh on his body, we think and we will make it.
First breath a bit deeper and then further, so that the Masters can begin.
“Poverty, but Mother Earth, how your Catholics let rip.
They really still think that they can help you.
One kills the other.
And that is part of their little sanctities.
Ugh, but I will help you to carry, mother, I know what you are expecting of me now.
I hope that Master Zelanus will begin soon and he does not need to have any sympathy for me, nor for the city one, we are ready, mother!
But I am bringing you the greetings from your mother.
Can you hear me?
I am listening.”
And a moment later there is uttered:
“Thank you, my son.
I know it, you were there, you experienced her kiss.
I am so happy.
Will you persevere, André?”
“Yes, mother.
We will receive something today.”
“I know.”
“Isn’t that nice, mother?”
“Did you think that a child of mine could think up something and I would not know it?”
“No, you didn’t, that is not possible.
How are your wounds, mother?”
“Look for yourself, André.
Adolph is fake, I am bleeding from a thousand wounds, but he cannot destroy me.
I will get to see those children again, you know that.
I will call them back one by one!
They will make amends for everything, you know that too, I will not give them a single thought.
My children are fighting for life and death, but for what?
What did mother say?”
“Mother will help you carry, she knows everything.”
“That does me good.
When you come to her life soon, then say that I will finish my task.
What did father say?”
“He gives you all his love, mother.”
“I am also convinced of that, André.
But have a rest, you will have to begin soon.”
“Yes, mother, I will do it.”
“The city one cannot stand sugar beets, can he?”
“No, because that food also disturbs me.”
“Do you know that something is coming?”
“Yes, mother, today.”
“Precisely, I can see it, something will come today.”
“As long as you know, my son, that I still have the power in my hands.”
“I know that, mother.
If they also got that power in their hands, there would be nothing left of Divine justice.”
“I am watching out, André, so no worries about that.”
“No, mother, I will give myself completely to your life.”
“And now have a rest and then get up, the city one needs some exercise, the body requires it.”
“I can feel it, mother.”
“Then see you later, my André.”
Half an hour later he is standing on earth again and can feel the mother.
He stands trembling for a moment, the systems are sucking on the blood circulation, Mother Earth is right, he feels, the heart, the nerves, everything must have exercise, I myself have been disembodied for a bit too long, I myself was not able to inspire the organism last night, this ‘trance’ was deeper.
My spirit needed all the life juices in order to keep going there and that is understandable.
But wonderful that Mother Earth lets me feel, lets me know that, you are not alone now either.
It is an incredible wonder.
But I must think, I want to be ready soon.
The universe supports me, all the life of God will inspire me now, but differently than the astrologers want to receive and experience that.
Very differently, academics, they explain the laws to me, but it is me who must experience them, I must master those laws and there is nothing else to be received, but this is everything!
I can no longer be stopped, by anything!
“But what do you want, Adolph?
Why do you not stop, why do you not use the money from those dirty things for something else?
Everyone can now see how bad you are.
Give it up, do not risk your last people for that, Adolph, do not torture yourself any longer.
I know that you are giving yourself for this evolution.
You are the executioner of this mankind and you are also the poor box.
Who will understand that?
I know you and no other human being from this world.
Your horrible things will set fire to the cities yonder and kill the life.
If you hit target, but that will probably happen, because your demonic character is calculating.
But if only you had bought, made, aeroplanes for those things, then I would still not have known it so certainly.
Now that is your mistake, Adolph.
Oh well, you would make mistakes, after all, you must go from dry land into the ditch, because mankind, Israel will win (the House of Israel is the House which everyone belongs to who believes in one God and loves everything which lives)!
A child of eight years can tell you that you calculated wrongly, and you do not know it?
Adolph, you will lose it!”
“Häng dich auf (Hang yourself).”
“That is a pity, Adolph.
That is a pity, you are now mocking the universal truth.
I could have been your ‘Providence’, do you know it?”
“Häng dich auf.”
“You would like that, but I will not do it, Adolph.”
“Häng dich auf.”
“Not so much at once, Adolph, you are becoming annoying now.
But I got you.
You sent your people after me, but I immediately had a stomach bleed and then, then, Adolph, you sent me tasty eggs and milk, I let you pay because you gave the girl from Vienna a fright.
Good heavens, how well off we were.”
“Häng dich auf.”
“Shall I tell you something?
And then you will have Jeus and me to contend with. The ‘droodles’!”
Suddenly we have to intervene, the heart is acting crazy, but that is over a moment later and he can go on again.
We are immediately one and we get to hear:
“What did that crazy heart of mine and the city one want?”
“A bit weak, André, but something will come today, after all, won’t it?”
“And will the city one not be bothered by it?”
“No, we put another thread in there.
Feel for yourself and you will know it.”
“Really, I cannot feel that pressure, which I could feel yesterday.
Was that a disturbance?”
“They were spasms of the heart, my brother, nothing else.”
“So the nerves?”
“The nerves also have to experience what you dealt with last night.”
“I understand that.
But I will relax the heart within a short time.
I will inspire those tissues, Master.”
“You can do it, we did the other thing.”
“Where is Master Alcar?”
“Here, just look, after all, we knew that this would happen.”
“The Master also took care of that again.
And now you are going, Master Zelanus?”
“Yes, see you soon, we will have a celebration, we will meet the Masters.”
“Then I will also see that, won’t I?”
“Yes, indeed.”
“How many books will we finish before the end of Adolph?”
“Six, I thought, André.”
“Is that possible?”
“If we go all out, yes, then it will be possible.”
“Then go all out!”
“I have already begun with that.”
“Since a moment ago?”
“Yes, we will make it, André.”
“Then go to the Spheres of Light and say to my sister Miets and my child, father must know it too, that I am going all out!”
“They know it, so we will get everything from there.”
“Then we will go further.
Goodbye, my eternal brother.”
“My André.
Do you want to receive this image?”
“Yes, good heavens, how great and deep you are, Master Zelanus.
Thanks, thanks very much, I will remember it.
But this is for myself now!”
“Precisely, only for yourself, but that is also there!”
“Thanks, I will tell it to the starlings.
If they want to bring it to the people, I don’t mind.
And then nightingales, isn’t it true, Master Zelanus?”
“Yes, André, because they always sing the first and the last chords.”
“It is wonderful, you are a poet.”
“I was once that, but when I saw later that I was nothing, my feeling and thinking did not contain any truth, I tore it out of me.
But it is wonderful, what I gave you a moment ago.”
“I am grateful for it, tell that to Master Alcar.”
“He knows it, after all.”
“That is food and drink, it is everything!”
“That’s it, greet the followers from me.
I am going again, see you soon.”
I am gone, but he knows it, the heavens are following his life and thinking.
God gave him an image, a vision and he will experience that vision, by means of which he will be capable of carrying everything, but, that is for himself, it cannot be experienced, it is not suitable for any human being of the earth!
But he can send up:
“Oh, my Wayti, what a kind soul you are.
Did you know that?”
And then there comes immediately:
“After all, I lived in and under it.
I can charm and open human hearts.
See you there, André, rest and work, go further, we are watching out!
An astrologer would say now: do you see?
But it is not quite that, friend, we are talking about something entirely different.”
Master Zelanus is gone and Wayti is gone, but he feels different, the heart nerve refused for a moment, because the wisdom dominated and that was now prevented.
What do initiates from the East, he goes further, know about all these wonderful laws and truths?
They want to experience the laws of the universe, life, soul and spirit under their own power, but do not come out above their own life of feeling.
If only you had surrendered to the Masters, Ramakrishna, then you would have experienced revelations and your followers would have experienced wonders, and millions of people would have been opened, awakened, inspired.
Who will believe me now?
And soon, Rama?
Soon, when we experience the Divine All?
Who can deal with that, who wants to get off the own horse?
The human being wants to be big, but to bow, to bow yourself, to truth, takes you to that awakening, it is becoming conscious!
I saw Venus and Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, human being of this world, Church, theologian, Rosicrucian, theosophist, Buddhist?
Mohammedan, was your prophet able to experience something similar?
I know now that those planets are respiratory organs and nothing else.
Wait a moment.
Are you not coming yet?
Oh, there is my student again (see ‘The Cosmology of Jozef part II’, chapter one, Going Over the Experiences).
“So, are you there?”
“Master, am I hearing you?”
“Yes, it is me myself.”
Where were you all that time, Master?”
“I was in God, my friend.”
“Are you serious?
But that will probably be true, after all, you are a Master.”
“Yes, I was in God and I spoke to the All-Mother.
Did you have to wait that long?
Was there no one else then?”
“I thought that you would want to inspire me.”
“For astrology, of course?”
“If that is possible, Master.
Finally an answer again.
I doubted myself, Master.”
“If you doubt about baking a loaf, you will never have anything to eat either.”
“That is true, Master.
I thought I would have to give up, but now you are there again.”
“I was always there, dear.”
“Do you want to help me?”
“For what?”
“For different things, Master.
Do you do astrology?
Does astrology have meaning for the human being, Master?”
“Yes, my son, because the planets and stars fed your organism.”
“But that does not mean anything anyway, does it, Master?”
“Does that not mean anything?”
“I wanted to know something about Jupiter and about Saturn.”
“You want to know something about psychopaths, you say.”
“Are they psychopaths, Master?”
“They are homosexuals, my friend, the homosexuals of this universe.”
“Do you mean that it is so strange to do astrology?”
“Did you ever hear about Egyptians?”
“Of course, Master.”
“Well, those people went insane.
People had to lock them up, because they took part in those things, the laws of which they did not know.
And then ‘white’ became ‘black’!
And that black walked through the villages there and searched for the own intellect and was totally crazy.”
“I am shocked, Master.”
“You are shocked by this ‘totally crazy’, aren’t you, but that is the only word to make you understand that what you are doing now is also dangerous.”
“But what does that danger matter to me, Master.”
“I tell you, I do not want your being crazy on my conscience.
I know your kind.
If you are not proved right, I can drop dead soon.”
“Not true, Master.
But can I really hear you?”
“Am I talking now or are you busy yourself?”
“But I can hear these words inside me, Master.”
“That’s it, my son, but it is me!”
“But how wonderful, Master.
I have always yearned for this.
I have something to tell the world.”
“So, is that so?
But now what...?”
André lets him wait a moment, then he hears:
“Where did you suddenly get to?”
“Well, did you establish that I was speaking and not you speaking to yourself?”
“I have understood that now, Master.
Is it really so?”
“Yes, this is universal telepathy!”
“Oh, my God, what a study.”
“Yes, but just leave out that ‘Oh, my God’, because it is perfectly ordinary and God has nothing to do with it, this is the possession of the human being.”
“But I am so grateful, Master.”
“That is possible, but no fuss now.
It would drive you crazy.”
“Is it so strange then that I am also doing astrology?”
“I asked you, never heard of ancient Egyptians and how they peeled their potatoes?”
“Are you kidding me?”
“Not me, I am asking whether you never heard of that.”
“Yes, that is to say, I do not know that much about it.
I could ask my professor about it.”
“If you want, do that then.”
“Do you wish to know it for yourself, Master?”
“I wanted to answer you by means of that, student.”
“Oh, then it is okay.
Am I sure of myself now?”
“You are as sure as anything, but now just talk about the potatoes first”
“I will not forget it, Master.”
“Are you studying at home?”
“Yes, what else.
You probably know that we walked out of the university, we refused.
I am one of the people who refused.”
“So, is that so?”
“Yes, either we would have been locked up, or they would have wanted to teach us something different; and under that flag, no, not that.”
“So, that is so.
So not under that flag, but is wisdom not wisdom?
Is there a difference?”
“Are you pro-German then?”
“I already told you before: I am everything, I possess all that thinking and feeling.
I also represent those laws of life and for me there is no pro or against German, for me everything is one, it is one oneness.”
“And I probably still have to learn that?”
“That cannot be learned, my friend, but you must feel that.
You must already know it now.”
“So I should have stayed in order to finish my study?”
“Yes, you should have stayed there in order to see whether you could also have peeled those potatoes for yourself.
And now not in their way, but the way in which you live and you belong to as a human being.”
“It is extremely interesting, Master.”
“You think that, my friend, it is not that simple either, for that matter, you proved that and all those other boys along with you.
But now sleep well.”
“Sleep well?
I have already been sitting since five o’clock in the cold, Master?
Can you not see that?”
“No, because at that moment I was on Mars, on Jupiter, on Venus, in and on the Moon, on the Sun and the stars, and then I returned to the Earth.
So I had no time to sit down and look at you.”
“Are you serious?
Were you on Sun and Moon and stars?”
“I do not intend to listen to your wrangling, do not intend to follow your shock, you just have to accept this.
I was there!”
“But my God, that is incredible.”
“I am there!”
“But then I will create a new time for the world.”
“Yes, it is true, but I will do that myself and I do not need you for that.”
“What does that mean, Master?”
“You say, after all, that you want to create a new time.”
“Yes, is that not possible then?”
“But who is it now, you or is it me?”
“Yes, if you look at it like that, of course, then it is you.
But then I receive everything from your life and pass it on to the professors.”
“So, did you think you would do that, but I have already begun with that.”
“And you are not on Earth, are you?”
“I am here, dear boy, I live here on Earth and I am in everything!”
“So you are God and human being at the same time?”
“I am both human being and God, yes, indeed.
But I am also here.”
“Do you mean to say that you are busy writing this on Earth?”
“Not by anyone else, of course, directly from your world to the earth?
By means of inspiration?”
“No, my friend, I am doing that myself.”
“But that is not possible.”
“You are still so stupid.
I tell you, I will record all of this in this world soon.
So I am a human being and am a Deity.”
“Does that mean, Master, that I am connected to the omniscience  and that that omniscience is now speaking to my life?”
“Precisely, student, that’s it.”
“But that is a revelation, isn’t it?”
“Yes, it is, but I am that myself and not you and I am writing myself too and I do not need any human being for that.
I am here, after all, am I not?”
“You live on Earth and you live in the universe?”
“Yes, student.”
“That is not possible.
You see, I am going crazy.”
“Did I not tell you that a moment ago too?”
“Then just drop dead.”
“Thanks, student, you will never make it like that.
I am not dropping dead now, but you are dropping dead, because you still have horrible thoughts in you and I do not want anything more to do with them now.”
“I did not mean that, Master.”
“But you said it anyway, didn’t you?”
“Can you forgive me for that?”
“You still do not have the right to talk to me in a familiar way.
There is no question of forgiving, you think in an angry way and I do not want anything to do with anger in this area.
You are attracting slander, deception, leprosy, Mother Moon says, Wayti says.
And they want nothing to do with that.”
“Wayti, Wayti, you say?
I have to laugh, where do you get these thoughts from?”
“Those are not your thoughts, they were mine.”
“I am going crazy.”
“Yes, but not from these matters.
Only because you said ‘drop dead’ and because of that you are going crazy, you are now spoiling the omniscience.
What are you doing in the cold?
Go to bed, student, or you will lose your sensible character.
Do not forget the potatoes.”
“You are being sarcastic, Master?”
“No, whippersnapper, not that precisely, but you are crushing the omniscience and Saturn does not want to know anything about it.
And woe betide you if you annoy, cause Mother Moon sorrow, then you will have me to reckon with.”
“It is ridiculous, I can hear myself talking.”
“But it was me!”
“When will I hear you again, Master?”
“When you have laid the first real occult eggs.”
“Can you hear me roaring with laughter?”
“No, not me, I could weep, cry at your ill-mannered life.”
“Cry, did you say?”
“Yes, but that is Gelderland dialect, and I have nothing to do with that.”
“But you said it, didn’t you?”
“No, that was not me.”
“You see, it is me myself.”
“You would like that, but it is not you, it was Jeus!”
“Yes, Jeus.”
“Is that Jé-us?”
“You mean Jesus, Jesus Christ?”
“Yes, Master.”
“No, just the ‘eu’ from ‘keukenmeid’, ‘kitchen maid’.”
“So J-e-u-s, Jeus, but it is like I am crazy.”
“You are, yes, indeed, but it was Jeus!”
“So not from you?”
“No, from Jeus.”
“When will I hear you again, Master?”
“When you also know how these potatoes are peeled, you can call me and then I will come to your life.”
“I thank you for everything, Master.”
“You are not serious.
And I do not let myself be thanked by cow people, or by herd animals!”
“Who are you really, if I may ask.”
“I thought that you had begun to peel those potatoes?
But I will answer you.
I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”
“Yes, but it is me now.”
“But Christ said that.”
“That is true, but it is me now.
Or did you think that you could talk to Christ and that HE had forgotten that ‘drop dead’ of yours?”
“But I did not say it to Christ, after all, did I?”
“You said it to me and also to Christ, because I represent His life, His way, His everything!
It is me now!”
“You are that yourself, student, or you would not study.
You would have been better to have become a farmer, but you have nothing from Arie.”
Who is Arie?”
“The son of God.”
“You are insane, are you, Master?”
“Arie is now the son of God and he has everything which a farmer needs in order to be a farmer.”
“And you call that the son of God?”
“Are you not that?”
“Good heavens, what have I started now?”
“You started to lose yourself, didn’t you, student?
And that is the truth.”
“But you come in the name of Christ to me?”
“It is something like that, but the rest lives under my own heart.”
“That’s very moreish or I do not understand it.”
“Also when you have peeled these potatoes and then put them on the table boiled and eat and drink them, you will know it.”
“You are joking.”
“About what?”
“Do you not know then that we no longer have anything to eat?”
“What are you talking about now, student?
Is this not food and drink?
I do not want anything to do with your real potatoes.”
“Then I understand you, Master.”
“You do not understand me, student, or you would have remained asleep.”
“I cannot sleep, Master.”
“Then you must try to remain well and clearly awake, but you are sleeping-awake and awake in sleep.
You are now eating real ‘pea soup, do you know it?”
“Drop dead, I am crazy, I am talking to myself.”
“Then it is fine, student, but I will tell HIM it, so Christ, then He will not have to listen to your cackling. He has other things to do.”
“Yes, do it, Master, and do not forget the other thing.
After all, you know how awful things are for us now?”
“The human being is now living in the paradise, student.
Now there is something to be learned.
In that other paradise the people do not learn anything.
Now, it is only now that the people are learning!”
“Do you mean that?”
“You heard it, I said it, after all!”
“Have you gone?
Listen, Master?
Have you gone?
Now will you just come back, Master?...
Can you not hear me anymore?”
The student calls, but André lets him call now.
It was strange, but that boy is going crazy.
I must, he thinks, close off that life or it will go crazy, completely crazy and that is not quite necessary now.
And that because of hunger?
Because of poverty?
If the people are well off they do not come that far.
It is remarkable.
If the human being has food and drink, that human being is no longer open to this contact.
What does this mean?
Death, this natural dying, Rama, takes the human being to this oneness.
Isn’t it that?
There is no other explanation.
Because of the hunger the human being loses the day consciousness.
And the sensitive people can now experience that.
Because they are hungry, the material organism goes downhill, the spirit emerges and now they can experience this contact, this being one from soul to soul and from feeling to feeling.
It is completely natural.
But this student is going insane, because this life can still get angry, because this life does not feel the seriousness of this contact and because this personality is therefore open to evil, and that evil wrecks the personality.
Now it is still me, but soon it will be the astral world, my Ramakrishna, and then they can put him away and I want to prevent that soon.
“Is it worthwhile, Jeus?”
Jeus hears him and says: “Yes, but that could drive you crazy.”
“It is true, Jeus.
You just told him that he will weep.
That little word was from you, Jeus.”
“Yes, I wanted to tell him that I was there too.”
“So you see, Jeus, you could already have answered that student.
But you could not have done this either under your own power.
What had you wanted to tell him under your own power?”
“All kinds of things.”
“So, so you still think that you can also do this?
Then I will also prove that to you.
Come, we will go up the street, straight to the followers, but I first want to talk a lot with you.
Jeus, I must explain everything to you, it is only then that you will know how we actually think and talk, what we are like.
Or you will never learn it.
Jozef has already had to accept that for such a long time.
Now it is your turn.
Come, come on, we have nothing to do with that kissing of the city one.”
When they are in the street, Jeus asks: “Can he go crazy?
That student?”
“Yes, Jeus, that child of this world can go crazy.
And he is almost, because you will certainly feel that this is dangerous.
That student is now searching for it by means of the occult laws and if you want to get to know them, Jeus, you must be able to lose yourself a thousand times and yet remain conscious, think normally and not lose the ground under your feet, or you will become abnormal.
You do not experience any oneness with life now, but your own insanity.
And that boy thinks he will get there as the spiritualists experience that.
Now the occult danger stands before your life, you talk to that, you hear it, it lives in you, and yet you do not feel and hear it, you think that it is yourself and it is another power, which thinks and talks through you.
Sometimes in you and outside of your life, but now it is becoming dangerous.”
“But you do that too, don’t you?”
“I do that too, Jeus, but differently.
I have real contact!
But I must not joke.”
“I have understood that.”
“Did you not hear him talking then, Jeus?
You should have heard him.
And did I tell him an untruth?
I am on the Earth anyhow.
Will we not write?
Do we need such a dope for that?
Are we not living in this universe?
Were we not on the Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus?”
“Blimey, yes, we were there.”
“Well, so I gave him the truth.
And yet, he did not believe us.
I am fighting for Christ.
And it is me!
But he does not believe it and yet I gave him the sacred truth.
But the people of this society cannot accept that.
They have lost their divine path, Jeus.
They are living in an inhuman maze and no longer believe that they can talk to Christ at any moment.
And that is because the Bible has told so much nonsense.
They do not believe that all the people are God’s children, they do not accept, my Jeus, that you are also God’s son.
And are you not that?”
“Be damned, yes, that is true.”
“Yes, that’s it.
But why must I first be damned now?
Be damned, yes, you say.
What is that again?
I told you, the people in this city do not understand that.
Nor your ‘drop dead’ and ‘darn’, that from the student is also exactly the same thing.
With the difference, he meant it and you did not!
You can say something else for it here.
In the city you often hear, ‘how is it possible’, but sometimes something else and you hear, ‘it is awfully nice’, ‘wonderfully naive’ and it is better than the being damned, the drop dead and darn.
But what is now ‘awfully nice’?
You should hear those exaggerators talking.
But the Masters do not want that, they want us to say exactly what we think, nothing else and nothing more.
Do you understand that, Jeus?”
“I’ll bear it in mind.”
“In the country we had those harsh words and they mean something there and you can talk like that, here not anymore, or Jozef will get the beating.
When Master Zelanus will soon write the books about our childhood, the dialect will be part of those books, but not for our thinking from now.
We must forget that, or we will not come any further.”
“I will bear it in mind.”
“And then this, Jeus.
That young student is hungry, he is also going downhill and is now open to something else.
Most people are bothered by that now and now they experience something else.
When a follower in Ancient Egypt felt hungry, then that life was already no longer any good for the study, because the feeling of hunger belongs to the organism and that feeling draws the spirit from the occult laws, so that all those priests must first conquer that feeling.
And then they stood before very little food and drink and they were the first physical phenomena, Dectar says, which he got to experience there.”
“But what did you mean with those potatoes?”
“So you heard something after all?
I let you experience that, Jeus.
I meant this.
If that student can peel Ancient Egypt, then he will learn something.
If he can do that, he will also be open to something else, and that is the laying of the first foundations for this school.
But he cannot do that under his own power and it is understandable, because I cannot achieve anything either under my own power.
The Masters have that in their hands, and anyone as a human being who begins with that himself, stands before the inner succumbing, you stand before a fight for life and death.
If he now wants to peel all these millions of laws, so analyse and experience, that boy will stand before what we get to experience, but which we already got as a child, so already laid foundations for now as a child, or we would also have succumbed, I then, because you and Jozef did not experience anything.
And that boy wants to peel Ancient Egypt?
Wants to release the death from the material peeling, so the coffin?
Then that life must begin to think and to feel differently, or you will now miss out parts.
Is that so difficult to understand now?
But just begin with it.
It is the study for life and death, soul and spirit, and not only for this life, but also for the astral world, the Bible and everything which belongs to the life.
And now the craziest thing of all.
That boy thought that you have something to do with Jesus.
Isn’t that something?”
“But I have a nice name after all.”
“That is true, Jeus, but you must also earn your universal name.
It is wonderful, Jeus, that so many people in this universe call for help and that is the spiritual universe in which everything lives, everything, and if you get contact with that you will hear all kinds of things.
You can also experience and hear Our Lord in that universe.
It is a wonderful oneness and yet perfectly simple, you must open yourself to it, lose yourself from this world, and now think and talk inwardly.”
“But I do that too anyway.”
“Yes, indeed, but not for your soul, not for your spirit, you do not even know what is from your spirit.
And that man neither, for the matter the rest of mankind knows nothing about it, the academics are also searching.
But the voice of that student came from a tomb to me and that is no longer so human.
And that tells me that that boy really has contact, has already lost himself for fifty percent and no longer feels material, because he wants to get to know the laws of soul and spirit.
I must close off that life, or accidents will happen, people can soon lock him up in a mental institution.”
“It is awfully complicated, isn’t it?”
“Yes, it is, Jeus, but what isn’t, for our life?
The universe has a lot to say to the life of God, but the human being is not open to that and if that is the case, they want to experience everything at once, like this boy.
Hey, what are we getting to experience now?
Can you not hear anything?
I will have a listen, Jeus, this is something new to me.”
And André now hears:
“There is no death!
Dying is evolution!
Dying on earth is entering the astral world!
And those who serve, who possess love and can give themselves to God, as a Father of love, even if that is Our Lord, will go further!
Love unions never dissolve!
And anyone who wants to serve, will sacrifice everything!
But that soul will get everything back!
Love unions will soon reach universal oneness!
And that is for father and mother and also child!
God will then bless this love and will see the human being again in the astral world!
The Father of Love will speak to His children there!
And that is also possible on earth!
Work out within yourself whether this is correct, and you will enter life after death, but now consciously!
Even if you do not know anything about all these laws during your life on earth, you are still conscious in this, because you possess love!
The human being weighs things up, but God has control!
When a child loses the mother for the earth, that will now become the reunion on the other side.
If both possess love!
A mother who feels much love, will be one there and will experience happiness!
And that wonderful love will take you to your twin soul and to Golgotha!
When the human being is great in feeling, the dying will also be bliss, and you will usually be alone, because this dying is for yourself, and you will enjoy this divine silence!
Anyone who can die under his own power, will experience a spatial mercy!
That hour will now be evolution!
The loving mother will die alone!
It will be the ending of the cycle of the Earth!
When Masters on the other side deal with these laws, with regard to mother and child, having reached oneness by means of love ties, they take care of a cosmic attunement!
The mother of the earth now gets to experience the love of the Moon and that is universal oneness!
But on Earth people call that dying!
The soul now goes to her eternal life, she goes further and higher, she now gets to know the laws for her spiritual life!
That soul knows that everything will be fine, and the child does not need to be anxious about that!
Everything will be fine, however it will happen, because the soul as human being has attunement to God!
A mother full of love, can move mountains for her dying!
If the human being feels this, everything will be clear!
Anyone who dies will be in good hands!”
* *
Isn’t that something?
Where did these thoughts come from?
Was it the voice of Master Alcar?
What does this mean?
Did Jeus hear it?
No, that is not possible, but this means something.
And suddenly he feels Crisje.
Is there something the matter?
Is there something the matter with Crisje?
Jeus sinks back, he must think.
How are you now, Crisje?
Do you need help?
We are now away from each other, we can no longer reach each other materially, because the battle for Arnhem destroyed everything.
I can no longer help you now, Crisje.
But I would just like to have seen you now.
After all, you know that there is a gap between The Hague and ’s-Heerenberg, don’t you?
But this means something, Crisje, and it has to do with us.
I must have a think about it.
Crisje lives in Gelderland.
Jeus is mad about Crisje, he cannot live without his dear mother, but André thinks differently about it.
Was this wisdom intended for Jeus?
Jozef will experience it in yet another way, he knows.
What does Crisje have to experience there now?
Is she not well, sick perhaps?
It is strange, the contact is now not spiritually at full power either.
Crisje did not earn any misery!
Crisje is too good for this harsh world!
Crisje is a saint!
If only she was on the other side.
But for Jeus, he feels, that will be a shock, the loss of everything!
When Crisje lives on the other side, he feels, he will be able to give everything for his task.
Now he still thinks too much about Crisje and cannot, may not do that, or he will be divided.
The yearning of Jeus to see Crisje disturbs him for his thinking, for his task and must now dissolve, or he will lose too much in conscious energy for the Masters.
Since he was a child, he had been one with Crisje.
And Jeus could not do that, nor Jozef, the got that, because the Masters elevated him into their life and it is acceptable.
For him Crisje is not a loss, because distance and loss do not exist for God, but Jeus and Jozef still have to master that possession!
That is also the truth!
If Crisje needed something for her life, she sent her thoughts to André and then André sent her a letter with money.
That went well for years, as if of its own accord, but when Master Alcar began with the laws and he had to give himself completely, so then, Crisje had to go from his consciousness, the Tall One came to André and let him know that mother needed something.
The Masters demanded everything of his life, everything, also the love, the union with Crisje had to dissolve, this division would disturb him.
And André was also able to do that, or Master Alcar would not have been able to go further, that would have been the earthly halt, the restraint for complete oneness, which he can now experience, but for which everything was also devoted.
The union with Crisje was always like the way he is one with the student and with other lives, and that oneness was built up by their love.
But now there is something, Crisje has something and I, André thinks, have to think, I have to begin with going over the experiences, or I will not make it and Master Zelanus will not be capable of writing.
“Are we being warned, Master?
If there is something the matter with Crisje, we will stand still, Master, because Jeus and Jozef will want to think about her day and night and what can I do then?”
And Crisje draws Jeus to her, and not André; but those feelings come back to him, it is he who has to deal with the life of feeling, analyse in day consciousness, and not Jeus.
But Jeus is involved with Crisje, of course, Jozef too, but he is already different.
And if Crisje was to live on the other side now, it will be easier, much more peaceful for him than his life and task are, because Crisje will not draw, will not ask; on the other side she will then experience her heaven.
And there everything will be different, he can now experience her by thinking spiritually about her life, and that other, universal oneness will come, as also Sun and Moon, all the life of God gives him to experience.
Yes, he sends to the universe, it is true!
But I will get to experience trouble with Jeus, he will restrict me then and I must now prevent that.
Isn’t it that, universe?
Why did I get to listen to that?
Well, I will think and not ask any questions now.
But there is something the matter with Crisje!
But Jeus comes up and already asks:
“You are talking about Crisje, about mother, is there something the matter?”
There it is already, André thinks.
I am being hammered from my thinking.
He wants to know something, but now I have reached a standstill and cannot do anything anymore.
He says to Jeus:
“Is there is something the matter?
I was thinking about mother, is that not possible?
Is that so wrong?
Is that not perfectly normal?”
“Mother is far too good for this world, as long as you know that.”
“Yes, Jeus, it is true.
Mother is too good, of course.
This life is too harsh for mother, but I have to think.
Mother read her prayer books to bits for us, we know that, but mother must also experience her own life.”
“What did you just say?”
“Is that clear or not?
Every human being must experience his own life, Jeus.”
“But I want to help mother now.”
“You want to help mother?
Now, in these times?
You cannot go home, for that matter, there is war near Arnhem.
Do you want to walk?”
“Isn’t that something, God darn it?”
“Do not start now with God darn it, Jeus, nothing can be done about it, we have to accept that.
Or did you think that this did not concern me?
Not concern Jozef perhaps?”
“He has already forgotten mother.”
“So, you thought that, but then I will tell you something else.
We know that you cannot do without Crisje.
But we feel differently, Jeus.
We also think about Crisje a great deal, but we are no longer little children.
Our union with mother is supernatural, we know that, we experienced that together.
But not you!”
“What are you saying now?
Not me?”
“No, not you, and I will prove that to you, Jeus.
If mother needed money, who knew that?
You or I?
If mother sent me her thoughts, who could always receive those thoughts, you or I?
Who always spoke to father when father came to us and said that mother needed something?
It was me!
And we also know, if you sent mother too much, the neighbourhood would stand before her and she would share it again with those people.
Do you know that too?”
“I know that, mother gave everything to the poor.”
“That is true, but if you send mother too much, what will we experience then?
Then we do crazy things and that must not happen.
Those people there must take care of the daily bread themselves, Jeus.
I have always made sure that mother did not want for anything, never for anything, but were the others able to do that?
Were Johan and Bernard capable of being able to receive those thoughts from mother?
You perhaps?
That was me!
If we had not been there, Jeus, if I had not been one with Crisje, then mother with all her boys could still have suffered hunger, if you wish to know!
What were you able to do for mother?
Nothing, nothing, I tell you, we did that, Jozef and I.
And what did those others do?
Nice Juul sent mother two dollar from America.
He could not spare more than that.
And those other two drove their twenty cars to pieces, but did they think about Crisje for a moment?
Did you think that mother did not know who was thinking about her?
Father Wageman always sat crying when I sent something.
Because he knows that I possess love, thought about their lives and have never forgotten them.
I could not get a potato over my lips.
Were you able to do that?
Gerrit sent two useless dollars to Crisje, and they had to make a world trip, that was for our incredible Crisje?
But I was there too, Jeus, I took care of those old ones and that is urgently necessary, a child may never forget what the mother has done for that life, because the mother is everything on Earth!
Father Wageman loves us, me the most, he says that, because I wanted to experience his heart by means of love and nothing else.
Did you make a fuss about Crisje?
Hanging onto her skirts, that’s not it, Jeus.
None of all her boys were able to do anything for her, I was, because I wanted to earn that first, and then for the rest!
I thought about my Crisje, our mother, day and night, what more do you want now?”
Jeus thinks and André gives him that opportunity for a moment, but we are standing still now and cannot go any further.
André now gives him a beating.
“When father passed on and mother was sitting in the kitchen and did not lift another hand, Jeus, who talked to her then?
You perhaps?
Father came into me and spoke to mother, but could father have reached you?
Johan perhaps?
Bernard perhaps?
Hendrik, Gerrit or Teun or Miets perhaps?
No, none of you were capable of that, that was me!
And now you would like to raise your head?
Now you would like to force me to think about mother day and night?
Now everyone in this world must prove what he can and wants to do?
You can tell me more, Jeus, but I can understand your feeling.
Do you know that Crisje has written me hundreds of letters?”
“Where are those letters from mother?”
“So, is that so, would you like to read them now?
I will read them out to you, Jeus, just like that from my heart, because I ripped up the other letters, they spoke to my life day and night and I could not work again.
Mother wrote: “You always know when we need something and we thank you a thousand times for that. But if only I could tell you that the war would soon be over, that would be something entirely different, and there are all kinds of other troubles. And we got news that we had to leave our house and we got a tremendous shock and that was now just the day when Jansen came back from The Hague and they agreed that we would just live upstairs at Mina’s house, and that is not so pleasant for father, because father prefers to be on his own and you know that. And that is now over again and we can continue to live for the time being. And Willem van Bree also took care of that, or the Germans would have put us out of the house. But what times they are.And now a thousand times thanks from your dear mother and father and a great deal of kisses from Johan, from your dear mother. And now do not worry about us, we will make it”, mother wrote, Jeus.”
“Do you still have that letter?”
“Yes, I kept this one and you cannot get it from me for any ten million, because this one is for me!
But that is your mother, your Crisje.
If father had not telephoned now and again, I would not have known it either, but we agreed that with each other, Jeus.
Father is taking care of mother and Miets too, so we do not need to worry now.”
“But I want to see them again.”
“Then just put that in the hands of Our Lord, I cannot do anything about it, we are living in war times and you have to bow to that, if we have to do that.”
“And what did father say to you from heaven?”
“I already told you that, he took care of mother.
And then I sent the money away immediately.
If you had wanted to know that, you should just have learned to think differently.”
“But God darn it, did I get that then?”
“Quiet, quiet, Jeus, or I will give you something else to experience and that will not be easy for you now.
You mean that you did not get to experience any of these matters, isn’t it true?
But you are as other people want to experience that.
You did not thirst, or we would not have had to experience all those beatings.
We often got a beating from Master Alcar, but did you feel anything of that?”
“Did that have to do with me then?”
“You, there you are now, “did I have anything to do with that?”
But do you not understand that we got to experience a very different life than you?
You mucked around, but the city one got a beating.
You wanted to experience fun and we got the beating.
Of course, we also mucked about now and again, then it became too powerful for us, but still, if we had not devoted everything, Jeus, what would have become of it then?
Then we would still have been in the clay, I already told you that before.
Then we could have gone to the factory in Emmerik for our whole life, and would not have experienced any household, then we would not have earned any money to support a girl and children, we would have had nothing then than that useless lot there.
But what have we become now?
Does that not mean anything to you?
If we had not freed ourselves from ’s-Heerenberg, Jeus, I swear to you, then we would have been at the brush factory there, but Master Alcar sent me away, and not you, I heard then: go, go to Johan and Bernard.
Did you hear any of that?”
“Not me, I would have wanted to stay with mother.”
“You see, that is the difference.
You would have wanted to stay in order to hang on Crisje’s skirts your whole life, but not me!
For that matter, none of us, isn’t it true, three of them are in America.
We do not have that, we do not want to remain farmers, at least not those farmers, because for a farmer, I already told you that before, I have sacred respect, sacred respect, because those people give us food and drink.
If they did not work so hard we would not have food in this rotten city.
And you forget that.
The people do not think about that when they see a farmer like that.
But if only they had something from those farmers.
A farmer like that is given the cold shoulder by the city ones, yes, that city poverty can do that, but just try experiencing that farmer life of feeling sometime, I already told you!
Just give me those Aries and you just take the mayors; all that ado about nothing from the city, if you wish to know, is not worth a jot, it is nothing else but deception, jealousy, lies and hatred, destruction, sullying, they cannot give any calf the mother milk.
And that has now studied, is learned, intellectual too, for us from the country?
Don’t make me laugh, and yet, Jeus, I did not want to stay there.
I got something else, but you now have to get to know that too and you have to master that, like us!
I repeat, do you have these gifts or did you get to experience them, even if we know not a bit of it belongs to me?
If the Masters had not been there, now remember that for eternity, then we would have been either in Emmerik, or in the brush factory and the mice  would be lying dead in front of the cupboard!
Did you hear mother, Jeus, when I experienced the Universe and fell to the floor twice?
Did you feel anything of that pain, when I was knocked out of my balance?
The girl from Vienna perhaps?
We, Jozef and I had to deal with that.
And if we had called for mother then, Crisje would just have worried and she could not have helped us anyway, no one, we had to do that ourselves.
But did you feel how our heart was creaking?
Did you not see anything?
Did you not see that we were standing in front of the harbour in order to jump into it, Jeus?”
“Did you want to kill yourself then?”
“Yes, not to kill myself, but because the universe began to talk to my life and I had got to know the Moon as mother.
Then I succumbed myself for a moment.
Jozef was not even able to help me then, you fell asleep then and you are still sleeping!”
“Isn’t that something?”
“Yes, Jeus, if I tell you all the things I had to deal with, you will not even believe it.
You will say then, a human being cannot deal with that and it is inhuman, but by means of that I have this now, everything, and you will get to know that.
I succumbed a thousand times, but I stood up, again and again.
I also thought about mother, but differently, I lived in her heart, her blood, her soul and spirit, and you never experienced, never felt that.
How can a child forget a mother like that?
I was one with father and am still that, but can you see father or Miets?
Can you also hear Mother Water talking now?”
“What is it, mother?
I will come to your life later, I must settle with Jeus first, my mother, but I will bring you the All-Love from your mother!”
And then there is uttered, the space of which Jeus now feels: “I thank you, my son, just go further.”
“You see, Jeus, that is also a mother.
And she can take care of everything and is not a human being.
You will see, today we will get food sent home.
And she can do even more, but she does not want to hear any whining.
Anaemic souls mean nothing to her, she says, the human being has to get to know the laws and master my life.
But something occurs to me, I had almost forgotten that already.
Don’t you remember anymore, Jeus, that you once told me that mother needed something and I asked you, what are you interfering in?
I sent it and what did mother write?
I do not need anything.
You see, you thought that she needed something, but those were your own thoughts.
And that told me then that you cannot experience any spiritual oneness with her and cannot receive anything from her life either, you have to get to know these laws for that.
I told you then: leave me alone, you are not a clairvoyant, not a clairaudient, it is me, but you have forgotten that.
You shrugged your shoulders, but now?
Now you stand before all these laws and you have to listen, or we will go further and you will get to experience one beating after another.
Good heavens, I can see everything now.
It did not get through to me then, but you once told me: you can write books, but mother is dying of hunger.
Do you not remember that anymore?
And what did mother write then?
I am full!
And again you got to accept that you cannot experience any contact with her soul, because you must love for that, you must know the laws for that and I know them.
The Masters taught me that the human being must experience his own life and that the human being must work.
Mother worked herself to death for the people and for us, and have I forgotten that?”
“But is there something the matter with mother now?”
“Why are you asking that, Jeus?”
“You were talking about mother this morning.”
“Yes, I was, but by what means?”
“I don’t know.”
“Then you should have listened carefully, Jeus, a moment ago when those words were spoken, then you could have experienced something beautiful.”
“Well, what is the matter with mother?”
“Nothing, but the Masters...”
“What Masters?”
“They were talking about the love of child and mother, Jeus.
They were talking from the universe to a mother and her child, and that that union cannot be broken.
Love unions do not dissolve, they continue to exist eternally.
I am thinking about something, I must experience that and you too, but I tell you, it must not disturb me for my task, or I will fling everything away from me.
This goes before our holy mother, before everything, as long as you do not want to forget that.
And what do the Masters say?
Nothing, they are talking about love unions.
Yes, what is that?
If you ask questions now you will not get an answer anyway.”
“Is that perhaps to do with death?”
“If you think about that, Jeus, we will stand still.
I already began with that years ago.
If Crisje dies, I will say hooray, but can you do that?”
“That is enough to drive you crazy.”
“So, is that enough to drive you crazy?
I tell you, that is because you do not want to lose everything of this material life.
Christ said: anyone who wants to lose the life, will receive Mine.
I fought against that then, and then for the first time, Jeus, I knew what that meant.
But I also got a good beating then. And later?
Later I saw Him and I spoke to Him!
To HIM himself!
When I thought about the moment that Crisje would soon have to die, I experienced that for days on end, and then I went further.
But you still have to begin with that.
As a human being you must do that, I am no longer a human being, but that human, Jeus, restricts me, disturbs me and I want to prevent that, even if our mother Crisje is holy and pure, I cannot help her in that, even if it hurts me.
Good heavens, I would have wanted to experience that with her, Jeus, then I could have given her something wonderful.
Dying, believe me, is the most wonderful thing there is, the most beautiful thing for the human being on Earth.
But then you do not stand before a death, but before a soul who will get wings.
And I would have wanted to discuss that becoming free from the organism with Crisje now.
I would have helped her in that silence and do you know what that is for a mother?
It is sacred, Jeus, oh so wonderful, because now the soul goes to the heavens or the hells.
But because we know that mother was so great and so loving, the heavens will come to her life.
Father and Miets will take care of that and it will happen soon.
So prepare yourself, think in that direction and then I can take care of my task.
We will go further then.
It must not be a shock to your being, but joy.
You must be able to say hooray and not cry for your mother, because she will feel that in her new life and it will now also be sorrow for her, because the human being here does not know any better.
I already experienced the death of Crisje, Jeus.
I said farewell to her life two years ago and it was not so odd when she told me that we would not see each other again.”
“Is mother going to die then?”
“Can you tell what will happen there, now that we know that the Germans are also shooting everything to pieces there?
Someone who risked visiting ’s-Heerenberg, said that the people are sitting in the cellar of the monastery.
And does that still not say enough?
All kinds of things can happen.
I have to think about what Master Alcar said at the end of this journey.
That is incredible, Jeus.
Master Alcar said that there no longer existed any gravity in the universe.
And if you think it through, you will feel that this is true.
After all, the Earth weighs billions of tons and that monster is floating in this universe.
This monster is floating on something, but does not go an inch to the side, nothing can push this monster out of that orbit, and yet?
The Earth weighs thousands of millions of kilos.
Does this not mean anything to you?
I want to think about that now.
But it is true, those words of the Masters threw me from my thinking.
And when that starts to happen, that also has meaning again and must first happen, or they would make sure that we could not experience those thoughts.
Is that true?”
“Probably, but is mother perhaps sick?”
“The Masters did not say that.
No one said anything about mother.
And my contact with her tells me that there is something, but that something is now, that there is fighting there.
But where is there not fighting now?
Which human being is now free from misery?
Who is not suffering from hunger?
The whole of Europe got to experience this beating and does mother now want to protect you from that?
I can tell you so much, Jeus.
I tell you, I am prepared for everything.
Last year I was on the other side with Master Zelanus.
Then I experienced something with regard to mother and father.
And later again, we had experienced the first journey for the Cosmology, I returned to the Spheres of Light again and I met Miets and my child.
Then I felt and saw something again, and from that moment I was ready.
Mother may now die as far as I am concerned, I will not weep, I will not be shocked, I tell you, as far as I am concerned it is a ‘hooray’!”
Silence, Jeus thinks, André is thinking and Jozef is listening.
But now they experience this oneness!
The character traits are one and must be one, or it will still be a shock soon after all and he will have to experience and he must take care of that, or we will not be able to go any further.
“Oh, Jeus”, he continues, “did you think that I had forgotten everything about our life?
Do you not remember anymore that mother crept up the stairs at night and asked me whether I wanted to talk to her again?
Then father Wageman came. And I did not want to lose Crisje?
No, it was not that, Jeus, that did not mean anything to me, but the other thing, that meant everything to me.
Do you not know that I predicted six years in advance what would happen?
Do you not know that I sat on top of the table with a club that first night?
I would have beaten father Wageman to death, I believe, if he had dared to touch mother.
I experienced that then, Jeus, I was just fourteen years old then, not even that.
I felt Crisje’s grief and wanted to prevent that.
But I could not do anything about it.
I am only telling you all of this, because you will feel that it is also everything for me, I do not want to lose Crisje.
But I will not lose her, even if she dies soon, I was able to master that and that’s it!”
Silence, it is time to think now, but then he goes further and says:
“Did you feel Crisje at that time?
Did you feel, experience, when she prayed her sixteen Stations of the Cross and got her vision of Our Lord on the seventeenth?
But who was that Our Lord?
That was Master Alcar, my Jeus, and that was father himself, and then we had nothing more to say!”
“Do you not have to go to Loea? We already passed there three times.”
“Thank you, Jeus, thanks for your good Dutch.
I can now hear that you are making progress.
No, I am no use to Loea and the others now.
We must think and experience this first in the pure thinking, or we will not come any further.
I am not capable this afternoon of giving myself completely to Master Zelanus, this has to go first.
And I know, that will not happen at once, but it will come.
When mother asked me whether I wanted to stay at home that day, I said no, but what did the others do?
I could not bear to watch that, I had a pain inside, because I knew that our good Crisje had got a terrible beating.
And did that not happen sometimes?
When Master Zelanus writes those books soon, I will be proved right again.
And it is only then that you will know that you were sleeping.
Which of us saw the fire in the attic while playing football?
That was me, Jeus!
It was always me, but you will now come to my life and then we will soon experience the ‘death’ of Crisje, but in a way it should be and the laws teach us.”
“But what a nice time we had there, didn’t we?”
“That is the truth, Jeus, our life was great there, it is nowhere as nice as our Montferland, between those wonderful trees.
I will tell you too, that there was not one boy in the whole of ’s-Heerenberg who loved his mother so much as we were able to.
Because we loved as no one can love, Jeus, we experience, I then, the spiritual love!
And if you want to experience that love, you will come into contact with life and death.
And the Masters awakened that feeling.
When Master Alcar touched our life for the first time, he woke me and Dectar up!
But you were not involved in that, you were playing there, you spoke in dialect, you horsed around, but I experienced those beautiful things.
And now you want to ask me whether I will go to ’s-Heerenberg in order to see how mother is?”
“I am starting to understand it.”
“No, you do not understand it, or you would think differently about it.
You will be walking round howling and I do not want anything to do with that, nor does Jozef, we have something else to do.
Crisje must die some day and we cannot stop that.
But you are part of our life and you do not know it.
You know, but you do not do anything for it, and that is now over, or we will not come any further.
I must now free myself completely from this world, or the Masters will not come any further.
I must elevate every character trait to myself, or I will stand before the physical and spiritual succumbing, even the death of Crisje must not be able to disturb us, although we would have liked to have been with her in order to be able to experience this with her.
But that will probably still also be possible, the Masters can do everything; and if we experience that, Jeus?
Do you not know that I was once walking with Our Lord in ’s-Heerenberg off the Grintweg?
Yes, then we talked in dialect, but did you feel that?”
“I don’t know anything about it.”
“You see, it was me and it was not even Our Lord, it was Master Alcar, but this serving for mankind already began then.
And what are we fussing about, mother knows what to do herself, mother is strong in everything.”
“But I just want to see them.”
“Then you should try to see whether you can reach her inside, like that crazy student is trying to talk to the Masters.
There is nothing else to be experienced now, and you have to accept that.
We will never lose Crisje!
“Do you believe then that mother will die?”
“Yes, that dying will come, of course that will come, but today or tomorrow?
If I knew now and that is the strange thing for me, Jeus, that mother would die in three months’ time, we would stand still for the Cosmology.
Then I would divide myself, or the Masters would have to connect me with her passing over.
And when we have experienced that, we will go further again.
I see it like that, I cannot feel anything else, but I do not get to know everything beforehand either, as long as you can swallow that, because our life lies in the hands of the Masters.”
We come home and begin.
Jeus can follow everything now, the personality is split, we will receive the material disturbances, so that nothing can disturb us, nothing will disharmonically influence this wonderful ‘Temple’, the human organism.
I have begun, the first pages are flying from the typewriter, André reads it, no thought was lost.
The girl from Vienna talks now and again, her soups are refused and tasty raw carrots can no longer be got, I do not need to have a nibble anymore.
The Masters are watching out, but the organism is breaking, it no longer possesses any grasp, only the nerves are tense and they now get relaxation, because the ‘Cosmology’ is materialised, the personality André-Dectar is serving.
Every page gives André enlightenment, and he feels completely free from the universe.
Every law which I take to the analysis, gives him the fresh breathing, gives him enlightenment, but meanwhile we experience the laws again together; by means of the writing I now get the wisdom in my own hands.
André deals with all of this, even if I live in him, it is him, after all, who gives me the life of feeling.
We go all out, that means, we want to write six or seven books for the Cosmology before the war ends.
The Masters take care of this mankind for that, even if the dogmatic child of Mother Earth still does not want to accept the laws of life, millions of children of God are ready for that and ask for wisdom, beg, now thirst to be able to know.
First of all we record going over the experiences.
Every word gets meaning for his life.
Anyone who has to do with him, finds himself back in the Cosmology.
The discussions with Mother Earth and the followers get colour and form.
I also want to write this part in three weeks, so that we can soon begin with the following journey.
It is going well, André lets me feel that he is now enjoying himself and meditating close to the area of the human subconscious.
Jeus lives in his area and now admires the human temple, which he will soon be able to ask questions about.
It is the truth, André now closes off his childhood.
His childhood must now disappear, he must elevate all those experiences to his life and thinking, and that means that he will soon be strong for his task, when we will speak for the human being in public.
We also already laid those foundations, the followers experienced those evenings, but now that the human being has to be inside before eight o’clock, those sessions were closed.
But we are that far, we will be able to begin soon!
At about half past three the doorbell rings.
I heard that ringing and André looks through the walls and sees what is standing there at the door.
It is a man, he has a large parcel with him.
I have to stop, the girl from Vienna is already calling, we got food and drink.
What he saw during his journey through the universe, has become reality.
Come inside!
The man wanted to take off, but Jozef grabs him and pulls him into the room.
We look at all those tasty things.
Cake, oil, currants, also some pepper, a chest full of tasty things, there are all kinds of things.
The city one may have a taste, the man is a follower of the Masters, he reads the books.
When Jozef asks him where he got those thoughts from, the man can say that he suddenly felt inspired and saw the writer of all those wonderful books before him, by means of which he knew: he must have something.
“Thanks, in the name of the Masters!
The angels know it!
Outside of the earthly life of feeling”, Jozef can say, “I got to know this and I knew that you would come.
Isn’t that something?
Yes, the Masters are watching out and we can now make progress again.”
Now further!
The girl from Vienna is thrilled by it.
We get slipped some sweets now and again, I also eat tasty earthly things.
I firmly resolve to take care of this life, this man, after his death and then treat him to spiritual tasty things, which the Spheres of Light were created from, were built up, tasty things from ‘God’, sweets from the angels, to which I belong and can now already assure him of that.
Master Alcar knows this life and this child will soon be surprised, the whole of this universe will then spoil him, because he served the instrument of the University of Christ!
“Friend and brother, we will not forget you!”
The grocer from Delft will get his place in the Cosmology!
“Willem, the Spheres of Light thank you!
You have fed a prophet!
God wanted it!”
Others will come, we will not forget those people either, when they have completed their task on Earth.
André can now begin to follow the grades of life on Earth, by half past five I am done with writing.
We cannot press down another key, the arms, the fingers are so tired, we have exhausted the systems down to the last powers, but tomorrow that will also have recovered again.
I calculate through Master Alcar the physical powers which we still possess now, so that we will not exhaust the nervous system, even if we feel that there are still two kilos of power present in order to experience and to write the Cosmology, the six or seven books which will serve as foundations.
We place the ‘Pillars’ for the University of Christ by means of that, soon, by means of the following books, we will finish this gigantic building.
When the human being then enters the University of Christ, he will see the creation, not only the universe, the human being, as soul and astral personality, the animal world and of course Mother Nature with all her life, materialised, depicted!
After the writing he has to go into the street, the follower will read the books, by means of which he will take away the things experienced from André, that relaxation is also necessary.
“Do keep in mind”, that life gets to hear, “we are only laying the foundations, after the war we will begin to analyse the laws and that must happen under full power, so physically normal, so under power, because I would succumb now under this universe, this material, my heart would not be able to stand that!”
Jeus can ask Jozef questions; and it is these two who now represent the material world.
André-Dectar is meditating, he still looks at the people, the seven grades of life of which he sees.
Isn’t it true, André, on the following journey we will begin on earth, we will return to the jungle, we will then experience how Mother Earth began with her task, and will go on, straight to the conscious Divine All, where the human being lives who has materialised his Divine life!
“I want to know everything now”, Jozef gets to experience, “everything.”
And when Jozef also thinks, he already asks:
“Do you think that mother is sick?”
“Can you not feel that then, Jeus?”
“No, but I want to learn that.”
“So, you want to learn that.
But that is not so simple.”
“Am I making mistakes then?”
“You are now starting to speak Dutch, I notice.
And that is better, we must follow him, or we will never make it.
Or he will give us a beating that will make our heads spin.”
“Did you never have an argument with him then?”
“Of course, we have had arguments, all of this was not built up at once just like that.”
“Tell me?”
“I have to whisper, Jeus, the follower is reading and André is following him.”
“Now, tell me.”
“Oh, we have experienced so much.
It doesn’t bear thinking about.”
“Did he never collapse then?”
“That also happened more than once, Jeus.”
“Tell me?”
“There is so much to tell.”
“Then tell me something which I can learn from.”
“Well, you must whisper, otherwise we will get to hear something.
Did I already tell you that he wanted to kill himself?”
“I don’t remember anymore.”
“We are busy with those books, the journeys for ‘The Origin of the Universe’.
Then he made journeys for those books, the foundations for the Cosmology.
And then he lived between the stars and planets, but is also a human being.”
“He forgot everything, of course.
He was searching for his hat and was wearing it.”
“So, Jeus, did you think that.
No, it was not that.
When the Masters began with him, for the first books already, and he was writing, he dissolved so deeply that he no longer knew whether he was still living on Earth.
One afternoon he wondered: “I am this.
That is the radio, those are flowers, this is a cigarette, I am still smoking too.
That is a painting”, and at the same time Anna comes in.”
“And was there the devil to pay then, was there?”
“She thought, he is going crazy.
He said: “Do not worry, I have to consider, I have to feel that I am back again, there is nothing, so don’t worry.””
“And then?
Was she afraid?”
“She looked at us for a moment and went away.
Of course we got to hear that we could sometimes go too far and experience too much.
But nothing happened.
She noticed nothing when we landed on the floor in 1938, but we got such a blow to the heart twice and we landed on the floor twice.”
“What was that?”
“Angina, Jeus, a heart attack, because the laws from the universe smashed us to pieces.”
“Did you not have to go to the hospital then?”
“I think that I already told you all of this.
No, not that, because the Masters were there, the highest Masters in order to take care of that.
André hits his heart with his fist and says:
“What do you want?
To play tricks on us?
I will show you that sometime.
Here, and another one”, and then the heart got a beating.
Another human being would have beaten himself to death at that moment, but the heart started to beat calmly again and I slowly got control.”
“Did Anna not see anything then?”
“When we brought her tea in bed, she asked whether it was so cold there, because we looked so pale.
“Yes”, he answered her, “it is cold in the kitchen.”
But four days later we got to experience another blow like that.
Suddenly we collapsed.
There was also blood, the jaw was hanging in shreds, but it also got a blow and then we could go further again.”
“Were you not afraid then?”
Of what?
We, he then, would rather have disappeared today rather than tomorrow.
But when I felt that like that, Jeus, I experience everything, I also found this life stuff and nonsense.
I saw his universe, was with him in the Spheres of Light, I got to know the laws and then saw that life beyond the coffin was a thousand times nicer than here in this miserable world.
I began to think.
But not towards him, but away from him.
I thought, so, if that happens again, I will know enough.
And André also began to worry.
He thought: I will never make that journey and sooner or later we will collapse anyway, because no one can deal with this.
He fought against the laws of the universe, against every law of life, against life and death.
So the fight, in order to deal with all of that as a human being on Earth and still keep going.”
“And is that not so simple?”
“That is terrible, Jeus!
You live in everything and you are a human being.
You live in the purest love and you get one beating after the other here.
Do not forget, he lived in the Spheres of Light and no one from this world understood him.
You are bursting with love and you cannot give any love.
You carry that universe alone and no one can help you carry.
This is a thousand times worse than experiencing the worst illness of this world, even worse than leprosy, whatever disease, you cannot compare this to anything, because this is spiritual pain.
Spiritual pain is awful.
And if you want to have an idea of that, then that is possible.
For example, a human being who feels homesick, wastes away before your eyes, nothing can help that human being, because the life of feeling gnaws away the life.
But what is homesickness with regard to this oneness with the life of God?
Because he is one, he experiences the life of every spark, but also the love.
And that is feeling, you carry that life around in your heart, you know it, you are mother for everything as it were, he says, then I understood, because I was undergoing that love with him.
And from that moment I knew, Jeus, that happiness is much worse than sorrow, happiness is more difficult to bear than the deepest misery and I also decided for myself, André also had to agree with me.
Because he went under because of it, from that moment, he became nonchalant, it no longer mattered a jot to him.
We no longer believed, Jeus, that we would make it, we knew, we would succumb.
And then we started to give him a hand.”
“Darn, isn’t that something?
And then?”
“Let’s see.
The follower is still not there, I see.
And then?
So it was during the time when we had to deal with the ‘Universe’.
When he had made those journeys, he said to me: “Now you will experience something.
I do not believe that I will get the hang of Sun and Moon, and the other planets.
I am almost bursting.
And you cannot help me, nor can the girl from Vienna, no one!”
I saw then, Jeus, that we were standing before a ‘mountain’ and that was ‘God’s mountain’.
And we had to carry that mountain.
We had to carry and deal with the space, this universe, with all those millions of laws.
Meanwhile Master Alcar started to write quickly.
We would publish four books in one year, because we knew that Hitler would begin with war.
We already knew that in 1935, when André was connected to Adolph Hitler.
Master Alcar did that, because we would know that we represented the good and Adolph the evil.
He also did that in order to show us which task we would get for the present stage, this mankind.
First he had to experience the ‘Diseases of the soul’.
Then he made journeys for insanity and immediately afterwards for ‘The Origin of the Universe’.
We would write four books and those four books had to be published in a year.
So working day and night.
During that time we did not have a single second to think about ourselves and we were not that bothered by the universe, because Master Alcar described those journeys and by means of that he freed his soul and spirit from that wisdom.
But André said to me: “That is all very well, but soon we will stand before the experiencing of the universe and it is only then that we will have to prove what we can do.”
We finish those books.
In four months we wrote four books.
And then we went to Vienna.
We almost suffocated there.
Throughout everything the cosmos had begun and spoke to his life.
Even in Grintzing (winegrowing village near Vienna) we had to prove what we could do.
You would say now, lovely relaxation, real and natural fun which gives you something, wouldn’t you, but that is nonsense, if you stand before the life.
André thought that too, but we got the pieces of proof there and knew then that we were carrying a universe of happiness in us.
And when we now came to Grintzing, the sisters and brothers-in-law of the girl from Vienna started to spoil us, we almost burst, because that happiness and that joy attracted the cosmic happiness to the Earth, so to us, and we had to prove what we could do.
We understood then that we now also had to prove what we could do, or that happiness would have raised us in such a way, would have hammered us to pieces in such a way that we would have succumbed there in Vienna.
Then he suddenly said:
“Did you notice that?
Can you also feel this?
We must experience this happiness in dribs and drabs, or we will succumb.”
And that had become the bursting apart of our personality.
I understood him.
Sometimes the girl from Vienna had to restrict us, or we would have raced through the Kärtnerstrasse, we would have chopped down the Stephans Turm, we were mad with happiness and relaxation, so bad, that Master Alcar decided to paint for the Viennese people, so that we did not have to feel anything for a moment, did not have to think anything, but by means of which we, André then, got relaxation.
We made beautiful paintings there for the Viennese people, they were sitting crying there, because they knew that I had never held a paintbrush, they had got to know me there as the driver.
And when that was over, we began to think again and to restrict ourselves, so that we were not taken for crazy for the human being on Earth.
But inwardly we could not get over our inspiration, and the Viennese people understood that.
I was the ‘Meschuggene’ (nutty, crazy) for them.
And yet, Jeus, we were playing a game there with life and death.
The planets continued to work, Sun and Moon continued to talk and that happiness, if you feel and can experience that, makes you crazy.
That can almost not be experienced, be dealt with, by a human being; and yet, we stood before it and had to get through it.”
“And that happened, didn’t it?”
“Yes, that happened, but how?
When we returned it began.
We thought that we had become nice and relaxed, but the laws of the universe continued to talk, continued to send us that happiness, that oneness.
The stars began to talk to his life.
When he experienced something beautiful, the tears flowed down his cheeks.
If we went to the cinema and we experienced something beautiful, the human being played there, by experiencing love, the tears ran down our cheeks.
We could no longer deal with warm-heartedness, because that material and human warm-heartedness got a connection with our life and then that terrible soul pain began to beat us, so badly, so terribly, that one evening we closed the door behind the girl from Vienna and said: “See you soon, dear, we have to go outside for a moment.””
“Was she not afraid then?”
“Of course, but we could not tell her that we wanted to kill ourselves, could we?”
“God darn it, isn’t that something?
Did you want that?”
“We could not stand it any longer, Jeus.
We had got too much of a good thing.”
“And then?”
“Then we ran in the direction of Scheveningen.
Straight to the harbour, because Mother Water was calling us.”
“And you were able to understand that?”
“Yes, because I had to represent him for this world, after all.
Motherhood, Jeus, calls you, if you have felt that motherhood.
And everything was born by means of motherhood.
So that mother, the universe, that is also motherhood, you were able to experience that now yourself, you were with him there and heard the Moon talking, that feeling is love and that million-fold love broke us.
Other artists, who experience their art, for example, already collapse because their inspirations break the life as the personality.
And what is a painting now in comparison to the macro cosmos, being one with all the life of God and having to deal with that inspiration?
How many painters and artists did not suffocate on Earth because of their art?
Thousands had to experience that and then they also stood before the human succumbing.
But that is art, a painting like that or a composition from a composer.
And those men and women searched for it in something else and always in the love, because the love could help them, because that is everything for the human being.
By means of this the words were spoken which people sometimes use for those people and then you hear: the greater the spirit, the greater the beast!
And then those poor wretches were also broken, by the masses, because they wanted to experience some love and did not find it anyway.
But, they searched for it and that was now the relaxation for their artistic souls and they remained in balance.”
“How beautiful all that is.
Tell me more?”
“The follower is ready, I see, we will disappear here.
And now just look at that man, Jeus.
What do you feel?”
“Nothing, I feel nothing.”
“You see, there you are now.
André thinks that that man can help him to carry.
But that is not true.
Now that that man is reading the Cosmology, something from our life and carrying has gone anyway.
But there is no question of helping to carry.
But he does it, he lets him read the Cosmology.
And by means of this, if that life could understand these laws, the personality could help him to carry, but that is not possible now.
I tell you, you will experience that soon, that man will succumb soon.
If André puts the fifth part in his hands, he must help that man to carry and then there will no longer be a question of reading.
Then we will also stand alone again.”
“But is there no one then?
Can no one help him?
Can your wife not help him to carry then?”
“That would be possible, Jeus, and she would be able to help us to carry.
If she thirsted, was hungry for this wisdom, yes, then everything would be different.
But that is not there now.
If that was the case, Jeus, my God, then we would all experience something wonderful.”
“What did we experience then?”
“André says this:
“If my girl from Vienna thirsted, if she really thirsted for cosmic wisdom, then I would be able to let her experience the universe.
I would first let her put on the most beautiful thing she has.
And then I would read out to her and explain everything.
She at our feet, Jozef, together in a lovely way, hand in hand and then experiencing the Cosmology.
Dressed in silk, I would buy a beautiful garment for her, these hours would be heavenly, but she is not open to that.”
And to experience that gives us relaxation, the being one with an earthly mother, it gives you love, happiness, now we carry everything together.”
We go away, Jozef is right and André will soon have to swallow that the followers cannot go further either.
When we reached the street, Jeus asks:
“And does she not understand that then?
Did you not speak to her then?”
“I tried that too, Jeus.”
“And what did she say to you?”
“Crazy darling!”
“Crazy darling?
Crazy darling?
Did she not understand that then?”
“No, the girl from Vienna is a child mother.
And if you know that personality, you will also understand this, that life still has to take care of all these matters.”
“Good heavens, why did you not call me then?”
“Were you ready for that then, Jeus?”
“No, I wasn’t, was I?”
“No, neither was I.
Not even André.
But he had wanted to give her the Kingdom of God, but he and I could not miss it.
And we were not open to other people.
There were plenty of people who wanted to experience everything of our life, but André said: “Then I would rather break my own neck.
I will complete this life and not create a new karma.””
“Did you never think of taking to your heels?”
“No, Jeus, never, because we do not hurt anyone.
The girl from Vienna cannot help it that she does not thirst, but that will come too.
No, after all, other women would just have destroyed us.
The girl from Vienna was born with all of this, she experienced everything from the beginning, even if she remained herself.
No woman could have helped us to carry.
That soul as woman did not live on Earth.
One snarl would have destroyed us.
One harsh word would have broken us.
One harsh word, can you feel that, Jeus, would have thrown us out of our balance, because we had to deal with everything in harmony, and another life did not understand that anyway.
No one would understand what it cost him to get through all of this.
No, we would already have been beaten to pieces then, because we would have left the girl from Vienna alone.
If the girl from Vienna had said: “I will be off”, then she would have spoken those words to me and to him, then he would have said: “Great, just go, we will continue to love you.
We will take care of you, but we want to work, carry, love everything which lives and not experience this.
Just go, we want to love.”
So that beautiful garment did not come about.
But now just imagine this, Jeus.
He would have wanted to make a spatial ‘Queen’ of the girl from Vienna and he is capable of that.
I already told you before that he bought more flowers for her than I did.
He was already busy with her in order to bring her to that awakening, to shake her awake, to open her love, but when he got to accept: this far and not any further, he withdrew and placed everything in my hands from then on.
But, good heavens, what could my Anna have experienced?
The ground on which she walked was too hard.
He wanted to carry her cosmically.
To love, his kisses were and are cosmically deep.
My God, does the mother understand that?
No, a child being cannot understand that.
But fair is fair, Jeus, she was tremendous.
We did not take care of anything and she carried this with us.
We did not buy in a cent’s worth of food, because André said:
“How do I wish to experience the cosmos now, to experience God, Jozef, if you eat until you burst?
Can we justify that?
So no food or drink in the house, we will not take part in that poverty, if we have to have anything, then we will get it from the Masters.”
And did you not see that man, Jeus?
It is always like that, the Masters watch out and make sure that we do not starve, but our organism looks odd!
True or not, our ribs are already home and we still have to walk for another quarter of an hour.
God darn it, we look great.
No, that did not work out.
So we were standing in front of the water one evening.
We strolled to Scheveningen and when we reached the harbour, he looks into the water.
Then the Mother said to him: “Come on, André, you will be well off in my arms.
I understand you and we will experience the laws together.
I will give you all my love.
Can you feel my kiss?”
“And you heard that too?”
“Yes, Jeus, I was standing on top of it.”
“And then?”
“Then the Masters came.
Dr Frans rose up out of the water.
One of the highest Masters, whom André developed during that time.
And he said something to him.
Eventually we did not come so far as to jump in there and to experience the kiss of Mother Water, we ran up the Boulevard, then along the beach, up to our knees in the water, to Katwijk and then back, we came home by seven o’clock.
What we experienced that night, Jeus, is terrible.
Not because we wanted to end it all, but because all the life of God spoke to him, because he had had to experience the ‘Universe’.
Those sparks of God understood him and wanted to give him their love.
What a human being cannot do, all the life of God can do!
But the Masters helped him to carry.
In the middle of the night, Jeus, on the Boulevard, with the light from the lighthouse continually above our face, we heard human groaning coming to us from The Hague, from a human being who was calling for him.
And then the Master said: “Do you want to leave those children alone, André?””
“Good heavens, the things you experienced.
And then?”
When we came home we got a good shaking first and we also had to accept that, because we had succumbed.”
“But then what, if you had killed yourself, then you would have to make amends for that, wouldn’t you?”
“André, my Jeus, has nothing more to do with suicide.
He returned from the first sphere to the earth and conquered those laws.
No one else should try that, but we are free from that.
We only had to accept that we had been weighed and found to be too light; but that is not true either, because André could already have died in 1940.
When those books were on Earth, he would have been able to die and Master Alcar also explained those laws to him.
But we did not want to go back to the Spheres of Light yet, at least, only after that other thing, when I began to help him to end it all.”
“What was that?”
“We are home, I see, we will go further soon.
First we must talk to Anna.
And then you can probably ask other questions again.”
“No, I want to know that, what you want to tell me now.”
“I must tell you honestly, Jeus, now you are beginning to talk Dutch quite well, which André will love!”
An hour later they are lying under the blankets and Jozef can go further, it is André who gives them the universe.
And Jeus already asks:
“And then?”
“Yes, now we are having a rest, Jeus, André thinks, and we can talk again for a while, we have nothing else to do anyway.
Let’s have a think now.
Right, it was after that nocturnal run.
We are busy with the books, they are going to the printers and they will be published too, so precisely before Adolph Hitler began.
When that was over, André got to hear that he was allowed to rest for a while.
And during that rest, we only had to help our patients, it happened, the universe began to talk and so terribly, that we succumbed again.
André, like me, let his head hang.
It no longer mattered a jot to him, he knew for himself, he had given everything, the books were there, a while longer and the third part of this trilogy (The Origin of the Universe) would be published, and his task would finally be finished.
So the Masters said.
We are walking round with deep sorrow, the soul pains are terrible.
What should you do about that now?
A disease, a real good disease would now be a counterforce for the soul.
We felt such physical pains stronger than the soul pain, after all.
I thought about that.
I thought, I will just help that now.
We are living in cold days, it is real autumn weather.
So André did not attune his ‘will’ now, he is not thinking about anything, the wisdom is crushing him to pieces and the life on Earth is not getting through to him.
Then I saw my chance.
I thought: if you do not want to get out of it, I do.
I did not think for a moment about my Anna.
Later I could have hammered my head and I also made amends for that secretly.”
“What did you do?”
“I already said, we were living in wet and cold days.
It was really cold weather.
When I felt that he was not actually here, I took my chance.
I let my shoes fill with water, cold water and thought, a real, good bout of pneumonia will make us better.
When those lungs are really destroyed, the pain inside will go away.
And that is true, Jeus, because now the organism dominates.
Those material pains would then dominate those of both the soul and the personality.
Then we would have nothing more to experience, we would then have to surrender to that illness.”
“Sorry, but you are some case.”
“Yes, I was someone who did everything back-to-front.”
“And then?”
“Well, we had a nice walk round with ice-cold feet the whole of that day.
I felt that we were beginning to tremble nicely inside.
My back was straight, I felt a fever coming, so we began to tremble and shake.
But that evening, we still had to go to a patient when it was late, I gave our organism the final blow.
You know that tunnel on the Leidschestraatweg, don’t you?
You used to drive past and under it a hundred times with me.
We were there in order to treat a patient.
When that happened, André did not flinch, I just went and stood under that draughty tunnel in order to give myself a good dry.
It was as draughty as hell there.
I hung about there for an hour, until I felt that we did not have any more heat, our back was breaking from the cold.
Then just putting both feet through the ditch and then slowly homewards.
When we reached home, we did not feel anything.
And now you must really understand, Jeus, that one year ago, André already had to do everything for the Masters in the middle of the winter, in order to take care of the organism, so that the nerves would be strong enough in order to deal with everything.
For that purpose he and I had to go under the ice-cold tap every evening.
Every evening the clouds were washed away from our body, that ice-cold water did us good.
In this way we were able to take care of the first blows, but now we did it in our way and destroyed everything again which we had built up then for the organism.”
“But did you not have any sympathy for your Anna then?”
“Yes, that is something else again.
I already told you that I made amends for that again, secretly with a dress and flowers and something else, she never noticed it.
André also made amends for it again for himself.
We devoured her every day, we both spoilt her, because if we had been successful, we would just have left her on her own.
Looking back, we gave ourselves a good beating and learned from it.”
“But did you not get a dose of the cold then?”
“A dose of the cold, did you say?
You should listen.
In bed I felt that nothing had happened.
When the girl from Vienna was sleeping, I let myself fall naked to the ground and remained lying there the whole night, just like that with my back and nude body on the cold ground.”
“Isn’t that something?
And he then, did he approve of that?”
“André, Jeus, felt like the human being, who is not open to anything at all.
He did not even notice that I was busy murdering him consciously.
I only knew that at that moment.
And when I was just lying there getting chilly, I felt that it was going well, let the cold work for hours, I felt that my body would perish from the cold, he suddenly wakes up, conscious, and then there was the devil to pay.”
“Then what?”
“Well, he had been wakened by Master Alcar.
Master Alcar then showed him the state he was in and that there was someone busy murdering him.
Master Alcar did not give me a beating, but he got it.”
“Is that not unjust then?”
“No, Jeus, if we get into mischief he is saddled with it anyway.
At least for here me, but it is him!
Master Alcar said something to him.”
“What did he get to hear then?”
“He said that if this happened again, he would let him perish and he would withdraw.
Now nothing would happen.”
“And was that true?”
“Yes, because when I lay there for a while, I did not get cold anymore, but boiling hot.
I came to be lying in an oven and that by means of the powers of Master Alcar.
Suddenly André crept into the bed, I had to go into the bed of course, and from that moment I never got the chance again to help him.
That ended extraordinarily, Jeus.
We did not feel anything.
But three weeks later, when we just put our nose out the door, we caught a cold.
We kept that runny nose of ours four weeks long.
But before that there was no question of pneumonia; and yet, every other would have perished.
The Master let him know, if that was to happen again, the Master would not have the power again to prevent this, then it would have been over immediately.
“Then just be destroyed”, there fell harshly on our life, “you have been weighed and found to be too light!”
Well, then we also heard, “Master André-Dectar!”
But that was not mastership, Jeus, we were little mites then.
But that taught us a great deal.
Good heavens, Jeus, when we felt that we had got out of it without ripping any clothes, we could move mountains again and André had the ‘will’ again to carry on fighting.
A while after this moment he made the journey to the spheres and then, how can it be, Master Alcar told him that he was allowed to die now, the task was finished, the nine books were on Earth.”
“And then?”
“Then he was allowed to decide whether he wanted to continue his work.
He disembodied for three nights.
And that was also a great battle.”
“Did he not ask you anything then?”
‘I had nothing to say.
I did not really belong and neither did you.
It is the dominating character traits which decide.
And now he started to compare.
He lived there in peace and calm and in happiness and love, he was not understood on Earth.
Three journeys were needed for that in order to reach a decision.”
“And that came?”
“Yes, Jeus, or we would not have been here any longer.”
“That is true, and then?”
“Then he reached a decision.
He saw in the Spheres of Light that there were millions of people who really wanted to take over his task.”
“And that was not possible?”
“Of course not.”
“But why did they not let another go to the Earth for him?”
“That is not possible, Jeus.”
“Not possible?
And you say that there are millions of people living there who would really have liked to have completed his task, would liked to have taken over?”
“That is true, but, and what I am now going to say is the truth, André was just ahead of all those men and women.
Millions of people who live there cannot even return to the Earth, they have completed their task, even if they wanted that, it is not even possible.
But when André came into contact with his Master in the spheres, he knew that the soul of Dectar was present in that life, that personality from Ancient Egypt, and that life, if people wakened that life, would be capable of dealing with the cosmic laws, even if that would happen with ups and downs.
And we saw that now.
We fell and succumbed, of course, we succumbed a thousand times, but we made it through.
André, so as Dectar, returned to the Earth.
Dectar lived in that soul and was part of the personality.
In London he was an astronomer and when he lost his friend, Anthony van Dyck, they made an agreement; if there was life beyond the coffin, so the life went further, van Dyck would come and warn him, but that did not happen!
That astronomer now died from cancer in that life and when he woke up in the spheres, Van Dyck stood before his friend and then those two began with this task.
They made journeys through the universe, visited the Moon and the other planets, so that astronomer now got to know the creation, which he was not capable of doing on Earth.
And while experiencing that he got the feeling to be able to bring this to Earth.
However Master Alcar knew, by means of the highest Masters, that Dectar, so for the earth, possessed the highest feeling in order to return to the earth from the first sphere.
There was not a spirit there who was capable of experiencing his task, because Dectar had already got to know those laws in Ancient Egypt.
That’s why it was he who begged God to give him a new body in order to bring this wisdom to Earth.
The Masters very certainly knew that this would become a fight for life and death, but they also understood that what would now be brought to Earth belonged to the University of Christ and that they would lay new foundations by means of that.
When André decided that he wanted to return, he got to know himself as Dectar and we wrote the book ‘Between Life and Death’, the life of Dectar in the Temple of Isis!
That he was capable of returning naturally yielded wisdom.
From that moment Master Alcar elevated him into his life and we began with new books.
We first wrote the wonderful book the ‘Peoples of the Earth as seen from the Other Side’.
In 1935 Master Alcar already let him experience Hitler because Master Alcar counted anyway on André not succumbing.
That wonderful book, you know it now, opened up mankind and gives the human being the universal certainty for the going further.
When those books were finished, the first three, later they were made into one book, they were put away of course and we began with the books ’spiritual Gifts’!
Then, ‘The Grebbe line’!
Then, the ’spiritual Diseases’ or ‘Masks and Men’, and it was only then that we began with the ‘Cosmology’ which we now still live for and want to die for, Jeus, but in order to remain alive for that is more difficult than dying for that.
For us the difficulty was to preserve the life, because all your thinking and feeling was absorbed and attracted by the universe, until we were through that once and for all and could say: now come on, you can no longer do anything to us.
I am only afraid for later.”
“For what?”
“When the Masters begin to speak through André, we will stand before those laws again, and it is only then that we will have to conquer the universe for the speaking.
If the Masters, so through André, speak then, and that is not speaking as we do that, that speaking is the experiencing of the laws, so while speaking about Sun, Moon and stars, the life of God talks through the Master, and if André cannot conquer himself then either, we will stand before the speaking for the succumbing.”
“Can that not be conquered then?”
“When it is that far, Jeus, you will experience that along with us.
No one is aware of what will happen then.
But I can already feel now what we will come to stand before then.
This is why he now wants you to awaken too.
So he wants to take himself to task, because when that happens, he will stand before everything, because speaking is the most difficult thing which you can experience for the arts as a human being.
That will become, I tell you, a battle for life and death.
But he already says now: I want to conquer!
The followers will also speak then.
They will have to prepare the people for the Masters, and they will then get the wisdom from Master Zelanus.
Master Alcar will introduce that, Master Zelanus will get hold of the speaking and the writing of the ‘Cosmology’, but it will be Master Alcar then, who will steer this human, incredibly beautiful machine behind the veil!
I already tremble and shake when I think about that.
André took me to task from that moment.
I got a tremendous beating.
He said to me, you see, dirty carry-on, if I succumb for a moment, you will be busy murdering me.
You should try pulling that one on me again.
You will never get hold of the personality again for three seconds; as long as you understand that, we will not have any arguments.
You will never get hold of everything from us again, because you will succumb immediately.”
“How true that is.”
“Yes, Jeus, that is the truth and every human being stands before that.
After all, the personality possesses strong and weak characteristics.
And we were his weak characteristics.
And that does not mean now that we were really weak, because that is not possible, because we already lived on the other side.
But it is now something entirely different.
We joined the fight against the cosmos.
And all those initiates with whom he always talks understand that.
A human being is almost incapable of fighting against the universe, and yet, we have to experience that fight every hour of the day and André-Dectar can say: “I have already conquered the universe so far.”
Now he is talking to all the life.
No one on Earth is capable of that and you will understand that now!
By means of this he got the highest consciousness on Earth.
He can say: “Yes, I am the Prince of this Universe!””
“Did you get him even more?”
“Yes, Jeus, that is still not everything.”
“Am I allowed to know that too?”
“No, not now, or we will not sleep for a minute tonight.
If I begin with that, no, that is not possible, because we have to rest, or he will not be able to work tomorrow and he will not be ready for Master Zelanus.”
“May I ask you that tomorrow then?”
“Yes, Jeus, and thanks for your good Dutch, that will do André good and you will also get to hear from him.”
“I want to begin to help him to carry now.”
“That must happen too, because your childhood must die now.
But now, sleep well, I must first say goodnight to the girl from Vienna.
Sleep well, V2s will not waken us.”
It is Jeus who brings the girl from Vienna tea, the substitute, in bed in the morning, from whom she hears the dialect for a moment.
She now knows with whom she is involved.
When they are ready, they leave, André still has to visit a patient, a woman who has not eaten anything for seven years, which no one can believe, but the proof of which was given.
When he steps towards the patient, he calls Jeus to him, he wants to let Jeus experience this wonderful illness.
Jozef already knows her and Jeus has already asked him about that other thing, but he still has to be patient.
“Good morning, child”, Jeus hears, when they enter the woman’s house.
“How are you?”
“The same, Mr Rulof.
Nice of you to come, I need you.”
André magnetises the woman, her nervous system is taken to task.
Jeus now hears:
“You see, Jeus, this is the greatest wonder of this world.
This woman has not eaten anything for seven years.
She now lives by means of our power.”
“Is that possible then?”
“Yes, that is possible, but the doctors do not know what to do about it.
You will soon clearly hear whether she got enough strength, because then she will begin to hiccup.
This body, Jeus, is only living on the breath of life.
The human being on the Fourth Cosmic Grade is like that too.
When we come higher soon, so all our physical systems possess that rarity, we will then have a very different blood circulation, and blood, that blood of ours will be more rarefied, will be of a completely different substance, we will no longer need material food.
This is why this life, this woman is the greatest wonder in this world, but those stupid doctors do not even believe her, even if they are standing on top of it with their nose.
When she is examined now and again, it starts to bore those simple souls and they send her back, which has already happened more than once.
Can you hear, she is already beginning to hiccup and now the tension is disappearing from her stomach.
That stomach of hers is as big as an egg cup.
Can you see it, Jeus?
Master Alcar is showing you it.
What she can still deal with is a little bit of tea, and thank God, that she felt and kept that down, or she would have had to drink water, which is already too heavy for her now.
The intestines and stomach, the other organs belonging to that are attuned to the breath of life, by means of which she feeds herself.
The physical systems have therefore now reached the spiritual grade of life and attunement.
And that is not an illness now, but it is the glandular systems.
The glandular systems now, Master Alcar says, absorb the breath of life and deal with those powers, divide them amongst all the other systems, but now do not require any more.
This body already possesses the cosmic life, that means, this organism has attunement with the cosmos.
This is a wonder, but that wonder, Master Alcar says, we look back to the Fourth Cosmic Grade.
This soul now, Jeus, now as a mother, lived in Ancient Egypt and was once a well-known fakir.
Because the personality freed itself from the material laws, which she does not understand a thing about, she lives in a western way, is free from the occult laws like all the other people, but she experiences the life of feeling of herself, so the wisdom, which she mastered in those previous lives.
And by means of this the organs gradually began to attune themselves to that universe, by means of which the cosmos feeds her.
It is therefore the life of feeling by means of which the organism lives.
And if this was not the case, Jeus, we as human being would not experience any higher life, no materially higher attunement, but the human beings of the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life conquered those laws and we will soon experience that on the following journey.
Now the hiccupping is beginning, Jeus, and I must stop, but by means of that she gets relaxation.
So the nerves require something else and are everything which she feels, but she should already have died years ago.
Come on, we must leave, but she has something else to say.”
“Yes, child, it is fine, but soon I will no longer be able to help you.
What will you do now?
No, you must not do that, woman, you will also get help then.
When I have to speak for the people soon, then we will no longer be able to help any patients, but then there will be someone else prepared who will help you then, now also with the help of Master Alcar.
So do not worry, that will also be taken care of.”
“But I will not get someone like you are anyway.”
“That will be possible perhaps, mother, but that man will also have to approach you as a brother, we will also prepare that man for your life and personality.
Of course, we have become friends, but I tell you, that will also be okay.”
“Come on, Jeus, we will go further.
There you are, she knows that already, then it will not be so difficult for her soon to have to miss me.”
“Will someone else come then?”
“Yes, when I stop soon with healing, we will put someone else to work and I already know that man.
I already met that man and he will soon be a good healer at once.
But then by means of the helpers of Master Alcar.”
“Who is that?
Am I allowed to know that?”
“When we meet that man I will tell you.
Perhaps you will already be able to see him this morning, I think that we will see him with the followers.”
“Then he may be happy and grateful.”
“Yes, that is true, but we do not want any thanks.
But that man is good and also sensitive.
And she needs a personality like that.
You cannot send every magnetiser to her, you saw her yourself, she already began to cry.
But she is a good soul, she loves me, because I carry her.
She has become mad about me, her husband too.
We have become friends for eternity.
But she will remain alive for years.”
“Is all of that true?”
“Jeus, she once let her sisters experience it, they did not believe her either.
But when they had been with her for three months, and she could not eat a crumb, they became sick with worry.
No, that is the truth, that woman is not deceiving herself, her husband also had to accept this.
But is she not a wonder?
She lives, the people say, from the wind and by means of the wind.
And that is true!
But the physical systems possess that wonder.
Only she, she does not even know that, I was never able to explain it to her, she will not understand that anyway, is the driving force as feeling for her wonder, from her subconscious she pulls those powers up and now lives by means of it.
And yet, you see, she looks fine, the organism possesses space.
The people who see her now say that she has hoarded in a great deal, because the people are walking in the streets like skeletons and she looks good.
That is not possible for the human being of the city, she is not eating, they say, but she is stuffing herself and they must keep an eye on those sly dogs.
These times are like that and the human being, when they see the chimney smoking somewhere, they race over there to see what the pot is serving up.
It is a beautiful, precious time, Jeus, in which we are living.”
“May I thank you?”
“For what, my Jeus?”
“For everything and because you have suffered so much.”
“Oh, has the city one starting gossiping again?”
“Is he not allowed to say that to me then?”
“Yes, that is allowed, Jeus, as long as you learn by means of that.
Look, we are already with the friends.
Mother Water is talking, but now I am the boss myself.
I will now talk when I want that, Jeus.
If you have understood that, you will feel what we can do.
Last week Mother Water wanted to let me eat her fish.
She called her children to her and said: “Come on, children, feed André-Dectar.””
“Good God, that makes me cry.”
“You are allowed to, Jeus, because Our Lord was standing watching that.
But I did not eat that life, that life spoke to me and then I ran away.
We are experiencing wonders, Jeus, great and sacred wonders, because we were able to conquer this battle for life and death.
Now just kiss Loea, kiss the little Dayar too, Loea loves that, and then we will go higher up.
I also believe that we will see the magnetiser.
Yes, really, there he is already.”
“Good day, Jan.”
“Good day, Jozef.”
“Are you also in the neighbourhood?”
“Yes, I have come to have a look.”
“It is good that you are here, then we can talk a bit.”
Jeus sees that life and knows it, he is a good and sensitive being.
And that child gets the gift of healing for free from Master Alcar, which Master Alcar can do, but now there is someone behind this life and it is also us who have been sending our inspiration for months.
When that man goes to heal, lays on his hands, it is us!
And that lasts a year, it is only then that we can let go of a magnetiser like that.
But that is also strange.
A Master can give you as a human being the gifts for healing, so instantly.
But then he must do the work for so long, until your life aura is ready to go over the patient.
André knows those laws.
It is he in the first place who now has to give himself completely to that life.
If he says: I will not do it, then we cannot do anything either and we have to accept his personality.
But André is now already capable of making a healer out of every human being, he can give you the gift, because he is a Master.
He can make you clairvoyant, clairaudient, if you as a human being do what you have to do.
And that is simple, but the human being feels himself too soon, gets pressure too quickly, and there is now no longer any question of oneness for the healing.
You can already hear it, it is oneness!
The oneness as he experiences it with all the life of God.
A oneness in order to heal, in order to see and to hear, but now you are his follower and you have to accept everything from his life.
This human child wants this and will soon heal, and in a good way too, until he comes to stand on his own two feet, and it is only then that we will see how he does it, but then this life can master the laws for the healing, that will happen of its own accord and there is no earthly wisdom needed for that.
They are talking there about the war, we leave again, we go further and prepare ourselves in order to write.
André is ready.
Jozef can now talk to Jeus again, but after the writing, because now I need everything from André.
Now we cannot tolerate any division, we need everything of ourselves for that, André too, especially André-Dectar, because he must give me the power in order to write.
When we are ready again, the follower has read it and we see that this life is already collapsing, can no longer go any further, and that only just by reading the Cosmology – then what if you place a human being like that before the laws – André has to go into the street for a moment.
Jozef has to get some wind, because the respiratory organs require it, and the systems get space, the nerves relax.
And that is the moment for Jeus to ask Jozef questions.
He already immediately hears:
“And what do you still have to say to me?”
“Yes, Jeus, I have to recover.
André is thinking, but I must take care of breathing in fresh air.
The human being is walking outside and is breathing, yes, indeed, but at half power.
We do that differently, we also think, or you will not get to experience any fresh air, we put the systems to work.
But I have already made it.
What do you want to know?”
“But you wanted to say to me, tell me, that you got him even more.”
“Oh, right, that is true.
But that is difficult, because now we come to the sorrow again, to something which we want to forget, Jeus.”
“So that is not possible?”
“Yes, that means?
It was during that time, Jeus, just before we experienced that beating.
I was thinking.
André believed it and it did not matter to him, rather today than tomorrow, the life on Earth was too difficult for him.”
“Can you hear that?”
“Yes, another V2 from Adolph.
Just let that thing rage. “For that money”, André says, “those people should have done something different.
The whole of Germany will be destroyed for it.”
André says: “Berlin will fall before Scheveningen”, and he will also be proved right.
An old sick woman of ours wanted to leave here, he says: “Stay where you are, the Germans will not come here to have street fights, they will no longer get the chance for that.”
And you will see it, Jeus, that is another beautiful vision and he also got the words from Master Alcar.”
“But now that other thing.”
“Yes, now that other thing.
Can you remember, no, you do not know anything about that, I believe, that André was once brought through a door?”
“No, I do not know that.
What was that?”
“I will probably tell you that later, but that was already years ago, but what I am now going to tell you has to do with it.
When the Masters had brought him through that door, that was a dematerialisation, it was a wonderful thing, we had been walking round for years with the feeling that we were floating.
I will let you feel what that dematerialising is.
Can you feel it?”
“Yes, isn’t that something?”
“I will pass onto you, Jeus, how that happened, then you will know it at once.
And then you will know immediately how he receives his visions.
Can you see it happening?”
“Yes, good heavens, how is that possible?”
“When André used to disembody in a similar way as a child, so as a spiritual personality beyond the coffin played with Master Zelanus as José, and returned to his body again later, the Masters had the greatest trouble with him, because he thought that he could float.
And if he had done that, you will certainly feel that, had jumped from the top of the attic, then we would have smashed ourselves or would have broken our neck.
That feeling has never gone away from us.
And when Master Alcar dematerialised him here in the garage, we had to do with that feeling again, it was so strong inside us, that we thought we would be absorbed with the car and everything.
Once you have experienced that, you will no longer be free from those feelings.
Now it is watching out in the street or somewhere else, you will jump off a roof just like that, because your own thinking and feeling no longer feels any gravity, you feel as light as a feather, you are no longer a human being, that event has drawn you completely out of the material life, and you now want to act according to that.
When we now felt broken, the life on Earth could no longer be experienced for us, I got another great thought like that in order to help him.
You see, Jeus, that was always to kick him from dry land into a ditch.
If he was ever tired, went to rest as it were, in order to regain his strength, to get everything out of his mind, then I should have acted for him, for society, then I should have protected him, of course.
But I was still not that far, I did not understand him, and I really felt like taking to my heels, that eternal pressure from the universe also hit me, like nothing is capable of hitting the human being in this world.”
“But then you were just a dirty rotter.”
“Yes, I was, Jeus, I was a dirty cad for André, a weakling, who did not feel up to the life of his, who thought, the ‘droodles’ with your heavens and laws, I am going to play football.”
“Yes, I remember that, you were good at football.
But me too.”
“That is the truth, Jeus, that was our life and thinking.
We would have become brush makers, but not he.
He wanted to go higher and higher, we did not have the intellect for that, because the Master sent him higher up and not us.
A spiritual contact like that was for him and for his life and personality.
You must never forget that we would not have become anything under our own power, because we did not have the intellect; we keep on having to agree that it was the Masters, and not us, who made something of us.
We will talk about that soon, before this book is also finished, we can discuss all those things with each other and he can think, meditate and experience the laws.
I already told you, he had just been knocked out his balance, the cosmos beat him left and right, from in front and behind, there was no longer any high and low, we were beaten by this universe like a boxer gets a beating and eventually receives the final blow.
It was so bad, Jeus, that we, in whatever way, tried everything to gather our strengths, crawled back up, but then we got another blow like that, which broke the body and from inside we, so as the personality, were at our last gasp.
It was during the time that we could not sleep for three weeks.
Imagine that!
We could not get a wink of sleep and sleeping powders did not work, we destroyed them, they did not have any hold on our nervous system, we were so intensely attuned to this fight, in order to deal with that cosmic wisdom.
It was a tremendous time, Jeus, because then we were actually standing before the succumbing or conquering everything!
And we won everything!
Thank God, we made it!
When Anna woke up, because she felt us, I began to snore.
If she became frightened for us, we would also have to experience that and that would be just too much.
Yet she followed us, later she said that she knew very well that we could not sleep, but she understood it, nothing could be done about it now anyway.
And when she saw us like that during the day, her fear had disappeared, because we behaved completely normally, which we made sure of, or there would also have been the devil to pay.
And you must never have the devil to pay, Jeus, because then there will be no beginning and no end to be seen, then you will stand before problems and we already had enough of them.
Not sleeping for three weeks, that must drive the human being mad, but we felt as fit as a fiddle, only we lacked the strength, the ‘will’ had been broken, we were standing alone before the universe and no one could help us, no one, only the Masters were watching out and they too, we heard that later, were powerless.
So that was: going up or under!
I lost heart at first.
I got the feeling, because of that not being able to sleep, as if I was no longer living here.
We were wide awake in everything and laughed in people’s faces, when they were talking about not sleeping or sleeping badly.
I felt so light, so completely different, there were no longer any physical laws, only the organic necessities reminded us that we were still living on Earth.
Food and drink did not matter a jot to us.
The girl from Vienna thought that we were childish, because we did not even want to eat, but we did not feel the need.
And then Master Alcar intervened.
He could now eat and drink, had to make sure that the organism did not weaken, descended into us in order to eat, but when that was over, we threw it out again.
We experienced the strangest things then.
Master Alcar lived in us day and night.
It was he who had the instrument in his hands and no one else.
One evening he says to André: “Come, we have to drink a glass of beer.
I will go with you.””
“Did that really happen?”
“Never think that we are adding something, Jeus, because then we will go to pieces in only a few days.
Then we will have to do with lies and deception and that is something entirely different and you will be completely disengaged within a short time.
These powers of feeling also remind me of the driving.
André, as you know, learnt to drive on a chair through Willem on the other side, a pupil of Master Alcar.
So he learnt to drive by means of his spiritual hands and not by means of the material.
That meant that we sometimes held the steering wheel too easily, too loosely in our hands.
And because we once almost saw the steering wheel knocked out of our hands, that feeling also suddenly disappeared, from then on we did it physically.
And it was like that with everything.
So we went to a bar in the neighbourhood.
We ordered a glass of beer and we felt, because the Master gave us that knowledge, what it was good for.
The nerves needed something.
When the glass was standing in front of us, André saw, and I too, that the beer suddenly went down and we heard: cheers!
I drunk mine. Just order something else.
We were instantly dead tired, because of that drinking, which was once more a dematerialisation of the beer.
We had fun for a while, we had three of them, went home, lay down and then slept really deeply for ten minutes.
We got to experience the first phenomena for the returning to the normal.
And that with the help of that glass of beer.
Ding, Jeus, there goes another one of them.
And this one has something, watch out, something will happen.
Wait a moment.
Can you hear it?
It will not go away, it will go down.
Yes, there is the bang already.
You can hear the people screaming here.
Good heavens, Adolph, what do you want with these things?
But we did not become free from our feelings, it continued to gnaw under our heart, the Sun was burning on our soul, the Moon burrowed in our heart like a mother, and the stars and other planets laughed right in our face.
We felt that and experienced it, a fly, which went and sat on your hand just like that, was talking, chatting to you, laughing at you, broke you completely inside, and we had to deal with that.
All the life of God, my Jeus, had something against us, because we, so by means of the Masters, had wakened that life for ourselves, because we have to experience the laws.
The clothes on our body hurt.
A night shirt was like sandpaper on the skin, we were so far away from the material life.
We would have preferred to have sought out the jungle, away from this life and away from the people.
A perfectly ordinary sparrow could help us.
Yes, we also got help, because the little animal began, like a great academic can do that, to talk to us and said: do not let yourself be beaten by those great laws.
I will help you!
If you follow me, no one can hurt you, because I have no meaning, after all, do I?
A dead fly like that, Jeus, gave you a kiss.
Do not laugh, or I will go to sleep.
It is far too serious!
Cinemas no longer had any meaning for us, nothing!
The world and everything could get the ‘droodles’ from us.
This was no longer a life.
We had gone beyond the material laws.
Now they should try telling us what mediumship is, that those women and men have been outside the organism, and so disembody, then we can tell all those children something else in these teachings.
We then ask: did you not talk to a fly?
I will give you a nice story about that later, Jeus, just keep it in mind.
It is only then that you will get a wonderful idea of who André-Dectar is now!”
“I will keep it in mind.”
“When we got tasty chicken soup from the girl from Vienna during that time, you know, we are mad about soup, that chicken, cooked and all, began to cackle inside us and called us dirty rotter!
Murderers and deceivers and dirty carry-on!
Of course we could no longer eat then and the Master could begin to keep up our strength, we had already actually died, we lived beyond the coffin and had nothing more to do with this life.
A piece of cake became red hot in the stomach and then we experienced that baking of the cake.
A cow began to moo, a pig began to screech, we would then have been consciously ‘completely crazy’, for the human being then, if we had told about our feeling and thinking, but we were not that stupid.
Yes, Jeus, lettuce and beans laughed at us, we laughed about everything then, because everything had something to say.
When people came to us and they were in a commotion, we chuckled inside, because what we saw then, was just everything!
We saw through those material temples and knew exactly what they had eaten yesterday and what they had got up to today, the human being had also now become transparent for us.
Good heavens, if I have to tell you everything about that, we will not make it.
What we experience then are ten books, Jeus, ten beautiful books, because it is true, a spirit sees through all the material and we experienced that.
But we had to conquer that, so we were on the other side more than here on Earth.
We could no longer stand that, that had to be closed off again, then we were lord and master over everything!”
“And that happened?”
“Yes, but first after a sensitive blow, then we were also suddenly standing with both feet on the ground again and were sleeping, had become the conquerors over ‘life and death’!
Yes, we had to devote all of that in order to give the human being books, to elevate the human being to a higher spiritual life.
So we had to fight for that, Jeus.
I already told you, I lost heart.
I wanted out of it.
I once looked at the girl from Vienna and sympathised with myself, not with her, because she did not want to experience the laws anyway.
But looking back on it and having experienced it, everything was calculated perfectly, she had to remain standing with both feet on Earth, or all of us would have started to float and nothing would have become of us, she was our restraint as it were.
And André also told her that later!
And those were the flowers of the Masters for her life and personality.
André had to receive a lady for healing.
That lady was to come at half past three, so at the fixed time.
That is order!
Anyone who came before, so just like that, was not helped, the Master ensured order and anyone who did not want that, could go.
That was all part of the healing, the human being was immediately taken to task.
I had written a few letters two days before that.
I myself, I said goodbye to the girl from Vienna as it were and I wrote in her letter that a happiness would overcome us, that we had felt and seen that.
And that we would meet her in the life after death and that we would soon return in order to prove to her that we were there.
Of course I wrote ‘I’ in front and ‘I’ behind, it was me myself, there was no question of André.
And there I was now.
So I gave her a prediction from myself.
The people who knew us were not aware of anything, we had predictably disappeared.
And I wanted to do that by means of a tremendous blow, because I wanted to give the organism a beating now.
You will certainly understand that I was ‘completely crazy’.
André was not aware of anything, he himself was going forwards backwards and did not even know it.
It goes without saying, Jeus, that we experienced wonderful laws by means of that and now already knew exactly how the human being felt who would begin with the ‘Cosmology’, so the human being who wanted to experience the occult laws and wanted to know something about the life beyond the coffin.
We now understood for the first time what it cost Dectar when he was a priest in Ancient Egypt.
We now understood those laws and knew consciously why so many people were destroyed by the occult laws.
One human being in ten million conquers and now obtains the Great Wings!
And we now have the Great Wings, my little Jeus.”
“Then what?
You are making me tremble.”
“Thank you for your feelings, that will do André good.
He is also following us.
Well, so I wrote letters that something would happen to us and because of that I said goodbye to the girl from Vienna.
Good heavens, Jeus, how polite I was to her when I got the feeling that I wanted to jump from the roof and would let me and André, you too, be crushed.”
“Did you want that?”
“Yes, I wanted to do that.
I wanted to let the neighbours experience something nice, I wanted to lie there on the street, I wanted to see my own blood flow.
I was so polite, so neat in everything for those two days, so that I got the feeling that I was taking care of, sweeping my own coffin clean, decorating it, I experienced the strangest things.
I already saw myself buried.
A bandage around the head, so bad, that only the nose was sticking out.
I looked very pale, but that was part of it.
But the head broken, the skull broken, blood flowed from nose and mouth, and all those Protestants would tremble, shake from that, I wanted to let them see a real death for once.
And while writing those letters I was sitting laughing aloud, in such a way that the girl from Vienna came to ask what I was actually giggling about.
You will certainly feel that our life was hanging by a silk thread.
And yet, Jeus, I was in my right mind.
I was not about behaving in a crazy way, about something else, we had only had enough of the laws, of all that talking from the universe, we could no longer stand it.
I did not think about whether those Protestants and Catholics would really get a fright.
But oh, that poor girl from Vienna.
She was standing at my coffin every minute, the Grim Reaper was standing in front of her nose and was sitting at the table with her every second.
She did not feel anything, did not notice anything, because we were perfectly-consciously healthy, we laughed and talked to her, me then, and continued to think about the coffin, about that falling from the roof and breaking the neck, I could no longer become free from that.
I did not think about whether the Master was doing anything.
But he was doing something of course and I had not thought about that.”
“What happened then?”
“The hour was decided.
I will go to the roof in ten minutes’ time and do something to the aerial, but will then roll off the roof, straight onto the street with my head, so that those brains will just burst.
I get the stepladder ready, the letters are lying there, I had written some twenty of them, said goodbye to friends and acquaintances, but did not reach the realisation of really giving the girl from Vienna a good kiss, I believe that I was trembling and shaking, but could no longer think about anything else than about that nice coffin with myself in it.
I saw the flowers from the people, laughed about it, I saw my own funeral as it were, also heard the bells ringing, but knew moreover that there would be trouble here today.
Trouble, misery, a human being would be convulsed with crying.
And yet that did not help, it did not get through to me and André did not give a glimpse of interest either.
I thought, good heavens, how we will argue soon beyond the coffin, because I flung him out of the body.
I am the one who knocks the work from his hands, I am the weak one and not he, but I would sort that out too.
I thought like that, then he should just not begin with all those laws.
I also thought about the Bible for a moment, Jeus.
About Christ and everything which I had learned through André, and only now understood how dangerous it is, if you want to get to know the laws, want to make an instrument like that out of yourself, as so many men and women have done.
Nothing will happen, for no one, I understood that too, if you absorb that wisdom into you and stay away from it, that is possible, but when you want to act like a medium yourself, you go under!
So my human feeling, they were the character traits of André, they thought: the ‘droodles’.
And he dozed for a moment.
Now the human being can both see and experience that you are destroyed by yourself and not by another.
After all, André was talking about those characteristics, which I am and you are, Jeus, but have to watch out.
Even if he comes from the first sphere, so that is spiritual possession, I already explained that to you, he had still not conquered the universe by means of that.
And the human being who lives in the first sphere, so on the other side, stands exactly before all these laws and cannot avoid them, with the difference, nothing more can happen to the soul now as the astral personality.
If you succumb there for and because of the laws, André, we will talk about that day and night later of course, so the sphere in which you live and that happens there, just knocks you down, you fall asleep, you sleep there yourself to the normal and then you go further again.
Those laws, Jeus, this experiencing, and there, so for the soul as human being, have not changed in any way.
When everything was therefore over and we understood what he had experienced, we danced like crazy people from happiness, because we could now say: we have conquered ‘life and death’ and that also as a human being of this world.”
“Good heavens, how beautiful all of that is.”
“If you knew everything, Jeus, I swear to you, then you would want, like we do, to experience that on Earth.
If there are then Masters to take care of you, you will experience Divine Awakening!
Because we were suddenly awakened, even if we experienced the afterpains a while later and that was the harbour then, which I told you about.
In the spheres, Master Alcar later told, the people experienced the same laws.
You also see the people succumbing there, but as was already said, they sleep healthily, the rest there takes you to the following stage again and then you go further.
So what we experienced was spiritual awakening, even if we would have gone under from it, we had lost the material life, then we would still not have lost anything, on the contrary, we would have, because André had nothing more to do with suicide, fought a battle for this spiritual awakening.
So we did not fight for nothing, but for everything.”
“And then?”
“Then, Jeus, I considered that the moment had come to fall from the roof.
I say to the girl from Vienna: I must have a look at the aerial.
So I stand in the hallway and want to leave.
Suddenly there is a ring at the door.
I am standing the closest to the door and open it.
What is it, I ask?
The woman who was to come at half past three is standing before my nose.
She is trembling, she is shaking, she cannot speak a word.
I let her in and André is also there, he has to act now.
We have to treat her.
She has a pain in her stomach, the appendix is playing up and she is bothered by her stomach.
André sees that this life is weeping.
“Why did you not come on time?” he asks.
“You should have come at half past three.”
And then she says, she asks:
“What is the matter with you?
I was suddenly grabbed by the scruff of my neck in order to go to you.
I was pushed out the door as it were and then I heard it said: “Quickly now!
Go to Jozef”.
But quickly!”
I came by taxi.
Is there something the matter?
You look so pale?
You are so far away?
I am so sad.
I am in such pain!
I don’t know what to do anymore, but I can feel you dying.
I sensed an accident.
Is that possible?
Are you in pain?
What is the matter?
But what is the matter?
You are so far away, so far away spiritually, are you dying?
But no, because hundreds of people need you.
You are not dying, are you, Jozef?
Are you crying, Jeus?
Just weep, there is still something of that time in us, which has not finished weeping yet, I even think that it will give us relaxation now, so just weep, André will also thank you for that.”
“And then???”
“Then nothing, Jeus, nothing more, we were instantly back on Earth.
But, this was Master Alcar.
He had grabbed that child by the scruff of the neck and sent her to us, so he knew that it was serious.
André sent that soul life flowers.
He devoured that life, he wanted to die for that life, and now – but that life will understand this – to continue to live up to his last strength!
We helped her and then started to think.
We were dead tired, fell asleep during the day, slept again, it was all over, we had conquered, even if we still had to experience something, even if we then stood before the harbour, that was just ‘playing’ compared to this event, our own drama.
That woman saved us!
That life put us on Earth, or we would no longer have been there!”
“Is that person still alive?”
“Why are you asking that, Jeus?”
“Then I will buy flowers for her.”
“I think so, Jeus, that will do us good, but she is not there anymore.
Master Alcar gave her the Spheres of Light.
She is there where we are looking into now.
Look for yourself, then you will be able to see her.
Is she not tremendously beautiful?
That is now spiritual love, my Jeus, that life will never leave us again.
On Earth we would probably have lost her, that is no longer possible now, now we will be one for eternity and will remain that.”
“Did she live for much longer then?”
“Only four months, Jeus, because then she was crushed herself.
Then people ran her down in the street, she was in pieces and it could not be prevented, because that was her time, her end.
Now she is with the Masters, she is living in the first sphere and is travelling, is experiencing the universe, now and again we see her there, but she knows, she saved a prophet, gave the Prince of the Universe the earthly life, by means of her, Jeus, I got the greatest beating which a human being can ever experience and get.
Then I gave myself a thrashing.”
“And what did André say?”
“Nothing, he was only just sad, sad because he had succumbed again!
Again, for the umpteenth time, but we had now risen up once and for all, we had conquered from that moment!”
Jeus is weeping, Jozef is quiet, André and Dectar are thinking now. But who is there?
“Did we attract your dear soul?
Yes, wasn’t that wonderful?
Yes, wasn’t that nice?
Was that a battle for life and death for a moment?
Dear, I will never forget you!
And I am grateful for that, I will prove that to you.
For every tear which you wept for me”, she got from André, “I soon want to conquer a human being and take him to Christ.
I will prove that to you!”
“And that happened of course, didn’t it?”, Jeus asks, who has received these thoughts.
“Yes, Jeus, we already experienced her love and her tears for us since that moment.
We were able to convince thousands of people of the pure love and the wonderful reunion beyond the coffin!
For her those are the flowers for her heart, her soul and spirit, but she also laid them down on Golgotha.
She experienced an enormous shock and no longer lived here.
But beyond all of this she is happy, she will also experience her Cosmology, my Jeus, she has laid her foundations for the University of Christ.
And beyond all of this, Jeus, we reach universal oneness.
Now André saw that he had been from her, so in another life, had been her love, her child, and later again, further back in Ancient Egypt, China, her husband, by means of which Master Alcar could now reach her, or we would have perished, succumbed, there was no more to it.”
“Now just let me weep.
I cannot take any more.”
They go to sleep, but I fly away in order to see whether any victims fell.
And yes, a mother of eighty, a boy of sixteen and a girl of eight years old changed the earthly for the eternal.
The old grandmother will return to the Earth and her family members on the other side have to accept that, they do not need to collect that soul life now, but they brought both the boy and the girl to the two different spheres; the first sphere for the girl and the Land of Twilight for the boy, where this life has to conquer the little lies, deceptions and hatreds, in order to also then prepare himself for the happiness, the first happy sphere beyond the coffin, the life after death.
On Earth thousands of people die every hour and thousands are born, but the human being still cannot accept reincarnation; but if there was no new birth, Mother Earth would also already have to accept her standstill.
But the life goes further, until all the life of Mother Earth, we will experience and record that for the University of Christ, has finished her task!
Has conquered her life, her organism, it is only then that she will be able to begin with her dying!
In the morning Jeus begins to ask questions once more.
Jozef can receive him and André is listening now, now and again he also has something to say.
“Are you really shocked, Jeus?”
“Yes, it is rather a lot for me.
Who would have thought that now.
Good heavens, how grateful we must be to him.”
“It is true, Jeus.
In retrospect, I told you yesterday evening, we have conquered.
Good heavens, yes, we were happy then.
We danced day and night.
And Anna asked what was the matter with us, we were so pleasant and were spoiling her.
We simply did not know what we would buy for her.
We thought of all kinds of things, we kissed her day and night, believe it, Jeus.
Day and night, but not a fly was capable of telling us anything anymore, from that moment we wrote wearing a winter coat and it did not hurt us any longer.
But we know it, soon, when we have to write the ‘Cosmology’, that will happen now too, but then everything will be different again, that pain will come back, that sawing in your soul, but then we will be ready to receive it.
You will also experience it now, Jeus.
Just look into André and you will know what it costs him to experience and to write the ‘Cosmology’.
But can you hear the groaning?
Now and again it seems that we will explode, burst, but we are now waging a battle for life and death again, but now against the whole of this mankind!
Against Adolph Hitler and all those devils on Earth, we are fighting against that.
And the churches, André says, are helping Adolph without knowing and realizing it, because they are damning the human being, and that is the worst thing there is.
Because they damn the human being, they help those demons, because the human being remains stupid and they now have to accept that stupidity.
Is that clear or not?
Now those stupid people are attacking the children of another people and are murdering them.
If they know that there is no death, they will stop and because of that he is furious at the Catholic Church and the Bible customers, who still talk about a God who damns during this century, as if this misery is still not enough.”
“You still have all kinds of things to tell me, haven’t you?”
“Yes, I have, but soon, we have to get ready first.
Just put on the coffee substitute for the girl from Vienna and if you like, you may kiss her.
I don’t mind and you will then be doing something else.”
“Are you serious?”
“Yes, Jeus, just kiss her, just devour her, I think that you can get on better with her than we can.”
“Good gracious, isn’t that something?”
“What did André teach you?”
“But you understand me, don’t you?”
“Of course, but you can say something else.
Now just go and kiss.”
“But then you have to come with me, otherwise?”
“That is also true, Jeus.
Then just come.
We now want to know whether she will notice it.
André says: “All people, all women and men experience that and you certainly do not need to snigger about it, both the woman and the man almost seldom get to experience the best kiss, the spiritual one, it is usually a lick like that, an old one like that, which you get regularly, but now you experience your own neglect, yes, your destruction already, the perfectly ordinary everyday one.
And”, he says, “I do not want to experience any kiss from that, never, if I start to kiss then that is always, eternally, new, a feast, you must give the human kiss spatial bliss.
But what did the people make of that?
Who is always new for the kiss?”
And then he also says: “Can a human being be experienced by the human being on Earth and then discarded?”
If you now go and talk to him, Jeus, you will get a beating to make you see stars and you have to agree that you still do not possess any human being, any love and that you are poor in feeling and cannot kiss.
“Yes”, he says, “of course, woman, man, but do you call that kissing?
That is licking and nothing else!”
“I do not want to kiss.”
“Are you shocked, Jeus?”
“Come on, I will go with you to the girl from Vienna.
But we will take the coffee substitute with us.
And now kiss warmly, lovingly, you will experience that she will react immediately too.
“And every human being is open to that, if you are married, but”, André says, “if they begin to snarl and to mutter you can no longer kiss, then it will break you completely.
And a living corpse means nothing to me!”
What is that kiss like, Jeus?”
“She almost crushed me to death.”
“That is good, Jeus.” And then the girl from Vienna asks:
“What are you laughing at?
Why do you have to laugh?
Did I do something foolish?”
“No, child, you did not do anything wrong.”
“Will you hold me so nicely just like a moment ago?”
“Jeus, where are you?
Hold her nicely, you see, you kiss better and more inwardly than we learned it.
Good heavens, that is also worthwhile, André will have a think about that, I too, but you, Jeus, have won from us!”
And Jeus gets everything!
Jeus is now walking round with a large blister on his lip, which we do not approve of, but accept it because it is André who receives the astral kiss, and he can be done with it, because that is actually everything.
And then they run into the street.
All three of them have to do with that fat lip, all three of them, which is why Dectar is laughing now and must restrict himself, but now the laws are experienced, the human being is experiencing himself, for soul, life and spirit, as a personality, which Socrates wanted to make philosophical systems from, but must be experienced by every human being, man and woman, because this has contact with fatherhood and motherhood.
Good heavens, where do you take the human kiss?
The love?
And fair is fair, Jeus can kiss. He still has to learn the laws of all that other and it is only then that he will also begin to think, to demand and to ask; it is only now that he will experience that you must see and can experience the ‘kiss’ as an ‘orchid’, because it is the threshold of the Temple; if the doors open now, you will stand before your Deity!
“Brute, you will give me a kiss?”
Jeus heard that from his little sister Miets and Miets was like Crisje.
“Give me a kiss”, Miets always asked when she came to stand before Jeus and now Jeus can kiss again; we had to do it all those other years, they then, Jozef and André, and it is André who now kisses the universe and receives that kiss from all the life of God.
If the human being, the woman and the man want to get over that, then you have to bow to everything, then you must first learn to love everything, but that ‘kiss’, good heavens, makes you tremble, that kiss sucks away your blood and you approve of it too!
You succumb now, you dissolve, you fly, you boil inside, but now the Moon as mother kisses you, and they know all about that.
Yes, mother, now just kiss this personality, your Prince is ready for it.
But now when he feels like it!
“What did you have to tell me?”
They go to the followers.
Jozef still cannot talk, experiencing things again from before, from then, gives him silence.
“Yes”, he can say, “that was spot on, that was truly a fight.
“Where are you?
Give my regards to your twin soul.””
“Certainly, that has become the possession of that child, my Jeus, who protected us.
She received her twin soul!
We will see her again in the spheres, of course, and if there is time, Master Alcar will caress his heart and you may see her too.”
“Is that possible?”
“Yes, Jeus, everything is possible; if the human being wants to serve, wants to work, wants to love everything which lives, everything is possible, but we do not have that in our hands.
So, just pull the bell.
You are doing it differently today.
Mother Water wants to talk, but André is still not reacting, we have to take care of ourselves first, she knows best, or he would have flung us from the day consciousness and talked to her, but I think that all of this is urgently necessary.”
“Good day, Lony.”
“Good day, Mr Jozef.”
“How is father?”
“Bad, we have lost hope.”
“Come, come, Lony, do not weep, you must just think that it is father’s time.
Of course, it is terrible for your mother with all the children.”
Jeus hears this and asks: “Who was that?”
“That is dear Lony, Loea’s girl.
Her father ended up in hospital because of a bomb from Adolph and will die.
That is all, Jeus, but you see it, you did not see a great deal, people walk past a great deal and have nothing to do with that, want nothing to do with that, until they stand before that themselves and that is usually the Grim Reaper!
When you are interested in people, you always learn something.
For them, for Lony too, death is still death, her father will also only arise for the first time when God calls to His children by means of trumpets and then Lony’s father will also arise from his grave, but we know, with one leg off, completely shattered, and how does Lony’s father now wish to appear before God?
That man cannot even raise himself up, Jeus, that soul will fall back into the grave.
There is one thing, he will get the bones from Adolph Hitler, because Adolph lost his millions of years ago, he must give new organisms to all those death people and he will live and die, be born millions of years for that, again and again, amongst all the peoples of the earth, in order to make amends for that!
Is there anything else, Jeus?
André says that, take that into account when I am talking about such matters, he is my inspiration!
Come, we are going higher up.
Loea is busy and her husband is doing yoga, he is sitting there at the window and is breathing in his breath of life, in an eastern way; but in a western way he is murdering himself, because he is drinking tins of milk from children and because he beats, abuses the life left and right; the ‘Caiphas’ must also die in that life, so that the Christ will awaken!
But that poor Lony and those poor little sisters, there are nine children there.
In a few days’ time we will hear that her father is being buried.
Also a victim?
Not at all, Jeus, died exactly on time, this is also part of it, although masses of people pass over too soon.”
Upstairs they are thinking of the cleaning, or the doing over, André sees, all the things the human being is willing to do in the middle of winter, but mothers are like that.
A moment later they are talking about the people who perished last night, about everything and something else, which is always: we will begin again soon!
We will speak to the people soon.
Yes, we will do that, but how will the followers continue to react?
This life is difficult, this life is hard, this life gives something, but is that all true?
Is there not also something from himself there?
If that is not true, he is the greatest prophet after Christ who lived on earth, but can a human being experience all that?
It is strange, no, it is not strange, it is doubtful and there is still nothing else to be experienced now.
Would you think that?
Would you not do yourself an injury?
Not me, I will not hurt you, if you want to fight, you must begin with that yourself, that is behind us now.
That is everything, that was not materialised, but thought up, by André and Jozef, and a moment later they were standing in the street again!
“Come, Jeus, we have something else to do.
Did you see Loea?
Did you feel the followers?
Himmelhoch today, flying, tomorrow it will be called: is that possible?
Can that be?
But André lets them decide that for themselves.
We will have a nice scrounge, we will just let ourselves freeze now, what else can happen to us?”
“Will you tell something nice?”
“Oh, we also experienced nice things, Jeus.
But we stood before the fires and then had to prove what we wanted.
Of course, we would only have succumbed every day if those laws had been hard, by means of which we would have had to have lost ourselves, but we also had to, André had to prove what he wanted for something.”
“What was that?”
“I will tell you something completely different now.
You know that every human being, man and woman get a twin soul.
On the Moon, I will let you feel that again, we experienced that wonderful thing and from that moment we were like cells, souls of one grade and went further.
Can you feel what I mean?
Can you see what André got to experience there?”
“I can see it.”
“If you go like that”, André says, “you will be able to master a great deal in a short time.”
Well, that was in 1938.
One afternoon two ladies come to our house.
An older lady with a gem of a daughter.
The riches shone towards us and André thought, now you will have it.
Now he is immediately aware of what the people are coming to him for.
When those ladies felt their chairs, the youngest, that beautiful child, asked André:
“You will certainly know it.”
“I should know something, madam?”
“Don’t you know?”
“I know it and I do not know it, but I do not know what I have to know for you, and it is not me either!”
That beautiful child begins to cry.”
“And then?”
“Then we let her finish crying.
But meanwhile we absorbed that life into us.
André says to me: “They came to us from England, Jozef.
That beautiful one there thinks that I am her twin soul.
Good heavens, what money, riches, those women have.
Can you smell that perfume?
First class ladies.
Good heavens, what is that?
I estimate them at a few million.
What would you make of it?”
And when the old lady, the mother, began to talk, the daughter continued to cry, Jeus.
The daughter had been in Ancient Egypt.
But they were also there in the present.
And in Ancient Egypt three priests had told her that her twin soul lived in Holland, that that man was a painter, a healer, was clairvoyant and clairaudient, wrote books, but came from a village and had not learned anything.
But that soul belonged to her!
“And if that was not true, you have all those gifts, there would be nothing right, but everything fits.
You must make my child happy.
You belong together, she must help you.
She also got her task.””
“And then what?”
“Then the mother told that her child had, don’t be shocked, Jeus, some a hundred and twenty-eight million, so not a hundred million, but there are another twenty-eight.
And that she wanted to give all that money for the work, for the books and that she would help him.
André already saw that they were in oil and petrol.”
“And then, what did he say?”
“He said that he wanted it to be true.
But, there followed, if I now wanted to go into your riches and thought: she can tell me more, will you be satisfied then?
André looked into his Master’s eyes.
And his Master already discussed all these possibilities with him, so for André himself, a long time ago, he knows everything!
He knows where that part of his soul and spirit lives and that it was not her!
Even if she had seen such good proof, that was nothing else than telepathy, nothing else, because Master Alcar showed him that she had read our books.
And those priests in Egypt had drawn that from her life.”
“And then, what happened then?”
“When the beautiful one had finished crying, she admitted that André was an honest and gifted human being.
But, she asked if we wanted to dine with them this evening and in Des Indes (Hotel Des Indes in The Hague) of all places, here in the city, where nothing but counts and barons go.”
“You went, didn’t you?”
“André let me know: I will not begin with that misery.
He said that he could not get away, and that he had a session with the Masters that evening.
He was not allowed to neglect his Master for all the money in the world.
Then the mother also said that he was wrong and that he was the soul of her child.
And then we said that we had published the books with ten cent and twenty cent pieces and that we had bent ourselves double for that; that the girl from Vienna was also there and that we never intended to bring a human being suffering; the girl from Vienna was everything for us and the girl from Vienna could do with a new dress, and that the girl from Vienna was sweet and was a good cook, and that the girl from Vienna...we did not get any further, suddenly the beautiful one jumped up, looked wild, was touched, caught herself out with anger and hateful thoughts with regard to the girl from Vienna and took off.
My God, how we laughed, Jeus.
Suddenly we could ‘drop dead’!”
“Good gracious, isn’t that something.
I have to laugh too.”
“Watch out, there are people walking there, if the people see that, they will think that we have hunger oedema and that must not happen.
Even if all the people are walking round smirking inside, sometimes laughing out loud, we will not do that, Jeus.
Those people who do and can do that, those people have now been touched by the Grim Reaper!”
“And then what?”
“Then nothing else.
They bolted down the stairs with their millions.
They almost broke their precious necks on the ash buckets, but we watched them go.
“Good heavens”, André said, “there is an angel in outward appearance and misery inside.”
To me, he says: “What would you have done now under your own power, skunk?””
“Isn’t that something?
Well, tell me, what would you have done?
Own up honestly now.”
“Do you believe me, Jeus, that I did not want all those millions?
Yet we, I then, had mastered so much that I would not have been able to deceive Master Alcar.
And if Master Alcar had not been there, then I could still not have let the girl from Vienna down.
André had nothing to do with her, but he had to sort out the mess and not I, because it was about twin souls.
When they had gone, I heard Master Alcar say:
That can only happen to you once in your life, André, can’t it?
But thanks for your love, your devotion to duty, for everything!””
“Isn’t that something?
And then?”
“I scratched myself behind my ears, Jeus.
I thought for a moment about those millions, that world trip.”
“What did you say?”
“The mother said that they would go on a world trip first; they had ships, had wonderful cars, also a Rolls Royce, you do not know those palaces, but they cost such a lot, which we could eat and drink from for a hundred years.
And yet we stuck all those riches under our shoes.
We do not want any millions.
I tell you honestly, I was trembling, not André, he was stone cold, deathlike, because that was not the first time, as Master Alcar told it, but the second time, but that was years ago, when we were still driving.
I felt ghastly.
We suddenly got to see all those riches.
We would not have had to do anything else.
Can you feel it?
We would have had nothing more to do.
She would have had her twin soul then and now just living.
Travelling and showing off.
Boasting and spending money, but father earned plenty, had plenty, got back plenty every day by means of the petrol and oil, so that we would not even have been able to spend it.
But a face, Jeus?
Good heavens, what blood she was.
I think that she was in the ’silk’ from top to toe.”
“And what did the girl from Vienna say?”
“When the ladies had gone and she came to us, we were just writing, she asked:
“What was that chic woman doing here?”
“That woman, that oldest one”, she got to hear, “was bothered by corns and we could not do anything about that.””
“Isn’t that something?
What did she say then?”
“She was in stitches laughing and asked again: “What did those ladies want?
Were they sick?”
“Yes”, André says, and when he comes between things then just hide, there is always something crazy to be heard, that bit about those corns was also from him, “the daughter is looking for her wings.””
“Joking aside, what did those ladies want?”
“The daughter has to have an operation, child, and this is why we sent her to a doctor.”
“But then you do not need an hour for that, do you?”
“You are right, but that old lady had read books of ours and the young lady, her daughter, liked the books a lot, but is in a mess because of that.”
“What does she need an operation for?”
“She is getting new brains, there is something under her skull which has to be removed.”
Isn’t that something?
All the things the girl from Vienna is interested in.
She also says: “do those people live here?”
“No, in London.”
A while later we were busy again, Jeus, and had already forgotten them.
That is now the story which I wanted to tell you, but by means of which André came to stand before fires.
But in 1925, Jeus, we were faced with a similar case.
And the girl from Vienna was just ahead of that life then too.
We were to make journeys then too, that countess had plenty of money, beautiful clothes, but we did not know anything then about all these wonderful things, and yet, Master Alcar also intervened then.
This lady, Jeus, I mean from London, was only concerned with the legs.
That incident from now was just a little trick, from then, the countess was much more serious, because we were still driving and we only knew the girl from Vienna for a few days.
Yet there were not any thoughts in us for a second to take off.
But looking back again, it was Master Alcar.
We did not want any dinner, but if that woman liked our work so much, why did she not give one million for the books?
We did not want any ‘Des Indes’ and, as we called that in the street, no rich nonsense, we represent a universe.
We laughed at those two behind their backs.
André also said: “Will you give me a kiss like that?
Tomorrow you will get a beating anyway and you will be out in the street.”
“You will never have to do anything again, papa has plenty of money.
Papa earns millions with his oil and petrol, papa wants me to be happy, and you are the one.”
You see, Jeus, they are fires, other fires than we experienced by means of the laws, and then we had to prove what we wanted.
And we proved that a hundred times.
Yet André is, as you hear, ‘a womanizer’, and I too, ‘a drunk’, and whatever else.
But that passes lips which grudge us the light in our eyes, and we can take that!
André knows the Masters, who have done something for this mankind, but all of them went through the gutters of the city.
At first the girl from Vienna had a lot of grief from it, later she says: “They can tell me more, it is envy!”
André says: “If there is a question of love, we do not need anyone for that.
Or any millions!
I kiss planets and stars”, he can say that and does it!
And then, Jeus, it was night-time, we had slept well anyway, but we were dreaming about Maharajas, who showed us their harems.
When we woke up that morning, the mice were lying dead in front of the cupboard and we had lost our millions.
But what a face!”
“Did that not give you the creeps?”
“The creeps, Jeus?
Yes, of course you start to think about such things.
Strange things can happen if people search for spiritual wisdom and for which they would give everything sometimes, but usually for the own happiness, because human happiness is everything.
It is strange that we slept in the attic, where the wind coursed through the tiles and we were frozen from the cold, that our Tall Hendrik with a blue smock has to deal with and experience on his life?
Is that strange?
The human being who gets to experience this task, is free from money, Jeus, free from the city, there has still never been a prophet born who was rich.
Yes, Buddha had plenty of money and gave it away, of course, they are also inundated, but in general that life begins in poverty.
But were we so poor then?
Was our life in ’s-Heerenberg so wonderful?
Was our environment so great?
What were our wonderful woods like, Jeus?
I cannot bear thinking about it, I get homesick for Montferland.
But I must not talk about these matters, then you will get it too.
Isn’t it true?”
“Yes, then I will get it too.
I still want to see mother.”
“I can also imagine that, Jeus, we too, Jeus, would still like to see Crisje, but that is no longer possible.”
“Would you think that something will happen?”
“I don’t know, but there is something hanging in the universe, I think.”
“Will André not know it then?”
“He knows everything, if the Masters want him to know.
If not, Jeus, then he will not know anything either.
If I knew that something would happen to mother soon, well, then I would not know what to do anymore.
But he was already standing still now and he was no longer ready for the Masters.
I know that father is taking care of Crisje, Miets too, why would we make a fuss then?
After all, mother also has to experience her own death.”
Silence, they are thinking about Crisje and André lets them think.
Jozef quickly says to Jeus:
“If you want to be serious now, Jeus, you can make everything of yourself.
You can now experience worlds.
Light, life and love!
They are divine gifts.
And then we will also get the Great Wings.
And all of that is worth more than money, all the money in this world.
Can you hear it?
The student is calling again.”
“Are you there, Master?”
“Yes, I am always here.”
“Do you wish to know how people in Ancient Egypt peeled potatoes?”
“Now you will experience something, Jeus.
Listen carefully, we can learn something from this.”
“Are you there, Master?”
“Yes, I am here.”
“You see, the lowest priests peeled the potatoes there.”
“So, is that so?
But they did not eat any potatoes there, young man, did they?
They lived from fish and fruit and rice pudding there.
Your terrible subconscious is talking now.
Dear man, just look for a girl.
Start to experience the life differently.
You are still too young for these matters.
Go to the fairground!
Saturn is a homosexual.
Jupiter too.
And Venus is making a fool of the whole world.
Stars and other planets laugh right in your face.
The Moon is not talking about mucous membranes, but wants to kiss and her kiss will take you to a girl.
Did you never discover a spider above your head?
That was me!
When I bite you, you will never get over it again.
Divine kingdom?
Did you not see that girl yesterday?
She wanted to kiss you, but you are touched.
You are cracked!
You have lost your marbles.
Abnormal being, what do you want?
Do you not know Peter’s nephew?
It was he who brought Peter to the banal ‘I do not know that person’!
See you later, misery, see you later.”
“Drop dead, as far as I am concerned!”
“Thanks, student.
You see, I am close by anyway.
Destruction is present in your life.
I thought it, but now I know it.”
“Get stuffed!”
“Brute of a man?”
“I am not a brute, I am the omniscient of this age, but I do not want to have you as my student.”
“You are a brute.”
“Will you take some of that for yourself, bay leaf?
Pepper nut?
Dried nutmeg?
If only you had something sweet, then you could suck on your mouth.
Still hungry?”
“You can drop dead.”
“Then we will just begin with that.
I am busy, I cannot speak another word to you now.
Goodbye, sweet date.”
“What kind of madman was that, Jozef?”
“That was not a madman, but a human being, André says, who is searching for it with the occult laws and is now going crazy.
Because of hunger the human being is capable of anything and then the life becomes dangerous.
He is doing astrology.”
“Do we have more of those people?”
“Yes, now and again they come to us.
André says, in the spiritual universe, so the atmosphere of Mother Earth, you can hear all kinds of things now.
And that is the truth and was always there, the ancient Egyptians likewise experienced this telepathy, every initiate can know a thing or two about that.
But we are at home, Jeus, we are going to write, this evening you can ask me questions again, then we will have plenty of time.”
We go further.
Also the life on Earth, also Adolph, who is now beaten terribly, the allied forces are moving towards Berlin.
The human being is now starting to breathe, that terrible power of the Germans is being broken.
Josef’s organism looks bad, but we are working and experiencing wonders, until we no longer can and all the energies have been used up.
By half past seven they go to sleep, under the cosy blankets, because there is nothing to stoke.
André has stoked up all the girl from Vienna’s novels, novels with no content have had it.
There was one amongst them which took the human being to lust.
When he had the book in his hands and had a look in it, a spirit is standing before his life.
The man says:
“Burn it, my friend.”
“Is this book yours?”
“Yes, but I am also still attached to it.
I did not know that the human being lives on, and anyone who gets hold of my book keeps me captive.
If you come across a book like that, then destroy it.”
“So, you are therefore attached to your own misery.
I know those laws, my friend, I know how terrible it is for you now, but I will keep it in mind.
The man who destroyed my books will have an even more rotten time than you have now.
Do you know that?”
“I know it.”
“Did you write many of these books?”
“There are three which represent this lust.
I earned money, I was rich because of that rottenness, but now I know it.
My God, how stupid we people are, we know nothing.
Thanks for this reception, Master.”
“I will continue to think of you, my friend.”
“Thank you, you are helping me like that.
I can feel your warmth.
Where I am it is cold and miserable.”
“You are having a really rotten time.”
“Yes, because I am conscious of what I did.
It strangles you here.
When a boy or girl gets hold of my book, I suffocate in this world.
Those yearnings constrict my throat, my heart thumps and I cannot become free of it.
And that has already been twenty years.
No one can help me.
My books must first go from the world and I will get peace here.
My God, how stupid I was, poor, terribly unhappy when the pen wrote, and I thought I was experiencing the higher inspiration.
You know the laws.
Your Master brought me here.
Thanks, Master, as long as you wish to accept that I am doing my best.
I want to begin with a higher life.”
“Did you hear that, Jeus?”
“Yes, isn’t that something?”
“This is how it goes with all the people who think they can do something for the world, but by means of which they shake the lusts awake.
After death they have to accept that life.
André says, there are thousands of these men and women living in the dark spheres, and they cannot become free from their books, because anyone who reads them draws them back to that darkness.
And that is understandable, it is very natural.
Look, there you have something else.
It is a beautiful woman.
Can you see her, Jeus?”
“Yes, I can see her.
What does she want?”
“That great child is searching for some love.
If we wanted to experience love now, André then, we could take care of her completely.”
“Is that possible?”
“Yes, Jeus, that is possible.”
“How can it be.”
“Those are the human laws, Jeus.
Men and women are searching for some warmth and love, and through us they get the earthly contact again.
Would you like to experience her kiss?”
“Is that possible then?”
“I will ask André, because he is lord and master of this world.
If he wants it, she can kiss you.
Pay attention, André is drawing her to him.
She will get the chance to touch us.
Now she is already kissing.
Can you feel it?”
Jeus gets the astral kiss.
He feels her mouth, her lips are trembling, her heart.
That life stands naked before us, they can see and experience her.
But then that is enough and André sends her away, he closes himself off to her life and love and they hear:
Dirty carry-on?
Being affectionate and then kicking you out the door?”
Jeus gets a fright, he is shaking, he is trembling. “How can it be”, Jozef gets to hear.
“You see, Jeus, that is now an astral woman.
André says, she was rich on Earth, had everything, but suffocated from lust.
Did you see her searching there?
She wants to experience more, she wants to return to Earth and cannot return.
Because of this, Jeus, all those men and women who want to act the medium are destroyed and go to the mental institution.
Hundreds of thousands of men and women lost themselves through the astral being, the mental institutions are full of them.
And it is perfectly simple.
We got to know those laws in the hells.
And that was also a battle of life and death for here.
Every medium stands before these contacts and they succumb, because they do not know the laws.
Anyone who is sensitive succumbs!
And nothing can break this contact, it is the human being himself who asks for it.
Millions of women and men are searching the whole of the earth and want to experience love and warmth.
Once you have reached oneness you will not get them out of your life aura again and you walk round with those beings in you.
So if you do not have a strong concentration, you will perish.
We had to conquer all these laws.
If there had been one gram of lust living in us, Master Alcar could not have begun with this task.
Then we would have succumbed anyway sooner or later.
But André is free from that, we have conquered that yearning.
Can you see her searching?
She can no longer find us now.
They are standing naked before you, and as human beings.
You see it yourself, she was beautiful, now hatred, lust rushes at you.
And yet they go wrapped in rags, but we see through those rags.
For Andre they are silly little mites.
They are pathetic souls.
Men and women who did not know the life and thought that they could make and break everything on Earth.
For us they are the spiritual crumbs, we do not have any sympathy for those people, if they want they can begin with another and better life, but they are searching for it here and are destroying lives!”
“How informative that is.”
“It is true, Jeus, you can learn all kinds of things through André.
That is the universe of the human being, for man and woman, but what does the human being make of his life?
The human being wants to experience terrible things, but beyond the coffin they have not changed in any way.
Do you still want a kiss, Jeus?”
“Not from that animal anymore.”
“That’s it, they are animal-like men and women.
They do not have any other thoughts.
And you come across all kinds in this world.
André can see those souls every second, but he leaves them be, he does not want anything to do with those lives, you cannot help them anyway.
That man a moment ago, who wrote dirty novels, already understands it.
And that man is now having a rotten time, because the human being who reads his books draws him back into his created misery.
Should you not become a writer of novels with nice stories, which titillate the human being?
It is a pathetic carry-on!
All those people, Jeus, who think that they are doing something for the world and the people, will be destroyed.
If you want to experience these worlds from André, you will be turned inside out, and we had to conquer all of that.
What is love now?
Between life and death, he calls it that, you can experience all kinds of things which you do not see, cannot experience on earth, because you are a spirit there and now there is no end to that carry-on.
They suck you completely empty, Jeus, only in order to experience the human being, it is an animal-like carry-on!
And if you want to be an instrument, you cannot avoid this, you must get through it and we got through it, consciously, and it was only then that Master Alcar could go deeper, further, higher, the ‘Cosmology’ of which we are now experiencing.”
“What I am now learning is wonderful.”
“You are speaking quite good Dutch now, Jeus, thanks, carry on like that.
Yes, everything is wonderful, even if it is so rotten, you learn from it!
In all that demonic carry-on you see the human truth.
And we can also learn from that.
And all those men and women will learn to think differently one day anyhow and it is only then that the other life will begin for them.
But you saw it, that woman has everything, her body is like on Earth.
Did you see her breasts, her eyes and her arms and legs?
Dirty carry-on?
That is the human being beyond the coffin, Jeus, and he now experiences his spiritual personality, which does not want to experience anything else but lust.
Is the life here different?
What do men and women make of their lives?
And the human being there is no different.
They suck you empty and that is what they want to experience, by means of this, you will feel that now yourself, they have contact with the human being on Earth.
They can make and break what they want themselves and no one stops them, because there is no damnation.
There is no fire burning in their hells, many people no longer accept that old hat, this is the truth!”
“What a lot you have learned already.
You are talking, yes, like he can.”
“What I am telling you now, Jeus, I get sent from André.
Of course, I was able to experience everything with him and now I am fighting for him like no other human being will fight, at the end of the day it is we ourselves.
You are now starting to see for the first time how the three of us are made up, but all people experience that.
I learned from the stupid things and Master Alcar was not even angry at me, he knew what we were fighting for and that we had to conquer the universe.
Master Zelanus described all of that in the books ’spiritual Gifts’.
The people will also learn from that soon, especially the spiritualists, but they are getting angry now, because we can show by means of this that they do not possess any gifts.
Those men and women do not even want to lose that junk.
But it is not them, Jeus, or you could bring half of The Hague to the mental institution, but they do not have any contact and now just talk about all these matters and also disembody.
Those spiritualists disembody and have to carry out work in the life after death.
Does it not make you laugh?
They want to help wretches in that world.
Those men and women do not know the laws, André says, or they would not talk that nonsense!
They were destroyed one by one in that world and were either possessed or committed suicide, as we experienced that and no one gets out of.
You now just have to prove what you are and possess, and they do not possess any gifts!
Those are own thoughts!
That student is also standing before this danger.
You will certainly feel that now.
If this woman gets him, he will perish, because that boy does not have any resistance.
André says, he is one from Ancient Egypt.
The human being who is now searching for the eternal life, the occult laws, has already freed himself from the Church a long time ago, but now that human being stands before the spiritual world.
And then the succumbing follows of its own accord.
If that boy has enough sensitivity, then you will certainly feel, then she will kiss him.
And who does not want to be kissed by the universe?
That woman first comes with good excuses, talks to the material being and meanwhile the foundations are laid.
Until she gets the personality and she attaches herself to that soul and that life.
And then you will not get that personality out of your temple again.
Then the sucking empty begins, within a short time you will be a wreck.
This is why André closes off that life, he tells that student strange things, so that that man feels that he is talking to himself and starts to accept that he will not become anything anyway.
Or that life will be destroyed!”
“And he manages that?”
“Yes, we will also observe and experience that, but then you will not hear that soul again, the personality will then have closed itself off to that world.
We were able to help so many people.
I will not forget that countess, who once came to us in order to gain wisdom.”
“What was that?”
“That young lady wanted to improve herself spiritually.
André looked at her and thought: there you have another of those frills who is searching for the spiritual laws, but walks past herself in this life.
He saw her good core and said a moment later:
“Then just begin with peeling potatoes.”
“What did you say?
I have to peel potatoes?”
“Yes, you can begin with that.
If you want to be a follower of mine, then you must begin with that.”
First she began to laugh, but then she became serious and a moment later she said that she would begin with that.
When she left André let me know that he would bring her into the life and not to the occult laws.
She must become a mother, he said, and not an occult Master.”
“And what happened to her?”
“Half an hour later flowers came from her, it was a beautiful basket.
Three months later she came back.
She showed the hard skin on her hands.
When we laughed, she then asked: “Why are you laughing?”
“Well”, André says, under Master Alcar’s authority, “after all, you did not need to peel any potatoes.”
“But you said it, didn’t you?”
“I am pleased that you can do it, of course, but if you can accept in gratitude the food and drink prepared by your servants, you will already have made it.
I intend to make a good person of you and not a medium.
You will now continue to look at the life, and do good, love, be warm-hearted and when you meet someone who is a doctor in medicines, a young man of thirty with a shorter right leg, as you know, who needs a built-up sole on his shoe, then open your soul and life properly.
Do not forget, my Master says it!””
“And then what?”
“Four months later she comes back.
The doctor is there, she is engaged and will get married.
This life is crying from happiness.
André can get anything he wants to have from her, but he does not accept anything from people.
Eighteen months later she has a healthy boy, and, she wrote, I have you to thank for that.
We will never forget you.
They went to Africa and they are still living there happily, blissfully happily, but brought to the real laws, the true life, she became a mother and was very happy with her husband and child.
This is how the Masters work, Jeus, and experience, we say to the people, keep away from matters of which you do not know the foundations; and if they do not want to listen then they must experience a good beating.
We can tell you about hundreds of situations like that.
I also remember another lady.
She also took part in séances and wanted to achieve something.
After two evenings it had already happened.
‘Completely’ gone.
Completely in the hands of an astral personality.
She was kissed day and night, had thick lips from the spiritual kisses and her womb almost ripped apart, that animal-like being had got her in such a way, and no one in the street could see it.
That woman walked round with that day and night, only people asked her whether she had a fever, her face was so red.”
“Then what?”
“André released her from that demon through Master Alcar.
And then we could begin with building up the nervous system, which he had to work on for six months.
That woman had been sucked completely empty within three days.
But she had the sensitive feeling for acting as a medium.
All those hundred of men and women do not have that, because they would succumb.
And those fortune tellers and psychometrists do not succumb.
Because they cannot succumb, and now we stand before the fraud.
Another woman also begins to hold séances.
Her spirits say that André belongs to her.
And now we experienced pandemonium, Jeus.”
“What was that, am I allowed to know?”
“I will ask André whether I am allowed to tell you it.
Yes, it is fine.
Now you will experience something.
And we have plenty of time, he says.
Yes, how is it possible.
We are standing before thousands of dangers, Jeus.
Things which we know nothing about, and yet are experienced by men and women.
In this case the woman.
A little hot head like that gets it into her head that André is her twin soul.
She reads the books, sees the beautiful paintings and begins to hold séances.
We know nothing about that, because we do not want anything to do with those things.
But a spirit comes to her who tells her all that, but those are her first and own thoughts and yearnings.
And then it began.
That male spirit lives in her and has already got her.
What we heard later was awful.
Now and again we got to read writings, which she had got from the Other Side then.
And they were sweet little poems about God and love, and that she would do, had to do everything, in order to help and support us.
André warns that human being, if she does not stop that carry-on, she will be destroyed by the astral personality.
And it did not stop with that.
The gossip is passed round that she will marry us and that she must sell the books.
There is no thought of the girl from Vienna, the fact that we are married means nothing, just kick that life away from you, I am the one!
And all of that because of those séances.
You will certainly feel that a woman like that is half crazy.
Yet there are plenty walking round in our society who want to experience their love by means of faith, their religions, you experience these things in every sect, because the human being imagines something, because those men and women do not know themselves and their task, the life, and let nothing stand in the way now in order to experience their love!
It became so bad, Jeus, she had three babies, the clothes were already made, but one evening they perished.
No one knows what actually happened, we asked the Master about it.
The Master said, because of lust and because of the astral world they lost the earthly.
Succumbed because of own yearnings.
And what can you do about that now?
Nothing, that is known about in the world, you also have those wild cats in our field.
When the girl from Vienna heard all that gossip, she wept.
André said to her:
“We are now run down by muddy cars, however, know that there were also golden coaches and we did not even see them either.”
We conquered the nobility, what do you hope achieve now with a wild, material, animal cat as a human being?
We now told her about the lady from London and about something entirely different.
She knew, she did not doubt us, because we did not have any time to think, to do any wrong.
She could answer: “When must that man do evil, he works himself to death, he has not been outside for five minutes this year.
Well, what do you want?”
Then she started to think differently.
When we began, André said to her:
“First we live here like a dog and a cat, remember that.
And when the people see that it is not the case, I am talked about in the street, then I am a drunk, a whore-hopper and everything else.
Krishnamurti did not escape it either and no one who possesses a bit more than this rotten society knows, we will all perish from it.”
We had to talk to her day and night, it was only then that she understood that this was also a part of our beautiful task and all those ladies could tell her more.
When she understood that, André said to her:
“You should listen.
Do you remember that you were getting anonymous letters a while ago?
That that woman had to warn you about me?””
“And what did she say?”
“Yes, I know that, of course.”
“Well, then I will tell you one day who that is.
I had to treat that mother then, who was very sick.
You know that, for that matter.
When I gave that mother everything and got her better, the daughter became ‘completely’ crazy about me.
I said: “Never search for it with me, or you will lose me.”
She laughed and asked whether I was crazy.
But I knew, I saw, Master Alcar also told me it, that that woman thought, that is the man whom I am searching for and want to have.
And what can you do now?
Well, I helped the mother, and then she got sick.
I healed her too.
And she is always polite, not a wrong word, no hints at anything, she waited like a cat can wait for her prey, but we know exactly what she wants.
One morning I come upstairs, the mother says that she is ready.
I knock, she calls to me to come in, I go into the room, and see, over there in the little room she is standing stark naked in front of the mirror.
I go back and sit down and wait.
There she comes.
Wearing a beautiful garment, but with strange lights in her eyes.
I get up and ask her:
“What day is it today?”
“It is the fourteenth.”
“Then you must listen carefully, child.
I will come back in a year’s time in order to finish the treatment and to give your nerves and heart a rest.
See you in a year, madam.””
“Good gracious, isn’t that something?”
“We were gone, did not hear anything anymore, until the year was up, then the mother was sick again and they asked whether André would come.”
“Did she not say anything?”
“No, Jeus, we got respect from this personality, she pretended she did not know anything, but we kept an eye on her.
And then she began to talk, to gossip, which we had no respect for, finally she showed herself completely, now it was no longer possible to hide herself any longer.
That became dirty talk, hatred appeared, there was no question of true friendship with that life; she did not get her way.
When the girl from Vienna heard all of that, she knew it immediately, envy, jealousy, those ladies wanted to have a man.
But we heard: “But that poor woman.
That human being has no life with that man.
But that poor woman!
But that poor soul!
Would you not do that man an injury?
That man is destroying that woman, and all those people are like that!
That man is a drunk and a whore-hopper!
Do you want to be involved with a human being like that?
Will you read the books from a scoundrel like that any longer?
Would you have thought that?
Devils like that always have the power and the strength in their hands!
Don’t they?”
We laughed, we stood above that, Jeus, but we also had to experience that outside of the battle, the fight against the laws.
And now just feel how strong André is.
We were run down by mud boats and by golden coaches, it is true, but we did not want the golden coach, or the muck of this world, but the human being likes to talk, to gossip, demolishes, sullies the human being. “Oh well”, André says, “we still come out of it blessed, just look at Jerusalem?
How did the people treat Christ?”
If you are not slandered now, you are nothing for this world, it is an honour when the people talk about you, but that is also part of it.”
“Yes, good gracious, that’s it.
I want to be that strong too.”
“And you can learn that now, Jeus.
Naked women mean nothing to us.
Pure love does, that means everything.
And we had to experience that often.
A woman like that gets love, gets hold of it and starts to hold séances.
Always because of those cursed séances.
And then they have sought out their love for themselves, and we were that, always us, never ever someone else.
And that is understandable.
André is open and conscious, warm-hearted, he carried his patients.
But we were also able to experience wonderful situations.”
“Tell me?”
“A sick girl is lying for dead somewhere.
She gives up on life.
This Jewish girl cannot go any further, life has broken her.
She is lying there, pining away.
Someone comes to tell us that and asks whether we can do anything for her.
We go there.
Master Alcar makes the diagnosis, it does not look that bad inside, but she has said farewell to life, the personality has been broken.
Now what?
Medicines do not help, nothing helps.
A pair of empty eyes look at us, there is sorrow on that face of the twenty-eight year old girl, that life has been broken.
Completely broken because of love.
A boy who has broken her, and then her sensitive nervous system which has been murdered.
“Can that life still be helped?” André asks his Master.
And Master Alcar said:
“Yes, that life can still be healed, but now by means of love.
If you can do that, André, want to elevate her life by means of love, we will take her back to life.”
“Tell me what I must do, Master, and I will be ready.”
“Well, in the first place give her your aura.
Talk to her.
Tell her about life after death, experience the books with her, read something aloud to her now and again, bring flowers for her, in short, elevate her into your life like your sister.””
“And then?”
“We begin.
First magnetising, we bring flowers.
We put those flowers in a vase, read aloud to her from ‘Those who Returned from the Dead’, from ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, ‘A View into the Hereafter’.
André explains all the laws to her and tells her, when she dies, how she will feel there and get to experience the life.
A change comes about deep within this life, hope again and especially the knowledge that every human being is rotten, that pure love still exists, that not every man sees the woman, is open to rape.
She starts to believe in the life again.
André has to elevate it so high and deeply, that she thinks as it were, yes, that’s it, that man possesses love.
And that happened.
And then she thought, started to yearn, then the systems got back inspiration again, courage, power of life, so that her family could say: yes, our dear Annie is coming back to the life.
Within three months, Jeus, André had made her better and healed her and she could cope with her task in society again.”
“Good gracious, how nice that is.”
“That is true, Jeus.
She also heard later about all that gossip and she said: “Those people should come to me sometime, then I will tell them something different.”
She wept about it, because she knew who we were.
But we will never lose that dear woman.
If she comes, André will devour her in the girl from Vienna’s presence.
“Do you remember”, I can hear André saying to her, “Annie?”
And then you hear:
“Yes, Jozef, I remember, you will never leave me, we have become friends, brother and sister for eternity.
Good heavens, how I must thank you.
I was destroyed and you gave me back the life.
And purely, Jozef, oh so purely, as I expected it, but had beaten me.
I will never doubt again, because I know, it exists, nothing can destroy me now.””
“She said that.”
“Yes, Jeus, Annie will never leave us again.
And she says: “When I am tired then I just think back to that time and I can go on again, you gave me so much strength then.””
“I understand that.”
“We had to help more people in this way, but then only by means of the pure love, nothing else helped those souls anymore.
And they were also worth that.
André learned through the Masters: the human being has his own health in his hands.
And that is also the truth.
What did all those wild cats want to experience now?
The organism, Jeus, always the legs again.
And if we had been open to that, you will certainly feel that now, Master Alcar could not have achieved anything with us, we would have experienced lusts then and nothing else, but we went further, we saw and spoke to Christ.
Now you can feel for the first time what he devoted to the man who wanted to make better, but who had to die.
You can accept that Gerrit’s mother began to cry when she saw him.
All those good people devoured him, only the dregs destroyed this wonderful thing and sullied the state of purity, this pure love of Andrés.
Our little Jewish girl comes to have a look now and again.
When she comes to us again, Jeus, you will see her.
That has become a contact for eternity and cannot be destroyed by anything.
No, we do not need that misery and the girl from Vienna says: “Let them try touching you, then they will have me to deal with!!”
We have had to experience our life like this up until now, we also learned, as long as you accept that.
But there is a big difference between love and love, my Jeus, it takes you to the demons or to the heavens, and even if hundreds of people did not understand us we have received the heavens anyway!
André made castles out of wretches, but through Master Alcar.
He was offered the strangest things, with which he did not even test the girl from Vienna, we could tell her books about that, and that is simple, but did not feel like doing that.
And then she knew, Jeus, who was writing ‘anonymous’ letters, but we never saw that bitch again.
The women and the men are like that, but fair is fair, the woman always gets the better of the man, they can be like cats.
The man does not have that staying power, but the hells are filled with that, a kiss like that tastes like stinking adders, they sting and bite you, “yes, if that did not exist”, André says, “we would already live in the paradise”, so it is still a part of things!
And then too, my Jeus, it was the evening, we went to bed and then dreamt of bliss, of eternal reunion, of a love which moves mountains!
And anyone who wants that destroying and sullying, you will hear that immediately and also be able to feel it, must decide that for themselves, one day all those people will also have to make amends for that.
And now we will go to bed.
Sleep well, Jeus.
Say goodnight to the girl from Vienna, give her a nice warm kiss, we are not jealous about this, after all we are all involved with her.
As long as you accept that we are going further, so for the time being you can kiss her as much as you want.”
“Good night, I thank you and André for everything!”
The human being is searching, searching for his love, one is a farmer and searches for it by means of Mother Nature, another by means of his arts and sciences, but all of them want to experience love, because love is the highest thing created by God.
But if they want to grab what does not belong to them, everything becomes different and the human being stands before the succumbing because of love.
Is that wrong?
One day we, men and women, will change their lives and they will finish their material tasks, but then it will be bowing to that love which now belongs to another.
We also had to conquer those laws for our life, and it was only then that we began with our journeys through the universe and we got to know all these laws.
Of course, the life is only beautiful if the human being possesses his love, but everyone must first earn that love!
When Jeus wakes up in the morning he begins to ask questions once more, but it is André who now takes care of him and can say:
“Bow to everything, Jeus, also to the miseries of the life and you will conquer everything.
I was not beaten.
All those people beat themselves!
They entered the astral world rotten and naked and they can live it up there, but they also stand before their dismal personalities there!”
“Do you want to tell me everything?”
“If we have time for that, Jeus, yes, and I think that this time is suitable for that, soon we will not have the chance anymore.
Because then the seriousness will begin, then we will stand before the esteemed public and we will experience new things again, beautiful and distressing matters, both terrible gossip and true sacred respect for our life and task, because we will come across all those people.
We will soon be worshipped and people will come to us who would like to murder us, but we will know very well what kind of people they are!
I predict to you, you will soon experience these matters when we stand on the stage, and it is only then that you will be able to help me carry and to help me fight.”
“I will do my best.
How is mother?”
“Mother is still well now.
You know that she has already been bothered by her bladder for years, her kidneys no longer work either, Master Alcar says.
If I get messages, I will tell you.
But do not forget, I have to think and go over the experiences, I cannot lose a second of my time, I must be ready for the Masters.
But we are making good progress, a few more journeys and we will have made it.
You and Jozef will now take over the day conscious self, I will remain in the universe and will never go out of it again.
And from there I will inspire you, so that you can deal with the material life.
Is it worth living, Jeus?
Now that you get all of this?”
“I do not want to lose anything else.”
“Thank you, Jeus, and my compliments about your Dutch.
You are making fast progress, it is wonderful, go on like that!”
We go to the followers, at a steady pace, have nothing else to do for the Masters, I follow him and every thought, we are one from soul to soul, feeling to feeling and will remain one for eternity.
André has not started yet with experiencing the laws, and yet, by means of the writing he mastered the wisdom, he does not need to experience anything else now.
Now and again he can make his own comparisons, and Jozef and Jeus do that, the misery of which they had to accept.
That is also a part of it, André, but thanks from all the life of God, you were able to do it.
You can no longer be beaten and this is how it should be, anyone who wants to serve for Christ is destroyed, is sullied and deformed, but there are no longer any burnings at the stake.
We are heretics to the Church, but try letting the Church look at herself?
We have still not seen any whores, priest!
And those children will not experience that either, if we wanted that, André too, then we would still not need the material human being for that, that can also be experienced by means of the spiritual law of life, and was experienced by Jeus.
They talk about the laws there, the followers listen, we go further, meditate and work, they can hardly go any further there, because people are crushed to death there by the Cosmology.
They are children, André sees and knows, but children will also become older and will awaken then.
“Is there something the matter with Crisje?” “Yes, Jeus, there is something, but none of you are allowed to know that, or we will stand still and that will be wasting time.”
But Jeus gets instruction from André, what the followers master, is intended for his life, and by means of all this thinking and feeling, we come further, the life of André awakens, this playable instrument is becoming cosmically deep, by means of which we will analyse the laws.
They are talking in nature, they are experiencing the laws, Jeus also wants to talk to the life, be one with everything.
“Would you not like to experience this division, Jeus?”
“Is that possible then?
If it is possible, gladly.”
“We will see, Jeus.
The people are doing their business at half power.
If you follow everything, Jeus, you will get to see those character traits.
The human being, as man and woman, still does not know what the essential is for our life, or man and woman would do their things differently and we have to learn that, or we will never ever reach this universal oneness.
And yet every human being must master the laws.
You get five percent love from the people, they have everything to give for the material life, but their soul and spirit have poverty.
Can you feel this?”
“I will keep it in mind.”
“You know, Jeus, the soul as human being has attunement to God.
But the academics still do not know whether the human being has a soul.
And yet, I was able to see and experience that, we are Divine, if you see a human being that is God himself!”
“What did you just say to me?”
“If you see a human being you see God himself, Jeus!”
“Is that possible?”
“You will also get to know that.
That spark lives in us.
But we are that spark ourselves.
We experienced millions of lives, we went from planet to planet and in this way we came to this Earth.
Well, every thought of ours, every deed awakens something of the life, of our soul and that wakening is now the materialisation of that deed.
We do something and then we face the harmony or the personality of that deed.
Can you follow that?
We love people, we people do something for society, but no matter how much we are, no matter how much we have achieved for this life, it now comes down to how we did those things.
It comes down to, Jeus, whether you awaken and materialise the Divine in you.
Materialise for this world and spiritualise for the life on the other side.”
“I understand that, I can imagine.
Of course, it is true.”
“That becomes the splitting of the personality, giving something of your personality for material and spirit, for thousands of thoughts and attuning all of that for later, the life after death.
That is now the spiritual personality.
You should just ask Jozef later how we experienced that, then you will understand it at once.”
“Can you not tell me that now then?”
“I have something else for you.
Can you not hear anything?
Mother Water is talking.
Would you not like to experience her, Jeus?”
“Of course, if that is possible?”
“Then just follow me and I will send you to her life.”
“Good day, dear.
Are you coming to me now, André?
But what a long time you let me wait.”
“That is true, mother, but you can feel what is necessary, can’t you?”
“I know it, André.
And is that little Jeus?”
“Yes, mother, this is little Jeus now.
Will you say something nice to him?”
“Can you feel me, Jeus?
Do you want to come to my life?
Do you want to experience the oneness from feeling to feeling?
Can you feel my kiss, Jeus?
Do you love Crisje a lot?”
“Isn’t that something?
Does she know mother?”
“Yes, Jeus, she knows everything about all the people.
I will answer her and then you can experience her life along with me.
But did you feel that I now divided myself for her life and that it is only now that you can listen to her?
Master Alcar taught me that.
Now you can talk to all the life of God, to flowers, trees, birds, and all that life tells you by what means it got the own independence.
But now a flower like that walks through her own creation with you.
And if you get to know that life now, you awaken yourself and you begin to think differently.”
“May I say something?”
“Of course, that is possible, Jeus.”
“Do you want to teach the human being that?”
“This and thousands of other matters, Jeus.”
“Then that will become the ‘Temple’.
If I had money, you would get everything from me.
Do you want to teach me that?”
“I will elevate you into my life, Jeus.
The Masters want that.
And we have now begun with that.
Can you hear what Mother Water is saying?”
“The Moon is my mother, Jeus.
I still live by means of her laws, Jeus, and you will now master that.
And I am one with her life, and yet, I got my own independence.
I am now everything which you saw in the universe.
What is Mother Nature now?
I am also a child of her.
And in this way God gave all of us an independence, by means of which we conquer His universes, but by giving birth and creating.
Does a flower now possess a soul, Jeus?
Good day, my dear.
Do you not even want to try to talk to my life?
Will you try it?
You will get everything from me.
All the life lives in me.
What a nice name you got, Jeus.
Do you not want to get to know me and your God?
Jeus, can you hear me?”
“What should I say then?”
“Say what comes into you, I am grateful for every word.
But do not talk out loud, then the people will hear you and then they will think that you are crazy.
André also had to get to know those laws.
Will you try it?
Will you tell something about your love?
Open your heart, Jeus, give me your feeling and you will have made it.
By attuning your feeling to my life you enter my heart.
What do the poets experience?
What do those people do, Jeus?
They are sour herrings in this society.
Are you laughing?
I know those lives.
Come now, Jeus, come, I have already accepted you.
You must really ‘want to’.
I will help you.
Watch out, now we are one.”
Jeus almost walks into the water, he has lost himself, but André elevates him into his consciousness.
“So you see now, Jeus, that is splitting of the personality.
But now you may not forget the material life, or you will walk into the water, and you will drown.
I had to conquer all of that.
Now try talking to that tree there?
Go on, and you will also hear that life talking.”
Jeus sinks back again and feels the life of a tree.
That life attracts him, his head is already spinning and he is talking inside, but he immediately feels for his head.
“This is how it goes now, Jeus, if you want to experience these things, you must continue to think properly and naturally, so for the material life.
You are now running into that life and you also feel that thump.
Was that a nasty one?
You must go inside the life and make sure that you remain yourself for the material world.
In Ancient Egypt that cost a great many lives.
When the priests there thought that they could float, so that happened inwardly, they were smashed to pieces.
When they thought that they could be one with all the life of God, they were crushed to death by a snake, attacked by a tiger and there was not much left of those bodies.
You must continue to think about that.
If I had not attuned my concentration, you experienced that yourself now, you would have walked into the water and drowned, but you felt the thump against the tree.
I now have to think of that continually and yet remain myself, so normal earthly, or the people will certify me crazy.”
“I could weep.”
“If you show that, you will already be broken, Jeus.
It goes without saying that this being one moves you, but that is already weakness, you must experience this life quite normally, or accidents will happen.”
“And you talk to everything now?”
“I am talking to all the life of God now, my Jeus.
Can you not hear Wayti now?
You can hear Sun and Moon talk, the stars and planets, the animal and the life of Mother Nature, soul, spirit and material, everything speaks and everything wants to give you love.”
“You see, Jeus, I want to give you that now”, Jeus hears a moment later from Mother Water.
“Dear”, she utters, and then the kiss, which makes him tremble and shake.
André surrenders and Jeus now hears:
“My André, did you think about my mother there?
Did you see how we received our eyes and how the vocal cords divided themselves?
Do you now know that we are serving your life?
I descend into your life, I take you in my arms.
I place you in my heart.
Many poets, André, committed suicide when they felt my life.
I could not do anything else, could I?
But what did they want to experience?
Could they go back to our Mother?
Can Jeus feel that you are talking to Crisje by means of this being one?
Can you hear me, Jeus?
Are you still not saying anything?
Do you not dare to give me one word?
Almost all the people are like that.
They dare to do everything, this being one makes them afraid.
Can you not see Crisje now?
I know her!
I know where she is.
I can feel her life, her love.
Can you see, Jeus, that Crisje is sitting at the window?
Can you really see her?
Are you happy now?
Can you feel that she can think about you, that she can feel you and will never forget you?
You can experience that through me.
Through us, because we possess the wisdom and the feeling for that, because we are soul of His Soul!”
André goes further.
Jeus hears from him:
“That is the splitting of the personality, Jeus.
We were once with people who experienced our séances.
Wonderful things happened that evening, we experienced the direct voice, the closed piano played for us and we got flowers from the Masters.
When I went home, I heard those people sitting at the table talking, I heard them laughing behind my back.
They did not believe it, even if they had seen materialisations.
Master Alcar says then: “Come on, we will just go back and you can hear what they have to say about our life.”
And then, Jeus, I heard what they had to say there, but Jozef went home dragging his feet, so he went further, we experienced that gossip.
Jozef is almost home.
When he is standing at the stairs he cannot go any further.
Then he had to wait for me, because he could not go up the stairs without me, he lacked my inspiration for that.”
“Did that happen?”
“That happened, Jeus.”
“And then?”
“Then I dashed back to him, we were one again and now we could pull the organism up the stairs.
But the next day I told them what I knew and had heard.”
“They probably got a shock.”
“That was the proof that the human being could divide himself.
They could now accept, they surrendered one by one.
And we now experience that with all the life.
You must want to open yourself, or it will not work.
You must think of thousands of things and not forget the earthly life, or accidents will happen of course.
I was also almost standing up to my neck in the water once, but then I knew it, from that moment onwards Master Alcar could go further.
And now this, Jeus, is only possible because we are a spiritual personality beyond the coffin, or it would not be possible.
They are disembodiments as it were, but now you still live in the organism.
The priests learn that in the eastern temples, but this sensible West still does not know these laws, no academic believes it.
And I want to give that to the people of this world, it is the highest gift from God, because the human being gets to know himself by means of this and will now experience the life differently.”
“I can see it, I want to learn that.”
“And you will learn that, Jeus, Jozef too, then we will soon be ready for all our other work.”
“Why do the academics not know this?”
“Because those people have to prove everything scientifically.
Psychology is still not that far.
They must lay foundations, but by means of pieces of proof.
Or it will no longer be science.
And we are bringing the Spiritual Sciences to the earth and this mankind.
This is why you must not learn anything from this society if you want to be an instrument, or you will never be free from this thinking and feeling.
Is it not worthwhile?”
“I could cry.”
“I can believe that, Jeus.
Look, we are home again, now the city one must act.
I will get ready for Master Zelanus.”
“Did you also experience that, that, which I got a moment ago?” the city one gets to hear from Jeus.
“Yes, Jeus, I know that, and when you get into that, you will get to know him for the first time.
We are having that rotten soup again today, I see.
Would you not like to eat something?”
“Not me, I do not like that horrible stuff.”
“Thank you, Jeus.
If André hears that, you will already get a beating.”
“Why, I am not doing anything, am I?”
“No, you are not doing anything, but we have to eat that horrible stuff for you and what do you live by then?”
“Gosh, yes, how is it possible.
I will eat for you.”
Jeus eats with his eyes closed, he cannot get the flower bulb soup to go down, but he has to, or we will succumb.
We keep a check, or we will not be able to work soon, that delicious soup comes back and then we experience other laws, which are disturbances again for the writing.
But Jeus has to eat now, the unconscious characteristics suck themselves full, the spiritual ones refuse to absorb this unnatural food, we also have to take that into account, but we manage it, it must happen in harmony, or we will stand before a direct and nasty halt.
And that halt will then be the succumbing, because we will no longer be at full power.
But we can go further, now and again something different and better comes, which Master Alcar takes care of, but the city one only gets a smattering of that.
Jeus is aware of that and says:
“If there is something nice to eat, then you will probably eat it, won’t you?”
We have to bow our head to that and it is the truth.
The city one eats that then, but we promise Jeus, when the war is over he may have all that nice food, he first, a thousand times first, and then we will eat.
And by means of this the personalities come to each other again, we also got to experience the human harmony in this and we went further.
Jeus can still hear the student shouting, but we let that life call.
Now he can admire the temple, the human organism, that beauty also belongs to his life.
We begin, I take over André and Jeus sees now how we were actually put together by Our Lord.
“Isn’t that organism wonderful, Jeus?
Is that not a temple?
Can you see soul, feeling and spirit now?
Could you not cry?
That is going into war now and people are destroying that, but we will do something else with that.
Look, there is the room for fatherhood and motherhood.
You see, Jeus, that as a man we are still also ‘mother’?
Can you not see the maternal organs in the male organism?
The mother also has both organs, the mother can also create the organism as a soul, she possesses the foundations for that.
Isn’t it a wonder?
André can now teach him that and I go further.
“Now you are awake in our temple, Jeus.
The maternal organs also live in the creating organs.
When we return to the earth now as soul and spirit, motherhood emerges and we have that in our own hands.
This is something entirely different again than what I let you experience a moment ago.
Are you happy now?
You can see it, the human organism is a wonderful temple!
There is nothing more beautiful and that, Jeus, is sent into the war.
Now you can admire our temple.
And you have not yet seen your own temple, but it is possible now, because I have come so far.
And I am placing all of that in your hands, you can bow to this, Jeus.
If you know all of that, you will feel that the Divine ’sELF’ lives in you, we only just have to materialise and spiritualise it, there is nothing else to be experienced!
And by means of fatherhood and motherhood we come that far!
This is why, my Jeus, we are both father and mother, the organs are also in us.
When mother leaves the earthly life soon, she will also get to experience all of that.
But can you see, can you feel now that Master Zelanus is getting all my feeling from me anyway?
I am only talking to you at five percent and yet you can see and experience everything.
I also had to master that!
Where mother is going, Jeus, there is happiness.
Oh, that life is so wonderful.
She has experienced her life as God wants it from us, we do not need to worry about mother.
I believe that I am receiving these feelings, my Jeus, and that will probably be the case, because I always come back to mother.
I can even see her wonderful garden of life.
Isn’t that wonderful, Jeus?
The city one also got to know that and he knows now what our house is like, now he does everything in order to support me.
And by means of this he gets to know himself and he will soon get to experience sphere happiness.
It is the paradise for here and beyond the coffin.
The city one has got the physical systems under control, but through me.
We now know the human organism.
It is a wonderful product of creation.
We know, Jeus, that everything which you learn here on Earth means nothing for your life beyond the coffin.
For God we only have to be father and mother.
What you learn here for society remains behind, and you cannot use that in your astral world.
Can you feel this?”
“I understand it.”
“And you have to experience the universe for that.
We will teach mankind that!
If you kill a human being, you must go back to this world in order to give the soul a new organism.
And if you have destroyed thousands of people.
Then you become a mother, now you must give birth, whether you like it or not, and the academics still do not know anything about that either.
God wanted it like that!
Those are the laws of this universe in which we live.
And that is another God than that of the Old Testament.
That is a breaker!
A destroyer!
We do not want anything more to do with that God.
Our God says: love!
Master Zelanus toils on, but we are now so far that we can think while writing.
And that is a revelation for me and for all of us.
That means, Jeus, that we are developing, that we will conquer all the laws.
Soon we will experience the earthly prehistoric people, Jeus, when the Master is ready, we will stand before those ages and we will get to know Mother Earth along with all her life.
Then you will be surprised, when you see yourself and now sense and compare this social life, that is what will take you to that higher awakening.
And we will devote everything to that!
Oh, my Jeus, life is so beautiful, if you want to understand it.
What is love?
What is happiness?
That of this world?
I will let you experience a different happiness, a happiness which comprises all the universes!
Get ready, Jeus, because we are going to Christ!
When you have seen that, you will know that mother will be happy soon.
There will soon be nothing else which we do not understand.
We are going to the omniscience!
Yes, Jeus, to the omniscience for this universe.
You will hardly believe it, but I will prove it to you!
Did you hear that Lony’s father is already dead?”
“Did that poor man already die?”
“Yes, the mother is now left with ten children, but she has strapping daughters and she will make it.”
“Isn’t that something?”
“That is all because of this war, but there will be other times.
These are the disturbances which we created for our being born, for fatherhood and motherhood, but which no academic knows what to do about.
They do not understand why there are insane people living on earth now.
They do not understand anything about why a child has to die now, but I know these laws and can explain them.
The life goes further, of course the life goes further, but these are not foundations for the universal going further, by means of this the human being creates misery, and God did not want that.
The human being can now say: I am a human being, but I do not even live like a pig. That animal is higher than the human being!
The human being can say: I am a human being, but a snake is more than this pathetic consciousness which calls itself a human being.
Is that perhaps not true?
But what do the people want, do the peoples of the earth want?
Of course, that is clear, we know it, one people wants to destroy, to conquer the other, to possess everything of those other peoples, to force their own thoughts upon them, and if they do not want to bow, they are killed.
Adolph wants that too, but now he is losing it!
That means that we are entering upon other times, my Jeus.
Try saying that I am lying?”
“You never lie.”
“Thank you.
I see that Master Zelanus has already written seven sheets, it is going fast.
He must now calculate the powers, or we will not make it and it is only then that the city one will succumb.
His back is already breaking, can you feel it?”
“Yes, I can feel it.”
“Can you feel, Jeus, that you cannot fantasise about this?”
“I already know it.”
“Then we are making progress, now you can see the laws and open them for yourself.
You want to be like the city one, don’t you?”
“Yes, I want to be like that.”
“Then you must just absorb everything into you which he has to say and you will come that far.
The human being, Jeus, wants to know everything about another on Earth, but nothing about himself.
The human being always looks at another, sees his mistakes, but nothing of himself.
And I look and see first what is wrong with me and then I look at the people.
Oh, Jeus, you can learn from the people how it should not be done!
And that does not cost a cent.
The people go to a psychologist in order to ask that man what they are like inside.
And from every character trait you know how pathetic you still are, and you do not need an academic for that either.
Those people do not know themselves.
Our school, Jeus, takes us to ourselves!
And I will teach the people that.
Can you now hear Socrates saying that I am right?”
“I can hear that voice, good heavens, where is that coming from?”
“From the universe, Jeus, he is millions of miles away from us, but there is no spiritual distance.
I can call them to my life one by one, all those great ones, and they come to us, because we do their work.
When you tell the people the truth and they begin to cry, I call that the own brandishing tears and they mean nothing.
The life is one radiance and one great happiness, wherever and however you live, everything is happiness!
Even a louse knows that life is good!
But the people do not!
They are standing on top of and in happiness and do not see and feel it.
And then, Jeus, they killed each other!”
“Darn it, it is all the truth!”
“It’s true, and now you may say ‘darn it’.
Brandishing tears is the destruction of yourself.
When you are sick, are in pain, then weep, but not when you still have a healthy body, it is scandalous now!
Are you still not beginning to cry, Jeus?”
“Not me, you can saw me to pieces now, I do not want to cry anymore.”
“I want to hear that, Jeus, and the Masters will be happy, it is only now that Master Alcar can achieve something with us.
The city one now says: I want to serve!
I want to let myself be beaten for all these wonderful things, I want to conquer myself, and that is possible now.
Can you hear this wonderful music, Jeus?
The typewriter is rattling and that is now a spiritual composition by the Masters.
They used to call that haunting, but these times do that on a perfectly ordinary typewriter.
And really, Master Zelanus is haunting now and the girl from Vienna does not even find it scary.
Sometimes you think that the universe is writing, it is going so fast.
Do you notice that Master Zelanus does not need to think?
That is now happening of its own accord, because the laws themselves want to talk.
Master Zelanus has now become an instrument too!
Yes, Jeus, it is tremendous, we will write a number of books within a few weeks.
They should just try imitating us now.
And these are not novels, but Bible books.
We will bring the Divine ‘Gospel’ to Earth.
Christ wants that!
And by means of this ‘HIS Age’ has begun!
Would you like to see what the neighbours are up to, Jeus?”
“Is that possible?”
“That is also possible now.
Come, we will leave our house.
Look, there is the girl from Vienna now.
Now you will suddenly know her.
The human being can hide nothing from his spiritual life.
Isn’t she sweet?
She has a very strong character and is a good friend, even if she still cannot deal with all these laws.
But they want to fight tooth and nail for her.
Look, our neighbours are living there.
They are a bunch of egoists.
Those people have no faith, no God, they think that only they live on Earth.
Man and woman are frogs in the universe.
You should see that face.
Is that a woman now, a mother?
You cannot even use that life for dried-up stockfish.
Do you not want a kiss from her, Jeus?”
“Not me.”
“Fine, because now you are starting to feel that the human being is everything and nothing, and these two people have nothing.
A fuss about nothing, they are pathetic.
I am a chained up madman in their eyes.
The girl from Vienna too, but the girl from Vienna laughs at all those neighbours, she knows it!
Can you feel this poverty?
And that lives next to us, where God is and the universe smiles at you.
They do not see anything, do not know anything, do not feel anything, do not need anything either.
Did you see her laughing?
No, Jeus, that is the crying of a cockatoo and that animal lives in the East.
Yes, that is a human ‘cockatoo’.
That is a human parrot, it is something like that!
We should really leave here, I would like to see green around me, Mother Nature is calling to our life, but we do not have any money.
The girl from Vienna earned it.
If she is rebellious I say: “Soon you will get to experience a universe and that will be then be from yourself.”
Do you see, Jeus, that they are dried-up stockfish?
And they call that people.
That woman got a womb in order to give birth and to have babies, but she feels like a human porcupine.
Even less!
And that coos and kisses you right on your mouth.
And that now thinks that she is giving you something.
Come, we will go a bit further.
Here we are at the cobblers.
That man is a fine man, but he does not like me.
He knows that I take part in occult laws and he is afraid of that.
This life, Jeus, you can see it, is Reformed.!
The strangest thing there is.
Luther also thought he could experience that.
And Luther is on our side, Master Alcar says, weeping, searching, because he made such a fuss, and yet remained in the damnation.
But this perfectly ordinary cobbler was once a pupil of Socrates.
But one who betrayed his Master.
I could give his previous name, but that name is ahead of this life.
This cobbler is a good man, only that ‘Reformed envy’ must go from his life.
And it is like that with all these people, my Jeus.
Can you see that we are floating in the universe now?”
“I could cry now.”
“Can you see, Jeus, that I will conquer heaven and earth?”
“I know.”
“Then that is my kiss, my knowledge, my everything for the mother whom I will love.
But our good cobbler is a great man.
I love this man, because I know him, because I love all the life.
Come now, we will have a walk along the Thomsonlaan and look in the windows from this world.
Can you see, Jeus, how many astral people are following the material people?
The Masters do not need to make any Divine journeys in order to write books.
You can write books to suit everyone, and then we will stand before spirit and material, before love and destruction, before the cold, naked reality.
Look, Jeus, that woman does not know that her husband is following her.
Can you feel this, can you see this?”
“No, I can see that man, but what does that man want?”
“You should see how that life protects her.
The man is dead and he is alive.
The woman, left behind alone, feels warmth, cannot cope with life alone, she wants to experience love.
That still does not matter whether that is physical love or something else, but the husband knows that by accepting that man – she is thinking about another man – she will be beaten, and now the life will be terrible.
She then starts to make comparisons; this soul gave her peace and understanding, this man was a human being and what she will now get is misery.
There are men and women, Jeus, who marry for the third time in order to experience some love.
And when they come beyond the coffin, who is it then?
Sometimes none of them!
And is that bad?
The human being searches for some harmony, Jeus, the human being searches for love and happiness and it does not matter where that comes from, as long as the man has some happiness for the woman, and the life can be experienced again.
Look, the astral personality is following her in the shops, he does not leave her alone and is influencing her life.
“Do not go to that man!
Do not go to that life!
Do not go to that soul, because, my dear child, you will be destroyed!”
And they would be wonderful books now if you want to describe those lives, but then the human being says: would that be true?
You can experience a cinema from this life, Jeus, and it does not cost you a cent.
You walk in just like that and no one sees you.
If you want to know what the material human being is getting up to, then you can see that from this life.
And usually, you will not believe it, always and eternally, for the material world then, you stand before the love!
If you descend into those souls, you immediately stand before all the grades of love and you have to do with true love and the whorish love.
If you see that, take to your heels.
Every human being has lost something dear, Jeus.
But not the conscious human being.
When Crisje dies soon, I will not search for her on Earth again, but in the heavens and then we will experience that love.
Isn’t it wonderful?
What is love, Jeus?
This material carry-on?
This physical destructive life of feeling?
From here I can see Master Zelanus working.
Look for yourself and you will know this bliss.
Isn’t that something?
We are that, but the people on Earth still have to master these worlds!
You can now not only sense and feel the love, the personality, all the miseries which the human being will still get to experience are also diseases.
I can now already see that this woman will have to have an operation in four months’ time.
Can you not see that, Jeus?”
“Where can that be seen?”
“Just look in her stomach and you will see it.
She is still strong, the tumour is not yet ripe, but that will come and then she can surrender to a doctor.
That is the possession of the astral personality, my Jeus.
The spirit sees through everything, there are no longer any darknesses for that life and consciousness.
But what is love?
My God, Jeus, can you feel what you will get to experience if you love all the life of God?
Now look at those organisms, see from this world how those bodies have deteriorated, but does that have meaning?
I will just touch this mother, I will give her my consciousness and then I will help her husband, this soul as spirit.
I will give her my feeling and thinking, Jeus, and that is everything, now she knows it and she is beginning to think.
Did you see it?
Now already, that man can not touch her again.
Can you see the eyes of the astral personality?
That is an ‘orchid’, Jeus, for us and the Masters, that personality can see that I am a Master.
But he still cannot achieve this.
Jeus, we protected a mother while writing the Cosmology.
The Masters think that is wonderful and we can experience that time usefully.
If we want, then we can help thousands of people in this way, who experience nothing else but our thoughts, our knowledge.
In this way, Jeus, mothers and fathers work from their spiritual life if they possess light, and they are capable of helping their loved ones on Earth, protecting them from troubles, if the human being wants the good!
Do you want to have a walk through the Fahrenheitstraat?
Do you not want to see our cinema where we go every week in order to experience something?
That is also possible.
Do you want to know everything about the people, Jeus?
Do you want to go in one door and out the other?
Do you want to see their hearts, their lives, their love?
If you want to see how they experience love, I can connect you to all those feelings and thoughts, because I am the Prince of this universe.
Do you still long for a kiss from a beautiful girl?
Do you want to kiss that beauty?
Then go, kiss her and you will feel the muck from her life sticking to your lips!”
“I am becoming unwell from this misery.”
“If you are starting to feel and see that, my Jeus, I can accept that we are awakening!
Come, we will walk through the houses and through the hearts of the human being.
Look there.
What do you see, Jeus?
Such a beautiful girl is not like a whore is.
But do not forget, that does not mean anything, that is also life from God, that is also a Deity.
Animal or spiritual, material or human, it is life of the All-Source!
And now you start to know and understand the life.
Now you can see our holy mother, my Jeus, and you know that dying means bliss!
Was our Crisje like that?
Can you feel now what we are starting to and will experience?
Come, we will go a bit deeper into the men and women.
Can you feel the conscious and unconscious soul now?
And yet, the kiss is everything!
The love is everything!
There is nothing else to be experienced.
Look, there is the Laan van Meerdervoort.
Can you see all those people?
Do you know now what you can make of your life?
We are going through the houses and the people, looking and feeling and knowing, yours does not mean a jot!
But can you see that little mother there?
That beautiful little woman?
That dear child?
That can give love, Jeus.
Kiss her, from this world and give her your love and she will give it this evening to her husband, she will think that God has kissed her!
And we are Gods!
It is us!
We are Human ‘Gods’!
If you possess light here, Jeus, you have everything and you can go where you want.
Nothing can stop you.
If all the people know this, life on Earth will be beautiful, because unconsciousness obscures love and happiness.
And then the human being stands before his own grade of life, the seven grades for marriage, the laws of which the Masters will explain.
Then we will experience lovely hours and it means wisdom for our life.
But come, we have to go back, Master Zelanus is almost that far, it is enough again for today.
But I do not understand how the city one puts up with that!
The body is being destroyed, you can see it and yet we have to go on.”
Of course, Andre, the organism is being destroyed and you would be able to experience journeys with Jeus now.
You could go with him to Crisje, but that must not happen, because then you would see what is going to happen there.
Crisje is preparing herself in order to swap the earthly life.
It will be that far in a few days.
Then what?
Then you will also see that experiencing, finishing, her death and taking her to the spheres, follow her entering the astral world together and it is only then that we will be able to go further.
Jeus will also see her.
I am ready for today, the follower is allowed to read what we recorded, we relax, the city one can explain one thing and another to Jeus under the blankets.
In this way we experience this terrible time, we, but the human being on Earth is different.
The masses plod along, the masses are rattling inside and outside and are standing before complete collapse, complete destruction, we work and think, we have a wonderful task to complete.
A rat costs fifteen guilders.
You no longer see a dog.
Cats and dogs are rare animals for the human being.
Who feel like eating them, of course.
The human being looks like a skeleton!
And yet, now the human being is open to something else, at least those who want to bear all of this and have not yet lost their god.
But a rat has meaning.
What will it be like soon?
When there is everything again, will those masses have learned something then?
When the city one gets air along with Jeus, they are standing at the stairs and have to rest five times, which used to be possible in only three steps, that will be the picture of exhaustion and material destruction.
“You see, Jeus”, Crisje’s child gets to hear, “this is what we are like now.
I cannot go forward anymore and yet we have still not made it.
I have to gather my strength for André, if he wants to experience the ‘Cosmology’, but it is difficult.
There is no complaining here, they accept!
Anyone who cannot accept, destroys himself, many people already learned that.
But soon?
What will all these people be like soon, when everything is over again and the human being has everything again?
It will be a great time for André.
The human being has to bow now whether he likes it or not.
And many people are learning something now.
You see it immediately”, he says to Jeus when they look at the people on the street the next morning.
“You should look at those faces, Jeus, those eyes tell you everything.
You do not need to descend into the depth of the soul, you now see that at once and there is no studying necessary.
Anyone who does not possess love, destroys himself.
You do not understand that they do not eat each other, if it lasts a while longer, we will also experience that and then we will stand again before our jungle stage.
Yes, Jeus, those are the animal grades of life for the human being, but those people also live in the city.
Look, they are holding onto the city one and he does not know how to free himself from those people, I have to intervene.
You must also learn that.
There is Mother Water again.”
“Good day, André.”
“Good day, mother.”
“How are you?”
“Look for yourself and you will know.
The city one looks bad, his back and legs have given out.”
“How is Jeus?”
“Talk to him, I am giving him everything.”
“Good day, Jeus.”
Jeus cannot talk and André says: “Come on now, talk to your mother.”
“Can you hear me, Jeus?”
“Yes, I can hear you.”
“Is it strange to hear me talk like this?”
“I have to think about it first.”
“What is it, mother?”
“Jeus does not dare to talk.”
“He will learn it soon, mother.
The following journey has a supernatural attunement and he will return to the Earth differently.”
“Did you already feel something, André?”
“Yes, mother, I know it.”
“And the other two?”
“Nothing, they do not get to experience one thought of that, mother.”
“Then that is all right too.
What do you feel?”
“Another few days.”
“Wonderful, isn’t it?”
“Yes, mother, but can you feel what they see and want to feel down below here?”
“I already felt that, André.
We will make a small detour in order to be able to talk to each other.
Has the first grade of life as aura already opened?”
“Yes, mother, I saw it yesterday.
I am waiting, and yet, I can no longer feel my oneness, because the Masters want to go further, but for me it is happiness.”
“I know.
Can the follower also go further?”
“No, he is also standing before the succumbing.”
“And then you will not stand alone, you know.”
“Yes, mother, if you were not there, I would not know what to do.”
“Can the other one follow everything now?”
“No, nothing, I have closed myself off completely.”
“Then it is good.
I saw it, felt it, You gave me more oneness.”
“Yes, mother.
It looks awful now, the people cannot go on anymore.
My beggar is standing before the succumbing, mother.”
“I saw him passing by here, André, but we will receive him in love.”
“I know that you can do that, because that life possesses light and pure love.
When I look at him inside, I see my father from the past standing before me.
I did everything I could do, mother.”
“I know, André.
What does Dectar say?”
“He laughs at everything.
Dectar experienced this study himself, but the times were different then.
We experienced those laws in Isis, mother, and so we know what going hungry means.
Dectar does not want anything to do with that nonsense.
He says: “I do not want to see the life aura of the human being who eats rats”, he feels poisoned then.”
“It is clear, we know those laws.
“In Isis”, he says, “we went hungry cheerfully in order to give ourselves inner light and these people eat their own love.
And yet the human being of these times says that he is further than we are there, there, thirty-eight hundred years ago?
But we did not eat any rats!
Any dogs!
We lived by means of Mother Nature!
Isn’t it true, André?”
“Yes, mother, you know it.
But I have made it, see you later, my mother.”
“As long as you know that I am ready to help you carry.”
“I know, mother.”
Jeus was able to follow this being one and at the same time did not, because he cannot experience the consciousness, but he underwent it as a spiritualist wants to experience his contact, about which he thinks: was that not me myself?
When the student undergoes it, André elevates every character trait, but that costs time and being one.
Jeus asks questions and answers himself, but the oneness with the life of God lives behind that.
What they now get to experience is material destruction, the wasting away of the organism and they also get to experience that, but the happiness by experiencing the universe.
Who can do that?
The East experienced that, the West still has to master this depth for the life.
Mother Water knows everything, because she created the human being.
And the higher inspiration of her life lives in the human being, it is up to him to attune himself to that.
The days which come now are for Master Alcar.
We came that far, and then?
The news that Crisje has died.
“Good heavens, mother is dead, mother is dead”, Jeus screams.
Mother is dead!
And we were not there.
We could not do anything for her.
Nothing, isn’t that terrible?
At the moment when the news comes, we are standing still too.
This must be talked about.
A man who was in the neighbourhood of Crisje, brought the news, the days before when André experienced her, those were the hours of Crisje’s passing over.
And now?
Crisje is dead, but she is living in the astral world.
Jeus is broken-hearted by it and André has to take care of him.
Crisje is not dead, she is alive!
It is a pity that we were not with her, but Master Alcar is giving us something else.
“Mother passed away peacefully”, André gets to hear from Master Alcar.
“We were with her, also Tall Hendrik and Miets.”
The typewriter is standing still.
What I wrote was: there is no death!
Love unions cannot be destroyed.
André knows it, the Master let him know everything, now it is that far.
The city one sees and feels everything differently, he is standing next to and in André.
It is Jeus who now wants to experience his childhood, wants to see Crisje, he has just lost her now.
“Hooray”, it rejoices in André, “Crisje is dead here, she is alive there!
I will see her!”
Master Alcar says to André:
“Get ready, André.
Crisje is also ready to receive you, you will return with her to ’s-Heerenberg and experience her death.
Then we will go further again.
You will get two days from me to deal with this.
Is that enough?”
“Yes, Master.
I will be ready again then.
The tension from weeks ago has gone.
All that time André was busy with Crisje, but he was not allowed to experience her, his mother also has to experience her dying on Earth, alone, but with and by means of the help of her loved ones.
It is all wonderfully divided, André feels.
Jeus will see Crisje.
But the Cosmology is lying still, André understood that, these feelings demand everything from him and want to be experienced now.
The childhood, the thinking and feeling as the child of mother Crisje, are now accepted for André as a universal life of feeling.
Yet as the child of his mother he will stand before her life, or that life will not understand him now.
That is the Jeus in him, whom he spoke to day and night.
Jeus is now the child from the country again, elevated to broader thinking and feeling, but now one with that stage, one with the countryside where this life was born.
The Cosmology falls away; all those laws have no meaning now, but André will soon feel the state of purity of them, now he can give himself completely, that division, the thinking and feeling for his mother, now also belong to the astral life and consciousness.
Master Alcar wanted it like this and André feels that it is good.
He has a task to complete for mankind and not only for his Crisje.
There are no tears!
There is deep experiencing and sensing, the seeing of the laws, the death for his mother, the departure from the Earth is also there.
Yes, André, we are experiencing Crisje’s ascension.
André is thinking, he is meditating for Crisje, he will see her this evening.
He will disembody this evening in order to meet his mother.
Isn’t that something?
Who can experience that on Earth?
He is now getting the greatest and most sacred gift from his Master, the being one with his mother in the life after death.
They will return to where they lived, he will stand before his mother as André and as Jeus.
Now we are curious how he will experience this.
Mother and child are one, of course, that is understandable, but these lives are different.
Crisje no longer knows her Jeus, he has become André.
In the years that he has lived in the city he has become thousands of years older, Crisje does not know this cosmic personality, this child of hers is someone else.
But is it true that she has given life to a prophet?
Jeus will have to explain that to her through André.
Well, mothers on Earth, you will experience that.
One in millions of mothers can experience something like this, only one out of millions of mothers gets such a gift from her child.
Christ lives amongst these lives and André has earned this reunion by means of his work.
Jeus gets to hear from André:
“When we see mother, Jeus, she will be as beautiful as an angel.
She will come to us in a beautiful divine garment and she has earned that beautiful garment by means of all the good she did for the people.
You will now experience her by means of my consciousness.
Can I let you experience anything more beautiful, Jeus?
Now you will see your own mother as you have never even known her.
You will experience the ascension of your own mother, Jeus, and every human being can experience that if you are love.
This evening, therefore soon, we will disembody and then experience this journey for ourselves.
You will see your mother as a Queen of the universe, because mother was so good, so loving for the human being.
And we know that and no one can take that away from us.
Thousands of people can agree with that, Jeus.
And now you will see, if you love, what you can experience after death.
We will share this journey fairly, I promise you that.
Because mother only knows us as Jeus.
And yet, she will be happy that we can show her our happiness and what we made of our life.
I will now think and prepare myself for Master Alcar.”
Darkness falls, the clock strikes ten, it is peaceful in the universe.
He feels, he is standing before a wonderful event.
And if his Master did not free him, he would not experience anything, he is not capable of that under his own power, but what he learned from that is tremendous.
It is too good to be ‘true’, but that truth comes to us.
There is no fantasising, human being of the earth, or I will beat myself to pieces.
Flying higher than the power we have is not possible!
Only people in the East can do that, here in the West we stand with both feet on the passable ground.
Ramakrishna, and you can go along with that.
Yes, Rama, I will see my mother tonight.
We will experience wonders tonight, both human and divine wonders, because we must become free from this contact, or we will not experience these wonders.
That’s it!
But sooner or later you will get to experience everything, as long as you keep on going!
And we will hold out, we want to do everything in order to give this mankind the light of the Masters.
There is no more to it!
But we will see Crisje tonight!
Our immaculate and pure mother!
We do not love her, because she is our mother, but because she is so great.
That’s it!
If our mother had not been so loving, we would have forgotten her.
Then she would have had to accept the darkness, but Crisje – I have already known that for so long – lives for the third sphere.
Her love for the life of God was so great.
Yes, my mother is now on the other side.
It is finally that far.
My God, I am starting to feel that I am stronger now.
When Crisje still lived on Earth I felt divided for her life and that is understandable, at least if you keep, want to experience that contact, because millions of children do not care about parents.
I do, I did not forget Crisje for a second, never, because we were spatially one.
Is that not true, universe?
Wayti, my Crisje is now on the other side.
Mother Water, Crisje is there now!
Mother Moon, Crisje is in the Spheres of Light and she is coming to me.
Sun, Moon and stars and all the life on the other side will greet her!
It is ten past ten.
André feels that the disembodiment has begun.
A moment later he is standing next to his organism.
Who is that?
My Crisje!
He flies into the arms of Crisje.
Jeus weeps from happiness. André thinks and looks into her eyes.
Then he sees his Master.
And yonder, in the distance, is that father?
Yes, but they are going back, he will see them soon, he feels, this being one is for him and Crisje.
Thanks, heavens, my thanks.
Crisje, but my Crisje.
Crisje looks into the eyes of her Jeus.
How beautiful mother is!
Seventy-four years on Earth, now thirty.
Crisje is young and beautiful, because her soul represents that youth.
André knows these laws and understands everything.
Master Alcar lets him feel what he expects of him.
Crisje has not yet seen the material world after her dying.
Andre takes her hand and now he leaves the sphere of the earth with her.
He knows exactly what he will experience, Master Alcar has elevated him into his life.
A moment later he has left the sphere of the earth.
He cannot say a word, they float like children through the universe of God.
But he lets Crisje experience what Master Alcar wants.
His life flows towards her.
His soul gives her everything.
And his mother absorbs all of that into her, she now sees what has become of one of her boys, the years fly through her spirit.
In only a few seconds she experiences worlds and she is capable of dealing with this, because she possesses the feeling, the personality was open to all this purity.
The human being can experience himself like that and it is the oneness with the other life of God.
They will go to the Spheres of Light first and then back to the Earth.
By means of this Crisje will get to know him, that is not possible in the sphere of the earth.
If he had returned to her deathbed immediately, he could not have given her his life and consciousness.
André already knows that his father and sister Miets have experienced her.
Now the life is perfect, what was beaten apart for years is now one again.
And he will experience that!
They go further hand in hand, Crisje looks into his life, it is he who takes her from one wonder to another.
Crisje sees the years of education, the battle which was fought in order to conquer the laws and when she has seen and felt that, André sees that they have reached the first sphere.
Crisje, his mother, can go further, he sees from her life aura which sphere she has attunement to.
Where they now live is wonderful, the spiritual peace shines towards them.
Birds fly around them, the singing from the heavens can be heard.
The life of God is happy.
The life of God knows this love between mother and child and the life of God knows what André has to give his mother.
Crisje already knows it, she is now living in the Kingdom of God.
What used to be the Forecourt for her life is now a sphere of light.
His mother, André sees, also possesses the Great Wings, even if she still has to awaken for the universe.
Crisje is conscious, strong and beautiful, she looks like a Goddess. And, André can say, that is the sacred truth!
But the mother also sees the consciousness of her child.
Yes, Crisje, angels are singing, and that is for us, for your life.
Crisje now sees that her Jeus is a Master.
She can let him feel: I knew it!
The universe, the sphere of Crisje is singing at her.
A mother has arisen from her grave, Church of the earth, and does not need to wait for your last judgement.
This is completely different and acceptable.
Now the mother of Jeus can say something.
She shows André how beautiful she is, whose garments he already saw as a child.
“Yes, mother, the wonderful blue has become even more beautiful, but when I was still a child, you already wore this beautiful garment.
Do you remember, mother?
Do you remember that we were together in the Forecourt of Our Lord?
I told Jeus all of that, but it was me!
I was able to experience that, mother.
Do you remember that when the beggars came and you gave that man too much?
That father grumbled about that.
How is your Tall One now?
Father can now bow his head to all those wonders received.
Can’t he, mother?
Oh, I am so happy now.
I have longed for this for years, mother.
This is our moment, this now gives me everything!
I can see your pure soul and I know your past, mother.
I know now where we met each other before and what we mean for each other.
Is that not what all the people want to experience?
Look, mother, the first sphere lies there, but we must go even further, you have a higher attunement and that is the great happiness for me and yourself.
Yes, mother, you were a Queen in love!
I have sacred respect for your life, mother, I always felt your great love and got your support for my work.
I have now got Cosmic consciousness, mother, and by means of that I can give you love, the great being one with the universe.”
André can bow to the spiritual personality which is his mother.
He places his laws in her hands, hands which no longer have any hard skin now, but which always carried the love.
He puts mother’s spatial crown on her life.
A moment later they have come to the place where Crisje lives and he knows what he will experience.
He stands before the ‘Temple’ of his mother.
Yet they do not enter her possession, that will happen later.
It is part of being ready for this disembodiment.
Master Alcar wanted him to prepare himself from the spheres for the returning to the dying.
This must happen from the Spheres of Light, if Crisje wishes to absorb everything in her and be ready for later, when they look back at the material existence on Earth from this life, and then they will experience themselves.
Calmly, André frees himself from the Spheres of Light, he does not see anything of his sister Miets and his father, but he can feel where they are.
Back to the material cosmos, the Temple of God, but created for the human being and which can be conquered by means of love.
André shakes her hands, he gives her his spatial kiss and Crisje accepts his life and love, it is the gift from her child, for everything which she did for him, she now gets that wonderful thing back as wisdom from his personality.
Jeus and André are now completely one.
My God, André sends through the universe, how happy I am that I have conquered, now I can give my mother the happiness for this life.
Crisje, he sees, is rising out above all the life on Earth.
And that is understandable, what she was able to do is tremendous, and (is) now her spiritual light, life and love.
André looks at the Moon and talks to her, Crisje can hear and feel it.
He is one with Sun and stars and the planets and it is now the gift for his mother.
He can give her that.
He fought, suffered for that, yes, now he is happy.
Mother Moon sends her flowers to Crisje, he sees, and she can feel this happiness, she understands it, because she had felt this oneness, because her love gave this contact life.
There are flowers lying in her arms.
And those are the flowers from his heart, it is wisdom of life.
Crisje says:
“You have suffered, Jeus.”
“And you then, mother?”
They feel their sorrow, he can show her his childhood, when he fought for her life.
Isn’t all of that wonderful, Crisje?
I got to know all of this, mother.
I have been in the hells and the heavens, and now I am standing before the Divine conscious All, for Sun and Moon, for nature and the animal world, the first foundations of which we experienced during my childhood.
Who could have thought this?
But Master Alcar went further, consciously further, continually deeper until we see Christ.
Yes, Crisje, I will see and experience Our Lord, for whom I must write the books.
I used to play on the clouds, then consciously, but now we are flying through the universe and we know where we are going.
Our thoughts are not obscured in any way, I am sure of myself and I lay that in your hands, it is our eternal being one with all the life of God.
Like a conscious Prince of the universe he floats along with Crisje back to the Earth, straight to ’s-Heerenberg, back to their life there, in order to close that off and then to begin with the spiritual life.
Crisje is coming to stand on her own two feet, she can then continue her life, and serve André as her Jeus, finish the wonderful work of the University of Christ.
He loves her spiritual personality, he knows who she is, a human but Divine spark gave birth to and loved him, as only a few mothers can, because they still do not know these laws.
He feels it, these will be wonderful passages for the Cosmology, for their own life and attunement.
For all the life of God, as fathers and mothers on Earth.
Crisje presses his flowers against her heart, the spatial life is speaking, she absorbs that sacredness into her, as Christ wanted it.
For which HE came to the earth and for nothing else.
For this universal love!
By means of this wonderful consciousness she feels elevated into his life.
We follow these two souls from the Spheres of Light, we also remain one now!
Crisje understands him when he explains the spatial laws as a Master, her life of feeling is open and conscious.
She stands before his life as a child, but that child feels the depth of his love and he also gets to experience her heart.
By means of this they reach this oneness.
Sun and Moon, as the father and mother of the universe, smile at them and send the children of these lives their Wayti!
André attunes himself to his father and sister and he sees where they are now and can experience them, he knows now that all of them are following him.
Now Crisje is that far that she can surrender, this being one was necessary and he elevated her infallibly to the universe.
Now she sees her Master, her child has become a Master!
Yes, André is your Master, Crisje, but he remains your child!
Crisje feels that he can receive her, because he is serving, has to complete a task for this universe.
There is nothing which disturbs them or removes them from each other, their souls are one and André sees, she will soon be like that with her twin soul, his father!
He knows what this means.
He knows the laws and the love, the sphere happiness of that.
It is this love which connects them to God and His laws, there is nothing else to be experienced, because this is everything!
God created that as the highest for mother and child.
André feels, Crisje is beginning to think materially, they will soon be that far now.
And then he can take her back to the material life, the laws of which she will get to know later, but now through her twin soul, Tall Hendrik.
Mother and child float through the universe of God.
What this is and means for a mother is awe-inspiring.
This is the love which is blessed by Christ.
All this wonderful life is open to these lives, and one in millions of souls of God will experience this being one.
You can accept that millions of souls, fathers and mothers of God, children from the Spheres of Light, are following André and Crisje.
Who on Earth is so conscious, as a child, of a mother?
Who on Earth as a child can give the mother, who is now ready, who possesses love, this cosmic happiness?
What we now experience and André and Crisje, his mother, receive, no human being, neither in the spheres nor on Earth has received, as old as the Divine creation.
Of course mothers and children on the other side experience their union, their being one, but André is still living on Earth, he is the instrument of the University of Christ, who will soon understand his mother when she stands before all these millions of laws which he has conquered on Earth.
Master Alcar feels happy that he is now capable of being able to give his instrument this Divine mercy.
Millions of souls follow these two lives of God and understand, this is supernatural and yet earthly, by means of this the human being can sense what will be waiting for him after death and what pure love is capable of.
And Crisje feels her happiness, André will act as Jeus, she will still not be able to follow him as a Master.
André will therefore be ready for thousands of wonders.
And Crisje now has to accept that her earthly union with her Jeus is dissolving, which is the intention, so that Master Alcar can soon go further.
He now elevates the life of Crisje, his mother, to the universe.
Meanwhile he frees himself from her life, so that they will soon stand before each other as children of one Father, because Crisje must feel and experience that both have known millions of fathers and mothers and that many of them have reached the Spheres of Light.
That now reveals itself during these short moments of spatial being one and the returning to the Earth.
It is wonderful, to follow these lives.
He is one with his mother from feeling to feeling.
Crisje absorbs his wisdom into her.
She follows all these journeys with the Masters, she already knows that there is no fire present in the hells, she goes with him and his Master through thousands of worlds, the images of which she sees and can experience for a moment.
The material union, this material being one dissolves for the spiritual, the eternal contact, by means of which Crisje gets to see her own independence.
André feels what Master Alcar wants and he also surrenders to his Master now.
He already knows now that his mother will continue to support him from her world, a purer inspiration is unimaginable.
He asks her:
“Is my mother that far, is my mother ready, so that we can return to her dying?”
“Yes,” and it comes a moment later, “yes, Jeus, I am ready.”
André could weep from happiness when Crisje speaks these words.
And now she can talk, interpret her words, she can tell him that she was afraid to meet him, afraid and yet happy, because she felt that he was her child and her Master.
André answers her:
“I know all of that, mother.
I had to experience those laws.
I saw Miets and Father, my child too, then I understood everything.
That was no longer my child, but a Master, and then I had to bow my head to that consciousness.
Every human being has to accept that, mother.
Now the soul as a universal independence must accept her love and her sphere, her attunement, but bow to the higher wisdom, the human being who possesses more consciousness.
If you had not been able to do that, mother, we would not have met each other either.
But now I am giving you everything from my life, everything, my dear Crisje.”
“And I have to learn that now, Jeus?”
“You were already able to do that on Earth, mother.
You were able to do that all your beautiful life, mother, and it is now your possession, your sphere, your universe, in which you will be happy with father, who waited thirty years for you.
Eternally happy, my dear mother.”
He gets sent the feelings from Master Alcar to attune himself to the place of ’s-Heerenberg’.
He goes straight to the Earth with her.
Crisje looks around her and cannot speak a word, now she can experience these wonders hand in hand with him.
André says:
“There you have the Earth, mother.
I still live there, but you have now left that life, you have completed your cycle of the earth and you will not return there.
Father will explain all these wonders to you later, he is also a pupil of Master Alcar.
You will experience everything of your own life, you will get to know every thought and it is only then that father will return to the Moon.
You will make journeys from planet to planet, mother, journeys which I was able to experience from the Earth and already began during my childhood.
You will be one with father eternally, nothing can disrupt your happiness now.
I got to know this universe, and soon, when it is that far, you will see and experience that the Masters speak to the people on Earth through me.
We are going home now, mother, to ’s-Heerenberg, mother!”
André lets her feel what all of this in the universe means.
The stars and planets are talking, Wayti also gives Crisje her love.
The mother of André hears and feels this consciously, she reaches this oneness, because the light which is floating next to her can analyse these laws.
And that is her Jeus!
“Yes, Crisje, this is your own Jeus, but in addition Master André-Dectar.”
“Look, dear Crisje, that is our good Mother Earth.
We are now in her sphere, you have seen that we have approached her sphere, which is now obscured, from the universe.
According to this, what the Bible says about this, mother, is wrong, and father will also explain all of that to you.
You will then see your people again, Peter, aunt Trui, uncle Gradus and all those others who have completed their lives, but who have to represent an own sphere.
They are alive, Crisje!
You will visit Johan, Bernard, Hendrik and Teun along with father, Gerrit is in the spheres, you know that already.
You will get to know everything about yourself and your children, mother, everything, because you will take eternal leave of Mother Earth, prepare yourself for the Fourth Cosmic Grade!
Can you see, mother, my dear and pure Crisje, what I will be standing before when Master Alcar begins with the following journey soon?
I will then see and experience the Divine-Conscious All, by means of which Master Zelanus is writing the books.
Imagine, dear mother, what all of this means for us?
The Masters made a universe of my life.
Look at all the life, mother, but attune yourself to ’s-Heerenberg, we will be able to experience your dying there together.
If you had accepted a God of damnation, my mother, if we had been hateful and lying, deceived the human being and the life of God, we would not have been able to experience this.”
“I know it, Jeus”, Crisje can say and that gives him everything.
André explains to her why the Earth is living in darkness and why and by what means she made night.
And then he is so far that he can show her from the spiritual world that the Earth is lying under them, with all her life, where there is so much suffering.
They float onwards, she can see the life on Earth, by means of her luminous love she sees through all the material.
Crisje now feels his deep love, she knows that Jeus was able to do everything for her.
Crisje now understands why the peoples of the earth are fighting, she understands everything, even if people will have to explain the Divine laws to her.
Both experience their happiness, this wonderful being one, now already as a sister and brother, which is the intention, or André will not come any further.
He shows her the material church in this sphere, he lets her feel what the Catholic Church was able to do and still does, which she now understands, free from every material influence.
They are already children of one sphere and world, flowers of one colour, but souls of one Father!
Crisje loved all the life of God, everything, not a single lie passed her lips during her great life on Earth!
Crisje looks at the life on Earth, but André remains attuned to ’s-Heerenberg.
He sees how she is becoming younger.
His Crisje is beautiful, divinely beautiful.
He sees that she has already received her spiritual flowers from Miets, his little sister, and he knows, her spiritual house is ready.
Soon he will experience and see her sphere happiness, the entering of the astral world.
He knows what will await him soon.
“We are now floating over the Earth, mother”, André continues.
“And you can see it, nothing is hidden from us.
We are conscious for all the life of God.
Everything is wonderful and I will teach that to the people on Earth, mother.”
“I have always known that, Jeus.”
André now enjoys her dialect, but from his life he continues to carry hers, which she understands and can accept.
This is also a mercy for him, by means of that he is Jeus.
And she understands him, because he has absorbed her into himself completely.
My mother, André can say, is an angel!
And he carries that happiness back to ’s-Heerenberg.
That happiness now gives him the chance to experience her dying and Crisje lets him feel that she is also ready, she will deal with everything there, her last days.
“Oh, my Jeus”, she gives her child.
Divine worlds are revealing themselves to Crisje.
She is awake and conscious, she can answer and feel the wonder, then her life radiates.
Just look, André thinks, see her blond hair, her tremendously beautiful garment, the light in her eyes, my God, and that now already?
He says: “We are nearly there, mother”, then Crisje looks, she feels it and now surrenders to his consciousness and mastership.
Crisje will experience her last days there.
André too, they will get to see this Divine gift together.
A moment later they have arrived at the place where Crisje lived.
André immediately sees that she got the feeling that she would die a fortnight before her passing over.
He sees her there in her little room in front of the window, and his father and Miets who visit her from the spheres from time to time.
The Grim Reaper is standing before Crisje, but she is not afraid of death, she knows him.
First she gets to see images from the past.
Crisje is standing before the moment when she gives birth to her first child, then Bernard follows and now Jeus comes.
They experience that, there, hand in hand, one from soul to soul.
One scene follows another.
Crisje sees herself in the church, sees all the other boys being born, sees Bernard being hit by the tram, sees Jan Knie’p, who was already able to visit her in the spheres, and then the scene comes where the Tall One is going to leave.
The Tall One, her dear Hendrik, is being buried.
Jeus talks to his father, through the Masters.
Crisje now sees Master Alcar from this world, she sees all those wonderful scenes which André was already able to see before through his Master.
Crisje opens herself to her Jeus and her child looks into the deepest of her being.
André now feels that Crisje is starting to feel that her end is approaching.
Crisje is conscious of her feelings, she knows that it is ‘death’ which told her that she will die now.
She will no longer experience the end of this war, the hour of passing over is approaching!
Her husband, the second father of Jeus, cannot feel it, cannot see anything, because this life does not possess that sensitivity.
What will Crisje do?
Talk to that life?
André will soon experience that.
It is quiet in her little room, where she sits down in order to think.
André can follow her, she is now already taking leave of her boys and the wonderful longing is also in her in order to have Jeus with her, but that is not possible now.
If there had not been any war, if the road home had not been closed off for André, she would have asked him to come to her.
He sees that and he got this from her in The Hague, by means of which he spoke with Jeus about her life and her dying.
This silence is tremendous.
Crisje is waiting, she is waiting for her dying.
She knows now that she will not see her boys again.
But she also feels, André sees, she has the feeling that she will see her Tall One and Miets, and she will live again.
She does not know yet what that life will be like, but she has never accepted the last judgement!
She will live, yes indeed, because God does not damn a single child.
And she is not afraid, she has never hurt a human being before, that could not be seen in her life.
She can surrender, André sees, and she does it, but by thinking about everything of her and the children.
That is the conscious taking leave for the earth!
André is standing next to her and is still holding her hand, one scene follows another.
And then the day before her passing over approaches, tomorrow it will be that far.
What will mother do now?
Andre now sees that he has been connected to her the most inwardly of all her children.
Yes, Miets and Teun were standing close to her, Johan too, all her children actually. But they have their spiritual union and they built that up from the birth, André sees, and the others were standing outside of that.
Love does not let itself be deceived, Crisje sees now, this from André went above everything!
André now sees the difference in both feeling and love, which she got to experience from her children.
Was that love which Gerrit gave her?
Did the other boys think about her, always carry her?
No, they thought about themselves, they had forgotten her as it were, and yet?
Now and again they flew back to Crisje, which Hendrik and Teun could not do from America, yes, Hendrik could, she experienced this joy in 1938, but, André sees, it is not love; that life was born here and feels different now.
What is love, my brothers?
What is love, my Crisje?
I was able to carry you day in day out and you were never away from my life, it is now by means of this that we are able to experience this together.
Your other boys would not have been able to do this.
They have nothing of that and they still have to master that.
It is I, my dear Crisje, you cannot experience anything with the others!
Anyone who reads the books about our lives soon will be able to understand that and will also accept this.
Crisje cannot change anything about her life film.
Image after image is revealed.
But she knows the characters of her children, as she knows herself.
They were all different, she knows and André can now see, the laws say it, because every personality has to represent that spiritual attunement.
But, they were her children, her blood and life.
How she loved their lives.
She, André sees, could not have given her children any more, she gave everything!
Why did Johan, Bernard and the others not fight for her life?
Can you see that now, mother?
It lives there, I know now why I fought so intensely for your life.
Andre sees that Crisje is sending her thoughts to her children and that she wants to reach all of them in thoughts.
And he received those thoughts.
Also Teun in America, also Bernard, also Johan felt something, because he can now perceive that even those thoughts returned to her life.
That too, Crisje now sees for the first time, is a wonder.
The boys in America felt her thoughts.
Teun says to his wife: “My mother is not well.
I think that mother is going to die now.”
Those thoughts, there, materialised in America, returned to Crisje, infallibly even, from which she sensed again that her children have felt her.
That gave her peace, André sees, the happy feeling that they know what is going to happen here.
They are the spiritual telegrams, Andre sees, which she is sending and which every mother will send to the loved one far away, the human loving contact of being one is done and experienced as this great step.
This happening is wonderful for him and his mother, they now experience the spiritual reality.
Six boys and not one is with her, yet the children send their feelings from afar and say: “Mother, I know it, you are going to die, but I am thinking about your life.”
André now sees how his thoughts are present here which he sent her from The Hague.
He talks to her day and night and she has consciously received all his thoughts.
All her children now lived one for one in her heart, again and again, André sees, those shadows of the reality appear and from those shadows he can see how strong the love of Johan, Bernard, Teun and Hendrik was for Crisje.
Gerrit manifested himself to his life in The Hague, a while later, that he drowned because of a fish, the fish he caught fished for him and he entered the astral world.
Then father manifested himself along with Gerrit and he knew, that life has also left the Earth.
Crisje also felt that.
She must have felt that, André sees, because father and Gerrit are standing here in her little room and let her feel it.
Tired from thinking, André sees, she lies down.
It is cold on Earth, the Germans are also ruling here.
The man who belongs to her is still sitting there, he does not feel anything of her dying.
And that is not possible, André sees, because that life still has to awaken to that sensitivity.
But there is someone else who is watching, who is supporting her, who is giving her his love and that is his father, Tall Hendrik, Crisje’s twin soul.
“Miets, my dear Miets, I can see you!”
Miets is there too.
Miets attunes herself to her mother, Miets is already living under Crisje’s heart, father and child came back to the Earth from the Spheres of Light, to Crisje, in order to help to carry her for her dying.
Is that not wonderful now, mother, he lets her feel.
It is night, André sees.
The man next to her is sleeping, mother is lying there awake and is thinking.
Suddenly she sees her Hendrik, father and Miets.
“Hendrik, but my Hendrik.
Miets, my Miets.”
At the same moment, André sees, she falls asleep.
No, she will not be released from her organism yet, she will prepare herself now, this was the first spiritual contact from her loved ones.
But a while later, now during her sleep, she calls for Miets, her only daughter, who was like she is, who was like she feels and loves and with whom she is now one!
André sees that his father is watching, watching over this life, whose love he feels and has always carried in him.
André’s father and little sister stay with her.
Crisje calls in her sleep, but is still conscious during her sleep: “Hendrik, my Hendrik, now I will never be alone again.
My Miets.
My Miets, but my Hendrik?”
Crisje recognises her loved ones, André sees.
An unprecedented happiness shines through her whole being, she is ready.
André hears her say: “Now I will never be alone again.”
Her lips say: I will never be alone again now, which Crisje sees herself and can experience.
It is quiet, but André feels, she is strong, she is dealing with everything now, like a Queen she looks at her breathing, her soul and spirit, her spiritual personality.
Crisje sees that she wants to talk, but that is not possible, that talking takes place spiritually, dealt with inwardly and she experiences everything, this being one from soul to soul with her loved ones.
And then she hears her Hendrik say:
“No, Cris, you will never be alone again now, never again, now we will be with each other eternally.
Miets is here, Cris.”
A moment later she gets to hear: “We have come to collect you.”
And then, André sees, she wakes up.
Mother experienced her answer during her sleep, as he had to experience the visions.
She knows now that she is going to die.
She knows now that she has to prepare herself.
Now she can take leave of her friends, if she wants that.
She knows that was the death, but that death was her Hendrik and her child.
She does not need to be afraid of that death, that death is pure love, she knows that life and being.
By means of that death she experienced her wonderful love on Earth and she gave birth to her children.
Yes, Crisje, death is like that now for the human being!
Two happy beings from the land on the other side, came back to the Earth in order to collect their loved one, in order to prepare that life for the becoming free from the material.
Is this not a tremendous wonder, Crisje?
Is this not the highest happiness of all now for the human being, for father and mother and their children?
The whole of this mankind will have to master this.
It is only then that we will get to experience happiness on Earth.
What the human being is afraid of is happiness here!
It is the eternal reunion here.
Crisje experienced that, and thinks now, she sends her thoughts to her children consciously for the first time.
André sees that her love and thoughts are going to him and he received them, from that moment he knew that it would happen soon.
Crisje is not becoming rarefied, he sees, his mother knows!
There is no question here of fear and becoming rarefied.
She will consciously experience the hours which she still has now.
She is now waiting for the moment of separation, the becoming free from this material life.
André sees, she is smiling, mother is smiling, because she knows, soon she will be with Hendrik and Miets.
Her death is giving her happiness!
Her life is happiness, because she has made happiness of it.
These moments, these hours for her life, her thinking and feeling, are divine.
Even if she has to die alone, she has everything!
Even if she would like to feel Jeus with her, he is here!
Yes, he is here, they are all here, they have not forgotten her, even if one comes as far as her heart and the other stands on the threshold of her heart dwelling, they are here anyway.
And that gives her happiness, André sees, everything in order to make this leap beyond the coffin.
Yes, mother, you are now waiting for that and that will come!
She falls asleep again.
Now her sleep is deep, she is not talking.
She is gaining strength in order to die soon, but her soul is already freeing itself from the material systems.
She only feels, and that feeling gives her the universal knowledge!
Crisje knows, people can collect her, that ‘collecting’ is not there for other people, the human being will then come back to the Earth or will have to accept a dark world, the hells!
People can collect her, she experiences a spiritual contact, which is death.
Isn’t simple, mother, he lets her feel now.
I know every law about that!
We have already written fifteen books about that, my mother.
Fifteen books for the human being on Earth, in order to prepare him for this, the spiritual grade of life of which we are experiencing.
Yes, my dear Crisje, we know seven different deathbeds, which are seven grades of life in order to become free from the organism, which means happiness for one person, misery for the other, terrible misery, because they then belong to the Land of Hatred.
Did you never read in my book that I sent you over all those wonderful death beds?
Yes, I can see it, my Crisje, you have read that book of mine, you shook your head, and yet, now we are standing before that reality, we are experiencing it ourselves!
‘Those who Returned from the Dead’, André sees, is over there.
Crisje did not read all his books, but she did read that book and now she sees that everything is the truth.
How did she deal with the book?
He sees that now, he can follow that, even if she did not understand all of that work, she has accepted death, she saw into the astral world, Crisje was also clairvoyant.
Perhaps she saw Miets and father, she was also one in that from feeling to feeling.
Anyone who possesses love, gets to experience a wonderful passing over, anyone who hates, gets devils visiting, the demons of the dark spheres; the heavens are represented here.
The organism, he feels, is growing weak, but the spirit is resting and that is wonderful, loving, Miets and his father live in there.
He now sees that Crisje and his father have to represent one world, but that Tall Hendrik had to master that world during the time that he has been living there.
But now they are completely one.
He can give Crisje, standing before her dying, this wonderful happiness.
What they see, Crisje knows, she already experienced that, they see into the past, the present is her happiness, that lives yonder and she will soon see that again.
It is the maternal union which possesses everything, André sees.
The maternal love rises out above everything and people on Earth know that, but not the spiritual grade of life.
And it is that becoming conscious by means of which the soul as human being gets her laws for this dying.
Crisje came back to the Earth in order to be a mother.
He sees his attunement with her life, he now sees where they already met each other before.
That is wonderful, Crisje sees those lives and accepts!
She can be proud of her child, and it is he because this soul as a mother possesses so much love.
And those are the spiritual foundations on which she now stands, lives, looks, feels, that is her own conscious, luminous sphere in the life after death.
Can God give us even more, mother?
No, we do not need any more now, we have attunement to the Spheres of Light!
And father and Miets live in there, my child too!
André now sees that Crisje was born for him.
She was his contact with the Masters.
Through her he got this contact, a less sensitive mother would have killed him.
Crisje experienced her reincarnation for that!
And is this not wonderful, mother?
That sends both of us to the University of Christ, for which we serve!
Also father and Miets, every contact now has meaning.
André now sees for the first time how she prayed for his life.
Even though he got to know the laws for praying, she was able to support him by means of that.
The human being prays for the life of his loved ones, but when that life must die, people must not pray.
The people on Earth still have to learn that and will come that far, this ‘Age’ will bring spiritual becoming conscious.
André now sees and hears what Crisje prayed for.
She prayed for him, that he would remain simple.
And he remained that, Crisje.
Crisje knew how difficult his task was for the Masters, he sees and feels that now!
Crisje actually knew everything about his life, even though she did not know the laws, mother felt and experienced those laws by means of her wonderful love.
André now sees, his mother was and is a supernatural being.
In love!
To possess a mother like that is Divine happiness!
Her prayers are deep, he sees and feels.
She does not pray like other people do that, she does not ask, she does not beg, she prays!
She was the educating power and inspiration for his life.
And he bows his head to that.
Those flowers are pressed into Crisje’s arms!
As if nothing has happened, André sees, she gets up early in the morning and starts her work.
How is it possible, that is power.
She does not want to stay in bed, she wants to be active up to the last second, she wants to feel the ground, as if she does not want to shame Mother Earth.
Who does that?
Who thinks as she thinks and feels?
Crisje can do that, his great mother can do that!
But the becoming free from her organism follows her, already lives in her and she feels it, yet not a word passes her lips.
The soul of her soul has spoken to her life and Miets and father are not away from her life for a second, they follow her in everything now.
The husband is still sleeping there and does not feel anything!
She wants to work, André sees.
But what work is still to be done now?
She wants to attend to the meals, but what is there to eat?
He now sees that all the people took care of her, from left and right the people brought her something to eat, no one has forgotten her here.
Crisje in front and Crisje behind, aunt Crisje has opened all those hearts.
André knew that his mother was loved and the people here have proved that up to now.
She earned that for herself, now it is a wonderful scene to experience, it is now the spiritual certainty for her astral world.
Crisje got up, but she knows that she is going to her All-Father.
And that will happen soon!
It is enough to make you weep, but he does not do that.
He follows her life and actions.
Another power forces her to get up anyway.
Now it will not be such a long wait, death is walking with her through the kitchen and is still trying to make something for the other life, which is fine with the Grim Reaper and he feels pleasure in that for himself.
Yes, Crisje, the Grim Reaper is so good.
We already got to know him before, now he is coming for you yourself and later for me, which will be happiness for us.
The man is strolling up the street, Crisje sits down at the window again and looks at the life.
Now she begins to think.
She looks through the people, André sees, and she can know exactly now and with certainty which of all those neighbours will follow her soon.
Yes, neighbour, you will also experience something soon.
There goes Anton, he will go quickly.
There is Mrs Es, she will go in four weeks’ time.
A lot more will go, even if those people are still so healthy; the organisms are already breaking down.
But that does not mean anything, she sees now, they think that they will remain alive, people who stored in food for twenty years will die.
Those who are walking round like skeletons will remain alive.
That is not strange now for Crisje, she sees the laws for life and death, she now sees through life and death!
Now and again André sees her smile.
Hand in hand they follow that experiencing, they do not need to say a word to each other.
It happens of its own accord, the hours become hazy, one follows the other.
And that will flow onwards, until Crisje has experienced the becoming free from the organism.
There are people walking along the Grintweg.
She knows all those people, even if there are a great deal of strangers living here.
Those people come to her one by one, from the Grintweg they are actually saying good day to her and yet they cannot see her.
But she can see those people.
Isn’t that something?
Someone comes upstairs.
Who is it?
Crisje already knows.
With a neighbour she discusses the misery on Earth, this life.
Will this misery soon come to an end?
That woman is babbling, Crisje feels, and she cannot take that anymore.
André hears her say that she must rest, then the woman goes away.
She could have told her that she will not be here anymore tomorrow, but that woman is not worth that to her; it is not worth it to anyone, Crisje feels, to know that she is going to die.
Who could she have told that to here?
Then those men and women would just make a fuss.
Then all those women and men who have known her since she was a child, some of them then, would just create misery and then it would be difficult.
No, she will say nothing, nothing, she will die alone, father and Miets are there anyway.
André finds her extraordinarily strong.
The hours pass in this way, evening falls, but her boys know enough.
She got sent back her feelings from all of them, they know now, they will not see their mother again for this life.
Crisje is praying, the whole day passes in prayer, she is imploring not to be allowed to receive any mercy, she is praying!
She thanks God for everything given to her life!
Yes, mother, now praying is wonderful!
That is praying, that is asking for some being one, there is nothing else to be experienced, this is everything!
And that being one is there, father and Miets are walking through the house and are ready.
She read her prayer book for a hour, the book which he gave to her, the book which she wants to take with her to the other side.
Will she receive that?
Yes, it will be given to her, the Tall One, her Hendrik will take care of that, she will get that from him, from the life beyond the material coffin.
Now and again she dashes to the kitchen to do something, but she feels herself growing weak.
It is a wonderful becoming free!
This life is dying while sitting and walking.
This light extinguishes itself, but this material light of this life will build itself up beyond the coffin, which is the becoming free from the material systems and he knows and has already written about all the laws of that.
And then she utters: “Hendrik, I am ready.”
André now sees, his mother is alive and she is already dead.
But she will see everything for these hours before her eyes, the eyes of this organism which served her as the personality.
Despite the beatings which she had to accept, the life, this, was awe-inspiringly beautiful.
She did not know riches, no long happiness, Hendrik left her life at the age of thirty-nine and then the other one began, this, to which she gave everything.
André now hears her talking to Our Lord, from whom she has not been separated for a second, who has inspired her all her life.
Head and heart are still working materially, her soul and spirit are taking leave of the Earth.
And that while thinking and praying, her spatial experiencing for the boys, her men and women whom she knew.
This Hendrik will not get to hear anything, she can no longer speak to that life, she has nothing more to say to that life.
And that is also wonderful to André and many people experience that, now there is nothing more to say, those people should have done that during the healthy and happy days, but those people did not want to listen then.
Now the inner being closes itself off completely, anyone who is not in harmony with the soul stands outside of that and has to accept that.
Crisje is dying alone for the earth, André sees, for the astral world she was never alone.
That certainty that she does not need to talk gives her the strength to keep going during these hours.
Dying, André knows, is wonderful, because the soul gets wings.
This is a wonderful ‘death’, because this dying means reunion, happiness, life and eternal love.
This dying, André lets her feel now, is receiving everything.
Millions of people have to experience other laws for leaving the material.
This dying is going further in the spirit, entering the spiritual world, being one again for your own love!
God wanted it like that for all ‘HIS’ children, but what did the people make of life and death?
Crisje sees that now, he can give her that, both accept and feel happy.
Yes, André feels, she wants to keep that for herself and the other life will not understand it anyway, that life would be scared to death and not die anyway.
Crisje wants to leave alone, none of the neighbours must know anything about it, she will release herself from her organism in silence.
That certainty comes like a sacred fire, like knowledge to her personality.
Yes, Crisje, you can now die alone, your last prayer has been answered now!
She prayed for that, André sees, and it is the highest for the human being if you love dying, or it will be miserable.
Crisje feels, André sees, that she is preparing herself for a death which does not exist!
Good day, father, good day, Miets, you are blessed souls and you can now give her something back of your happiness and your love.
I can also give her something and we experience that now, together, it is wonderful!
She knows now that she can count her hours.
And that strength also tells her that she must take her leave of everything.
Is there anything else which I have to take care of?
Let’s think.
No, there is nothing.
Thank God, there is nothing, nothing can disturb me soon.
And now André sees wonderful images, thought up and felt by Crisje.
No, there is nothing, nothing can disturb her happiness soon, but by means of that she is assured of the first sphere, the second and the third sphere.
Those are her heavens in life after death.
André now follows her wonderful thinking and feeling.
His mother is talking inside, she is talking to God and Our Lord, to her children and her Tall Hendrik!
“No, there is nothing more which I still have to think of.
We do not have any debts, Hendrik, no one will get a cent from me.
I have never ever wronged anyone.
You know that.
I worked hard my whole life, Hendrik.
I did not deceive anyone my whole life, Hendrik.
They cannot say about me that I hate, Hendrik.
The people are children of Our Lord, Hendrik.
No, Hendrik, when I reflect, I have nothing which I would have to make amends for here.
I am ready.
There is nothing, nothing!
I did nothing wrong, nothing!
The people know that, Hendrik.
I can look you in the eye there.
I know that you are alive.
Yes, I know it!”
André follows her and weeps inside.
That is his mother, she is as pure as the universe is.
Yes, Crisje, you did nothing, nothing wrong.
This whole life was love for you.
We know that and all the people here know that.
That was our great example, Crisje, and I have never forgotten that.
You were never really angry, because those feelings were not in you.
You accepted your beatings, mother.
We know that, your boys, and the universe knows, Our Lord knows that.
Now you may die alone.
Nothing will disturb you now, mother.
André sees, one by one the boys are sent her feelings once more.
She consciously sends out that her moment has come now.
And that father and Miets are there.
Not one of her boys is disengaged.
Now he hears that she knows her blood.
She talks to her boys as if they are still children, she gives her boys her universe and her tremendously beautiful feeling.
André sees now that she was more than a mother, this soul is like a philosopher.
Her thoughts are pure, her life is wonderful.
Yes, he can say, my mother never made one mistake, there was never hatred, never destruction in her, none of any of that, which the human being will disfigure, can deform, Crisje did not have any of those characteristics.
My God, You wanted it like that, this is a true child, if the people were like Crisje, we would experience the paradise on Earth.
Anyone who saw her now would think that an angel is living on Earth, her translucent face radiates universal love.
Her life goes out like a candle, but wonderfully consciously.
He has never experienced anything so beautiful before, this is spatial dying.
This human being does not have any fear of death, the soul as human being does not know any miseries, this soul does not have any ballast to carry; my mother is pure!
When the husband, Hendrik Wageman, comes home, and asks her if there is something the matter, she says: “No, there is nothing the matter with me, what could be the matter?”
Does that life feel something?
No, André feels, mother does not say anything to him, she wants to and is allowed to die alone, she served this life the whole of her life.
Now it is time!
Now she can take leave of ’s-Heerenberg, her Grintweg, of everything here, where she lived for seventy years.
“No, there is nothing the matter with me, what could be the matter?”
She knows now that she is lying consciously.
And Crisje has never lied, she could not lie.
André feels that she is still waging a battle and is wondering: may I do that?
Is a human being granted the wish to die alone?
She served this life.
André knows it, the books which will be written about her life will analyse her personality and then she will wear her universal crown.
Are you allowed to die alone?
Are you allowed to lie to the human being if you know that you will die soon, Our Lord?
But you know him, don’t you?
I have finished my task as You wanted it from me.
Am I allowed to die alone?
And the husband asks again: “Is there something the matter, Cris?”
“No, there is nothing the matter with me”, she now utters consciously and powerfully, “what could be the matter?”
She knows it, she is allowed to die, to die alone, completely alone, but with father and Miets.
That is her happiness, they belong to her, this life did not want it, this life was not open to love.
And now?
Now she will die alone!
The husband is talking about the war, André hears.
He is telling that the Germans are getting a beating.
Crisje no longer cares about that.
This soul, André sees, has suffered for millions of people, she prayed for millions of people, she went to communion, the whole of Rome can take this wonderful life as an example!
Rome, did you know Crisje?
I predict to you that mankind will be open to this life one day.
To my mother, Rome, to Crisje, this wonderful life loved the whole of mankind.
Crisje is pure and also sacredly pure!
The husband goes to the neighbours, he has to tell there what things are on Earth.
Crisje is doing something, André sees that all the letters are being burnt, they are being kissed one by one.
Yes, Crisje, my love for your beautiful soul, your tremendously beautiful life, lies in all those letters.
Every letter brought her something from The Hague, which father and Miets and Our Lord know all about.
How grateful I am, mother, now that I can see this, that I have never forgotten you.
How happy I am that I was able to serve for your boys.
They could have done more, more.
But Gerrit’s letter is lying in her hands.
The letter which brought two dollars over from America for mother.
That letter is also kissed, she presses it to her lips.
All her sacred things, the photographs of her boys, pass through her hands, the dearest are torn up, consciously torn up, she will take them with her to the other side.
These scenes are wonderful for André.
It is incredible, to be able to experience these hours with your mother and from the other side, between life and death.
She even took care of her stone on her grave.
There is nothing more, nothing, the letters are being burnt!
“Hendrik, is there anything else?
Let me know that!”
“No, Crisje”, there comes to her consciousness, “that is everything!”
She knows it now.
Should she also visit the neighbours?
Who was the dearest?
No, she has had enough of the neighbours, already said farewell, she was done with that years ago.
She does not need to say anything to this priest.
The old priest, yes, he was a good man.
And that man is lying under the ground.
This one is poor.
She has nothing to say to this one.
The human being has no contact with this one.
This one is poor, very poor ... that was always a pity!
Theet Egging was a good person.
But Theet knows it, no one else knows it, Theet does, because Theet knows her.
For fifty years she went into the shop there, for fifty years she bought her coffee there, her everything.
Theet is good, was good, his parents too, the old one was a good person.
Who do I still have to say goodbye to?
No one, tomorrow I will not be here anymore, tomorrow it will all be over and I will be with father, with Miets, with Our Lord.
Is there anything else?
No, father, there is nothing, nothing.
But God says: this is allowed, I am allowed to die alone.
She has served her whole life, André knows.
She always gave, she planted potatoes for the poor.
She could do everything!
She had everything!
And that is his mother.
It is Crisje!
This Hendrik is allowed to know everything about her, but this passing over, no, that is now for herself, she did not know anything else in her life.
André sees that she has prayed for this hour for years.
She wanted to be alone with her deathbed, she has prayed for that.
And the God of all life has now given her that, He sent His messengers to her life.
Her Hendrik and her child are here!
André admires her personality.
Who wants to die alone?
Hand in hand they experience this passing over.
If she still had the strength, she would want to open up her own grave, but that is not possible.
She feels that the people would laugh at her, but she would also like to deny the people that.
She has never accepted anything from the people for nothing, she worked for that.
And now a human being must open up her grave.
How can she make amends for that?
What could she do for that?
Crisje is like that, that is his mother!
Is there anything else to discuss?
Let’s think.
No, there is nothing else, nothing!
Now her thoughts go to all the people in the village.
One by one, she still visits the people in her thoughts.
“Goodbye, everyone, I am going now.
The time is up for me!
Thank you!”
The life was beautiful.
Crisje thinks, André sees, from every hour.
Bernard, how you suffered.
What a difficult time you had.
First hit by the tram and later?
That is all much worse.
Bernard, you were beaten.
Johan, you were beaten, you never understood, Johan.
Jeus, you knew what you wanted.
Gerrit, you must bow your head, you were never able to do that.
You were too wild and Teun is then too good.
I can see everything now, I know how things are for you there, how you think and feel, what your love is like.
I know everything now!
I can see everything now, everything, I can see through this material.
Is there really nothing more to think about?
No, I think that I have made it.
Goodbye, neighbours.
Goodbye, people, we will see each other again there, because I know, we will be alive.
Jeus can tell you that!
Jeus is here.
Jeus can tell you everything about dying, everything!
But you are afraid of that, people, afraid, afraid of yourself and of your death, but Jeus knows everything about that, everything!
Jeus was in the hells and the heavens, Jeus writes those books, but you do not dare to read his books, because you are afraid of your death.
Terrified of your sins, because you know what you messed up in this life.
“J e u s, I am going now.
Will we see each other there?”
André feels, he lives in her heart and that was the strength by means of which he was able to keep going, or he would have succumbed.
Mother, my Crisje, how happy I am that I was strong, I would not have made it alone, I can see it now, it was you!
His mother is wonderfully deep in love.
This longing to experience her death alone places her above millions of people.
It is the pure yearning of him to whom she belongs, his father!
It is Tall Hendrik!
How wonderful the human dying is if you dare to examine death and you know it.
How strong you are, mother.
I did not expect anything else of your personality, but this mankind must know that.
Yes, Crisje, death is incredibly beautiful, soon you will float through his universe, he will carry you and love you, because death is life!
Do not give any of it to him there, because that life is not ready for it, that life never knew you, Crisje.
It is the gift from Our Lord, mother.
She releases herself from her temporary union, the universal one is walking through the house and is called Tall Hendrik.
It is wonderful to experience and see that, it is everything!
Mother, I grant you that.
Everything is forgiven.
That her heart bled dry a hundred times is forgiven.
That she had to shout from the pain, so that people could hear her at the border, is forgiven, that is no longer thought about.
But this, the dying, no one will get that, that is for her alone!
This man will weep soon.
It is only then that the human being will know what he had.
The human being must go away first, away from here, if the other human being wants to know what that personality was like.
Now there is emptiness, poverty, being alone.
Now the human being can think and ask questions.
Did I not do that wrong?
Now respect comes.
Now there is the missing, the carrying has gone, the love has gone, the remains of this human being are lying there in the graveyard?
You would like that, no, I am going to Hendrik and Miets!
Jeus knows it, Jeus knows everything, Jeus can tell you everything, if you dare to read his books, if you yearn to be able to know.
But there is no yearning, there is nothing, nothing!
Everything is poor!
The human being is poor, really poor!
These are Crisje’s last hours.
Hendrik, his father, Andre sees, gets all the flowers from her heart.
All of them, this personality was universally deep and loving.
André sees his father and Miets.
Crisje feels her loved ones.
Every hour gives her the power of this clairvoyance.
It is the becoming free from the earth, the moving away from here.
Crisje gets spiritual eyes, the soul as human being stands before her universal ’self’!
The spiritual gifts are speaking now.
And every human being can experience that, if you have light, feel love, have attunement to the Spheres of Light, or darkness will come to your life and being.
Here everything is light, life and love!
Is there anything else?
No, but I am thinking, I consciously take leave of the neighbourhood, of this life, here, where I was able to live for seventy-four years.
Here I knew the greatest love and the poorest which a human being can experience.
Here, in ’s-Heerenberg, on the Grintweg, here amongst all these unconscious and insensitive people.
Cristina Hulst is leaving this world!
Yes, mother, you will be going soon, we know it.
And she gets those feelings from father and Miets, André sees.
The other Hendrik has come back:
“Is there something the matter?”
“No, there is nothing the matter!
What could be the matter?”
Miets and father live in her, André sees.
Father was always here.
Crisje was never alone.
Miets carried her from the Spheres of Light.
Father never broke this wonderful contact.
Does anyone else need her help?
The Church can close her door for her life.
That was beautiful, but not everything.
That was good, but it could have been better.
Now the people are standing before damnation, and that is not possible.
The first priest did not believe that either!
And yet, nothing has changed and I prayed all my life to have that changed, but it is still there.
“Oh, yes, Hendrik, will you tell Willem van Bree to be careful, or he will suffer later, then he will go into the coffin.
After all, Willem is with the NSB national socialist movement, isn’t he?
Willem means well, Willem took care of us, or we would have lost our house.
Will you just warn Willem, father?”
Crisje thinks about her loved ones like that.
Willem was a friend of Jeus and Bernard, now Willem is wrong, people say that, but Willem van Bree is a good person!
Willem now takes care of the poor. Willem knows exactly what he wants, but these people do not understand that.
Crisje knows Willem and she knows for what purpose Willem put on that suit.
Willem will be beaten and kicked soon.
“Will you tell Willem that tomorrow, Hendrik?
Willem must be careful now, or they will put him behind bars for years and Willem was too good for that.”
Is there anything else?
No, I do not believe that there is anything else now.
“Jeus, how you always worried about me.”
Those are words which he now gets from her life.
An hour later she is lying in bed.
The husband is lying next to her and does not feel that he is sleeping next to a dying person.
Is that possible?
Yes, that is possible, people are so insensitive.
But an animal, a dog and cat, a dove, would have felt it, you cannot fool them with anything, but you can fool the human being.
Can she still hide her dying now, André wonders.
Yes, that is possible, because there is no oneness, or the human being will feel that irrevocably!
Not now.
Now the human being feels nothing!
And that is a pity.
Millions of people are like that.
Millions of people stand above their coffins and do not feel death.
A moment later it is called: I am going, how can it be, I have to die.
Those people experience nothing of all of this, nothing!
André now sees that she is going from her body.
Where is his mother going?
The yearning is in her to just say goodbye to Drikske, Tall Hendrik’s sister, who lives at the Hospice.
Drikske gets her goodbye.
Now he sees how those people are sleeping there.
They enter Drikske’s little room, this woman is lying awake and is thinking.
Can she feel something?
Yes. Drikske is thinking about Crisje, she now feels that Crisje will die soon, will pass over soon.
Drikske gets to experience her life dream properly and consciously.
Drikske is dozing off and gets her dream from Crisje.
Crisje can talk to the life on Earth.
André sees, Crisje is experiencing the occult laws, the laws of her soul and spirit.
Drikske takes over her thoughts.
This needy soul was always here, her paralyzed hands are joined and she is praying.
She is praying in her sleep for Crisje.
Beautiful people live here, André sees.
Drikske gets to know from her that she is going to die, that she is leaving now.
And that soul feels it in her sleep, the human being who sleeps is more conscious than the human being who is awake.
Yes, mother, I got to know all these millions of laws.
That is possible now, Drikske knows everything now!
“Goodbye, Drikske.
We will see each other again there.”
And how is it possible, Drikske says: “Yes, Crisje, I know it.
I will tell them all tomorrow.”
André hears that these words pass the lips of the sleeping human being.
“Goodbye, Drikske.”
And now to the nurses.
Crisje sees everything, she looks through the material.
They are standing beside the head nurse.
Can you not see anything, nurse?
Here is Crisje.
Yes, she is going to die.
There is no death.
If you only you had become a mother, nurse, then you would have achieved more than now.
You must return to the Earth for that, you will be born again, you will be a mother.
Or your evolution will stand still.
Goodbye, nurse.
You cannot be reached, but you were good to Drikske and all those poor people.
There is Duumke too, André sees.
Duumke from his childhood, Deut Messing has been with Our Lord for a long time.
But how strange this life is.
Everything is wonderful to Crisje.
And then they walk out of the Hospice and just have a look at the priest’s house.
Not this one, but that other one, he is the one.
They got that man.
He was a strong person, a good and great person, but they kill him yonder, he will become a martyr for the Church.
And now back home.
Would I go to Jeus?
I can fly, I look through the material people.
No, that is too far from home.
I do not dare to do that.
But all the people live there.
They do not dare to come, or they will go to prison.
“Goodbye, people, goodbye, everyone, I will be going soon!”
Crisje returns to her organism, but Tall Hendrik and Miets are walking next to her, they are taking care of her life.
She is experiencing these laws better than ever, even sharper than yesterday, André sees.
She now sees that Gerrit has passed over.
The feelings which she got in 1943 are now very sharp, she can see how Gerhard died and understands it.
When Gerhard (Gerrit) manifested himself to André, André looked at him, the Master of which Gerhard had to accept, has now become reality for Crisje and she knows, he is having a difficult time there, where he is now.
Good heavens, I can immediately take care of one of my children there, she knows now and she is sent that from father and Miets.
It is happiness.
“How is Gerrit now?
Can he bow his head there now?
Here he did not want to hear anything about it, Hendrik.”
“Can he do that now, Miets?
Can Gerrit bow his head now?”
“Yes, he is with us, Crisje”, is what she hears and sees, which makes her happy.
The spiritual world, André sees, is now lying open to her.
She must go back again to her organism for a moment, soon the becoming free from those systems will come.
Now think about Hendrik for a moment.
What will happen to him when I am gone?
Hendrik will go to Jan, a child of Otto’s, he can end his life there.
He will be able to think of everything there.
So that is also sorted.
Crisje descends into her organism, she is now living in her garment again, from where André can now tell her that he knows all these laws.
Father and Miets remain awake.
He now hears that she is calling him, continues to call, but then his father influences her life and she falls into a deep sleep.
Hours will pass before she has slept.
But she feels herself becoming younger, her soul already possesses the spiritual wings.
André sees, the extinguishing life is relaxing, the organism is giving up the battle.
The soul now frees the systems, the nervous system now reacts to the sensitivity of her personality, there is no fear and trembling, no death throes can stop the free leaving of the soul.
This is harmonic dying!
God wanted it like this!
Anyone who can die like this, feels and experiences happiness!
She feels happy in her sleep.
Her thoughts are luminous, her husband is watching and her daughter is watching.
The soul gets sent those thoughts and powers and absorbs that as love.
This is knowledge!
This is being one with death!
This is surrender!
In the morning she is awake.
Death has still not come.
But she knows about it, the hour has been shown to her now.
“Hendrik”, she calls in her thoughts, “are you still there?”
Yes, there is father, her twin soul!
This Hendrik thinks that everything is fine.
The man falls asleep again.
A while later that man is awake again.
What time is it?
Six o’clock in the morning.
Crisje is thinking about him, André sees.
“It is better like that”, she sends to Jeus, “or we would have pulled each other apart.
This is it!
I will die alone.
I know that you would have liked to have been with me and that you could have given me everything, but father and Miets are here anyway.
No, I cannot get up anymore, I cannot do that anymore.”
“No, Hendrik”, she hears herself saying to father Wageman, “I will stay lying down.
I am tired.
I am so tired, not inside, but outside.
Is it so cold?”
“Yes, it is cold.
Did you also hear that terrible shooting?”
“Yes, Hendrik, I heard it.
But now the war will not last much longer.
Let’s see?
It is January now.
February, March, April, then the end will come, Hendrik.
Yes, then there will be no more war.”
The man is not listening, André sees, what does a person like that want.
It will still not be finished in five years.
Would we not have pulled each other apart, Jeus?
Is it not better like that, André gets to feel from her life, now that the man gets up and begins with something.
People also drink substitute coffee here, mother has nothing else.
The clock, the old Frisian one from before is still ticking.
“What time is it?” Crisje asks, because she has dozed off again.
It is ten o’clock.
Now the end will come, André feels.
The Hendrik from now goes away for a while.
Just to Mina, downstairs.
Crisje is preparing herself now.
She feels that she will not see him again now.
When the man comes back, she will be almost gone.
This is how it is now.
There is nothing else to experience.
Hendrik is just at Mina’s.
“How is Crisje, Hendrik?”
“Well, she is tired, Mina.
But who is not tired?”
“She looked so off colour the past few days, Hendrik.”
“Yes, Mina, but who does not look off colour now, Mina?”
“That is true, Hendrik.
That is true, Hendrik, we all have nothing more to say!”
There is no moaning to be experienced here.
The minutes crawl past.
What time is it now?
She opens her eyes and hears the ticking of her own time.
The Grim Reaper is now talking to her being.
Hendrik and Miets are there, they are talking.
“Just a little while, Cris, and then we will be together eternally.”
“Yes, Hendrik, I know it.”
The other Hendrik comes back and looks at Crisje.
“Is there something the matter?
Do you not feel well?
Good heavens, is there something the matter?”
Hendrik runs downstairs., Mina has to come, but meanwhile Crisje is free from her garment and has been absorbed by Miets and father.
André sees that.
She does not feel what will happen on Earth.
Of course, the priest has to come, but she no longer needs him now, she was spared that. She needs nothing else from the Church, priest.
Cristina Hulst is no longer here!
“Cris, will you just listen?”
No answer.
Mina sees that Crisje has died.
“How is it possible.
That good Crisje has gone, we have lost Crisje.”
Cristina Hulst cannot answer you anymore.
’s-Heerenberg, Cristina Hulst has died!
The mother of Jeus, Johan, Bernard, Gerrit, Hendrik, Teun and Miets, the wife of Hendrik Rulof, now of Hendrik Wageman, is no longer here.
She is dead!
She just died.
You may now bury what is lying there.
But you have lost a saint!
You have lost a child of God, children of ’s-Heerenberg, you can now bury her, we will take her and bring her to the Spheres of Light.
You will probably see her again there, but then your life must change a great deal.
The man is weeping now.
Hendrik Wageman, you lived next to a saint and knew that life as your wife.
Now that soul belongs to another.
Precisely that soul belongs to you, with which you were able to experience your own division on the Moon.
This soul is from someone else.
“Thank you, Hendrik Wageman.
You were good to her the last few years.
I thank you.”
Those are the words from Tall Hendrik, his father, André sees and hears.
The Tall One thanks that life, but now no one else will get to experience his Crisje, this life is his and for eternity!
André sees now that his father and his sister carry Crisje away.
The human being Crisje begins with her ascension, as only saints can experience that.
Surrounded by powers and forces, André already sees her changing.
She is becoming young and beautiful, because her soul is beautiful and young.
No, Cristina Hulst will not say another word, she has died for the Earth, but her spirit is alive!
Goodbye, ’s-Heerenberg.
Goodbye, Montferlandseweg.
Goodbye, beautiful castle.
Goodbye, poverty.
Goodbye, riches.
Goodbye, everyone who loved me.
I am going to my heaven, Hendrik and Miets are here!
And all my children know that I am going!
Goodbye now.
“Crisje is dead?”
“Yes, Drikske.”
“I dreamt that last night, nurse.
I dreamt that Crisje was with me and said that she would die.
How is it possible.
Yes, that is a beautiful dream, no, I dreamt of death.
But Crisje also said that she was not dead.
What strange dreams a human being can experience.”
See them running.
The priest may anoint her, holy Oil of Christ, but Crisje does not need that.
No, mother, you do not need that anymore!
And there is no damnation!
For no one.
Tall Hendrik and Miets now carry her through the universe to the Spheres of Light.
Crisje is sleeping.
However, now she is following everything consciously along with André.
And soon, if she wants to experience that, she may see her own funeral along with Hendrik and Miets.
If she wants that, it is not necessary!
See there, Master Alcar is with father and Miets.
Now André sees that Master Alcar has followed Miets and father in everything from his conscious world.
There are the Masters.
André’s mother is welcomed by Masters.
She has given birth to a prophet.
And that consciousness is holding her hand.
They continue their path, they go through the universe to the Spheres of Light, Crisje’s heaven.
Her house is ready!
Loved ones are collected in this way.
That is possible, if the human being possesses light.
Otherwise it is not possible.
The human being is collected by demons or by happy people, their love.
That will then be happiness for the life beyond the coffin.
Anyone who wants to experience that must feel love for all the life of God.
And Crisje was able to do that!
For a moment, André sees, his mother opens her eyes and looks into those of his father and of Miets.
She is smiling.
Everything is fine.
My God, how wonderful this love is.
“Father, Miets, I love you.
We have always remained one.
Now you will always have mother with you.
I will fight for her life.
I will continue to tell mankind about this happiness, father, Miets, Crisje!
I will not succumb!
Not anymore now!
I will go further consciously!”
Crisje is now living in her own love.
She is wearing a tremendously beautiful garment, André sees.
There are the Spheres of Light already.
This is the first sphere, but we are going higher.
By the second and third sphere she sees her spiritual dwelling, but she will soon enter the first sphere.
Father is ready for her life.
Good heavens, father, how you worked on your life.
Miets, how beautiful you are.
And then they enter her divine dwelling.
Father and Miets and Master Alcar enter her dwelling.
Crisje will live in there, it is a wonderful palace.
André knows the human-spiritual dwelling of the soul.
He experienced millions of dwellings on his journeys.
This is one with thousands of paths, this life can be reached from North, South, East and West.
Crisje was open to all the life of God and loved.
That is her dwelling.
Her palace, in which she will live with her love.
They lay her down, surrounded by light, life and love, there are sphere flowers.
The birds are singing.
Millions of souls know which consciousness Crisje possesses.
Millions of souls know who she is.
There is her son, André-Dectar, a Master on earth; the Prince of the Universe is with her.
Mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, here is divine happiness!
She opens her eyes for a moment, she looks at all her splendour and weeps from happiness now.
Miets lives in her and helps her to carry, dealing with this happiness is not so simple either.
There is Jeus.
But J E U S!
But J e u s!
Crisje falls asleep.
The Masters and the angels are watching.
There are celebrations in the Spheres of Light.
André follows everything.
He knows her awakening.
He does not need to be told anything.
He knows exactly when she will awaken.
And how she will feel then.
And then she wakes up again.
Father and Miets are there, but Miets goes away.
Father, now you will have her for eternity.
Master Alcar comes back.
Now André hears what Master Alcar has to tell the Tall One.
Crisje hears that he will come to collect her soon.
She must prepare herself to visit Jeus.
Master Alcar, André sees, is giving her the reason.
Crisje understands it, that will also be great happiness for her life.
Will she return with Jeus to ’s-Heerenberg?
Yes, Crisje!
That is for Jeus!
That is for your love.
Then André sees that Master Alcar is bringing her to the Earth.
It is the moment that he will disembody in order to see her.
Now Crisje is standing before his life.
A moment later the highest Masters come.
Master Cesarino, André sees, is greeting Crisje.
The other Masters whom André was able to get to know, greet Crisje.
And now Crisje sees who André, her Jeus is.
Now she cannot believe her eyes.
“Yes”, Crisje hears from Master Cesarino, “you have given birth to a prophet!
The Divine All knows that.
The conscious human being in the Divine All ... knows that.
Christ knows that.
Your son is a prophet!”
Crisje is standing before André.
Jeus is dying now!
She can let Jeus die now.
Jeus becomes the past.
But Jeus’ flowers are in her garden of life.
Those flowers are from Crisje.
Millions of flowers are lying sleeping there and will soon awaken when André is back on Earth.
Crisje received all these wonderful things from André.
Jeus is her child, her Master is André-Dectar!
And Crisje bows to this life.
André comes to her and takes her life in his arms, he kisses her!
“My mother, you will remain my mother for eternity.
My mother, you will be my sister for eternity!”
Precisely, that’s it.
The Masters give Crisje their blessing, their universal love.
Millions of souls, children of God, will greet Crisje, but later, soon, when this is over.
André sees the time which has passed.
Crisje has already been in the Spheres of Light for a fortnight now.
She returned to the Earth with his father and Miets and followed her funeral.
She experienced spiritual wonders.
And then she was taken back to the spheres.
There she prepared herself in order to meet André, her Jeus.
Now that this is over, both go back to the Earth.
When that is over, father and mother will go on a journey to the boys in America, to Sun, Moon and stars, father will explain the laws of God to her, André sees.
Everything is wonderful.
God is love and the human being who possesses that love will get to experience this wonderful happiness.
Every human being can experience this happiness.
The spheres know, millions of people know, a wonderful soul has left the Earth.
A child of this life is the Prince of the Universe!
One child of this mother is the greatest prophet after Christ.
And that prophet is standing there and has experienced the dying with his mother.
The Masters can go further now, because the ‘Cosmology’ is waiting.
André and Jeus were able to experience Crisje’s ascension.
And now back to the Earth.
Crisje had to deal with a lot of happiness, but she is also capable of that.
Her dwelling is like the universe is!
The dwelling of the human being who possesses love on the other side is so deep and wonderful!
And that is for all the life of God!
Crisje is now thirty years old, but soon she will be twenty.
My God, my father, Tall One, what a possession you have.
Wearing clogs at home and here a Universal Queen.
This life did not violate the life of God.
Crisje is starting to feel what life on Earth means.
Now she is happy because of her poverty there.
Do not become a king, do not become a queen, if you cannot understand that responsibility, or you will destroy your eternal life!
She will get to know those laws.
André also sees his child.
Gommel, like an angel, approaches Crisje.
My child and my Master, he gives that life.
Other people will come, father will bring her to all the friends of the earth.
André knows what father and mother now feel and get to experience.
Crisje can hear wonderful music and the life of God is singing to her.
Crisje is ready.
André takes her to the Earth, but he knows, his father will come and collect her soon.
Miets returns to her task.
They go hand in hand again.
Now André can tell her everything about his life, but he does that by giving her his feeling and his knowledge.
Crisje now gets to see her prophet.
“Jeus, but Jeus”, she utters and André can feel happy because of that, it is the everything for her life!
He returns to the Earth, Crisje gets to feel that he immediately says goodbye there.
Father will come to collect her.
Master Alcar is following him, he gets this knowledge from his Master.
Crisje understands everything.
She knows now for the first time who he is.
She will continue to think about his life and support him from the spheres, which is possible.
They will never miss each other, but this contact is something completely different.
Now he is separate from his mother, completely free and Crisje can also understand that.
Every human being gets to experience that for his love and that must be accepted.
The human stands on his own two feet free from everything and that is the universal independence.
Crisje gets to experience this.
He is ready, Jeus too, from now on Jeus and Jozef will live in his consciousness!
Now the fight for the earth can begin.
Soon, later, Crisje will return to the Earth and she will hear him speak.
But the journeys will continue and yet, he will release her, he and she have an own task to fulfil, but André is serving mankind, he is the Master, Crisje sees, of the University of Christ.
He will never experience that honour on Earth, but on the other side.
But, Crisje sees, mankind will get to know her Jeus!
He shows her what she will experience with father.
They will probably meet each other on the Moon.
Yes, mother, that is possible, but then we can just see each other, look into each other’s eyes, for a short time, and then we will go further again.
I will have to represent my own love soon.
I will also possess sphere happiness after my dying there, you know that now!
Now the polite form of address is for André.
And she can also understand that.
Crisje is getting to see something of her Cosmology.
My child, my son, I will never forget you!
André’s books live like flowers in her life garden.
Crisje will soon see all of that; and she will know that she has received this from his life by means of her thinking and feeling.
She got his life blood back, everything which she did for him.
And that is their being one, their love, their eternal going further.
They float back to the earth hand in hand.
This journey will be over in a few minutes and he will be able to begin to prepare himself again for the Cosmology.
There is Mother Earth, Crisje.
A little while longer and I will go further.
He says goodbye to Crisje.
He kisses her life.
Then he looks into her eyes.
Crisje is carrying the cross from her Tall One.
Do you remember, mother, that we also experienced that happiness together?
Crisje knows that.
There is Master Alcar.
“Goodbye, mother.”
“Goodbye, Jeus.”
“I assure you that I will finish my task.”
“I know it, Jeus.”
Crisje dissolves.
Both Master Alcar and Crisje now see how he descends into his organism, the life on Earth can now begin again.
Andre looks at Jeus.
What was it like, Jeus?
Are you happy now?
Are you strong now for later?
What a journey that was.
Now we will go further.
Now nothing more can happen to us, now we are strong and mother will help us from the Spheres of Light.
Was that not all wonderful?
I do not have any words.
I can understand it, of course, but is mother just as happy?
Crisje is living in her Kingdom of God, we do not need to worry about her anymore, everything is over now, it is the greatest happiness for us.
Jeus, but my Jeus, this was wonderful.
I will give you another few hours to think about everything, but then I will begin.
Can you go further now?”
“Yes, I have worked it out too.
My God, how happy I am now.”
“That’s what I like to hear, Jeus.
And now we will pass everything onto the city one.
Look, he already knows it, we do not need to say anything, he was also one with our life all that time.
That is easy, that does me good, now we can deal with everything, we are completely one and that for eternity!”
The universe is now talking to André.
Sun and Moon are calling to him: “Did you expect anything different, André?”
“No, dears, I had imagined her ascension like that.
My Wayti, were you able to follow everything?”
“Yes, André.
Everything, this being one was wonderful.
This dying was great.
And I have my flowers ready for Crisje.”
“Thank you, my dear, many thanks.
You know it, I am happy too.”
A moment later Master Alcar is back.
André thanks him.
“I am ready, my Master.
We will go further soon, today we will write fifty pages and Master Zelanus will be finished.
Yes, my Master, I am so happy.
Now nothing can stop me anymore, nothing.
I will devote my life blood to all the life of God.
You know it anyway, don’t you?
I am lying at your feet, my Master.”
Let’s sleep for a while.
These were Divine hours.
Jeus, Jozef and André-Dectar reached oneness, by means of Crisje’s passing over.
They can still think for a while, but we will begin soon, we will finish the previous journey today.
And when we have to write this, we will experience a wonderful time.
God is overlooking everything, both angels and Masters live in the spheres, but those angels and those Masters once lived on Earth, priest.
They are now children of God, and, there is no damnation!
“Goodbye, Crisje.
My regards to the Masters.
When I write the books about your life soon, I will put the Universal ‘Crown’ on your heads , I assure you of that.
In the name of all the life of God!”
Yes, Master Alcar, we will send them into the street.
I will have to have some patience, but today wonders are happening.
We are inexhaustible.
Love is the highest!
Love is what makes life!
Love is everything!
Love makes the poor rich!
Yes, Crisje!