The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5

Jozef Rulof



These books are the highlight of what Jozef Rulof received.
They elaborate further on all the other books, in particular ‘The Origin of the Universe’.
As a disembodied spiritual personality Jozef Rulof travels through the universe with his spiritual leaders Alcar and Zelanus.
They analyse the fundamental laws of life which all life is based upon and penetrate the origin and the being of the cosmos.
They experience that all life from large to small can be seen as a variation of three basic laws, and they see how the combination of these fundamental laws makes life evolve.
When Jozef Rulof returns to his material body and the earthly reality, he has to deal with all this cosmic knowledge.
These books also describe his struggle not to succumb under this All-Wisdom.
We get to know many aspects of Jozef Rulof’s personality, and see how Jeus, Jozef, André and Dectar work together in order to support the ‘mediumship’ and therefore make it possible to bring this astral wisdom to earth.
In view of the depth of the knowledge described, these books presume that the reader has studied all the previous books, in particular ‘The Origin of the Universe’ and the three parts of the ‘Lectures’, which can be considered as a preparation for the Cosmology.