To my dungeon

Before me I saw a building and I knew that building from my previous time.
So, I thought, my first cell was here?
I had been locked up in a former arena.
I entered through the gate, but as I entered I heard a terrible screaming and the moaning of people.
I had already observed the same scene in the street and I immediately understood what was happening here.
I saw dead and wounded, they lay spread out all around me, and I heard the cursing of earthly people.
The Christians were ill-treated in this way.
Yet at that moment I was not interested in any of this.
I was now too tuned into my own life, so that I did not want to interfere in that.
It was none of my business, because I lived in eternity.
Those on earth would have to just fight it out.
However, it was not a Christian scene, because there was violent swearing and whipping.
I had soon reached my cell.
I had been locked up in this cell, had awaited my sentence.
Others had now taken my place.
I counted seven of them, although there was just room for one.
I could see three of these earthly people clearly, but the others were shadows to me.
The walls of my cell were now transparent to me and so I saw that those other cells were likewise occupied.
The human being on earth was in rebellion.
The religious people had been destroyed.
Many of them would have to die, because if they were locked up they were sentenced to death.
I had served my time here.
Then I had been taken to another place and there I had died.
Here I had spoken to Marianne.
I was sorry that I had lost consciousness then.
Yet I now did not see or feel any of the strange influences.
I remained myself and nothing happened to me.
I waited, but nothing happened.
Now that I could not observe anything about myself, I looked at the people here around me.
I saw a spirit around one of the prisoners, who could be his mother.
When I tuned in, I felt that it was true.
Did she feel and know that something terrible would happen to her child?
How did she know this?
Where did she get this knowledge?
These were new mysteries to me.
However, I did not go into it too deeply, but remained with my own life.
I did not become any the wiser here and I decided to go to my other dungeon.
I concentrated very strongly on the past and I saw and felt that I left the city.
I now floated over the earth and felt that I came to an area where I had never been in my life on earth.
Was this a place for prisoners?
Before me lay a great stretch of water and there was an island in it.
The water was surrounded by hills.
I would never had found the opportunity of escaping from here.
It looked more like an underground cave to me, or the catacombs which I knew about.
I felt very clearly that I was in the place where I had been locked up and had died.
I floated over the water and stepped onto the island.
I found that floating forward amazing.
I had died there in that terrible building, I had been connected to devils there.
I stepped inside and saw where I was and that I had to go downstairs.
The steps were carved in the rocks and I remembered that I had counted them.
I also did that now.
Indeed, it was thirty-two.
Then I came to a square, but before me I saw a path, which winded upwards and took me to the highest situated cells.
No, I could not have escaped from here.
I wanted to go to my own cell first, then I would visit the others.
This had to be the death island which I had heard about.
I now entered my cell.
Another person had taken my place in this square hovel.
What a wretched hovel it was.
How terrible the fate of this human being was, because he was waiting for his end.
He was a young thin person and he lay in the same place where I had lain and had come into contact with the demons.
He was resting there and thought as I did: when will my end come.
Was he also connected?
He was already completely exhausted and it could not last much longer.
Then death would take him, the death which was not death, but meant life.
I myself was death and I stood before him, and he knew nothing about it.
Poor man!
I sat down close to him, but he did not feel me.
Then I went through him, but he did not feel that either.
The invisible human being could come very close to the earthly being, influence him, do everything he wanted and yet the earthly being did not feel or know any of it.
People would have to be very sensitive in order to be able to see, hear and feel this.
How simple it had been for these devils to come to me.
In this life people could go where they wanted themselves and do what they felt like.
I had to try to master this connection.
I wanted to know exactly how the human being on earth could be reached, then I would keep him from his own passing over, if he wanted to put an end to his earthly life.
Above me I saw a shadow and that shadow possessed more light than I did.
It was the astral being.
The earthly being possessed a very different light, I could see from this light that it was an astral being.
Was this being watching over him?
The light that I perceived was only very weak and yet I knew that this human being was higher than I was.
Was this being here to influence him?
I felt that it perceived me.
It was a female shape, I saw that from the outlines of her figure.
I felt even more, since it clearly entered me, for what purpose she had come to him.
This was a spirit guide, a human being who watched out for the well-being of a family member, he was probably her child.
However, I did not know this for certain, but in any case she had come here with good intentions.
She would protect him from demons and then my help would be unnecessary.
She also knew more about this life than I did and would reach him in a different way, which I still knew nothing about.
It was now clear to me how I could feel and understand all of this so quickly, because I felt that other influence again.
It was as if it was laid within me.
Then I felt and understood my spirit guide and I understood that other truths would perhaps be made clear to me.
Had he followed me here?
Was it Emschor?
However, I did not get an answer to my thoughts and so I just waited.
However, I understood that people in this life learned through others.
This life was sensing, connecting and protecting.
I felt respect for the woman there above me and also for the feelings which had come to me.
She was still there and I felt that she was looking down on me.
I got to know other powers again than I had already experienced.
But what had I come here to do?
Here I had come into connection with the demons.
Where were they now?
Could they not reach him?
Had that apparition come here for me, because I felt that she was looking at me.
If it was possible to see into another life and to be able to feel that life, then she would know that I was here in order to get to know my own life.
I was completely open to her.
I saw into the life of another, and she, who was higher than I was anyway, would definitely be able to.
Now I thought of the time that I had been here.
How long had I been locked up?
I had been almost thirty-eight years old when I was locked up.
I concentrated on that time and I felt that I had been here four and a half years before I had taken my life.
How had I been able to stand it all that time?
In my thoughts I went back to the man who had taken my place, I wanted to know why he was here.
When I connected with him, I felt an intense influence going through me and I understood that power.
Was I being helped with this?
He had also killed.
I sent him the message not to kill himself, because he would only receive more suffering and sorrow than he had already experienced.
All of this was still bearable, but that other part was much worse.
When I thought about this the apparition above me left.
Where did this spirit go?
Did she feel danger?
I was not conscious of any danger, because I was here alone with him.
I tuned into him again.
I now passed over completely into him.
I squeezed myself into his body as I had tried to do with my own material garment when I was hanging next to it.
I wanted to see and experience whether he could feel me.
He would have been able to be reached, this was why he was a human being.
I forced him to stand up, which he did, but then I no longer had him in my power and he walked to a corner of his cell, where he had noted the days, weeks, months and years.
In my thoughts I followed him and worked out all those figures.
Seven years had already passed.
How inhuman his suffering was.
Seven years alone, completely alone in this horror!
I found it really amazing that I could take over all of this from him.
Now I sent to him what I already knew about this life, but that also appeared unnecessary, he knew about an eternal life, because he was a religious person.
I understood that he could not be reached to put an end to his life himself.
He was a Christian and stoically bore his cross.
A great faith lay within him and I admired him.
He suddenly did something which I had not counted upon.
He knelt down and started to pray.
How ashamed I felt when I experienced this.
I had never prayed in my life or here either.
However, I remained one with him and as a result of this a great happiness flowed through me.
Could a person be so happy through praying?
What a beautiful feeling it was which now entered me.
Was it the power of his prayer?
Then I was a poor person.
How happy he was and yet he lived here in this hell.
It was the most terrible thing that a person on earth could receive.
This devout person had killed?
How could he kill, because if a person believed he did not kill.
Now I saw why he had killed.
He had wanted to protect his own sister.
A heathen had wanted to sully her body and he prevented that by slaying him.
Who gave me this vision?
He had thought of all of this and asked his God for forgiveness.
I will pay gladly, he prayed, my God, but protect my sister.
She is not strong, she is so weak and cannot protect herself against this power.
Support her, my God, and I will pay gladly.
Now I understood everything.
Poor person, you have sacrificed yourself.
You are now locked up and will have to die here.
But what a powerful belief you have for someone so young.
Protect her, I heard him say, now that mother is no longer alive either.
The apparition was therefore his mother and I had felt it correctly.
Was his father already on this side?
However, he was not here.
How different we both were.
I sought connection with life, with demons, let myself be lied to and cheated and he sought it with his God.
He was far above me in his inner self.
I had got to know yet another kind of human being.
However, what did I have to do here any longer?
I wanted to leave, but I felt that I was being restrained.
I had felt that same power when entering this world when I passed over from the silence into the astral world.
I also felt this power now and I therefore concentrated again on the prisoner.
Did he stop me?
No, and yet I had clearly felt that influence, I could not have been mistaken.
Should I also pray?
I felt respect for this unfortunate man, but I could not yet pray as he could.
I would not be able to pray in this way, because my inner self refused.
Yet I would gladly have wanted to, because I felt respect for everything which I had experienced up until now, also for God.
But to pray like he did, no, that was not possible, I had suffered too much for that.
I felt respect and that was already a great deal for me.
Should I start to believe in God?
Did this invisible power want me to kneel down?
Would that being that had spoken to me want that?
I would not be able to do that yet, although I felt that I had to master this.
By experiencing this life I would elevate myself, I would start to love.
Did I not love then?
How I had loved Marianne, was that not loving?
I wanted to leave again and for the second time I was stopped.
The prisoner had gone back to his corner.
But what did they want from me?
Again I looked at the man who was sitting in front of me and I felt that he had sunk into deep prayer.
He sat there with his eyes closed.
I saw him as a saint.
I felt myself becoming anxious and this was because of his praying.
I found myself coarse and insensitive.
As a result of his praying he took me to another world, into the world of faith, love and surrender.
I did not yet know this world.
Here in my cell I had got to know another life.
A life of happiness, of sacrifice and of pure love.
He was here as a result of sacrificing himself for his sister.
I could also have done this.
I would have given my life for anyone, if I only knew whether I would achieve anything by it.
There was no death, after all, people continued into eternity.
I looked at him for a long time and because I had experienced all of this, my thoughts changed.
If this was the intention, then something had been achieved and I would think of this and continue to think of this.
I would try to become a Christian as he was.
In the depths of his struggle, his suffering and sorrow and many other miseries, he wanted to pay, he still asked God strength for others.
As a result of this I got to know myself.
I had cursed and sworn.
I had made God out to be an unjust being.
Here I learned how to live and I also got to know other hells and heavens.
The woman who had just left lived in her heaven, and the heaven she possessed was great in trust and faith.
My heaven was the darkness in which I lived.
I lived in between both situations and I wanted to master my own heaven.
I was very pleased that I had been able to experience this.
I wanted to leave again, because I had nothing more to do here.
Now I wanted to go to the other cells, but I was held back for the third time.
However, I did not see any being, none of that power which prevented me from leaving.
The prisoner was now sitting staring in front of him and had stopped praying.
He sat there as if he was dead, he did not seem to be breathing.
However, when he did so, his chest wheezed, so that I could hear it in my world.
He suddenly jumped up, walked around in his cell a few times and went back to his place.
I had also done so, because I thought that I would go mad.
I now connected with him and wanted to calm him, but he did what he wanted himself and I felt that I could not reach him.
When he leapt up when I had concentrated for the first time, he had wanted that himself.
As a result of this I learned that the human being on earth closed himself off to and protected himself against other, strange influences unknown to him.
God gave the human being an own free will and according to attunement, feeling and personality the mortal human being could be influenced.
Yet I started to feel that God still guided the human being, outside of himself.
Now I thought of Emschor.
If it was he who let me experience this, then I would thank him from the bottom of my soul.
If he guided me, I wanted to ask him to have patience with me, because I would do my best to master all of this.
To me this event was wisdom.
As a result of this I got to know the life where I now lived and to accept my own life.
I sat down next to the prisoner again, another power forced me to do so.
I had barely sat down when I thought I saw a shining haze before me.
It was the same experience as when I had been locked up here.
Now I saw movement in that haze and it took on shapes.
I saw clearly that something was being built up inside it that became all the more clear and dense, so that I recognised it as a human being.
However, the man next to me did not see any of it.
Was this all for me?
Indeed, I had seen it properly.
Emschor, I said in thought, it is Emschor.
The spirit who had spoken to me a century ago had come back to me again.
A radiant face looked at me and an elevated power flowed into me.
‘Lantos’, I heard him say, ‘Lantos Dumonché.’
‘Do you know me?’ I asked.
‘You can hear that I know you, but listen.
I have come to bring you some messages and I am very grateful to you for the beautiful thoughts which you just sent me.’
‘Do you know that?’ I asked.
‘You can hear that I know.’
Remarkable, I thought, what powers this human being possesses.
‘I stopped you a moment ago from leaving and connected you to the man sitting next to you and with many other situations which you still do not understand.
Listen to me: from here you will be connected with life.
Many years ago I spoke to you and advised you not to put an end to your earthly life.
Now I have come to you in order to convince you of our life.
I am following you, Lantos, in everything and I am connected to even higher beings who guide you and me.
I may connect you to the past, but this is not my will, but the will of those who live in the higher spheres and call themselves cosmically awakened.
I therefore follow you on all your paths, because we both form two links of a mighty chain, which connects us with this life, the past and the universe.
You will follow your path step by step and I will help you with it.
As a result of this you will experience miracles and all your questions ‘why’ and ‘for what purpose’ will be answered.
As a result of this you will enter this life and accept it as your possession.
You will bridge depths and you will master the powers which you need for that.
You will have noticed that everyone follows his path, both on earth and on this side.
Well, everyone is on a path to help humanity and to make up for the things they have to make up for.
All of them serve a higher power and are prepared to deal with the heaviest things they meet on their path.
They serve life, work on their inner attunement and pass into this life.
Their path is yours, mine and of those who have already reached the highest attunement.
One day you will be with me in the spheres of light.
Work awaits you there.
Therefore accept everything, how amazing it is.
Since you experience these miracles, you will soon also accept even greater miracles, because it has to do with your life on earth and your previous lives.
All of this is part of the cycle of the earth.
It is the cycle of the soul, which follows its path to the highest.
You will end your cycle, therefore follow the voice of your own heart.
It will take you to the place where these miracles and problems will be solved for you.
Every thought and event makes you connect with the true reality.
I will therefore support you in everything and you will only later be able to understand properly why this happens.
I was ordered to this, it is your task and mine.
I have strange things to tell you, listen further, Lantos.
We both belonged to the same family.
I once bore your name, the name you now bear.
I will make this clear to you at the place where you were born.
However, many centuries have passed since I lived on earth.
I waited many centuries for this moment of connection.
I told you a century ago that I also took my own life.
You did it because you could not wait for your end, because that loneliness made you crazy.
You curiosity to get to know this life brought you to this situation.
However, I did it out of remorse, because I stole other people’s possessions.
I had to make up for that in another life.
I paid for this with my own life.
Yet I was able to free myself from the darkness because I sought the good, wanted to follow the good, because people convinced me of my own life.
This path also lies open to you.
I advise you to search the higher, because there is a life after death and beautiful areas await you there.
There you will possess light and happiness.
I already told you that higher beings support me in order to make the deepest problems clear to you and that we will work for them.
All of this serves to convince the human being on earth of our life.
I serve you, you serve me, we all serve.
Now you can ask me questions.’
I immediately asked: ‘Are you from my family?’
‘I belong to your family, this is why I know you and I bore your name.’
‘Can you tell me more about that?’
‘No, it is not yet time, later, at the place where you were born.’
‘Was that influence in my studio from you?’
‘From me.’
‘What did the green flashing light mean which I perceived?’
‘What you perceived was your connection with the demons.’
‘Did I feel it properly, after all?’
‘Yes, but they were my thoughts, I let you feel it.’
‘Thank you’, I said and asked: ‘Why did he send me here?’
‘You had to make something up to him, he followed you.
He had helped you to take your life.’
‘And I did not know him.’
‘That is not necessary either, but later I can make all of this clear to you.
This is part of the law of cause and effect.’
I found all of this remarkable and asked: ‘That statue which shattered, did the demons do that?’
‘Their powers are in reality so intense that they can do this.’
‘Have I anything to do with that statue?’
‘I will also clarify that to you, but in another place, there, where you once lived.
It belongs to the past.’
I thought again about him who had sent me here and asked: ’Do you know that demon?’
‘Yes, Lantos, he is a member of your family.’
‘Of my family?
I do not know him, I have no family members and I was the only one of our family.
How is that possible?’
‘Yet this is the case and you will get to know him.’
All of this is amazing, I thought, and asked further: ‘Do you know where my love is?’
‘Yes, she lives on this side.’
‘Can I go to her?’
‘No, she lives in the world of the unconscious.
I will also tell you about it, when it is time.’
‘Can she not come to me?’
‘No, that is not possible.’
‘What a pity’, I said, ‘but I am very grateful to you.’
‘You’re welcome, I am prepared to help you in everything.’
‘Is Marianne not conscious?’
‘I will soon make this clear to you, follow your path.’
‘Another question: Why do your remain in your situation, in your heaven?’
‘Because you have to live your own life.’
‘Oh, now I understand you.’
‘I am leaving, Lantos, but I will continue to follow you.
Farewell, search for the good.
Your Emschor.’
The spirit dissolved before me and I was alone again with thousands of thoughts.
However, I could not think, because this had taken me by surprise.
The man next to me had gone to sleep.
I also lay down next to him, because I did not have the strength to leave.
I knew more than before and yet everything was darkness.
He would continue to watch over me!
Marianne was in this life and yet invisible to me.
I felt much and understood him, but I did not feel any of all these problems and miracles.
Yet I had to carry on, I could not stay here.
By carrying on all these miracles would reveal themselves and I would get to know this life.
I wanted to work on myself and the secret of my life and that of Marianne and get to know more about so many other things.
I gathered all my strength together and leapt up from the place where I had been sitting.
Away from here, far away from this misery.
‘Farewell’, I also said to him, ‘may God grant you a swift end.
Poor, poor man!’
Then I left.
Now I went from one cell to the other.
They were locked up above and below me.
I saw young and old people.
This was a place of death, death and life lived here.
The human being discarded his earthly garment and received another one in its place.
That life lay within him, but he did not know or feel that life.
It was the life in which I lived and where they would also enter.
I had already visited many cells and seen dreadful scenes.
Many people destroyed their earthly and their spiritual body and went completely under.
Thank God, I thought, that these thoughts had never entered me.
Did I have a different mentality to them?
Was I freed from that?
It had to be the case, because I would not assault myself.
This was even worse than killing a man.
They were spiritually crazy and tortured the earthly body.
I could not deal with this and left.