I made my last work of art from this life

I visited those places where people kept art and also the earthly artists, because I was interested how they accomplished their work.
I floated over the whole of the earth and finally came back to my last fatherland.
I had resolved to help an earthly artist and I wanted to try and make my last work of art through the human being on earth.
This seemed very simple to me, because I could now connect with the human being on earth.
I now felt deeper, I had got to know God and learned to love life.
My dearest wish was to achieve this.
I searched for that instrument for a long time.
Months and years passed and I thought I would already have to give up.
However, finally I found what I was looking for, because I was also helped in this.
There were many masters around an earthly being, an eighteen-year-old boy who had many gifts and an enviable feeling for art, who inspired him.
Through the intercession of my own master, I was allowed to connect with the masters from higher spheres.
I asked them whether I could accomplish my last work of art, which I wanted to call ‘life’.
I was allowed to do this, but I still had to wait patiently for a few years.
I left, but came back from time to time and saw that they had made great progress.
This young boy was inspired in art and this took place through the masters.
His feeling and his love for art were elevated to a great height.
In this way I got to know true inspiration, now I understood my own life on earth and how the human being on earth received his inspiration.
It was wonderful to be able to perceive all of this.
From this side all his paths were guided and there were also separate beings for this, therefore spirits, who protected him on earth against ruin, until he became conscious in his own life.
I followed all of this carefully and learned from it.
He was only influenced from this side where it concerned art, but they let him be in his own life.
He would have to live himself; they did not want to be lived.
A few years passed.
Finally the time came that I could work through him.
I was ready, had thought carefully about everything and tuned into it with my whole inner self.
The great moment came that I was connected with him.
The higher masters accomplished this connection and I was also helped.
Do you feel the depth, this infinite depth in feeling and in art?
Do you feel that inspiration from human being to human being, from spirit to spirit, from feeling to feeling goes higher and higher until the highest is reached and human powers and feelings cease to exist?
The earthly being was inspired, I was assisted by even higher beings, and behind them, even higher, even further and further, even deeper, lies the perfect, the All-feeling power.
That is the highest love, the most sacred created by God.
To be able to draw from this, brings an artist to the highest, which is given to him from the life of the spirit.
My work of art was a great success for him and an awe-inspiring achievement for me.
It was approved by the masters, which I was very pleased about.
How happy I was and how grateful to God for this event.
I had never thought about that during my life on earth.
The inspiration which the human being on earth receives is a great mercy for the artist and a great happiness for the spirit.
Yet the spirit has to possess his feeling for art and carry it in his inner self, therefore have mastered it in one life or another.
When we were once connected, the earthly instrument advanced day and night and in a state of trance.
The deeper the inspiration is, therefore our connection, the deeper the artist senses his creation and he cannot stop.
He puts the powers of his soul and all his love into this work of art, but heightened by the masters of this side.
I already said: I made through him what I had wanted to make during my life on earth and had no longer been able to.
I felt no hatred in this situation, love lay within me.
How did I think on earth?
During my life on earth I wanted to destroy another life through my art.
I was in rebellion there, I did not know myself, God, or life or animal or human being.
In that animal-like attunement I wanted to achieve the highest, the most sacred.
How I bowed my head, how I asked for forgiveness.
I was now very grateful that this mercy was granted to me.
The masters made various great works through him and this art will not die out, at least if the human being does not violate these statues.
However, how did the person on earth feel?
Did this human being appreciate what he received?
Did he feel our influence, this spiritual help?
Did he know and did he understand how he received this inspiration?
I followed his actions and wanted to know whether he understood his own life.
However, how disappointed I was.
When I asked the master about it, he said to me: ‘Listen, my brother Lantos.
In his own life he is an ordinary human being like many others.
However, he possesses a heightened feeling for art, which he has mastered in other lives.
Yet the human being thinks that he can do this on his own.
But you see what he is, when he would have to do this alone and under his own powers.
He can be reached by us and that is our only concern.
It is his own business what he does with his own life on earth.
However, no one on earth would be capable of reaching this height in art, if he was not helped by us.
We have made it our task to help the human being on earth and to open his eyes to the higher.
This artist came back to earth and we knew this beforehand.
You see that all his paths are followed, but he will have to live as he wants to and feels for himself.
I can therefore answer your question with a definite ‘no’.
He places himself on a pedestal and that pedestal is only significant for the earth.
However, he feels very clearly that he is being helped, but ignores this, since he places his personality in the foreground and feels himself as such.
His vanity plays tricks on him.
If he starts to enrich his inner self, starts to feel love and understands his God, bows to God’s sacred guidance and is humble and will remain so, then this human being can enter the spheres of light after his earthly death.
Do you feel what I mean?
However, if he thinks that he can do this himself and experiences his earthly life as the human being who is coarse-material, feels, he will decline spiritually precisely through his capabilities.
He created miracles, but those miracles were given to him by us and achieved by us.
He is only an instrument, not more than that.
We on this side have completely discarded ourselves, but he will have to learn that.
There are only a few who have reached this height on earth and whose inner life is a compound of spiritual development, but that is therefore the most beautiful which the human being on earth can master.
Only then will God’s divine blessing rest upon everything.
Then both circumstances are based on happiness, then the art grows and blossoms and it forces the human being to feel respect for everything which is given to him.
Then everything is love and connection with us.
Not one, but thousands have destroyed themselves.
They could not bear the affluence, they forgot and lost themselves, only because they did not understand their lives on earth.
The earthly master is idolised.
People have to want that idolisation and the human being wants that, he is too weak for a higher life.
From here, as you already experienced, the human being receives his inspirations.
From here they are elevated to the highest.
In this world everything is calculated, thought out and felt intensely.
Yet the people on earth think that it is they and that they have these powers inside them.
I repeat, brother Lantos, no one who lives on earth can achieve this.
The spirit, the human being, the life which lives on this side, brings him his inspirations.
Every artist feels and knows that, if he is no longer himself and it happens as if of its own accord, he has reached a state unknown to him.
This is then the meaning of it.’
‘But’, I asked the master, ‘what must we do then?’
‘Nothing, brother Lantos, nothing, we cannot do anything.
Were you perhaps different?
Did you not live such a life on earth?
Did you live spiritually?
Think how you experienced your life.
One person drinks in order to receive the necessary inspiration, another searches for it in life, in passion and brutalization.
Yet in order to receive spiritual inspiration people have to search for the higher.
A spirit of light knows all of this, but it saddens him when he has to see that the human being declines because of his own capabilities.
Yet we cannot intervene, because they have to experience their own lives and not be lived through us.
We do not tie the hands and feet of our instruments, only make sure that they are themselves in the earthly life.
We know for what purpose we come back to earth.
We came there in order to serve humanity and to shake it awake.
We bring them life and namely eternal life.
We bring them happiness and carve our lives from stone, on which they can test their own lives.
This art will radiate to our inner powers.
That is the love which we possess.
We ask people to open themselves.
They will learn that more exists between heaven and earth than they could imagine up until now.
The human being who receives all of this is a blessed human child.
However, we have instruments which before they start a new work of art ask God for strength and then this sacred influence is granted to them.
This art lives, because eternal life lies within it.
We also have respect once this is born on earth and then all of us kneel down, with no exceptions, in order to thank our Father for everything.
Because His will be done.
In an elevated and religious state the creation is achieved.
You must see them, these artists!
Wherever they go they bring happiness and they understand their lives on earth, for which they serve and which they have to thank for all of this.
They cannot sense the extent of their inspirations, but they still know and say that it is not they, but their Father Who is in heaven and that He granted it to them.
See, then everything is love, then people will watch anxiously over this art and they will bow their heads, if they admire such a statue.
They learn to sense that it is God’s sacred powers, the angels of God who came back to earth for art.
This is why I would want to call to the human being: Bow your head to all products of the soul.
Love, immaculate and pure love lies within it, the feelings of the heightened being.
This was given to you from the highest Source.
Learn to feel this.
Know that everything means suffering and sorrow, suffering of the soul for those who once lived on earth.
Feel deeper and deeper and go further until you feel eternal life in art.
Then you will feel that you can go further and further and you thank God from the depth of your soul that you were able to receive and observe this on earth.
I repeat, we are only concerned with reaching humanity through art.
One person does this through music, another through writing, word and prayer, we do it through the art of painting and sculpture.
People of the earth, see eternity in all of this.
Then the work of the human being on this side is rewarded and we know that no tears were shed for nothing.
Only then can we carry on in order to become skilled in spirit.
Feel and know that the highest has now been reached on earth.
Feel through that stone statue, feel behind it and you will feel eternal life.
If you go even further you will feel your God and you will know that He is a Father of Love.
You can do all of that through our art.
If you feel the spiritual art, you will kneel down and pray and you will put your deepest feelings into your prayer.
See into that stone face and pass into it.
If you enter there gently, you will feel the love of the being who accomplished this.
It will also make you sensitive and tears will come into your eyes.
Then you will kneel down and thank your God for everything which you received on earth.
The secret of your life lies in art, it is religion and faith, it is pure love.
Brother Lantos, in this way God gave you the grace to still carve your feelings in stone, while you are in the life of the spirit.
Carry on, my brother, they await you in the spheres of light.’
‘Do you know about it?’ I asked the master.
‘We are in connection with each other.
We work for one goal, to convince humanity of an eternal life.’
‘I thank you very deeply’, I said, ‘that you allowed me this grace and that I was able to experience this.’
Then I said farewell to the masters.
I set off again.
I had learned that this is possible, in order to enter into connection with the human being on earth in a different way.
Then it would also be possible to tell about what I had experienced.
However, I had to prepare myself for this and I would try to reach the spheres of light.
There was just one possibility of being able to do this and I now wanted to surrender to it completely.
I followed people who had committed suicide for some time and I got to know all those different transitions.
When I knew all of this, I felt a great longing enter me, in order to help those people.
It became more and more intense within me and with each step I took it grew, so that I could no longer push it aside.
I passed over completely into this new emotional state and I wanted to make myself useful for this purpose.
I wanted to serve, help the human being who was in a state of suffering and sorrow.
I was awaited in the spheres of light and when I would arrive there I would experience new miracles.
I therefore set off and I would help the first person I met, because an infinite amount of work lay before me.
Everything is misery, suffering and sorrow, which the human being has brought upon himself.
I will support those on this side and the human being on earth, in order to protect him from complete ruin.
End of part two