The demonic sphere

‘Are we going to Marianne?’
‘No, it is not yet time.
Yet you will know what her end on earth was like, but only later.
We will now visit the man who sent you to this world.’
‘But will I recognise her in her new life?’
‘Yes, of course, because you will feel her, feel her completely, Lantos.’
‘Thank you’, I said.
Then I felt myself going back and I entered my own sphere.
Yet I now thought I perceived more light than before.
Inside I felt different, I was happy, because I surrendered everything and let myself be led.
I followed, was willing and bowed my head.
Yet I descended again into the life.
Deep darkness now lay around me, but then I felt myself elevated and went onwards to another world part.
I recognised the sphere in which I had passed over as the demonic sphere, in which the people lived who had shortened my life.
I saw people like animals.
They were dreadful beings and it was frightening to see them.
Was he one of them, did he live in this situation?
In this hell?
Were these people?
How far he was removed from me.
I asked the master if I had felt it properly and he confirmed this.
I continually remained connected to my master.
Many of these beings passed through me.
I could see them but my concentration was divided, was not sharply tuned, but with the help of my leader my concentration became stronger.
I learned this while travelling.
The people whom I saw were like devils.
I clearly knew that greenish radiance, I had also seen that in my dungeon.
I got to know different hells, but I could not yet see the heavens.
I went from one spiritual world to another.
Finally I saw the earth again.
Everything was situated as I had perceived it in my own attunement, around me was deep darkness, but I saw life in that darkness, the astral being who lived around the earthly being.
I saw clearly that they followed the earthly being and wherever the earthly being was, the astral being was also to be found.
‘Is the earthly being conscious of that?’ I asked the master.
‘No, they are not conscious of that, but they tune themselves into those who live on this side and in this way the earthly being passes over into this life and vice versa.
Both want to experience one life.’
I got to know powers, which I had not dreamed of on earth.
I lived in reality and got to know a terrible truth.
These powers meant hell, damnation, destruction and lust.
I saw shadows which still lived on earth and I now understood how all of this was possible and what it meant.
I suddenly saw where we were.
We had come back to my cell.
‘Why’, I asked, ‘are we going back here?’
‘You will connect here to demons.
Listen, Lantos, think of the man whom you wish to see.
Keep your thoughts concentrated on him and you will receive a connection with him.
I want you to learn this.
You have already been connected many times, but through my powers and will.
Now you live in the spheres of darkness.’
‘I am following you.’
I did what my master wanted and we floated over the earth again.
Yet I asked my leader again whether my concentration was clearly tuned in.
‘It is going well, Lantos, I will let you go, carry on.
Soon I will leave and then you can orientate yourself.’
‘Will you leave me alone then?’
‘I have to leave you alone, because you have to experience your own life and follow your own way.
But only then when you know everything about your earthly life and the past has dissolved.’
I thought and continued to think.
Suddenly we entered an earthly building and I saw many people leaving and entering.
What was there to do here?
We walked through the halls and I saw what the earthly being did.
A party was being held here and there was much drinking.
The wine flowed over the ground.
Many people here were drunk, but all of them wore rich garments and belonged to the highest circles.
When they would die, they would also wear their garments on this side, as well as I.
Those who lived here possessed riches.
Earthly possessions meant happiness, at least if people understood that happiness.
Yet the rich people could also be influenced, the astral being lived around and in him.
I saw a few people gathered in a corner of the hall and I felt that I was drawn to them.
I saw something which shocked me intensely.
At the same moment that I saw that, I wanted to go back, but I heard the master say: ‘Stay, Lantos, he cannot see you, you are invisible.’
This calmed me, so that I came closer to them.
Before me I saw my enemy.
How can it be, I thought, that I have found him in this eternity.
I tuned into him and immediately knew what he was doing here.
Two earthly beings were in his power, they were connected to a devil.
I also saw that they were having fun and felt where and how far they went.
There were many women with him whom I had also seen in my cell.
They were monsters.
These were people like pre-animal beings.
The earthly being which he had in his power was a beautiful woman.
But to me she was a terrible animal of prey.
Now I understood how I had tuned into him in my cell, I had wanted this myself, since he would not have been able to reach me otherwise.
But if I had come to this side in a normal way, then he would have waited for me and dragged me over the earth and thrashed me.
Now I saw that this connection had been broken and I understood what the master had made clear to me.
I had paid my debt.
He now lived his own life and so did I.
He continued to destroy people, but the human being wanted that himself, otherwise he could not be reached.
I saw many earthly women who were drunk.
I saw his power and influence in and around this beautiful woman.
Their souls were one.
Their feelings were animal-like and I understood what he wanted.
I heard the earthly people speaking and could clearly understand every word.
She was a decoy bird, was used as such, but I felt the belief behind it.
A gentleman dressed in a very beautiful garment was leading the conversation.
She listened attentively, but he was influenced by my enemy.
My enemy spoke through him and his power will was followed.
These beings were irrevocably lost, but they were mean, really mean.
They surrendered and lent themselves to unsavoury practices.
The man who was sitting in front of me was an ambassador of the clergy.
People needed gold and jewels.
People built a faith on that!
I saw through all of this, because I felt it.
They were like an open book to me.
I read into their lives and made myself one with them, so that I knew what they were thinking about.
The demon influenced them from his world and experienced an earthly event, which was terrible.
I now saw through the haze of spirituality and felt the demonic part of it.
I did not know this, because I had never known that on earth.
I could not have believed it, but I experienced it here.
The horrible laugh of all these people deeply annoyed me.
During my life on earth I had not wanted anything to do with them, because I did not want their lives and the mean part of it repulsed me.
However, now everything was different.
I could not describe how low all of this was.
An earthly being was bribed and that being served the faith.
The riches which she received were for the good of her church.
When she connected to a rich man, that gave her church gold, silver and precious stones.
May your deeds be cursed, I thought, and I meant my enemy by this.
I saw a master in evil in him.
I also knew this type of woman.
She was dangerous, because her beauty served for all possible foul acts.
Now I understood this party.
Their parties were just a side issue and all those people were dolls.
Really, this was well thought out.
Under all those earthly and astral beings only one human being lived and that was she, this beauty.
She lived; all the others were the living dead.
In her demonic plan she was alive, because she saw far, very far ahead.
All of them were demons, with not one exception.
This life was disgusting!
I had never taken part in that on earth, because I did not have any faith on earth.
However, how fortunate I was, precisely because I did not know or possess any faith, because all of this was false, animal-like and dreadful.
This game was led by those who live on this side.
My enemy led all of this and lived it up.
Wherever I looked, there were earthly and astral beings together.
They lived in each other and the astral being lived it up completely, felt and experienced like the material human being.
How simply this connection could be achieved.
Both of them were one in feeling.
The astral being was in him and the human being on earth was not conscious of it.
It was pitiful!
Now I knew about their entertainment.
No, I did not want this entertainment, it was too animal-like.
They were all devils in human forms.
Was this their life?
They had spoken the truth, because on earth people could enjoy themselves and they could love as much as they wanted.
But was that love?
An animal possessed more feeling than these people.
I saw men in women and women in men.
They were one in feeling and those feelings were unlimited because both of them lived it up.
It is really, really tragic, I thought, where is the end?
I asked my master, who had followed me in everything and had not spoken a word to me: ‘Did you know this?’
‘Yes, Lantos, I have already known it for a long time.’
‘Did you follow his paths?’
‘Yes, I already knew all of his paths, this is not even the worst.
They can sink even deeper, even deeper, even meaner, even more animal-like.
They can receive what they wish, in brief, everything.
And do not think that they feel unhappy in this hell.
On the contrary, they are very, very happy.’
‘In this darkness?’
‘They feel happy in this darkness.’
‘When does the remorse come?’
‘If they start to discard this life.’
‘Will it come?’
‘Yes, one day all of them will be so far and they will search for the good.
However, thousands of years will pass.
Imagine that, thousands of years, and yet it is only a split second in eternity.’
‘Can I connect completely with them?’
‘You can do that.’
‘I want to feel, master, what their feelings are like, is that possible?’
‘You can do it.’
I placed myself in an earthly being and urged this human being to drink.
At the same moment he raised his beaker and emptied it in one gulp.
I even felt the taste, which seemed really amazing to me.
It was amazing to be able to experience this from my world.
Then I connected with a woman.
Her thoughts entered me.
I let myself go and was disgusted by her.
I quickly went back to myself.
Not that, no, not that, her thoughts were terrible.
Now I knew their love, their feelings passed over into me.
This was connection.
We were one in feeling.
I understood their animal-like life.
People, oh, people, who are you?
But how simple that connection was.
People came and left, went to sleep and to rest.
Yet when they were rested they started out again and experienced again, just as long until they were worn out and wizened.
Then death came, to then be connected to those people again through whom they were lived.
The astral being was waiting for them.
They rolled into the darkness with all their earthly possessions and that was for centuries.
There they then called out ‘why’ and ‘for what purpose’, called for their father and mother!
How I had admired the beautiful lines of the female body!
I could have given her my whole personality, but I now recoiled from sculpting her.
How awful the human being was and yet he was a child of God.
I now already understood those types of people.
‘How false they are seen from this life’, I said to my master.
‘There are also many other situations, which are deeper and worse than this hell.’
‘Where is the end?’
‘You will experience all of that.
Follow your path and connect, then you will pass into what you want to get to know.’
‘How deep can I go?’
‘Under this there are still three situations and those are hells in the true meaning of the word.’
How is that possible, I thought, even worse, even meaner, even more animal-like than they?
‘Now we will set off for our last research and then I will leave you, but only for a short time.’
We left the spheres of demons.