The Seven Grades of Marriage for the Soul as Human Being

DEAR READER, we have now come that far that we can enter the present stage and can go further from your own consciousness.
You live under cause and effect and stand before your karmic laws of life.
We must also follow them if we want to be ready soon for the Spheres of Light.
The soul as human being has to accept her own life and that is natural, but what is her consciousness, her happiness like? Your happiness?
Your love?
Your justice?
Your being one as man and wife?
Your fatherhood and motherhood?
Those are the very character traits for the soul which she has to experience and were created by the All-Mother, but which she sullied.
What marriage do you have, who is your husband and who is your wife?
Do you know yourself?
Millions of people are now living on the Earth and for your society.
Those are the peoples of the earth.
All those millions of souls, as man and woman, are searching for happiness.
Are those people happy, do they represent happiness by means of their love?
We will now experience those questions and namely for the present stage, it is only then that we will go further in order to experience the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life and return to the Divine All, where we have already been.
There now comes to me, now that we are taking this walk over the Earth:
“Go further, but you will only later experience and analyze the philosophical systems for ‘Marriage’.”
Master Alcar and André, like I, received these words and we know what this means.
When we analyze the philosophical systems for man and woman, then we immediately stand before the Bible and we now analyze ‘Marriage’ as the soul received her laws of life for the embryonic stage, but now for the Moon as mother! So there, where we began with our life, but above all, for Jerusalem and for Christ!
The inspiration comes to me and I can say to my Master and André:
“What was our life like on the Moon?
What was our life like on the secondary planets?
How did we begin for the Earth?
What are the grades of marriage like now for the Earth?
How did we as a human being, as man and woman and as twin souls experience the being one?
God created grades for marriage, they are the grades of life for fatherhood and motherhood, my Master, with which I am now one and have to follow.
Those grades of life now take us to the human being one on Earth.
In order to get to know those laws, we must follow the present stage.
God created grades of life!
God created material and spiritual grades of life for marriage and for man and wife.
God created happiness for the human being, but the soul as human being did not understand her happiness and sullied it.
The reason for Christ coming to Earth was not understood!
The human being would awaken and evolve as a result of his marriage.
The human being would experience reincarnation as a result of his marriage.
This is why ‘Marriage’ is the most wonderful gift from the All-Mother.
Mother Earth, my Master and my brother André, gave us this mercy.
Mother Earth gave us these laws of life of the All-Mother and placed that universe in the soul’s own hands.
That is happiness, life and love.
The human being one, the giving birth and creating, the completing the life on Earth and the going further, the entering of the spiritual world.
We began with that destruction on Mars.
And now that we enter the present stage for Mother Earth, darkness came, the soul as human being lost its way as a result of her grades of life.
I must follow these laws and I ask you, to now accept me too!
I hear:
“Soul of my soul, where are you?
Soul of my soul, where are you living now?
Soul of my soul, do you know that I am on Earth?
Soul of my soul, do you know that we continue our life?
Where are you?”
My brothers, the very first laws of life take the soul as human being back to God, and that is fatherhood and motherhood, the marriage for the human being as man and wife.
We know that only the highest grade of life, when the personality wants to give and to experience love, carries that universe in him, but then we enter Golgotha!
We also know that the lowest character traits attune the human being to the dark spheres, but that the higher character traits represent the Spheres of Light.
I now stand before thousands of laws of life.
All these character traits require analysis and want to be experienced.
But listen to the weeping of the mother, the father, both are beaten, both feel perished, both are searching for some happiness and love.
But, my Master, who did we work for in the Spheres of Light?
How did we come to the light, to serving the Universal?
To love?
To understanding?
To justice?
To respect for life?
To esteem, faith, pure spiritual affinity?
How did we come, have we come to:
Spatial harmony?
To gentleness and understanding of life?
To courtesy, servitude, to generosity, to mercy, to kindness for all the grades of life?
To humility, patience and simplicity?
How did we come to true surrender and faith, ‘knowledge’!??
Caution, patience and dedication take the soul to ‘pure love’; and the seven unconscious grades of life for the spiritual personality can be conquered.
But what do we see on Earth?
Cruelty, anger, envy and power take the soul to violence and she cannot experience any happiness now.
What can be said about:
Thirst for glory?... take us to the suffering and sorrow, to the misery for man and woman, because the grades of marriage possess disintegration and destruction, life and awakening, but the human being got hold of them.
Anyone who wants to experience love will be ‘love’!
Or it will not be possible.
I got these feelings from the conscious Divine All and we have to accept them.
Between the human being and his love there stands:
Accepting the Divine laws of life!
Love is the highest of all created by the All-Mother.
As a mother the soul can receive but she has to give her life for that.
We began with this awakening on the Moon.
Christ wanted that and brought that to Earth.
Why did we sully the laws of love?
We will make amends for our mistakes.
No human being can escape that, we must experience these laws of life and it is only then that our spiritual personality will awaken and we will experience the Cosmic Consciousness together!
To me there comes that as the very first thing we must free the laws of life for fatherhood and motherhood, for the personality.
Can you feel now what this means?
That means, my brothers ... that every grade of life as man and woman must experience God as ‘Father’ and as ‘Mother’, but the soul as human being must master those laws of life as space.
The animal also possesses fatherhood and motherhood, but the human being will represent the All-Source for all the laws.
It is only now that it becomes clear to us that by serving the life we will experience God for love, for:
Generosity!... for thousands of character traits, which attune us to the Spheres of Light, to the laws of life of the universe, by means of which we keep on materializing and spiritualizing our attunement as soul again.
Truly a beautiful task and we have conquered those lower character traits for our spiritual life, so that we are also able to analyze these laws.”
“My brother Zelanus, my life thanks you for this analysis.
My brother André-Dectar, can all of that be experienced on Earth?”
“Yes, Master.
I still live on Earth and can answer you.
The human being does not want to awaken.
The human being is not open to spiritual gain, I now see millions succumbing.
Men and women succumb to the wrong, the lower, they do not know themselves.
They are open to evil and hatred, they also want to experience love.
And that is now the physical pleasure, the material being one, a while later we experience lying and deceiving each other, the lower and darker ’self’ and weeping, searching again for love, but stand before the laws of life.
The human being of this society, my Master, as mother and father, still does not know Universal love.
They still do not want to experience the philosophical foundation.
But what is happiness now?
What do man and woman on Earth want?
I know now that the human being one cannot give me that becoming conscious, because then I stand before my own personality and I must first show what I want and can give.
I understand that everything of Mother Earth which belongs to society does not have any meaning for my astral life, if I perish as a result of that.
The laws of life for the human marriage on Earth say that, my Master, and we have to, the whole of mankind has to accept that.
I understand what Master Zelanus experienced a moment ago, those feelings also came to me and I saw where they are taking me.
We must free what the life receives by means of the All-Mother and is an independence, but now for the astral, spiritual personality.
And that is the human being in the Spheres of Light.
Precisely as a result of marriage, and the social life and existence, the human being can master the spatial laws of life and it is for the awakening of his Divine attunement.
Now I stand before the arts and sciences, the experiencing of the human laws, before the pure love, the accepting of my life, my soul, the soul who belongs to my life!
Is that not the highest possession of all?
But the human being came to grief as a result of his arts and sciences.
He kills!
He lies and deceives!
He chose destruction over construction, bestiality over justice and murders Christ again!
Does that life as human being now want to experience marital happiness?
Yes, indeed, my Masters, but now I see lust with lust, lies with lies,
Bestiality with bestiality!
Hatred with hatred!
Depravation with frivolity!
Slander with deception!
Frivolity with immorality!
Thirst for power and self-indulgence together, as people, as grades of life for marriage.
And that loves, those grades assure each other that they love, that they will do everything in order to create an own life and happiness, but we now know where those souls will live when the cycle of the earth has been completed.
Here, in the astral world millions of people are living as man and wife, who no longer possess any life and may experience the own consciousness, this depraved instinct, like jellyfish on a beach.
Is this untruth?
Go and wage war and destroy the life of God and you will stand before these dark laws of life, before this destruction, the animalizing of the personality.
Those people have filled the seven dark, unconscious grades of life for the astral world, there both hatred and hatred are together, injustice lives there, together with slander, lies and deception; an animal grade of life now stands before the spiritual, the mysticism for the dogmatic life of feeling and has to do with each other.
The Earth and the Other Side.
Those grades of life take us to thousands of character traits, my Master, to the conscious and unconscious insanity and we have to accept that.
But moreover we get to see the worlds which bring us to the Spheres of Light and the laws of life of which we must master.
When the human being wants to serve and he wants to bow his head to the laws of the All-Source, he wants to love everything that lives, he conquers this universe.
But then we stand before the All-Mother and Christ!
But the unconscious being wages war and rules, tears down, destroys!
He takes part in chastisement and does not know himself and yet, this grade of life is also searching for happiness.
Now we see that the sensitive human being is kicked.
Man and woman do not know each other.
The different grades of feeling have become one world and must understand each other, which is not possible.
Anyone who now possesses religion wants to accept a God and wants to live as the Ten Commandments want it, can master his life happiness.
I now stand before millions of men and women, who represent their own grade of life and give birth and create for that, but now have to fulfil a task for society.
In addition, those men and women stand before their cause and effect and their karmic laws and must make the best of it, but do not become free from their own life of feeling.
There are seven different grades of marriage, as a result of which man and woman experience their being one.
The human being loves, but what is love now?
What do those men and women hope to achieve?
They take part in art and sciences and search, seek happiness and possession, but forget that there is no question of harmonic feeling and being one.
Now they have to bow, but are in rebellion, do not understand the life and it now has nothing to do with happiness.
They love, they take care of reproduction, yes, indeed, but what kind of love is that?
Those scientific systems come to me, my Master, and I can understand the human being of the earth.
As a result of what is the life on Earth so horrible?
So frightening?
Man and woman rape each other.
Is that love?
The human being loves his society, his possession, what he wants to represent is material possession, wealth.
But what the universe got to experience, that is also for the human being.
The human being, man and woman must master the harmonic laws of life, but is still not capable of that.
And yet that is possible!
Marriage is therefore macrocosmic and Universally deep.
What God had to experience in the universe, now lies in the hands of man and woman.
That becomes both the material and the spiritual life space for the twin souls, as man and woman.
They carry this space and will represent the space.
Is there anything else to be experienced?
No, but now the soul will have to master those laws of life!
By means of the faith, the faith in God and the spatial love, the human being is already capable of experiencing love.
The higher character traits in the human being take the personality to that spiritual harmonic awakening.
Arts and sciences now get meaning, wisdom is now happiness and space.
Now both have one purpose, one life, one feeling and want to serve!
That takes the human being to the Universal love!
But now all those millions of other people on Earth?
I know those lives!
They do not want to understand each other, they do not want to bow, they do not want to change, do not want to awaken, they do not want to give any justice; the human being refuses to begin with a higher life.
The masses say: I cannot do it!
But that is nonsense!
The human being received the giving birth and creating from the All-Mother, my Master, but his personality stands next to that.
And only because of that the human being lays his Universal foundations, he is open to Cosmic love, the harmonic being one and he rises out above all the material.
It is certain that he needs many lives for this purpose, because all those character traits must be spiritualized, which require attunement to the Spheres of Light.
I have followed the people in the cities, my Master.
Where is there happiness?
I established all those grades of life.
I followed my own life and analyzed it according to the grades of life, everything is clear to me now.
I want harmony!
I want to be warm-hearted, my Master!
I have respect for the life of God!
Respect for every character trait and art, for science!
I want to have respect and feel for fatherhood and motherhood!
I want to experience the laws of life in love, my Master!
I have regard for the life and the human being, for man and woman!
I want to be faithful, if the human being can accept and wants to experience those feelings, or I will be powerless!
I want to experience tenderness, gentleness and understanding for everything, all the matters which the human being must experience as result of life in society!
I want to experience and give geniality!
Courtesy and generosity!
Clemency and helpfulness, kindness and devotion to duty. I want to serve!
I want to see myself happy and cheerful, sincere and I want to possess joy of life, enthusiasm and that is possible, because I know the laws.
I can be happy, because I do not possess any death, I live on and in the eternal awakening.
I will experience the intimacy for the mother, because I have that to give.
I am patient, my Master, I have proved that by serving for the Masters, or you would not have been able to achieve anything with me.
I no longer have any faith, I know!
And that is my happiness, my being one, my Master!
I am one with the soul, the spirit and the life, with everything for the human being as mother!
I know myself and can now explain my inner life!
I am not pride, I am simple, because I feel one with the laws.
I want truth, sincerity, by means of which I will awaken and can lay foundations for my personality.
I want charity ... giving myself for the evolution and the spiritual awakening.
I want nothing to do with egoism, my Master, I want to fight for happiness and peace on earth.
I want to be economical and careful, inquisitive and longing, never experience narrow-mindedness, because then I will be at a standstill.
I do not want to have to do with bitterness or destruction, I will go further building up and will love!
I am not open to hatred, anger, or to thirst for power, or tyranny, I want to experience and give tolerance, bow my head to the weak and also finish my task.
I do not want to experience any struggling, any greed, I want to evolve!
I want nothing to do with deception, or with hypocrisy, nothing to do with slander, or with sullying, I know that I sully myself, slander, I got to know the laws of life for marriage and happiness now lives in my hands.
I bow to life, but am conscious in order to receive it, my Master, I know what you had to do and Master Zelanus in order to come that far, but I will also achieve that.
I do not know any despondency, even if that feeling wants to overcome me, because I am powerless before the unconscious being, I will go further.
One day I will enter the Spheres of Light.
I want to conquer this space and the laws of life as harmony, because that is my love!
I do not doubt anything, I cannot be touched, or beaten, I accept the life, no law can darken the hour, or the life of feeling and I remain myself!
My art gives me happiness, also other arts and sciences.
Because I remain myself!
Because I want to serve and accept the truth, a talk with the human being of feeling is the salutary feeling and being one with that life.
As a result of that I feel carried, my Master!
Because I think the laws through, my Master, absorb and analyze the final stage, there is no longer a question of doubting.
I always feel ready in order to receive the life as human being.
I can no longer be beaten insane, because my life of feeling is conscious, I bow to everything.
I do not know any rebellion, even if I would like to achieve a great deal, I know my eternal being one and my life here and there; wherever I have to live, I will be conscious there!
You, my Master, gave me all of that and I was able to master the life space.
Truly, that was not so easy, but I learned how I was able to keep and assure my rest.
As a result of my love I take care of everything!
As a result of my life of feeling that wants to serve and wants to bow, I am capable of giving love.
Because I am open to the feeling as human being, I descend into that life and experience that unity!
I do not want what society possesses, my Master!
I only want to serve God, mankind!
And as a result of this I experience my love, my happiness, my rest, my gentleness and understanding, so that every hour is experiencing a paradise for me!
I do not want to accept diseases and miseries, they will not beat me!
Now I am ready for the mother, for the marriage, my Master, and I experience my own happiness.
I have learned that I can give the human being a paradise, I am ready for that paradise and this wonderful happiness.
I know now, my Master, that millions of men and women are still not ready for each other, they do not want to bow, do not want to love, but ask and beg for happiness.
The not ‘wanting’ to understand is darkness.
I descend into the life of feeling and now enjoy Universal unity!
Oh, my God, I want to serve!
So I know the grades of life of the human being, for man and woman and can experience the happiness of marriage, I am ready!
I bow to everything and forgive?
I never have anything to forgive, I serve!
I will carry the life, if it wants to be carried, my Master!
The human being must prepare himself in order to want to be carried, I established that in this society.
The human being who feels beaten, the human being as woman, who feels hurt, because the personality does not want to bow, is the breaker, is the destroyer and is walking at a standstill.
I learned, I saw and had to accept that I must first see my own faults, if I want to be able to take care of the other life.
I have learned through you, my Master, that my life cannot be sullied, cannot be broken, cannot be beaten, because I love!
The human being who does not want to carry in this society stands still!
And that human being cannot experience love.
I have conquered the animal grades of life, I am open to affection, understanding, and do not give myself to any lower laws of life.
I no longer kill!
I do not take part in war, I do not intend to defend my fatherland, I will serve God and not destruction, not social messing-up!
My fatherland, my Master, is the universe, is God, is love!
And that life space lives under my heart, for which I want to live and die!
I am open to that love!
Now I am one with soul, life and spirit!
And that will become my happiness in the life after the material death!
That is my sphere and my light, my everything!
I do not know any disharmony, my Master, and would want to give that to all the people, but the soul as human being is still not open to that!
The human being destroys, not I!
The human being hates, not I!
The human being seeks lust, not I!
I only want love!
The human being sullies, ill-treats the life, not I!
The human being lives under greed, not I!
The human being is open to meanness, not I!
The human being murders, not I!
I love!
The human being seeks tyranny, not I!
The human being takes part in indifference, not I!
I want to represent every character trait!
I love my mother!
The human being kills his mother and sullies her life, her giving birth as well as her creation, not I, I will carry her!
If she wants to be carried, my Master, or we will powerless again!
The human being does not want to understand her, I do!
Because that is experiencing everything!
The human being take part in chasteness, not I, I experience the life by means of the harmonic laws, I will give birth and create!
The human being is impatient, not I, I construct calmly and go further!
The human being has bad thoughts about the life and the human being, not I, to me everything is love!
The human being says that the human being is sinful, not to me!
I do not want anything to do with damnation!
The human being is jealous, not I, that will destroy me!
The human being experiences vengefulness, not I, that will kick me out of the harmonic laws of life!
The human being wants to desire, I too, but in order to awaken the good, the spiritual desires!
The human being takes part in depravations, not I, those feelings take me to unconscious worlds, take me to hatred and destruction!
I am not open to that!
The human being doubts everything, not I, I know, I cannot be damned.
The human being believes in the Bible, not I, my Master, I write my own Bible and that is Universal in love!
I do not want a God of hatred, who does not exist!
I am Universal in love, because my God possesses that spatial love.
The human being represents unreliability, not I, for every thought I want to experience the spiritual harmonic reliability.
The human being accepts everything, also the judgement and puts his signature to a death sentence, I cannot do that, my Master, I love!
Anyone who loves can no longer accept that, that is no longer serving!
That is judging and I no longer judge!
The human being is depressed, not I, I am always cheerful and happy!
Man and woman on Earth, my Master, have to accept and master these laws, it is only then that they will be able to experience their love and marriage will be the most beautiful happiness of all on earth.
The human being seeks peace, but cannot find what is yearned after, I am peace!
The human being seeks rest, but is restless, I am rest, or I cannot experience rest!
The human being seeks love, but is harsh and thieving, I am love and I do not steal, because that is my unhappiness, my:
Disharmony with the life!
Disharmony for love and understanding!
I am harmonic for all the character traits and do not want anything to do with destruction, gossip, sullying, for me all people are children of God!
I am open to my soul and my spirit, even if that life is of a lower grade of life!
The human being as man and woman do not know themselves, I know myself!
Man and woman beg for happiness, but do not give any happiness, any warmth and any understanding, that human being one is animal experiencing.
The human being loves impertinence, not I, it destroys me!
My life has become tenacity, because I think!
Man and woman do not think, I do, I think about everything!
Man and woman speak, talk, but they do not know what they are saying, I do, because I analyze my thoughts!
Man and woman do not analyze, they are thoughtless, not I, I experience every thought and bring my life of thought to the laws of life of the universe.
Man and woman want to receive by giving nothing, not I, I first give everything and wait, then I will receive and experience.
Man and woman do not want to make themselves be liked, I do, because that is my life space!
I want to be liked, my Master!
That is serving, anyone who does not want to understand me, will come that far one day anyway and then the life will bow to my personality!
I seek harmony in everything, not the human being!
He is disharmonic in everything!
Man and woman do not serve each other, I want to serve, because I think, analyze every thought, and then I seek the harmonic law of life for myself, for my soul and spirit, for the Spheres of Light.
Man and woman want to experience love, but refuse to give birth and to create for every thought.
I have learned, my Master, that all my character traits want to be given birth to and created and I do everything for that!
For that purpose I make my life liked and I am open to all the life of God!
Man and woman snarl and provoke, not I, then I deform myself!
Woman and man grumble about the work and the life in society, not I, I no longer know what that is and means!
Man and woman do not know their tasks, I do, I am happy with everything, because I can experience the life by means of this!
Man and woman behave psychopathically, not I, I do not want anything to do with psychopathy!
I am conscious!
Woman and man seek justice, I am it and injustice cannot overcome me now!
Man and woman are open to fuss and laughter, which means nothing and is really material, not I, I seek the spiritual core and through everything and that is my following foundation for my further awakening!
The human being does not give any inspiration to the character traits, I do!
The human being does not give any character trait wings, enthusiasm and fortitude, inspiration, I do, but the spiritual, or the earthly, takes me to the tyranny on Earth.
And I do not want anything to do with tyranny.
I give each character trait inspiration and I kill tyranny, I give each character trait consciousness, but by means of love, or I will not come any further!
So, my Master, I go further and I finish this life, for which I serve and will experience my love.
I know people who have been together for thirty years, my Master, but do not awaken!
They experience each other for thirty years and do not know each other!
We now stand before the human bowing for thirty years; they cannot do that and do not want to bow, they have been at a standstill all that time!
Man and woman experience each other and experience nothing!
The human being does not experience himself, he cannot experience himself and the other life, because he does not give any wings to those character traits.
The human being cannot forgive any wrong step, he continues to love those weaknesses, but to me everything is evolution.
Man and woman have become poor as a result of their faith, my Master.
I know all those grades of marriage.
When the human being experienced himself, an emptiness came, because the personality does not possess any space.
What does the human being want, do man and woman want to experience now, now that they do not know any bowing?
I had to accept that and am happy that I have bowed my head to your life wisdom, my Master.
This is why I will continue to serve!
Serve my love!
Because beyond the coffin I will stand before my own personality!
Material love no longer has any meaning now.
Man and woman are the living dead, not I, I am now eternally awake and conscious and living!
In my life everything must ‘live’!
In my life everything gets space!
In my life everything gets soul and spiritual meaning!
In my life every character trait gets to experience spatial unity!
In my life I will give birth and create, I am everything, if I love.
In my life stands Golgotha!
But differently to how the human being thinks he sees that, I am kneeling at your feet, my Master!
In my life everything awakens, my soul and my spirit and my personality rise out above every material thought.
I am everything!
And I have everything!
I have received everything, but by serving, truly loving!
In my life the space revealed itself, I want to become space!
I will prepare myself for the spatial independence.
And that is already possible on Earth, my Master, you taught me that and I bow myself!
I possess the spatial kiss, my Master!
I can be happy, because I want to work, I have become inspiration!
Man and woman have to master those character traits, or they will never experience the spatial love.
The dogmatic kiss is standing on top of damnation.
And those people will lose each other, those people will experience the last judgement, not I, I will keep on seeing the eternal again and will awaken by means of that!
Who now loves on Earth?
Yes, indeed, man and woman have built up their happiness, but are open to hatred and destruction, by means of which they do not experience any space.
I can say:
Come into me and you will get everything!
My Temple is no longer sullied, I watch out for that myself!
What does the mother wish to experience?
She can experience everything from me, also my spatial character, or we will not experience any happiness.
Is that clear?
I want to give the human being everything, also myself!
Is that not what Christ wanted?
Did the All-Mother not want that?
Were the laws not created for that purpose?
Did the universe not condense itself by means of that?
All of that has cosmic attunement, my Master, and I got to know that on this journey.
That takes me to the Spheres of Light and to the Fourth Cosmic Grade, back to the conscious Divine All!
It is the human being one in everything, which the personality must master.
It is only then that there will be happiness, peace and rest to be experienced on Earth and in the human being!
But how do the animal grades experience themselves?
I stand before those mothers and fathers and know those personalities and do not want anything to do with them.
Because I am conscious, I see through those lives and myself!
Because I am conscious, I behold spiritual worlds and happiness!
Because I am conscious, I watch out for and over my love!
Because I am conscious, the lower instinct can no longer reach me!
Because I am conscious, I work and serve for my twin soul!
I am capable of gauging myself and the other life, my Master, because I was able to get to know the laws of life and now want to serve!
Because I get consciousness, I will no longer lose myself!
Because I am starting to love, I now already experience an infinity!
Because I am starting to love, my life has become rest, peace and warmth, justice!
Because I want to love, this space is open to my life and all the life speaks to my personality.
I now see by what means my life light possesses radiance, by what means the life loves me, I am starting to see and to experience that.
And by means of that I descend into the life, I now enjoy that Universal oneness!
Because I am awakening, my Master, I am already entering the astral world on Earth and that is my spatial unity!
I go further and I can keep on going further, because I am mastering my new wisdom, it increases my rest and love, the understanding of every spark of God.
Because I love, I am going to the All-Mother, dying is evolution for my life and reincarnation.
I will be reincarnated every second.
And that for all my character traits.
Because I love, I now already feel ‘omniscient’!
And that ‘omniscience’ is for my twin soul, for all the life on Earth, by means of which I serve!
And my serving is love!
I bow to the mother!
I bow to the mother, because she possesses everything!
I bow to the mother because I want to know by what means I can carry her!
I bow to the mother, because she will give birth to me!
She will give me a new life!
And as a result of that I love her!
I bow to her universe, even if she possesses the animal grade of life, as a result of her giving birth she possesses everything!
Because I love, my Master, my life blood flows for the life of God, I am now one with everything!
Because the mother opens her Temple, I can love her, but as a result of my thanking and bowing I am starting to experience her!
And now it will happen, what got the own life in pure love by means of the All-Mother and we are cosmically one!
In order to be able to experience that, my patience and justice awakened, my carrying and kindness, my kiss!
Now I can say:
I love you!
I want to live and die for you!
Do you want to open your Temple doors to my soul?
I am coming to you as a child!
I love you as a child, my mother, my everything!”
Yes, my Master, all men and women want to experience that, they search for it, but they have nothing to spare for it and they do not want to bow to it.
The life on Earth is like that; no human being without love can experience it.
What is marital happiness now?
How can the human being achieve and experience that?
Follow me, accept me and do everything, give everything and you will get it, I can call to the human being, because I was able to experience those laws of life.
Become a prophet for your love and you will get to experience the being one with all the life.
It is only now that you will stand before happiness and that happiness is now true.
In this society, my brothers, grade is married to grade, but from completely different destinations.
The sensitive human being suffers and is beaten, but that is his cause and effect.
Where do we experience this spatial unity?
Can those different grades love each other at a cosmic attunement?
That is not possible now and we have to accept that.
I can tell the human being:
“Bow and you will get to see your happiness!
Bow and you will get to experience your life love, sooner or later that love will stand next to you and be waiting for you.
You now stand before your own unity!
What is this kiss like?
What is this love like?
What is your conversation like, your feeling and thinking?
Is it not as if you feel your Deity?
That is happiness and that is now love!
It is rest and you no longer need to say anything now, it is there, the everything is there!
And that sits next to your life and looks into your eyes and loves, with real, immaculate and pure love.
What is the life on Earth like now?
Well, what is that kiss like?
That is the kiss of the soul, your spirit and your space.
Together you now love!
And that carries your life!
That nourishes, that reinforces, that inspires!
That is always tolerant and continually consciously thinking for both your life and being, that is naked and open to your personality, that no longer knows any darkness.
Man and woman, yearn for it and begin to serve and you will now still get to experience it on Earth.
Get to know the laws of life and you will have it in your hands.
If you want to experience marital love, then inspire your character, give and serve the mother, serve the father!
The whole universe helps you to carry, child of Mother Earth, the whole universe kisses you, inspires you, bows to your love!
And that is Universal being one in everything!
Irradiate your life as the Sun was able to do that, it will become your ‘Other Side’ and will be the Spheres of Light.”
What does the human being wish to achieve, my Master, now that he stands before his karmic laws?
But he can make amends!
The life is beautiful, the life is wonderful, the life is awe-inspiring!
As a result of love, only love gives us rest, peace and being one!
I am grateful, because I love!
I can say to the human being on Earth, my Master: “Do not seek that love yet, but seek yourself first!
First get to know yourself and you will then get to experience your love.”
The Spheres of Light live in the human being!
Because the human being has attunement to God, he can give himself spatial awakening.
Now it becomes giving birth and creating, experiencing the human being one and in contact with all the laws of life of God.
Is that not everything?
Does the human being on Earth know this love?
Yes, my Master, the highest grade of life, the spiritual universal being, is open to this love, and he can now experience happiness for the first time.
But now man and woman stand on Golgotha!
Because Rá, Ré and Isis live in me, I possess love!
Because I take the mystical laws of life to the spiritualization, I get to experience my love through the mother.
Because I was able to get to know life and death, my past awakens and now I experience my eternal being one!
Because I am an Initiate, I understand the love!
And because man and woman want to be initiated, are open to the laws of life for marriage, they are grateful for the futile, because they experience the large and spacious, for soul, life and spirit and for the Spheres of Light.
Now there is no longer a question of lack and loss.
I surrender myself to your life, my Master, later we will also get to know the philosophical systems for marital love, and it is only then that mankind will begin with this building up, with this happiness and mankind will stand before the spiritual awakening!”
“My brother André, I thank you for your experiencing. Indeed, those are the laws of life which the human being, man and woman must master, it is only then that life happiness and joy of life will come.
These are the seven grades of life for marriage, for man and woman, and they must conquer them.
For that purpose they must bow, they have to spiritualize, so that Golgotha will speak.
No human being on Earth is free from cause and effect, no human being can experience other laws of life, because he stands before himself.
It is only after bowing that he will enter that higher and spiritual love!
Later we will experience the philosophical systems of this.
For now this is sufficient.
We had to conquer your life of feeling, André-Dectar, we are also open to the love, or we would still not have reached the Spheres of Light.
We see all those character traits again on the other side, for both the conscious and the unconscious being, for the darkness and for the light, for universe and God.
We now serve the life and ourselves, but we will awaken by means of this.
We have completed the cycle of the earth, brought arts and sciences there, but now awakening, the expansion of spirit and personality.
Anyone who does not want to accept Golgotha will never make it.
Anyone who does not want to experience Christ will not make it, he will remain unconscious.
We experience Christ differently.
Not like the Church feels that, that Christ cannot be reached now, HE did not die for our life and consciousness, but the human being murdered HIM!
And that is something different and we have to accept that and it is for the whole of this mankind!
No soul can escape that.
Where people live, we see the seven grades of life for marriage there, the karmic laws and the cause and effect send the soul over the Earth and she also has to accept that, until she has made amends and she goes further.
What is now the highest for the human being on Earth?
Can he already experience his twin soul there, Master Zelanus?”
“We have already seen those grades of life, my Master.
Every grade of life is capable of experiencing the own twin soul, but what does the animal grade give to experience in love?
How do I wish to experience love by means of hatred?
The lower characteristics take me, as André explained to us and I was able to establish by means of my life, to destruction and breakdown, decay and deformation and cannot experience any pure love.
What we possess in consciousness in the Spheres of Light is the conquering of all the character traits, is the conquering of my personality, because I took my Divine attunement luminously to that evolution.
How do I feel now, my Master?
Is it necessary that I open myself? I give the child of Mother Earth my space and happiness!
I also lived on Earth, experienced the animal grades of life and I murdered, committed arson, stole and deceived, I took part in lust and violence, and yet, I conquered my material life.
I conquered hatred, lust and violence, I bowed to Golgotha and now I got love.
Now I experience the Spheres of Light.
In my book ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, my brother André, I was able to interpret my life, you know how I was able to free myself from the darkness in me.
No human being can escape that!
I am now love!
I am now happiness, I am one with the universe and possess cosmic consciousness.
Soon I will go further with my twin soul and we will reach the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life, but I now already know that we represent the All-Mother for all the grades of life.
I am free from every lust and ready for my spiritual life, now I want to serve, bring the human being on Earth to awakening, my happiness and my love!
My Master, what does the Bible still have to mean now, at least for the spatial laws of life?
We know, the human being must receive a faith.
The human being must get to know God, as we see ‘HIM’!
As a result of love, arts and sciences will awaken and of course the human gifts, the ’spiritual Gifts’, my Master, and the organic, to which the human ‘Voice’ belongs.
Now we see that every law of life awakens, but can be experienced by the human being in love, so that his personality becomes spatially conscious!
But where do the spiritual twin souls live?
I now surrender to your life, my Master, I see, you will receive the inspiration.”
And Master Alcar is ready and says:
“The All-Mother, my brothers, manifested herself by means of fatherhood and motherhood, as a result of which we as human beings could experience the Divine revelations.
But the soul as human being got to see these revelations, but will have to master the life wisdom.
On the Moon we began with our life, we finally entered the spiritual world and we had conquered the material life for the Third Cosmic Grade of Life.
Now overview the laws of life and try to give the human being of Mother Earth your own happiness, try above all to sense what marriage has to give the human being.
The All-Mother created two organisms, as man and woman, in order to represent ‘HER’.
As a result of that we got to know ‘GOD’!
Who is now God?
What is God?
What does the human being on Earth hope to achieve?
How can he experience and represent God?
That must now be clear to you.
The human being will materialize and spiritualize his own Deity and will then go further!
But the soul as human being on Earth does not know her Deity!
There are men and women living; however, we know that will awaken as a result of motherhood!
As a result of motherhood we experience the grades of life and that is marriage, the seven grades of which the human being has to accept!
For the University of Christ we establish: “The human being must experience as man and woman the pre-animal, the animal, the coarse-material, the material as well as the spiritual grades of life, of which the spiritual represents the highest happiness.
The human being stands on Earth before his karmic laws of life and his cause and effect, by means of which he cannot experience any spiritual happiness, he must free himself from hatred, lies and deception, he must serve the life of God!
Because the human being seeks and wants to accept disharmony, he cannot experience any love!
And that lies in the hands of man and woman!
The human being in his animal grade of life does not know the laws and is therefore not capable of experiencing the spiritual being one, as a result of which the marital happiness is a chaos!
When man and woman want to serve, they get attunement to the first sphere and it is only then that they experience unprecedented happiness, now the marriage is both universal and ready for carrying the laws of life!
The spiritual twin soul belongs to the Spheres of Light and not to the Earth!
If the human being, as man and woman, wants to experience that happiness, he is ready to attune himself to Golgotha and to follow Christ!
The animal and the material grades of life for marriage have attunement to human society and are material, but the spiritual grade for marriage takes the human being to the inner feeling and thinking!
The spiritual grade of life serves for marriage!
The spiritual grade of life loves for marriage!
The spiritual grade of life gives birth and creates for marriage by means of Golgotha!
The spiritual grade of life for marriage has attunement to the Other Side and the Masters, it is this grade of life which receives the wisdom, the human being who gave Mother Earth space and happiness, the arts and sciences, the animal grades of which we even know, because that is also possible.
However, art is Universally deep, spatially conscious and the human being of Mother Earth has to accept that.
The spiritual grade of life for marriage, for man and woman, is a cosmic wonder!
It is the very highest gift from the All-Mother to ‘HER’ children, because ’sHE’ lives in the human being!”
For this purpose, my brothers, stars and planets were created, for this purpose the human being has to experience and to conquer the Third Cosmic Grade of Life.
These two souls now, like flowers of one colour, like one world and one thought, one personality and one life, represent the universe.
Only they are capable of carrying and representing the macrocosmic life, because they are now: light ... life ... and ... love!
The pre-animal grades of life are not capable of that, those people do not know themselves and still do not want to accept or experience any God of love.
It is that human being who lives it up, who dominates on Earth, the unconscious!
The poor!
The deformed, because he has darkened his Deity.
The human being must take himself to awakening!
What does the Church hope to achieve now?
To pray for becoming conscious?
To pray for awakening, for blessings and rest?
Is that possible?
I believe that the laws of the All-Mother have spoken.
By behaving piously there is no space to be conquered and the peoples of the earth do not reach spiritual awakening, the human being will have to live and to die for that purpose!
The human being has God and is God!
Who must people now call upon for protection?
The human being is protection, he also has that and he has that in his hands, as man and woman they experience that universal justice.
What you just said, my brothers, I follow for the universe and for the All-Mother, so that the human being must now accept!
The All-Mother divided herself and we as people got those laws of life, we became father and mother as a result of that.
Like two sparks of the All-Source, we experience our ‘ego’, our ’self’, and going further!
These souls are Gods, but now find themselves in an animal attunement.
Two souls are coarse-material and experience the earthly life of feeling physically, they are still not open to soul and spirit.
But they will achieve that life of feeling, because the attunement in and for the personality, which is Divine, is awakening!
That can be experienced on Earth, but millions of children of God only receive this Divine gift on the Other Side.
Anyone who can experience it on Earth is spiritually conscious and is open to the spatial laws of life.
Now look at the human being on Earth.
In the jungles there are Divine people living.
In lanes and alleyways there are Divine people living.
In the cities the Divine human being rapes himself!
The Divine human being lies and deceives, steals and robs, murders and commits arson, turns injustice into complete destruction and does not know himself!
In mental institutions there are human psychopaths living and they are Gods!
And they are also twin souls; somewhere in the world the other half of this life is living, this soul, this spirit, this Divine product.
In the cities Divine people beg, on the battle fields they experience the conscious destruction, the chastisement and the sullying of all the laws of life, but they are Gods!
Those people have attunement to the All-Source and were born in love, given birth to, carried, cared for lovingly.
What do those people do?
What do those Gods now want to experience?
What do those Gods long for?
The human being has now become separated from these Divine anchors.
Do you wish to declare these souls saints?
If the human being wants to experience the life chastely, saintly, now that we know that he is smothering fatherhood and motherhood?
What do we experience now?
That the human being in this misery will experience more Divine evolution than the human being who has closed himself off to the life and we have to accept that, because this human evolution continues.
But somewhere in the universe there is a soul waiting.
Somewhere on Earth there is a soul waiting for the other part, the own life, as a result of which it experienced Divine unity on the Moon, but was sullied by disharmonic yearnings.
One soul is in prison, has been locked up by society, the other soul preaches about damnation and closes himself off to reincarnation.
The soul as human being gets lost because of society and has lost her twin soul, her love, life and feeling for injustice, slander and sullying and the human being, man and woman, now have to accept that!
Where we meet people, my brothers, twin souls live there, but under own power and consciousness, pre-animal people and animal people, coarse-material and material and a few spiritual, so the human being, have attunement to the Spheres of Light.
That human being wants to experience love as the universe materialized her laws of life and they experience pure love!
Happiness, being one for every thought, being one for fatherhood and motherhood!
What is now the purpose of the life on Earth?
As a result of the social awakening, the soul as human being gets happiness, satisfaction, independence, the twin souls serve each other!
And we see that again in the Spheres of Light, the pure love and the universal awakening of which we, Master Zelanus, have mastered.
Indeed, this is cosmic truth!
The rich man eats himself full by means of the possession of his twin soul.
One stands before the other, as man and woman, and they do not recognize each other.
The beggar stands before his twin soul, but the man and the woman do not recognize each other, the rich man closes the door to the own life, because the human being darkened himself.
But, if they experience the cosmic being one, then they feel that the spatial life of feeling is speaking, the human heart says: it is me!
I am yours, I am from your life, your soul and spirit.
Can you feel it?
Yes, it can be felt and experienced!
My brothers, now the blood speaks!
My children, now the soul speaks!
Man and woman, now the Divine attunement speaks to your life and being one and that can be experienced!
You will feel it, experience it, blood with blood from one grade of life is the unity with the Divine paradise.
Do you not know that there?
Why does the human being seek this phenomenon and does he devote everything to it?
What does it mean when the human being as soul, as father and mother, can experience that sacredness?
Feel this kiss, my brothers, and you will know it!
Now the All-Mother speaks through the animal instinct, or through the pure and spiritual love.
We established and interpreted that life of feeling, my brother Zelanus, through the arts and sciences.
We wanted to live and die for that and when Golgotha awakened in us, we entered that core, that knowledge and that feeling, it was only then that we were one life, one soul, one spirit!
What was that contact like?
What was this gift from the mother like?
Human being, did you feel this?
Why is it she?
And no other?
It is only she, because you feel the blood of your heart, the life of your life, the soul of your soul, which was given by the All-Mother to your life and personality.
That is fatherhood and motherhood, received by the soul as human being, it is she!
Now enter this paradise and you will know yourself!
We in the Spheres of Light received that, but the human being on Earth will master this pure love!
And now twin souls experience Christ!
HE came to the Earth for that purpose.
However, HE did not die for that purpose, but He brought His Gospel for that purpose.
How can it be any different, now that we know that?
Enter that love and you will know yourself and your twin soul!
Do not talk, but enter!
Do not whisper, but accept the motherhood!
Enter that heart and enter that life and forget now that you have been animal-like.
Fight for that love, but finish your tasks!
Continue to serve!
Kiss your soul, your life, your spirit, that is the Divine spiritual kiss!
And now further!
Steal now, and you will steal from your soul!
Feel hatred for the human being and the life, and you will hate your soul!
Slander the life, and you will take your soul and your love to the slander!
Take part in manslaughter and violence, and you will murder your soul!
Your love, your light, life and happiness!
Rape the life, and you will rape your soul, your love!
Grumble and moan, and you will darken your soul, your light, your soul!
Be open to injustice, and you will lock your soul in prison!
Do not chastise the life, or you will chastise your own soul, your spirit, your Divine attunement!
Go to the Catholic Church and become a priest, and you will close yourself off to your reincarnation, but especially to your love!
Your soul and your universal truth!
Send a beggar away, and you will let your soul go hungry!
Remove the life light from the eyes of the human being, and you will give blindness to your soul!
Burn the life with scalding pitch, and you will burn your twin soul!
Sign your name under a death sentence, and you will murder your soul!
Your life and happiness, your love, your progress, your reincarnation!
Your Deity!
Go to the prostitute, and you will sully your soul!
Your personality!
Break your vows and your marriage, and you will create new karma, your soul will have to wait until you have experienced the harmonic good!
Take hold of a weapon, and you will murder your own soul!
Become a king or emperor, and you will smother your spiritual truth, because there is still no justice living on Earth!
Do we know that, my brothers?
Is this untruth?
What does the human being want to experience?
His twin soul?
Then he will have to devote all of this self to that, but because of his millions of lives he has got lost.
The University of Christ takes him back to God and his own attunement!
The soul lives in Holland; the mother, the twin soul, in France.
The man lives in England; the mother, as twin soul, in Russia!
The mother lives in America; the twin soul in Germany!
The man lives in Sweden; the twin soul of this creating power in Turkey ... so that we have to accept that the human being has to experience karmic laws and only receives his soul later, but then he will be in harmony with the universe.
Mothers and fathers love and are twin souls, they carry the universe, but the child was attracted by one soul, by the father or the mother and receives, or gives, or serves!
Mother and child can be twin souls!
Father and daughter can be twin souls!
Brothers and sisters, and both sisters and sisters can be twin souls, because they keep on meeting each other!
The rich and the poor can be twin souls!
The mental patient and the doctor likewise, because one of these souls serves the own blood and the life!
Why do you send your beggar away from your life?
Why can you not love your mother?
Those are the philosophical systems, my brothers, and we will experience and analyze them later for the University of Christ.
But now the rulers of the Earth live it up through the twin soul and sully this Divine attunement.
But two people, as man and woman, represent the universe and God, the All-Mother, as life, light and love.
Did you expect any differently?
No, these are the laws of life for the child of Mother Earth.
“I do not want to give birth to any more children!
I will not work myself to death for my child!
I do not want to give birth again!”
The human being now refuses to give the life to the twin soul!
And the Catholic Church created that and it is contrary to the Divine reality!
If the human being wants to serve his Deity, he will give birth and create!
It is only now that he will reach spiritual becoming conscious and awakening.
Soul of my soul, where are you?
Soul of my soul, do I already know you on Earth?
Soul of my soul, are you my mother or my father?
My brother or my sister, or must I search for you amongst other peoples?
Will I also see you today?
Are you already talking to me?
Are you selling me something?
Are you perhaps my servant?
Soul of my soul, are you my judge?
My doctor?
My singing teacher?
My brother or my sister?
My friend or my lord and master?
Who are you?
Where do you live now, now that I am on Earth?
Do I not know you?
If I know you, I will serve you, give you all of my life, my heart, my spirit, and you will experience love!
Do we paint together, my soul?
Do we already do arts and sciences, my soul?
Do we still beg?
Or have we already reached social consciousness?
Are we rich?
Are you rich or poor?
Where do you live now?
Can I reach you?
Or are you my grave digger?
And am I your body, my soul, is that possible?
Are you a farmer or minister, artist, or do you take part in lies and deception?
Where do you live?
Will I be able to understand you if I meet you?
I will both feel and experience you, our hearts will say it and our blood will show itself!
Do you still take part in manslaughter and violence?
But why?
Will I meet you now in this life?
Then, my soul, I will watch over your life and I will serve you and make you happy!
I will then give you all of myself!
Will you never leave me again then?
Even if you belong to another, I will wait and inspire you, it is only then that we will be happy!
Isn’t it true, soul of my soul, life of my life, spirit of my spirit?
Have I already met you?
Where was it?
In Jerusalem perhaps?
Were we Jews?
Did I already meet you in one of the many Temples?
Were we spiritual?
Did we already reach priesthood and were we one?
Was I the wife and you my creator?
Then I will soon be mother and give you all of my life.
Do you already have the feeling in order to carry my life?
Where did we embalm our life?
Where did we take part in body snatching?
Where did we destroy the embryo?
Where was I ‘a whore’ and did you come to me and we did not feel anything of each other?
Where was that, my soul, my life?
Where did we reach the spiritual unity?
Still on Earth?
If that was not the case, you will see and meet me in the Spheres, and we will go further there!
Do you already love me?
Did the spiritual yearning already enter you?
Do you still beat to bits and pieces?
Do you still hate?
No, do not do that anymore, now we will go further together and will love!
Are you taking care of yourself now?
Can you hear that I am singing, live and sing for you?
That I love you with all my heart?
I am doing my best for you!
I am serving for you!
I will love and make amends for you, so that I will see you soon!
I will no longer kill, or you will have to wait for me!
I will no longer lie and deceive, or I will deceive you!
Be good for the life which you now possess, and we will evolve together, I will also finish my task!
Master Zelanus, did we not also get to know these laws?
As a result of our consciousness, did we not have to accept that we stood before our twin soul and she locked us in prison?
That she destroyed us and let us go hungry?
Did we not kill each other?
And later, when we experienced reincarnation, from our life we saw where we had lived together?
Then we bowed!
Then we understood that we had met each other often, had murdered each other and that we could not experience any happiness because of that.
It was only on the other side that we saw where we had lived, and then we experienced our spiritual awakening.
Spark of my spark, I am with you!
Spirit of my spirit, come to me!
Blood of my blood, did you take care of me?
Life of my life, now we are eternally one and will remain so!
How can we thank Mother Earth now.
We will now serve for her children and her life!
Now that we go further consciously, because we represent the spiritual grade of life for love, we go back to the conscious Divine All!
We build a Temple for our life, our eternally being one!
Is that love?
Yes, my brothers, now we have reached the life.
The human being on Earth is searching, but he will only find his twin soul when he gives love, loves, wants to accept all the life of God.
And now I recognize you immediately, my soul!
Your eyes will tell me, your heart will tell and your life blood, your soul and spirit, will convince me of your own life happiness, which is for me!
Do not seek, do not ask, your twin soul will come to you when you are ready.
And now man and woman are standing before Golgotha!
It is there where twin souls received spatial love!
There and nowhere else on Earth, happiness lives, but that happiness is not for sale, man and woman must earn that!
Christ came to the Earth for that purpose, and we have to accept that.
Not for the deformation, nor for the spiritual sullying, Churches and religions no longer have any meaning now, even if they serve the personality.
The laws of life for happiness and marriage must be earned.
And that is only possible by both loving and serving the life of God, all the life!
By means of that man and woman awaken!
Those are the Spheres of Light, the spiritual thinking and feeling, by means of which the human being awakens and gets to love his life.
By following and experiencing these laws, working and inspiration come into being and the human being descends into his previous lives.
Now he can speak, inspire, love, now he is capable of speaking the truth, of acting according to the Ten Commandments and making the life beautiful.
Of course, he stands before the universe and Sun and Moon speak to the soul as human being, as a result of which the soul will receive her being one!
That can already be experienced on Earth.
It becomes life wisdom and acceptance, patience and pure devotion to duty, all those character traits possess that light, and the life speaks to the human being.
Oh, my God, give the human being this awakening!
The present society is like that, the soul on Earth feels and will begin with a higher and spatial life!
And that is for all the peoples of the earth.
The masses will also have to conquer these laws, then mankind will enter the Kingdom of God for this universe.
That is the purpose of the All-Mother and Christ gave HIS love to the human being to experience for this purpose, but to the soul in order to master HIS love!
Now free yourself from Mother Earth, we are going further!”