Back to the earth

I tuned into the earth and floated through the universe again.
I had experienced a lot.
My sphere was now a different one than when I had first entered.
I had done good work and I would continue to do good.
I was soon on earth.
It was night.
But earthly life seen from this side was wonderful.
The astral beings did not rest, they experienced.
I knew all their enjoyment, their love and destruction.
There were millions of these beings on earth.
Everyone searched for his pleasures, which destroyed him.
Now I tuned into the people and felt their inner life.
How clear they now were to me, how deeply I penetrated the life of their soul.
In the aura of the human being lay their longings, their suffering, their hunger and lack.
However, I was only interested in those who wanted to take their own lives.
I felt those who were thinking about it the most deep, because it had to do with the life of my own soul.
I was connected with them and I knew them as my own life.
There was a woman walking in front of me.
In her lay suffering and sorrow.
I felt this clearly entering me.
She was still young and shrouded in rags.
I would follow her.
Where was she going?
Was she alone in this world?
She was also broken, heart and soul.
I met nothing but misery.
She wandered from the one street into the other.
I noticed that I was in another part of the world, because the language which they spoke here was not mine.
Yet I understood her.
In feeling I passed into that language and the being and in this way I interpreted her own feelings.
This was the spiritual connection.
In this way I felt all the languages which people spoke on earth.
I continued to follow this woman because thoughts of suicide were in her being.
These feelings came to me when I had connected with her.
She continually thought about it.
If she was to end her life, she thought, her suffering would be over.
Death was death to her.
However, I felt even more.
In and around her I saw the means which she thought of, in order to end her earthly life.
For her it was a jump in the water.
However, even then she would be attached to her earthly body, and wherever it went, she would have to experience this dreadful process.
Yet I felt that she could be helped.
Anyone who could not be reached had to be left to their fate.
In her lay maternal suffering and I felt why she had reached this state.
She had been abandoned and a young life lay within her.
If she was to end her life, she would not be the only one to enter this world.
It would be a double murder which she would have to make good.
Now that I knew this, I would do everything to prevent her.
Who had put her in this state and left her alone?
It was inhuman.
There before me walked dreadful suffering, as I had not yet experienced.
My God, I thought, how much suffering there is.
I no longer called out ‘why can God approve of this?’ I knew.
I remained connected with her and supported her.
I led her far from the place where she wanted to go.
Not that, I thought.
Do not search for the water, it is attracting you.
She was also mentally ill, because the human being who thought of suicide was mad.
I guided her to the edge of a wood.
I saw a house in the immediate vicinity.
Did people live there?
This young mother needed help.
I forced her to have a rest and she obeyed.
Tears flowed down her cheeks, tears of deep human suffering.
Yet a great love lay within her, it was the sacred maternal love which she felt.
I thought about what awaited me.
It was deep in the night.
I forced her to be calm and left.
I hastened quickly to that earthly house.
However, it was empty, there was not a being to be seen.
What would I have to do in order to be able to help her?
Time was pressing.
I went back to her and saw that she was ready to leave.
Water, water, she called to herself.
The water would be her end.
She would not feel any pain there and she would be released from all her misery.
I now let her go, but continued to follow her.
Now I could not take possession of her, because I knew that I was only allowed to intervene at the last minute.
By continually suppressing her feelings weakened her brain and a mental defect would occur.
I was prepared for that.
I had experienced this in my cell and I had to prevent this from happening to her.
Yet this work was more difficult than I had thought, because I was faced with unexpected things.
She sought the inhabited world again.
Her spirit worked intensely and the peace which I had placed within her had disappeared.
Yet she was alone, there were no astral beings.
I thought this was very strange, because why did she not attract any demons to herself?
I gauged her again in order to find out where that anxiety had suddenly entered her.
I descended deep within her.
I was faced with a problem again.
These thoughts and feelings came from the depth of her soul.
Something within her became conscious, a feeling for dying lay within her.
This feeling drove her on, endlessly further and yet she did not go as far as the deed to end her life.
She sought out the water, but did not dare to jump.
She could not manage it, because something kept her back, it prevented her from doing it.
Was this her past?
Was I allowed to look into her past?
It was amazing what I perceived and clearly felt.
However, it was a problem for me.
I prayed intensely to be able to see this mystery, I could probably help her then.
Now she approached the water.
What would she do?
I followed her and continued to ask for help.
I descended deeper into the life of her soul.
However, she continued to follow the water.
I now felt that I did not need to be afraid.
What a mystery a human being was.
I had still not experienced these phenomena.
Suddenly she turned into a street and disappeared from this danger.
How is all of this possible, I thought.
Now I felt the influence so well-known to me.
Her past now became visible to me, as I had perceived my own life.
Did Emschor also come to my aid in this?
In the depth of the life of her soul lay suicide and yet she could not manage to take her own life.
In order to take that jump, she was already too far advanced on the spiritual path.
This would only happen if a person had a lower attunement.
In a past life she had committed suicide.
How simple this spiritual problem was now that I was allowed to see into her past.
As a result of poverty and misery she had become conscious of her past again, all those feelings passed into her day consciousness.
Now I also understood why she was alone, that she was not influenced either.
Her thoughts of ending her own life were not intense enough to be received by the demons.
In silence I thanked my master for this help.
I now felt what I had to do.
She sat down on a bench in a park in order to rest and soon fell into a deep sleep.
I gauged her sleep and determined how long this could last.
She would sleep for a few hours and I therefore had a few hours’ time.
I wanted to make good use of them.
I went in search in order to be able to bring her into contact with other people who could help her.
I moved away and concentrated on those people who could be reached by me.
I searched the whole area, but without a result.
I therefore wandered around the area and saw a large building in the distance.
I went there.
When I entered I saw that it was a monastery and that monks lived there.
The human being on earth had not yet started his daily task.
I concentrated on the time and determined that it was four o’clock in the morning.
Yet here were people who could help me.
I went from one room to another.
At each bed I gauged the person lying there.
After I had gone in and out of a dozen rooms, I found what I was looking for.
This monk could be reached.
He was open to being able to receive the rays and thoughts from the spirit.
His sleep was not deep, so that I wakened him.
I urged him to get dressed.
He obeyed my strong will, but he was amazed at his actions, but did what I wanted from him.
When I had achieved this, I knelt down and prayed to my God and my leader to help me.
What I wanted to achieve was not simple.
After he had got dressed, he also knelt down and did his morning prayers.
I was not allowed to disturb him in this and waited.
A wonderful peace lay within me.
When he was finished with that, I concentrated on him and wanted him to go for a walk.
Yet I had to give this up for a moment.
I felt what he wanted to go and do and I let him go.
He went away and entered a chapel.
There he prayed again to his Father in heaven and asked to have his day blessed.
Now I determined how long he would continue to pray and when I knew this, I moved in a flash to my protégé.
She was still in a deep sleep, so that I wakened her.
It was very easy to waken her.
I heightened her feeling, after which the spirit took over its task, by making the noble organs work.
She shivered from the cold, that poor woman.
Now I placed her in a happy feeling, that her worst suffering was over.
Then I urged her to leave.
She complied with my longings.
When I had achieved this, I forced her to continue to follow one direction and moved with every step she took.
One footstep of hers was ten of mine.
In this way I pulled her in the direction of the monastery.
Arrived at the monastery I saw that the monk had finished praying.
I wanted him to go for a walk now.
He felt anxious, so that I sharpened my concentration and my idea was successful.
When he came outside he wanted to go back.
He became conscious that something strange would happen to him.
I forced him to continue.
Go for a walk, I called to him, however early it is.
His own feelings and thoughts worked against me.
Yet he did what I wanted, but he started to pray again.
I was now in connection with both earthly beings.
I drew one of them to me from afar and I tried to take the other one in one and the same direction.
Yet I was faced with another difficult case.
Around the monastery lay a high wall and they were used to remaining within that enclosure.
Yet he would and had to go outside.
I drove him in the direction of the exit with force, but he refused.
They were not allowed to do this.
I begged for help and kept my concentration aimed upon the exit.
Suddenly he did what I wanted.
This happened very unexpectedly, as a result of which I understood that I was being helped.
The monk was no longer himself, I had put him in a state of half-trance.
When I came outside, I also saw her approaching in this direction.
A few more seconds and they would meet each other.
How happy I was.
I put them into connection with each other on a lonely path.
The monk looked at her being shrouded in rags, but walked past her.
My God, I thought, has my work been for nothing?
Because of my deep concentration he stood still and looked at her.
I placed love, nothing but love in him.
‘Help her’, I said to him.
‘Help, come on, help, she needs your help.’
How difficult it was to achieve this.
I understood his situation.
This monk was not used to speaking to people, and what is more to women, but he had to.
I got him so far as to go to her.
I called to him: ‘She needs your help.’
Suddenly he looked around and next to him.
He had clearly received my words.
Yet I was invisible to him.
Now I forced her to stand still and to look at the monk.
When I had also achieved this, I connected with him again and called to him: ‘Help her.
God is Love!
God is Love.
You must help her!’
Finally he overcame himself and said to her: ‘Must I help you?’
He spoke my words without knowing it.
She wept.
‘My sister’, he said, ‘can I help you?
Our Almighty Father sent me to you.’
When I heard him speak these words, I felt myself sinking away.
A deep feeling of happiness flowed inside me.
Thank God, I thought, she has been saved.
Yet I remained standing and saw that she was taken inside.
The doors closed behind her and my work was over.
I knelt down where I had been standing in order to thank my Father that I had been able to help a human being.
Then I visited the monk.
He was in the chapel and was praying to God and thanked his Father, as I had done.
He saw the Holy Spirit in me.
The Holy Spirit had descended from heaven and had allowed him to accomplish this miracle.
They felt it as a miracle and people thought they saw a saint in him, but I had been the saint.
Yet I was still only at the beginning of my real path, but it did me good that they considered this as a miracle.
Then I visited the young woman.
She was lying on a spotless white bed and was weeping from happiness.
She also thanked her Father.
All of us had our own God, and yet, her young life had been saved.
She was taken care of and her child would be born on earth.
So I had learned a lot again and done something for my fellow human being, I wanted to carry on like this.
In this way we help the earthly people who need our help.
In their own chapel I asked my God to guide my paths and I prepared myself for other work.
I wandered like a vagabond over the earth again.
I soon found other work and protected a human being from his destruction.
I do not wish to describe all these situations and what I experienced.
That is too much.
Suffice it to say that years and years passed and that I was able to protect dozens of people from committing suicide.
One generation after another was born on earth.
Everything changed there, but so did I.
It became light inside me and love entered me.
I continued to help people.
How I got to know my God and our Almighty Father.
How deep I descended into the life, how clear all of this became to me.
I was able to help young and old, men and women.
I was able to change a great deal of suffering and intense misery into happiness.
I gradually saw myself and the sphere in which I lived passing into the spheres of light.
In one person I got to know the miracles of the universe, in another the deep darkness.
I experienced happy and sad events.
One moment I was on earth, the next in the dark spheres of hell.
My paths were followed and I was also helped in everything.
I was continually in prayer, but yet it was the deed which changed me and my life.
By just praying I would not have made it.
My prayers were asking for help and there lay my love which I felt for the human being.
It had to be deeds, it is the serving love which gives the human being eternal light.
I gave myself completely and had much to experience.
I already said that years and years had passed.
When I tuned in and felt the time in which the human being lived, the seventeenth century was approaching.
Seven centuries of struggle and intense experiences.
I now saw that awe-inspiring chain in which I had been included.
In all those centuries I had got to know life, to be able to bow my head and to learn to love life.
Then finally a feeling entered me that came to me from the spheres of light.
It was as if they were calling to me.
From afar thoughts were sent to me and those thoughts were a command that I should go to the spheres of light.
Higher beings were calling me to them.
It was an amazing feeling which entered me.
When I was on the point of beginning my great journey, I thought of the moment when master Emschor was leaving me and he said to me: ‘When you have reached that point, I will call you.’
Now that point had apparently arrived and I carried true possession within me.
I had developed in and during my work.
Yet I could not leave, because all that human suffering kept me prisoner.
But that calling remained and became more and more intense.
I resisted it fiercely, because I had got used to this life.
Yet I had to say farewell to the millions of brothers and sisters of the spheres who carried out work on earth, however difficult it was for me.
They were calling me and I had to obey.
I felt clearly that other work would await me.
I could have gone back in a flash, but I took months to do it.
On the way I carried out work by meditating.
I reflected and went over everything.
The more I approached the spheres of light, the clearer my own life became to me and the meaning of being on earth.
If only I could tell all of that to the earth one day!
That was also possible, because my master had told me that.
I slowly climbed upwards and I felt that I underwent a purification.
That purification took place by thinking.
How could I now ask my Father in heaven for forgiveness for all my sins and faults?
I entered the sphere where I had left that unfortunate prisoner.
The first person I met was the master of this sphere.
Nothing had changed in that sphere.
Smiling, he came towards me and said: ‘Brother Lantos, God be with you.
There are people who find one year a century, but it is exactly the other way round with you.
Enter, my brother.
You left one century ago and have now come back for the first time.
Has the earth changed?’
‘No’, I said.
‘Do not let it disappoint you, you see, nothing has changed here either.
However, everything will be explained to you.’
‘How is he?’
‘Oh, he is doing good work.
At the moment he is in the darkness and had already carried out good work.
He has become a strong personality.
This life has shaken him awake.
He has asked for you many times since his end on earth was shown to him.’
Oh, I thought, how sweet.
Tears came to my eyes from gratitude to God that I had been able to save him.
How good life is then.
To be something to others, that makes a person happy.
‘I will be worth’, he said, ‘of your help, I will not make him ashamed’
How happy I was to hear this.
This life is moving, has to be moving and shake the human being awake.
‘Brother Lantos’, the master said to me, ‘I have been asked to go with you, because we will not stay here.
We will soon go on a journey and namely to your own sphere.’