Serving love

I now completely understood life in my hell.
I had got to know all those transitions and spheres.
Now I could set to work on myself and this was only possible by being something to other people.
My master had made this clear to me and the masters in art had also spoken to me in such a way.
I continued my path on earth and would soon carry out work to which I would give myself completely.
However, I remained in the astral world.
It was not possible for me to go higher.
I wandered through the streets and concentrated on the human being.
Those who were in a state of suffering and sorrow attracted me the most and I would follow them.
I met a great deal of people, but not one felt happy.
There was always something which obscured happiness and I knew why.
The earth was a planet where the human being had to learn, a school and people had to get to know themselves in that school.
Oh, I understood and felt so intensely what God meant and for what purpose the human being lived on earth.
Everything was now clear to me.
There were no more depths in my own life, or problems and miracles, everything had been revealed to me and namely through him, my father of centuries ago.
How wonderful the human being is, how deep and incomprehensible spiritual laws were.
If people on this side wanted the good, they got to know all those laws and they experienced miracles and problems.
Only then did people become themselves, did they understand life and the meaning of being on earth.
Yet in life on earth, in that school, there people had to get to know themselves and people were on earth for that purpose.
However, the human being was in rebellion, he sought and asked ‘why’ and ‘for what purpose’ and could not accept.
He wanted happiness, because a human being had a right to it.
God loved all His children, was a Father of Love and yet there was so much misery.
Everyone felt suffering, illness and many other inhuman things, so that there were no happy people.
I saw them dashing about, not one was calm.
Flashes of light went upwards from everyone, all around, and that was the radiance of their inner mind, of their realm of thoughts, that was the attunement of the being.
I recognised their inner life from this.
Each beam of light, which I could clearly see, meant something.
I saw the greenish light which made me shiver and which I had go to know from so close-by.
I would not easily forget that demonic sphere, because they had attacked me there and flung me across the ground.
The beings by whom I detected that light were also a part of them.
I did not need to search and to fathom, they were transparent to me, because I read into them and passed into them completely.
These beings were dangerous.
If they had the control of power over various possessions on earth, they would certainly be capable of torturing and causing pain if the human being did not do what they wanted.
On this side they were part of those whom I had met and could carry on again in order to destroy humanity.
These people could not be reached.
I met many of them, but let them go.
They lived in all circles of society.
I saw poor and rich who were like that, and if a poor person was given those means and power, he would also forget himself and be exactly like that.
Their inner feelings corresponded.
Yet I knew that the poor on earth had come into this situation in order to end their cycle in this situation.
With other people I saw from their inner light what they were thinking about and where they had passed to with their whole personality.
I perceived sad auras and I thought it was wonderful to view this.
I also understood that if I had not descended into all those hells, I would not have understood any of it.
However, centuries had passed and I had learned a lot in that time, so that I now understood everyone who lived in and under my own hell.
When I met people who were shadows to me I felt happy.
They were further than I was and it inspired me to start thinking intensely, very intensely.
In this way I followed the human being for some time and was prepared to help those who needed me the most.
Before me I saw an earthly human being and something lay in his aura which attracted me.
The man walked on, bent forwards, completely withdrawn and was like the living dead.
He wore a beautiful garment and I saw from it that he belonged to the highest circles.
I continued to follow him and saw deep into his soul, so that I knew what he was thinking about.
This person was broken inside.
He was wasting away as a result of hatred, because he had been cheated.
Love, it was always and always love, as a result of which he was so sad.
He did not even know at the moment that he was alive.
We walked into one street and out of another one again.
However, I saw even more.
He was being followed by two astral beings, it was a man and a woman.
The thoughts which they sent to him were destructive.
What did those beings want from this earthly being?
I withdrew into my own world, because I did not want them to see me.
I only understood later how I had suddenly thought of that and I felt that I was also being followed.
I now got to know powers which I had not experienced on my journey which had lasted centuries, after all.
This human being was no longer himself, because two animal-like beings had connected with him.
They now lived in him.
He was shrouded in a haze of passion and destruction.
If only he can be saved, I thought.
The man was sad and had no spiritual possession with which I could connect.
Yet I continued to follow him, another power forced me to do so.
From him I saw flashes of light pass to another human being, which I could clearly see and the meaning of which I understood.
I would soon follow those fiercely sent thoughts, but first I wanted to know where he lived.
It was a long time before he had reached his destination, but finally he entered his house.
I had felt well that he was rich.
He had many earthly possessions and was still unhappy.
Without asking, I followed him and along with me the two others.
A human being on earth who was not conscious of anything, was being followed.
I thought that I felt something ominous.
It was frightening to see this from my world.
He sat down in one of his rooms.
Now I followed the astral beings and was curious what they would do.
The earthly being sat there bent forwards, leaning his head in both hands and sighed deeply.
One of the demons approached him and wriggled himself into his aura, gauged his feelings and penetrated him with his will.
I tuned into this being and sensed what he wanted.
What monsters they are, I thought, what dreadful beings!
They sent thoughts of murder and violence to him.
The astral being lay within him.
Next to it stood the female spirit and she observed how all of this went.
I continually remained connected with them.
This unity was amazing, but yet horrible, because they urged the human being on earth to terrible things.
The demon increased his hatred and this was very simple.
He strengthened his feeling with regard to the woman who had done all of this to him.
Once he was so far, he would carry out this plan.
The light which I now perceived was demonic.
The human being on earth became furious.
He jumped up from where he had been sitting and ran back and forth through the room!
After a while he sat down again in order to think.
Oh, human being, you are in the hands of evil, I thought.
If you decide to do what you are forced to do, a human being will die and you will also enter this life.
They placed murder and destruction inside him.
I could not reach him, there was nothing for me to do here, because the demons had him in their power and he was involved with them.
Now I followed the feelings of the female spirit and I saw into her life.
She had been destroyed on earth, people had put an end to her life.
She had waged her war, but she hated.
In this life she had also received help and namely from the man who had connected himself at this moment.
Her hate was dreadful and all of this emanated from her.
He, this earthly being, had killed her.
This life had purified me, but this life had strengthened her hatred.
A human, but awful game was taking place here before me.
I was a witness to an event which had first happened on earth and now continued on this side.
My heart beat in my throat.
What should I do?
I felt clearly that I would not be able to reach him.
From this side they wanted him to kill.
In order to protect himself from it, he had to start a new life immediately and surrender his longings.
Yet I felt that this was not possible.
Those powers were not within him.
I concentrated on him again and felt that his hatred had weakened somewhat.
He was now sitting there thinking quietly.
The demon released himself and said to the female being: ‘I thought that I was already at that stage, but he will not reach a decision.’
I understood that the earthly being was still himself after all and by that protected himself against it.
‘Urge him on’, the female monster said, ‘to drink, then his concentration will weaken.’
Again the astral being squeezed himself into this earthly being and urged him to drink.
I was shocked.
Really, he acted according to that strong will and jumped up.
He got his drink out of a niche and poured himself a beaker full, which he emptied in one gulp.
Again he drank from this liquid, so that his feeling became dazed and he was no longer certain of his thoughts.
His brain became confused as a result of it and he became more and more anxious.
Now he was completely in their power.
I followed this dreadful process with interest and remained where I was.
I kept seeing thoughts going from him to that other personality.
Now I would follow him, because I wanted to know who was causing all of this.
I followed his thoughts by tuning into them and those thoughts took me to the place where that person lived who took over all his thinking.
It was very simple.
I soon entered a building and before me I saw a beautiful woman.
With her was another person and now I understood the whole situation.
‘You have to help me’, I heard her say, ‘my life is in danger, because he is no longer himself.’
‘Shall I stay here?’ I heard him say.
‘Do that’, she replied.
‘Let us wait and see.
But I am not sure, I do not trust him in any way.’
The being to whom she spoke was a human being with a beautiful radiance.
I could reach him and I wanted to try and make it clear to him what would happen.
I connected with him and placed my feelings within him.
I forced his train of thought to that other person and the conversation which I now heard gave me the certainty that he could sense me.
I heard him say: ‘I know him, his is capable of anything.
You have to be very careful, because you are not the first.
There are rumours that if he has set his mind on something and it does not happen in his favour he takes drastic measures.
I sense this as a very serious situation.
You are playing with your life.
Why did you go so far?’
‘What did you say, go too far?
Should I let myself be cheated?
Are you trying to tell me that it is I?
What makes you think that?’
‘But I mean it, you have gone too far.
You are mistaken about his personality.
Now you are faced with a situation that is very serious.
Shall I visit him?’ he added.
‘Visit?’ she repeated his question.
‘What would you wish to do?’
‘I would talk to him, perhaps I will convince him.’
Your enemy?’
‘What does that matter?’
‘No’, she said, ‘never that.’
Now I withdrew.
I found myself in a very remarkable situation.
Only I knew what could happen.
Now what?
I connected with this young man again and I knew how far he would go.
He would give his life for her.
Yet was she not worth this and I tried to prevent it.
I let him feel that she was not worth it and I held my concentration tuned into this.
It did not take long before he started to think.
His thoughts were now keenly concentrated on her.
He now saw through her whole personality.
His feelings were refined and purely human.
However, she played with hearts and I let him feel this clearly.
He stood up and continued: ‘How long have you known him?’
‘Almost six months’, she said.
‘So, and you promised him nothing, absolutely nothing?’
‘What makes you think that?’ was her question.
‘It must be clear to you what makes me think that’, he said quietly.
‘I do not understand that he has the right to make these demands.’
‘You see, he thinks that he can.’
He fathomed her out and I him, and I felt that he did not know her by a long way.
To him she was an unfathomable being, because the depth of her feeling could not be fathomed out by the human being on earth.
Therefore I enhanced his feelings and through this he sensed her as never before.
I wanted to make the best of a bad situation here.
If this human being gave himself for her, he and she would perish.
I now wanted him to release himself from her.
I placed a feeling of doubt in him and I strengthened those feelings by letting him feel her character, which he now became conscious of.
I followed his thoughts and his interest for her lessened.
Suddenly he took a step towards her and said: ‘May I read this letter?’
She penetrated him with her look, shrugged her shoulders disdainfully and said: ‘What good is it to you?
You would only lose your good health and humour.’
I immediately understood that I did not know everything.
Was there a letter?
Had he written to her and made demands?
Where was this letter?
I fathomed out her train of thought and in this way I knew where the letter was.
She carried this letter with her, but she said that she had put it away and could not get it now.
This was a lie to me.
Now I read what was written in the letter.
It was amazing to be able to do this.
I saw each written word clearly.
Each word emanated light.
This letter meant hatred.
I did not even need to read it, I already knew everything.
It was a clear demand.
I read: ‘Give me the chance to speak to you within twenty-four hours.’
The greatest part of this period had already passed.
She would have to decide before twelve o’clock this evening.
She was faced with the final hours.
The man who was with her would watch out and yet - I felt this clearly - he now withdrew his feelings from her, because he understood her whole personality.
This being wanted to give his life for her but he had to know why.
I was very happy, because these were my feelings.
Now I saw another miracle.
Something amassed next to me and a spirit appeared before my eyes.
I saw that she was one of the higher beings.
‘I thank you’, the being said to me, ‘that you are protecting my child.’
‘Your child?’ I asked really amazed.
‘He is my child’, and she pointed to him.
‘I am very grateful to you, because I have already been following him for some time.
Did you view all of this scene?
Do you know what is happening?’
‘No’, I answered, ‘I do not know yet, I am busy following this.’
‘Know then that you cannot prevent this.
I already saw this danger a long time ago and am therefore following my child.
But you have to prevent him approaching her.
This is possible through concentration, then he will have to withdraw.
I will help you, but not here.
I will ask God for strength, because it is necessary that he lives.’
‘But’, I said when I suddenly saw my own life before me, ‘is this possible?
Can he be protected when he has to pass over, has to experience this?’
‘No’, the being said to me, ‘not that, but if you do not awaken him, he will perish anyway.
He will mourn for her and his life will be destroyed then.
Do you feel what I mean?’
‘Yes’, I said, ‘I understand you completely, I am already busy.’
‘I know that, but you have to stay with him.
He is the only one whom you can help.’
‘And those others?’
‘Both of them will pass over.’
‘Have you already foreseen this?’
‘I have received this’, the beautiful being said to me.
My God, I thought, the things I still have to learn.
‘I will stay with him, but can you also give me some advice?’
‘You follow him and you must continue to follow him, you do not need to do any more than that.
But if it is possible you have to pass your feelings onto him, according to which he will act.’
Then the spirit withdrew from me again and I was alone again with both of them.
A terrible drama would take place.
They already knew about it in the spheres.
To me it was another deep problem and also a miracle of human strength.
They knew everything about the earthly being, if both were connected.
From this side they tune into the earthly being, and what were miracles to the earth, which people would only get to know on this side, was nothing more than the love between mother and child.
I would try to deprive him of his last feelings for her.
I got to know laws which were new to me.
One person lived through another and yet another person was destroyed by the invisible being.
The man I thought I was protecting could no longer be saved, but the person I had not thought about and did not even know, he was precisely the one I had to help.
I now waited to see what would happen.
It was now quiet here.
The young man spoke to her, but she avoided his questions and did not realise the seriousness of her situation.
She had influenced him by her beauty, her beauty attracted him.
All of this was really human.
Such circumstances were the order of the day.
However, I only saw that it took place in this way in this life and I experienced it, because I passed over into it.
Here I learned what I had not learned on my long journey.
But I would not disappoint the apparition.
He was still blinded, but I had to try and kill his feelings.
But I felt that this was not so simple.
This woman had been in connection with the man who was influenced by the demons.
She had broken this connection and he came back to it and did not accept it.
Now I reviewed everything.
It was very simple.
He had cheated that other woman, that demon, and she had accepted help on this side from that horrible monster, so that he was urged on by them.
Five people were connected with this and I would try and save that young man.
Not an easy task, but I would do my best.
A mother was watching over her child, her feelings were pure and it did me good to have experienced this.
I saw pure love in them, a love which was higher and stronger than mine.
Now I heard them speaking again, I had still been able to follow them in everything while thinking.
He insisted to tell all about her life with him.
Yet she was able to avoid his question in an extraordinary way and take the conversation in a different direction.
Yet he kept coming back to it.
I placed my feeling in him and urged him to continue.
His questions were brief and strict, her answers snappy and hypocritical.
‘If you do not tell me the truth, I will leave’, he said.
‘I have nothing to say’, she snapped at him.
‘What do you want?
Go, if you do not like this, just go, I will be able to defend myself.’
He stood there as white as a ghost and was shocked by her.
Now he started to see through her completely, because I remained in connection with him.
She walked up to him.
‘Come on’, she said, ‘leave all of this.’
She cuddled up against him and my power over him passed to her.
It was not simple to have a human being completely in his power and to protect from this side.
As a result of his love for her he pushed me away from him and since she cuddled up to him my power over him was already broken.
His own longings played tricks on me.
I had not counted on that either.
Everything happened here unexpectedly.
I would have to dominate that human will, otherwise I would achieve nothing.
Yet I could not reach him at this moment.
Now I thought about those others.
I wanted to know what had happened there and removed myself, but I would come back directly.
I was soon there and found him as I had left him.
The time passed.
I still saw both demons in and around him.
Now he was an instrument in their hands.
How would this drama resolve itself?
I fathomed him out again and determined that he had already made a decision and that he was connected completely with body and soul.
His hatred had reached the highest point.
His soul was infected by the poison from this side.
What I perceived was inhuman.
He had reached the age of forty and that was too young to die.
Yet he was lost, because he did not want it any differently.
He stamped the ground in a fury and emptied his beaker, as a result of which his brain became dazed and his hatred strengthened.
Unexpectedly he appeared to come to a decision.
I felt what he wanted to go and do and I also saw that he took a dagger with him.
Then he prepared to leave.
The demons followed him; their concentration on him was sharp and directed at him.
I moved in a flash, back to the man I would help.
I concentrated on that place and floated there.
There was a beautiful garden around the house and a few trees blocked the view.
I clearly saw this earthly scene.
I quickly entered, because action had to be taken.
I forced them both to leave but this appeared impossible for me.
He had passed over into her completely again and had become entangled in her snares.
His youthful blood did not belie its nature.
I wriggled inside him and sharpened my concentration.
I could have stopped a galloping horse.
A tremendous fear overcame him.
‘What is the matter with you?’ she asked with interest.
‘I do not feel well’, he said.
Then I passed into her and I also placed my fear in her, which I knew of fate.
Both felt me.
‘Something will happen’, she said, ‘I am becoming afraid.’
He was also afraid, but did not want to know it for her.
‘He will come’, she said, ‘what should I do?’
‘Leave’, she said again, ‘he will kill you.’
‘No’, he replied, ‘I will stay.’
‘Go’, she said again, ‘it will cost you your life.’
‘I will stay’, he said determined.
He sat down and looked at her.
She ran back and forth like a wild animal.
Suddenly she emitted a dreadful scream, which penetrated my life.
She saw towards the entrance and before her stood her former lover.
He reviewed the situation and smiled.
Then he came nearer and two pairs of eyes met each other.
He looked from her to the man who had taken sat down before her.
‘Who are you?’ he asked my protégé.
He said nothing, but kept looking at him.
‘Who are you?’ he asked again, ‘and what are you doing here in my house?’
He got a fright.
‘Your house?’
‘My house, what are you doing here?’
She stood as if nailed to the ground and was past desperation.
She was before him in one leap.
‘Leave’, she said, ‘who gives you the right to talk like that?’
‘I come here when I choose to myself’, I heard him say.
He grabbed his dagger as quick as lightning and at the same time two people were stabbed.
My protégé moved away, deeply shocked inside.
I remained and saw how this would end.
They were still alive, but both of them would die.
At the same time that I perceived all of this, I heard a voice next to me say: ‘Follow him, you can come back here later.’
I concentrated on him and had soon reached him.
As if in a dream he followed his path and was not conscious where he was going.
I connected with him, his thoughts were intense.
Yet I managed to get him to think, so that he started to question himself.
He felt my thoughts, my power made him conscious.
However, he suddenly began to weep violently and collapsed.
I had not counted on that either.
Now what?
I wanted to waken him, but I did not manage.
Hours passed.
Finally I saw that he was brought to his own house.
Then I went back to the place of doom.
Both of them were still alive but a few minutes later she gave up the ghost.
When I perceived this I saw a few shadows in my vicinity which I thought I had already seen.
Now they became visible to me and I saw that they made magnetising stroking movements over the earthly body.
Then I heard a terrible scream and the spirit left the earthly body.
She had died on earth and had been born on this side.
He was still alive, however, it would not last much longer.
The demons stood at a distance watching.
Now they had left him, but waited on this side for his entry.
I stood and waited to see what they would do.
I had experienced a dreadful drama during these few hours.
Now I heard a smothered cry and I understood: he also passed over.
However, again I experienced another event.
Again I saw shadows and these shadows carried him away.
But was that possible?
Was he not also a person who had killed himself?
What did this mean?
Yet at the same time I heard a voice within me say: It is his end!
His end, I repeated, his end?
My God, how incomprehensible Your laws are.
‘Follow those shadows’, I heard a voice say to me, ‘only later will all of this be made clear to you.
This is his normal end.’
Whose voice was this?
Someone who committed suicide had died in his normal state?
And I?
Too difficult to understand, I thought, still too deep for me.
One day I will be given the meaning of it.
I heard nothing more and followed the shadows.
Where would they go?
Now I felt elevated and it went at full speed, away from this place.
The demons also left and followed the shadows.
I felt that I left the earth.
I went higher and higher until I could no longer see the earth.
I had not see or felt or experienced that either during my long journey.
What kind of miracle was that?
I continued to follow them.
Did the demons know where the shadows were going?
However, I felt that I was starting to experience a new miracle, which I did not yet know anything about, although I thought I already knew a lot.
It went further and further.
I had also seen those shadows during the fighting in the street.
Suddenly I thought about it.
There they had also taken away the people who had died.
I did not know where, but now I would find out.
A city appeared before me, I entered another world.
Around me I saw houses and buildings.
Where was I?
This could not be a heaven, because there was darkness around me.
They went further and further and floated through all those buildings.
Finally they descended.
I felt myself on the ground, the surface was firm.
The demons were also close to me, but they did not see me.
I also followed their actions.
They watched like animals of prey and I sensed their intention.
That being there had their full attention.
They laid the dead person in a dark cave.
Around me I saw even more caves and hovels.
Now I could clearly see the shadows and one of them shone upon him.
He made magnetising stroking movements over the body.
This lasted some time.
I continued to watch and thought it really amazing what I saw.
The demons continued to watch at some distance.
I noticed that the shadows sensed them, because one of them looked in their direction.
I then heard them talking and was shocked by what I heard.
‘Our work is done’, one shadow said, ‘soon they can attack him.’
Now I immediately understood the whole situation.
My master had told me about it.
I would also have experienced such a situation if I had died in a normal way.
Then the shadows now left, but they had not yet gone when the demons fell like lunatics upon the man who lay there in sleep and thrashed him.
I heard him groaning and felt that he would become conscious.
He was beaten and kicked and dragged out of that cave.
‘Leave me alone’, I heard him say, ‘leave me alone.’
Then the woman screamed some abuse at him and cursed him.
I saw that not much would remain of him but I also felt that I could not do anything here.
The demons had him in their power, there was no doubt about it.
They were devils!
They took hold of him and flung him a few metres from them in order to give him another thrashing.
Where in heaven’s name had I ended up?
I was in a hell and yet this hell was not familiar to me.
How would I get to the bottom of this truth?
The being emitted a horrific groan and it was still not enough, because they continued to attack him.
These people were no longer themselves.
They flung all the abuse and curses at him.
He was to blame for her destruction.
How animal-like these people were, they lived it up here.
I felt a hatred which I had never felt on earth.
How could a human being hate so intensely?
Yet they still continued.
The dead person was now no longer aware of anything.
He no longer felt that he was being beaten, he was unconscious.
The woman was like a wild pre-animal-like beast, she was dreadful.
My God, I thought, what a beast, what has got into these people!
Now they left him lying.
‘We will come back’, I heard them say, ‘we will awaken you again.
We will let you sleep to gather some strength, but then we will come back.’
‘I will come back’, I heard the female being say.
‘Where is that other one?’
The male spirit to whom this question was addressed, said: ‘She is not here.’
‘What a pity’, I heard her say.
‘Come on, we are leaving, going back to earth.’
To the earth, I thought, are we not on earth then?
Where was I, in hell?
But where?
I stood stiff from shock and reflected.
Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder and I saw into the face of a human being.
‘Brother’, the being said to me, ‘do you watch while another human being is torn apart by demons?’
‘I cannot do anything anyway’, I said, ‘I am powerless here.
Tell me, where am I?’
The being looked at me and said: ‘You are in the spheres.
This here is a hell.
Where you come from is part of the earth and they are astral areas, but this is the land of the spirit.’
‘Amazing’, I said and asked: ‘Are you a spirit of light?’
‘Yes, I am.’
‘What are you doing here?’
‘I am trying to help the misfortunate.’
‘Here in this darkness?’
‘Yes, in this hell and there are also many of them.’
‘What kind of land is this, I can see houses and buildings?’
‘This here is the Land of Hatred.
You see in reality a city, but that city has been built through hatred.’
‘What are you doing here so alone?’
‘I am not alone, there are thousands of helpers here to help those who wish to be helped.’
‘Could I have helped him then?’
‘You could have given your life for the man they brought from the earth.’
‘Can I give my own life?’
‘Yes, that is possible, look there.’
I looked at the place he was pointing to and at the same time I was attacked and before I knew it I was dragged through the darkness.
I had already been attacked before, so that I knew how I had to free myself from those claws.
Then I heard a satanic laugh.
Those bastards!
What kind of hypocrites live here together?
I felt that I had freed myself, but evil lay in wait here for the human being as on earth.
I had not counted on this.
They had attacked me unexpectedly, those devils!
Which people lived here?
I was in another world, but which one?
There before me lay that hell.
Yet I wanted to know what had happened to him and I went back.
I concentrated strongly on the being that had been laid down there.
I could be attacked again, but I still descended.
That demon pretended to be a brother, how dangerous it was here.
It became dark around me and I felt that I was on the right path.
I approached very carefully.
The being lay there.
To my left and right I saw other beings and these people were like the demons who had followed him.
I also heard them talking.
They were talking about me.
Was I hearing properly?
Yes, they were telling each other how they had attacked me.
I now understood that I was in another hell.
I was far removed from the earth.
This here was a spiritual attunement.
Did this area lie outside the sphere of the earth?
Where was the earth then?
I would watch out.
Did I feel the significance?
Was the astral world on earth?
Was this reality?
I had entered a sphere unknown to me.
I also heard him say that those others had gone back to earth, but that they would come back here.
One of them kept watch here.
They waited until he would waken up again, then there would be more fighting.
On earth a human being was beaten to death, but here he was beaten to unconsciousness.
They had to awaken.
I also thought that I sensed this problem and I thought it was terrible.
I saw nothing but cruelty, lust and violence.
All of them were demons, demons who pretended to be higher beings, in order to attack those who were not conscious of anything.
I also felt how they had beaten me.
How awful everything was which I had experienced up until now.
I had been attacked in the astral world, but I found them even more mean here.
Many now left, but two remained.
Did all of them belong to him, were these people involved with him?
The evil that he had done on earth, awaited him.
There would probably be hundreds involved with him.
After a short time others came.
Also the first demons who had sent him here came back, including the woman who was the leader of all of them.
I saw a dreadful conspiracy there in front of me.
What a terrible gang of robbers and murderers were gathered together there.
All of them belonged to each other.
It was incredible.
Here I got to know the connection of the devils, hundreds of them were connected with each other.
Now they were talking about me, that I had followed them and that they had destroyed me.
You would have liked that, I thought, but I was not equal to this superior strength.
What did I still have to do here?
I wanted to go back to the earth, to the man I had left behind alone.
I would therefore follow the voice of my heart and I kept that voice and those longings concentrated on earth.
I had seen a human of the earth enter the spirit world.
It was a dreadful transition, because they awaited him here and continued to watch over him.
If he was to waken, they would attack him again.
How I trembled and shook from these demonic forces.
Now I concentrated on the earth and wanted to go faster, because I felt fear entering me.
This hell dissolved for me and by continually thinking of the earth I floated towards it.
So I had sensed it well.
Over there was the spirit world and I now went to the earth.
The astral spheres were on earth, it had to be the case, I could not find another meaning for it.
But then those demons had spoken the truth!
There I already saw the earth.
Now I kept my thoughts concentrated on the man I had wanted to protect.
I could not have done a lot for him apart from just helping him to think and in this way he had discovered her true personality.
The earth now became visible to me.
It was as if I could now see more clearly.
Was that because I was busy doing something for others?
In any case it put me in a good mood because I was conscious of my good intentions.
Now I entered a building on earth.
I walked through the rooms and kept my thoughts concentrated on the man I had left.
The man who had experienced this dream lay sleeping in one of the rooms.
There were a few earthly people around him.
I saw that he woke up and they wanted to ask him questions.
In a flash I understood what I had to do.
I connected with him and I gave an answer to each question.
I said that I had nothing to do with all of this.
He himself did not know which path he had to follow, which I felt clearly, but he had to follow this path, otherwise he would also be lost.
I therefore remained inside him and forced him to continue to speak in this way.
I had him completely in my power and he listened to me.
Then an old man came in and I felt that this was his father.
He listened and understood the situation his child was in.
He was asked whether he knew both people.
‘No’, he said.
‘You were followed’, I heard a voice say.
‘Then those people did not see properly’, he continued.
Suddenly I thought that all was lost, because he started to weep.
This was wrong, because he could be suspected.
They thought that he would now surrender completely.
I strengthened my concentration and forced him to remain calm.
I now also felt that I was being helped.
As a result of the strength I placed in him he became himself again and he said: ‘I feel really upset, how can you ask me these questions?’
Now his father spoke and pleaded for his child.
I understood that this was the only possibility of saving him from the scaffold.
‘I do not feel well’, he said, ‘I have nothing to do with that other thing.
Now I wish to sleep, I am not well and feel sick.
Search, but not here.’
The father resumed the conversation and tried to convince them of the innocence of his child.
‘Where were you at such and such a time?’ one of those gentlemen also asked him.
‘You were found far from your house.’
‘That is true, but I have nothing to do with that.’
‘Fine’, they said and left.
The first interrogation was over.
I felt attracted to him, but did not know why.
Did I perhaps have something to do with him?
He soon lay in a deep sleep, but I continued to watch over him.
Remarkable feelings entered me.
I felt as before, when my parents were still alive, and yet I was now in a strange country.
Did I know these beings?
I gauged him and also his father.
At this moment I felt the influence so familiar to me again.
Was I connected with something?
Something occurred to me from the past.
Did these beings have to do with me from times long past?
Again I gauged them, in order to be able to sense their whole being, their deepest inner self.
However, I did not manage this and in this way their lives remained in a thick haze.
However I did not doubt that this had a meaning, because everything in this life had meaning.
Every thought which people felt and which was spoken consciously or unconsciously, had meaning for the person who received them.
However, I only felt attracted to him, not to his father.
Our feelings, or whatever it was, corresponded.
A part of me lay in his condition and those feelings came back to me.
This was what occupied me, what I found strange, but yet clearly felt.
His father was far removed from me in feeling and I felt him more as the connection with this human being.
These feelings came to me while he was sleeping.
After a long sleep he awoke again.
He jumped out of bed and visited his father.
I followed him, because I wanted to know what he would discuss with him.
Now I held back my concentration from him, otherwise he would interpret my feelings and I would not find out anything.
I wanted to try and get to the bottom of the whole truth.
Now a conversation between father and son followed.
‘I am not to blame’, he said.
‘No, none of it concerns me.’
‘Were you there?’ his father asked.
‘Yes, he stabbed himself before my eyes and also the woman I had known for such a short time.’
‘Are you telling the truth, Lantos?’
I got a fright.
Did I hear correctly?
Did he bear my name?
Was he a member of my family?
Had I therefore sensed it correctly?
My God, I thought, what is it this time.
He answered: ‘I am telling the truth, father.
If I was guilty, I would lay my head on the scaffold and I would do that immediately, but this does not concern me, believe me.’
‘I believe you’, his father said.
‘I understand everything and I will help you, leave this to me.
They have to accept it or your life will be at stake.
However, you have taken the correct path.
Continue or your head will roll.’
His father left and I knew what he was going to do.
Lantos, I thought, this young man bore my name?
I suddenly thought that I sensed this problem.
A being of our family was on earth.
Now I looked round the room and recognised many things which we also had had.
If I had felt it correctly they had been able to save some goods from our estate.
Then they were the ones who had inherited our estate or had got it in some way or another.
Everywhere I saw objects from my time.
It was amazing.
Had master Emschor now also connected me again?
Was the influence that I had felt his?
It could not be any other way.
I sat down and thought about my former life.
Suddenly I heard a soft voice say: ‘I thank you, Lantos Dumonché, for your help.’
I got a fright, because my name had been spoken.
‘Do you know me?’ I asked.
‘Yes’, said the voice, ‘I know you.
All of this will end well, but my child will leave.
He bears your name and yet he now belongs to another descent.
He was your child in one of your lives.
You see, your paths are being followed.
The man who convinced you of the past sent me to you.
Accept all of this, it is the truth.’
‘Are you his mother?’
‘Yes, it is my child.’
‘How wonderful the powers of the masters are to be able to know all of this.’
‘Their powers are unlimited.
If it is God’s will, everything will be revealed to us.’
‘What should I do now?’ I asked.
‘Leave and follow your path.’
‘Can I do anything else here?’
‘No, they no longer need your help here.’
‘Did master Emschor want me to experience this?’
‘Yes, and you see, it has already happened.’
‘Did they send me here?’
‘Yes, those who possess these powers can do that and you know those powers.
Thank God for all of this.’
I had therefore sensed it correctly and Emschor had made it clear to me at the place of my birth.
‘Where is the woman’, I asked, ‘whom they killed?’
‘In another world.
You can visit her later, but wait a while, because she is also sleeping and will have to sleep for a long time.’
‘I thank you’, I said to the being, ‘but why am I experiencing all of this?’
‘In order to convince you of your past and because it is necessary.’
‘Do you have connection with everything and everyone in the spheres of light?’
‘We are connected with millions of beings and you are also one of them.’
‘Good spirit, I thank you from the depth of my soul, now I know enough, I thank you.’
The spirit left.
Remarkable, I thought, I had protected my own child, how deep everything was.
How tremendous the powers are of those who know all of this.
The past again and again, I had apparently not experienced enough yet.
I had not thought of this, but who would think of it?
The higher people came, the deeper people saw into life and the lives which were already experienced.
This life is great, I said to myself.
Where would I go now?
First I visited the man I had protected.
He had gone for a rest again and I now felt that no danger threatened him.
It was not yet his time to leave.
How many being were connected with this event?
It could be thousands and yet it only concerned him.
However, I had learned a lot from it, I now knew that I did not know nearly everything from my own hell.
As a result of one situation I was connected with the whole universe.
As a result of one person I learned what people on earth could not learn.
All of this was spiritual wisdom, it belonged to this life.
However, it was wonderful and deep, very deep.
I now wanted to continue and would search for new work.
Would I go back to my cell?
I would probably find work there, because there were many wretches there.
Was I also sent there?
This attracted me, because there were demons to destroy those wretches.
What I met was continually violence.
Here evil lived together.
Yet I did not go to my cell, but first wanted to visit that other world again, because I wanted to know all about it.
I therefore went back to that other being.
I was soon there and I saw that he was still being watched over.
Poor thing, whatever you did wrong, this is dreadful.
He would have to make good what he had once done wrong.
How many people had he sent here?
Did he possess this power on earth?
It appeared to be so according to everything I saw.
I wandered through the streets of that dark city again and could not believe my eyes.
If I had not seen it myself, I could not have accepted it.
The people of the earth lived here, but I soon felt that only evil was united here.
I also saw shadows, but they belonged to the higher attuned people who went and helped the wretches.
They carried fathers and mothers on their shoulders and took them away from this horror.
Where were they going?
They dissolved before me as it were, which I found really amazing.
Yet I stood powerlessly watching and could not go with them, however much I wanted to.
An invisible force called me to a halt.
When I still tried this anyway, then it was as if I was suffocating and it cut off my breath.
I therefore just gave up, because I understood the meaning of it.
I was not yet at that stage, those powers were not within me.
The spiritual law was unrelenting.
Was this God?
No, this was not God, it was I who had locked myself up and in this way I could not leave my hell.
When I had mastered those powers, only then could I go further and higher.
However, I was amazed at everything I saw.
Here it was like on earth and yet this area was far away from the earth.
This is why people called it the spiritual world here.
I lived in a city, but that city was fickle.
It was a real hell, but this hell was different to the astral areas.
Here I was in the true hell of life after death.
Each hell had its own meaning and I descended into all those hells.
People lived there who moved like animals and were no longer human, which made me shiver.
I saw beings who were covered with wounds and when I did not understand all these situations, I fathomed them and in this way I felt the meaning of them.
I walked in the sphere of the people who had committed suicide, who had experienced the process of decay on earth.
From the earth they had come here.
In this way everyone followed his own path, or joined other people.
I sympathised with all these people but I could not help them.
Here I felt the deepest suffering which a human being could receive.
I stumbled onwards completely alone and in this way I got to know all those hells.
I kept wandering further and further, I descended deeper and deeper and visited one hell after another.
I entered a hell where the people were neither animals nor humans.
They lay there sleeping and I felt that they had perhaps slept for hundreds of years after each other.
Yet one day they would awaken and then their life on this side would begin.
I had experienced all that misery, how could I have dealt with it!
Now I was already at the stage of wanting to do something for other people.
I did not know whether all these beings would go back to earth.
It would be a mercy for them, because they had everything on earth.
If they were to descend from their hell into the world of the unconscious in order to go back to earth, they would know nothing about it, of course.
What they had experienced lay deep, very deep in their souls, and yet, anyone who had the powers to descend into the depth of the soul life, saw and felt all these truths.
However, only the masters could do this, the cosmically awakened, as Emschor said.
When I tuned into these people, I felt that they had already completed their cycle of the earth and from here they would continue in order to seek the higher.
I did not know how I suddenly understood this, but I was certainly being helped again.
Their sleep was different than the sleep I had felt when I was connected with it at the edge of my grave.
However, not only their sleep, but also this world, hell or sphere, or whatever it was called in which they lived, was different.
In their world there was movement, even if they did not feel any of it themselves, but in that other world there was nothing, it was empty.
Now I felt even more, namely: anyone who went back to the earth, immediately descended into the world of the unconscious, but only then when it was part of their cycle of the earth.
Therefore others who had died on earth and had entered here, could go back for some task or other, but descended consciously into that world of connection.
These were therefore two possibilities to return, but this one possibility was a spiritual law.
I felt that these thoughts were not my own and I thanked that invisible help for these feelings.
I descended deeper and deeper and when I clearly concentrated and wanted to know where I was, I found myself close to the earth.
Good grief, I thought, who are you?
Why all this misery?
I now felt that all these hells came together.
Deeper or higher, yet they were one.
The heavens must also be like this.
I went back to the hell where I had left those demons.
They were still with him and watched over him, because his sleep was deep.
Yet he would waken up one day.
I did not understand how all of this worked, but I trembled from all these horrors.
How harsh and mean these beings were, they just continued to wait.
They could not forgive him what he had done to them.
He had taken their lives and probably the lives of many and he had to make that good.
I felt the depth of this problem.
The human being was faced on this side with his own failed life, with all his sins and faults.
Here people could not hide them.
However sad it was, he had wanted it himself and that was the most awful thing.
If the people of the earth knew that one day, and I was able to tell them one day how many people would be waiting for them for whom they had something to make good!
I felt that I could never learn enough about this and that I could go on for a thousand years after each other, continually further.
Because there was no end; after all, I lived in eternity.
The people on earth had no concept of eternity.
They would not be able to grasp that word ‘eternity’.
When they enter here an invisible power calls them to a halt and they are faced with their own personality.
One person receives happiness, another terrible misery.
People have to experience all of this first before they can feel the depth of this life.
I stayed in all of these hells for years after each other.
When people needed my help then I gave myself completely.
After all these years I thought I saw more light, it began to become light in my hell.
At first I did not wish to believe it, but I had to accept it.
I had not yet done much for my fellow being, but I was prepared to give my whole inner self.
Now I felt that I did not want to stay here.
I knew this hell and likewise the hells lying under it.
There were seven of them.
I had learned in all of these hells that it was not so simple to help people, but I wanted to try to conquer those difficulties.
I therefore passed over completely into this life and this meant spiritual wisdom.
Now I would go back to my dungeon.
It was as if I was being sent there.
Was that effect?
Would they therefore follow my paths from afar?
It must be the case, since I felt it.
When I tuned into the earth, this world dissolved for me.
This dissolving was really amazing.
I repeated this a few times and now understood it completely.
Then I sharpened my concentration and in this way I floated in the great universe towards the earth.
I was conscious that millions of beings, stars and planets, suns and bodies were around me and yet I was alone, completely alone and abandoned, on the way to help other people.
I continually held my concentration directed upon my dungeon.
By continually thinking of it I had to get there.
I had already mastered this floating and connecting with other situations.
If it concerned my own life, I could see everything, but everything which lived above my own world remained invisible to me.
I already said that there was more light in my hell and that was because it had changed inside me.
One day the higher spheres would also be visible to me.
I was soon on earth.
I entered the place where I had been locked up.
However, my cell was empty.
I then visited the other cells, because I wanted to know whether I was perhaps needed here.
Those I had met on my previous visit were already on this side.
Centuries had passed and this building was still serving as a prison.
I entered a cell.
Before me I saw an old man, he could have reached the age of sixty.
He was also like a skeleton.
Again I felt that soft sign from the higher spirits, as a result of which I now knew that I was still being followed in everything.
It was as if I had been called and my joy was great when I felt all of this.
How great were the powers of the spirit, there was no distance here.
Yet I did not understand the working of these powers, although it was amazing to be able to experience this.
He was sitting in a corner of his cell gazing around him.
I felt that he was in connection with this world.
After I had tuned in, I immediately started to perceive.
My God, I thought, what now?
I saw different demons, and one of them, a female being, was in connection with him.
She was a dreadful monster.
I sat down close to him and followed him in everything.
There was also a demon with me, a former enemy, however, here a female being.
The man was wasting away from passion and as a result of his passion he would take his own life.
He was even deeper in connection than I.
This being clearly manifested itself before him.
I gauged him and felt how long he still had to live.
It was just a few weeks, then he would die.
How could I free him from this connection and be able to protect him against his own passing over?
He spoke to the astral beings, whom he clearly saw.
‘Oh, help me’, he said, ‘have pity.
Who are you?’
I followed this terrible scene and now heard the spirit say, which sounded so satanic to my ears: ‘Take your own life and come here.’
‘Where?’ he asked.
‘Here in our world.’
I had to try and prevent this, I knew all too well what awaited him.
It would cost me all my strength, but I felt that this man could be helped.
I would try to suppress his passion.
I thought for a long time how I could work on him.
‘Come into our world’, how demonic, how mean these beings were.
I now became one with him and shone upon him, so that he fell asleep for a short time.
The monster at this side felt that she had lost her power over him, even if it was temporary.
‘He is sleeping’, I heard her say, ‘how is that suddenly possible?
Yet we will not leave him alone.’
I connected with her and I felt who she was and how she was involved with him.
What she longed for she could find on this side and on earth, but this old man was involved in her life.
The connection which I saw and felt had been reached on earth.
She hated.
She had descended deeper than he and therefore he could be reached by me.
I would do everything to prevent this demon getting power over him.
Shortly before his death they wanted to force that terrible process on this side upon him.
She knew how awful this process was and knew the misery which awaited him.
While he was asleep I placed beautiful thoughts within him, including those of his childhood.
He awakened with these thoughts some time later.
He sat staring in front of him and spoke a few words to himself, which I did not hear, but I felt them entering me and they were my own thoughts.
He thought that he had dreamt it.
Now his childhood lay within him and with those childhood memories he released himself from the claws of that being.
In this way I achieved that she could not reach him.
They had been connected on earth, but she bore a deadly hatred for him.
He had not managed to have a fine life, but he was a saint compared to her.
My will now dominated his, so that he continued to think in this direction.
The night passed in this way.
Oh, how I understood his torments.
No other could understand him better than I, because I had experienced a similar life.
I knew all about this.
I had experienced these laws and this terrible transition.
During the day he could not perceive, but at night the astral being condensed, and I knew now how this was possible.
By manifesting itself this unfortunate being would sooner decide to end his life.
If this connection had been achieved intensely, his transition would also be unavoidable.
Therefore they always tried to achieve this connection at night, or in deep darkness.
However, I continued to watch over him.
I placed my aura around him and waited.
He walked back and forth in his cage all day.
When he was dead tired, he sat down and then he started to think again.
I tried to make myself seen, as Emschor had done with me, but I had to give it up, it appeared impossible for me to do.
I tried it many times, but I did not manage.
I would have to possess more powers and I now understood that I would have to master all those dark spheres so he would perceive me, so I gave up.
As a result of this I understood how powerful higher spirits were.
In spite of this disappointment I felt happy that I had accepted this work.
This would be my first great deed in this life.
The night approached again, but there was still no one to be seen on this side.
I observed what he did and felt what he longed for.
His longings were for her and when he concentrated strongly I felt that my aura started to weaken.
Then his own will penetrated my help, which lay around him like a dense haze.
However, I tried to prevent this and to keep him under my influence.
Yet when he tuned in his own will the haze weakened and he passed into other powers, which he longed for.
The night approached even more and I still did not see any beings.
I would soon perceive them when they came back to him.
It was horrible and quiet here.
The wind whistled through the bars, which made him shiver.
It had also made me afraid and I had experienced thousands of other feelings in my time.
They could not be distinguished from each other.
He also experienced all those states.
I tried to free him from it and prayed intensely to God to help me anyway.
I prayed very intensely for hours on end and as a result of my praying he felt warmth entering him.
He felt what I experienced, we were one.
This is why I heard the howling of the wind, otherwise it would not be possible to hear that in my world.
It did him good, so I continued to pray.
I knew this misery and I knew what I would have to ask my Father.
My prayers were pure, very human.
I did not ask for myself, but whether I would be allowed to help him and protect him from this destruction.
I prayed and continued to pray and in this way this night also passed and nothing special happened.
Thank God, I thought, two nights of his time had already passed.
I counted the time and saw that he had already been locked up here for many years.
He had also written down the days and years.
During the day I worked on him and tried to get him to pray too.
If I was to manage this then he would not be easy to reach.
However, this human being had not prayed much in his life either.
Yet I persevered.
I placed pious thoughts in him and the thought of dying.
I let him feel that he would soon die.
He took over those thoughts from me and thought about them in reality.
‘Oh, God’, he said to himself, ‘what will await me?
Can you forgive a poor sinner?’
Then he interrupted his own thoughts again in order to think of other, inferior things.
When the animal-like played tricks with his imagination, he broke off my connection and the haze that I had placed around him dissolved.
Yet he fought against his own feelings.
He knew, no, he felt very clearly that what he did was wrong.
Yet he kept coming back to it.
He fought against the evil in him and that battle was not so straightforward.
I had also had to fight with myself during my long journey.
I had released myself from all the earthly feelings and pleasures, but that release had been a terrible battle.
My love for Marianne had protected me from this terrible life.
I understood as a result of this that the human being had to possess something which he could cling to.
My realm of thoughts had been a chain of events, such as that of Marianne on earth, and yet the thought of her alone had given me the strength for it, or I would also have stumbled again and again.
However, I had got through it.
He was also busy, but would he conquer himself?
I would continue to help him, that poor man.
It was a battle of life and death, a battle of evil against good and against his own will.
That being, the woman who had come back to him, was the greatest danger to his self-preservation.
If he was to come into connection with her then he could no longer be saved.
He did not possess the powers to turn against that.
This is why I continued to pray, because I felt that only a higher power could help me.
If other and higher powers felt me, they would support me from afar and I knew that sending out a sincere prayer would help, because they could receive these feelings.
I continued praying and I was determined resolutely not to stop praying.
I prayed for a human being, because this human being was in danger.
I myself had also found that so dreadful.
Days and nights passed and I felt that the demons would not be able to do anything if I continued to protect him in this way.
I had entered him and remained in him.
I was connected so intensely with him that he searched for an activity during the day in order to kill time.
To me that meant that the evil in him had fallen asleep.
He doodled on every spot in his cell which was suitable for this purpose.
It was really remarkable to me.
I gauged him, to find out where these feelings suddenly came from and had entered him.
He found it strange himself.
Suddenly he did something for which I was not prepared and from which I felt that I did not have him completely in my power.
He made a wound on his skin, so that blood appeared.
However, he now drew naked figures on the wall with his own blood.
To him this was a very pleasant amusement, but I thought about it and thought I understood it.
These feelings came from deep within him.
My aura lay around him like a wall of spiritual strength, but he wriggled through it, although I had already prevented that for some days now.
He continued to draw figures.
His feelings were awe-inspiringly sharp and I felt that I had to release him, even if it was just for a moment, because I would drive him mad otherwise.
A strong will lay within him and that penetration of his personality put him in this unexpected and incomprehensible state.
I was faced with a problem.
His own inner being was searching for a way out and found this way, even if a dense wall of spiritual power lay around this being.
Feelings united, but we could only become one completely if we cherished one thought, as my master had taught me.
To me all of this was amazing and educational, since I got to know the depth of the soul here and learned to fathom a human being.
Yet I remained connected to him.
He stopped drawing for a moment and from this I felt that he was listening to me again, despite his own will.
It was as if he was awakening.
He sighed deeply and admired his own ‘art’.
I was faced with a mystery again.
He rubbed his eyes and did not know what he had achieved.
He looked at his arm and hurled curses at himself.
‘Where did I get this’, he wondered, ‘I am going mad after all.’
He looked around him and saw that he had drawn various figures.
‘Amazing’, he said, ‘how is that suddenly possible?’
He was not conscious of anything, so I understood that his whole being had passed into me.
Yet I had not felt any of it while he was drawing, but I understood the danger of all of this, since he had reached a strange emotional state through me.
I had to admit honestly that I thought that he had taken over my feeling for art without my knowledge, because that art lay within me.
Yet this was not the case, it went even deeper, because he knew nothing about his actions and recoiled from what he had done.
I had not wanted this.
My thoughts and concentration were not directed at this, there was nothing within me that had thought about that.
Where did those feelings come from?
Were they inside him, or had he descended into a former life?
I followed his earthly life and saw that he had had nothing to do with art.
He had never learned it.
He had a very different profession.
This was a problem which I did not understand.
Yet I felt that I had to continue in this way, then this mystery would be solved.
I gauged him for a long time, concentrated on his inner life and felt very deeply into his human feeling that feelings for art lay hidden there.
These feelings entered him from the depths of the past.
He had also essentially been an artist.
How deep the human being was that all these feelings had been preserved, because I knew for certain that they were not from me.
When he started with it I was shocked.
I now had to try and take these feelings for art away from him and I felt that I had to leave him a bit freer if I did not want to drive him mad.
It would upset him if he noticed something similar for a second time, which he himself knew nothing about.
I had elevated him completely in this life as a result of my concentration and he had reached the deepest inspiration which an artist on earth could wish for.
In this state, which was now clear to me, the greatest and most beautiful works of art were produced.
However, I was only concerned with calming down those feelings for art again, which had suddenly awakened within him.
I released him from my aura and thoughts and he felt that he was becoming himself again.
Now I could start from the beginning again.
He had lain down to rest.
Yet, before night approached, I would have to reach a connection with him.
If these beings came back he would pass into them.
When night approached I therefore achieved a very slight connection.
However, I remained in my own world and observed what would happen, because I had a premonition that they would come back tonight.
He sent his thoughts out to this world and longed again for a conversation with her.
‘Are you there?’ he asked unexpectedly.
I did not see any being and replied: ‘Yes, I am here.’
He heard my words entering inside him.
I now spoke as the demons had spoke to me.
I was very pleased that this possibility occurred.
I had not thought of this and had not counted on it either.
This was a new way of connecting.
Now I was inside him and around him and yet I could reach him.
I found this connection better and stronger than that first one.
I concentrated on him, silently placed a new wall of spiritual strength around him and continued to remain one with him.
I therefore replied that I was with him and he said to me: ‘I have asked you questions, but why have you stayed away from me for so long?
You have still not answered my question whether there is death.’
Amazing, I thought, he is asking the same questions I asked.
I replied again to this question: ‘There is no death.’
‘There is no death?’
‘And you first said that there is death, and not now?’
‘No, there is no death.’
I concluded from this that they had not told him the true cause either.
Anyone who came into contact with demons was lied to and cheated.
‘You did not understand me’, I continued.
‘Not understood?’
‘No’, I said.
Then there was silence for a moment.
The human being on earth accepted everything.
He did not see through that veil and people had to see through it if they wanted to enter our world.
He was told lies and deception and as a result of lies and deception I had put an end to my earthly life.
Yet his connection was more intense than mine.
This human being possessed more of those powers than I did when my end was approaching.
I also understood that all these feelings had to do with his end.
The soul was slowly preparing itself to leave the earthly body.
Since his spiritual body entered into connection with this world, it would be more difficult for me to protect him against these beings.
I felt and reviewed all of this.
He asked again: ‘Tell me the truth, is there death?’
‘No’, I said and put all my strength into it, so that his heart beat.
He was shocked by my words, which he felt shaking inside him.
The connection with him was very deep again.
I was myself completely and yet he did and felt what I now wanted from him.
This state had also come to him unconsciously.
I tried to fathom this out and now gauged his spiritual state, but I did not see or feel the least resistance there.
We were now one and I would try to maintain this unity of soul.
Now I started to examine him physically.
This was very easy for me since I felt it inside me.
His heart had weakened, which I saw clearly, I felt it beating.
Every hour cost him a month of physical strength which he would have used in his normal life.
He was a wreck.
The weakness of his earthly body, the longing of his soul, his personal desires, therein lay this sensitivity.
I understood this completely.
However, I now felt those feelings for art coming back to him.
Now what?
If he passed into this, then he would go completely mad.
I tried to influence him in such a way that he would consciously pass into his material life.
I therefore thought of different earthly things.
By concentrating I got him so far that he started to sing and whistle.
Then I forced him to walk backwards and forwards in his cell.
He went from one form of nonsense to the other.
My idea was successful and he felt himself again as a result of all those things.
The past receded within him, so one danger had passed.
However, I would now have to make him a bit calmer and in this way I made him one with me, because by thinking of all those earthly things I had to release him completely.
As a result of all that walking back and forth he felt tired.
He lay down and tried to sleep.
However, he could not sleep, he was too conscious.
Now I also knew what I had been like.
I had not been able to sleep either and this was the meaning of it.
His inner self was in rebellion.
I had to watch out for thousands of things here, I had not thought it would be so difficult to help a human being from this side.
However, I felt that I was doing good work, because I took away from this man much suffering and the most incredible torments which the human being on earth does not know.
For that purpose I gave myself, my whole inner self.
I now felt that the past had gone back to the past.
He was also deep.
Everyone carried a deep past inside himself, because everyone had been cosmically connected.
They were cosmic powers, they were part of a very different life.
A life that I had not known, but which now revealed itself to me through him.
He was drowsy, gasped for breath, because his body could not cope with all of this.
Now something was approaching, I could feel it.
That cursed being, that monster would influence him.
This became an open battle, a battle between her and me.
However, I was faced with two beings, because his will, his own personality, was also against me.
That will longed and wanted to come into connection with her.
That will, that awe-inspiring human will would play tricks on me if I did not use all my powers to prevent this.
‘Here I am’, I heard her say.
However, she could not see me.
Yet she looked in the direction where I was.
She saw me as a shadow, but shrouded in a haze.
She knew these shadows just as well as I had perceived them around and inside me.
She therefore knew that he was not alone.
She tuned into him and asked: ‘Are you not alone?’
Fortunately, I thought, she thinks that on earth there is someone with him.
‘What did you say?’ he asked.
He had therefore heard something, only he did not understand her clearly.
I experienced amazing things here, but also terrible ones.
‘I am here’, she said after a short while, ‘can you not see me?’
He still sat staring in front of him in a dazed way and did not answer.
Yet she had felt his inner urge to speak and answered: ‘Now, answer me, I am here!’
She spoke briefly and strictly, as a result of which he awoke with a fright and life entered him.
To me there was just one possibility to free him from her claws.
I tried to dominate his inner self and to come into contact with her, so that I could pick up her words.
I said to the being: ‘Leave, leave me alone.’
A long silence followed.
She had heard me clearly and picked up my words.
Suddenly she left.
Where would she go?
Did she feel opposition?
Had she gone for help and did she know where to get it?
I knew that such a being could connect on this side with a similar type of individual, in order to make a person harmless together.
However, I waited.
The man next to me had come to himself.
He looked around him and thought he could see in that darkness.
‘Oh’, he said, ‘I am so sick, so tired.
If there is a Father in heaven, how can He approve of this?’
Strange, I thought everyone asks for Him, every being asks ‘why and for what purpose?’
How can God approve of this, I had also kept asking myself.
However, I had got to know God as a Father of Love.
He would also get to know a God of Love, when he had died.
Yet it caused me sorrow.
Why did the human being on earth has to suffer so much?
Why must the soul go through all these phases on earth before it had reached that height?
Again and again that ‘why’; it was and would remain a mystery.
God is Love!
How simple it was to accept and yet this was so difficult.
Wherever I had been, in the sphere of the earth, the astral areas, in hell, everywhere suffering, misery and sorrow, but also passion and violence.
The human being did not want to obey.
His wondering ‘why and for what purpose’ was the reason for me to protect him and help him from his own destruction.
He was willing, but if he was to rebel, his personality would work against me and I had to take this into account.
He tried to sleep.
He was too sick and too tired to tune himself in spiritually.
A few hours passed like this until I suddenly saw movement in front of me.
Two individuals had come back and one of them was the female being.
She had therefore got help, she could not have managed this alone.
A flash of spiritual power was sent to him.
The man trembled and shook as a result of that sudden influence and looked up.
They had reached him.
His longing to come into connection with them, their powers which they had tuned into him collectively, flowed into one.
I was desperate, four against one, it was impossible to fight it.
What should I do?
He stood up and said: ‘Are you here?’
‘Yes’, I said quickly.
However, I also heard them say: ‘We have come to help you.’
‘Wonderful’, he said, ‘give me advice.’
Now what, I thought.
To my left and to my right the demons and in front of me that wretch.
I gauged him, but his longing was intense.
His interest, his lust, cut off my help.
I was faced with different possibilities, but which should I apply to him?
I wriggled inside him and penetrated his personality.
I had to try and connect even deeper with him.
Then it would have to be madness, madness was better than such a destruction.
I felt him sinking away and coming back, but suddenly he started to scratch open his old wounds.
His blood started to flow.
Then he jumped up from his seat and ran around like a madman.
Deep darkness surrounded him, but it did not stop him.
It was dreadful.
This lasted for some time, then he lay down again and sighed.
It had tired him out, his brain could not deal with it.
His brain worked feverishly and his heart beat fiercely.
He grasped his head with both hands and called out: ‘I am going mad.’
I felt in this situation how the spirit could make the human being on earth mad.
His physical powers were not designed for this awe-inspiring influence.
I myself influenced him and these demons also tried to elevate him into their lives, so that it made him dizzy.
A human being with normal feelings already has difficulty remaining in balance on earth, so that the earthly body is in harmony with the spiritual body, so it is understandable how this wretch felt.
I had seen all of this during my walk on earth, but now I started to experience it.
If the astral being becomes master of the human being on earth, then he experiences his own life.
The demons use that earthly body for their pleasure, for lust, violence and destruction.
Everything is animal-like, very, very pitiful, but they are dreadful truths.
Once that earthly being has been reached, then dozens of beings live it up in that earthly body.
Anyone who passes into the hands of evil is usually lost beyond redemption.
From this side everything is done to preserve such a human being.
It is dark and horrible, but the astral being wants to experience, they are one in feeling and thoughts.
I can only give you one piece of advice: Search for the good, so that the high spirit can reach you and influence you.
As you think yourself you attract and you pass into it.
Do not be a plaything of your own thoughts.
This wretch experienced all of this.
They wanted to destroy him, let him die spiritually, and I tried to prevent that.
I worked upon in him in my way, but he wanted to connect with the demons and the demons sent their terrible feelings to him.
An organic disruption would take place, because the strongest body could not deal with this.
He jumped up again and ran round like a madman until he could not move a foot.
He was already in a state of complete exhaustion.
He collapsed in the middle of his cell and remained lying there.
For me this was a great fortune, because the demons could not reach him now.
Now he was too weak to take his own life.
However, if that was to go on like that, the man would go mad.
This had kept on worrying me, so that I had occupied myself with thousands of other things and had watched out for myself.
I had involuntarily checked myself.
Yet I would have been better to have gone mad than to experience this terrible destruction.
Now he lay there like a dead man.
I gauged him and clearly felt that he was dazed.
I could not feel anything more from his past.
What he now experienced was connected to his physical condition and his powers lessened by the minute.
This is why the demons could not reach him enough now. Yet they were in him and around him.
‘He is not alone’, I heard them say again.
‘There is a doctor with him.
He is being nursed.’
‘No’, said the other, ‘he is lying on the ground.’
I understood from this conversation that they could not see or feel the real meaning.
I knew all those transitions and knew that the prisoner had a higher attunement than they had.
If I could suppress his longings, they would not be able to take possession of him.
However, it was not yet the time for passing over, so that so many things could happen.
If he tuned into them, they would clearly be able to see that there was no earthly doctor present.
When I thought of all these things, he asked: ‘Why do you not help me?
I am so alone here, there is no one helping me.’
In reply I heard the female demon say: ‘He is alone, yet there is help, but that help comes from this side.’
I withdrew slightly, so that they would not see me as a shadow.
‘I cannot see anything’, the other one said.
‘Then you cannot see properly, come on, hurry up, do not delay, he will take his life.’
All of them attacked him, so that the wretch moaned and groaned.
This influence made him crazy and his brain became confused.
He wanted to be helped, but that help would be fateful to him.
It was now no longer possible for him to think normally.
I was still one with him.
The thoughts of those who wanted to destroy him were murderous.
The wretch did not know with whom he had connected.
I now exerted all my strength and prayed to God to help me.
It had now become a dreadful struggle.
To my left and to my right I thought I could see some light.
Was I also getting help?
I kept my strong will concentrated on one point.
I killed his feelings, I could not do anymore just now.
I could not concentrate on the demons and let them do what they wanted.
I now just stopped him from listening to them and tried to concentrate his attention on other things.
He could still be reached.
I noticed that he followed me in my train of thought and in this way the night passed and the demons left, because their connection weakened in the morning.
He had lain there for hours.
Now I urged him to get up.
He tried to get up a few times, until he finally managed to reach his former place.
He was exhausted, because he had lost much strength this night.
I also saw the demons during the day, since they kept on coming back to him.
However, the man kept on sinking away deeper and deeper.
I now felt that I had been helped during the night, my intense prayer had been answered.
If he was to be attacked tonight, I could probably count on that help again.
They came to visit him in the afternoon.
There was really earthly help.
He was given medicine and from this I noticed that centuries had passed.
When I had been locked up here people did not bother so much about a prisoner, we were left to our fate.
Yet he remained in his cell, although it could not last long anymore.
I had already been here a few weeks in order to protect him and I still did not see the end.
Yet there was something which made me sense the end.
If I tuned into him it did not cost me so much effort.
The spirit, which would soon enter this life, was already in connection with this life.
He removed himself in feeling from the earth and passed into my life.
This is why I could reach him more easily, but he was also a sensitive subject for the demons.
In this way the day and night passed and nothing in particular happened.
The following day he could almost no longer move.
He lay there still and his thoughts were confused.
He was in a state of madness, which was far removed from his earthly consciousness.
I felt all of this clearly.
His end was becoming nearer.
Yet he engaged all his strength and crawled round on his hands like an animal.
I wanted to stop him, but it was not possible for me.
He was looking for something.
‘Where are you?’ he called.
‘Where are you?
Come, do not leave me alone, I love you.’
They can feel and see it.
‘Come on, speak.
You are dear to me.’
Completely mad, I thought, but he feels in the spirit.
He was normal in my life.
Once he had died, that spiritual disturbance would soon dissolve.
How simple madness was.
I did not understand anything about it during my life on earth.
The power of thought of other beings had brought him into disharmony.
One helped him, another tried to destroy him.
I was still alone, they would probably come back soon.
I waited and followed him in his thoughts.
The closer death on earth approached, the more difficult it became for me.
I knew very certainly that if he had been completely conscious he would already have ended his life long ago, but in this state it was not possible.
He could no longer think of just one thing.
He was full of thoughts.
This was now the only possibility on which I had to concentrate.
I remained connected to him inside.
Darkness had already fallen long ago when the demons approached.
He cursed, begged for help, cursed his God and lost himself.
Now there were five of them, three was not enough.
Those devils in human form knew that they were being opposed.
With united powers they wanted to elevate him into their world and make him harmless.
They forced a terrible end on him.
He was now completely enclosed and they concentrated on the wretch.
I could not withstand this.
However, my prayer had helped, so I prayed again in silence to God in order to send help.
It was now as if a hurricane of strength erupted upon him.
I prayed intensely.
‘Help, help’, I called.
‘My God, help me’.
Then I called for my master.
‘Help, Emschor, help me.’
Suddenly I felt another power enter me.
I prayed again.
‘I am imprisoned here.
Emschor, help me, the power which comes to me and in me is terrible.
Oh, God, help me.
My Almighty Father, I beg you, help me, hear my prayer.
I will not make it, I cannot do it anymore.’
I continued to call for help, because I felt my powers weakening.
An uncertain feeling now entered me.
Yet I continued to persevere and prayed deeply for help.
How powerful my prayer was.
A slight dizziness overcame me.
Yet I kept my concentration upon him and resisted the demons.
Unexpectedly the prisoner got up, sighed and complained and expressed noises of fear.
Now I saw blood flowing from his mouth.
His head was thumping and I could hear his heart beat in this world.
This unequal fight was terrible.
Again I called for help.
I kept on saying Emschor’s name.
They had to help me, or I would have to surrender.
Now what?
The prisoner prepared to smash himself against the wall of his cell.
In his madness he no longer knew what he was doing.
I had not counted on that.
As fast as lightning and with the powers I still had within me, I wriggled inside him and forced him to think of other things.
I managed it.
He collapsed and I let him crawl around and made him dead tired in this way.
The demons wanted him to smash himself to pieces.
I had been able to prevent this.
Finally he remained lying, exhausted.
Thank God, he was still in my power.
Yet he crawled back to his resting place and I waited to see what would happen.
I saw a few luminous forms high above me.
They looked down at me and smiled at me.
‘How can I thank you’, I sent towards them.
In reply I heard: ‘He will soon pass over, his battle has been fought.
The demons can no longer reach him now.
This night will pass in peace.
Love is the highest, the good conquers.
God be with you.’
I burst into tears.
We had both been helped.
Emschor had heard my prayer, had sent me his helpers.
How I had fought for his passing over!
I had been able to help a human being, how fortunate I felt.
How grateful I was to God and how deeply I bowed my head.
A great happiness flowed inside me, a happiness which meant love.
I gauged him again and felt the time when he would pass over.
It was as if the poor man also felt it.
There lay a human being who had fought his battle.
How he had suffered, asked and searched!
How deeply shocked this human being was.
I thanked my Father that I had achieved this.
The demons were still there, because I could hear them talking.
Finally they left to never come back.
I now reflected upon everything and knew that this had given me much wisdom.
I felt different than before I had started this and yet only a few weeks had passed.
More light appeared to come around me.
I was busy serving the human being and loved my God, Whom I did not know entirely, but of Whose power I was now convinced.
I had done something for this human being and I would be pleased to do it all again.
Salvation had come at the last minute.
When my concentration had weakened, I was lost and if that help had not come, they would have elevated him into their lives.
Miracles appeared to only happen at the very last minute.
I had already experienced this several times on this side.
Prayers were answered at the very last minute.
The night had passed and I felt that his end was approaching, so that I started to tune in a different way.
Now I brought him to peace and prayed for him.
Then I spoke to him and he understood every word, so intensely was he already connected to our world.
His day consciousness gradually came back.
I saw and felt this process clearly, his head did not thump so terribly anymore either.
‘Who are you?’ I heard him ask.
‘A friend of yours’, I said, ‘just stay calm.’
He could clearly perceive me and asked: ‘A friend?’
‘Yes, a good friend.’
‘Where are the others?’
‘Did you see them?’
‘Yes, where are they?’
‘They have left’, I said.
‘She also?’
‘Thank goodness’, he said.
He had been deeply connected to her.
He felt relieved that she was no longer here.
‘I am going to die’, he said, ‘I can feel it.
Will I then go to you?’
‘You will come to me and to others friends who want the best for you.’
‘If only God can forgive me.
I have suffered so.’
’God loves you’, I said.
‘Is that the truth?’
‘The sacred truth.’
Tears welled in his eyes.
My words came from the depth of my soul.
How I had changed.
‘Yes‘, I thought, ‘God is Love.‘
‘You talk differently to her.
Have you always been with me?’
‘No’, I said to him, ‘I came to help you.’
‘I am grateful to you, another few hours and then I will die.’
I also wept, but only from happiness, because I had been able to help him; but I was also sad because the human being on earth had to suffer so much.
‘My God’, I prayed, ‘I have been witness to his suffering, he will search for the good and begin to work on himself.
He will be like a child, be merciful to him, he has suffered so much.’
A peaceful force flowed into him.
His physical powers lessened with every minute.
He lay there like an animal.
On earth he had been left alone, no one came to visit him.
The food had been pushed through the opening as normal, but he no longer needed any food.
The time passed and he gave in completely.
His spirit was preparing itself, for the earth he had already lost his consciousness.
Now I felt that I had to help him.
I made magnetising stroking movements over his earthly body, which I had seen several times.
His spiritual body now became free; the cord which also prevented me from leaving until the last second, had already dissolved.
It became rarer and rarer and as it became rarer, the powers of his earthly body lessened.
The dying man heaved deep sighs, he was still alive on earth.
He called for his father and mother and thought about his childhood.
Again he called very intensely for his parents.
Were they still alive?
It was almost impossible.
He called out again and emitted a frightening cry.
I trembled.
This was a terrible death, but could not be compared to my own death.
Yet his death was dreadful.
Completely alone and abandoned, he entered this life.
No friends or acquaintances, no father or mother, he lay there alone in all his misery.
This hovel was his death chamber.
Now he started to leave the earth, the cord tore apart and his spirit now became completely free.
Life on earth was over.
Now I heard speak, looked up and saw into the face of two young spirits.
One of them spoke: ‘We have come to get him, brother, are you prepared to follow us?’
‘What do you mean?’ I asked.
‘We will take him to the place to which he has attunement.’
‘Oh’, I said, ‘now I understand you.
How do you know that this human being is dying?’
‘We know this for some time beforehand.
We are sent here from the higher spheres.’
‘Did you help me in this terrible battle?’
‘Yes, we followed you in everything.’
It is wonderful, I thought.
‘Does this human being have no father and mother on this side?’
‘Yes, but both of them are wretches.’
I understood.
Both the young spirits now took care of the spiritual body, and human being had died on earth, but entered the spiritual life.
Dead on earth and born into the life of the spirit.
The spiritual body lay shrouded in a haze.
Nothing more was said.
They left the earth at a fast speed.
I followed them.
Where would they take him?
It went further and further.
I felt where I was.
We were not in the Land of Hatred.
Were they taking him to the spiritual spheres?
Everyone was collected from the earth, if this was possible.
However, not me, I was attached to my body, I could not be collected.
How they knew everything here.
They knew that I was not free.
I had now achieved this for him.
If I had not remained with him, he would also have had to experience the process of decay.
God was almighty, because God controlled all of this.
His messengers knew this beforehand.
Finally they seemed to have reached the place of destination.
I was in another land and saw many brothers and sisters together.
Could I enter here?
This was not my sphere.
My hell was different.
Did I now possess more light?
The dead man was carried into a large building.
I saw many of those brothers arriving here with the earthly being.
Where am I, I thought, and stepped inside that building.
Everywhere I saw beds and on them lay spiritual beings who had died on earth and had entered this life.
Love, I saw nothing but love.
How concerned they all were for these people.
A brother now approached me and said: ‘Do you not wish to rest a bit?
After carrying out such a great piece of work, you need some rest.’
‘Does he know about it?’ I thought.
‘We know everything’, he said.
I found it amazing, I had just thought this, had not spoken a word.
Here they knew what another person thought.
I said: ‘I do not feel tired and I will go back to the earth.’
‘Wonderful’, said the master.
I felt that he was a master.
‘Carry on like that’, he said, ‘you will master much spiritual possession.
Know that you are awaited in the spheres of light.
Beautiful things await you there.
What you see here is serving love.
Everyone has his own task, but all of us serve the human being who enters here.
I will explain to you where you are.
Follow me.’
We went outside again and the master said: ‘Brother Lantos.’
‘Do you know me?’
‘You can hear that I know you.’
‘In this vastness?’
‘I already knew for some time that you would come here.
We await you and many others.
A being awaits you in the spheres and that master is connected to me.
This is how I know about your life and about everyone who enters here.
Listen: you are now in the Land of Twilight.
However, this is not your hell, you have already discarded your hell.
You have therefore come higher.
Since you search for the good your situation has changed.
You can go even further, because your sphere is the next one, which lies higher.
The sphere where we are now borders on the Land of Hatred and is an interim sphere.
You have been in the Land of Hatred and you are familiar with life there.
You have therefore freed yourself from the darkness by helping him and many others.
The darkness, brother Lantos, now lies behind you.
This is why I tell you: go further, search for it in this way, then the spheres of light will await you.
You already have light in your actual sphere and yet you have not yet reached the first spiritual attunement.’
‘Am I still one of the living dead?’
‘Yes, you are still one of them, but this will not last long anymore.
Then you will pass into the first spiritual sphere.
Then the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh sphere follow.
Then there are the mental areas.
These are the areas which can be compared with the world of the unconscious, and you have experienced them.
Anyone who passes into that does not come back and passes into the fourth cosmic degree.
That is another planet.
But you will become convinced of that later.
All of us, brother Lantos, give ourselves completely for those who enter here from the darkness and from the earth.
We prevent them from relapsing and help them in everything.
This is our work.
Others descend into the darkness in order to help wretches.’
‘What will happen to the man I was able to support?’
‘He will sleep and will sleep for a long time, then his spiritual life will begin.’
‘Is this his sphere?’
‘Yes, this is his attunement.’
‘Will he stay here long?’
‘This can take years and depends completely on his own will.’
‘He had to suffer so, will that be taken into account?’
‘Were you given anything?’
‘No, not that.’
‘Well, he cannot be given anything either, he wanted it himself.’
I understood.
‘Am I on the border of the actual hell in this life here?’
‘That is true.’
‘I can therefore go further?’
‘You can do that.’
‘What do you advise me to do?’
‘It is up to you what you want to do.
You can go back to the earth, descend into the darkness of hell, or go higher in order to take possession of your sphere.
But I advise you to get back to work.
There are thousands who need help.
In a short time you can make great progress, because you have a strong will, you know all these hells and spheres, and know how to reach the people on earth.
You learned all of that in the centuries which have passed.’
‘I will descend’, I said to the master.
‘This is the path, my brother.’
‘Did you follow me in everything?’
‘I already told you that I am in connection with your master.
From here you were helped in everything and your prayers were received by us.’
‘Is that possible?’
‘You see that we know.
Pure prayers, which are sent up, immediately find connection.
Your cry for help, thereby your great love in order to help a human being, reached us, no, goes higher and higher, until it penetrates the spheres of light.
From there we get a message to help those who need help.
These connections are therefore achieved by the masters.’
‘If I have understood you correctly, I feel that the purer I can give myself and the greater the love is which I feel for others, the higher the help is which I will receive?’
‘That is the way it is.
By giving yourself in love, the higher spirits will support you and send their helpers to you.’
‘Is this for everyone?’
Anyone who wants the good will receive this help.
Every soul follows its own path.
‘Everyone had to follow his own path, but all of us only follow one path, in order to be able to reach the highest spheres.
That is by loving and serving life.’
‘Are all these paths just as difficult?’
‘No, not that.
However, you experienced the deepest misery, walked the most difficult path which there is.
Your death was a special entering.
But not only this entering, but also how from there you have found your way and have already reached here completely alone.
You have went through different stages and have been able to free yourself from those spheres.
Others have to be helped and need help.
However, you search for it in your life and also try to help and support others.
They have respect on this side for the human being who can do this under his own strength.’
‘Can you tell me where master Emschor lives?’
‘Your leader and master lives in the fifth sphere.’
‘What did you say, in the fifth sphere?
How will I ever get there?’
‘If you continue in this way, you will make fast progress.
Have you anything else to ask me?’
‘Yes, I still have a lot to ask, but I do not wish to stay here.
I will go back to the earth and all those other hells, and I will try to master those spiritual powers.
First I want to go back to my cell, I can probably help others there.’
‘That is not necessary, brother Lantos.’
‘Do you know that?’
‘We know where the human being is who needs help.’
‘Is this vastness?’
‘In this world we are connected with millions.
It is a powerful chain and the human being who connects with it, there are also the brothers and sisters from higher spheres.
They immediately send up their thoughts and then we know whether urgent help is needed.
And only those who have experienced the same life can help them.
Everything, you experienced that, is concentration and it is love and namely serving love.
You can go back to your prison if you wish, but they no longer need your help there.’
‘So I was given that work?’
‘Exactly, your paths were followed.
You were worked upon in silence.
You are never alone, even if you think that you are alone.
So none of them, brother Lantos, who are now locked up in your dungeon are in connection with this world.’
‘It is amazing’, I said, ‘wonderful and deep.’
‘So go back to the earth, you will find other work there.
And when you come back here, everything will be different and you will understand your eternal life better.
Come, follow me, I will take you back to the man whom you helped.’
I saw hundreds of people, all of them were in a deep sleep.
I understood this sleep, Emschor had told me about it.
How true everything was.
I saw men and women together.
Grown-up adults were taken care of like little children.
This life was explained to them, for I felt that they were not capable of helping themselves.
I did not want to be like that, I wanted to stand on my own two feet.
Every second thousands of people arrived from the earth, who had died there.
Those brothers immediately went back to the earth to fetch others.
It was wonderful to be able to see this.
Dying and being born, on and on, nothing else happened for thousands of years after each other.
Young and old were together here, but I did not see any children.
My friend lay there.
I was amazed that he had already changed so much.
The spiritual body gradually became conscious and he would and had to waken.
This happened while he was asleep.
I felt and understood all of this, because I had experienced it myself.
Months would pass before the human being became himself again.
Yet this process was completed.
His sleep was deep.
Oh, how wonderful this life is, I thought.
I looked around me and my decision remained.
I did not want to stay here, because I was not someone to quietly sit down with my obtained possession.
I wanted to set off again in order to work on myself.
I thanked the master for all he had given me and said farewell to all of them.
I was seen off by many.
All of them called farewell to me.
I would experience new problems and get to know the amazing part of them.
I had set off again and the darkness became denser and denser around me.
Gradually this sphere closed around me and I dissolved in it.