The world of the unconscious

These people were no longer themselves.
Everything I perceived was sad, deeply sad.
One person sought himself, another life, yet another God and thousands of others did not know where to start.
Yet everyone is searching, will continue to search just as long as it takes to know.
I was also a searcher, because I wanted to get to know life, my life on earth and the life which Emschor spoke about.
Oh, I had so much to ask and yet had forgotten so much.
He could have clarified to me how I had got my feeling for art.
However, I would ask Emschor when he came back to me.
I experienced here in this dreadful place that people on earth descend deeper and deeper and that there is no question of progress.
Now I wanted to go further, but where would I go?
I felt that I had to go back and followed that inner yearning, so that I went back to my own cell.
My research would begin here and I felt that that was the intention.
Above me were the bars, I had hung there.
I now felt that I had sunk into another world.
I let myself go and saw that the earth and everything disappeared, but I remained conscious of everything.
What was that?
Was I seeing clearly?
My garment hung there on the bars and I myself next to it.
I had been connected to the past and now I suddenly understood what he meant with going further and following that path.
The peace and silence from that world descended into me and I saw that my body was taken away.
Now I also saw the people who had buried me.
It was amazing what I perceived.
The past lay open to me, became reality again.
All of this had happened once.
I followed my own corpse outside.
We went down the small corridor and climbed the steps.
When we had come outside I saw even more people, who went before us.
There before me I saw my grave in which I was laid.
My grave seen from the spirit was amazing.
The people who had carried me left and two others closed it and Lantos Dumonché was forgotten.
I sat down on the edge of my own grave and I thanked that invisible power for this scene from a century ago.
The powers of the human being who has entered the higher spheres of which he spoke are wonderful, I thought.
I bowed my head, because I felt very insignificant.
I wanted to master these powers, I had to possess them.
I saw into my own life, but through him who possessed this power.
He was connected to yet other beings.
I understood that here great and even much greater powers were necessary than he and I possessed.
This was a miracle and a problem.
Yet now I knew how it happened, I accepted it and very gladly.
I had gone back to the silence of my grave again.
I sat here thinking again and feeling again.
Everything I have been able to perceive is wonderful, dear guide, I said very loudly.
I thank you, I thank you very deeply.
People would have to experience this to be able to accept it, because this had happened long ago.
Long, very long and yet, now it was so close by.
I could not stop thinking about it.
I would have liked to stay here, in order to keep on and on thinking about it, I found this happening so amazing.
There was nothing to be destroyed, the things that had happened could be called back and awakened.
I had suffered a terrible battle here.
Here I had felt fear and horror as people on earth do not know.
Here I was torn apart and unravelled.
I had brought myself here since I had done something to others, which I did not even know.
How deep everything was.
Here I had spoken to Roni, which was also so strange for me.
Would I be able to speak to him again?
Where did he come from?
Did he come from that depth, from this silence?
He had been awakened, but how?
I looked at my garment again.
My skeleton lay there, this had once belonged to me.
How trivial that earthly garment was and how mighty the spiritual.
I myself was a great miracle.
This miracle looked down on that insignificant one there.
I did not understand or know myself.
Yet that had perished, there was nothing left of it anymore.
How great God is, Who knew all of this beforehand.
Here was something, I felt it clearly, that put to sleep the human being who would live here.
If I would descend deeper the sleep would overcome me.
I also felt that it would not happen and yet that sleep already lay within me.
I only had to take one step and I would sleep.
This feeling was strange!
The life on this side was an amazing life.
Here were many secrets and one secret was deeper than the other.
I now understood that only Emschor could make that clear to me, but I would wait and see.
It became continually quieter within me.
Did I feel properly?
I thought I felt the voice of my master.
It was still far away, but the sound of his voice became closer and closer to me.
This coming closer by was also amazing, but I understood it completely.
It was the tuning in of the master.
I now became connected to him and then new things would become clear to me.
When the voice was very clear, I heard it say: ‘On the edge of your own grave I will come to you, Lantos.
You now live in the world of the unconscious.
Even deeper and you will fall asleep.
Anyone who passes over into that, will and must go back to the earth.
Now listen carefully, I will make this clear to you.
You have entered here and experienced the process of decay of your earthly body.
More than a century had passed since then.
When you had experienced that process, you fell asleep.
That sleep came since you had put an end to your life.
However, everyone who enters into our life from the earth, will sleep.
For one person that sleep lasts a long time, for another person a short time, that depends on your inner life.
Those who have lived a spiritual life will sleep for a short time, because they have awakened inside and bear love.
However, others who know nothing about this life, fall asleep until they go back to themselves and they will keep on falling asleep in order to enter the spiritual spheres one day.
Because you had no faith and neither loved a God your sleep was therefore so deep.
You had to learn all of this.
I am making this clear to you because you must not think that others have laid this upon you.
Your sleep was therefore a spiritual sleep and means spiritual poverty.
You possessed nothing that could waken you and you had to experience that.
That is why you were alone, no one could help you.
The woman whom you met on your journey, you already felt and experienced that, that woman who had committed suicide, could not be helped.
I let you experience that, connected you to her, as a result of which you felt how this life is, and in this way accepted your own suffering and all your struggles.
You took up your cross because you knew that you had to carry it.
I already told you that everyone who enters here falls asleep.
Yet those who have taken their own lives want to break a natural law, which, however, cannot be broken, because that law means life and life cannot be destroyed, because life is God.
Those vibrations of disharmony create this sleep.
Those who die in a normal way will also sleep.
No being escapes it, is so strongly aware of this life, that it is awake at the same moment of his death on earth and will stay awake.
However, the spiritual body has to cope with this and you are it yourself.
That is the human being, that is life.
Now I will tell you about the world of the unconscious.
Try to follow me.
Just a moment ago you felt that sleep overcame you.
I descended deeper with you, because I wanted you to feel that.
Your friend Roni lives there in that world.
The masters awakened him and in this way you could speak to him.
This wakening has a meaning, because we will come back to this one day.
Then you will experience other miracles.
You were able to perceive your own life a moment ago and you saw that people carried you to this place.
That is the past and the conversation with your friend likewise belongs to the past.
Yet that lies more deeply hidden in this life and only the masters can connect with this situation.
This sphere, this world now, finds attunement to the earth.
It is the world of connection in which the human being, the soul, lives who will return to the earth.
From here the soul therefore goes back into the material body and is the life which brings the material to vivification.
That is being born on earth.
The soul which has now entered here will wait for centuries in order to be drawn back to earth.
That is God’s will and God’s sacred laws, which cannot be changed or influenced by human being or spirit.
Millions of beings have entered here, but all those beings, who are souls and therefore people, were born and died on earth.
After their death they entered here and will and have to go back until they have completed their cycle of the earth.
All of them came back to the earth with a fixed purpose.
It will therefore be clear to you that the life which the material body brings to vivification comes from the universe and from this sphere.
This is why this is the world of the unconscious.
The soul which comes back to earth is not conscious of its previous life.
I could also call this sphere the world of the embryo, because from here the embryo is vivified.
You will experience all of this one day, when we come back here and you have reached the spheres of light.
Wherever people on earth are, they can only be fathomed out by those who have reached the highest spheres of light.
Most people can tune into that life, as you already experienced with your friend.
You will also experience that awakening.
The human being who returns to earth follows the law of cause and effect.
Therefore causes and effects, being born on earth and returning to this world.
When the soul has completed its cycle of the earth it will continue in this world and try to reach the highest spheres.
Yet all of this is for later, when you possess the powers for it, only then can I make all of this clear to you.
Now you can ask me questions.’
I had listened carefully and asked: ‘Do I have to go back to the earth?’
‘You will experience the material process.’
‘What is the purpose of all of this?’
‘In order to convince the people of the earth of our life and to make all of this known.’
‘But then I will born, won’t I?’
‘No, before that you will go back.’
Amazing, I thought, after which I heard: ‘You will get to know those miracles, because this is a part of our work.
It is my task and your task, which will later become clear to you.
Great happiness also awaits you.’
‘Will my friend Roni go back?’
‘He has to go back to the earth and will live there.’
‘For what?’
‘You will also know that.’
‘He told me that he will see Marianne, do you know about it?’
‘I know that and it will happen.
That is a law.’
He and not I, I thought.
‘Both of them’, I heard him saying, ‘have to make it up, let this be enough.’
‘So Marianne already lives in this world?’
‘She has entered here.’
‘Have I lost her then?’
‘No, on the contrary, she is and will remain yours.’
‘Are you so sure of that?’
‘I know, Lantos, accept it.
You are one and will remain one, but I can only explain the cause of this event later.’
‘Am I privileged that I may experience all of this?’
‘No, everyone who enters here will be convinced of his life and cycle.
I have work to carry out here and I already told you that I want to convince you of this life.
I will help you and support you, but in return you will give me your trust and your submission to everything.
It is therefore part of my work.’
‘Does everyone have a guardian angel?’
‘Everyone finds him, or her, in this life, who supports the human being, so that the person who has passed over gets to know his life on this side.
It is otherwise not possible to free you from your earthly life.
I was also helped in such a way and will always remain grateful for it.
Know that we know each other, that our souls are connected and will remain connected.
We are one, others are one, and we therefore work together for one goal and that is, to release you from your earthly thought life.
You follow your path, I follow you and I do great work by helping you, but you help me, because you will be able to pass this on to the earth one day.
‘Is that possible?’ I asked.
‘You will experience it.’
‘How great that is.’
‘It is God’s will, Lantos, that this will happen.’
‘Did my parents enter here?’
‘Yes, and they will also go back.’
My God, I thought, who will know You?
To which Emschor said: ‘One day you will get to know God as a Father of Love.
You still do not feel that, but it will come.
The life which you will sense, there lies the power and you will pass over to there.
Only then when you have entered the spheres of light and His holy love makes you happy you will be grateful and feel sacred respect for Him, Who is the Father of all of us.’
‘What do you advise me to do now?
‘Continue, I will follow you.’
‘Do you think’, I asked again, ‘that I will get to know God?’
‘That will happen, because you search for the good.
However, you will first have to understand the depth of your own life, in order to then awaken for an even higher love.
You will go continually further to kneel down again and to say thanks.
Now I will leave you.
Keep on searching for the higher.’
‘May I see you again?’
‘No, only in the spheres of light.
I will now remain invisible to you, but you know that I will be close to you and follow you in everything.
Farewell, may God be with you.’
I was alone again, I had become wiser and yet I had only covered a small part of my path.
Marianne and Roni would go back, as would my parents.
People, people, know yourself.
These words entered me.
The human being was deep, incomprehensibly deep.
How could people be able to know the human being on earth?
He did not even know there that he lived eternally and even less that he could go back.
The clergy of the earth thought that they knew God, but all those academics knew nothing about eternal life or God.
On earth there were no people who knew God.
On earth only people lived who were not even a human being.
A human being should know himself, only then would he be a person.
However, who could say that of himself on earth?
Not I and millions of others.
How I trembled from all that wisdom.
The world of the embryo, of the soul, of the human being, they were miracles!
How grateful I could already be to the Creator of all this life, and I felt respect, deep respect for God.
Did I awaken?
Was something starting to change within me?
It had to be the case, it could not be any different.
How overwhelming the Creator of heaven and earth was.
And I was, like all people, divine?
It was difficult to understand, to feel.
Roni had been awakened so that I could experience this.
I would not have been able to accept it if it had not happened.
I had heard and recognised his voice and therefore I had to believe it.
However, Marianne was my soul and would remain mine.
Was this the great and wonderful happiness that awaited me?
It would make me so happy, I knew that for certain.
One day we would see each other again, we would then be one for eternity.
This great and wonderful happiness lay within me, my love for her, my twin soul.
God was just and would know for what purpose she had to go back to earth.
I would probably also be allowed to know this one day.
However, I would continue to think of her, even if it would take centuries.
By being allowed to experience all of this, I got to know myself.
I would do my best and master these powers.