The Third Cosmic Grade of Life for the Soul

When André awoke in the morning, his first thoughts were:
I was in the All-Consciousness.
I was in God!
I was in Christ!
He thinks.
The Divine Being lives where I lived last night.
“Jeus, you must help me now.
You and Jozef must represent the day consciousness, so that I can think.
I must be able to deal with all of this first, or we will succumb anyway, not only physically, but now spiritually.
Where we were, Jeus, Christ lives there now and He was like a Human being, He could think like a Human Being, you must have seen that.
It was He, my Jeus!”
“I know!”
“Good heavens, Jeus, how difficult this is.
I am no longer here.
I no longer live here, I feel myself there, I feel divided, my Jeus.
How must I deal with this dreadful life?
I do not believe that I can still cope with one harsh, snappy word.
And yet, Jeus, I actually had to be very strong.
But I will have to master that now.
I know now that you are better to deal with misery than happiness.
This is much more difficult to bear.
This is bad.
This is terrible, my Jeus, but I will make it.
I will prove to the Masters what I can do and what I want.
If we were to succumb, spiritually then, we would not even be worth this wonderful being one with the Divine All.
Do you believe me?”
“I know!”
“Then I can already thank you, Jeus.
You must now try to take care of this horrible life for the first days.
Can you feel, Jeus, how necessary it is that you are elevated now?
We are exactly ready.
We could not have let an hour pass, Jeus.
Now I can think, meditate, deal with everything for here and soon you will get everything from me.
How did you find it?”
“I cannot say a word about it.”
“I understand that.
But are you ready for this life?”
“Yes, I will help you to bear it, I am ready.”
“Along with Jozef you are strong enough.
Good heavens, Jeus, wasn’t that happiness?
Did you see those wonderful people?”
“My God, we become like people in this way.
And then we represent God.
And we are like God is.
Did you see those really beautiful flowers?”
“Yes, I could not get enough of them.”
“Do you not know what to do with yourself either?”
“No, but it is so difficult for me here.”
“That is true, I understand, it is me.
Did you see those flowers, flowers like fatherhood and motherhood, Jeus?”
“I saw them, I cannot say anything.”
“My God, how true everything is.
Flowers like light, like life, like soul and spirit, but also flowers like wind, rain, storm, like human being and like animal.
And it cannot be any different, it must be like this, because all the life received an own independence, all the life would give birth and create.
Both flowers and flowers, every organ of the human being is a flower there.
A law of life gave birth to a flower, and then those wonderful colours, Jeus?
Good heavens, how will we deal with that here?
How incredible life is.
Oh, that Mother Nature.
How poor life is here then, Jeus.
And yet so beautiful.
But the space there of all the life, it doesn’t bear thinking about, and yet?
I must, I must go further, now we can prove what we want and what we can do for Christ.
Yes, Jeus, we will devote our best blood to it.
Our very best blood, we do not have anything else now.
We will now devote that!
That’s it!
Nothing else, nothing!
It is our blood!”
André is thinking, he is preparing himself for society.
Jeus and Jozef will now help to bear it, but the city one can barely carry on, the organism looks dreadfully poor.
But inwardly, a spiritual fire has entered him, an inspiration of unprecedented power and consciousness, that is all-powerful.
But we must go further.
And then he hears coming to him from the universe:
“Lion’s den people, André-Dectar, can do everything!”
There is no more necessary, that puts him on his feet and the life on Earth has immediately begun.
Half an hour later they are already walking in the street.
Did nothing happen and change on Earth last night?
No, and yet?
Yes, the people felt their misery last night, digested their powers and succumbed.
Thousands succumbed last night, but I was in the Divine All.
I saw and spoke to Christ and HE knew me.
He knows my name.
HE mentioned my name.
Yes, I am not dreaming, I was there.
I was there consciously, but no one believes me.
A human being of this dreadful world cannot believe this.
I can understand that, but I was there.
I was there, Mother Earth?
“Mother Earth, I am bringing you greetings from Christ!
Mother Earth, HE is still alive there!
But dear Mother Earth, Your Son is there!
Dear Mother Earth, I was there with Your child!
Dear Mother Earth, HE lives in the Divine All and HE does not intend to have himself murdered again.
I must bring You this message.
Can you feel me?
He said, but no one heard that:
“Greet MY mother, André-Dectar.”
Yes, dear Mother Earth, HE said so much to me, but I experience that because HE elevated me into HIS life and consciousness.
You no longer need to talk there.
And then I travelled with HIM back to the Moon, we went through HIS life, to all the grades of life and then we entered HIS birth.
He himself showed me how Mary and Joseph attracted Him, how He was born.
Now I know!
Now no one can deceive me, mother.
No one, because I was able to experience this.
This is the truth.
I did not see anything else.
He came from the Moon and was able to experience the laws.
We did not experience any mistakes, we experienced HIS life, from the Moon. Mother?
Can you hear me?”
“My André?”
“Good day, mother.”
“Will you remain strong?”
“Yes, mother.”
“I will help you to bear it!”
“I know, mother.”
“Let Jeus represent you.”
“We have already sorted that, mother.”
“Then it is fine, my son.
Did you think about me, André?”
“Oh, mother, we went through all the universes in a few seconds.
I got to experience image after image.
And when we returned again, mother, I looked HIM in the eye and HE showed me HIS wounds.
His stigmata!
His misery and His happiness and also the Divine part of His personality.
And then, dear mother, I fell asleep.
I woke up in the universe.
But we went to Golgotha and there He came to my life again and gave me the strength, the knowledge there, then we could go further.
No, I am not afraid, mother, we will not succumb, not succumb spiritually, but the city one can barely carry on any longer.
Oh, my mother, what are you like there?
You are the third transition planet for the ‘Mother’ there.
You are so wonderful.
So incredibly beautiful, mother.
The human being lives for thousands of years on your body, my mother.
I saw and felt you there.
I recognized you, mother.”
“My André.”
“I am going to have a talk with your children.”
“Yes, do that, all of them are longing to be able to know.”
“Goodbye, my mother.”
“My child.”
“Did you hear that, Jeus?”
“Yes, everything.”
“What do you think about that now?”
“I could weep.”
“Me too, Jeus, but I will not do it.
Now I must have a talk with Mother Water.
She also wants to know what she is like there.
But I will do that differently now.
She will get my feelings from me, Jeus, as I got those from Christ, and then she will suddenly know it.
I also have something to say to her life, flower and plant.
Is our being one not wonderful now?
Can you hear those lives?
You see, Jeus, that’s it now, we will become happy, wise, omniscient in this way!
But I also have to help the city one.
We will take care of the nerves first, or we will fall backwards.
And that must not happen now.
I will try to think in an earthly way.
If I can do that now, the organism will receive more inspiration.
We must go forward, we can no longer go back now.
If we fall back, we will go crazy and I do not want to experience that.
On the contrary, Jeus, we now feel awe-inspiringly strong, happy, floating, but that is already wrong now.
We must make sure that we are on Earth.
Was Mother Earth not sweet to us?”
“Yes, I heard her.”
“It is wonderful.
Good heavens, how beautiful all those scenes were.
I am now starting to feel that the blood circulation is better.
Can you feel that too?”
“Yes, my eyes are not so dull, I can see better.”
“That’s it, Jeus.
Precisely that, you can feel and see from that, that we are experiencing truth.
That is because we are still living too far from the Earth.
We must inspire the material systems or the city one will not make it.
Yes, indeed, the scenes were wonderful, incredible, but the truth!”
The legs are already relaxing.
The floating is dissolving.
“What I used to have to deal with in months, Jeus, we are now doing in a few hours.
Can you feel that you can think better?
That the nerves in your head are relaxing?
That that tension which you felt this morning has dissolved?
That is because of the blood flow, Jeus.
The heart is now beating more calmly.
And you can follow that.
We are coming back to Earth, my Jeus.
The material life demands that from us as the personality.
And that has to happen.
You see, Jeus, Ramakrishna was not able to experience that.
No one from the East, not one from Ancient Egypt, not one priest from Tibet.
This is for our West, but soon for the whole of mankind!
We are not serving a sect, but mankind!
The heart is still beating too fast, Jeus.
I will withdraw myself for a bit.
I will be back with you in half an hour.”
André-Dectar is now working on the material systems.
The tension in the head is receding.
The nerves are dealing with everything.
What we used to need months for, we now do in a few hours.
The human being who is not ready for this wisdom would burst.
We remain alive, we deal with everything.
Every human being would be insane if he got to experience those laws on Earth, not us!
We must go further!
We have a wonderful task to fulfil and we know it.
Meester Alcar lets him walk.
During this walk the systems must be taken care of and André as the personality gets those parts back under control.
This is also wonderful to experience.
André-Dectar is a master in this!
The Divine All hammers into the organism.
The Cosmic Grades of Life now require feeling, and the emaciated body has to deal with this?
Yes, but we already know it, soon we will stand before other laws, and then?
Then we will no longer know it.
But we are going further.
Master Alcar wants to begin the next journey as soon as possible.
Soon, probably tomorrow, because André can then deal with the Divine All by means of other wisdom.
I get that, but he does not know that yet.
We therefore give him even more to deal with, but then the Divine All dissolves to a certain extent and he can go further.
The Divine All sinks away inside him, but he knows where he has been.
If he is not capable of conquering those moments, we will not be able to go a step further.
But Master Alcar will take care of him and help him get through this.
But André must prove what he can and wants!
Meanwhile he is talking to Jeus.
And the Divine All sinks away, the wisdom continues to represent the day consciousness.
In this way we experience the laws of God and master His universes.
We do that in our life and it is also for the human being of Mother Earth.
Jeus now hears:
“Just imagine, Jeus, for God and Christ sins do not exist.
Or damnation.
But the human being must make amends for his mistakes anyway.
There is no death, the soul goes further.
But we are growing nicely into each other, it is going well like this, the Divine All is sinking away in our life.
This is how it should be!
And then we can experience the laws again.
Now for the soul, for the Third Cosmic Grade of Life.
And I will now think about that, Jeus.
Look, that lady is coming towards us, answer her, Jeus.
I am following you.”
“Good day, Mr Rulof.”
“Good day, madam.”
“Will this misery never come to an end?”
“Can you not see that it is going well, madam?
Even if the people succumb, the soul goes further, madam.”
“My husband has already died of starvation.”
“That is dreadful, madam, but you will see him again, after all, won’t you?”
“That is true, but I am now so alone.
I was able to bury him last week for two loaves.”
“I believe it, madam.”
“So we have already had our share.”
“That is probably true, madam.”
“Are you still writing?”
“Yes, madam.”
“About what?”
“About the Divine All, madam.”
“The Divine All, did you say?”
“Yes, madam, the ‘Cosmology’, madam.”
“Is that wonderful?”
“Yes, madam, all the laws of God are explained in that.”
“This misery too?”
“Yes, madam, everything.”
“What does your Master say about this trouble?”
“You will be able to read that soon, madam.”
“If I am still here then.”
“That means nothing, madam, if you are there you will suddenly know it.”
“You are to be envied, sir.”
“That is probably true, madam.”
“Don’t you know that yourself then?”
“Yes, madam, I know it clearly.”
“Are you not hungry?”
“Do we look so terrible, madam?”
“You are also skin and bone, I see.
And yet working?”
“Yes, madam, I must go further.”
“People are dying like rats.”
“That is not true, madam, the rats are now dying for the human being.”
“I understand you, yes, but I do not eat any rats.
I do not take part in all that misery, then I’d rather go to my coffin.”
“It is also the best thing there is, madam.”
“You would find it terribly hard, but I know you.
Do you always talk to people in this way?”
“Yes, madam, we do not spare anyone.”
“But they do not accept that?”
“No, madam, they do not want to experience or hear about that, but that is up to the people themselves.
Anyone who can accept this, madam, is the happy one.
Why would we twist truths, madam?”
“I admire you, as long as you know.
You do not know what you have given me, but I and other people are grateful to you for this wisdom.
If I had not known that now, if I did not know that I would see my dear husband again, I would not know anymore what to do with myself.”
“It is true, madam, you are strong, you are open to wisdom.
You no longer believe in damnation.”
“God save me, no.
I have read all your books.
I am strong, even if the body is dolefully weak.
But I will do my best.
Will I see my loved one again?
Do you know whether he is in the Spheres, or whether he must return to the Earth?
And will I go further there?
Will we see each other again there?
Is he not from another?
I would find that awful.”
André is thinking.
He sends his feelings to Master Alcar, he wants to help this dear child of God, but gets Jeus first, that he has spoken really well to her life.
And then the wonderful word comes back to him:
“André-Dectar, walk a bit further with her, I will visit her soul and I will give you my wisdom.”
It is André who now speaks to her.
“Yes, madam”, he continues, “your husband is alive.
He was a good person.”
“Oh, he was so good to me and to other people.
I cannot understand that such a good child had to experience so much misery.”
“This is not misery, madam, this is evolution.”
“You are right.
Will I see him again?”
“I can tell you, madam, you are a twin soul.
We will soon begin with these laws, in order to analyze them for the human being on Earth.”
“My God, how happy you are making me now.
You see, I have been thinking for the past few days.
And I got the feeling that he was with me, but I did not dare to accept it, was afraid of self-deception.
But he is my soul?”
“Yes, madam, you will see him again there.
Do not pull him back to the Earth by means of this misery, give him the chance to work on your life himself.
Now you cannot make any mistakes.
You are his love, madam.”
“Do you find it strange that I am weeping?”
“Not me, madam.”
“Who did you get this from?”
“From my Master.
Your husband is living in your aura.
He is here, in the sphere of the earth, and will protect you against a great deal.
He is from you.
Thousands of people cannot say that, madam.
There are women, you know that from the books, who have been married several times and now do not know who it actually is.
But we will soon experience that life attunement.
I already know a great deal about it, but now for the ‘Cosmology’.”
“Is my loved one here, did you say?”
“Yes, madam.”
“And where does he live now?”
“Your husband is in the first sphere.”
“You see, I had hoped that, Mr Rulof.
So that is true.”
“Yes, madam.
He lives there and has attunement to the first sphere.
Now he can do something for you.”
“My God, how grateful I am to you.
I thought like this: imagine that he belongs to another soul, then I would have to let him go.
I know, I read that from your books and I believe that irrevocably, that we people belong to one cell and that we gave that cell its own life on the Moon.
Isn’t that true?”
“You have read the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’ well.
Yes, it is true, madam.
I will soon experience those laws.”
“What a gifted person you are.”
“I know, madam.”
“You do a great deal of good, do you know that?
All my acquaintances and friends read your books.
Oh, good heavens, how happy I am now.
Now nothing else can happen to me.
I know now that he is waiting for me.
I will do my best, I promise you that.
My own soul?
It is incredible.
You see, my husband had also been married before and this is why I was afraid.
I thought, imagine that he is from that other woman.
Then I would have had to let him go.
But I love him so much.
He is such a good person, so great, so sensitive.
What a lot I have to learn.
But I will continue to do my best, I assure you of that.
Can you also tell me what I must do now?”
“You do nothing, madam, nothing.
You go further and you finish this life and you wait.
Your husband is doing everything, he can help you from his life.
Of course, if it is necessary.
Never go to séances, or those people will take you from the frying pan into the fire.
Close yourself off to those messages.”
“I know, I know everything about that.
They have already cheated me.
You get nonsense.
They tell you all kinds of things, but the pure truth, no, you cannot accept that.
I am really afraid of those seers.
And now I feel lighter, I am going to him, I will pray and wait.
Oh, I am so grateful to you.”
“Look there, madam, that woman can barely carry on.”
“It is terrible, will all these dreadful things never come to an end?
Will all those people pass on too soon now?”
“No, not those people, and yet, all of this is a cosmic event.
We no longer live in harmony, we also kicked ourselves out of harmony for dying.”
“What does that mean?”
“That the human being does not experience his cosmic transition.
That means that we people created disharmony, also for our cycle of the Earth.
The human being who is now starving, will die his material end here, but not his spiritual death.
Many people return to the Earth in order to finish their lives.”
“So my husband will not return?”
“No, madam.”
“And I?”
“I can see from your aura that this is your last life on Earth.
So you have completed your cycle, or you would be faced with other problems.”
“Which ones, may I ask?”
“Can you not feel that then?
If you had to return, you would not even see him there.”
“That is true, I had not thought about that.
But I understand it.
What will you do after the war?”
“Then the Masters will speak through me.”
“That promises something wonderful.
You can count on me.
At least, if I am still here.
A Human Being only lives for seconds now.
What do you think?”
“You will remain here for a while yet, madam.”
“Oh, if I see myself and then look at other people, I cannot even complain.
There are some people who have lost everything.
If you follow the misery, you no longer even believe in life, it is as if life had no meaning.
And yet, we are learning every moment.
You now come to yourself and you get to know society and the human being.
Where have you been? You look so rarefied.
You are not sick, are you?”
“No, madam, there is nothing wrong with me.
Even our stomachs are rumbling, you see it yourself, we do not have any flesh left on our bones, we are not sick.”
“But in what place are you living now?”
“Well, that is something else entirely, madam.
You will probably not even believe it.
You might laugh.”
“Why? I am prepared, I have followed the theosophy and can understand something.”
“Well, last night I was in the Divine All.”
“What did you say?”
“You see, I warned you.
Really, I was there, there, where the human being is like God.”
He has a think.
The lady is thinking too.
And then she says:
“Isn’t that something?
If I had not read your books, well, then I would laugh right in your face.
But, you can feel it, as it were.
However, I believe that this mankind is not ready for your wonderful message and you will know that anyway.
Tell me something about your journey, is that possible?”
“No, that is not possible.
And yet, a great deal of people read the books.
The books are now read until they fall apart, madam.
There are people willing to give a thousand guilders for one book, but I do not have a single one of them, Adolph Hitler has closed them off.
I do not believe that he will have them burned.
People now take them to their friends, they want to know.
Of course, soon that will be different again and they will no longer need my books either.
Now that they are afraid and trembling, you can reach those masses.
And we will soon experience that.
Yes, we were in the Divine All!
But I see, madam, that I have arrived.
All the best.
See you later.
Do not mourn.
Just carry on.
Do not search for your husband, if he is capable of it, he will come of his own accord.
Do not forget, he is living in another world, the laws of which you do not yet know.
The spiritualists still have to learn all of this.
I hope to be able to take care of thousands of people through the books of the Masters.
And everything is evolution, whatever life brings us to bear.
All the best.”
Truly, he feels, death possesses disharmony.
The soul as human being cannot experience a natural law, or she is faced with her own misery.
Death too, the being released from the organism, has been sullied by the human being.
When will the human being actually die normally?
What is the actual death, the being released from the organism?
When, I mean, does the human being die harmonically and in harmony with the laws?
“How old would the human being here have become, Jeus, if he had not sullied himself?
Are you there, Jeus?”
And a moment later Jeus gets the chance to speak.
“Yes, I would like to know that too.”
“Then you must just continue to think about that, Jeus, and we will follow those laws sometime.
What did you think of that lady?
My compliments for your answer, we are making fast progress like this, Jeus.
Now just ring the bell, we have arrived.”
Jeus rings Loea’s bell and he does that differently to before.
“Would you like to bet, Jeus, that they do not notice anything about us here?
They will probably think that it is to do with being hungry.
And we will just not talk about it.
We will put that wonderful possession away inside us, people do not understand it anyway.
And if they shrug their shoulders, we will get such a stab in our heart.
Where has Loea got to this morning?
Perhaps had a long lie too?
Oh, I can see it already, she is busy with the child and cannot open the door yet.
Can you also see through the walls, Jeus?
You will hear that I am right.
I can now see through everything, but that will also have to close itself off soon, because we must not see too much.
If we see too much, Jeus, we must also deal with that again and that is just too much.
This is something for clairvoyants.
What we have too much of, they get too little of.
We do not want to see through the world, those people do and write in the papers that they are world famous, but they pull a fast one on you from in front and behind.
All for that two guilders fifty, and you get nonsense.
Oh, there is Loea.”
“Good morning, dear Jeus.”
“Good morning, Loea.”
“I was busy with Dayar and couldn’t open the door.
Do you mind?”
“No, madam, no, we could see it.
Is everything fine here?”
“Fine, dear Jeus.
Here, I have something tasty for you.”
“Potztausend, Loea, where did you get it?
Tasty ham?”
“Black, dear Jeus.
The yogi brought it home.
And here is a real piece of chocolate too.”
“Isn’t that something?
Just give dear Jeus the ham and nothing for me.
Or just give me chocolate.
Isn’t that tasty?
The nerves require sweet things.
Just something from Our Lord.
Kisses from me and dear Jeus.
Greetings to your yogi.
Thanks, thanks always, Loea.
Always, eternally, well, how can it be.”
“What are you thinking of, dear Jeus?”
“About Saint Nicholas, Loea.
This is from him, after all, isn’t it?
What is it like upstairs?”
“They are not there, dear Jeus, they are at the doctor’s.”
“Fine, then we will go home again.
We only came by to see whether you were still there.
Goodbye, dear.”
“Do you have to go again, dear Jeus?”
“Well, a few more minutes then.
Is there something the matter, Loea?”
“I had a pain this morning.
But now that pain has gone.
Now that you have come, everything is gone.
How can it be, you are a walking healer.”
“That is possible, Loea.
I am now already capable of giving the human being gifts!
Can you believe it?
I can let the human being heal.
You do not believe it, Loea, but you will now heal in my shadow.
We came to you and those pains took off.
Isn’t that nice?
I know it!
I can do that!
Now I can do that!
Since a few hours ago I have started to walk in those powers.
I got them there.
Over there!
You get all kinds of things there, Loea.
There is everything!
And I saw it there and when I saw that, Loea, I knew it, but I am afraid of that.”
“What are you afraid of, dear Jeus?”
“Of having to act like a miracle man, Loea, and that is possible now.”
“I can feel it.”
“How can you feel that, Loea?”
“I can see it in your eyes, dear Jeus.
They are at the back of your head.”
“Oh, Loea.
Goodbye, dear, we are leaving.
As long as you know that we could eat you.
Good heavens, what a good soul you are.
Goodbye, sweetie.”
We go home and want to begin quickly.
It is going great.
“Jeus, did you see that Loea saw something?”
“Yes, she saw something.”
“And that is just the shadow of the real thing.
And that has to go too, or we will soon be telling things which the people no longer understand.
I was there and I was standing in the room and that must not happen again.
But we will make it.
Loea is a great wonder, Jeus.
To her everything is ‘dear’!
And that is her wonderful soul.
Good heavens, Jeus, I would die for Loea a thousand times, Loea is so good, Loea is just like Crisje is.”
“I know.
Can you tell me something about dying?”
“No, Jeus, not just now.
I am talking, but it is not easy.
I would much rather be silent.
Can you hear that student again?”
“Yes, I can hear him.
Do you not want to tell him something?”
“That is no longer necessary, Jeus.
I can hear from the voice that he is already there.
That boy will not go crazy now, he has already made it.
That will recede.
Now we must not touch him again and the rest will happen of its own accord.
Now imagine, if we were to say to him: can you hear me?
Yes, I can hear you.
I am God!
Yes, indeed, I am God and Human Being.
Then you would only hear laughter.
That other lady felt it too, but she is also an open person and is longing for wisdom, or we would not have told her it, of course.
We will only attract misery, and why?
The human being is not open to divine things anyway, the human being feels beaten and kicked and has lost all his nice things!
But that is up to the human being himself.
We are going further.
The next generation, like this one, has to accept us.
When mankind gets to know our prophecies, Jeus, that mankind will be absolutely staggered.
But we must not experience that now, that is only just misery.
I firmly believe that they will shoot us from the street.
One person would accept you and another would consciously murder you, only because those people no longer possess a spirit.
You will certainly feel what I mean.
And now?
Now everything is different.
I do not want that, Jeus.
I would like to be able to build a Temple for Christ, but one in which the Masters can speak; one of happiness, peace and happiness, of being blissfully one.
Of spiritual arts and sciences.
Oh well, I also believe that this has not yet been laid aside for this harsh mankind.
It is too nice, too wonderful.”
We are home and we begin.
André surrenders himself completely, but the city one can barely carry on.
I try to place as little as possible tension, and concentration, into the hands and fingers, so that we can go further, but we already feel, every letter now already weighs a thousand kilos.
The arms are so tired.
The nerves and the fingers which type, which now experience gravity, are so tired.
It is difficult, but we want to experience these journeys and prepare and materialise the first books for the ‘Cosmology’.
But I already know it, soon we will stand before a material halt and then we will not be able to go any further.
Or perhaps something will happen then.
Yes, then what?
Normally, having weighed up the pros and cons, I would no longer finish this work.
Our material halt lives in here.
The nerves and muscles are worn out.
The organism is deadly tired.
The brains are glowing like wildfire, and yet, no headaches.
None of that.
But tired, deadly tired!
Even if Crisje can help André, and the planets and stars send everything, which means something after all, the systems are also there and they no longer have any driving power, they are dead beat!
And yet, we go further.
André’s willpower is tremendous.
Outside the organism he can resist everything, but we are now involved with physical systems and who is not?
I know what I can achieve, Master Alcar also knows it, but we are skin and bone. Our Lord, You know it, after all.
Yet we now still fly over the machine, the first pages are already done, the follower has succumbed, there is no longer a question of helping to bear it.
The human being succumbs even just from reading this material.
That now tells how deep a human being’s feelings are.
That is the personality itself.
And we have to take that into account.
Fine, then we will go further alone, you no longer need to read anything for me, follower, it is over!
The days pass.
Four days passed, André lives in the silence of the universe, and we have worked hard.
Then we stand speechlessly watching the violence.
Bombs are falling on The Hague.
Did you see that too?
Yes, who wouldn’t have seen and heard that.
The Bezuidenhout church has been destroyed.
Isn’t that something?
Did you see that?
Can you feel that?
Did you see that?
Yes, they were mistaken, but a lot of people passed onto the other side.
That game with life and death is nice.
Just take part in that now.
Become a pilot and you will possess the universe, but beyond the coffin animal-like carry-on, destruction, horror, inhumanness.
Who wants that?
God perhaps?
Nothing more can be done about it.
Did you see the bombs fall?
Yes, but what do you want?
They want to have the V2s from Adolph, but they are precisely a bit too far off the mark.
That is this and now what?
It is a bloodbath in the Spuistraat, the people say, and that will probably be true.
But we must continue.
We are being bombed and talk about a Father of Love.
We will soon talk about the Divine Universe, if we do not collapse.
Why did my husband have to die suddenly?
He had nothing to do with that business.
Why was my child of six years hit by shrapnel?
Why is the human being capable of that?
Why do all those pilots not refuse?
Yes, madam, that is something else entirely.
We live in a precious time, do you see?
What did you say, ugly madman?
I said, madam, that there is no death.
Your child is alive!
Did you hear that?
Is that any good to you?
I have lost my husband and my children and I myself have lost a leg.
Have those krauts and those English gone crazy?
Yes, madam.
In the Divine All, the bits and pieces are flying around Our Lord’s ears and He is doing nothing!
Yes, He is doing something anyway, but the people do not believe that.
He is working on Earth.
Yes, indeed, madam, He is busy telling about His life and He is also telling where He now lives, and that He is still love.
That good Lord!
Yes, indeed, sir, He is building on the University of His life!
Is that not something for you, madam?
No? I can understand.
That will probably be true!
That is true, madam!
Yes, now just do not lock the door again, madam, it will fly off of its own accord.
We people are not certain of our lives for a second.
But what is life, madam?
Do you know life?
Do you know yourself?
Not one person has died, madam, why would we make such a fuss then?
Did you hear that madman?
Yes, they should hang that man.
Thank you, madam, thank you, sir, I will keep my mouth shut.
We go further, but André has conquered himself, we do not need to begin with the next journey immediately.
And that is a great wonder!
“Hurrah”, he can say to Jeus, “we have made it.
The Divine All is there, but it does not pull us away from the Earth.
Now we can also look at those bombs, at corpses, and yet not weep, we can do that, because we know where all those people go.
We are standing on top of it and we do not feel any emotion.
Isn’t that crazy, my Jeus?”
“Yes, it is, but that is because of our strange life wisdom, we no longer have any death and any misery, life is wonderful!
You should hear those people wailing.
Is that harsh?”
“I don’t know.
I know that they will no longer wail after this.
The people do not want to possess any wings.
And because of that crazy Grim Reaper they get those wings.
Is that something for you to master?
That will probably be true, but you must now begin with it seriously.”
“Israel is being crushed, Our Lord.”
“Then Israel should not have destroyed Me.”
“Was that Israel?”
“Yes, indeed!”
“Then it is okay, great Father, I thought that it was the Jews.”
“And the Romans!
And the children of Israel.
And the Jews and everyone of the Earth is to blame for My destruction.
But was I destroyed?”
“No, fortunately not!”
“Thank you.”
“It is nice that You are there, Our Lord.”
“I was always there.”
“And we know that.”
“Then everything is fine!”
“Yes, yes, yes, Our Lord, everything is fine!”
The people need fat, fat, fat.
That is the only food which this life is still open to, the human being of this time doesn’t care about the rest, nor Our Lord, therefore Christ.
Anyone who can accept God is crazy!
They are religious maniacs.
But we go further!
We must go further and we are also part of those crazy people!
Boom, boom, boom, another series of bombs on The Hague, but we continue to write, nothing can disturb us, we have no respect and no fear for bombs.
For nothing!
Absolutely nothing!
We only have respect for Christ!
A woman and her dog blown to pieces, we hear from the girl from Vienna, and the whole city is on fire.
Will you not stop with your writing?
No, not us, we will continue to write.
But what do you want?
The whole city is on fire.
We do not notice any of it.
Is it really war?
Did little bombs fall?
Did people die?
There is no death!
We work against every normal human and abnormal human thinking and feeling.
We are no longer normal and not abnormal, there are no more words for this work.
That work and writing about God and the Divine All goes against everything which you can and have to experience here, it is bad!
But we are not ‘bad’, we are abnormal and work, write, do something for these crazy masses, this animal-like carry-on of the such beautiful and wonderful Mother Earth.
Everything is dirty!
Sad too, but we are not that!
Not dirty nor filthy, we have nothing to do with that.
We are working and bombs are falling.
And our typing on the machine is more terrible than all those bombs, those bang-bangs, those wretches, those people flung apart, scorched.
It is bad, yes indeed, for the human being who does not possess anything else.
Where are you going now, soul of my soul, spark of my spark?
Will I see you again?
Will you live beyond the coffin?
Now tears fall and what a lot.
But if the human being knew, he would no longer weep again.
Now everything would suddenly be better, suddenly spatial, but that is too far removed from the human being.
Dear man, there is no death!
What did you just say, sir?
Nothing, I did not say anything, sir.
No, I did not say anything!
I thought that you wanted to tell me something.
Then that is okay too.
And these thoughts and stories are part of the ‘Cosmology’ and they have meaning.
You cannot reach that man.
That woman there was crushed, along with her child and little dog.
Isn’t it frightening?
The followers were just back from the city, Loea was walking with her Dayar outside and saw it, nothing happened to us!
My sister was there and she was walking right in the middle of it and did not get a scratch.
My father wanted to save his wife, but father and mother were burned alive, dreadfully.
A man ran in there and met his death in this way.
Did you see him?
Not me, but the human being crushed him.
The human being trampled him underfoot and then he was no longer there.
A lady was standing at top of her house and jumped down from two stories high and no injuries.
When she was standing on her own two feet a bit further up, sir, I saw that a large piece of wood fell and exactly on her head.
Stone-dead, sir, can you understand that?
Not me.
A child of seven years, it was a girl, was walking around looking for her mother, was right in the middle of burning streets and was unhurt, sir, but when the firemen saw that and wanted to save the child, sir, it suddenly appeared to be dead in their arms.
Isn’t that strange, no order, sir?
Say it yourself now, this is not a life anymore.
A lady was looking for her money safe in the house which was burning, sir, but she could not get in, sir, and what happened then?
Suddenly the safe is lying in the street and then that lady ran away.
She said that she had seen her father and then she had heard:
“Here, child, you have your money.
See that you get away from here quickly.”
Was that her dead father now, sir?
The lady really says that it is true, she saw her father.
But is that possible, sir?
Can that happen just like that?
Can spirits get involved with money, sir?
Who can solve that mystery now?
But she has her money back.
How can it be, I would like to have a dead father like that, but mine is still alive.
I believe, sir, that the ‘dead’ can do more than we can.
Is that true, sir?
Is that not worthwhile thinking about, sir?
Probably, madam, yes, you can now experience the strangest things and ‘dead people’, madam, yes, they are alive and still have all their intellect and also know where the money is lying.
Yes, it is strange, but that lady is well out of her misery, true or not?
Is dying bad, sir?
I don’t think so, madam, look for yourself and you will know.
I believe that the shock paralyses the people, paralyses them from inside, of course, and they know nothing more.
Oh well, you hear so much today, madam!
Do you know, sir, what a loaf of bread costs now?
No, madam.
What do you think, sir?
I don’t know, madam, I do not understand those things.
One loaf of bread now costs forty guilders!
Really and truly!
And ‘dead people’ no longer eat bread anyway, madam!
You hear strange stories now, André can say, he is living right in the middle of it, under it too, but we go further.
Hundreds of corpses are lying in the street, these people are no longer hungry, that from inside is standing still and is now at a dead point.
Those cursed English too.
You cannot rely on a government.
For that matter, if there is something to be earned, they run away!
Do they know there that we are now in trouble here?
Do you still want explain that away, sir?
Not me, madam, God save me, I have other things to do.
It is nonsense, madam!
The Bezuidenhout church has been destroyed!
There are thousands of victims to be mourned!
Half of The Hague is in flames!
They had wanted to get the House of Orange!
But it was the Bezuidenhout instead!
It now appears that ‘Orange’ enjoys more protection than the Church of Christ, because that beautiful church has been destroyed and is on fire.
Yes, the church of our beautiful Bezuidenhout is ablaze!
Is that true, sir, that the ‘Oranges’ are protected by God?
How can God now approve that His churches are razed to the ground?
Is that possible, sir?
You see it, everything is possible, madam.
Yes, it is crazy again, are the ‘Oranges’ not to blame for this misery?
God will know.
Is it true, sir, that our queen was put on her throne by God?
Probably, madam, but I do not believe it.
And yet?
The den Bosh House remained, did the English want that?
Not at all, Adolph was there with his V2s and they did not get Adolph.
But it is strange, madam.
You should think about it.
Hundreds, no, thousands of dead people and not one of those men, women and children too, have died, madam, sir.
Not a single one!
And if you want to experience the analysis of that, if it interests you, then just read my books and you will know.
What did you say?
Read books during these times?
Do not let me collapse from sorrow, sir, ugh, have you lost your mind?
A God?
It is sorrowful!
If there was a God such things would not happen!
Get out of my sight, sir, go, get away from me or I will commit a murder!
Death is laughing from behind its mask at the people of the cities and the countryside, at the human being in Europe.
But in Germany not a house remains whole and those dirty krauts deserved that.
They are dirty scum.
They should skin those men alive!
And the English?
Did they not do their duty?
Should our boys not fight?
That is not killing a human being, that is duty.
That is nice, you will also be decorated.
Women and men are taking part in it.
It is nice to sleep hand in hand with a murderess like that, to dream about the blood of corpses and all those things.
Give me a kiss like that from such a mother.
How does that kiss taste, madam, sir?
Women are like wild jungle cats can be.
Mothers fight like wild animals do not know how to fight, but this is the city, this is something from the twentieth century, women are like men.
Murdering and committing arson.
For what?
In order to serve the fatherland.
For medals!
They do that for Our Lord.
These women are nice.
If you are sleeping peacefully and she gets an impulse like that, you will be strangled in bed.
And that is then her kiss.
She is a beautiful, sweet girl, just not for me, I do not want anything to do with that animal instinct.
I saw other mothers, I saw them in the Divine All, madam, and that is something entirely different!
Let it rain bombs; if you are brought to the spiritual awakening, everything is fine.
This too!
Goodbye, sir.
Goodbye, madam.
See you soon!
What does Mr Bible man say?
What does the priest say, now that the church of Mary of the Immaculate Conception was beheaded?
Was shattered?
Destroyed by those devils?
And that too by the devils of our own sort?
How is that possible?
Is there perhaps a curse to be experienced somewhere?
Probably, but I am not getting involved in it, madam.
It is pointless talking about that, because the church is just a stone building, madam.
Our Lord is not there, for that matter.
I already knew that when I was a child and I am still a child, madam.
Yes, people say that, but is that true?
Was Mary also shot to death, madam?
Can Our Lord approve of that?
Yes, you see it, Our Lord also wants to sacrifice something for himself and the church of His mother.
It is nice, isn’t it?
Of course, you think that I am crazy, but I mean it, madam.
Mary was now bombed to death.
Wasn’t she?
Is Mary not dead, madam?
Am I mocking?
God save me, no!
We are living in times, madam, when one and three ... equal seven!
Father Abraham is looking for his chickens, his sheep too.
There are black and white amongst them.
Guess what that is?
But madam, that means that there are people living in Jerusalem, who still do not want to believe now that Christ lived there.
And in order to explain that to those people, bombs are now falling on these people, because the human being from there is also here, madam.
That is the bombing which we now have to experience, madam.
And there is a cross in Jerusalem, madam.
It is standing on top of a hill, madam!
And that same man is still hanging on that cross, madam!
That same man from before, madam!
And yet the people do not believe that it is He, madam!
And that is why, madam, there are now bombs falling on our poor heads, madam!
And is that not enough to make you weep until your tears run dry, madam?
Of course, you are thinking again that I am crazy.
But I am certainly not crazy, madam.
I would be crazy to be crazy, madam!
Are these times not crazy, madam?
Not horribly abnormal, madam?
Yes, madam, it is true!
A man suddenly gets off his bicycle and lights his pipe with leaves.
A friend of his cycles on.
When the man takes a draw from his pipe, madam, the man who cycled on is stone-dead, because aeroplanes suddenly came.
Suddenly stone-dead just like that, madam.
And the man with the pipe heard it being said to him as it were:
“Just light your pipe.”
The man with the pipe remained alive, madam, but the man who cycled on and wanted to get home quickly to his wife and six children, did he have to die now, madam?
Something to think about, madam.
Something which makes you tremble and shake, if we people must accept that one person is warned by the Grim Reaper and that another person, a father of many children, was out getting food, had to die, is killed, and suddenly just like that?
Is that possible?
Did that man on that Cross not tell about that, madam?
Does He have that in His hands?
That man with the pipe is still alive now, madam, and the father of all those children got four bullets through his fatherly heart; suddenly just like that.
I think that ‘death’ wears a dirty mask, madam, and we now know all about that.
Can you feel it?
Is that true, sir?
Yes, madam, the truth!
But I can tell you something entirely different.
Everything is sorrowful, I mean, the man on the bicycle, but the man who lit his pipe, is still alive and now says: good heavens, how protected I am there.
Oh well, he is dead, not me!
My Father called to me to light my pipe and that same Father gave the other one the drive and the inspiration to ensure that he came to his death and he was there, madam, exactly on time!
This man, this soul, this spirit was not one second too late, madam; or did the human being not get any soul, any spirit?
That thinking and talking of ours just appears ridiculous, but is this ridiculous now, madam?
Is this ridiculous, madam?
But no, because after all, it has to do with thousands of things from ‘HIM’ up above, doesn’t it?
One person gets life and the other his ‘coffin’ ... madam?
His real coffin?
Is that possible?
Does that have to happen?
Isn’t that something?
No, is that nothing then?
But what happened at the Bezuidenhout church, is that nothing too?
Nothing at all, what happened to that lady with her money?
Ask it and you will know it, I now hear all kinds of things, madam.
They are good days.
That Our Lord!
But if you are in Jerusalem, madam, you will suddenly know why they now gave those Jews a star.
Yes, that is a pity, but that has to do with that man from the Cross.
He said then: “I am it”, and the Jews said that they were it.
And now that star must decide who it now actually is!
And Adolph Hitler wants to find that out now.
Is that so crazy now, madam?
Yes, I know Adolph really well.
I still remember, it was during the evening, nearly seven o’clock, that I was sitting precisely on the edge of Jerusalem waiting for my girl.
Yes, madam, a wall had been built around Jerusalem.
And I had a date with my girl.
But she did not come.
I continued waiting until the following morning.
I never saw her again, madam.
Yes, it was very poor, but she couldn’t help it.
What did you say?
Yes, I spoke to her of course, but not in Jerusalem, madam, here in The Hague.
Do you not believe it?
Yet it is the sacred truth.
Today she is cooking food for us.
It is the girl from Vienna.
She told me that her father had forced her to let go of the doves.
And when those horrible doves flew to the Arabs, madam, and the Romans were pleased about it, she went after her own doves and had completely forgotten about me.
When I woke up one morning and she was still sleeping, it was not so long ago, she was dreaming of her doves and then I suddenly knew that it was her.
What do those dirty doves mean, madam?
They were the children of Jerusalem, madam, children who later murdered the man from the Cross.
And my Sara knew that.
She was a child from the Caiphas family as it were.
She came there day in day out, madam, a right regular visitor, and yet?
Now she does need to wear a star, neither do I, because we recognised HIM on the cross.
At that time still a shrew, now as sweet as honey.
Is that possible, madam?
The man from the Cross told me all about it.
“Yes, Jeus, not the letter ù, but the ‘u’ from cupboard belongs to our life, you are not called Je-ùs, but quite simply Jeus, Master Zelanus wrote in the third book, and that is also the truth.
But you hear it, the people are truly crazy.
They think that we are crazy, but it is them.
Do you not like this talk?
We are adjusting.
We are now experiencing a drama.
We talk as the masses feel, but we are following truths.
We once lived in Jerusalem and we knew the girl from Vienna there.
Also in London, of course, and we belong to the Jewish race (see again, at least she does, and we just kicked her into misery there, because she was too late then and let us sit on the wall.
And now we know that it is the fault of her father and the Arabs, the Romans, why would we still look at her wrongly?
Yes indeed, the girl from Vienna did not come to us just like that, our white race (see, that attunement from there, with the London carry-on, brought us back to each other again, and we got life for that, but above all the death of all these people.
And, Jeus, not one single person goes before his time, if you do not search for murder, because that same God does not know any death beds.
But good heavens, how far from home we were.
If you hear the people talk, you will no longer have a life.
And yet, you know all the things we said.
How angry that one lady was at us.
But what do those people actually want from us?
They come straight at us.
If he doesn’t know it, then she will know it, but he and she do not know it.
Why do the people approach us, Jeus?
Because they smell, feel, the Divine All.
They smell their steel, those people poor of spirit.
And we came back to the earth from that truth.
But I know it already.
The one thing which is not clear to that woman was the story about those doves and Arabs.
And those Romans.
Did you understand it?”
“Yes, I know it.”
“And what is it, Jeus?”
“That when God warned the people from all sides, but that those people there did not want to understand anything, no Arabs and no Jews.”
“My compliments, Jeus.
That’s it exactly.
The human being was warned by the mother, by the life.
But that was our girl from Vienna.
Then she was involved with the Jewish race (see and did something.
She herself does not know it.
But when she dreamt a while ago that she let the doves go, I knew it.
We had a relationship with the life and with her.
Isn’t it wonderful?
And yet, the human being thinks that we are crazy.
Not them, they are not crazy; it is us.
But just give me this craziness and let them keep those bombs.
The dead people too!
And the living. But a pipe with rubbish has more meaning than talking and praying for hours, even more than saying mass and behaving in a holy way, even more than being a cardinal, priesthood, and that is also worth thinking about.
But we have made it again, Master Zelanus can begin, at least if he does not consider us rarefied.
But probably not, Jeus, we are free from every cosmic pressure, all the things the human being is good for.
What a lot we are learning, now that half of The Hague was almost murdered, now that bombs are falling from the left and from the right, we are learning like never before.
And there is no death!
The human being does not die!
Fathers are starting to begin with the next life and mothers have to make sure that they and their children get food and drink.
Even if there are babies amongst them and the child lives in the mother, there is no death!
Death beds and dying in the street have no meaning for God!
There is no death!
Whether thousands of people die suddenly, not one of them is dead!
What appears like dying is the releasing of the soul, and she goes further!
But what does the human being know about his going further, his death?
Suddenly the soul goes further.
She did not know that death was following her?
No, she did not know that.
Can the Church explain this wonder?
No, neither can the minister!
There is still a death.
The soul is not disturbed by children, she goes further.
Is that not harsh, not unjust, minister?
Human Being?
But then what?
No, sir, that is not harsh, not bad, the soul goes further!
And we will be proved right, Jeus”, André can tell him, “Because we know the laws.”
There is a lot to learn in the streets now.
Yes, madam!
Yes, sir!
We will be proved right in everything!
“We, my Jeus, represent the truth.
It is deadly seriousness!
Anyone who does not know the laws weeps, is faced with a death, which does not exist!
The Churches are crazy now!
The people no longer believe anything.
The people are like possessed beings.
We too, but differently.
A minister who now still talks about damnation is a crazy person!
There are horrible krauts living, but also Germans, but people no longer know them.
The horrible krauts belong to Adolph, Himmler, Goebbels and Hermann (Göring), the rest are Germans, children of one Father.
But they no longer believe that.
Not any longer now, now that the English raze our Bezuidenhout to the ground.
However, the English still have to earn that H from Human Being.
And that same H with a capital letter is trouble for our own people, my Jeus, it is a terrible carry-on, but they do not accept that.
It all has to do with the A from Animal-like carry-on, but they do not believe that!
But they will get to accept that A in a radiating way.
I say that I know it!
I say, I was in the Divine All, now I know it!
I say that all those peoples have to bow their heads, and that will come!
I say that there is no death, and I will be proved right!
I say, as André-Dectar, that we will triumph, my Jeus!
Believe me!
I say, we were in the Divine All and we spoke to Christ, we saw HIM, but that does not mean anything!
I say now, my Jeus, that does not mean anything, because we have not yet reached that stage.
We, my Jeus, still have to master that stage and we now also remain ordinary children!
We say: that conscious Divine All can tell us even more, we have to make sure that we remain standing on our own two feet here.
However, I tell you, Buddha and Ramakrishna murdered it consciously.
They had succumbed.
They had collapsed, collapsed under their white sheet, succumbed because they saw the Divine All.
They still could not take it, or they would have entered that stage.
Believe me, that’s it!
What they saw and were able to experience was only a shadow of what we beheld, my Jeus.
But can you feel that these bombs are now helping us to bear it?
That this piece of The Hague is serving us?
No one understands that, and yet, it is the truth.
Because we are having fun.
Not because of those victims, you know better than that.
But because we know and were able to see the happiness beyond that.
I am telling that!
And I am telling the sacred truth!
The human being will learn that!
But the human being does not understand that he loves devils!
The human being does not feel that he loves devils!
The human being yearns for honour and fame and for medals!
And those things have no meaning for the soul!
The human being decorates himself completely with gold, but that means nothing!
God does not know those medals.
Christ wants nothing to do with them.
The human being throws bombs on the human being and weeps!
Yes, sir.
Yes, madam!
Anyone who takes part in that is crazy!
Yes, sir.
Yes, madam!
But Adolph Hitler is not a Christ!
The human being thought so, but it is no longer Adolph now.
And all those millions of people had to learn that now, my Jeus.
Nothing else, because there is just one Christ and we saw the real one!
The Christ of the Churches is a false one!
The Christ of the Churches is a poor one, because he asked whether He could remain alive, he asked: Let this cup pass from me, Father.
The real Christ told me: I did not say that!
The real Christ says: those are lies!
The real Christ did not say either: My Father, why have You forsaken Me?
The real Christ did not say that, because HE is the Deity!
The real Christ cannot be drunk, people have to earn that!
And there were many lion’s den people on Earth.
Yes, Jeus. Were they stronger than Him?
No, sir, no, madam, because those are lies!
Adolph’s predictions will not come true, but mine will!
But the human being does more for the fatherland than for Christ!
Because the Messiah does not give any medals!
I see that Adolph cannot be murdered, and, he is still alive!
But those spiritualists are crazy.
Those were not messages, they were own thoughts!
I said, Adolph will die, yes indeed, but by means of himself!
And anyone who wants to finish him off is a crazy person!
And the peoples of the earth have to learn that, my Jeus.
Christ let me see and experience it there in the Divine All!
And you are my witness.
We are no longer witnesses for Jehovah ... because he is a crazy person!
We are witnesses for Christ!
Who is everything and still is!
But not as the Church wants that!
And we are now learning that on the streets!
We got that knowledge by means of the Bezuidenhout.
Yes, sir.
Yes, madam!
But there is no death.
Is the ugly part not over?
No, sir, it’s a pleasure, time and again, to say that there is no death!
What Adolph, Himmler and Goebbels, also Hermann and the others, have to make amends for will work out just fine.
But what is there of yourself there?
Did you not make any mistakes, commit any sins during those thousands of lives?
I tell you that the human being is now paying his bills!
And all those German jokers lived in Jerusalem.
They fell from their pedestals there and now want to elevate another one for this age, but they will no longer manage that now.
The human being does not understand that?
Not you, madam?
Not you, sir?
Then read the ‘Peoples of the Earth as seen from the Other Side’ soon and you will read my revelations for this mankind.
And then you will know it.
Then you will also know and you will understand why the Jews now wear the stars.
Now everything is clear to you!
When Adolph and his kind lived in Jerusalem, we had just left!
You too, madam?
And you, sir?
Yes, we lived there ten times.
What I thought about is the truth.
We were there, lived there and loved, but we did not know ourselves!
You and your little brother, your father and mother more blissful too, sir.
Yes, madam, you were there too!
I tell you, you were there amongst that kind who called out: crucify HIM!
You had more love for Barabbas?
For Caiphas?
Probably, but now you walk round with a star and the German demon child gases your life, and also your personality?
No, that German cannot even do that.
Is this harsh to hear?
Probably and yet you will say that I am right!
All of you will say that I am right, sir, madam!
You will soon gladly say that I am right!
Did you never do any wrong during your millions of lives?
I did and Jeus even more, but we accept now.
And we do not interfere with your development, because that has no meaning for Christ.
Did you do not do any wrong, sir?
Nor you either, madam?
Oh, come on!
Ugh, sir, how can you say that about yourself!
But what you now hear is dreadful, no one is to blame for this misery, no one!
And our knowledge is our gift for your life, sir, madam?
Yes, we were in the Divine All and now we possess this omniscience.
Ours, and that is pure!
What you now hear in the streets has nothing to do with spiritual becoming conscious, has no meaning for the soul, touches nothing, neither life, nor death, no soul and no spirit.
Spiritual death is everything!
Every thought is death.
Every thought of the human being of this age is death!
But hurrah, we are alive and are awake!
Master Zelanus goes further and we think, my Jeus, we talk and learn a lot.
Wisdom is lying in the streets.
Wisdom is lying in the street gutters of the city, but the people do not yet understand that.
The real Bible is also lying in the street gutters of the city.
Everything which HE brought through Golgotha, you see again in the street gutters of the city!
Also His life, His soul and His spirit!”
Of course you think that I am crazy, madam, don’t you?
I am deadly seriousness, sir.
Master Zelanus has worked hard and we are relaxing by just having a look at the beautiful life.
But we can barely go on, our arms weigh a thousand kilos, the city one cannot go on.
But the bombing will not stop, The Hague?
You will still get a few hits to experience.
Whether you talk like this or like that will no longer help you.
The kraut annoys you?
That is a pity, because he does not know any better.
But he will have to make amends for everything, madam.
And if you have to leave here, sir, no one will keep you here any longer.
Can you still not accept?
Yes indeed, every people has less conscious types.
Those are the seven grades of life, sir.
But the human being as a child of God, as a Divine spark, will have to conquer this Third Cosmic Grade of Life.
Even we devils on Earth, that means nothing, because the universe and the planet Earth have not yet reached the spiritual grade of life either.
The soul as human being will have to awaken, the masses as a people too.
And the demons on Earth, who keep on destroying the peace, will gain the insight that it should not be done like this.
And that will take a while, sir.
We are now experiencing exactly our own part.
Anyone who still has to live will not die, sir!
We have been experiencing those laws since the origin of the Earth.
Those unconscious beings have been busy strangling mankind for thousands of years.
Is that not true?
That is the awakening for mankind.
And we have not yet made it, sir.
This is the result of two thousands years of Christianity.
Isn’t it, sir?
The city one cannot go on.
We are standing before the physical succumbing.
Now what, André-Dectar?
They are coming home.
They do not know how they came home.
It continued at a dragging pace.
Now what, Master Alcar?
I cannot press down another key, another letter.
The typewriter now weighs a thousand kilos.
We are completely empty.
André is howling inside, another thirty pages and this book will be finished.
Now what, Master Alcar?
Now what, angels?
Now what, Wayti?
Now what, Mother Moon?
Now what, Sun?
Now what, Jupiter?
You are so inspiring, after all, aren’t you?
But you cannot help us now.
Now what, Uranus?
Now what, spiritual world?
Now what, Crisje? Jeus cannot go on.
The city one has succumbed!
His back is broken.
That back devoted everything.
But we want to go further, we want to finish this wonderful work before the war is over.
So far, at least.
Can you not help us then?
Normally, speaking in human terms, that is no longer possible now, because our organism is empty, it is destroyed!
Now what?
They are standing in the street and cannot go on.
Rest for a moment.
And then go further anyway.
They are standing at the stairs and cannot go up them?
And yet it has to be done!
They rest ten times on the same stairs, which they went up a thousand times, because the city one has lived here for twenty years.
Twenty years going upstairs and downstairs.
Can you not carry us then?
Not levitate us a bit as they experience there on the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life?
No, that will not work?
Then we must rest for a moment, you cannot do anything about it.
We are exhausted!
But now what, Miets?
Sister of Jeus?
Now what, Tall Hendrik?
Now what, Spheres of Light and Masters?
Can you not do anything else?
Is this everything?
Is there not more?
So despite all this wisdom there is nothing else to be experienced, my God?
My Christ.
Is that asking for friendship and strength a false alarm?
What do you want there?
Must I succumb?
Gladly, but that is not possible.
It began on the way, going home.
Then the city one felt that he could not go on.
That was the succumbing of the material.
There is nothing else to be experienced.
But, good gracious, Jeus comes up, is there nothing else to be experienced?
Can a body not be elevated, if it has been shaken empty for Christ and His universes?
And then they began to scold.
They scolded everything, but not to destroy all of that, they are talking to the laws of the universes.
Where are you now?
Ramakrishna, where are you now?
Socrates, where are you now?
Blavatsky has nothing to give yet.
Neither does Annie Besant, they must first make sure that they become cosmically conscious.
Ancient Egypt, do you have nothing to give to our life now, to give for the organism?
Then back to sleep, Egypt!
Rudolf Steiner, where are you?
Meester Alcar, where are you?
Meester Cesarino, where are you?
Do you not have anything for us?
We cannot go on!
Will you not help us?
The whole of the universe will help you to bear it!
Universe, where are you now?
Universe, is everything nonsense?
We cannot even walk up the stairs anymore.
Good heavens, what will the girl from Vienna say, city one?
I murdered your organism.
Just blame me, city one?
Do you want to blame me, city one?
Do it.
Well, don’t make me laugh.
We look great now.
Now a bit more hunger oedema and we will have made it completely.
But now no joking for a change, city one.
If you now see that we make it up the stairs, I will talk to all those laws sometime.
I will draw God to this world.
Can you really not go higher up, city one?
It is a pity.
Go on, just try it.
Dectar and I, and Jeus too will help you now.
Come on, boys, the city one must go higher up.
Three steps higher, they are lying on the floor again.
They are now crawling upstairs.
Finally they are lying at the door.
Now they must try to press through the back of the knees, but that is not so easy.
And yet it must be done.
And yes, we are standing on our own two feet again.
Now that door must be opened.
My God, how heavy a house key like that is.
Was that thing always so heavy, city one?
I never knew.
I believe that I have forgotten your life.
How heavy a key like that is.
Tell me honestly now, city one, was that thing always so heavy?
And you always walk round with that thing in your pocket?
How can it be.
But just let me see whether I can get the door open.
The door is open, we are home.
And now the girl from Vienna must not notice anything, or we all get a good beating.
Quiet now, go easy and crawl to the typewriter.
Is the girl from Vienna coming?
No, she is not even there.
Thank God.
And now to the writing desk.
What would you think, André-Dectar, if we were now to roll over the floor?
Can you not move a step further, city one?
What do you want?
That I call the universe?
That will come.
If they no longer help us it will be over.
Then we will have a nice rest, city one, and we will no longer work you to the bone.
Fair is fair, you have done everything which you had to do.
And you will certainly know, you will soon see your own flowers.
Good heavens, I hadn’t thought it would be so difficult.
Have you been wandering around for long, city one?
Have you been crawling over the earth for long?
Hey, Mother Earth, we cannot go on.
But first we must sit in that chair there.
And they get that far.
We are sitting in front of the typewriter, but we are going through our back.
That is exhaustion.
We cannot go on.
We would have wanted to experience one more journey for the soul, but we cannot go on, Master Alcar, our halt lies here.
Do you have nothing to say, Master?
Quiet, there is the girl from Vienna.
Good day, child.
What did you say?
Are we having sugar beets today?
That is great.
That will help us.
God will not be able to help us, but sugar beet soup will.
That is delicious.
Nothing else today?
From the soup kitchen?
I do not like anything from the soup kitchen.
Oh well, let’s just die, Jeus.
But then the poor girl from Vienna will be on her own.
And she cannot finish the books.
Dear Miets?
We cannot go on.
Crisje, Mother, we cannot go on!
Tall Hendrik, where are you?
We cannot go on!
Who can help us?
We are sitting here and can no longer press down a letter like that.
Isn’t that something?
What a busy time we had.
Did we complain, city one?
No, we didn’t, did we?
But you look bad.
My God, all the places we have been.
Why are you laughing, Jeus?
Why are you laughing, Jozef?
We, Dectar and I, are not laughing.
My God!
My Christ!
My Divine All!
Was everything just a dream, Christ?
Don’t make me laugh.
Something else.
Where are you now?
Golgotha, did the strength originate there?
Golgotha, do you help people if they cannot go on?
Golgotha, can you heal broken arms?
No, sir, no, madam, because that is the matter of worry for Mary Baker Eddy beyond the coffin.
Golgotha cannot heal any broken arms, you need a doctor for that first.
But then what, if you do have any broken arms and you are empty?
We are completely empty, Sir.
Yes, madam, empty, we are starving.
Isn’t that something?
Yes, this is something, we cannot go on.
Stars and planets!
Suns and hazes, are you powerless?
Can you not help us?
Is everything just nonsense?
The whole of the universe is helping you to bear it, André-Dectar!
All the life of God wants to serve.
And not God himself!
But that is God!
Well, then what?
If God is everything, tree, will you help me then?
Give me some of your life powers.
You did not let yourself starve, did you?
Mother Earth?
Can you hear it?
We cannot go on!
Mother Water, where are you now?
Now those grades of life and laws of life are deaf and dumb?
Can you not hear us shouting, Mother Water?
Flower, plant, rain and wind, are you not coming to help us now?
Can you not do anything for our collapsed organism?
Why are you not saying anything?
Why is it so quiet here?
Does the girl from Vienna already know that we can no longer get up from this chair?
That she will soon be able to put us to bed?
Does she not know that?
Does she not feel what is the matter with us?
That we are faced with a complete breakdown?
Then that is the best thing!
That first one is from Jeus.
Then Jozef comes.
Then I as André and then Dectar, we are all calling you.
We saw you there as a human being.
We do not need to tell you what we were able to do in the years which have passed, you know that.
But we have succumbed completely now for the first time, Christ.
Can you not hear us?
Did you not tell us, I mean me, and Dectar, that we could count on Your life?
Is this the end of our life and our task?
Fine, we accept.
But, Christ, why did Master Alcar make this journey then?
For nothing?
We are not longing for any hocus pocus, any floating over the streets, any levitating ... we know that, we do not want to be tied to occult laws from a lama priest, we are open to pure, spiritual science.
But now what?
What does the University of Christ, Your life, still have to mean?
Am I here too soon?
Is this necessary?
Should we not finish this wonderful work for Your life, Christ?
You wanted to give me strength.
Then give us those strengths in order to elevate the emaciated organism.
Is that not possible?
Is food necessary for that?
Can an organism like that not be elevated, Christ?
I know, Master Alcar cannot help us now.
No Master can do that.
Only You can do that.
Can you hear us calling, asking?
We are not begging for anything!
Not for anything!
We do not want praying for strength, it is possible or it is not possible!
What do you say, All-Source?
What do you say, All-Light?
What do you say, All-Life?
What do you say, All-Soul?
But what do you say, All-Spirit?
And what do You say, fatherhood and motherhood?
By what means did the laws of gravity originate?
Can you hear us calling you?
We are not begging for anything!
We want wisdom?
We are not begging!
We are not begging for anything!
We are not praying either!
Because we know that you cannot pray for this!
But we are only asking: must this work be finished?
Must this work be finished?
Is that not possible?
Why not?
Then we devote everything for this work of Your life.
No, nothing has happened yet.
But André goes further.
Meanwhile so much strength has entered the organism anyway, that we can walk to the kitchen.
The city one cannot eat.
We come back.
We are sitting in the chair again and André attunes himself to the Divine All.
Everything lives there.
He follows his life and then the laws of the universe.
We go through the last journey in thoughts and stand before Christ.
We now look the Messiah in the eye and do not beg for anything.
What is it?
Then we return to the Earth and see ourselves sitting at the typewriter.
My God, what is that?
André is looking into a wonderful light.
That light is coming from the Divine All towards our life and consciousness, and suddenly we are strong and powerful.
Tears of happiness fall.
That light inspires us.
Gives us strengths.
The light gives us so many strengths that we jump up from our chair like the human being who has to start on his climb to God for the first time.
My God, we thank You.
Christ, we have made it!
Christ, we thank You!
But Christ, You do not want any thanks!
Christ, such a miracle has happened here now!
And we are that miracle!
We are that miracle, Christ, but it is You!
Christ, we are going further.
We will finish this work!
To this far!
A moment later we are working at full power.
I am writing, the arms are no longer tired and the city one runs through the room and cannot get over his strengths.
Isn’t that something?
We are going further!
Christ gave us that strength!
Christ did not leave us alone!
We have now experienced that miracle!
Our work will be finished to this far!
The typewriter rattles as never before.
The girl from Vienna comes to ask whether we are not tired and why we are working so hard, she has just not noticed anything.
We did!
We have experienced a great miracle.
If we were not working for Christ, HE could not have helped us either.
Yes, Master Alcar, we are going further!
It was given to us.
I am suddenly finishing writing those thirty pages.
It happened towards six o’clock, we were busy until darkness fell.
That part is also finished.
We lay those flowers on Golgotha.
Christ will accept them!
We know that, but it is a great miracle.
André feels as if we still have to start the first part.
With that strength the spatial Omniscience came to his life.
Now he can take on everything and will deal with everything.
Nothing can stop us now, nothing!
Oh, Christ, You are still there after all!
Also on Earth.
You do not want any thanks, but still, our thanks!
André also gets time to think.
My God, what happened to you, the followers ask.
To me?
I have been restored to youth for eternity.
Christ came to us, but the rest of mankind will only hear that later.
“The soul as human being will conquer the Third Cosmic Grade of Life.
And we were now able to receive that, my Jeus, we have conquered the Third Cosmic Grade of Life, or we would still be there, lying in bed waiting now.
Did you see HIM, my Jeus?
I saw HIM!
I saw and heard HIM, my Jeus.
He said to me at that moment:
“I am here, André-Dectar.
Can you see ME, André-Dectar?”
“Yes, I can see You!”
“Now you will go further, won’t you?”
“Immediately, Master!”
“As long as you know, if it is possible, I will always be there!”
“I know it, Christ!
That is why we did not beg!”
“That’s it, My son.
Now go further!”
Oh, our Christ!”
And then, Jeus, it had suddenly happened.
How can it be.
But then we just experienced it anyway.
Just do not tell anyone about it, they will not understand it anyway.
They will now also think that we are talking nonsense.
They will think: only when I see it, if I may experience it, I will believe it.
But I tell you, Jeus, for now and eternity, we are serving for Christ, or we would not have got any strengths.
If Master Alcar works for himself just like that and puts us on his mountains, that still cannot be scorned, but this takes us into the arms of Christ.
I felt that Master Alcar had to admit honestly that he and all the Masters were powerless.
For what, Jeus?
Because we had exhausted our own universe.
Can you feel this?
We had completely given all the life forces of this organism for the Third Cosmic Grade of Life and we had nothing else to give.
Now this, my Jeus, mankind, is the proof that we are experiencing the truth!
Now this, mankind, is the proof that we are working for Christ!
Now this, mankind, means that we are serving mankind and that we are really in connection with Masters.
This is a miracle, because we had exhausted the natural part.
This is a miracle, because we had completely destroyed the body for the development of this mankind!
This is a miracle, because we are serving for the University of Christ and soon, later, all of mankind will have to accept this!
It is incredible, Jeus, but we have experienced this great miracle.
The human being of the earth cannot experience this and that can only be received if you have unity with Christ.
And we have earned that, Jeus.
If we had not earned this, we would not have received it either.
By what means are we living now?
By means of light.
By means of love!
By means of the All-Fatherhood and All-Motherhood!
By means of the All-Soul!
By means of the All-Spirit!
By means of the All-Love!
Yes, that’s it.
I feel like I am thirty years old and no organism has anything else to say.
We are now walking on the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life, my Jeus, we are human Gods!
And we will finish the next journey.
Now we will experience the origin of the human soul and all her spatial gifts.
Had you expected this?
I hadn’t, because I had reconciled myself to everything.
I knew that Master Alcar did everything which he could achieve and that also applies to all the life of God.
Crisje could not give us those strengths, no Miets, nor father, no spirit, only Christ could do that!
And then Christ came.
Yes, sir, HE came to us and now we are running through the streets again.
That happened within just a few hours.
This morning we could not go on and after writing thirty pages, we are running along the street and greeting all the people.
Did you think that those people sensed that we had experienced a great miracle?
That is not true, the people do not feel and see that, but we are strong, we will go further and finish our wonderful work.
Is there anything else, Jeus, that we have to discuss together?
No, there isn’t, is there?
The city one is also happy.
He went to bed without food, without anything, and we have strength.
We got steak, and eggs from the chickens of Our Lord, as light, love, soul and spirit.
Good heavens, how can it be!”
“Christ is power and strength.”
“Yes, the whole of this world knows that, Jeus, but when can the human being say: I am working for Christ, if you are standing on top of damnation?
If you murder!
If you commit arson?
If you lie and cheat?
If you want to act like God yourself?
If you want to represent Christ by means of damnation and a last judgement?
By means of hatred?
By means of cheating?
If you want to represent Christ by means of spiritual lies and material misery?
If you love the earthly above the eternal life?
If you snap and snarl?
If you rape HIM and HIS life?
Sully His Light?
If you think you represent HIM by smart talk?
What do we have of all of this, Jeus?
Are we liars?
Do we hate?
Do we dare to devote our life to HIM?
Yes, we do that, if we are able to prove that we want that, we will stab our heart.
We sacrifice everything!
Because that is not sacrificing, we are doing that for ourselves!
We now get to see and experience joy of life.
To experience His life and to see HIS light, HIS everything!
And now we do that for ourselves, because we awaken by means of that.
Is that the truth, Jeus?”
“Yes, that is the truth, oh, I am so happy.”
“Me too, Jeus, because we have made it now.
We are going further.
We are allowed to go further, and how happy Master Alcar, Crisje, Miets and father will be.
Yes, we are now going further again!
Christ is power!
If you serve for HIM, yes!
Or HE cannot help us, sir.
Christ is everything.
Yes, sir, if you also want to represent HIM in HIS everything.
But if you throw bombs, sir, then you will not get to see a single gram of power from HIS life, then HE will also be powerless!
Now take part in this mess and you will be powerless for HIM.
Now fight for your people and fatherland and you will powerless for HIM!
Decorate your jacket completely with earthly medals and you will represent darkness!
Put a crown on your head and you will represent mankind, not HIM, because that is not possible, HE was crucified!
Accept that crown and you will possess power, but what are you doing for HIM?
Accept the happiness of this society and, what do you have now?
Accept riches and power, rule the roost, but how do you do that?
Did you think you represent HIM?
Probably, but do you sign death sentences?
Then you are not standing before HIM, now you have to do with the devils on Earth, because you do not have the right to kill a human being!
Yes, dear Jeus, everything is the truth!
We have made it.
We are going further!”
“Thy will be done, Christ!
We have understood Your life, Christ!”
And a few hours later, André is standing beyond the coffin.
With dear Jeus. The next journey has begun.
“Yes, Master Alcar, we are back again.
I am ready!
It was a great miracle!”
“Our journey is going straight back to the Moon!”
“Goodbye, Mother Earth.”
“My, André-Dectar?”
“I have made it!”
“And all of us knew it!”
“Then nothing else can happen to us, mother!”
“It is true, my son.
Now go further!
Bring my life to the spiritual awakening.
The human being will conquer the Third Cosmic Grade of Life!”
But now the laws for the soul as human being!