Introduction by the spirit Lantos

People of the earth, one day, for one person sooner, for the other person later, you will enter the life of the spirit.
I say, sooner or later, unexpected, prepared or unprepared, one day you will enter this life.
Many people receive happiness, light, love and beauty of the spheres on this side and continue to live in harmony and heavenly joy.
They are those who have already mastered those spiritual treasures on earth, because they lived as God wanted them to.
They accepted their suffering and sorrow as well as other miseries, carried the cross that God laid on their shoulders with courage.
They are beings who bowed their heads to God’s divine command.
They were open to that divine leadership and acted according to an inner voice and are convinced of an eternal afterlife.
The path they walked took them upwards, as well as the path we walked and will still walk on this side.
These are the awakened and children of one God.
They bring happiness, love and sunshine over everything they meet in life on earth.
On this side they receive happiness and many are waiting here impatiently for the moment they will be connected to them.
They will surround them with pure love.
They will see their parents, sisters and brothers, friends and acquaintances again.
They will go forth in divine joy on the path to perfection.
All earthly suffering and sorrow will then be past.
These believers, these people simple in heart, are all children in spirit.
They know themselves and have cast aside their bad qualities.
They know neither hatred nor passion, but they are the strong in spirit who have mastered all of this in earthly life.
One day, everyone knows, they will enter the land on the other side, the spheres of light, and they will be awake and conscious.
However, how will those who complain and call out ‘why’ and ‘for what purpose’ enter here?
Who are too weak to carry?
Who are asleep in their inner self?
Who feel themselves as a personality and place themselves on a pedestal?
Who hate and are eaten up by passion?
Who believe neither in God nor commandment?
Those poor of spirit, those living dead, who will they enter here?
They will be faced with a poor and unconscious life on this side and will find their dwelling place in the dark spheres, where hate, lust and violence await them.
They will meet those who cheated humanity in earthly life.
Hundreds of years could pass before they enter the spheres of light.
Hundreds of years of suffering, sorrow and deep misery, as you do not know on earth and have never felt.
Here they are confronted with starting a new life.
On earth they did not want that and were too weak, experienced earthly life in an animal-like way and abused and destroyed everything, also He, Who gave them life, their God, the Creator of heaven and earth.
Here they are faced with that wonderful life, the life of the spirit, which they neither knew nor believed in.
On this side their earthly possessions and happiness will mean sorrow, they will live here in darkness and cold.
No learning, not any of their knowledge will have meaning on this side.
Their pedestals will collapse, their power has been destroyed, they live on, but in deep, almost inhuman suffering.
How will they enter eternal life who put an end to their lives?
What will their lives be like when they leave earthly life in such a way.
Oh, beings of the earth, these poor human children have to suffer terribly.
They enter here into an empty space, riveted to their discarded earthly body.
They are alone and abandoned, there is nothing around them, neither human beings nor animals, and a cold and deep darkness reigns.
They are the most unhappy beings who arrive here.
You have no idea of their sorrow and grief.
No suffering, no material pains, no illnesses or other earthly torments which you know can be compared with the suffering of those who have put an end to their earthly existence.
They will feel the misery of their failed lives and experience everything which happens to the spiritual body.
They put an end to their lives, but life cannot be destroyed, because life is God.
In this life they are faced with that incomprehensible mysterious life of the spirit and they will suffer until they have made up for what they once did wrong.
Now I will tell you about my awful end on earth and life on the other side, as I entered it.
I, whose name is Lantos, belonged to those who put an end to their earthly life.
I killed a human being, then myself, but this appeared impossible for me to do.
I entered another life, that is the life of the spirit.
What I am now going to tell you is the sacred truth; it is the law of cause and effect.
I had to accept and make up for what I did wrong.
What I am going to tell you is the cycle of the soul, which follows its path through all ages, to the source of all life in order to reach the divine spheres.
I am going to clarify incredible and terrible truths for you, helped by those who call themselves the awakened, the cosmic orientated, those who have completed their cycle on earth.
In the previous books which we passed onto this medium, you read that the human being possesses two bodies, of which the spiritual body is the eternal which lives on.
You also read about spheres, from the dark to the highest spheres of light and spiritual attunement, about cosmic mentality in degrees and about universal conditions.
You were able to measure your own life attunement from this, at least if you got that far and have the feeling for it.
You were able to test your earthly life on those who found the light from the darkness.
I want to try and give you a clear picture of the meaning of life on earth and answer your questions ‘why’ and ‘for what purpose’.
Your pleas which we receive follow one path, the path of the higher attuned being.
We will try to answer your question why God can approve of all of this.
Why does one person have to lose his father and mother too soon?
Why do murder and violence reign?
Why does one person have everything and another person has to die of starvation?
Why are many people weighed down by the torments which another person puts upon him?
Why live and suffer on earth?
Why all that suffering, while there is a Creator, a God of Love, Who loves all His children?
Why does God not call a halt to them and does He not say: ‘So far and not further’?
Why can rulers continue to kill their fellow people and sleigh them in their thousands?
People more advanced in feeling search for the attunement of their own self, their lives, which they neither know nor sense.
Where did we come from?
How long have we already been on the path to perfection?
Will we reach the divine spheres one day?
Will everything dissolve before us one day and will our questions then be answered?
Is there a life after death?
Are there planets where people live, or are we the only beings in this great universe?
Does a human being have free will, or is everything guidance and governing?
Does coincidence exist?
Why does everything go well for one person and all wrong for another?
Why is there is so much wealth, while millions of people are starving?
Why all those questions, again and again?
People of the earth, I and the millions who live on this side also asked all these questions when we still lived on earth.
I, like they, wondered why and for what purpose God could approve of all of this if He is a Father of Love?
Why does He give one person so much power and does He let another person starve?
I asked myself all kinds of questions but did not get any answer on earth.
However, these questions were only answered on this side.
Here I got to know and understand the meaning of being on earth.
On this side I became convinced of a God of Love and this happened by those who passed over before me and now live in the higher spheres.
Here I got to know the meaning of all that suffering on earth, why one person possesses and enjoys earthly happiness and another has to starve.
Follow me on my path and accept my testimony, however incomprehensible it may be for you.
It is the sacred truth.