The Soul exceeds the Divine Laws

“You see now, my brothers”, Master Alcar continues, “what happened on Earth in the meantime.
We are now experiencing a following age.
Life on Earth has changed and the human being got more consciousness.
It is now also necessary to follow these laws; then we will establish the conscious and unconscious insanity.
My question now, Master Zelanus, is: can the soul exceed the Divine laws?”
“Yes, Master, that is possible.”
“By what means?”
“Because she got more consciousness.
She got more possession, more space, by means of which she took the Divine laws into her own hands.”
“Yes, indeed, those are now the possibilities which we must follow.
After all, we already know that she lost her twin soul.
She began with a different life and namely by means of the destruction, as a result of which she disturbed her harmonic laws for fatherhood and motherhood.
Moreover, we know that she could end her cycle of the soul, but that the Earth called a halt to her.
In addition, we now know that the human being had still not exceeded the Divine laws in this previous stage, because he did not yet possess that consciousness.
But the higher we now come, the more spacious the possession of the soul also becomes, and as a result of this she has forgotten herself.
Where did she experience these laws, André?”
“On Earth, my Master.”
“And so not on the other side?”
“On Earth the soul experienced murder after murder, my Master.”
“That is the answer, my brothers.
On the other side, so in the astral world, she could not experience these laws.
But on the material planet she conquered her material life and by means of this she crushed this Divine harmony and now stands before her cause and effect.
The soul went further like this, so that she did not possess any life, or death.
The prehistoric age could not give her those possibilities, because she needs consciousness for this purpose and she could master this through the human evolution.
In order to determine this now, my brothers, we will enter the following stage and a new age for the soul as human being.
We, my brother André, were able to experience these laws for the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’.
If the soul has exceeded the Divine laws, which is possible, by experiencing murder after murder, she lies down in the astral world like a jelly fish on the present beach and can wait, but must now return to the Earth in order to make amends for those disharmonic deeds.
Because the human being has kicked himself from the Divine harness, he also has to accept those laws of life, but they were never created by the All-Mother.
It is because of this that we will soon experience the suffering and sorrow for the present stage, the misery of the present stage, war and destruction, bestialisation and complete destruction.
And then we will determine for the University of Christ where the soul as human being began with that destruction, but by means of which all that misery was born.
In the previous stages the human being could not do that, but his consciousness, and the development on Earth, take him to this wonderful possession and we see the ruler come into existence.
The first rulers on Earth.
Those who think that they may decide about the life of God and have therefore forgotten themselves, therefore created a misery, as a result of which the Divine laws of life could be exceeded.
Not only now that this has torn him from his twin soul, the rulers destroyed all the laws of life for themselves and also got to accept the spiritual destruction.
And all of this immediately takes us to the conscious and unconscious madness.
If the human being could have prevented this, he could have continued to live as the Divine laws wanted this, those laws of life were created, then no misery would have been born in the material life.
No illnesses would have originated either.
We can therefore determine for the University of Christ that the human being on Earth is to blame for all the misery, both the material and spiritual destruction, the All-Mother only gives the human being love to experience!
Make this present stage clear and we can go further, I mean, in order to analyze all those other laws, then we will get to know the human personality.
And it is this, by means of which the soul has taken itself to exceeding the laws of life.
It is the man who now lives it up.
It is he who has torn himself from his twin soul, it is the mother who was not able to conquer him.
Again and again, as the creating life of feeling, the man has exceeded the harmonic laws of God.
And when the soul entered the paternal from the maternal organism, she also began with that destruction, because we know that the soul lives in both organisms.
Now what, my brothers?
Thousands of ages passed, but during those times we see that the astral world has also changed, the various grades of life have expanded themselves, the soul as human being has become more conscious.
Numerous phenomena now occur.
And those are now the hells in life after death, the seven spiritual grades of life which the soul has to conquer.
The highest grade of life now continues consciously and serves the material and the spiritual life.
The lower and first grades of life must try to free themselves from that darkness; and we know that this is possible.
But there we experience that people lived on Earth who exceeded the laws of God and are now already the rulers on Earth.
Those people lie down in the astral world like jellyfish on a beach, but they also have to go further.
And is that possible, Master Zelanus?”
“Yes, Master.”
“Which laws will the soul experience now?”
“It is waiting for the new birth, but now for cause and effect.”
“That is correct, but in addition to this, André?”
“For the karmic laws, my Master.”
“That is also the answer and we have to accept that.
We therefore determine, the more consciousness the soul gets on Earth, the deeper her fall and her destruction.
Because she wants to dominate the masses, she exceeds the laws of life.
Those are the rulers on Earth.
And what is the present stage like now?
André experiences that misery.
Adolph Hitler and his kind rule life on Earth, but the first foundations were already laid for this during the prehistoric age, by the soul as human being.
As mankind now gets more consciousness, for a ruler that is the possibility of elevating those masses to his thinking and feeling.
We know how they do that.
We also know where it takes us and what is achieved by that can be seen by the present stage and the misery to be experienced.
Could the human being have prevented this, is the question of millions of souls.
Born in pure love, in pure harmony, the life of God went further and lived in this unity with God.
But then the human being began to think.
He broke that harmony, he saw the animal life and killed it, then the hatred and the fear received consciousness.
And from that moment the misery began.
No, we can call out, this could not have been prevented.
The human being must experience this evolution and we are capable of following and experiencing the Divine harmonic laws anyway and analyzing them for the University of Christ.
The soul as human being now experiences those disturbances and returns to the Earth for that purpose, makes amends and sooner or later begins with the higher life.
Not one human being can escape that!
We have to accept that, but the human being can sully the harmonic laws and yet, ultimately the human being is powerless and he can bow his own head!
What does this mean, Master Zelanus?”
“That means, my Master, that we as human beings must one day begin with the higher life anyway, and that our grade of life is capable of guarding us from general destruction.”
“Indeed, it is true. And we learn, André?”
“That the grades of life guard themselves from general destruction, my Master.
One mother now gives birth to more lives than the other mother, so that that general destruction is prevented.
It is only by means of fatherhood and motherhood that the human being conquers his disharmony, his misery, his destruction, and we have to accept that.”
“That is also true.
We can therefore accept that there is no question of being torn apart for eternity.
The human being creates disharmony, conscious and unconscious destruction, yet the laws of the All-Source force him to make good for all those mistakes.
On earth, all those states take place and the soul can live it up, but that will be different later when we enter the conscious and unconscious insanity, conscious psychopathy and the sick psychopathy, it is only then that we will stand before a human chaos!
The present stage, my brothers, went under because of this human violation, the sullying of the Divine laws of life.
Centuries ago people began with that sullying.
Because of this, the present stage experiences both conscious and unconscious insanity, conscious and unconscious psychopathy and the accompanying character traits, the laws for soul and spirit, the material and astral world.
As a result of this, war after war, destruction after destruction, originated, the soul as human being sullied her Divine harmonic laws of life.
We now stand before thousands of character traits, before hatred and lies, not only for the material life, but above all for Christ ... God ... the All-Love, the All-Life, fatherhood and motherhood.
The human being stands here before higher consciousness and it is that feeling because of which he succumbs.
Could all of this have been prevented?
No, it is the path of evolution, but the All-Source never wanted that!
Indeed, it is the rulers, they live it up by means of the masses, the strongest conquers, destroys, deforms what was created by love.
The peoples of the earth receive consciousness, but those masses still live here in the animal stage.
However, we know what the human being built up for the present stage.
Likewise, what consciousness the various faculties possess.
The human being received a faith, we determined how that happened in the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’.
We also know how the Bible was born.
We will now analyse which untruths the Bible tells and we have to follow them.
What the Masters did for that is not understood on Earth, the present stage, but that will also change.
Meanwhile, Mother Earth goes further in order to finish her life.
She will embellish the human organism; the universe will also get more and more consciousness.
Life on Earth is awakening, human being and animal and Mother Nature are experiencing this Divine evolution and the soul as human being has entered her astral world.
Life continues, there is no question of complete destruction, the grades of life force the human being to experience the organisms which Mother Earth created for all her life.
These are therefore the cosmic and the Divine laws of life which we must analyze for the present stage.
So all the life of Mother Earth stands before the final surrender, the accepting of the Divine ‘will’!
However, we will experience later what that ‘will’ means, but then we will enter the human, but above all Divine attunement for all the laws of life of the universe.
If you have understood all of this, my brothers, then we will go further.
Then attune yourself to the conscious and unconscious insanity, for here in this animal stage and soon for the present one, the twentieth century, in which we see all those character traits again.
Soon the soul as human being will act at full power and that means that she will have reached her present stage.
But we will come to stand before all the faculties built up by the human being and we will experience the conscious and unconscious feelings with regard to the laws of God, which we will then analyze for the University of Christ!
Come now, we will take a walk over the Earth.
Where we are, there is life, the human being lives in his disharmony.
He has already finished with all the life in fights for life and death.
The human being now not only dominates the animal and Mother Nature, but also himself, the lower grades of life.
However, Mother Nature is populated.
The seven grades of life have spread themselves over the Earth.
As tribes, the grades of life have closed themselves off to the other lower grades, the highest of which dominates.
We can still perceive from the human organism what the material evolution is like and the consciousness with regard to the organisms and the soul as spirit for her astral world.
We now have to follow that, but now for conscious and unconscious insanity.
I ask you, Master Zelanus, can conscious and unconscious insanity now already be experienced here?”
“We have already experienced those laws, my Master, but I can feel what you want to know from me.
We do not yet experience here what the present stage has to experience by means of insanity.
But as the human being gets consciousness, we also get to know the sickly insanity.”
“That is correct, but which laws do we experience then, André?”
“Those laws take us to the personality, my Master.
To the character traits and the social consciousness, by means of which the human being has lost himself.
What we still experience here is by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
If we enter the present mess-up for the soul as human being, the destroying of all the Divine harmonic laws of life, then we immediately stand before the sickly insanity, before the psychopaths and mental institutions.”
“Indeed, that is also correct.
And who created that, Master Zelanus?”
“We, my Master, we ourselves began with that destruction.”
“True, my brothers.
Thousands of character traits and characteristics are now unconscious, but it is because of that that the human being created his insanity, but by means of which he lost the day-conscious thinking and feeling.
That now means, and we followed that for the astral world, that no insanity exists for Mother Earth.
The Earth did not create any diseases, any disharmony, the human being began with that destruction for all the laws of life.
So what we experience for this stage and for insanity, belongs to the unconscious thinking and feeling.
The soul as human being still does not know herself.
Her actions with regard to the Divine laws are unconscious.
She does not know God, does not know her astral world, nothing about her spiritual life, but that moment is approaching, because the astral personality has got to know herself.
Can you feel the wonderful part for the life on Earth and in the astral world?
This must change, and that is possible, because the first sphere is already ready.
The human being who has reached the first sphere, builds further and now reaches the Universal consciousness in the centuries which pass.
The human being now already lives in harmony, but on Earth the life of God does not know itself.
The human being on the other side goes further.
It is he who brings the consciousness to Earth.
In addition, it is he who must get to know the God of all this life and will return to the conscious Divine All, in order to inspire the life of Mother Earth from there.
That moment is also approaching.
Even if that still takes millions of years, it will come!
So we can now already establish that the primeval stages did not know any conscious insanity.
The sickly characteristics belong to the present stage.
But we stand before numerous facts, before diseases and misery, which the human being possesses in the present stage and the laws of which he does not know.
What we experience here is the animal instinct, but that life of feeling must change, and the life enters the higher stage, for material and spirit, for both the earth and the astral world!
So because the soul evolved, the conscious insanity also emerged.
Now we experience a chaos, the human being is no longer himself, the ‘will’ to possess the life broke the human personality.
God knows that, but ‘HE’ cannot change anything about that, ‘HE’ gave the human being everything!
We are Gods, even if we possess the animal attunement.
We must accept these laws!
What is the human being like now in his society?
What has he achieved by means of the material life?
What did he build up for himself and his twin soul?
Nothing but misery.
Anyone who takes part in that will soon have to accept the conscious insanity, because as a result of all those longings the human being tramples on his Divine harmony.
He now walks a dark path.
Nothing can stop him, because he has got his own life and independence.
The soul as human being now speaks gibberish, she is unconscious as a human being, she longs to experience things and matters, for which God did not create any law.
The human being becomes rebellious, the soul sinks away into a stinking swamp and lives it up completely.
But in this jungle that was still not possible and we have to accept that.
So, my brothers, we are going to the human consciousness.
And it is only then that we will stand before the human being in his present society, for which he lives and serves, but is in conflict with the Divine laws of life for the good.
What else is there to perceive, my brother André?”
“What I see, my Master, is here the division of personality for the human being.”
“Very correct, but now for the present stage?
How did the human being divide himself, when we place him before the Divine harmonic laws of life?
Then the Divine harmony is gone and can no longer be experienced.
And yet, the human being will have to attune himself to God and ‘HIS’ life universes for the good, if he wants to enter the astral world consciously after the material cycle.
That is then the cause and effect.
What we see, my brothers, is nevertheless, despite all this destruction, that the Earth keeps her life captive.
That now means that the soul as human being gets to experience her fatherhood and motherhood anyway, but that one mother has to give birth to more children than the other one and that the disharmony dominates overwhelmingly.
In addition, we then experience the character traits, and it is by means of them that the present stage has lost itself.
Fatherhood and motherhood can therefore not be destroyed and that is the only certainty for all the life of God, or the human being would have been capable of destroying the creations.
That now means, the higher we come, the more acute the insanity becomes.
After all, the lowest grades of life cannot experience that insanity, and it can be determined for the present stage.
The highest grade of life possesses insanity, not the jungle!
Is that not wonderful?
Yet it does not get through to the present stage, the academics, that these are Divine laws.
The jungle has not yet reached that conscious feeling and thinking and cannot be reached now either!
If you feel this and can you accept this, then we enter the present stage and we see that the human being has succumbed as a result of his consciousness.
And that is frightening!
That is now the human being with his higher thinking and feeling.
Because he has received a faith, religious mania came into existence, about which the jungle does not know any feeling.
So that means that we possess attunement to the present stage and that this wisdom can only be experienced and accepted by the present stage and that Christ came to the Earth for the present stage.
In the human jungle the soul did not know all these miseries.
The human being in there experiences his life and is no different, yet society made the human being think and feel, but by means of that he deformed himself; and we see the conscious insanity!
The more the human being will achieve now, the deeper this disease is.
That becomes psychopathy!
Grades of these diseases, depths of unconscious feeling and thinking.
Soon we will analyze all these grades for the University of Christ and then we will also enter the seven depths for each disease, for each character trait, for the arts and the sciences, for fatherhood and motherhood, for thousands more possibilities!
However, here, my brothers, insanity was born and a while later psychopathy!
But when the astral personality brought faith and ‘GOD’ to Earth, the human being entered these spiritual laws of life and he also lost himself completely in there.
The human being got lost because of the accumulation of mistakes, for God and his spatial laws of life, got lost on Earth because of his lives, by means of which the Divine astral light of life for his personality darkened.
We must follow these laws, if the present stage wants to understand and be able to accept them.
It is therefore clear, my brothers, by means of both numerous human and animal character traits, the human being entered his insanity and his psychopathy.
But faith, hope and love will come to Earth and it is only then that we will experience Christ!
That is the consciousness for higher feeling and thinking and the life of feeling of the conscious spiritual astral world.
All of this is cosmic truth!
And for this the Earth received a place between Sun and Moon.
Her macrocosmic attunement gives us that certainty.
Nothing can be changed about this, these laws are for all the life of God.
And now, my brothers, we will go further and enter the conscious fatherhood and motherhood, but above all the unconscious experiencing by the soul as human being of these laws.
We can now ask questions.
How did the human being experience his fatherhood and motherhood?
How did she accept those laws of life?
How did she experience her spatial life of feeling?
Where was the first insanity born?
What did the human being do, that he got to experience these spiritual diseases?
By what means did he have to accept psychopathy?
Did the All-Mother create these diseases?
We can say, the human being got to experience the pure Divine laws of life, but he darkened them!
He deformed those laws of life!
The human being sullied those pure laws of life!
The human being experienced destruction and wanted that destruction!
The human being brought disharmony for himself!
The human being created diseases for material and spirit!
And that misery takes us to the present stage, and soon to the human consciousness for both the soul and her social life of feeling.
How did she experience fatherhood and motherhood?
Her actions are still animal-like conscious, she knows nothing about reincarnation, the present stage does not yet know these laws either.
But the soul got to experience her laws for this purpose and began her life on Earth.
What the human being now wants to experience is food and drink for fatherhood and motherhood, but in addition the dominating of millions of people.
What the jungle still gets to experience means nothing and everything, but the present stage succumbs in that.
And then we stand before the seven grades of life of the human marriage, hundreds of laws of which we will experience and analyze, if the human being wants to get to know himself in that too.
And it is only then that we will pursue the soul to the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life because she will be in harmony there again, and she will see herself.
You see it, man and woman experience themselves for fatherhood and motherhood.
They cannot experience any disharmony in this, if they want to accept one life, serve one grade of life, but we know it, disharmony entered this, the highest grade of life experiences the unity with a lower grade and we see the organic weakening originate, then the diseases, because the human being sullied his natural attunement.
It is this which we must follow, if we want to be able to analyze the present stage.
It is also this by means of which we enter that destruction.
It is this by means of which the present stage no longer knows itself and still wonders why God created all this misery.
The spiritual faculties beg for advice, the minister and the Catholic church beg for truth, give God the blame, cling to Divine justice, but forget that that justice lives in the human being.
That justice has been sullied!
The University of Christ says that!
And the whole of mankind has to accept that!
The human being does not know why he gives birth and creates and why he is father and mother.
Is that consciousness?
What do spiritual faculties mean for the present stage?
What does this mankind still have to master?
We must explain all of that and we are capable of that!
The human being does not know for what purpose he lives on Earth, and he has to know that!
The human being does not know why he gives birth and creates and it is urgently necessary, because he is now neglecting his own creation and his reincarnation!
The University of Christ says that!
The soul as human being must know this!
The present stage now gets to experience the Divine omniscience and the human being must accept that!
We experience the Divine truth!
The soul as human being is faced with her own misdeeds!
It is the human being, as man and woman, who represent the All-Source by means of their lives and Divine attunement!
And that life of feeling must now awaken!
All those nuns and clergymen sponge off the masses!
And that must disappear from the Earth!
That becoming conscious is now coming, because we experience and bring that becoming conscious to Earth!
Christ wants that!
The ‘Highest Masters’ want that!
‘GOD’ wants that!
As ‘Father’ and as ‘Mother’!
As Light, Life and Love!
What do fatherhood and motherhood mean to us now, conscious and unconscious fatherhood and motherhood, Master Zelanus?”
“That we were not able to experience any conscious fatherhood and motherhood in this, my Master.
And that means that the human being in the present stage started to mess up because of these all-dominating laws!”
“Indeed, that is the answer.
The human being entered the conscious fatherhood and motherhood.
As a result of this he started to mess up, he did not want to give birth, but the jungle did not know that.
So the present stage has to experience conscious fatherhood and motherhood for itself, not for God, because it does not yet know the laws, but it refused to accept the life.
I repeat, we did not know that during our jungle stage and in all these ages!
We still did not have that consciousness.
And now we determine for the University of Christ:
The human being began for the first time in the present stage with his mess-up, his conscious destruction for fatherhood and motherhood!
The human being refuses to give birth and to create!
The human being creates deformation because he refuses the embryo!
The human being now lives chastely, but refuses to give birth!
The human being takes part in spirituality and stands still for Divine creation!
The human being created spiritual and material, physical destruction!
The human being stabs the embryo and does not want any more children!
And that means that he consciously murders fatherhood and motherhood!
As a result of this, all those disharmonic births originated.
And we must also analyze those laws of life for the present stage, if the human being wishes to get to know fatherhood and motherhood for himself.
The human being in the jungle does not know this conscious destroying!
Can an animal destroy motherhood?
Only the human being can do that!
But as a result of that he sullied his laws of life and now also has to accept his misery for the present stage.
How many mothers do not long to give birth and do not have a child?
Those are disharmonic laws.
How many mothers do not get to give birth now, which is frightening for a family?
Those are the disharmonic laws for fatherhood and motherhood and we get to experience and to analyze them for the present stage, it is only then that the human being will understand his misery and his accumulated destruction!
And that is the present society!
But the All-Mother never wanted that, never!
But that brought about disturbances for life and reincarnation!
You see it, my brothers, that is the purpose of the Masters, the purpose of the University of Christ!
The human in the jungle therefore still possesses that harmony, even if he exceeded other laws of life by means of his ‘murdering’.
The human being in the jungle still possesses harmony, the human being from the present society has darkened!
That human being lives in frightening darkness and has lost his Divine path.
That Divine building has collapsed!
But we are laying the new foundations.
By means of this, we will soon experience thousands of laws of life for the perfect and the unconscious fatherhood and motherhood, for diseases and psychopathy and insanity, for arts and sciences.
And we will also then experience the seven grades for every law of life, the highest of which we will get to know as the spiritual grade of life.
On the Moon we laid the foundations, but soon for the human being of the twentieth century, the ‘Age of Christ’!
What will we experience then, André-Dectar?”
“That the human being as soul must wait in order to experience reincarnation, my Master.”
“Correct, that’s it.
We will then be able to answer thousands of questions.
The human being from the present stage wonders where all those people come from.
And what is the answer?
For all those people there is food and drink, but what did you do with that food and drink?
For what purpose was accumulation born?
A domination of people?
Were we able to experience that in the jungle, on other planets?
No, that is the unconscious, but present stage!
The consciousness of the twentieth century is that sorrowful.
For the present stage we experience that thousands of souls wait for one organism.
Can you feel this?
Thousands of souls have been turned adrift from this Divine just anchor, the law of life for reincarnation.
Thousands of people experience disharmony for birth and fatherhood and motherhood, because the human being has sullied these Divine laws of justice.
All those murders created this.
All that hatred and breaking down, that destruction, as a result of which the human being left the earthly life too soon and those disharmonic laws emerged.
But the human being does not yet know that and he cannot know it, because he still does not know himself for soul, life and spirit.
For the University of Christ, we determine:
Pre-animal, animal or human life of feeling, the human being experiences his ascension by means of fatherhood and motherhood!
The human being experiences his evolution both materially and spiritually!
When the soul as human being gives birth and creates, the human being evolves!
When the human being refuses to give birth and to create, he creates disharmony for his Divine evolution!
These laws of life are for poor and rich, for all the life of God.
This is the highest gift for God given to ‘HIS’ life!
The University of Christ says and calls to the child of God:
“Give birth and create!
It is only then that you will be open to your evolution, to the returning to the All-Source!”
My brothers, we must analyze all these life problems for the present stage.
We must give them foundations by means of the Divine laws of justice, and view them according to the spiritual grades of life for the Spheres of Light, for the soul as human being as a spiritual personality.
It is only then that the child of Mother Earth will get to know himself and he will begin with another and higher life.
It is only then that happiness will come to Earth and into the human being!
All of this takes us to the Omniscience ... to the Omniscience, before the light, the life and the love and the life on the other side!
The human being, we now have to accept that, goes from lower sources of life to the higher and it is the spiritual awakening for all the life of God!
That is the life, it is also the human evolution!
We therefore go from the jungle to the social, present, consciousness and experience those ages by means of the seven grades of life for the human organism, by means of fatherhood and motherhood, but in addition for our inner life of feeling.
The animal follows us, Mother Nature likewise, nothing stops this evolution.
Only the human being experiences his misery, his spiritual and organic misery, but he created that himself!
The human being who has now reached the Spheres of Light can say:
“Soul of my soul, now we are one again for eternity!
Life of my life, we will now go further together!
Soul of my soul, we are now spiritually conscious.
We now experience the human paradise”, but the human being of Mother Earth still has to master this happiness!
Human Being of Mother Earth, serve!
Human Being on Earth, love and you will rise out above your misery!
For God you are ‘HIS’ children!
And in order to determine that, we will now follow the human consciousness for the soul.
We will now go further!