The Soul and Her Human Consciousness

DEAR READER, the words which come to us, take us to the soul and her human consciousness.
Words from the Divine All, straight to our life of feeling, by means of which we are inspired. And we know which phenomena we must analyze now.
For our life and consciousness, it is the heavenly joy, because we know that the human being has reached the Divine All and that this has been laid aside for all the life of God.
We stand before this journey and have to accept those laws.
Master Alcar now says:
“Now attune yourself to this event, my brothers, your life has also been inspired, I see that you, just as I, have received this being one.
Attune your life to these truths and you will have the feeling for it, the conscious feeling and thinking.
Now overview Mother Earth and all her creations and experience this cosmic reality.
This word comes to us from the Divine All.
The Masters want us to now follow and analyze the human consciousness for the soul.
It is necessary before we experience the present stage – the philosophical systems for all the human character traits, for the arts and sciences of the twentieth century.
The universes of God want to convince us of that.
That power comes to our life and flows through your soul life, your personality.
Now look how the soul as human being, and along with her the animal, will conquer the planet Earth.
That will become her human consciousness!
Hand in hand, life goes further.
Even if disharmonic laws of life come into existence, the soul finishes her material life.
What we see and experience is: man, woman, sister and brother.
Fatherhood and motherhood, life and love, but still at an animal attunement.
However, we know that the astral personality has prepared itself in order to help the child of Mother Earth.
The soul as human being has had millions of lives and she still does not possess the conscious human grade of life, but that moment is also approaching.
The conscious child of Mother Earth can say:
“My Mother, I love your life!”
And then Mother Earth asks:
“Yes, my mother!”
“Then go further!”, is the reply, and the soul goes further in order to conquer this universe.
The Earth is beautiful.
Mother Earth has reached this stage because Sun and Moon still inspire her.
The soul as human being can say: “I am now that far and I am starting to understand my life.
My life is awakening”, but the human being on Earth does not know that, only the astral personality who has reached the Spheres of Light knows that, is that far.
During these ages, Mother Earth reached this consciousness; but also the human being, and all her other life, is now open to experiencing this awakening.
Now see, my brothers, what the soul as human being means for God, and still possesses.
And then we stand before her obtained consciousness.
Go centuries further, now attune yourself to that wonder and enter the consciousness on Earth.
The Masters want that!
The human being lives under karmic laws, under cause and effect, but the soul can go further.
Because what do we see happening?
What will happen now?
What happened during the millions of years which passed, on the Other Side and on Earth?
That moment, my brothers, is of awe-inspiring significance for the present stage.
It is Christ!
We now see that the human being has enriched himself materially.
Cities were founded, technical wonders came about and all of that gave her consciousness and life happiness, joy of life, human happiness.
On the Other Side, people know what Cosmic happiness means and know how to bring that to Earth.
The human being is getting to know God!
The human being reached the Other Side, the Spheres of Light reached consciousness and the Fourth Cosmic grade came into being.
By serving the life, the human being awakened, the human consciousness for the soul originated and that is her love and happiness for the astral world, but that happiness must be brought to the Earth.
The human being on the Other Side says:
“I possess Cosmic happiness!”
I possess higher life!
I have my twin soul again!
I am a spiritual personality!
I live in the spiritual astral world and I have conquered this universe!
I possess and represent the spiritual awakening!
I possess love, pure love!
I have freed myself from the karmic laws and from cause and effect!”
But what is the child, my sister and brother on Earth like?
What are the laws of fatherhood and motherhood like there now?
The man possesses many women and lives it up; an end must come to that destruction, because the human being possesses his twin soul.
On the Other Side, the soul experiences her spiritual consciousness, the human being awakens for God and has spiritualized and taken possession of this universe.
The Masters descend from the Seventh Sphere, they return to the Earth, the laws of life of which they have experienced; they now give lectures, millions of souls, as children of God, as twin souls, serve.
They serve the life on Earth and on the Other Side, by means of which the Temples emerge and the spiritual-conscious being can begin with the material and spiritual sciences.
What do the Masters want from our life now, my brothers?
They want us to record for the University of Christ that the human being on Earth would never have been able to enter, would never have been able to reach the human consciousness, if the astral personality had not given its own life for this purpose.
They now want us to see and analyze, pass on to the present stage, that it was the Other Side which brought the human being of Mother Earth to the human thinking and feeling; that would never have been possible under the own power.
Now we see, even if the life on the Other Side is progressing fast, that the material being is helped by the spiritual one.
And those are now the laws of life which we have to follow.
The Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Cosmic Grades of Life came into being.
What this means is awe-inspiring!
The Masters in the seventh sphere get a message that the human being has reached the Divine stage from the Moon.
We will experience that moment, my brothers, we got our inspiration for that purpose.
No human being on Earth knows these laws.
No child of God knows anything about the astral world.
And yet, millions of people already live there and every Cosmic Grade of Life has now been spiritualized and materialized.
The human being has got to know God.
The human being from the Divine All sends to the Spheres of Light:
“We have reached the conscious Divine All.”
And from that moment, Divine unity came.
Then the human being from the seventh sphere asked his questions to the conscious Divine child.
And we will also experience that moment for mankind, my brothers.
Can you feel that we possess that contact?
Now hear what the Masters on the seventh sphere said!”
And truly, dear reader, we must also experience that Divine moment for the University of Christ and pass it on to your life.
“We are one with the highest Masters and now hear:
“Can you hear us?”
The Masters from the Seventh Sphere now give an answer and say:
“Yes, Masters, we can hear you.”
“Listen then.
We are speaking to your consciousness from the Divine All.
Can you feel what this means?”
“No, but if you could inspire us?”
“Listen now, my brothers and sisters.
At this moment we are completely one.
You will see what we experienced.
You live in the Seventh Sphere, we live in the Seventh Cosmic Sphere, the conscious Divine All, we represent God, the All-Mother.
Do you wish to ask questions?”
How did you get there?”
“You know that we conquer the laws by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
When we were able to leave the seventh sphere, we had conquered that universe.
We were:Light.
Father and mother!
We were laws of life and grades of life!
We experienced the condensings!
By means of Sun and Moon we got hold of the universes!
We were Reincarnation!
And in everything Love and Harmony! Because we did not experience any mistakes.
On the Other Side, you know the laws, we conquered cause and effect.
Then we entered the Mental Areas, the world for reincarnation, and got to experience the new life, again as father and mother, by means of which the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life condensed.
We lived there for millions of years and we awakened for this new Solar system.
On the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life, we experienced the seven grades of life for the universe.
You can now understand and accept what this means, you see that life now, we give you our knowledge.
That is our paradise!
The human being there is in harmony with infinity.
The human being no longer knows any diseases there, any destruction, we experience the harmonic laws in there, so that we could go further successfully.
However, we went further, again and again we were faced with new worlds and then understood that the source of all the life knew that we as human beings, the animal and nature, would awaken for the highest stage.
We started to feel and to experience that the Source by means of which we had received life lived in us!
We had to experience these grades of life and laws of life for this purpose.
And after millions of years we reached our highest stage, this, in which we live as man and woman, as twin souls, in order to represent all the life for all the universes.
We want to give a name to all of this, my brothers and sisters, so that the human being on Earth will get to know the Source as life and light.
Now we know that only the Earth, the second cosmic grade of life, and the first one, is one life.
All of that gets a name, but they are grades of life and laws of life.
The human being on the Third Cosmic Grade of Life possesses the highest consciousness.
You know the universe and you can therefore accept us.
Yes, my brothers and sisters, we have reached the highest stage.
When you have come that far there, you will receive our life and we will go further in order to give the Third Cosmic Grade higher consciousness.
We are now Gods!
What this means will soon be revealed for your life.
Listen, sisters and brothers.
The human being of the Third Cosmic Grade of Life must get to know all the life.
Now experience our visions and you will know!
On the Third Cosmic Grade of Life the human being stands before the human consciousness, but you will bring that feeling as knowledge to Earth.
We are now already speaking about Sun, Moon and stars, you will hear it and we call all of this:
God as Father!
God as Mother!
God as Life!
God as Light!
God as Soul!
God as Spirit!
God as harmony!
God as justice!
God as laws of condensing!
God as laws of hardening!
But for everything ... God as Love!
We bring this word to Earth!
The Earth, as child of Sun and Moon!
That is she as planet, as giving birth-motherhood.
So you will bring wisdom to the Third Cosmic Grade of Life, arts and sciences, by means of which the human being, as the life of GOD, will awaken!
And we will help you with this!
You know that we, and you, must conquer our organisms, because we experienced the laws harmonically.
We conquered all the universes which the Source of all the life created.
We were on the First Cosmic Grade of Life.
We will soon call that the Moon.
The other planets get a name and you will materialize the laws of life, which you will make technical wonders of, the laws of which you got to know.
You will materialize the Light of your life and build sciences, so that the diseases will disappear from the Earth!
Our life is open to that!
We now know here for what purpose we live.
We represent the All-Source in everything!
Our life wisdom will come to Earth.
The human being will awaken there and open himself to wisdom.
Build spiritual Temples!
Build on spiritual becoming conscious!
Build on life and happiness!
Build for fatherhood and motherhood!
Bring harmony to Earth!
Bring love to Earth!
Bring spiritual and material wisdom to Earth!
Begin to lay foundations for the ‘University’!
Build for our foundations.
The human being on Earth must receive a faith!
The human being must get to know God as the creator of all the life!
The human being must know that going further is possible.
Give the human being the ‘Human consciousness’!
We know that you will complete your own task and we will support you in that.
I am coming back to the earth!
Who am I?
I possess the highest consciousness for all the worlds.
I am the first Master!
I speak for millions of men and women, children of the All-Source.
The All-Love!
The All-Father and All-Motherhood!
The All-Light!
The All-Soul!
The All-Spirit!
The All-Harmony!
I am the very highest for all the universes.
I am returning to the earth for that purpose.
I am bringing the Gospel of the All-Love to Earth!
Lay those foundations for ME!
Begin to elevate MY house!
Lay the foundations for MY life!
Let the Masters speak!
Tell the human being that God is watching!
Is pure!
Is harmony!
Is father and mother!
I am coming to all of you!
We are Gods, because we have reached the conscious Divine All.
When we go further here, we return to the invisible All-Mother.
Now see what we want!
I am the Mentor for My world!”
You see it, my brothers, the Divine All got contact with the seventh sphere.
In the Divine All people began to think for the life on Earth.
The Masters let us experience how they then experienced contact with the seventh sphere, but you will understand that all those material names only came to Earth later.
The Masters brought that to Earth.
But before that time people on Earth did not know any Moon, any Sun, any stars, people did not know anything about these laws of life.
And what do we see happening now?
Now follow the word of the human being who has reached the Spheres of Light.
Now hear above all what that life as being has to say, we can also experience and follow that.
The human being is now one again with his twin soul.
But those words came from the Divine All to the human being from the seventh sphere.
Those were the words of the Mentor and that will be Christ.
Soon all the grades of life got names.
What the First Cosmic Grade of Life is, people then refer to as the
The Sun!
The planets and the stars!
But those are grades of life, such as the human being has become and still is a law of life!
A faith will come to Earth, and that must come, if the human being wishes to receive the Human Consciousness!
“Yes”, the child on the Other Side says to Mother Earth:
“I am your child!”
Mother Earth says:
“I know it and you will awaken, we are now that far!”
“My Mother?”
“My child?
Do you know now where you are living and for what purpose you will live?”
“Yes, my Mother, we know it and will now serve you.
How beautiful you are, my Mother.
How wonderful your spatial garment is.
We can see your garments, Mother!
We know your births, Mother!
We have experienced your awakening, Mother!
We now want to serve you, Mother!
We want to take your life to the human becoming conscious, Mother!
We have got to know your inner and material life, Mother!
We thank you for everything, Mother!
We are now love and happiness, Mother!
We will do everything, Mother, in order to bring your life to the spiritual awakening, for which we will now live and die consciously!
Mother, we are one and love purely!”
“I know it, my children!”
“Our souls are one, Mother!”
“I know it, my children, and now you will go higher and further!”
“Yes, mother, we know now!
We, our Mother, love you with everything which lives in us!”
“I know that, my children!”
“And we are now bringing life wisdom to the earth, Mother!”
“I know it, my children, the All-Source has spoken!”
“Yes, Mother, we now know!”
“I wanted that, my children.
But you will not forget my Father and Mother?”
“No, Mother!”
“Then all My life will awaken and receive the human consciousness!”
“Mother, you carried us!”
“I did, my children.”
“And we thank you for that.”
“I am happy, but I am going further!”
“We will now help you to carry, Mother!”
“Then we will all come back to the All-Mother, my children!”
“Mother, we are already experiencing the Lord’s Prayer!”
“I know it, my children!”
“And your child brings it to your life, Mother!”
“I already felt that too, my children.”
“Oh, Mother, how we love you now.”
“And you will experience more love, my children.
I too!”
“Mother, we are bringing life wisdom to your life.”
“And joy of life!”
“We are bringing that to your life, Mother.
We will do our best.
Our souls are awakening!
We are building Temples, Mother.
The child of your life gets to see your conscious, Mother.
Mother, we are still one with your heart, your blood and your soul and spirit.”
“And I gave all of that to you, my children.”
“Yes, Mother!
Mother, we are building cities and societies.”
“I know it, my children.”
“And then, Mother?”
“Then we will all go further in order to materialize the spiritual grade of life.”
“To the end of the Third Cosmic Grade of Life, Mother?”
“Precisely, it is that, my children, for which I was able to receive the life.
That is my task!”
“Mother, we now have a spiritual personality.”
“I know it, my children.”
“Nothing can still stop us now, Mother.”
“I know it, my dear children, you are going higher and you will reach the Divine All.”
You hear it, my brothers, the human being as a spiritual personality went further and thanks Mother Earth from the Spheres of Light.
The human being knows that the Earth is ‘Mother’!
No more is needed now, the human being is awakening and is living in his Universal happiness and his pure love!
That is the human personality for the Third Cosmic Grade of Life!
Nothing is capable of stopping this development.
The human being is now one with the Divine All and foundations are being laid, the human being on Earth will now receive a faith.
By giving birth and creating, the human being was able to master that universe.
The jungle stage was conquered.
On Earth there now comes expansion, material and spiritual awakening.
Finally the human being has then come that far, but this has taken millions of years.
The soul as human being possesses thousands of character traits and will now have to spiritualize himself.
We know that she possesses seven grades of life for this, which are both material and spiritual, for the organic grades of life and those for the other side.
The All-Mother created that for the human being and the animal and for Mother Nature and got to experience the first life on the Moon.
How wonderful all these laws of life are now.
Now that we can oversee the life for the universe and for the earth, for the Other Side, we feel that the human personality must come forward and that the human being is now ready in order to get to know more about the Creator.
Space and time now received one destination, from which we know that Mother Earth got to experience the highest consciousness.
What do we now see happening, Master Zelanus?”
“That the human being is helped on Earth, my Master.”
“Precisely, that will happen now.
The Divine All has made contact with the Spheres of Light.
The Masters in the seventh sphere are receiving tuition from the All-Conscious Child, cosmic foundations are already being laid.
And we, the human being who lives on the Other Side, so the human being who has reached the Spheres of Light, sees his own laws of life and can now make advances.
He can lay those foundations.
What we now experience, my brothers, is what we have experienced and were already able to pass on for the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’.
The human being from the seventh sphere on the Other Side gets contact with the human being from the Land of Twilight, the human being in there, who wonders: “How will I get a new organism?
How will I get a new organism?
I want to tell mother and father that I am alive.”
And from that moment this soul got contact with the Masters from the seventh sphere and the Other Side laid the first spiritual and material foundations for the faith, the House of Israel!
Now we see that Abraham
Jacob and then Moses are born.
The first foundations are laid for the House of Israel!
That is the event, the beginning of mankind, the first contacts of the Other Side, but brought about by means of the Omniscience and the All-Source as human being.
And that will be Christ!
What do we now see happening?
The material and the spiritual world reach unity.
Could the human being have received that becoming conscious under the own power?
No, that is not possible.
The material being received help from the astral world for that.
The Other Side will elevate the soul on Earth to the obtained consciousness.
And we also have to accept those wonders!
Mother Earth has come that far, her life as human being is ready for that.
The life light of the universe, the Sun, gave her that becoming conscious and the human being has to accept this.
Mother Earth brought her life that far.
And now names come to Earth.
The human being starts to think and starts to feel.
Each phenomenon gets meaning for the human being.
And that becomes:
The Lord!
A Divine Mother cannot yet be spoken of.
But many children from the Spheres of Light influence the material being under their own powers, as a result of which the metaphysical laws come into existence.
Can you also feel this?
As a result of this, the human being gets to know the occult laws for soul, spirit and material.
So not only that the human being on Earth receives a faith, the Masters take the life on Earth to God, millions of souls are working on the awakening, on the direct spiritual becoming conscious, and now we also see the Temples awakening on Earth.
The human being on the Other Side now therefore serves for arts and spiritual sciences and he will achieve that.
The human being is busy materializing the spiritual truths of the Other Side and he is capable of that.
On Earth the human being already gets a faith, but other children of God get to experience the occult laws.
The magicians and fakirs, the yogis and the priests are awakening!
Where we come now, we see spiritual and material awakening for the soul as human being there.
You now see that only the highest grade of life is ready for that becoming conscious.
The human being now also gets to see his human ‘Personality’ for the earth.
And from the conscious Divine All the many messages come that everything is going well, that the spiritual being is laying foundations for the:
The Prophets are already coming to Earth.
People speak on Earth about the Lord.
How should the Masters have acted?
Which means do they possess in order to elevate the child of Mother Earth?
The many who try it take the human being of the earth through the conscious insanity.
Can you feel this?
Now we experience that the human being is searching for the soul, the spirit and the life.
And my brother Zelanus, you also gave those laws of life the light for the earth by means of the books ’spiritual Gifts’.
That was the first magician!
And that human being began to wonder: “Who am I?”
He wondered, but already through the knowledge of the Other Side, so through the astral personality:
“Who am I anyway?
For what purpose do I live?
What am I doing when I am asleep?
Why must I die here?
What is dying?
What is sleeping?
What am I inside?
What is feeling?
What is it if I love?
Why are children born?
Why do men and women live on Earth?
Why is there night and day?
What does that weak light in the sky mean?
What is all of this?
By what means are there animals on Earth?
What is a flower?
What is an animal?
Why do so many different animals live on Earth?
Where do I get these thoughts from?
Am I thinking myself?
Did I not yet have these thoughts yesterday?
Am I thinking myself?
What happens when I think?
Is this thinking?
Why are there sick people?
Why are the animals so angry at me?
Why, why, why all of this?
These are the first thoughts of the first magician, the first thinking for the spiritual sciences for the people on Earth, but he got those thoughts from the astral personality.
And now the life for the spiritual sciences can begin, but above all for the West, for which the human being will receive his faith.
What do we see now, my brothers?
That the prophets speak and the human being opens himself to the metaphysical laws of life, the human being will awaken, materially and spiritually, so that the personality will receive consciousness.
The child of Mother Earth has now reached that height.
The life can begin, the human being stands before his society, now arts and sciences come, but above all:
The sullying of the laws of life.
Lies and deception.
Lust and violence!
The destruction of the masses!
The rape of everything which was born in love!
The rape of the harmonic laws of life!
The sullying of the organism!
The rulers live it up!
It is a horrible mess on Earth!
The human being stands before good and evil!
Before thousands of diseases!
The human being gets technical wonders, by means of the Other Side, because the astral personality is one with the child of Mother Earth.
We see the House of Israel being born!
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob have received life, the Masters have now laid the first foundations for the faith.
The human history for the awakening begins, the other human history is already millions of ages old, but the human being does not know that.
The purpose of the Masters is to force respect from the human being on Earth, and that has now begun.
The Masters have accepted their tasks, the human being stands before thousands of problems and wonders and those phenomena are spiritual and material.
And that the human being lives after death, a few have already established that, the Temples are getting meaning.
China and Ancient Egypt are getting becoming conscious.
There is spoken there about:
About the Gods!
People say that everything is a Deity.
The human being is getting to know God as:
A piece of stone receives divine meaning.
Those people got the origin of all the life, they are standing on top of it, but do not understand the laws of life.
The human faith becomes different, because the human being is being connected with one God!
The life can begin?
The life on Earth has now begun.
The prophets have spoken.
On Earth people hear:
Micha ... and many others, not one is cosmically conscious!
All these people have freed themselves from the lower grades of life and speak about the Lord.
What they know about the laws of life is the possession of a scorpion, they do not know the laws.
But the peoples appear, the tribes have expanded themselves and developed and all those millions of people truly need a faith.
How must the Masters reach these unconscious masses?
From the Spheres of Light there comes:
“Make that crowd afraid!
Make them afraid of Our Lord, we will not reach those lives through the laws of life!”
The human being gets to know a God of hatred and revenge, but those are the Masters, by means of violence those dreadful masses must be brought to one whole.
Nothing can be achieved by means of pure, spiritual inspiration.
Moses will experience that.
In the book the ‘Peoples of the Earth’, my brother André, we analyzed and followed the being reincarnated of Moses, so you know these laws.
Moses lived on the Other Side in the Land of Twilight.
He experienced that there was no death and came back to the Earth, but as an astral personality.
Having come to Earth, he must accept that he cannot reach his loved ones.
Then this human being returned to the Spheres and isolated himself.
The human being started to ask questions.
Then the Master from the seventh sphere comes to this life and the human being gets awakening.
What is there to experience?
“Do you want to return to the Earth?”
“Yes, but who are you?”
“I am God!”
“What did you say?”
“I am God!”
“You can give me a new organism?”
“Yes, I can do that.”
“Then give me a new organism.”
“For what purpose?”
“I want to convince my mother and father that I am alive.”
“That is possible, but when you are there you will know nothing more about this life.”
“What did you say?
I will feel nothing more?”
“You will feel that you can live and must live and that I have spoken to your life, there is no more than that.”
“Give me a new organism.”
This human being, as a questioning soul, becomes Moses on Earth and will serve the House of Israel!
You know this history and we do not need to follow it, but there is something else which the present stage must know.
We know: there is no damnation!
What the Masters bring to Earth is earthly wisdom and still has nothing to do with the Divine reality.
But that will come later!
The prophets are unconscious, but receive their occult laws from the Other Side.
Moses receives:
Spiritual phenomena.
Moses is clairaudient and clairvoyant!
Moses gets hold of the task in order to bring mankind to the material becoming conscious.
What Moses gets to experience is that he gives the tribe of Israel the right to exist on Earth.
That is the first foundation laid by the Other Side, more cannot be achieved.
However, the dogmatic Israel gets meaning.
That becomes the core on Earth, all the peoples of the earth will come to Israel one day, as the Other Side also experienced.
In the Spheres we see nothing else, the human being lives there in harmony, in spatial unity, and that consciousness is brought to Earth.
But Moses experiences a God of:
A God of hatred!
But love comes amongst the people.
Moses receives the Ten Commandments ... and is only possible through the astral being, the Masters.
The Masters lay the foundations for Christ ... the highest Master in the Divine All.
All the prophets talk about Him.
And that is simple, because the Other Side knows the laws.
The Son of God will come!
Jesus Christ!
And through HIM ‘love’ will come to Earth.
But this Human Being has lived on the Moon and knows the laws of Mother Earth.
If Christ was to come to the Earth and was to say: “I once lived here and was the same as an animal, I knew the prehistoric ages”, people would kill Him.
He must come as a Deity, the Son of God who created everything.
The prophets speak about Him and give the human being on Earth an image of his Divinity.
The ages fly past, becoming conscious comes everywhere, but for the highest grade of life.
Only the highest grade of life can deal with all of this.
But then it is that far and Christ is born on Earth.
By means of the immaculate conception?
That is also nonsense!
Mary and Joseph gave an organism to Christ.
Mary and Joseph were completely one as the human being must experience the being one for fatherhood and motherhood.
Mary and Joseph reached unity and the soul of Christ was attracted from the Divine All.
There is no question of immaculate conception and we know those laws.
My brothers, fatherhood and motherhood are the most sacred thing for both the human being and Christ!
Christ is born as the human being is born, there is no other creation.
We establish this for the University of Christ:
What the Catholic Church and other dogmatic institutions now make of it is contrary to reality.
Mary would give birth, but Joseph is the creator for that!
Christ knows these laws!
He knows how He is born and has to accept these laws.
The Catholic Church established that for itself, but what does the Bible tell us now?
The human being receives becoming conscious, consciousness, now that Christ lives on Earth, the human being receives spiritual becoming conscious, the Metaphysical Temples also awaken.
We know how Christ was received.
Should He have spoken differently?
That was not possible.
Christ could not tell the human being about His Divine All, at least not yet about the laws of All-Life, the human being would not have understood them.
Christ would bring the ‘Gospel of Love’ to Earth, no more was needed.
But for everything:
His Deity!
His Divine All!
His Light!
His Life!
His Spirit!
His Father!
His eternal going further!
His being one with God!... that is the All-Father!
Christ brought:
His justice from the conscious Divine All!
He knew that only ‘love’ is capable of reaching and conquering the laws of life of God.
Christ therefore brought the only ‘love’ and that is eternal.
As a result of this, my brothers, we see that Christ summed up all the universes and all the laws of the All-Mother into one whole and that is Love!
He could say on Earth:
“He who loves has everything!
He who loves rises out above the material!
He who loves has the Father!
He who loves will receive all the riches.
He who loves will be the blissful in soul and spirit!
He who loves will not mourn, that human being has everything!
He who loves will inherit the ‘Kingdom!’
He who loves possesses gentleness and My life, My light!
Also the Light of My Father!
He who loves possesses the salt of the earth, the food, both the sensation and the inspiration for the spiritual awakening!
He who loves makes all the life happy, Me too!
My Father too!
Your and My God in Heaven!
He who loves possesses the life light of all the worlds!
He who loves...”, my brothers, Christ says, and now comes from the conscious Divine All to our life and for this mankind, “is the light for the darkness, because this human being feels and sees, goes further, further in harmony and higher and will return to the Divine All!”
“He who loves”, Christ said and He brought to Earth, “lets his light shine in the hearts of all the life!
He who loves follows Me.
Know and do not believe that I have come to dissolve the laws or the prophets, I come to all of you in order to open your life, to take it to the spiritual awakening.
He who loves is well-disposed towards all the life!
He who loves awakens!
Indeed, I tell all of you: you will end up by no means, not there, you will have to pay the last toll for your life.”
And we, my brothers, and all the life on the Other Side, had to pay our last toll before we could enter the Spheres of Light, we stood before our cause and effect and before our karmic laws of life, before all our disharmony.
Is that clear?
But that is not understood by the human being, the present stage.
What else does Christ say?
We can analyze every thought of and for his Divine becoming conscious.
Christ warns the human being against adultery.
He knows that the human being has lost and sullied his twin soul.
If He says:
“But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”
Christ warns the life on Earth against the fall, losing the spatial contact, every word has spatial and Divine meaning.
And we were now able to experience and to analyze that, my brothers, but soon for the University of Christ, it is only then that we will follow the Bible and only then explain every word, everything, the written Bible as God’s word, but then we will stand before thousands of untruths, proverbs which are contrary to Divine reality.
“He who loves, loves his neighbours!
He who prays will be opened.”
Yes, indeed, that is truth, but then only when the human being wants to experience the truth!
But what does the Bible now say both about the ages experienced for Mother Earth and the origin of all the life?
Listen, my brothers, we establish for the University of Christ:
“In the beginning of creation everything was desolate and empty.”
That ‘desolate’ was not there, but everything lived in that emptiness and we got to know that.
“1 ... And the earth had no form. It was empty, covered with darkness and water. Then the Spirit of God hovered over the water.”
This shows that the human being who wrote these words did not know creation.
We were able to follow the laws of life and go further.
“2 ... And God said: let there be light, and there was light.”
We know how that light was born, but not as the Bible says how the light was born, that took millions of years.
What the Bible says about the firmament is learnt differently by a child at school, but those teachings are still accepted.
What the Bible writers said about the beginning of creation is childishly naive and contrary to the Divine evolution and this mankind has to accept that!
The most unfortunate proverb from the Bible is that God rocks Adam to sleep and now takes a rib from Adam in order to make a wife for that Adam.
Adam is sleeping, God takes away his rib and now the mother comes to Earth.
Is this still acceptable now?
Can this mankind still experience this any longer as Divine reality?
Adam said: “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.”
Yes, indeed, but can the human being for the present stage still accept this any longer?
You will feel it, you will see it, my brothers, we must analyse all these proverbs, but later, now we must follow the human evolution and the human consciousness.
When we have to begin with that, André will live on the Other Side, Master Zelanus, and you will both be able to begin!
That task has been laid aside for your life, but for later!
All that untruth must disappear from Mother Earth.
The University of Christ gives an answer to each life question.
And the Masters are capable of that!
God said: “Do not eat from the tree of life”, but what should the life of God have done?
Can you feel the nonsense of these words?
That is the consciousness of this mankind, my brothers, mankind is that poor!
Also these words, my brothers:
“But from the fruit of the trees in the middle of the garden, God said: you must not touch it or you will die.”
If there was no dying for the human organism, life would be at a standstill.
What do those poor people wish to begin with life anyway?
Is that the God of all this life?
So poor?
So awkward?
So sad and pathetic?
You see it, we must write thousands of books in order to put all of this right, but that will come later.
However, the conscious Divine All wants us to lay foundations now and we will give that to the present mankind.
Was that serpent so cunning, Bible writers?
What in heaven’s name did you feel anyway?
What did you experience anyway?
The miserable thoughts for the origin of creation, my brothers, will soon disappear from the earth and it is the task of the Masters, but the will of Christ, the will of the conscious Divine All!
Now we are not standing still at this miracle, which is only darkness, we are going further!
But, and you have to accept that, you can throw aside the Bible for almost everything, for the origin of creation and the creation of people by God, none of all of that has a right to exist and is nonsense!
That is contradictory to what we had to experience and to accept!
Now the life on Earth will begin.
The human being gets his great arts and sciences after Christ.
Technical wonders come.
We see the artists coming to Earth.
The Artists!
The Sculptors!
The Music!
The Sciences!
Galileo comes! ...
But Galileo is taken prisoner by the Church.
The Church destroys his life!
The Church begins with funeral pyres.
The metaphysical laws have to be killed.
Anyone who takes part in spiritualism is burned alive.
But the consciousness of the human being rises.
We experienced war after war!
Mankind is awakening.
Wagner! And many others come to Earth, Mother Earth gives her children wisdom, but every thought for arts and sciences comes from the Other Side!
There the Order, the University of Christ, was created and elevated and from that Temple, the Temple of Christ, Mother Earth is provided with arts and sciences.
The life is awakening!
The human being gets feeling and during the ages which pass that is the consciousness for the highest grade of life on Earth.
The Masters go further, work for this purpose, as a result of this peace and calm will come to Earth one day.
But there is no God of vengeance!
Away with the God of vengeance!
Away with the God of hatred!
Away with damnation!
Away with destruction and sullying! And anyone who does not want that, will experience the darkness.
The seven grades of life for the human organism are expanding, the peoples of the earth are getting consciousness, the human being, as the child of the Divine All, is awakening, even if the life of feeling is still animal-like.
But the universe says:
“Soul of my soul, give birth!
Soul of my soul, create!
Soul of my soul, do not sponge any longer!
Soul of my soul, there is no sin, there is only evolution!
Soul of my soul, come back to my life!”
The human being on Earth, my brothers, does not know the life, but that will come.
Even if that still takes many ages, the human being will get this consciousness, because that is the spiritual awakening!
And in this way we reach the present stage.
We can oversee all those ages.
The Masters takes us to Jerusalem, to the present stage, through Christ to the twentieth century.
The human being of this time.
What is that human being like?
We now stand before the consciousness of this age.
We now know that the human being has received consciousness as a result of his wars and he did not want to experience anything else.
But every human being, child of God, wants to experience love and happiness.
And that happiness is not there, the strongest also still live it up now.
The rulers became kings and emperors, counts and barons; it is the material nobility who rule.
But God and Christ do not want that!
The laws of life did not teach us that, and yet, the masses are crushed to death by rulers!
Mankind has already got to know ‘all for one and one for all’.
One human being stands up and it is he who wants to give the masses happiness, but it is still about the possession of the masses.
That is the human evolution and we have to accept that; soon the spiritual awakening will come and in addition the ‘Kingdom of God’ on Earth, by means of which Christ came and He lived.
As a result of a war, my brother André-Dectar, it was the wars by means of which the human being learned how it should not be done!
What we have experienced up to now, those are thousands of books, but we will go further.
You know it, we go back to the conscious Divine All for the soul, but we must first analyse his life, if he wants to understand the Other Side and the Spheres of Light, if he wants to understand us for the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life.
And that now takes us to his cause and effect, his karmic laws, but in addition to the grades of marriage, grades for fatherhood and motherhood, by means of which the human being can experience his only happiness.
But that happiness has also been sullied!
That happiness has been bestialized, darkened, abused, sullied, raped!
Now what?
Where must we go in order to give these laws of life the light of God, of the Other Side, if this age wants to feel and understand that awakening?
The present stage, the human being of this age, still possesses what we were able to establish for this consciousness.
And that is a God of:
A God of destruction!
A God of damnation!
A God of darkness!
Christ is being sullied!
The human being of this age thinks that he is serving God by praying!
The human being of this age thinks that by saying mass he is serving God, receiving happiness beyond the coffin!
The Catholic Church still gives away heavens!
But Christ said:
“You will pay the last toll!”
But the human being of this age does not want to accept that!
And yet, can the human being prevent his misery?
Why does he not have any happiness?
What does he want by experiencing marriage?
What he now still gets to experience is misery, destruction, not understanding, sullying of his soul!
The sullying of his rights of life!
The sullying of his light and spirit!
The sullying of his material and inner life!
All the rights of life created by God, as a Father of Love, were sullied.
The human behaves like king and queen and emperor and kills, places his signature on the death sentence!
Now what?
It comes to me, my brothers, to follow the seven grades of life for marriage, and it is only then that we will leave Mother Earth, in order to follow the soul as human being to the Spheres of Light, to go further to her All-Conscious life, back to God!
Attune yourself to that and you will get to experience the Divine inspiration again.
I thank you for your feeling and the experiencing of the laws of life, the Masters say!”