The past

My parents went back to the earth and I understood that.
I already heard them calling there: ‘Why and for what purpose can God approve of this?’
It was now clear to me.
I would let all those other questions and events rest in my deep inner self for so long.
They dissolved one by one.
I would carry on just as long until I was empty and there were no more questions in me.
Then I would decide what to do.
I could carry on thinking for centuries, but I had to continue, further and further.
I concentrated on my own life.
Where to, Lantos?
You have come as far as here, now further!
I concentrated on the astral world and after a short time I entered there.
I followed the voice of my heart, and that voice took me to the place where I was born.
I wanted to know everything about my childhood.
I had already learned to orientate myself in different ways, so that it was as if it happened of its own accord.
I floated over the earth and felt that I left this country.
I did not feel a hindrance in any way, I went through everything.
I knew that I would come to the place where I had spent my youth.
These powers were infallible.
I was curious what everything would be like there.
My parents lived on this side and their property had, of course, been passed onto other hands.
But to what hands?
What was their end on earth like, did they die in a normal way?
And Marianne?
I wanted to know that as well, in short, everything which had been a part of her life and my life, at least if this was possible.
No matter where I looked, there was life everywhere.
When I moved forwards at a fast pace, I did not see or feel any of all of this.
However, at a slow pace I saw the astral being, who moved forwards as I did, when we had the same attunement.
Otherwise it was not possible.
Everyone followed his own path.
One person in order to help, another in order to destroy life.
Yet others in order to become conscious, like I did.
Because I was not conscious, I was still the living dead.
Becoming conscious, well, that was what I wanted to master.
I now felt that the end was approaching and I entered my parent’s property.
I had fixed my thoughts on this and I had made it in this way.
I immediately went to my parent’s house, there the past would be unveiled to me.
Emschor had promised me this and he would keep his word, I did not doubt that.
I was walking on my own property again, on the ground which had burned under my feet and which I had once left behind.
However, now everything was different.
Where my parent’s house had once stood was now a ruin.
Was that possible, was I right?
The former castle was a pile of rubble.
Yet I felt that this was my parent’s home where I had once lived.
What had happened here?
I wanted to leave, but felt the familiar power enter me.
Stay, I heard, I will soon come to you.
Truly, I had once seen this already and I thought about the time when I had experienced this vision.
That was when I had left and now I saw that my vision had been the truth.
However, how had our house been destroyed?
By the elements?
I had once seen it, had then gone home, but had noticed that nothing had happened.
Now there were only the foundations left of what was once a proud castle.
I now felt the power of my master entering me and said in my thoughts to him: ‘Welcome, master, I am very grateful to you.’
Then I heard him say: ‘It is me, Lantos, Emschor.’
I asked: ‘Am I wrong, master?’
‘No’, was his answer, ‘you are right.
You lived here, from here you went into the wide world.
The voice of your heart never deceives you on this side when you continue to follow it, you only have to listen.’
‘May I ask you questions?’
‘Ask as much as you like, I am ready.’
I felt where I had to begin, because I saw my whole life before me.
My first question was: ‘Why did I feel that sudden revulsion during my childhood for everything that was rich, for those children and those parties?
Where did those feelings come from?
Can you answer this?’
‘I will answer you, listen and try to understand me.
It was me, Lantos!’
Why did you do that?’
‘These feelings lay within you, but I awakened them.
Those incomprehensible powers belong to the past.
In this life you will pass over to another life, namely the life in which you lived and which you have already discarded.
I therefore mean your last life on earth.
I did nothing else but make those powers conscious.
I worked on you, then you acted accordingly.
The human being comes to earth for a fixed purpose, in order, as I already told you, to make up for it.
That power now lay within you, it was therefore your will to accept another life.
You entered that spiritual attunement, but in the life before it, not in the life in which you were freed from your material life.
However, I will remain with your last life, soon you will be able to perceive all those other lives which I talked about a moment ago and I can consciously connect you to them.
Ask me if what I just said is not clear to you ,I will answer you.’
‘If I have understood properly’, I said, ‘then I came to that life on earth in order to release myself from it and to escape our property?’
‘It is true, you felt it very clearly.’
‘Is this a law?’
‘The law of cause and effect.’
‘Thank you’, I said.
‘Did you help me in everything?’
‘Yes, in everything.’
‘Also in the art?’
‘Also in that.’
‘Then I have a lot of questions to ask you.’
‘Continue, Lantos, I am at your service.’
‘Tell me, master, was I an artist in a previous life?’
‘Yes, in ancient Egypt.’
‘What did you say?’
‘In ancient Egypt.’
‘What you say is so amazing and remarkable.’
‘They are miracles to you, but all those miracles and problems are truths of life which the soul has experienced.’
‘Do you know where I mastered my feelings for art?’
‘You will also experience that.’
‘Thank you’, I said, ‘can you already tell me something about that?’
‘No, at the place where you lived, so soon.’
‘Does that happen in the same way, as I already experienced?’
‘Yes, I can connect you there with the past, this is difficult here.’
‘Can you make it clear to me why I was like that in my childhood?
I mean, what protected me and where did the contempt for my family come from?’
‘This has to do with your first question.
Within you lay the feeling to leave.
You wanted to release yourself, but you were not able to sense this during your childhood.
All of this was too deep, even now you cannot gauge the depth of these feelings.’
‘No’, I said, ‘I cannot do that, but I feel what you mean.
I thank you, master.
So you awakened this in me also?’
‘Yes, by making these feelings conscious, you felt what you had to do.
The contempt for our family manifested itself since you wanted to seek the higher.
Is this clear to you?’
‘Yes, I understand you.
But if I did not have had these feelings, then what?’
‘Then many centuries would have passed.
Yet you would have reached this condition of spiritual power.
That is unavoidable.
You therefore mastered those feelings in other lives.
Everyone will sooner or later reach one and the same attunement of feeling.
He will experience it in a different way, but everything comes down to this, that he himself wants it within himself, namely unconsciously.
This is why the human being is deep and these are problems to him.
Yet all these problems, as I already said, have meaning, namely: it is the transition to a higher attunement which the human being has mastered in other lives.
This is part of the cycle of the earth.
What the human being has stolen from another in one life, he will have to compensate for in another situation.’
‘Did I steal this property which I did not want from others?’
‘Not you, but I.’
‘But what do I have to do with all of this?’
‘You were my son.’
‘What did you say, was I your son, your child?’
‘My child, Lantos.
You are my son, but from centuries ago.’
‘You are going deeper and deeper.
You tell me miracles, nothing but miracles and problems.
I am your child?’
‘My son, my child, Lantos.’
Problems, I thought, which I could never have dreamed of.
‘Is the human being not a miracle then?
No problem?
I will soon make it clear to you.
Carry on, then you will understand all of this better.’
‘You say that all people experience this.
Are they also guided?’
‘Everyone, because the human being is connected to thousands of other people and all these people have to do with this.
But from this side the human being, therefore the soul, is influenced on earth.
However, if this is possible.
They have therefore reached this heightened attunement, otherwise it is not possible.’
‘Sometimes there were thoughts within me which were quicker than I was.
Can you explain this to me?’
‘It was my strong concentration which spoke through you.’
‘I thank you, master, I understand you completely.
You were able to reach me.’
‘Precisely as now, since this influence is the same.
You know now how people on this side connect to the human being on earth.’
‘So my feeling for art therefore became conscious?’
‘Very well felt, only because of that.’
‘Everything is remarkable, great and deep.’
‘You experience miracles and you can only experience them since I connect myself to you.
A higher attunement can connect himself to those who live under his own attunement of life.
This will now be clear to you.
Passing over and connecting, as a result of this you become conscious.
You will get to know those powers.
Only then will you enter another and higher life, where great happiness awaits you.
Never forget this.’
I could still see myself.
It was amazing what I now experienced.
Then I heard: ‘You see through my will and powers.’
I asked: ‘You always know what I am thinking, is that so simple?’
‘Did you not do it with other people?’
‘Yes, I already experienced this, but to keep on experiencing it, that is precisely the amazing thing and I cannot stop thinking about it.’
‘You see, Lantos, how beautiful these powers are.’
‘I want to master them, master.’
‘Continue like that and seek the good, then it will change within you.
By changing you will start to sense the life, you will bow your head to Him, Who controls all of this.’
‘It is like a dream, this experience.
Did I feel this correctly?’
‘You see the life, therefore your youth, before you in a visionary situation.
You are clear-headed, but through my powers.
You will not be able to do this with your own powers.
Only by wanting the good, you will master them.
I keep coming back to this, because it is the only possibility of being able to go higher.’
‘You do not have anything to do with anyone ungrateful, master.
I want to, I am convinced of it.
You are Love, master, and you love more than I do.’
‘Would I not support my own child in love?
Would you act differently?
If parents know and if they know all of these miracles and problems, will they act any differently to I do?
Is love not the power which connects us, which moves mountains and makes us and all life live?
Which connects us to the highest there is, with our Father Who is in heaven?
Our path leads there.’
‘I am poor in love, master, I am still poor,’ to which I heard: ‘But you are busy conquering this love.
You want to be helped, that is already a great possession.
That says that you are ready to carry your cross and by carrying this you bow to higher powers.
That is the way, the only way, my boy.’
‘Am I therefore still unconscious?’
‘Unfortunately, you are the living dead.’
‘It is harsh’, I said, ‘to have to hear that.’
‘You will discard that harshness.
By experiencing life you will change.
Keep doing good, otherwise this will be impossible.’
‘So the people on earth are not conscious?’
‘No, none of them.
Of all these millions of beings who now live on earth there is not one spiritually aware.
Only then, when man enters the first spiritual attunement on this side, will he get consciousness.
That consciousness is the love which they possess; by doing good and living for others, they made it so far.’
‘I have not yet done anything for others’, I said.
‘That time is also approaching.
Soon you will start to do something for others, only have patience.
Here you can only do what is within you, what you feel, what lives in you, and that power is love.
Feeling love for all life awakens you.’
‘During my childhood I made my God, why did I do that?
Can you explain this to me?’
‘During your childhood the longing for happiness and the higher already lay within you.
Therefore longings which manifested themselves in this way.
You wanted to get to know life, therefore also God.
But you did not understand these feelings, but they have this meaning.’
‘Did you also help me with that?’
‘Yes, I inspired you to search for the higher life and each thought that you cherished for that awakened you and forced you to continue to follow this path.’
‘I thank you, master, I understand that, I am not any different now either.’
‘That is the way it is.
You are now conscious, but at that time you behaved unconsciously.’
‘You say that I am now conscious and just a moment ago that I was the living dead, what must I make of that?’
‘Can you not see into your youth?’
‘Yes, all of this takes place in front of me, I can see and feel it.’
‘Well, you are now conscious of it, but through my powers.
You see, hear and feel, but that seeing, hearing and feeling is not a spiritual consciousness.
You still have no possession.
If that were the case, you would be in a different sphere, namely the Sphere of Light.
However, there is still darkness around you and you are therefore not spiritually conscious.
This consciousness therefore comes because I am connecting you.
We therefore know that the human being on earth is not conscious.
They are only materially conscious there, love materially, and that is therefore another consciousness.
When I speak of spiritual consciousness, then this is your eternal attunement.
You still feel earthly, therefore material.
We know the material life, therefore material consciousness, spiritual consciousness and cosmic consciousness.
You still live in your material life and will now discard that life.
You are trying to master another consciousness.
Is this clear to you?’
‘Yes, I feel what you mean, thank you.
When I was myself in my childhood, because I remember those feelings, did you withdraw then?’
‘Yes, then you were yourself.
Do not forget that the human being has his own will and that the higher spirit cannot and will not influence your life, because he knows this.
You will have to act yourself, we can only protect and guide you.
So nothing can be changed by us of your inner self.
Not a single spirit can carry the burdens of the human being.
Each human being carries his own cross.
Yet we can help you by leading you in that direction.
It does therefore not lie in my power to let you live completely as I would wish myself.
That is impossible and you therefore felt two conflicting feelings, which still had to do with each other.
When I felt and saw that you would take the wrong path, I helped you by inspiring you to take that other road.
I worked on you in silence, which you clearly felt.’
‘I made sun and clouds, why did I do that?’
‘You were searching, you longed for spiritual happiness.’
‘Has this to do with my actions in many other things?’
‘With you whole childhood, that longing lay in all your feelings.’
‘I gazed at the sky for hours, was that also a part of it?’
‘Yes, the longing to know, to get to know God, to possess spiritual happiness, brought you into this situation.’
‘When my sun was spoilt by the rain I felt that this had to do with my life; although I was young, I still felt it.
Was this the truth?’
‘You already experienced it, you know that your life was destroyed.
Yet I let you feel it in your childhood.’
‘You already knew long beforehand?’
‘Yes, I saw into your life.’
‘This is remarkable, you saw far ahead.’
‘I already made it clear to you that the human being can be gauged, yet only then when he possesses those powers himself.
As you now perceive, I saw into your life.’
‘So you could not intervene?
I mean, could you not have changed my life?
Did this have to happen?’
‘Yes, everything is determined, this is a divine law.
In your previous situation, in the world of the unconscious, I made this clear to you.
You therefore came back to the earth with a fixed purpose and nothing can be changed about it.
Nor by a spirit or a human being, no matter how high they have come.’
‘If I sense this right, my passing over, when I took my own life, has no meaning and falls outside this law?’
‘No, you would have died in your time.’
‘I therefore acted myself, not under cosmic influence?’
‘You felt that very clearly, that is the way it is.’
‘So all that suffering was for nothing?’
‘No, not that, you were shaken awake.’
‘Yes, I learned, however awful it was.
But where did he know me from, the person who inspired me to this?’
‘From another life.’
‘Was he conscious of it?’
Listen carefully, I will explain this to you.
Were you conscious of your feeling for art?’
‘Yes, I was.’
‘Well, why not he?
Hatred lay within him, a hatred for some person or other.
You were that person.
He hated you, could hate you, because you hurt him, tortured him once, long ago.
Those powers and feelings only dissolve, cease to exist when everything had been made good.
You were to meet him in your earthly life and that happened.
Therefore everything, my Lantos, causes and effects.
You experienced the effect of one cause.
He knew what awaited you and for this reason, for this reason alone you were connected to him.
You once tortured him - you will soon see this - and this is why you had to make up for something.’
‘But if I had not put an end to my earthly life, then what?’
‘Then you would have experienced that the demons awaited you on this side.
You would have been attacked and they would have dragged you along, tortured and beaten you.
Yet you would also have felt the cause of this event in that case.
Then he left, something had changed in him and in you.
The past dissolved in it, also the law of cause and effect, also the human being, the soul who would experience this and who had to make up for this.
He was unconsciously drawn to you, but later everything became conscious for him and this feeling passed into consciousness.
Because did you not become an artist?
Were they not your longings?
Did this not happen?
Therefore feelings, but causes and effects, nothing, but nothing else.’
‘Will I know why and how that happened in the past?’
‘Soon, when I can connect you to the past.
You will be pleased then that this has already been completed, that you have made up for it.’
‘My death and passing over would have come a few years later then?’
‘Very good, you felt it well, that is the case.’
‘It is now very clear to me, master, and I thank you.
Did you also work on my parents?’
‘No, they experienced their own life.
They could not be reached and will pass into other lives in order to reach that stage of feeling, of love.
They will still have a lot to learn.
Where they now enter means that they will have to work hard for their existence.
They and thousands of others need this, which is only possible on earth.’
‘But why did I have to experience all of this and not they?
They are from our family, after all?’
‘You belong to me, which will soon be clear to you.
You are and were the last of our family.’
‘Oh, now I am starting to understand.
When I feel this, then you are the cause and I am the effect.’
‘We are both one, Lantos, we are connected, as the law of cause and effect has one and the same meaning.
One cause will be made up for and this has now happened.
You have experienced it.’
‘Therefore, no matter how much my parents wanted it, I could not have given our family any heirs?’
‘You have also felt this very well.
No, you cycle on earth, do you hear, came to an end.
I was the one who laid down all of this.
You were my child and both of will therefore make up for it.
You parents lived from our estate, which I once took away from another.
But centuries ago.
However, in your last earthly life this past would reveal itself and this applies to everyone.
Everyone will have experiences, come back and make up for it, no one escapes it.
All of that is struggle, suffering and sorrow.
You have experienced that.
That struggle lay within you, but I supported you in everything to go and to accept, to do what you felt inside.
I ask you, would you want to have the estate of others when you know that it was stolen from them?’
‘No’, I said, ‘I would not want that.’
‘Well, you would leave and leave all this behind, because you came so far inside.
Otherwise you would have become a ruler.
Is it clear to you?’
‘Yes, master.’
‘Your parents lived all that time from stolen goods, from the estate of others, but one day it will be taken from them and everything will dissolve.’
‘So there is a curse on our estate?’
‘Yes, the curse of the past.’
‘Then this is also clear to me, I felt it.
Now that I know this, I understand my departure.
I wanted to leave, something drove me from home, and that meant that I started to free myself from the past.
How wonderful everything is, master, how amazing and natural.’
‘These are laws, my son, laws of nature, it is God’s holy guidance.’
‘Others come back and give their goods away to others, is that the same situation as mine?’
‘Sometimes, not always, but it is usually one and the same power, there is no other meaning.’
‘But then is that not doing good, then that is making it up.’
‘That is the case, but man is not conscious of it, he thinks he is doing good, but he is paying his debts.’
Deep, very deep, I thought.
It was not good and not bad, he only complied with a law and made up for what he had once done wrong.
It was wonderful what was made clear to me and I thanked the master very profoundly.
‘Do others force them to do such a thing?’ I asked.
Yes, others inspire them to do that and are of course involved with them.’
‘How everything fits together, Emschor.’
‘That is life.
One is connected to another, passes over into the previous.
These are laws, God’s sacred laws, situations, connections, and attunement in the spirit, therefore causes and effects.
You feel, everything is God’s will, God knows all His children and knows what they will do in life on earth.
Whatever it is, in which situation they are born into there, poor or rich, everything is laid down and will happen.
That it happens is God’s sacred will, which controls and guides everything.
God knows what the soul will experience on earth, because man goes back there in order to receive, either good or bad, happiness or poverty, struggle or misery.
They brought themselves to this in a previous situation.
I experienced it, also you and thousands of others will still have to experience it.
Yet others are on earth and serve and give themselves completely to others.
Later this will be clear to you, you will see and experience it.
You see, experience it again and again, until you have mastered spiritual love and enter the spheres of light.’
‘Do you know Marianne?’
‘Yes, I know her.
You played with her here, I followed you in everything.’
‘Do you know how she passed over?
Can you tell me about it?’
‘Yes, but later, when we are at that stage, so have some patience.’
‘Why, if I may ask you this question, did she behave so strangely?
I mean, during my childhood.’
‘The same feelings lay within her as in you, it was the connection with you, but she was not aware of it either.
Not when she will be born again either.
However, one day it will be so far, then she will know that she is yours.
You already know that now, but she will pass into this feeling.
Both of you still have to make good, she on earth, you on this side.
That is why she also acted according to an inner urge.
However, she will have to experience her own life, just like you.
It will therefore be clear to you that that belongs to the past which man does not understand in his earthly life and yet feels it.
However, one day it will become conscious and namely on this side.
This is not possible there, therefore on earth.
You do not see behind the veil, do not feel the depth of your own life, cannot see through all those centuries.
I already told you, only those who possess the powers for it, and who are the cosmically awakened, can do this, the masters who have reached the highest spheres, who help me and you to convince humanity on earth of its eternal life and of the cycle of the soul.
Also, that they are there to make good and to learn to love, what is God’s life.
That is the path they have walked and you and I and millions will walk.
Marianne therefore acted according to her inner feeling which lay hidden deep within her.
Both of you are twin souls, are one in everything, in feeling, in understanding and in love.
However, you will only receive this connection on this side.
Only later, my Lantos, because you are busy earning this, you hear, earning.
You cannot love another anymore now.
That unity of feeling will pass into both of you.
You will feel yourself in it, you will know yourself, you will feel God’s sacred Love in it.
This Love is wonderful and because it is wonderful you have to earn this great power, which means happiness and bliss.
You on this side, Marianne on earth.
She will now have to make good what she did wrong once to your friend Roni.
I will also show you that, but later.’
‘Did I feel it properly when I walked round here and carried her statue in my arms?’
‘Yes, but they were my feelings.
I placed this truth in you, which you felt, but did not understand.
Now everything is clear to you and I advise you to accept this.’
‘Did I already meet her on earth?’
‘Yes, you knew her and she already knew you many centuries ago, but both of you destroyed your happiness.
Man will destroy what he does not know and yet it is part of him, part of his inner life.
But you were not yet at that stage.
This is why all people are not yet conscious, not yet far enough to receive this great and sacred love.
They think that they possess that love, but they are their own thoughts and longings, which do not possess any spiritual truth.
They have no understanding of spiritual love, nor of spiritual unity and understanding.
What they feel is part of the material life and are earthly, therefore material feelings.
This feeling lies far removed from spiritual happiness.
Everyone, no matter who, will have to develop themselves.
However, that means a struggle, suffering and sorrow; but only as a result of this can people acquire this great and wonderful happiness.
In this, in the life of the spirit, all people will be connected.’
‘Therefore no one on earth receives this love?’
‘Yes, certainly.
On earth people live together who are already so far, but all those beings are among the blessed, because they are one in everything.
However, if there is just one thought which one person sends to the other and is not understood, that connection has no spiritual meaning and it is an earthly connection.
Only then will this connection be spiritual, when people, therefore man and woman, possess this love and carry it inwardly.
However, then they will be part of our world and they will be children in spirit; you hear: children.
Twin love, which you are waiting for and which you are busy earning, is the most sacred connection which we know on this side, it is the highest happiness which God can give His children.
This love gives, it serves; she passes over into him, and he into her, they live through their feelings, in prayer and in faith, and work for one purpose, in order to make man and all the other life that God created happy.’
‘Then you do not need to tell me anymore.
Then I am not yet so far.’
‘Thank you, it is wonderful that you are starting to understand me.
Carry on like that, I can then explain many miracles to you.’
‘By meeting her again and again, I have therefore become conscious in her love?’
‘Yes, that is the way it is.’
‘We therefore had to separate?’
‘This was necessary and on the other hand it wasn’t.
You had to be able to conquer this by struggle, by accepting a life as a hell, as a result of which you start to learn to love.
Who wants that on earth?
Yet this is the way.
Therefore the being, the soul, will meet that being which is a cosmic part of him.
Again God’s will and a law, which no one can change anything about.
Yet man does not accept it, he goes and searches and searches for so long until he thinks that he has reached the intended goal and sees his love in it.
This is why man, the soul will come back to earth, people will meet each other, keep on meeting each other, because they are one, experience one life, which means their cycle of the earth in the soul life.
As a result of this, my Lantos, the earth is the planet to which we belong.
The earth and our life serve as the purification spheres.
Once they have been discarded, the soul starts to prepare itself in order to enter the fourth degree of universal attunement.
There are seven degrees and you can feel that thousands of years will pass before we are that far.’
‘Did you already receive this great one?’
‘Yes, Lantos, I was given this great one.’
‘And you are alone?’
‘No, I will never be able to be alone again, because this possession lies within me.
Can you feel the deep meaning of it?’
‘Yes, I can feel it, because you passed over into this possession.’
‘That is the way it is.
A separation is no longer possible, because I live in that attunement.
It is my possession.’
‘Also hers?’
‘We are one, Lantos, will remain one, also at a distance.
There is no longer any distance in our lives when souls are one, feel one love.
What I experience and feel, she experiences.
Do you understand how deep, but how sacred this connection is?’
‘It still lies far removed from me.’
‘No, when you continue to search for the good, you will receive this wonderful thing in a few centuries.’
‘Centuries, did you say?’
‘Centuries, Lantos.
But what does it matter, you live in eternity, after all?
What is a century?
What is an earthly age?
Nothing, for that matter.
You will make yourself worthy in order to receive those spiritual treasures.
One day you will pray to God in order to be able to wait a bit longer.
You will call to Him that you are not yet so far and are afraid that you will not be able to understand this love again.
Do you feel how wonderful that possession, the power and the happiness is to feel this love?
To be able to feel the same love in another being, as you are and possess?
I repeat, what are centuries?
I can explain to you that it is necessary and takes so long with a little story.
A child is born on earth and reaches maturity.
Then it becomes itself.
It passes consciously - at least for the earth - into that life.
Now follow that life and see, it does not go upwards, but it descends, it sinks away deeper and deeper and then dies.
Seventy en more years passed.
This person did not master anything.
Did you hear?
Seventy years, almost a century.
Is it clear to you what a century means on this side?
How many centuries will be needed in order to reach the most sacred?’
‘I accept, master, I cannot do any differently.
I will wait, I promise you.
I dreamed in my youth that I would become an artist, were they also your feelings?’
‘They were mine, Lantos.
I placed that dream within you and let you dream things which would happen one day.
I therefore saw ahead, but it lay within you.’
‘Also that dream that I would kill?’
‘Also that, because you would forget yourself.
You learned as a result of it and you learned to control yourself in future.’
‘Was it not possible to resist this?’
‘I repeat, you have to experience your own life and not through me and therefore not through others either.’
‘And the evil then?
They brought me here.
They were not allowed to do that, but is that power not the same?’
‘I ask you, Lantos, is it good to do evil?’
‘No’, I said, ‘not that.’
‘Well, they did it and will have to make up for it.
You paid, however, he continued to destroy others.
However, one day that will also come to an end and he will search for the good.
If you meet him one day and he asks to help you, what will you do?’
‘To help!’
‘It has to be this way, Lantos.
He will also possess those powers one day and only then will you be brothers in spirit.
But he will have to make good, until his last deed, what he did to others.
However, you are at the beginning of your eternal life, but you will have to develop yourself spiritually.’
I continued to ask: ‘The peace which came to me when my parents, especially my father, spoke so brutally was that peace yours?’
‘Yes, it was mine.
It was my will.’
‘He beat and kicked me, will he have to make up for that?’
‘He will have to make up for that, he cannot avoid that and one day he will do it gladly.’
‘The happiness which I felt was your happiness, wasn’t it?’
‘Yes, Lantos, I was happy that you continued on this path at all costs.’
‘Could I not have controlled myself?’
‘No, the consequences would have been incalculable then.’
‘I thank you, master, I understand this completely.
Has this estate now passed into other hands?’
The lawful owners have got this back, because it was their estate.
I stole it from them many centuries ago.
Yet you see, one day the lawful owner will get his estate back.
You experienced all of this in your previous earthly life, others only realise it many centuries later.
Know that God knows no rulers and that God alone is Love.
The thoughts of your parents were therefore wrong.
However, they knew nothing about it and will only accept this in another situation, when they get to know themselves and life.
They therefore follow your way and they also have to develop spiritually.
Let us hope that they will reach that stage in the next life on earth.
You were the last, as I already said, and would leave.
But everything would reveal itself in this life to you and everyone experiences this.’
It is wonderful, I thought, people cannot change anything about it and they do not know anything about it either.
I continued to ask questions and said: ‘Who destroyed this building?’
‘The elements.’
Then I felt it well, I thought, but heard: ‘I let you perceive it through my will and powers.’
‘Where were my parents then?’
‘In the house, they were crushed.
Two people lie here, your father and your mother.’
‘Are they buried in this place?’
‘No, in a place in the woods, that was their wish.’
‘Was this God’s will that it fell apart?’
‘No, not that, it has nothing to do with God’s will, even if it is a part of this effect.
Their passing over was certain.’
‘So it was a coincidence?’
‘No, effect, so a happening, but only their end, not this collapse.
You will get to know these laws later, it is not possible now for me to explain them.’
‘You let me experience all of this and see it beforehand, for what purpose?’
‘In order to now convince you of the cycle of the soul.
Otherwise you would not accept it.
But you see, all those events are connected and fit together.’
‘You are wonderful, master Emschor.’
‘Do not say that again, since I am only a child in the spirit.
Only God is wonderful.
You will now also accept that there are no miracles and problems and that those miracles and problems dissolve as soon as we get to know them.
A spiritual law therefore got a connection with an earthly event - in this case, the elements, which destroyed their estate - and this meant their passing over.
That says that material and spirit are one.
Do you sense what I mean?’
I thought for a long time and said: ‘When I have an accident, then it does not have to be meant to happen?’
‘Precisely, that is what I mean.
When an accident happens through carelessness, it is not a cosmic event.
Yet this also has a spiritual meaning, but I told you, it is too deep to talk about already.’
‘What was your earthly life like and what was my life like when I belonged to you?’
‘I will show you that.’
The earth sunk away before me and all life disappeared before my eyes.
However, I remained in the place where I had been.
The old fortress before me took on shapes, everything changed and appeared to live again.
I saw this clearly before me.
Then I saw another scene.
In one of the rooms of this beautiful fortress I saw a being and I immediately recognised that being.
Emschor, I said in thoughts, because it was him.
He wore a strange garment, but I recognised those clothes, because my father and I had also worn something similar.
‘What you are now going to see belongs to a time before I could call this estate my property.’
Then this scene faded and another scene became visible to me.
I saw Emschor on horseback, but he was a hireling.
He wore a garment like people wore at that time.
A battle was fought and he along with many others surrounded the estate of another, which they had conquered.
He was therefore victorious, but cheated his master.
Many people were killed, including his lord.
I saw all of this clearly.
This scene also faded again and I saw him in one of the rooms of this fortress again, where he was lying in bed.
In a corner of the room a being emerged and I recognised myself in that being.
I stood there large and slim.
I felt that there was something wrong and was connected to myself in feeling, so that I understood the meaning of this scene.
My father was sick and he wanted me to leave and bequeath his estate to others.
It was a demonic plan.
I understood it completely, because Emschor had shown me all of this beforehand.
However, I did not meet his request and continued to refuse.
I did not let myself be chased from my estate.
He spoke to me and urged me to comply with his request.
I continued to refuse and thought he was spiritually ill.
I understood every word clearly which was spoken at that time.
Then I had a conversation with him and still managed to persuade him.
After this scene I saw another one.
Before me I saw a few creatures, I was also there.
I had sat down at the same table where my father sat.
I saw him get up whilst looking at me and heard him pronounce these words: ‘I want he who bears the name of Lantos Dumonché to take over this estate and to take care of that person ... and that person ...
Do you agree to this?’
This question was directed at me.
An amount was established and the names were signed.
My answer was positive and then documents were drawn up and stamped.
That scene also faded again and I saw another one which made me tremble.
Before me I saw my father, he had taken his own life.
I knew why and understood all of this.
I saw another scene again.
Before me I saw other beings and I was amongst them.
Another document was drawn up and the first one torn up.
It said: ‘I want he who bears the name of Lantos Dumonché to take over the estate when he comes of age and to apply himself as ruler.’
The real document was falsified.
Then I saw myself with a few children and my spouse.
She gave me two boys and a girl.
Another scene followed this one and I saw myself on horseback.
I was ready to leave into battle and had command over hundreds who followed me.
In the distance I saw the aim of my journey.
We raced forwards as fast as the wind and conquered the estate of another, but many people were killed.
However, I knew my opponent.
It was the man from my dungeon, that demon.
Then I saw another scene which shocked me.
We were in our torture chamber and forced him to surrender his estate.
His face was like that of the devil and he cursed me.
It was now clear to me what I had done to him.
However, he was also a robber and a murderer.
His estate was also stolen property.
The scene faded again and I experienced my end, but in a natural way.
My child followed me and then one generation after another.
My parents were a part of it.
All of this was connected in an amazing way and I had to accept it.
The past is wonderful, I thought.
‘You see, Lantos, struggle, robbery and violence.
Yet the violence has been destroyed.
Those whose property I stole have it back.
Your parents were the last who lived here.
You left and ended your life by your own hands.
I could carry on like this and explain and show more circumstances and events, but that will take us too far.
I only want to make do with this and you will accept it.
You have made up for a lot of things, so have I.
You see that when the father has stolen his estate, the children will surrender all of this.
You have your own life to experience, I have mine and we have both suffered.’
‘Where is my mother, your spouse?’
‘She is on this side, but possesses a higher attunement than I do.’
‘Is she your happiness?’
‘No, not she, she belongs to another.’
‘Where are my wife and children?’
‘Some are now on earth and some already live in the spheres of light.
One generation followed the next, Lantos.
You therefore came back here and left.
That is why I went back to earth.
As a result of this alone we are connected and we will both make good.
You also feel that it is not possible for me to make good at that time, because you were my child.
You forced me to leave it, but I could not agree and took my own life.
You did not do what I asked, you falsified documents and had new ones drawn up.
Yet my deed remained, it could not be destroyed, everything rested on me.
My passing over was still not enough.
However, you continued with destruction.
But I thank God that all of this is over.
My sins have been forgiven.
I have paid for this with my life and on this side, also on earth, therefore in other lives, I made up for it.’
‘How many lives have been discarded?’ I asked.
‘Many’, I heard him say, ‘but we were together in this life.
You and I passed over in other lives, to come back to this estate, after all.
Do you now feel how deep man, the soul, life is, which feeds and guides the material?
All of this is difficult to gauge, my boy, so let this be sufficient.
You also see that love bonds cannot be broken.
For good or for evil, one day we will stand opposite each other and make good or receive.
All of us curse, all of us have shattered hearts and robbed and tortured.
Those who have reached the spheres of light know all of this.
No one on earth knows himself.
No one has the right to curse another.
Those who live on earth will have to discard that earthly.
Also those who live in the darkness have to make good, because all of us follow one path, the path of spiritual development.
One day we will all be together.
One day we will look back on the past and will be brothers and sisters in spirit and will go further and further.
Therefore those on earth who are in possession of much material happiness, will lose it again if their ancestors have stolen it.
Everything on earth is subject to decline.
Everything must and will change, no one can stop this.
No one on earth possesses the power to oversee this.
They are laws, nothing but laws, Lantos.
Can you be grateful that you left in your youth?
Can you say this from the depth of your heart?
Do you feel the need to be grateful to God?
Do you know that it is a mercy to observe all of this?
I was allowed to show you all of this, but you will now feel and understand the meaning of the past.
We will make all of this known to humanity.
I will wait for you, until you have entered the spheres of light.
I could go on showing you scenes from my youth and many others, but I already told you, all of this is going too far.
I am only concerned with explaining to you that everything will have to be made good.
When the father robs and the children live from the stolen goods, the father will still come back to the earth one day in order to tune into them, to help and support them, but in this way as I am now doing.
However, father and mother and children have to experience their own lives and what they make of it is their own will.
My sins have been forgiven, at this moment my past and your past dissolve and we pass into this life.
The higher spheres are open to me; but I will remain with you and I will support you in everything.
You will go further in order to work on yourself and I will follow you in everything.’
Then I felt a powerful stream going through me and a hand pressed on my shoulder in a loving way.
I knew from whom that power and that hand were.
Tears filled my eyes.
For the first time I wept and I felt the warmth of the man who had loved me.
I became quiet and I reflected for a long time.
Everything was incredibly deep; but I accepted it, because I had seen it.
I could not have accepted it if it had not been explained to me.
I could now forgive the man who had destroyed me and be grateful to him.
How I had changed at this moment, in such a short time!
Truths changed people in a single second.
These were truths which I felt within me.
It had been shown to me here and I bowed my head.
I thank you, my father.
Yet I will continue to call you master.
My father of centuries ago was my leader and master.
How could it be, how deep, how incredible.
Yet you must accept, just keep on accepting, Lantos, I said to myself.
You cannot do any differently and cannot avoid it either.
Everything which I had experienced up until now was wonderful.
I now understood that God did not create types of people, but that man made a strange type of himself.
How animal-like man was in his lives of centuries ago.
I was still not happy and was not a part of those who lived in those luminous spheres.
I thanked my father again and asked: ‘Did my parents know that they lived from stolen money?’
‘Yes, they knew about it and you would also have found out.’
‘Will they have to starve on earth?’
‘No, that is going too far, but they will have to work hard for their living.’
‘But tell me, master, how is it that the past lies hidden in the human soul and people know nothing about it?’
‘Because the material body cannot deal with it.
Yet man will consciously feel what he has to experience.
For example, your art.’
‘Yes, I feel and understand you.’
‘All other life experiences dissolve in that earthly life, because people cannot and will not accept the meaning in that life.
Many people do not even believe that there is a life after death, others do, but there are just a few who can accept the past.
Yet it lies within people, it lies hidden deep within the being.
Do you still have questions to ask?’
‘Maybe, but now I don’t know what else I can ask.’
‘Well, my boy, then we will carry on, I have even more to show you.
I will now connect you to your second last life.
You will go back to the place where you lived.
From there we will carry on again.’
I came back to myself and the earth was visible to me again.
I looked at all of this one more time and left.
‘Back to your studio’, I heard him say, ‘our research begins there.’
I had soon arrived at the place and immediately felt the familiar influence.
At the same moment my studio became visible and I saw those shattered pieces of that old statue again.
However, now I felt that I was connected to its radiation.
Then I was elevated and it was onwards, towards the unknown.
I floated over the earth again and learned to connect at high speed.
It went faster and faster, until I felt that the powers which drove me onwards lessened, and I heard my leader say: ‘We are where I want to be.
Here, Lantos, you mastered your feeling for art.
We are now in ancient Egypt.
The town where we are is called Memphis.
Art flourished here centuries ago.
You were one of those masters.
You took it to great heights and you lived life to the full in fine art.
Your art has still remained preserved.
People keep your statues in palaces and temples.
Marianne also lived here.
You got to know her in this place and she was your loved one.
However, you brought suffering and sorrow and stole another person’s happiness.
You have now paid and made up for it.
Soon I will connect you with your art, which what collapsed in your own house is also a part of.
You wondered how this statue was brought to you.
Well, all of that is my work, I wanted that and I connected myself to another life.
When we carry out work for higher powers, we are also helped in everything.
What I did was simple.
I placed my will in the man who would go to Rome, that he would take along one of your statues.
I awakened him to this ancient art, which I managed completely.
Then I inspired him to bring it to you.
You know what else happened.
You would make another statue, but the old one collapsed.
I knew that this would happen.
Yet my intention was only to connect you to this work of art which you had achieved in the past.
Later you will get to know all of these powers and accept how simply this happens and can be achieved.
To you these are miracles and yet it is just concentration.
However, I will tell you about another miracle.
Do not be shocked when I tell you that the man who brought this statue to you was your own child.
Therefore your child from this time, from this life, in which you lived.’
‘What did you say?’
‘Your own child, you heard me clearly.’
‘With Marianne?’ I asked quickly.
‘No, not her.
You left the mother of your child.’
‘And Marianne?’
‘Also her.’
if I may ask?’
‘Because you were a seducer and she was frivolous.
She did not give you a child.
She did not possess the feeling to receive that pure and wonderful.
Neither of you loved.
What you thought you possessed as love, was nothing but passion.
You also left her, but later you came back.
You continued to search until your last life on earth.
But now you know that she is yours.’
‘And then?’
‘Then you forced yourself into her life and destroyed her happiness and that of another.’
‘Whose happiness?’
My God, I thought, what miracles I have to experience.
‘How do you know all of this?’ I asked.
‘I have already followed you for many centuries.’
‘Did you live here?’
‘Yes, but I had to follow you from this side and I continued this work.’
‘Did I die here?’
‘Where is my child, do you know that?’
‘In the spheres of light.
He is now your brother in spirit.’
‘Will I see him again?’
‘That will also happen and many others.’
‘What is the meaning of all these lives?’
‘By experiencing all of these lives, you will get to know true love.
What you have to learn is sister- and brother love.
All of those we know and have known are our sisters and brothers in spirit.
For that matter, it cannot be any different.’
‘Will my child go back?’
‘No, he will carry on just like all the others who have already reached there.’
‘My master and father, whoever you are, I accept everything, but how will people on earth be able to accept this?’
‘They have to feel it, feel it intensely, otherwise it is not possible.
Yet we will achieve many, very many.
It is God’s will that this happens.’
‘I will surrender to you, because I understand and accept everything and see that it is the truth.
I am very, very deeply grateful and I promise you solemnly that I will give myself completely.’
‘I thank you, Lantos.
Know that I am showing and explaining the sacred truth to you.
If you could not accept all of this, I would have to stop and wait until you had come so far, until you were prepared to follow me again and to listen to me.’
‘No’, I said, ‘I will not do that, stay with me, I am ready.’
‘Great, then we will continue and we will reach our goal.’
‘When Marianne is on earth, can we visit her then?’
‘You will see her again, but later, when the time has come.
Do you still have questions to ask?’
‘Well, then we will connect ourselves.’
I now felt that I passed over completely and was walking in the streets of Memphis.
It was amazing, because I felt as if I had never been away from here and still lived here.
My past life came back to me, I passed over into it consciously.
How great spiritual powers were!
I entered a beautiful palace.
Before me I saw fine art, and could I call that art mine?
I had to accept it, because I was connected to it and felt myself in those stone statues.
Nothing could show me more clearly that I was dealing with the truth here.
How deep everything was!
My art was amazingly beautiful.
In Rome I could not have reached that height.
Now I knew this for the first time since I felt it and perceived it.
In that life - I understood - I had lived a full life.
Then I knelt down and thanked God for everything which I had received up until now.
I sent my first prayer to God in childlike simplicity.
I continued to thank God for a long time.
I had lived here and mastered my art.
Man was deep, very deep.
I descended deeper and deeper into my own life and I could still not perceive the deepest secrets of the soul, because then there would be no end.
I also understood now that this was enough to be able to accept.
I asked the master: ‘Who was my teacher, do you know that?’
‘You had many of them.’
‘Where did Marianne live?’
‘Do you want to go there?’
‘Please’, I said, ‘if that is possible.’
‘That is also possible, follow me.’
I continued to perceive Emschor shrouded in a haze, but I knew that it was he who was guiding me.
Suddenly he stopped me and said: ‘Do you see that water there in front of you?’
‘Yes’, I said.
‘That is the Nile.
However, we are going a bit further, come on, follow me.’
We walked on for some time.
He stood still again and said: ‘Do you see that building in front of you?’
‘Yes’, I said, ‘clearly.’
‘You see what I see, you feel what I feel, but everything was once experienced, therefore reality.
This building is many centuries old.’
Now I saw a beautiful building in front of me.
Rare statues decorated all of it and I saw the sphinx everywhere.
At the same moment a being entered through the gate and walked towards the entrance to this building.
I recognised that walk and that whole apparition.
Was I seeing properly?
Was I feeling clearly?
Was the woman whom I perceived and felt Marianne?
Then I heard my master say to me: ‘It is she, Marianne.’
My God, how wonderful this scene was.
To see her in another body!
Yet I now felt her whole personality entering me.
It was amazing.
I had felt her in this way in my dungeon.
Yes, it was she.
My feeling did not deceive me.
I would give my life for this.
Tears welled up in me, but I controlled myself.
My love for her was deep, because my feeling was now conscious.
To love consciously, oh, what a great treasure, what happiness.
She was a completely different personality in this life and yet something made me feel that it was she.
Her love - that feeling could not be denied - I recognised her by it.
How beautiful her figure was!
I followed her inside.
A few servants were waiting for her.
Now she entered a large room and was received by another being.
I now felt myself sinking away more deeply and I understood that feeling, because the master started to connect me even more deeply.
I immediately recognised the being who was waiting for her.
It was Roni, my friend.
What a problem!
I saw many possessions around him.
Now I felt the connection with her and him and I understood that I stood between both of them.
But how was this possible?
I fathomed it out again and felt the purity of my observation.
Now I heard them speak.
He feels and knows that he is being cheated, I thought.
Then I saw an event from the past.
It was amazing.
Then the scene faded and I heard the master say: ‘He was married to her and you were her lover.
Come, follow me.’
We went back to the banks of the Nile.
What belonged to the earth became hazy.
I descended, until I felt that I was connected to my own life.
Before me I saw two beings, two lovers and I recognised them immediately.
They were Marianne and I.
I was slim and beautiful, she was like a tigress and could not be fathomed.
We were both and false and mean.
Here I saw truth and awe-inspiring problems became clear to me.
I followed those two and I felt my own inner situation, but also of Marianne.
We possessed nothing.
We were spiritually poor, but we loved, loved deeply, but that love was passion, nothing but passion.
She was not honest, but neither was I.
‘Both of you were frivolous’, I heard the master say and I accepted it.
I felt and saw that he spoke the truth in this.
This was not loving, but crude egoism.
‘Amazing’, I said to the master, ‘very amazing.’
‘For that matter, I told you that you would experience miracles?
You can only accept these miracles because you perceive them.
You have to accept, or everything will be pointless, then you will continue to search.
May this be enough for you.’
‘I accept it’, I said, ‘I cannot do any differently.
I thank God and you as well.
I will do my best, tell me what you wish.’
‘Do you feel this mercy, Lantos, which God gives you and me?
Waken up, I have no more to say to you.’
I became quiet as a result of everything.
I knelt down at the place where I had walked with Marianne centuries ago and prayed fervently and my prayer received more and more power.
I prayed like a child to my Father and at this place I asked God not to break my love.
I felt that I truly loved and I wanted to keep this inner strength.
One day this great and sacred love would be given to me and I would do my best for it.
I now felt very excited.
My master had gone back to his own life, but I felt him close to me and I knew that he would continue to watch over me and follow me.
‘Come’, I heard him say, ‘my Lantos, we will continue, I have more to show you.’