To the spheres of light

The master was soon ready.
We walked on.
It was a beautiful form which guided me on my path.
I thought of nothing, only observed and was amazed at everything which I met.
The further we came I saw that the nature changed.
Where I had first lived it was deep darkness, then a twilight came and now a beautiful light shone on me.
I already felt in a wonderful paradise here and we went even further and further.
‘Which sphere will you bring me to?’ I asked the master.
‘Your sphere is now the second spiritual attunement.
Another master awaits you there, your path leads there.’
The second sphere, I thought, could I enter there?
I felt a great happiness enter me.
The further we went, the more beautiful it became.
I asked the master many questions and I got an answer to all of them.
How wonderful the life of the spirit is.
I felt an awe-inspiring silence, love and spiritual happiness enter me.
I could not say another word.
Everything I perceived was sacred.
I saw green, trees, flowers in the most beautiful colours, temples and buildings.
I wept inside from emotion and at all these amazing things which God has lain aside for His children.
Now I thought of Marianne for the first time.
Oh, to be here with her, to be able to walk round hand in hand, how would our happiness be then?
We had already entered the first sphere in the land of the spirit.
Now I saw that everything changed again and the nature became even more beautiful.
It was like a fairy tale.
How had I earned all of this?
I knelt down and prayed intensely and thanked the Creator of heaven, earth and other planets for all this beauty.
How I had cursed all of this in my life on earth.
Yet I could be happy and think about all this beauty, observe all of this with my head held high, because I had made good what I had done wrong to others.
I felt released from all my sins.
When I awakened from my prayer, I saw that the master was waiting for me at a distance.
I went to him and he said: ‘All of us, brother Lantos, do not know how to thank God when we enter the spheres of light.
All our happiness cannot be expressed in words.’
‘It is also magnificent’, I said, ‘who can imagine such a thing?
Who will be able to accept this on earth?
I have been able to experience miracles, but this is the greatest miracle of all.’
‘Do not say that, because you will experience even deeper and more wonderful miracles, you are not yet at the place where your real attunement is.
You can see that the heaven is going to change.’
The heaven in the first sphere was cloudy like on earth, but the further we went, the more the heavens changed, the blue changed to purple.
‘Yonder lies your sphere’, the master said, after we had travelled for a long time.
I cannot express in words how I felt.
All people who enter here and experience this will be quiet and feel the triviality of their own self.
I also felt like this.
I was nothing compared to this beauty.
Yet I was still not in the second sphere, not in the third, the fourth, fifth, sixth or seventh heaven!
Then behind there and further and further!
I could not form any idea of it, it was all overwhelming.
Here there was no day or night, here it remained light and that light could not be compared to sunlight.
What I perceived here was a spiritual radiance.
The sun, moon and stars were part of the material world.
To the spirit the universe was not visible, or people had to tune into it.
And yet I lived in the universe, all those millions of planets and solar systems were around me, but invisible to the spirit who had entered the spiritual world.
All of this which I now perceived went far above the earthly life.
My hell had changed to a heaven.
All of it was still too wonderful for me; but still I went towards my heaven.
I saw that we passed into another situation.
I had already observed this from the heavens, but now I also saw it in the nature.
The further we went, the younger I felt myself becoming.
Now I experienced one miracle after the other.
I saw the master next to me changing.
He now had a young beautiful face and wore a beautiful garment.
When I saw that and looked at it with amazement, he said to me: ‘You are amazed, brother Lantos?
If I did not know any better, I would be amazed at you.
Just look at yourself.’
I looked at myself and remained still.
I also wore a spiritual garment and my hands were like a sculpture.
‘My God’, I said really loudly, ‘how can I thank You.’
While I looked at all of this I felt myself becoming even stiller.
How I had changed.
How beautiful, how amazing everything was and how my garment shone.
I felt myself and did not understand any of it.
In a divine happiness we continued walking and I tried to deal with these wonderful things.
I had to absorb all of this in me, accept it, because it was my own possession.
My God, I kept on saying to myself, how can I thank You.
I saw beauty around me and everywhere, sphere happiness shone towards me.
Men and women were together and everyone shone like suns.
They were walking in nature and from afar I felt their happiness.
They were human beings in the first place!
People of the earth lived in a paradise, ’The Hereafter’.
I had entered the life of the spirit.
It was amazing, because I lived in reality.
In the distance I thought I saw yet another light.
That light remained and the heaven had accepted his real colour.
If I was to go further the heavens would also change until I had reached the highest spheres, to then also continually change, until the divine spheres, to pass into the Divine All.
Then the human being is divine.
The thoughts which now entered me were sent directly to me and I knew from whom they came.
The master was speaking to me in a spiritual language and I accepted everything which entered me and was given to me.
The light which I had seen in the distance became closer and closer by.
Suddenly the thought entered me: ‘Can you see that light?’
‘Yes’, I said in my thoughts, ‘I see it.’
‘Prepare yourself’, the master said.
I trembled, because I felt what was going to happen.
‘We have entered’, the master said, ‘the second sphere.’
I thought I saw an apparition in that light and thought I knew that form.
I had seen that apparition once, no, twice.
I quickly dashed ahead and went towards my own master and leader.
When I had almost approached him, I knelt at his feet.
‘Master Emschor, father, my father, here I am.’
Then I could not remember anymore.
I had fainted from happiness.