I took possession of my own sphere; spiritual education

When I awoke I was lying on a bed.
Around me were flowers and the nature was like a fairy tale.
I was in a paradise and lay in a house which was open and decorated with the flowers of the spheres.
I looked around me at all this beauty.
What is that, did I see properly?
My God, how can it be.
Before me stood Marianne, carved in show-white marble.
With one leap I was beside the statue and felt it from all sides.
It was real, it was purely from the earth, but this statue radiated light.
I had still not come to from that first amazement, when my leader came in.
‘Are you rested, my son?’
‘Yes, father, I am so happy!’
‘I am your brother, will you accept this?’
‘Gladly’, I said.
‘Come, sit down, how much we have to tell each other.
Did you sleep well?’
‘Yes, master, very well.’
‘Do you know how long you have slept?’
‘No’, I said.
‘According to the earth you slept for ten days.’
‘I can hardly believe it, but you told me about it in the darkness.’
‘Now you are awake and conscious and we will go for long walks.
I have a lot to explain to you and then other miracles await you.
You can ask me as many questions as you like, everything will be clarified for you.’
Finally I had come that far.
How wonderful it was to meet again in the spheres of light!
Then I started to ask questions.
I sat down close to my Marianne.
She had been given a place in the middle of my spiritual house.
What a great surprise this was.
My first question was: ‘Am I in my own house, master?’
‘Yes, Lantos, this is your heavenly dwelling, your own possession.
Your house is like your inner attunement, according to the love you bear and which you feel for all life, which is God’s sacred life.
On earth the human being builds himself a spiritual dwelling and the place where you now are is the chamber of love, if we wish to make an earthly comparison.
A spiritual dwelling is therefore as the human being feels and the power of love he possesses.
Everyone who enters here has and finds his possession, and this applies to all the spheres.
In the first sphere we find dwellings where thousands of people are together, but as the human being develops, he builds his own house.
You see, we have flowers and birds and nature here; the human being and all other life changes, because we go continually further, higher and higher, until we have reached the Divine Spheres.
What would our lives be like if we had to miss on this side our earthly friends, the animals, nature, flowers, water, trees and everything which God had created?
It would not be perfect, would it?
The people who enter the hereafter, those who have reached the spheres of light, feel happy.
All our houses are open.
Here we do not have or know any secrets.
This, my brother, all this beautiful and pure, is your possession.
In your house there are rooms where you can connect yourself.
The room of prayer, faith, hope and trust, in short, all the characteristics which the human being possesses.
There are parts which are also invisible to you, but you will go further in order to develop yourself.
In another and higher sphere they will become visible to you and in this way you will get to know yourself.
The higher you go, the more your inner life will change and everything which you enter.
Your possession will continually change, and your inner self grow.
This is therefore your heaven.
The first, second and third sphere are already heavens, but yet still purification spheres, but when the human being enters the fourth sphere - which is Summerland - he feels released from his earthly life.
That is the first happy sphere on this side.
You now feel happy, you think you are in a paradise, you think everything is amazing, but we also know another and higher happiness.’
‘Where did this statue come from, master, may I ask you this?’
‘Of course, listen.
I had the statue of Marianne made for you and this is done for everyone if it is possible.
I want to show you by that, that she is the soul to which you are cosmically connected.
Both of you are twin souls.’
‘It is amazing, master, you have made me so happy.
Can I continue my art here?’
‘You can do that, Lantos.
We have masters here in all the arts: music, which you will soon hear, painting, sculpting and everything which the human being can achieve through an inner urge.
You can develop your feelings for art, but all of that will come later, now we have other and more useful work to carry out.’
‘Where did they get that snow-white marble?
It radiates, it gives off light.’
‘It is not possible to explain it to you in a earthly way.
You can touch this statue and you can feel that it is marble, but it radiates as the being possesses the power of love, as the sphere in which it lives.
In everything lies God’s sacred life, and because it is life, it will and shall send out its inner light.
You saw temples and buildings on earth and in the darkness, but in the darkness everything is built up in an animal-like state.
What the human being achieves there radiates a brownish red flashing light.
Their lives and their auras are demonic.
But the higher you now come, the more beautiful the art, the human being, nature, houses, buildings and temples will be.’
‘It is wonderful, master.’
‘Everything, you experienced this on earth, comes from this side.
The masters whom you were able to assist on earth descended from the second and third sphere in order to give the human being there the highest.
Your Marianne therefore shines because you are in this attunement.
But not only you, but when she dies, she will also enter here.
It would not be possible otherwise to give her statue a place in your house.
All of us have our loved ones here around us.
If they still live on earth and the man or woman, the sister or brother, or likewise the child, is already on this side, then we decorate their house and make it ready for those who will come.
But when one of them awaits darkness, then you will feel that years will pass before this can be achieved.
You are therefore one and will remain one for eternity.’
‘Do you already know if she is on earth?’
‘No, she is still in the world of the unconscious.’
‘Does the connection with the earth take so long, I mean, can it not be accomplished earlier?’
‘That depends on the inner life of the human being.
Hundreds of years can pass before the return takes place.’
‘Will I see her there, master?’
‘You will see her.
We will visit her when it is that far.
All of that is part of my task and when you have accepted your sphere and have taken possession of it, we will start our great work.
But first, as I already said, we will go for walks, because there is much which I have to explain to you.’
‘Do you live in the fifth sphere, master?’
‘Yes, Lantos.’
‘And you come to me?’
‘Our work begins from here.
The man who accompanied you here told you about it.’
‘Will the master go back to that sphere?’
‘No, he has to accomplish a mission on earth and will therefore receive another task.’
‘Will he be born there?’
‘No, his cycle has finished.’
Birds flew to and fro and I looked at them.
They sat down close to me and caressed me by sitting on my shoulders.
‘Your friends the animals are coming to visit you.
They feel the love of the human being who lives here.
Everyone who enters here from the earth or from the darkness is received and greeted by life.’
I could not find the words for this great event.
How far removed the human being on earth is from this beauty, I thought.
‘Come, we will now go for a walk.’
I went outside along with my master.
Wherever I looked, there were people everywhere.
How wonderful this life was.
I became still from happiness when I saw all those beautiful temples and buildings.
Everywhere there was art, built in an incomparable style.
We visited the Temple of Sculpting.
I cannot describe how amazed I was to see such beautiful art in life after death.
I would not have thought of it on earth and even less to accept it.
I saw sculptures, as people on earth did not know.
Still, deep in thought I stood watching the masters.
Women and men were together.
The man created wonders, inspired to it by the love of his soul.
I also heard music and singing and saw beings clothed in beautiful garments.
They were like angels.
And yet I was only in the second sphere.
People kept going further and higher.
How I sensed all of this.
People had to feel respect for this art.
I knelt down and thanked my Father for everything given to me.
I remained deep in prayer for a long time.
Finally I could release myself.
How wonderful what I saw was.
The love of all these people appealed to me.
The woman - I felt this clearly - was the inspiration.
That inspiration was love.
Oh, if only I could have possessed this on earth.
But I also felt that this was not possible, because people had to have reached this spiritual attunement.
On earth I was not yet at that stage and could not have sensed this art there.
I saw wonderful groups of statues.
As an artist, this greatly appealed to me.
We stayed here for a long time and then went back into nature again.
Wherever I looked, there was love and happiness everywhere.
Everything I saw was divine.
We walked on for hours on end, everything appealed to me and my inner self was open to all this purity.
Through my master I experienced this great and wonderful event.
Then I started to ask questions again.
‘Is there an end to each sphere, master?’
‘Yes, brother Lantos, there is an end.
Do you not wish to enter the third and fourth sphere?’
‘Yes, I want that.’
‘Well, when it is possible for you to enter there and you can call it your own possession, all the spheres which lie under the first spiritual happy attunement will one day dissolve.
Only there will you feel spiritually happy.’
‘Is it already possible now for me to enter the third sphere?’
‘No, that is not possible and yet all the spheres flow together and are connected to each other.’
‘I can therefore go further, further and further, and yet I will not come to a higher sphere?’
‘That is the case.
You have already experienced that in the darkness when you wanted to follow those shadows.’
‘Do you know about that, master?’
‘I followed you in everything, after all.’
Amazing, I thought, how great are the powers of these beings.
‘Is it possible for me to float here too?’
‘You can do that, but you still have to learn that in your own sphere.
You can try it.’
I tuned in, but I could not move.
I asked: ‘Why is that?’
‘That is clear.
You cannot go higher than the powers which are inside you.’
‘But I can still clearly feel another sphere.’
‘That is possible, because you feel deeper and deeper, and it means that you have already entered into connection with a higher sphere.
Yet you must master those last powers and only then can you move in your own sphere.’
‘I can therefore go where I want, but not higher?’
‘Yes, as in the darkness.’
I understood.
‘If I sensed you clearly, I imagine each sphere as the universe, is this a good comparison?’
‘Very precisely felt.
A sphere is like the universe.
Your house, the sphere in which you live and yourself have a cosmic attunement.’
‘How many attunements are there in the universe?’
‘Which one does the earth belong to?’
‘To the third cosmic degree.’
‘Will we come out of the first degree?’
‘How many times were we there before we passed into the second degree?’
‘That cannot be determined, but until we carry that sphere as a possession.’
‘I can now feel the third degree in me, is that because I have ended my cycle?’
‘Very clearly, Lantos, that is the case.’
‘Is all of this cosmic?’
‘All of this has a cosmic meaning.
The human being on earth, you experienced that, has an earthly, a spiritual and a cosmic attunement.
Yet that cosmic degree already lies deep within him on earth, that is, that he has attunement to God and can go back to his Father.
If this attunement was not in him, then the human being would live there and in this life forever, but we would not be able to go further and higher.’
‘But where is the fourth degree of cosmic life?
Is that a planet?’
The fourth degree of cosmic mentality is a planet which is hundreds of times greater than the earth.
It also takes its place in the universe like many others.’
‘Do people live there?’
‘Yes, but they are further than we are, therefore more spiritual.’
‘Do people no longer kill there?’
Would you now be able to kill?’
‘No, it is not possible for me, that does not happen anymore.’
‘So you see that the human being goes continually further, at least life, in order to master the highest, and that is divine love.’
‘When the human being dies there, where does the soul go?’
‘The human being who dies on that planet goes to the land on the other side, therefore here.’
‘Here, did you say?’
‘Yes, Lantos, here, they are invisible to us.’
‘And the highest likewise?’
‘Precisely, also the divine being.
You feel that the soul or the life, which is the human being, lives between the pre-animal-like and the divine sphere.
In the universe there are seven degrees of mentality and we are now in the third degree.
But all people who live on earth, all that life, and also we who have already discarded our earthly bodies, are in the third cosmic degree, up to the last and highest sphere, the seventh sphere.’
‘Is that fourth cosmic degree also invisible to you?’
‘No, it is not visible to me.
But the masters who have come to the mental areas already have a connection with the fourth mentality.
As you have a connection with the third sphere and feel that connection within you, to which you can already tune yourself, they can connect with that degree and they feel the life which lives there.’
‘Almost incredible, master, but how deep everything is.’
‘Look there in front of you.’
I looked in the direction which the master pointed out to me, but I did not know what he meant.
I wanted to ask him, but to my horror he had disappeared.
What did this mean?
However, at the same moment I heard a voice say: ‘Can you hear me, Lantos?’
‘Yes, master’, I said.
‘Well, I am now invisible to you and so are the higher spheres which lie above my sphere invisible to me.
In this way the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh cosmic mentality, the cosmic life, are invisible to all of us, and only then will all these problems and miracles dissolve, when we have reached that stage of development.
I worked on you when you lived on earth.
There I connected you with the past.
It was therefore possible for me to show myself in your cell.
In all those other situations I let you feel life and I also worked on you when you were connected to the monk and that unfortunate woman.
I helped you with all your work and namely from my own sphere.
I maintained my connection and put you into connection with your own child.
Wherever you went and when you needed help and asked for it from your Almighty Father, that help was given to you by the masters.
You see, my Lantos, that the human being is always one and will remain so, if he wants that connection himself.
You can see and also feel that all miracles will only dissolve when the human being has reached that stage of development.
When you lived in your hell I could not convince you of a Father of Love, but now, since you perceive that there is a going higher, you can accept all of this and you bow your head.
I withdrew in order to prepare you for even greater miracles, which you will soon experience.
I can connect with you, speak to you, and yet I am invisible to you, yet it is reality.
In this way those who call themselves the cosmically aware can and will see more of a going further than we see, and so it is possible for them to connect us with the highest miracle.
That is the cycle of the soul, the reincarnation, the reincarnation on earth.
You will experience this miracle and namely through the cosmic masters.
I am speaking to you from the third sphere and will now come back to you again.
Watch out, Lantos.’
Now I saw a light haze coming towards me and when it was a dozen streps away from me, it became dense as in my cell and I could see the master clearly.
This process was gradually completed, until he had accepted his previous situation, in which I lived.
‘It is amazing, master.’
‘You can master these miracles.
Many of these miracles are already in you, and yet, it is always a miracle again when people see this.
You can already make yourself invisible to different spheres.
It will therefore be clear to you that we cannot perceive the fourth cosmic mentality.
However, all these beings live in and around us and will also urge us to follow them.
God therefore not only created the earth, as you thought on earth.
There are a great deal of planets on which people live and all that life is God.
I was asked - I already told you this - to convince the human being on earth of our life and of his cycle.
You are allowed to tell all of this to the earth and you will thereby be helped by another master.
You will then go and tell all about your life through an earthly instrument, what you experienced of your birth and death on earth, but also what you will still experience.
This is my task and your task, brother Lantos.’
‘That is a great mercy, master.
What did I do to deserve that?’
‘You are a part of me, as I already said, but your life has different aspects.
There lie all your questions of ‘why and for what purpose’ which you already experienced, then your special passing over and entering our world, but especially and namely for this reason, because it is cosmically possible.
All of that is connected to the earth, because the human being is at a spiritual stage and the age of spiritual advancement is approaching.
This cannot yet be traced on earth and yet this is a fact.
The age of art is over, now life on earth receives spiritual food and they will get to know their true God.
Thousands along with us are on their way, in all corners of the earth we try to accomplish connections.
Anyone on earth who opens himself to a higher life will receive spiritual food.
From our side we try to convince them of our lives, of an eternal life, of love and happiness, of their cycle of the earth, of laws and problems and miracles.
Thousands, I said, no, millions, are already on earth and all of us do one work, feel one love, know just one God and give ourselves completely for the people who are our sisters and brothers.
You have been chosen in truth, and all of us are, in order to be able to do this work on earth and to be able to tell of our happiness.
But there is also your connection with Marianne, your twin soul, and that you will meet her and Roni, likewise your parents, on earth.
All of this will give the human being the strength to prepare himself for this great love.
It is a great mercy to be able to do this for the masters, never forget this.
Now we are already working, because your entering, your awakening and all these walks we will go on, your own thoughts and experiences, are part of this work.
None of it will be lost.
You are allowed to tell about all of it on earth, but then in brief.’
‘Am I strong enough to be able to do this, master?
Can I describe all of this in words?’
‘I already told you that you will be helped, this will also mean a miracle to you.’
‘How can I thank you, master?’
‘You must not thank me, but thank God for this mercy.
We will now carry on and I will only explain to you what has to do with our mission.
I will therefore stick to a fixed plan.
About eternity you can write volumes and yet this is not the intention.
Look there!
Here in front of you is the Temple of Music and we will go in there.’
I now entered a beautiful building and became still when I heard this music.
How wonderful, how heavenly, how divine it was!
I sat down and listened carefully.
How amazing, after death there is still music, art of painting and sculpting, flowers, trees, birds and thousands, no, millions of other things which make the human being happy.
What I heard was a life symphony, as the master told me.
Here life was interpreted.
People begin on earth and by interpreting all these life situations, people get this whole.
In it I felt love, loneliness, meditation, faith, prayer, trust, passion, destruction and many other characteristics which the human being possesses.
People would have to experience all of this if they wanted to be able to feel the depth and the sacredness of it.
We remained for some time with the masters in music, then we carried on.
Everyone who enters the spheres of light experiences all of this.
Everyone, all life which lives on earth, will receive this.
It took weeks and months, no, years, before I went back to my spiritual dwelling.
Only now did I take possession of my own sphere.
Now I knew how far I could go and I did not need to try to enter the third sphere.
An invisible power also called me to an irrevocable halt in this.
I was called to a halt on the edge of the third sphere and I had to listen to it.
In this way our inner self indicates a place for us and namely that place where we belong.
I could not go a step further than the power I possessed inside and that is the love which the human being feels and possesses for the life which lives in everything.
When I entered my spiritual dwelling, I saw everything differently again.
I sat down at Marianne’s feet in order to meditate.
My master went back to his own sphere.
I felt and sensed all what was reported to me.
A great task awaited me and I would prepare myself for it.
I had still had a lot to learn, but one day I would see my Marianne and on this side we would carry on hand in hand, towards the Divine Spheres.
God created the human being and in the human being lay good and evil.
He had to try to discard those bad and evil characteristics and change into good ones.
That was evolving, that was going further and higher, they were attunements and mentalities.
Now I understood it, because I felt it within me.
How all of this fitted together!
I was thousands of years old, probably millions.
I meditated for a long time and when I was ready I thought of my master.
He soon entered my dwelling.
‘Are you ready and did you call me, Lantos?’
‘I thought really intensely about you, master.’
‘By thinking like this you connect me with you.
I have picked up these thoughts.
You see, continual connection, passing into other powers.
People are one, because they are and mean life.’